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  1. NewportMatt

    976 is so bad for the regular angler!

    Instagram fellas. Follow the captains and boats that fish your local waters. When you see a post that grabs interest reach out and ask thoughtful questions. Captains appreciate the follow and engagement on their account and smart ones will be open to spread knowledge in hopes of getting you on...
  2. NewportMatt

    8-10 Dingy

    Have a Caribe 10 footer 2011 with 2011 Tohatsu 20 horse on the back. RIB hard bottom fiberglass. Need it gone! Asking $1600. In Newport 714.206.9283
  3. NewportMatt

    Trolling Motors on Big Boats

    The reason for bow mount is for maneuverability. Off the stern or side you will lose the ability to maneuver well which will also affect the ability of the trolling motor to hold a spot lock. I wouldn't put on a trolling motor at all unless I could bow mount it. As far as is an...
  4. NewportMatt

    Trolling Motors on Big Boats

    If you are talking about trolling jigs at 5-7knots, no way. If you want to slow troll a live bait out the back then yes. I would guess the 36v would get your vessel up to 3 maybe 4 knots at a constant rate but that would be a heck of a load on the motor. Do not transom mount it. Waste of time...
  5. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island 11/5

    Fog was thick on the island but the channel wasn't bad. Nothing good electronics won't take care of. The closures didn't affect us. We were fishing zone B and then into C once it opened at 3pm. We heard other boats hailed by them to move so they were enforcing. We just had a game plan to work...
  6. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island 11/5

    With the lack of any substancial report coming from SCI for the last couple weeks on BD or Dope I thought I would share what I saw out there last two days. Fished frontside usual spots and Pyramid Head. All fish caught on sardine or jig Lots of bonita. Everywhere you look on frontside it is...
  7. NewportMatt

    Beautiful day, slow bassin !!

    Been out fishing local a bit. Confirm water temp dropped to 64 off HB/Newport as well. The pipe is still going full speed on 13.5 inch calicos. There are bones on the pipe too that I am not hearing much reported on. Last three times there we have had bones swim by every 30 minutes or so and eat...
  8. NewportMatt

    Catalina Mid-Week Yellows 8/20 to 8/22

    Thanks for pissing off some of those pesky dogs on Cat! Nice yellows as well. Sounds like fun times!
  9. NewportMatt

    Offshore Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Thanks for that bud. I do run charters for a living so getting people on fish is what I like doing best whether or not I am getting paid for it. Always up to give more specifics through PM if interested.
  10. NewportMatt

    Offshore Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Got on it again today. 312 is the area. Green water on 209 and 267 You will hear it here first...BIG BFT are LOCAL and in some crazy volume!! Under an hour run from Newport Harbor. We hooked one but lost it and it was miles wide of them. Everyone will know about this very very soon I am sure.
  11. NewportMatt

    Offshore Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Always going to be one guy on BD... Can guarantee no dorado we caught was under 6 pounds. All ranged 6-15 pounds. This was a report, not meant to be anything more or less. Lets not get negative here.
  12. NewportMatt

    Offshore Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Been putting in the time offshore recently. Four trips in the last 7 days were for offshore waters. I launch out of Newport and have spent a bit of time at the 14, 267, 277, 181/182, 289, and 209. The good news is dorado are here and in volume. We have caught them on all four of our trips...
  13. NewportMatt

    Big Bass at The Pipe 7/30

    Nice report! KMAN plastics work great
  14. NewportMatt

    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    People will be idiots when they are out fishing in all scenarios whether on a paddy, slow trolling, anchoring, run n gun, or just going between spots. Just like people will rant and rave on BD without providing people with real useful information. If there are a number of boats anchored up then...
  15. NewportMatt

    Catalina Front Side 7/26

    Thanks for the report! Those bait balls are a key to success right now. Maybe only macs on it when you showed up but I guarantee the gamefish were not far behind.
  16. NewportMatt

    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    I'm working another boat tomorrow and Saturday. Will be back out to Cat Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. Good luck out there and let me know how it goes.
  17. NewportMatt

    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    Didn't see any concentration of party boats except for Monday at the Isthmus. That is not where the quality grade yellows we caught came from. Plenty of yellows at the island that you dont need to be looking for party boats to find the hot bite. As long as the conditions are there the yellows...
  18. NewportMatt

    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    Fished Catalina frontside 3 of the past 4 days. The fishing has been excellent overall. Lots of calicos with over 75% of them being legal size up in the isthmus area. All the spots around there are working as long as you have a downhill current. On an uphill current it is a little trickier but...
  19. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14 mike bank 7-20

    Yes. I enjoy jumping in the ocean and spearfishing. It is a different way of fishing. Not better or worst than rod/reel. I rod/reel 95% of the time and love it. I spear 5% of the time and love it just as much. I fish 3-5x/wk year round and try to get as much fun and fish out of every trip as...
  20. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14 mike bank 7-20

    I have been called into lockjaw dodos and have been so grateful for it. I always keep a gun on board when offshore and use it almost every time out. Not taking a gun when fishing offshore is literally taking away 1/2 the fish you could be catching. That is the only part I don't get. I have...
  21. NewportMatt

    Backside of Catalina

    That's what it is all about. So many guys says trip is a bust without an exotic pelagic that it drives me nuts! Pulling on fish all day on a beautiful offshore island is a trip to be remembered for anyone.
  22. NewportMatt

    Fish dope map and MPA in La Jolla

    Navonics Platinum + SD card. Put it in your unit and you will have it all ;aid out for you idiotproof on your electronics
  23. NewportMatt

    Worth it to hit Cat tomorrow?

    I never say no to candy no matter what month it is
  24. NewportMatt

    Worth it to hit Cat tomorrow?

    Ya buddy! Put in that island time. You will eventually be confident out there and your success will go up exponentially. I like your enthusiasm too so PM me before your next few trips and I will give you latest intel. I am fishing Cat 2-3x/wk in summer and am open with my information when not...
  25. NewportMatt

    Worth it to hit Cat tomorrow?

    It is July, the Pacific Carnage has live squid for you and you guys are asking if you should hit the island. Of course you should!! What kind of question is that? If you can't find yellows work on your jig fishing for calicos. Try some inshore spots for halibut. Get a new spot dialed in and...
  26. NewportMatt

    Catalina 7/14/18-7/15

    Very much right place right time out there right now. We fell into a wide open YT bite for about 45 minutes yesterday (backside) but then couldn't find another. I have found that if the calicos and/or cuda are on the chew and the water is a good color then stick around and you will be rewarded...
  27. NewportMatt

    Seeing Things out of Oceanside 7/15

    Local offshore is coming alive!!! Will be out that way tomorrow to play around before heading to Cat for the sure thing. Thanks for the report!
  28. NewportMatt

    When life gives you lemons...

    The fish you lost was probably a big ling I am guessing. Thanks for the report! Enjoy the good eats
  29. NewportMatt

    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    I was on the island Tuesday and saw you on east end in the AM. Looked like your were trolling rapalas. Tried hailing you on Ch 72 but no luck. We found lots of blue water middle backside and set up on a wide open calico bite for a couple hours. Pulled some sheepshead, cuda, and whitefish out of...
  30. NewportMatt

    Pursuit 7/10 " A Bass For Every Cast "

    Bass fishing is wide open out there right now. I was on middle backside yesterday and we were having too much fun as well!!!! We also saw a few schools of yellows but couldn't scratch a bite out from one of them. It didn't matter much though with four of us keeping busy putting over 100 calicos...
  31. NewportMatt

    Catalina Report 7/8 with Pop

    nice release on those checkers!!! 45ft of water on big yellows is no bueno. always hurts losing a mossback though another great report. thx for that
  32. NewportMatt

    7/8 - 14 mile bank-Avalon Bank - Cat

    Force feed them the spear and you get to cool off while doing it. Thx for the report on our local offshore banks. Been thinking of doing a look out there myself here soon. Water is almost piss warm and blue so shouldn't be long now!
  33. NewportMatt

    Rpt.-Sun-07-08-18 Bass'n the Good Ole Days!

