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  1. cmepen

    Cal star 800H build

    Cross-wraps look awesome as does the marbling and color combination. Beautiful build.
  2. cmepen

    Set of RCTB66H and custom gaff / bait net

    Beautiful work!!
  3. cmepen


    Nice!!! Love the color scheme!!! Beautiful work Jake!!
  4. cmepen

    Lost a great rod builder this morning Steve Tomiyama

    “Two Week Wonder” A man with a great sense of humor. Steve was a friend and mentor to countless a fisherman and rod builder. So many of us have had the opportunity share a fishing trip, a rod building endeavor and or a meal with him. His willingness to share his knowledge and encouragement will...
  5. cmepen

    Seeker PH LM9

    Love the colors and thread work!! Beautiful build!!
  6. cmepen

    Bass rod for my nephew

    Very nice build!
  7. cmepen

    Another Covid rod builder...

    You are poised to build an awesome arsenal with those blanks. I agree with those above that a rebuild or a build on a lesser blank is a good idea prior to starting on building on those “iconic” Blanks. Please make sure you are comfortable static testing, using the reel to be used with each...
  8. cmepen

    Daughter’s bday present

    Fish on!!! Beautiful work!!! She will cherish it!!! Nice work!!!
  9. cmepen

    United Composites “Bitcoin “ bent butt rod

    You Nailed it! Beautiful work!!
  10. cmepen

    Pacific bay tensioner question

    Return the carriage and invest in some bobbins.
  11. cmepen

    Rainshadow RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!!

    cmepen submitted a new listing: Rainshadow RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!! - Rainshadow RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!! Learn more about this listing...
  12. (SOLD) RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!!

    (SOLD) RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!!

    Rainshadow RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!! Alps centralock reel seat, Alps XN Stainless steel guides, rubber gimbal butt cap. $450, PM me if you are interested. I will ship on your dime.
  13. cmepen

    New Rainshadow RCTB 76 XXH 7’6” Rail Rod (50-130) all Alps components!

    cmepen submitted a new listing: New Rainshadow RCTB 76 XXH 7’6” Rail Rod (50-130) all Alps components! - New Rainshadow RCTB 76 XXH 7’6” Rail Rod (50-130) all Alps components! Learn more about this listing...
  14. (Sold) Rainshadow RCTB 76 XXH 7’6” Rail Rod (50-130) all Alps components!

    (Sold) Rainshadow RCTB 76 XXH 7’6” Rail Rod (50-130) all Alps components!

    I have a new Rainshadow RCTB XXH 50-130 Railrod for sale. It has an Alps Tic. (Titanium chrome) centralock reel seat, Alps XH TIC. Guides with blue Zirconium guide rings. It has a 16” rail rod fore grip and a 14” rear grip. The price is $550. If you are interested PM me.
  15. cmepen

    ProKote High Build

    I’d go D-2 or G-3!
  16. cmepen

    Cousin CJB70M for my father-in-law’s birthday

    You set him up for success in a beautiful way! Nicely done. I am sure he will put it to good use!
  17. cmepen

    New to building.

    Try thread bobbins as a posed to trying the multi thread spool carriages. You will save yourself lots of frustration that way (IMHO).
  18. cmepen

    Mahi Mahi themed fishing rod

    Perfect dodo camo! Nicely done!!
  19. cmepen

    White Tiger Ulua w/ a White Tiger

    Clean and classic! Should bring top dollar for your friend! Well done Robert!!!
  20. cmepen

    The Woodsman

    Beautiful!!! Love those Earth tones!! Just in time for Earth Day!!
  21. cmepen

    Virginia Tech themed spinning rod

    Beautiful work!
  22. Beautiful Calcutta bamboo gaffs, tarred seine twine handles, Mustad gaff hooks,beautiful Turksheads

    Beautiful Calcutta bamboo gaffs, tarred seine twine handles, Mustad gaff hooks,beautiful Turksheads

    Custom wrapped, hand made, Calcutta Bamboo, fishing Gaffs with a high carbon Mustad Gaff hook. From 3'-8' in length. These beautiful gaffs are durable, comfortable to use and they float (unlike most aluminum gaffs). They all have turkshead knots and tarred seine twine handles for durability...
  23. cmepen

    Fuji Ultra Poly

    I believe Squidco is carrying Fuji thread now. Call first to check what they have in stock.
  24. cmepen

    Another Rainshadow SWB70H Sparky the Sun Devil Arizona State University

    Beautiful thread work!! The build hits the mark for ASU!! Nicely done!!!
  25. cmepen


    Beautiful work Jake!! Bad ass Deviant!!!
  26. cmepen

    Rainshadow SWB 70H

    Nicely done! Clean and bright! The Tuna flag is killer!
  27. cmepen


    Nice clean and beautiful!!! Sweet build!!
  28. cmepen

    Seeker SS D8 sglass

    Nice looking build.
  29. cmepen

    Dirty Bird

    Nice and clean!! Killer color combo there!!
  30. cmepen

    Start up kit recommendations

    Alps upgraded chuck wrapper. Getbit and utmost enterprises sell them. I use thread bobbins to wrap because I don’t get along well with the thread carriers on wrapping machines.
  31. cmepen


    Clean, straight and bright! Beautiful work Jake!
  32. cmepen

    Am-Tac surf rod with Microwave guides

    Clean classic beauty (thread and finish work) with a conventional twist (guides and keeper). Gorgeous!
  33. cmepen

    Blank ID Help.

    Like?? Scaring/striping/labeling.
  34. cmepen

    Red Seeker ESM 7650

    WOW! Lots going on!!! Great color usage and thread work!!
  35. cmepen

    Calstar 800M Mag build

    Nice work! Good color combo.
  36. cmepen

    Rainshadow SP843 Olympic Green with Spalted Maple

    WOW! Beautiful work Eddie!!
  37. cmepen

    Not Rods, Trash Picker Upers

    Making the world more beautiful in multiple ways!! Nice marbling work!!
  38. cmepen

    Marble Manipulation

    It’s like magic! Beautiful work Len your work is a bargain at twice the price!
  39. cmepen

    help with Ghost Hunter 200g spinning guide train

    Also a spinner is really meant to be set up for a particular sized reel. Changing reel size will definitely change how well the rod will: cast, fight, fish....
  40. cmepen

    Need a little help wrapping a Calcutta bamboo gaff

    Heat shrink looks good and is easy to clean. What I don’t like about it is how slick it can get in a blood bath. Thats why I prefer Tarred Seine Twine, Blood just makes it stickier.
  41. cmepen

    Neritica builds x2

    Getting the job done!!! I love it!!!
  42. cmepen

    Neritica builds x2

    Even though it looks upside down (LOL), it looks clean and crisp from my house!!
  43. cmepen

    Neritica builds x2

    Clean looking builds! If they roll back over you will need to build them some conventional style rods.
  44. cmepen

    Calif Halibut 8FT 12-25 blank?

    THE UC US 80 MH is also a killer blank. All graphite very light weight. The Rainshadow 80 XL is also a great choice but has a larger butt section because it is a composite blank.
  45. cmepen

    Marbled Rainshadow RCLB70M

    Awesome color combo with killer marbling! Beautiful work Eddie!!
  46. cmepen

    Need a little help wrapping a Calcutta bamboo gaff

    Hey Laurence, you might want to consider using tarred seine twine. I have gaffs I made more than 10 years ago that the handles are still in good shape. Squidco sells it as does Memphis Net & Twine CO. Good Luck and tight lines!
  47. cmepen

    First tiger wrap. All feedback is welcome

    I’d fish that!! Nicely done Carlos!!!
  48. cmepen

    No more for me

    Nice!! I have been giving “lessons“ to a 15 yo. In my back yard on an outside lathe for the last year (all masked up). He has two completed builds while going to online school and staying in shape for soccer (goalie). Paying it forward is so important. Nice to hear!!
  49. cmepen

    Another Rainshadow RCJB84XH

    X2 on the pac bay, it sucks!! Nice cross wraps! Good looking build!
  50. cmepen

    Vintage rod epoxy around guides issue

    It is not just cosmetic. The cracks at the ends of the guide feet can expose the underplaying thread to water/moisture and so can the cracks under the guide. If you are able to keep the guides dry while you are fishing you should just fish it as it does and should not cause issues. However, if...
  51. cmepen


    True craftsmanship!! Beautiful work Bill!!
  52. Rainshadow RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!!

