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  1. ja73

    First time hooping in 2021

    Awesome man, that's a nice lobster ! Keep up the vids, cool to watch.
  2. ja73

    Inside LA Harbor and the Catch of a Lifetime

    That is awesome, some proud parents there, and what a great moment with millions more to come ! I can't wait to get my daughter out there fishing soon. She's almost 3, loves being on the boat, already has her sea legs, and she's now getting familiar with using a fishing pole, fun times ahead!
  3. ja73

    You better not puke! DP 11.21.20

    Cool looking dog, looks like my brothers dog. My dog loves going on the boat, but after 3 times of him jumping ship to get after sea dogs and pelicans, I now have to keep him on a leash while fishing.
  4. ja73

    Lobster trap thief

    Or a sea dog drags it away, watched one of mine go out in the harbor and disappear:1041677399:
  5. ja73

    How do you keep your lobster?

    This is how I keep mine in my freezer locker, works great and they taste just as good a few weeks later. The only difference is I put them in those grocery bags you get form WalMart or Ralphs, they're thick and hold the lobsters well, plus I can write on them so I know what day I caught them.
  6. ja73

    Hooping pt Fermin area

    I've had no issues taking the kellet's whelk that were in my hoops. The DFG told me as long as they were not taken from inside any MPA's I'm ok. They also said a lot of people catch then in there hoop nets here in SoCal.
  7. ja73

    All my bug gear is for sale - $500

    Damn Christmas is coming early for someone!
  8. ja73

    Boat Buying Scam

    I was selling a car a few years ago and talking with the “buyer” on the phone. In short, the guy said he wanted the car and he had the money, but it was in the form of a few money orders. I told him I won’t accept money orders, but since they’re probably blank, just write them out to yourself...
  9. ja73

    15' Arima Sea Sprinter - SOLD

    To add, some guys park their Arima at an angle in their garage to get a snug fit if the tongue is to long.
  10. ja73

    Squid boats at Salt Creek tonight

    And the big deal in California now is making more MLP's (AB3030) and not limiting the areas and distance the draggers and seiners work in.
  11. ja73

    Late Report - Lingcod in Santa Monica Bay (Video)

    Very nice and your son is a awesome fisherman, I bet you're a super proud dad! I can not wait till my daughter gets a little older I can take her out fishing, she already loves the being on the boat and pretends fishing in the house with her little toy reel set. Great passing fishing down to...
  12. ja73

    Arima 17' Sea Chaser or Sea Ranger

    No build thread for my boat, just a few things I’ve done to it on the Arima forum under AJFishin. The snaps were for a cover the previous owner had, but it was in bad shape and I never got a new one. My boat is a 96. Sucks you’re unable to go and get your boat. You should also post in this...
  13. ja73

    Arima 17' Sea Chaser or Sea Ranger

    Congrats on picking up your new boat! How was the drive ? To get your boat shinning, pick up either a rotary or a random orbital polisher, get some heavy foam cutting pads and 3M "09005" 2 in 1 restorer and start out on low speed and move up to high and your boat will come out shinning! Also...
  14. ja73

    Arima 17' Sea Chaser or Sea Ranger

    I think I’ve talked to you on the AO forum, but just in case, also check out the 16’s, biggest little boat you could step foot on. If you have a carport it will probably fit nicely. Here’s my 96’ Sea Chaser 16 hooked up to my F150
  15. ja73

    5/16/2020 izor's reef, horseshoe report - underwater drone footage

    Cool video,I liked to see the whole day fishing video since I’m stuck at home.
  16. ja73

    World of Fire Pop Up

    I get it, need some kind of revenue for the site, but a constant bombardment of ads makes people look into a Ad Blocker, which in return kills revenue. IMO, there’s no need that every thread people go into has to start out with a full page pop up ad that covers up a whole screen and after...
  17. ja73

    Fred Hall show in sandiego

    Canceled....Here’s the press release: “The Fred Hall Shows. We are sorry to inform you that the upcoming Del Mar Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds March 26-29 has been canceled because the County of San Diego and State of California has issued a mandate to cancel all events over 250 people.”
  18. ja73

    Hooping Newps

    Sculpins, octopus, a blue crab, conical shell creatures, and kelp fleas LOL
  19. ja73

    Still crawling in Long Beach

    Between rock crabs and spider crabs, I'll go with rock crabs, but spider crabs and not bad tasting. If you don't clean the crusted mud off of them with a wire brush before dropping them in the boil, you'll enjoy the mud taste. What sucks is they have a super hard shell, but grab a pair of good...
  20. ja73

    Don’t be that guy!

