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  1. Wildman

    Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead 36

    Wildman submitted a new listing: Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead 36 - Beautiful Custom Seeker Pinhead 36 Learn more about this listing...
  2. Wildman

    Are the Okuma Jigging Rods available in the UK going to be available in the US?

    I find them on but I don't find them on
  3. Wildman

    Shimano Trinidad 16 (Gold) - With or Without Clamp

    $315 / $290 SOLD - Enjoy it, Rich!
  4. Wildman

    'probably already answered, buuut, is the new Cavalla the old Metaloid? and the new Alijos the old Andros?

    What were the modifications/upgrades, please ? :cheers:
  5. Wildman

    Price reduced Green Glass Custom Seeker Pinhead PH36

    Wrapped by BB Custom Rods Green SD 36 Blank inside, blue outside. Light Blue/Silver Wraps. Light blue/dark blue cord handle. Located in South Bay, L.A. Potential to get it to SD. $300 $310 320 or best offer
  6. Wildman

    PRICES REDUCED AGAIN Shimano TwinPower spinning reels, and Calcutta

    Shimano Calcutta 400 BSV - $135 $125 SOLD Shimano Twin Power TwinPower. One 8000HG $325 $315 $300 $280 SOLD and Two 6000 'Super Ship 5.7:1' $325 $315 $300 $260 each- $250 $240 $235 each Extra 6000 spool -->$90 VIDEO OF 6000'S FOR SALE: I bought these but never used them and never...
  7. Wildman

    Prices reduced John Baker Reels 4 , 6 , 12

    Baker 4 - Black/Silver, MINT Condition, with box $775 - PENDING Baker 6 -Gold - $675 Baker 12 - Gold - $725 - SOLD I can ship 👍
  8. Wildman

    Or sale Penn Fathom 12 Star Drag NIB

    Looking to trade for Lever Drag: Penn Fathom 10, 12 or 15 or other Brand similar size lever drag reel *or* 400-size baitcaster Daiwa Lexa, Okuma Komodo, Penn (Other)? *or* Shimano 300 size baitcaster *or* Swimbait Rod (7-8' 10/15/20/25# rating) *or* C a s h --> $1 6 5
  9. Wildman

    Prices Reduced Accurate Tern 400x and ProGear V42 and 545

    M O R E P H O T O S on later posts ***VIDEOS uploaded on February 20 Post*** Accurate Tern 400X (High Speed, Re-built by Accurate/New Serial #/Essentially a new reel- Best price online new is $309.95 plus tax $295 $285 $275 ProGear 545 w/Power Handle - $175 $170 ProGear V42 N.I.B. -...
  10. Wildman

    Swimbait Rod 6'-7' 10-20#/12-25#/15-25#

    6'-7' 10-20#/12-25# PM me if you have one, please. :hali_olutta:
  11. Wildman

    Looking for Levelwinds , Baitcasters , Swimbait Rods

    I'm looking for RH Levelwinds, like the Penn Fathom 15LW / Shimano Tekota 500 / Daiwa Saltist 20LW I'm also looking for RH low-profile bait casters in the 200 or 300 size , preferably Saltwater models I HAVE, FOR TRADE, RH: Penn Fathom 12 - New In Box Daiwa Luna 253 - paddle handle and Power...
  12. Wildman

    On Hold...

    Accurate ATD 50 - Red - Loaded with 130# Spectra - $950 Accurate ATD 30 - Green - Loaded with 130# Spectra - $900 Accurate BX2-30N - Silver - Loaded with 80# Spectra - Dawged - $450 United Composites - Invictus RCX76 - 7' 6" 130-200# - Glow - $450 CalStar GFGR-770XXXH - 7' - 80#-Unlimited - $400
  13. Wildman

    Questions re: Fathom 12 (vs 15)

    I have a Fathom 15 and am curious about the 12. I see in the Specs that the 12 is only 0.2 ounces lighter than the 15, but the line capacity of the 12 seems significantly lower. Why is this? Is it because most of the weight is in the frame, which isn't much narrower on the 12 than on the 15...
  14. Wildman

    Is there a rod clamp that would attach a Daiwa Lexa 300 to a deckhand grip rod?

    Thank you for your suggestions/solutions! :cheers: JC
  15. Wildman

    Does anywhere know where I can rent a yacht/sportfisher?

    'looking to cruise to Catalina (maaaaaybe Clemente), hang out, fish, etc.... Thank you! :hali_olutta: JC
  16. Wildman

    Where can I rent a yacht/sportfisher, please?

    I'm looking to go to Catalina, maybe Clemente, with the family for a few days. I'm near Marina Del Rey, Redondo/King Harbor, San Pedro/Long Beach Harbor, if that helps. Thank you! JC :cheers:
  17. Wildman

    'anybody know (and want to share) where the Catalina bite is? Pretty please?

    Doing a family trip tomorrow, three boys, and want to get them something. What's the general area where Yellowtail are-? Bonito? (Boat's fish finder's Not working, but GPS is). :hali_olutta::hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  18. Wildman

    Is there an 8' 30-40# Penn Casting/Conventional Rod?

    Either Deckhand style or Reel seat? and, what stores are selling them, please? (South Bay/Torrance area) Thank you! JC
  19. Wildman

    10' Custom UC Monster

    Beautifully-wrapped by Ozzone. Alps guides. Black tuna cord and turks head. Never fished! Can meet up in South Bay/Torrance/Redondo Beach or Downtown LA
  20. Wildman

    'Any Long Rangers in/near Culver City work as Handymen?

    I'd prefer to work with one of us : - ) Please PM me if you are, or know of, a long-ranger/fishermen in/near Culver City. :hali_olutta: JC
  21. Wildman

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Power Handle

    Daiwa TD Luna 253 in Excellent condition. Currently has regular, double-paddle handle on, but has/fits a $35 Shimano-brand power handle (included). I should have the box somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. $200 with power handle / $175 without power handle (I work in downtown LA, live...
  22. Wildman

    8' Rod w/Reel Seat 15-30/15-40/20-40

    For my nephew's graduation present. Examples would be Seeker or CalStar 270H-8, Abyss 808, UC Mag Please PM me with what you have and with your asking price. :hali_olutta: JC
  23. Wildman