    Rainshadow RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!!

    Rainshadow RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!! Alps centralock reel seat, Alps XN Stainless steel guides, rubber gimbal butt cap. $450, PM me if you are interested. I will ship on your dime.
  53. cmepen

    Thrasher 8106.5 with some cool Opal inlay

    Looking good Todd! Definitely look good at the rail!
  54. cmepen

    Got me a toolbox for my wrapping stuff

    Beautiful! However, I hate to tell you this: “You are going to need a bigger box!”
  55. cmepen

    Seeker Ulua and LM9

    The fade is off the hook! Nice work Winston!!! Color combos are awesome too!
  56. Rainshadow RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!!

    Rainshadow RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!!

    Rainshadow RCLB79MH (30-80) all Alps components beautiful blue fade wraps!! Alps centralock reel seat, Alps XN Stainless steel guides, rubber gimbal butt cap. $450, PM me if you are interested. I will ship on your dime.
  57. New Rainshadow RCTB 76 XXH 7’6” Rail Rod (50-130) all Alps components!

    New Rainshadow RCTB 76 XXH 7’6” Rail Rod (50-130) all Alps components!

    I have a new Rainshadow RCTB XXH 50-130 Railrod for sale. It has an Alps Tic. (Titanium chrome) centralock reel seat, Alps XH TIC. Guides with blue Zirconium guide rings. It has a 16” rail rod fore grip and a 14” rear grip. The price is $550. If you are interested PM me.
  58. cmepen

    UC GP80 Monster - Tip Size

    It depends on what you are planning on running through the guides. Big knots 10’s (most likely). If it will be all straight line (braid or mono) then maybe 8’s (likely a private party boat rod). It’s a custom build it depends on how you will be fishing it.
  59. cmepen

    The Fallen Outdoors rod

    Beautiful build, great cause, fantastic components!!! Nothing better. The Batson’s are a quality family running a quality business!
  60. cmepen

    Which Guide and Sizes for RCJB

    I would recommend XN’s. The 84H’s sweet spot is as a 40# stick (drag at 12-14). It can definitely handle more, but that is where it performs at its optimum (IMHO). The guide sizes you mentioned are a good starting point. My personal 84H has eight guides however mine is finished with 8’s. Make...
  61. cmepen


    Off the hook beauty Jake! Love the color combo!! I am sure soda Pop will love it!!
  62. cmepen

    few builds

    Clean and straight! Nicely done!
  63. cmepen


    Flaming hot Jake!!! Beautiful craftsmanship!!!
  64. cmepen

    Rod finish question

    CPXTRA from VooDoo and the method saltydog uses is the way to go, unless you have access to a blank manufacturer‘s method.
  65. cmepen

    Blue Sarape TADY F-90

    Another beauty!! Love the blue!
  66. cmepen

    A Really Orange Seeker BKR 7040

    That will easy to find in the rack!! Love the orange super clean build!!
  67. cmepen

    United Composites CX76 Viper Brick wrapped

    Love the blue! Beautiful and clean build.
  68. Calcutta bamboo gaffs, turkshead knots, Mustad gaff hooks, tarred seine twine handles!

    Calcutta bamboo gaffs, turkshead knots, Mustad gaff hooks, tarred seine twine handles!

    I have several Calcutta bamboo gaffs for sale. All have tarred seine twine handles and high carbon Mustad gaff hooks. 7’-8’=$140, 6’-7’=$130, 5’-6’=$120, 2’-3’=$60. I am in Chula Vista CA which is in south San Diego County. I will ship on your dime. PM me if you are interested.
  69. cmepen

    That 70's Show

    Bill I thought for sure this rod was going to orange and brown!! This one is way better than the 70‘s. Closer to the 80’s. Beautiful and clean as usual!!
  70. cmepen

    Green Seeker 7X

    Awesome Build!! Beautiful thread work!
  71. cmepen

    Super Seeker Jig Stick Sexy Rasta

    Beautiful work!
  72. cmepen

    Grey ghost.

    Clean build on an iconic blank. Killer movement in that tiger!
  73. cmepen

    United Composites USA Brown Mega for well.... me, I guess ..

    That will get the job done and look good while doing it!! Nice clean build!!
  74. cmepen

    New set mid RCLB70XL’s off the bench

    Nice looking builds!! Classic and clean!!
  75. cmepen

    Grafighter and BTG

    BTG blanks have the graphite on the inside of the blank with the fiberglass on the outside. Grafighters transition from granite (butt end) to fiberglass (tip). You can see the transition on the Grafigheter all you see on a BTG (sometimes referred to as GG) is fiberglass.
  76. cmepen

    LB 6480H question

    Absolutely, Fish that B!#^#!! Rewrap when its needed.
  77. cmepen

    Blue Reaper for Tim

    Clean and classic thread work! Beautiful!
  78. cmepen

    CP76HP Maleficent

    Magical! Beautiful work as usual!!!
  79. cmepen

    United Composites CP80HP for Phillip.

    Beautiful and clean work all around, thread and marbling!
  80. cmepen

    Bela Lugosi GF800L

    That rod is a stone hard killer!! Beautiful work!
  81. cmepen

    Kilwell ZSU4160

    Tastefully done! Clean work!
  82. cmepen

    Karloff Calstar

    Beautiful and clean as usual!!
  83. cmepen

    US85 Monster for the quiver

    It’s a custom rod, built by you for you and it looks super clean and classy from my house!! Time to get it bloody!
  84. cmepen

    Bushido/CCT build

    Awesome build! Great cause!
  85. cmepen

    A Funny Thing Happened Today at The Swap Meet

    Looks like it has been Rod hard and put away where it’s wet!
  86. cmepen

    Seeker SS CJBF 70 M

    Thank you Gentelmen!
  87. cmepen

    Fuji Rod Building Components

    You da man Len. (Bald by nature)
  88. cmepen

    Alps + Rainshadow

    You da man Len. (Bald by nature rod builder)
  89. cmepen

    UC Reaper build...

    Super nice Winston!! Putting in the time has paid off in spades!! Fantastic color choice coupled with clean work! Now it’s time to go kill some fish with that beast!!
  90. cmepen

    Calstar GF900M for Min

    WOW! So clean!!! Beautiful work!!
  91. cmepen

    9'-10' Heavy Jigstick Recommendation?

