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  1. marlinda

    Taco Grand Slam Outriggers

    Pair of Taco Grand Slam outriggers. 15' silver aluminum with gold rings. Fully rigged. Used maybe 4 times. Also, as you can see they have a nice storage bag. $350 OBO
  2. marlinda

    Shimano Tiagra 30 Wide LRSA (4) With Matching rods

    I have 4 Shimano Tiagra 30 Wides with matching Shimano Tallus Roller/Stripper Rods.They were used 3 or 4 times and some only once or twice. They're just like new. Retail: Reel $599 Rods...
  3. marlinda

    Sold pending payment

    For Sale is my 2009, 2601. She's about as clean as it gets. It's time to scale down. Getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning to chase fish and then come back and clean up is just getting to be too much at my age. This is an awesome boat that fishes 3-4 guys, no problem. I've had zero problems with...
  4. marlinda

    Rush Maltz

    I haven't seen any posts about how Rush's home did with Irma. Does anyone know? Hope all is good with him and his family. Ali.....I'm sure you know........can you let us know, thanks.
  5. marlinda

    Shimano and Penn Rod Clamps FS

    3 Toriums One Trinidad SOLD One Talica SOLD Three Penns Two TLD's $20 each OBO
  6. marlinda

    Our Last Trip To Bola With A Boat

    This was posted Friday in a reply. Besides the axle problem, both light brackets are broken, left light not working properly, half of the running lights aren't working and both fenders are cracked. My F350 a champ, no problems. We got back home last night. Stopped in San...
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  8. marlinda

    Yamaha F150 motor cowling

    Has a small smiley face puncture on the top but otherwise in great condition. These things are $1700 (with tax) new. Priced to sell quick. $250.00 Will ship for $50.00 949-275-5454, Mark I'll have a better one next week but not sure of the price yet. I'll be in BOLA from Aug 5th -13th...
  9. marlinda

    Aftco vs Boston kites?

    Which is best?
  10. marlinda


    Discover Baja says that you can't get a Temporary Boat Permit at the Tijuana border crossing anymore. Can anyone confirm this and if it's true where is the next best place to get one?
  11. marlinda

    Best hotel in Loreto?

    Going to Loreto in August and need a hotel for 7 days. We want nice accommodations with A/C and a nice pool would be great. Also very important, a place to park a couple of boats that is safe and secure and be able to wash the boats. This is very important to us. Looked at the Hotel Santa Fe...
  12. marlinda

    ULSD in Baja

    I recently purchased a 2013 Ford F350 Diesel. I plan on towing my boat to Loreto In August and have been told that I won't be able to buy ULSD diesel fuel on my way after TJ or Ensenada. My question is: Will it hurt my truck and are there more stations carrying ULSD now? I've heard that while...
  13. marlinda

    Offshore BFT Sunday 4/2/2017

    Left Point Loma around 5:30AM in search of BFT and Yellowtail under the paddies. Head for an area between the 371 and 425 and then south to the 425 to search for patties. For those of you that aren't familiar with SoCal waters it's about 30 miles offshore on the other side of the Coronado...
  14. marlinda

    Fred Hall show

    Thinking about going to the Fred Hall Show on Wednesday, opening day. What day do you think is the best day to go? Sent from my SM-G900V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  15. marlinda

    Surgical Scissors

    Where is a good place to buy inexpensive angled surgical scissors for cutting the gills on fish? I know they're on line but they usually want more to ship them then they're worth.
  16. marlinda

    Part Time Associate Needed

    It's that time of year when we start gearing up for the spring season. West Marine, Oceanside is looking for P/T associates with somewhat flexible hours. If you enjoy talking boating, fishing, and waterlife style activities and great discounts on items for your boat and apparel this might be...
  17. marlinda

    Visa office

    Is the office for visa's and temp boat permit just across the border in TJ open 24 hours, 7 days a week? Any info on this would be appreciated. Also, we have two boats and an extra truck going to BOLA and possibly Loreto July 1-10. We would like to get at least one more boat to go along...
  18. marlinda

    Bahia De Los Angeles

    Planning a trip to Bahia De Los Angeles and probably Loreto this next summer. Would like all the info I can get on permits, etc. Most of all I would like to hear your opinions on which road is better, taking Hwy 1 and going thru TJ or taking Hwy 5 thru Mexicali. Please elaborate when responding...
  19. marlinda

    Loreto trip next July - Wanna join us?

