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    Soda Pop be stylin heavy at the rail with that beautiful rod in his hands!
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    Mahi Mahi themed fishing rod

    You're very welcome. 👍
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    If you know what these are...

    The Toads do...😉
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    Lost a great rod builder this morning Steve Tomiyama

    My condolences to his family and friends. I have a rod I believe he rebuilt, or made from an old Conolon blank. I will fish it in his memory next time I get to the coast. RIP Steve. May your fishing be fun and fruitful, and all your catches be toads! And not the amphibian kind. 😢
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    Vintage 9ft Sabre jig sticks

    I remember that from the Sabre days. I checked Acidrods website and that's what is posted for the Calstar BT690J.
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    Seeker PH LM9

    Sweet. It deserves the nickname of The Green Flash. Bitchen work sir!
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    Vintage 9ft Sabre jig sticks

    Yes. The 540 as I recall. I can't say for sure it matches the line rating. Calstar's rating for the 690J is 30-60, even if I personally wouldn't fish #60 on it. #40 maximum...
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    Cinnamon sabre Help info needed

    DHG guides, rods, or blanks? I'm guessing rods or blanks.
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    Mahi Mahi themed fishing rod

    Nicely executed rod. Everything about it flows together very well. You can be proud of it. Your work has come a very long way!
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    To quote Aerosmith, "it's the same old story, the same old song and daaaaance." A problem with the pro wrap metallics from the beginning. Well documented on this and other sites.
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    Bass rod for my nephew

    Well done! I'm sure he will be very pleased to get it.
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    And the smart guys often kept one of each color in their take box. An old wooden one of course...

    And the smart guys often kept one of each color in their take box. An old wooden one of course. 😉😄 Typically under a lift out tray or a drawer. 😂
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    Cinnamon sabre Help info needed

    Actually, the cinnamon Sabres were rolled out in the early to mid, or later 70's and only for a few years. As I recall, the chocolates were before that. I've been wrong before. 🤷 I recall the heavier saltwater rods used the Fuji, chromed DHG guides.
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    If you know what these are...

    You might be old. If you've ever fished these, you might be older than dirt. 😄
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    HN vs MN vs LSV

    I would just substitute smaller ringed LSV guides at the tip or MN guides for the win and call it good. While it may look funny, shouldn't a rod best be set up for optimal function? Another thing to keep in mind: the higher of the blank that a guide ring sits, the more it will want to twist the...
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    Sabre E Glass

    I'm not saying this to be a smart-ass. It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. You can use the finest and most expensive components available to build a rod. You can bling it out even. At the end of the day, if the quality isn't there in the build, no sort of warranty on it, etc...
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    Need your help in identifying a rod

    My initial impression, without a better closeup pic of the glass or having it in my hands, is Lamiglas or Fenwick. It doesn't rule out it being a Sabre. Pictures of foam handles, reel seats, and old Featherweight ferrules doesn't indicate much. The fabric pattern of the glass cloth used is what...
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    Iradecent Thread Identification

    It looks like any purple metallic and pearl metallic. The pearl can take on some of the background thread or blank color. That's especially true when used as an inlay color. It's different when wrapped as a solid color and tightly packed.
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    I fished the boat last September. It fit my time frame and all I could find that weren't sold out were a few 1 1/2 day trips. The boat was clean and comfortable as heck. I got one of those wide, outer banks. Plenty of room for my backpack and reel bag also. The food was quite good and I enjoyed...
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    Get paid to catch Brown Trout

    Yeah. They're so thick, the light boats can't get the squid to float through them. Better stick to La Jolla or Catalina...
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    Am-Tac surf rod with Microwave guides

    That's a pretty sweet build and very good looking rod Bill. Keep them coming...
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    Need a little help wrapping a Calcutta bamboo gaff

    Seine twine is also available at
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    Over night on the pacific Dawn

    Ocean whitefish is "Code" for small WSB or rat yellows...😆
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    Can I cut down a blank?

    Go gettem Casey and La Donna! Have a great time and safe travels to you!
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    Does Anyone Else Drag Mono ?

    Yeah. Cement lobster. Not the Boston cobblestone or rock varieties...😉
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    Green Seeker 7X

    Damn nice looking rod there, Jim.
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    Blue Sarape TADY F-90

    Bitchen ass BLUE and black! I can't help but love it.
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    Rod finish question

    What Swami said. I have found CPXtra to be more user friendly than the Permagloss.. I will add to make sure your bottle is wiped off immediately after pouring what you will use into a metal, not plastic container. Unless you want to clean up the spill. I store the opened bottle upside down after...
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    United Composites CX76 Viper Brick wrapped

    That's really nice work! Keep those beauties coming.
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    My condolences on your loss, Steve. Fish that rod in his memory for years to come.

    My condolences on your loss, Steve. Fish that rod in his memory for years to come.
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    Blue Sabre🤙🤙

    @mike garrahan
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    Freshwater 4 piece pack rod

    Maybe try a q-tip in your Dremel. Or a tiny bottle/test tube brush.
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    Freshwater 4 piece pack rod

    6 or 7 bucks? Naval jelly or metal polish for car rims. Go light on the polishing and check it frequently. I'm very serious as you can polish too much! I've worked with old bamboo and nickel-silver ferrules. Chromed brass as your rod shows are more tolerant. You can get small polishing wheels...
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    United Composites USA Brown Mega for well.... me, I guess ..

    Damn good looking rod! Keep up the good work.
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    New set mid RCLB70XL’s off the bench

    That's a great looking set of rods, Mike!
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    Sabre sc800c

    No worries. I was simply offering a suggestion.
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    Looking for some Gudebrod 9002 Silver C or D in San Diego

    FYI... Holland is a tighter twist or just has more metallic to it.
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    Overnight/Multiday Safety and Bedbugs.....

    These bed bugs?
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    AvetJX, mc applications...

    Any competent rod builder should be able to square you away. Post in the rodbuilding forum and you will get some very good choices. Talk with many of them and go from there.
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    Sabre sc800c

    Read the ad, call the OP, and ask him more directly? Seems logical enough...
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    Yeah. Dale actually had the earliest cell phone known with Autocorrect. 🤣
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    Painting Iron

    That's like back in the day, baking white jigs until they turned the desired shade of squidly diddly brown for WSB at the 'Nados.
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    Fenwick PJ83 was their answer to the Truline D8.
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    Steadfast Rod Blanks

    I picked up an NFC 8' 40# jigstick blank for $125 last year. Just from watching a couple of those videos, I will stick with what I have and perhaps add some more glass rods. That being said, I can see how they would be easier on my old back though. If I ever want to do some LBSF though...
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    Bela Lugosi GF800L

    Sweet build Jim. Those were some classic movies for sure. And you created a couple of classic rods. Well, 3 because we can't discount the Çreature rod. I bet you remember Saturday afternoon spooky movies hosted by Moona Lisa. Wasn't that Channel 8?
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    Question on Rod Finishes

    Interesting. I've read that Gen4 doesn't do well with heat. I can't say, as I haven't used it, let alone bought any. Maybe it's because you just give it a quick sweep with the heat gun. Blowing on the bubbles through a straw has worked well for me.
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    Help with specs of Fenwick blank

    You're very welcome.
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    Cousins Rod Decals

    Good luck with that. Hopefully someone has a blank, unused one and can make you one.
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    Karloff Calstar

    Awesome! That's one cool ass rod! You never cease to amaze me Jim. I can't wait to see his next one. What's it gonna be, Wolfman, Dracula, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon?
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    7’10” H/XH blank needed

    Good to know. I take it the line slides freely so the stripers don't feel the weight? I don't know how long the typical eel used for bait is, but I suspect a striper could occasionally grab it by the tail. If slow trolling, I would suspect they can easily grab it by the head though. When I was...
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    Help with specs of Fenwick blank

    If you look you will see as I stated before, the '76 catalog shows it to be the same as the JBC70 rod. Regardless, older glass rods tend to soften some over the years, depending on how often, and how hard it was fished. If you feel good about fishing it with 20-25#, go with that and rock out...
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    7’10” H/XH blank needed

    Just telling us you're going to troll 16oz of lead doesn't give a great deal of info. Are you using a flasher in conjunction? What species are you after? Any specific information regarding technique and rod requirements will help. You could after all, get away with a reel clamped onto a...
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    What’s the setup for releasing rockfish?

    I know accidents happen as it's impossible to control what fish takes your bait. It's easier to just not fish where you're likely to catch them.
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    Help with specs of Fenwick blank

    Probably because Fenwick isn't Fenwick any more. Hasn't been for decades. It's a subsidiary of Pure Fishing, which is composed of Fenwick, Berkley, and more They frankly don't give a rats ass.
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    Help with specs of Fenwick blank

    It's rated for 3/4-4oz lures and is the same as the old JB70C rod. I couldn't find the line specs, and I would suspect it good to 30#.
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    Carbide boat guides

    Franky, I have some but unfortunately they are Mildrums so they won't match.
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    How old is this GUSA??

    And a few others 😉
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    Calstar GF850L trigger stick for Min

    Out-damn-standing Jim!
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    Calstar GF90J for Min

    Rocking it AND killing it. Very very nice Jim!
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    Seeker SS CJBF 70 M

    Great use of colors and super clean. Well done!
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    First wrap attempt

    If a musician wants to someday play at Carnegie Hall or elsewhere, the first step is practice man...practice. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. You are on you way and for your first wrapping attempt, it looks pretty darn good. We've all started somewhere and...
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    Caps for Cancer Raffle Rod

    Outstanding looking rod there, Bill. And more so in that it will be used as a featured charity fundraising item! That would be an awesome addition to any angler's arsenal. Kudos and way to go's!
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    Stainless Guides/Braid Question

    Use whatever you want, with the caveat emptor of '"let the buyer beware." Pay for better quality guides. Keeping it stock, use Perfection guides. Or add a twist and go with Mildrum Carbide ringed guides. If the Mildrums were used for single strand or braided wire lines, they can handle the...
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    Really beautiful, clean work, Jake. They rook Maahvelussss!
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    Reel Seat Inserts

    You might try searching the website. It seems I've seen some threads there in the past.
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    Identification help

    T=Tan BT=Black
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    Thread color for RCJB90XH with blue glass tip

    As I recall, the Rainshadow blue tips are a very dark blue.
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    Identification help

    I can't read the numbers on my phone as the bottom pic is too blurry. I'd have to say it's a 6465H. I don't recall Calstar ever making the last 2. The nomenclature doesn't make sense.
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    I'm clueless
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    Seeker Jig Stick 9'

    Clean and simple. What's not to appreciate with that? I like it.
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    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    Back in the day, it was common to use 4 or 5 lbs of lead for a 5 or 10 hook gangion. More (think 8 to 10# sash weights) to fish longer gangions. Most used rail plates to steady the rod while winding up from 500 feet or better. No lift and wind needed. Can you imagine using a 9/0 or larger reel...
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    (4) US70 Predators

    Well done with the white thread Jim. Clean as can be. Another nice set for Ron.
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    Red ULUA

    Looking sharp!
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    REAPER name use by UC is in the procecess of being Discontinued, Why?

    Do they get a trophy for beauty pageant participation? ;)
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    Rod wrapper you may want to sell?

    Exactly. Wet epoxy is an automatic fur magnet and the rotating rod and guides are a new toy to play with.
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    That 70's Blank

    It could even be a True Temper or Pflueger.
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    Sb creamsicle ulua

    I'm digging it! Simple, yet nice on the guide wraps.
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    Help with Rod Blank ID

    You're in Squidco alot, aren't you? 😆
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    Help with Rod Blank ID

    Maybe it's a partially sanded Shakespeare or Gator Glass? It could have been made by many blank manufacturers.
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    A single anchovy weighs far less than than 2 oz. weight you used to replicate it. If someone is flinging an anchovy 45 yards, they're really putting some effort into it. In which case, unless they're tossing into a full on foamer, they may as well crank that bait right back in. Because it won't...
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    Has anyone added a reel seat to deckhand jig stick?

    Being off to the side? How so? The reel would be mounted on top in the normal position. I've used one in the past for a light FW rod. Based on that experience, I wouldn't use that on a saltwater rod. Certainly not on a jigstick. They may have improved in the last 40 years though yet I seriously...
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    WTB Ultra light Trout travel Rod Blanks

    My thought is look for a multi-piece flyrod blank for 1-3 weight lines. Or surf eBay for an old Fenwick pack rod. There are many possibilities for the multi-piece fly rod blanks on ebay too. I would call Batson Enterprises or Utmost to see what they may have available.
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    "Loteria Reaper"

    Killer tribute rod, Jim! It's quite colorful to say the least. That will keep him smiling while fly-lining a bait on a long soak. 🙂
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    Custom rod question

    Webspinner "is" Jim Trelikes...
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    Rsg 3 foot gunsmoke guides

    I saw some sets on fleabay. One had 8 guides for 160 and the other set had 7 guides for 140. Sorry...
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    Stainless Spinning Guides off a Chocolate Sabre

    That set appears to be Perfection guides.
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    Stainless Spinning Guides off a Chocolate Sabre

    Old, original Varmacs guides. Before Squidco acquired the rights to use the Varmac name.
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    So i have this old rod.

    Indeed it does, Jesse. And the blank itself screams Truline.
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    REAPER name use by UC is in the procecess of being Discontinued, Why?

    In case any of you weren't aware, "reapers" were a small, soft plastic bait for freshwater bass fishing. My guess is that Phenix made a specific model of rod for fishing those. Kind of like their Don Iovino Doodling Stick. 🤷
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    Another unknown blank.

