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  1. Randy V

    Mission Bay Closed?

  2. Randy V

    Offshore Fishing Etiquette Two

    I still abide by the standard catch and eat rules. The dude abides.
  3. Randy V

    Where is Hardcor?

    I'm getting harsh attacks for asking a simple question about a good fisherman. Why is that?
  4. Randy V

    Where is HardCore?

    Bro, get it up! Miss your reports. You are the solid BDS member that has the real intel. Damn.
  5. Randy V

    Giving Thanks for my BD Brothers

    Nice report bro. LOL
  6. Randy V

    Offshore Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

    Elvis has left the building. Well done sir!
  7. Randy V

    Albacore reminiscence

    Awesome. Hopefully he will post some pics/videos of this expedition!
  8. Randy V

    Albacore reminiscence

    What's up with the star of BD these days? Miss him.
  9. Randy V

    Offshore 9/21/19 Limits of YFT for 2

    Sorry old friend. Sold my boat so I'm landlocked. You let me know when I can come aboard to buy gas and bait sir.
  10. Randy V

    Offshore Easy Giant Bluefin fishing

    OK, so how does it work? Not understanding how it gets down to the fish and between the fish's mouth and the line.
  11. Randy V

    Kona Star Ultimate Tuna Club Sandwich

    Glad you enjoyed it. Is really a great way to use this season's YFTs or BFTs.
  12. Randy V

    Offshore 9/20: Tick, Tick, Tick......

    Fantastic! Those are nice size YFTs. About 30 lbs? Good job guys. Make my Kona Star Tuna Club sandwiches.
  13. Randy V

    Offshore Will Harcore Get a BlueFin This Year?

    Well, looks like the BFT cows have left the Notch. Now the real work begins to get a 200+ BFT!
  14. Randy V

    Offshore Will Harcore Get a BlueFin This Year?

    I say maybe, if he goes now!
  15. Randy V

    Let's Talk Hook Up on New Radio Station

    C-dawg don't need a reason to bust me, but I love him anyway! lol
  16. Randy V

    Let's Talk Hook Up on New Radio Station

    Formerly for years on the Mighty 1090 am station Saturday and Sunday from 7 - 9 am has found a new home in the same time slot on FM 97.3 The Fan. Also still available streaming on www.letstalkhookup com edit - posted in wrong forum. Mods, please feel to move this important info.
  17. Randy V

    Cool Fish Cam

    Not bad for $250.
  18. Randy V

    Offshore My Report For the Holidays

    UPDATE - still no tuna. Hardcore caught them all last year!
  19. Randy V

    Offshore Punta Colinet - Jan. 5 - 2019 Report

    I will take a big rock cod over a yellowtail any day - on my taco!
  20. Randy V

    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    It's all about the depth!
  21. Randy V

    Offshore My Report For the Holidays

    Seems like I need to get my wife out fishing with her tits showing to get some thread traction around here! LOL
  22. Randy V

    Offshore PV 3/14

    Yeah, I can see why this is your first report. I couldn't understand none of it except for the picher.
  23. Randy V

    38lb Halibut Newport Kayak

    Awesome! Was there ICE in that fish bag? Cue the trollers! LOL
  24. Randy V

    Sheephead recipes

    Exactly. Everyone on here who says it is not a good eating fish has tried cooking something that has already been destroyed before it ever gets to the kitchen.
  25. Randy V

    PCS show -who’s going?

    I'm going.
  26. Randy V

    Offshore My Report For the Holidays

    My brothers! Pack the other fudgers. LOL
  27. Randy V


    Love the awesome brotone bro you rock the indepth reportts
  28. Randy V

    Offshore Are there still YFT in US Waters?

    You rock with this awsemiore report bro
  29. Randy V

    Offshore BLUE FIN: Formula for calculating weight.

  30. Randy V

    Offshore My Report For the Holidays

    Happy to report that there are no fish outt here to caTch so I'll just post here to say Happy HOLIDazE!
  31. Randy V

    Offshore Need SoCal private charter recommendations

    Awesome report bro! No, seriously.
  32. Randy V

    Most desired irons and yo-yo?

    It was moved from the Reports forum, 'bro'. LOL
  33. Randy V

    Most desired irons and yo-yo?

    Nice report bro!
  34. Randy V

    Channel island Mac's

    Mac's what?
  35. Randy V

    South Shore/Queen Mary Ramp Debris

    Nice trash report, bro! LOL
  36. Randy V

    Who fished Catalina today

    Nice info report!
  37. Randy V

    Halibut 10/27

    Very nice! It would be even bigger if you fully extend your arm towards the camera. LOL
  38. Randy V

    Puppy and Otter

    He otter get away from that puppy.
  39. Randy V

    Everyone is offended

    Carl was ofennded?
  40. Randy V

    Danger boat

    Looks fine to me. BBQ in the bilge!
  41. Randy V

    Isee the Monte Carlo is in SMB just outside Redondo harbor today?

    Nice sport boat report - thanks!
  42. Randy V

    Offshore BLUE FIN: Formula for calculating weight.

    New calculations methods are in place since the change in limits for BFTs.
  43. Randy V

    Offshore Easy limit 10/9

    No ice is not nice! Treat your catch with kindness, not warmness!
  44. Randy V

    Offshore Sunday 302, 226, and Nine Mile

    Nice! Did you find a WALLET OUT THERE?
  45. Randy V

    Offshore Lost wallet

    How are the wallets running out there? Thanks for the WALLET Report
  46. Randy V

    Offshore Easy limit 10/9

    In the SUN. With ICE? Invisible ICE that melts in the SUN? Was it FIRM?
  47. Randy V

    Offshore Easy limit 10/9

    Nice job of properly bleeding and icing down your CATCH! In a bucket. On the DECK.
  48. Randy V

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    Psssht. It's a poser yacht fer gawds sake. Fishing boat my azzz. Strippers and cocaine, sure. What that boy been smoking?
  49. Randy V

    Tips On Fishing SD Bay

    Dave says to tip 60% ! lol
  50. Randy V

    Offshore Remember why you are free

    Nothing free here bro - I charge full price - just like Dave! LOL
  51. Randy V

    One of My Favorite all time ads on CL

    Expired. What did it say? Come on.
  52. Randy V

    Mexican FMM Form

    Nice FMM report!
  53. Randy V

    Offshore DFG Link to Declaration ReEntry Form

    Have the rules changed this year?
  54. Randy V

    Offshore Remember why you are free

    MAGA Make Albacore Great Again!
  55. Randy V

    I found my Socks!

    That's racist!
  56. Randy V

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Damn Jason, sending positive thoughts to you and your family. I tried to donate but they said I'm too much of an asshole to qualify.
  57. Randy V

    Custom bait tank

    Looks nicer than a toilet for sure.
  58. Randy V

    VHF won't transmit

    Call Hardcore for a radio check on 72.
  59. Randy V

    Wiring in new mfd, need help!!!

    I see a short at 0602
  60. Randy V

    Check out my new cat

    Does it float?
  61. Randy V

    BoatUS selects one lucky winner EACH month for GIVEAWAYS!

    Is this still on??
  62. Randy V

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    Is it still closed??
  63. Randy V

    Am I the only one missing inside sportfishing

    ISF back on the Royal Polaris with Tommy Rothary. That was some precedent setting fishing show right there.
  64. Randy V

    Bad Ads Thread

    So those are your ads?
  65. Randy V

    Boat of the day- 38' Blackfin Combi Express!!

    Is this the boat giveaway of the week? How do I enter?
  66. Randy V

    How to Customize the Wallpaper on Your MFD

    Did your wife say that was OK? LOL
  67. Randy V

    need advice..

    Good one! LOL
  68. Randy V

    Bloodydecks stickers?

    A piece of duct tape with 'BD Fishing' written on it with a black sharpie is totally legit!
  69. Randy V

    I keep hearing the music

    The Village People?
  70. Randy V

    This could be a line class record

    Damn good eating! If you asian.
  71. Randy V

    Rare California Giant Red Seabass

    ^^ Over limit of fun! LOL
  72. Randy V

    Rare California Giant Red Seabass

    Very nice, but over limit.
  73. Randy V

    Sonar fish

    Looks like some jackhole is jacking around with our posts. More fake BD news! LOL
  74. Randy V

    Sonar fish

    Happy 4-20 dood! LOL
  75. Randy V

    4/20 stupid fishing

    Best piece of tackle to use for a roach clip? LOL
  76. Randy V

    Blue Ling Cod and a Brown Ling Cod catch and release (video)

    Pretty sure this should be posted in the Best Lures for My Son To Use forum LOL Nice taco meat CC!
  77. Randy V

    Question regarding 5yr old on 1/2 day

    Ask your son to help you on the interwebz. Hope you guys catch something memorable!
  78. Randy V

    tip of the month

    And I thought you were going to stop being an asshole. Looks like we were both wrong.
  79. Randy V

    Sportfisher Capsize Off South Carlsbad Ponto Beach This Morning? 4/14

    I'm watching off my back patio and see an approx. 35 foot sportfisher with flybridge laying on its side, surrounded by smaller boats. I came back an hour or so later and it was upright and sitting at anchor. It's still there. Anyone have details?
  80. Randy V

    ALBACORE ! Limits ( VIDEO )

    Who is the little hobbit on the left? LOL
  81. Randy V

    ALBACORE ! Limits ( VIDEO )

    ^^^ that a big damn albicorito!
  82. Randy V

    tip of the month

    Sounds more like false adverismenting! \
  83. Randy V

    Up Date on the Sardine Fishery 3-7-2018

    Nice story, bro! You catching them sardines on the troll or using a kite? LOL
  84. Randy V

    Change Days to Date on Post Time Stamp?

