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    Cousins CPX 809 or 909

    I'll take either or if you have one.
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    Looking for a Seeker Stealth/MGC 8030

    I want one if you got one let me know
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    Surface Irons JRI Salas Caivo

    $20 firm JRI 3 Salas 7X Caivo Landon 4X Caivo octopus
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    Honey Calstar West Coast

    I have a 270H-8 and the wrapping is white instead of the usual green, what is the significance if any? Could this be an early model?
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    Lexa gears

    Can the gears be changed out, can you add stainless steel gears or even drop to a lower gear ratio? And if so how would you go about buying the new gears.
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    DFP Clamp

    $45 firm
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    RCE 900 Mag reel seat

    I have a United Composites RCE 900mag, it's a factory deckhand rod and I want to add an Alps reel seat to it but don't know which size seat to buy. Can someone please steer me in the right direction as to which size to buy.
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    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 NIB

    Brand New $250 firm
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    80g Colt Sniper

    I wanna switch out the treble hook for a single hook. What size hook should I use.
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    Cousins Raze 909

    I'll trade you my Raze 909 for a CPX 909
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    United Composites Elite Series

    Is anybody using the XF, Mag, and Mega as their 20, 25, and 30 pound sticks and if so how do you like em?
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    Duran DFP clamp Small

    $45 shipped $40 pick up
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    10% off Avets

    J and H tackle is having s sale on Avets
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    Grafighter 90J

    Does anybody have any experience with this rod. It's the Grafighter version of the 90J GFDH-90J. I saw one today at a shop and I liked it, it's a lot lighter than the WC and GG versions.
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    Teramar 90 mhb lure rating

    Does anybody know the lure rating on this rod, can it cast a JRI 3 or 4
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    did anybody go fishing for Rockfish this weekend ??

    Did anybody go this weekend and if so how was the quality of the fish, was anybody able to take advantage of new depth regulations?
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    Adding a Turks head

    I'm I'm installing a Turks head on my rod, I think I figured out how to tighten it but now I need to know how to secure it. Do I use an epoxy and if so which, can I use Crazy Glue. I'm going to seal it with polycrylic because that's what I already have in my garage I just need to know how to...
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    Spar urethane

    Does it matter if I use indoor or outdoor Spar urethane on a pair of pliers I wrapped?
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    Wrapped Pliers made in USA

    2 wrapped pliers for sale both made in USA. The black ones are Gardner Bender and black and blue are Proto $20 shipped for the black GB's $25 shipped for the Proto's
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    Which landings regularly go to SCI

    I wanna fish SCI but I'm not sure which boats or Landings fish there on a regular basis. I assume the two Landings out of Newport Beach offer boats that go there but their websites are horrible and offer no information.
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    MXJ and SXJ Raptor reel foot

    Do these reels share the same Reelfoot?
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    SX and MX

    Not sure if this is a stupid question or if this question has been asked a million times but here goes. So the general rule of thumb is that SX is for fishing 20lb and the MX is for 30lb, but why is this since they both share the same drag?
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    Good Deals At Turners

    I was Turners in Pasadena today and noticed they had some good deals. If anybody is interested they have HXJ Raptor for $297 800L for $209 (with reel seat) 800XLH for $249(with reel seat) Black Steel 270H for $159 (with reel seat) I almost bought the Black Steel just cuz it's a good price.
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    Seeker Inshore Pro 809 or 808

    DM me if you wanna sell me one.
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    Grundens Deck Boss Boots Size 11

    These Boots are brand new $85 I'll ship on your dime.
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    Saltwater baitcasters

    Saltwater baitcasters love em or hate em? I've noticed in some of these threads there's always one or two guys that always have something negative to say about baitcasters and bass gear. Me personally I love em, I pretty much only use bass gear for 30# and under. So what says you?
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    Shimano Terez 80ML in Red

    Let me know if you got one cuz I want to buy it
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    UC CE900XF