    The BTG 90J is a beast!
  92. cmepen

    J.F.K. weave completed

    Your work is incredible!!
  93. cmepen

    Problems with Alps upgraded chuck seizing

    Just call Batson. I am sure they will help you out. 1 (877)875-2381. Great people!
  94. cmepen

    Caps for Cancer Raffle Rod

    Beautiful!! That butt wrap is off the hook!!
  95. cmepen

    Calstar GF850L trigger stick for Min

    Guide wraps, fades, color combo, OFF THE HOOK! Beautiful work!!!
  96. cmepen

    Seeker SS CJBF 70 M

    Seeker SS CJBF 70M. Alps Centralock reel seat, Alps TICH XN guides.
  97. cmepen


    Both beautiful clean builds. I love blue but that red rod in “on fire!!!”
  98. cmepen

    Calstar GF90J for Min

    That is killer movement in that Tiger. Beautiful work as usual!!
  99. cmepen

    USN Viper

    Beautiful as usual!!
  100. cmepen

    Seeker 530 Unicorn

    Beautiful craftsmanship!
  101. cmepen

    Seeker 2x4 Dallas Cowboys

    Nice clean work!! Beautiful build!
  102. cmepen

    Mule Train Maintenance

    Beautiful work with killer color scheme as usual! Gorgeous!!
  103. cmepen

    Seeker Jig Stick 9'

    I’d fish that stick. Cool and clean!
  104. cmepen

    Red ULUA

    Clean looking build!
  105. cmepen

    Trimming the Butt

    I use a chop saw if asked to cut it off (I put tape on the area to be cut). My inclination is to not cut it. Epoxy will hold on whatever you are going to put on it.
  106. cmepen

    (4) US70 Predators

    Very clean, awesome color combo!
  107. cmepen

    ALPs footpedal

    Definitely contact Batson! I extended mine using a piece of extension cord and zip ties. The OG cord is good but going Heavy Duty might help.
  108. cmepen

    J.F.K. Weave

    Man that is bad ass!!! You are a master!!
  109. cmepen

    "Loteria Reaper"

    Beautiful and clean as usual!!
  110. cmepen

    Alps Power Wrapper

    Best bet utmost, Getbit (on-line) or Island tackle in Carson. More than likely one or all will be having a pres day sale.
  111. cmepen

    Colored Guilds

    Alps guides are durable, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. They are also priced well for what they are, and offer great value. I have found Alps guides widely available (Utmost, Getbit, Island Tackle...) unlike some of the other brands out there. Also, Alps offers an extensive guide line up...
  112. cmepen

    A Public Reminder...

    Happy to hear you came out unscathed!
  113. cmepen

    76 Viper out the door

    Beautiful Work! Soooo clean!!!
  114. cmepen

    Gudebrod or Pro Wrap color chart.

    Different color lots look very different. Gudebrod 245 can look just like 246 and vise versa. Best is to buy in person so you know what you are getting. Add finish and sun and you never know what you will end up with.
  115. cmepen

    GP80 Monster for Abro

    Beautiful work!!!
  116. cmepen

    GP80 Tilefish Jr

    Killer Tiger!! Beautiful work as usual!!!
  117. cmepen

    Trying intricate thread patterns

    Making it happen! Those will kill fish and help you look good doing it!
  118. cmepen

    Virginia Tech themed rod

    Very clean! Love the weave!!
  119. cmepen

    GP85 Mag - marbled

    Killer color Combo! Nice clean work Steve!!!
  120. cmepen

    Trout rod, wood grain, and Harley..

    Pretty! Love the cork work!
  121. cmepen

    Seeker TAC79 and TAC80 - Alps titanium

    Beautiful craftsmanship Steve!! Awesome cork and thread work!!
  122. cmepen

    (6) United Composites US76H-L's

    Gorgeous!!! soooo clean!!
  123. cmepen

    Urban Camo

    Beautiful work Bill!!!
  124. cmepen

    Rewrapped Calstar WCDH-100J

    Nice and freshened up!! Great thing about those Calstar blanks, They take a licking and keep on killing!!
  125. cmepen

    Calstar GF700M/H for Mark

    Beautiful!!!! Very clean!!! Love that cross wrap!!!
  126. cmepen

    Super Seeker 70XH Rebuild. “FML”

    Looks great. Nice work!!
  127. cmepen

    A simple, green, Rainshadow.

    I am sure he will love it! Killer looking fade!
  128. cmepen

    Custom UC CE80XXH

    Super clean!!! Love the color combo! Cross wraps are off the hook!!!
  129. cmepen

    Blue glass lm9

    Another Classy and Beautiful build!!
  130. cmepen

    Red glass ph ulua

    Clean and classy!! Nicely done!
  131. cmepen

    (5) US70 Monsters

    More Awesomeness! Beautiful work!!!
  132. cmepen

    Seeker EX D8 Sarape (Mexican blanket)

    That should keep him warm! Thinking of their future fishing adventures! Beautiful work Freddy.
  133. cmepen

    Born in Baja - No High Sticking

    Awesome take on the Mexican flag theme! They are beautiful!!! Killer thread work!
  134. cmepen

    (5) US76 Tilefish Jr's

    Beautiful work!
  135. cmepen

    Marbled Rainshadow RCJB78MH

    Looks great from here! Nicely done!
  136. cmepen

    Houston Oilers Troller

    Beautiful build!! Killer thread work! Awesome components.
  137. cmepen

    Kawhi Leonard What It Do Baby UC CE800

    Awesome! I am sure you will get some builds in the future from that hook up! Go Aztecs!!
  138. cmepen

    Thread Color Questions.

    It’s pro wrap silver smoke.
  139. cmepen

    Thread Color Questions.

    Grey/silver with matching inlay.
  140. cmepen

    RX6 builds

    Definitely good blanks! I would say 90H is more comparable to the 800H than the MH. They are high quality at a great price.
  141. cmepen

    (2) CE800 Wahoo's

    Beautiful thread work, killer color combo, coupled with some awesome components and blank!
  142. cmepen

    Alps carriage upgrade

    Try a thread bobbin. I have tried all sorts of carriages and have not gotten along with any of them. The bobbin is the way to go. Give it a shot, you will not look back.
  143. cmepen

    Alps lxn for 20 lb rod

    If it is a Saltwater rod I would use the MXN’s.
  144. cmepen

    Rod Wrapper recommendations

    For a unit that can do both, IMHO the ALPS chuck is a must. Simply the best chuck on the market for a wrapper/drier unit. If you can find a used, American tackle, PacBay, CPW..., cheap go for it. They can all be upgraded with the ALPS chuck. If you are going to buy new go ALPS with the upgraded...
  145. cmepen

    "Team Hoo" triple threat

    Love that BLUE HUE fade work! Killer thread work! Beautiful!
  146. cmepen

    Waaay Purple (again)

    That is beautiful!! Love the color and thread work!!
  147. cmepen

    CR7 soccer super star on Cousins 809XHF

    Awesome looking build!!
  148. cmepen

    Cal Fire

    Bad ass butt wrapp
  149. cmepen

    "Whopper Stopper"

    Beautiful build. Love the blue!
  150. cmepen

    CE800 Wahoo for Butt Crack

    Awesome! Beautiful color combo combined with killer threadwork!
  151. cmepen

    Eddie (Christmas Vacation) weave.

    Amazing thread work!
  152. cmepen

    A Spinner for Chef Cosmo

    Beautiful work Bill! Clean, clean, clean!
  153. cmepen

    Another UC GP76 Pred.

    Icy blue and cool on this one. Killer CTHG! Love that color!!!
  154. cmepen


    You are smart to hang on to that beauty!! Beautiful craftsmanship.
  155. cmepen

    United Composites CE1000XF

    Definitely a sweet build. Nice thread work!!
  156. cmepen

    Sweet Seeker 809

    Very cool!! Love the marbling, cross thread work and color combo on this one! Sweet build Steve!
  157. cmepen

    Deep drop swordfish rod for Codzilla

    Beautiful Build! Great Looking color combo!
  158. cmepen

    UC GP76 Pred with Alps hardware

    Killer cross wraps and color combo!! Beautiful work Steve!
  159. cmepen

    PH93H Ulua for Codzilla

    Bad ass!!! Love the colors, I am sure Rick will too!!! Amazing fade!!
  160. cmepen

    UC70M Memorial Rod

    Definitely a memory invoking and creating rod! Beautiful work as usual!!
  161. cmepen

    Kicking off another set

    Bad to the bone!!!
  162. cmepen

    Creamcicle Ulua

    That is Awesome!!
  163. cmepen

    76 CENTAUR For Ron

    You know I love those colors!! Beautiful work as usual Jake!!!
  164. cmepen

    Harnell Factory Colors ?