    You guys are accepting of major suckage? This clickspam shows up on the forum entry page?
  85. Randy V

    ALBACORE ! Limits ( VIDEO )

    Hardcor loads up on albacore!
  86. Randy V

    ALBACORE ! Limits ( VIDEO )

    Who's the little kid next to him? LOL
  87. Randy V

    La Jolla Beach

    Nice report bro!
  88. Randy V

    Giant Black D

    In California? LOL
  89. Randy V

    Leopard Sharks Fishing San Diego Bay ( Video )

    Love that Chianti, skipper!
  90. Randy V


    And nothing like fresh hali on the grill!
  91. Randy V


    Right on, bro. A big flatty is one for the ages! Got this one off the Coronados a few years ago.
  92. Randy V

    Congrats on 40 Years for Catalina Offshore Products

    Asleep at the cutting board...? LOL
  93. Randy V

    Fish Mounts for sale

    Nice. How much?
  94. Randy V

    Old school stickers?

    Sweet Sticker Report! LOL
  95. Randy V


    So, is the OP Black?
  96. Randy V

    A Christmas Miracle

    I couldn't figure the code so I turned it in. LOL
  97. Randy V

    Help A Guy Out!

  98. Randy V

    Offshore Reds for Christmas!

    Offshore on the troll? Right on guys!
  99. Randy V

    Offshore Mako Shark on a fly rod released Part 1 (Video) Merry Christmas and Happy Hannuka

    Damn shark slayer. You go ya sonna biotch - love that shyte! Looks a bit chilly out there.
  100. Randy V

    Offshore 60 mile bank on 12/19 bluefin

    Damn straight! No pics?
  101. Randy V


    Nice Report bro. Get better soon.
  102. Randy V

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    Now you have become a passive-aggressive weenie. Man up and tell him how he screwed up. Be a man, not a butt-hurt ex-boyfriend. LOL
  103. Randy V

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    Don't be a jackhole - get money up front! Work on getting some friends, bro. Damn.
  104. Randy V

    Gyro Binos?

    Can you share what a killer deal price would be for these? Thanks.
  105. Randy V

    Gyro Binos?

    Sure, they only $5K - I'll get one for each side of the boat! LOL
  106. Randy V

    Offshore FML

    You go boyeee!
  107. Randy V

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I was wondering when you would see that! Don't get hurty feelers, C-dawg, just funnin; ya! LOL
  108. Randy V

    Offshore Tuna at the nipple 11-24

    Nice, but using the Processor? That's 20 minutes work with a sharp knife, bro.
  109. Randy V

    To damn funny not to share!

    To damn funny not to share! Too damn sad you didn't pay attention in spelling class. LOL
  110. Randy V

    Lobster taco recipes?

    Looks like yer just bragging! LOL
  111. Randy V

    [Advanced] HTML (without wrapper)

    Roll your own!
  112. Randy V

    100# setup that wont break the bank?

    sounds like you are in the market for a broomstick and some rope, son! LOL
  113. Randy V


    Looks like Carl's boat. Where did you find it?
  114. Randy V


    Good job to the Mods!
  115. Randy V

    Offshore TL;DR 3.5 days of EPIC on the PAC VOY

    Quite a write-up - nominated for Report of the Year! But - what were the dates of your trip? Was this last week, or back in October?
  116. Randy V

    Is Yeti worth the cost ?

    I saw the same unit at Costco and thought the same - seemed as substantial as a Yeti at 1/3 the price.
  117. Randy V

    Predictions On Offshore Fishing This Weekend

    So what did you catch? Numbers, temp. depth.?
  118. Randy V

    Need Advise on Gear Needs

    No, you need advice. We can advise you on the correct advice to use.
  119. Randy V

    Offshore Beats being on land!

    That's a big cabin for a 24' Skippyjack! LOL
  120. Randy V

    Offshore FML

    Ask Hardcor to take you out on his skiff - guaranteed good time!
  121. Randy V

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Just take a ride on Hardcor's skiff. He uses 4 scope patches per ear and always shares! LOL
  122. Randy V

    Big ole halibut!

    Beauty. Depth?
  123. Randy V


    Really? Offshore?
  124. Randy V

    Yellowfin Tuna on a Bobber ( video )

    OK, now you are up to 2017 - April, 2017! LOL
  125. Randy V

    Solo Swordfish

  126. Randy V

    Black Marlin...?

  127. Randy V

    Offshore 3/4 day boat San Diego?

    Check the boat reports forum - lots of good info there!
  128. Randy V

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    Nice. Based on your response, it sure looks like you are the type of fellow who doesn't know how to handle constructive criticism very well. Most self-proclaimed 'experts' rarely do. Carry on, sir.
  129. Randy V

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    This 'new' technology has been used in various similar ways in the waste water treatment business for decades.
  130. Randy V

    Yellowfin Tuna on a Bobber ( video )

    You need some new material, CC. LOL
  131. Randy V

    Offshore Grease

    Nice report bro.
  132. Randy V

    Offshore It's October ... What to do? Just keep skipping Just Keep Skipping...

    Alternative lifestyle fishing is accepted here at BD. Not that there's anything wrong with that.. LOL
  133. Randy V

    Uhh Found them and BUGZILLA

    I'm guessing you released that big bubba?
  134. Randy V

    Offshore Captain jumps in water to save bluefin tuna

    Did they eat it after they saved it?
  135. Randy V

    Offshore Shady overnight trip

    Damn, what a buncha douchebags on the Proloser!
  136. Randy V

    10/13 hooping in LBC

    Nice offshore bugs. LOL
  137. Randy V

    Dan Hernandez Last Tuna Trip Of The Season 10/09

    Good luck TvDan - we're rooting for ya!
  138. Randy V

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay

    Hilarious. Very vigilant dock neighbours and Dock Master you guys have there! LOL Rack up the item list - do it correctly and you should come out ahead. This is what insurance is for.
  139. Randy V

    Knot Pullers Home Made Cheap

  140. Randy V

    First Lobster trip this season!

    Sweet! What day did season start? It snuck up on me this year!
  141. Randy V

    Offshore The Reel Brothers calls in the Legend (video)

    It don't get any better than that, my brother!
  142. Randy V

    Offshore The Reel Brothers calls in the Legend (video)

    Just remember that Dave is under medical supervision. LOL
  143. Randy V

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    I'm having a hard time envisioning any type of slip that would create this situation. This is when looking across the end of a finger pier? If so, then yeah, your slip is too short for your boat!
  144. Randy V

    YFT The

  145. Randy V

    is 1 scoop of bait for two fisherman chasing YT enough ?

    Depends on how hungry you two fellas are! LOL
  146. Randy V

    Offshore The Reel Brothers calls in the Legend (video)

    Looking good, CC! Biatches need a kick in the ballz - if they had any!
  147. Randy V

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    Sounds like more fake news on BD. LOL
  148. Randy V

    Offshore No love out there...

    Way to go, J-man! You are no doubt your nephew's newest hero!
  149. Randy V

    Offshore Topwater Yellowfin - 9/2

    Nice job, pretty boy. LOL
  150. Randy V

    Rod Holder Outriggers

    Sale pending.
  151. Randy V

    Big Bay Yachts?

    OK, here we go!
  152. Randy V

    Happy Friday Boat Of the Day!! New 29 Express Albemarle

    Albemarle is the Rolls Royce of express sport fishers!
  153. Randy V

    Rod Holder Outriggers

    Sold. Install in standard gunwale rod holders to provide a wider spread! Includes removable pin to accommodate both gimbal and smooth butt rods. $100 for the pair. PayPal as Gift, or pay fees. Prefer local hand off in north San Diego county. Can ship for actual shipping charges...
  154. Randy V

    Time to try for dorado - location hints

    Look along the surface - that's where they usually hang out!
  155. Randy V


    Ask Dave - according to him anything less than 50% is an insult! LOL
  156. Randy V

    Shout out to "PASSPORT" Sportfishing rescue mission.

    Hmmm, sounded like you had a direct line to the big guy!
  157. Randy V

    Shout out to "PASSPORT" Sportfishing rescue mission.

    Why did God allow the boat to catch fire in the first place?
  158. Randy V

    Vessel assist?

    Another vote for Boat US. When a Member you get cash rebates on purchases at West Marine. Win!
  159. Randy V

    Follow the sport boats?

    Paragraphs - use them! LOL
  160. Randy V

    Follow the sport boats?

    This! Anything else is just going for a ride!
  161. Randy V

    October? Wahoo?