    I have in the late 60s and early 70s. Also, the glass is more in line with the old E glass Sabres, and maybe others. I don't recall any Sabre blanks/rods being that parabolic though. Not saltwater ones anyway. I've been wrong before. 🙂 For some folks, every unknown blank seems to have a...
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    E.J. Custom wrapped G.Loomis blank authenticity

    Yes, they did make 8ft jig sticks. I can't verify 9 ft blanks. It's possible it was originally designed as a surf rod blank. Ben Secrest and Greg Stotesbury were big proponents of those in the late 80s and into the 90s. They used them for hunting trophy Calicos.
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    How to get best prices on blanks and components

    FYI: Merrick Tackle went out of business some years back. Mudhole bought their remaining stock which is probably very long gone by now.
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    Red PH Ulua sunset Sarape (Mexican blanket)

    Stunning build! That fecker is hotter than lava from a volcano!
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    Rsg 3 foot gunsmoke guides

    You're welcome. I wish I had all of what you needed.
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    GUSA 7' 40lb rod

    What's the model number? Unless it's mislabeled by line weight, they typically fished well even at the high end of the blanks rating. GLWS
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    Gudebrod NCP 246 Needed

    Not necessarily.
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    Gudebrod NCP 246 Needed

    In case you didn't know it, Gudebrod had several different shades of 246 and others as well.
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    Rsg 3 foot gunsmoke guides

    I have 1 size 10. Send me a PM.
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    Rod Blank Recommendations

    Give Batson Enterprises or Utmost Enterprises a call. Very knowledgeable folks in all respects. Order through Utmost to get your best bang for your buck.
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    Rsg 3 foot gunsmoke guides

    What sizes do you need?
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    Thin epoxy over wraps?

    If I may ask, why? I've read of many complaints. Generally having to do with mislabeling. Many people seem to get two bottles of resin, one labeled as hardener. Why would you risk your threadwork to chance? What is it that you like about it compared to other finishes, that you are willing to...
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    Backing for spectra

    Then you should be good to go.
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    Backing for spectra

    Are you using it to fly the kite? Or to catch fish with? Putting #60 mono under 80 braid does not seem a good way to go. Just my opinion...
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    American Tackle Virtus High Frame Titanium GIVEAWAY!!!

    Do I need need to send another email? Thank you.
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    White tiger cjb90f. Clean!!!

    Damn Danny. You still have it? I'm really surprised it hasn't sold. GLWS
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    How a tiger wrap works

    Great video. Yeah the cat was pretty neat. It tricked a real one. 😆
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    Help ID'ing this custom wrap

    They don't. If it's a Teramar, it is a factory rod that was stripped of the guides and rewrapped. Along with the addition of the crosswrap.
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    Looking for 610, 610h, 670h On page 2 here. Maybe it's too pricey for you. I doubt you'll find a better or nicer one. So what if it's a Sabre.
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    Info on Sabre B710m-B710h

    I got nothing. I don't recall that nomenclature. Maybe they were post California Tackle era Sabres, or prototypes at some point. King of [email protected], what say you?
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    (5) US70 Monsters

    Well done Jim. I'm beginning to wonder, what's going to look better? The rods or his boat? 😆 I'll cast my vote for the rods. 👍 I'm sure his boat will be one sweet platform as well.
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    Putting Flex Coat on 50 year old factory thread

    Mike, yes. I would brush it on as it rotates in your dryer. Yes to re-applying . Depending on the temperature I would wait 3 to 4 hours between applications.
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    Putting Flex Coat on 50 year old factory thread

    Just use multiple coats of a spar varnish.
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    Composite Cork Forefrip?

    @Capt Richie it's the only other place I recall seeing them.
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    Just get healthy again and go fishing. 😀
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    Fuji Gold GUSG Turbo SIC Tip Tops

    Sorry Mike. I struck out. I'm sure Jim has what you need.
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    Penn International 50w 2 speed or Makaira 50w 2 speed

    If I were looking to buy a Penn 50W 2 speed, I would make sure it had been at least been blueprinted by Cal Sheets. Otherwise, I would check out what's currently available. I'm pretty sure the newer Penn's, and others are more expensive. At least you're paying for modern technology and upgrades...
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    Fuji Gold GUSG Turbo SIC Tip Tops

    Mike, I could have sworn I had at least one. I will stop by my storage unit this afternoon and dig a little deeper. There is a fleabay seller in TX, and another in Hong Kong that may have some.
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    Composite Cork Forefrip?

    The now defunct Merrick Tackle, acquired by Mudhole?
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    I bought myself an NFC blank in September, getting it in October. It's an 8' 40# Silverback jigstick. It launches! Now to get it built! 😆 it has to wait until I get 4 freshwater rods built first. Two being for @Corndog.
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    Thrasher Rods?

    Check their website under blanks. Pics are with suspended weights, not pulling on fish.
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    May your best friend recover fully. GLWS
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    Born in Baja - No High Sticking

    Damn Bill. It's hard to say you've really outdone yourself this time (without a crosswrap) yet I think you just did. Tits rods! You killed it!
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    Honey Calstar West Coast

    Okay. I really haven't paid attention to them because I'm in Denver. When I was in San Diego in September, I was checking out blanks and not factory rods. I prefer to wrap my own. 😁
  124. M

    Honey Calstar West Coast

    It was grey if I remember correctly. It could have faded while the epoxy coating *tanned" or went amber, thus making it appear it's current color. I don't recall them having an inlay in the center. Maybe it was a rewrap.
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    Drone Footage of the Farallon Islands // Devil's Teeth

    Nice to see on a calm day. Shows what areas to avoid depending on tides and swell conditions BEFORE heading out there. Charts do the same thing in a more general sort of way. Seeing it helps get a better overall idea of where to avoid and why.
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    I actually have some Quick Gold Damyl line in the original packaging that I would use.
  127. M

    Clemens vs renzetti rod lathe

    I just figure 8 the belt. 😏
  128. M

    Clemens vs renzetti rod lathe

    Both are essentially the same thing. I bought my Clemens in '83. And still going strong on the original motor.
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    Fenwick pt809 jb 969 1206 and other fenglass rodsor blanks

    @drifter023 It looks like you have an old Garcia Conolon in the corner to the left. Is that for sale?
  130. M

    Marbled Rainshadow RCJB78MH

    Looks good to me. I'm sure it will be well received and fun to fish.
  131. M

    Wondering what the name of this lure was.

    Hey @Oldtimer2, who said they wouldn't? Sometimes it just takes us showing them something different.
  132. M

    Alps carriage upgrade

    *Al* Engling
  133. M

    Ideal rod for tossing heavy jigs/bombs for wahoo

    Better for the yellows. As @jiggyn stated above, I would stick with a 7ft rod, maximum, maybe 7 1/2 foot. My 670H works for me. Personally, I would rather go to 6 1/2' over going longer. It's not like your catching heavier, hard pulling fish after all. And should you hook a bigger YFT while...
  134. M

    Lure ID needed?

    Perhaps so. I fled Cali in '93 and went back twice to vacation and fish. It's possible...
  135. M

    Cal Fire

    That's a great looking rod Bill ! Mark, thank you for doing what you do. I don't live in Cali anymore, yet I appreciate what you do. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. 🙏
  136. M

    Lure ID needed?

    It looks like an old Bayou Boogie.
  137. M

    Waaay Purple (again)

    😂🤣😂😄 Very nice work Bill ! All that purple ought to be an Elvis magnet. 😀
  138. M

    "Team Hoo" triple threat

    I've got the blue thread drools...🤤🤤🤤
  139. M

    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Yup! Like 229 and 332 Newell's and 99 sized 500s.
  140. M

    Glass cracking sounds when pulling on a rod

    Sometimes, if the underwrap was coated before the guides were wrapped, the guide feet play a part. At any rate, it's the finish flexing and maybe stretching. You're good to go.
  141. M

    Whopper Stopper Marlin Casters

    That's cool. I'm glad someone still makes some and with Batson putting them out, you know it's a quality product. 👍
  142. M

    Butch Green "Yellowtail" Box

    Oops. Like I said... 🤣 I guess he posted a split second before I did. 👍
  143. M

    Butch Green "Yellowtail" Box

    Very nice. That should sell fast.
  144. M

    Fun Question - Last San Diego Big Boat To Land a 2020 Bluefin

    It could be either, or none. It's ultimately BFT at the center of the equation. Who the heck knows with them?
  145. M

    thoughts on a sabre 690

    Those Perfection guides are indeed what they used at the tome. It isn't clear whether it was a rewrap or not. The under,and subsequent overwraps are long enough that it could be. If the tip is the original and not replaced, that's a good indication also that it was originally a spinning rod.
  146. M

    Whopper Stopper Marlin Casters

    Sweet pair! Yeah, gotta use those oversized ring tips. It's a bummer Mildrum went out of business. I still have quite an assortment left. Just no oversized ring tips.
  147. M

    thoughts on a sabre 690

    Michael, often yes and not always. I never saw a 690 built as a spinning rod from the factory. A custom prhaps, just not a factory rod. And not with Perfection WCG guides.
  148. M

    Newell p332 issue after tiburoned

    You might find your answer in the Fishing Reels forum in the Newell section. Additionally, there are quite a few knowledgeable people on It could come from the bearings, possibly a bent spool shaft, or the clamp screws screwed in too far. I'm assuming it wasn't doing this before...
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    "Whopper Stopper"

    You got that right! 😆👍
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    Old Fenwick Glass Rod Questions

    Yes to your first question. To your second question: Not at this time. Maybe another day. Its a great blank and very light. The 270 rod's have always been a favorite of mine. Whether they were Sabre, Fenwick, or Calstars. I've caught everything from sharks and bat rays in the bay, to YFT to 45#...
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    "Whopper Stopper"

    Great looking start to the set Jim! If those were for me I'd be like an old Beat Farmers song, "Happy Boy." lol
  152. M

    Old Fenwick Glass Rod Questions

    The Royale series were also made with Fenglass, ie; S glass. Some day I'll get around to wrapping my 270 Royale.
  153. M

    Bag of Anchovies at Big 5?

    As a kid, I often fished SD Bay with both salted, and unsalted. Halibut pretty much ignored the salted ones.
  154. M

    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Okay. I'm curious. Who made a graphite spool for a 114H? The only ones I know of were aluminum spools from Penn or Newell. I recall graphite spools from Newell that fit the 500 jigmasters, but no others. 🤷
  155. M

    Original gusa

    Only one blank? Did you wrap the other already? Or trade it off?
  156. M

    Colored Guilds

    Yes, you can get them from Get Bit. A word of caution though: when ordering from them, use PayPal for your method of payment. In the past, people have had their CC info stolen and used to make purchases elsewhere. It wasn't anyone at Get Bit that did it. I don't know if it ever got straightened...
  157. M

    Old Fuji insert material

    Those are aluminum oxide. They're fine. Just heavier overall than their modern counterparts.
  158. M

    Choosing a good 8' ultralight rod.

    I've got a couple of 8-1/2' Seeker blanks. They would be great. One is a graphite model and the other is a composite. I could barely read the model numbers when I bought them and impossible to now. I think the composite is rated to 15 and the graphite is rated to 17 or 20. Just a suggestion for...
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    Your vote matters...look inside

    Underwrap: 2 Overwrap: 3 or 6
  160. M

    4 vintage rods sold as a lot $300.00

    If so, and the butt cap is the original one, there should be an embossed G in it.
  161. M

    US80 Wahoo for Adam

    Very nice use of complimentary colors. That's one sweet looking rod.
  162. M

    Who Won the Rod Builder Competition?

    Might that be Rick's wife? What say you @MATTANZA ?
  163. M

    Finally got my bench made

    That's great, Mike. Best wishes for your mother's health!
  164. M

    Where to get a wooden tackle box

    Never owned one so I wouldn't know. I'm old school and have owned several wooden boxes. I doubt the weight was the same. I did have a nicer one that was probably in that weight range though. My first one was a Semco and it was light enough. Until loaded with jigs and lead. LOL I have found some...
  165. M

    Where to get a wooden tackle box

    16"h x 20"l x 10 5/8"w. Weighs 18.65 lbs. I'd pass it up...
  166. M

    Winthrop conversion

    That all depends on the work required. Are you looking to replace an existing aluminum butt with the terminator butt? What specifically are you trying to do? Add the terminator to a standard rod? Which might not be viable, depending on the rod and blank it's built on. Post pics of what you have...
  167. M

    Does anyone wire jigs anymore?

    No shit! Not many trout capable of eating those, though. Unless I go laker fishing with @Corndog...
  168. M

    Does anyone wire jigs anymore?

    It wasn't. This was about 69 or 70. We didn't have all the fancy knots of today, so it was simple and basic. 🤣 The tiny little ring on one end and the HW twist at the jig. The upside is, I just learned something new! 😁 Thank you guys. 👍
  169. M

    CE800 Wahoo for Butt Crack

    Nice work Jim. I'm sure he's happy with that.
  170. M

    Does anyone wire jigs anymore?

    Okay Jesse. I was simply told it was the haywire, back in the day.
  171. M

    Does anyone wire jigs anymore?

    It's actually a Haywire Twist. Beachamp (sp) was the wire manufacturer of favor.
  172. M

    Vintage Rod Restoration

    The top pic shows a darker blank and my first thought was an older, worn brown Fenglass blank. Looking at the others, two possibilities come to me: old Washington era Fenwick (Don Green era) or Lamiglas. Heck, it might even be an old Silaflex, pre-Browning days. I recall after Browning acquired...
  173. M

    Need Help on building a Slow Pitch Jigging Rod & Guides

    The guides would be fairly dependant on your reel of choice for the rod. Conventional or spinning? Disclaimer: I have no experience with this style of fishing. It's always a good idea to start with finding out the reel being used before offering suggestions.
  174. M

    Need to see some thread colors please

    I just ordered some rattan. But it's their colorfast stuff. 😕
  175. M

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Maybe so. Ask him his name or post a pic.
  176. M


    I'm glad to read it had a positive outcome for him and his family. I didn't read the article so I can't understand why the CG didn't find him. That puzzles me. I guess I will read the news story. Inquiring minds, or at least mine, want to know.
  177. M

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    No, Ray Montara. I believe he was of Filipino ancestry. That guy could sure sling a jig.
  178. M

    Monofil 26 - Penn Greenies ;)

    They look great, Jim. I have sold off 2 myself. I still have 1 left and its going on my Green Sabre 197-L. :D I was in my storage unit yesterday. It seems I still have 2 left.
  179. M

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Bill Poole, made friends with his son Randy in the early 80's and met Bill a couple years later , he was a quite a guy... one of the true sportfishing legends. I fished with Bill and Randy on the Cape Polaris. It was the boat's 1st run and we hit Guadalupe. Pre-YFT era. Heck, it was before the...
  180. M

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Yes he was. That was the 70's though. IF...I recall accurately. :cool:
  181. M

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    Pineapple: as in Ray Montara? A little short guy?
  182. M

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    I remember Gene, Bob, and Dennis. Ray Duane too. I fished a 10 day on the Cape Polaris with Ray and Dennis. When Dennis was getting Smooth Drag going, I ran into him at the FH Show in Del Mar. I went back to close down the Bob's B&T booth a few days later. I took some old pictures of him from...
  183. M

    Is Seeker rolling there own rods?