    Thanks for the report! I was out of Crystal Cove and Dana yesterday. Coolest water I saw was 71 with it reaching 73 in some spots. Pretty slow overall in Newport and a little better in Dana. Caught a rat yellow in the kelp which was a pleasant surprise. Tonnage of barracuda at #2 spot in Crystal...
  34. NewportMatt

    Catalina Island - General Overview

    Yeah, a speargun helps. The fish have been falling for all the usual jigs. Waxwings and surface irons are my go to's and have been working well. Swimbaits for the calicos. I am sure colt snipers will work but the bait these fish are stuffed with are smaller than any colt sniper I have seen...
  35. NewportMatt

    Catalina Island - General Overview

    Have fished Cat 4 times in the past 7 days. Now that season is in full swing I have been putting in the time. Green water is the norm out there right now. Best conditions regularly seem to be on the east end. Lots of BIG fish on the squid bed which is not necessarily inside Farnsworth Inshore...
  36. NewportMatt

    6/29/18 at Cat

    I was on Cat on the 28th. Green water everywhere! Did you see the same yesterday or is is clearing up a bit?
  37. NewportMatt

    Spearfishing this season

    Hey Cameron. I fish 3-4x a week between personal fishing and charters. Have a good group of 4 or 5 guys I fish with to help split costs when not chartering. Always looking for new guys who can hold their own on the boat that are available midweek. I am primarily rod/reel but also have two guns...
  38. NewportMatt

    Triton 6/27/2018

    Nice report and intel! I was out there yesterday. Almost had to circumnavigate the island to find clean water. Yellows were hard to come by but we managed one middle front side. Cuda and calicos didn't seem to mind that green water tho...
  39. NewportMatt

    Offshore SCI bass, yellows and bluefin chances / Tuesday 6/26 Report

    Always the best fish reports on BD Erik. Thanks a million for continuing to post them up! Nice work on the yellows and calicos on the hard baits. Just finished rigging up for BFT on the rod/reel as well as the gun. Now that they are closer to home it is going to be a fun few months!
  40. NewportMatt

    It takes alot

    That local south wind can be a real ass kicker!! Sounds like you got some nice fish though in spite of it. Fishing kelp lines and dealing with swinging anchors...electric trolling motors with anchor lock is a real game changer. Should be right at home on a 20' Grady White.
  41. NewportMatt

    Slot Limit on Sporties - Calicos

    I don't think that would be a shame at all. Right on. I haven't been on a sport boat in over a decade. Pretty clueless about it. That is why I am asking. Just see all the BD fish reports showing dead trophy calico and thought that maybe it would hurt business instead of improve it.
  42. NewportMatt

    Slot Limit on Sporties - Calicos

    Agreed on all accounts! I do think a lot of passengers would really appreciate a sportie practicing the conservation and education on our bread and butter fishery though. Might not equal the anger of a guy having to throw back his trophy 8 lber. I know a lot of 2,4, and 6 pax charter boats...
  43. NewportMatt

    Slot Limit on Sporties - Calicos

    You guys know if any sportboats Oxnard to SD implement a slot limit on calicos?
  44. NewportMatt

    Pacific Dawn halibut

    Great flatty and almost an even better picture to go with it. Win-win
  45. NewportMatt

    6/15 Catalina

    That's it. That should enable you to use it as a SD card or MicroSD card. Not sure which slot you have in your electronics.
  46. NewportMatt

    Quick Horseshoe Trip 6/17

    Thanks for the report. Plenty of cuda with little to no crowds down in Newport right now. Pipe, Artifical Reef, and Crystal Cove all loaded thick with them. They absolutely annihilate the waxwings which they are preferring over the irons and bait. Dove the #2 spot on Friday and the cuda schools...
  47. NewportMatt

    Late Report: Green Bouy 6/16

    Nice slime sticks!!!! Love catching those things. Agreed bouncing a cuda should not break rod tip. Looks like the Phenix 868H which is a killer stick fully capable of bouncing mossbacks let alone a cuda.
  48. NewportMatt

    6/15 Catalina

    I am not sure what electronics you are using but Navionics Platinum + is just a chip you slide in to your MicroSD slot which upgrades whatever charts you currently have to the Navionics charts. In my eyes it is the best money you can spend on your vessel. Being a quality skipper focused on...
  49. NewportMatt

    6/15 Catalina

    Nice work! Highly recommend Navionics Platinum + in your chart electronics especially if new to the game. Helps in structure department as well as closure information. As far as a nice setup for surface irons and flylining...I use a Lexa 300 (w/clicker) with an 8' Okuma SCT Inshore rod. It is...
  50. NewportMatt

    Horseshoe Kelp 06/09/18

    Wide open at the pipe today. Went through a scoop of sardines in about 3 hours. Calico, sandies, and cuda were all thick. 55ft of water.
  51. NewportMatt

    Horseshoe, Izors and around. 6/10/18 either i suck at fishing or the local fishing sucks!

    Sorry to hear about the tough time out. Was at Newport Artificial reef today and it was very slow. Headed to the pipe and got into a wide open bite that lasted for hours. Sardine was definitely the ticket but am sure plastics would have worked well too. Trust your fishfinder and chum the marks...
  52. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island 6/4

    Wish we would have found those schoolies! Sweet! We just found the homeguards which are killer fun but SO hard to land. Nice work on those YT and the big ol' Cudas *Pressurized bait tanks almost completely eliminate bait rolling in the tank (as long as you do not overcrowd). You might want to...
  53. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island 6/4

    In all fairness the Ultra went through our chumline nice and slow although they should have been off the bow as every other cattle boat and private boater was doing all day with each other (we gotta remember 90% of the guys on the water are good people who follow good etiquette). However, when...
  54. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island 6/4

    You guys must have been in that other catamaran? Saw you guys and what I think was 'Stoked on Fishing' Shea's boat out there (or another boat that is a Simrad boat). Only two personal boats I saw all day. Saw you guys on that nice bonita/barracuda school that was out there just north of White...
  55. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island 6/4

    My bad on wrong boat names. One was out of Newport though as I recognized it. But didnt spend time getting to know which cattle boats were out there. Shouldnt have posted up wrong names. The ultra pulled up in my chum line though so I know they were there for sure.
  56. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island 6/4

    Fished Clemente Island yesterday. Fished all frontside spots. Fishing was outstanding with all you want calicos eager to eat the top water jig. Also, some log size barracuda and 3-4lb bonita. The artificials outfished the bait with all the species. Had great sardines from Newport. Water temp was...
  57. NewportMatt

    Trolling Motors on Big Boats

    Got my trolling motor installed a couple weeks back. Have used it on 5 or 6 trips since. It is everything I thought it would be and more. Slow trolling sardines at the islands, working up/down the pipe in newport, ANCHOR LOCK, etc... It is amazing. Was just on clemente island yesterday and...
  58. NewportMatt

    Triton Catalina Light Loads

    BIG checkerboards. Always sad to see those harvested.
  59. NewportMatt

    Oceanside harbor And lack of fish

    14 hours?!?!?!?!? I put 400-500hrs a season on my motors and have been for the last decade and I still feel clueless out there sometimes. It is a lifetime, not a long day before you get it really figured out.
  60. NewportMatt

    Boiler Rocks Salt Creek

    Local spot with chovie on a boiler rock catching bass and short cuda. Dave isn't giving away much. Any idiot with a boat and half a clue could do the same thing on any boiler/kelp line in the summer pretty much up and down the coast.
  61. NewportMatt

    Rpt-05-19-18 The good Old Days 100+ Bass Today!