    Definitely Legit Bill!
  165. cmepen

    Jack Nicholson weave completed

    So Awesome!!! Killer Craftsmanship!!!
  166. cmepen

    United Composites CE800 Delmar for Alex Figueroa

    That will get the job done in style! Nice clean work!
  167. cmepen

    25th Anniversary rods for the EXCEL Skippers

    Very nice work! Great color combo!!!
  168. cmepen

    CRB Wire Chuck

    That sucks!!!! Tape??? May help. I like the Plug and play rubber slide in chucks. You spend a little more up front but less clean un in the end.
  169. cmepen

    New Rainshadow for Wahoo Bombs - RCJB84XH

    Color combo is a killer, stand out combo! Bad ass blank!!! Nice Build!!!
  170. cmepen

    USMC Terminator

    Incredibly well done! Beautiful craftsmanship!
  171. cmepen

    Jumpman Viper

    Cant go wrong with black and red! Beautiful work!
  172. cmepen

    Reaper Spinner....

    Killer rod! Love the old school Charger colors! Beautiful work as usual!
  173. cmepen

    First Diamond wrap

    Little by little! Nice color combo!
  174. cmepen

    Team Hoo' Viper

    Very clean work! Love that blue!
  175. cmepen

    Neritica 6-8kg

    That will get the job done! Clean work!
  176. cmepen

    Phenix Black Diamond 809

    Sweet fade!
  177. cmepen

    10 year Anniversary rod

    Nice build! I am sure it will lift Jeffs spirits! Well wishes for his full and speedy recovery!
  178. cmepen

    Christmas rod Cousins 670

    Killer thread work! Clean and straight!
  179. cmepen

    CX76 Raptor for Jarrod

    It is a work of art! Love the color combo!
  180. cmepen

    US80 Tilefish and Tilefish Jr

  181. cmepen

    US80 Tilefish and Tilefish Jr

    Love that color scheme! Beautiful work as usual!
  182. cmepen

    He-e-e eres Johnny!! (The Shining) Jack Nicholson weave

    Thats a real Killer! REDRUM style!
  183. cmepen

    D8 build

    Eye candy! Nice looking build!
  184. cmepen

    US80 Mega RastaRod

    Psychedelic Mon! Mesmerizing fade work!
  185. cmepen

    76 (INVICTUS

    Beautiful work Jake! Love the blues! Killer CTHD!
  186. cmepen

    Team Bubba Jean Terminator

    Seriously! What’s not to like?!?! Beautiful craftsmanship! Love the cross wrap and fade work!
  187. cmepen

    GP80 Terminator for Abro

  188. cmepen

    Rasta Terminator

    Killer execution of the Rasta theme!
  189. cmepen

    Medicine Wheel Reaper

    You nailed it! AWESOME medicine stick!
  190. cmepen

    Wrapped a NOS Harnell

    Looks sweet to me! Clean wraps!
  191. cmepen

    Batson guides

    Batson sells two Brands of guides. Forecast and Alps. It depends on which guides they are if they have markings on them.
  192. cmepen

    "High Stick ll"

    “License???, isn’t it on the back of the car?”
  193. cmepen

    "High Stick ll"

    OH “SNAP!!!!“ another beauty!!
  194. cmepen

    Just a quick shot...

    Len is a class act. Great builder, fisherman and friend! Killer rod!
  195. cmepen

    GP900 reaper Sarape (Mexican blanket)

    Lots of work but well worth the work for the quality outcome! Beautiful work Freddie!!!
  196. cmepen

    UC US 80 Bay Bass

    That Bay Bass blank is a beast. One of my favorite UC blanks. Sweet looking clean build!!
  197. cmepen

    GP85 Phantom for Romel

    Another beauty! Love all that fade work!
  198. cmepen

    Batson In Black

    Smooth looking!
  199. cmepen

    Batson In Black

    Sweet! Nothing wrong with that! I would round the rear grip a little at the butt cap so it looks more like a custom build and does not catch going into a rod holder. Also, make sure the fore grip (not pictured) was rounded a little To match. Nice build on a fantastic blank with fantastic components.
  200. cmepen

    "Tiger King"

    Blizzard!!! So awesome! White is so difficult to get right! This is an example of why you are a master builder. Unique thread work in white! Beautiful!
  201. cmepen


    Ya, that blue is off the hook! Beautiful build Jake, as usual!
  202. cmepen

    UC 79 mega

    Looking good! I Love the patriotic Builds!
  203. cmepen

    Blue Seeker CJBF80H for Dan

    It was obviously a wise decision. Beautiful work!
  204. cmepen

    US 100XF

    Bad to the bone! Beautiful builds!!!
  205. cmepen

    A Slinger for the Slammer

    Thank you gentlemen!
  206. cmepen

    Grey Sarape UC reaper (Mexican blanket)

    I can hear the mariachi band from here! Beautiful work Freddie!
  207. cmepen

    Brown Sarape calstar 100mag

    That should keep him warm and the fish afraid! Nice work!!
  208. cmepen

    UC US 100xf

    Very nice build! Killer blank!
  209. cmepen

    Set of SB Uluas

    Clean Builds!
  210. cmepen

    Seeker - ULUA creamsicle

    That bad boy looks 100% genuine!! Nicely done Steve!!
  211. cmepen

    Cousin SBT 8050

    Beautiful work Friend!
  212. cmepen

    UC GP Factory Hypalon/EDPM questions

    I have not seen the factory GP’s yet but they may be using the smaller OD (1.0”) EPDM (there are two OD sizes available currently 1.0”and 1.25” In EPDM) . If so you can use the thicker OD on a custom build. I have Hypalon 1.0” OD on a US76 MH and I can feel the blank when pulling on a fish. It...
  213. cmepen

    The Celtic FC Themed Rainshadow RCJB 96H

    The Celtic FC Themed Rainshadow RCJB 96H. Alps Centralock reel seat in green, Alps XBXNLG guides Forecast gimbaled rubber butt cap, Some cord and Turkshead work to boot.
  214. cmepen

    Surface iron stick

    GP 85 Monster is worth a pull too!
  215. cmepen

    Nylon Deal Alert...

    How much is it!!!
  216. cmepen

    Rainshadow 84h

    You put the time in on this one! Beautiful work Winston!!
  217. cmepen

    A Slinger for the Slammer

    Right side down!
  218. cmepen

    Rainshadow 79ml and 79l.

    On the right track Winston! Great looking builds!!!
  219. cmepen

    A Slinger for the Slammer

    United Composites GP85 Monster. Alps centralock reel seat, Alps XN guides. some cord and fade work.
  220. cmepen

    Calstar 670 for Denise

    Really pretty! Love that color scheme, very tasteful!! Very cool spiral wrap!!
  221. cmepen

    "The Murder Weapon"

    Can’t go wrong with red and black!!! Beautiful thread work!!
  222. cmepen

    What guides for UC711H

    While I hear what Alin is saying, There are always people having kids it seems. Those of us in the education field call it job security. You can always sell what you have. If you are a builder more than likely recover most of what you have in the rod. Re purchase what is needed to get the job...
  223. cmepen

    Acid Wrapped United Composites CX76 Deviant

    Beautiful TOXIC green with the Matt seat. Killer build!!
  224. cmepen

    Calstar GF760 M for 80lb bait - guides?

