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  1. cj5orion


    Any BD 'rs here that have a bobcat with backhoe for diggin 108' of trench for sewar n water ?
  2. cj5orion

    Calguns ?

    Anybody here a member of Calguns ? I was trying to sign up and it keeps prompting me to "verify I'm human". The only field I couldn't fill out was "Member refferal" box. ????
  3. cj5orion

    S & W 12 ga pump

    Model 1000 Some surface rust on barrel...see pic. No longer using $200 Bucks ? OBO PS:LOTS of old lead bird shot,mostly 7 1/2 also.Cant legally sell,barter,?
  4. cj5orion

    WTF ! Sat, fish pics n reports ???

    SO....1st time in how long,,, All you shitheads get to go fishin... NO post...No pics,,,No reports
  5. cj5orion

    Jeep CJ5 1980. FOR SALE

    Thinkin $6400 304 rebuilt/modified,about 500 miles on it. Super powerful ! 4 core Tranny/Transfer/Rearend/Driveshaft all rebuilt/modified. 40" pro comp tires Removable steering wheel. Rhino lined int 3" suspension/6" body lifts. Polyurethane bushings. Its a '80 though,always...
  6. cj5orion

    38 cal ammo

    Sold a 38,buyer didnt want all the I got 38 38 gun. Sells retail for $20 bucks a box. Make an offer 24 bxs/50 rds ea. 158 gr. Lead points
  7. cj5orion

    Honda EU 2000 FOR SALE

    Havent used it for some time now. Thinking bout selling it ? Needs a fresh muffler ! $400 ?
  8. cj5orion

    Bait board for sale

    $75.00 Mt. Soledad
  9. cj5orion

    80 CJ5 FOR SALE

    1980 of few "REAL JEEPS" Thinking...$6400 Owned her 20+ years current South Dakota Reg,(no smog,40 bucks a year) 304 rebuilt n modified cam,pistons,crank,lifters for mid range power ! Only about 500 miles on it. Tranny/transfer case/axles/rearend original but modified to handle...
  10. cj5orion

    Lowrance HDS 5 complete setup SOLD

    In pretty damn good condition ! Complete setup including user manuals. Sold da boat,so no longer used. Selling for around $250.00 Lajolla
  11. cj5orion

    Bait board

  12. cj5orion

    HDS 5 fishfinder

    Complete ! Mount the screen,transducer,n power...your done. $300.00
  13. cj5orion

    "Congestive Heart Decease/failure"

    Anybody else got this damn thing ? I was recently diagnosed with it,wondering what others have done trying to "live" with it ? Thinking bout switching my Primary Care to UCSD ? , Or maybe Scripps ? It's the fatigue and hard breathing that REALLY are hard to deal with !!! Walking a field or a...
  14. cj5orion

    Lowrance hds 5 Fishfinder

    Googled at $649.00 Thinkin $400.00 Complete with transducer Installation and operating instructions Located in La Jolla
  15. cj5orion

    Honda EU 2000 used

    Bought this from bud years ago,he hadnt used it in years.carb was all gummed up,jets locked,put a new carb on it,used it one year.Now I havent used it for some years. Moving soon,cleanin out garage... I have $640.00 bucks into it. For the right price...I'll sell it MAKE AN OFFER Anything below...
  16. cj5orion

    Brisbane mechs ????

    Any BD rs up here ? Frisco area...Brisbane 98 Ram 1500 head gasket n valves
  17. cj5orion

    San ? Couch ?

    Skipping the long sob story. Looks like me n my lab need a place to sleep/shower come Feb 1 Anybody ?
  18. cj5orion

    Boat Junkyard/salvage ?

    So what do you with a small 18' boat/trailer ya gotta get rid of n You cant "give it away" ?????
  19. cj5orion

    Chest freezer for sale

    3 cf 3-4 years old. It does ice up every 2-3 months ??? $50 bucks ??? OBO OBO OBO OBO Poway Moving.... gotta go!
  20. cj5orion

    gas tank,portable

    26 gal. needs supply fitting n line. $20 bucks Poway
  21. cj5orion

    Trailer ! 18' galvy

    GONE ! oqlds a 18' easy 21 ' to tongue 14" New axle n bearings too "Escort" brand Included boat guides Willing to sell REALLY CHEAP ! $500 ? catch....ya gotta take the boat with it !
  22. cj5orion

    Hi-Lift Jacks...for sale !

    Somehow I got 3. 2 are for sale 20 bucks each. Poway
  23. cj5orion

    Bimini Top / VHF Antenna

    6 pole holder. Measures 82" across. Could flex in/out a few inches. $50 bucks ???? vhf antenna,3 yrs old 50 bucks ???
  24. cj5orion

    A good one...Down ! Hunters n Dog guys

    18 yrs ! Many birds/campin/baja/huntin trips !
  25. cj5orion

    Foster truck trail ?

    Hey... Anybody been on it ? Worth the "effort" ? Gravel/dirt 2 wheel road ? Or 4 wheel...go have some fun ?
  26. cj5orion

    Choc Lab Pups available...American

    A guy I know in Ramona has 3-4 males n 2 females. 6 weeks right now, ready to go at 8 weeks. I got one. Papered Lite n dark Choc. Mom n Dad choc. American english $800 ea. Anybody interested... Send me a PM,Ill send ya his Ph.
  27. cj5orion

    Air Rifles ????

    Thinkin bout it ? Whats good to get ? Pump,co2 ? Dont care about it looking like a M16 Prefer not actually Jus looking for a reliable,powerfull air rifle. Turners ? What ya say ?
  28. cj5orion

    "On the prowel" area of SD !

    Recently moved to Poway,lookin for some work near here,(commute back to the beach areas is killing me), Sent from my LGMS550 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  29. cj5orion

    Some Boat Stuff for sale

    located in La Jolla bait tank "as-is" no hoses,no pumps,what you see in the what ya get. no idea how many gallons ! size 17"h 14"w 20" l $40 bucks ? fuel tank...same as-is ! 26 g size 12"h 19" w 29" l $75 bucks ? 16" x 25" $10 bucks ?
  30. cj5orion

    Anybody want/need a Doghouse ?

    I got it from Petco...around 100 Jus wanna get rid of it. Its got removable floor sections for cleaning n what not? few bucks ? case of beer ? Pacific Beach
  31. cj5orion

    Got some Duck calls to get rid of

    Have no idea what they might be worth ? Located in Pacific Beach
  32. cj5orion

    2 yr old Choc Lab...not eating...goin South fast...???

    Started Monday,before that he was FINE. Has not eaten a rock or anything stupid,barely poopin,barely eaten,all lethargic Vet got him on some anti biotics etc,suggest I take him to one of those "specialist",you know,the ones that charge ya a bodzillion dollars ! Besides having to put him down...
  33. cj5orion

    26 gal gas tank best offer

    * fuel fitting/hose needs replaced *never used it...dony know if gauge works
  34. cj5orion

    Household Junk,yep thats what it is,stuff for sale

    Gotta start packing and such heres some stuff $20 bucks ? great "Mancave" item...needs a lil "help" 7' fibreglass "fish" AC unit bought new spring,2016...$100 ?
  35. cj5orion

    SO...Anybody know a good Dodge Truck mechanic ?

    Lost the passenger rear axle Tuesday aft.Tire/wheel came completely off ! On the Freeway ! Luckily nobody hurt/damaged ! Got the truck towed home for now. Thinking bout a junkyard rear axle complete,,,drop the old one out and replace
  36. cj5orion

    Well... fellow BD'rs...hereI go again

    Recently my Homeowner/Landlord passed away,(found him face down,living room,heart attack). Just heard from the "Estate executer",I have to move. So...I'm looking for a place to rent. house and/or just a room in a house. 2 Choc Labs as well...(I know I know). Could really use some sort of "on...
  37. cj5orion

    Got Maps ? a new link to check out for ya,-120.927019&z=14&t=t4,Ownership_public_land,County_township_range,Section_line&q=
  38. cj5orion

    Time Warner Cable...out ?

    watchin Sunday morn games TV went out ??? both of em.
  39. cj5orion

    Jerry Jones has something to say !

    :appl: This is for real,not made up ! Jerry Jones went into the locker room before the Cowboys Giants game yesterday. He looked around at all the young men and addressed them as a group. “Regardless of your personal opinions, this is a sacred day that we recognize the sacrifice and pain that...
  40. cj5orion

    Anybody for some "pokyman" ?
  41. cj5orion

    Baja Sur is gonna get hit by a "caine" !

