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  1. Rude Baits

    200 or 300 Reel for SD Bay Bass

    Another vote for 200.
  2. Rude Baits

    You can only fish for 1 from this list

    Yellowtail and its not even close! Why? Surface Iron fishing. Calico Bass are not on the list and I love fishing plastics for those guys.
  3. Rude Baits

    Last seasons fluoro

    And one of the most important!
  4. Rude Baits

    Thoughts on Pen Fathom II Star Drag 25N or 30

    I switched all my Surface Iron reels over to the Fathom II 25NSD last season. Fished both the lower and higher gear ratios. Ended up selling al the lower gear ratio reels and went exclusively with the higher ratio. Just purely my own preference. Had a wide open of a stop on 20-40 grade Yellows...
  5. Rude Baits

    Long Beach fred hall

    The show is great if you want to see the latest and greatest stuff and chat with vendors. Any deals you may find willl be negated by the entacnce and parking fees (let alone food or beverage). If you have never been I recommend going for the experience alone. Its a cool way to spend the day if...
  6. Rude Baits

    Kayaker barely misses getting ran over completely

    Damn, glad you are safe. That could of been a lot worse. I started to run a whip with a flag years ago on my kayak and consider it a priceless piece of standard safety equipment along with my pfd (2), and whistle.
  7. Rude Baits

    Hunt Each Day Like Its Your Last

    Awesome job! Great looking ol' pup.
  8. Rude Baits

    Wahoo are dangerous.

    My God! Christmas came early for that guy.
  9. Rude Baits

    Offshore Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

    Good grief! Those steaks look incredible...
  10. Rude Baits

    Best braid and why?

    I like Izor Brutally Strong in white for salt water because its super easy to handle and easily visible. I like Power Pro in green in fresh water because its affordable and cuts through vegetation well.
  11. Rude Baits

    How do you mark your gear

    I custom wrap mine with the same colors. The patterns on the inlays vary, but the color scheme stays the same.
  12. Rude Baits

    People who fish dark braid

    It's terrible. It's so hard to see compared to white, yellow, etc. I fished it ONCE and immediately switched to white the next trip and have never looked back...
  13. Rude Baits

    Tragedy at Catalina Today

    Damn! R.I.P.
  14. Rude Baits

    Very Sad. Becarfule out there.

  15. Rude Baits

    Young boy catches huge bass...

    That kid went full "Roland Martin" on that hook set! Oh son! Haha
  16. Rude Baits

    What do you think?

    Like others have said, two hooks for vertical style Rockfishing with the weight below the hooks. Only three hooks for fresh water A-Rigs, but salt water is game on with the five wires that come standard on most the rigs because the manufactures make them that way to accommodate other states...
  17. Rude Baits

    New jig stick

    I own both a straight glass 90J and a composite 90J. I prefer the glass for fighting the fish and the composite for casting. Either one would work just fine for what your are looking for.
  18. Rude Baits

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Braid is a blessing in some cases and a curse in others. Fish hard and fish focused. Pay attention and don't be "that guy" and you're good. Try and remain civil when "that guy" inevitably tangles you up, because it's not a matter of if, more so when...
  19. Rude Baits

    3.5% credit surcharge or service charge ?

    At Point Loma Sportfishing it is a Credit Card Service Charge. There is no service charge for cash or check purchases. Private charters will often pay with large cash deposits or company checks to avoid the credit card service fee, which for $15,000+ private charters can be substantial.
  20. Rude Baits

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    Yup, 2 or "2.5" working towards your daily bag limit of 10 with no more than 5 of one species with 2 Dorado "counting as 5" of one species.
  21. Rude Baits

    Choosing the right dean

    That bait better boogie once it hits the water or its getting changed out real quick...
  22. Rude Baits

    After the right dine is chosen, what’s the proper handling method?