    Throwing it out there early but we're all excited about going around July 22nd -30th. Maybe doing LA Bay for a day or two or going straight to Loreto for Yellows and Dorado and grouper or whatever. We have 2 boats and 7 or 8 going now and would like to add 1 or 2 more boats. Also thinking about...
  20. marlinda

    WTB Striper 2601 w/Yamaha 4 Stroke or WA equivalant

    Found it! Every criteria that I wanted except for Auto Pilot. Problem is I had to go all the way to Florida to find it.
  21. marlinda

    Shimano Trinidad 20A

    Sold pending payment. I have about 10 backups so no need to post. Shimano Trinidad 20A for sale. It is a 9 out of 10 with a nick on the top outside. Otherwise it is in perfect shape. Backing is PowerPro 65 Super Slick. Used at the end of last season a few times. With the box and clamp. I work...
  22. marlinda

    Honda 2hp Outboard

  23. marlinda

    1987 Skipjack 25 FB

    SOLD 1987 Skipjack 25 FB. Great boat, fished it all season and now it's time for a change. One of the best riding boats I have ever owned, soft ride @ 20kts. Volvo 5.7, 290 Duoprop. Late 90's Vortec engine with 870 hours. Top end completely rebuilt. Runs strong, very reliable. 5 NEW tires and...
  24. marlinda

    Offshore Dorado and Small YT Friday out of Oceanside

    Went out on my friend Jay's Riviera Friday. We left the harbor around 5am and headed on a course to the 181 to hopefully find some good paddies in between. Got about half way and found some nice ones. Picked up one on the troll and then found one with a wide open Dorado bite that only lasted for...
  25. marlinda

    WTB Volvo duoprop outdrive, lower unit or gears 1.95

    WTB Volvo 290 duoprop outdrive (DP-A), lower unit or gears 1.95. Mark 949-275-5454
  26. marlinda

    WOT for a skipjack 25

    Can I get some responses on what the WOT (RPM's) for a Skipjack 25 flybridge with a 5.7 and 290 duo prop should be. Thanks in advance.
  27. marlinda

    Skipjack outdrive question

    Trying to verify the original gear ration for a skipjack 25 flybridge 290 duo prop. I beleive it is 1.95. Also have a 2.24 ratio, will that work on this boat?
  28. marlinda

    Offshore 8/14 Friday Out Of Oceanside

    Got to the launch ramp in Oceanside at 3:30. Only about 6 boat trailers in the lot. Five minutes later everybody showed up. Went 10-12 miles off of the fire at Pendelton. Hit two spots within a couple of miles of each other, a lot of boats around but nobody crowding each other. At one point we...
  29. marlinda

    Reliable Fish Bag (Kill Bag) 28x48

    Sold I have a Reliable Kill Bag, 28x48 for sale. I need a bigger bag. It's been used on two trips and is in perfect condition. Retail with tax is $286. Sell $190.00 I'll have it with me at West Marine in Oceanside today (8/6/15)until 2:30, otherwise call and we can make arrangements. Mark...
  30. marlinda

    Skipjack Bucket Seats

  31. marlinda

    Skipjack Bucket Seats

    Good shape. No Tears. FREE
  32. marlinda

    Job opening at West Marine

    I know this isn't the proper place to put this but I wanted to reach as many of you as I could. We're looking for P/T help in the Oceanside store (West Marine). 99% of you have boating experience. Besides that all you need is good people skills. The pay is decent but the discounts are awesome...
  33. marlinda


    SOLD I have four 5 gallon gas cans for sale that I bought to go to San Clemente, little too much trip for my boat. I think I'll stick closer to home. Regular retail is $33.99 at West Marine = $136.00 Sell all four for $50.00obo 949-275-5454, Mark
  34. marlinda


    SOLD Slightly used heavy duty cooler. Rated higher than Yeti for keeping ice. It's more cooler than I need. As you can see the original price is $599 plus tax. Sell for $299 PM, text or call Mark: 949-275-5454
  35. marlinda

    Shimano Tiagra TI130A Reel

    SOLD Tiagra 30 Loaded with approximately 450 yds of 100# Power Pro and 100 yds of 50# mono. Also comes with a power handle. Few minor scratches as you can see in the photos but perfect mechanically. I have 4, 30 wides and want to buy one more. Any questions feel free to ask.
  36. marlinda

    Marlin hooked up at the 9?

