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    Speed Jigging BFT

    Nicely done sir!!! :appl: :cheers::jig:
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    Reaper Spinner....

    Wow, love it!
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    Sunday 11/8 Mission Belle

    Definately reschedule! You do not want her first experience to go down like that...
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    Fall Salmon Run Wide Open Epic double hook up bank fishing for Salmon with my best friend!

    I have a chance to fish the bank of the Sacramento river in Mid November...what tackle would you recommend?
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    "The Murder Weapon"

    Damn Jim! Beautiful work...droolong right now
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    Offshore Did the damn thing 9/3

    Fan freaking tastic!!! :appl:
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    GP Reaper build

    Clean work right there :jig:
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    Monster 353-pound bluefin on International 20VISX aboard Pacifica

    Awesome, Congrats!!! :appl: Still waiting to put my visx 20 to the test...
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    S&W MP 15 Sport AR

    Can you send pics please
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    WTF is in my YellowTail?

    doo doo
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    Coronados blues and reds 8/18

    And they say the bluefin is gone...
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    Offshore Aztec 7-30

    That's geat to hear!!! Now more importantly...did you eat the heart of the first one???
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    Looking for a mermaid

    Great work!!! Now I want one...
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    Yellowtail on deck

    Bravo!!! :appl:
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    Big Bear Lake Help

    Best palce from shore is as close to the dam as you can get on the north side. The terrain may be a little hairy for the little ones..gets crowded on the weekends so get there early. Power bait and nightcrawlers are go to...good luck!
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    United Composites USA GP900REAPERS

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    Took nephew fishing for his first time. Killed it!

    Way to go Uncle!!! Got a fishing partner for life right there :jig:
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    SCI rookies!

    Well done sir! Very nice for the kiddos to get stgarted like that...
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    Offshore Terrible offshore fishing

    I want a ratio like that on that quality of fish!
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    7/7 Mussel Farm Again

    I'm loving the will eventually pay off !
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    6/30 Catalina Ghost

    mmm...biscuits and gravy:cheers:
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    Joker Reaper

    So Sick!!! I love it...:rockin:
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    Offshore Everyone Loves A Long Rod (4K Video)

    Bravo!! looks like fun... :jig:
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    Offshore 6/30 Bluefin Biters

    WTG gentlemen!!! That is an awesome display for sure :appl:
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    Offshore "SOME WHERE UNDER THE RAINBOW" 6/28/20

    Gettin er done right there! :appl:
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    UC CX70 Viper Rail Rod- Killer Bee

    Super sick stick! Good luck on the bft!
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    Offshore BFT NW 230 6/25

    That's FIN FREAKING TASTIC!!! Great job on the solo run! If you ever want a fishing buddy to come along, hit me up...I pay my share:jig:
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    Thursday 6/18/2020 5th trip for Team Tuna Sniper

    Ill be out there on my buddies Century cc..see you fellas out there!
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    Offshore Quality Butterballs

    Impressive :appl: Very nice...very nice indeed!
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    Back bay

    Nice work right there :appl:
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    Offshore 5/16 Mex Offshore Report

    :appl: Very nice! Congrats on the trifecta!!!
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    UC900 Reaper Sarape(Mexican blanket)

    Aye yayya! Arriba arriba! Beautiful work.
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    UC RCX76 Viper

    Willing to trade? I have a calstar 875XXH that is 1 year old and never pulled on a fish...
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    Seriola ensalada

    Excellent :appl:
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    Penn VISX 20 Dilemma

    You know, when I bought this set-up last year, my gut told me that was the case...but I listened to the expertise offered me at Sav-on and went with the 875xxh. I may look to trade that stick for a proper rail rodto match as you have suggested. Then I'm only stuck with getting a reel for the...
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    Penn VISX 20 Dilemma

    Uh oh! I was afraid it might go that way...
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    Penn VISX 20 Dilemma

    I do have 130 backing on it, but don't want to buy another rod right now as I already have 1 extra with no reel...see my dilemma?
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    Penn VISX 20 Dilemma