    Because its a live bait rod I would go with the lightest guides that would work. Alps XN guides is what I would use. They are rated to 50# but realistically they can handle up to 100 WO breaking a sweat. If it were a troller, flat fall or a kite Rod I would lean to the HXN guides Because of the...
  225. cmepen

    What guides for UC711H

    Two different reels. If the low profile fast reduction. If the conventional then you may need to start with the 20. That blank really bends you may or may not need one more guide. Static test to be sure. Or build it as an acid wrapped rod, that might require fewer guides. I would recommend Alps...
  226. cmepen

    SD Rod Re-Wrap

    It is often a better to sell what you have and buy the blanks (or have your builder order the blanks) and have them wrapped as you want. A custom wrapped rod will utilize a guide train more well suited to the reel and style of fishing you are going to be Doing. As well as setting up the handle...
  227. cmepen

    Baby u

    Very clean and clear.
  228. cmepen


    Love the color of this beauty Jake!! Killer build!
  229. cmepen

    Doctor Doom Seeker 7640

    Love that Fade!!! Nice color combo!
  230. cmepen

    Led Zeppelin weave completed

    A classic Beauty!
  231. cmepen

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    Enjoy the gaff RazzRoach! Send some pics. Of the fish you stick with it1
  232. cmepen

    OSP 2x4 for Ken

    Absolutely love that blue! Awesome build, clean threadwokk!
  233. cmepen

    CX76 Deviant for Joe

    Nice clean work! Another beauty!
  234. cmepen

    Varmac 20-40, Acid Wrapped

    Very nice, killer fade!
  235. cmepen

    Varmac 8’ 20-40

    Home run!
  236. cmepen

    Rainshadow / UC line ratings?

    US Tilefish JR. too. Go pull on them to see what works for you! I also like the US MH for that 20-25 spot.
  237. cmepen

    Dorado / Urushi

    Killer work there. Beautiful, clean and bright!
  238. cmepen

    Teacher needed... ambitious and patient learner here

    Don you your friends/students will not like hearing that.
  239. cmepen

    Alternative to rubber feet

    That is frustrating. I have had my Alps for more than 10 years with the same rubber on them.
  240. cmepen

    2nd of Three for Captain Quentin

    You know I love the blue stuff! This one is exceptional! Gorgeous as usual!!!
  241. cmepen

    Ripples in Flex Coat

    D-2 and now Gen-4 both lay out great. If its a longer section you need to go early in the “pot life” with laying it out. Go up and down the blank not under power. Then leave it alone, except for heat!
  242. cmepen

    Alternative to rubber feet

    Are you using a masking tape arbor on the rod butt? It helps the chuck ”bite” a little better and saves the feet. Just a thought!
  243. cmepen

    Wasabi Rod

    Hot and spicy tuna killer!!!
  244. cmepen

    Question about Rod wrapping thread

    Ya call it a 3D wrap!
  245. cmepen

    GP80 Mega for Abro

    Awesome build beautifully put together, ready to get bloody!
  246. cmepen

    Question about Rod wrapping thread

    Epoxy a cactus! I love it! Unfortunately, I can totally relate to it.
  247. cmepen

    Seeker OSP 3X for David

    Very nice color combo on that one! Beautiful clean work!
  248. cmepen

    Lamiglas Pink Rod/Walleye/Bass (CWB75MH)

    Pink slayer!!! Nicely done!!!
  249. cmepen


    Nice! You have been busy! Clean work!
  250. cmepen

    Gator live bait rod

    Nicely done! Love the color scheme!
  251. cmepen

    Spawn Reaper

    Nice clean looking work!
  252. cmepen

    CX76 Viper for Fran

    Love that blue!! killer thread work as usual! AWESOME REEL SEAT TO BOOT!
  253. cmepen

    hey, i think i know that guy

    YA!!!! DON IS THE BOMB!!! Love you guys!!!
  254. cmepen

    Seeker TAC 80H for David

  255. cmepen

    Seeker Pinhead Ulua for David

    So nice!!!!
  256. cmepen

    Seeker Pinhead Ulua for David

    WOW!X2 All that white! I would be washing my hands every other wrap! Love that fade! Killer colors!
  257. cmepen

    Rainshadow - RCLB70ML

    Nice work!
  258. cmepen

    Calstar BT660 for Gary C.

    Gary has some good friends! Beautiful work!! Love the color combo! Good luck on your bulk build project. I am sure they will be beautiful!
  259. cmepen

    Phenix black diamond 809XHJ swimbait rod

    Killer fade! Nice and bright!
  260. cmepen

    Terminator meets Punisher

    KILLER looking Rod! Nicely executed build!
  261. cmepen

    76 viper for Tammy

    Beautiful work Jake!! She will LOVE it I am sure!
  262. cmepen

    Rainshadow JDGLB 80M

    Nice! Clean and bright! Love the fade!
  263. cmepen

    CE900XF for Kyle

    Beautiful work!!! off the hook tiger!!!
  264. cmepen

    'Led Zeppelin' weave

    Bad to the bone!
  265. cmepen

    BTG 90J for Butt Crack

    Beautiful, clean work as usual!
  266. cmepen

    GP80whatever reduction to stripper guides?

    A general rule is that if you put two (or more) of a guide size in the guide train, then, you put at least that many of the next size down. Hectors guide train demonstrates this. you might also try: 25-(If you must as this seem large for the small reels most are using in...
  267. cmepen

    76 Centaur for Bui

    Beautiful work Jake!!!
  268. cmepen

    GP80 Monster for Elbie

    Beautiful! Love that blue too!
  269. cmepen

    Reaper Guide Spacing?

    Start anywhere, with reel to be used and the static test (and guide movement and replacement) will lead you to the correct guide placement. Good luck and tight lines!
  270. cmepen

    UC blank selection help

    They are awesome also! a bit “stiffer” but awesome for a variety of applications.
  271. cmepen

    UC blank selection help

    I have a US76 MH I use for 25# and a US79 XF I fish 20# live bait. I set my drags on the rod at 30% of line class and pull hard. Everyone is different on how they fish their drags and how hard they pull. Robert gave you the best advice, “Go pull on some blanks”. The US blanks are generally more...
  272. cmepen

    GP80 Mega for Elbie

    Beautiful work on multiple techniques cleanly Mastered!
  273. cmepen

    Blue C Del Mar United Composites

    Very nicely done! Killer cross wraps! Nice color Combo too!
  274. cmepen

    What size thread

    What Bill said X2. A looks like paint, C,D, you can see the texture of the thread more easily. Black thread I don’t think you can tell the difference in the way it looks A to D. If you use, C or D, NCP thread it flattens out pretty well after being burnished eliminating the textured look.
  275. cmepen

    4 For Ted

    Beautiful work Jake! That G4 stuff is legit for sure!
  276. cmepen

    United Composites USA GP900REAPERS

    Beautiful work: cord work, thread work and clean finish work!
  277. cmepen

    Effect of cutting 4" - 6" off the butt end?

    You should look at a US 76 Predator for that line class instead of cutting A tilefish.
  278. cmepen

    Hey electronic nerds... foot pedal question

    I love you Don!!! You are the best!!! I was about to shout out to Len to give you a shot, as I knew you would know how to remedy the issue!!! Mentors are the best, Don you qualify as the best of the best in this reguard!!! Thank you for all you do and add to the rod building comunity!!!
  279. cmepen

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    I PM’d you both Marcel and fishingrriend! Thank you both for the interest!
  280. cmepen

    Dine slinger

    Looking ready for action! Nicely done!
  281. cmepen


    Nicely done Robert, That is one good looking fish killing machine!! Love the fade!
  282. cmepen

    Grip for custom rod

    X3 on what Mike and Robert said. It is heat shrink over: Cork tape solid with spiraled cork tape over with heat shrink on top EVA with spiraled cork tape over with heat shrink on top These two would be firm feeling and the more likely. (Not squishy) Might also be EPDM/Hypalon with spiraled cork...
  283. cmepen

    Rainshadow Composite Blanks

    Best way to “Help” ID a blank is by the method Robert posted above. Length, butt OD and ID, tip size, action, composition, color.... Remember the unidentifiable blank may have been cut from the butt or tip or both making the ID process that much more difficult. One of the reasons a custom rod is...
  284. cmepen

    Three Lamiglas Bass Rods

    Beautiful set! Nice, fish slaying, work!
  285. cmepen

    Rainshadow Composite Blanks

    They do not all look like that. every blank is “a little” different. Every line of blanks are different. RCJB, RCLB, What blank is that? If I have one I will take a comparason pic for you Mike. All I know is that they are good blanks with very good QC standards. Bill stands by his products like...
  286. cmepen