    Havent seen a thing on the local circus news stations but all the weather sites are showing it
  42. cj5orion

    for everybody goin dove huntin opening day/week !

    just a thought ! some of us cant make it (OHHHHH...DO I WISH I COULD) So any reports n pics will be much appreciated !!!! em all here on this thread...hey...thats a good idea...comin from me
  43. cj5orion

    baja sur/cortez...ya got some weather comin next week

    was a spinner... looks like it busts up but it ll bring some rain !,-104.036,5,2
  44. cj5orion

    SO....who knows how to download videos from youtube ?

    what "downloader" ya useing ? got some time on my hands...thought I'd do some vid downloads.
  45. cj5orion

    tuna,(blue fin), on the barb.Need some new recipes,What ya got ?

    need something new Need some SIMPLE stuff "I aint no gourmet !"
  46. cj5orion

    better here than the jokes forum

    To The Point Cruise Lines is excited to offer the ultimate adventure cruise,along the pirate-infested coast of Somalia Ultimate Adventure Cruise Route Rates and Availability Ship Name Starting Price Days Availability Sun Splendor $5,200.00 5 Fully Booked Grand Voyage $6,150.00 7...
  47. cj5orion

    After runnin good all day...eng prob ?

    Been workin on this sucker all paycheck. Went to La Jolla kelps the other day,engines runnin good up and back. Just as I get into the channel,,,dies,,,fricken nasty rocks left and right. Before I threw the anchor,got her restarted,,,throttle up,,,dies. Restart again,,,limped in at "no...
  48. cj5orion

    I know...I know... Everybody has BFT on their radar...But

    I had a cancellation for an August Remodel. Got caught flat footed on this one. so... Anybody out there,(in san diego),that needs something done at the casa...? besides all the offshore action,I starting to hear reports of large #'s of birds in IV Could be an epic fishin/huntin year !!!!!
  49. cj5orion

    Mex Fishin Info...and a new App..FROM Mex Authorities

    Jason Ali you guys might wanna "sticky" this. Havent tried it myself...but here ya go ; web site; App
  50. cj5orion

    what happened to the "bajanomad" website ?

    " This domain name expired on Jun 22 2016 04:00AM Click here to renew it " ?????
  51. cj5orion

    outboard froze up ? Evinrude 140....old motor

    Asking for a bud of mine. last used about 6 mos ago...everything fine. PROPERLY stored away till next trip. Spring tune up time...even with a cheater bar,,,,cant turn it over. what ya think gents ? ?????????????????
  52. cj5orion

    HEY...Anybody got a Room ya wanna Rent out ?,,,San Diego area

    Around June. Currently 2 choc labs, Hunter,16 yrs old n Phoenix 15 mo old. Sadly ...Hunter might not be around come June.After Hunter pass's Phoenix will most likely go to work with me daily.Otherwise outside dogs during the day. i,ve been in Pacific Beach for almost 30 years. Gotta be...
  53. cj5orion

    BAJA 4000 ! Jan. 2017 AWESOME ! CANT WAIT
  54. cj5orion

    boat seats...crappy ones...come get em

    send me a pm if interested pacific beach area FREE
  55. cj5orion

    goin to baja next week...think again,17.968,-111.731,6 jus a forecast right now.....but !
  56. cj5orion

    any plumbers out there ?

    contractor doin a 1 1/2 bath addition and I want a plumber to finish up the rough-in. must pass inspection ! send me a pm
  57. cj5orion

    Planet X ???? nonsense or ??? Any "Astronomers" here

    Anybody here got some time on their hands to check this out Jus Google Planet X. Lots of gibberish n nonsense
  58. cj5orion

    "check engine light"

    98 ram 1500 the ole check engine light is on....and its smog time ! every $100 bucks some "regular rip-off" shop is gonna charge me will be 1 less fishin trip. Anybody know a "good honest Joe" I could go to ????????
  59. cj5orion

    Laborer needed

    Crown Point/Pacific Beach Bath Tile Demo....2 n half baths + kitchen Anybody here need some quick cash ? maybe a college kid needs a few bucks/gotta get a new fishing pole/reel/fishfinder/flat fall jigs ? job comes up in Sept.,couple days to a week worth of work
  60. cj5orion

    Well.....Gonzaga Bay "annual" Oct. Fish/Beer Fest !

    Its that time again boys n girls ! "Cheetos" has left us on our own ! Maybe he'll make it down...? maybe not...? So...time for the usual "who can make it down,who cant,what week.whos coming,where they stayinghows the fishin,hows the wind,"should I bring sunscreen",etc,etc Me...I'm HOPING for a...
  61. cj5orion

    shot in the dark. ride from pacific beach to ramona

    gotta pick up my truck today/tomorrow ? gas n beer compensated !!
  62. cj5orion

    Late '90's Chevy Truck For Sale

    Posting this for a Bud Recently rebuilt engine....5.2 fuel injected no milage yet,motor has about 20 miles on it auto,4 whl drive lifted,all new suspension some minor body damage on passenger side,(ya cant see it in the pics) send me a pm and I'll give out his ph # One STRONG ASS TRUCK ! Asking...
  63. cj5orion

    anybody here that can replace a front axle? 98 ram 1500

    I'm gonna need a junkyard axle pulled and put on my truck. Working contractor...OUT OF WORK untill my truck gets fixed
  64. cj5orion

    Baja this Saturday ? Think twice ! "Cane" comin !

    2 nd cane of the "season" already. Sailflow shows it hittin Southern Baja Saturday !,-110.902,5,2
  65. cj5orion

    Anybody need some Home Improvement and/or Remodel in San Diego

    I had a postphonement till Fall by a Homeowner. Dont have a backup job waiting in my pocket. Thought I'd put a post up and see if any BD bro's need something done before I go looking and calling. Maybe ya js want a bid on something you've been thinking about ? I got some time right now. Bert
  66. cj5orion

    dog lovers pup pics

    15 year old "HUNTER" n 8 week old "PHOENIX"
  67. cj5orion

    Choc Lab huntin dog/puppy Where do ya get one ?

    My current dog is gonna be 15 pretty soon....slowing down. So anybody know where I can start lookin for a pup ? A place in Ramona wants $2000 + for pups,most of em american/english mix Price is pretty high and I want a all american Chocalate / male / hunter
  68. cj5orion

    jus thought I'd share this...for all our vet heroes !

    Watchin the Chargers-ravens game today...had the oppurtunity to sit next to a recent vet of ... ? anyway...he was talkin bout he was tryin to adjust to stateside-civvilian life ... had a chance to "think" a bit... To all you guys out there...having a hard time with it.... I;ll share what I...
  69. cj5orion

    kingpin...tough steering

    got to much "old grease" in there i guess. put in new steering cables...helped a lil besides heatin up the king pin,,,any other ideas ? I'm thinkin maybe drill a lil hole,,,shoot some "pbblaster" in there ?
  70. cj5orion

    baja 1000 ?

    anybody goin ? we got a few guys runnin down. using Gonzaga as a base camp,,runnin to Cocos to camp,party,watch the race. jus checkin
  71. cj5orion

    reports sure slowed down

    everybodies freezer full ? typing fingers sore from fishin ?
  72. cj5orion

    cell phone GPS to the fishin spots ?

    what do ya use ? which app ? happy with it ? etc,etc
  73. cj5orion

    WTB looking for a 5 lug trailer axle

    anybody an old-extra axle laying around ? trying to upgrade my 4 lug to a 5 lug
  74. cj5orion


    San Diego area kinda prefer the guy workin outa his garage,maybe retired,maybe not ?????
  75. cj5orion

    "temporary boat storage" ????

    Well...heres the story... Boats(17' footer) down here in Gonzaga,got some motor issues.('87 Force 85hp) THINKING..... bout bringing her back,have a good outboard guy get me up n runnin. Returning to Gonzaga mid-Nov for the Baja 1000 All the "regular boat storage" places that I know of,,,are...
  76. cj5orion

    Any outboard motor heads here? got a question

    85 hp 1987 Force outboard starter is not "spinning" flywheel. sometimes I gotta "help" the starter gear to pop up and engage flywheel. starter gear spins easily when not engaging flywheel battery good,connections clean,etc I can spin the flywheel with the rope start,shes not froze up...
  77. cj5orion

    gonzaga baY ? ODILE ????

    might be leaving ASAP ! do what I can ? wish me luck wont be able to post for a bit
  78. cj5orion


    I got this sciatica type pain in my left leg. muscle tightness,numbness a little in the back thigh,A LOT IN THE BACK LOWER LEG,some in the ankle no back pain. SERIOUSLY effecting my walking-working-hunting ! looking for advice,treatment/home or office visit ? ????????????????
  79. cj5orion

    dove recipes ? (besides bacon wrap)

    anything "new" ? plan on barby ing up a few Mon night
  80. cj5orion

    while everybody is out there killing innocent tuna...

