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  1. lingcodslayer

    Bumping old posts

    Newbies, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !!! STOP asking if something is still for sale on a post that is months old and even YEARS OLD!!! PLEASE PM the seller. It makes it frustrating when I see gear I want , only to see click on the post and realize it’s been “bumped” from months old or even years old...
  2. lingcodslayer


    Dam Lou, your giving us Nor Cal folks a bad name. Wait your in Arizona??
  3. lingcodslayer

    Shulure and IOL jigs

    Have some miscellaneous jigs that I will never use. 3 long ones on right of pic are 200 grams and all the others are 250 grams. $50.00 shipped conus PayPal as friends and family or Venmo. That’s about $6.00 shipped each which I think is more than fair
  4. lingcodslayer

    OG Avet MXJ $100.00

    I have an older model Avet MXJ for sale. Got this in a trade and I don’t need it. It is a LEFTY !! $100.00 shipped within the continental US. PM for questions or anything else.
  5. lingcodslayer

    Daiwa SL20SH or SL30SH

    Found one. Mods please close
  6. lingcodslayer

    Seeker - Custom Wrapped, Creamsicle Skinny Butt Ulua - WTS jigstick

    Must resist taking a drive to San Diego just for this.
  7. lingcodslayer

    Daiwa SL20SH or SL30SH

    Want to buy either. More rash the better, cheaper for me :) I am in San Jose so will probably need to be shipped. PM me pics or send them to me at 408-707-8607. PLEASE no texts after 9:00 PM
  8. lingcodslayer

    Truline 5X for sale

    $250.00 picked up !!!
  9. lingcodslayer

    Truline 5X for sale

    $280.00 shipped!!
  10. lingcodslayer

    Truline and OTI spinning rod lowered prices

    I have for sale two rods. First is a Truline HQM65, 6’6” length, rated 6-30. I bought this a while back , had it rewrapped and never used it !! It’s a beautiful 20-25# rod. Next is a OTI blank spinning rod. 5’4”, 400 gram. 6-8 PE. $200.00 each rod picked up or $225.00 shipped. PM me if interested.
  11. lingcodslayer

    Truline 5X for sale

    $280.00 picked up !!
  12. lingcodslayer

    Truline 5X for sale

    That’s how I got it with the “C” I have no idea if Jeff AKA Scruitt wrapped it. Almost positive I did not get it off him.
  13. lingcodslayer

    Truline 5X for sale

    I have for sale a Truline 5X ! It was a impulse buy a while back and I never used it :( I was told it was cut down to 7’. It is a nice 40# rod. It could use a finish between the guides. Deckhand grip. $250.00 picked up PM for questions or pics.
  14. lingcodslayer

    Vadney built Seeker OSP 2X4

    I have for sale a Vadney custom that I won’t use in the near future so.... Built by Jon Vadney, acid wrapped, Seeker OSP 2X4, Fuji sic guides, Alps reel seat. $450.00 or best REASONABLE OFFER. and we can talk about shipping if you are serious , since I live in NorCal. Text is best...
  15. lingcodslayer

    Gold Trini 16N special

    Last one I have. College fees for twins are a mofo 🤬🤬
  16. lingcodslayer

    Gold Trini 16N special

    I have a gold 16N special for sale. This has a small bit of rash as you can see per pics. Fresh Alan Tani service with carbon tex drags , also “dawg” gears have been installed for extra stopping power. Fresh Daiwa Jbraid with small 30# fluoro top shot. $325.00 shipped conus. NO TRADES. PM or...
  17. lingcodslayer

    Daiwa Saltist 20h for sale

    I have for sale a Daiwa Saltist 20h. Fresh Alan Tani tune up. Fresh 40# jbraid to the top. It has a short 25# fluoro top shot. $125.00 FIRM shipped conus. No trades. PM or text me at 408-707-8607, my name is Ray.
  18. lingcodslayer

    Gold 40N $375.00 SHIPPED

    $350.00 shipped conus. Last call.
  19. lingcodslayer

    Gold 40N $375.00 SHIPPED

    No trades at this time gotta pay for college
  20. lingcodslayer

    5 jigs

    Set of 5 jigs for sale. 3 each of the 200 gram, and 2 each of the 400gram. $40.00 shipped conus. PayPal as friends and family.
  21. lingcodslayer

    Gold 40N $375.00 SHIPPED

    $390.00 shipped conus or it goes back on the shelf
  22. lingcodslayer

    Gold 40N $375.00 SHIPPED

    Thanks John. I still have the 40N left folks
  23. lingcodslayer

    Gold 40N $375.00 SHIPPED

    Yes Alan did put greased carbon Tex drags on it. And THANK YOU for the kind words fellas it means a lot !!
  24. lingcodslayer

    Gold 40N $375.00 SHIPPED

    I have 3 reels for sale 1) SOLD Trinidad 40N , rashy side plate and missing the 4 where it says 40N, This reel has been gone through by Alan Tani “dawgs” have been installed. Add your line of choice and your set. No clamp. $350.000 shipped conus SOLD 2) SOLD Trinidad TN14 A lil rashy ,not too...
  25. lingcodslayer

    Silver Trinidad 10A

    Still looking .... have some trades plus cash ,or straight trades. ANYONE???
  26. lingcodslayer

    Gold Trinidad 16N special

    SOLD, I am in San Jose
  27. lingcodslayer

    Gold Trinidad 16N special

    I have for sale a gold Trinidad 16 narrow special for sale. This thing is BLEEPING CLEAN !!! I found some scratches which you can see in the pics. Mechanically i have not had it serviced ,but it feels great. NO Trades and price is FIRM. $350.00 shipped CONUS. About 300 yards of 65# braid and a...
  28. lingcodslayer

    Last seeker rod (for now)

    Last rod for now !! I have a BRAND NEW Seeker tactic series rod for sale. 9’ long specs are in the pics. NO SHIPPING and NO TRADES. PM or text me @ 408-707-8607. No texts after 9:00 please. $250.00. I am in San Jose , but will be making a trip or two to San Louis Obispo in a month or so, if that...
  29. lingcodslayer

    Lead heads for swimbaits

    Found another 13 oz jig !!! Forgot about this ad. $40.00 shipped conus
  30. lingcodslayer

    Lot of rockfish jigs

    I have a lot of 22 rockfish/ lingcod jigs for sale. Most are 10oz, one 8oz, and I believe that the rest are 7oz. PM me or text me @ 408-707-8607. Please no texts after 9:00PM. $80.00 shipped conus. ALL have never been fished.
  31. lingcodslayer

    Silver Trinidad 10A

    Anyone ?? Prefer the 10A
  32. lingcodslayer

    Silver Trinidad 10A

    10A or 12A will do
  33. lingcodslayer

    Silver Trinidad 10A

    Like the title says. Would rather trade a reel or two that I have or even a rod or two, but not afraid to buy one. PM me
  34. lingcodslayer

    Seekers, Calstar, and OTI

    Looking to trade for a Trinidad 10A. I know they are unicorns now but....
  35. lingcodslayer

    TLD 25 & Calstar 670h to San Diego military enlisted. She's gone!