    So, knowing how you like to pair your outfits, and knowing what I have to work with, which of the rods would you use withthe visx20? And that will leave me me the other rod to use as 80#?
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    Penn VISX 20 Dilemma

    The 875xxh was bought to be my rail rod on the advice from Sav-on tackle. The predator was a gift. Both rods are rated from 50-100, but I'm confident they can both handle small cows.
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    Penn VISX 20 Dilemma

    So you guys like keeping the visx20 on the calstar and finding something new for the predator??? That's kinda what i was leaning towards but wanted to know what some of you think.
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    Penn VISX 20 Dilemma

    I originally matched this reel to a calstar 875 xxh to use as a rail rod for the larger grade bluefin. Now, by chance...I got my hands on a uc rgp76 predator but don't really have a reel to put on her. I have a penn fathom30 that I use on a uc rus80 terminator, and man do I love that pairing...
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    DP 4/25 Fishing Report - Good fishing

    Congrats! :appl: Those are some happy kiddos...and that's what counts.
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    Custom Built Precision AR 15 -

    Damn! That is a super nice build!!!
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    Cat 4/23

    Looks fun, good for you guys:jig:
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    Offshore Rock pile/Coronado Islands 4/23

    Bravo to you sir :appl: BRAVO!!!
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    Every Day is the Same

    Since you're "Stuck" up in's the fishin up there???
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    SD Pipe 3/31

    Halleluyah! Fishing still exisits!!! You are the envy of all right now sir:appl:
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    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

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    Wow! Really pops! Beautiful work...
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    Rasta US80 Terminator

    Straight Fire!!!:Smoke_Emoticon:
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    2nd RCJB90XH for FHS Batson Raffle

    Beautiful! Lucky angler gets that bad boy!!!
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    I want in!!! SF 36 KC 20...Go 9ers!!!!!!!
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    CalStar Graphiter 875H Build

    That's grafilthy!!!:rockin:
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    Free gaffing an airborne wahoo

    WOW!!! What timing!!!
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    One and DONE

    That's freakin awesome right there!!! Never caught a shark...looks like a good time! How are the eats on that bad boy?
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    Rasta tiger wrap

    Makes me likey:smoking33:
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    So you go on a 8 day trip

    I don't like it boss....o_O
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    Any Intel on the Ocean Oddessey

    Was luck enough to score the last spot on a 2-1/2 day next weekend. have never fished the boat, but have heard she's pretty fishy. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    sea cucumber
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    Banks today

    I freakin hate you hawaii guys so much!!!!! Paradise at your doorstep, nice!
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    Offshore Ranger 85 2 days sep 20th

    Ouch! Lost z rod on a hook and hand!!! Well, that will be repaid by the fish gods...hopefully! Congrats on the nice bluefin:jig:
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    Long Range Give Aways

    Sooooooooo.....c'mon, give it up...what trip had the shitty "you get your prize if you give up jackpot" BS???
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    Offshore 9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Thanks for sharing...did you end up selling the old boat???
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    Offshore Salty met Elvis...epic day

    WOW WEE WOW WOW WOW!!! Very nice:appl:
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    Rasta'd out Calstar 775XXH

    rod is smokin'
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    Offshore South of the 302

    very nice! congrats:appl:you are definately correct in saying the season is getting good!
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    "The Man with the Golden Gun"

    WOW wow wow wee wow!!!!!:drool:
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    Bed bugs on boats

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    Wow! That blue really pops!
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    Just got my Mak 10k spinning reel

    OOOOHHHHH! Very Nice! Can't wait to hear how it performs...
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    Offshore At Clemente now

    Good luck! We'll be out there tomorrow
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    Ok, so what is your favorite reel for throwing surface irons and why?

    Looking to start focusing more on throwing the iron instead of being stuck in the cluster at the rear of the boat...would love your guys' input on what reels you like best for this application
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    It’s on!!

    That looks like a fun day on the water right there!!!:appl:
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    Seal had no chance

    z taxman
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    The rod outshines the reel imo, one fine stick there!
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    Tuna Congo Line to SCI?