    Not yet, but maybe...
  162. Randy V

    Offshore 8/31 new loan

    Damn sine maguro sashimi right there son! They do have refridge water storage I hope?
  163. Randy V

    Frigg'n Thief

    Check Carl's locker.
  164. Randy V

    PSA - Maui Jim and Rayban on sale CHEAP at Costco

    I get my MJs for free - winning!
  165. Randy V

    Offshore Dorado Kelp Patty Patience ( Video )

    Been a busy summer, Corinator!
  166. Randy V

    Heavy Duty Taniguchi Rod Belt FS

    Offers pending. If you didn't send me a PM, well that's a fail.
  167. Randy V

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    Posted to CraigsList today. If you had sent me a PM wanting to see it, best schedule your day/time for this weekend ASAP.
  168. Randy V

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    Nice - yours is a couple years newer with that radar arch. Got it - thanks, man!
  169. Randy V

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    Yeah, I would but I can't - the latest version of the forum software does not allow editing thread titles! Seriously!!?? So mine is the Express? Bought it so long ago i forget the name of this configuration!
  170. Randy V

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    Yeah, you are right - it's more like the Bridge on the Star Trek Enterprise! LOL
  171. Randy V

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    !0 Feet. Pretty darn stable!
  172. Randy V

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    Just another tire kicker with a dream. Move along, son. Next!
  173. Randy V

    FS: 28' Contessa Express

    The last of the great Bayliner boats - before they went to plastic interiors and had hull delamination problems! This is a single owner vessel, pampered since day one. Everything works!! Posting to CraigsList tomorrow - BDers are seeing this first. 1985 Bayliner Contessa -...
  174. Randy V

    Heavy Duty Taniguchi Rod Belt FS

    Brand new, never used. All steel and thick padding construction. Includes all clips, straps and harnesses. $50.00 OB PayPal as Gift or add fees. Local pickup in North County SD preferred, or ship to you for actual shipping costs plus $5.00 from 92024 Send me a PM.
  175. Randy V

    Suicide Counselor

    Yes, I saved her life. LOL
  176. Randy V

    Only two weeks left to take advantage of Navionics rebate on new fish finders

    Thank goodness you reminded us - I'm all over it!
  177. Randy V


    Yep - see ya out there!
  178. Randy V

    New to the fishing game

    It's not a game, son - it's life.
  179. Randy V

    Offshore Amazing Fishing

    Thanks for the timely report! not
  180. Randy V

    Offshore Skip... Skip... They bite - SD Offshore BFT - 7.16.17

    Fantastic! What do you guys do with all that prime sashimi? I assume you spike, bleed and ice 'em down immediately?
  181. Randy V

    Bonito limit?

    Niiiiice rewprt bro!!!!
  182. Randy V

    Which boat

    You rulez dood
  183. Randy V

    Gold ulua???

    Gold is at $1205/oz this week! Just sayin...
  184. Randy V

    best places to watch fireworks from your boat??

    The rear saloon! Duh
  185. Randy V

    San Diego boat detailer needed

    I'd post my guy but after doing that like 20 times here and noobs like you not bothering to search for previous recommendations, I'm like... Meh.
  186. Randy V

    Don't be a Dick! Post your reports! It helps us all. Let's work together!

    Nice Report! NOT! Lay off the booze bro... Here ya go, Richard:
  187. Randy V

    Offshore Marlin

    Hope you ate that fucker...
  188. Randy V

    Offshore Calico chew

    On the kite?
  189. Randy V

    Tuna off Mission Beach.

    I'll have whatever he's smoking...
  190. Randy V

    Offshore Calico chew

    Offshore calico? LOL
  191. Randy V

    Rod Paiting for Okuma Andros 5iia?

    Feel free to marry a rod, dood... LOL
  192. Randy V

    Offshore 2 fish in Oceanside 7/3

    Bust that bag of ice open and spread over the fish. What you saving it for!?
  193. Randy V

    Wide Open Catfish Bite at Chollas Lake

    You da man, tvDan!
  194. Randy V

    Can you put squid with sardines

    Nice bait tank report!
  195. Randy V

    Skipjack Offer

    We've bought you a lifetime subscription.
  196. Randy V

    Big Bay Yachts?

    How about some pics and specs?
  197. Randy V

    Offshore 6/24 Finally on the meat 302 area

    Fantastic! And that's a beautiful boat you have there - make/length?
  198. Randy V

    New to fishing

    Don't be concerned of queries about owning leather chaps. LOL
  199. Randy V

    So You're Shopping for a CC and you see Bottom Paint. Deal Breaker?

    Bottom paint is added value to those that can look ahead. Never considered taking a slip down south for a couple months when the pelagics heat up again this year? Be a visionary.
  200. Randy V

    Reds ? ....No, Yellows

    Great thread title! LOL
  201. Randy V

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    What is that - looks delicious but is it real?
  202. Randy V

    But it's a dry heat.........

    This is when we really appreciate 'June Gloom' in the San Diego coastal areas. It's 70.4 right now, chillin' here at my place in Encinitas on the coast!
  203. Randy V

    Blackman on the beach

    Known as 'careening' back in the age of the Spanish galleons...
  204. Randy V

    New flying fish

    Did you ever catch anything using these, Ali?
  205. Randy V

    Trouble in NOLA invlolving Bloodydecks LLC

    You eat 100 chicken wings followed by 100 shots of Ex-Lax, then have to hold it all in for 100 minutes!
  206. Randy V

    Offshore Big Local YFT - Late Report 6/17

    Yutaka is still The Man!
  207. Randy V

    Offshore Skip.....Skip.....Boom! - 182 Area - Weds 6/14

    Nice bluefin! What is the advantage of eliminating the top connector bar? Definitely gives it a unique appearance.
  208. Randy V

    BoatUS selects one lucky winner EACH month for GIVEAWAYS!

    How do BDers vote for each week's contenders?
  209. Randy V

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    The fatso grapefruit is one of my favorite places, but more for beef and foie gras. Headed there next week for my bday - will ask about the loup de mer. (it's within the border of Solana Beach but I always think of that area as Del Mar).
  210. Randy V

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Oysters Rockefeller and crab stuffed scallops at The Double Musky, about 30 miles outside Anchorage Alaska - fantastic! Black cod in miso broth at West, in Carlsbad, San Diego. Whole fried rock fish at Charthouse, in Cardiff San Diego. Luvar at Anthony's by the Star of India, downtown San...
  211. Randy V

    How to use New Posts

    Recently, it appears that something is slow to load and therefore locking up the forums for several seconds. Any fix for this?
  212. Randy V

    Islas Coronado 6/15

    Great pic for the man cave!
  213. Randy V

    where is the cheapest place I can get

    I get the best prices at... . The cable store.
  214. Randy V

    Galley Grub

    Pulled pork sammiches - MUST have coleslaw on it! Thick shrimp gumbo over rice is always a winner - make sure there are several varieties of hot sauces on board!
  215. Randy V


    1. I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised. 2. Two clowns are eating a cannibal. One turns to the other and says, "I think we got this joke wrong." 3. What's the difference between in-laws and outlaws? Outlaws are wanted. 4. I bought my friend an elephant for...
  216. Randy V


    Martha recently lost her husband. She had him cremated and brought his ashes home. Picking up the urn that he was in, she poured him out on the patio table. Then, while tracing her fingers in the ashes, she started talking to him.... "You know that dishwasher you promised me? I bought it with...
  217. Randy V

    Dana Thresher 5-27-17

    Nice job! Just upload the video from your phone direct to YouTube.
  218. Randy V

    Offshore Opah Madness

    What are the different area meats? Which one is best?
  219. Randy V

    Marine battery recommendations

    The best deal is the marine batteries at Costco. They last at least 5 years with regular maintenance. I add ThermOil to all my new batteries - doubles the life of them.
  220. Randy V

    Exhaust Manifold Ingenuity

    Very clever!
  221. Randy V

    Eshaust Riser Question/ Help

    Risers are a maintenance item - should be replaced every 6 years or so. Cleaning is only a bandaid. If they are that plugged up they are toast.
  222. Randy V

    4 Hours

    I've always wondered about these ads. You've seen all the commercials. But what really happens when you ask for help with an erection lasting more than 4 hours? I walked into a drug store and asked to talk to a male pharmacist. The woman I was speaking with said she was the only pharmacist...
  223. Randy V

    Offshore Tuna Time

    ^^ looking forward to the video. LOL
  224. Randy V

    New favorite guy

    The world is full of flakey jackholes. If this was your first encounter with one you've been lucky so far! LOL
  225. Randy V


    Had this not been posted in a Fishing Reports forum I'd agree with ya. But instead...
  226. Randy V

    What a coincidense!!

    I get it. (Carl had to 'splain it to me) LOL
  227. Randy V

    What's you biggest tuna on 40lb?

    Anything less than anchor chain will be a gamble. LOL
  228. Randy V

    My New Ride

    I suppose, but my experience with bait bags is they kill bait pretty darn quickly due to several deficiencies they all have.
  229. Randy V

    4th Place at Battle of the Bays

    What's the 1st Place prize?
  230. Randy V

    My New Ride

    What's up with the bait bag on the back?
  231. Randy V

    All new gear

  232. Randy V

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    I used to be on the List, but got off ... somehow. Some of you guys still on it will probably always be there. LOL
  233. Randy V

    My New Ride

    She's a beauty, Dan. Gas or diesel?
  234. Randy V

    Catch Fish and the Panays Arrive

    Whatsa Panay?
  235. Randy V

    Long hard fight, no reward

    I'm guessing a ray as well. If it was a BSB it would have floated after you got him up to 80.
  236. Randy V

    Sunday 4 2 17. Long beach slow with big goat

    Major props on releasing that old grandpa!
  237. Randy V

    Congrats on 40 Years for Catalina Offshore Products

    Keep up the good work, lads!
  238. Randy V

    SMB - 48 Red Things!!!!!!!!!

    Nice sized reds! How deep were they at?
  239. Randy V

    Found a nice rod and reel while lobster diving last night

    Was this the incident that Corey posted about a couple weeks ago? Noice find!
  240. Randy V

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    Watched the first one - very nice! Are you moving slowly forward while dragging the camera under the boat? How do you keep the camera pointed forward?
  241. Randy V

    Lobster Season Closes Today

    Any plans to take one last whack at them?
  242. Randy V

    What year is this OB?

    Everything but an answer to the question. LOL
  243. Randy V

    Question about posting deleted post.