    For me its and underhand scoop in the live well and I try to "cup" the bait loosely and gently as possible. I try and get that sucker in the water asap as well.
  23. Rude Baits

    Full day trip parking in San Diego Landing

    Along with the main parking lots in front of the landings, there is auxiliary parking located along Harbor Drive on both sides of the street. Make sure you park in the appropriately marked spaces. Some parking spaces are approved for longer than others.
  24. Rude Baits

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    At Point Loma and Fisherman's its a Credit Card Service Charge.
  25. Rude Baits

    Insoles for Xtra Tuff Fishing Boots

    Yup. I don't step into a pair of work boots or deck boots with out first dropping some Dr. Scholls in first. Night and day...
  26. Rude Baits

    Maybe be dumb question about ceviche ? just maybe...LOL

    Yup. Done it and it's delicious.
  27. Rude Baits

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    Point Loma Sportfishing will be implementing the same fee starting June 26th, 2019. It is in red lettering on their the front page of their website. Just a heads up.
  28. Rude Baits

    Mission Belle Islands trip 5/1

    They do. Into the sacks first, then tags with staples, then a dip into the RSW.
  29. Rude Baits

    Jalama Newbie AdviceMike

    Sweet rig! Burger doesn't look to shabby either...
  30. Rude Baits

    polarized glasses

    I like Costa's and Kaenon's. Costa's 580G lens are the best I have ever used in terms of optical clarity. The pair of Kasnon's I've been wearing lately fit like a glove, block out glare and DON'T fog.
  31. Rude Baits

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    A typical trip is usually always breakfast in the morning before I leave. Lunch is a sando of some sort and Cliffs bars and jerky round out the snacks for the trip. Drinks are water and Gatorade.
  32. Rude Baits

    When is a spinning reel ideal?

    When using 6 lb test or under. Other than that... meh.
  33. Rude Baits

    200 Sized Baitcaster for Calicos...???

    Like others have said, they are perfectly fine for Calico's. Its the incidentals you have to watch out for IE: home guard Yellows. I fish the CU 300's and CT 400's for this reason. Why take the chance if you don't have to?
  34. Rude Baits

    San Vicente resivor

    In for the 23rd, 24th, 1st and 3rd...
  35. Rude Baits

    Crucial Curado Combo

    I'll bump this thread just because that is a sweet setup!
  36. Rude Baits

    Offshore Vagabond 1.5 day 6/17-6/19

    I like this post. I like how you adapted your retrieve to figure out a little bit of a pattern. That's what you call fishing smarter, not harder...
  37. Rude Baits

    Favorite vertical jigging for yellowtail ?

    6X and 6X Jr's. mostly, although I started messing around with the 7X Jr's. last year and really like them for shallow water as an alternative to the 6X Jr. I like the Jr's. for less than a 150' of water or light current. The full size stuff for 150'+ or strong current. Most of the time its drop...
  38. Rude Baits

    Flip flops

    This! By far, hands down the best sandals I have ever owned.
  39. Rude Baits

    Shimano Curado 300e

    Solid info.
  40. Rude Baits

    Braided fishing line

    Yes, this. I didn't address this in my post, but I do have Kelp Cutter rigs in my arsenal for kelp bed fishing. Braid almost all the way to the lip of the spool and then a short leader of Flouro or Mono. This can be super crucial when the big one hits and buries you in the kelp. Like mentioned...
  41. Rude Baits

    Braided fishing line

    I use braid as backing on almost all my salt water reels. With that being said I do use a very liberal amount of mono top shot on top as well. I prefer to never see my braid in the water unless its from a big run from a fish. I use the braid purely for the extra line capacity in case the "big...
  42. Rude Baits

    Braid vs Mono Size. 50lb Braid with 40lb topshot?