    Fishing gods are going to bless you my friend. Just bleeping awesome
  36. lingcodslayer

    Seekers, Calstar, and OTI

    Purple Seeker is SOLD, @ reeljunky I’ll be visiting San Louis Obispo a lot soon. My son will be attending Cal Poly in the fall if that helps for a meeting.
  37. lingcodslayer

    Seekers, Calstar, and OTI

    These are all I have left that I want to sell. Prefer to sell , but trades for reels welcome. Text me at 408-707-8607, PLEASE no texts after 9:00 PM or you can PM me. SORRY NO SHIPPING anymore on rods. Shipped a rod USPS in a PVC tube and it showed up broken. I am in San Jose. For now I’m pretty...
  38. lingcodslayer

    Reposted with what’s left

    Only rods left are #1,2, and #8. Lets get these sold or trade 1 rod for a silver 10A or silver 12A
  39. lingcodslayer

    Reposted with what’s left

    UP. Still looking for a Trinidad 10A to trade for .....
  40. lingcodslayer

    Reposted with what’s left

    Number 8 is TAC909H-9’T 25-50#
  41. lingcodslayer

    Trinidad 40

    ITS A 7 YEAR OLD POST !!! I thinks it’s gone.
  42. lingcodslayer

    Ocea Jigger 4000 (TN40N), Penn Torque 30LDII and 3custom SSR7650’s

    I have 13 Vadney customs, and every one that he has built for me is off the charts better than the last
  43. lingcodslayer

    Reposted with what’s left

    Possible trade a rod for a Trinidad 10A .... Or a 16NA ...
  44. lingcodslayer

    Reposted with what’s left

    With the way things are going these Commiefornia days and college bound twins, all of my fishing for the next few years will be local so..... Please PM or text me at 408-707-8607. PM or text for any more pics or questions. Keep in mind that I am in NorCal and I will ship all rods 8’ and under...
  45. lingcodslayer

    3 Daiwa Saltist 30Ts

    PM me and offer for all three.
  46. lingcodslayer

    3 Daiwa Saltist 30Ts

    I have for sale 3 Daiwa Saltist 30Ts. All have major rash , but ALL have been serviced by Alan Tani and not used since. One with orange 50# Fins braid approximately 325 yards One with 450 yards of 40# Daiwa jbraid One with 272 yards of 65# jbraid and a 90’ top shot of 30# mono. All line on all...
  47. lingcodslayer

    Custom Seeker SSR7650

    Just stunning work Jon as always. Hope you and the wife are staying healthy. Free bump
  48. lingcodslayer

    Truline , Calstar , and OTI

    Or for sale $250.00 shipped for the OTI spinner $200.00 shipped for the Calstar $250.00 shipped for the Truline
  49. lingcodslayer

    Truline , Calstar , and OTI

    BUMP also looking for a Shimano Curado 300 EJ or a Tranx 300.
  50. lingcodslayer

    Truline , Calstar , and OTI

    Since I got only a few nibbles with these things for sale I’ll switch it up. Looking to trade some or all of these rods for a Mak 10 or Mak 16 or different colored Accurate reels. Text me at 408-707-8607 or PM. I can and will ship. Like I said , we can make it a package deal or a combo of a rod...
  51. lingcodslayer

    Truline Rods

    Thanks Rob, appreciate the kind words BUMP
  52. lingcodslayer

    Trinidad 40N $410 Shipped

    I’ll take it. Sent PM about an hour ago
  53. lingcodslayer

    8’ Calstar and OTI spinning rod

    Let’s make it happen Reggie
  54. lingcodslayer

    8’ Calstar and OTI spinning rod

    I have for sale a 8’ Calstar rod. Got this in a trade and just don’t use it. Specs are it’s a 6480 30-60# test. $200.00 shipped conus!! Next is a OTI blank spinning rod that I got a while back. Just never got into the spinning rod thing. It’s 5’4” rated 400 grams PE 6-8. Rear grip and for grip...
  55. lingcodslayer

    NEW LOWER PRICES Daiwa 30T and gold Trinidad 14

    I’m getting to the age where it’s kind of hard to insult me. PM me. You never know.
  56. lingcodslayer

    NEW LOWER PRICES Daiwa 30T and gold Trinidad 14

    The kind words mean A LOT guys!! BUMP
  57. lingcodslayer

    Lead heads for swimbaits

    UP these are made by Fish Field
  58. lingcodslayer

    8oz squid jigs

    I believe they are P-line jigs
  59. lingcodslayer

    NEW LOWER PRICES Daiwa 30T and gold Trinidad 14

    First up is a Daiwa Saltist 30T. Fresh Alan Tani service. Looks are deceiving , this thing is a FUCKEN TANK !! Fresh 40# braid and I’m gonna take off the fluorocarbon. $100.00 SHIPPED conus. Next is a Trinidad TN14 . It also has a fresh service from Alan Tani. What you see in the pics is what...
  60. lingcodslayer

    LOWERED PRICE OG Accurate 197

    I have for sale 1 accurate 197 single speed. Lite scratches , fresh service from Alan Tani. Fresh 40# braid 250 yards. If I’m correct this model is one of the original ones. $125.00 shipped conus.Text @ 408-707-8607 or PM. Please no texts after 9:00 PM
  61. lingcodslayer

    Lead heads for swimbaits

    Just slide a swim bait on and wala!!
  62. lingcodslayer

    LOWERED PRICE Calstar rod. UC rod sold

    I have for sale two 8’ rods. First is a 8’ UC blank, UC 80XF 12#-25# , Fuji sic guides, acid wrapped by Jon Vadney AKA Scold. Feels like a 25# rod. Alps Reel seat that my son decided to do some work on !<!% !! Trying to get the plastic inserts that go in the area where the reel foot goes. Thanks...
  63. lingcodslayer


    Appreciate it Rob!! New price $240.00 BUMP
  64. lingcodslayer

    Lead heads for swimbaits

    I have for sale three 7oz and two 13oz lard heads specifically for swim baits. I paid a pretty penny for them a while back and never even used them!! Would be great for rockfish or lings. $30.00 shipped conus. PayPal as friends and family or Venmo. PM or Text at 408-707-8607 PLEASE NO TEXTS...
  65. lingcodslayer

    8oz squid jigs

    I have for sale 6 squid style jigs. All are 8 oz. These are rockfish/ling killers!! I’ll throw in the other 2 jigs just to sweeten the deal. $40.00 shipped conus PayPal as friends and family or Venmo. PM or text @ 408-707-8607 PLEASE NO TEXTS AFTER 9:00 PM
  66. lingcodslayer