    GRATE Wood Tackle Boxes

    Box 1: SOLD Box 2: $55 (second phour photos) Box 3: SOLD
  24. Wildman

    Swimbaits, Weedless Jig Heads, Weedless Hooks

    Swimbaits: > 'baitfish' or 'key lime' colors (green top/back, silver bellies) 4",5" >red crab/red flake 3", 4" >hot pink 3", 4" Weedless Jig heads: > 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2 ounces Weedless Hooks Weedless/Weighted Hooks Please PM me. :hali_olutta:
  25. Wildman

    Newell Power Handle for 220

    Please PM me :hali_olutta: JC
  26. Wildman

    Old School Plastic Spool Penn Reel question:

    I want to fish my old Penns, late 70's Squidders 140 & 146 and Jigmaster 501. Several have the red plastic spools. Question: Can they handle spectra? 1) ...As respects line-pressure on the spool? -->I think I remember that those plastic spools were susceptible to cracking under the pressure...
  27. Wildman

    Penn 501 Power Handle

    Please PM me if you have one and how much. :hali_olutta: JC
  28. Wildman

    Plastics and Weedless Leadheads

    Looking for 4", 5", 6" Plastics and 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2 oz weedless leadheads. Please PM me. Thank you!:hali_olutta:
  29. Wildman

    Tackle BackPack / Soft Tackle Bag

    Please PM me.:cheers:
  30. Wildman

    Accurate Valiant BV2-400 or BV2500

    PM me please. :cheers:
  31. Wildman

    Are there plans for a wide Andros 5iia? Like a 7 or an 8?

    Same spool diameter and gearing, just more line capacity?
  32. Wildman

    Spinning Rod 7-8' 15-20-30-40#

    'anybody have one or two they'd like to sell? :hali_olutta: Wildman
  33. Wildman

    ProGear V42; Newells; Daiwa Luna 253

    17 reels, 5 rods sold - and met a lot of cool BD'ers -since original post of this thread--> Thank you, BD! (Almost all of these reels and rods were bought from BD-ers.) >ProGear V42 - Blue - New in Box (More photos posted September 22-23) - $200 > Newell S-235 - $120 (photos in later post) >...
  34. Wildman

    55” Panasonic TV for Rods or Reels

    Excellent Condition TV I’m putting together set-ups for my son, so for bait set ups, I’m Looking for 7’ UC/CalStar/Seeker 30/40/50# rods And/Or Penn Fathoms (2-speeds or single speed lever drags) For baitcaster/swimbait set ups, something like 7 1/2’-8’ swimbait Rods & baitcaster/swibait...
  35. Wildman

    Who knows member "Justin Cardenas" - selling Accurate Valiants?

    He listed three Accurate Valiants for sale on April 20. I paid for two, the 400 and 500, on April 21 via PayPal F&F and sent him a pre-paid, two-day, insured, USPS shipping label, *BUT* I still have not received the reels. He has not answered voicemails or texts from me since April 27. Would...
  36. Wildman

    Accurate Boss Valiant 400/500/600 2-speed

    PM me please. :cheers:
  37. Wildman

    My wife is looking for a NON-fishing boat for snorkeling and swimming with dolphins

    I got my fishing charter, complete with a 300# Blue and a 125# YFT last year, so she gets a Non-fishing charter this year! :D I would appreciate ANY help! :hali_olutta:
  38. Wildman

    Video-ing on LRs - GoPros, etc. ? GoPro 5?

    Which cameras/GoPros are you using? Which do you recommend? Has anyone tried the GoPro 5 Session? or GoPro 5 Black ?
  39. Wildman

    (SOLD)Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 760X2H - Factory Wrap

    I'll post pictures asap --- it looks exactly like a Factory-Wrapped Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid 760X2H (40-100#) in XLLNT condition. $400 (work in downtown L.A. live in South Bay)
  40. Wildman

    Penn International Torque TRQ200 - XLLNT Condition

    Penn International Torque TRQ200 - XLLNT Condition - With reel clamp, tools, and lube - No box One tiny nick on spool, see in photo. $300 (work in downtown L.A., live in SouthBay) (Can ship for extra charge)
  41. Wildman

    For Sale: ProGear V40 - Black - EVA ball knob - XLLNT condition

    For Sale: ProGear V40 - Black - XLLNT condition - Reel clamp & hardware included - No box $160 (Work in Downtown L.A. and live in SouthBay. Can ship, for extra cost)
  42. Wildman

    Shimano Calcutta 400 with Power Handle

    Shimano Calcutta 400 (Level-Wind) with Power Handle and 40# spectra. CAN ship if necessary (for cost). Serviced and in 10/10 working condition. Not-10/10 cosmetically, as you can see. $120 (I work in downtown L.A., live in SouthBay, for meeting up) (I haven't been able to upload photos, so PM...
  43. Wildman

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    I plan to use my Komodo for Yellowtail, Tuna etc.; so I prefer a bigger, meatier knob. Is Okuma able to switch out the Komodo's knob with a Cortez knob? or switch the Komodo Handle & Knob with a Cortez Handle & Knob?
  44. Wildman

    What satellite phones / hot-spots have worked for you on an LR trip?

    I'll be on a 15-day trip... ('not like I WANT to work, but it's looking like I may HAVE to on the ride down, maybe up too...)
  45. Wildman

    100# Braid Capacity on BX2-30N, please?

    How much 100# braid will a BX2-30N hold, please?
  46. Wildman

    I am Looking for an Okuma Makaira 20 or 16 II Sea

    To buy - OR - for a trade, I have: REELS: NIB Mak 10ii Sea, pristine John Bakers, collectors' Newells, collectors' Penns including 180MS in box w/papers and TRQ 100 N.I.B., Penn Baja Special and TRQ 200, Newells, ProGears, Others RODS: Phenix B.D. Hybrid 760XXH Factory, Super Seekers - Custom...
  47. Wildman

    'anyone making/selling lead weights?

    'looking for 4, 8, 12, 16 ounce torpedo-type...
  48. Wildman

    Cast Control: Andros 5 & 12 vs Other Reels - ?

    For those who use and like cast control, how have you found the Andros' 5 & 12 cast control to compare with other reels' cast control? (and what other reels' - Avets, Penn, etc., etc. - cast control have you used?) Thank you! :hali_olutta:
  49. Wildman

    *Reduced* - Phenix Black Diamond 869H-XF

    Factory-wrap, Trigger grip, cork (not cork tape) cork grips, matte black not shiny, 20-50# rating, 8 1/2' New/unused, but not 2015 or 2016 series $240 REDUCED TO $230 (Photos below) Details /terms to follow
  50. Wildman

    Custom Super Seekers

    Custom Super Seekers wrapped by Fisherman's Depot for Corona King/BlackJack CJBF90 - 9' 20-40# Turbo guides @ $250 CSB90F - 9' 20-30# @ $235
  51. Wildman

    Does any BD-er have a termite/exterminator business?