    Spanked by a Moderator! Did it leave a mark? LOL
  244. Randy V

    NEW Released Accurate BV500 Reel Sweepstakes

  245. Randy V

    Show Us Your Boat and WIN

    And you still won't - contest ended over 4 months ago! LOL
  246. Randy V

    Shelter Island Ramp

    That place is a great spot for free entertainment on the weekends!
  247. Randy V


    Suggestions for what? Suggest you post this in the Classifieds forum?
  248. Randy V

    Anybody know what was happening this morning?

    There's always one... LOL
  249. Randy V

    Tuff Coat Non-Skid Coating Give- Away

    Perhaps post this in the Sponsor Contests as well, Dan.
  250. Randy V

    What do you guys think of my red crab imitation?

    That looks more like a red crab than the OP example. The proof will be in the pudding, as it were. LOL
  251. Randy V

    Anybody know what was happening this morning?

    A job interview on a Saturday? Don't call my house when you get that telemarketing job. LOL
  252. Randy V

    King of The Crawl - King Pacific Corp. location ?

    OK, I guess that makes us even! LOL
  253. Randy V

    San Diego Bay Bonefish two navy boats flip Cole's kayak 3-3 (video)

    LOL ______________LOL ___________________________LOL
  254. Randy V

    King of The Crawl - King Pacific Corp. location ?

    That's a beauty, but I'm almost 7 feet tall, so... LOL
  255. Randy V

    King of The Crawl - King Pacific Corp. location ?

    You didn't take a business card after you made payment? LOL
  256. Randy V

    Seriously, how?

    You made a decision to have kids. That is the single leading cause of reduced disposable income for leisure and entertainment activities! Mystery solved. LOL
  257. Randy V

    All American pressure cooker on Amazon $119

    Whatcha use it for?
  258. Randy V

    Fred Hall Setup Help

    Got any free passes for the Del Mar show?
  259. Randy V

    Lead Ban Reversed

    Heck yeah - screw Obismal and the horse he rode out on!
  260. Randy V

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    Yeah, it's tough to read one of them thar compuses. LOL
  261. Randy V

    Electronics Installer

    Jim Pastel of Jim's Marine specializes in electronics. He recently installed a galvanic isolator on my boat. He's mobile out of San Diego. Jim's Marine 619-933-3121 Tell him Randy V referred ya!
  262. Randy V

    Electronics Installer

    Jim Pastel of Jim's Marine specializes in electronics. He recently installed a galvanic isolator on my boat. He's mobile out of San Diego. Jim's Marine 619-933-3121 Tell him Randy V referred ya!
  263. Randy V

    Mission Bay Lifegaurd has your lost dingy...

    Carl IS a little dinghy... LOL
  264. Randy V

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    Where's the Poll? North up. Anything else is an indication of a rookie at the helm.
  265. Randy V

    The Lizard

    Watsa GB? Nice reading on your sonar - can see that solid mark just off the bottom. looks like a nice unit.
  266. Randy V

    Inside sportfishing gone

    ^^ yes, he had throat cancer or something similar, but has beat it. That's why his voice is different now than it was a few years ago.
  267. Randy V

    Received a treasure!

    Put it on eBay for...
  268. Randy V

    Inside sportfishing gone

    Looks like all they're doing now is selling copies of past episodes. It was a great show while it lasted. They made Tommy Rothery on the Polaris Supreme a long range star back in the day.
  269. Randy V

    Best Price / Place to Buy Okuma Cortez CZ-C-701Ha rod?

    You only told me where you are. i also asked about price.
  270. Randy V

    Best Price / Place to Buy Okuma Cortez CZ-C-701Ha rod?

    Where are you located? Price?
  271. Randy V

    San Diego fish market

    Go to TOMMY! He' has a dedicated forum here.
  272. Randy V

    Rod for Makaira 15ii

    Check the Okuma forum here. A couple recent threads for your reel.
  273. Randy V

    Dana halibut 01/29 EPIC

    Aye carumba!
  274. Randy V

    Best Price / Place to Buy Okuma Cortez CZ-C-701Ha rod?

    Looking to get an Okuma Cortez CZ-C-701Ha (BDer recommendation) rod to pair with my Okuma Andros 5iia spooled with 50# spectra. Thanks.
  275. Randy V

    Rod Paiting for Okuma Andros 5iia?

    Thanks, guys - will check out the Okuma Cortez. Wasn't aware Okuma also made rods.
  276. Randy V

    Rod Paiting for Okuma Andros 5iia?

    Argh - Pairing, not Paiting! Why the fark can't we edit titles?
  277. Randy V

    Rod Paiting for Okuma Andros 5iia?

    This is the little 2-speed model, spooled with 40 pound spectra. Any suggestions on a good rod to match it with? Thanks.
  278. Randy V

    Pre-storm La Jolla

    Wow, that's deep for 'butts!
  279. Randy V

    legal or short?

    If it fits you must acquit!
  280. Randy V

    mileage info

    Did the jackhole also send you a PM saying to Fuck Off and stay off his posts? LOL
  281. Randy V

    mileage info

    The fact you have to ask this question on a discussion forum does not bode well for your offshore navigation skills.
  282. Randy V

    Rrt-Tues-01-17-17 Winter Bass and a Butt!

    Do you recall the depth you were at when you got into the halibut?
  283. Randy V

    Need Shellfish I.D. Help

  284. Randy V

    Need Shellfish I.D. Help

  285. Randy V

    San Diego Tackle Shop Jobs

    Is that Pacific Coast or Anglers? If Pacific Coast do you still have the pic of me and my bigeye tuna posted up? I used to drop in there frequently when I worked in O'Side.
  286. Randy V

    Big 5 Binocs Sale - Best one in the $50ish Range

    Save up for a pair of gyros instead!
  287. Randy V

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

    Very clever. I like the carabiners to secure it to the net.
  288. Randy V

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    Argh - it's a sticky! Was looking in the main forum body.
  289. Randy V

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    Is this thread moved somewhere? When I click on the Fishing Chit Chat forum I don't see it. Can only find it by tracking my posts. Maybe I'm losing it. LOL
  290. Randy V

    The story of here (Bloody Decks)

    I for one am glad to see Kev is still alive and kicking. Enjoyed the few outings we had together on my boat back in the day. Was not aware of your involvement during the early days of BD.
  291. Randy V

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

  292. Randy V

    Need Prayers for my wife.

    Definitely go for the double mastectomy with reconstruction. No remaining breast tissue for cancer to form. My wife underwent that and is now cancer-free for 7 years. Added bonus: a bigger rack! LOL Assist your wife in selecting the proper size and shape - don't go undersized!
  293. Randy V

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

    A couple questions about the PVC drain bait holders: Do you connect the halves together with cord or zip ties to keep them together? Do you attach them to the bottom of the hoop net or just place them in the bait pocket? Thanks.
  294. Randy V

    1/12/17 Run of Site crossover to HTTPS

    Lost all my posts? Can't find any of my previous postings when I click my profile>content or any other search means. Trying to find a thread I created a couple weeks ago! Bring them back!
  295. Randy V

    VERY Late Report and Lost Net

    Nice haul, Yutaka! I thought legal size for lings was now 22 inches?
  296. Randy V

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

    Sweet - thanks! Well that was mighty neighbourly of ya - thanks! Will slap together one of the HD drain types to try first.
  297. Randy V

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

    Sounds like a good solution. Got a pic, or link to the item at HD? Thanks.
  298. Randy V

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

    OK, will see if I can find them. Thanks.
  299. Randy V

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

    OK, where get 'em?
  300. Randy V

    WTB: Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cage

    Plastic type. Only need one.
  301. Randy V

    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    Average prices? Or a website that lists the prices?
  302. Randy V

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

    Awhile ago someone here was selling bait cages that got high recommendations. Anyone can point me to the seller? Thanks.
  303. Randy V

    Finger Bankin - Epic Goldfishing

    Very nice! Where is the Finger Banks?
  304. Randy V

    12-21 Rockfish Report

    Sweet taco meat! What's the limit on rock fish?
  305. Randy V

    Accurate Reel Giveaway!

    Contest ended. Who won?
  306. Randy V

    The sheephead are thick. Saturday 12/10/16 Long beach area

    For best quality, Sheephead really need to be bled and gutted as soon as brought on board. Then iced down. Otherwise they release internal enzymes that turns the meat to mush. Properly preserved and cooked they taste like lobster, due to their diet of mostly crustaceans.
  307. Randy V

    Santa Monica Bay - Lingcod Report - 12/12/16

    Huge! What's the California state record? I'm thinking those may have been contenders. Only see them that size up in Alaska!
  308. Randy V


    OK, thanks Gabe.
  309. Randy V


    Any reports for halibut being caught between Point Loma and La Jolla? Estimated water depth they are typically at this time of year? Thanks.
  310. Randy V

    Installing A Galvanic Isolator

    Right on, thanks Bill.
  311. Randy V

    Installing A Galvanic Isolator

    Hard to believe that only one boat owner has installed one of these. Either they are not common or most are unaware of their benefits.
  312. Randy V

    Yes we are messing with the forums layouts 3/18

    WTF is wrong with the forums now? Just silly.
  313. Randy V

    Installing A Galvanic Isolator

    Huh? Either it did or it didn't.
  314. Randy V

    Installing A Galvanic Isolator

    OK, thanks. Does the unit come with installation instructions? I'm thinking I'll mount it on top of the main shore power control panel located inside the boat.
  315. Randy V

    Pulled the trigger today

    Pics of the model?
  316. Randy V

    Installing A Galvanic Isolator

    I had looked at that one - thanks. Approx. price? Did you install it yourself?
  317. Randy V


    Looks fantastic. Is it a non-skid surface?
  318. Randy V

    Installing A Galvanic Isolator I recently had a 'hot dock' situation that I want to protect myself against going forward. The prices for galvanic isolators (GI) appears to vary widely. Any suggestions for a GI that works well for you? Ease/difficulty of...
  319. Randy V

    17th Annual After Thanksgiving Halibut Classic report & Results 2016

    Really cool Tourney emblem this year. The nicest boat in the fleet run by rookies dragging their fenders. LOL
  320. Randy V

    I can still ride a bike.