    10oz diamond rockfish jigs

    I have for sale 13 diamond shaped rockfish jigs. $50.00 shipped conus. PayPal as friends and family or Venmo. PM or text me at 408-707-8607 PLEASE NO TEXTS after 9:00PM
  67. lingcodslayer

    Truline Rods

    Appreciate it. BUMP
  68. lingcodslayer

    Or trade for Tranx 400

    Like the title says. Boat rash OK Cheaper for me. I do have some reels or a rod to trade if that works. PM or text at 408-707-8607.
  69. lingcodslayer

    SS 1X3

    Calstar SOLD
  70. lingcodslayer

    Truline Rods

    Just measured it 5 minutes ago, 7’5”
  71. lingcodslayer

    SS 1X3

  72. lingcodslayer

    Truline Rods

    I have for sale a Truline rod. This is a fresh build that I never even used. It’s a HQM 65, 6’6” with reel seat. It has Fuji sic guides. I’d rate it a 25# rod. $250.00 I can ship the rod for $20.00 extra PM or text at 408-707-8607, if you need more pics text me. PayPal as friends and family or...
  73. lingcodslayer

    Seeker Rod and Blank

    Call you tomorrow about the F90 ,Reggie
  74. lingcodslayer

    PRICE DROP Mak 8

    PRICE DROP $280.00 shipped conus. Come on guys. College application fees for twins is no joke
  75. lingcodslayer

    PRICE DROP Mak 8

    Thanks brother BUMP
  76. lingcodslayer

    PRICE DROP Mak 8

    No one wants a gold Mak 8 or 10 for $300.00 each
  77. lingcodslayer

    PRICE DROP Mak 8

    Appreciate it. New lower prices
  78. lingcodslayer

    PRICE DROP Mak 8

    Gunmetal Mak 10 SOLD
  79. lingcodslayer

    PRICE DROP Mak 8

    I have for sale a Mak 8. The Mak 8 is gold and has a few scratches and nicks. Also has a 50 yard top shot of 25 fluorocarbon . Price shipped to your door conus. Gold Mak 8 $280.00 shipped conus AS FRIENDS AND FAMILY or Venmo PM or text before 9 @408-707-8607
  80. lingcodslayer

    Mak 20 and Mak 16

    Sitting at the veterinarian right now and it’s not cheap!! Someone buy these!!!
  81. lingcodslayer

    Mak 20 and Mak 16

    TTT, reasonable offers??
  82. lingcodslayer

    Crab Poachers caught in Santa Cruz

    Punk ass bitches!!! Should have had one of the kids record what went down to give a copy to fish and game. Unlikely anything would have happened though.
  83. lingcodslayer

    Tranx 500PG $340 PICS ADDED

    I might regret this, but really brother?? $145.00 for a Tranx !!! WOW
  84. lingcodslayer

    Fishing gear taken from driveway in SF

    I’m confused. No explanation from the mom on why the kid took the gear? I would have asked the mom what the heck? And why?
  85. lingcodslayer

    Rods for warriors

    Wow, good karma on you sir. Proof that 99.9% of the folks on here are good
  86. lingcodslayer

    Come on in. Join the party.

    Lord have mercy. What the hell is going on ??
  87. lingcodslayer

    Daiwa Saltist 30 and 40

    DAM IT!! I put my phone down for 5 minutes SOB
  88. lingcodslayer

    $650$ Makaira 16SEII gun metal and PCH rod-$650$

    Price might help. Before the vultures start circling and taking shots
  89. lingcodslayer

    Mak 10

    looking for a Mak 10. Got a bead on a Mak 15 ,but a Mak 10 might better fit my needs. Scratches don’t matter, it’s actually better for my wallet.
  90. lingcodslayer

    Great Sellers

    X2 , I also heard Ray AKA lingcodslayer is cool as well even though he’s from NorCal.
  91. lingcodslayer

    NIB rare penn international 6 gold

    GREAT SELLER!! Deal with confidence
  92. lingcodslayer

    Tiburon clamp for saltist 30T and 20T

    I am in NorCal and I am looking for the tiburon style clamp for my Saltist 30T and 20T. Any suggestions??? I have 4 of each of the 20 and 30.
  93. lingcodslayer

    Gold Mak 20

    Looking for a gold Mak 20. Rash is ok, just gonna have it serviced anyway and the fish have never complained.
  94. lingcodslayer

    Accurate 197 clicker

    Like the title says looking for a Accurate 197 clicker. I picked up a 197 a while back and it was missing the clicker. I’d rather not fish it with a hole in it begging for saltwater to enter.
  95. lingcodslayer

    Accurate 270 & Avet SX 2 speed

    All sold please delete. And I do very much appreciate the kind words.
  96. lingcodslayer

    Pair of Daiwa Saltist 30T

    Guys , I sent a PM a month ago with offer and no response. Two weeks later he said he was sorry and was having a bad couple of weeks and asked for my zip code to ship. Still waiting for a response back. Good luck to you guys. I hope all is well with him.
  97. lingcodslayer

    TruLine 36 8ft and 7ft Truline

    I hope he put chlorine in that pool
  98. lingcodslayer

    Accurate 270 & Avet SX 2 speed

    I have some more reels for sale. First is a Accurate 270 single speed. Next is a Avet SX 2 speed. Rashy side plate. BOTH reels were used by me 3-4 times , and I just got both back from a fresh [email protected] Sav On tackle in the LA area. Text is best @ 408-707-8607 my name is Ray. Accurate 270...
  99. lingcodslayer

    Accurate 400 and Trinidad 14A

    Accurate SOLD and Trinidad 14A traded. Mods please delete.
  100. lingcodslayer

    Accurate 400 and Trinidad 14A

    From now on any reel I post will be serviced prior to listing due to a disagreement let’s say. Both of these reels were used 2-3 times by me then serviced by Alan Tani. Picked them up from him on 06-05-2019. Both reels have a little rash. Text or PM I’m @408-707-8607 Accurate 400 with custom...
  101. lingcodslayer

    OG Accurate 870

    I have for sale a original accurate 870 for sale 7-8 outa 10 looks wise and there is NO DOUBT it NEEDS A SERVICE. Being honest about my gear. Drag will not engage. Other than that I’m sure once it gets serviced it will be a bad ass reel for someone. I just don’t have the time to send it off to...
  102. lingcodslayer

    2 SL50SH reels

    No I don’t. BUMP
  103. lingcodslayer

    2 SL50SH reels

    Not much. But I do have a coworker that lives there. PM or text me
  104. lingcodslayer