    I'm looking for a 9-foot 20 lb bait rod. I've narrowed my choices down to the Black Steel 990, Grafighter 900L, and the CE900XF or the CE900Mag(20-30#) I know that the UC rod is the most parabolic and is the latest and greatest but does anybody have any experience with the above-mentioned rods...
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    Kicker 25 light JRI 3

    How do you fish the kicker 25 light the JRI 3 and OCT surface irons? Specifically the retrieval speed. I know on a Tady C you just wind it in and a 45 is a medium slow retrieval rate but for the above-mentioned jigs I have no idea.
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    Frozen Yellowtail

    Why is the meat red? It wasn't like this when I first froze it.
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    Penn Squall 12 NIB

    This reel is new never used. I spooled it with 250 yards of 50# Daiwa J-braid $100
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    Tady C and JRI 7

    $40 for the lot. 1)JRI 7, 2) P-line 3oz./4oz. And 6) Tady C jigs. All are brand new. The red C is painted.y
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    Tady 45's and salas lrons

    The ones on the left are brand new. $30 for all 8 or $5 each
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    Cousins Raze 808

    $100 firm in excellent condition
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    ? For Avet JX owners

    The mounting studs on my JX don't screw in all the way, is this normal for Avet reels?
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    Calcutta 400D NIB

    Brand new in box never used $275. 0BO
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    Calcutta 400D on a deckhand rod

    It's sturdy
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    Avet SX 5.3 CHEAP!!

    $125 firm it's in excellent condition and recently serviced. It's ready to fish
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    Avet JX G2 or G1?

    Which would you recommend for 40#/bait for overnight trips out of SD. The G1 has more Line capacity 530/65 and the G2 400/65
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    Seeker trout rod

    $60 2 piece tout rod 7' LB 1-4 Lure 1/32-3/16
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    New Seekers

    It looks like Seeker has a couple new models. One model that caught my eye is Tactic, it looks like it's in direct competition with Cousins Raze series of rods. The SSR line looks nice too. Do any of u guys have any experience with ese rods?
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    Shimano Trinidad A handle?

    Will a handle from a Trinidad A fit on a Calcutta 400 D?
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    Braid topshot

    Have any of you ever used a braid Topshot? I usually use braid to a 3-foot fluorocarbon leader but I've lost quite a few fish this season and I think it's due to lack of stretch in the line so I'm gonna make a line change. I'm thinking braid backing to about 50 yards of mono and maybe a 3 foot...
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    Anchovy rod

    Are there any new/modern rods that can cast an anchovy like the 196-8 does?
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    Fishworks Clipperton shorts size 42

    These shorts are grey and new with tags. Size 42 $50.00 DM me for pics.
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    Calstar West Coast Black 196-8 and Penn Squall 15

    I bought this combo new in October of 2014. $200.00 If you want Pics send me a PM. The rod and reel are in like new condition.
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    160 yards

    I got my tranx spooled today with 65lb braid(Izorline) and only got 160 yards. Is 160 yards enough line?
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    Calstar BWC 196-8 Penn Squall 15

    This combo is a year old $200 obo I can't upload photos but i can text them to you if you like
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    Torque 25

    I can't find any info on the torque 25, plenty on the 25N though. Is the 25N vastly superior for surface irons or is the narrow reel just a personal preference?
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    SX Raptor or JX

    I have a GG 6480 that I plan on using as a jig stick, Which of these two reels would be better suited for throwing Tady 45's and C's(spooled with 65# braid and 40# topshot)
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    What's the problem, the rod the reel or me?

    I can't cast a Tady 45 or a C very well with my Grafighter 800M and Okuma Cortez 12 but I can cast a 3/4oz. Swimbait a mile with my lexa 300 on a Cousins 808 and on my 196 and squall 15 I can cast a sardine even farther. So my my question is what's the issue, me the rod or the reel?