    Looks like FM ain't talkin'. LOL
  321. Randy V

    Offshore Limits of bluefin in the dark. 11-25-16

    DAYUM! What boat were you on? Doesn't look like a Parker.
  322. Randy V

    Rpt.-Wed. 11-23-16 Local Bass, Reds, Christmas Prep!

    Dood! What's your electricity bill look like for December?
  323. Randy V

    Offshore Tanner bank 11/18

    Nice first post! As has been discussed here, to reduce considerably the fight time, keep the boat in gear at idle speed, moving forward in a straight line. This planes the fish up and prevents it from turning it's head. Reduces a 1.5 hour standup battle to a 30 minute one.
  324. Randy V


    OMG - we don't see many that huge these days. Nice!
  325. Randy V

    More Little Johnny...

    ...little johnny and his mom are going to see the lady neighbor's new baby ...johnny's mom says to johnny "the baby has a deformation. he was born without any ears. i want you to be on your best behavior, no jokes!!" ....johnnie says "sure mom" ....after pleasantries the lady neighbor says...
  326. Randy V

    Offshore And the beat goes on....WOW.

    What's the story on the sheephead? ^^ and this.
  327. Randy V

    Offshore 11/13 YFT Shakedown

    How many did you get - wasn't clear in the report.
  328. Randy V

    Offshore Hail Mary For The BFT

    Good on ya! Does the New Lo An have an RSW system? Were you allowed to bleed/gut them before stashing them away?
  329. Randy V

    Offshore Tuna Hunt--11/9

    Holy Mackerel! LOL
  330. Randy V

    friday 10/27

    That's what the Trip Planning forums are for...newb.
  331. Randy V

    Offshore Surprise, surprise Blue Fin Tuna jumpers at SCI

    Good on ya! What's the price for that 1.5 dayer?
  332. Randy V

    Offshore Larger Grade Ahi - 10/9

    So let me get this straight - you are claiming that ahi is a separate species of tuna? LOL
  333. Randy V

    Offshore Larger Grade Ahi - 10/9

    OK, now you're just showing off! LOL
  334. Randy V

    Broken Cable Port on Furuno FCV-600L Sounder

    Here's the broken part on mine:
  335. Randy V

    Broken Cable Port on Furuno FCV-600L Sounder

    Thanks. Where is Honor Marine?
  336. Randy V

    Airmar's New In Hull Transducers.

    Are you an Airmar dealer?
  337. Randy V

    Broken Cable Port on Furuno FCV-600L Sounder

    The plastic surround collar on the middle cable port located on the back of the unit has broken, making it difficult to seat the cable connector. Can I order a replacement connector and DIY or will this require sending the unit to Furuno for repair? Any leads on where to get Furuno parts? Any...
  338. Randy V

    I can still ride a bike.

    FloMar on the bugs! No help from KepDawg? LOL
  339. Randy V

    Offshore Caught my first tuna ! YFT 6/29
  340. Randy V

    Kona Star Ultimate Tuna Club Sandwich

    Bumping it up for those lucky enough to get into them this summer! I made a couple last week - still awesome!
  341. Randy V

    Offshore SCI 9/19

    Nice opening shot of the slab of sashimi! That told the whole story.
  342. Randy V

    Irish Accident !!!

    A farmer named Paddy had a car accident. He was hit by a truck owned by the Eversweet Company. In court, the Eversweet Company's hot-shot solicitor was questioning Paddy. 'Didn't you say to the police at the scene of the accident, 'I'm fine?' asked the solicitor; Paddy responded: 'Well, I'll...
  343. Randy V

    Offshore YFT at the 181 9/16

    They were out there, jumping all around us and the fleet but we couldn't get them to eat, despite massive chumming, flylined dines, flatfalls, or snipers. We saw a few hookups around us, but not many. It was a beautiful day with the seas looking like a lake, so that made the 3 hour run out...
  344. Randy V

    28 foot parker needs deckhand

    Good job. I'm in Marina Village as well - headed out Friday morning. Will keep an ear out for you on the radio. Randy V Kona Star
  345. Randy V

    Offshore Why do we keep going fishing?

    Good job on getting into them! You talk about those two spots like they are close together. They are actually 20 miles or so apart.
  346. Randy V

    Offshore 3/4 day YFT action on the San Diego 9/13

    Good job on the tuners - stay in school! LOL You were just south of the 181 yesterday. Post on the Okuma forum here. Daniel at Okuna monitors it and will hit you up most likely. I posted a messed up reel a fellow MFer BDer sold me as new on that forum. Daniel hooked me up with a free repair.
  347. Randy V

    Shipping Fish

    Yep, you win the dumbass of the week award. You should have told him to just drop it by 5 Star fish processor and they'd do all the rest. Are you related to the Unknown Fisherman? LOL
  348. Randy V

    fujifilm techno stabi binoculars

    Fujifilm? LOL
  349. Randy V

    Offshore 9/12

    At the 182?
  350. Randy V

    Win Free Costa Sunglasses

    Another mustery contest!
  351. Randy V

    Offshore 9/10 YFT between 9 mile and 182

    Right on! Max is a baller for sure.
  352. Randy V

    Offshore Gotta know your limitations....

    How about some more details on the fishing part of your day?
  353. Randy V

    North County SD To Newport Boat Detailing BD Deal

    What's the 'deal'?
  354. Randy V

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    You ever hear the one about wrestling with a pig? LOL
  355. Randy V

    SCI closed today?

    Good intel - bookmarked. Thanks man.
  356. Randy V

    Fleet Has Moved Inside Today - SCI Closed or...?

    Nobody off south SCI this morning. Have the tuna moved inshore or is SCI closed?
  357. Randy V

    Fleet Has Moved Inside Today - SCI Closed or...?

    Nobody off south SCI this morning. Have the tuna moved inshore or is SCI closed?
  358. Randy V

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    I comprehended you just fine frendo. You were justifying falling asleep on watch due to exhaustion. There's NO justification. Comprehend that?
  359. Randy V

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Oh that is just such unadulterated horseshit! You NEVER fall asleep on watch - regardless of reason.
  360. Randy V

    Possible Invicta Casualty. Anyone Know this Hat?

    Forget the hat those fish tags are the big score! LOL
  361. Randy V


    You should never attach the anchor line to a rear cleat and try to power it free in forward. This has resulted in numerous cases of small to medium size boats flipping over (think about the leverage and forces being applied) and the occupants being lost at sea.
  362. Randy V

    Lost Reliable Kill Bags

    I'm betting they were already stolen before you headed out. Where do you slip your boat?
  363. Randy V

    Offshore Bluefin!

    Report of the month!
  364. Randy V

    Offshore 182 9/8

    Right on! Same area the San Diego did well on a 3/4 day the other day. Refresh my memory - the 182 is in Mex waters?
  365. Randy V


    Gotta mix it up to keep you Mods on yer toes. LOL
  366. Randy V

    Offshore Labor Day on the "NON" Producer

    You were doing good until your literacy failed you at the end. LOL
  367. Randy V

    Offshore ToadsToadsOnly Strikes again this time the whole crew was bent

    Right on. Those a relatively small reels - what type are they?
  368. Randy V

    Offshore 7th time's a charm....bft

    Like a Boss for sure!
  369. Randy V


    After getting all of Pope Francis's luggage loaded into the limo at the airport, (and he doesn't . . . travel light), the driver notices the Pope is still standing on the curb. “Excuse me, Your Holiness,” says the driver, “Would you please take your seat so we can leave?” “Well, to tell you...
  370. Randy V

    Okuma Inshore Rod Giveaway! Two Rods!

    Good thing this closed contest is a sticky! No clue as to who won though. LOL
  371. Randy V

    Win Free Costa Sunglasses

    So who won?
  372. Randy V

    Offshore CONDOR 2016 LABOR DAY BF trip

    Um, yeah, that's how it works alright - doesn't answer my question though. Are you related to the Unknown Fisherman? LOL
  373. Randy V

    Offshore YFT EVERYWHERE!!!!

    How about some details - trolling, bait, etc?
  374. Randy V

    Offshore CONDOR 2016 LABOR DAY BF trip

    That's a cool resource. Any idea how they get the ship name? Must be some type of on-board transponder?
  375. Randy V

    Offshore Outgunned by the 43

    So you admit to sucking? Keep up the good effort. LOL
  376. Randy V

    Offshore troubled trip

    Damn this was a weak outing. Keep trying!
  377. Randy V

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Nice report - you win the internet! LOL
  378. Randy V

    Offshore They're out there!

    Where's that beiber icon when we need it?
  379. Randy V

    Giant bluefin on popper from small boat.. from July

    Hang on while I find my video from last year. LOL
  380. Randy V

    Off Topic...Get to Qualcomm?

    I'm sure he will be getting lots of appreciation: LOL
  381. Randy V

    What Happened to "Stoked on Fishing"?

    ISF has new episodes? Where are they running? It's been a couple years since I've seen a new one.
  382. Randy V

    need lobster info

    Let me PM you the numbers to my secret honey holes - they are epic! LOL
  383. Randy V

    Off Topic...Get to Qualcomm?