    Your game plan is fine. I personally don't like to deviate line diameter too much between the two strictly for knot tying purposes. That's just me though. You should be good. Particularly with the 50 to 30 lb.
  43. Rude Baits

    Torium 20 question

    Rossman is pretty spot on for the yardage. You should have plenty of line for almost any surface iron fishing application.
  44. Rude Baits

    Biggest Fish on Avet SX or MX Series

    35 lb.+ BFT on an old school SX. There are some impressive catches in this thread. My hats off to you guys.
  45. Rude Baits

    What's on your phone?

    Tide Table app. Mine is by Tudormobile. I like the format. I fish our bays and use it all the time.
  46. Rude Baits

    Which monofilament for me?

    Izor is my line of choice. First String or XXX are both great. Try it, I think you'll like it.
  47. Rude Baits

    8ft Calico Rod Under $100 - Help!

    Daiwa DX SB rods. Retails $109. I picked one up earlier this year and am so far quite pleased.
  48. Rude Baits

    Mission Monday

    Stay with it! It took me a minute to get used to it too, but I have been rewarded with some good days using it. It just looks so hokey, but definitely produces fish. I run smaller baits and lead heads on most of the time.
  49. Rude Baits

    Surface iron for calicos

    I agree some of the new stuff is amazing, no doubt about it. The Tranx, Lexa 400 HD, etc look incredible. I certainly understand they have the drag capacity and (with braid) the line capacity no doubt and are quite versatile. Please don't take it as a knock, the new tech is sweet. I was...
  50. Rude Baits

    Surface iron for calicos

    I hear ya on some of the stuff like the Tranx. That thing is basically a Trini with a thumb bar and a level wind! Haha. I was thinking more along the lines of like a Curado 300 or a Calcutta 400. I'm traditional too for the larger irons and chasing Yellows. I will fish an A-1 or or a Starman 150...
  51. Rude Baits

    Surface iron for calicos

    Damn, I can't believe some you guys use bait casters for slinging iron. I could see a 400 size non-level wind for some of the smallest irons like A-1's, but that's about it. To each their own however... My vote is for a 20 size conventional star drag reel and be done with it. IMO its the...
  52. Rude Baits

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    Modified Albright for Braid/ Spectra to Mono/ Flouro and Uni to Uni for Mono to Flouro.
  53. Rude Baits

    Different lures for bass besides plastics?

    Dang! That rig is pretty trick!
  54. Rude Baits

    Tired of idiots fishing Spectra / Braid

    This! This is exactly what I do every time I see that same storm brewing. It has saved me from countless clusters over the seasons.
  55. Rude Baits

    Offshore 8-24 Father Son YFT trip Success

    This is a proper report! Killer job!
  56. Rude Baits

    Shimano Need advice on new 30lb setup

    I use a Torium 16 with 65 lb. white spectra with 100 yd. 30# mono top-shot with a 20-40 lb. 8' Seeker rod for my 30# set up. It handle two nice 20-25 lb. homeguard Yellows earlier this week just fine. One of them made a run for the bull kelp and had to be coerced out of that mess and the rod and...
  57. Rude Baits

    Saltwater Bass Reels...Care and maintenance issues

    I have had a similar experience. The conclusion I have come to is that salt water is going to hammer gear no matter what. I have had the same exact reels (I like Curados) that I have fished in salt and have fished in fresh water only and the latter are still like new where the salty reels are...
  58. Rude Baits

    Shimano Whats your best catch with a Trini 16A or 20A?????

    This thread is rad. A little bit of everything so far. I know someone out there has a nice tuna catch. Lets see some BFT, YFT, etc...
  59. Rude Baits

    Shimano Curado 200 e5

    I have a handful of the Curado E series and use them to fish the bays down here in San Diego and they work like champs! By far my favorite low pro to fish the lakes and bays with.
  60. Rude Baits

