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  1. getusum

    Tube frame leaning post with 32 gallon bait tank

    White powder coated aluminum frame with sliding and swivel seats. 40" long x 28" wide x 32" high. 32 gallon fiberglass bait tank that fits underneath. $1,500
  2. getusum

    Offshore Thursday 11/12

    Wide open kelp for limits of yellowtail all released. Drifted off it for limits of yellowfin in short order. Stayed till 930 when my arms were done... 3 guys pulled up as I was leaving in a boat and I dumped my bait for them. Instant bite for them. Left the upper hidden area 5 over 35 and made...
  3. getusum

    Offshore What a day....

    Left mission bay at daybreak and made it to the 371 by 7. Trolled for a bit to the southwest of the bank. Found a good kelp and put limits of yellowfin and yellowtail on in short order. All on bait and 20 to 30 lb. Rigs. Switched to the iron and played catch and released about 30 mixed fish...
  4. getusum

    Offshore Hidden bank Dorado

    Left shelter island at 4 and rolled to the border slow till grey light. Made it to the area at 7 and we found a small kelp, It started with a nice yellowtail and turned out to be loaded with Dorado 8 to 15 lbs. My crew of 2 and I made limits quick . Looked till 2 for dry kelps and headed...
  5. getusum

    Offshore Tuna watching Tuesday

    Left mb at 4 headed straight to the 43. Worked sw and stayed in that zone till 12 drifting with sinker rigs and fly lined sardines. The tuna were there mixed grade 60 to 100 lb bluefin and small schools of 20 to 40 lb yellowfin that were super boat shy. No bites so I headed back east to the...
  6. getusum

    Offshore Great day 8-29

    Launched at 430 grabbed bait by 5 and on my way. Blew past the 9 and headed towards the fleet a few miles further southwest. Set up a drift well away from everyone and it went wide open for 5 hours. Kept 5 and stopped counting. 20 lb and a size #2 hook did the trick. Throw a few live ones off...
  7. getusum

    Offshore 6/18/19 daughters first overnight

    First overnight for my daughter who is 11 we went out on the Old Glory. She goes out with me on our boat during the good weather days so she knows the drill. We ended up with 2 bluefin and 5 yellowtail. Bluefin #1 was around 75 to 80 lbs. Which I hooked at grey light while she was still...
  8. getusum

    Offshore We found them!

    Big bluefin close to home. 30 miles sw. Found them early and chased them all day for the 1 bite that produced this nice fish. Sardine on 30 lb. Hour long fight. Go get it done boys.
  9. getusum

    Offshore Bluefin and some Dorado

    Had a plan to overnight at san Clemente this weekend with some guys. With the weather coming up I decide to go earlier but only 1 guy could go. Off we went after working Wednesday at about 2 p.m. from my place.made it to Dana landing by 330 got bait,most all died in 4 hrs, and tried to make...
  10. getusum

    Offshore 8-16 limits of yellowfin

    Got the day off and decided to hit the upper hidden bank for some tuna. Made it out of mission bay at 545 ,no luck making Mac's . Made it to the grounds by 730 in great weather. Found the fleet 25 sport boats strong ,so I trolled around them for no love over the first hour. They we all bent so I...
  11. getusum

    Offshore Bluefin near the 182

    Been out 3 times in 3 weeks for 1 yellowtail, but couldn't give up. Got two buddy's to roll with and we were on our way by 445 out of mission bay with a mixed scoop of sardines and anchovy. Made it to the 43 by 7 and found the fleet further west. Chased schools of fish till 230 with only a...
  12. getusum

    San Clemente island 10-27-17,looking for a buddy boat

    Heading out of m.b. on Friday the 27th looking for anyone headed that way to roll out with. Weather is looking good and a full moon will be coming, had success the last 2 months, so let's do it. May be our last shoot a a trophy before the small boats get blown out!
  13. getusum

    Offshore Late report , sick day for my kid!

    Last Thursday, 9-29, took my 10 year old daughter out for a day of fishing. Got her up at 3 and on our way. Get launched and got an awesome half scoop,lasted all day running hard. Plan was to head south to the 371 where I had gotten a few solo a few days before. Get to the zone and get to work...
  14. getusum

    Offshore 10-5 first SCI run.

    I have been wanting to take the run for awhile now and I seen my window of opportunity. Put the word out to some buddies Wednesday, but nobody could go . Oh well. Solo trip. Launch around 430 at south shores, got a scoop of nice bait and cleared the harbor at 540. Got to the area the fleet was...