    This is good to know. I stand corrected.
  184. M

    Is Seeker rolling there own rods?

    You're cool, Mike. I'm not disturbed and I apologize if that's how it came across. Happy Thanksgiving
  185. M

    Is Seeker rolling there own rods?

    I heard Brad Loomis. I've also heard Seeker does their own. They used to anyway. 🤷 Honestly, if (Gary Loomis) North Fork Composites were doing blanks for others, including Seeker, it would explain delays in receiving blanks. I think NFC has enough on their plate without rolling for others. And...
  186. M

    A Spinner for Chef Cosmo

    Great color balance and use. Nice work,Bill!
  187. M

    Deep drop swordfish rod for Codzilla

    That's a jaw-dropper! o_O Simple and still over the top.
  188. M

    PH93H Ulua for Codzilla

    That is wicked sick! Or dope, or whatever... That rod is bitchin as hell !!!! Very impressive Jim!
  189. M

    UC70M Memorial Rod

    Beautiful rod! That's a fitting tribute to say the least. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend Jim.
  190. M

    USMC Terminator

    Semper fi ! Great looking rod for a deserving Veteran. Well done, Jim.
  191. M


    Bump for Mike. A great seller and reel technician. Welcome to Bloodydecks.
  192. M

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    No. Just pay the fine and do your research for the future.
  193. M

    Harnell Factory Colors ?

    Where are you going to find them? Those feckers are scarce on ebay anymore. Right. I think it may have been an NCP shade of green. Possibly a Holland thread.
  194. M

    Identify a shitbird

    Sad yet most likely true. His name is now public record. I doubt anyone other than his family would miss him if he disappeared as lobster bait. Maybe not even then. 🤷 Just make sure you set your hoop nets up current from him.
  195. M

    Creamcicle Ulua

    Fat Cat is right. It looks good enough to sink my dentures into! Another fine rod off the Webspinner lathe! Great colors! A standout stick for sure.👍👍
  196. M

    Identify a shitbird

    He's been arrested?
  197. M

    76 CENTAUR For Ron

    Sweet looking rod Jake. Drooling...
  198. M

    Penn accurateplate 500
  199. M

    Matte/satin finish blank...#000 steel wool?

    I doubt it would remove much. Just don't rub it too hard. A genie might pop out of the bottle. ;) And then again,it goes on super thin. I have a NFC Silverback jigstick blank. I was tempted to do the same and decided against it. It wouldn't really add any weight to speak of, or affect the...
  200. M

    Information on Sabre Rod?

    An E glass blank that may,or may not have been made for Penn overseas. Assembled in the US. Best used with a conventional reel with 20-25# line. Good for fishing live bait and even small, light jigs.
  201. M

    Help To Deciper Lamiglas Label

    That is based on what was published information from Lamiglas back when I used to build on a number of their blanks.
  202. M

    Help To Deciper Lamiglas Label

    Extra fast action 3 power
  203. M

    Penn Reel w/ Tiburon and Accurate Frame *CUSTOM*

    It's not a magnum version. Standard jigmaster guts. Some of the internals may have been upgraded though to stainless steel. Does the left side plate have the clicker?
  204. M

    Nomad Buffalo jig hook barb

    The bigger the barb, the bigger the initial hole... Keep your line tight. Slack is anyone's enemy. Don't dick around with a hooked fish.
  205. M

    Keep it or ditch it

    You have enough info on the line. To answer your question about a rod, I suggest a good fiberglass rod in the length you prefer and suitably rated to fish #40. The glass is more forgiving of a reel full of spectra when it comes down to it. It can make up for the lack of stretch in the spectra...
  206. M

    Struck Extreme Blue

    Nice! Braggart. 😄
  207. M

    Phenix Black Diamond 809

    Well done!
  208. M

    Aztec or PQ?

    You left out Sam and Brian. They owned it after Ed passed, before acquiring the AA. Lot's of history to that boat.
  209. M

    Guide Set Giveaway!

    Darren, I'm still debating whick blank to put mine on. LOL Such a quality problem to have. 😁 I'm torn between my NFC jigstick to keep it all super light, or a Sabre 670H S glass, or a LB Seeker 6480, to reduce weight overall. They really are bitchen guides. Thank you!
  210. M

    PQ Nov 8-11th.... Roll Call

    Should make getting the kites up a breeze. No pun intended...
  211. M

    76 (INVICTUS

    Well done Jake.
  212. M

    Pro Gear V40 $100 obo

    Smylee... It's paid for already. Next time you'll get the deal. 👍
  213. M

    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    My point is simply this: "If you book multiple trips, pay deposits on them, and then go on the trips, you build up a rapport with the crew. That's what will pay off in the long run." I have no issue with your point of view. It's actually a reasonable enough idea. The time and place to take up...
  214. M

    DW-1s uploaded

    When I clicked on that link, it wouldn't load the site. It couldn't find "bkuepacifictackle."
  215. M

    DW-1s uploaded

    The link goes to bkuepacifictackle. Change the k in blue to an l and it should work. All I saw were 3 colors though.
  216. M

    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    Just a thought here. If you go once or twice a year and book those trips close to departure time, you probably bounce around between boats, you take what you get. You've built up no rapport with a boat and the crew. They really won't know you from anyone else. The only difference is that you're...
  217. M


    Happy Birthday Scott. May you see many more! How does one confuse Bill (Saltydawg) Havens with Don Burnside? Or am I just misinformed?
  218. M

    Ronin is almost finished...

    From the looks of the hull, I would say it was almost finished. As in finished off. For good! I'm happy to see someone cared enough to do the right thing and bring her back to life again. The time and money put into a labor of love shows. I would be proud of myself if I were you. I would be...
  219. M

    Newell spools

    Text sent on the 332 spool last night.
  220. M

    Pro Gear V40 $100 obo

    If you'll ship on my dime, I'll take it.
  221. M

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    Elk is always an option from New Mexico. 😁
  222. M

    Flat fall bridle leader setup

    Let me chiles and elk?
  223. M

    Diawas SL20SH 40HV Sanchez

    Thank you for a great deal. Smooth transaction and fast mailing.
  224. M

    Need guide recommendation

    Just be aware, Fuji is discontinuing the black frames. It's an environmental issue that as a corporation, they've committed to.
  225. M


    I believe it's possible. Don't take it as gospel. I mean if people can torch bud in silicone pipes with flamethrower lighters, it's a possibility.
  226. M

    Lexa gears

    There's a forum here for that, or You might find what your looking for there. Or call a Daiwa service center.
  227. M

    Looking to get into rod building...

    Are you sure you really want to go down this addictive path? Check the sticky posted above, Rod Building Materials. There are many good places to buy what you need to get started. Go talk to the guys at Island Tackle or some of the local stores in OC. Surf the classified ads and even...
  228. M

    G540 Wrap Inspiration

    Why not yellow, white, and green? Orange, yellow, and brown? White, orange, and black? There are lots of possibilities to make it distinctive, so why limit yourself? White and yellow work well with so many others. You don't have to limit yourself to darker earth tones unless you wish to. Think...
  229. M

    76 (INVICTUS

    Sweet looking rod there Jake. Really well done. Someone will be happy with that one!
  230. M

    Slow pitch blank

    That was understood. I just thought you might like to know, or have your memory jogged about BH blanks.
  231. M

    Slow pitch blank

    Black Hole blanks
  232. M

    Rust on on Phenix Abyss guide feet

    At one point, they were using Essex guides and tips for their rods.
  233. M

    Seeker lb 799 / seastalker ss 270h-8

    Until it finally gave out, I used my Sabre 270 for light jigs and it did quite well. Did I get the distance a 270-8,regular or heavy would've. probably not yet it did very well. You should have no problems with it for the lighter stuff.
  234. M

    New to the form, cts affinity float build

    Hector, it's a centerpin rod, not a flyrod. 😉
  235. M

    New to the form, cts affinity float build

    Looks good to me. Welcome to Bloodydecks...and the addiction. 😉
  236. M

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    However you see it, so be it, at least in your own mind. Your perception does not necessarily equate to an across the board reality. Even some of my friends that will vote for Biden are fed up with that party. They simply see him as the lesser of two evils. They're just against another 4 years...
  237. M

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    Yes. I'm well aware of those things on this site. I've been around here for quite some time. In my first post in this thread, I asked a question. For that I was labeled. No big deal. I simply continued to ask a few more questions. I can see how you might misconstrue my question about lead fumes...
  238. M

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    Actually, I can. I'm still curious as to how you, and stairman, are so certain of my political ideologies or party affiliations.
  239. M

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    And the point you're trying to make is what, exactly? Have you been breathing too many lead fumes pouring sinkers and stuff in a poorly ventilated area?
  240. M

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    And where did I say I am voting for Biden? If I were "completely uninformed", how would I have known that much? Extrapolating from your assumption, does that mean you are "completely uninformed" as well? I don't have a TV, or watch any. I got rid of my TV over 5 years ago. Best decision I made...
  241. M

    Vandals at Shelter Island Launch Ramp parking lot!

    Why wouldn't a Biden supporter laugh instead? The only Trump boat parade I've been aware of, was the fiasco in Austin. And it didn't go very well for some.
  242. M


    Have you guys tried making your own silicone molds?
  243. M

    Catch and Cook | The Meanest Thing in Creation

    Back in the 80's, when Mantis Shrimp had gotten a foothold in San Diego Bay, we happened to catch a few. Fishing with us was the Head Chef at Chez Loma. He cooked them up at work that afternoon to try. Yuck. What garbage it was. Not worth the risk of keeping one or more in the boat.
  244. M

    Open party overnight bait

    ^^^^ 🤢🤮barf
  245. M

    Great deal on small flatfall-type lures!

    Exactly! It's happened a great deal over the years.
  246. M

    Medicine Wheel Reaper

    Very nice work, Jim. Maybe it's the colors, but that rod screams Apache Nation to me. Well done!
  247. M

    Open party overnight bait

    Let it slide down to the hook. If you feel the need to, pin it above the hook with a wooden toothpick from the hook end of the line. Cut the toothpick short ...
  248. M

    Lite Weight Oversize Handle

    Jeff, any success with that avenue?
  249. M

    Some extra stuff for starting rod builders or?? GONE!

    Have you tried Al Engling on Facebook? He makes them for a variety of rod lathes.
  250. M

    Seeker white tigers/ phenix composite rootbeer

    Come on Danny. You know you want to trade me the 7X or the 93XH for my green Sabre...😎 If I have one unicorn left, that's the one.
  251. M

    "MIKE" custom SS cjbf 70m 25-40lb

    Nice looking rod. Beats me why it isn't gone. GLWS
  252. M

    Lite Weight Oversize Handle

    Check with some shops that do business with Tackle Specialties. I don't know what exactly they are using for grips these days, but Leon used to sell unskinned hypalon. That stuff had a pretty large OD.
  253. M

    Batson In Black

    Nice looking rod Andy. I wrapped rods for a shop in San Diego. A customer brought me a heavier rod to build a match to. It was a Sabre or Calstar and probably a 665, or similar. I built it to match down to the detail. Including an optical chevron butt wrap. The rod I built was a T196-7...
  254. M

    Best chance at a keeper size YFT?

    I've seen YFT on the 9. One year, the Daily Double was running 1/2 day trips there just for the tuna, in the late 70s or early 80s. That doesn't happen anymore I'm sure. But what do I know? I've been in CO going on 28 yrs now. Find someone experienced and buddy boat out further.
  255. M

    Vintage grizzly glass Fenwick

    Nice rod. My first step would be to strip those dinosaur assed Varmac guides. The seat can stay. Maybe... Free bump!
  256. M

    "High Stick ll"

    Damn sweet build, Jim.
  257. M

    GP900 reaper Sarape (Mexican blanket)

    All of your color combinations are stunning! Very impressive work!
  258. M

    looking for some surf rod blank brands and models.

    Your profile says your from Wisconsin. You could start by telling us which coast you will be fishing and what are your target species. With that info, you could get better ideas. Batson, UC, Seeker, Rodgeeks, Lamiglas, and a great many others make very fine products.
  259. M

    Free Black Titanium Guides!

    Thank you, American Tackle! 😀
  260. M

    Tomahawk 9/23

    @ Tomahawk Sportfishing...Hi Eric(I assume). I had a great time fishing yesterday. I hope to be back aboard again. You and your crew provided a very good experience for me. Thank you! 😀 A nighttime flatfall bite last night would have been cool. It just wasn't meant to be for us. Next time! 😉
  261. M

    Tomahawk 9/23

    I've got no dog in a fight between the two boats. I simply wanted to know who I might be sharing the rail with. I had the duckets and the time to do it. I had to escape Denver for some saltwater fishing time. The boats had better counts today so I'm hopeful about the catching part of it. I...
  262. M

    Tomahawk 9/23

  263. M

    Penns, Daiwa, PacBay, Seeker, Calstar, UC......

