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  1. dano626

    Any local SD custom hunting rifle builders?

    You need to talk to John over at Fine Firearms....they build some nice long range hunting rigs
  2. dano626

    For Sale Garage/Gear clearout.

    Thank you Rich! Happy to see it will be put to good use.
  3. dano626

    For Sale Garage/Gear clearout.

    ttt. Updated to remove sold items. Changed some pricing.
  4. dano626

    SD place to buy reloading supplies

    Fine Firearms is more than hunter friendly, most of the guys there are hunters themselves. They have a good selection of reloading supplies too. Ive seen the h4350 on the shelf, but it has been awhile since I went in. Look at their facebook page if you are on there. They build custom rifles as well.
  5. dano626

    For Sale Garage/Gear clearout.

    Ill check it out later tonight.
  6. dano626

    For Sale Garage/Gear clearout.

    Make an offer on any of it. I just want to move this stuff out.
  7. dano626

    For Sale Garage/Gear clearout.

    Have some older gear that isnt being used. Need to move on from it to fund other projects. Willing to negotiate on some of these. There is quite a bit of pics here. If you have any questions or want more detailed pics let me know Thanks! Trades considered... riflescope, any small .22 rifles...
  8. dano626

    35x60 kill bag...Price drop to $120.00

    Not sure of brand, its not on the bag anywhere. It does have a drain plug.
  9. dano626

    35x60 kill bag...Price drop to $120.00

    Never had a fish in it. Was on boat so has some marks on it...otherwise brand new. Has handles on each end and has drain plug. $120.00. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  10. dano626

    Cancun Fishing?

    Im interested in some info as well. Ill be headed there in August.
  11. dano626

    Bird schools and a BITCH SLAP

    Nice job Robert! Looks like you scored.
  12. dano626


    One motor cover gone. Would prefer local buyer in San Diego
  13. dano626

    Shurflo pirahana cartridge/ Yamaha 150 motor covers

    Cartridge for 800/1100 pumps. Was a backup that was kept on boat. $20 Yamaha 150 fourstroke motor covers. One is brand new in package.. The other is brand new also but not in package. $40 each.
  14. dano626


    Cartridge for 800/1100 pumps. Was a backup that was kept on boat. $20 Yamaha 150 fourstroke motor covers. One is brand new in package. The other is brand new also but not in package. $40 each.
  15. dano626

    Vanguard Optics

    Which vortex model were you comparing to?
  16. dano626

    A22 and D16 Season Dates for 2015

    October 24th. Same as D16 but I believe it only runs three weeks.
  17. dano626

    A22 opening weekend who's going?

    Ill be in the area, Ill stop by and say hi and introduce myself if time allows. good luck MJB.
  18. dano626

    Going tomorrow 6/22

    Good luck, have fun.
  19. dano626

    Saturday yellowfin

    Headed out towards the corner decided to troll a couple cedar plugs along the border west of the nine mile bank. Got a single yellowfin and nothing else for the rest of the day. Found a few small paddies but nothing on em. Trolled through schools of porpoise for nothing. Saw a cool little sea...
  20. dano626

    rapala magnums cheap - new vintage lures

    Is that $50 price including shipping?
  21. dano626

    2015 CA Big Game Digest is out

    It did fill in the draw, but keep in mind it was also restricted not premium. So people like me bought it OTC as a first tag before the draw even happened.
  22. dano626

    Would you hunt with this guy?

    dude is a straight killer, I would hunt with him. clothed of
  23. dano626

    Here's one for ya El Toro

  24. dano626

    Sd county CCW

    Dont know if this is the final step, but huge none the less.
  25. dano626

    Bo-J Lures

    Reviving an old thread here. I recently came across quite a few of these, probably 5-6 of em. Been trying to find any info on them but there really isnt anything out there.
  26. dano626

    Coranado Yellows

    How often is the Mexican navy checking vessels? Are they headed out to the islands much or closeer to the beach?
  27. dano626

    Looking for 1 or 2 people for sunday out of Dana Point

    If it would have been a Saturday Id be all over this. Thanks for offering fullclip that was generous of you.
  28. dano626

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH frame

    Thanks Stuman! Trying to fix my dads reel. Might be interested. How much are you asking?
  29. dano626

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH frame

    Got one straight from Diawa but it doesnt match up with my older version. Looking for a frame that has brass threaded fittings for side plates.
  30. dano626

    Need some time out on the water.

    Just recently got my fathers gear after he passed away. Went out to La Jolla kelp last weekend but would like to get a little further out and get on some YT or YFT. Never hooked a YFT before! This coming Fri or Sat would be best for me. Willing to chip in on expenses and help clean up after...
  31. dano626

    Need some time out on the water..