    I have been out three times this week. All in Newport. Yep, the bass are pretty much wide open (and so are the barracuda). It isn't just the flats. Find the right structure and the calico is just as wide open as the sand bass. All they want are the a scoop on Friday and didn't...
  62. NewportMatt

    Trolling Motors on Big Boats

    My Worldcat is about 6,800 lbs. Talked with the manufacturer and a few others who put the trolling motors on and they all said the trolling motor works great. Just had to get the 72" shaft. In Florida these things keep vessels the size of mine in place even under cuts/bridges with the ripping...
  63. NewportMatt

    Wednesday, anatomy of a half day trip on the Premiere.

    The bass prefer plastic lately. Anything with red and scent on it. Thanks for the report!
  64. NewportMatt

    Trolling Motors on Big Boats

    Pretty much my entire family lives in Florida. I grew up in Cali but my moms side has always been there and now parents/sister are there so I am in Florida once or twice a year and have been my entire life. I bring a lot of the East Coast fishing mentality home with me and I know it improves my...
  65. NewportMatt

    Catalina Island Hard Bait Calico Report Saturday 5/5

    Great report and additional intel afterwards. I do always enjoy your posts and column on BD.
  66. NewportMatt

    Crystal Cove 5/2

    With squid everything is looking up!! Just got back in from another day in Crystal Cove. Got real windy around 10 and whitecaps all over by noon. Calicos still not up in the water column. Sandies still biting real well. They are marking very well. Impossible to miss them stacked up on structure.
  67. NewportMatt

    Crystal Cove 5/2

    Headed out to Crystal Cove today. Planned to just dive the #2 spot to look for WSB. On the way out I stopped at a few of my waypoints I have accumulated. First stop and first 4 casts all result in fish. Small grade so I move. This happened at about 3 other spots until I found one with the bigger...
  68. NewportMatt

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    I read the rule and interpreted it that it is allowed. Because of confusion on BD I called DFW. Not sure what else I can do as a fishermen besides call my local DFW warden and get EXPLAINED the rule in detail. The warden read the rule to me and spent the time to explain WHY it is allowed. What...
  69. NewportMatt

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    Just called DFW. Upon first asking this question to the warden I was told rockfishing is allowed on the 14 mile bank as long as shallower than 360ft. I then tried to confuse him while quoting the post scbassmaster wrote and then he spent a good 10 minutes going through all the regs and...
  70. NewportMatt

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    14 mile bank come up to abut 280 ft if I remember correctly. You can get some long drifts in on it if you would like. You will need to braid for sure to make sure you keep contact with the bottom as the bottom rises/falls rapidly on the bank.
  71. NewportMatt

    4/15 pv kelp beds

    When you call a cuda a wahoo and say you fished 100/60 in the kelp on a BD post you must be prepared to take a joke. Let's not resort to adolescent behavior. The jokes could have been much worst but we are all (mostly) respectable fishermen
  72. NewportMatt

    4/15/18 Dana report

    Thanks for the report. Divers all over from DP up to PV. Ghost hunters and some are doing very well
  73. NewportMatt

    4/15 pv kelp beds

    Those cuda are thick on the coast right now. They showed up this past week. Good sign that maybe some YT are close behind. 100/60 and killing it with calico, wacudahoo, and a mysterious seamonster. fun times!
  74. NewportMatt

    Horseshoe Kelp 4/14

    I was just on the shoe yesterday. Can report it was between 57-58 degrees and the water warmed up to 60 degrees slowly as we headed south to Newport. Also can report it was SLOW everywhere we went. Worst fishing day on the water I have had this year. This includes the shoe, Izors, pipe, and #2...
  75. NewportMatt

    4/13 Long Beach

    Thanks for the report. Happy to see the wind yesterday didn't shut things down too much.
  76. NewportMatt

    Fun Day fishing local

    Very nice work. Lots of good reports from the local wrecks/reefs lately. Looks like the bass are hungry for those plastics again.
  77. NewportMatt

    Rpt.-04-05-18 Quality Sand Bass at Izor's Reef.

    Sounds like a good day. The pipe has been fishing well if the shoe and izors is slow. Been reading 58 at izors and 61 at the pipe. Might be part of the reason. But 25 bass i don't think i would consider slow for a cold April day.
  78. NewportMatt

    2 trips, 3 fish. Horseshoe and Izors

    Don't be afraid to throw plastics instead of live or dead bait while fishing for bass. Would recommend reading "between 2 and 20 fathoms". Will give you good spots and speed up learning process for $35. So much to learn but looks like you are catching fish while learning so win - win.
  79. NewportMatt

    4-2-18 Dana Point

    Biting bass is always a fun day. Catching anything while targeting the Ghost breaks the monotony. Fished Newport today. Water was BROWN. Furthest south I could go before the MLPA turned blue/green and gave out some nice surface fishing for bass. Good to hear the water in DP isn't brown like it...
  80. NewportMatt

    Good Friday Ghost Hunting!

    Good eats and thanks for the intel!
  81. NewportMatt

    Coronados on Open Party Boat, ever try trolling for Yellowtail between stops? What Lures What Luck??

    On a party boat I would bring the tools to make adjustments to the jig to make sure it swims right. Not like you can tell the captain to change speeds because it isn't swimming. A Rapala at 12 knots isn't coming back in unless you have a cow setup trolling it
  82. NewportMatt

    Wind sucks - local fishing shut down

    Quick update: Was back at it today. Hit SE bank for rockfish and had a steady pick of small grade ones (I mean small), hit the rigs for a sculpin and a sandie, then hit the pipe and landed two sandies, a calico, and a sculpin in about 2 hours work. So, still slow. About 1.5 miles visibility...
  83. NewportMatt

    need alittle help with giant fish location!!

    Just go out the harbor and look on the horizon. Have been out maybe 10-12 times this month and have seen whales every time. Really can't miss them. I do launch out of Newport and see them in front of the jetty, by the outside oil rigs, ALL over Catalina, and near Izors. That is just where I...
  84. NewportMatt

    Big Wind, Big Shoulder YT

    Nah, yackers are cool. Especially one's holding that fat of a yellow! I think boogieboarders are more like cattle boat guys that couldn't get on a fish to save their lives if they had to take over the helm.
  85. NewportMatt

    Wind sucks - local fishing shut down

    Getting warmer out there already. Light south wind combined with this marine layer today is heating our ocean up quickly. Will report back after I get in tomorrow but I expect to see 60 degrees on our local spots along with some good fishing.
  86. NewportMatt

    Wind sucks - local fishing shut down

    Slowest day on the water for me this month. Fished Newport Pipe, Izors, and some wrecks off the Cliffs. Water was brown but somehow held strong at 58 degrees after this wind. You could see sediment in the water and it looked just nasty in some places. The hot bite at Izors was non existent...
  87. NewportMatt

    going fishing with the kids on saturday, any good Ideas for some good fishing?