    "What is DH's favorite saying... " What were we talking about again?
  21. ja73

    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    Very Happy to hear !
  22. ja73

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I have all black tubes except 1 white one. Last time out I had a dog hanging out next to the boat the entire night. The only hoop it went after had the white tube in it. I’m just saying maybe they do see the white ones clear as day? I zip tied it a couple times so we can finish the night, but...
  23. ja73

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Very true, play some music she really enjoys, it sometimes can truly help. Praying for her full recovery.🙏🏻
  24. ja73

    They're Still Crawling

    How do you like and what are thoughts on the blue green tubes ? More importantly how do the seals like them?
  25. ja73

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Perfectly said, and bring a couple PB&J sandwiches to kill the hunger.
  26. ja73

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    I decided this season I was going to try cages because people said they're better for attracting more bugs. The night I used them I looked around and I didn't see a dog in sight, but within 5 minutes of dropping my hoops I watch a big dog porpoising out of the water making a B-line to my hoops...
  27. ja73

    Lobster...u tell me..

    If you're in possession of one undersized illegal California spiny lobster, typically it's a misdemeanor, so it carries a maximum punishment of six months in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000 plus penalties and fees. Usually in court it can be plead down to $250 to $500 with a couple years...
  28. ja73

    Lobster...u tell me..

    I'm the same, if the gauge fits in between I toss it back, not worth the hassle. Some of these guys are rookies and trying to show off.
  29. ja73

    What is this? (Sonar pic)

    I agree with Calicos, had a bunch of them under my boat a few times that didn't want to bite. But then I got lucky and I snagged one in the belly.
  30. ja73

    9yr old VS lobster report

    That’s awesome and that’s some great quality time with memories that will last forever! I’m looking forward to the day my daughter is old enough so I can take her out hooping and fishing.
  31. ja73

    Question: Used boat with NO title. What is the process?

    To register the boat is basic, you just need CA DMV form: BOAT101 filled out and it’s title, if you have it. Also remembered it is best prior to purchase you have the DMV official bill of sale form, it makes life easier. If a boat, for example is from Arizona, boats go through Fish and Game...
  32. ja73

    LB hooping 10/5

    We got out before sunset, lots of boats out, had our hoops in the water for about 10 mins and a sea dog came by tossing one in the air a few times and destroying it. Then he got stuck in another one, dragging it out in the harbor, no break from those damn dogs. Ended the night with 1 messed up...
  33. ja73

    Lb hooping 10/2

    Not to bad when you can at least bring home home dinner.
  34. ja73

    Lobster (boat/kayak combat)

    We had a few genesis's in Long Beach that used CLEAR water bottles as floats, no lights, no reflective tape and a trail of floating line, WTF.
  35. ja73

    Long Beach hooping opener

    Thats awesome you got limits and you must have been in the hot spot if you got checked twice on the water. We were out there too, sounded like salmon was the key last night. We used dines and got 1 keeper and couple shorts, lesson learned, bring back up bait. We talked with some cool guys last...
  36. ja73

    Catalina Private Boater Report for 8/21 Yellowtail!

    Nice report Dan! There's a few racoons at South shore ramp that like to come out from under the dock and give you a wake up call when you get out of your truck.
  37. ja73

    19 ft pilot house walk around

    One of my favorite Arima's, great all around boat. GLWS !
  38. ja73

    Thanks Wally!!!

    Glad all went well and you were able to get off of the wall. The wall can sneak up on you quick. You defiantly need a battery jumper on board. I've loaned mine out a couple times when some boats had dead batteries. A good piece of insurance that's cheap. We had a banana on board last year while...
  39. ja73

    Dana Point 8-4 Report

    Water temps are starting to rise :appl:
  40. ja73

    Fishing on the Rubber Ducky- Sat

    Glad you guys found a few to welcome in the boat. I was out the at the shoe on Saturday with temps from 62 in the northern end and 64 in southern end, crazy cold for this time of year. I was able to pull up 2 short calicos, ditto on the conditions.
  41. ja73

    1987 Arima w/ 2003 Suzuki DF70

    That's a really nice set up and the top fits it nicely... GLWS !
  42. ja73

    Dana Point 8-4 Report

    I feel like I'm a Jehovah witness knocking on doors, bait is everywhere, but when I show up every one goes hiding.
  43. ja73

    Saturday Rubber Ducky Bassin

    I too was out at the Shoe, manage 3 short calicos, then a few sea dogs came over and shut it down.
  44. ja73

    Izors, shark, and dogs...

    Great report, glad see some life out there at Izors. My dog could care less about the fish, but he hates pelicans and seals, he's always on guard, ready to jump in.LOL
  45. ja73

    Shake Down Cruise/Report DP 071319

    SR19 very nice and just the right size for everything :appl:
  46. ja73

    Shake Down Cruise/Report DP 071319

    Congrats on your new boat, Arimas are awesome boats. What model Arima did you go with ?
  47. ja73

    Nice yellowtail on the pipe today!