    Since my boats in Baja..... and I havent managed to "hitch a ride"....yet ! thought I'd keep myself busy...
  81. cj5orion

    Welder needed , Coronado Navy Seal Team Related

    anybody wanna do some welding for some cash ? I'm doing some Remodel work for a Navy Seal Team related project and they need some welding done. 1/8" square tubing,probably bout a days worth of work send me a pm or msg here bert
  82. cj5orion

    whats the deal with that annoying ad on BD ??? " roar...roar...roar"

    anybody else ? sometimes...when I click on a thread... I get this annoying background noise,sounds like a dinosauer roaring? over n over n over ! anybody else gettin this ? what can ya do to get rid of it ?
  83. cj5orion

    need a sparky,imperial beach jobsite

    carl ???? where ya at ??? 2 houses to Remodel. Need both main panels moved to other corner of houses for new underground hookup.
  84. cj5orion

    anchor / bouy chain replacement

    I've heard...... Its better to get a chain galvinized instead of buying some already galv'd ? Supposedly....the "galvy shops" put a better / thicker coating on. anybody got some "expertise" about this ?
  85. cj5orion

    busted water pump bolts....AWWW NUTS !

    CRAP ! you guys got any suggestions ? SOAK IN PBBLASTER ! 1-try welding a nut head back on ? 2-drill em out,,,insert new core ?
  86. cj5orion

    Any auto air conditioning guys on BD ?

    98 dodge ram 1500 the lil 10 amp ac fuse blows when i turn on the ac ? the fuse under the hood not in the cab,blower works jus fine,no cold air, clutch is not engaging ? fuse blows cause clutch and/or compressor bad ? clutch not engaging cause fuse is blowing due to other reasons ? freons good...
  87. cj5orion

    Did a Vinyl Wrap on "da truck" take a look

    Also put in a airlift 5000 airbags,bilstein shocks,bushwacker fender flares,bluetooth stereo,camo dash mat,and a BD window sticker if it EVER gets here ?
  88. cj5orion

    Gonzaga....10 weeks...WHEW !

    Hey ya gents;; jus back in SD from a 10 week trip at Gonzaga.,, (seems like 10 years !) Lost my internet back in May,so...somewhat outa touch with stuff. A few of you guys that were in the area when I was there,we werent able to connect for beers cause I didnt know you were coming
  89. cj5orion

    Gonzaga for awhile !

    AAAAAHHHHHHH ! NICE !!! Jus arrived ! Temps are perfect ! Boat in the water soon! Plan on "stickin around" for .....awhile ! news flash update for you all..... mex 5 is paved all the way here except the last 2 miles...easy cakewalk for anybody's rig. and theres now some...
  90. cj5orion

    gonzaga bay return many times can ya get inspected ?

    ya know....ya got the 2 "regular" checkpoints. well...yesterday there were a few more.....on both sides. gonzaga checkpoint.....normal inspection. san fillippi south....temp inspections set up regular sf inspection mexicalli...some 18 wheeler broke down in the road....long lines of...
  91. cj5orion

    great lil vid

    its a lil old but still funny
  92. cj5orion

    Gonzaga....lil bit a wind

    Gonzaga bay is pretty much in the middle of the pic. the "red stuff" are sustained winds of 20-30 mph. Its jus starting this Tuesday morn and you should see the waves already with the wind and waves...high tide could be interesting. well...for some reason I cant copy/paste the pic.... go...
  93. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay...anybody coming down in Jan. ? I got "stuck" here ! ?

    Hey Gents; stuck in Gonzaga ! :1041677399: I lost my "cash stash" around here somewhere,tore the place up looking for it. Jus cant find it,,,,anyways.... I'm turning a few screws,poundin a few nails to earn some gas cash,etc (note to self.....keep extra gas cash) no problems , but...
  94. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay "decoratin the tree !"

  95. cj5orion

    Gonzaga for the holidays !

    Just finshed my last remodel for the year :waglleybooty: Headed to Gonzaga for xmas/new years. Anybody headed down ? Look me up. :hali_olutta:
  96. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay and the Baja 1000 !

    The race is comin thru here again ! Nov. 15 th. Any gearheads wanna come down and fish and see the race up CLOSE ! :hali_olutta:
  97. cj5orion

    Anybody been around S2/ banner road/scissors crossing areas since the fires ?

    For the dove opener...I go to a few areas around there instead of the dessert. But I'm wondering if those areas got burned ? Anybody been out there since the last fires ?
  98. cj5orion

    August job delay...Anybody need something done around the house ?

    Got delayed on a scheduled August Remodel. Too HOT to go to Baja right now. Besides some fishin and campin/scoutin trips.... I've got August free Jus lookin for a small job or two..."handyman stuff" ? Any you guys need something done ? Pretty flexible about "cost of job",small payments...
  99. cj5orion

    trailer tonque extensions ?

    Checkin for other ideas. I've seen "permanant" extensions and "slide out's" Anybody got somethin diff ??? Beach launchin in Baja extension makes it a lot easier
  100. cj5orion

    HEY ! what you guys think of this boat/cl ad ?

    I'm lookin for a "good" boat to take to Gonzaga Bay,leave it there,for fishin. I've gotten "partial" to these bayliners,jus a good lookin boat to me. $3500 or so is about my max. what ya think ? [email protected]
  101. cj5orion

    Force 150 outboard ?

    Its been sittin since last summer What ya think ? Should be jus fine shouldnt it ? as long as it was "stored" properly.
  102. cj5orion

    Is it possible to send a text over the internet ?

    no email to send a msg to. no cell phone service here in Baja. Skype wont work for me in this instance NEED TO TEXT A "BOAT SELLER"
  103. cj5orion

    Thought I'd check with you guys about boat/motor opinions ?

    My Tohatsu 40 hp has given me "1 too many probs". I think I'm gonna bring it back to SD and sell/trade for a "different" boat/motor combo. I'm gettin to old to get bounced around in a "tin boat",besides I'm lookin for something that I can easily/safely get out away from shore.VHF and all...
  104. cj5orion

    some of the wierd stuff you do in Baja when ya cant fish !

    :hali_olutta: new water tank gauge ! No animals were mistreated,harmed,abused,mangled,maimed or injured in the makin of this post.........but..........some beers were ! :rofl:
  105. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay ROOSTER Sighting !

    Not your common everyday thing ! I am,doing a lil work at a neighbours palapa and some surface action about 50 yards off shore catches my eye. calm seas,barely a ripple on the water Grab the ole binocs,,,where is it,,,,,where,,,where,,,OK got em. lil glimpse,dorsal breaks...
  106. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay.....BUMMER !

    Inbetween jobs....came screamin down to Gonzaga for a lil " r&r "..... fricken outboard wont run,elec start screwed up as well.... back up 15 hp not runnin either ! tried all my "mech skills" :rofl: no love ! no mechanicos around either ! think I'm gonna try "jetski fishin" ?
  107. cj5orion

    Gonzaga ! most of the month of MAY !

    I'll be there !!!!!!!! Anybody ?????
  108. cj5orion

    internet on the go ? tablets,ipads?,phone ?

    What you guys got ? happy with it ? What should I get ? lugging this fricken laptop around.....aint workin ! email,website forum checks, occasional and rare streaming/downloads
  109. cj5orion

    Hey ....Anybody thinkin Gonzaga for Easter ?

    I havent been down in a year now ! Looks like I might be able to "sneak away" for a bit ?
  110. cj5orion

    Garage/Moving sale

    bunch of junk...really. Some household stuff. Lots of Garage/tool stuff ! (old,used tools....CHEAP !) couple cheap rods/reels I know I'm "competing" with the show,but stop by if your into it ? 1506 Loring Street Pacific Beach Saturday 24th,8 AM till ????? If it doesnt get sold....its...
  111. cj5orion some lead !

    Who wants some lead for makin their own ? Got 2 chunks,about 2" dia,12" long COME GET IT PACIFIC BEACH AREA
  112. cj5orion

    generator for sale

    Onan 4000 $1200.00 buddy of mine selling it.I'll put ya in touch with him if interested.
  113. cj5orion

    Anybody got an extra room to rent for a few months ?

    jus checkin things out right now. might need to "relocate" for a bit. jus need a place for me,my dog,(choc lab,goes with me everywhere),and possibly-probably,,,,my Jeep,,(off street only) hell,,,even the couch would be OK. jus checkin "availablity" right now. currently in the Pacific Beach...
  114. cj5orion

    Shoppin for a "diff" Internet/TV plan ?

    time warner has jus gotten out o hand ! tired of their frequent increases in billing. I'm in the Pacific Beach area,so cox is out.shoppin for new home internet/tv plans. not to concerned about tv,probably a basic+ type package ,internet would be more important. dish sat was ok on their...
  115. cj5orion

    for sale CHEAP !

    I got 2 sets of aluminum wheels I want to get rid of 5 lug Jeep/Chrysler,15"x 8" They still got the old tires on em though, 1 set has some old swampers other set has some old bfg at's. anybody ??? make me an offer ? $25 ea ?
  116. cj5orion

    truck smoggin....... "gross polluter" !