    Agreed with comments above but depends on age of kids. PM me as I will be on the water each of the next three days out of Newport fishing locally.
  88. NewportMatt

    going fishing with the kids on saturday, any good Ideas for some good fishing?

    The rockfish spot off Crystal Cove is small and hit/miss and it is about 300ft which can be tough for kids (use braid!). Crystal Cove spots have been very slow for me this winter/early spring. I would avoid for now. Will turn on soon. Going out tomorrow and hitting them so if it has changed will...
  89. NewportMatt


    If he doesn't take it I will. Let me know
  90. NewportMatt

    Lobster season...a bit of a bust

    You will have a killer season if you spend a few nights (and days) scouting new spots. Move around and don't go where everyone is. There are spots where you can limit just about every time out. You just have to do the work.
  91. NewportMatt

    Catalina / Izors 3/18-20

    The party boat at Ship Rock yesterday AM (830AM) was pulling some good ones over the rails. I just refuse to fish near them. East End on Sunday I only hit the Salta Verde spots and only hit it for about an hour and a half (830am-10am). I saw a party boat fishing the spots more outside...
  92. NewportMatt

    Catalina / Izors 3/18-20

    Sunday fished east end backside of Cat. Was an exploratory mission with a buddy more than anything. Spent the first 1.5 hours on the Salta Verde cod spots for nothing but some very small rockfish. Extremely slow fishing. Went in and fished the kelp for nothing. Headed in to the boilers for...
  93. NewportMatt

    Good deed/good fishing 03.18.18

    Very nice work. Best wishes to your folks. Glad you got them some fresh fish.
  94. NewportMatt

    SE Bank, Double Rigs, Izors 3/12

    Just finished up restoring it this winter and posted a thread on BD about the boat here:
  95. NewportMatt

    Restoration of my 1998 Worldcat 266SC

    Pressurized just limits the amount of sloshing that takes place in the tank. The more the water moves around while cruising the more the bait gets beat up. Keep the water calm and the bait will stay fresh. Check out this video to get a visual:
  96. NewportMatt

    3/13/2018 Izor short session report

    I'll be at Izor's Sunday. Always on Ch 72 and up for a chat
  97. NewportMatt

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    My boat is US made. I buy from local tackle shops. I pay God knows how much in state tax at the fuel dock. Registration and insurance go locally. So much of what we do fishing goes local. The rod should depend on what gets you most stoked to keep you spending all the money we do locally.
  98. NewportMatt

    3/13/2018 Izor short session report

    All reports help this time of year!! Thanks for posting! You were getting whitefish nibbles for sure. They are thick out there right now. I had some luck on Hook Up Baits at Izors a few days ago and small Colt Snipers a few days prior to that jigging them vertically. Anything with squid...
  99. NewportMatt

    SE Bank, Double Rigs, Izors 3/12

    All but one ate it on the fall. I did put on a MC slug but didn't get bit. Maybe we drifted off the spot by then. That was the first swimbait I put on after the Hook Up bait and MC is my go-to swimbait for most conditions. Corey was great to meet at Fred Hall!
  100. NewportMatt

    Restoration of my 1998 Worldcat 266SC

    I got it from Tom at Saltwater Specialties. Nice guy and better prices than the other big two local tank builders
  101. NewportMatt

    SE Bank, Double Rigs, Izors 3/12

    SE Bank was 60 degrees. Got some great marks and dropped a few different combinations on them for nothing. Cattle boat pulled up on us about 75 yds away and I didn't see them pull one over the rail either. Headed over to the double rigs and pulled in tight to them. Worked them with a variety of...
  102. NewportMatt

    Restoration of my 1998 Worldcat 266SC

    I bought my Worldcat 266SC in June of last year. I bought it with two blown motors out of a boat yard it had been sitting in for 6 months and the boat was a complete mess. Hazmat suit kind of mess I hate the idea of spending $100k+ on a new boat that isn't exactly what you want. My idea was to...
  103. NewportMatt

    3/6 - Slow morning at Newport Pipe and Izors

    Thanks for the report! Nice sandie on the bucktail!
  104. NewportMatt

    Catalina 3/5

    Fished east end backside Cat today. Frozen squid and variuos jigs, grubs, bucktails as bait. Slow pick of mixed grade rockfish. Got a total of 15. Best was on the Salta Verde spots. Also put in a little time at Church Rock and Seal Rocks for some undersized sheepshead, calicos, and halibut...
  105. NewportMatt

    Catalina 2/18

    I was there same day. Fished same spots. We caught nothing. Brought no bait. Tried to make some squid during the morning but no luck. Fished jigs all day. Probably 400 casts on my Lexa but no takers. My buddy had the same luck. SOOOO slow. Looking forward to rockfishing opening here soon. Gives...
  106. NewportMatt

    Bait Tank - Size/Shape

    Finished installing the new tank yesterday. Tom at Saltwater Specialties did a great job. The tank itself is perfectly round 55 gallon and is pressurized. The seating is nice too. Comfy, perfect height, and the seat folds up for extra storage. Much needed upgrade and can't wait to put it to use!
  107. NewportMatt

    Frustrating night hooping

    Whatever reports you hear I highly question based on your original posting. A lot of incorrect data. If you want reports on recreational catches I can tell you this season has been better than previous seasons for me personally. I have not talked to any commercial guys this season so I am not...
  108. NewportMatt

    Frustrating night hooping

    It is not recreational take only in Cat Harbor SMCA. Once again, people just need to do a little research before nonsense is posted. Yes, a lot of rec boats hit the same spots where the commercial guys aren't. Take some time and do some on-the-water research in the recreational spots and I...
  109. NewportMatt

    Frustrating night hooping

    This is the worst post I have seen on BD in a long time. Close lobster fishing in the next year or two? Not a chance. $40 a pound? Nope, averages around $20/pound. A US export. Something we need more of if you know anything about our economy. Commercial lobster guys know for a fact lobster...
  110. NewportMatt

    Bait Tank - Size/Shape

    I decided to go with Saltwater Specialties. Getting a custom 60 gallon pressurized round tank. He has it where it is built into a nice seating console. Round and Pressurized were two factors that made it seem like the best tank money can buy. Will upload pictures when complete.
  111. NewportMatt

    Bait Tank - Size/Shape

    Yeah, oval Bluewater is too long. I do think I might be able to make the 60 Pacific Edge work though. Pacific Edge 60 is 23”W x 32 ”L x 36 ”H. The extra height is much easier to deal with than the extra length. Going to take a pen/paper, tape measure, and a couple beers down to the boat tomorrow...
  112. NewportMatt

    Bait Tank - Size/Shape

    Thanks for the input. That is what I was thinking too. I rarely am out longer than two days at a time. I am going to head back to the boat tomorrow to see if it is possible to squeeze in the 60 gallon oval tank from Pacific Edge. I am glad you guys spoke out against the square size, it just...
  113. NewportMatt

    Bait Tank - Size/Shape

    Would rather this not be a thread on flow and how many gallons per scoop. Thanks for the observation though. I put two scoops in my Blackman's 60 gallon tank MANY times and it would hold for days. Barely three scoops in a 115gal tank seems like something ain't right with that setup but that...
  114. NewportMatt

    Bait Tank - Size/Shape

    Another bait tank thread... Have a 26 Worldcat. Was debating whether I was going to put on a new tower this winter or a new bait tank. After being unable to hold 1 scoop of healthy sardines for more than 24 hours on almost every overnight trip out the answer became obvious to me. I have...
  115. NewportMatt

