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  1. Albiebac

    Front mount hitch?

    Who uses a front mount hitch to park their boat? If so, how heavy is the boat, and any issues? I'm looking to mount a receiver on the front of my 3500 Ram to park my Skipjack in a tight storage space (same space, just longer truck now). Hitches are rated to 350# tongue weight, 3500# towing...
  2. Albiebac

    VHF Antenna Lifetime?

    Anyone have some hard facts on how long to expect an antenna (5225-XT) to last? Mine seem like they did much better when new (15 years ago). They still work, but not like I remember.
  3. Albiebac

    Offshore 10/2 didn't suck, WFO Skippies and YT, and a bonus

    11/2/18, NOVEMBER (not used to typing 11 yet I guess o_O) Short Version: Ridiculous Cabo like weather, non-stop Skippies, non-stop firecracker Yellowtails and a bonus Dodo on the 9 mile bank and a little outside. These fish were starving, and on suicide watch. Long Version: Fished solo...
  4. Albiebac

    Furuno FCV-582L Fish Finder ($150.00)

    Good working unit, has some burn-in on the screen (see picture), and price reflects that, but still works just fine. Comes with cover, and power cable ($50 part). No transducer, or bracket, was flush mounted. SOLD Local pick-up preferred (Scripps Ranch or Sorrento Valley) -Eric
  5. Albiebac

    Offshore YT's and Dodo 16-20nm NW Mission Bay

    Pretty dismal reporting as of late, so I'll do my part. Short and sweet: We headed out 7/22 to the area in the title and paddy hopped. Found many paddies (20+), only about 25% holding. Ended up with 2 tails and one dodo, saw many more.... As mentioned before, tons of bait out there, so it's...
  6. Albiebac

    (SOLD) 14" Load C trailer rims and tires (SOLD)

    New tires with like new white spoke rims. Came off our pop-up trailer stored indoors. $100.00 for both. Located in Scripps Ranch, or Sorrento Valley 9-5pm on arrangement. -Eric 619-607-8379
  7. Albiebac

    Offshore 8/10 YFT Simple Picture Report

    We went here: Fished a paddy with these marks on it (thanks Parker that let us in): : The water was this color and the fish wanted to die: We chunked them up with our deans from EB that DID NOT WANT to die, and had limits for two of these by noon: I think that says it all.......:D (In...
  8. Albiebac

    Free (old) gasoline

    Someone is "on their way"...........gone.
  9. Albiebac

    Aero Marine Products for fiberglass supplies???

    Anyone purchased epoxy and/or fiberglass supplies from these guys? How's there product? They're nice and local for me. Thanks, Eric
  10. Albiebac

    Who's gonna bite? 23 wellcraft, husband left and I want it gone from my yard - $500 (san diego) Date: 2011-10-28, 9:10PM PDT Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] Ok, two tickets for parking on the street, and...
  11. Albiebac

    Garmin GPS Antenna

    Looking for a GA29 antenna. They're used on the old (182C) chartplotters. Anyone got one laying around? $20 bucks? Thanks, Eric
  12. Albiebac

    Penn Int. 16S/Seeker A655XH RS/RT Rod

    $300.00 Reel: Good condition, mechanically perfect, cosmetically has some rashes, see pics. Rod: Perfect, like new. Thanks, Eric
  13. Albiebac

    Commercial Flake Ice Maker

    SOLD Scotsman 400, makes 400 lbs/24 hrs. Bin holds 80 lbs of ice, fills it in about 5 hours. Best ice for fish. See specs. here: Scotsman 25in Ice Machine 400lb Self Contained Flake Ice Maker AFE400- | ACityDiscount Eric
  14. Albiebac

    LANCE 815 Lite

  15. Albiebac

    A+++ Service from Mark at Monsoon Yacht Services

    Another satisfied customer here! After reading the past rave reviews about Mark and his services, I pm'd him to see if he could detail my boat. This was a buff and wax job, also with some heavy oxidation requiring wet sanding. Needless to say, the boat turned out awesome. It hasn't looked...
  16. Albiebac