    Truck has a dmv history as a "gross polluter",sure enough,tried to smog her and she wont pass.....co2 was way up,guy at the smog shop "suggested" o2 senser,maybe a cat ? dont wanna go around replacin sh#t at random anybody ? whatcha think ? thoughts-suggestions ?
  117. cj5orion

    Aluminum wheels dodge/chrysler/jeep

    I got 2 sets of 15" x ( 10" I think) 5 lug aluminums. 1 set off a jeep,still has the "mudder" tires on em,(almost wore out) 1 set off a dodge ram,with a mixed batch of mounted tires,(off road,all-terrains) Maybe somebody needs em for a second set for off-road ??? wheels are...
  118. cj5orion

    heating / air for "da boat" ?

    STILL ! doin this "remodel" on a 48' egg harbour. Anybody got a heating / air contac ? Interested in repairing existing or replacing all Got 1 bid of $9500 from 1 company.....:rofl:
  119. cj5orion

    Need some (special) Teak ! Washington BD'rs ?

    Frost lumber,here in San Diego, is gonna take 3-4 weeks to get some. Anybody got a "better" place ? I need some "5/4",,,,, so its a lil "special" How bout all you Washington BD'rs ????? (4) 5/4x8"x11' (2) 5/4x8"x12' rough/s4s/s1s/s2s.....doesnt matter I gotta mil it anyways
  120. cj5orion

    OHHHH This is jus sooooo wrong ! jerry springer on football aft. !

    MAN !!!!! Happy Turkey day ! Jus kickin back on the couch. Watchin the green bay/detroit game,,,,,,nappin actually. wake up....whats on the boob tube.....another nfl game....not ! jerry springer ! talkin bout guys cheatin on girls ! ITS JUS SOOOOO WRONG !!!! NEED some turkey.....adios
  121. cj5orion

    Anybody got a "spot" to 4-whl in the mud !!!!

    :rofl: Nothin else to do in this rain....sure would like to go rip up some mud !!!!! Doesnt happen too much in So Cal !!!!!
  122. cj5orion

    Papa Fernandez property for sale

    Jus north of Gonzaga. I'm not "affiliated" in any way. jus posting for BD "convenience" ? I do know the guy selling it and he's a "top notch" kind of guy. Take a look if your interested ? At 130K,,,,its a good deal.
  123. cj5orion

    10-22 opener ? bud....backed out

    planned trip with a bud not gonna happen. he cant make it It'll be jus me n the dog anybody got some suggestions for the valley area ? maybe river ?
  124. cj5orion

    put this in that dog contest pic thingy

    thought you guys might get "chuckle" out of it ?
  125. cj5orion

    choc lab breeding ?

    jus a shot in the dark here. anybody got or know of..... somewhere I could "breed" my dog ? When I got him....from a breeder....years ago He's supposed to be all akc,pure bred,etc....but....never got the papers ! so most "regular" breeders arent interested. I jus wanna breed him to have "his"...
  126. cj5orion

    regarding the "new ads"... how to "slow em down a lil "

    this qoute is from a previous post that has been closed......hmmmm " Not a problem for me. They are doing what they are supposed to do though because I did notice them more than the other ads. " Try hitting Ctrl and + or - and you can change the size of your screen to what ever your...
  127. cj5orion

    48 " Egg Harbor "Remodel".... some pics

    a few "bad" pics of Totally Redoin a boat !
  128. cj5orion

    aluminum wheels,hitch rcvr,tow bar

    2 sets of wheels 15" x 10",5 lug,5x5.5 pattern,(jeep-dodge) 1 set has badly used swamper tires 1 set has badly used "misc" tires,offroad hitch recvr off of '90 jeep wagoneer tow bar-generic best offer for any/all need this stuff gone
  129. cj5orion

    any dodge ram owners ?

    I got a 98 1500 magnum willing/wanting to "share" info,parts,chips,stuff,etc
  130. cj5orion

    left hand screen ads ...thats it huh ?

    SOOOOOOOO ! This is a... permanent addition to BD ....huh every time I want to scroll thru "new post" I would have to CONSTANTLY hit the arrow key ???????????????????????? SAD....very SAD !................. to see it happen one more "good thing"..................... gone BAD !!!!!!!!!
  131. cj5orion

    possible..good source for boat equipment ?

    unknown...maybe you guys have heard of this outfit ? doing a "remodel" on a 48' down at driscolls and this guy stops by gives me a bus card and says he can get "any boat equip" at good prices. so...any of you guys need stuff,:rofl::rofl::rofl:..ya might wanna give him a call and get a price...
  132. cj5orion

    anyody got some 16" tires ?

    off road or all terrain 16"rims existing
  133. cj5orion

    OOOOHHHHH....whoa is me ! "new truck"

    :rofl: got a "new truck" ...... but no BD stickers for it
  134. cj5orion

    dodge ram '98 1500 ??????

    thinkin about buyin one. anybody got input on this. :rofl:
  135. cj5orion

    gps unit for cleveland national ? which one ?

    what to get ? general purpose locating and waypoints reception in the trees ? mountains ? etc,etc also for "skirting" the line on private prop vs cnf what do ya use/recommend ? handheld ? portable automotive ? I know my way around up there pretty good,,,wanna get a lil better
  136. cj5orion

    boat repair contractors/suppliers....gettin to know some

    I'm workin a boat "remodel" at Driscolls/marina village and I'm meeting a lot of boat sub-contractors ie hull repairs,fibreglass repairs,painter,teak supplier,etc Jus thought I'd pass it along if anybody is looking for somebody to work on their boat,,I'm meeting a lot of good contacs
  137. cj5orion

    vanity top san diego driscolls boat yard

    single bowl 3-hole faucet "beige" onyx 48" long jus askin !
  138. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay Seawall collapses from the "ERIK"

    never liked the damn thing anyhow ! pics sent from a bud,I'm stateside in the 1 st pic,the orange building in the background is my buds place the wall collapsed around the "rock house"
  139. cj5orion

    GEEEEZ MAN !!! anybody know how to "navigate" the dfg website ?????

    CRAP ! I've already spent 2-3 hours lookin for ....? In the last 2-3 years....whats changed,whats new,,,rules-regs-road closures,,,etc,etc lookin forward to scoutin/huntin this year...... [email protected]#K me !
  140. cj5orion

    portable gps "gadgets" ? for the CNF

    anybody use 'em for huntin ? being able to get a gps fix for map locations so ya know your on "huntable" property. I'm thinkin about gettin one....which one ? etc,etc
  141. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay-Rough seas,high winds,WEAK ANCHOR CHAIN !!!! really lucky ! ...... 12 hours ago...the wind as howling from the West....bye-bye boat ! Today....when the chain broke....winds were from the East. Boats basically OK,no damage ! lil closer to that wall and another story all together ! get it back in the water.....and then...
  142. cj5orion

    Evinrude 15 hp olllld motor ! carb issues

    How the hell ya get the carb off of these things ? CRAP ! theres only 2 nuts holdin it on,ones easily wrenched,,,the other,,,,,I can barely even see the damn thing much less get a wrench on it ! whats the secret ?
  143. cj5orion

    Cant see the right hand side of the screen ?

    this new format ..... I can barely enter my username/password. my screen cuts off at "User C" on the header ? cant move it over by clickin on it,minimize,etc,etc anybody else ?
  144. cj5orion

    Gonzaga.. Damn good weather/wind website !!!! Down here in Baja,,,,wind,,,is the biggest factor in the weather. I've been using this site for a while now and the forecast are tits on !!!! You can set it for whatever region your interested in,pretty damn...
  145. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay....GOT BEER ??????

    :rofl: Couldnt help myself !
  146. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay.... rest of April,May......

    Going back ! Work and Fish I'll be "hangin" at Palapa 3. Any off-roaders ? Norra 1000 starts May 4th,goin right thru Gonzaga ! :hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  147. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay.... roll call !

    Hey .... I'm going down this Sat,workin all week,then a lil "play time". A lot of you guys have been asking/planning a trip. Looks like I'll be there most of April. Chime on in ! :hali_olutta:
  148. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay....Early seasonal YELLOWTAIL !!! no pics though...sorry

    Havent had the pleasure myself,(busy workin). BUT...the "neighbors" are catchin Yellows out at the Islands ! Jus throwin it out there for any ya lucky's that might have the op ? Its fairly early for em to be around,but they're here !
  149. cj5orion

    ANY BD'rs...any trade....bids needed !

