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  1. Ready4TheYellow

    Rods & Reels

    Shimano Tranx 500PG - 1 Boat ride and filled with braid - $430 Shimano TN20A - 1 Boat ride and filled with braid - $430 Shimano TN16 Gold - Very Clean - $300 Penn Fathom 25nld2 - 1 Boat ride and filled with braid - $225 Penn Fathom 30ld2 - 1 Boat ride - $215 Penn Fathom 15ld2 - New in Box...
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    Deal of the Day - New Saltiga 40 2 Speed

    New in Box Saltiga 40 2 Speed $399 Shipped!!! PM Me!
  3. Ready4TheYellow

    Deal of the Day Penn Torque 30 2 Speed

    Penn TRQ30LD2 - $450 Shipped Brand New in Box 1st to PM me
  4. Ready4TheYellow

    Plano Tactical Rifle Hard Case 42"

    Plano Gun Guard AW Tactical Rifle Hard Case 42" BRAND NEW IN BOX $60 OBO PICKED UP IN LOMITA 90717 Specifications and Features: Rugged thick wall construction Weather tight Dri-Loc seal Over molded handle Spring assisted dual stage latches High density pluck foam Pressure release valve...
  5. Ready4TheYellow

    Penn TRQ 25n 2 Speed NEW

    Penn Torque TRQ25NLD2 - $475 New in Box
  6. Ready4TheYellow

    Tranx 500Hg Pick up

    Used Tranx 500Hg No box SOLD
  7. Ready4TheYellow

    Penn Fathom Star Drags

    Penn Fathom Star Drag Reels For Sale - NEW IN BOX FTH12 $140 FTH15 $140 FTH30 $155 FTH40 $155
  8. Ready4TheYellow

    New in Box Accurate Tern 400x

    New in Box Accurate Tern 400x (Silver/Black) - $SOLD
  9. Ready4TheYellow

    Penn Torque 30 2 speed and 40N

    Penn Torque 30 2 speed - $460 Penn Torque 40N 2 speed - $475 These are new in box
  10. Ready4TheYellow

    Okuma Makiara 15T New Gunmetal

    Okuma Makiara 15T New Gunmetal Color Went on a boat ride Spooled full of 80# Pro Spec $630 These won't be available for another 50 days and are sold out everywhere.
  11. Ready4TheYellow

    Penn Torque 40NLD2 Todays Special

    Penn Torque 40NLD2 2 Speed Reel New in Box These take 5-7 Business days shipped to your door. SOLD
  12. Ready4TheYellow

    RIP John "Hoss" Graber Saturday May 18th

    We lost one of the nicest guys. Alot will remember Hoss for his volunteer work taking kids fishing. Some from coming into Island Fishing Tackle and hearing his stories about fishing long range on the Shogun. He has helped us the past couple years at the FHS as well. Please come celebrate his...
  13. Ready4TheYellow

    Seeker Black Steel 6480H 30-50#

    Seeker Black Steel 6480H 30-50# This was never fished and still looks brand new although 1 of the guides needs repaired. It might have fell in my garage no clue. It's $10-$15 to get wrapped at a shop. SOLD
  14. Ready4TheYellow

    Frenzy Fishing Kites

    FRENZY FISHING KITE - Wind range of 5 mph to 25 mph. Comes in a storage tube. Orange $82 Shipped
  15. Ready4TheYellow

    New in Box Daiwa Reels - Saltist & Saltiga 2 Speeds

    New in Box Daiwa Reels. Lowest prices ever. Pre-Order now Limited Supply. Many of you have asked for Daiwas. Here's the Models I can give deals on. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daiwa Saltiga 2 Speeds - $10...
  16. Ready4TheYellow

    New in Box Shimano Reels Lowest Price on Net

    New in Box Shimano Reels. Lowest prices ever. Pre-Order now Limited Supply. Many of you have asked for Shimanos. Here's the Models I can give deals on. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shimano Tyrnos 2 Speeds - $10...
  17. Ready4TheYellow

    Rods and Reels - VISX, 2X4..ETC

    Reels went on a boat trip yesterday and weren't used. They all have braid. Fathom 25n 2 speed SOLD Fathom 30 2 speed SOLD Fathom 40 2 speed SOLD Gold 20VISX SOLD Rods----------- Used Super Seeker 2x4 - SOLD Used Custom 6490 SOLD Calstar GFGR 770H SOLD Blue Custom Calstar GFGR 770H --...
  18. Ready4TheYellow

    New in Box Avet Reels

    New in Box Avet Reels Order Now Limited Supply. I've had alot of people asking for Avet hook ups. These are what I can get for now at Discounts. If you want to order send me a PM with your email address. I will send Paypal invoice. Prices include shipping and fees. Once paid your reels get...
  19. Ready4TheYellow

    Reliable Kill bags - New 24x60

  20. Ready4TheYellow

    Shogun Chef Wanted

    SHOGUN SPORTFISHING IS HIRING A FULL-TIME COOK! -Must have Chef/Cooking/Culinary experience (references required). -Must be ok with being gone from 3 – 18 days, possibly more at a time. -Must be able to prepare meals for a large number of passengers and crew (25-35 people). -Must clean up...
  21. Ready4TheYellow

    Cheap Vegas Flights $80 Round Trip

    Hey Guys I've got a hook up for cheap Vegas flights. Prices vary on dates but start at Free!! Fly from San Diego, John Wayne or Burbank airport on a Semi private to Private Jet. These flights are 30 passengers only. No more parking at the airport, shuttling to the terminal, going through...
  22. Ready4TheYellow

    Bushnell 8x30mm ImageView Black 3.2MP 1.5" Flip-up

    Brand New in Box. $55 Bushnell Image View 381mm eye relief 30mm objective 320 ft @ 3000 ft field of view 14.8 oz 8x camera magnification Photo-editing software Neck Strap, USB Cable, Lens Cloth, Carrying Case and Remote Shutter Cable SD Card Slot (SD Card not included)
  23. Ready4TheYellow

    Black Friday Penn Reel Deals

    New in Box Penn Fathom and Torque 2 Speed Reels. Lowest prices ever. This is the last order I'm making before Christmas. Order now! FTH15NLD2 $180 FTH25NLD2 $205 FTH30NLD2 $190 FTH40NLD2 $220 FTH15 Star Drag - $165 FTH25N Star Drag - $165 FTH30 Star Drag - $170 FTH40 Star Drag - $170...
  24. Ready4TheYellow

    Reliable Kill Bag - NEW in Box

    Reliable Kill Bags - Price includes shipping Just in time for the season. These will sell out so don't wait. These are way below retail. New in Boxes 20" x 48" $180 SOLD OUT 20" x 60" $210 (only 2 left) 24" x 60" $225 SOLD OUT 30" x 60" $240 (only 2 left) When ordering send me your email...
  25. Ready4TheYellow

    Penn Reels for Sale! New in Box

    Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered and received their reels. I'm going to do this one more time as a few missed out on the deal after I placed the order. These are for New in Box Penn Fathom and Torque 2 Speed Reels. FTH15NLD2 $170 FTH25NLD2 $190 FTH30NLD2 $190 FTH40NLD2 $205 TRQ25NLD2...
  26. Ready4TheYellow

    Penn Fathom & Torque Reels NEW

    I'm taking Pre-orders for Penn Fathom 2 Speed Fishing reels. This will be the last time to get these reels at these prices. Reels are new in Sealed boxes. If you need shipped add $10 to the price. Prices are: Fathoms ------- FTH15NLD2 $180 FTH25NLD2 $200 FTH30NLD2 $200 FTH40NLD2 $205...
  27. Ready4TheYellow

    Penn Fathom 40N 2 Speeds New in box

    Penn Fathom 40N 2 Speeds $210 each New in boxes Picked up in Torrance area Will Ship for $10 + Paypal 2% fee
  28. Ready4TheYellow

    2.5 DAY 2 SPOTS 8/26

    Hey guys one of our customers had 2 people who couldn't make tomorrow nights trip Freedom out of 22nd st Landing 2.5 day $600 includes food. Price was $875
  29. Ready4TheYellow

    New in Box - Penn Fathom 30 2 Speed

    New in Box - Penn Fathom 30 2 Speed $200
  30. Ready4TheYellow

    Reels for Sale. New in Box

    Penn Fathom 40N 2 Speed Reel FTH40NLD2 SOLD Penn Fathom 30 2 Speed Reel FTH30LD2 $200 Only 1 Left Cash picked up in Torrance. If you want these shipped add $10 includes paypal fees. I have more then 40N's if needed. SOLD Brand New Sealed Boxes
  31. Ready4TheYellow

    Reels for Sale New Never Opened

    NIB - Penn Fathom 40 2 Speed SOLD NIB - Penn Fathom 40 2 Speed SOLD NIB - Penn Fathom 25N 2 Speed - $200 Picked up in the Lomita / Torrance area
  32. Ready4TheYellow

    How to Custom Rig Glow Assualt Jigs for BFT

  33. Ready4TheYellow

    WTB Kimber 10MM

    WTB - Kimber Stainless Custom II Target 10MM
  34. Ready4TheYellow

    2 Day Trip on Pacific Star 7/28 A couple spots left

    Hey guys we have 8 spots left on this trip that need to be filled. Ultra Limited Load of 22 Anglers on the Pacific Star out of Seaforth Sportfishing Departs July 28th at 9 PM to July 30 at 8 PM $ 600.00 includes Meals and Permits (drinks not included but I'm sure I'll have a few bottles of...
  35. Ready4TheYellow

    Avet Pro EXW 30/2

    Avet Pro EXW 30/2 Silver $350
  36. Ready4TheYellow

    Fishing reels Avets and Shimanos

    Avet Pro Ex 4/02 - - Has 80# braid SOLD Avet Jx 6/3 - - 65# Braid $220 Avet MXL 4.5:1 - - SOLD Shimano TLD25 with Tiburon Handle - - $110 New in Box Torium 50 - - $240 New in Box Trinidad 50 - - SOLD PM or Text if interested 310-989-9849
  37. Ready4TheYellow

    Ranger 85 3 Spots Available 6/10 - 6/11

    Hey guys have 3 spots that opened up on this trip. 6/10 fishing on 6/11 Should be a good one with Yellowtailtail and white sea bass biting that way.
  38. Ready4TheYellow

    2 Spots Open This Saturday

    Hey guys 2 spots open come and join us...
  39. Ready4TheYellow

    Island Fishing Tackle Flash Sale Today

    Hey all come take advantage of our flash sale today. Everything is on sale before our big move. Here are just a couple of our specials....
  40. Ready4TheYellow

    FHS Alps Guide specials

    We have prepackaged these Alps guides into sets that are ready to go......These will go fast at these prices!! Sets consist of 8, 9 10 and 11 guide sets...Med XN, Reg XN, Heavy XN, UD and Titanium. Island Fishing Tackle Booth 1808-1809
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    Island Fishing Tackle Black Friday Sale

    Just a sneak peek of some of our Black Friday sales. Hope you all can make it. Stock up now!
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    Shimano Tyrnos 8II 2 Speed Reel

    Shimano Tyrnos 8II 2 Speed Reel Filled with 65# Spectra - Used once on 2 day trip - $200 picked up in Carson or Lomita or $210 Shipped
  43. Ready4TheYellow

    Super Seeker 870

    Super Seeker 870 - Excellent Condition taken on a few boat rides. $200 310-707-1205
  44. Ready4TheYellow

    Super Seeker 870 Fishing Rod

    Factory Super Seeker 870 Fishing Rod - $200 obo 7 foot rated 15-25 I'll take some pics and post up if needed.
  45. Ready4TheYellow

    Shimano Tyrnos 8II 2 Speed

    Shimano Tyrnos 8II 2 Speed - $180 Like new Used one trip and filled with 65# PowerPro
  46. Ready4TheYellow

    Humboldt Squid for Bait

    Hey guys we have fresh humboldt squid at the shop. The bigger bluefin are whacking these things about 200 feet down at grey light. Also make great kite and balloon baits!! A few customers have gotten fish up to 220 on these. Island Fishing Tackle in Carson 310-707-1205
  47. Ready4TheYellow

    Open Spot 5 day on the Shogun tomorrow! CHEAP!

