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  1. Got fish

    Ghostly South Wind

    Hey Dan way to go you wsb killing machine.. glade to see ur still out on the water putting a hurt to them ghost. We’ve been able to put a few on the boat ourselves over at the is
  2. Got fish

    Question for all of you bow hunters

    I have pse bow madness, a mathews heli, and the hoyt carbon element g3 and i have to say i really love the hoyt. They have a larger carbon element for bigger people.
  3. Got fish

    Predator call recommendation

    The foxpro is the best wireless electronic call out there but it is not cheap but well worth it for the investment. I really like the primos line of calls by randy anderson, with the Kiy-yi being my favorit. killed more dogs with that one more then any other.
  4. Got fish

    Bear archery owners

    Get serious "get hoyt"
  5. Got fish

    SD Bay Bugging Night before Thanksgiving

    Keep droping nets. If u don't pull anything pick up and move. And use ur sounder to look at the bottom for structure. I was new to hooping myself 3 seasons ago and now I feel confadent that I can find bugz any place. Dosen't mean they will always be there. Conditions is what really seem to...
  6. Got fish


    What am station is "Let's Talk Hookup" on. Thanks
  7. Got fish

    Tough bird opener.....

    No 2012 spring rain really put a hirtin on the chucker, but the valley quail seem not to have taken as big as hit. Been finding quail about everywhere I go.
  8. Got fish

    Beware of HM / Pt. Loma / Fisherman's Landing!!!

    Dude really, get a life. Will somebody please break this guy off proper.
  9. Got fish

    Visa check

    If ur new to the ocean I would suggest to you to hire capt Dave Hanson. I did a short while after I got my boat and it was one of the best investments I ever made. Not also dose he put you on fish but more important he will make u awear of all the little do's and dont's on the water. Plus a...
  10. Got fish

    8/17 Bluefin Tuna

    I've seen guys get as close as 30' then drift off it chunking.
  11. Got fish

    ? Fish Dope ?

    Wouldn't go a season without it.