    OK "gents" ! I have a homeowner,,he's doing a complete teardown/rebuild of a house. He's lookin for bids from any and all trades ! Sorry G.C.'s,,,I got that part! But for any subs out there......excavation,footings/slabs,stucco,roofers,countertops,fixtures...
  150. cj5orion

    sat tv smart card question

    Gonzaga Bay No matter what channel I select...... screen prompt "smart card not authorized for this channel" WTF ? tried pulling the card,,,,reinserting,,,,, tried entire setup procedure,,,no luck anybody got an idea ?
  151. cj5orion

    AHHHH !....feels good to be "part of the world" ....again.....sort of !

    :rofl: A while back.....bud calls me up...."need a run to Gonzaga to pick up the boat,bring it back for some service work,,,weekend trip,,,,we'll be right back" OK says I.... weekend problemo. THAT WAS A WEEK AND A HALF AGO ! :finger: We get here....boathouse doors had blown off...
  152. cj5orion

    Bill Dance Bloopers 3 min's of chuckles !

    Bill Dance's classic bloopers. [VIDEO]
  153. cj5orion

    how to get rid of telemarketers !!!!!

    ya gotta download this and listen to it !
  154. cj5orion

    '91 toyota pickup SR22E,5 spd,4w

    jus "puttin it on the table" I need a "better" Baja/work truck.(more comfortable). odometer reads 232,000,engine/tranny only has less than 50,000. Int/body aint pretty but no rust. recently blew a head gasket so all new/rebuilt head assbly. new clutch,waterpump. Ac and window regulaters need...
  155. cj5orion

    gun $ ???? 357/9 mm 6 shot ruger

    Ruger 357/9mm single action,6 shooter revolver "new model" standard gun metal blue,,,,not SS ! # 37-12800 intrechangable "walnut" wood grips,no plastic 357 chamber and 9 mm chamber what ya think ? $600 ????? gun bluing and general all around condition....... "pretty damn good !" not perfect...
  156. cj5orion

    You guys are gonna like this !

    Got a lil bored jus fishin and drinkin down I thought I'd take a lil trip ! :rofl: Subject: Fw: Don't we wish? THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE CRUISETo The Point is excited to offer the ultimate adventure cruise along the pirate-infested coast of Somalia! We...
  157. cj5orion

    food for thought from "down under"

    from AUSTRALIA'S PRIME MINISTER.... 'IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT.. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this...
  158. cj5orion

    did we really walk on the Moon ?? Mr Gorsky is glad !

  159. cj5orion

    happy ho ho's ! from baja ! gonzaga bay

    adapt...improvise...overcome :rofl:
  160. cj5orion

    4.4 earthquake....mexicalli

    jus saw it on "wundermap"...havent heard anything on the news yet ?
  161. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay-San Diego ? weather report

    heard your gettin a lil rain ? Heres my Baja weather report.... "back to you Stan"
  162. cj5orion

    Happy Turkey Day from Gonzaga Bay

    and a few pics from last weeks Baja 1000.
  163. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay,what a bird dog does when hes not birdin !

    Damn ! he's drinkin all my beer !
  164. cj5orion

    wanna go kayaking ?

    NEED A BIGGER BOAT ????? I'm still lookin for a "hook up" for that horizon VHF battery charger !!!!!
  165. cj5orion

    Horizon handheld VHF battery charger ????

    model # HX260S Tryin to find a replacement AC battery charger ???? Horizon website doesnt have it. Anybody ????
  166. cj5orion

    Baja 1000 and Gonzaga Bay !!!!!

    The race is comin right on thru GB this year !!!!! Anybody else goin ?????
  167. cj5orion

    A guy DIES from a snake bite at Boulder Creek !

    saw it on ch 10 news !!!! Yikes ! RIP William "Skip" Price
  168. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay trip "report"

    Fishin is on ! Good schools of Sierra right in the bay! 200 yards out. NICE ! Weather couldnt be better ! The construction detours at Mexicalli and SF are gone . Nice! Worked----FISHED----Drinkin Beer ! NICE NICE NICE !!!!!! AND ! NOV. 18....prerace starts BAJA !000 is comin right thru...
  169. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay "roughin it"

    i week work trip ?
  170. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay "quickie" !

    cruisin on down for a short "work trip" leavin Tues. back Sun. :smash: Solar panel install (big 4' x 8' panels !)and some trex decking let ya know....."what-up" maybe ? some fishin ?????
  171. cj5orion

    gotta pound some nails !

    would somebody find some work for this "dork". (the dork,,,is the one without the fur !) So we can fishin n huntin n get to Gonzaga !
  172. cj5orion

    My "cure" for drizzly cloudy San diego daze !

  173. cj5orion

    on-line broadcast of chargers game ?

    I've heard of ; "ATDHE" "justins tv" "channelsurfing" "hula" free or pay ? anybody got some more ? or info about these guys
  174. cj5orion

    need a bobcat and truck

    want to get some prices from a BD'r about rippin up and hauling some asphalt. About 25' x 75' asphalt, + some minor concrete,,26" x 50' I'm meetin the owner Fri morn for more details. jobsite's in Ocean Beach Already PM'd Mike and Troy ????? waitin ??????
  175. cj5orion

    Any BD'rs got a hook up for a construction crane ?

    I got a job coming up in 2 weeks,that I'm gonna need a crane for a day. In the past,I've jus called on "bob;s crane service". but,,,,any BD'rs got another hook up ??????
  176. cj5orion

    choc labs and gonzaga bay !

    jus sittin on the deck,,,havin a cold one,,,thought I'd post....... best pics ever story behind the pics ???? sittin in Gonzaga bay,,,thought I'd take a few pics on the camera timer,,, Hunter,decides to jump in best pics I'll ever get ?
  177. cj5orion

    Any BD'rs need some Remodel-"handyman stuff" done ?

    Get in touch with me ! Skilled/Tooled multi trades. 27 years into it,before the "recession",I was a busy remodel contractor. Now I'm happy to "hang a door",patch some drywall,,,,"handyman stuff" Bert
  178. cj5orion

    sort of a "poll" question here,with the economy being what it is.....?

    Interested in BD'rs thoughts ! (Of course,,, I have my Remodel/contracting biz in mind) Do you feel the economy is improving,,,enough,,,,that your thinking about some home improvements/remodels/etc,maybe now,maybe in the near future ? I've been working this build down in...
  179. cj5orion

    YIPPIE !!!! The DSC show comes to JACK FM - San Diego, California Talk Radio Station

    The DSC show comes to JACK FM - San Diego, California Talk Radio Station - 760 KFMB AM - courtesy of "the hook" fricken miss those guys !
  180. cj5orion

    internet tv ??????

    does anybody have a link for movies and tv over the net ? every once in a while I wanna sit down and watch something. We got sat tv,but its having issues right now. some stuff like maybe 2 1/2 men,some old war movies,some john wayne movies,???? I can bring the local san diego news,but...
  181. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay

    To "rich T" and dizzyspots ! Nice meetin you guys this weekend ! Today.....No wind ! The bay was a big pond ! Perfect Kayak/zodiac stuff !!!! Ya missed it !!!................................ Thats Baja !!!!!!! Bert
  182. cj5orion

    K5 Bronco doesnt start after its warmed up ?

    Its a buds rig down here in Baja. So mechanics arnt to close,or parts stores ! I'm just trying to help him out a lil,he's been messing with this for at least a year now ! So,,,its a 70's-80's K5,fuel-injected Bronco Starts fine when cold,will not start again if its warmed up ? He says he's...
  183. cj5orion

    Couple of Whale Sharks pics from Gonzaga,,not great pics,but what the hell !

    Geez,,I'm a lousy camera guy ! added this one of myself and pic I'll ever do !
  184. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay/hub bearing problemo !

    HEY Anybody know where I can have a bud grab me a new hub bearing/prop for my outboard Its a '89 Tahatsu 40 hp. Problem is....he's coming to Gonzaga this Sunday,so time is critical !
  185. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay..Pounding nails and fishin . no fish pics though,,sorry

    Nice lil project to keep me busy when the fish arn't bitin ! Can't sit around suckin down cervasa's and margaritas all the time. (well,,,,not all,,,,,all the time ! )
  186. cj5orion

    2010 Norra 1000...a few pics

    just a few outa 127 pics and movies !!!!
  187. cj5orion

    lil "breezy" in Gonzaga today

    jus a little bit of dust !
  188. cj5orion

    If you could have a brand new 20' x 20' Garage built for $3000 + materials ?

    Doesnt that sound pretty good ? Seriously ! I would like your opinion on this ? This is an "bid" I gave this guy in Los Animas and he's having "trouble" with it ! Thats around $7.50 per square foot.Jimminie Cricket ! back in the '90's I was gettin $25/sf,when a beer,gas,steaks,shotgun shells...
  189. cj5orion

    TLD 30 got sand in it,needs work

    I can build/remodel a fricken house but I cant repair my own reel ! even with a schematic !!!!! Anybody here interested ? or should I just drop it off at a tackle shop ?
  190. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay...Post Quake...Nada !!!!