    Thank you for a smooth and easy transaction today.
  264. M

    Set of SB Uluas

    That's a great looking trio. Very nice and clean.
  265. M

    Conception Dive Boat NTSB Report

    Like Joe Friday often said, "Just the facts." Such a sad and avoidable event. Or at least with a better outcome for all aboard.
  266. M

    Tomahawk 9/23

    Is anyone going on this trip? I'm really looking forward to the trip and maybe and maybe meeting some fellow BDers. I just hope they get enough people to make the run.
  267. M

    Replacing broken reel seat

    That's what I've used for years. Does what I need it to.
  268. M

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    A Newell P229 and P332. And a NFC Silverback blank to build a jigstick.
  269. M

    Seeker - ULUA creamsicle

    That's a sweet looking build. Did you do use false underwraps?
  270. M

    Replacing broken reel seat

    Yes. that is quite doable and done often. You are lucky in that it shouldn't be a major mofo to tackle. Options? Cork, EVA, whatever. Even cork tape. If you go with the cork tape, and your butt is a small diameter,it's much easier if you cut the cork tape up the middle. In other words,in half...
  271. M

    Older rods

    Okay. That sounds like a unicorn. The closest I can get to that is a green Sabre 196-7L. Sorry.
  272. M

    Overnight/bluefin equipment?

    Put a round plastic bead above it on your main line.
  273. M

    Older rods

    Did you mean a Sabre 196-6XXL ?
  274. M

    Old Black glass sabre 9ft 6in

    The ad says 9'6''... So, I suppose it's 114 inches.
  275. M

    Penn senator 113h2 9.5/10 Cheap!

    You want to sell it so post some pics.
  276. M

    "The Murder Weapon"

    Murder Weapon? It's more of an Assassin Stick! Damn nice rod, Jim.
  277. M

    Seeking this mystery Guide??

    He's in Tampa
  278. M

    Seeking this mystery Guide??

    It's the same frame as the USG, chromed, with a grey hardaloy insert.
  279. M

    Seeking this mystery Guide??

    Guys, he knows he can use the PacBay or AmTak equivalent. That is his Plan B. He is hoping to find the correct Fuji. I suggested on FB that he might find one here. I checked my storage unit today for one. Unfortunately, mine pre-date the one he is looking for. Mine have the nylon shock ring...
  280. M

    WSB on Sand Crab?

    I can't top that. I did catch a legal ghost and a firecracker off the OB Pier in '83 just outside surf line on ghost shrimp though.
  281. M

    Acid Wrapped United Composites CX76 Deviant

    As clean and beautiful as it gets, Jim. 👍
  282. M

    Baby u

    Sweet looking rod! Enjoy the good times ahead with it.
  283. M

    ** Newells**-Black - Red - Purple - You'll Like These :)

    Text and PM sent Jim. I hope your out catching, not just fishing. 🙂
  284. M

    Led Zeppelin weave completed

    Fucking awesome Steve!
  285. M

    Alternative to rubber feet

    Awesome outcome Hector. The Batsons rock!
  286. M

    AXLB Made?

    Ask American Tackle.
  287. M

    Thrashers or Calstars

    The Thrashers have been around a couple of years, I think. I've seen videos of them. Rigged to forklifts and lifting heavy weights off a warehouse floor if I recall correctly. Pretty strong blanks. I may just give one a shot soon. How well the perform on actual fish and casting,etc. remains to...
  288. M

    Info on Fisherman's Paradise rods?

    SUAT...StandUp American Tackle blank perhaps?
  289. M


    That turned out really nice, Jake. Killer CTHD wrap. It all flows together very well.
  290. M

    Roberts wrap on a graphiter?

    A rod is a rod. Whether it's an old glass rod, composite, or all graphite makes no difference. The general consensus is there is no, or minimal loss in casting distance. It's still a fishing rod after all. Perhaps Jim Kastorf, @rodbldr will weigh in.
  291. M

    Varmac 20-40, Acid Wrapped

    Nice work Brian. Very clean
  292. M


    Clean and simple. Nice looking rod and good work.
  293. M

    Old yellow glass blank ?

    The 1st pic says Lami or Fenwick. The 2nd pic does indicate Sabre. I'll check mine when I get back to Denver on Friday.
  294. M

    Old yellow glass blank ?

    It's either a Fenwick or Lamiglas. Not a Sabre, either E or S glass.
  295. M

    Threaded Tip Guide Replacement

    Measure the gap. Heat and remove tip. Use Dremel tool with cutoff wheel to cut off the length of the gap. Replace tip, if it still fits. If not, get one that does.
  296. M

    Small surface iron rod. What do you use?

    I used to use my old Sabre 270 with 3" off the tip. Until it gave out. I have a 270-8H I need to build. That is my choice. Glass baby, glass!
  297. M

    Older Daiwa Surf Rod

    Yes it is. 👍
  298. M

    Older Daiwa Surf Rod

    The late 60s into the early 70s.
  299. M

    Dorado / Urushi

    Very very nice. Looks mahvelous.
  300. M

    Truline 710. Info needed

    Yeah! Those old braced Varmacs were clunkers compared to the Perfections that knocked them out of the market.
  301. M

    SWORD ROD (help) The search feature on Bloodydecks is very helpful. This was on the previous page. Google works too.
  302. M

    Cow capable options - rod/reel

    Why not sell yours to Nicodemus for a fair price? He can pair it up with an Okuma, Graftek, or... thus having what he needs . Or loan or rent it to him.
  303. M

    fisherman injured at clemente last week?

    Scary stuff. I hope it turned out well for the guy.
  304. M

    Truline 710. Info needed

    I've never seen a Truline with the number stamped or silk-screened on the butt. Always hand written with Truline in front of it. John always overrated the line on the rods. Maybe ironmike will chime in on that. Looks like a nice blank anyway. It should be a fun project. Enjoy!
  305. M

    Go Get a GoPro Hero 8 Black at Costco! Why?

    Great. Just what YouTube needs. More googans filming themselves fishing! 🤣 Don't forget to make sure your clickers are on and loud and strong! Just like them thar guy's on TV back in the 70s and 80s. 😉
  306. M

    Alternative to rubber feet

    The air in Colorado is pretty dry and rubber disintegrates whether it's hot or cold weather. Rubber has to be kept in ziploc type baggies at the least. Especially lathe belts. A humidifier might help but that's both doubtful, and expensive. My Clemens lathe has never had rubber on the chuck...
  307. M

    Cow capable options - rod/reel

    Even used, how do the reels you mentioned fit into that disclaimer? Or the UC rod? Nicodemus, consider renting the heavier gear unless your boat of choice has loaner gear.
  308. M

    Individual Limits vs. Boat Limit

    Have a skilled deckhand take a gaff, get a wrap around the line close to the head, and pop it off with a swift jerk.
  309. M

    Question about Rod wrapping thread

    Yeah, I thought that was pretty hysterical also. ^5
  310. M

    GP80 Mega for Abro

    Very cool on the heartbeat photo, fisherman to Bass. Also a nice twist on the cadeuceus. Very clean, as per your personal standards. Rock on Jim!
  311. M

    Help on a Calstar 196 7l

    One word of caution: rinse and dry those guides well. Immediately or as soon as possible after a trip! The sooner the better. Otherwise, they won't last for long.
  312. M

    Would Anyone Like To Try a New Seat?

    Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know, I received my reel seat. It looks really nice. The anodizing on it is great. It is a bit heavier than a Batson or Fuji graphite model, obviously. Oh well. The 3K CF insert does not decrease the ID by much. It's probably still a bit larger than a 20 size...
  313. M

    Regrip to deckhand... advice needed

    Personally, I would leave some of the foregrip and run cork tape from there to the butt. Before starting with the paracord, I would strip the guts from it so it will lay flatter. But that's just me. When wrapped over cork tape, the paracord shouldn't slip. As Len said, you can lay down some...
  314. M

    Seeker TAC 80H for David

    Pretty darn good looking rod, considering the subdued colors. 👍
  315. M

    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It's obvious you had opportunities to be each other's rock through the rough spots, and have a real intimacy and partnership. To have found each other is a blessing. To have had the life together you shared, is a greater blessing. I'm happy you were graced with the...
  316. M

    Heading out on the Tomahawk 8/20 what setups do you recommend?

    You're fishing Tekota line counter reels? Whatever floats your boat... Have a fun trip. Remember: it's a fishing trip. Not a guaranteed catching trip. Enjoy being on the water! 😀
  317. M

    Calstar BT660 for Gary C.

    Sweet! Almost a Chargers rod. The green throws it off, but only a little. 😉 Damn nice stick!
  318. M

    lure weights and rod specifications Here is a legitimate rundown on the Rodgeeks blanks that many on the east coast are using. Billy Vivona had a major hand in their design. Either there, or on the Rodgeeks website, they give an honest breakdown on their blanks. That...
  319. M

    Seeker Pinhead Ulua for David

    Blues..... Looking great, Jim! 🤤
  320. M

    Rainshadow - RCLB70ML

    Nice looking rod. Keep it up. The work, of course. Not the rod tip. No high sticking! 😉
  321. M

    Lifeguards kill a baby thresher shark

    I couldn't see the video or even read the story from FB. I can from my link in this thread. Apparently the sharks have health issues and really needed to be taken out. Sad, yet true. Sorry to waste your time.
  322. M

    Penn Jigmaster 500 line

    If the spools are plastic/bakelite, you'll have to modify them first. Provided it hasn't spread on you. If you have aluminum or chromed brass, go for it. I suggest you loosen the spool bushing on the non handle sideplate as that may be your issue.
  323. M

    Lifeguards kill a baby thresher shark

    Okay. I couldn't even watch the video clip. The associated story didn't mention it. Thank you, Paul Harvey. Now I have "the rest of the story." 😉
  324. M

    Lifeguards kill a baby thresher shark

    That was my thought too. What a dipshit. And people wonder how wildlife gets a bad rap. 🙄
  325. M

    Lifeguards kill a baby thresher shark The article also states that lifeguards at Corona del Mar towed on out to sea. Probably backwards and thus drowning it. The guards at the pier must have been vying for the attention of some hot...
  326. M

    Terminator meets Punisher

    That's one sweet looking stick Jim. Excellent!
  327. M

    76 Centaur for Bui

    That's a tits looking rod Jake. Looks great!
  328. M

    76 viper for Tammy

    Nice build! Pretty damn cool looking rod. Great work.
  329. M

    Calstar Blanks in Washington State

    I would contact Tackle Specialties and ask them. You might find it easier to go with a Rainshadow blank. Contact Utmost Enterprises. I don't know how close or far you are from them, yet it's probably worth the drive. Rainshadow blanks are top notch, as are the ALPS product line.
  330. M

    Blue C Del Mar United Composites

    I have no issue with any of it. It looks and performs well, doing what you want it to do. That's ultimately what matters. Now those FW bass guys... LOL. They would be up in arms about it. I'm looking forward to seeing the builds you teased us with. So far, they look really good.
  331. M

    Blue C Del Mar United Composites

    It looks really good. I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here. One less guide foot to wrap and epoxy, I get it. Granted, you gave up a leg and foot. Yet you made an really long wrap which required extra epoxy as well. Hopefully just single wrapped. I'm sure that equals itself out. How much...
  332. M

    'Led Zeppelin' weave

    That's one damn fine weave! I can't wait to see the final wrap.
  333. M

    BTG 90J for Butt Crack

    Gotta love the blue. Well done Jim.
  334. M

    CE900XF for Kyle

    That's one hell of a good looking rod!
  335. M

    Rainshadow JDGLB 80M

    Very nice thread work. Quite colorful.
  336. M

    Holy Chimichanga !! "Piscina de la muerta" fishing rod

    Very nice looking rod Alex. Well done!
  337. M

    LA Fishing Alliance - New tackle shop in San Pedro

    Obviously it's a tough time to try to start a new business. I wish you great success for many years to come. Tough times don't last forever but tough people outlive them. To quote a rock song, "long may you run." ✌️
  338. M

    Deckhand salary?

    When I worked the boats, we were paid according to the trip. Whatever the ticket price of a days fishing was, that was our pay. As I recall, a ticket to fish the Coronado's was $24 and a boat ride for the albies was $35. That was the mid to late 70s. It's got to be better now, but how much, I...
  339. M

    Would Anyone Like To Try a New Seat?

    I got an email from them to notify me that I won one. I hope some others from here got one as well. Thank you AMTAK.
  340. M

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Looks like they're roller blades wheels.
  341. M

    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    Both of my Contenders to show the flags and transition. The first shot of the seat shows the Dymondwood insert if I recall, Clemens Custom Tackle sold those for a year or two. Or was it Bullard? I don't remember...😆 I had a rough 70s and 80s.
  342. M

    CPX application question...

    Until you're satisfied with it. I do a minimum of two, but typically 3. That is really tough stuff!
  343. M

    Ouch. H&M fish counts.....

