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  1. Scott Edwards

    Tranx 500HG new or like new

    looking for a new or like new Tranx 500HG
  2. Scott Edwards

    checking IDs?

    Does anyone know if they are checking IDs at the boat ramp at mission bay, shelter island or the other ramps near by, or stopping boats in the harbor. Don't want to drag my boat down there from HB with two of my buddies I always fish with to get a ticket or not allowed out to fish. any info...
  3. Scott Edwards

    WTB 60lb rod for my Talica 16

    Looking for a rod for my tac 16 in the 7 to 8 foot range was thinking about 60 lb set up 8ft 50-80 uc raptor us76 or us80 Predator Calstar 700XH or 800XH or 775H
  4. Scott Edwards

    GOT CASH for fujinon techno-stabi 14x40

    looking to buy some Binos thanks BD
  5. Scott Edwards

    4D battery help please

    hey BDers a little help please what 4D batteries you guys using ? where to buy them?
  6. Scott Edwards

    Hard top off of Everglades

    not mine just passing it on.
  7. Scott Edwards

    2nd Steering Station help or advise please SeaStar helm

    Hi BDers Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. I got home and parked my 26 Osprey in my driveway after fishing all day and all season with no issues ( I even use the second station that day ) wash the boat and a few days later that I noticed the second steering station the SeaStar...
  8. Scott Edwards

    Ace line hauler new or used

    Ace line hauler And hoops
  9. Scott Edwards

    Tranx 500 HG cash

    cash in hand
  10. Scott Edwards

    for sale $200 Windlass or $350 for everything

    Used capstan 1000 $300 New Breaker & foot switch $70 New 40’ of 1/4 chain $80 New 200’ of 1/2 rode $100 If you want it all we can make a package deal
  11. Scott Edwards

    Help Please--soft cooler material

    Looking to make custom kill bag to fit in my fish holds. Any know where I can find soft cooler material (material that a kill bag is made out of). Or where I can get one made.
  12. Scott Edwards

    help please. Looking for soft cooler material

    Looking to make custom kill bag to fit in my fish holds. Any know where I can find soft cooler material (material that a kill bag is made out of). Or where I can get one made.
  13. Scott Edwards


    like new only used a few times. Just sits around the house. 9/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically $185 or trade
  14. Scott Edwards

    New 1/4 chain & 1/2 Anchor rope $200

    40’ of 1/4” chain new 200’ of 1/2” rope new $200
  15. Scott Edwards

    Windlass Capstan 1000 $500

    Capstan 1000 80A Circuit Breaker Imtra up switch Everything for $585 Sold the boat
  16. Scott Edwards

    WTB Phenix Black Diamond 909H or 909XH or Cousins 95mag

    just like the title says want to buy Phenix Black Diamond 909H or 909XH
  17. Scott Edwards

    Now that’s a walk around

    Not mine and don’t know this person but this thing is Bad ass
  18. Scott Edwards

    who wants to go 50/50
  19. Scott Edwards

    Honda help please BF225

    l have a 2003 BF225 was wondering if l can hook up nmea 2000 to my simrad go7 to see rpm , fuel and other features Any help/info would be much appreciated Thanks guys tight lines :jig: Scott
  20. Scott Edwards

    Wtb gaff in oc area

    need a few gaffs I’m in OC Let me know what you have Thanks guys
  21. Scott Edwards

    Simrad help please

    simrad GO7 with totalscan
  22. Scott Edwards

    Bola packages ? Or advise

    :lux:Hello bloodydeckers looking for a bit of advise. Planing my first ever trip to Bola with 3 boat and about 10+ guys and girls maybe a 5yr old and baby as well. What would be the best hotel preferably beach front close to boat ramp. Do they do group deals might get up to 15 people 3-4 trucks...
  23. Scott Edwards

    Bola or Santo Tomas help

    where is this Bola place you guys always talk about. I would love to make the trip down for a week. Directions and if I take my boat down where to launch and stay (hotel or what ever). Also It's been 15 years since I've been to Santo Tomas on the Baja side and camp right on the beach. Is that...
  24. Scott Edwards

    Front windshield help

    i need to replace my starboard side front windshield it's two piece just need right side. It's a proline 221 walk around. Any ideas on where to find one Thanks guys for the help
  25. Scott Edwards