    Did somebody say wooooooo????:jig:
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    Inshore mako

    Get a go pro so we can all watch...:eek:
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    Pacific Islander 7/1-Mixed Bag

    Bravo! Nicely done:appl:
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    Slaying the Copper River Kings

    WoW!!! Impressive haul:cheers:
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    Gordo Banks 5-29-19

    very nice:appl:
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    New HXJ 4.2 Blowout Sale

    Thanks prince, I will check this out...
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    New HXJ 4.2 Blowout Sale

    Got mine in, thanks avet! Only regret is that I didn't realize this model does not have the magic cast control...anyone have any experience casting jigs with these bad boys??? Ay problems with backlash?
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    New HXJ 4.2 Blowout Sale

    I sent an email and have not gotten a response...
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    Rainshadow RCJB86H

    Is that thing for slicing and dicing up z fish samuri style???:jig:
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    Batson Raffle Rods for 2019 LB FHS

    Some lucky guy is gonna be super pleased!!!! Beautiful work as always.
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    the 20 visx

    Can I come over and play in that toy box!???
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    Seeker ESM 80M for David

    Really nice work
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    Oside Halibut 1/7

    Nice work Adrian! Nice to see you at it already this year
  90. J

    Good Deals At Turners

    Thanks for the heads up!
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    2018 Andros 32' Offshore - Local Knowledge

    I think BD should raffle it off...:jig:
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    Offshore Rpt. 09-26-18 O-95 1.5 Day, YFT Limits, A DoDo, JP!

    When I grow up I want to fish like you...during the week:jig:
  93. J


    Gorgeous work...just beauitful!
  94. J

    How fishermen properly stack firewood.

  95. J

    Pacific Voyager gets a wahoo on day 2 of a 3 day

    wha, wha, wah, wahooooooooooooooo!
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    Yes, Colorado was good!

    Nice work!
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    Limits of BFT on Accurate Tomahawk 1.5 Day!

    Congrats on the productive trip! Sometimes guts is what it takes to get the job done:jig:
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    Predator Control

  99. J

    Offshore Dorado with video off 209

    looks like you guys had some fun!:jig:
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    Coronado Islands 8/28

    nice day right there!:jig:
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    white hot g-urushi

    Thing of beauty!
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    Saltwater My Daughter sets New Record!

    Way to go Dad! Looks like you've hooked a few for life...very nice!
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    Off the bottom

  104. J


    Beautiful rod! Some of the marbling is so awesome it makes it look like lightning!!
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    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Ok, so it took awhile for the dust to settle, but both Penn/Mike and Cabela's have done right by me...I am the proud new owner of a torque40 from Penn/Mike at the original advertised price of $200. And, cabela's put a little icing on the cake with a TRQ25NLD2 at a heck of a price!!! Only issue...
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    Last 3 Days out the Gate

    Nice Fatty! N the cold sierra nevada's look good to wash it down with:jig:
  107. J

    Offshore Got a fat one 7/19

    Holy Shit! It looks like it tried to eat one of you...nice fish:jig:
  108. J

    7/11 cat

    WOW! Nice work on z ghost!!! I'm still after one of those bad boys...:jig:
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    Offshore Bluefin and Yellowfin on the POPPER! 7/12 Report

    Nice work! Looks like you had a lot of fun :jig:
  110. J


    Once again...a masterpiece!!! Well done sir, very nice.
  111. J

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Well, here it is...weeks later and still no resolution! But hey, I just saw that Accurate just came out with thier first star drag reel, the TERN...this whole ordeal might be some kind of blessing in disguise. Since Neither company has made things right, maybe it is just time to save up a few...
  112. J

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    I know, trust me I know. I'm waiting on an update from my people, frustrating. If we don't have Solution A worked out and in process by the end of next week I'll be going a different direction. In the mean time, I'd be trying the same thing e-rack did, sounds like it worked out well for him...
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    Ultra - 7/2 - Nic

    Way to get er done! Very nice haul:jig:
  114. J

    43 / San Clemente 7/2 -7/4

    WOW! what a great trip for you guys!!! Way to get in all that variety:jig:
  115. J

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    And now, this very morning in fact, I got a customer satisfaction survey about this purchase!!!:mad:
  116. J