    When I worked on the Queen, during tuna season, we would talk on the radio and refer to the tough days as a "2,3, and even 4 pack" days.
  344. M

    Happy Sunday my friends

    It looks much better than a smoked mud marlin. 😆😂🤣
  345. M

    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    Interesting to see. I don't recall any in SD shops. You were very fortunate!
  346. M

    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    As I said before, I don't recall anyone ever selling Contender blanks. Contender rods weren't manufactured with Varmac or Lakeland chromed brass reel seats. They typically had Fuji or Aftco, maybe Pac Bay seats. I have a Contender rod that actually has what appears to be an Aftco, or PacBay seat...
  347. M


    They both do! It also means we're in good, if not great company!
  348. M

    Shelter island launch ramp overnight

    Waaaay too much faith! I sure as hell wouldn't. Is your personal comfort more important than your peace of mind? More important than the reality of having faith in others to not rip you off? While it's probably safer than South Shores, or anywhere in Mission Bay, tweaker thieves,are everywhere...
  349. M


    Great lures back in the day. One of my trips back to San Diego, I saw that someone was making knockoffs. As an aside, does anyone remember the Stingaroo lures? It had a solid cylindrical body with 4 curly tails coming off the body perpendicular to it.
  350. M

    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    You could be right. Yeah, when one company acquires another, quality typically goes downhill. In many cases, it's due to changes in the new companies management style, company policies, etc. The good employees bail, leaving lesser qualified people behind to fill their shoes. Sabre's QC towards...
  351. M

    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    A tip to remove the adhesive on the butt of the Truline: Citri-strip.
  352. M

    Just another guy trying to ID a rod blank! Truline and possible Sabre Grafast in honey

    I can't speak to the JKF blanks. I only recall seeing their fiberglass blanks. And any of their rods or blanks I would run across here in Denver, are FW or flyrod stuff. I think the Contender rods were made by Shakespeare. I can't say with any certainty though. I don't recall the blanks being...
  353. M

    WTB/ISO NIB Penn International 6

    I saw one in the FB Vintage Penn Reels group within the last week.
  354. M

    tady 4/0

    Welcome back Jim Brah!
  355. M

    GP80 Mega for Elbie

    Beautiful rod, Jim. Great use of the chosen colors. Is he a Chiefs fan?
  356. M

    4 For Ted

    Great work on those Jake!
  357. M

    Building a 180lb. Trolling rod Components

    Aftco Unibut and Bigfoot roller guides and tip. Or just the #52 roller and tip with the Fuji HB guides or ALPS equivalents between them
  358. M

    First build ever....Rainshadow Revelation Swimbait 710MH

    Okay. So use less heat on your torch. I find it helpful to pour the mixing cup onto foil and warm it there. Better still, I use a straw to blow on the bubbles to break them up. The best thing, is don't create them in the first place. 😏 **Just make sure you extinguish the flame on your lamp.**...
  359. M

    Three Lamiglas Bass Rods

    Nice work!
  360. M

    First build ever....Rainshadow Revelation Swimbait 710MH

    That looks really good. Why do you think it needs another coat of finish?
  361. M

    Old Brass Reel Seats

    The hoods resemble the old Lakeland reel seats I remember. Some were cheap stamped numbers though.
  362. M

    Spinning Guides For UC 70HP

    I stand corrected. I'm not familiar with their newer stuff. I suggest the Alps XN Series or Fuji KW Series of guides.
  363. M

    Spinning Guides For UC 70HP

    Just a point out, that reel was made quite a few years before braid came on the scene. Therefore, you really won't have the drag capabilities that you would a more modern reel. That reel was most likely made to fish 25 or 30#. 40# would be pushing it hard. I would suggest 1) get a more...
  364. M

    Albacore Tuna Lures

    Back in the mid to late 70's, I worked on the PQ for Big Ed. We were fishing albies and some guy, using an Ambassdeur 5 or 6000 on a Fenwick Lunkerstik was throwing a Rebel deep running Fatback minnow on the bow. His line was that hideous looking flourescent yellow Stren. The plug was a...
  365. M

    Seeker PH BH89 Question

    The BH89 was originally patterned after the Truline of the same designation. That's been my understanding anyway.
  366. M

    Sportboat fishing when it’s windy

    The old days of albacore and Morro Bay? Among other things...
  367. M


    As a kid , I grew up across the bay from San Diego. There was a small rock jetty at the beach. As a kid, I used to fish there frequently. Plenty of mussels to use for bait. We took what we needed. Once in awhile I might take a dozen home to clean and freeze for another day. As time went by, I...
  368. M

    truline lm8 Hershey glass

    The LM8 appears to be one of the reincarnation blanks from the late 90s. Nice, but not worth that kind of money. JMO and GLWS
  369. M

    Review of Ocean Odyssey boat

    I'm sure their gaffs still reach out and stick the fish. 😛
  370. M

    Refinished Sabre

    Nice with nothing fancy. I love those older s-glass blanks and rods.
  371. M

    Building Rod with a Uni Butt Process Question

    Why not do it the old fashioned way? 1) Determine the spline, marking it above the final position of your foregrip. 2) Epoxy the ferrule to the butt of the blank, align, and let it set up. 3) Slide your foregrip onto the blank. 4) Affix your tip, aligning it with the spline. 5) Epoxy...
  372. M

    Calstar colors through the years

    I've got no experience with chromed steel PacBay guides, but those look like Perfection guides to me. WCSR and unbraced are WCS from them. No longer made...
  373. M

    *RED Newell R220-5 and R229-5

    Why not post them in the Classified ad section? You'll get more interest there.
  374. M

    Penn 506 reel or spool

    Contact RandyandKaren Pauly on Facebook. They do business as Vintage Offshore Tackle. He probably has a few 506 spools.
  375. M

    Where'd the giant bones go!

    I know. That was my nice way of asking for a pic. Why not "ask" nicely? At least you weren't screaming BS without pics...👍
  376. M

    Custom roddy

    Looks pretty darn clean to me. Nice work.
  377. M

    VC-2-7’6” 20-40.

    Well done Todd! Looking cool...
  378. M

    Where'd the giant bones go!

    Like a baby tuna with teeth and stripes. Kind of ...
  379. M

    Phenix rod warranty replacement

    Yes. Their blanks are manufactured there.
  380. M

    Reel seat slightly too small for blank... go one size up?

    Yes! I doubt it will make a difference though. It is an option anyway. Just do the best thing and go with a 22.
  381. M

    Sabre 670h Excellent Condition

    All the way. I've got one myself and no real room to wrap it. 😕
  382. M

    Recoating using CPXtra

    Once you open the CPXtra, just pour off what you'll use. Wipe the opening of the bottle and threads on it. Leave it uncapped ONLY as long as it takes to do that! Once opened, wiped off and capped again. Store it upside down. It will keep it from hardening at the opening. Just at the bottom end...
  383. M

    Cousin blanks. Last last ones!

    Hey Danny. Care to take a green Sabre in trade for the 3050?
  384. M

    vintage Salas jigs what cha think!!! some you may have never seen

    At least a few of us saw the pictures. pacificscout What riled you up?
  385. M

    Why no love for the original Albright knot?

  386. M

    Reaper Reaper

    Stellar job on the rod, Jim. I'm sure Josh will be stoked as heck!
  387. M

    vintage Salas jigs what cha think!!! some you may have never seen

    Just a bunch of unpainted 6X and 7X without rings and hooks.
  388. M

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    I'm happy for him. He could use a break, as well as a great opener, and continued support from us.
  389. M

    “Cube” Tackle Box in Figured American Black Walnut

    Very beautiful box! Some people are just too fucking picky. Is his middle name Karen? 😉 GLWS
  390. M

    Phenix HAX720XH "Astros''

    That's one hell of a beauty Jim. You knocked that one out of the park!
  391. M

    Shimano Speedmaster 20

    Why not contact Shimano directly and ask them??? Although they may not know, isn't that the best way to find out?
  392. M

    Those were the days! I thought they'd never end!

    I remember fishing with Don McAdams. It was a day trip to the Coronado's on the old Searcher with Frank LoPreste. I was throwing a blue/white 7X on a Truline HD8. I actually outfished him 3 to 2 on the yellows. He was a pretty nice guy as I recall.
  393. M


    Easy bump for Jim. A class act buyer and seller
  394. M

    Gunsmoke boat guides

    Take a look at the newer, high-end bass rods, both casting and spinning. You will notice a quick reduction in the guide train and using smaller guides. This is designed to choke the line quicker, providing a smoother overall flow of the line. Want to cast farther? There you go. In addition, it...
  395. M

    WTB - Pro Gear Albacore Special

    I have nothing but good to say about Mr. Jim. He is a class act to deal with!
  396. M

    red rooster 3 and the city counsel

    From what I've read, people that have been on a ventilator, are experiencing after effects. Yes, they survived the virus, and the treatment. And now, the after effects are giving them issues as well. Maybe they can fully recover and maybe not. Time and studies will tell.
  397. M

    Old salas!!!!!! How old?

    You're welcome.
  398. M

    Old salas!!!!!! How old?

    Suffice it to say, they are all older than you. I can't remember the last time I saw a 1x100 in a tackle store. Probably the 70s. Hackers...70s All are probably from the 70s anyway.
  399. M

    How much for a custom wrap?

    Don't ask us. Most builders here won't openly answer in an open forum anyway. He's got the good and may have started on them already. This is something you should have asked up front. You can still ask him now. I would say a minimum of $100. If it seems low and you like the work, feel free to...
  400. M

    Torin and the Sea Beast: A Six-Year Old's First Halibut Adventure

    It's always great when a family can get out on the water together. It's better still when memorable fish are caught. Congratulations on a successful memory maker.
  401. M

    Guides (foulproof?)

    Hi Mike. Let me know what sizes you need. I'm happy to share.
  402. M

    Rod ID and value please

    It doesn't look like a real Harnell unless at some point it was rewrapped and rebuilt. JMO
  403. M

    Setting up boat for SF bay

    Nice boat. I hope it serves you well for many years. I can't answer your questions so please, don't take mine wrong. Is it your intent to store your crabbing gear or scuba gear while underway, or when not in use,such as between trips? If between trips, may I suggest a locked garage? Hopefully...
  404. M

    Finally finished - wrapping bench & quad rod dryer

    That's an awesome setup! Very well thought out. My hat is off to you.
  405. M

    noob q - white decorative thread

    The idea around using larger sizes thread is that when well packed and burnished, it minimizes gaps for the blank color to show through. White thread requires minimal and careful handling anyway.
  406. M

    It was a rod

    That's pretty bitchen! Well done.
  407. M

    Jig heads minus any hook.

    I'm of no help answering your question. That sounds like something you might find online from a Japanese tackle store. Why not just use a standard type slip sinker and then add a hook. Maybe use a bead or two as a spacer for your hook as needed?
  408. M

    FS: Old Fiberglass Pacifica MT 270 rod

    They look like PacBay DP (deep pressed) guides. GLWS Jeff.
  409. M

    Varmac E-lite

    Very nice Throop wrap. I like the colors and how you made use of them.
  410. M

    Guides (foulproof?)

    I'll take them Steve. Happy to pay for the shipping.
  411. M

    GP900 Reaper for Peter

    Very nice Jim. It reminds me of the Chargers early days team colors.
  412. M

    Betty Boop weave

    What's not to love about Betty Boop? Damn fine work there Steve, as always.
  413. M

    ALPS Titanium

    Try reading the post down from this one on Alps guides. It may clear things up for you on the nomenclature issue.
  414. M

    Kennedy fisher rods

    No. It never was a Turner's store. The location actually became something else after Stanley Andrews shut down.
  415. M

    In search of Tiburon SST 16/20/30 1:1.2 low gears

    Have you tried Cal Sheets?
  416. M

    Older series Torium 20

    That seems to be a great deal for someone. I wonder if you are looking to trade for something.
  417. M

    Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    Great story! That's a gift to be treasured. Karma found you big time. Congratulations!
  418. M

    Custom EVA grips - blue abstracts

    Nice job. Billy blocks rock!
  419. M

    My quad Rod dryer

    Very nice! You thought it out well! 👍
  420. M

    Calstar repair

    So, instead of nicking and unwinding the black thread off the guide, and wrapping a new guide, their repair guy chose to "get close" to it? 🙄 You had the answer in your original post asking about soldering the ring. When you went to Squidco to get it repaired, did you ask how they would do the...
  421. M

    Quarantine Build Varmac VC Graphite #5 8' 30-60

    That looks really nice Todd. Good work!
  422. M

    Shout out to The Rod Room for being awesome

    @RayRaff some manufacturers or suppliers do have that information in their catalogs and online at their websites.
  423. M

    Gloss finish

    Personally, I use it on the blank first and then wrap the rod.
  424. M

    Penn Reels & Various Rods

    PM sent on the 4/0.
  425. M

    Fenglass rods or blanks

    Talk to Danny, 45King...
  426. M

    Tuna Jig/Pop blank for Spinning Setup

    "The most often asked question I've got from customers is; Can you build me a rod to do this and that and maybe a little of something else? The answer I always give them is: Yes, but it likely won't do any of the tasks well." Spot on statement there Bill!
  427. M

    Pacbay replacement Dryer grease

    Personally, I don't know. It does seem wrong at face value. Fishy even. Contact PacBay directly.
  428. M

    UC900 Reaper Sarape(Mexican blanket)

    That's tits work! Just beautiful...
  429. M


    Just like bedbugs. You don't see them until it's too late.
  430. M

    Old Lamiglas blank 01162

    Try contacting Todd Vivian at Mudhole. He designed quite a bit of their newer stuff before moving to Florida. He might be familiar with the old stuff that he replaced with newer up to date designs and materials.
  431. M

    Tuna Jig/Pop blank for Spinning Setup

    Contact Jamie at Bob Sands Fishing Tackle about the UC blanks.
  432. M

    (Seeker) Blank ID help and wrappers info

    Very cool. I'm glad he remembered it.
  433. M

    the rainshadow judge

    Contact Batson Enterprises.
  434. M

    Jigging rod- the Puppeteer -

    Well this is an informative post. What's the point?
  435. M

    (Seeker) Blank ID help and wrappers info

    The wraps are very reminiscent of Jim Kastorff's. Especially the crosswraps. DK was probably the owner.
  436. M

    8 Week Wonder Still Around?

    Hopefully he's staying healthy and safe.
  437. M

    US80 Terminator for Brian N.

    As always Jim, another great looking rod.
  438. M

    Is this a Harnell?

    You may need to add more guides than were originally on it if it's a conventional rod. Maybe even if it's a spinning rod. Use a fine polish on the ferrule to clean it up. Too much polishing can ruin the fit into the handle though.
  439. M

    About the ring size on top tops...

    Thank you guys for the responses. I just find the whole idea funny. A tip is a tip. Just as a blank doesn't know what it was designed for,spinning, casting, or whatever; a tip is still a tip. I believe it's mostly newer builders that get caught up in some age old nonsense of smaller graduated...
  440. M

    UC MH76 “Operator Ed”

    Very nice. The MC Chevron really stands out. Simple as well as simply elegant. I use elegant for lack of a better adjective. It's "Marine Macho" in it's simple statement. It tells a would be thief, "DON'T even think about stealing me!" Please thank him for his service!
  441. M

    About the ring size on top tops...

