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    Bluechart g2 Vision HD Chart Vus021R California/Mexico

    No longer needed. Verified that it works but the used 4208 i bought came with one in it. Selling for what I bought it for a month ago. $140
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    Scratches on lower unit? Whats causing it?

    Hey guys, I have a 2120 with a yamha 150. I got a brand new lower unit out in a few years ago and noticed im starting to develop scratches around my lower unit. Is this normal? Possibly from running into kelp/debris in the water? Scratches are fairly deep.. the area is higher than the bottom of...
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    Garmin g2 hd vision chip

    Hey bd, please let me know if you have one for sale.
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    Garmin Fishfinder 4208

    Hey all, im looking to add another fish finder so I can have one mounted on the deck of my parker 2120. Does anybody have one for sale? I have a garmin 4210 right now which is why I'm looking for something similar so there are no interferences between transducers, but I'm open to all suggestions...
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    Help! Raw water pump installation on parker 2120

    Hey guys, got my old boat back from the guy I sold it to and couldn't be any more appreciative and blessed of how things happened, but thats another story. Im looking for help with a water pump installation. I plan on buying a seaflo water pump kit and wanted to install a T coupling to divert...
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    Garmin 17x or 19x nmea 2000

    Mine just went out, currently getting no gps. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thank you
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    14’ Aluminum Sears Boat with Johnson 9.9 Motor Revamped

    Price: $1800 Hey guys, I knew this day would come but it came sooner than expected. Selling boat because looking to get out the hobby for a bit to start road racing. Bought this 6 months ago from owner who revamped the boat. Since I have bought it, I have added a Garmin Stryker 4 plus CV with a...
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    New 1st time Boat Owner - What should I do to better be prepared?

    Hello BD Community, I am a first time boat owner and will be receiving delivery of my boat by the end of this month. This gives me a few weeks to prepare. I am excited but also nervous as I haven't had much experience with personal boats. I plan to trailer this boat so I would need to...
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    Looking for Parker 2120 with budget of 45k

    I am in the market for a used Parker 2120 with a 4 stroke motor. My budget is 45k. Please help me find my future boat! Peter