  48. Ready4TheYellow

    Seeker Limited Edition White Tiger Blanks

    Seeker Limited Edition White Tiger Blanks. This is the last of them! Get um while they last!! Here is what is left: CJB90f - $155 CJBF90M - $142 CJBF80 - $128 CJBF80H - $157 CJBF70F - $135 CJBF70M - $137 CJBF70H - $142 CJBF70XH - $146 CJBF70F - $135 CJBF65H - $125 CLBF708 - $ $120...
  49. Ready4TheYellow

    5 X 12 Zieman tilt trailer

    TRAILER - 5 X 12 Zieman tilt -- $1000 OBO *Tilts for easy loading *Fits three bikes (standing up)
  50. Ready4TheYellow

    1986 Honda trx250r

    1986 Honda trx250r - $1600 *New top end with no hours *K&N monster air intake *Full set of paddles on Alum wheels *Twist throttle upgrade Runs Great!
  51. Ready4TheYellow

    1998 Yamaha Banshee

    1998 Yamaha Banshee -$2400 OBO *Mild port n polish *Larger Keihin PJ carbs *Desert Tank *Ext Swingarm *Full set of paddles on Alum wheels *Cool Head *K&N reeds *K&N split air intake Just put $1500 into the engine. Runs Great! Very fast!
  52. Ready4TheYellow

    Sandrail project car for sale

    Looking to sell single seat buggy. 1835cc engine. Comes with a set of paddles also. Needs some work and would be a great project car. $800 obo
  53. Ready4TheYellow

    Newell 229-F Blackie

    Newell 229-F Blackie Clean and Serviced $160 Picked up in Carson 310.707.1205
  54. Ready4TheYellow

    Avet 50/2

    Avet 50/2 $400 Reel has Spectra Pick up in Carson 310.707.1205
  55. Ready4TheYellow

    Avet 50W and 6463XXXH Rod

    Selling off a bunch of gear to try and raise money to help for my Father-in-laws expenses etc. He passed and got his angel wings Sunday morning. Please make reasonable offers on the combo. Also this week at Island Fishing Tackle I will be offering 10% off anything in shop and possibly more on...
  56. Ready4TheYellow

    Seeker White Tiger Blanks

    Hey guys we bought the last of the Seeker White Tiger Blanks and they're going fast. Get the models you want before they're gone. Light blanks all the way up to 3x5's. 310-707-1205
  57. Ready4TheYellow

    3 Truline rods for sale

    Here are the 3 currently for sale. CO7 - $200 TNT - $250 BO36 - $325 310-707-1205
  58. Ready4TheYellow

    New Tackle Shop in Carson, Ca

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you all know about the new shop we are opening. Island Fishing Tackle will have it's Grand Opening July 5th. We are conveniently located right off the 405 freeway and Avalon Blvd in Carson, Ca which is also near All Major LA Freeways including the 110, 710, and 91...
  59. Ready4TheYellow

    Got Work?

    Perspectives.... A doctor from France says:"In France , the medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man's testicles; we put them into another man, and in 6 weeks he is looking for work." A German doctor comments quietly : "That's nothing, in Germany we take part of the brain out of a person...
  60. Ready4TheYellow

    Spirit of Adventure 8/24

    Haven't fished in over a year and pulled the trigger on the 4 day August 24th Trip. Anyone else on this trip?
  61. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate Limited Ed 600N with Spectra

    Accurate BX2 600N with Spectra Limited Edition Black and Silver $400 Pick up
  62. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate BX2 30N full spectra Used Twice

    Accurate BX2 30N w/Spectra $400 Used 2 times Pick Up
  63. Ready4TheYellow

    General Contractor

    Hey guys looking for a GC. Had some water damage last May and pulled back the carpet yesterday. There are wood floors underneath and fungus. I think it may be seeping into the foundation, walls and even furniture. Anyone have any experience with this? I know if I go through the Insurance...
  64. Ready4TheYellow

    Long Range Wood Box

    This box is pretty big. Asking $200 EMPTY If you want everything thats inside I will take $325 total and it has alot. Over $200 in just hooks...$300 in fluoro...etc Jigs are NOT INCLUDED (Add $75 you can have all the jigs Tadys, Salas, 6xJr Wahoo Jigs etc..over $200 in jigs here)...
  65. Ready4TheYellow

    Smitty Spyder Harness XXL

    Smitty Spyder Harness XXL $50
  66. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate BX2 500N with Spectra

    Accurate BX2 500N with Spectra Green $360 Pick up
  67. Ready4TheYellow

    Rare Pelagic Lure Bag

    Rare Pelagic Lure Bag - Large $35 includes a large marlin lure rigged.
  68. Ready4TheYellow


    5 bottles of Unibutter. $30
  69. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate BX2 30N

    Green BX2-30N Used 1 trip. $400 loaded with 80# spectra
  70. Ready4TheYellow

    Overnight Charter Tonight

    Hey guys I have a Charter tonight on the truline out of 22nd street landing in san pedro. Trip Departs Tonight Friday 26th 9 P.M. Trip Returns Saturday Night 6-7 P.M. $150 per person Light Load Fishing San Clemente Island. Limited to 24 but very light right now and the Trip is a Go...
  71. Ready4TheYellow

    Oarfish washes up in Cabo
  72. Ready4TheYellow

    Jigs, raiders, salas, tady and more

    Ok selling some of my jigs. I think I have too many. The prices are on the pictures for each lot. This is Perfect for someone going on a LR trip. If someone wants them all I'll let go for $120 Pick up only in 90717
  73. Ready4TheYellow

    More Rods for Sale

    Super Seeker 2 X 4 $350 (has factory rail guard) Super Seeker 6480 SOLD Shimano Calcutta 80MH 15-30# - SOLD Daiwa Saltiga Sa-CC761HSB - $60 G Loomis PMR 964HC 12-25 - $75 (SOLD) Custom Albacore Rod. 5'6 All Rollers. Brand New Never Fished. Wrapped by Bubbas Hot Rods. (Red Marble) $60...
  74. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurates, Seekers, LR Box

    I have some Gear for sale. Accurate ATD 30T (GREEN) with #100 Spectra $800 Accurate BX2 30N (GREEN) with #80 Spectra $450 Accurate BX2 600N (Black/Silver) with 80# Spectra $450 Super Seeker 2x4 Green with rail guard factory from Seeker. Maybe 10 out there like this one $350 LR Box...
  75. Ready4TheYellow

    Steelers at Raiders...

    Anyone else going? I'll be in 148 5th row... Should be fun... GO STEELERS!
  76. Ready4TheYellow

    TIAGRA 80W's, Calstar Bent Butt Rods

    2 - Shimano Tiagra 80W'S with spectra $600 Each 4 - Calstar BRT 80 Custom Bent Butt Rods $450 each 877-517-9897
  77. Ready4TheYellow

    7 Day on Indy Trip Openings.

    We have 10 spots available. Baja Fish Gear is proud to once again sponsor our 7 day trip on the INDEPENDENCE. SEP 1, 2012 - SEP 8, 2012 Limited to 30 anglers- $2,395 Our trips have always been a huge success in terms of fishing and just having a great time with everyone. This is a...
  78. Ready4TheYellow

    Fortune 2.5 day Openings July 31st

    2.5 Day Trip Baja Fish Gear will be sponsoring 2.5 day trip on the Fortune this year with owner operator Captain Bruce Smith Full Moon Trip! Departing Tuesday 7/31/12 7 P.M and Returning on Friday 8/3/12 7 A.M. Limited to 19 anglers - $679 Price includes Meals, Permits with No Fuel...
  79. Ready4TheYellow

    Rigged Marlin Lures for Sale

    Assorted Marlin Lures Marlin Magics, Hi5's, Zuker and More... Scroll over picture and the Brand and Color will appear. $30-40 each fully rigged. (retail on these are $40-130 each) These are on Consignment at the shop so first come first serve. 877-517-9897
  80. Ready4TheYellow

    Tiagra 50W LRS

    4 - Tiagra 50W LRS Reels with spectra. $450 each or $1700 for all 877-517-9897 Going on Ebay tomorrow for $500 each. Last Chance.
  81. Ready4TheYellow

    Tiagra 30W COMBOS

    4 - Tiagra 30W Combos Come with GF760L Calstar Rods $550 per combo or $1900 for all Will Sell Reels alone for $400 each 877-517-9897
  82. Ready4TheYellow


    4 - Torium 30's $100 each 877-517-9897
  83. Ready4TheYellow


    2- Trinidad 30's $200 each 877-517-9897
  84. Ready4TheYellow

    Reels for Sale Saltiga, Accurate

    Daiwa Saltiga 20 - SOLD Accurate Boss Magnum 870 - $300 Both have spectra No box or clamp 310-517-9897
  85. Ready4TheYellow


    1- 220F $150 1- 229-5 $120 1- G235-F $120 PAYPAL OK $6 SHIPPING CALL THE SHOP 310-517-9897
  86. Ready4TheYellow

    2 Open Spots on the INDY 11.25 Day 11/10/12

    Baja Fish Gear will be sponsoring our 1st Annual Cow Tuna Round-Up 11.25 day trip on the INDEPENDENCE Trip Departs Saturday 11/10/12 and Returns Wednesday 11/21/12. Limited to 28 anglers- $3,395 Our trips have always been a huge success in terms of fishing and just having a great...
  87. Ready4TheYellow

    1 Spot available Royal Star 6/2

    Hey gang we just had a rare opening on our 8 day trip aboard the Royal Star. This trip is Sold Out every year and has had limit fishing each year. Last year the trip had the first Albie for the Star. Trip leaves Saturday June 2nd and returns Sunday June 10th $1895 Limited to 24 Trip...
  88. Ready4TheYellow

    1 spot 8 day trip INDY $900

    Hey guys the Indy has 1 Spot available leaving this Saturday on a 8 day trip. $900 thats 50% off the ticket price. Call Judy and let them know Steve from Baja Fish Gear sent ya. (619) 226-6006
  89. Ready4TheYellow

    1 Rare Spot open on the Royal Star

    Hey gang we just had a rare opening on our 8 day trip aboard the Royal Star. This trip is Sold Out every year and has had limit fishing each year. Last year the trip had the first Albie for the Star. Trip leaves Saturday June 2nd and returns Sunday June 10th $1895 Limited to 24 Trip hits...
  90. Ready4TheYellow

    1.5 Day Islander Charter with Baja Fish Gear

    The Islander out of Fisherman's Landing get's together with Baja Fish Gear once again for extended offshore freelance. Trip leaves Sunday June 24 at 4 pm so we can go the distance if needed and returns Tuesday June 28 about 6 or 7 am. Remember most 1.5 trips leave at 9-10 pm. We can go...
  91. Ready4TheYellow

    PCS Show Today and Tomorrow Deals

    Hey gang, just wanted to remind you about the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Show going on today and tomorrow at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Come see us at the Baja Fish Gear booth for some great deals! We will have Brad owner of High Tide Jigs in the booth selling his new JOAB Jigs (Jack of...
  92. Ready4TheYellow

    Reels for Sale

    (4) Shimano TLD 30 2 Speeds with 80# Spectra - $200 each (2) Penn 850 SS Spinning Reels - $80 each (2) Penn 6500 SS Spinning Reels - $75 each Also I have rods for all of these available. All Star rods $60 each rated 30-80 All is used but in good condition. Pictured is 1 of each model all...
  93. Ready4TheYellow

    New Wahoo tattoo

    Well Just got back from Charles place and finally got my Wahoo tattoo done. Anyone need some fish ink done hit up Tattuna or Thanks again Charles! Check it out.
  94. Ready4TheYellow

    1.5 Day Islander Charter with Baja Fish Gear

    The Islander out of Fishermans Landing get's together with Baja Fish Gear once again for and extended offshore freelance 1.5 day trip leaving Sunday June 24. Trip leaves Sunday June 24 at 4 pm so they can go the distance if needed and returns Tuesday June 28 about 6 or 7 am. FOOD INCLUDED...
  95. Ready4TheYellow

    Merry Christmas to All!! Please Read

    Baja Fish Gear would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.:hali_olutta: Steve, Sam, Alan, Stevie, Matt and Ed Any Questions 310-517-9897
  96. Ready4TheYellow

    Newell P Series Spool

    Newell P Series 220 Spool Excellent Condition. $50 obo 310-517-9897
  97. Ready4TheYellow

    Cyber Sale and Gift Card Blowout!!!