    Trolley is a no-brainer if you don't plan to tailgate. Uber/Lyft will get you there, but good luck getting back out! LOL
  384. Randy V

    Fishing / boating friend

    That was pretty much exactly what my reply was going to be, but I've just grown weary of 'counselling' the newbs. LOL
  385. Randy V

    For more boat tips check out Captain Scott Goodwin's tutorials

    Why so many old stickies in this forum? Clean up in Aisle 3!!! LOL
  386. Randy V

    World's Biggest Asshole - No, Not Carl

  387. Randy V

    Offshore Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    I hate this guy! He's probably married to a supermodel as well! LOL
  388. Randy V

    Lucky Dog

    Not sure what I what I thinking putting those two jokes in the Videos section. This one does belong here.
  389. Randy V

    Local big game

    Good going - keep the smalluns' and set Mama free - just the way it should be!
  390. Randy V

    Offshore Still Local Enough! 8-28 43'ish

    Good on ya man! What type bait did you have on the kite? Dead sardine? May have missed that.
  391. Randy V

    Bargain Shopping

    William and Mildred decided to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas. William went to the front desk to check them in while Mildred stayed with the car. As he was leaving the lobby, a young woman dressed in a very short skirt introduced herself as Candie. William...
  392. Randy V

    Carl, Drunk Again

    That calls for a drink to celebrate! LOL
  393. Randy V

    Moral of the Story

    The teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment: Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at the end of it. The next day, the kids came back and, one by one, began to tell their stories. There were all the regular types of stuff: Spilled milk and pennies saved. But then the...
  394. Randy V

    Carl, Drunk Again

  395. Randy V

    Offshore Grand Day on the Grande 8/21

    So you were the asshole using the Ugly Stick bass rod? LOL
  396. Randy V

    Offshore I'm Here, BFT still There...:(

    That pic looks like a shaft stuck in his shoulder blade, not the butt.
  397. Randy V

    Offshore 8/17 425

    Ah, thanks - would never have seen it hidden in the clutter without your screenshot!
  398. Randy V

    Thoughts on some nice Binoculars?

    5* of what? Where is this new data from?
  399. Randy V

    Thoughts on some nice Binoculars?

    I'd say the differences is the additional 2X magnification but even more important is the larger Objective Lens size. This determines how bright the image is.
  400. Randy V

    Boat went down right next to us.

    Props to Black on this solid save! What type/size boat was it? No news articles on this? That seems unusual. Ever determine the cause?
  401. Randy V

    Offshore 302 fish report

    Good job, Larry - great to hear some promising news on the YFTs finally!
  402. Randy V

    Any New BD Deals @ Catalina Offshore Products?

    I for one miss seeing TG stop by once in awhile. Made it feel like BDers were special to C.O.P.
  403. Randy V

    ---Daiwa Saltist 20 LD---sold please delete

    I sent the guy a PM a few days ago on this matter before posting - never heard back from him. What's that say about him? To me it says he knew he sold me a broken reel and didn't want to talk about it. LOL
  404. Randy V

    Offshore 8/17 425

    Thanks. This one? I can't figure out how to see wave/swell data though. Any hints?
  405. Randy V

    Vessel Operator Card Requirements Will Be Here Soon

    Start looking for those Coast Guard Auxiliary diplomas if you don't want to be forced to retake the course. From BD:
  406. Randy V

    Offshore Got. Two

    I'm betting Dave regrets ever discussing that matter here. BDers are brutal with long memories - perhaps too long. I say we give him a pass.
  407. Randy V

    Offshore 8/17 425

    Which weather buoys do you check? Link? Thanks.
  408. Randy V

    Offshore Got. Two

    Dave, I've checked your site and under Rates it only says "Call for Rates". Any way you can give a ballpark number on your services? Single day targeting tuna, using your boat? Single day targeting tuna, using my boat? Send a PM if you prefer.
  409. Randy V

    ---Daiwa Saltist 20 LD---sold please delete

    Just a heads-up, this guy sold me a fucked Okuma reel he advertised as like new. Buyer beware.
  410. Randy V

    Cought Cheeting

    He sure was kaught! LOL
  411. Randy V

    Thoughts on some nice Binoculars?

    ^^ Good question.
  412. Randy V

    In Regards to BD for sale ads..... I have an idea!!

    Another winner! LOL
  413. Randy V

    In Regards to BD for sale ads..... I have an idea!!

    Winner! The other jackholes just love the drama!
  414. Randy V

    What do you think about Fishdope? is it worth it?

    You will not get a dissenting report on a site that owns the site in question. LOL
  415. Randy V

    Thoughts on some nice Binoculars?

    How do the Nikons compare to the Fujinons?
  416. Randy V

    Mission Bay Coves

    Another vote for Mariner's Cove.
  417. Randy V

    SMB BEAST 8-15

    Damn nice 'but!
  418. Randy V

    Offshore Big dorado and small yft.

    Move that bait tank the hell aft!
  419. Randy V

    Offshore Got. Two

    Nice fishes. Sad to see Dave taking his ball and going home. LOL
  420. Randy V

    Offshore Finally, Bluefin after a windy day-Oceanside

    Nice slab of sushi meat! Hope you properly bled and iced it for maximum quality. Trolling lure set...
  421. Randy V

    Offshore 80-100+lb BFT Rapala fish

    Heartbreaker for sure! I've always been suspect of those rap treble hooks - definitely not enough bite for a 70+ lb tuner.
  422. Randy V

    Offshore 8/12 Big YFT on the chunk God is Good

    Good on ya, Shelton. i admire your persistence!
  423. Randy V

    Offshore Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Just stay away from me, ya freakin' jackhole.
  424. Randy V

    Offshore Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Huh, I don't recall asking you a question. If I want your lip I'll rattle my zipper. LOL
  425. Randy V

    Looks like Billy's at it again!

    He caught that inshore? LOL
  426. Randy V

    Offshore Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Damn, that's some sophisticated smart fishing technique. Good job, guys! For such relatively short battles I'm guessing you kept the boat moving during the fights?
  427. Randy V

    Offshore Lost two...more confident than ever - 8/4 Dana Point

    Hope it's nothing too serious to continue keeping ya sidelined. So when you gonna get yer ass out there again? Summer's almost over, bro.
  428. Randy V

    Offshore 209 Report- Theft at Dana point

    That's sad to hear, Nick. Pretty dodo though. All thieves should burn in hell for eternity!
  429. Randy V

    Offshore Finally connected

    Good on ya. You have the boat and equipment for the task!
  430. Randy V

    Offshore Lost two...more confident than ever - 8/4 Dana Point

    What did you do now, CC - tripped over those dock lines laying on the cockpit floor? LOL
  431. Randy V

    Offshore Lost two...more confident than ever - 8/4 Dana Point

    You need to find a couple fishing buddies before your next outing.
  432. Randy V

    Ranger 85

    From 2013? LOL
  433. Randy V

    Offshore My first Cow Tuna Locally and a royal ass kicking.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - to cut the battle time in half or more, keep the boat moving forward in a straight line at idle speed. This glides the fish towards the surface and prevents it from turning its head, resulting in a much easier retrieve.
  434. Randy V

    #231 Bluefin

    Kill shot!
  435. Randy V

    My Okuma 2-speed Reel is Messed Up - What to Do?

    Bought it from a fellow BDer as in new condition (won't name any names at this point, except I call him Weasel) but turns out there seems to be a stripped gear inside. How do I get it repaired? Thanks.
  436. Randy V

    Another Awesome Contest-Under Armour

    I think I won?
  437. Randy V

    Win Xtratuf Deck Boots

    Love my boots!
  438. Randy V

    Swordfish RAW

    Elvis has left the building... LOL
  439. Randy V

    Everingham Bait Barge Price Increase Starting Today

    If you can't afford to buy bait you shouldn't be a PBer.
  440. Randy V

    Save your spines

    I prefer pork ribs.
  441. Randy V

    had to share

    You selling those to Cuban refugees on Amazon?
  442. Randy V

    Where to post for Buddy Boat to Catalina

    Try the Catalina Buddy Boaters forum.
  443. Randy V

    Dog swallows fish hook sparking warning to pet owners, plea to anglers

    Don't leave hot dogs on a hook lying around.
  444. Randy V

    Telephone Poles...

    I find this difficult to believe.
  445. Randy V

    Drone flying

  446. Randy V

    Need to maintain batteries at anchor

    Solar charger mat.
  447. Randy V

    Upholstery Needed

    Carlos at Pacific Upholstery is the man! Did my entire boat.
  448. Randy V

    LJ report

    That's not a sunfish, it's a freakin' baby whale Jay!
  449. Randy V

    Offshore My first swordfish

    Good for you! I remember my first one - it's a memory for the ages.
  450. Randy V

    Offshore 16 miles out from mission bay
  451. Randy V

    I need help!

    No comparison - diesels all the way.
  452. Randy V

    Offshore 240.2lb Cow BFT Report (US Waters)

    Next time keep the boat in gear at idle speed moving forward while you fight the fish. This causes the fish to plane upwards and prevents it from turning its head. Using that technique should have been able to boat it in well under an hour.
  453. Randy V

    Little help

  454. Randy V

    ANYONE know what this is?

    Bait tank anchor point.
  455. Randy V

    Super chapped...on incompetency...