    This came about as a result of a current discussion on this forum. I almost hijacked the thread. I felt it deserved it's own thread. So here goes ... I have seen it a great many times in the past here, as well as other rodbuilding forums and websites. I have gotten a laugh out of this for...
  442. M

    Gift for the Capitan

    I'm sure he'll be very happy with that gift. Well done!
  443. M

    2 more quarantine builds.

    Nice work and executed well.
  444. M

    CE900 Wahoo for Big Tuna Brown

    Beautiful rod, Jim! I'm glad he's doing well. I had a friend go to China for some stem cell treatments a few years ago for his brain tumor. He isn't quite the same. Everyone is different and I'm glad your friend is alright.
  445. M

    3 FOR MIKE

    Great looking rods! Damn nice work there Jake.👍
  446. M

    9ft Black Sabre 690j- any info on rod would be appreciated

    While it's not a 64__ series blank, it's still going to be a backbreaker. Fish a lighter drag or use the rail. Orrr.... put your best chiro-cracker on speed dial. 🤣 Nice look to the paracord handles. Rock on....
  447. M

    Broken rod guide

    Actually, it's not mandatory. The black thread can be nicked and unwound. The actual guide location can be carefully cleaned where the overwrap was. Then a new guide added and coated.
  448. M

    Removing a Harnell Poodle Grip. How?

    Thank you Bill. That's good to know.
  449. M

    Rod ID ?

    Early rods were made of greenheart or hickory. As I don't see nodes, or planed sections glued together, it's not cane or bamboo. It is a longshot possibility that it might be rattan. It too is a grass/reed plant related to cane. The reason for my doubt about it being rattan is that material...
  450. M

    Removing a Harnell Poodle Grip. How?

    Nope. I wouldn't waste the time. It would take something along the lines of a hole saw to accomplish and there isn't such a tool. It just wouldn't fit over the rod or even the length of the grips. Even then, you would still have to shim the grip. Why not start with a hypalon, EVA, or cork grip...
  451. M

    UNited Compsite Rods

    The graphite blanks.
  452. M

    UNited Compsite Rods

    The GUSA blanks are pretty bulletproof. It's due to the dual helix construction. Old advertising showed a Ford F 150 driving over blanks with NO damage resulting. Fragile? Nope! Buy and fish with confidence!
  453. M

    FS: St. Croix Cobalt Blue 4C80XHF

    As I recall, the last time I saw that blank in a Mudhole catalog, it sold for about $210. Glws
  454. M

    Let's talk sabre! Socorro special!

    There was one several months ago in the classifieds.
  455. M

    UNited Compsite Rods

    Calico bass
  456. M

    Quarantine brings out some of the finest in San Diego..........

    That's wonderful! I'm not a fan of opera and I listened to it all the way through. What a great thing she's doing!
  457. M

    let’s see your personal best

    I don't have that answer. Rick Pollock, who now runs at charter boat in NZ for yellowtail, caught a 16# on a flylined squid. At deep color, he thought he had a 'tail. Yeah. A po man's yellowtail. 🤣😂🤣
  458. M

    Help removing handle?

    How long is this blank ? 7ft unless he cut it down some.
  459. M

    Seeker 7X White Tiger for David

    Seriously fine craftsmanship, there Jim! Very inspiring!
  460. M

    Help removing handle?

    CPXtra for the blank. It will hold up better in the long run. I've had to deal with stripping rods that were wrapped and then the whole thing was saturated with FlexCoat or whatever. Either way you do it, do the blank first. plj46 is on the money with his application method.
  461. M

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    I believe Jon has closed California Tackle House down. Quite awhile ago.
  462. M


    Or a fence... Nice looking rod.
  463. M

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    A couple of Progear reels. A CS600 and a CS625. Some spools for some old Penn's too.
  464. M

    Gamefiser 7.5 OB

    Yes. Sears sold them.
  465. M

    Rainshadow SWT70H

    Brian, I do not have any personal experience with them. They aren't my thing. If I wanted a glorified golf club grip, I would have taken up golf. 😂 Lately there seems to be some inferior "Winn grips" out there. Whether or not they are the real deal and QC let some bad ones slip out the door, or...
  466. M

    Need a local rod wrapper

    Mike, would that be Jim R.? The notorious acid wrapper?
  467. M

    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    Gee. A truck and empty boat trailer near a launch ramp. Talk about a red flag to any agency... What could go wrong probably did.
  468. M

    ID these hooks please

    Yes. Patterned after the commercial style tuna hooks used on baitpoles. They made a barbed version for sport anglers. Tinned plating and made by Mustad as I recall. Saw them in the 60's and 70's.
  469. M

    Which Roddys had the Carboloy Decal

    Didn't it also say "tip"? I can't recall seeing them stock with carbaloy guides. What say you Tom? @af dreamer
  470. M

    2 more from Master Skrilla...

    Those ought to kill some fish. Great job on them, Len!
  471. M

    Safety vest

    Your use of colors turned out well. Nice work.
  472. M

    Last one for a while. Seeker CJBF80XH

    Nice work. I love the tiger wrap. Stay safe, and healthy!
  473. M

    US80 Terminator for Brian

    That's pretty damn sweet Jim! I love blue wraps.
  474. M

    Swordfish Caught on Sportboat

    I remember someone hooking a striper on the Pronto when Harold Ellis ran it. Early 70's. The fish rammed the stern below the water line, breaking off his bill. It was cut flush with the hull and is probably still there.
  475. M

    IT'S HERE!

    Welcome to the addiction!
  476. M

    Alps tensioner question

    Some people use magnets to provide tension on the spool with better success. But what do I know? I've been using bobbins for over 30 years.
  477. M

    Some new Quarantine builds

    Nice! 👏
  478. M

    Rainshadow SWT70H

    That's a really great looking build. All very nicely done. I hope your grips hold up. I see cork tape, and/or cord in your future. Maybe X flock tubing.
  479. M

    Seeker PH 36 vs Seeker 270h

    That 270 is E glass. I don't know about the 36. Call Seeker and ask them.
  480. M

    Trolling / Deep Drop Jigs

    The TNT is indeed a Salas. The Deep Six was made by Straggler. Free bump.
  481. M

    UC US80 mega and monster.

    Very very nice work Jake.
  482. M

    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

    That's what she was. Now, just a waste of time with a bad ending.
  483. M

    Glorietta Bay Launch Status

    True enough. I lived there for just less than half my life. Many still believe their stuff don't stink. Some still whine about the bridge ruining it there. Sorry, but Disneyland South couldn't last forever. Glad I left in '93. The last time I was there was in '07. I couldn't stand it. I was...
  484. M

    Chocolate Sabre thread color

    The large spool is also #317
  485. M

    Chocolate Sabre thread color

    #541 on the left and #317 on the right.
  486. M

    Penn Monofil 26 (Green) with OG Box and Catalog

    It appears to be the green plastic.
  487. M

    Chocolate Sabre thread color

    I agree with Mike. I believe it was Holland thread as well. I have a spool of it somewhere and could verify that number if I run across it. Keep in mind, Gudebrod did custom colors for rod manufacturers so that is a possibility. Yup. 541
  488. M

    Buying tackle in 1960's

    Huntington Trading Post?
  489. M

    Metallic thread any good

    Try the Coal Black nylon from Casey at Voodoo Rods. It's great stuff!
  490. M

    Online ordering

    While I have never done business with GetBit, Casey at Voodoo has always done that from the beginning. And yes, it's a very nice thing to see from any vendor.
  491. M

    Grunion Advice?

    Just a friendly tip. Ages ago,I would even see them,or maybe smelt spawning in the same way as in the surf. The difference was, it happened in Coronado which is part of San Diego Bay. So don't necessarily limit yourself to the surf.
  492. M

    Thread size question -- starting out

    plj46: While I can't recall mixing Pro Wrap and Gudebrod threads, I know Gudebrod NCP size C was the same size as their size D nylon.
  493. M

    Forecast SULG guides question

    I'm pretty sure Fuji and PacBay do. Maybe even AmTak.
  494. M

    Forecast SULG guides question

    While I haven't used them, they ought to be. Pretty much the same as Fuji or PacBay's in the same style. You would be good to go with them.
  495. M

    Estimating Microcord Length for Handle Wrap

    Nope. Not at all. I do it too.
  496. M

    Calstar equivalent to a Truline 36?

    Maybe an old e-glass 500.
  497. M

    10’ Seeker blank question.

    You didn't mention it in your OP, so I will ask it: Have you tried asking someone at Seeker? That can often be a good start. ;)
  498. M

    Clint Eastwood weave

    Love it! Truly badass! Welcome back, Steve.
  499. M


    Build them some rockets. 🚀
  500. M

    Nylon thread question

    The Hitena thread is quite good. I've also heard alot of positive feedback on the Fuji thread. Hitena has the best color selection as well, aside from Pro wrap. Also referred to as procrap. Check out Casey's stuff at Voodoo Rods. I don't know about San Diego suppliers anymore other than the...
  501. M

    Nancy's Jigger

    Very nice work Bill!
  502. M

    Star drag reels

    A fresh bump for Jay. A class act seller.
  503. M

    Looking for an underhand casting video

    Don't tell me,let me guess. The handicapped pier at Aurora Reservoir?
  504. M

    Help for those going FH Sunday

    Not to be critical, but you take your son to a FISHING show, and buy him a video game? Why? Get him interested in fishing and you have a fishing buddy for life. Do you think kids these days absorb the love of the outdoors from their friends? Mine started by me taking them when they were young...
  505. M

    Calstar 670XH E-Glass Blanks

    If the 670XH does what you need it to,why look at composites? Sure, you save some weight but as you said, it will be fished from a rod holders. Go for the durability of the E glass. Do a search for deep drop fishing and you're bound to get more answers. Until you have built and fished the one...
  506. M

    Super Seeker SD8 - burgandy / gold

    Nylon silk??? Smoke another one. 😉 Very nice work and damn clean! In the old days of straight silk thread, guide feet were a common sight on rods.
  507. M

    Reel seat for CJBF 80H

    Mudhole was blowing some out on clearance. They were adjustable, I that the ends had locking nuts to secure it in multiple places on a corktape or cord wrapped butt. I believe the range was 26-28mm.
  508. M

    Star drag reels

    I will buy your 625 for $105 shipped. It will make a great match to my 600. 😁Please PM me your PayPal info. Thank you!
  509. M

    Finding Some Cool Jigs Lately

    The one on the bottom is a Straggler Chopper.
  510. M

    Is there a NON-YELLOW Epoxy out there?

    No more LaDonna... just Casey now.
  511. M

    Daiwa Rod Set Up

    It should fish up to 30# fine. Any good reel will be fine. Saltist,Torium, or Penn star drag reels ought to do the job satisfactorily. Yes, it can handle WSB, tails, or tuna.
  512. M

    ABU Garcia collector wanted

    Dave Gausted in Spring Valley.
  513. M

    Rod design for a Alvey reel

    I have been wondering the same myself. I acquired several Alveys around 2003. I haven't built anything for them yet. My take on it is to go with newer Fuji's and use their systems. Either the NGC(new guide concept) or the other one. Anglers Resource has GPS (guide placement software) on their...
  514. M


    How you are going to be fishing it will make a huge difference. If you want to fish the surf, either moderate to extra fast will do. If it's fishing yo-yo or dropper loop style from a panga, I'd stick with an extra fast blank. No sense giving fish the advantage there. If using bait or surface...
  515. M

    Reel Service in SFV

    Another vote for Hawk. I sent him a Shimano Triton, MK III that appeared to possibly have a bent spool shaft. I don't remember what the issue actually was. (This was years ago) I just remember he resolved it. I was really pleased and the price was very fair.
  516. M


    Yes. Thank you Jerry and good luck to all!
  517. M


    Wasn't the cut-off at 100?
  518. M

    Seeker Hurcules 80xh Blank

    What Seeker forum?
  519. M

    An early Tiburon clanp?

    Those old wrap-on seats were used on old bamboo rods back in the day. By bamboo, I am referring to basically the same stuff that early lift poles were made of. The seats were secured by tuna cord,etc. and varnished or left plain.
  520. M

    Harnell 626R information

    Slap a vintage Mitchell 302 or 402 on it and go fishing. The rod will be fine. There is a good reason why the old Harnell 10 ft rods or blanks fetch good money in resales. That's because they're still up to the task of slinging iron and pulling on fish.
  521. M

    Green Saber identification help

    It seems most of the green Sabres were made to be rental rods from what I've read. Others may have been made for the tackle shop as stated. They ones I have seen in threads in both the classifieds and discussion threads appear to be 660s, 665s, or 670s. I don't really know for certain. I do have...
  522. M

    Sea World at it again

    Umm. Not necessarily catch more fish, that's for sure.
  523. M


    I'm interested too. SF 34 KC 33. At least the Pats have to watch it on TV like the rest of us. 😂
  524. M

    Lamiglas MB 96 5F (?) blank

    It's possible. Check their website.
  525. M

    Truline tnt for sale

    Well that sucks eggs like a farm dog. Ali, Jason, please reinstate it!
  526. M

    Truline tnt for sale

    Jim, as far back as I can remember, it's been a rule that anyone's 1st post can't be in the classified section.
  527. M

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Same issue for me.
  528. M

    Question about fishing line

    Which Raptor?
  529. M

    Skinny butt uluas???