    Just recently got my fathers gear after he passed away. Went out to La Jolla kelp last weekend but would like to get a little further out and get on some YT or YFT. Never hooked a YFT before! This coming Fri or Sat would be best for me. Willing to chip in on expenses and help clean up after...
  32. dano626

    WTB: Diawa SL20SH Rod Clamp Kit

    Picked one up at Squidco. Thanks skrilla.
  33. dano626

    WTB: Diawa SL20SH Rod Clamp Kit

    Looking for a rod clamp kit for a Diawa SL20sh. Please let me know if you have one. Thanks!
  34. dano626

    Tracking Point....coming to you soon

    Interesting. But not for me. Id rather rely on skill (or lack of it, lol) than have something automatic, it takes away the fun for me.
  35. dano626

    A-22 did sell out as of 9:30 am

    Go here to submit a comment to the County Board of Supervisors:
  36. dano626

    S Cal tag draws, what did you pull?

    Well you can shoot a doe with a bow but only in the g13 general season.
  37. dano626

    S Cal tag draws, what did you pull?

    I havent had my G13 since the year I shot that doe you were there for. Ive been trying archery now so Ive got an a22 last year and this year. Got a doe with the archery tag and a buck with the rifle in d16 last year.
  38. dano626

    A-22 did sell out as of 9:30 am

    Couldnt have sold out at 9:30. My brother got one at 11:18 am.
  39. dano626

    A-22 last shot at em...maybe

    AO has always been buck only archery and is split between the early sept archery season which is only three weeks or so and then oct through nov. d-16 season.
  40. dano626

    A-22 last shot at em...maybe

    AO should still be ok. The regs say: The AO (Archery-Only) tag allows hunting with archery equipment only during the archery and general seasons in A, B, or D zones. To hunt during an X zone archery season, you must have an Area-Specific Archery Hunt tag for the appropriate zone. You may not...
  41. dano626

    A-22 who's in this year?

    get an AO tag.
  42. dano626

    Fire in A22

    Al Bahr Lodge and Foster Lodge both destroyed by the fire. They said the meadow area near El Prado was not burnt. Definitely on a southern path.
  43. dano626

    Ruger SLR 38 or S&W Bodyguard 38

    Both of the LCR rugers are the same size as far as the grip and frame are concerned. The only difference is the weight due to the longer cylinder on the 357 version, it makes it 3.5oz heavier which will help her with recoil. Ruger® LCR® Double-Action Revolver Models
  44. dano626

    Ruger SLR 38 or S&W Bodyguard 38

    In regards to the ruger, i think you mean the LCR 38. If that is what you mean it is a great little pistol, nice and easy to shoot and has a nice stock grip. But i would get the 357 version just to add a little more weight to help with recoil. If recoil is not an issue at all stay with the 38...
  45. dano626

    CA deer draw

    As of right now Im pretty sure d16 will be premium draw next year as there are only 413 left.
  46. dano626

    CA deer draw

    Looking like D16 is gonna be a draw or restricted next year. Only 413 tags left as of last night.
  47. dano626

    Got a tag - got a tag - whoot whoot D-16

    But the OG question was whether he could get the G-13 in the draw and get an a-22 if there were any leftover after the draw. He thought he could never have both a g-13 and a-22 at the same time. and was told he was correct: Originally Posted by Vermonster I think that was discussed earlier...
  48. dano626

    Got a tag - got a tag - whoot whoot D-16

    I agree. Im actually going for the a-22 now vs the g13. Its my first year with a bow so I really wanted to make sure I got the a22 in order to have a longer season.
  49. dano626

    Got a tag - got a tag - whoot whoot D-16

    Here it is out of the book:Second-Deer Tag applicants may apply for any remaining premium or restricted deer hunt tags at 8:00 a.m. on August 2, 2013, at any CDFW license sales office, license agent, or online. Tags will be issued upon request until the tag quota for the hunt is filled. I know...
  50. dano626

    Got a tag - got a tag - whoot whoot D-16

    Not true. If he was to draw g13 as his first tag he could get an a22 if he waited until aug 2nd and there were still some available. After Aug 2nd it is no longer considered a "premium tag" and you could buy it as a regular OTC tag. I called F&W and verified it myself as I was trying to figure...
  51. dano626

    A22 Goes Premium

    Actually a-22 sold out as an otc 6/29/12. I think people were buying two at time last year when it was available as an otc tag. This year will be different as it is a premium tag which means a few things. 1. you have to put in for draw. I dont think alot of people want to burn their points on...
  52. dano626

    A22 Goes Premium

    Just got off the phone with F&W. You can get premium tag (g-13) with your 1st and then purchase the a-22 after aug 1st if any are left over. You wouldnt burn your points if a-22 is purchased after aug 1st.
  53. dano626