    Cedros Yellowtail

    BOOM! That's a nice un right there!:jig:
  117. J

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    pm sent
  118. J

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    And now I just got my daily penn ad in my e-mail...don't know how to feel about that right now:mad:
  119. J

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Mine got recalled too...:mad:
  120. J

    Half Moon Bay Salmon aboard PupuleII 6/18/18

    That's the way to do it right there! Congrats on the nice salmon, and way to get the whole family in on the fun!!!:jig:
  121. J


    WOW cowman! That rod is gorgeous! I would almost be afraid to fish with it cause it's so damn nice:jig:
  122. J

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Awesome deal!!! Thanks for the heads up SAM...mine is on it's way :rockin:
  123. J

    SPJ Socal Yellow 06/2018

    SPJ!!!!! Awesome! nice fatty:jig:
  124. J

    Liberty-Nados-6/7. Limits and SLUGS eatn PLUGS

    Right on !! Looks like a great day for you:jig:
  125. J

    WTB Tterez Rods

    Sure you don't want a 5'9" slickbutt?
  126. J

    6-4-18 LB seabass!!

    Congrats on z ghost!! Nice fish:jig:
  127. J

    GF 765 XXH

    Camo Marbling!!! That looks freakin amazing!!! I'm getting closer and closer to getting a custom rig from one of you artisans:appl:
  128. J

    2.5 day on the Tomahawk Sportfishing!!

    Way to go!!! Can't wait to give that boat a try this season...:jig:
  129. J

    Fun Fishing at PSFL(Panama Sportfishing Lodge)

    Wow! Looks like you had one heck of a time! Congrats:jig:
  130. J

    UC 76 Viper Rail Rod

    oooooooooooo! Me Likey!!!:jig:
  131. J

    Calstar Rail Rod $140 price drop OBO and trades

    I got a shimano terez TZC-59HSB-PW that has only been used once...Is this something you would be interested in???
  132. J

    La Jolla 5-23-18

    whoop whoop!
  133. J

    Shimano Terez TZC-59HSB-PW

    9.9 out of 10. Fished once and killed a bunch of cod. I think I am just too tall for this rod, but it is really nice. I would like to trade for either a tesoro, a united composites rail rod, or a visx20(plus some $) Anyone interested hit me up and I can text you pics.
  134. J

    Mid-week Birthday Bite

    WOW! Can I go fishing with you on my birthday?!?:jig:
  135. J

    Fishing From Osa Peninsula To Panama and Back

    Epic adventure right there!!!! Puddle of dro:cheers:ol accumulating...
  136. J

    Tesoro w/ 130 braid?

    I also like that sweet rod...but I call bs on casting 90 yards!:p
  137. J

    Couple more firepits done !

    WOW! Outsanding sir!
  138. J

    Salmon set-up

    Heading to Sacramento later in the summer and I have the chance to fish in the afternoon on the Sacramento or Russian river. Heard the Salmon fishing is supposed to be pretty fair up there, so I am looking for suggestions on a salmon dedicated rig...thanks!
  139. J

    BTG90J Mag for Anthony

    Wow! Freakin gorgeous right there!!!
  140. J

    Offshore Shogun Report 4/6-4/9

    Looks like you killed it!!!nice work:appl:
  141. J

    What kinda pricing am I looking at?

    What kinda pricing am I looking at?
  142. J

    Hardwood “Cedar”Plugs

    You may want to make another batch and put up for sale here...I'd be interested, that's for sure!
  143. J

    Three Hour tour........Sunday

    Soooooo jealous right now!:cheers:
  144. J

    Sex and Grammar

  145. J

    Rainshadow Fred Hall Build

    Gprgeous stick right there! Hope it finds a good home:jig:
  146. J


    Count me in...Eagles 44 Pats 40
  147. J

    Offshore New Years Bluefin

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
  148. J

    What’s Up with All the Salmon in Kellogg Creek?