    Very nice nice, shit pipe also a great spot too. :Zombie_Ro:_diarrhea_:
  48. ja73

    T Shark 7/6/19

    Awesome T Shark and excellent C&R :appl:
  49. ja73

    Reds, Bass and Ospreys

    Excellent fishing Croaker, those are some nice fish :appl:
  50. ja73

    Question: Used boat with NO title. What is the process?

    I believe so. But like txmxer said, have the seller meet you at the DMV, this helps A LOT. DMV forms you will need: REG262 REG227 REG135 If you buy the boat without a title, make sure to get a picture of the sellers driver license, a completed Bill of Sale, preferably the DMV form (REG135)...
  51. ja73

    Father’s Day at the island

    Awesome day and a nice haul !:appl:
  52. ja73

    It this legal?

    Yep those wardens pop out of the bushes and drop from Palm trees during lobster season, but go in hibernation in the summer.
  53. ja73

    Lost a tanker fish but gained a Long Beach Lingcod 6/9/19

    Nicely done. I have those same bibs and they kept me toasty during last winter fishing for lobsters. Your son must have ice packs wrapped around him to wear those and a sweater in the sun.
  54. ja73

    Relentless drone pics

    Excellent pictures:appl:
  55. ja73

    Venice artificial reef and redondo canyon 4/26

    I was thinking the paddies were just the LA trash islands floating out from Ballona Creek.
  56. ja73

    5/9-6/16 LA/OC Inshore & Catalina Report/Intel

    Great report, I love catching the Cudas!
  57. ja73

    Just a quick "what are these ?"

    I saw those about 3 years ago and that season the fishing was awesome.
  58. ja73

    World Class Leopard Shark | San Diego Bay (Video)

    What an awesome catch and a fun day on the water!
  59. ja73

    Navionics+ Regions West Card - $95 (includes shipping)

    Currently the card is pending, waiting for payment.
  60. ja73

    Navionics+ Regions West Card - $95 (includes shipping)

    Yes, Navionics can be used on a lot of different brands, expect Garmin. You can take this card out of a Humminbird unit and put it in a Lowrance unit with no problems. The cards are protected so you can not write on the card or add to the card. Here's a compatibly link...
  61. ja73

    Navionics+ Regions West Card - $95 (includes shipping)

    Yes I had it in my Hummingbird Helix, but I never heard of the cards not being able to be used in other brands once it's been in one brand? I do know Garmin, possibly another brand, are not be compatible with Navionics. Also the Navionics map is not uploaded to the unit, the unit reads from the...
  62. ja73

    Navionics+ Regions West Card - $95 (includes shipping)

    Navionics+ Regions West Card (16gb SD/MicorSD card and USB card reader stick) Never been registered. $95 includes USPS Priority shipping or pick up in Alhambra for $90. NO CHECKS of any kind PAYPAL or CASH ONLY.
  63. ja73

    2018/2019 Lobster Season Recap

    Way to go man! We had a similar season but we didn't have to many issues with the seals and our go to was Macs and Benito in the bait tubes. Salmon heads didn't produce much for us, neither did the Gouch. Funny thing was we got better quality bugs in our 2 lay flats then the conical. Next season...
  64. ja73

    local LB bugging & Fish ID

    Send a picture to Carrillo museum, they should know.
  65. ja73

    LB Breakwall calico, sand bass, and halibut 2/24

    Sand bass are fun to catch when they're fatties, they can put up a great fight.
  66. ja73

    LB Breakwall calico, sand bass, and halibut 2/24

    That is a NICE fat sandy. I've caught a couple at the wall before and they can get beefy, way to go!
  67. ja73

    2001 Wellcraft 22' Walkaround Cuddy Cabin

    Damn that is a nice boat, definitely someone is going to have an awesome boat. Good luck with the sale.
  68. ja73


    I agree with what Woodman and carpfisher said. Main thing to watch for is the service boat and the cranes when they swing it out over the water. I had a guy yell down to me they were going to use the crane and suggest I move to another part of the rig in case something fell. 99% of the time the...
  69. ja73

    D P - 01.19.19

    Way to go, Calico tacos, delicious. Arimas are awesome and I love mine. It might be on the smaller side, but it gets it's done, plenty of fishing deck. If you're thinking of Arima's, also check out the Sea Chaser 19', it's a fishing machine. There's one listed on Craigslist in the Riverside...
  70. ja73

    150 and beyond then south to 14 for nada

    Nice report and great pictures. I've seen a couple sea turtles before when I've been waiting for bait at nachos, it's a trip to see them swim by. It always takes a couple seconds to figure out what you're seeing and by the time you grab your phone, they're gone.
  71. ja73

    Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP DI GPS G2 Fishfinder & Chartplotter w Navionics+

    Humminbird HELIX 5 CHIRP DI GPS G2 Fishfinder & Chartplotter with Navionics+ West AND 0183 NMEA cable. Comes complete with transducer, both mounting brackets, hardware, cables, original box, paperwork, etc,. including a Navionics+ West card and 0183 NMEA cable. $350. I can ship it too for...
  72. ja73

    Jumbalayah 12.26.18

    Been there too, rough mixed seas can make for an unwanted second helping of yesterday's food. barf
  73. ja73

    12/14/18 Hooping LA Harbor

    Cool glad in a way it worked out for ya. But yeah I would have done the same thing, if you get lucky without it, don't mess with success:beerbang:
  74. ja73

    12/14/18 Hooping LA Harbor

    Did you give your Scotty pot puller a second chance?
  75. ja73

    San Pedro Washing Machine 12/12/18

    Yep been out in those washing machine conditions and thrown all over the place, totally sucks. Glad you made the best of it and got some fish in the boat.
  76. ja73

    South Shore/Queen Mary Ramp Debris

    As of last weekend the city actually had a sign on the gate that said, "the ramp was closed because of debris". I only saw cones on one side and guy dunkin his boat in on the other side, so that's why I went for it. But that was last weekend, I would guess by now, the city would have that trash...
  77. ja73

    South Shore/Queen Mary Ramp Debris

    Ridiculous is right.
  78. ja73

    South Shore/Queen Mary Ramp Debris

    Oh yeah plenty of good stuff in there, like a bargain bin :D
  79. ja73

    South Shore/Queen Mary Ramp Debris

    December 8, 2018 "Technically" it's closed, but if you're planning on launching from south shore in Long Beach anytime soon, you might want to reconsider, it's full of trash, debris, and logs from the recent storm. One side is kind of open, but sucks right now. Coming back in today there was a...
  80. ja73

    12-7-18 hooping Long Beach harbor.

    X2 Works great and saves your back! I have 2 different thickness ropes, I think 1/4" and 1/2", doesn't slip out of the wheel. I usually have my pulley arm is a little higher then the 10 o'clock position and it works great. I did notice once when it was level and straight out, the rope sometimes...
  81. ja73

    12-7-18 hooping Long Beach harbor.

    Excellent,keep the reports coming! Also what's up with your Scotty puller in the tank, why not use it?
  82. ja73

    12-4-18 Hoopin Long Beach Oil islands

    Nice legal bug. Going out by yourself you should have your ladder over the side and ready to go. Those swells will sneak up on you at night.
  83. ja73

    Rpt.-Tues.12-04-18 BRRRRR, but decent Bass'n!

    Great report and glad to see the fish are still biting. Great Christmas display.
  84. ja73

    Thanksgiving Weekend Skunk (Video!)

    I don't no what would be worse, seeing all those fish on the finder not biting or seeing them on video not biting.:eyepoppin Great video though.
  85. ja73

    Hooping long Beach 11/20

    I've been apart of your site for awhile now :goldfish:
  86. ja73

    Hooping long Beach 11/20

    Thanks for the heads up Dave. We had an infestation of fleas after our first set near Angels gate and didn't rebait. After checking our second set, bait in our tubes was nearly gone.
  87. ja73

    Hooping long Beach 11/20

    We were out last night too, got nothing in 3 hours, unless you count kelp fleas.
  88. ja73

    I wish I would have stayed in bed. DP 11.17.18

    Having your boat fall off your trailer is one thing, but it really sucks when it burns.
  89. ja73

    I wish I would have stayed in bed. DP 11.17.18

    Actually saw a guy at Davie's ramp in Long Beach this year drop his boat when he was retrieving. His buddy pulled the truck forward before the guy got out of the boat to latch it to the trailer. They were lucky to still be close to the water, but still didn't sound good when they pushed it back...
  90. ja73

    Arima Sea chaser 1511

    Good luck with the sale, but like pacificscout said, that's a whole lotta money. I have a 96' Arima Sea Chaser and I can tell you, your's is not a 2001, maybe more like a earlier 90's model. Starboard panels became standard in 1995 and newer Arimas. Nice outboard though.
  91. ja73

    Hooping LB (10/28) - thiefing

    I'm just going to fire a flare at any tweaker or thieve that gets near my shit. Maybe I'll get lucky and it lands in their boat.
  92. ja73

    bugging in LB - help!