    Cyber Sale still good till Dec 17th!!! Gift Card Sale is good thru Christmas... Also we are doing custom Orders for the New Camo Accurates... Any Questions? Give us a Call 310-517-9897
  98. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate ATD 30 Topless w/ spectra

    Green Accurate ATD 30 Topless loaded w/ spectra Used 1 time. PENDING SALE B2-30N Green w/ spectra $500
  99. Ready4TheYellow

    Off to Pittsburgh

    It's finally time...Sharon and I are heading to Pittsburgh for 10 days for a sports week. I came across some 50 yardline front row seats for the Bengals game Sunday and the Browns game on Thursday. Look for my big Steeler Nation from SoCal Banner I'll even throw a BD sticker on it...
  100. Ready4TheYellow

    Custom Rod Rack and Bait Tank

    Custom Fishing Rack and Bait Tank set up for a Waverunner. 4 rod holders and battery box holder. This thing is ready to go and works awesome. It makes a good fish hold also. It was taken off of my FX SHO and attaches in 10 seconds. No Drilling into your ski. $300 Pick up in Lomita/Torrance area
  101. Ready4TheYellow

    Seeker Rod

    Black Steel 6463XXH - all roller...FIRST $175 takes it. Pick up in Lomita/Torrance area
  102. Ready4TheYellow

    Seeker Rods

    Give us a call!!! 310-517-9897 Brand New Stock with Blowout Prices Everything in the shop on sale Today and Saturday ONLY!
  103. Ready4TheYellow


    These are very rare. Brand New Penn International 6 $2500 Only 1000 ever made Brand New Penn International 12 $1500 (These reels have never been out of the box) New Penn International 12W $750 Give us a call with offers. 310-517-9897
  104. Ready4TheYellow

    New Fin Nor reels

    I have ALOT of reels im getting rid of. If you need any new rods, reels or other fishing gear give us a call and I'll get you the cheapest price I can..(This offer is for FRIDAY SATURDAY ONLY!!) Fin Nor Santiago 12 - $379 Fin Nor Santiago 30 - $379 Fin Nor Santiago 30w - $409 Fin Nor...
  105. Ready4TheYellow

    More rod and reels for sale

    I have ALOT of reels im getting rid of. If you need any new rods, reels or other fishing gear give us a call and I'll get you the cheapest price I can..(This offer is for FRIDAY SATURDAY ONLY!!) Penn International 50 $300 Shimano TLD 30 II $150 Shimano Tiagra 50W LRS $350 Super Seeker 2...
  106. Ready4TheYellow

    Alot of Reels For Sale & More

    I have ALOT of reels im getting rid of. If you need any new rods, reels or other fishing gear give us a call and I'll get you the cheapest price I can..(This offer is for FRIDAY SATURDAY ONLY!!) Baker 50 - NEW - $450 Penn International 30 2 speed - $250 Penn International 50S $300 Call Us...
  107. Ready4TheYellow

    Last Minute LR 10 day Trip Openings

    Hey all I just had 2 cancellations on my Qualifier 105 trip. Trip leaves this Wed 11/2 returning Saturday 11/12 Last year on this trip we had fish up to 345# and many fish over the 200# mark. The Star just had 4 over 200# at the Lower banks with many up to 190# so lets go plug the boat with...
  108. Ready4TheYellow

    Bass Skirts for Making Lures

    Hey guys i was going through some boxes and ran across these skirts. I have 3 bags of them with i'd estimate about 2000 of these. They look like they would work great for someone that makes bass lures like War or Reebs. All are Black Make me some offers if you think you can use them or call...
  109. Ready4TheYellow

    GoPro HD Motorsports Hero 5.0 MP Digital Camera

    <table style="width: 674px; height: 1173px;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td colspan="2">$160 Used 4 times. Product Information</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2">The wireless on-board video camera - quick-release attaches to cars, motorcycles, boats, helmets, etc. It...
  110. Ready4TheYellow

    Orion Marine Signal Kits

    2 Kits available Never USED $25 each Buy Both Kits for $40 Expiration of 7/2012 (hence the price) These retail at $130 and up Each Our most popular kit is now even better with the addition of the High Performance Signals. This is the perfect kit for any...
  111. Ready4TheYellow

    GARMIN GPSMAP 441s Chartplotter/Sounder

    Garmin - GPSMAP 441s Chartplotter/Sounder with No Transducer. All mounting Hardware Included. I also have a new in package lock for it I'll throw in. You will need to purchase the wiring hardware on ebay for $26 I believe the Transducer is $60 for this unit on ebay. SALE PENDING Product...
  112. Ready4TheYellow

    Toy Hauler

    Anyone looking to sell their Toy Hauler? Let me know what you have... Thanks
  113. Ready4TheYellow

    Very Old Tuna Jigs

    I'm still thinning some tackle... Very Rare Gabes Tuna Jigs (These look just like the Baldy Lures) These are from the 40's and 50's era. I have about 40 that I'll part with. All are Brand New. $12 each Here are the colors available. 310-517-9897
  114. Ready4TheYellow

    New Clothing Line YT, Bass, Sheephead

    Hey gang, just want to introduce you to the new line we are about to get in. These shirt designs are awesome and are from one of our own Bloodydeckers, Charles aka Tattuna. Check them out, hopefully we'll have our shipment in quick. The sheephead shirt kicks ass...
  115. Ready4TheYellow


    Hey guys. I have a customer who can't make his trip and needs to sell it ASAP. 8 day Trip on the INDEPENDENCE Saturday 6/11 - 6/19 Trip is usually $1950 He is giving $500 OFF $1450 This does not include Permits or Fuel Surcharge which is about $220 between the 2. THIS IS A STEAL...
  116. Ready4TheYellow

    Baja Fish Gear Preview Sale Today!!

    Hey guys we're having a Preview Sale today. Everything is on sale In-Store! This is today only! No coupons Hope to see a few of you here. 310-517-9897
  117. Ready4TheYellow

    Fishing Tackle BLOWOUT

    Hope to see a few of you guys at the sale Saturday June 11th, 2011 Come check out our newly remodeled tackle shop. Biggest Selection of Marlin Skirts on the West Coast. This is our Annual Dad and Grads Pre-Fathers Day Fishing Show Sale. Get all the hot deals before they're gone and much much...
  118. Ready4TheYellow

    Day after Memorial Sale

    These deals end on 6/2 Many other deals to be had but you gotta come in and talk to me for them.
  119. Ready4TheYellow


    Hey guys, I have a couple trips we have open spots on the Qualifier 105 SUN JUL 10 - SAT JUL 17, 2011 Q105 7 Day Trip Baja Fish Gear will be sponsoring a 7 day trip on the Qualifier 105. Great time to go and many giveaways. All around its gonna be an awesome trip. $1995 Any Questions...
  120. Ready4TheYellow

    Limited Edition Accurate ATD Reels

    Hey Guys selling off some of my collection that have never been fished. 1 - Accrurate ATD 6 Topless (USED ONCE) $800 obo 1 - Accurate ATD 12 (NIB) $850 obo 1 - Accurate ATD 30 (NIB) $950 obo 1 - Accurate ATD 6 (NIB) Gunmetal / Silver $950 obo Steve 310-517-9897
  121. Ready4TheYellow

    1.5 on the Islander TRIP OPENINGS

    Hey all I have a Extended 1.5 day trip on the Islander with a few spots left. Sharon and I Charter this trip every year and his year I've changed the dates to have a better shot at some Albies, Bluefin, Yellowtail and possibly Dorado. Boat - Islander 88' x 24' (Most comfortable boat for short...
  122. Ready4TheYellow

    2 day, 7 Day, 10 day Trip Openings with BFG

    Hey guys, I have a couple trips we have open spots on the Qualifier 105 SUN JUL 10 - SAT JUL 17, 2011 Q105 7 Day Trip Baja Fish Gear will be sponsoring a 7 day trip on the Qualifier 105. Great time to go and many giveaways. All around its gonna be an awesome trip. $1995 WED NOV 2 - SAT NOV...
  123. Ready4TheYellow

    Super Seeker 2 x 4's

    2 - Super Seeker 2 x 4's $400 each Both are used 1 time and have diamond grip over the hypolon.
  124. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurates ATD 50W 5 for Sale

    5 available Accurate ATD 50 Wide Reels Some are totally filled with spectra some are not. Early Birds get the spectra. $700 each 310-517-9897
  125. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurates ATD 12T 2 for Sale

    2 available Accurate ATD 12's Topless Reels Both have Brand New Topless Frames and 30 size longer handle arms $650 each 310-517-9897
  126. Ready4TheYellow

    Reels for Sale

    1 - Penn 965 - $120 1 - Penn 16VSX WITH SPECTRA - PENDING 2 - Penn 30SW - $350 EACH 5 - Penn 30VSW - $350 EACH 310-517-9897
  127. Ready4TheYellow

    Baja Fish Gear Weekend Promotion

    This weekend we are giving Bloodydeckers ONLY 15% off Any** 1 item. This includes, rods, reels, terminal...anything but the following: **This does not include consignments, licenses, gift cards or items already on sale. If you come in the shop bring this printout. If your gonna call and do...
  128. Ready4TheYellow

    Shimano TLD 50 LRS

    Shimano TLD 50 LRS $220 310-517-9897
  129. Ready4TheYellow

    Shimano Tiagra 50 WLRS

    SOLD 310-517-9897
  130. Ready4TheYellow

    BFG Long Range Trips on the Q105 Open Spots

    Hey guys, I have a couple trips we have open spots on the Qualifier 105 SUN JUL 10 - SAT JUL 17, 2011 Q105 7 Day Trip Baja Fish Gear will be sponsoring a 7 day trip on the Qualifier 105. and WED NOV 2 - SAT NOV 12, 2011 Q105 10 Day Trip Best Value for catching 100#+ Tuna Baja Fish Gear...
  131. Ready4TheYellow


    How long has this forum been here? :rofl: I just noticed it. I can start posting my reports and pics... Here is one of my skis... 2010 Yamaha FX SHO Rigged to go fast and Fish Inshore and Offshore.
  132. Ready4TheYellow

    The New Super Seeker 1 X 3

    We have the Super Seeker 1 x 3's in Stock for our Sale tomorrow. These Rods are Awesome. Rated 60-100# We are the ONLY ONES that have these in our Exclusive Green Series.
  133. Ready4TheYellow

    Coupon for our Huge Sale Saturday

    Ok Guys here is a $25 off coupon that can be used along with our sale prices this weekend. Hope you all can make it. Please make sure you Print out this Ad and present it to receive your Bloodydecks Discount. If you plan on using this coupon online and don't see what you're looking for on...
  134. Ready4TheYellow

    Seeker 1 X 3, 3 X 5 and Hercules

    We have them all in stock!!! All awesome rods. Seeker has really stepped it up a notch.... Come to the shop and check them out before they're all gone. Super Seeker 1 x 3 Super Seeker 3 x 5 Hercules 9 footers... 6.5 Slug rods for skiff trips....
  135. Ready4TheYellow

    Nail Knot Seminar Was asked to move this here. As we always get questions on how to splice correctly. Now's your chance to learn....and it's free...
  136. Ready4TheYellow


    NEW IN BOX PINK AVET PRO EXW 30/2 - $450
  137. Ready4TheYellow

    Nub Knot Splicing Seminar 2/26

    Gary Teraoka, Pro Staffer for Accurate, Calstar and Izorline will be doing seminars on how to make a connection using his Nub Knot Connection at our Big Sale on Saturday Feb 26th. This will be a hands on Seminar at Baja Fish Gear. There will be 2 seminars possibly 3 depending on his time and...
  138. Ready4TheYellow

    Super Seeker 3 X 5 is here.