    2 SL50SH reels

    Just going through my gear and have some reels up for sale two Daiwa SL50SH reels maint is 9.5 outa 10 and looks is a 8 outa 10. $50.00 each shipped conus. No rod clamps for any of them. Can’t remember the last time they were serviced so ....Text me at 408-707-8607
  105. lingcodslayer

    Avet Mxj 5.8 silver reel

    For 100 bucks surprised it took that long
  106. lingcodslayer

    Gunmetal 500N

    SOLD mods please delete
  107. lingcodslayer

    Gunmetal 500N

    Okay okay OFFERS??
  108. lingcodslayer

    Gunmetal 500N

    I have for sale a Accurate 500N In gunmetal color. Some minor rash as seen in pics. 9 outa 10 cosmetic and 10 outa 10 mechanically. About 300 yards of BRAND NEW 50 # braid with about 190’ of fresh 30# mono. Amazing free spool. $300.00 shipped conus. Text me at 408-707-8607 or PM
  109. lingcodslayer

    1 ling limit in 2019

    I agree with most of the responses, and I’m willing to have it closed even for a year or two just to see how the species rebounds. I mean I’ll do what ever I can to help ensure that my kids and grandkids can enjoy the sport that we all love.
  110. lingcodslayer

    1 ling limit in 2019

    My dumb ass just found out there is a 1 ling a day limit for 2019!! I don’t even know what to say. For as long as I can remember it has been 2 per day, then about 3-4 years ago it went to 3 per day, just for 1 season. Now down to 1. I’m just hoping it’s not a sign of bad things to come
  111. lingcodslayer


    I got my eye on some other gear , and need to get rid of this. It’s a 16NA. Has some rash look at pics. Has box and clamp. PM or text @ 408-707-8607 price is $300.00 FIRM FIRM shipped conus. Amazing free spoil and 50# braid with very short 20-30 yard top shot. Top shot is 20# mono.
  112. lingcodslayer

    Lucanas type jigs

    I have for sale some light lucanas type jigs. One is rough. Three are only 3ozs a piece. All 6 for $30.00 shipped conus. Please text at 408-707-8607 or PM
  113. lingcodslayer

    Shulure vertical jigs

    I have 6 shulure vertical jigs for sale. All are 250 grams, 2 of each color. $35.00 shipped conus. PM or text at 408-707-8607
  114. lingcodslayer

    Accurate 500N & Avet SX Neptune’s Heart color

    I have two reels for sale. First is a accurate 500N single speed, 4:1 gear ratio. No box. Reel is clean as hell. FRESH 50# braid about 350 yards. With 195’ of 30# mono. $280.00 shipped OBO conus. Second is a BRAND NEW Avet SX gen 2 Neptune’s heart color. 300 yards of brand new 50# braid. With...
  115. lingcodslayer

    FS/FT SS custom 3X5 rod

    Trade for a Mak 10?
  116. lingcodslayer

    FS/FT SS custom 3X5 rod

    Exactly, on acid wrapped rods when a bend is put on the rod you don’t want your braid,spectra, or mono line cutting into the blank. Hence the large guide to give clearance.
  117. lingcodslayer

    BNIB TranX30HG

    Wow , usually when I see something that “I think” is a lil overpriced I just move along with no comment.
  118. lingcodslayer

    WTT Custom Rods for reels

    Excuse me Padre, I need some of your services. I will pay you by painting a mural on the ceiling of your church. It'll only take 16 years. My name? My name is Michael Angelo. Pure art as "good fella said.
  119. lingcodslayer

    Just some fun math in regards to speed

    "The math is obviously simple" math has never been simple for my dumb ass
  120. lingcodslayer

    SST 7524

    Reel is sold mods please delete
  121. lingcodslayer

    SST 7524

    Yes, about 160
  122. lingcodslayer

    SST 7524

    I just Googled it
  123. lingcodslayer

    SST 7524

    I have for sale a Tiburon SST 7524. Very clean , could pass for new. Filled to the top with 80# Daiwa boat braid. No box. What you see is what you get. Ready to fish 10 outa 10 mechanically . Not in a hurry to sell so .... $350.00 FIRM SHIPPED CONUS. PM or text at 408-707-8607
  124. lingcodslayer

    FS/FT SS custom 3X5 rod

    I have for sale a custom super seeker 3X5 rod that I was planning to use for my dream tuna trip . It fell through so here you go. Built by Jon Vadney AKA Scold here on BD. Acid wrapped 7' in length, fuji sic guides. $400.00 shipped conus. Or trade for Mak 8 or 10 or trini gold or silver. My...
  125. lingcodslayer

    AVET MXJ5.8.

    I'll take it if you can ship. Text sent.
  126. lingcodslayer

    Green avet MXL or Green Accurate

    Like the title says looking for a green Accurate 400 size or green MXL. Tezt at 408-707-8607 my name is Ray. Or PM
  127. lingcodslayer

    Shuler vertical jigs

    I have 6 shulure vertical jigs for sale. I have never used them. They are all 250 grams each. As you can see they are various colors. $30.00 shipped FIRM conus. Text me at 408-707-8607 My name is Ray. PM works too.
  128. lingcodslayer

    Shuman Tranx 400

    Pending. I'll keep everyone posted who PMed me. And to be fair if the deal falls through I'll go in order of PMs
  129. lingcodslayer

    Shuman Tranx 400

  130. lingcodslayer

    Accurate SR-12

    TTT, let's get this sold
  131. lingcodslayer

    Accurate SR-12

    Need to get this sold . $425.00 shipped conus. Firm . Already packed up ready to go
  132. lingcodslayer

    Rock Cod Jigs

    Selling some jigs that are collecting dust. The whole bottom row of flutter jigs is 7 oz each. Right side of top row is i believe 4-6 oz each. And a couple of extras. How does $40.00 shipped conus sound? PM or text at 408-707-8607 my name is Ray.
  133. lingcodslayer

    Savage gear swimbaits

    $30.00 shipped conus. PM or text at 408-707-8607
  134. lingcodslayer

    Accurate SR-12

    Thanks , but no offense I'm not that drunk yet to take that offer. I've had some nibbles at my asking price so....
  135. lingcodslayer

    Accurate SR-12

    I have no idea , I unfortunately have never fished for bluefin. I'm sure it would be perfect. I get about 400-500 yards of 40# braid on it.
  136. lingcodslayer

    Silver Mak 20 and 50W sea's, SS2x4 and SS3x5

    I don't think it would be fair to the lings and rockfish using that sweet ass SS 2X4. So tempting though..gentleman I've seen both of these rods in person and well I had to talk myself out of pulling my wallet out so... GLWS
  137. lingcodslayer

    Accurate SR-12

  138. lingcodslayer

    Accurate 270 single speed

    For sale an Accurate 270. Very clean. $225.00 shipped. Any questions please text me @ 408-707-8607 or PM
  139. lingcodslayer