    A22 Goes Premium

    Im looking over that again. It looked to me like you could put in for g-13 as your first choice and if you did pull it and a-22 wasnt sold out you could get it after aug 1st. But then I read a section where it said each hunter could only get one premium tag per year. Now im confused...
  54. dano626

    A22 Goes Premium

    Thats the way I read it.
  55. dano626

    A22 Goes Premium

    Id dont think you would pay extra if you applied for: 1st choice - point only 2nd choice: A-22 But if they run out of tags in the 1st round of drawing you may miss out on obtaining the a-22 tag.
  56. dano626

    A22 Goes Premium

    Upon further reading you can get it as a first tag if: If any premium deer hunt tags remain after the Big Game Drawing, First-Deer Tag applicants may apply for any leftover premium deer hunt tags starting at 8:00 a.m. on July 2, 2013 or as a Second Deer Tag if: A Second-Deer Tag may be...
  57. dano626

    A22 Goes Premium

    From what Im reading thats a no. It is in fact a premium tag and can only be issued using the first tag application. see below: Premium Deer Hunts Tags are any hunt where the quota filled on or before the first business day after July 1, of the previous year. Hunters may only obtain one...
  58. dano626


    Guy down in Chula Vista also:
  59. dano626

    Getting a Tag Signed off

    No g13 for me this year. There was only one other vehicle there in the morning. Windy as hell and pretty hot. The evening though is a different story. It turned into a cluster fuck as people were driving in and out way too late to let the area settle so no deer popped out. Did not see one deer...
  60. dano626

    Getting a Tag Signed off

    I was surprised I didnt see you opening morning. Didnt you get a G13 this year?
  61. dano626

    Deer tag Question

    Oh man. :rofl: LOL - You guys are funny!! You never give Sean a break....
  62. dano626

    ca is up

    Ive done more hiking than that looking for a buck. Its just those does that are so easy to get to!!
  63. dano626

    ca is up

    Looks like I get to watch you shoot one this year!! lol. I didnt draw this year... Ill have to put on my big boy pants and actually hike into places to try and get a buck.
  64. dano626

    ca is up

    Love that g13! It's practically a guarantee if you know where to go. Good luck to you.
  65. dano626

    ca is up

    This is the first time in three years I didnt get my G13!! Looks like Im doing D16 only now.
  66. dano626

    Archery course in Balboa Park - the end??

    I was thinking of Morley Field not Rube Powell... sorry..
  67. dano626

    Archery course in Balboa Park - the end??

    I dont believe it will effect the archery course as it is on the Northeast section of the park. This change is on the west side near the Old Globe and Organ Pavilion.
  68. dano626

    Licensing help in CA!!

    I took a friend who was not licensed with me last year during deer season. Basically they are a hiker, but as stated before to avoid ANY problems do not let them touch your rifle or ammo.
  69. dano626

    What a season

    Wow, this season has been interesting! Opening day shot a doe with my g13. Was home by 12 noon. Went out on some other weekends and havent seen any legal bucks. This last week took four days off, three for hunting. Tuesday saw 9 deer... 4 does on a hill early in the morning, another doe down in...
  70. dano626

    D-16 report

    I seem to get that tag too!! Hopefully Ill get another one and see ya next year Kurt...
  71. dano626

    WTF why do the same guys get Doe tags year after year?

    Ill probably be back out there next weekend trying to fill the buck tag... I might actually have to hike to fill that one!! Kurt, if you ever want some company on your other hunts let me know...
  72. dano626

    WTF why do the same guys get Doe tags year after year?

    Yeah it was weird, almost like a video game with all the does up there...Good seeing you guys again!
  73. dano626

    Bringing along friend that has no hunting license

    Thanks to everyone for the replies. He will be going along, but as a spectator only. Thanks for the advice on him not handling weapon or ammo at anytime, that is a great point!! To everyone that is going out for the opener have a fun trip and stay safe!!
  74. dano626

    Bringing along friend that has no hunting license

    I have a friend that would like to tag along with me for the d16 opener this weekend. Has has no license or tag and will not have any type of guns on him. Do you believe he could run into any problems with game warden if I am approached? Just want to be reassured he will be ok. He just wants to...
  75. dano626

    According to Uncle Ted, we're all baiters...

    That is the fantastic quote of the day right there!! :hali_olutta:
  76. dano626

    Are Bow Sight Lights Legal?

    throw, cast or project an artificial light or electronically alter or intensify a light source for the purpose of providing a visible point of aim directly on an animal. Based on this I say that would be a no go!
  77. dano626

    According to Uncle Ted, we're all baiters...