    Sunday....didnt even feel it down here. Monday AM...all kinds of reports,,,,roads "F d" up. Monday,5 PM,just talked to a "bud",he just arrived,today,West crossing is closed both ways,East crossing open,no problems,Mexicalli. Road,,,,usual stuff ! NO....NO QUAKE DAMAGE !!!!! "beer thirty"...
  191. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay Pangas/fish camp? !

    A new fish camp has been developing over the last few months down here,once the "summer tourist" start showin,these guys might be available for "panga rentals" ? Jus a "current events" thingy,aaaaaand jus thought I'd post a pic.
  192. cj5orion

    Workin Vacation !!

    Attached pics are what I got comin,,, in mid-April ! Gonna be "workin" a lil too,actually get paid to be there ! Yaaaaa Hoooooo !
  193. cj5orion

    sdge COMMERCIAL electrical users ! SAVE 15%

    <!-- Nav:Begin -->I just did a copy/paste from the info a bud sent me,but apparently this is something Arnie is up to ? I'll be puttin this together a lil better soon,thought I'd let you guys know ASAP.I can redirect anybody interested to an actual broker. <!-- Nav:End --> <!--...
  194. cj5orion

    '89 tahatsu md40 steering ?

    the steering tube is locked up,cant get the steering cable out ? after ya undo the nut,does it jus pull out ????
  195. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay seawall

    rafeals "grandiose" plans the new seawall at gonzaga taken from palapa 6,first pic is lookin north,(the rock house restaurant is at the end),2nd pic=lookin south
  196. cj5orion

    AAAARGH !!! Border Crossing secondary inspections !!!!

    WTF !!!! I get the secondary inspection trip ! WHIPPIE !!!!! They pull me in there cause my truck is LOADED with gear from the Gonzaga palapa sale.Including the outboard motor hangin out the ass end 1 1/2 hours in secondary,mostly waitin around for the inspection !!!! A 'officer' finally shows...
  197. cj5orion

    Another storm in San Diego ?

    Rain,cold,mudslides CRAP ! I'm stayin in Gonzaga ! Its about 70 today,Sunny,calm seas. I'm all loaded up and ready to roll but the hell with that!
  198. cj5orion

    border wait times website ?

    Does anybody have the www on this ? the one thats updated every hour or something like that ? I cant find it. Thanx
  199. cj5orion

    Scuba gear $750.00

    I know nothing about this stuff ! But my bud is selling this stuff for ,he says its $2000 worth of gear. The only ID I could see is "seawest" and "balance" ? If anybody is interested? let me know about what I should look at/for to inform ya better. Bert
  200. cj5orion


    Anybody interested ? Its gonna need new 'cable/fuel' attachments though. Banditos cut them trying to steal it. Its down in Gonzaga Bay right now. Bringing it back to the states in a couple weeks. Thought I'd repost this cause its a $10,000 to $15000 motor ! I'm just trying to help out a bud...
  201. cj5orion

    Garmin website? contac info ?

    hey does anybody have a GOOD link to Garmin ? I googled em,got their "contac",but it comes up 'bad server' I got an old Garmin GPS185 that needs a transducer,thought I'd get one from Garmin ?
  202. cj5orion

    My Front Yard a short vid. Gonzaga Bay

    nothin exciting.jus "takin a break",thought I pu up a post.
  203. cj5orion

    Bay of LA ? Baja Air ?

    Anybody got some info on these guys ? I dont know if their on BD ? Any info about "past experience",etc ? Thanks ! jus got their website info ;
  204. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay ! more bad news ! (for me anyhow)

    My buddy in Gonzaga has decided to "liquidate" his palapa. Rafeals "dust bowl" and "seawall" has chased him out ! 10 YEARS worth! DAMN IT ! Anyhow,,,if theres any of you guys that want some good deals on "Baja stuff",well here it is ! Of course its all in Gonzaga,but theres a bunch of...
  205. cj5orion

    2010 home remodel projects ????

    Waitin on the county planners/permits right now for a build. Anybody thinking about doing something to the house for the new year ?
  206. cj5orion

    WOW ! dsc radio show no longer on 101.5

    20 years ! Are they gone from broadcasting ? did they goto another station ?
  207. cj5orion

    CHARGERS !!!!! 1 st PLACE BABY !!!!!

    bye bye donks !!!!!! see ya in Tijuana at the show
  208. cj5orion

    BAJA 1000 ! was 'F ing AWESOME !!!!!

    A few of us got together here at Gonzaga and went up to the race. camped raceside just feet away from these bad boys.Had several of the motorcycle stop and ask for gas,etc,etc,blah,blah The Monster truck stuff is just fricken incredible !!!! pics and movies comin as soon as I drink this...
  209. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay,,,couple pics

    I'm no photographer,but heres a few. sorry about the 'blurry' crap,should came out nice and clear,must ve been the cervesas !!!! their pretty bad pics ! I'll work on it. think I'll keep my day job ! the boat is a 32' procat with twin yamy 300's !!!!! NICE !!!!
  210. cj5orion

    Truss company ? Mission gorge area

    guy by the name of Bruno runs the joint. Did a great job for me couple years ago,but I lost his number ! Need to get truss specs to a structual engineer for the prints Anybody happen to know this guy/company ?????
  211. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay for Turkey Day ! Yaaaaahoo !

    Besides the good news of a house to build.... Goin to Gonzaga for two weeks,,,,turkey on the barb,yellowtail sushi !!!!! UUUUMMMMM GOOD ! just like soup ? AND ! my bud just got twin Yama 300's mounted on his boat ! (32' twin hull),,,,Cant wait to go "trollin" Pacificos are already on ice...
  212. cj5orion

    If your into building/construction ? Check this out !

    A homeowner calls me up to his prop in north county,guys got about 12 acres of land . We go "four wheelin" out to a "spot",stop,get outa the truck,walk around a lil.....the guy turns around,looks at me,foot scaps a X in the dirt,and says he wants a 3500 sf house built right here !!!!! Need to...
  213. cj5orion

    Now that the Tuna are gone? Construction/Remodels/Repairs

    Its the start of hunting season though ?:2gunsfiring_v1: But I'm still lookin for some work !:deadhorse Used to build Custom homes/Remodels/Additions,before the Recession ! Now,,,,I'm jus lookin for work. :_diarrhea_: Skilled/Tooled,all trades. Subs available for speciality trades. No job...
  214. cj5orion

    passport update "sort a",more of a 'FYI'

    Just thought I'd let you guys know.... on last weekends trip to Gonzaga.... My passport app is goin thru the motions,{no I'm not in a hurry to go LA and get it right away},So I take along a copy of my BC,just in case . So,,we get back to the border,I hand over my drivers license,BC copy in...
  215. cj5orion

    Whats up with the Federales on mex 1 ???

    Coming back from Gonzaga,towing the boat with no motors,once we got up to the toll road.... At ONE of the checkpoints,a federale asked for the papers on the boat? when we showed him we werent fishin,no motors,he was OK with "no papers ? But then he asked for our "toll ticket" and kept it ??? the...
  216. cj5orion

    anybody got a wetsuit to get rid of ????

    I dont know what size I'd need ?full ? spring? 6'0" 180 #'s:waglleybooty: I could use one for when I'm on the zodiac in baja
  217. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay....BAD NEWS !!!!!! the beach is history

    Theres a seawall/boardwalk being built !!!! The pristine beach's of gonzaga bay ARE gone !!!!!! And from the previous "brainstorm" of plowing down the desert and creating a dust storm on the south side of the bay,,,,well,,,,after ten+ years,,,,time to move !!!!!
  218. cj5orion

    off to gonzaga !!!

    Whoa man,,,2 am wake ups suck ! 3 am so much easier.must be the deep sleep cycle thingy ? off to gonzaga,gotta bring back the 'raft',bastards managed to rip off one of two yamy 225's !!! how the hell they got it lifted off the boat,go fiqure ! no room for a winch or anything ? fun trip ! we're...
  219. cj5orion

    Offshore when trollin in front of dolphin ????

    what would ya say,,,,lookin for the tuna how deep ? how far away ? etc,etc 2 or a thousand times,,,come across a feeding school of dolp's,,,not gettin any hits ??? gotta be doin something wrong ?
  220. cj5orion

    gonzaga bay,short workin trip,next week

    headin down next week,,,just a short "overniter" but I'll have a fresh report of road conditions for those interested !
  221. cj5orion


    Work's a little slow. Hoping for a hook up ! "Build it or fix it". send me a pm or call 619-207-8967 Bert I've got great rates for BD'rs ! plans/permits no problem
  222. cj5orion

    Offshore "T-BONED" by a whale ! almost !

    went out sat morn,3 am,cruising along about 15 knots,there in the moonlite,a BIG whale surfaces not more than 30 ' from the boat. hard throttle down ! sharp turn ! hard throttle up to get the hell outa there ! MAN IT WAS CLOSE !!!!! sure wakes ya up !
  223. cj5orion

    The ole fishin hut need a lil work ?