    TN 14 spool & side plate

    Sounds good to me . Can't seem to pm you for some reason. Text me at 408-707-8607
  140. lingcodslayer

    TN 14 spool & side plate

    Like the title states. Looking for a spool and side plate for a gold TN14 trinidad. I have called Shimano and they are discontinued parts. Please help.
  141. lingcodslayer

    Accurate 270 Boss Magnum with Accu-Cast Single Speed $225

    Money sent, and curado will be shipped out as well . Thanks again.
  142. lingcodslayer

    Gold Trinidad 16

    "Feel free to low ball it will be entertaining " CLASSIC
  143. lingcodslayer

    Monterey lings

    For my birthday my son took me me outa Monterey. Went on the Checkmate. We drifted for live squid until the tanks were full, then headed to big Sur area. WOW what a day ,thanks son !! Limits on LINGS and some huge vermilion and bocaccio.
  144. lingcodslayer

    PRICE DROP!! Tiburon SST 7524

    Please text or PM. I am at 408-707-8607 Tiburon SST 7524 , very clean , no box, $300.00 shipped pending
  145. lingcodslayer

    FS Daiwa SL20SH reels, stock and upgrade kit

    Reels are sold thanks for the kind words Jeff
  146. lingcodslayer

    WTT accurate 197 2 speed

    Thanks for the kind words. Both reels traded/sold. Thanks for all the interest guys. MODS PLEASE DELETE
  147. lingcodslayer

    WTT accurate 197 2 speed

    270 is gone. Lots of interest, waiting on a trade for the 197 then will get back to guys in the order of texts to be fair
  148. lingcodslayer

    Keep an eye out, 2 MAK50II Stolen in corona, ca

    In certain parts of the world that i visited during my military service if you are caught stealing you get your hands chopped off. ...... Hhhmmm freaken hate thieves.
  149. lingcodslayer

    WTT accurate 197 2 speed

    I have came to the point in my life where I realize that for the type of fishing I do, that I don't need 2 speeds at this point. Looking to trade for any Trinidad from 10A -16A Or a Tranx 400. Condition is not an issue for me, within reason . Text or PM . I'm at 408-707-8607
  150. lingcodslayer

    Who knows member "Justin Cardenas" - selling Accurate Valiants?

    Hopefully nothing has happened to him, but I tell you what brother you have way more patience than me.
  151. lingcodslayer

    Green avet MXL

    Like the title says. WTB a green MXL. Text for a faster response 408-707-8607
  152. lingcodslayer

    Daiwa SL20SH, SL30SH, and SL50Sh

    Nah, last couple of times I did that the reels looked good but lost A LOT of the amazing freespool that these reels are known for . Still worked GREAT , but the freespool dropped off IMHO
  153. lingcodslayer

    Daiwa SL20SH, SL30SH, and SL50Sh

    As the title says . Looking for one of each. The worse condition the better. I will service them. Some one has to have something out there. PM or text at 408-707-8607. My name is Ray.
  154. lingcodslayer


    BUMP price drop to $350.00
  155. lingcodslayer


    Trades?? Anyone? ?
  156. lingcodslayer

    Newell P322 "OG"

    Dam, Adam if I wasn' having a few rods built...... GLWS
  157. lingcodslayer


    Sure, sent you a PM
  158. lingcodslayer


    I have 2 of them so one needs to go. This was used once rinsed with fresheater and has been collecting dust since. No box. $350.00 shipped conus. Please text or PM I am at 408-707-8607
  159. lingcodslayer

    Blue MXL, Gunmetal MXL, red SX

    All sold please delete
  160. lingcodslayer

    SST 6

    SOLD ,pending funds
  161. lingcodslayer

    Crabbing in Monterey Bay?

    Went out 12-28-2017 and barely scratched out 1 per person and that was pulling every pot!! Should be a little bit better now that they are only going 3-4 times a week. I need to go out to get some dabs to freeze up for the lings when rockfish season starts
  162. lingcodslayer

    SST 6

    Thanks Randy, pleasure doing business.
  163. lingcodslayer

    SST 6

    OFFERS?? worst I could do is say no.
  164. lingcodslayer

    SST 6

    Someone just took it. Only SST 6 left!!!
  165. lingcodslayer

    SST 6

    It' about 3/4 full of 65# braid and I think it'' about 300-325. Not quite sure honestly Alan Tani put it on
  166. lingcodslayer

    SST 6

    SST 7540 SOLD . Other 2 reels still for sale
  167. lingcodslayer

    SST 6

    This tank of a reel is not a beauty queen by any means but operates like it should. SST 6 no box ,some scratches has clamp. $315.00 PM or text before 9 PM @ Ray 408-707-8607. Will ship for an extra 10 bucks each.
  168. lingcodslayer

    new year's crab on the hulicat - 12/26/2017

    I've said it before. It' so so good to see you out and about Alan. ;)
  169. lingcodslayer

    Lot of 30+Reels (UPDATE - SOLD - thanks to all for the well wishes!)

    X2 what Pete said. You want to get a fair price for each and every part and reel. For your buddys wife sake . Sorry for your loss. Pete is the man about what each reel and part should sell for.
  170. lingcodslayer

    Hulicat 12/7/2017

    Great to see you back out there Alan!!
  171. lingcodslayer

    BloodyDecks avitar&s

    Same here, of its not broken leave it alone BD tech wizards
  172. lingcodslayer

    Scammer Alert!

    WOW that's what I'm talking about, show up "man on fire" style. A knife and a cigarette lighter from a older car.
  173. lingcodslayer

    WTB Tiburon SST 7524

    TTT , and thanks for the kind words Adam. The same to you ,every transaction I have done with "ozone" / Adam has always been smooth as hell and you always have quality gear. Good looking out Adanm.
  174. lingcodslayer

    WTB Tiburon SST 7524

    WTB Tiburon SST 7524 reel. I have some gear to trade custom rods ect plus cash if that helps. Keep in mind that I am in NorCal so shipping might be involved. Please PM or text @408-707-8607 no texts after 9 pm please. Thanks in advance.
  175. lingcodslayer

    Accurate BX2 30 in Red

    Hey BOSS, how about 250.00 and a case of nati light from my college days!! JK
  176. lingcodslayer

    Public Service Announcement

    Family first ,and I hope you get better soon
  177. lingcodslayer

    HMB Salmon, Lings, Rockies, and a Thresher

    Very nice. One day hopefully I'll have this kind of luck.
  178. lingcodslayer


    Want to make an offer on what's left, but like the previous BD member there is no option to PM??
  179. lingcodslayer

    WTB/WTT for Tranx 400

    Looking for a Tranx 400, the lower gear model. I have some Avets to trade plus cash or buy out right. PM or text @408-707-8607 must be shipped because I am in NorCal and most of you guys are down south.
  180. lingcodslayer

    Recommendations for a "Fishing Day" late Nov-Early Dec

    Try the Tigerfish out of Emeryville. He always goes to the Farallon islands (weather permitting ) but will always put you on the fish. Seen and been there when 15-20 pounders come over the rail.
  181. lingcodslayer

    Ling ejects rockfish when netted...