    First build ever....Rainshadow Revelation Swimbait 710MH

  287. cmepen

    GP85 Phantom for Fran

    On fire! Beautiful thread work as usual!
  288. cmepen

    Enter the Dragon Reaper

    Great looking build. Sinister Dragon!
  289. cmepen

    Seeker CEX Ulua 100H rewrap & FIRST BIG FISH

    Sweet!! Nice work on the fish and the rod!!
  290. cmepen

    Back to my neon roots. Phenix Ultra MBX

    Very nice fade work there with awesome color combo! Sweet build!
  291. cmepen

    REEL SEATS: ALPS Vs AFTCO, best aluminum reel seats

    60#, Rainshadow RCJB 84XXH Custom build. Bad Ass 60-80# stick!!!
  292. cmepen

    REEL SEATS: ALPS Vs AFTCO, best aluminum reel seats

    Aftco stopped making reel seats. Alps makes what is arguably the ”best” aluminum reel seat on the market today. I like the fact that the Alps is channeled so the hoods are always aligned, they preform well as far as staying locked down. They are also low profile in comparison. There is a reason...
  293. cmepen

    Help with Hypalon Measurements

    I did (3/4 For the rear grip not 3/8) I appreciate that Don!
  294. cmepen

    Help with Hypalon Measurements

    That will go. I might use a 3/8” I’d for the rear and 1/2” for the fore. Lots of rubber cement If it’s a hot day and I use paste epoxy on fore and rear to boot.
  295. cmepen

    Refinished Sabre

    Nice clean work on a classic.
  296. cmepen

    Roddy Powermaster 8' Hosel Long Shot

    Good luck Mike. Miss seeing your at rod class brother!!!
  297. cmepen

    Latest build 30-80lb 8’3” nice color blank

    Nice clean work! Love that fade! Nice thread work all around!
  298. cmepen

    Bobbin Mod

    WOW look at all that gold GUDIBROD thread!!! LOVE YOU LEN!!!
  299. cmepen

    "Creature from the Black Lagoon" Tilefish Jr.

    Throw back!! Awesome build!!! Love the fade, OB and CTHD(S) work! Definitly outstanding!
  300. cmepen

    Custom roddy

    Clean looking build!
  301. cmepen

    Reel seat slightly too small for blank... go one size up?

    Yes, like Len said go 22! You also want to insure that there is enough glue between the blank and the seat to make it truly stick.
  302. cmepen

    CE700M "Rainbow Dash"

    Home run!
  303. cmepen

    Marbling Question

    That will definitely get the job done in style!
  304. cmepen

    Putting New Finish on Old Rods

    You could also use a scotch bright pad to scuff up the old finish. Be sure to clean the area with alcohol or isopropyl alcohol prior to applying the new finish. I agree with Hector they don’t look that bad to me either.
  305. cmepen

    Marbled Calstar

    Another beautiful rod! Clean looking build Eddie!
  306. cmepen

    Rainshadow SW1087 w/ marbling and split grip

    This one is my favorite out of the three! Just gorgeous! That Libelmarbling is off the hook killer looking. Great color combo. Awesome build Eddie!
  307. cmepen

    Rainshadow RCJB96H w/abalone

    You were up early! Beautiful work! Nice thread, cord and cork work! I miss seeing you brosef!
  308. cmepen

    Joker Reaper

    Awesome, just awesome!
  309. cmepen

    Reaper Reaper

    Bad to the bone build! Love the theme, color combo, components, blank and that you wrapped it!!! It’s a fish killing keeper Reaper for sure!!!
  310. cmepen

    Seeker CJBF85

    Sweet build Eddie!! Love that fade work!!
  311. cmepen

    Thread Tag End Management for Fade Wraps

    BTW I love the fishing Bobbins!!!!
  312. cmepen

    Thread Tag End Management for Fade Wraps

    You are very OCD and one of the BEST builders I have had the pleasure of learning from!!! Your work is always top notch!! Bobbins are definitely the way to go! Miss seeing you brother, hugs to the fam!!!
  313. cmepen

    Beginning rod wrapping machine recommendation?

    X5 on the Alps upgraded chuck model wrapper. If it turns Wrapping is not for you, you can sell it easily. You might not recover all your money but you will get a good part of it back. Look for a used one too. However, they are hard to find. This is one of the best forums as far as rod building...
  314. cmepen

    Phenix HAX720XH "Astros''

    Grand slam!! The fade is off the hook!! Beautiful work as usual!!!
  315. cmepen

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    Send me some pics. Of the fish you stick with it!!! Tight Lines!!!
  316. cmepen

    UC CX70 Viper Rail Rod- Killer Bee

    Looks Great! Ready to slay some BFT!
  317. cmepen

    noob q - white decorative thread

    That will get the job done in style!
  318. cmepen

    F.R.O.G rod

    Worth every bite! Nice work!
  319. cmepen

    Rainshadow RSU60XH troller

    Very nice build! Those AB1 guides are awesome and look awesome on that rod!
  320. cmepen


    Bump for a fantastic deal on a great build!
  321. cmepen


    Gorgeous Build Jake! Awesome blank and components!!! GLWS
  322. cmepen

    Rainshadow MB844 Patriotic colors

    Awesome rod for a steal of a price!! GLWS!!
  323. cmepen

    Rainshadow RCJB106H another shade of rasta

    No Doubt! Killer Rod for a Killer Deal! GLWS!
  324. cmepen

    How to keep a straighter line.

    What Hector said works well, also you con tape a thread to the blank above and below the area where you want the fade and make sure your ins and outs Happen along that line.
  325. cmepen


    Beautiful work Jake!!! GLWS!!!
  326. cmepen

    Back on the wrapper after 9 years - Seeker Classic 6455XXH

    Classically beautiful build, with a modern twist!
  327. cmepen


    Beautiful work Jake! NICE CTHD!
  328. cmepen

    the importance of static load testing..

  329. cmepen

    How much for a custom wrap?

    Nothing wrong with that Len!!!
  330. cmepen

    Marbling Question

    Generally I coat the whole under wrap area With epoxy and then add the color tinted epoxy. Less is more. I would also recommend no more than five colors, you can use more of course however managing more than five when you are learning how the colored epoxy spreads out can become frustrating...
  331. cmepen

    Gotta love GetBit

    Me Too! I heart Don! I miss our Classes! Stay safe me friends!! Hopefully we will be breaking bread soon and we will ALL be there!
  332. cmepen

    Cal Star GG question

    Yes and also, GUSA/United Composites!
  333. cmepen

    Cal Star GG question

    I do not believe Calstar has ever released a 100% graphite rod.
  334. cmepen

    Cal Star GG question

    They look like glass rods. The graphite is on the inside of the blank.
  335. cmepen

    Calcutta Bamboo poles

    Have you been able to locate the Calcutta?
  336. cmepen

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    I PM’d you Keolani and texted you some pics. I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.
  337. cmepen

    Built the rod, caught the fish (pig yt). Seeker Pinhead D8

    Very, very awesome story. Fantastic result! Congrats!
  338. cmepen

    It was a rod

    That will help guide him down the straight and narrow! BEAUTIFUL WORK!
  339. cmepen

    Finally finished - wrapping bench & quad rod dryer

    Bad to the bone!!! Now time to get to work!!!
  340. cmepen

    Bent Butt and Kite Rod Combo

    Nice clean work!
  341. cmepen

    Any tips for applying decals?