    Are you referring to an area off the 4 fwy outside of stockton??? If so, I'm going through that area next week...what are they biting on?
  149. J

    SM surf fishing #LMV

    Now that is some awesome freaking fishing right there!!!!!:appl:
  150. J

    WTS U C Viper

    What do you mean by "forgiving"
  151. J

    Offshore 8/3 hidden area

    nice haul, congrats!
  152. J

    The rock at Big Sur 8/3

    wtg! that a niceun right there:appl:
  153. J

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW 760M fresh off the dryer

    beautiful work right there!:appl:
  154. J

    Sierras Opener

    I was there on Saturday afternoon...slow picking from east shore...but I did manage one good rainbow:-)
  155. J

    Update: Eastern Sierra

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!!!!! I'm getting da fever
  156. J

    Update: Eastern Sierra

    Any word on Sabrina??? Is it ice fishin this year?
  157. J

    Dana Pt 4/1/2017

    Way to pay tribute to your dad
  158. J

    Rainshadow RCLB80L

    Wow! Beautiful rod right there!!!
  159. J

    Game of Thrones themed Tilefish

    f-ing badass!!!! I want one! What does a custom job of this caliber go for???
  160. J

    sea sick med for kids

    I agree 100% with MRC70 on the bonine, but if you qould like to try something besides drugs check out the "sea band". It is based on Chinese medicine, but only uses a pressure point to eliviate any nauciousness. My godson has a very sensitive stomach, and pills are not effective on him...but...
  161. J

    Iron Man United Composites CP80HP

    Outstanding! just outstanding work there....JEALOUS:drool:
  162. J

    Going to Hawaii in June, where to start?

    Looks like we've narrowed it down to Oahu as the island we will be staying on...any other outfits u guys could recommend on that island?
  163. J

    Going to Hawaii in June, where to start?

    Thanks for the heads up guys, that is exactly the kind of insight I am looking for
  164. J

    Going to Hawaii in June, where to start?

    Hey BD'ers, I am finally getting to live out one of my dreams this year and am headed to Hawaii in early June. Can any of you help me out with suggestions on boats out there to try and jump on. I would really love to try and catch a wahoo out there, but I don't know what will be running in the...
  165. J


    Rhonda! Rhonda! Rhonda!!!!! She is going to show the world, once again, she is the best of the best!!!
  166. J

    Offshore Ending the season with a bang.

    Awesome! Nothing like Thanksgiving Sashimi!!!:jig:
  167. J

    Offshore TANNER 11-16

    Wow. diehard bro!
  168. J

    5 Day Constitution a late report

    Great report mikee. It was a genuine privilege to be on the boat with u great bunch of guys. Many a blufin heart was eaten...including me! All in all, outstanding trip with memories that will last a lifetime
  169. J

    heads up, for us old guys

    Wow...that sucks. I'm gettin ready to go on a 5 day and am all amped up for tackle, fishing strategy, and fishing dreams...hope it don't happen to me.
  170. J

    Stanford is going down

    No no no! Stanford is going to show the huskies how the "BIG DOGS" really play:beerbang:
  171. J

    More Anacapa Kingfish 9/29

    very nice grade of hamachi right there!!! congrats:appl:
  172. J

    Kinda Need to Brag a Little Here...

    Truely amazing! Your brother is really making a difference on all of our futures...bravo!
  173. J

    Another Angler Ruined At The Start

    So Awesome! Another one hooked for life!!!
  174. J


    Outstanding! You just put this trip on my bucketlist!!! Congrats:appl:
  175. J

    Lingcod personal best monster

    Awesome catch!!! congrats:appl:
  176. J

    Offshore Nice Yellowfin @ the 43!!!

    congrats! so awesome:rockin:
  177. J

    Offshore Late video report from the ridge 8/10

    That was awesome! Thanks for the vid:jig:
  178. J

    Maximus (Constitution) 3 1/2 day trip opening. 4 days before TG

    Man do those pics get my blood pumpin!!! i'm on the 5 day in early Oct. with Capt. Keith...can't wait:jig:
  179. J

    Calstar GF800XLH

    Beautiful work! Love the color scheme...
  180. J

    Constitution Oct 4th to 9th 2016 5 Day

    I am in!!!!!!! an't wait to fish with you first 5 day...oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jig:
  181. J

    79# Yellowtail from the Shogun

    Tacos for days!!!congrats:appl:
  182. J

    Coronado Yellowtail & 30 miles/hour

    Nice day on the water...nice to know your buddy is appreciated:cheers:
  183. J

    kids & seasickness prevention, what do you use???