    We have a few more blanks left. Here is a pic of the beast. Rod feels awesome for a rail rod.
  139. Ready4TheYellow


    Hope to see a few of you guys at the sale Saturday February 26th, 2011 Come check out our newly remodeled shop. This is our Annual Pre Fred Hall Show Sale. Get all the hot deals before the Show and much much more.....some items up to 75% off. AVET Blems Just Arrived At The Shop...
  140. Ready4TheYellow

    Avet, trinidad and Japanese Trinidad

    Avet MXL 6/4 2 speed - $210 Shimano Trinidad 20 - SOLD Shimano Scorpion OCEA JIGGER 3000 - $215 no clamp 310-517-9897
  141. Ready4TheYellow

    Vintage Penn MAG Power Reels

    Time to clean out the closets. I'm going to be putting tons of reels up. Alot MORE will be listed later today taking pictures now. I'm open to offers but no trades. All Prices include Paypal and Shipping 310-517-9897 Here is the 5TH set of Reels. Penn MAG 970 $125 Penn MAG 980...
  142. Ready4TheYellow

    Penns Full Upgrades Baker, Cal and Rare

    Time to clean out the closets. I'm going to be putting tons of reels up today. Alot of ACCURATES will be listed later today taking pictures now. I'm open to offers but no trades. All Prices include Paypal and Shipping 310-517-9897 Here is the 3rd set of Reels. Penn International 6...
  143. Ready4TheYellow

    More Reels

    Time to clean out the closets. I'm going to be putting tons of reels up today. Alot of ACCURATES will be listed taking pictures now. I'm open to offers but no trades. All Prices include Paypal and Shipping Here is the 2nd set of Reels. Penn International 965 NEW but no box. $160 PENDING...
  144. Ready4TheYellow


    Time to clean out the closets. I'm going to be putting tons of reels up today. I'm open to offers but no trades. Prices Listed includes Paypal and Shipping. Here is the first set of Rare Reels. 6/0 Ice Blue Accurate Conversion $260 PENDING 4/0 Ice Blue Frame and Handle with Black...
  145. Ready4TheYellow

    Steelers / Jets Highlights. GAME OVER

    <iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>
  146. Ready4TheYellow

    Avet T-RX Sale

    Hey guys we are having a sale on Avet T-RX 50's and T-RXW 50's. Save a couple hundred $$$'s buying now. 310-517-9897
  147. Ready4TheYellow

    New Accurates

    Well guys we just received a Very Limited run of these Accurates at the shop. We call the color Blurple. Sometimes it looks Blue and other times Purple. Check them out. Alot of models are already sold out but this is what we have. Single Speeds BX 400 BX 500 BX 600W Two Speeds BX2-400...
  148. Ready4TheYellow

    Free Fishing Gear at Baja Fish Gear

    These make Great Stocking Stuffers. Get a Free $25 Gift Card for every $100 Gift Card Purchased. Baja Fish Gear, LLC :: Gift Ideas :: Baja Fish Gear Gift Card Valid thru 12/31/10 and the cards never expire. You can always call us also 310-517-9897 Examples of great uses of this deal...
  149. Ready4TheYellow

    My Christmas Present has arrived

    Sharon must really love me every once in while. :eyepoppin 2011 2500HD LTZ Fully Loaded. Seems like the whole truck is a computer that has voice command for everything.
  150. Ready4TheYellow

    GMC Hook-up

    Anyone have a GMC Hook-Up in the LA Area?
  151. Ready4TheYellow

    2001 Toyota Tundra

  152. Ready4TheYellow

    Avet, Penn

    Penn 12T 2 speeded, topless tiburon frame, freespools like crazy. NO BOX $400 Avet LX 6/3 with GS Bracket $300 Paypal Accepted Shipping $10 310-517-9897<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  153. Ready4TheYellow

    ACCURATES ATD 80, ATD 12'S, BX2-50

    BX2-50 with 100# spectra PENDING SALE ATD 80 $1350 COMES WITH BOX Paypal Accepted Shipping $10 310-517-9897
  154. Ready4TheYellow


    We just received a bunch of these WFO OFFSHORE TACKLE BAGS. I want to offer you guys these bags for a Special Purchase Price of $99.99 OTD Retail on these are $134.99 plus tax 310-517-9897
  155. Ready4TheYellow

    Huge Tackle Sale THIS SATURDAY 11/20

    Hope to see a few of you guys at the sale this Saturday. Come check out our newly remodeled shop. Mention BLOODYDECKS at the sale and you will get $20 off total bill if purchase is over $100. Buy 2 get 1 free iron jigs. Apparal 25% off Terminal Tackle and line up to 40% off All Mega Bait...
  156. Ready4TheYellow

    Calcutta CLC 80MH 15 - 30#

    Calcutta CLC 80MH 15 - 30# Pick up with cash only. Leaving on a 7 day Sat. Used twice. $125
  157. Ready4TheYellow

    "Albakore" Back Pack Tackle Bag

  158. Ready4TheYellow

    Dockside Bait Reciever

    Brand New Never Used from Offshore Marine Products. $449 Must pick up. Cash only.
  159. Ready4TheYellow

    Spots Available!!!

    Hey Guys I have a 6 spots available on 2 trips. First 7 days on the Royal Star leaves this Saturday 10/16 - $1995 Call Tracy - 619-224-4764 Next trip is 10 days on the Qualifier 105 leaving Thursday 11/4 - $2595 There is a cash deal on the Q 105 give them a call if interested...
  160. Ready4TheYellow

    The new Tattoo

    Charles (tattuna) I need you to fix this ladies tat!! Worst Tattoo Customer In History Video
  161. Ready4TheYellow

    Tuna Seminar & Tackle Sale Tonight 10/7

    We are having a Tuna Seminar tonight on How to Fish the WON Tourney down in Mexico. Seminar starts at 7 PM and is Free. So come on down. On a side note: Our shop is closed for business due to our roof falling in and flooding. Our internet is open as well as phone orders. All orders will be...
  162. Ready4TheYellow

    Drunk Ass Pimp Spiders

    Fishing must be slow as im watching wood spiders...was pretty entertaining. YouTube - Spiders On Drugs
  163. Ready4TheYellow

    Hoopnetting Seminar Thursday!

    This Thursday!!
  164. Ready4TheYellow

    10 Days on the Qualifier 105

    I have 6 spots open on our annual Baja Fish Gear/Larry Brown 10 day trip aboard the Qualifier 105. Trip is limited to 24 and departs Nov 4th returning the 14th. We have a great group of people on this trip each year and we have tons of giveaways including a DVD of your trip. The plan is...
  165. Ready4TheYellow

    Anyone wanna buddy boat to the hidden bank?

    Anyone going out this week that would be willing to buddy boat with me on my waverunner? Plan is maybe the hidden bank or below...
  166. Ready4TheYellow

    Reels Reels Reels

    Selling some of my reels. All are new in box. Tekota 300 $140 Tekota 700 $150 Tekota 800 $150 Cardiff 200A $95 Cardiff 400A $95 Shimano Core 50 MG $300 Daiwa Zillion 100SHA $245 Daiwa Pluton 200H $315 Daiwa Pluton 200SH $315 Paypal Accepted Shipping $8.95 If you...
  167. Ready4TheYellow

    More Reels for Sale!!

    Selling some of my reels. All are new in box. Torsa 16N $500 includes extra cam of your choice (retails for $669.99) Torsa 16 $510 includes extra cam of your choice (retails for $679.99) Torsa 30 $515 includes extra cam of your choice (retails for $699.99) Torsa 40 $530 includes extra...
  168. Ready4TheYellow

    Reels for Sale New in Box

    Selling some of my reels. All are new in box. 975 CSLD - $225 retails for $299.99 TORQUE 100 - $300 retails for $379.99 TORQUE 200 - $310 retails for $389.99 TORQUE 300 - $320 retails for $399.99 TORQUE 100LD - $450 retails for $599.99 16 VSX - $400 retails for $499.99 30 VSX -...
  169. Ready4TheYellow

    Baja Fish Gear Coupons

    Hey guys I just want to Thank You All for Supporting us here at Baja Fish Gear. I would like to give you all a coupon for our Sale this Saturday 8/28 9 am - 7 pm. Please print this out and bring it in or it can be used on our website. Baja Fish Gear | Long Range and Local Sportfishing...
  170. Ready4TheYellow


    PENN INTERNATIONALS 975 CSLD - $240 TORQUE 100 - $330 TORQUE 200 - $340 TORQUE 300 - $350 TORQUE 100LD - $460 16 VSX - $430 30 VSX - $460 50 VSX - $510 50 VSW - $510 ALL REELS ARE NEW IN BOX 310-517-9897
  171. Ready4TheYellow

    Tackle Sale and Special Event TODAY Saturday!

    Calling All Vintage Tackle Collectors! We are proud to announce that we will be having special guests, Robert Douglas and Larry Lauve - authors of "A Conversation with Oscar Kovalovsky" at our one day sale. This is a great opportunity to meet them and ask them questions one on...
  172. Ready4TheYellow

    Tackle Sale and Special Event Saturday 8/28

    Calling All Vintage Tackle Collectors! We are proud to announce that we will be having special guests, Robert Douglas and Larry Lauve - authors of "A Conversation with Oscar Kovalovsky" at our one day sale. This is a great opportunity to meet them and ask them questions one on...
  173. Ready4TheYellow

    Green Super Seeker

    Green Factory Wrap Super Seeker 270H-8 Excellent Condition $220 obo
  174. Ready4TheYellow

    Brand New Reliable Kill Bag

    Brand New Reliable Kill Bag 20x48 - $140 Retails for over $220 + tax
  175. Ready4TheYellow

    Newell 220

    Newell 220 $95 shipped paypal ok
  176. Ready4TheYellow

    Leaving for PV this Sunday

    Ok booked at the Barcelo resort... Anyone headed down wanna share a boat? Ill be there till Friday.
  177. Ready4TheYellow

    Trulines Truline Trulines

    D8 Octy - $600 LM9 $275 D8 $350 LB9 $350 BOR36 $350 VBG65 $400 D8 $200 (New Glass) 1580 Octy D8 Factory $400 (EARLY Model) 36 $400 Heavy D8 $450 1580 Octy $650 (Very Nice) B126 Octy $400 (Very Nice) VBG Heavy $250 FIRST COME FIRST SERVE NO HOLDING RODS FOR ANYONE SERIOUS BUYERS...
  178. Ready4TheYellow

    Near limits on the Spectra 6/27

    I booked a trip with Billy of Spectra Sportfishing before the FHS this year in high hopes it would be the right day for WSB. Had a great group on the trip including Bill and Roxanne Swift, Stewww, Chris (calicoblast), Big Omar (AKA Carlos) and myself. We left the dock a little early and hit...
  179. Ready4TheYellow

    Qualifier 105 / Baja Fish Gear 7 Day

    We have spots available on our July 3rd 7 day trip aboard the Qualifier 105. Trip departs July 3rd returning July 10th. Price is $1695 If you spend $250 at Baja Fish Gear you will recieve $100 off the trip price which would make the trip $1595. Please give the Qualifier 105 office a call at...
  180. Ready4TheYellow

    2 spots on the Spectra

    Hey guys I have 2 spots left on the Spectra the newest 6 pack boat out of Pierpoint Landing. Trip leaves Saturday 6/19 fishing on the 20th. $250 Lets go get us some seabass as the limit is now 3!
  181. Ready4TheYellow

    Huge Tackle Sale this Saturday!!

    Hope to see a few of you guys at the sale this Saturday. We just finished our huge Clothes Section. Mention BLOODYDECKS at the sale and you will get $20 off total bill if purchase is over $100. Buy 2 get 1 free iron jigs. Rods 20-50% off. Apparal 25% off Terminal Tackle and line 25% off...
  182. Ready4TheYellow

    Yank N Crank

    Jason hooked a nicer grade yellow on his 8 day on the Shogun. Great Catch Jason!
  183. Ready4TheYellow


    If anyone is on my trip tonight. We are going to try to leave the docks a little early. 6 PM is the target time. See you there. Steve
  184. Ready4TheYellow

    Man shoots his balls off

    Local News | Man accidentally shoots himself in testicles | Seattle Times Newspaper I bet he never carries a gun again. :rofl:
  185. Ready4TheYellow

    Spectra Sportfishing Charter 6/19

    Hey guys I have another overnight Trip scheduled on the Spectra. Leaves June 19th fishing on the 20th for WSB/YT $250 Dont miss the chance to fish on an awesome platform. WSB Limit will be 3 per person.
  186. Ready4TheYellow

    1.5 Tracer Trip Limited Load 10 Passengers

    Hey guys I have a 1.5 day trip on the Tracer out of San Diego with spots available. Departs June 18th 9pm Returns June 20th 7am $400 This is a limited load Tuna trip for 10 people and includes Food. PM Me as this will sell fast Still have a couple spots on my 2 day Islander Charter too...
  187. Ready4TheYellow


  188. Ready4TheYellow


  189. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate ATD 50W

    Used Accurate ATD 50W - $750 obo 310-517-9897
  190. Ready4TheYellow

    Free Accurates

    Ok now that I have your attention....:rofl: Anyone own or work for a Auto Glass Company. Someone broke out a window of my truck today. Cash $$ or Will Trade for Fishing Gear 310-938-8377 or Call the shop before 7 PM 310-517-9897
  191. Ready4TheYellow

    Auto Glass Hook UPPPP Cash or Gear Trade

    Anyone own or work for a Auto Glass Company. Someone broke out a window of my truck today. Cash or Will Trade for Fishing Gear 310-938-8377 or Call the shop before 7 PM 310-517-9897
  192. Ready4TheYellow