    That's crazy!! But bad ass
  182. lingcodslayer

    Pictures dont serve this rod justice

    Some people's skills are off the charts
  183. lingcodslayer

    WTB BLURPLE or GREEN accurate 400

    As the title says , I am on the hunt for either a BLURPLE or GREEN accurate 400N or regular 400 size. I have some gear to trade or cash or a combo of both. Please text or PM .I'm at 408-707-8607. Some one has to have one collecting dust.
  184. lingcodslayer

    wtb Trinidad A series handle with knob or without knob

    I have one you can have . I'll mail it as soon as I get home. A lil nicked but I'll text you pics and you can have it.
  185. lingcodslayer


    About 80-100 bucks if I remember correctly. And that's because I had him do a lime green, so standard black could possibly be cheaper. POSSIBLY.
  186. lingcodslayer


    Let me find the guys card/# ,bUT he did a 197 for me in black and green. He is out of NorCal bay area.
  187. lingcodslayer

    Question for cord wrap

    Thanks for all the help, guys
  188. lingcodslayer

    Question for cord wrap

    If I have a deckhand style cord wrap rod, do I need to put anything on the cord wrap before I synch down the reel to protect the cord wrap?
  189. lingcodslayer

    Does 3 min. freespool interest you? TSI321

    Cant wait for mine to show up, so I can put it to use
  190. lingcodslayer

    Rod for rockfish/lingcod with 1-2lbs cannon balls

    Sent PM, and I must have had one too many beers, what are the "new" depth limits for the Farallon island's area??
  191. lingcodslayer

    WTT for Trinidad 16NA

    I am looking for a 16NA. I have a tiburon sst 7530 for trade. Very clean. Keep in mind I am in NorCal, so for most of you shipping would be involved. Also have some custom rods for trade if you prefer. PM or text me at 408-707-8607
  192. lingcodslayer

    FS Daiwa SL20SH reels, stock and upgrade kit

    I have for sale 3 Daiwa SL20SH reels . 2 each bone stock with fresh Alan Tani tune up and brand new 65# braid. $60.00 shipped each. Next is a SL20SH with a custom aluminum upgrade kit, Alan Tani handle, and tune up. Fresh 65# braid. $150.00 shipped.
  193. lingcodslayer

    A question for Accurate.

    TRUE TRUE, especially up here in the liberal ass bay area. I think if you stick to a basic black they might cut you a break ,but probably not.
  194. lingcodslayer

    A question for Accurate.

    I know I'm late to the party, but if you take it and de burr the edges to your liking you should be able to take it to any local plating shop and have them reanodize it at a minimal cost. That's is if accurate says no which like the precious reply said is probably a big NO.
  195. lingcodslayer

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    When will this be available??? Can't wait.
  196. lingcodslayer

    Custom rod FS

    Trevala sold, bump
  197. lingcodslayer

    Custom rod FS

    Thank for bump . I think
  198. lingcodslayer

    Custom rod FS

    I have for sale a Scold custom 6' virtical jigging rod. Fuji sic guides, dragon scale on split grip, Fuji trigger reel seat, and acid wrapped .UC blank. $225.00 . NO SHIPPING Trade for a 16NA, or i have several other reels to trade for a 16 or 16NA. PM is best
  199. lingcodslayer

    WTB XTRA Tuff boots size 10

    As the title says looking for a pair of size 10 XTRA tuff boots. Keep in mind that I am in Nor Cal so shipping?? PM is best .
  200. lingcodslayer

    Nor Cal Rod Repair?

    X2 on Scold here on BD. Jon has done several rods for me and they are always bad ass.
  201. lingcodslayer

    Best spot for leopard sharks

    Thanks for all the responses fellas
  202. lingcodslayer

    Best spot for leopard sharks

    Looking to take my son and a few of his buddies to fish from the shore/pier for leopard sharks in the bay. Any suggestions? And the best bait?
  203. lingcodslayer

    Calstar GF800ML w/ urushi

    "Came out alright " !!!! Brother that's ffnnnn bad ass IMHO good lord
  204. lingcodslayer

    CSFC fishing gear swap meet - Oyster Point Sat, 2/25/17

    Gonna try and make this . I got a bunch of gear that hardly gets used. Can't wait
  205. lingcodslayer

    REWARD - Stolen Avet Reel

    From the display case ??? How the F%#/
  206. lingcodslayer


    That was fast. 12 minutes
  207. lingcodslayer

    FS or FT 2 custom rods

    New prices or Offers? Worst I could do is say no
  208. lingcodslayer

    FS or FT 2 custom rods

    "Sometime chow do blow baby!" Mr Chow hangover2
  209. lingcodslayer

    Truline Green39 SOLD PLEASE DELETE

    WOW, another rod that makes me wish I had kept all my dad's gear from back in the day.
  210. lingcodslayer

    FS Black n Blue camo Avet SXJ

    I have for sale a Avet SXJ. It is black and Blue Camo . Fresh Alan Tani service on it. No box. Bad ass little reel, I just have way too much gear.$150.00 FIRM shipped to your door conus.
  211. lingcodslayer

    FS or FT 2 custom rods

    CMON FELLOW BD for a GoPro or sell them.
  212. lingcodslayer

    FS or FT 2 custom rods

    Thanks Tu. Good doing business with you. Looking for a good GoPro that I would trade for
  213. lingcodslayer

    FS or FT 2 custom rods

    TTT, very interested in a trade for a Go Pro of the same value. ANYONE??
  214. lingcodslayer

    FS or FT 2 custom rods

    TTT from left to right, only #1 and #3 are still available
  215. lingcodslayer

    Neon orange

    Dam nice rod. Can I be your 3rd son .
  216. lingcodslayer

    FS or FT 2 custom rods

    Reasonable offers???
  217. lingcodslayer

    FS or FT 2 custom rods

    Phenix 700M is sold. TTT
  218. lingcodslayer

    Shimano Tranx 300

    I want one
  219. lingcodslayer

    Just for the Halibut

    WOW just stunning
  220. lingcodslayer

    FS or FT 2 custom rods

    I have way too much gear that just does not get used. ALL rods are $200.00 EACH. Shipped. Left to right is a 6' acid wrapped rainshadow blank. Alps guides and reel seat. Split grip. Wrapped by Scold here on BD. 2nd rod sold. 3rd is a rod I got in a trade. A 7' seeker Hercules 15-30 line...
  221. lingcodslayer