    I'd prefer to give the business to BD fisherman if possible!
  52. Wildman

    FS or FT: FINS 40G UltraThin Braid - 1500 yards of 65# Blue (New)

    I wanted to try one of these new, ultra-thin braids. FINS 40G's 65# say it's the diameter of 8# monofilament. I'm not sure if it's that thin, but I am sure that I like yellow/fluoro/hi-visibility colors. Blue just doesn't work for me. I'm up for a trade for 1500 yards of 50# or 65#...
  53. Wildman

    What do you use or could I make/attach to stabilize the SKB 7200?

    As you know, the 7200 is plenty wide; so it would be very hard to tip it over side-to-side - BUT- loaded up with four rods, these things are prone to tipping front-to-back. If that happens, then you have 2 or more broken rods. What do you use or could I make/attach (simply, I'm not that handy)...
  54. Wildman

    Intrepid - Jarvis Memorial - 30 Days & Counting !!!

  55. Wildman

    I am looking for (current) charter boats on Kona please

    I see that there have been some posts on this, but wanted recommendations for boats that are currently operating and family friendly please. Thank you!
  56. Wildman

    Makaira Handle Grip/Knob for Andros 12 HS?

    Can Okuma put a Makaira Handle grip/knob, especially the 20-size, on an Andros 12 HS?
  57. Wildman

    PowerPro MaxCuattro-Results? Opinions?

    Wondering who has tried this more supposedly more abrasion resistant line-and what your thoughts are and your results have been, please?
  58. Wildman

    Looking For: Good Spinning Rods

    20-40# 7 1/2' and 30-50# 7 1/2' (just bought 6000 and 8000 sized spinning reels) Please PM me descriptions/photos/pricing. Thank you!
  59. Wildman

    Truth / Release -->XLLNT Customer Service

    'just picked up a Release SG from BD'er Aren. As Aren fully-explained to me, the reel needed some work; so off it went to Virginia. Josh at Truth (formerly Release) called me to discuss the repairs, did them, and sent the reel back - all within a week. 'have the reel lined up and ready to go...
  60. Wildman

    Selling ProGears

    (Photos added in following posts) 440 - Gunmetal - Fantastic condition cosmetically & mechanically. Has not been fished since last service. - SOLD OR TRADE FOR > PG 440+cash for ANDROS 5A-II -or- > Calstar GFGR800XH -or- > 30-50# 7 1/2' - 8' High-Quality Spinning Rod CAN MEET UP IN...
  61. Wildman

    Selling BNIB AbuGarcia Revo Toro 50 & Penn 525 GS; Also used 525 GS

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 (New In Box) - - SOLD! Penn 525 GS (New In Box) - $140 NOW $135 Penn 525 GS (Used - XLLNT condition. Not fished since last service. Service tag attached.) - SOLD! Meet up in Downtown L.A or South Bay. Also, Can Ship.
  62. Wildman

    Selling Rods - Super Seeker, Seekers, Pac Bay

    ALL SOLD >Super Seeker 6465H (Custom by "Rooster" Blue & White w/checkerboard, ALPS guides and reel seat) - 6 1/2' - 30-80 - Photos Posted below - SOLD (cost $340) >Seeker Black Steel 6465H (Factory) - 6 1/2' - 30-80 - SOLD ($330 Retail) >Seeker SB 909, 9', 20-50# (Custom) - Corktape grip w/...
  63. Wildman

    Selling Shimanos - Talica 12II , Curado 300EJ

    Talica 12 II (2-speed) filled w/450-500 yards of PP Super8 50#. Excellent Condition, includes box--- SOLD. Thank you, Trang! Curado 300EJ filled w/250-300? yards of PP 50#. Excellent Condition, includes box--- $175 Can Ship. No trades, thank you. I'll post photos later.
  64. Wildman

    Long-Range Brotherhood--> MUST BUY and (Thanks Vagabond "Angler X")

    We returned from our 8-day Ray Jarvis Memorial last Sunday the 19th and packed up the cars and unloaded the fish as usual. When Hot-Stick-and-Report-Writer-Extraordinaire Anglewood and I got in the car, we only heard the "click-click-click of death." :shithappens: !!! The Vagabond docked...
  65. Wildman

    I'm taking my son on his first overnight trip. What...

    pound fluoro or mono is working for bait-caught BFTs and YFTs please? Are megabit/colt-snipers working on the slide (or something else on the slide)? After stopping on a jig strike or on a foamer, what's working better - bait or lures? Thank you for any advice you can give us! :cheers: J.C.
  66. Wildman

    New Andros 5A II --> Does it bind at the same drag or at a higher drag than old 5 II ?

    I am considering buying the new "A" 5 II, but the old one seemed to me to bind at a low drag, similar to the non-raptor Avets...
  67. Wildman

    I'm willing to pay $$$ for a good 4-pack/6-pack/charter/private...

    Hello! I am looking for a boat for this Friday the 19th for my son and me. I'm willing to pay $$$ for a good 4-pack or 6-pack. Please let me know if you are interested or if you found one and have 2 open spots. Thanks! JC
  68. Wildman

    Looking for a charter/4-pack/6-pack for this Friday the 19th, please

    Hello! I am looking for a boat for this Friday the 19th for my son and me. I'm willing to pay $$$ for a good 4-pack or 6-pack. Please let me know if you are interested or if you found one and have 2 open spots. Thanks! JC
  69. Wildman

    For Trade: Four USC - Notre Dame Football Tickets

    Very good seats. Face Value is $95 each. Going for $175++ on Stub Hub. PM me with your idea for trades. (Phenix Rods, Daiwa Lexa 400 Pwr, etc. ) Thanks!
  70. Wildman

    Turn your old, trashed jigs into CA$H

    I'm looking to buy a bunch of jigs - but not valuable, "vintage," "rare," etc. jigs, just basic surface iron and heavies (wahoo & yoyo's). They'll be re-painted, re-ringed, and re-hooked - so NOT looking to pay a lot of $$$. Please PM what you have. Thank you!
  71. Wildman

    Dawg Upgrade to BX Series --> ?