    You the man Len. Also, you may consider applying a coat of Finnish to the blank (and letting it dry) prior to sticker placement. Some use scotch tape to help with sticker placement, I use vinyl transfer tape. Good luck and tight lines.
  342. cmepen

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    Thank you Chris enjoy the Gaff and send some Pics of that gaff sticking some of that Tuna!!!
  343. cmepen

    Calstar blank series question

    BT is all glass. BTG is a composite blank with the graphite warped in glass therefore you will not see the transition.
  344. cmepen

    WTF 2 guides stuck/lodged together

    hope for more??/?
  345. cmepen

    Varmac E-lite

    Clean looking build. Great looking color combo!
  346. cmepen

    North Fork Composite Salmon Rod

    Nice and clean, great looking color combo!
  347. cmepen

    Betty Boop weave

    Awesome work!
  348. cmepen

    its Mario time !! aka quarantine day 79

    Very cool build. I love that its acid wrapped to boot adds to the cool factor!
  349. cmepen

    Power wrapper belt

    Until you are able to get one try to superglue or epoxy your old one together. They will last a while glued together. Maybe that will hold you over until you are able to get a new one. You could order one from Utmost or getBit. Good luck and tight lines.
  350. cmepen

    Seeker Unicorn blue Ulua

    Very clean! Cool fade! Colored blanks are not easy to wrap tastefully. This one surly is very tasteful! Nice work.
  351. cmepen

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    Nice to meet you Michael! Enjoy those bad boys and be sure to send some pics of the fish you stick with them! Tight Lines!!! Einar
  352. cmepen

    GP900 Reaper for Peter

    Gorgeous work as usual!
  353. cmepen

    Seeker CJBF80H for Brian

    Beautiful, just simply beautiful! Fantastic color combo (Best in world)! Built by a thread spinning master!
  354. cmepen

    Another Pacbay 30#

    Nice movement on the tiger, sweet little fade too! Clean thread work! Nicely done!
  355. cmepen

    Custom Rainshadow RCJB 84h..more pics..Pending again....

    No way its a $400 stick minimum used! Len is a master builder. That rod is correct and is a fish killer for sure!
  356. cmepen

    800M for Brian

    Beautiful work as always! Gorgeous thread work!!!
  357. cmepen

    Custom Rainshadow RCJB 84h..more pics..Pending again....

    I can not believe this has not sold yet! Killer craftsmanship on a fish killing blank! Should be gone by now! GLWS!
  358. cmepen

    Custom EVA grips - blue abstracts

    Vary tasteful and fun looking handle work! Please keep sharing your work!
  359. cmepen

    My quad Rod dryer

    No doubt! That is Awesome!
  360. cmepen

    First Rod that I built

    Clean and classy! We are fortunate, so many really good people in this industry!
  361. cmepen

    Not a rod but.....

    That will definitely get the job done and look good doing it! Nicely done!
  362. cmepen


    Beautiful work Jake! Love that color pallet too!
  363. cmepen

    Blue Marble United Composites CE1000's

    Beautiful work Len! The Del Mar is a bad ass stick you won’t have that for sale much longer! GLWS!
  364. cmepen


    I cant believe this beauty is still available!
  365. cmepen

    Pacbay 30# blank

    Looks ready to kill some fish, love the color Palet it really pops.
  366. cmepen

    UC900 Reaper Sarape(Mexican blanket)

    You nailed it! I can smell the formaldehyde and hear the mariachi band from here! Beautiful work!
  367. cmepen

    VC-2-7’6” 20-40.

    Good looking wraps and color Palet! Nicely done Todd!
  368. cmepen

    Padres Throwback colors

    Good looking build!
  369. cmepen

    GP80 Monster for Peter

    Amazing components coupled with spectacular artistry and you get an incredible functional piece of art! Nicely done!
  370. cmepen


    Beautiful work Jake! Clean with killer color scheme!
  371. cmepen

    Blue CJBF80 & 80H

    Nice and clean with awesome color combo! Beautiful work!
  372. cmepen

    Seeker Pinhead 8' PH-36

    Nice work! Welcome to the addiction.
  373. cmepen

    Rainshadow RCLB 70ML

    Bad ass!! Great color scheme laid down by a master!
  374. cmepen

    UC 700H

    Accurate Dauntless 500 with 65# spectra. Or an Avet (they have colors your wife might like) JX or LX (if you want more spectra) Raptor 65# spectra. That’s what would get my wife for that rod, if she fished.
  375. cmepen

    UC 700H

    Not the one in red however the CE 700H is listed below as a 30-50 (it’s sweet spot is 12-13# of drag But can handle more for sure) mod-fast blank. This is more than likely what you are having wrapped. It’s a composite blank and will have no problem handling what you are going to ask of it. I...
  376. cmepen


    Nice build! Great colors with that blank! I could not see it in the first pic until I blew the pic up, desert camo!
  377. cmepen

    Phenix XXH swimbait setup.

    Nice fade/thread work to be sure! It pops pretty nicely too! Nice work!
  378. cmepen

    What makes a more durable/stronger/longer lasting turks head, paracord or tuna cord?

    Go to they have it there. Most use 1/16”. I use water based crystal clear spar urethane UV protection to coat the cord.
  379. cmepen

    8 Week Wonder Still Around?

    Steve is an Iconic rod builder!!!! Of that there is no doubt!!!! He is also a mentor to several, if not all, ROD BUILDERS. I recently heard he is doing well laying low during the pandemic.
  380. cmepen


    Beautiful work Jake! Love the cross wraps And color combo!
  381. cmepen

    US80 Terminator for Brian N.

    Beautiful. I Love the Blue!
  382. cmepen

    Renzetti lathe parts, rod support o rings

    That is so true, however with all the money you are saving on the o-rings you will probably break even.
  383. cmepen

    New color scheme

    Old Guys Rule! As Ken would say “Looks good from my house!” Classic color schemes are cool!
  384. cmepen

    CE900 Wahoo for Big Tuna Brown

    Beautiful work! He is going to love that stick its a killer!
  385. cmepen

    3 FOR MIKE

    I love the thin blue line decal and the thread work is killer. Beautiful work!
  386. cmepen

    Same one, better pic

    Nice, a little candy coloring there! Tight clean wraps!
  387. cmepen

    2 more quarantine builds.

    Love the thread work on both rods. Killer cross wraps and fade!
  388. cmepen

    Power rod wrapper reccomendations wanted

    IMHO you cant go wrong either way (Island Tackle or GetBit). They both could use the business and both are A+ businesses in my experience. If you do go the shipping route I would recommend thinking about getting an extension and an extra rod support now so you don’t have to pay for added...
  389. cmepen

    Phenix Black Diamond 700m Dorado fade

    That fade is off the hook! Nice work!
  390. cmepen

    Seeker 7X White Tiger for David

    Beautiful thread work! Killer color combo. Awesome technique put together by a master. Thank you for sharing!
  391. cmepen

    UC GP900 Reaper Moon wrapped

    As well you should be! Beautiful and clean thread work on a killer blank!
  392. cmepen

    CX76 Centaur for Brian

    Absolutely Beautiful and clean!
  393. cmepen


    Beautiful work! Those colors look awesome, just jump out at you! Nicely done Jake!
  394. cmepen

    Seeker CTSF63XXXH

    Nice and clean! Tasteful color combo!
  395. cmepen

    GP900 Reaper

    Beautiful, clean and tight! Love the fade!
  396. cmepen


    Matches very well! Beautiful work!!!
  397. cmepen

    United Composites Reaper

    Looks Good! Colors on the cord work match up nicely with the thread work!
  398. cmepen

    UC GP80 Mega

    Another beauty! Tammy I’m sure will love it! Killer job Jake!
  399. cmepen

    Bent butt newb

    One thing to check into when choosing between long or short butt options is, that if it going to be uses solely as an in the rod holder rod, will the short butt option provide enough clearance between the gunnel and the reels handle While fighting the fish.
  400. cmepen

    New Custom Varmac 7' 40-80

    Steve is one of the best Builders to have ever blessed the West coast with his talented skills!
  401. cmepen

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    Yes, Thy went out this morning. Enjoy the gaffs! Please send pics. Of the fish you stick with them!
  402. cmepen

    Help with foot pedal on Pac Bay wrapper

    That’s funny Len. I replaced my cord with an outdoor extension cord So its actually longer than it was.
  403. cmepen

    Last one for a while. Seeker CJBF80XH

    Thank you for what you do!! Be safe!!! Nice work, clean looking build!
  404. cmepen

    IT'S HERE!