    X2 with what Azarkon and roberyak said. Since the opener, I've gone out once last week and once the week before in the harbor. I tried the wall and a few other spots, and came up with nothing. There's a huge learning curve when it comes to hooping and you just need to put in the time. If you get...
  93. ja73

    LJ 10/27

    I agree with dudeman, need some kind of sound device and at lease have a strobe light if you're fishing in that pea soup fog. This morning the fog was extra thick, I didn't see the Queen Mary till I was almost next to her.
  94. ja73

    Isee the Monte Carlo is in SMB just outside Redondo harbor today?

    Looks like the Monte Carlo was fishing the Redondo trench and Rocky Point.
  95. ja73

    The World's Cleanest Seagull Release - Long Beach 10/13

    Nice catch and release. Happened to me a couple times while fishing, I thought I hooked up with a nice size fish, but instead it was one of those Cormorant birds that dove in the water a few feet away and snatched my dine. Once you get these SOB's in the boat, they flop all over, twist their...
  96. ja73

    The shoe

  97. ja73

    RAT beach bugs 9/30&10/2

    Nice bugs! I used to surf Porto and I haven't heard the name RAT beach in long ass time, lol.
  98. ja73

    Lobster Season Opener 2018 - Highlight video!

    Nice vid and very well edited :appl:
  99. ja73

    29sept fishing and lobster opener festivities

    Opening day is like Walmart on Black Friday, but great job on getting some bugs.
  100. ja73

    Mussel Farm 9/22

    Shhhhh you're giving up the super secret spot location that only those 15 boats know about. :rofl:
  101. ja73

    Dana Landing launch ramp lost wallet

    That's awesome and those kids are getting some definite karma points. Glad you got your wallet back and I know that fishing trip could have been the best one, but with a lost wallet on your mind, it doesn't matter. I lost mine once and in a week it was mailed back to me with a note that said...
  102. ja73

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    I figured every boat that hauled ass out of the harbor this morning was heading to the mussel, I mean super secret spot. My plan this morning was heading to izors and while catching fish, watch everyone and their mother race out to the super secret spot.
  103. ja73

    Sat 9/8/18 - Newport harbor and local inshore

    100% true about the sea lion population. Just a few days ago I was reading an article about the "red triangle" in central California and how great white attacks, and their population, in that area has increased in just the last 10 years. All of this is do to the increase population of sea lions...
  104. ja73

    Sat 9/8/18 - Newport harbor and local inshore

    Great post, nice bass hat trick and yep the water has turned early. Last year we had warmer water till the end of November and summer didn't end till February. Maybe next summer things will improve, so far this year has been a crap shoot from Newport on up north.
  105. ja73

    Redondo Lanunch....nope. MDR up to the Bu

    The boat launch issue has been going on for the few years now and the biggest hurdle they keep revisiting is safety of the paddle boarders, which should be a non issue if any of these clowns would take a look at Alamitos or HH. Simple solution is make the area around the ramp off limits to them...
  106. ja73

    Redondo Lanunch....nope. MDR up to the Bu

    The biggest problem with Redondo is having the boat lift. It's expensive, time consuming, and a wasted space. Redondo has plenty of room to put in a launch ramp and they need to move forward with a building one in the locations they specified, enough with the BS.
  107. ja73

    Redondo Lanunch....nope. MDR up to the Bu

    Yep both times at the Redondo launch I had to call and wait for the guy to show up, I figured he was at Naja's, haha. I guess I was lucky he showed up on Sunday. Good to see 71* degree water, good sign of warmer water.
  108. ja73

    Rocky Point/PV

    That's good hear and sounds like a blast catching Makos. Never tried for Makos, everyone says it fun, I'm going to have to learn one of these days. What a difference a couple days make Saturday Today
  109. ja73

    Rocky Point/PV

    Thanks for the links and I do like both sites, I frequent them often. The cold water sucks for fishing in the summer, but I guess we need to hope that we can steal some of that warm water from San Diego :D
  110. ja73

    Rocky Point/PV

    I fly lined my dines on top, mid, and sank some to the bottom with no bites. I tried out a droppler loop with a cut dine and ended getting some nibbles at Flat rock, at about 50-60 feet, which actuall produced 1 small sand bass. This was the only time I got any signs of life, it was short lived...
  111. ja73

    Rocky Point/PV

    Yeah that ski guy gets on it. He left just behind me from Redondo and passed me going to Rocky point. I was thinking of hitting up Malaga, but pass on it and decided to go to Palawan, I should have listened to my gut, oh well. Definitely a plastic navy day, you really had to keep a heads up...
  112. ja73

    Rocky Point/PV

    Went out this morning and picked up some great sardines from Redondo and the headed to Rocky Point areas and fished from there to Palawan wreck for only 1 small sand bass. About 6 boats, 3 kayaks, and a jet ski in all those areas and didn't see anyone hooking anything, but I could be wrong...
  113. ja73

    Federal breakwater bass

    Glad you got some decent size dines. My last couple of times out I had a little bigger then anchovy size dines. Thanks for the report!
  114. ja73

    8/17 - Catalina Channel Dodo's!