    What I took away from that segment was that we as hunters need to support each other whether we "bait" or "dont bait". Not what each of us considers bait or how it even got there. Look at what is happening on this discussion already, people arguing over what is bait or not bait.......
  78. dano626

    Mossberg 12ga Barrel 28in

    again, im not sure what model its from, it belonged to an uncle who passed away a few years ago. I believe it is a 500, but cant confirm due to a lack of identifying marks on barrel. Maybe someone here on the site can help identify?? If not we can try and meet to see if it fits your gun.
  79. dano626

    Mossberg 12ga Barrel 28in

    Not sure what model its from. I also have the checkered stock. Looking for maybe 100.00 for both? make me an offer as im not sure not sure of actual value.
  80. dano626

    Crater Lake, Oregon

    Crater Lake is an awesome place. I really love southern Oregon, i have some family that lives there. The drive through North Cal to Oregon is still one of my favorites.
  81. dano626

    4x4 mule deer buck from mt. laguna

    Love it!
  82. dano626

    CA results are up

    I know you can do it this year!! Youll kill something for sure. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  83. dano626

    CA results are up

    Here is to hoping you'll draw your elk/sheep on lucky number 10!! :hali_olutta:
  84. dano626

    CA results are up

    got my g-13 again. Ive been lucky enough to draw three years in a row.
  85. dano626

    Buck or a doe?????

    Watching that again dude is lucky he didnt take his eye out with the antler in his right hand, it just comes right up in his face....lucky mother right there
  86. dano626

    Buck or a doe?????

    I love the look on his face...... Oh my god
  87. dano626

    Feds trying to "exterminate" local wild pig populations Wish they would come up with a plan that wont use funds they already dont have......
  88. dano626


    Awesome hog!!
  89. dano626

    New to me....

    Vermonster, Why doesnt he just apply online? Its really easy. As far as I know you can only do tag applications directly with DFG, if you can do it at a store that would be cool. But unless they are doing it online you are leaving it up to the local store to mail it in to the DFG. Personally...
  90. dano626

    Need opinions on rifle rem 700 .270

    My boss has offered to sell me a Rem 700 in .270. I believe it is the BDL as it has the hinged floorplate. The rifle was made in 1989. It has an old fixed 4x Burris scope, but the lenses look like the coatings are coming off. It has just been reblued as it had some major rust on the...
  91. dano626

    New tag system

    Im not one for change either! But i gotta say, at least I dont have to drive down to the DFG office anymore. Online forms were quick and easy to use! About time they got something right.
  92. dano626

    CA 2011 Big Game Digest

    Thanks for the heads up. Looks like you can fill out drawing applications and get your license online. Nice and easy to use system.
  93. dano626

    Deer standing guard

    I thought this was cool and wanted to share.
  94. dano626

    New Hunter

    I bet you cant wait till he gets to drag your deer for you!! Congrats!
  95. dano626

    Hey Jim......

    Ive been looking at those comments as well. That palinator guy is a jerk!
  96. dano626

    Birthday buck

    Nice buck! What a great bday present for yourself.
  97. dano626

    PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT..........

  98. dano626

    D16 2x3

    Beautiful deer! Mounting is always a personal preference if you ask me. If your proud of the animal get it mounted.
  99. dano626


    Nice bird!! congrats
  100. dano626

    11-11-10 D16. My first buck

    Well finally got one! After three years I got my first buck. pulled into my spot around 6am. It was cold and super windy so I decided to sit in the truck and glass a hillside Ive have seen deer at lately. Within 10 mins I saw a doe up on the hill she moved and bedded down pretty quick. At 11am...
  101. dano626

    I'm torn.....

    I have a 2 yr old and have him wear Chargers gear, but im from San Diego. Anyways, you always want someone to cheer with you and not against you so I hate to say it but you should bring them up as Steeler fans so you have something in common with your children. When they get older they can make...
  102. dano626

    2 D-16 questions.....

    I called my brother and told him the deer was on BD and he starting laughing and said, " didnt you see the big ass sticker the said BLOODYDECKS on the truck?".... I told him not really I was paying attention to the deer!! :rofl:Good times for sure. Nice meeting you.
  103. dano626

    D-16 opebitner

    Kurt, That was me that shot that doe!! Never in my life did I have six people around screaming "Shoot that F%$%# deer!! its right there!!" One for the story books. Thanks again to all six of you guys to point that deer out after we drove past it......
  104. dano626

    D-16 opebitner

  105. dano626

    2 D-16 questions.....

    In looking at both my tags (one cardboard and other is the new OTC printout) there is no place to sign, they just filled all your info in them for you.
  106. dano626

    2 D-16 questions.....

    I used to lurk alot in the surf fishing area. Ive recently come upon the hunting area and have gotten a kick at the comraderie around here!! Just felt like helping out a fellow hunter. Believe me I would hate to be out there be unsure about something, do something wrong and get in trouble for...
  107. dano626

    2 D-16 questions.....

    All you need is the head with tag attached. I think you have to keep it for two weeks also. I dont have a copy of my tag so I cant answer that one.