    SEABAND seaband seaband...Trust me, my godson has a very weak stomach...poor little guy even gets sick on the winding road up to big bear to go trout fishing...A british naval officer I fished with once told me about the seaband because he used to get sick, not anymore! And it worked wonders...
  184. J

    Makaira vs Talica vs HX5/2 Raptor

    Since I'm gonna focus on a wahoo setup, what do you guys think of the trinidads???
  185. J

    Makaira vs Talica vs HX5/2 Raptor

    Now as far as wahoo setups ate concerned...what do u guys think? Trinidad or jx??? Or the accurate? bang for buck?
  186. J

    Makaira vs Talica vs HX5/2 Raptor

    Thanks for all of your input...really rethinking my strategy...will probably rent heavy as suggested and go for the wahoo setup to use with jigs...going on the constitution with capt. Keith
  187. J

    Makaira vs Talica vs HX5/2 Raptor

    Hi guys, Need some input form some of you pros... I am going on my first 5 day later this year in October...yay! But my tackle is pretty limited, I currently have an avet mxj and a metaloid 12 2 speed. I need at least one more set-up for this trip...of this I am certain...but this is going...
  188. J

    Offshore My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    Amazingly awesome!!!!!!!!! Way to stick it out and kill that beast!!! Well done sir:appl:
  189. J

    Offshore Overnight New Lo-An 7/16

    Looks like you made the right decsion on the boat you picked...I went on the queen smae day and only got one 20 lb. yft, with only 10 being caught...congrats!
  190. J

    O`side late report from 7-17

    congrats! Looks like a great payoff for some hard work!!!
  191. J

    Bruce Lee Weave

    Freaking gorgeous!
  192. J

    Offshore Oceanside bft 7/14

    Freaking awesome!!!:rockin:
  193. J

    Keith (maximus) got a new sled

    Congrats to Keith and his whole operation! Can't wait to go and slay them with him and his crew, they are the best!!!
  194. J

    172.45 bluefin Best Father's Day gift ever!!

    congrats! wtg!!! you know those boys are hooked for life:jig:
  195. J

    Offshore Bluefin Fever

    You got me droolin over here!!!
  196. J

    3/11 LJ YT

    Very nice!:appl:
  197. J

    Rainshadow RCLB80M w/ "Winn Grip" Tape

    Absolutely gorgeous!
  198. J

    Intrepid 15 Day - Catchy Tackle - Being the only girl

    Very nice! Good for you to have the ...guts to go on such an adventure!
  199. J

    Offshore Halloween Hoo @ 277

  200. J

    Offshore Wahoo Saturday 10/24

    Awesome! Good eatin right there:appl:
  201. J

    Offshore A Bunch Waholes jump on the Basshole, in search of Wahoo. 10-22-15

    That's a g-damn beautiful fish right there! Congrats on sticking to it and getting it done:appl::cheers:
  202. J

    Offshore Hoo cares? 10/18 MB

    Wow! Ur lucky the boat stayed afloat!:appl:
  203. J

    Offshore 10/20 Catalina Wahoo!

    WOW! Congrats on the whoo...but dang those fillets picks sure are making me hungry!:cheers:
  204. J

    Offshore Wahoo 6 mi from MB- live report

    Awesome start to the day!!! Keep em coming:cheers:
  205. J

    Offshore Finally! O-N-Oooooo, now Hoo's yo Daddy...

    UMMMHUMMMMM! ONIOLICIOUS!!!!!congrats:appl:
  206. J

    Offshore Wahoo upper NINE 10/19

    very nice...congrats:appl:
  207. J

    One just for me

    very nice
  208. J

    Dragon scales - presented by Jim Trelikes

    That thing looks freakin awesome! Beautiful and creative...muchos cudos!!!
  209. J

    Long Beach HOOOOOOO!!!!