    That post was from 2005.
  530. M

    Salvaging a reel seat

    Those Stuart's are pretty nice seats though. If I'm not mistaken, they made the aluminum Sabre seats for California Tackle tuna Strokers. They had larger knurling on the locking nuts. A distinct advantage over the AFTCO seats at the time. I don't believe Perfection was making theirs yet.
  531. M

    Salvaging a reel seat

    If you want to try and push the blank through, boil the darn thing for 20 minutes. If that doesn't work initially, set it in the freezer for an hour. Then boil it again. Sometimes that is enough of a shock to work it out of the seat. Cubeye's idea is a great one.
  532. M

    2020 Donation Rod

    That rod and thread work are super clean Bill. I hope it fetches a bucket of big bills for the kids. It's nice to see philanthropic efforts from rodbuilders.
  533. M

    Casting to Spiral guides setup

    Actually,there is no outstanding reason to use 5 guides to get the line around the rod. It can be done with less. I would think the quicker you get them under the rod,the less that torquing works against the angler. Hopefully sdrodbldr will chime in with his many years of experience building them.
  534. M

    Seeker I've been lagging on

    Maybe it's the most recently completed in his efforts. That a cool choice of colors and a great looking build. Keep them coming.
  535. M

    What can I use to bring a rods shine/color back

    Have you ever heard of car polish? Give that a shot.
  536. M

    Help with 270-8H or 800ML

    While I've never fished the 800ML, I have loads of experience with the 270 rods. My personal preference for fishing 20 or 25# with bait is the glass 270s. I've used the regular 270, not the H with those line sizes. I can pull pretty hard on 25#. The rod did very well. Another factor for...
  537. M

    Smallest spinning reel ever made

    I used to have a Shimano AXULS. Nice reel for simple trout and panfish use. Good line capacity too.
  538. M

    old tackle shops oc/la

    A green Sabre 196-7L from Jerry's shop.
  539. M

    Experienced rod builder recommendation

    You're welcome Grant.
  540. M

    Experienced rod builder recommendation

    Grant Darby. AKA Nirvana on here. He lives up that way.
  541. M

    Rev62ml walleye

    For fishing the big Mac? Lake McConaughy.
  542. M

    Who is the old sabre rod afficianado here? Help needed

    I recall Stuart in Florida making reel seats for California Tackle like those. The knurling on the locking nuts appears to be different though. I may still have one or two tucked away in storage. I vaguely recall selling one or two on eBay years ago. Lighting may have the glass looking darker...
  543. M

    Vintage Truline Rods

    So were Bomber jigs and a squid. :D
  544. M


    I start in the center going out in one direction. Then go back to the center and tighten out in the other direction. Just my way to git r dun. YMMV
  545. M

    80 MONSTER

    Very nice Jake! The guide wraps look like they are floating on gold. Slick trick!
  546. M

    Keeping your feet dry on a sportfisher

    That's why socks with Gore Tex are worth it. Check fly fishing stores. Float tubing here sucked without them.
  547. M

    Long Beach seeker csw1008 blue tint

    Danny, I have green 196-7L calling your name...
  548. M

    Pro Gear CS600

    Let me know. Thank you.
  549. M

    Lamiglas GBT84XH

    Graphite Boat Trolling 7' (84") Extra Heavy power. Make a dropper loop/troller out of it. The 6oz rating may disqualify it from dropper looping though. It could possibly make a good yoyo stick. I never handled one myself.
  550. M

    Looking for vintage Freshwater Lure collector in SD

    Try finding Dave Gausted. I believe he's in La Mesa or Spring Valley.
  551. M

    Narrow Penn International 16SII

    Free bump due to my drooling. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  552. M

    Original Graphite-USA's

    Just sold a 70H and a 70HP blank. Only the HP was blue.
  553. M

    First attempt Chevron

    To change your name on here.
  554. M

    Pro Gear CS600

    Next in line if it falls through. I definitely want it.
  555. M

    Sabre 670-8

    They started using silk screened logos like that in the late 80s or early 90s. Maybe sooner as I've seen those on their S glass blanks as well.
  556. M

    Info on this line of Sabre

    I've never seen that on a Sabre from California Tackle. Ever!
  557. M

    First attempt Chevron

    Another thought on alignment... Don't increase your tension towards the end of the wrap. That can cause the centers to veer off the mark. Maintain consistent tension from one end to the other. Wrapping the threads in bands is good also. It can help maintain the consistent tension.
  558. M

    Piscafun line winder

    Which I've always done by hand myself. In reality, this is just a spool holder. And there are simpler designs that do the same.
  559. M

    Piscafun line winder

    I hope that the spool can be rotated to load spinners. The position shown is fine for conventional reels though. Buy one, load your reels, and if you don't like it, return for your refund.
  560. M

    Early December Delta Stripers?

    A good start is always going to be the local tackle shops. Introduce yourself and build a solid rapport with them. Try searching out local fishing clubs as well.
  561. M

    Keep fishing or not ?

  562. M

    Jigsticks! Bait sticks! Fish sticks!

    No pics of the fish sticks? 8-) ;) I'm hangry now.;) Free bump!
  563. M

    Kite Rod Tip Top

    Regular chrome plated tips of that size weren't too uncommon back in the old days. I'm not so sure anymore. You may have to use a roller tip. If the old one is just damaged,try contacting Penn to see about a replacement from them.
  564. M

    Beast Striper!

    I saw that pic posted on FB. I think it was in the Vintage Penn Reels group there. A lifetime monster! Maybe not. It could have been in one of the custom rodbuilding groups.
  565. M

    What do you prefer to fish in winter?

    LOL LOL LOL LOL A bait barge full of patience! Especially with tiny squid strips! ;)
  566. M

    What Does Hook "3X Strength" Really Mean?

    The strength of the hooks depends on several factors. The actual composition of the wire and diameter of it. How the hooks are heat also has a bearing on things.
  567. M

    Who is the old sabre rod afficianado here? Help needed

    There are a good number of us here. You need to give us something to go on though. No info on it leads to no answers.
  568. M

    57' Hawthorne for sale

    Had a 20 scoop tank?
  569. M

    What is this Calstar rod/reel good for?

    It's a good troller being all e-glass. If you want to, get a modern lever drag reel for it. You can fish bait or jigs with it. Just be aware of it's limitations. While a great many larger tuna,yellows,grouper, and BSB have been caught with that blank as rod platform,it isn't a rail rod. It's...
  570. M

    Attn: New rod builder’s

    Alin, if they did,they would have been prototypes for field testing.
  571. M

    7-10’ old gusa.......

    I have a 70H and a 70HP in blue. Both are blanks. Only the HP is blue.
  572. M

    United Composites GP80's, there has been a sighting..

    Kzaam...don't sweat the reel seat. The drag prevents the reel from getting torn off the rod. The seat ought to be up to snuff.
  573. M

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    When in doubt,rent a heavier rod or ask the boat about a loaner. In advance of your trip!
  574. M

    Looking for info loomis 1085 HC blank

    The BB blanks are back bouncers and mainly used for salmon. Up in the northwest anyway. A softer tipped blank with backbone. 108" in length and a 5 power blank.
  575. M

    sportboat name changes

    Also Don Sansome owned the Lo Ann before his brother Dan did. So did Dick Gaydosh, before Don. Last I heard,he and Millie were salmon fishing commercially up north. Most likely they are retired and enjoying life.
  576. M


    Anyone fish the cts6700cc American Sabre/Penn USA made rods rated 20-50lb and can this go above that rating? Why push your luck? I would fish 40# maximum at a drag set at 1/2 of that. If you want to push 50# line,set your drag at ⅓.
  577. M


    Nice work. Keep it up!
  578. M

    Seeker without inside label

    Yes. Absolutely.
  579. M

    post your shop

    Hi Jim. I see not much has changed. That's a good thing though.
  580. M

    Does EPDM need to be covered if it won't see the rail?

    I don't know if the Batson grips are the same composition and the original material. It was developed in the 90s,maybe earlier, as a roofing material. That doesn't mean it can stand up to rail use. Do what you are comfortable with. I'm pretty sure the folks at Batson would be more happy to...
  581. M

    Does EPDM need to be covered if it won't see the rail?

    I don't know if the Batson grips are the same composition and the original material. It was developed in the 90s,maybe earlier, as a roofing material. That doesn't mean it can stand up to rail use. Do what you are comfortable with. I'm pretty sure the folks at Batson would be more happy to...
  582. M

    Mr Wong

    Who are you asking?
  583. M

    Mr Wong

    Mr. Wight's almost twin brother?
  584. M

    Possible guide DIY repair?

    If I'm not mistaken, Seeker used AmTak titanium framed guides. They are still made and pricey to replace. They were also notorious for the inserts popping out. Which may be part of the reason they were discontinued. I believe Seeker replaces them under warranty on those original SS rods. Your...
  585. M

    Applying blank finish for a noob?

    That would work. I use CPXtra from Voodoo Rods. Great stuff and less temperamental than Permagloss. SaltyDawg,Bill, has a great video on its use on YouTube and here as well.
  586. M

    Truline Collins mh81

    Mike, it's hard to say for sure without seeing it. Being in Denver I'm of no help.
  587. M

    Midway B&T painted rods

    Ask ironmike. He would probably know as he worked there for years. I know they sold some blanks of their own design, the Kelp Kutter series. They were painted Conolons that were a blackish grey metalflake finish. The green Collins series Truline rods they sold came that way from the factory.
  588. M

    Cut monster or terminator

    Thank you for the update and correction Hector.
  589. M

    Getting pumped...

    Off the top of my head, I would say if your Oct trips are also 10 day runs,you should stick with the same gear. It may change according to the captains game plan and destination.
  590. M

    Cut monster or terminator

    If I'm not mistaken, the 96 inches is the external length of the package itself. Not the contents.
  591. M

    Acid Wrap trolling rod problems

    American Roller Guides puts out roller guides for acid wrapping. Talk to rodblder. He's in the Mission Bay area of SD.
  592. M

    WTB Clemons/Renzetti extension

    Plus shipping. ;)
  593. M

    WTB Clemons/Renzetti extension

    Plus shipping.
  594. M

    WTB Clemons/Renzetti extension

    Renzetti sells a 3' extension for $49.95. While the current stuff is a tiny bit different now,you could mount the headstock and motor to the extension. That will free up whatever sections you have to match the thread carriage,etc. The connection between the 2 eras prevent a truly fluid and...
  595. M

    Regan (The Exorcist) weave

    Steve, your work is always awesome and this is no less than that. It's great to see a new one from you.
  596. M

    WTB Clemons/Renzetti extension

    I agree. I have one and wish I could help. I do have a suggestion though. Cut enough off to leave the headstock and motor setup on it. Then use the longer section as a base for additional rod supports. It would help to place some alignment rails,made from small wood,or aluminum angle iron...
  597. M

    Need help for UC 40lb 50lb rod

    The Ultimate 40 pound stick UC US 80 Terminator. It's been awhile since I read the thread but there you go.
  598. M

    Nomad Madshad & BFT / YFT

    Hi Eric. Not being a smartass when I say this: just throw them. Best of success on your trip!
  599. M

    Penn 114H 6/0 Senator

    Price? It's required here.
  600. M

    Size 28 graphite reel seat

    There never was a was a 28H made. Just the 22, 24,and 26's.
  601. M

    Size 28 graphite reel seat

    A Fuji 26 H actually has the same ID as their regular 24.
  602. M


    Awesome colors and craftsmanship, Jake!
  603. M

    Long Beach Seeker Blanks

    I would enjoy having my blanks back from Jim. Especially that 270-8H,dark blue, and I can't afford it now. LOL
  604. M

    O Ring Size

    Reach out to Al Engling on Facebook. He sells yellow o rings for most all wrappers. As a plus,they don't leave streaks on the blank and last a long time as well. This would have been a question better posted in the rod building forum right above. This is a space for sharing "how to do this"...
  605. M

    Size 28 graphite reel seat

    I think Batson makes them. Or Bill Batson had some. Try Utmost Enterprises first.
  606. M

    WTB Manual Hand Rod Wrapper

    You're welcome.
  607. M

    WTB Manual Hand Rod Wrapper

    Have you tried Squidco?
  608. M

    Old rod label identification - yellow with red text

    It could be a Shakespeare Wonderrod at maybe a South Bend. Maybe even a Gladding.
  609. M

    Handle for Penn 4/0

    For a 113 or a 113H?
  610. M

    Ruff N Ready 150 Rod Belt

    Probably made from the 70s and into the 80s anyway...
  611. M

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Nice work on that old gem, Jayson.
  612. M

    striped bass

    Try I think that's the big East coast site.
  613. M

    Blank ID help

    Looks like a Conolon to me.
  614. M

    Reel seat swap??

    Then take a Dremel type tool with a cutoff disc. Remove the seat. Strip the hypalon rear grip off. Clean up the blank. Lay down some cork tape,1 or 2 layers as suits you. You can use 1/16" Atwood cord if preferred. Cover the area the reel seat was with shrink tubing and add a butt cap. I'm sure...
  615. M

    Reel seat swap??

    What blank is the rod built on? It may be in your best interest to sell it and build,or have built what you actually want. FWIW, those Fuji seat barrels are just one size up from the same number in a regular style seat. What you want to do is feasible. I don't know if you want to actually do...
  616. M

    Reel Seat for Calstar 670

    That is so very true. My oldest 670s have old school, chromed brass Varmac seats. They have never,ever been an issue. They are fast action blanks. Not parabolic. Parabolic blanks never were an issue. Even back before graphite seats were around,we had chromed brass or lightweight aluminum seats...
  617. M

    Old Harnells... restoration

    Looking tits, Mike!
  618. M

    Fishing Rod Lathe

    An old school Clemens/Renzetti for $125? Damn! What a bargain! Go Mike!
  619. M

    KFBK Bob Simms Outdoor Show Large Albacore

    Yes,we never do know for sure. In years past,they always migrated north before turning west. I don't foresee that changing though. Time will tell for certain.
  620. M

    Anyone getting the YFT on poppers or coltsniper?

    It doesn't matter too much about the particulars. If it "matches the hatch", or within reason,jigs will get bit. If everybody focuses on one particular jig,or color,that will be what the fish see most. Hence,it will become "the" hot jig or color. Unless the jig itself is so outrageous in...
  621. M

    sportboat name changes

    I believe the Nova sank.
  622. M

    CEX sold

    Hi Jim. Did you ever get those blanks I sold you built? Let's see some pics, please. At today's prices, I kind of wish I still had them. At least they went to a good home. I wish I could've tracked down my CEX-ULUA-10'. It has to still be here in CO or Denver somewhere.
  623. M

    Which blank?