    "honey-dos" !
  224. cj5orion

    Everybody's out fishin,huntin,or watchin football today.....but !....wanted to get a

    construction/remodels/'even handyman stuff'. bad pics of a lil project jus finished,but tis all I got ! ahhhhh,,,screwed up the finished pics ! gotta go take another crack at it a work in progress.....stay tuned....excuse my photo editing skills too !
  225. cj5orion


  226. cj5orion

    anybody got a verizon cell/camera phone ? they wanna get rid of ?

    mine jus took a dump on me.....yea I'll check "best buy",craigslist,etc jus thought I'd ask. send me a pm if ya got one ya wanna get rid off ????
  227. cj5orion

    Offshore 421 and back ... NADA !

    BUMMER !!!!!!! 18 hours and nada left Dana sat night,got to 421,crashed out for the night,rough seas,tough "sleep". started fishin 421 before sunrise,no paddies to be found,no birds,no fish. onwards to the 425,1 paddy,a marlin swimmin around,couldnt get em.nothing else around. started workin...
  228. cj5orion

    44 magnum shells/box of 50 for sale

    winchester,240 gr,jacketed soft pt knock a few pesos off the regular retail and their yours ? or trade/barter/$ for a rod/reel ? :_shopping
  229. cj5orion

    san fellipi wilderness area...doves ?

    off s-2 by scissors crossing anybody going there for tues opener ? I'm thinkng it will save me hours round trip ? wont miss alot of work. anybody been there recently ?
  230. cj5orion

    hey hey I was on KGB radio this morning !

    you guys that listen to KGB.... did ya hear coe lewis mention me when she does her "people that need work" stuff ???? am I famous now ????
  231. cj5orion

    pc finally died,temp help ?,maybe ?

    well,,,for several months now,my pc has been on its last legs. Finally passed away yesterday,I'm thinking of a funeral at the shooting range.:Death_To_Above: by the way is it 'f2' or 'f8' for safe mode ???? Any how,,,until I get back to work and until I 'decide' on a replacement system...
  232. cj5orion


    When I was in Gonzaga Bay...I had so much work to do! {and fishin} Now...coming back to the states....seems like I hit a brick wall at 200 mph !!! Anybody out there need something done ??????
  233. cj5orion

    any ford bronco 'nuts' out there ?

    a bud of mine got himself a '89. everytime it gets 'heated up',it'll die on him and not start again till it cools ?????
  234. cj5orion

    DOVE OPENER ????

    puttin a call out to BD'rs Anybody interested ina 'get together' for the opener weekend ????? maybe driving out together? or just gettin together ata common camp area after the hunt? Gonna be hot out there !!!!!
  235. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay to San Diego I MADE IT ! sort of !!!

    put the Marines on Stand Down.I made it BUT up around 330 am,closed up "shop"Left gonzaga bay at 5 ambecause of "weak " clutch,decided to take the north road to san fellii/mexicalli.its all flat untill ya get to the 'cajun pass',stateside.Well,,the 'north road' is in such bad...
  236. cj5orion

    OK,you guys! If ya dont hear from me by Monday morn...send the marines !!!!!!

    I'm in Gonzaga Bay,cooking some ribs and corn on the barb,drinkin a very GOOD margarita!Gonna sleep in the trailer tonite with AC ! (instead of parkin on the beach).Leaving for home (Pacific Beach),early AM,tomorrow. Got a "weak" clutch,no AC in the truck ! So,,,,I'm headin up to San...
  237. cj5orion

    border crossings...which one and why ? and do ya try to time your crossing ?

    just sort of a unofficial poll ! tj,otay,tecate,mexicalli ? ensanada to tecate ? san fellipi to tecate ? mexicalle "old crossing"..."new crossing" ? mex 1 to otay ? I'm kinda thinkin I'd like to try the san fellipi/tecate route,any thoughts ? ensenada/tecate or san fellipi/tecate ? curious ?
  238. cj5orion

    border crossing/food ????

    As many times as I've been down here,,,I've never brought much back to the states (regular food stuff),not fish ! You know,stuff like frozen,uncooked steak,some extra lunch meat,ketchup,mustard,egg whites in the carton,stuff like that ? fruits and veggies are a "care package" to the locals...
  239. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay...Free Trip ?

    Theres a possibility....around the 2nd or 3rd of July. Might need somebody to drive from San Diego,down here to Gonzaga,with a bunch of supplies,nothing illegal,just stuff. Truck/gas supplied,welcome to stay and 'party' on the fourth,and FISH ! My bud is comin down with friends on the...
  240. cj5orion

    Anybody got an old fishfinder they wanna get rid of ??? lost my transducer.

    its out in the bay somewhere ? The fisfinder itself,is an old one,replacement ttransducer unavailable. So,,,if anybody's got an old one they wanna get rid of ????
  241. cj5orion

    Thought you guys might like this !

    Written by an Australian Dentist To Kill an American You probably missed this in the rush of news, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper, an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American. So an Australian dentist wrote...
  242. cj5orion

    ! THIS IS BETTER THAN FISHIN !!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys wont believe this !!!!! I'm here in Gonzaga Bay,,,Rafeal,,,the local property owner,,,decided to ' ' 'level' the back forty....Well,,,that created so much DUST !,well,,,,its just too much to describe !!!!!! SO !!! ,,,,thru my contacs,,,Startin tomorrow,Saturday,,,,I'm gonna jump on a...
  243. cj5orion

    How do you guys store your tackle ????

    Gonzaga Bay ; I'm "re-doin / organizing our tackle storage in the garage and I'm lookin for ideas for a "good system"???? Probably got about 24 rods/reels,around 4 doz rapalas(deep divers to top water),2 doz krocs,2 doz topwater/feathers,2 doz jigs,all the swivels,leaders,line,weights,etc What...
  244. cj5orion

    any solar power 'experts' ?

    down in gonzaga bay,baja. havin some probs with the solar system (xantrex wm4024 series) I'm workin on em,trying to fiqure it out. what I'd like to there a way to bypass a lot of the system,hook the generator up to give the batteries a good charging ??? must be some simple little...
  245. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay

    hey,,,anybody heading down this way ? lost the transducer to my fishfinder in the prop wash I guess ? just a cheap little fishfinder from walmart,big five,anything ??????
  246. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay / Mulege

    Just talking to a guy this morning,he was in mulege over the weekend. the marlin and dorado were all over the waters ! thick as baitfish !!! Hope they come to Gonzaga ????? not much here right now,few sierra,bass,grouper,calico,
  247. cj5orion

    any computer/camera wizards ????

    Well,,,heres the deal.... here I am,down in Gonzaga Bay,We got the pc hooked up,got the camera,got the memory stick to upload pics so I could post em on BD ! When I insert the memory stick into the usb port,nothing happens ???? A 'neighbor' thinks that the stick is not compatable with windows...
  248. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay

    somethin rarely seen down here................clouds in the sky. 'projects' nearing completion,launching the boat....friday !!!!! TIME TO FISH !!!!! ps;besides a soft gloth,,,,whats good for 'cleaning' up the kroc lures ?
  249. cj5orion


    cant get this to work???? camera-sony cybershot m# dsc p-150 computer-windows 98 memory stick application driver download ? windows problem ? when I insert the memory stick,,,nothin happens ???? thought this was all 'automatic ?????
  250. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay "live" !!!!

    well,,made it down ! had a few probs,nothin serious will be posting pics sometime soon! its been windy down here
  251. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay ! I'll be there all this month !!!

    Leavin ASAP,[soon as i get all the crap together],comin back end of May! the weather is NICE right now. jus got back from a weekender and the road south of puertocitos is just about UNPASSABLE !!!! Never seen it so bad,what use to take 2 hours,now takes 5 !!!! the usual rocks and washboard,but...
  252. cj5orion

    Off to Gonzaga Bay !!!

    Leaving Sat. morn,,,, for about a week ? got a 'lil bit of work' to do at the garage.:smash: gonna try to get some fishin in,,,depends...:daman:,,,on the gods! The other guys are flyin back Tues,,,so I get a lil time to myself at the Palapa !!!! Jus me and the dog ! Gonna 'hang-out',soak a...
  253. cj5orion

    snake warning !

    Snakebites rising, tougher to treat To add insult to injury, Riverside County rattlers are state's most lethal, an expert says 11:03 PM PDT on Thursday, April 23, 2009 By MARK MUCKENFUSS The Press-Enterprise Doctors who treat rattlesnake bites in Southern California say they are seeing more...
  254. cj5orion

    nice tent trailers !