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    I have a Worldcat 266sc. Favorite boat I have ever had or fished on. When underway it 'dances' on the water. Side swell sucks on all boats. I will never go back to monohull again. It really is that much better. 35MPH on OP's Worldcat is SMOKIN'. Must have twin 200's or run at high RPM. I have...
  116. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    I didn't pick up a new trailer. This one is the trailer that towed the Blackman to SF. Boat is in the water no back on the mooring.
  117. NewportMatt

    WTB 24-26 Diesel Pilothouse

    Any BTW if you are scared downhill in a Blackman you should learn how to work your trim tabs better. On the gnarliest of days I just slow down to about 13knots, lift my tabs flush with my transom, and drink a cocktail as I purr home
  118. NewportMatt

    WTB 24-26 Diesel Pilothouse

    My Blackman 26 is for sale for $34,500. Just "bumped" it here on the forums. Check it out. Blackman and Skipjack will probably be your best bet. Mine has a Volvo KAD in it. Volvo Penta DP outdrive. Located in Newport. I am motivated to sell and will deliver it to your local marina. Matt 714.206.9283
  119. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    Had the boat sold. Towed it all the way up to SF for the guy to tell me he doesn't want it anymore. I pulled it up in front of his house. "It's dirty" he tells me. "Doesn't look like it did in the pictures". HA! Been sitting in a dirt lot for two months and then towed 375 miles. "Yeah, it's...
  120. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island

    That is great intel. Much appreciated!! In this scenario it wasn't slack that was needed. The knot was literally inside the windlass. We really needed to remove the plate on the windlass to access the knot. Couldn't pull it out regardless of slack on either end or even get to it without...
  121. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island

    Ha. I'm still bitter about it! Usually when I drop anchor (windlass) I have someone on the bow looking into anchor locker to make sure nothing gets tangled as I pay out line. But when we roll into a wide open bite excitement messed with a correct thought process. A big knot formed where the...
  122. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island

    Sloppy for about 20 mins near the slide area. Other than that the crossing out was real easy. My Worldcat handles conditions like no other boat that I have experienced though so my easy might be sloppy for someone else. Coming back was even easier. Love it when that happens
  123. NewportMatt

    Pyramid Cove Mooring Balls

    We stayed in Pyramid Cove Saturday night. As we roll in and start dropping anchor I get called on CH 72 that there is a mooring ball open real close. I say thanks and head over to it and tie off. There seemed to be 6 or 7 of them inside the cove. Most open even the next morning with boats...
  124. NewportMatt

    San Clemente Island

    Fished SCI this weekend. Headed out Newport at 530am Saturday. Stopped on some signs of life off the slide. Lots of birds working and dolphins feeding. Trolled around and cast some jigs for about an hour on this. Also stopped on a couple empty paddies. Got to SCI around 9am with no fish on the...
  125. NewportMatt

    Opah - How to?

    What depth do you set your finder at? I would guess you are looking on or near our offshore banks? Yep. That is what I was reading. Maybe just get a heavy jig and yo yo it a couple times on paddies while you bait it. The question is, is that dumb luck or do they actually hold on paddies even...
  126. NewportMatt

    Help with spreader bar

    I fish spreader bars a bunch. Ideal for YFT. It is hard to give any kind of info without a picture as I do not know how yours is rigged. Usually they are ready to go right away. Just attach it to your line via a swivel or something of that sort and throw it in the water. I do usually run the...
  127. NewportMatt

    Opah - How to?

    Anyone ever specifically target Opah off So Cal? I got to thinking maybe swordfishermen dropping baits deep during the day catch some. Anyone with knowledge if that is true? I know they are most often an incidental type of catch. I found one good article posted back in 2012 in Salt Water...
  128. NewportMatt

    Offshore I suck at fishing this year and a rescue on the vhf

    Tow Boat US out of Avalon is a TOP NOTCH operation with some amazing captains running that outfit. Would not be surprised if they saved the day. How hard is it to lower sails? People causing chaos with a MOB on a sunny SoCal day in 73 degree water drive me nuts. Bad on the captain! Takes maybe...
  129. NewportMatt

    Time for something different

    Burn next to no fuel and come home with steaks for weeks. Good way to get a buzz going too! Halibut fishing kicks ass
  130. NewportMatt

    Offshore Dodo And YFT North of the N9 9/10/2017

    FishDope charts are GREAT too. Maybe same as BD's. I have it on my FD mobile app and use that thing all the time to see spots and get coordinates. Shows temp breaks, chlorophyl breaks, hot bite locations.... I am not associated with FD, just an enthusiastic member. Makes it idiot proof for the...
  131. NewportMatt

    Offshore 30 Minutes of YFT Mayhem - 9/11

    Sometimes, actually a lot of the time, I wish I was a SD fisherman. You guys are blessed down there! But then I would have to give up Catalina Island day trips. Grass is always greener I guess. Those tunas have moved up to OC waters for only a couple days at a time all summer. Hopefully this...
  132. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14 mile bank - 9/6

    Yes and yes. Those XRaps can really cause mayhem if you have lots of line out though. I rarely fish them for tuna just because of that reason.
  133. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14 mile bank - 9/6

    We weren't chasing BFT but instead YFT. Lots of factors go into it. My most important decision on whether I am chasing tuna is from my previous trips out. I am lucky and get to fish about 3x/week all season so I have a good idea on what is happening out there. YFT aren't BFT in the sense that...
  134. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14 mile bank - 9/6

    Zucchini color squid daisy. Got them on the grass skirts and tuna clones too recently. Mexican flag and zucchini. Got hit on a hot pink squid spreader bar too.
  135. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14 mile bank - 9/6

    Back at it again today. Horrible sardines from Newport bait barge. Guy that filled us up had a guilty look on his face. Got out of the jetties by 645am. It was already bad out there. Worked up to the 14. By 715 white caps everywhere. By 730 we were to the 14 and found a pod of dolphins pretty...
  136. NewportMatt

    How many hours are too many hours on an etec?

    I would never buy a 2007 used outboard that looks battered up. No way in hell. Hours AND age need to be considered. A 2007 that is used as much as an outboard motor SHOULD be used will be around 4k-5k hours. But I bet it would look immaculate and run like a champ. A 2007 that is used sparingly...
  137. NewportMatt

    Least amount of rods for SoCal fishing

    Depends on the fishing you do. On a private boat I have: 5 trolling rods/reel - lever drag TLD's and Fin Nors. Some 80lb rods, some 20-50lb depending on jig used. All rigged with straight 40lb mono. 1 9' jig stik with Lexa 300 1 8' heavy rod with big ass spinner for casting to big ass tuna 5...
  138. NewportMatt

    October? Wahoo?