    Is it the upgrade done inside the reel's original side plate, or is the whole side plate replaced? If replaced, then do the upgrades come in green? Very important question. :D
  72. Wildman

    For Sale or Trade: BNIB Accurate BX2-600N with Oil Port

    TRADED - THANKS, RICH! Not registered yet for warranty. $425 shipped to US 48 Looking for: Daiwa Lexa 400 - Power Handle Accurate BX2-600, BX2-30N (GREEN, maybe Black) Okuma Makaira 16SeA (gunmetal or black)
  73. Wildman

    For Sale or Trade: BNIB Accurate BX2-500 With Oil Port

    SOLD - Enjoy, Ryan! Not even registered yet. $425 shipped to US-48 Looking for: Daiwa Lexa 400 - Power Handle Accurate BX2-600, BX2-30N (GREEN, maybe Black) Okuma Makaira 16SeA (gunmetal or black)
  74. Wildman

    For Sale: Penn International 12 VSX - New In Box

    $425 shipped to US-48 Looking for: Daiwa Lexa 400-Power Handle 3X5, or other rod for ATD50
  75. Wildman

    Looking For Green Accurate ATD12 , BX2-30, BX2-30N

    Looking For Green Accurate ATD12T , BX2-30, BX2-30N. For $$$ or trades.
  76. Wildman

    Accurate Service - Increasing freespool

    Can you increase free spool when you service our reels? (Either via hot-rodding the spool bearings or sleeving them or ?)
  77. Wildman

    Comparison of Newells and Penn Fathoms on Tuna? Small Baits?

    'wondering who's been using Newells and Penn Fathoms this Summer on Tuna, especially with the tough/small bait situation? and if you could provide a comparison of the two reels - casting, cranking, drag ? Thanks!:cheers:
  78. Wildman

    2-Day on The ECLIPSE! Leaving 8/22 PM Returning 8/24 PM

    Meals & Permits included. $550. PM me your name and cell #, if you're interested. (NOT my charter. Posting for Charter Master.)
  79. Wildman

    Looking For SKB 7200 or Large Size Open Water Tackle Box/Roller Bag

    7200 with rod holders. Open Water Bag that holds 3700 size boxes and has Rod Holders
  80. Wildman

    Looking For SKB 7200 or Large Size Open Water Tackle Box/Roller Bag

    7200 with rod holders. Open Water Bag that holds 3700 size boxes and has Rod Holders
  81. Wildman

    Any of You Have a Raptor JX / LX / HXJ / HX that you'd like to sell (or trade) ?

    Preferably in GREEN or BLACK. Maybe even Gunmetal or Silver... If so, PM me please - or should I say "Start a Conversation" :)
  82. Wildman

    Trade for or Buy AVET HX or HXJ RAPTOR --- Okuma, CalStar, Accurate

    >REEL: Okuma Makaira 10II - Gold - Upgraded to Large Handle - near-perfect condition visibly / perfect condition mechanically >ROD: Calstar GF 765M (40-100#) - 8 AFTCO roller guides (oiled before/after use), black on black with silver accent wraps, 15 1/2" foregrip, Pacific Bay reel seat and...
  83. Wildman

    Are all / most WSBs caught at day-break or sun-down?

    Planning a trip to Catalina and figuring out the timing... 'haven't caught a legal WSB in 33 years, and I need HELP !!! :nopity: Thank you for any help, ideas, etc. :hali_olutta:
  84. Wildman

    Line Capacity on JX Raptor ?

    Avet specs/website show the reel getting 530 yards of 65# and 800 yards of 50#. I'm getting 400 of 60-65# and 515 of 50# (using a triangle line winder with a good amount of resistance/drag yielding a Tight pack). What are others getting on their JX Raptors?
  85. Wildman

    For Sale: Okuma Makaira 10II - Gold

    Prefer person-to-person transaction but CAN SHIP and CAN ACCEPT PAYPAL. Reel as is: $400. Add 400 yards of 40# Sufix spectra: $25 FREE SHIPPING! * (See post # 11)
  86. Wildman

    For Sale: Accurate BX2-600W "Blurple"

    SOLD. THANK YOU TIM ! Rare Baja Fish Gear "Blurple." XLLNT condition. Loaded w/80# white Izorline spectra. Prefer Person-to-Person Sale but I Can Ship and Can Take PayPal. $435
  87. Wildman

    Andros 5ii vs Makaira 8ii - ???

    The Specifications differences between these two reels (weight, drag, high/low gear, line capacity) are nicely shown on Okuma's wensite. Who has fished both reels, and how do they compare in action?
  88. Wildman

    *Reduced* Power Pro Super 8 Slick - 1500 yards of 50# - Aqua Green - New in Package

    SOLD - Thank you, Hana pa'a Time! Retail: $188.99 Online stores: $160.64 eBay: $142.98 -->BD: $130 - shipped US 48 'will post photos this evening.
  89. Wildman

    For Sale: Shimano Talica 16II - Excellent Condition

    SOLD - to one of the Good Guys - and going out on the AA in October! Price Reduction: $410 shipped to US 48 Price Reduction: $415 shipped to US 48 Price on BD = $425 shipped to US 48 (((MSRP and eBay = $499))) Spooled with 350 yards of 65# white Izorline, then 75 yards of 50# green...
  90. Wildman

    Want to Buy: Accurate BX2-500

    GREEN maybe Black
  91. Wildman

    Want to buy BX2-500

  92. Wildman

    Want to buy JX Raptor or MXL Raptor

  93. Wildman

    Want to Buy: Accurate BX2-500

    Green. (Maybe black) Please PM me description of condition and price, if you'd like to sell one or two...
  94. Wildman

    TRIP REPORT-2nd Annual Ray Jarvis Memorial/Gumba Lounge/Fishybuzz Trip on FV Intrepid

    The un-paralleled and debonaire WahooDad has already offered you some insight into our trip. Here are the details... Early Saturday morning, the 13th of July, BDers fishybuzz silent jim wahoodad (yes, that's right, he surprised us all and showed up to join us!) fishdoggary wildman (yours...
  95. Wildman

    FOR SALE: 2,000 Yards of 40# Orange Sufix Performance Spectra - only 7 cents/yard

    (Sold) Price Drop: $125 shipped US 48/$115 picked up Price Drop: $130 shipped US 48/$120 picked up Price Drop: $135 shipped US 48/$125 picked up This is a 3,500 yard spool, and I only filled 3 reels with it - Acc. 500N, Acc. 400, and Mak 10 - so there should be at least 2,000 yards left...
  96. Wildman

    For SALE -or- TRADE: *NEW* Phenix 650H 20-60#

    SOLD Rated for 20-60# line FOR SALE $200 OR TRADE FOR: Seeker Hercules 70H, 80H CalStar 670H-8', 800H Rod + $$$ for Avet JX Raptor Please PM me your trade ideas.
  97. Wildman