    On the way back in from the 182 and the the upper 9 we heard a report of a boat hooke up on a marlin on a sardine on a paddy. It really sounded legit. Did anyone else hear that and can anyone confirm it. The report side of our trip: we found 3 paddies holding small yt all day and saw plenty of...
  37. marlinda

    Sand dabbing and Great Whites

    Went to Box Canyon and the Domes yesterday for halibut and rock fish. Not much going on with the halibut. Went out to the deep water for whatever. Pretty much anywhere we dropped we found the sand dabs. Hard bottom around 200-250ft. We were using the Ahi sand dab rig. It has 12 hooks much larger...
  38. marlinda

    WTB Trailer Guides Galvanized 6" C Channel

    Mark, 949-275-5454
  39. marlinda

    Follow up to Friday the 13th Box Canyon.

    Went out whale watching out Oceanside to about 1500 ft. Water was a darker green and cleaner. Looks like it's starting to clear up. The best part was that I metered 65.8 degrees. 2 more degrees and we're in summer like water!!!! Any thoughts on what kind of season and how hot the water will be...
  40. marlinda

    Box Canyon Friday the 13th

    Beautiful day on the water. Flat calm and glassy for the most part. Mid 80's all day. February huh? Only one problem. fish. Water was green with a slight uphill current at times. Did I mention that the water was green? Group of 8 or 10 boats mostly soaking and the sport boats on the...
  41. marlinda

    La Jolla Monday 2/2

    Went to LJ on Monday hoping the bite was still on. Got to the area and found 10 to 12 boats spread out looking. Saw the New Seaforth doing the same. Saw a few fish being caught on their boat and another pb'r catch one. Started looking around and playing with my new Lowrance HDS5. Didn't see much...
  42. marlinda

    Raytheon L760 Chart/FF and Furuno FCV 620/585 Echo Sounder

    Upgrading my electronics and selling these two units. They both work as you can see from the pics. Cables for both included. No transducers. Hard to shoot a picture without getting the screen lines. SOLD
  43. marlinda

    Box Canyon 1/19

    Left Oceanside Harbor around 6:15. Great bait, great seas and amazing sunrise. That was the good part. It was an extremely slow day for everyone including the sport boats from what I could see. Maybe the next moon phase will pick it back up soon.
  44. marlinda

    January 5th Yellows

    Went south of Oceanside yesterday ( Jan 5th) and caught 2 out of 4. No seals, no Cormorants, just those pesky little birds I don't remember seeing before. Weather was beautiful, seas were flat. Our fish were full of rock fish about 3 inches long. The reports from the San Clemente area were...
  45. marlinda

    Box Canyon Yellows Still Here 12-5-14

    Me, Dave and Lou left Oceanside harbor yesterday @ 7am (with beautiful bait) to catch the 9:30, 6.44ft high tide and nice weather. Notice in the pics the lake like conditions. We mentioned more than a few times throughout the day how amazed we were to be out there in those conditions catching...
  46. marlinda

    4 Tires and Galv. rims 16.5" Used

    Sold pending payment I just bought new tires and rims for my Pacific galvanized trailer (10,000lb) and am selling all 4 as a set 8.75x16.5 tires and rims. They ARE USED but in good shape. Found a good deal on some new tires from another BDer and bought new rims to go along. I understand that...
  47. marlinda

    Offshore Thanks to the guys that call out numbers

    I thought I would take a moment to thank the guys that call out numbers. Last week my grandson, daughter and myself were heading out to the 209 and heard a call on the radio that the dorado were wide open on a patty 10 off of the domes and gave numbers. It was only 6 miles away so we headed over...
  48. marlinda

    WTB Skipjack 262

    Looking for a Skipjack 262 gas (350) or diesel. Mark 949-275-5454, text or call or reply to post. Thanks.
  49. marlinda

    Free Boat Storage

    I know this should probably be in the Forum but I thought this might help someone hang on to their boat if storage fees are killing them. Also, I can't seem to figure out how to post it there. I have a nice driveway with RV parking in front of my house in Vista where I used to keep my boat...
  50. marlinda

    Shimano Trinidad TN 16 N

    Sold.... Thanks Mike I hope you score big with it.
  51. marlinda

    2006 Key West Center Console

    Off the market.