    Shimano Torsas

    I have 4 NIB Shimano Torsas 1 - Torsa 16N - $500 retail - $709 + tax 2 - Torsa 16 - $510 retail - $719 + tax 3 - Torsa 30 - $530 retail - $739 + tax 4 - Torsa 40 - $540 retail - $789 + tax Buy any reel and I'll sell you Torsa Cams for $25 each thats 1/2 price Sizes available - QC, 12...
  193. Ready4TheYellow

    Sportfishing Festival

    Hey all just letting you know about the Festival coming our way. Stop by our Baja Fish Gear booth and see me for some GREAT DEALS. You can find out more here! Pacific Coast Sportfishing - Home Hope you all can make it.
  194. Ready4TheYellow

    10 Days on the Qualifier 105 Open Spots

    Hey guys, I still have spots available on our annual 10 day trip on the Qualifier 105. This is a great group to fish with. Larry Brown/Baja Fish Gear Charter. We have a blast and kill alot of fish. This is a great trip if your looking to target Wahoo and Big Tuna. Destinations include the...
  195. Ready4TheYellow

    Seeker Rods NEW

    Selling some rods. All rods are Brand New. The more you buy the cheaper they get! 310-517-9897 Black Steel Models 196 7' $150 270 7' $160 270H 8' Live Bait $175 870 7' $165 655XH RS RT $230 665F $170 660XF $160 660H $195 990 CT $205 6460H RS RT $235 970 Spinning $190 Super Seeker...
  196. Ready4TheYellow

    Truline D8's and more

    Ok guys I was asked to put this up again. I have 7 - D8's, 3 - 36's and more at the shop for sale. Come make us Serious Offers. Also available Some Super Seeker Prototype Blanks SD8 4 of 8 and 6 of 8. Also a white SS 8 Foot Blank 310-517-9897 Give us a call if interested Ask for Sam
  197. Ready4TheYellow

    Catalina on the Waverunners

    Ok guess I'll give a little report from Sunday. We got a late start Sunday morning. Launched from Cabrillo at about 7:30 am headed for the Hot Bite at Catalina. 7 of us rigged up and ready to go. Will, Jacky, Psycho Clown, hobiefish, K1, Lemo and myself. Plan was to meet up with Saluki since...
  198. Ready4TheYellow

    Avet SX New in Box

    I have a New in box Avet SX 5.3 reel It is a rare Black and Gold model (great for a Steeler or Saints Fan) I'm asking $160 but open to trade for a good baitcasting reel.
  199. Ready4TheYellow

    2 day Tuna/YT trip on the Islander Spots Open

    Sharon and I will be doing our annual 2 day charter on the Islander with spots available. Also will have a few raffles. June 6th 10 pm - June 8th 7 pm PRICE REDUCED $300 doesn't not include meals or permits Book 3 Spots and get the 4th Spot for just the price of Food and Permits!
  200. Ready4TheYellow


    FRASER-VOLPE STEDI-EYE STABILIZED BINOCULARS 14 x 41 mm New these are $4999.99 $1600 obo This is a great model and can be rebuilt for $750 310-517-9897
  201. Ready4TheYellow

    Avet Reels Blowout

    All reels are new in box. Sale is for today only. Reels not shown will be at our booth at Day at the Docks These are blems from the show we had leftover. Most are 2 toned or may have a slight scratch from factory. 310-517-9897 SX 5.3 - SOLD OUT SX 5.3 MC - SOLD OUT MXJ - $150 Blue/Gold...
  202. Ready4TheYellow


    Clamp this rod holder on your Stryker T-Top or other hardtop, tower, radar arch, rail, or any structure made from 2 inch aluminum pipe. Made from marine-grade aluminum extrusions and cold-drawn tubing and anodized for extra protection. Inside diameter is 1 3/4". Length is 10 1/2". Clamp turns...
  203. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate reels

    We have a bunch of Accurates for sale. In store sale only. Atd 50's topless - New in box. Atd 50W $850 - $900 (depending on condition although theyre all clean) Atd 30's topless $900 Atd 30 with tops $850 and up. Atd 12's topless New $900 30's come with spectra 135# hollow. Stop by the...
  204. Ready4TheYellow

    Avet Sale

    We have new prices on these Avets. SX 5.3 $159.99 SX 5.3 MC $199.99 SX 6/4 $249.99 SX 6/4 MC $289.99 MXJ 5.8 169.99 MXJ 5.8 MC $209.99 MXJ 6/4 $279.99 MXJ 6/4 MC $319.99 MXL 5.8 179.99 MXL 5.8 MC $219.99 MXL 6/4 $289.99 MXL 6/4 MX $329.99 Hope this helps you in this...
  205. Ready4TheYellow

    New YT Tat

    Went to take the wife to the dentist today and while there took a trip to see Charles "Tattuna". Added a Yellowtail to the mix and he hooked up the Dorado. Pics don't do it justice. Hope fully he post his. More to come on this piece. Thanks Again Charles for a short notice job...
  206. Ready4TheYellow

    Waverunner Fishing with a Psycho Clown

    Hey gang we decided to go out yesterday despite the weather. Psycho Clown had to try out his 2010 FX HO. Got to Cabrillo at about 6 am. Will, Jackie and Rock pull in about 9... Fishing was slow for us. Seen 1 Hali caught and a few bass around the wall. I ventured outside the wall despite the...
  207. Ready4TheYellow

    Rule 360 Pump Strainer

    Anyone have a spare they wanna part with?
  208. Ready4TheYellow

    2010 Yellowtail Shootout

    Jason can Waverunners join this year? Maybe as individual 1 man teams?
  209. Ready4TheYellow

    Waverunner Run out of LB 3/29

    Jikser and I took Psycho Clown out for his first Jetski Sportfishing experience. Launched out of Long Beach and headed to the Wall then Izors. Plastic fishing only we were able to catch a few before the wind picked up. As soon as we got back to the ramp The Clown went and bought a 2010 Yamaha...
  210. Ready4TheYellow

    Very RARE Trulines

    Hey Guys. In a couple weeks here we will have some Trulines maybe 30 or so up for sale. OD8's Purple, Chocolate, Greens TNT Octo's Many Many more models....Prices won't be cheap.
  211. Ready4TheYellow

    Fred Hall Del Mar Day 1

    Well went to the show today to see what good deals were to be had. Bought a few new reels... Loaded up on MC Plastics and War Baits. Thanks Corey and Afran Tommy hooked me up with a lifetime supply of Unibutter. Thanks Tommy! Saw the boys at the BD Booth. Also check out Eclipse...
  212. Ready4TheYellow

    Baja Fish Gear Sale Through March

    Hey guys! Did you forget something at the show? Since we don't do the Del Mar Show we are giving Fred Hall Show Prices throughout the Month of March. Coupons are good still. Spend $100 get $25 off. Rods, Reels and Terminal Tackle are at Fred Hall Prices. If you have any questions...
  213. Ready4TheYellow

    Got hooked up at FHS

    Well I went shopping too at the FHS and got some new gear. Heres what I got this year.:nutkick: Also got the matching Green Sticks. Don't know how i talked the wife into this one.
  214. Ready4TheYellow


    I would like to thank Billy and the Spectra girls for buying the whole Baja Fish Gear booth Lunch today. Billy is a class act and a great guy. Those of you looking to book a trip, stop by his booth and take advantage of his show specials. Thanks again Billy Sandwiches were AWESOME!!
  215. Ready4TheYellow

    Reels and Truline at FHS

    I have a Blackie Newell 338 and a Accurate ATD 30 in he booth for sale come by and check them out. Newell asking $120 obo ATD 30 asking $810 obo Also A Truline D7 feels more like a TNT.
  216. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate 665N

    I have 1 new in box 665 Narrow $250 each. I also have 5 at the booth at the show that are 665's. Those are $260 each. They will go fast at the show first come first serve.
  217. Ready4TheYellow

    Avet and Newell

    Avet Pro EX 4/02 (Silver) - SOLD Newell P 440F - $100 Wife was in Car Accident need to sell.
  218. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate 4/0 Very Clean

    Penn 4/0 with full Accurate conversion. $200 or make me an offer Pics don't do this reel justice most marks are fingerprints. Wife was in Car Accident need to sell.
  219. Ready4TheYellow


    Truline D7 Great 40# stick. Fugi guides.
  220. Ready4TheYellow

    Penn Torque 200

    New never used Penn Torque 200 (no box or clamp) SOLD Wife was in Car Accident need to sell.
  221. Ready4TheYellow


    Avet LX 6/3 2 speed Gold Used once SOLD Avet 4/02 2 speed Gold loaded with Spectra. Not a scratch. Used once $300 PENDING Shipping is $10.95 at Buyers expense. Wife was in Car Accident need to sell.
  222. Ready4TheYellow

    Newell P440F, Accurate

    Newell P 440 F (Excellent Condition)- $100 Accurate ATD 30 SOLD Accurate BX2-600 (Used once) - $480
  223. Ready4TheYellow

    Openings on my 10 day Nov 4th

    I have a few spots on our Baja Fish Gear/Larry Brown Charter. Boat - Qualifier 105 November 4th - 14th 2010 Price - $2495.00 (Trip regularly is $2795 but John gave us a special rate this year) Larry and I bring alot of stuff on these trips as giveaways. I will make another DVD for this...
  224. Ready4TheYellow

    Worst Tattoos ever.

    Bad Tattoos - KTLA I can't believe some of mine didn't make the cut.
  225. Ready4TheYellow

    Rare Avet LX 8.1:1 Gear Ratio

    I have a Rare Avet LX Single Speed (Silver with box) Super High Speed Gear Ratio is 8.0:1 $325 obo
  226. Ready4TheYellow

    LR Wood Tackle Boxes

    Looking for Long Range Style Wood Tackle Boxes. Lets see some pics and prices. Must be in Good Condition.
  227. Ready4TheYellow


    I'll give you $400
  228. Ready4TheYellow

    Saltiga 30

    Saltiga 30 - SOLD Trinidad 40N - SOLD
  229. Ready4TheYellow

    Pre FHS Super Tackle Sale

    Hey Guys and Gals Its that time again Fred Hall right around the corner and we are having our annual Pre Fred Hall Super Sale. We are proud to be official Bloodydecks Sponsers FINALLY and want to give you all a little special coupon to use on top of our great deals. Come talk with John Klein...
  230. Ready4TheYellow

    A couple more reels.

    Shimano Tiagra 16 with cover - $275 shipped Excellent condition Shimano TLD MAGNUM 20T 2-Speed Tiburon Frame, Sideplate and high speed bearings. (spectra included) - $220 Free Shipping The Tiburon kit alone is $249.99 Cosmetic 9/10 Mechanical 10/10
  231. Ready4TheYellow

    Shimano Tiagras

    (1) Tiagra 16 - 370 shipped Pics dont do the reel justice.
  232. Ready4TheYellow

    Tiburon Reels

    (1) Tiburon QC 7540 - SOLD (2) Tiburon QC 7540 - SOLD (3) Tiburon QC 16 - SOLD (4) Tiburon SST16 - SOLD All are made in the USA models not the Okumu Tiburons. no paypal fees and Will ship at buyers expense.
  233. Ready4TheYellow

    Valentines Rare Pink Avet JX 2 Speed

    Valentines Rare Pink Avet JX 2 Speed with 300 yards Spectra - No Box SOLD (I circled the 1 scratch thats visible. My camera gets everything so the sideplate doesn't look that bad don't worry)
  234. Ready4TheYellow

    Tiburons and Accurate

    Hey all selling some of my gear. All is in Excellent condition. Tiburon QC 7540 - $275 Cosmetic 9/10 Mech 10/10 Tiburon QC 7540 - $275 Cosmetic 9/10 Mech 10/10 Tiburon SST 16/80 - $400 (Upgraded this reel to fish up to 100# through Tiburon) Cosmetic 9.5/10 Mech 10/10 NEW Accurate Power...
  235. Ready4TheYellow

    2 Day on the Islander June 4th

    Sharon and I will be doing our annual 2 day charter on the Islander with spots available. Also will have a few raffles. June 6th 10 pm - June 8th 7 pm $350 doesn't not include meals or permits
  236. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate, Newell, Penn, Super Seeker

    Accurate Power Handle (New) - $25 Tiburon SST16/80 Smart Shift 2 speed reel - Sent to Tib and upgraded drags to fish up to 100# $395 obo Tiburon QC7540 $260 obo Buyer Pays Shipping Paypal Accepted
  237. Ready4TheYellow

    Has anyone tried the new IMVU sponser?