    Fish won't bite the bait, jump in and speargun it, GIT-R-DONE ! :appl:
  115. ja73

    A shout out to those that helped my son today.

    Awesome he was close enough to see a fellow boater that was able to assist. Like many others said on here, get him on some antibiotics and get a tetanus shot. Take him to your family doctor or an urgent care facility and get it looked at ASAP. Me personally, I would rather take a day off and get...
  116. ja73

    Federal breakwater

    Calico's are in a frenzy this year, even the smaller guys are putting up a decent fight. I've even caught a few still with whole squids they've spit out.
  117. ja73

    Lost gear at marina Del Ray boat launch

    X2 Also hope you some pictures of your stuff, becsuse if you do find it, hopefully you will, the cops will want to see some proof. Then meet the scumbags in a dark alley and :Beat_Them
  118. ja73

    Restore My Faith In Humanity? Helping the Carly Rose 7-28-18

    I thought it was great what you did man, as you saw, so many don't want their day interrupted because of an emergency, especially the sport boats, they're scrared of having to refund the money or get negative reviews. I was on a sport boat a few years ago when a customer had an emergency...
  119. ja73

    Shark Week- small mako jumping

    Boston Terriers are really cool dogs, full of fun!
  120. ja73

    Shark Week- small mako jumping

    Is your dog a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix? It looks just like my nephew's dog. But no matter what, cool looking dog you got :D
  121. ja73

    Shark Week- small mako jumping

    Nice video, that was sweet! My dog loves going on my boat and his main job seal patrol. He's a 25 pound boxer, beagle, pit, mix. When you start taking your dog out with you, make sure to bring plenty of fresh water, a place for them to get out of the sun, and a fan. Those short nose breads over...
  122. ja73

    Horseshoe Kelp same day 7/23/18

    Nice report. I was out there last Friday just before the wind started kicking up. A couple Calicos and cudas chased my sardines but no takers. Glad to see some life coming back out there again.
  123. ja73

    My 2 month old daughter dancing

    My wife took this video of our little one enjoining some music.
  124. ja73

    7-14 Horseshoe with interesting twist

    Who really knows how long the boat sat, it could have sat a year before the last time it was moved. The Queensway channel is deep enough and unless you were behind the Cat Express, which kicks up some mud/slit, there is a possibility of some slit getting sucked in, but I don't think there's...
  125. ja73

    Green buoy 7/9

    I saw the same when I was out at the shoe last Sunday, lots of short cudas around. Nice report.
  126. ja73

    LBC Da Wall. 7.10. No Pics.

    "Booger bars" LOL Great report.
  127. ja73

    Local Calicos

    :appl:Nice catch Croaker Stroker:D
  128. ja73

    Kids and Cuda

    I've never cooked up a cuda, only caught them. After understanding how to prepare them properly after catching them, I can't wait to try. :D
  129. ja73

    Kids and Cuda

    Great job! I can't wait till my daughter is old enough to go fishing with me on the boat, but I got at least a few more years.
  130. ja73

    Commercial fishing net

    The sustainable fishing gear being considered is "deep set bouy gear" which has been shown to be successful. Video shows some of the bycatch caught.
  131. ja73

    Winds and weather

    Also this past winter was not typical, hot days going over 80's for weeks on end from November to February with little swell action and no storms. Surfing wise, from December to February are great months for big waves from the West and northwest, but last year was a disappointment. The May and...
  132. ja73

    Long Beach 6-24-18

    I didn' even think of trolling my Rapalas and being by myself, that would've been the ticket. I'll have to remember that next time, thanks for the info.
  133. ja73

    Long Beach 6-24-18

    Damn that's what heard from the guy at Nacho's barge today, and cudas are what I wanted to fish for, but damn wind shut it down for me. Still stoked the bass were wanting to play today, so made up for the washing machine conditions.
  134. ja73

    Santa Monica Bay bass

    That was my thoughts too today, unfortunately the report was correct, ugh wind.:shake:
  135. ja73

    Long Beach 6-24-18

    I'm ready for the days when the wind stops coming from the south.
  136. ja73

    Long Beach 6-24-18

    Just got back in from the washing machine called the Pacific ocean. Picked up some nice dines but they got beat to sh*t with today's ocean conditions. Planned on heading to the shoe, but conditions were not the greatest, so I fished outside the wall, but left due to the combo wind, swell, and...
  137. ja73

    PV Coastline 6-21

    I was thinking the same.
  138. ja73

    Commercial fishing net

    I do agree the driftnets are bad and California is the only state using this old practice of catching Sharks and Swordfish. The 70% of byctach that is killed, compared to the 30% of actual wanted catch, is ridiculous. The state wants to ban the old ways of using Driftnets the fisheries are...
  139. ja73

    Commercial fishing net

    California Driftnet Fishery
  140. ja73

    Slime stick galore at the shoe 6/15

    Cudas are a blast to fish for, love it when they pop out of the water hitting the bait. Nice report.
  141. ja73

    Horseshoe, Izors and around. 6/10/18 either i suck at fishing or the local fishing sucks!