    What you have there Looks good to me!
  405. cmepen

    Safety vest

    I think it flows very nicely! Great color cmbos!
  406. cmepen

    2 more from Master Skrilla...

    Super clean! Len is the man!
  407. cmepen

    US80 Terminator for Brian

    Nice and clean. Love the color combo! Beautiful work as always.
  408. cmepen

    Alps tensioner question

    Buy some thread bobbins. Much easier to use.
  409. cmepen

    UC US80 mega and monster.

    Beautiful thread work as usual!!! Gorgeous work!
  410. cmepen

    Some new Quarantine builds

    The cross wrap is killer looking. Nice and clean work!
  411. cmepen

    Blackout 100j

    Looks like a Jig slinging KILLER! Clean work!
  412. cmepen

    WTS SS C ULUA - Glow in the Dark

    Looks good. For the translucency you might do some experimenting with a metallic under wrap like, red, gold or silver. You might get an effect you like better.
  413. cmepen

    Seeker CJBF80 for Jean

    Super clean! Beautiful color scheme!
  414. cmepen


    I can’t express in words how valuable the information that Don, Steve, Ken, Len, Eddie, Tony, Charles, Jesus, Justin, Mike and so many others bring to class is. These gentlemen are in the best way some of the best friends a person could hope for and Thespians all! I can’t wait until we can all...
  415. cmepen

    Online ordering

    And a hand written thank you note! CLASS ACT BUSINESS FOR SURE!
  416. cmepen

    Rainshadow SP844

    Nice work! Your friend will love it I am sure!
  417. cmepen

    Seeker Ulua for David

    Beautiful, clean and bright! Love the split grip!
  418. cmepen

    Online ordering

    Check utmost industries, getbitoutdoors or Voodoo rods.
  419. cmepen

    Rainshadow "Cat"fish Rods

    Looking pretty slick to me!
  420. cmepen

    Rod _Wrapper

    If you are going to buy new I would recommend the Alps wrapper with the upgraded chuck. It is far and away the best bang for the buck. The plastic chuck and PacBay upgraded chuck are difficult to deal with. Check out getbit outdoors, utmost enterprises and I also believe Island Tackle has them...
  421. cmepen

    Clint Eastwood weave

    That is classic! Beautiful craftsmanship!
  422. cmepen

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs, turkshead Knotts, Mustad gaff hooks, Tarred Sein Twine Handles, Be Ready!

    I PM’d you my information and some pictures of the gaffs I have available.
  423. cmepen

    Rule for eyelet quatity

    Rod length plus one is a good starting point. However as Hector recommended static test. The static test will help you determine how many guides what size guides and where they should go. Good luck and tight lines!
  424. cmepen

    Sword Fish Deep Drop

    Looking ready to kill! Nice and clean builds as usual!
  425. cmepen

    RODDY rebuild

    Nicely done! Very clean looking build!
  426. cmepen

    “Girls fish too”

    Bad to the bone! Love the color and cork work!
  427. cmepen

    Calstar 90j build for some dude I met

    Looks good from my house!
  428. cmepen

    Nancy's Jigger

    Difficult to believe it could look better. It looks beautiful Bill!!!
  429. cmepen

    Poison Apple

    Bad to the bone!
  430. cmepen

    RodGeeks SGTR90MM2

    Clean and Cassic! Beautiful work!
  431. cmepen


    Love those colors!
  432. cmepen

    GP90 Mega and GP85 Phantom for Lance

    Nice and clean!
  433. cmepen

    Twisted Sisters

    The killer combo! Beautiful work!
  434. cmepen

    Should I double or triple wrap

    IMHO You do not have to use epoxy between wrap layers. However, depending on the type/size of thread it may be advisable. Also, I feel my finish quality is better when I epoxy between wrap layers. If you are using nylon thread and are putting color preserver on the nylon you can wrap thread over...
  435. cmepen


    Gorgeous work Jake!
  436. cmepen

    Rasta US80 Terminator

  437. cmepen

    Seeker CJB80H and ESM7660

    Beautifully crafted clean looking fish killing machines!
  438. cmepen

    2nd RCJB90XH for FHS Batson Raffle

    Bad to the Bone!
  439. cmepen

    Long Beach FHS Raffle Rod for Batson

    One Killer Build! Beautiful!!!
  440. cmepen

    United Composites CE800XF for Josh

    Beautiful! Love the blue! Clean looking build!
  441. cmepen

    Fred Hall Raffle Rod RCJB96XH

    Nicely done Todd!
  442. cmepen

    Varmac 9’ 25-50# - 2 piece

    Very colorful, bright and clean looking build.
  443. cmepen

    United Composites GP90 Mag.....Blue Deadpool

    Bad to the bone! Love that fade and the color scheme!
  444. cmepen

    United Composites 40XO

    Its a beautiful beast!
  445. cmepen

    United Composites GP76 Predator

    Clean and bright looking build!
  446. cmepen

    Cal Star 700L Spinner Set-up.

    Very nice looking build. Teal and black classic look with a tiger twist!
  447. cmepen

    Glass 670 9'

    Super clean!
  448. cmepen

    Seeker SJ90F Build

    Clean build!
  449. cmepen

    Number of guides on the UC CX 70 rail rods?

    Everyones needs are different, thus the need for custom built rods. Some fisherman fish on boats with wide planked rails requiring 16”-18” fore grip. Some fisherman are 7’+ tall and 13” rear grips on a rail rod are insufficient. That’s the beauty, you get to build it your way! BTW check out the...
  450. cmepen

    Number of guides on the UC CX 70 rail rods?

    Question, why 12” rear grip and why a gimbal if it’s meant to be a rail rod? Generally, a rail rod will have a longer rear grip than a stand up rod. The longer rear grip allows room to reel while the rod is tucked under your arm and fighting the fish with the rod is Laying on the rail. The...
  451. cmepen

    Batson Cold Shrink

    Use cork tape under the Coldshrink.
  452. cmepen

    Replacement guide ?

    Alps Guides are also a good option,HXN 60#+, XN 30#~60#, MXN Anything under 30# (Salt water).
  453. cmepen

    CUI F100 teal deckhand build

    Sweet jig slinger!
  454. cmepen

    Super Seeker Mardi Gras Jester build

    You nailed it!
  455. cmepen

    urushi G urushi

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Killer color combo! Clean looking build!
  456. cmepen

    Classic Seeker 196-6

    Killer build! Awesome Albi stick, beautifully crafted!
  457. cmepen

    Regulation Rasta

    Wow! Beautiful work Bill!
  458. cmepen

    Calstar VS. UC for Rail Rod

    I agree with Robert. Pull on both and try one lighter in each line. Both are excellent. I would also recommend pulling on a Rainshadow RCTB 76 XXH and 76 XXXXH.
  459. cmepen

    #Squidlife Ulua

    Nice Squidly build with a fantastic color scheme. It would be perfect if the blank was a GLOW blank.
  460. cmepen

    Custom Rod for Cows

    Things to think about. Are the rod holders on your boat strong enough to handle the stress of fighting a 300#+ fish? Does your boat have good/easy access all the way around it? Personally, I would build the rail rod first as you can throw it into a rod holder if you need to. Then if you find...
  461. cmepen

    Centaur cx76 reel seat

    X2 on what Jake said 24.
  462. cmepen

    Calstar GF700XL

    Love the cross wrap! Clean looking build that pops!