    Honda EU1000 Generator

    SOLD!!!!! The generator is in "like new" condition. Rather than re-type everything, here's the link to what I put on Craigslist. For BD'rs, I'll take $500.00, rather than the $550.00 I posted on Craigslist. Honda EU1000 Generator thanks, Eric (aka-Albiebac II) 619-607-8379
  17. Albiebac

    FYI- Skipjack (cheap)

    Don't know anything about it....blah, blah, blah... If I was boatless, I would do the full rebuild on it. 2 boats My finder's fees : 411 on the deal (P.O.S.? steal? scam?)
  18. Albiebac

    Penn Int. 16S/Seeker A655XH Combo

    Penn International 16S reel. Cosmetically a 7-8. Mechanically a 9-10. Works perfectly. Seeker American Series 5 1/2 foot roller stripper-roller tip. 40(50)100 pound line class rod. I don't think it's ever been used. It is a perfect 10. Perfect rod for trolling So. Cal, fishing sharks...
  19. Albiebac

    Offshore New Lo-An 8/30

    Great trip with Marcus and crew. It's been said before, but I'll say it again he runs a great operation, and he and the crew are a nice relaxing groups of guys to fish with. We did a charter with 28 friends/co-workers and managed 54 fish. Everyone on board caught a least one fish. Marcus...
  20. Albiebac

    Solid surface counter top source?

    Does anyone know of a source for "solid surface like" material in San Diego? Before you tell me it's a professional product/job, I know. Most brands (ie-Corian) are patented and trade marked, and are strictly regulated by the industry. I'm looking to dress up the interior (galley) of my...
  21. Albiebac

    Offshore 8/4 Dodos and Tails

    Good day on the pond. It's all about the right paddy and soaking baits. We left MB at 6am and made minimacs (40) outside the jetty. The minimacs were key and we left fish biting due to end of bait and time. We found many paddies 15nm outside of Del Mar, but it was the last one that...
  22. Albiebac

    Offshore 7/27 Evening Dodo session

    Came down with a "12 hour sickness" and fished with a buddy outta MB around 3pm yesterday. We loaded up on minimacs and headed straight out to find the paddies. The water (and heat) was epic. Better than Cabo, more like Costa Rica. Found a couple paddies 100 yards apart about 15 out, one...
  23. Albiebac

    Fuckin' Haribik (sp) 35' Express Idiots

    Anyone know of a 35' Carolina Classic style express out of MB named Haribik or something like that??? Cheasepeakcharlie's post just got me all fired up again about Fuckin' Idiots offshore. Long story short, we were dead in the water on the 9 mile bank Saturday due to an overheat issue with...
  24. Albiebac

    Force feed YT 7/3 at the 9

    Well, I finally did what I've been threatening to do for years. I force feed a YT some iron!:devil: I decided to do a shake down run on my boat and managed to drag a buddy along for the ride. ;) We headed out from MB around 1pm with the plan of running to LJ, but the seas were better than...
  25. Albiebac

    Offshore GO FISHING 7/4!!!

    The ocean laid down beautifully this evening and there's not a lick of wind tonight, screw the crowds, just do it. You'll thank me tomorrow. Fish report on "Inshore Fish Reports". -Eric (Albiebac II)
  26. Albiebac

    Volvo 350 Ignition/Wiring ???

    Hey Guys, OK, I've been working (rather slowly if you ask my wife) on a Skipjack 20' open project boat. Long story short, I picked up a motor from "ifitmulitm" and swapped out the old AQ260 with the AQ271. The 260 had points and condensor and 2 wires going to the starter solenoid. The newer...
  27. Albiebac

    Offshore 8/25 390ish Report

    Sorry for the late report guys, but that damn work just won't let me on this site. Bastards!!!Dynamite: Anyway, here's the dirt. Left MB at 4am, with OK 1 1/2 scoop of dines for $50 bucks. OUCH. First sunrise on the water in a long time... Water had some bump on it all the way...
  28. Albiebac

    LJ 7/24 : 3 B's, M's and 1 YT

    Fished off of Children's Pool this morning in 111-90 ft of water for zillions of macs, barries, suicidal bonies (micros that impaled themselves on my megabait) and a few bass. The YT was a nice size, close to 20#'s. Picked it up in the retrieve with a sardine colored megabait at about 60 ft...