    Izors was my go to spot, but I've noticed since last year, Izors has turned off. Seems the fish in the local spots are getting a serious case of lock jaw. Hope the fish will start wanting to get in our boats soon. But again a crappy day fishing, beats any day at work.
  142. ja73

    6/3/18 Southeast Bank/Izors/Oil Rigs

    Balloons were every where, picked up a few myself. I ended up going in from Izors to the Eva rig and caught some undersized Calicos and a few Cudas on dines. There were a few seals, but they more interested in sun bathing then going after my bait, that was nice for a change, but the sea gulls...
  143. ja73

    Izors, Eva platform, and balloons

    Here's one of the Cudas I caught, or as one guy called them, snot stick.
  144. ja73

    Izors, Eva platform, and balloons

    Left Davies at 7am, picked up some dines from Nacho and headed to Izors. Sat out there for about an hour, metered some fish, but no takers on the dines or squid. Water temp was at 63 and the water was clear for June. Bailed on Izors and shot over to the Eva rig. Caught a few undersize Calios and...
  145. ja73

    Catalina report 5/28. Clean water and the wife

    Over your right shoulder in the picture with you holding the Calico ?
  146. ja73

    Catalina report 5/28. Clean water and the wife

    Way to go man and congrats! We just had our baby back in April. I'm a lucky guy my wife loves fresh fish, so back on the water for me. A little advice, buy diapers and wipes at Costco and you will be saving a lot money. Also if you don't have the baby stroller, cribs, carrier, etc, get to Toys R...
  147. ja73

    Slow day on the water - Mussel farm/150 area 5/5

    Nice report. I was out on on Saturday as well and saw the same. Water was an ugly green brown, bumpy, and windy. I saw some good marks but nothing bit. The bait fish were swimming around without a care of a bigger fish eating them, but they forgot about the dive bombers. Still a little early and...
  148. ja73

    Question - how close can you fish to the San Pedro shelf oil rigs?

    I've fished pretty close to the rigs awhile back, but don't anymore, since things can easily fall off the rigs, especially off the cranes. Typically I stay at least a 100 yards away and cast in. When you see the transport boat coming in, move far away from the rig and you won't have any issues...
  149. ja73

    This could be a line class record

    Wow just think if you didn't have that beefy rod, you would have lost that record holder.
  150. ja73

    4/15 pv kelp beds

    :rofl:! "Snot stick", I never heard that one, but definitely a correct description of them!
  151. ja73

    going fishing with the kids on saturday, any good Ideas for some good fishing?

    Is this the first or second time the kids have been out fishing? If so I would focus on quantity, not quality of fish. A bored kid will lose interest in fishing quickly if they have to wait long periods in between catching. What SaltH20 said is some good advice and besides Mack's you might also...
  152. ja73

    3/13/2018 Izor short session report

    Thanks for the report, I'm thinking of heading out on Sunday for the first time since December to give it a try or at lease enjoy being on the water again.
  153. ja73

    3/8 - Horseshoe starting to stir

    Nice report, good to see the activity is increasing out there. That strom this weekend is going to bring some warm southern water with it, just hope the second one that is forecasted for later next week doesn't amount to anything, come on high pressure. This late winter sucks
  154. ja73

    Looking for rocket launcher

    I know you said you're looking for stainless steel, but I'll toss this out there. This company makes inexpensive ones that are made from aluminum. A down fall is the rod holder are made from PPO plastic. There's also this company,
  155. ja73

    Long Day For a Sunset and Ballons!

    Totally agree. And It seems every year more and more Mylar balloons are floating in the water. I think one of the reasons why there are so many more of them floating in the water and getting tangled up in the power lines, in the past couple of years, is because of some these corporate places...
  156. ja73

    Long Day For a Sunset and Ballons!

    I was out a couple weekends ago and pulled 6 out. It's ridiculous how many are out there. I've also pulled a few of these 10 cent bags people now have to buy at stores and they don't break down as much as the older bags do.
  157. ja73

    Late Report LJ Thanksgiving Hali (Video)

    Great video and awesome patience with getting that halibut secured.
  158. ja73

    Suggestions for live bait?