    For Trade: Brand New In Box TIBURON SST 20/80 for Shimano/Accurate/Avet

    I'd be interested in trades like REELS --- Shimano Tranx PG or HG: Avet JX Rapto; Accurate BX2-500, BX2-600N, DPX2-500, DPX2-600N; Okuma Makaira 10II or 15II RODS --- Phenix Hybrid 760XH or 809XH PLEASE PM ME WHAT YOU HAVE, and we'll discuss possible trades! Thanks! :hali_olutta:
  98. Wildman

    Long-Rangers: Stock Up at Baja Fish Gear this Saturday

    Baja Fish Gear's having their big Summer In-Store Sale this Saturday. (Not Affiliated. Just a good customer of this very-well-stocked tackle store with a great, knowledgeable staff.)
  99. Wildman


    (To fit a Shimano Talica 12II or 16II, probably their "Medium" or "Large" size) Please PM me if you have one for sale, or know of someone who has one for sale. Thanks! :hali_olutta:
  100. Wildman

    Want To BUY: Avet JX RAPTOR

    Preferably Black or Green. 'will consider other colors too. Please PM me photos and pricing. Thanks!
  101. Wildman

    Want to Buy: Very Good Pair of Pliers/Cutters for a Very Good Price

    Please PM me what you have and how much ($) you want. Green, if possible. Thanks! :hali_olutta:
  102. Wildman

    BX2-500 vs 600N: Line Capacity - in reality, not specs online

    Has anyone compared the actual line capacity of these two reels, such as they spoiled both with same #test and brand of spectra? How much did you get on each? / Which has more?
  103. Wildman

    Rod Clamps: Is there an Over-Under

    For when you need them to secure reels on rods that have reel seats? Like definitely use them if Tuna/YT are running over 50#? 75#? Or when using over 15# of drag, 20# of drag, or...?
  104. Wildman

    'anyone know how the bait situation looks?

    Last year, I remember it being a bit challenging, in terms of quantity of bait...
  105. Wildman

    2012 Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip - Intrepid "Late Report"

    There's a great write-up of our trip in the May issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing. Actual names are used in the article, so you'll have to figure out the BD "code names." :D Here's to the 2013 Jarvis Memorial Trip, in just over two months...!:hali_olutta:
  106. Wildman

    Does Hook Color Matter for Tuna ?

    I visited my favorite toy store yesterday - Baja Fish Gear in Lomita - and saw on their wall of hooks, regular chrome/silver, dark chrome/dark silver, brass, black and red hooks. I understand that ringed hooks help baits swim more freely and that the size of hook may add to stealthiness or may...
  107. Wildman

    Accurate BX2-500N (New In Box)

    ---SOLD--- $445 - shipped US48 (can ship to AK & HI, extra $hipping) NOT registered with Accurate yet, so Warranty and free reel bag available.
  108. Wildman

    Long-Range, Front-Load, Wood Tackle Box

    Preferably with Rod holders. Please PM me if you have one that you'd like to sell or know of someone who does. Thank you! :hali_olutta:
  109. Wildman

    Licensed Contractor to Sign a Certificate

    that roof doesn't leak. (The bank is requiring this for a loan.) Will hold you harmless/release you from all liabilty.
  110. Wildman

    How long should a BX2 - or any reel - spin?

    For how long "should" an Accurate BX2 Free Spool ? (How long should ANY reel spin, if the reel is primarily used for surface, live bait fishing?) I have a 400 that is only getting 5-7 seconds!?! (Accurate serviced it last year, and I only fished it about 8 days this year. My reels are...
  111. Wildman

    REELS: Accurates, Tiburons, Okuma, Daiwa

    ***photos added below*** ---PM me if interested--- Tiburon SST20 - New In Box - $525 shipped US48 ---> $500 $495 --> $475 Tiburon SST30 - New In Box - $545 shipped US48 --->$520[B$510[/B] SOLD Accurate BX2-400 *GOLD* Excellent Condition. Serviced by Accurate. With Spectra. - $425 shipped...
  112. Wildman

    Cash(LOAN) for Tackle

    I saw one of the BD-ers ask about pawning tackle and many responses about how little cash pawn shops would offer. If a fellow BD-er is in dire need of cash, I might be able to loan you some money with your High-End tackle as collateral. I haven't done this before, and I don't know what the...
  113. Wildman

    AvetOwners Trade 2 Rose Bowl Tix for

    Green or Black Raptor JX, HXJ, or HX. (Obviously, must be Tuesday morning some time!)
  114. Wildman

    2 Rose Bowl Tix for Accurate or Avet

    GREEN Accurate BX2-400, BX2-500N, BX2-500 -or- GREEN or Black Avet Raptor JX, HXJ, HX (Please PM me if you're interested.)
  115. Wildman

    AccurateOwners:TRADE 2 Rose Bowl Tix for

    Green BX2-400 or BX2-500N or BX2-500 ? (Please PM me if you're interested.)
  116. Wildman

    Accurate Owners: Trade Colors/Models?

    I have a gold BX2-400 and a red BX2-500. I'm looking for a green BX2-400 and a green BX2-500N.
  117. Wildman

    Year-End Accurate Service Special - ?

    (Is Accurate going to offer their year-end service special - $20 service/Accurate T-shirt/20% off parts - this year?) :D
  118. Wildman

    Accurate BX2-500s - One Silver, One Red

    For Green or Black, BX2-500 or BX2-500N
  119. Wildman

    BX Series/Oilport/Maintenance

    Thank you for the video-tutorials on basic maintenance using reel x. What do you suggest for the oilport/arb? Also, does the "normal" Accurate hex tool fit the oilport?
  120. Wildman

    Green or Black ACCURATE BX2 - 500 or 500N

    Looking for Green or Black ACCURATE BX2 - 400 or 500 or 500N Please PM me your price and photos.
  121. Wildman

    or Sale - GOLD ACCURATE BX2-400

    Near-perfect condition. In Box. Serviced by Accurate. Trade for / Looking for Green or Black BX2-500 or BX2-500N Please PM me if you are interested.
  122. Wildman

    Reels: Okuma, Abu Garcia

    Okuma Makaira 10II (Gold) - New In Box $425 shipped to US-48 (or pick up in West L.A. or Downtown L.A.) $415 SOLD Okuma Cavalla 15II - New In Box $225 shipped to US-48 (or pick up in West L.A. or Downtown L.A.)$215 Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 - New In Box $200 shipped to US-48 SOLD Also for...
  123. Wildman

    Accurate and Tiburons

    Accurate B2-870 in Box. Has Extreme Power Handle and is loaded with 65# spectra. Near-perfect condition. Not Used since last service at Accurate $350 shipped to US-48 $340 Tiburon SST 20 in Box - BRAND NEW - All papers, parts, oil, etc. $475 shipped to US-48 $460 Daiwa Saltist LD-50...
  124. Wildman

    50# Spectra - 1500+ Yards/Bulk Spool-ASAP

    Preferably White or Red. NOT GREEN. There are plenty on ebay, but I'd like to pick up Wednesday 7/4 or Saturday 7/7, if possible.
  125. Wildman

    Royal Star 2.5 day trip leaves today...