    Pacific Yacht Towers - when you ready to pay for quality. LOL
  456. Randy V

    Offshore First bluefin cow

    Ask Carl! Until then, no picky no ticky. LOL
  457. Randy V

    Offshore Chief 2.5 day june 10-11

    That's how to do it. I may have missed it - what was the estimated weight?
  458. Randy V

    Offshore First BFT

    Good job! Must be a very dense tuna. LOL
  459. Randy V

    Offshore I got taxed hard today!

    Good job on bleeding out that tuna! LOL
  460. Randy V

    Looking for someone to punch holes in my boat

    Better to use a drill. LOL
  461. Randy V

    Offshore 2 for 4 BFT 80#-90#; Some Nifty Angling

    Nice video with the voiceover. Professional grade.
  462. Randy V

    Man..she was wet

    You stuck yer wiener into your boat's transducer orifice? LOL
  463. Randy V

    Any New BD Deals @ Catalina Offshore Products?

    Drop by sometime Tommy and share the love!
  464. Randy V

    i learned something today!

    To share a video, upload it to YouTube then post the link here.
  465. Randy V

    SD Bay Halibut

    That's the way to do it!
  466. Randy V

    Carl is a dick

    Details? About the fish, we all know about Carl already. LOL
  467. Randy V

    Offshore OFFSHORE SAN DIEGO BANKS 6-2-16

    Are those ling cods? Looks tasty - you know how to do it!
  468. Randy V

    Offshore No bft, no yellowtail, no wsb.....Just a few Butts.

    Nothing wrong with that! How deep were they hitting at?
  469. Randy V

    Offshore No bft, no yellowtail, no wsb.....Just a few Butts.

    Nothing wrong with that! How deep were they hitting at?
  470. Randy V

    Drowning Death Fishing Off Catalina Today

    Apparently somebody got their leg wrapped in the prop when the boat overturned. Details are still sketchy.
  471. Randy V

    Drowning Death Fishing Off Catalina Today

    Victim was a young man with a disability not wearing a PFD. Sounds like a rogue wave overturned the boat, very similar to an occurrence off LA last year.
  472. Randy V

    Drowning Death Fishing Off Catalina Today

    Relative of a friend died today after being capsized by a rogue wave whilE fishing off Catalina. Will post news as it comes up.
  473. Randy V

    La Jolla 5/23 same day - PB Hali

    Sweet! How deep was that butt at?
  474. Randy V

    Limits of Yellowtail Tunas on the irons! 5/14

    Perfect fish for the compost pile! LOL
  475. Randy V

    Offshore Dana Mako

    Is this Don Hanson? LOL
  476. Randy V

    seal killed and raped......sounds crazy right?

    No cuddling afterwards?
  477. Randy V

    Local Lings 05-15-16

    Cool wolf eel.
  478. Randy V

    Saluki's alive?

    I thought Saluki was an Ornamental...
  479. Randy V

    osprey attack

    You suck at the osprey catching. No video is no good. LOL
  480. Randy V

    The Cow Jumped Over The Fence

    Udderly stoopid! LOL
  481. Randy V

    Fisherman's Depot?

    Is Moe still in jail? Does he have a trial date?
  482. Randy V

    Yard sale today custom rids great prices

    How many custom rids ya got?
  483. Randy V

    lost gear van nuys area

    Oh no - not the green bucket! LOL
  484. Randy V

    Cogswell Marine - Chula Vista

    Good to hear he's cleaned up his act. He screwed me over about 10 years ago and tried to hold my boat hostage for bogus storage fees.
  485. Randy V

    4/29/16 Lings in La Jolla.

    That's good to see! How deep were you at? You have a secret high spot?
  486. Randy V

    Weather Links for any Region

    A lot of dead links in the OP. Updates?
  487. Randy V

    Hate paddy crashers?

    That'll do indeed! LOL
  488. Randy V

    galvanic coorosion issue, please help

    Trim tabs must have a zinc installed on each one.
  489. Randy V

    Urgent Message!

    Is this still URGENT? LOL
  490. Randy V

    Secret Ling Cod Spot Blown Out 4-16 ( Video )

    Am I now an honorary Reel Brother? LOL
  491. Randy V

    Pacific Quest – Bait Wraps Sponsored trip 4/24/16

    How did you catch that headless lobster? Was it eaten by a sea otter or a seal?
  492. Randy V

    1/2 Day Halibut on the DD

    Is the DD out of Mission Bay or SD Bay? Nice job on the flattie - did it qualify for the jackpot?
  493. Randy V

    Offshore go BIIIIGGGGG or stay home? - Monster Mako in April

    I had the same thoughts. Chicks - can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em. LOL
  494. Randy V

    55' Convertible Sportfisher / Twin Outboards!

    Using 4 627 HP outboards? LOL
  495. Randy V

    Rpt-04-20-16 SCI Tails, Reds and other Critters!

    I've wondered the same thing!
  496. Randy V

    Rpt-04-20-16 SCI Tails, Reds and other Critters!

    Nice reds for sure! No lings?
  497. Randy V

    Offshore 10/25, Smoked Wahoo on the Water, "FIRE in the Sky"

    I think it was the second or third episode - towards the beginning.
  498. Randy V

    Transducer help.

    So what did you decide to do?
  499. Randy V

    Help me find a piece of hardware

    West Marine has those in stainless steel.
  500. Randy V

    Found a Civil War camp

    Do you know of any good metal detecting discussion forums?
  501. Randy V

    2006 Parker 2520 'Dawn Patrol' 10 Year Transformation

    Following your progress with interest.
  502. Randy V

    Need upholstery work. Suggestions?

    I've had great results from Carlos at Pacific Upholstery in Point Loma area. 619-733-2724 Tell him Randy V sent you.
  503. Randy V

    MDR Halibut Derby

    How did he keep a halibut alive on a yak?
  504. Randy V

    Broke my cabin fever at Rocky Point 4-16

    I'll bet you fly with that ol' Johnson.
  505. Randy V

    A war raged here

    Show us your best find.
  506. Randy V

    The Italian...

    I didn't know Carl was blonde. LOL
  507. Randy V

    A war raged here

    Ever find anything of value?
  508. Randy V

    This girl got lucky!!!!

  509. Randy V

    day at the docks??

    When is it?
  510. Randy V

    End of Sports Chalet

    Sad to hear that.
  511. Randy V

    Free Shimano Tackle Bag

    Done 130
  512. Randy V

    Transducer help.

    Based on that pic there is now way you can get a good transom mount. Install a new thruhull with highspeed fairing block on the opposite side from the existing one, as close to center and as far back as possible to avoid lifting the ducer out of the water when running bow high. There should be...
  513. Randy V

    Chasing bluefin on New Seaforth PM 1/2 day 4-12

    41 anglers @ $45 a pop is plenty to buy a few scoops of chove! That's pretty short sighted by the cap to run and gun for BFTs but not bring any chum bait.
  514. Randy V

    Halibut Whistler Area 4-12

    Nice one! How deep was it taken?
  515. Randy V

    Thought this was a good place for this!!!

    Fuckin' Illlllllegal Mexicans! LOL
  516. Randy V

    Gym on. LOL

    Welcome to 2011 LOL
  517. Randy V

    WTF JC Penney

    Period? LOL
  518. Randy V

    Winning the jackpot?

    Damn son - you don't sound like much of a Liberal Democrat. LOL
  519. Randy V

    Winning the jackpot?

    Screw those entitled deckies. If they put in the effort, give a nice chunk of it. If not, give 'em a middle finger and bring the cash home to Mama - you know you gettin' that investment back in time! LOL
  520. Randy V

    Socal boat question.

    If you want an Arima then I'd recommend Arima-Bob as your new bestest friend. LOL
  521. Randy V

    4/7 Izors and the Pipe

    Lal only catches fish when he's with Cory. LOL
  522. Randy V

    4/1 the wedge

    CAREFUL! I hear baby sculpin are the most deadly because they don't know how to control how much venom they release Yeah, that's it - them yunguns are just too premature in their ejacuvenomations. LOL
  523. Randy V

    Offshore I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    Damn, son - you gonna need to put all that weight back on to battle these BFTs! Nice haul - in Mex waters - how far south of South Coronado? LOL
  524. Randy V

    4/1 the wedge

    Where is The Wedge?
  525. Randy V

    Offshore 60 Mile Bank Bluefin

    Good on ya, Eric! What were you using for bait?
  526. Randy V

    Fish of a lifetime for the Local Knowledge team.

    Congrats on the fish of a lifetime, Ali. I'm wondering how a leader setup equals hundreds of dollars? Very informative explanation on how easily braid can fail!
  527. Randy V

    Rpt.-04-03-16 Seeing Red and Mixed Bass Locally.

    Good job. No ling cods out there?
  528. Randy V

    Caught nothing at San Dieguito Lagoon because...

    That sucks for sure. Does it specifically indicate no fishing allowed from your old spots? What's the biggest halibut you've pulled out of there and how long ago?
  529. Randy V

    Offshore 10/25, Smoked Wahoo on the Water, "FIRE in the Sky"

    Hey, Josh - Was watching Local Knowledge this weekend. There's a short shot of Ali reading BD - looks like he was reading a PM from you. LOL
  530. Randy V

    Offshore April fools day at LJ (a true story)

    I'll take a nice ling over a YT any day - good work.
  531. Randy V

    Redondo bait

    Nice Bait Report! Thanks.
  532. Randy V

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Heartbreak (video)

    He's a bad mutherfocker!
  533. Randy V

    Cleaning a spark arrester

    Any and all those will work. This ain't rocket surgery!
  534. Randy V

    Why Carl is Always So Grumpy

    This explains it! LOL
  535. Randy V

    Lingcod Heartbreak 0 for 3 on Big Lingcod ( Video )

    Hey, by the way - I was out fishing off La Jolla last Saturday and did a shout out to Reel Brothers on channel 72. Some knucklehead guy came back impersonating you - must have been someone from on here who knows us. LOL
  536. Randy V

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Heartbreak (video)

    Hey, put me back in the water! LOL LOL They found Dickie! .
  537. Randy V

    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    Entertaining report! I'm still not clear on who/what WB is?
  538. Randy V

    Lingcod Heartbreak 0 for 3 on Big Lingcod ( Video )

    What type hook setup and bait were you using, D?
  539. Randy V

    Lingcod Heartbreak 0 for 3 on Big Lingcod ( Video )

    That was a 20 pound ling! Fuckin' Dickie! LOL
  540. Randy V

    Too many hooks?