    Bummer. Answering the other questions will help get you some better answers.
  624. M

    Lamiglass BT 108 2M. I.D. Help

    I don't have a catalog from that far back. Perhaps an email with your question to Lamiglas is in order. You could even email Todd Vivian at Mudhole. He may know or hopefully,that not working,Spencer Phipps does know. Spencer checks this board occasionally. Posting on is another...
  625. M

    Which blank?

    Not that I am qualified to give suggestions,but what size line do you intend to spool up with? How hard do you pull? How long can you realistically pull at the max drag you wish to fish. Standup or rail rod? Preferred length? Primary fish sought? Those answers will narrow it down quite a bit...
  626. M

    Psychedelic Sabres! Who has them?

    Naturally. It stands to reason. What I am hoping to see, is that maybe there will be some UC psychedelics in the future. Hard to say how that will come about,as they deal primarily with carbon fiber stuff. Stranger things have happened before.
  627. M

    Applying 2nd coat of wrap finish

    If you insert your tie off loop sooner,then pull the tag end tight to the wrap and snip it close,you won't have that nub of thread to cut off after applying finish. Take a bit of extra care when using metallic thread though.
  628. M

    Lamiglass BT 108 2M. I.D. Help

    Boat Tackle 108" 2 power Medium Action. So that rod was cut, or broken,from 9' if it's now 6 1/2'.
  629. M

    Psychedelic Sabres! Who has them?

    Last I saw in a BD thread, Randy Penny scored a bunch
  630. M

    Surface iron question

    Single hooks will work on tuna too.
  631. M

    Deformed BFT

    Whirling disease is not just a rainbow trout thing now? :eek:
  632. M

    Blue Seeker CJBF 80H blank

    He is the spokesperson,via voiceover, for Motel 6.
  633. M

    Cord split grip help?

    Try making an epoxy ramp to transition from bare blank to a cord wrap. Then do your deco wrap or marbling up the ramp. Do some thread trim on the ends. Check Jim Trelikes pics for ideas. He's a master. Check pics from Moon. He does thread wraps on cord too.
  634. M

    8’ Fly line/ jig stick blanks

    Island Tackle?
  635. M

    Small yellowtail decals?

    I hope you aren't referring to AcidRod. I haven't done business with for a few years now. They used to charge actual shipping or mailing costs.
  636. M

    Small yellowtail decals?

    Shop the smaller local guys. They are in San Dimas and can mail it quickly at a low cost. 1 5/8" x 5/8"
  637. M

    CX80 Raptor for Anthony

    Top notch work there Jim! I'm sure he will love it. I know I do!
  638. M

    Seeker Hysteria?

  639. M

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Not bad. Was that a white pearl metallic? That is well known for sucking up the surrounding color and not being a true pearl white. If it was regular nylon,it sucked up the green from the base wrap. Nice work.
  640. M

    Fenwick su 1689

    A 13 foot blank like that is way too much rod. Frankly, you would be better off selling it and buying what you want. That blank is scarce as hell and there are many looking for that one particularly. The shipping will be a pretty penny, but if the buyer is serious enough,they will pony up the...
  641. M

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Hopefully that inlay in the overwrap isn't white nylon. It won't show up very white. Unless that is the effect you are going for.
  642. M

    Following the tradition

    Well done! Congratulations on a well raised family and keeping the tradition alive.
  643. M

    Seeker Hysteria?

    Not if you choose the right blank to suit your back. Yo Yoshida was a master at it. Don't just grab any old blank out of the rack in a store because of online posting recommendations. Pull them out, pull on them,and go from there. Preferably with a knowledgeable builder helping. Remember, what...
  644. M

    Black dragon scale

    It actually makes more sense than thread. Whatever thread is used, will have a texture to it. By using A for the wrap over the layout threads,(for the best contrast and shadows) it can get caught in the texture. That makes burnishing more tricky. Mono is smoother. Or at least ought to be. ;)
  645. M

    Seeker Hysteria?

    Those were the last of the blue S glass. Seeker only bought so much of that prepreg, due to the high cost. My guess is that as the supply ran low, regular yellow eglass was added, thus keeping the production going strong a bit longer. Blue+yellow=green? Or at least a lighter blue. Maybe teal...
  646. M

    Seeker S229 Live Bait Rod Blank

    Dig this Francisco...the original 229 was a Sabre blank. Before Newells. Seeker bought a bunch of the mandrels from Calif. Tackle when they closed their doors. California Tackle made Sabres. Just a bit of history for you...
  647. M

    In's and out's for making custom rods

    Talk to the distributors that carry the products that you need and will use most frequently. Some of the bigger ones do. They typically have that info on their websites. I would suggest starting with Utmost Enterprises as they have great pricing to begin with. It doesn't hurt that they are close...
  648. M

    Varmac Jigstick

    Cool. I didn't realize they had their own blanks back then. I left SD in early 93. Back then, I was using other blanks. I bought directly from Dick Kantner, or used Calstar, etc.
  649. M

    Varmac Jigstick

    Old school? lol Riiiiiight! It looks good. Keep them coming.
  650. M

    Tuna Rod ID

    I agree.
  651. M

    Looking for color inspiration....

    Alin, if you want to go with the black and white,do your first guide wrap with red, then go with the black over the red. Use size A thread. Old Truline colors... or yellow. That's a Truline combo too. Even green or blue in place of the red. Green base wrap,yellow, and then black.
  652. M


    Wicked ass camo rod. Bad to the bone!
  653. M

    Star Spangled Monster

    A totally bomb looking rod! Super job on that one, Jim.
  654. M

    Forgot I had these

    Cool find!
  655. M

    St Croix 13BT-70xh-1crt 7’ Info

    You are most welcome.
  656. M

    St Croix 13BT-70xh-1crt 7’ Info

    Naturally. You are welcome. I shall include his family in a prayer, for a successful outcome.
  657. M


    Seeker, Sabre, or a PacificStik Royale?
  658. M

    Old Fenwick help

    Those old Fenwicks usually had a clear sticker on them. It listed the rod's specs and had a serial number as part of it. Hopefully yours still has it. They were typically next to the Fenwick logo. I suspect it was made as a troller that could maybe do double duty as a RC rod. Or vice-versa...
  659. M

    Guide Spacing Q?

    You could also try using higher frame guides for the rear 4 or 5 guides. That can often make a big difference. Sometimes going with the smallest and lightest doesn't always work. It actually doesn't affect the overall weight on the butt section. Add more at the upper end as required.
  660. M

    Advice , old rod clear coat

    Try fine auto polish on the blank.
  661. M

    is there a proper rod re build tutorial?

    There are other resources as well. Check out for info on painting and removing old epoxy or finish. There are several groups on FB as well. Those that I know of are the Custom Rod Builders Guild and Southern Rod Builders. Just a friendly tip: use the search feature before asking...
  662. M

    Super Seeker 1x3 vs. Seeker OSP 1x3

    Just a simple point to be made here for the OP. The tip size does not necessarily equate to a soft action tip. That have more to do with the blanks construction. The materials used,how the flags are cut, and how they are laid up on the mandrel. That has to do with a softer action tip...
  663. M

    Tuna Rod ID

    It's hard to tell without better closeups of the blank. It could be a Sabre S glass,Fenwick,or a Lamiglas blank. Probably the Sabre.
  664. M

    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    When I worked on the PQ for Eddie, I would often see friends getting on other boats. When asked why they weren't fishing with us, I was frequently told, "Because it's too high off the water." To which my response was always, "Our gaffs still reach and stick the fish."
  665. M

    Anyone fish the Legend or Old Glory?

    If you can do it,find other boats that fit your schedule and budget. More options unless you wait until the last minute to book a trip.
  666. M

    Sabre 530 fish-a-like

    This may help you with drag ratings,but won't directly answer your question. It may narrow your search a bit. It won't answer your question definitively though. Trial and error is still required. Good luck...
  667. M

    Sabre 530 fish-a-like

    Disregard the line ratings. You asked what would fish the same go to some tackle stores and pull on them. That will give you the answer you need. Heck,try UC rods or Phenix while you are at it. What matters is your reel,and line to be used. Factor your drag setting in there as well...
  668. M

    Sabre 530 fish-a-like

    Seeker or Calstar 530???
  669. M

    Rod Value?

    I wouldn't pay any more for the Sea Stalker than an equivalent from Turners. In fact,I would pay less. With a Turners rod, at least you have a warranty. The Stanley Andrews rod was probably built on a 3Jays (J.Kennedy Fisher) blank. That would be more desirable at the end of the day. ANY day!
  670. M

    2nd hand Power Wrappers

    I believe that is Al Engling on FB.
  671. M

    2nd hand Power Wrappers

    A CPW Machine for 230? Steal of a deal...
  672. M

    EZ sliding egg weights

    They look like the old rubber cores,without the full length rubber insert. (I added insert to prevent making myself from being a smart-ass.) Not to mention rude jokes. ;)
  673. M

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    ^^^^^^ WTF!?!?
  674. M

    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    Okay. Most folks that want such a rod build them themselves or have them custom built. The market for those is but a small niche and most likely wont sell outside of southern California. Hence,it isn't very wise for a company to produce them. Why dont you tell us about the 2 you bought? Make,etc.
  675. M

    Winthrop bend butt with rail rod design

    Nothing new there. Those Winthrop butts have been out for a couple years now.
  676. M

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    That's why I am still here. I was back there for a couple of days in January of '18. Enough to know better. Before that, it was '07 and during 911. I left in '93 and it sucked then, too. No reason to leave. At least for now and most likely, ever.
  677. M

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    In my days as a deckhand,it was cross-tops,some weed,and beer. We still did what was needed and nobody on the boats I worked were injured. After getting clean for a few years,like 6 or 7,a former co-worker tried to get me back on the boats,saying we need people(clean and recovering) like you...
  678. M

    Calstar XLH reel choice

    I used either a 220 or 229 Newell. No need for overkill reels. A Diawa 20 would be fine as well.
  679. M

    Butt Cord Treatment

    I typically use 2 to 3 saturation coats of color preserver and allowed to dry thoroughly. Sometimes I go with just that. I have also used a spray urethane varnish,or CPExtra over the CP coated cord.
  680. M


    Yes. Now,a bit of history. Short stroking was the best method of beating tuna and yellowtail. It basically amounted to raising the rod in short lifts or pumps to get the fishes head turned upward. The rod was then lowered and reeling the lined gained by the lift. The reel was cranked to match...
  681. M

    Sabre grafast guide insert question

    They are indeed Fuji guides,with their old school aluminum oxide rings. They will probably handle braid just fine. When those guides were still around,braid wasn't so who knows. Edit: It is actually a green,not white, "nylon" shock ring, there to protect the ring from getting cracked or knocked...
  682. M

    Tackle Store in Japan... What to buy?

    Without going back,and re-reading the old post to see if it is mentioned,stay away from JDM reels. Shimano won't handle warranties on those reels here. I don't know about other manufacturers like Diawa.
  683. M

    Unlimited rod build

    Where did you get the aftermarket frame and spool? Is it a widened 16/0? Very interesting reel.
  684. M

    One of our own needs help and prayers la tigra

    A prayer has been put out there for her.
  685. M

    Maybe be dumb question about ceviche ? just maybe...LOL

    Ceviche is ceviche. It doesn't matter what you use. I love it made with sierra mackerel and wahoo too. Although,grilled fresh hoo is better than ceviche. If the hoo has been sitting a little long in your fridge,make ceviche.
  686. M

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 868H...

    As always da Man!
  687. M

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    Why the hell not? Just curious.
  688. M

    Maximum Carnage

    I like the cork grips. Very cool rod overall !
  689. M

    Grinding down salt water guide feet'

    Actually,something in a Sharpie contributes to the breakdown of the metal and hastens the rusting process.
  690. M

    Clemente vs Catalina

    LMMFAO..... thank you. This morning needed to start off with a laugh. That did it.
  691. M

    540 and 530

    I see you finally managed to score a couple of the old decals. Were they duplicated or originals? The wrap jobs look great!
  692. M

    Aarghhhh!!! Anyone ever do this?

    I have had some spools of wrapping thread do that. It's never a good time ahead... At least thread is cheaper than Spectra. I can just toss the spool in the trash and move on.
  693. M

    Black Hole Cape Cod Nano

    That is one sharp looking rod. Well done!
  694. M

    How To Fish Bluefin Foamer

    Fix your motor? haha
  695. M

    Vintage Molded Jigs?

    Not likely. It's a spinner,not a swimmer. LMAO
  696. M

    Truline Collins mh81

    Damn! I wish I could afford it Mike. It's probably already sold anyway. :/
  697. M

    Seeker CJB80H for David

    I love it! Another great rod from you Jim. I am sure he will be stoked fishing it! I know I would be.
  698. M

    Worth of a Rod

    I probably met him a few times in Pappy's garage/shop. I never got to know him as a person though.
  699. M

    Worth of a Rod

    True. It also depends on what Rick would get the most satisfaction from.
  700. M

    Coronados 6/21 Trip

    I would say just go. The best time to fish is when you can. If the goal is a YT,then get on a boat and go,despite whats is,or isn't going on at the islands. There are YT at Clemente also. keep in mind that great expectations can lead to great disappointments. So go fishing with no other...
  701. M

    Worth of a Rod

    And a busted jaw. To go along with the eyes and kneecaps. To flatten his tires then gets you the added charge of vandalism. I would stick with assault and battery. And pray your judge is a fisherman who favors old,classic gear. SDTT and maybe even jiggyn could give you a good range on the value...
  702. M

    CEX Blanks

    You are welcome.
  703. M

    CEX Blanks

    Based on the model number,it is a Boat Tackle,96" blank,3(low) power moderate action blank.