    Just curious of how many have joined IMVU...:food-smiley-014:
  238. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate and Shimano Reels

    Trinidad 30 - $250 obo Trindad 40 80# spectra - $300 obo Accurate Boss 270 with Spectra- $300 obo TLD 30II Filled with 80# spectra $225 obo Tiagra 16 with full Black Market Upgrade and Spectra. SOLD You can reply here, call the shop at 310-517-9897, or come on down. Pictures are below
  239. Ready4TheYellow

    Shimano Trinidads, Newells, Calcutta Rod

    Trinidad 20 - 300yards, 65 pound Spectra Trinidad 20 - 300yards, 65 pound Spectra Trinidad 20 - 300yards, 65 pound Spectra Trinidad 16 - 300yards, 65 pound Spectra All have Shimano Trinidad Clamps, Carbontex and Cal Drag Plates. $225 Each Newell 322 - 65# Spectra $120 SOLD Newell...
  240. Ready4TheYellow


    Come see us this Saturday and save big while the fish are biting good.
  241. Ready4TheYellow

    Super Seeker 6463 XXXH

    $250 Retails for over $500 Excellent condition. Must pick up tonight before 10 in Lomita/Torrance area.
  242. Ready4TheYellow

    GLoomis GL3

    $100 obo must pick up today.
  243. Ready4TheYellow

    I'm inviting all of Bloodydecks.

    Hey guys and gals. I am giving an open invite to everyone on BD. 7/2 - 7/5 Each year we go to my families Ranch in Madera and camp on the river. This is 300 acres of Private land where you can fish from one of the ponds or river, Kayak, Jet Ski, drink...etc I will be killing, cleaning and...
  244. Ready4TheYellow

    Red White & Blue Sale

    Great line deals to kick off the season. Now till July 4th
  245. Ready4TheYellow

    Super Seeker Rods

    6463XXXH A/R. $300 obo retail on the rod is $530 (Factory) 6463XXXXH A/R Wind On Rail Rod Custom wrapped. over $600 in the rod. $300 obo Both are basically brand new. Used 1 time each. Need to sell asap.
  246. Ready4TheYellow

    Daiwa Pluton 200H W/ Saltiga Inshore Rod 7'6

    Daiwa Pluton 200H W/ Saltiga Inshore Rod 7'6 - $350 Used on one 3/4 day trip.
  247. Ready4TheYellow

    The Hangover Review

    Go see it its fucking great!LOLLOL
  248. Ready4TheYellow

    Offshore Islander Report Albies 6/7-6/9

    I'e gotten alot of PM's asking how the 2 day trip went. Here is the pictures and report. Everyone met at the landing at around 7:00pm and made introductions to each other. We proceeded to load the boat and were greeted by the crew. Captain John Conniff, 2nd Ticket Jason, 2 deckhands were...
  249. Ready4TheYellow

    Yesterday June 4th MLPA meeting Video

    For those that missed the meeting yesterday. Here is the video. MLPA-BRTF Archive Page
  250. Ready4TheYellow

    Overnight Trip Spots Available 6/6-6/7

    June 6 - June 7, 2009 Island Overnighter on the Eldorado - Limited 30 Anglers Baja Fish Gear, once again is proud to be aboard the Eldorado with Captain Eddie and the crew for several trips this year, with 2 local overnight trips leaving from Berth 55 in Long Beach Harbor going out to target...
  251. Ready4TheYellow

    Need a website

    Anyone looking to build a small website or online store? Let me know. Low Low rates right now.
  252. Ready4TheYellow

    Got Milk??

    A woman and a baby waited in the doctor's examining room, waiting for him to come in. The doctor arrived, examined the baby, checked his weight and commented the baby wasn't gaining enough weight. He then asked if the baby was breast-fed or bottle-fed. "Breast fed," the woman replied...
  253. Ready4TheYellow

    (CHEAP) Islander 2 Day Offshore Leaves Sunday June 7

    Last chance for this price!! Islander 2 Day Offshore Leaves Sunday June 7 Albacore, Yellowfin, Dorado, Yellowtail Fisherman's Landing Departs Sunday June 7 at 10 pm Returns Tuesday June 9 Regular Cost is $350. Spots wont Last long at this price. $250 ($100 off)...
  254. Ready4TheYellow

    1/2 day trip scores limits of Seabass

    Nautilus scored this morning as they ran over a huge school of white seabass. They picked up limits for the 20 anglers on board. This is a 1/2 day trip... Awesome
  255. Ready4TheYellow

    Baja Fish Gear Sale

    Its time again for our Big Fathers Day Sale. Hope to see you all there..
  256. Ready4TheYellow

    Saltist 2 SPEED Lever Drag

    Hey guys, We are currently taking special orders for the Daiwa Saltist Lever Drags. They are available in Single and 2 Speed. Check them out here. Baja Fish Gear, LLC::Reels::Daiwa::Saltist
  257. Ready4TheYellow

    Lakers Game 4

    Jesse... 106 - 103 Lakers win What do I win this game?:food-smiley-014: You're slippin, you should've had this done already!
  258. Ready4TheYellow

    WSB Busted Wide Open today

    Many boats with limits of WSB reported in before 10 am this morning. Game on!
  259. Ready4TheYellow

    Kiss your Washer and Dryer

    And many of our parents and grandparents called them to "good old days" "Warshing" Clothes Recipe......... Never thought of a "washer" in this light before..what a blessing! "Warshing Clothes Recipe" -- imagine having a recipe for this ! ! ! Years ago an Alabama...
  260. Ready4TheYellow

    Games For When We Are Older

    GAMES FOR WHEN WE ARE OLDER 1. Sag, you're It. 2. Hide and go pee. 3. 20 questions shouted into your good ear. 4. Kick the bucket 5. Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says Bend Over. 6. Musical recliners. 7. Simon says something incoherent. 8 Pin the Toupee...
  261. Ready4TheYellow

    Dancing With the Stars

    Who will Win?
  262. Ready4TheYellow

    American Idol

    Who will win?
  263. Ready4TheYellow

    Just had another Earthquake

    Just a small one maybe a 3.0..
  264. Ready4TheYellow

    Planes collide in Long Beach

    Anyone see the 2 planes collide outside the breakwall?
  265. Ready4TheYellow

    Islander 2 day trip. I have a couple spots open

    Hey guys I have couple spots left on my charter. 2 Day Trip aboard the Islander out of Fisherman's Landing. Departs Sunday June 7th at 10 P.M. Returns Tuesday June 9th in the evening. Price $350 I do this trip Every Year and we always catch Albies, Bluefin and Yellowtail. There were...
  266. Ready4TheYellow

    Roosters Rods @ Baja Fish Gear

    Steve (Rooster) of is all set up and open for business at the shop. Come by and check out some of his work if you haven't had a chance to see it in person.. Baja Fish Gear is proud to have a Custom Rod Builder in shop now.
  267. Ready4TheYellow

    Live Squid

    Any live squid out of Davies?? Thanks..
  268. Ready4TheYellow

    Anyone wanna fish tomorrow?

    Hey guys I have a spare waverunner to fish on tomorrow. We are going to Catalina for WSB. If you are an experienced rider and can fish. PM me. All you need is to meet up at my house 5 am and pay for fuel and launch fee ($30-50 total) in the ski oh and help clean them. Steve
  269. Ready4TheYellow

    My New Bait Tank

    Well went and got my bait tank today for my Waverunner cant wait to try it out on Friday at Catalina.
  270. Ready4TheYellow

    Reel Sale

    Hey guys just wanted to give you all a heads up on our Specials we have going on right now at Baja Fish Gear. Buy ANY Accurate Reel and get 300 yards of Spectra Free and we will Pay The Sales Tax. Buy ANY 2 Speed Avet and Get a Free Jig Bag and we will Pay The Sales Tax. Combo Up any 2...
  271. Ready4TheYellow

    Taking orders on New Penn Baja Specials

    Ok guys I dont have too much info on them yet, but you heard it here first. Penn Baja Specials are making a comeback. Price will be $239-$249 I believe per Penn. Dont know if there are upgrades on them as of yet. They will be available after July 1st. Give me a call at the shop if you...
  272. Ready4TheYellow

    Overnight Trip May 2nd

    May 2 - May 3, 2009 Island Overnighter on the Eldorado We need 15 to get off the dock. Lets go fishing guys. Baja Fish Gear, once again is proud to be aboard the Eldorado with Captain Eddie and the crew for several trips this year, with 2 local overnight trips leaving from Berth 55 in Long...
  273. Ready4TheYellow

    Royal Star 3 Day $800

    Royal Star 3 Day Tails & Tuna Trip - Limited load 24 Baja Fish Gear will be sponsoring a 3-day trip on the ROYAL STAR this year on Memorial Day Weekend. 5/22/08 - 5/25/09. Limited to 24 anglers - $800. So don't miss out the on the fun and call Tracy to sign up. 619-224-4764 You can...
  274. Ready4TheYellow

    Steelers 2009 Schedule

    <TABLE class=Table cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=2 width="95%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=TableTitle style="VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle; TEXT-ALIGN: center" colSpan=3>2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule</TD></TR><TR><TD class=TableHeader align=left colSpan=3>PRESEASON </TD></TR><TR><TD...
  275. Ready4TheYellow

    Day at the Docks 4/19

    We will be having a booth again in San Diego. If you have never been to Day at the Docks its a good time Bring the family out. There are many vendor booths. (make sure you buy tacos from Tommy) Food, Fishing for the kids, Free kayaking, raffles and your able to go on all of the fishing boats...
  276. Ready4TheYellow

    jorge91919 Turn your damn PM's on

    jorge you sent me a PM, I responded a long email and your pms are turned off...... now you get the short version. PM me again when finished.
  277. Ready4TheYellow

    Mexican Words of the day

    Mexican words of the day 1. *Cheese* The teacher told Pepito to use the word cheese in a sentence. Pepito replies: Maria likes me, but cheese fat. 2. *Mushroom* When all my family get in the car, there's not mushroom. 3. *Shoulder* My fren wanted to become a citizen but she didn't know how to...
  278. Ready4TheYellow

    Waverunner Electronics Install

    Well we got it installed yesterday. Looks great (Thanks Will) Here are the new pictures of my waverunner with its New 440S Chartplotter/Sounder. We decided to mount the Transponder on the transom and it couldnt be more perfect. Cant wait to get out on it to test out the new gear. Here...
  279. Ready4TheYellow

    topless lady by my house

    Well I wish I had my camera charged I would have gotten some great shots for you guys. This happened earlier about 2pm today right by my house. It was chaos helicoptors and police everywhere. Female robber loses shirt during robber, runs through Lomita in bra - Crime & Courts Damn I need...
  280. Ready4TheYellow

    Anyone use these??

    I'm looking for a Garmin BlueChart g2 Vision California to Mexico Pre-Programmed SD Card model#VUS021R Does anyone have any input on these? Maybe have 1 for sale? Can you make copies? I just cant see paying over $200 for a small garmin chip. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  281. Ready4TheYellow

    Anybody make custom Gaffs?

