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    Loreto Hotels

    I've stayed at both. They're both fine but I prefer La Mision. Easier walk to the marina lugging a bunch of stuff. Nice pool and bar. A bit more updated.
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    Fish Processing in Loreto??

    I fish with Manuel Torres when in Loreto. Besides being a great guide and better person, he also has his brother/cousin process, vacuum bag, and freeze the fish for us. He'll meet us on the day of departure with the fish and we square up for the processing. Can't recommend Manuel enough.
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    Offshore just stay home

    But you're right, I have no proof that overloading the healthcare system will lead to more deaths. Let's go fishing.
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    Offshore just stay home

    Flattening the curve is done to not overload healthcare capacity so less people die. It's a rate balancing exercise. The vaccine timeline is independent of this. Back to the thread: More pics please :)
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    Icy Bay Trips in 2020

    I received this from Todd last week: Invoicing is a bit delayed as we are making some changes on our end but in the mean time I have you down and we are all set.
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    Icy Bay Trips in 2020

    Kil, I'm interested in the June 21st trip. Can you PM me with an idea of costs and what I'll need to do to secure my spot? Thanks, -Jimmy
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    What’s the Best Super Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers?

    HPA pliers. They'll open up anything. Be careful or they'll open the ring up permanently.
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    Boss Fury 600

    I have a 2 speed Fury 600N with 60lb JB X-10 and it's great for jigging. Caught a few healthy YT on the ridge last June aboard the Intrepid. Seemed to have plenty left over for a larger catch.
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    Intrepid's cheif Brian

    Good poker player too. Ask me how I know.
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    Vacuum packing machine for home

    I've had my VP215 for a few years. Never regretted buying it. It was a bit of a pain in the ass until I bought a cheap hydraulic dolly ($99) at Harbor Freight and cut the handle down. Now, I roll it out of the pantry closet when needed and jack it up to counter height. Stores just as easily.
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    Who in La Paz

    David has hooked us up with pangas out of Las Arenas and cruisers out of La Paz. Best thing is to reach out to him and ask.
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    Who in La Paz

    If you want another choice, try David Jones.
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    Trip Planned, Looking for Boat

    If you're only 4, you can try FishOn (Tom) out of HMB. I haven't fished with him, only sold him a reel. Seemed like a nice, fishy guy.
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    Loreto Panga recommendation

    +1 for Manuel. Great fisherman and better person. Fishing with him first week of March.
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    Black Hole Jigging Rods $250 Each ( Like New )

    Just wanted to say thanks and give a shout out to Terry. Received the 54B today. It was ridiculously well-packed and in great condition. Communication was perfect throughout. Painless transaction.
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    Great Rod Jake. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. Gave her a few test pulls last night and she's a beast. Can't wait for the real test!
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    eBay 15% off

    United Composites RCX 76 Viper $424 Thanks