    1997 Proline 21

    1997 Proline 21 walk around 2003 Honda 225 4stroke max size for the boat Vhf radio with brand new antenna New rule 2000 bilge pump Bennett trim tabs Things I have for the boat that's not installed yet brand new vhf radio and antenna New rule bait pump Used Bait tank Used windlass gypsy head...
  26. Scott Edwards

    Release the small tunas guys

  27. Scott Edwards

    Best fishfinder/gps combo for under 500

    Looking for new. And ideas for me guys. I know 500 isn't much.
  28. Scott Edwards

    Decal removal help

    Trying to remove old decals. Advice and help please
  29. Scott Edwards

    What prop to run on a Pro line 21 WA with a Honda 225 four stroke

    Has anyone had this combo before. Help would be much appreciated. Just bought my 1995 proline 2003 Honda 225 four stroke and it's over propped. Need to fix the Rpm gauge. By my best guess I could only get up to 4000 rpm at wot. Raptor prop Thank for the help BD
  30. Scott Edwards

    Prop problem

    need help guys. I just bought a 1995 21' proline walk around with a 2003 Honda 225 four stroke. i think it is over propped. I went on a sea trial before I bought it and it was struggling to get on plan. Rpm gauge didn't work but I know I didn't get past 4000 rpm. We had 5 people in the boat...
  31. Scott Edwards

    Need a pilothouse built

    Besides pacific pilothouse. Where else can I get a pilot house built. Anyone up for a side job. Thanks for all your help
  32. Scott Edwards

    Need a pilot house built

    Besides pacific pilothouse. Where else can I get a pilot house built. Anyone up for a side job.
  33. Scott Edwards

    Pilot or hard top

    Hello BD. Just bought a proline 21 WA. Looking for help. I'm in Orange County. I want to get a pilot house for the boat Can you guys help point me in the right direction.
  34. Scott Edwards

    2005 17 Bass Tracker rebuild

    Well my dad's bass boat from lake Barkley has been in my drive way for about 3 years. Well over due and time to get off my lazy azz and fix her up. Today is day 1
  35. Scott Edwards

    mileage info

    Does anyone know how far it is from Long Beach harbor to Oxnard harbor Looking for refueling spots for my trip up to Santa Cruz Thanks for the help and info
  36. Scott Edwards

    Long Beach to Santa Cruz

    planing a trip to take the blackfin to sell in Santa Cruz Any help on landings and fuel stations along the way would be much appreciated. From LB to Santa Barbra should be no problem but from Santa Barbra to Santa Cruz I'm having trouble locating landings to refuel.
  37. Scott Edwards

    1986 29 Blackfin $14000

    29 BlackFin for sale Helping my Dad sell his boat Do to health he no longer can use it for those that know boats this is the old "SeaRidge" twin 454 Crusaders Trim tabs Lowrance Elite 7 HDI Pacific edge bait tank raw water washdown fresh water washdown not sure on the size of the fresh water...
  38. Scott Edwards

    Santos Tomas

    has anyone been down there lately. I haven't been down there in over 15 years. I remember there was a beach where you could camp it wasn't a camp site tho. It was remote with some locals for SD camping as well. Fishing was good I took a tin boat there one year dragged it across the sand and...
  39. Scott Edwards

    Offshore My first swordfish

    Sorry for the late post guys Short story went out last week out of mission on my buddy's sick pilot house Put 3 fish on the deck with no boats around us all in US waters stopped on 3 foamers first one holding the big boys My buddy landed his popper in the middle and it was on for 20...
  40. Scott Edwards

    Wtb windlass for a Blackfin 29

    anyone have a windlass for sale for a 29 Blackfin
  41. Scott Edwards

    Yellowtail tunas

    Does anyone think the yellowtail tunas will show up this season
  42. Scott Edwards


    What rod should I buy for calico I fish the breakwall mostly have a curado 300
  43. Scott Edwards

    Wtb bass rod

    looking to buy a calico bass/light yt rod for my curado 300 Let me know what you guys have I'm in cypress
  44. Scott Edwards

    Nachos bait

    Is nacho open if so what bait does he have right now
  45. Scott Edwards

    Mad at the old lady

    had to get out of the house and get a line wet even if I only had an hour before the sun went down Vodka power bait and some 4lbs test for an hour priceless
  46. Scott Edwards


    Going to Catalina this weekend any reports would be greatly appreciated Taking the Blackfin and dragging a skiff over. To do some fishing and hooping
  47. Scott Edwards

    Hooping With The Master

    sorry guys a few days late but went hooping with the master on his whaler Thursday night did 2 sets and got limits for 2 LB 45-65ft