    'hope the weather is Down and the fish are UP. :D Wish us Luck! JC :hali_olutta:
  126. Wildman

    Royal Star Tackle Storage

    'First time on the Royal Star next week on one of their 2.5 day "short-range" trips. Their loading is evidently first-come-first-served - which means I'll be last-on-last-spot because I'll be working on the day I'm departing. I understand that we'll each get four rod holders on the house and...
  127. Wildman

    (Posted for RDSOX2004 ) ’83 Searay 21’ 245 Fisherman Cuddy SALVAGE Rare hull. Partially submerged. Salvage. 1.2 hours on new outdrive and rebuilt engine. New block, risers, manifolds. Engine pickeled and runs. Awesome fishing and diving machine until non-replaced baffles by inept...
  128. Wildman

    Four 9' Sticks

    Left to Right: Cal Star - Custom - 690J? - Ceramic Guides - 20-40#? - 7.5/10 --- SOLD Cal Star - Factory-Wrap - 900 L - 15-30# - 8/10 --- SOLD Seeker - Custom - SB909 - Perfection Guides - 20-50# - 9.5/10 --- $170 PacBacy - Custom - PRC5C1088 - Aftco Lite Guides - 15-30# - 9.75/10 ---$185...
  129. Wildman

    Accurate: Better Reels...and better Reel Bags(?)

    When you register your reel with Accurate, they'll send you a nice Accurate reeel bag. Not only do Accurate's thick, water-repellant nylon reel bags provide nice coverage and protection while traveling, but they also double as Excellent reel covers while on the boat: First, cover the...
  130. Wildman

    Ever since that Great thread on the Wooden Tackle Boxes,

    I've been looking for one - the Right one. 'anyone have one they'd like to sell? (LR size & front-loading would work best for me.) Thanks! :hali_olutta:
  131. Wildman

    What GoPro is everyone using for LR trips?

    (There are a lot of models...)
  132. Wildman

    Wooden Tackle Box (Long Range Size)

    If you have one - or an extra one- that you'd like to sell, then would you please email photos (and a price) to [email protected] ? Thanks! :hali_olutta:
  133. Wildman

    Accurate Rubber Grips/Knobs/Handles

    (whatever you call them) :D
  134. Wildman

    Fred Hall Show - Family Affair

    Fred Hall Show - Family Affair
  135. Wildman

    Cedros Adventures - IN MAY ?

    How is the weather and fishing in late May? Late June? (I see most of the pre-booked trips are in July/August/September; so I'm assuming those are the best fishing months.) Thanks!
  136. Wildman

    or TRADE: Large Wooden Tackle Box

    Just over 21 1/2" wide, 19" tall, 15" deep. 19 drawers = LOTS of STORAGE space. Hardware in perfect condition. No handles. $190 -OR- Possible Trades: *Smaller, Front-Load Long Range Box* (SKB, Wood, Rolling 3700 size bag - with rod holders) AbuGarcia Revo Toro Newells (Mint...
  137. Wildman

    or Sale: N-e-w AFTCO Long Range Shorts

    GONE! Size 32 (but easily 34). 21" long. 8 pockets, 2 with zippers, 2 reinforced for pliers/dykes/etc. Retail: $49.99 I need a size 30 or will sell (and ship if needed) for $40.
  138. Wildman

    Accurate BX Rods --> Blanks?

    Are you going to sell the blanks for your new rods, or only the Accurate-wrapped versions?
  139. Wildman

    Do May/June Trips Foretell July/August Trips?

    'last few years it seems that whatever we got in May (down at Alijos), we/the fleet got more of in July. Couple of years ago, nice 40-60# YFT bite in May, then very nice 50-80# YFT bite in July. Last year, no YFTs in May, pick-bite only in July. Big YT year down there at the Ridge. Is that...
  140. Wildman

    Anybody try the New Accurate Rods - ?

    Comments, please - ?
  141. Wildman

    Long Range Fishing Reel Bag

    to hold 8+ reels. Thanks!
  142. Wildman

    ProGear 454 (Purple) and ProGear Old-school Dykes

    [ProGear 454 - Excellent condition, serviced by Ken at Purfield's (yes, before they closed) & not used since-->Perfect mechanically. Cosmetically - 9.5/10? 9/10? - some nicks, like where free spool lever hits top of frame, at end of free spool lever, and next to left-side bearing cap. --> $175...
  143. Wildman

    Another Fun Day on the Betty-O

    Three men. Three men-to-be. The day after Christmas. NO shopping for us. Evidently, we did not have an original idea: 36 people showed up to fish. Captain Mike at the Helm, Patty in the Galley, and Alex and Daniel on deck. Garrett is laid up with a bum knee.) Not a great day of...
  144. Wildman

    Good Will Toward Men. FOUR Accurates ->

    BX2-50 - SOLD B2-665H with Extreme Power Handle with spectra with box - SOLD B2-870 with Extreme Power Handle with spectra with box - (Pending) BX2-500N (RED) with box - SOLD
  145. Wildman

    Tiburon SST 30 - a Cow Reel ?

    The reel's specs show drags of 24#/35#. 17" line retrieve in low gear. 450 yards of 50# Mono (so about 500 yards of 130# spectra or 500+ yards of 100#.) Can it be used as a "Cow Reel" - ? OK for 130# ? 100# ? (Thank you for your opinions/advice.):hali_olutta:
  146. Wildman

    Long-Ranger in Training. You've heard of 9-9-9 ?

    MY PLAN is 8-8-8 --> From an 8-hour trip to an 8-day trip in 8 years. If training goes well, then my little man Masayoshi may join me on the WahooDad & Willy Trip in July of 2019 ...
  147. Wildman

    Veteran's Day 11-11-11 JACKPOT!