    Awesome man! Way to work!!!lol, you hiring???
  210. J

    Long Beach Long & Skinny

    10 miles out of Long Beach!?!?!?! WOWZERS!!! of a lifetime right there:appl:
  211. J

    Mucho Take it Easy -- LB to BOLA (pic heavy)

    Wowzers! How long was your trip in total? Looks like you guys had one hell of an amazing time...not to mention the epic fishing!!! Right On!
  212. J

    Offshore Whales, YFT and Wahoo Weekend 10-10,11

    Way to stick it out!!!Congrats:appl:
  213. J

    Offshore Osborn Tuna and Catalina Wahoo

    SOME MA MA BITCH! You just keep killing it! Over and over again...CONGRATS on the WOO...yeah, I'd say 2015 is the year you will never forget:worship:
  214. J

    Offshore Wahoo @ 178

    Congrats on th WHOOOO!What a story you have to tell for years to come... As far as your boy goes, my godson has the same problem...only worse! Sometimes the poor little guy will even get carsick on the way up to bigbear for lake fishing...however, we have definately found the cure to all of...
  215. J

    Offshore 10/11/15 56.5lb Wahoooo on 25lb fluro!!!

    Dats da shit right there! of a lifetime for most:appl:
  216. J

    Offshore First Wahoo Landed On My Boat 10/11/2015

    Wow! Nice fish...good eats right there!!!:appl:
  217. J

    Offshore Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    WAHOOOOOOOOOO! That easy huh?
  218. J

    Fishing Monday September 28, Will the super lunar eclipse affect the bite?

    I have the priveledge of fishing on the Maximus this coming Monday with a few of my buddies, and one of them mentioned it will be during a "supermoon lunar eclipse"...just wondering what insight the bd crew has fishing during lunar eclipses in general, and is night fishing optimal at that time???
  219. J

    Slayer be slaying on the Commander :)

    Kid is better than the gaffer!!! WTG Fish Killa!!!:appl:
  220. J

    The day that huge Wahoo attacked Benitos-Indy 7 day report

    Wow! Somebody wake me up from this guys dream trip!!! Congrats to you sir...job well done:appl:
  221. J

    9/20/15 Front of Cat, same story= Micro YT Kid loved it.

    Good Show!!! Way to train up the future angler right there:appl:
  222. J

    Limit fishing on Yt. ""Who did it"""???? PATHETIC!!!

    Freaking pathetic!:cussing:
  223. J

    Offshore 9/19 Wahoo

    Can't see the pics!
  224. J

    Offshore 9-10-15 same epic WFO bite

    WOW!!! Nice grade of dodo's right there...wtg:appl:
  225. J

    Offshore Tribute Overnight Report - 9/8/15

    wtg! Nice dodo...aren't they fun!?!?:appl:
  226. J

    Offshore Dana Few Hours

    That freaking awesome!!! I wanna go play hookie with you guys:appl:
  227. J

    MAG BAY REPORT, Sept. 8 - Wahoo Limits Early

    WOW! Congrats and great pics...wahoo is my dream fish:appl:
  228. J

    9/2 on the 150 Spot

    Couple keepers right there...including the wifey:appl:
  229. J

    Offshore Islander Finds the Bluefin

    Looks like you made a wise choice on leaving the desert and doves for a hell of a trip! Congrats
  230. J

    Offshore 9-1-15 WFO Bite Coronado Canyons with Video

    WOW! Way to nail em and save more for next time! Looks like that will be one for storytelling for years to come...:appl:
  231. J

    Offshore Full Flotilla post from 8-25

    NICE!:appl:Super stoked for you and your awesome day on the water!
  232. J

    Offshore Mexico Sat 8/22 Invicta HM

    Congrats on your first charter master success!:appl:Looks like you guys did very well...
  233. J

    Offshore They want the CHUNK!