    I heard Wahoo on Ch 72 yesterday. Don't know if it was BS or not. I was getting 76 degree water under me when I heard the call on the radio so I didn't doubt it too much.
  139. NewportMatt

    Front n westside Catalina Sunday

    I like your belt. Need to look into something like that. Especially on a day with WFO calicos like you got.
  140. NewportMatt

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    Always anchor on the bow of another boat if you want to get in on a bite. Doesn't kill the bite and the fish swim UP current looking for bait so the other boats chumline works for you without putting the fish down. 95% of private boaters do not know this. They anchor off your stern and nobody...
  141. NewportMatt

    Monday Newport Coast

    Crystal Cove has been LOADED with bones for almost a month now. All you want all day. Biggest one I have landed has about 6 pounds. Most were the 2lb variety. Hard to tell from the picture here. Interested as well on size.
  142. NewportMatt

    Offshore Cat, 277, 14, Avalon Bank - 9/4

    I think I heard you on the radio on that YT. Nice work! The island has been incredibly slow for me the past two weeks. I told myself I won't fish it for another week or so. Maybe it is turning back on?!? Your catch seems to say so. The Glacier Bay cat I think is almost the identical boat. I...
  143. NewportMatt

    Offshore Cat, 277, 14, Avalon Bank - 9/4

    Love the "Tohondas". They are the Honda 150 with the Tohatsu sticker and about $1500 cheaper each because they are branded Tohatsu and not Honda. Got them in mid July and already have 160 hours on them. Couldn't be happier with them so far.
  144. NewportMatt

    Offshore Cat, 277, 14, Avalon Bank - 9/4

    Headed out of Newport 3pm. Hit 14 to Avalon Bank to Whites Landing. Lots of nothing and snotty short period wind swell from Lydia. Whites Landing was packed and the South wind pushing us toward shore. Not a good anchorage with South wind. Moved at 230am. No sleep kinda night. Headed to 277 6am...
  145. NewportMatt

    Offshore Dana Point 8/31 porpoise and patties

    Great report and pics. Agreed on previous comment. I set my fishfinder at 200 ft when in open water. Helps a ton!
  146. NewportMatt

    Fun bonito bite at crystal cove

    They are out there THICK right now. Great job Too bad for these all day slack tides we have been getting this week. Shuts down the bite for about everything else out there.
  147. NewportMatt

    inquiry for you salts out there.

    Get the boat dialed first before doing anything. Bow to stern every square inch type of dialed. Then do the meticulous and constant maintenance for an extended period of time. Your hesitation to go offshore means your boat (or you) are not ready to do so. When you are ready you will know. Also...
  148. NewportMatt

    How big are yellows on 3/4 day trips now?

    Holy smokes. 80 tuna in 2 days?!?!?! That is one hell of a fish hold on that vessel.
  149. NewportMatt

    Rpt.-Sun-08-27-17 Farnsworth or Bust!

    I was out on the bank Saturday. Got rocked by a big boy too. I was fishing those marks near the bottom. Caught a bit I had to throw back due to the regs out there. Saturday was glass all day. Didn't see anyone hooked up all day besides us fishing about 10 cranks off the bottom. I ran back Sunday...
  150. NewportMatt

    Catalina 8/22 - The Tradition-the good and the bad

    Yep. If you are fishing for YT you will catch bones. I was just at the island Wednesday and fished for YT but caught about 15 bones instead. I kept fishing the area because that is where I was getting the right marks and caught YT the previous few days. If you want things a certain way get a 6...
  151. NewportMatt

    Offshore Double devirginized 8/20

    Getting me pumped! Love when the report is stoke/intel/and pictures! A day to not be forgotten. Plus you have dinner for a good long time
  152. NewportMatt

    Crystal Cove 8/21

    It is marine protected but not a no fish zone. Go by on any given summer weekend and you will see all the guys fishing it including the cattle boats. Private boat is the only way to fish it in my book. So many reefs and boils all around and when you get the current and anchor up right you can go...
  153. NewportMatt

    Crystal Cove 8/21

    Caught about 5 bones. All ranged between 2-4 pounds. For some reason I have been not catching many bones this year. Cat or local they are just not around as much as previous years. Last year they were almost a nuisance... We only fished for the yellows for maybe 25 minutes. I would guess...
  154. NewportMatt

    Offshore Dana Point - 267-14 and inside

    Great report. Your daughter looks amped on her bonito. Thanks for the intel.
  155. NewportMatt

    Crystal Cove 8/21

    Headed out of Newport 7am today. Had some frozen squid and a scoop of sardines. Took out a group of ladies from San Antonio. They wanted a 1/2 day trip so thought I would start with Crystal Cove. Saw a Thresher shark in front of the #1 spot. Headed to the #2 spot. Got up-current and set anchor...
  156. NewportMatt

    Offshore 8/13/17 DP to 209, 181, 279 70 miles RT Skunk#5

    Last couple weeks have been tough out there on me too. Need to spend more 'island time' instead of tuna chasing. I say that every damn year! Too many boats offshore looking for other boats instead of signs of fish. Has been driving me nuts! I went in to take a poop while I was on the 14 the...
  157. NewportMatt

    New Charter Operation in San Diego

    I was thinking the same thing
  158. NewportMatt

    Offshore Rpt.-Wed. 08-02-17 SCI, another big Bluefin on the Toronado!

    Excellent report. Headed that way tomorrow and much appreciate the intel! Congrats on your BFT limit. That is epic. Especially with one being that beast!
  159. NewportMatt

    Patriot Fish Count - Saturday, July 22nd

    Why "captain" so much. I am sure he is a captain and an experienced one. You don't need to belittle the guy working to get you fish by putting his profession in quotation marks.
  160. NewportMatt

    Offshore Cat and Avalon Bank

    My dog Benny. I take him and my other pup Rocky out with me most times when I go. They enjoy fishing as much as I do. When they come back covered in fish blood it was a good day.
  161. NewportMatt

    Offshore Cat and Avalon Bank

    Sea lion. They made the day real tough for us out there. Not many, but the ones around were the persistent type. They took the sardine. Newport had some lively ones just the right size.
  162. NewportMatt

    Offshore Cat and Avalon Bank

    Headed out of Newport at 730am with a great scope of sardines. Headed for Little Gibraltar. Stopped at some paddy's on way put but nobody home. At Little Gibraltar about 5 minutes into slow trolling we got slammed. Big yellow! About 10 feet from transom the tax man steals it. Bastard...
  163. NewportMatt

    Catalina island bait issues

    Dinghy dock @ Isthmus. Sabiki. Filled my bait tank with sardines there a few times
  164. NewportMatt

    Offshore Paddy Hop 267

    Ok bud. I was responding to the fact the poster said he didn't believe I was on the water everyday. I just illustrated he was wrong by talking about my boats, hobbies, and my profession. Boat drifting away from me causing a USCG search and rescue. I was trying to point out what an idiotic...
  165. NewportMatt

    Offshore Paddy Hop 267

    In response to the boat drifting away from me.... There is no way in the world my boat could drift faster than I can swim with fins on unless a Cat 5 hurricane rolls in on top of me in which case I am dead out there anyways. Even in a Cat 5 hurricane I would be able to make it back to my boat...
  166. NewportMatt

    Offshore Paddy Hop 267

    I guess this is BD. That is what I should expect. It was a fish report and everyone lays into it with their 2 cents. As far as saying what I am doing is dumb. I am not endangering anyone else so don't get personal with it. I live my life on the ocean everyday and do it on my terms. Will make...
  167. NewportMatt

    Offshore Paddy Hop 267

    Seriously? Most fishermen I see can't even swim or know the first thing about the ocean in general besides what they read on the internet. I guarantee I am safer out there under any circumstance than all the posters here scared of sharks. Stay in your boat and complain about not getting bit...
  168. NewportMatt

    Offshore Paddy Hop 267

    It actually isn't all that bad. The first time I did it I learned I should swim downwind to the paddy instead of jumping off right on it and then swimming to the boat after it is 50yds away on the drift. When I got it dialed I knew just how far from the paddy I needed to jump in from so the...
  169. NewportMatt

    Offshore Paddy Hop 267

    Just got back. Left Newport at 730am and skipped the bait barge. Had jigs and my gun. Was just me and my two dogs... All the way to the 267 I didn't see a single paddy. Trolled around the 267 for 2 hours and saw a couple real small paddys. Stopped on them and threw the irons at them more to...
  170. NewportMatt