    I saw a guy from San Clemente on ebay. JB's Custom rods and gaffs...anyone know him. I am looking for a 36" custom calcutta gaff in Green & Black. I kinda like this look. Anyone else make these? Also it has to float.
  282. Ready4TheYellow

    Electrical help GPS/FISHFINDER

    I just recieved my new Garmin 440S Chartplotter/Sounder that I am going to install on my waverunner. It has all kinds of wires that maybe I can get some input on. I am installing this on its own 12 volt battery directly. (If I can) Here is what the instructions are telling me to do. I know...
  283. Ready4TheYellow

    Accurate Reel Deals

    Hey guys I have a couple reels up for sale in the Classifieds. Boss Magnum 665H 6:1 Gear - $350 -SOLD Boss Magnum 665N 4:1 Gear - $375 These are Brand new reels and have never even seen line much less been on a rod. I hate to part with some of my collection but I need the $$. Retail...
  284. Ready4TheYellow

    Cheap Reel

    Hey guy I have reel going for cheap on ebay. It ends in a 4 hours. Tiburon QC7524 Tiburon QC7524 Quick Change Fishing Reel (US MODEL) - eBay (item 150335146714 end time Mar-27-09 22:56:11 PDT)
  285. Ready4TheYellow

    Best Fishfinder for my waverunner

    Anyone have any experience with any of these. I want to add a new Fishfinder/Gps to my waverunner. Furuno LS4100/TH Fishfinder with thru hull transducer Garmin GPSMAP 440s Remanufactured Combo W/Int Antenna Tm Transducer Garmin GPSMAP 420s Combo w/o Transducer - Internal Antenna Lowrance...
  286. Ready4TheYellow

    Rod Building Charter

    I know this is in the wrong spot. I just want to make sure all rod builders would be able to see this. We have a Overnight Charter going out on May 2nd returning May 3rd on the El Dorado out of Long Beach Sportfishing (Berth55). This is a a Baja Fish Gear sponsored trip. We have had a couple rod...
  287. Ready4TheYellow

    Rod Building Show Charter

    We have a Overnight Charter going out on May 2nd returning May 3rd on the El Dorado out of Long Beach Sportfishing (Berth55). This is a a Baja Fish Gear sponsored trip. We have had a couple rod builders already inquire about this trip and wanted to get more onboard. Let me know if interested as...
  288. Ready4TheYellow

    I need a fence

    Well the winds did our fence in yesterday and wanted to get some estimates on a new fence. 80 Ft Long, 4" Redwood Dogeared Slats, 4x4' need to be set in concrete. Anyone build fences that needs some work? Already got Two estimates of $3000 and $3600 Looking for a better price since I can't...
  289. Ready4TheYellow

    Looking for a cheap welder

    I am looking for someone that can weld me a rack with rod holders. Something like this but not as big. Needs to hold a 48-54 Quart Cooler. So half he size as this one. Thanks.
  290. Ready4TheYellow

    What to get your wife for Christmas this year

    Only if she's been bad..:rofl:
  291. Ready4TheYellow

    Hey Curly

  292. Ready4TheYellow

    Baja Fish Gear Trips this year

    Local 1-2 Day trips Baja Fish Gear, once again is proud to be aboard the Eldorado with Captain Eddie and the crew for several trips this year, with 2 local overnight trips leaving from Berth 55 in Long Beach Harbor going out to target White Sea Bass at Catalina or Yellowtail At San Clemente...
  293. Ready4TheYellow

    Wedding cakes for Sportsman

    Wonder if the new wife liked her wedding cake. :rofl:
  294. Ready4TheYellow

    I have alot of animals I need to give up

    I have alot of animals I need to give up. Let me know if you are interested in any. Theyre not your everyday pets.
  295. Ready4TheYellow

    My day is SD

    Had to go to court in SD again today and decided to do HooDads Bacon Cheeseburger again. That thing is awesome. You missed it again Corb...Ate, Went to court, Judge screwed me again. Had some time to kill so stopped by to see if Frank was on his boat hangin out. Nope both him and he boat was...
  296. Ready4TheYellow

    I was just on the news

    Sweet, Just saw myself on the news from a trip awhile back. They show me at 1:04 into the video. It was posted also on the front page of 976-tuna. Thats funny I remember that day on the Spitfire with 75 other people onboard....Must be in HD cause I look alot skinnier then. LOL Even better on...
  297. Ready4TheYellow

    Baja Fish Gear Booth Deals

    First off on behalf of all of at Baja Fish Gear we thank you for stopping by the booth and getting to know us better. We have some huge deals this weekend in store if you are looking to get a Rod and reel combo. A few of you have already taken advantage of some of our deals and for those of you...
  298. Ready4TheYellow

    NFL players missing at sea

    Agent: 2 NFL players among Fla. missing boaters By CHRISTINE ARMARIO, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 59 minutes ago Buzz up!1598 votes Print CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP)—The Coast Guard was searching off Florida’s Gulf Coast on Sunday for a fishing boat carrying NFL players Corey...
  299. Ready4TheYellow

    In the hospital

    Here I lay in the hospital for a few days when I should be getting ready for the fhs
  300. Ready4TheYellow

    Just a few FHS Specials

    I have been getting alot of PM's about what will be on sale at our booth for the FHS. Check Us Out At the Fred Hall Show at the Long Beach Convention Center - March 4-8, 2009 Booth #213-217. We will be at a new expanded location, booth #213-217 on second row across from Western Outdoor...
  301. Ready4TheYellow

    Chasing the Spitfire Waverunners Style 2/22 WFO

    Launched out from Marina Del Rey at 6 am on the nose. It was foggy this morning but flat...hit 70 mph a couple we headed out looking for the Spitfire drove towards Rocky Point after hearing they were fishing in front with the Special. We was wrong. Got to Rocky Point and noone in...
  302. Ready4TheYellow

    Baja Fish Gear @ FHS

    Hey all, Our booth won't be at the same spot as in recent years. We have moved to Space #213. This is a larger spot then in previous years. Look for the Baja Fish Gear Banners hanging above the booth. We're going to have some Awesome Shimano incentives. As well as other deals from vendors...
  303. Ready4TheYellow

    Honoring the SD Chargers

    Baja Fish Gear has teamed up with Accurate to honor the Chargers great season. During the FHS in Long Beach we will have San Diego Supercharger "Powder Blue" Accurate reels also known as Ice Blue.... Would look nice on some of those Chargers rods Ive seen built. This is a BFG Exclusive as...
  304. Ready4TheYellow


    Kinda gay song but good pictures... YouTube - On The Road To Sixburgh
  305. Ready4TheYellow

    Almost went to Jail today

    On my way home from the store today I hit something I thought it was a dog at first, but then I seen it run off into some bushes..I think it was one of those pot belly pigs. So I got home and started putting my groceries away and I hear a knock on the door. Sheriffs Department....I debated on...
  306. Ready4TheYellow

    Waverunner fishing 1/19

    Will (Pating), Chris (CalicoBlast) and I took off this morning to try for some sandies and whatever else would bite. We launched our waverunners out of Cabrillo at 8 a.m. and the plan was to fish Pt Fermin and Rocky Point areas. Well we got out there and decided what the hell. The Spitfire...
  307. Ready4TheYellow

    What no more football threads?

    Good luck to all the teams today. Should be some great games. Go Steelers!
  308. Ready4TheYellow

    Tommy Hooked it Up

    Went to Catalina Offshore today and met with Tommy after a short drive from LA....Picked up some Shrimp, Jumbo Scallops and Stone Crab....... and yes his scale was still broke. :argue: Thanks Again Tommy for the great eats and the Unigoop Coffee Mug.
  309. Ready4TheYellow

    This Little Girl will Rock your World

    This Little Girl will Rock your World
  310. Ready4TheYellow

    13 day Shogun report

    Well we had a great trip with my biggest going 168# but I was happy. I caught 9 in that range 140#-168# and 2 Hoo...I didnt catch anything till the 3rd day although on our first night I lost a fish that came to color twice and the line snapped, the crew estimated it to be over 250# I fought it...
  311. Ready4TheYellow

    13 day Trip Gear

    Leaving Wed for my 1st ever 13 day trip on the Shogun. Just wondering if I have the right gear. Here is a list of what I am taking. 130# Penn 50VSX with 135# Spectra (Super Seeker 6463XXXXH) 100# Avet EX 30W with 135# Spectra (Super Seeker 6455XXXH) 80# Tiburon 16 (upgraded drags) with...
  312. Ready4TheYellow

    Shogun Dec 10th 13 day

    Anyone else on this trip? My RRlll trip cancelled so jumped on the Shogun for my first 13 day'r. As of now I'm going alone so hope to see a few of you on the boat.
  313. Ready4TheYellow

    BD'r on 10 day

    Anyone else on the Dec 12th 10 day on the Rooster? I can't wait!:1041677399:
  314. Ready4TheYellow

    Been away awhile due to illness

    Just checking in. My wifes Mom has been really sick and just diagnosed with leukemia a couple months back and passed away last night after getting pneumonia. Now the fun part..trying to get funds for another funeral...Thanks for the prayers..
  315. Ready4TheYellow

    BD Sighting on the 405

    So I'm driving down the 405 South to the 22 freeway on my way to the Angel game......... I see a white truck with a big BD sticker on the back indow I speed up honk a bunch...My wife , brother in law and mother in law and myself all throw the salute and the guy proceeds to change lanes and hauls...
  316. Ready4TheYellow

    Crazy Helicoptor Fishing

    Dont know if this has been posted before if so....too fucking bad...LOL Helicopter Fishing - Coolest Sport EverVideo
  317. Ready4TheYellow

    Waverunners Anyone??

    I'm in the market for a couple Sea Doo's or Yamaha Waverunners along with a dual trailer..Anyone have any hook ups for a cash deal? I would prefer new from a dealer..Thanks
  318. Ready4TheYellow

    Please Help Emergency I was on the news this morning.

    Did any of you see me on the news this morning I need your votes.... News3Online is your breaking news center
  319. Ready4TheYellow

    Offshore Outer Limits 2 day trip

    Jumped on a limited load charter of 19 people with Chris (CalicoBlast) on the Outer Limits out of Seaforth Sportfishing Tuesday night for a 2 day. We killed them ...Started out 70 miles south for limits of Dorado (we released 200+) also had Yellows from 15-40 pounds. Day 2 went 50 miles NW to...
  320. Ready4TheYellow

    Corb whats up with the sox..

  321. Ready4TheYellow

    NEW Livewell Bait Pump Alarm

    Hey all we just got in a new product I think alot of you guys will be interested in. SignetMarine BaitWatch Livewell Bait Pump Alarm No More Dead Bait - The BaitWatch System alerts you to a bait pump problem before your fishing trip turns into one. The loud alarm and dual-color status...
  322. Ready4TheYellow

    YT Shootout

    I'm looking to be the missing link to your winning team...I have mex permit if needed. Willing to pay my share of fuel, bait, food...etc... I have good vision and can see paddys from miles away..... Working at baja fish gear I have all gear needed to catch the winning fish as well as the...
  323. Ready4TheYellow

    Royal Star June 11th

    All the Baja Fish Gear guys will be on this trip anyone else going??
  324. Ready4TheYellow

    Baja Specials $99

    Hey all.. We are having our huge Summer sale this Saturday June 7th - Doors Open at 9 A.M. - 7 P.M. JUST ADDED for Bloodydecks Members ONLY.....Mention this ad and you will receive $5 off your purchase for every 20 miles that you drive. Maximum of $25. **Must have Current drivers license and...
  325. Ready4TheYellow

    No More Shark Fishing??

    Here come more regulations.....from a team...:slap::Rambo_Throwing_Kniv Majority of Oceanic Shark Species Face Extinction - Yahoo! News
  326. Ready4TheYellow

    Kayak Rack or Straps

    Anyone have a rack, straps or anything else I could use for a weekend to carry 1 to 2 kayaks. I have a Toyota Tundra and GMC Yukon. If not what would be the best way to strap these down if any.. Thanks
  327. Ready4TheYellow

    Camping/Fishing/kayaking Memorial Weekend

    Hey all..I would like to invite about 50 BD families to come camping/fishing on my ranch in Madera, Ca. I know last minute camping spots are hard to find so I just wanted to throw this offer out. The setting is on 100 Acres of land (an old fish hatchery). We camp Tent/RV right on the San...
  328. Ready4TheYellow

    Tonight Charter 2 Days First String

    Hey guy ...I have a Baja Fish Gear sponsored Charter on the First String out of La Harbor Sportfishing. 2 day Trip Leaving Tonight 4-11 returning 4/13 Day 1 San Nicholis Island - Ling Cod and rockfish Day 2 San Clemente Island - YT, WSB Need to book within the hour call Baja Fish Gear...
  329. Ready4TheYellow

    Green Accurates are here!!

    We have Green Accurates in Stock now at Baja Fish Gear that match our Green Blank, Green Wrapped Super Seekers. We have 10 of each of the following models and 4 pairs of Green Piranah Pliers. Models we have are B-270, B-870, B-665N and B-665H. These are all 2 speed models. I have them up on Baja...
  330. Ready4TheYellow

    Fred Hall Show Special

    Visit us at booth 900-903 during the Fred Hall Fishing and Tackle Show at the Long Beach Convention Center from March 5-March 9, 2008. Print out this coupon and save on your next purchase in our shop.
  331. Ready4TheYellow

    Baja Fish Gear New Shop Rods

    Baja Fish Gear now has new shop rods available. These are Green Super Seekers 3 of each model are available. I will also have them on the Baja Fish site this evening. Here are a couple pictures.. These are Factory wrapped Seekers..
  332. Ready4TheYellow

    Todays funnies

    Here ya go...
  333. Ready4TheYellow

    A Short Love Story

    A man and a woman who had never met before, and were both married to other people, found themselves assigned to the same sleeping room on a Trans-continental train. Though initially embarrassed and uneasy over sharing a room, they were both very tired and fell asleep quickly... He in the upper...
  334. Ready4TheYellow

    How a womens brain works

    A Woman's Brain
  335. Ready4TheYellow

    Country Music Video of the Year

    Click green screen to start :Pelvic_Thrust:
  336. Ready4TheYellow

    Monday Morning funnies

  337. Ready4TheYellow

    Shimano's New Rockfishing System

    Shimano Lucanus Jigs New for 2008, Shimano will be introducing a new Jigging System based around the new Shimano Lucanus jigs. A completely new design used primarily for jigging in 200-300 feet of water for bottom and structure fish. The Lucanus® jigs fished on the specially designed...
  338. Ready4TheYellow

    Hooping and Halibuts 1/11 HO's WANTED

    Ok I need 1-2 Ho's to hoop Friday night at MDR or maybe Catalina and fishing Halibuts Saturday morning at MDR. PM me for details.. I am leaving by 1 p.m today. Weather should be nice either way..
  339. Ready4TheYellow

    My FlexiChick..