    This may be helpful - last article:
  541. Randy V

    Well Spring Break was fun ...

    So were you fishing off La Jolla? Very nice WSB!
  542. Randy V

    Offshore late eclpise 2.5 day feb 19

    How is a guys' lost fish your problem? LOL
  543. Randy V

    Lingcod Heartbreak 0 for 3 on Big Lingcod ( Video )

    Any hints? I'm looking to improve my success rate on these beasts.
  544. Randy V

    Lingcod Heartbreak 0 for 3 on Big Lingcod ( Video )

    What type setup and bait were you using to target the lings, Corey?
  545. Randy V

    Unexpected noise discovered at deepest part of world's ocean

    Did they hear Trump down there too? LOL
  546. Randy V

    Need a dog moved from So.Cal to North TX

    Did that dog ever get to Texas? LOL
  547. Randy V

    Halibut Wall Art

    An orange halibut?
  548. Randy V

    Urgent help needed for Carl...

    Carl should pay us all $5.00 for putting up with his crap. LOL
  549. Randy V

    anybody ever take legal action against a Mexican Corporation?

    Just have your credit card company remove the charge. Why so difficult?
  550. Randy V

    My wife made an amazing discovery

    What did you find?
  551. Randy V

    gifted combo

    Just hand them all over and have them figure it out. They will learn a lot by doing the research.
  552. Randy V

    Quick & easy canvas repair

    I'll be interested to see how they hold up over time.
  553. Randy V

    Punta Colonet Goes OFF

    That looks like a cow cod? Nice.
  554. Randy V

    Slow Off La Jolla Sat. 3/26

    Took my nephew and his boy out for some local bottom action. Departed at 0800, back in the slip by 15:30. Large cured sardines at EB bait receiver in Quivera basin. Very conveniently located by my slip in Marina Village. With the end of lobster season it sure was nice to not have to dodge a...
  555. Randy V

    Halibut Now?

    Thanks, Ed. Hope we do a bit better - will be on the flats between MB and LJ as well as some ling high spots I've marked over the years. Last report on butts I read here a week or so ago was in 40 feet.
  556. Randy V

    Going on a cruise to Mexico

    What are you going to do with any fish you catch? Keep them in your stateroom until you get back home? Your wife will love that. LOL
  557. Randy V

    Ice Machine

    How much was your refurbished ice maker?
  558. Randy V

    Please wear your life vests

    I'm wearing mine right now. Are we good?
  559. Randy V

    Boat Partner Wanted

    What is the monthly cost?
  560. Randy V

    Anyone want to go fishing?

    Have you gone fishing yet? What type/size boat you running?
  561. Randy V

    Halibut Now?

    Any intel on what depth the 'butts are located this week? Thanks.
  562. Randy V

    Catalina yellow tail (added report)

    Great report - thanks! LOL
  563. Randy V

    Offshore Went Looking 2-26 ( Video)

    No net required for catch and release, like with those lings! LOL
  564. Randy V

    BDS is dragging today

    Same problems here. Been that way for a couple weeks now.
  565. Randy V

    Great Season

    Not as good as yours!
  566. Randy V

    Lingcod Heartbreak 0 for 3 on Big Lingcod ( Video )

    We're taking up a collection to buy HardCore a net! LOL
  567. Randy V

    Offshore Went Looking 2-26 ( Video)

    Invest in a net! lol
  568. Randy V

    Grease Type for Steering Assembly?

    Thanks, guys!
  569. Randy V

    Grease Type for Steering Assembly?

    I have a standard cable steering system that has a zerk fitting for lubricating the pivot assembly on the outdrive. What type grease is typically used for this application? Thanks.
  570. Randy V


    What is SPOT?
  571. Randy V

    Offshore Went Looking 2-26 ( Video)

    You used your lunch for bait? :rofl:
  572. Randy V

    Rockfish Opener (Half-Day) 3/1

    What is the depth/date for the rockfish season? Thanks!
  573. Randy V

    Okuma Repair Service?

    I have a new 2-speed Okuma reel that seems to have a broken gear. How can I get it repaired by Okuma? Thanks.
  574. Randy V

    Qualifier 105

    Yeah, I saw that as well. Guy rebuilt the top end when the real problem was with the fuel delivery system!
  575. Randy V

    Doubled Up x 4 2015 Yellowfin Tuna

    A bit of cabin fever setting in, CC? LOL
  576. Randy V

    Lost the Anchor!

  577. Randy V

    My 2 personal best mahi mahi back to back days

    Do you cook them up on the boat?
  578. Randy V

    Sunday Morning Sex -

    Upon hearing that her elderly grandfather had just passed away, Katie went straight to her grandparent's house to visit her 95 year-old grandmother and comfort her. When she asked how her grandfather had died, her grandmother replied, "He had a heart attack while we were making love on Sunday...
  579. Randy V

    132 Wheeler

  580. Randy V

    Teach Me the Secret Handshake !!!!!!

    BOAT = Break Out Another Thousand
  581. Randy V

    Fish amounts

    Are they supposed to look plastic?
  582. Randy V

    Who's up for a Local Knowledge Colonet run? Leaving Thurs 2/18 PM

    I can't believe you guys had to release all those grouper. Nothing beats a fried grouper sammich!
  583. Randy V

    Duckbills wrapped @ work

    Nice union job! :p:
  584. Randy V

    Calico's in the Mist

    How do you cook those?
  585. Randy V

    2/7/ late report birdrock-off MB

    Nice going on the YFT!
  586. Randy V

    Rpt.-02-10-16 Great Bass'n + A Cambria Wine Country Story!

    It sounds like you had a nice trip?
  587. Randy V

    LJ/PL 2-9 & 2-111

    What is that first one? Doesn't look like a typical BSB.
  588. Randy V

    Local Knowledge Series Preview

    OK, that's channel 286 on DirecTV.
  589. Randy V

    Local Knowledge Series Preview

    What channel/network is it on?
  590. Randy V

    1/23 Deep Water Halibut

    That's a big brown beaver! LOL
  591. Randy V

    Offshore Stolen gear, wrong forum, I know, but trying

    Sounds like an inside job. That Manager is in on it for sure. BUT, does sound like the OP was very lax in his due diligence. I mean seriously, a buncha cash in the glove box??? WTF??? Sometimes stupid hurts.
  592. Randy V

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    coordinates coordinates coordinates coordinates coordinates coordinates coordinates coordinates coordinates coordinates
  593. Randy V

    Hooping SD bay on The Cut Loose (VIDEO)

    Nice hoop setups. Where do you get those strobe lights for the floats?
  594. Randy V

    Sd Bay 1-18-16

    Right on, Eddie - good luck in the tournament!
  595. Randy V

    TV Show "Local Knowledge"?

    Can't find it on DirecTv. Is it an extra pay channel?
  596. Randy V


    How did you 'lose' them? Very odd.
  597. Randy V

    Deleting thread or editing title

    Try the How to Use Forums forum.
  598. Randy V

    Fishing in Louisiana

    Try posting on the Louisiana forum - several pro captains on there.
  599. Randy V

    La Jolla Shores beach boat launch destroyed by storm.

    Huh - was unaware there was a boat launch at LJ Shores. I can't ever recall seeing folks fishing reports indicating they launched from there.
  600. Randy V

    How to use New Posts

    Ah, understand. Wasn't sure if this was an intentional change or something that was mistakenly overlooked.
  601. Randy V

    Anybody want free deckhand/pinhead work?

    Where do people anywhere in the world have normal access to 'alkaline water'. It has nothing to do with USA health practices. You seem to be asserting that in all other areas of the world they turn on the tap and 'alkaline water' comes out?
  602. Randy V

    Glow Paint for Sights --- Free Sample Pack for First 5 People

    What kind of feedback are you getting on these?
  603. Randy V

    Fish Mount Art

    Nice paint work. Are they supposed to look like cartoon fish?
  604. Randy V

    MMkk but the fishin' chic this month though...

    Yes, she's smokin'!
  605. Randy V

    Anybody want free deckhand/pinhead work?

    You've mentioned this a few times. Can you share with us the type of business this is? Sounds like you have a good background in being an entrepreneur.
  606. Randy V

    Meet M.O.W. #39 Gato Gordo

    What happened to Kepdawg? I took him out on my boat a few times back in the Allcoast days.
  607. Randy V

    Opah for Christmas

    What does it say on the label - 'Product of ???'
  608. Randy V

    How to post a new thread

    Is this the new look of BD? Definitely not an improvement. Can't believe they are letting it go so long like this!
  609. Randy V

    Rpt-12-30-15 SCI Reds, Coppers and more critters!

    Ah, thanks. Any idea where the name Johnny Bass came from to describe these?
  610. Randy V

    Rpt-12-30-15 SCI Reds, Coppers and more critters!

    Nice taco meat trip. Is Johnny Bass a Sand Bass?