    Wow! Super sweet...thanks for the pictures of the chunk...hungry piggies u got right there!!!:rockin:
  234. J

    Offshore 8/22 Oceanside yft and dorado kids trip

    Awesome!! Way to get the kiddies out there with ya...looks like future pro anglers to me!:appl:
  235. J

    Offshore Bloody mess on the 267!!!! 8-23-15

    BRAVO!!! Looks like you may be turning some freshies into salties!!!!!
  236. J

    Today was a good day. 8-18

    wtg Tito! How did you like the new okuma reels? I just picked up a new metaloid12...gonna break her in Friday in Ensenada!!!
  237. J

    Offshore 8-16 Oceanside

    nice haul for you and your pops!
  238. J


    Wow! What a nice mixed bag of quality northern boys know how to get it done!:appl:
  239. J

    Offshore Good Fishing YFT 12 miles from Dana Point (same day report)

    Congrats...Good stuff right there...and a hppay kid to boot!
  240. J

    Offshore 8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    WOW! It really pays to be PREPARED! Congrats on the whopper...:cheers:
  241. J

    Offshore Afternoon Delight - Pt. Loma / 9 Mile

    What a way to spend the afternoon...SCOREBOARD!!!:appl:
  242. J

    Offshore YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    [email protected] Way to wait for the weekend maddness to subside...great fishin right there...
  243. J

    Offshore Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    How do you catch them when they are flying like that???butterfly net?
  244. J

    Big San Pedro Mahi - 7/26

    Whoa nelly! Nice mahi...tacos for days!!!!!
  245. J

    Offshore Dana Point Yellowfin from Kayaks...

    Balls...Giant brass balls...awesome work!
  246. J

    San Diego inshore 7/22/15

    awesome! noice! what a morning!
  247. J

    Offshore Tuna Breakdown Dana Point 7/22/15

    great job on the fish...glad you made it back safe!
  248. J

    Offshore Bluefin Go stupid WFO in OC

    Holy sheep shit! Can't wait toget my first bluefin!
  249. J

    Offshore 1 1/2 day Ranger 85

    Way to nail 'em! I guess you'll be on that boat again soon...heasrd she was great to fish on.
  250. J

    Offshore Splat

    Another one "hooked for life":appl:
  251. J

    Offshore YFT 9 Mile Bank

  252. J

    I'm still Alive!

    That is so fricken awesome! Rock on bro!!! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful work:rockin:
  253. J

    Golden State Fasteners Company-Family Charter, Saturday on the Electra

    Fishing with you Mike, was awesome as usual. Many thanks for helping out some of our kids get the hang of things...I think we may have hooked a few for life!!!
  254. J

    Feedback on Okuma Metaloid 12

    Thanks for the offer, but I already picked up and used my new Metaloid 12...things casts like a dream! I am so pleased with the performance...I can't wait to find a better grade of fish to try out the low gear! I used it to cast a shimano flat fall jig on Saturday, and the thing was a mackeral...
  255. J

    Feedback on Okuma Metaloid 12

    Thank you...think I'm gonna pick one up at turners today:D
  256. J

    Jimi Hendrix weave

    Wow, that is waaayyy cool!
  257. J

    Feedback on Okuma Metaloid 12

    Great! But has anyone used a metalois 12 yet? How does it cast and how does it do with live bait?
  258. J

    Feedback on Okuma Metaloid 12

    Thx for your input. Planning on 65#braid with either 40 or 50 lb topshot.
  259. J

    Marriage material?

    I'm ready for a trade in!
  260. J

    Feedback on Okuma Metaloid 12

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you bd'ers out there have had an opportunity to try one of these out yet. It is time for me to finally step up to my first two speed, but I am working with a budget of $450-$500 for reel and rod, so I am pretty limited in the reel side of things. Also, any...
  261. J

    F/S TRANX and Penn Fathom 25NLD2 2 SPEED

    Nacho, I will take the fathom if it falls through...I am close to West Covina, so I can pick up...(562)755-2408. Please call me if becomes available-Jason
  262. J

    Rainshadow RCLB 70M 20-50lb Jigstick

    That is really beautiful work...well done!
  263. J

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    That there is the wrong chum for the wrong kind of tuna
  264. J

    Offshore First Marlin on the Boat!!

    That is AWESOME!!! U go get u some