    Damnit....we lost a good one :(

    Cancer ,unfortunately has touched us all in some way shape or form . It always seems to take the best and brightest far too soon. Condolences to his family
  222. lingcodslayer

    Finally got my OSP3X done

    Really nice . I wish I wish
  223. lingcodslayer

    Phenix PSW809H

    A spinner??? You must have had a fever or been hitting the "hippy lettuce " when you built it, for you to build a spinner. JK JK What the customer wants ,he or she gets. BEAUTIFUL work again.
  224. lingcodslayer

    Ling cod party boats out of Monterey or Santa Cruz late Dec

    Like everyone says it closes 12/31 and depending on your location May 1is usually the nor Cal opening day . Not sure about Morro Bay or so cal. Also , Monterey seems to be getting thinner and thinner on the ling side. I have fished Monterey rock fish since I was a kid and it used to be easy as...
  225. lingcodslayer

    Ling cod party boats out of Monterey or Santa Cruz late Dec

    X2 out a Morro Bay. They have some trips 5:00am -5:00pm and it runs 3-4 hours north where the water hardly gets fished. Virgs landing
  226. lingcodslayer

    WTS SS 15-30

    Wish you were closer. . Nice rod
  227. lingcodslayer

    Super Seeker 6470XH

    Dammmmmm bro, that blue is just crazy ( even if it is a Chargers color)
  228. lingcodslayer

    ".......You make me verrry angry"

    Great now I'm channel surfing looking for the channel that shows old cartoons ( the best ones BTW)......great job
  229. lingcodslayer

    Some decent bottom dwellers

    I agree keep the kid fishing !! My son gets sick every time we go out ,but begs me to take him when a trip is planned. I feel so bad for him , but I will never plan a trip with out my shadow :)
  230. lingcodslayer

    More wasted time on Experiments

    Wasted time my ass. That's killer Doc
  231. lingcodslayer

    FS Seeker, United Composites, accurate 197

    I used the Hercules once. Shuman rod is sold
  232. lingcodslayer

    Seeker Black Steel 6480XH

    As straight as Liberace, ooohhh fuck man I just spit up my drink
  233. lingcodslayer

    Seeker SS 1X3

  234. lingcodslayer

    FS Accurate 500N

    BX single speed
  235. lingcodslayer

    FS Accurate 500N

    Selling a VERY CLEAN accurate 500N . Will upload more pics later. $325.00 shipped Conus. Line will come on this reel . Have Accurate reel bag to go with and clamp. PM or text at 408-707-8607.
  236. lingcodslayer

    FS Seeker, United Composites, accurate 197

    Just cleaning up and selling what I don't use and is literally collecting dust. Left to right is a United Composites 6 foot spinning rod. This was a custom build by Jon AKA Scold her on BD. $250.00 on that one. Next is a 7 foot Seeker Hercules $250.00 on that as well. Also have a Accurate 197...
  237. lingcodslayer

    Lingcod personal best monster

    X2 , good lord that's a pig.
  238. lingcodslayer

    Full circle

    When I was in the military in the early 90s I lived in Murrieta and 1 day i walked into Eds bait and Tackle in Temecula. Ed took care of me and built me my first custom rod, " which I still have", well within my tiny budget. A Calstar 270. So sorry to hear someone that good to others has...
  239. lingcodslayer

    Calstar 800ML w/ abalone inlay

    Just fffnnn crazy nice. The patience and talent to do that is beyond me.
  240. lingcodslayer

    10' Rainshadow popping rod

    Good god, crazy sick work again!!
  241. lingcodslayer


    You always have the best gear Adam!! And a lot of times ,for me it's when I have to keep the lights on or something. ;) GLWS BRO
  242. lingcodslayer

    Accurates for sale

    Wow, great prices. Should sell quick. GLWS
  243. lingcodslayer

    Tranx PG and Talica 10ii

    X2 did business a while back ,stand up guy to do business with.
  244. lingcodslayer

    Reel Repair

    If you want to ship them up north, Alan Tani is the way to go. He usually gets them back to you real quick.
  245. lingcodslayer

    One bright ass Seeker

    Clean ass build
  246. lingcodslayer

    Silver Super Seeker 2x4

    Good god man, I'm speechless
  247. lingcodslayer

    A couple SS6470H's

    Your color schemes are always on point boss.....
  248. lingcodslayer

    Newest rainshadow build

    Good god that's crazy sick.:-)
  249. lingcodslayer

    UC US90Monster

    Brother , that spiral wrap around /over the marble is ffffnnn crazy!!!! Is that a customers rod or is that something I have to figure out how to buy/ trade you for. :)
  250. lingcodslayer

    NEW Rainshadow 80L sold

    Jesus !!!!! That's sick. I am now in my garage looking at what gear to sell to get this rod. GLWS
  251. lingcodslayer

    Trulines n conolons

    Not too wild ,but I love it
  252. lingcodslayer

    Seeker OSP 3X

  253. lingcodslayer

    Phenix Abyss 908

    A few mistakes??? I need to make a appointment with the eye doctor, because I don't see any mistakes. Bad ass build.
  254. lingcodslayer


    It's like exactly like Jon said. You lose nothing in the casting department, and at the end of the day you feel noticeably less tired . Reason being you are fighting the fish and not fighting the fish ,the rod ,and reel at the same time....My last trip I received some comments as my son and...
  255. lingcodslayer


    Looks bad ass
  256. lingcodslayer

    Calstar GF875H

    Dam dam dam.... love the color combination BTW ;)
  257. lingcodslayer

    Wtb a 9 foot jig stick

    I have a custom acid wrapped Phenix rod . BUT I am in San Jose CA :( let me know if you know anyone up here or??? Can text pics
  258. lingcodslayer

    Prince Weave

    Why it took me so long to see this amazing work is beyond me. Just INCREDIBLE SIR.
  259. lingcodslayer

    SuperSeeker 6480

    Another work of art brother
  260. lingcodslayer

    Rockfish flies!