    Veteran's Day - 11-11-11 My 3-year old son's pre-school was closed to honor the holiday; so what better way to spend it than fishing with him. I like rockfishing on the Betty-O out of Marina Del Rey captained by Mike Reinsch. He runs a tight ship. Patty (Reinsch) was in the galley...
  148. Wildman

    Long-Rangers: OPPORTUNITY to Try Before You Buy!

    Would you like to try out top-of-the-line equipment before you spend Thousands of Dollars :eek2: to buy it ? I have some high-quality Long Range rods and reels that I only (sadly) use once a year. -->More importantly, I have a daughter who’ll be going to college soon; so I’ll be...
  149. Wildman

    BX2: 400-500-600

    Is each reel successively stronger (drags, bearings, parts, etc.) than the other? (Or is the only difference among them the line capacity and the retrieve-per-crank?)
  150. Wildman

    Phenix Black Diamond Rods: 700H and 660H

    700H SOLD -->Thanks DocBigFish! (I am keeping the 650H)
  151. Wildman

    8' or 8 1/2' Rods 30-60# or 30-80#

    Reel seat preferred, not mandatory. 'looking to spend $100-$150. Condition does not have to be great - TexasTuna does great rod wrapping/clean up work.
  152. Wildman

    Penn Baja Special - Main Gear Replacement

    'considering replacing 4.25:1 ratio main gear w/lower-ratio gear. BS Main Gear (5-113HNSS) has those concave half-circles inside the inner edge to fit the drags with the ex-cave half-circles on them. If someone knows what other gears (and Penn part #'s) with lower ratios will fit into the...
  153. Wildman

    Anyone Near Culver City Who Could

    fix a new Alps tip guide (insert busted out) on one rod and a single, old-school metal guide on old-school sabre (inside of guide corroded)?
  154. Wildman

    LR Rod(s) for Juniors

    Mr. Carl Newell dreamed up the 4'-er years ago for leverage. Now, there are Whopper Stoppers at about 4'. Also, there are a number of rods just over 5'. 'wondering what you have done, or what your thoughts are, for your youngin's (say under 12) LR rods - ?
  155. Wildman

    If you live in LA or North of LA and have a

    July 16 or 17 trip, CHECK the status of the 405 before you drive! 'signs are saying that it will be closed from the 101 south to the 10 on the 16th and 17th. (This happened to us on the May 21 trip, when Caltrans closed the 405 for maintenance for 10+ miles starting in Long Beach.)
  156. Wildman

    THANKS Fisherman's Processing !

    Thanks to Sean, Rosie, Brandon, Monica and crew at Fisherman's Processing. Not only did they get me on the road with some coolers full of filets in under two hours after we landed, but they also shipped me a box of smoked YT, smoked YT collars, YT pepper jerky, and YT teriyaki jerky - all in...
  157. Wildman

    Independence: Where'd Kyle go ?

    'saw that he's not shown in the Crew Bios/Photos or in any reports anymore...?
  158. Wildman

    "Old" Penn Torque 100 - Cast Control ?

  159. Wildman

    "Old" Penn Torque 100 - Cast Control ?

    I'd like some cast control on my surface iron set-up, which will be a 9' 690-J with a Penn Torque 100 or Trinidad 16DC (for which I am looking for a rod clamp). I'd appreciate hearing from you if you've used the TRQ 100 - which was the only model With cast control - how effective of a cast...
  160. Wildman

    Shimano Trinidad 16 - Rod Clamp

    (to fit 16DC) Thanks!
  161. Wildman

    Independence Trip # 1 Leaves on May 21 !

    Any BDers on this trip? I know Toro-X is going...and looking for a JP re-peat.-->Would that be a "J-Peat?"
  162. Wildman

    Aliso water temp increasing... Have there been any more boats down there? (and reports?)
  163. Wildman

    'Taking my 3-year old to Irvine Sunday

    for the first time. ('took him to FHS LB, caught 2 trout in their "ponds," and now that's all he talks about!) 'loaded up w/trout dough, tiny trebles (16s), carolina keepers and 1/8 oz eggs. 'also, for lures, some spoons (z-spoon & thomas buoyant), lip-rippers, and atomic teasers. 'plan to...
  164. Wildman

    Trout Set-ups (Rods, Reels, Tackle)

    for my boy and me. 'got "hooked" at FHS trout tank & wants more! Nothing expensive/valuable - kid can break seconds!:eyepoppin Also, 'would appreciate any ideas of where to go (L.A./O.C. stocked lakes, etc.) Thanks!:hali_olutta: He also developed a liking for Fords at the...
  165. Wildman

    NEW Custom Calstars 870-H and 6460-H

    ***RODS & REELS SOLD*** Professionally wrapped by Fishermen's Supplies in Lawndale. Black blanks. Black/Purple Aftco reel seats. Black Perfection Guides. Black & Purple with Teal highlight wraps. 870-H: 7' rated 20-50# / 6460-H: 6' rated 30-80" Cost $500. Selling for $320 for pair. May...
  166. Wildman

    Frankenstein Rod Collection

    I have put together a frankenstein collection of custom rods, all with different color thread. All are basic wraps, nothing fancy. Without re-wrapping the rods, is there a way to may them LOOK like a collection? Rod paint? ??? Thanks for any ideas.:hali_olutta:
  167. Wildman

    REELS !

    Shimano 100B. New-in-box. $150 SOLD - Thanks, Luis ! Avet HX Raptor with "30" Power Handle and MagicCast. New-in-box. $495 SOLD - Thanks, Torsten! Avet JX 6/3 WITH MagicCast. New/no box. $325 SOLD-Thanks, Mike! Daiwa Saltist Lever-drag 2-Speed 50. New-in-box. $285 SOLD - Thanks, Donnie...
  168. Wildman

    Who's going to the Fred Hall Show Wednesday? Thursday?

    I take my 3-year old on Wednesday to re-up our Century membership with UASC and run through the show until he melts down, then meet my cousin on Thursday for a Walk-Through, followed by refreshments at at the Irish Pub across the street ("Auld Lang Syne?")
  169. Wildman

    Shimano Calcutta 100 B - New-In-Box

    SOLD All paperwork, tools, oil, reel bag included. $150 (Retail = $199.99) *trying to upload photos - can also email them*
  170. Wildman

    Smelly Spectra...

