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    Offshore BFT scores 1.5 - 3 day

    Incredible First Trip 4-18-2021 Bill Cavanaugh We returned home from a very successful 3 day trip this morning at 0700. Final tally for our trip was 42 bluefin tuna, 27 of those were over 100 pounds, 3 were over 200 pounds and 1 was 188 pounds. We also picked up 70...
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    Navy Video of Pyramid-Shaped UFOs

    NBC NEWS: Mystery drones hovered over Navy destroyers off California, report says The drones were many miles from the mainland and were able to stay aloft more than 90 minutes, longer than commercially available drones. WASHINGTON — Several drones repeatedly swarmed Navy destroyers off the...
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    Offshore Polaris Supreme BFT Thursday 15 April

    Update for April 15, 2021 2:59 PM Captain Aliyar of the Polaris Supreme just called in with 19 Bluefin Tuna from 80-180lbs. There is an excellent sign of Bluefin in the area and they are starting to cooperate. Conditions are looking good for a solid afternoon and evening bite.
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    Republican candidate for California Governor

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    Offshore 7 April BFT Limits for the Polaris Supreme

    The Polaris Supreme finished with limits of Bluefin Tuna up to 115lbs for their 23 anglers! There are several boats departing this Friday on 1.5 Day trips. The Polaris Supreme and the Pacifica are sold out, but the Tribute has space available.
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    Offshore 3 April Polaris Supreme 1.5 day BFT

    "Captain Aliyar of the Polaris Supreme called in with 5 Bluefin Tuna on the boat this morning! The fish are in the 30-45lb range. There is an excellent sign of fish in the area so stay tuned for more updates!" Hopefully the south swell will push these fish up? @ 11 am " . . . 10 bluefin on...
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    Islands 31 March SD Yellowtail

    Old Glory "catching limits of yellowtail and seeing a sign of bluefin as well" The Pacific Voyager finished their Full Day trip to the Coronado Islands with 25 Yellowtail for their 25 anglers! The San Diego finished their Full Day trip to the Coronado Islands with 44 Yellowtail, 1 Kelp Bass, 2...
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    Islands YT San Diego 26 March

    31 anglers: 102 Yellowtail
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    Biden stumbles

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    Glow Soi Offset Hook

    What size for WSB?
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    Dan Crenshaw talks to Ben Shapiro

    “Facts don't care about your feelings.” ― Ben Shapiro "Good rule in life: I try hard not to offend; I try harder not to be offended." ― Dan Crenshaw
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    World Surf League [pro surfing] directs its fans to sign a petition in support of AB 3030
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    The Joe Rogan Experience #1609 - Elon Musk

    Rogan’s 3+ hour conversations might be best for long drives, boring work, etc. This conversation with Elon Musk brought up some unintentional ironies. Elon plans on the human race converting exclusively to electric power except space craft must be propelled by combusting gases. Thirty-eight...
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    post your Black Friday deals

    San Diego Tackle Traders Come see us Black Saturday (not Friday) and score unbelievable deals. Come early before we sell out!!! Mustad Fishing 30% OFF "select" TERMINAL TACKLE* er HOOKS...
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    6 June 2020 Sport King fish count

    Sport King 6 June 2020: 21 anglers, 100 Bocaccio, 33 Red Snapper, 31 Calico Bass, 20 Rockfish, 12 Whitefish, 3 Barracuda
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    painting old jigs

    You guys who are airbrushing jigs are getting great results. I hand painted some old jigs that look pretty crude by comparison. I don’t have a garage and probably won’t be spraying but if my ugly jigs get bit I’ll be psyched! Surprisingly easy to remove old paint with a little sandpaper...
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    rod wrapper + supplies on ebay first generation Custom PowerWrap, thread, guides, hypalon, etc. local pick-up option Thanks!
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    Sunday 8-13?

    Couldn’t help but notice that the counts are up 965 Yellowfin Tuna, 3183 Yellowtail, 1023 Dorado and weather is nice so I thought it would be a good time to go fishing. It seems other anglers have the same idea because all the boats are booked up at the big three and Seaforth. Does...
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    sand bass

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    you guys are gonna get busted . . .

    . . . I got about that far (in a kayak) when the MP's caught up with me . . . . . . and yes the bass were chompin' . . . . . . got structure ? !!
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    when fish attack

    turn your speakers on and click here
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    Marla II December 19-21

    Monday, December 19: Skipper Danny Osuna on the Marla II fired the engines and pulled away from the dock - with Ed and SteveD ready to fish - before 7 AM. We made the quick run to Marina Vallarta on smooth seas and bought live caballito from the panga fishermen to use for bait. Caballito are a...
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    Shimano two speed Tyrnos

    Shimano research and development traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and chartered Danny Osuna’s Marla II to test their prototypes of the two speed Tyrnos reels. They used the new reels to catch two 220# Yellowfin Tuna. The materials and construction of these reels resemble the...
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    Bonito in Long Beach Marina

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    Saltist 30T Clamp

    remove black rubber O rings from bolts - clean bolts and base with solvent - denatured alcohol is healthier than acetone find a REAL clamp - like this aluminum clamp from a Tiburon frame mount reel on rod and assemble clamp - dab a couple of drops of epoxy between...