    Stay Positive it's just gas and $

    Steel shafts guys know that any fish on a paddy means fish on the boat. Buy yourself a gun and jump in.
  171. NewportMatt

    Catalina, 14 mile bank - Sat 7/23

    A Modelo is a Mexican beer. 15 of them in a day of fishing sounds like a slightly above average catch.
  172. NewportMatt

    Catalina - Swim it/Fish it

    We had a few people on the boat. Three different kayakers took shifts. Two official observers to document it and my dad was captain. My dad trying to keep the boat straight for 15 hours at a slow speed was probably the hardest thing besides the swim.
  173. NewportMatt

    Catalina - Swim it/Fish it

    Swum the channel from PV to west end. Been a goal of mine for some time. 15.5 hours across the channel. Of course some buddies on the boat are looking for fish the whole time. Saw a whole bunch of jellies about 10 feet down the whole way across. Saw a sea turtle swimming down there too. Other...
  174. NewportMatt

    Offshore Dorado and YT

    Don't forget fins and a rope to swim your boat out of a tight spot. I did that too many times on my old sailboat I was too poor to get an outboard for.
  175. NewportMatt

    Offshore Dorado and YT

    Left Newport at 8am. Headed to the 267. Saw some dolphins and a boat working them about 5 out the jetty. About 10 out the jetty we rolled up to a nice paddie in crystal clear blue water, I felt like I was in the tropics. Paddie had a giant mola under it. Makes you appreciate the beauty we have...
  176. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    I do have a receipt from Cogswell Marine in San Diego showing about $8500 in work done on this motor in May 2016. Most was flywheel related stuff but also included a new starter and a going through of the outdrive.
  177. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    Bump. Price drop to $39k. That is a heck of a deal on a 1200 hr diesel Blackman 26 with all the extras this boat has.
  178. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    Engine hatch is not flush. Comes up about an inch. It honestly is not an issue. Besides when I first bought the boat and was concerned about that I have never even noticed it when out fishing. Matt 714.206.9283
  179. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    Hey fellas, boat now comes with a trailer. Two axle. In decent shape. Boat will be on trailer in Newport Back Bay most likely next Friday. Still in water until then. Just a little more info. Have had the boat for a year. In that year I did: New back deck put in (back deck was rotted when I...
  180. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    It isn't the boat that holds the value besides the fact people keep these boats in good shape and powered well. The diesel and outdrive alone is a $25k package. These boats are so bitchin' that people will pay for that kind of power package in it because they are such a good fishing platform...
  181. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    Finally got phone situation figured out so here are additional pictures. Call or text 714.206.9283. This boat is ready to fish today.
  182. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    My phone is giving me all kinds of issues getting photos off of it and on the computer. I have another few pictures I will hopefully get posted tomorrow. I believe her beam is 8' 6" but could be wrong. Unsure on weight. Maybe check online for specs? Larsons shipyard in Newport did my outdrive...
  183. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    My bad guys! Price is $41,795 OBO. Was so into the detail of listing it I forgot to price it. Boat is located on my mooring in front of the American Legion in Newport Beach. It will have to be moved upon sale.
  184. NewportMatt

    1983 Blackman Billfisher 26' Diesel $34.5k

    Selling my Blackman 26. Boat runs on a Volvo Penta KAD 32 with under 1200hrs. Motor recently serviced with regular maintenance items. Volvo Dual Prop stern drive just got painted and zinced in the last couple months. Boat is done right. 60 gallon bait tank, 3/4 ton fish hold, head w/holding...
  185. NewportMatt

    Offshore ULTRA 6/1 One Day -

    What is this talk of the islands being slow? Cat has treated me very well lately. Can't tell you personally about SCI but FishDope says some good YT bites happening out there now. I feel your pain on taking the boat ride from LB to SD. If you want to fish SD then you will go out of SD. Would...
  186. NewportMatt

    Offshore June 1 report USCG & NAVY join the party

    On my Blackman 26 I went through my entire boat after this winter's heavy rains and found all the different compartments of the boat that are separated from each other. Easy to do after a gnarly rain storm. I then put a bilge pump in every one of these compartments (4 of them). I also have a...
  187. NewportMatt

    Newport Beach local fishing 3/9

    Glad to see the USCG out working! Much respect for those guys and DFG. I'm doing that same fishing trip this afternoon. Hopefully I can yield the same results!
  188. NewportMatt

    Saturday Morning Yellows at Cat 2/25

    Excellent report and killer photos. With squid now on the frontside those yellows might congregate...
  189. NewportMatt

    Friday Wipeout !!!

    200 fish day sounds like some ripped up fingers
  190. NewportMatt

    Swordfishing Harpoon Plank for sale - Foldable, Aluminum

    Plank was used in commercial fishing by the previous owner. I bought the boat last summer and didn't use the plank once. Not really sure how it affects handling until it is gone.
  191. NewportMatt

    Swordfishing Harpoon Plank for sale - Foldable, Aluminum

    No takers on the plank yet. Will be hauling out the boat and taking off plank weekend of Feb 11. Will be VERY flexible on price until then so I don't need to store it in my side yard.
  192. NewportMatt

    Swordfishing Harpoon Plank for sale - Foldable, Aluminum

    Selling the harpoon plank off my Blackman 26. Bought the boat with the plank but I no longer want it (the plank that is, I LOVE the boat). The plank is aluminum and is foldable. All accessories and hardware are included. Backing plates, bolts/nuts, cables... also have lots of rope and floats...
  193. NewportMatt

    Outrigger Question

    Just got off the phone with John at Precision (very helpful). He said they have two sizes. Inch 1/4 and Inch 1/2. They are local here in Sunset Beach. Looks like I am getting some outriggers this week!
  194. NewportMatt

    Outrigger Question

    Thanks guys. Gotta love the knowledge on BD!
  195. NewportMatt

    Outrigger Question

    Looking to buy a set of poles for it so let me know if you want to sell the ones in storage. I have some work boats in SD so I am down there frequently...
  196. NewportMatt

    Outrigger Question

    I assume this is an outrigger base. If my assumption is incorrect, please let me know. If it is correct, any guidance as to what outrigger pole it is a base for would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  197. NewportMatt

    Bait Question - Socal Tuna

    Wound up getting 1.5 scoops and it held great. Maybe only 4 or 5 casualties. I think 2 scoops would have been OK. Got towed in after running about 25 miles out at 17 knots perfectly. Replaced primary and secondary fuel filters out at sea and got it running again for about 1 minute before it...
  198. NewportMatt

    Bait Question - Socal Tuna

    Thanks for the response. New boat, new bait tank...getting used to it. Eyeball test is probably the logical answer. I usually get generous scoops in Newport. They all know me and I always tip. Will let you guys know tomorrow. Heading out at 3am so off to bed.
  199. NewportMatt

    Offshore 9/14 MBay to 182 to 181 to 182

    Yeah, Dope says don't troll until people start getting hit trolling. How else you going to spot things better without slowing down? Especially on a RIB. If slowing down you troll...why not?
  200. NewportMatt

    Bait Question - Socal Tuna

    Hey fellas. Heading to the 181 tomorrow to try for some YFT. Have a 65 gallon bait tank on my Blackman 26. Leaving Newport. Bait barge reporting medium sardines and some small Chovy. Been reading you need lotsa chum out there. Thinking I could fit 2 scoops easy in my tank of anchovy. Sardines...
  201. NewportMatt

    Offshore Why do we keep going fishing?