    LOL She bends even more then the original FlexiChick... and she's not a cocktease..LOL
  340. Ready4TheYellow

    Body Found

    Today San Diego County, Police found an unidentified man's body in a park nearby. Witnesses describe the man as having a Beer Belly, Saggy Stinky Balls, Wrinkly Ass and a Small Dick. I was just checking to make sure that all the guys in the BloodyDecks group are okay...
  341. Ready4TheYellow

    Jingle Bombs Funny Shit

    Hope you guys like it Happy Holidays MySpaceTV Videos: Jeff Dunham; Achmed&#39;s &quot;Jingle Bombs&quot; by Jeff Dunham
  342. Ready4TheYellow

    Something to laugh at..

  343. Ready4TheYellow

    Should Moderators Have The Right To Deletes Threads For No Reason

    Ok thats it...I'm fucking pissed now...I found out one of my threads that I posted 14 months ago was fucking deleted....Someones gonna pay big time...:finger: I dont recall the name of the thread but I know it's gone....
  344. Ready4TheYellow

    Finally got my tree up Humbug!

    Took me 3 days of straight drinking to get my christmas tree set-up...How does it look?
  345. Ready4TheYellow

    Happy Birthday TunaHead

    Happy Birthday Ronald....I hope you make it for another 75 years..:food-smiley-014:LOL
  346. Ready4TheYellow

    Please i need your votes

    Hey all joined a tattoo contest and need your votes. The site is a myspace site. Thanks guys and gals...for those that havent seen some of my tats...well you may get a kick out of them. Vote for Steve under Tattoo contest voting tab. Thanks - Lets see if...
  347. Ready4TheYellow


    MOTHER AND DAUGHTER BANNED FOR LIFE FROM <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = ST1 /><ST1:PLACE w:st="on">DISNEYLAND</ST1:PLACE> <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P></O:P> this has got to be one of the funniest things going around the computer...wonder where they got the NERVE? MOTHER AND DAUGHTER BANNED FOR...
  348. Ready4TheYellow

    2 day trip

    I have a few spots left on our Baja Fish Gear charter on the El Dorado leaving this Wed 9/12 , fishing Thursday and Friday and returning Friday evening. Cost of the trip is $425 including food, permits. Right now we have a very light load and we are going. Will probably have 15 guys..PM me ASAP...
  349. Ready4TheYellow

    The Cave In..

    One day, the seven dwarfs left to go work in the mine. Snow White stayed home to prepare lunch. When she arrived at the mine with the lunch, she saw that there had been a terrible cave in. Tearfully, and fearing the worst. Snow White began calling out, hoping against hope that some of the...
  350. Ready4TheYellow

    2 day trip (cheap)

    Ok all 2 day trip on the Seahorse leaving this Wed night.....$200 PM me
  351. Ready4TheYellow

    Offshore Big bluefin on a 5 day

    Four big bluefin bit for anglers fishing aboard the Fischbeck Charter aboard the Polaris Supreme with skipper Drew Henderson, and three of them were decked. Drew weighed the fish on the certified scales at Fisherman’s Landing July 23 after the five-day trip with 23 anglers. He also weighed an...
  352. Ready4TheYellow

    Fishing Plaque

  353. Ready4TheYellow

    Offshore Albacore from my 2.5 Islander trip

    Went out on a 2.5 day trip on the Islander this past Sunday with a light load of 20 onboard. Fishing was slow for the most part but we still ended up with 42 Albies and 16 YT. I hooked 5 up with 5 Albies and 2 YT. Here are a few pictures from the trip.
  354. Ready4TheYellow

    Fishing Tonight

    Anyone want to go on a cheap 2.5 day trip..The albies are going off...First person to PM goes for $375. We leave tonight at 9 PM. All food included..PM me ASAP I am heading out within an hour... 10 spots left on a limited load trip of 28 on the Islander for $575
  355. Ready4TheYellow

    2.5 day Islander

    Hey all I am trying to fill a few more spots on my 2.5 day trip on the Islander Islander Charters San Diego: Sportfishing, Scuba Diving, Great White Shark Cage Diving and Custom Charters leaving this Sunday 6/24. I do this trip every year and it is always a great trip. The Chef on board is...
  356. Ready4TheYellow

    Bobby Yoshihiro passes away

    Bobby Yoshihiro of the Thunderbird passed away this morning. Our condolences go out to his family...
  357. Ready4TheYellow

    Pissed off landlord

    This is one pissed off landlord Funny or Die
  358. Ready4TheYellow

    The Penis Raise

    I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: * I do physical labor. * I work at great depths. * I plunge headfirst into everything I do. * I do not get weekends or holidays off. * I work in a damp environment. * I work in a dark area with poor ventilation. * I work...
  359. Ready4TheYellow


    Anyone going out tonight? I may go on the First String, Freedom or Toronado for some San Clemente Yellows.....
  360. Ready4TheYellow

    Saluki when younger?

    Could this be Saluki in his High school days?..LOL LOL LOL MIXED WRESTLING IN MONTREAL -
  361. Ready4TheYellow

    Local Tuna Today!

    I read this earlier today.. I was at Crystal Cove Beach today, near Reef Point and came across this... A TUNA!! Looks like about a 30 pound or so Yellowfin, maybe a bluefin, hard to tell because it looks like it's been dead a few days and is all faded and the eyeballs are missing. I'm...
  362. Ready4TheYellow

    Frank enstein........

    Hey Frank enstein, Iz yer flotin platferm dun yeht???LOL :beerbang: :beerbang: LOL
  363. Ready4TheYellow

    100-150# Sturgeon at Santa ana river lakes?

    Sturgeon from 100 to 150 pounds planted in Santa Ana River Lakes No one can remember anything like this. "It's kind of a once-in-a-lifetime experience," said Doug Elliott, who co-owns the Santa Ana River Lakes fishing concession with Bill Andrews. "I've been in the fishing business for 30...
  364. Ready4TheYellow

    Tattoo Hook Up

    Just got home from Shogun tattoo in Pasadena. Look what I came home with... Charles does awesome work. I waited awhile to get some work done from him..He specializes in Saltwater fishing... ::::: Welcome to Tattoos by Charles Belnavis :::::
  365. Ready4TheYellow

    FHS Today...

    Hey Frank missed ya today man..:nutkick: .I never got a call from you to meet up, so my wife called you and left a message on our way home...:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :beerbang: LOL
  366. Ready4TheYellow

    If men wrote advice columns

    I think this advice column would solve a lot of marriage problems.:rofl: :rofl: :notworthy :notworthy :rofl: :rofl:
  367. Ready4TheYellow

    Black Accurates...

    Check out the new Accurates....they look sweet....
  368. Ready4TheYellow

    Letter to a Marine

    Saw this earlier today...
  369. Ready4TheYellow

    Walking the dog

    A little girl asked her Mom, "Mom, may I take the dog for a walk around the block?" Mom replies, "No, because she is in heat." "What's that mean?" asked the child. "Go ask your father. I think he's in the garage." The little girl goes to the garage and says, "Dad, may I take Belle for a...
  370. Ready4TheYellow

    World record fish caught IceFishing HUGE!!

    Check out this link. How would you like to catch this Ice Fishing...:eyepoppin Steve
  371. Ready4TheYellow

    Fish Processing

    Hey guys, Sharon and I were searching high and low looking for a local business that vacuum packages and smokes fish in the South Bay area and found a great company in Shamrock Seafoods in Wilmington. I called them and dropped off alot of Yellowfin to be Smoked and packaged along with the...
  372. Ready4TheYellow

    Excel 8 days $1500 what a steal..

    Hi Guys, The charter is known as the "Big Al Tuna Tournament" (It is named that for the various daily and overall jackpot payouts we have on the trip. As well as daily bets on anglers who will catch biggest fish) Well several of our veterans had to pull out for various reasons and now we have...
  373. Ready4TheYellow

    Offshore Toronado 8/12 WFO YFT, Yt and Dodo's

    My wife and I jumped on the Toronado for an overnight trip to catch some Dodo's little did we know we would be offshore killing YFT also....First YFT caught in US waters Ive heard here are a few pictures and will post more later... Steve
  374. Ready4TheYellow

    2 needed to fish Saturday

    I have 2 spots open for dodos & yt for sat aug 5 if interested let me know by noon computer access after that will be leaving sat 5am return 6ish SATURDAY. Steve
  375. Ready4TheYellow

    Boat needed for 2...7/29

    Anyone going out Friday night to fish Saturday with 2 open seats. Ready to split gas/food/bait. Experienced fishermen looking to kill some YT, Dodo's and maybe some Tuna. Also interested to jump on a overnight charter if someone has any cancellations that they need filled. PM me ASAP with...
  376. Ready4TheYellow

    Offshore Pacific Queen BFT, Albacore and YT

    Parley, my wife Sharon and I debated all week which boat to go out on to kill some fish. After looking at a few boats we made the right choice. We decided to make reservations for the Pacific Queen out of Fishermans Landing. We got down to the landing to find out the boat went out the night...
  377. Ready4TheYellow

    Dominator this Friday night 6/9

    Overnight Trip Light Load-$150 (includes fuel surcharge, permits and bunk) 12 people needed to go. We have 6 so far boat sleeps 36. Trip is limited to 25 anglers.. "DOMINATOR" Out of Islandia Sportfishing Leaving Friday 9 P.M. 6/9/2006 Fishing Saturday 6/10/2006 Fishing for...
  378. Ready4TheYellow

    Offshore Navy, Coast Guard rescue 35 from sportfishing boat

    Rough day for passengers on the Legend yesterday evening. Around 8 P.M last night the Legend started taking on alot of water on their way out to get some BFT, Albies and YT. All passengers were airlifted out by the US Coast Guard. Crew and coast guard are still trying to pump water out with...
  379. Ready4TheYellow

    Catalina 4/30

    Hey Gang...One of my good friends Jim, is looking to get his 24 ft skippy out this weekend leaving San Pedro for Catalina early Sunday morning to fish some WSB and hopefully some YT. I need a 2 possibly 3 good BloodyDeckers (if any are out there) Boat fishes great. 1 problem 1 ho must be able to...
  380. Ready4TheYellow

    Catalina 4/30

    Hey Gang...One of my good friends Jim, is looking to get his 24 ft skippy out this weekend leaving San Pedro for Catalina early Sunday morning to fish some WSB and hopefully some YT. I need a 2 possibly 3 good BloodyDeckers (if any are out there) Boat fishes great. 1 problem 1 ho must be able to...
  381. Ready4TheYellow

    Offshore Truline report 4/23

    Truline scored 103 Yellows Sunday outta 22nd st landing ....theyre starting to bite now too... Steve
  382. Ready4TheYellow

    Offshore SCI 4/1 FREEDOM

    Hey all went out on the FREEDOM again last night and fished today. Fish didnt cooperate too well..although we like everyone else produced many Sculpin, Rockfish, Reds, Sheephead, a Bat Ray while squiddin and 1 baracuda oddly enough. Saw alot of the BD boats out on the water took a couple...
  383. Ready4TheYellow

    Offshore Freedom 3/25

    Hey all this is my first report on BD. Left Friday night out of 22nd street on the FREEDOM. We had live squid to work with and was heading to San Clemente Island only targeting WSB and YT. 2 yellows boated today as well as sheephead, whitefish and a few rockfish. Nice day today...I saw Chasin...
  384. Ready4TheYellow


    Hey BD'ers, My name is Steve and just joined BD a few days ago to check out the site. Interesting crowd around here. MOST of you seem like you have good heads on your shoulders. I'm fairly new to Saltwater fishing but have fished freshwater for about 20 years now. I have been out on a few...