    Shimano Line recommendation Trinidad 14a

    X 2 on the 50# spectra. I like 50# with that size reel and 65# with the 16 and up. I do prefer a top shot to leader though. I change out the the top shot with 20-30 lb as needed and will use a flouro leader in a finicky bite.
  61. Rude Baits

    the robot

  62. Rude Baits

    What a difference a year makes. South 9

    Wow, nice report and a great catch!
  63. Rude Baits

    Windy Day Dock Fishing - Nice Spottie

    That is a nice spottie and a nice mix of fish.
  64. Rude Baits

    Rod suggestions Please... to match my curado 300E

    I have mine paired with a 7'11" XH Crucial. Match made in heaven.
  65. Rude Baits

    Penn 506HS w/Accurate frame & 501

    Hi I'm interested in the 700S. PM sent with contact info. Thank you.
  66. Rude Baits

    Barrett Lake

    PM sent.
  67. Rude Baits

    GEOBASS - Fishing with the Drug Cartels

    Thank you for posting this. Shaka!
  68. Rude Baits

    Bass Forum Makeover Update

    Thanks for the good work and it was a pleasure meeting you this morning. Thanks again for that reel also. I put some fish on it before work today after I met you! Shaka!
  69. Rude Baits

    9lb calico from the shore, new pb

    That is a top notch catch made particularly sweeter from your perseverance and that spot!
  70. Rude Baits

    Curado 200e7-Great Price

    I'll take them. PM sent.
  71. Rude Baits

    Favorite Bait...

    Salt water bass = 5" swimbait. Fresh water bass = 6" plastic worm.
  72. Rude Baits

    What is your favorite make of solid Braid???

    Izorline Brutally Strong in white is the business! I like Power Pro Super 8 Slick for fresh water.
  73. Rude Baits


    As heavy as it gets...
  74. Rude Baits


    No dice, but thanks for the cool contest just the same! Great Gesture!
  75. Rude Baits

    Using someone else's gear on a cattle boat

    This just happened to me yesterday. I noticed one of my set ups had been moved and the hook was through a line guide which I never do for obvious reasons. It seems so bizarre to me that other people either don't know that's not their set up and shouldn't be using it or they just straight up...
  76. Rude Baits

    This must be a joke

    Once I had to call 13 different tire shops to replace my tire. I had a "weird" size tire on my import car and on the 13th different shop they had one. It happens. $40 and about $100 worth of time later i had a new "use" tire. Stranger sh*t has happened. It literally it was it is is...
  77. Rude Baits

    Revo toro 50 and Curado 300e

    Curado. All day, every day, twice on Sunday...
  78. Rude Baits

    Barrett lake sunday

    Fish to your strengths! Barrett is a special fishery where everything works. If you're looking for numbers go small with craw and shad imitations. If your looking for size, be patient with bigger baits in deeper water. Regards, Tony - Rude Baits
  79. Rude Baits

    Osprey tries to steal my swimbait(VIDEO)

    Epic video. That top water strike was intense! You handled the situation like a champ. I really liked the salute/ wave goodbye. A sign of appreciation for nature and the outdoors. A true sportsman and a class act. PS - I really dig your videos and reports. Keep them coming.
  80. Rude Baits

    Shimano Question about a Curado 301 and Yellowtail

    I agree with most of the replies in this thread in one way or another. Is it possible? Sure. Would I ever target the 20 plus pound grade Yellow Tail on a open party boat like they have been catching at the islands lately? Nope. You would be much better suited with a conventional style reel. I do...
  81. Rude Baits

    Merry Christmas

    To all my bass brothers out there... Just wanted to wish the whole tribe a very merry Christmas from Rude Baits. Take care and happy holidays from the whole fam to your whole fam...
  82. Rude Baits

    Fishing the surface iron...

    Excellent read. This piece was informative and well written. Thank your for taking the time to write this.
  83. Rude Baits

    Basic local LMB Q's

    While I love fishing both salt and fresh water bass, I do spend a good amount of time fishing the local lakes for fresh water bass. Here are a few edited excerpts from some previous posts I made in another forum on a couple go-to techniques for tule fishing. As far as styles and rigs go my...