    'have a reel filled w/spectra that smells...kind of like saltwater-mildewy. (1) If it is mildewed, does it still retain its original strength? (2) 'any way to get it to not stink? ('think I saw several threads back some advice to Not put reels in the dishwasher...LOL )
  171. Wildman

    Power Handle for a ProGear 545

    If you know, would you please tell me the parts numbers for power handles that would fit a PG 545? (My preferences are the Penn Torque handles/grips and the Tiburon T-Bar Lites. I also could throw on an old-school Big Torpedo Penn handle._
  172. Wildman

    Intrepid - Equipment Storage

    'Thread on Tackle Boxes got me thinking/curious --> On the Intrepid, >Do they assign #'s for tackle box and rod storage when you make your reservation, or is it first-on-the-boat picks their spot? >If your bag/box is not on the top rack, then does it need to be a "front-loader" ? >Are...
  173. Wildman

    Why are there different line strengths

    for mono and for braid listed on some rods? For example, it may say 15-25# Monofilament / 20-50# Braid (or spectra)...
  174. Wildman

    Whole/Part interest in 32' UniFlite FlyBridge - Islands/Offshore Boat

    (Pictures/More Info to follow) In the water in Kings Harbor, Redondo Beach FUNCTION: 300 gallons total fuel capacity.Has gone to Mexico. Easy trip to Catalina. Twin 300HP Marine Power engines (2005) - 700? hours Tops out about 30 mph Approx. 1-1.5 mpg Radar/GPS/Fishfinder 12' Beam...
  175. Wildman

    JX 2-spd MC -->Potholes/Speedbumps - ?!?

    'just received a new JX 2-speed MC from another BDer. It feels like it hits speed bumps or potholes while cranking in low gear. (I switched from high to low and back a few times and adjusted the drag - while in freespool - a few times, but as soon as I shifted back into low, b'dump, b'dump...)...
  176. Wildman

    Inter-changeable Handles - BX2-400 and B2-665

    I have a B2-665 w/the wiffle ball handle and a BX2-400 w/the t-bar/power handle. Are these handles inter-changeable, so I can put the t-bar on the 665 and the wiffle ball on the 400?
  177. Wildman

    Sooo, how much is enough?

    I've read a lot of posts where people have been spooled; so, how much line should a 40#/50#/60# reel have? (and, to maximize yardage, would I back a 40#/50# reel with 50#or 60# spectra?) Thanks! JC
  178. Wildman

    Anyone heard of "Liquid Bearings" synthetic oil- ?

    and have any experience with it? ('saw it on eBay, with plenty of verbiage why it's the best/better than any petroleum based product...)
  179. Wildman

    N.I.B. Avet SX Raptor for Shimano Talica 10 II

    (No trade needed - purchased Talica 10II)
  180. Wildman

    How is early November for 6-, 7- or 8-day trips?

    'went on an 8-day - my first - in May on the Independence. We caught plenty of 40-60# YFTs and 20-40# YTs at Alijos, the Ridge, then finished up at Cedros (YTs only). Air temps were 60s-70s and the wind blew hard the whole time (seas were up too). 'been reading reports of bigger YFTs, wahoo...
  181. Wildman

    AVET RAPTORS: 1 SX & 1 HX - New In Boxes

    *prices reduced* Both Silver. Reels are in their original boxes with original tools and paperwork. SX: ( Sold ) HX: $475 ( $84 off $559 Retail ) Live in West LA, work in downtown LA - for pickup purposes. Otherwise, can tship (for cost) and take check or paypal (add 3% paypal fee).
  182. Wildman

    Penn 525 Mag Reel - New In Box

    For 8' 20-50# stick -OR - For 7' 30-80 # stick - OR - For 7' 30-60# stick - OR - ???
  183. Wildman

    Original Sabre 865XH-Bob's Sporting Goods

    I have an old (circa 1978) Bob's Sporting Goods custom-wrapped Sabre that says 865XH on it. I'm trying to figure out if it is, in fact an 865XH, and, if so, what the line rating is. (The CalStar West Coast equivalent of an 865XH is a 25-60# rod, standing 6'5".) This rod is about 6'9"-6'10"...
  184. Wildman

    What's the Preferred Rod Length, and why ?

    For Flylining? (I don't know where the separation points are: Tuna < 50#, 50-100#, > 100# ?) For yoyo jigging/dropper loop fishing ? (Same separations?) ((('went on my first LR this year - 8-days on the Indy. 'did not have much of the right stuff, so I'm trying to get the right equipment...
  185. Wildman

    2-speed Casting Reel? (Wahoo, YT, etc.)

    'looking to buy a 2-speed casting reel (preferably w/some type of cast control) for LR trips, primarily for Wahoo, but ultimately anything that I'd want to throw jigs at on a LR trip. What do you like, and why, please? THANKS! JC
  186. Wildman

    Avet vs Accurate

    'time to pare my "lots of good-enough" stuff down to "just enough great" stuff. So, naturally, my question would be: Avet vs Accurate - and why, please? Thank you very much for your honest and informational answers, in advance. JC
  187. Wildman

    Accurate vs Avet

    'time to pare my "lots of good-enough" stuff down to "just enough great" stuff. So, naturally, my question would be: Accurate or Avet - and why, please? Thank you very much for your honest and informational answers, in advance. JC
  188. Wildman

    Penn Torque 100 (NIB) for Avet MXL or JX 2-spd MC

    Brand new, in box, w/tools, clamp, oil, instructions. Penn Magnetic Cast control. 6:1 gear ratio. 25# drag. 32 inches/crank. This is definitely a Fantastic reel, but I want a 2-speed, preferably with some cast control. ('willing to add cash to make a fair trade)
  189. Wildman

    'looking gears for Penn 525 and ProGear 280

    lower ratio than their current 6:1 gears, maybe 3:1-4:1. (PG 545 in a 3:1, too). Does anyone have them for sell or know where I could buy them? Thanks! JC
  190. Wildman

    Experience w/Wozencraft Insurance

    'Insured by Boat US, but they'll only give $300K limit of liability & want more. 'saw Wozencraft Insurance on BD. I'd appreciate hearing about your experiences with them, please? Thank you! JC
  191. Wildman

    What's the Castability of Penn Mag 525 ?

    How far (comparably) ? How is the cast control? Thank you! JC
  192. Wildman

    Brand new to kayak fishing!

    'picked up a Hobie Mirage Tandem, and I'm itching to get out on the water! It's not rigged for fishing (more $$$...), but it floats!!! 'anybody kayak fish North PV? MDR? Santa Monica? Malibu?