    Good guy here folks. Deal with confidence .
  261. lingcodslayer

    Custom Phenix Axis Deckhand Jig Rod

    Wish I had the funds... bad ass stick, as usual.
  262. lingcodslayer

    United Composite CP80H

    Once again Adam , you always have the best gear. GLWS
  263. lingcodslayer


  264. lingcodslayer


    Want to buy 200 lb braid. Need to tie off some jigs, so I only need about 30-50 yards. PM is best.
  265. lingcodslayer

    lost gear van nuys area

    Oohhh shit literally
  266. lingcodslayer

    FS knife jigs

    All are 200 grams, except the one longer green one is 300
  267. lingcodslayer

    Olive Branch Fade Wrap

    Jiminy Christmas. ...that's ffffnnnn bad ass
  268. lingcodslayer

    Super Seeker 270H-8 $240

    Sometimes I wish I lived in LA/SD area to get some of these bad ass rods. But then I would end up broke ;) GLWS
  269. lingcodslayer

    Black Hole Cape Cod Special

    X2 once I had my first acid wrapped rod there was no reason to go back at all. Less tiring at the end of the day.
  270. lingcodslayer

    Super Seeker 6480H

    Great , just great .every build I see of yours makes me want to put in another order for a custom build. Thanks a lot Jon. :)
  271. lingcodslayer

    WTS hex jigs

    These are just sitting around the garage. Looking for $25.00 shipped. PM is best.
  272. lingcodslayer

    FS knife jigs

    Have 7 knife jigs that I just don't use anymore. And 2 regular jigs. Looking for $30.00 shipped PM is beat.
  273. lingcodslayer

    ATD 12 & 30 FS

    1 1/2 year old post brotner
  274. lingcodslayer

    North Fork Composites salmon rod

    Mother of God man
  275. lingcodslayer

    Super Seeker 6465XH

    Another bad ass build my friend
  276. lingcodslayer


    Good god man
  277. lingcodslayer

    MXL 5.8:1 for Sale 120.00

    Sold fellas, I bought it
  278. lingcodslayer

    Rainshadow RCLB80M w/ "Winn Grip" Tape

    Dam, just when I thought I had enough rods. That's just sick!!! Might have to put a call in to my local rod builder.
  279. lingcodslayer

    G-Urushi Calstar 800XH SOLD!

    Dam nice build again Tim.
  280. lingcodslayer

    FS Trinidad 16NA

    TTT $300.00 shipped. PayPal as gift.
  281. lingcodslayer

    FS Trinidad 10A

    TTT $280.00 SHIPPED PayPal as gift
  282. lingcodslayer

    FS Trinidad 10A

  283. lingcodslayer

    FS Trinidad 16NA

    Moving in a different direction reel wise for the type of fishing I do. I bought this reel from a fellow BD member and it's rashy on one side. I have since sent it to Alan Tani and now it's smooth as butter. Free spool at about 20-25 seconds. Will post pics when I get home tonight. $300.00...
  284. lingcodslayer

    FS Trinidad 10A

  285. lingcodslayer

    FS Trinidad 10A

    TTT $300.00 SHIPPED CONUS FIRM.. Last Call.
  286. lingcodslayer

    Daiwa SL20SH

    I'll take it if you can ship
  287. lingcodslayer

    BX2 400. For sale

    Thanks Adam. Adam is the best as well as I'm sure Steve is. If you get it Adam , hit me up ;) might try to talk you out of it.
  288. lingcodslayer

    Seeker White Tiger 7x Accurate 270BB

    Dam it Adam, you always have the best gear. Hhhmmmm pay bills or buy your gear
  289. lingcodslayer

    Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

    :notworthy:notworthy GOOD LORD
  290. lingcodslayer

    FS Trinidad 10A

    TTT, when I said offers I did not mean low ball offers like $200.00 for a CLEAN, FRESHLY SERVICED Trinidad 10A.
  291. lingcodslayer

    FS Trinidad 10A

    TTT new price $325.00 shipped. Fresh Alan Tani rebuild.
  292. lingcodslayer

    GF755XXH Purple Monster

    Holy Crap. Your skills are craziness sir.
  293. lingcodslayer

    FS Trinidad 10A

  294. lingcodslayer

    Rude Mickey Mouse Weave

  295. lingcodslayer

    WTS Accurate 197 custom

    4.1:1, I'll call Alan (who has the reel ) to make sure though.
  296. lingcodslayer

    WTS Accurate 197 custom

    Have a Black and Blue Accurate 197 single speed. Will get picks when I get it back from Alan Tani. Very clean. $350.00 shipped. Have the original box.
  297. lingcodslayer

    our new winding station!

    Very nice. Pretty fffnnn stupid of Fishermans Warehouse to lay off your best employee :/
  298. lingcodslayer

    FS Trinidad 10A

    I have a very clean with box 10A for sale. Fresh Alan Tani service, so the free spool is amazing. Looking to get $280.00 shipped. I am out of San Jose. Thanks for looking.PM is best.
  299. lingcodslayer

    looking for info on rod.

    Talk to Scold on the rod building forum
  300. lingcodslayer

    "Man of Steel"

    Just beautiful work!!
  301. lingcodslayer

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH

    Yeah I had two before with the upgraded frame but sold them :(
  302. lingcodslayer

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH

    As the title states. The worse the better. Must be able to ship because most BD members are in SoCal. Thanks in advance. PM is best.
  303. lingcodslayer

    Shimano Trinidada 16A W/ 65 Power Pro Backing SOLD

    X2 either buy the reel (at a great price BTW) send it in to get looked at by Alan Tani, Shimano, or whoever and when you get it back ,kill some fish. Or just don't blast a guys post. Free bump sir.
  304. lingcodslayer

    SuperSeeker 6470H

    Good Lord bro!!!!! Just amazing
  305. lingcodslayer

    That's a fish son, your not stuck on the bottom

    That's a fish son, your not stuck on the bottom
  306. lingcodslayer

    Delete please.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone from the NorCal BDrs
  307. lingcodslayer

    Recently finished this one

    Good god that's bad ass
  308. lingcodslayer

    WTB bulk sinkers

    X2 very reasonable. He'll be on a trip till Sunday night though.
  309. lingcodslayer

    In Remembrance

    WOW!!!! As we speak cancer is slowly taking my dad. This rod is bad ass. [email protected]%& cancer.
  310. lingcodslayer


    Very clean build. Love the colors
  311. lingcodslayer

    SuperSeeker 6480H Acid Wrapped

    Your work never gets old to look at brother. Outstanding job
  312. lingcodslayer


    Nothing wrong with those builds. Nice work
  313. lingcodslayer

    WTS Trinidad 10A

  314. lingcodslayer

    Looking for reel servicing?? Don't have 6 weeks wait time any help??

    Alan is about a week out, I think and you can ship to him.
  315. lingcodslayer

    Custom blue Super Seeker 6470H

    Another work of art my friend! !!!:)
  316. lingcodslayer

    time to start over looking for tackle

    X2 I have a lot of rockfish gear laying around. Let me know.
  317. lingcodslayer

    More Bounce to The Ounce

    good lord, just sick work
  318. lingcodslayer

    Looking for Excellent Rod Builder and Wrapper

    Jon has built several customs for me and I have never been dissapointed.
  319. lingcodslayer

    WTS Trinidad 10A

    I have for sale a mint Trinidad 10A. I bought off a fellow BD member a while back and have used it once. Now it just collects dust. $325.00 FIRM SHIPPED to your door conus. PayPal as gift or add 3% PM is best.
  320. lingcodslayer

    Great Whtie Shark

    Just amazing
  321. lingcodslayer


    And to think I was the only one. Another free bump sir.