    Thanks for the information. I'll go back to using squid strips.
  159. ja73

    Suggestions for live bait?

    I'm going to head out of long beach to do some rock fishing this weekend, maybe try for a halibut, but I haven't gone out during this time of year before. So I was seeing if it's better to go with live squid or sardines during this time of year?
  160. ja73

    Rocky Point Black Sea Bass (Released) 11/18/17

    Yeah it's prohibited to take them out of the water and should have been released in the water. But hey great first catch though! Hopefully your buddy gets addicted to fishing
  161. ja73

    LB Oil Islands 11/13 - New PB on the Fly

    Excellent catch, the bay can produce some nice fat ones.
  162. ja73

    Rpt-11-08-17 Weatherwise sensational, fishing a bit slow!

    Great update and some awesome fishing!
  163. ja73

    Yellowtail (well, one) at Horseshoe 11/2

    Turned out to be a great day, nicely done.
  164. ja73

    Esther Rig, again

    Thanks for the advice. I've never fished for halibut, but now I learned something, thanks
  165. ja73

    Esther Rig, again

    I was surprise when I hooked up and it took off, burning line. My reaction was to quickly lock my reel and fight. I'll have to keep what you said in mind next time. Thanks.
  166. ja73

    Esther Rig, again

    Headed out this morning around 7, original plan was to head to the shoe, but the fog was thick so stayed close. Stop at nachos picked up some dines and shot over to the Esther rig. Not to much bitting on the surface, so dropped some dead squid, got some nibbles, then decided to change it up...
  167. ja73

    Local Intel? Long Beach south.

    I was out at Izors 2 weeks ago and it was dead. One other boat out there and I never saw him pull anything out, haven't heard anything recently if it's picked up. The last 4 weeks the Esther rig has had a lot barracudas and some just undersized sand bass. Outside the wall and nachos barge had...
  168. ja73

    LB; Ester Rig and Izors

    Another good spot the Bonitos are, about 50 yards outside of the wall. I was fly lining sardines and pinning (hooking) them in front of the dorsal fin. The bonitos would bite from behind, then get hooked. Fun fish to catch on light tackle.
  169. ja73

    Hot Rail!

    Excellent story, well played LOL
  170. ja73

    LB; Ester Rig and Izors

    Thanks guys. Yeah last few times out the squid sat because the sardines where killing it. So my bad on not bringing some squid like I have done before. I definitely will be bringing some on the next trip out. Quick question. Is there a time of year when sardines are not necessary to use?
  171. ja73

    LB; Ester Rig and Izors

    Yeah it was a nice day on the water. We stayed outside of the wall and it wasn't till later that we found them, same distance about 40-50 yards off of the wall. Landed a couple nice fighters. The decision to go out to Izors was a bust today. Seems Izors is still not producing much.
  172. ja73

    LB; Ester Rig and Izors

    A friend and I headed out this morning with great conditions, light wind, clear sky, lake like ocean. Picked up a half scoop of sardines from Nachos barge around 630 and noticed a lot of scales in my tank, but didn't look to much into it, but I should have. Headed over to the Ester rig, I went...
  173. ja73

    LB Local - 09.24

    I was fishing inside the wall on Saturday and the Bonito bite was on! The Barracudas and bass were biting at Esther in the morning, dropped off about 11am. All released.
  174. ja73

    Catalina Island 9/9

    Agree the boat needs to be named. Anyway not sure if this boat got better, but 2 years ago I went out twice on the half day City of Long Beach. I went a second time just to see if my bad experience was a first time issue, unfortunately it wasn't. All the crew did was fish, push paying...
  175. ja73

    South Bay / Santa Monica Fishing ?

    Cool man, I gotta remember that. Thanks.
  176. ja73

    South Bay / Santa Monica Fishing ?

    Thanks for the advice! Great day on the water off of PV (Rocky Point & Lunada), glassy conditions. Pulled in a couple nice big legal size Calicos on Sardines, then a couple dogs moved in, ruined it. Thanks to the man this morning on the Redondo bait barge for some great advice and friendly service.
  177. ja73

    South Bay / Santa Monica Fishing ?

    Thanks for the info. Is there bait barge in MDR or is there only the one in Redondo?
  178. ja73

    South Bay / Santa Monica Fishing ?

    Just going out to get some rock fish, Calico, Sheephead, Sand Bass, etc.
  179. ja73

    South Bay / Santa Monica Fishing ?

    First time posting here. Anyway I'm thinking of heading out to the South Bay / SanMo area to do some fishing and I rarely see reports for the South Bay / Santa Monica area. I know 95% of the boats head out to horseshoe, 150, etc., but I'm not looking to head out there this weekend. Plus with...