    Great report. Way to get the in-laws bendo! We go fishing because it brings families together
  202. NewportMatt

    20 Fathoms - Collection of Yellowtail fishing

    Great video. Some epic YT. Thanks for the tips!
  203. NewportMatt

    Offshore 182 and 181 9/13

    Thx for the report. Heading out that way on Friday with 2 scoops. Hopefully we can get them to the boat!
  204. NewportMatt

    Offshore 9/8 East End Catalina Tuna Watching

    Thanks bud. Went out today. Hit the 14 to the slide. Saw some tuna jumpers about 3 miles out from the slide on paddys. Couldnt get them to bite and didn't see much else. Saw tuna at the 152 couple times in the past week. They are here...just a matter of when are they going to bite?!?!? I'm on...
  205. NewportMatt

    Offshore 9/8 East End Catalina Tuna Watching

    How far off the island were you working up to Farnsworth? Any area where the concentration was thicker? Headed that way in the AM
  206. NewportMatt

    Sunday SB Island quick report and rant

    That is exactly how it sounds
  207. NewportMatt

    277 to Catalina 9-2-16

    Nice work on the YT and big bones. Thanks for the intel! I saw some tuna jumpers on the 277 yesterday and a TON of empty paddys. My guess is the 277 will get lots of attention this weekend. Looking forward to reading the reports and going out on Tuesday when everyone is OFF the water.
  208. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14/277

    Right now is the month if you want to run to south SCI. Still working out the kinks of my new boat and don't want to run that far quite yet. For local water (north OC) tuna and dorado it seems as the season just kicked off. The 14, A-Bank, and 277 are just coming to life. I will remain positive...
  209. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14/277

    Left newport bait barge about 715am. Headed to 14. Last time out we saw a paddy full of big dodo thay weren't biting on the 14. Brought my gun on this trip. .. 14 was pretty quiet. Found a couple paddys with nothing but rat yellows on them. Radio was going off about tuna on the 277 so we headed...
  210. NewportMatt

    Newport To Cabo

    I made the same trip about a decade ago except we finished at Puerta Vallarta after crossing the Sea of Cortez. Good fishing the entire way down. There are a few epic spots as mentioned above in Guadalupe Island and Cedros. I would pull up a nice GPS map that has topography. Any change in depth...
  211. NewportMatt

    Catalina Yellowtail

    This thread might be the best discussion I have seen on BD. Fishing Cat Yellows 'how to'. Slow trolling live bait has been my most productive form of fishing on Cat. When I get hit I drop anchor (or drift the area) and chum. You also gotta remember that when you check the fish reports and BD...
  212. NewportMatt

    Blackman 26 "Frances B"

    Fuel tank replaced in 2001 and was in good shape. Left it in
  213. NewportMatt

    Blackman 26 "Frances B"

    Yep. Casting on skittish tuna is a perk. I can get 20 feet closer than the next guy. Nice dive platform too after a few beers on a warm day
  214. NewportMatt

    Blackman 26 "Frances B"

    The last few months of this season with the plank on will determine if I keep it or not. Just have to see if I use it... The surveyor did say that this Blackman rides much better than previous Blackman's he has been on because of the weight of the plank on the bow. Just another part of the...
  215. NewportMatt

    Blackman 26 "Frances B"

    Bought a new boat in the end of July. Have missed a month in peak season!!! Losing my mind. Well worth it though for this new vessel. Taking the place of my Roughwater 36 Trawler which was a great boat but too slow for fishing purposes. New boat is a 1983 Blackman 26 with Volvo Kad 32 diesel...
  216. NewportMatt

    Price Reduced, Blackman Billfisher 26' with Supercharged Diesel

    The vessel in the avatar is a Roughwater 36' trawler. Sold her last weekend. She was an incredible boat that will be missed.
  217. NewportMatt

    Price Reduced, Blackman Billfisher 26' with Supercharged Diesel

    Yeah, I feel you. The plank would actually be a piece of cake to take off. I like it though. The glass repair is being done at my local yard all complete for $3k. Better than spending $35k+ on a "turn-key" Blackman. Boat just underwent an $8k overhaul on the 800 hour motor in May. Just too good...
  218. NewportMatt

    Price Reduced, Blackman Billfisher 26' with Supercharged Diesel

    Sea trial and survey went well. I am the new owner of this boat
  219. NewportMatt

    Price Reduced, Blackman Billfisher 26' with Supercharged Diesel

    Ha. Just saw this post on BD. Originally saw it for sale on CList. Went and saw this boat today. Sea trial and survey scheduled for Saturday. Finger crossed all goes well
  220. NewportMatt

    Offshore 4th of July -- Dana Point dorado

    Heard of a few do do's around the 14 the past few days. Will head out that way Friday to give it a look. Your son is killin' it this summer, good on him! Thanks for the report!
  221. NewportMatt

    Offshore I dare you to bite this one (Sea Adventure 80 report)

    Ha. Get them bent first and then get to fishing for the cows. Nice report!
  222. NewportMatt

    Offshore Slob yellowtail 7/2/16

    Biggest Yellow I have seen of the season. Congrats!
  223. NewportMatt

    Great Day @ Crystal Cove "The One That Got Away"

    I have five Ugly Stik rods and I don't see myself buying a different rod. Unfortunatley, no. I was so damn busy running around baiting, releasing, fileting, getting boat repositioned, getting our dog to not attack the bass as she pulled them time out I will get her bent again and...
  224. NewportMatt

    Great Day @ Crystal Cove "The One That Got Away"

    Small sardines from Newport bait barge. My favorite bait in pretty much all conditions... Was headed to the #2 spot off Crystal Cove but as we got close it looked like a parking lot. We stopped on a paddy about 1/4 mile offshore between the #1 and #2 spot. Maybe 100 yard outside of the kelp...
  225. NewportMatt

    Offshore Thurs 6/30 267/277

    Your report is identical to my experiences the past few times out of Newport. Closer in seems to have all the life (5-7 miles off). Once I get much further out it is a desert. Thanks for the report
  226. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14 mile bank 6-20-16

    Yep, last year I hit plenty of paddys on this same trip. Many times didn't even get close to the 14 because hooked up on paddys well before then. Last time out/back to Cat a month ago we saw tons of paddys. I think it was just the day that was tough. I fully expect to paddy whack all summer and...
  227. NewportMatt

    Offshore LB to AV bank Mac bank 6/24

    Thx for the report. Been a little slow this part of the region lately. Hopefully it turns on soon
  228. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14 mile bank 6-20-16

    No, I never fish with frozen bait so no desire to keep them. Would rather have some paddies with nothing on them. At least you get to "fish".
  229. NewportMatt

    Offshore 14 mile bank 6-20-16

    Got to the Newport bait barge around 630am today. Got a 1/2 scoop of larger sardines. Plan was to paddy whack out to the 14 mile bank and then back in. My trawler does 7 knot cruise so I can't run all over the place. Have done this out/back many many times in the past and I have never gotten...
  230. NewportMatt

    Offshore New Boat, Lots of nothing to start

    kindafishy, I would enjoy getting away from the fleet. I plan on doing a Catalina trip solo next week for a couple days to test some new spots out and really put in the time on my own terms. This Sunday I am bringing company and my trawler cruises at a mere 8 knots so it takes time to get...
  231. NewportMatt

    Offshore New Boat, Lots of nothing to start

    Just got a new 36' trawler this winter. On a ball in Newport Bay. Trying to learn as much about saltwater fishing as I can. So far, I feel like I am learning a lot but with no luck so far. Went out last Friday the 12th to oil rigs near the 150. First day with new "aerator" bait tank. NewB me...