    Off Road Tent Trailers by Adventure Trailers I got an xtra trailer laying around,,,wonder if I could 'fab' something ??? be a great huntin rig !
  255. cj5orion

    SLO !!!!! pc,not much time ! Baja emergency !

    My truck wont make it ! OK,,, heres the deal ! my bud, ten+ years now,needs me in gonzaga bay,2t of may ! short trip,jus a few days,gotta do some 'work'. no birth certificate in hand !, passport ! he wants to fly me down,do the work,fly me back. driving is possible,,,but ,,,truck is a...
  256. cj5orion

    One GOOD weekend comin up !

    Nice weather ! Fishin kickin in ! BD barby ! Day at the Docks ! :hali_olutta:
  257. cj5orion

    OK,,,This oughta be interesting ! Turkey Huntin ?

    OK,,, "Gents",,,I know,,,I know,,,"get out there and do your homework,legwork",etc,etc.been there,done that BUT ! I'm just asking........ :idiot: I'm hoping to go up for an overnighter trip,hopefully find a good spot,maybe even find a roost!,truck camp,{thats truck bed camp,not camper,so...
  258. cj5orion

    No handyman "stuff" ? Building cost are down !!!

    Room additions can be had for as little as $117.50 sq. ft. + permit cost ! Big change from prerecession prices ! Crunched some #'s yesterday,{notin else doin},thought I'd pass it along. before the recession,,,prices were $200 to $250 sq. ft. ! :hali_parkutuli: need some turkey huntin $ ?
  259. cj5orion

    Handyman "stuff" {work is slow!}

    jus posting again,maybe somebody needs something done ? pretty slow around the farm. :hali_parkutuli: "lil resume " included below. THANX <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top>Bert Reissner 619-207-8967 [email protected] 1506 Loring St. Pacific...
  260. cj5orion

    any bd'rs familiar with 'special fire codes' ?

    I went to look at a house build yesterday,its from the Witch Creek Fire the other year.the homeowner is about to get his prints stamped to start work ! {maybe 2 months out}.He's interested about windows and doors that have a 'better' fire rating than 'normal',ie;wood burns,vinyl melts,etc...
  261. cj5orion

    YEEEHAAAAH ! might have a house to build !!!

    going out thurs. morn to talk to 'homeowner' about building {rebuilding} his house from the Witchcreek fire !!! {can ya imagine its been this long to rebuild !} If I get this build ????? Any BD subs and or laborers,,,,your in !!!!!! YIPPIE KI YAAAAAAAY !!!!!!!!!
  262. cj5orion

    anybody going TURKEY huntin?,rattlers are out !

    spring is here ! warm weather brought 'em out a lil early ! :eek:
  263. cj5orion

    kearny mesa permit office

    since this has come up several times,discussing projects with BD'rs. I thought I'd post this for general info.If your thinking of some 'fix-up' around the house ?,this will save ya a trip downtown !There are also 'e-line' permits available for 'simple' projects. :_portable <!-- Start Generic...
  264. cj5orion

    heard 'big 5' is shuttin down ?

    beer talk at the waterin hole,big 5 sports stores{all of em},is shuttin down to change ownership?
  265. cj5orion

    wheres 'lazquilon',got a job for him

    a 'homeowner' is looking for a licensed roofer for quote. kinda funny,,,a licensed general contractor wont work ! oh well....back to handyman stuff
  266. cj5orion

    Handyman "stuff" ????

    Well THANX to all who responded to my 'ad' last month ! :daman: Thought I'd repost,cause ,here I sit on the PC writin another 'ad',instead of workin !!!! The Baja trip to build a house is running into 'problems',as far as getting materials down there,{workin on it }!Man I cant wait for that...
  267. cj5orion

    Gonzaga Bay "laborers" ?

    Just wondering here ? I'm probably gonna go to Gonzaga to build a 2 bed/2bath/2 story "house" from the sand up. Any BD'rs want to come down and stay at the palapa{hot/cold running water,propane grill for cooking,fridge/freezer,solar/generator power},do some fishin,help out a lil,drink a lot ...
  268. cj5orion

    Just back from GONZAGA BAY !

    Spent a week down there.great time as usual ! :hali_olutta: fishing was really slow.damn net trawlers all over the place. weather was great,chilly winds though. They got the road paved to about 10 miles south of puertocitis,then back to the rocks! Rafeal is clearing and grading a bunch of...
  269. cj5orion

    Anybody need some HANDYMAN "stuff" done ?

    The Remodel biz is in the toilet for now. :_diarrhea_: So,,,I'm just looking for anything to get by on! The contractors board does not allow jobs over $600.00 without using my contractors license.So if ya got some handyman stuff/'honey-dos',,,I can give ya some real reasonable 'cost' on 'em ...
  270. cj5orion

    bd'rs licensed electricians?

    I'm doing a bid for a remodel for a homeowner in birdrock. need a 'estimate' for upgrading their panel box to a 200 amp service,will probably have to deal with sdge for site maps etc.
  271. cj5orion

    BD'rs helping BD'rs San Diego Builders Group

    shameless plug Remodels---Additions----any 'build' financing available #887941 bert or chris 858-605-1177
  272. cj5orion

    pop-up camper storage,'problem' ?

    got a chance to pick up a used camper ,but I got no where to store it? the regular warehouse/starage places are to pricey. being in pacific beach,I cant 'leave' it on the street. anybody got some suggestions/ideas ?{got an 'extra' back forty maybe}
  273. cj5orion

    not your usual xmas thought,but remodels/additions FINANCING AVAILABLE

    yep,,,FINANCING AVAILABLE !!!! for any remodel/addition/new construction and yes,,,the other BD'r Contractors will be 'consulted' for bids concerning their trades ! Please log on to the website and enter your contac info. San Diego Builders Group L # 887941...
  274. cj5orion

    darwin's theory of mankind todays version

    The Condensed Version of Human History: Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the summer and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the winter. The two most important events in...
  275. cj5orion

    rash update ! you 'aint' gonna believe it !!

    you guys might remember my post a few weeks ago about a unknown SEVERE itchy-burning,rash that developed ? 6 weeks of misery!sleepless nights ! 4 Dr. visits ! prescription drugs and steroids ! $500.00 {out of pocket } Had a unusually large itching flare up on tuesday morn.,no kiddin,the...
  276. cj5orion

    check out this guys pics ! theres some awesome pics here! most of 'em ,you can zoom in with no loss of detail. theres not many of 'local lands',but ?????? could be really usefull for mappin and/or scoutin !? some have degree markings and landmarks noted
  277. cj5orion

    any doctors here ?

    got a rash,itches like hell ! upper chest,throat,cheeks
  278. cj5orion


    just wondering if theres any BD 'rs that go to gonzaga bay ? I've been going for about 5 years now,to my buds paylpa. looks like I'll be going soon for an extended stay building a 'garage' for his new boat. We're down south of the "never opening" restaurant about 4 palypa's kind of in the middle...
  279. cj5orion

    WU props / BD 'rs

    wondering how many bd'rs hunt the wu props in the valley ? what props ya hunt/fav. blind? myself,,,2nd year walts,hazard,tamarack/blinds?,still workin on it how'd ya fare on da birds?
  280. cj5orion

    laptop dropped,screen shot,xtra monitor doesnt work properly ?

    everything else is fine. plugged in a extra moniter,works ok for normal pc stuff. displays my pics but not my videos???? videos play with sound,but no picture? anybody got ideas?
  281. cj5orion

    waterfowlers ?how'd ya do?

    couldnt make the opener ! how d everybody do ? anybody shoot any WU props ?
  282. cj5orion


    for 'peta'
  283. cj5orion

    need a replacement laptop !

    anybody gat a laptop pc they want to get rid of ????
  284. cj5orion

    '94? Lance cabover camper $ ?

    exact year,make,model tomorrow,pics if I can borrow a camera. But its a Lance cabover,3/4 ton,its for sale,the owner wants to sell it fast "make me an offer" he says.Whats it worth ? Would anybody be interested in this? {I dont have the truck for it}
  285. cj5orion

    Remodels...Additions...? San Diego area

    Wrong time of year BUT !!! The Banks are really tough on home improvement loans and thats lost the company our only jobs right now.So we're looking for some work. Any type of remodel/addition/build IF ? anyone is interested ? I will supply all the references,etc that you need.Plans,permits,etc
  286. cj5orion

    question about muley's in CNF ?

    for all the deer hunters down here in san diego... when does the local herd of muleys start to velvet and/or get their 'racks' ???
  287. cj5orion

    hotel/motel rates,IV ?

    No way I'm going to truck bed camp in that heat/humidity !!! any REASONABLE hotel/motels around the Salton?
  288. cj5orion

    wheres the euros ????

    limited out by 830 am with dove.NO EUROS ! always heard the euros liked structures and such,so I hunted this abandoned farm off of Bonds Rd.plenty of dove,but no euros ? If somebody here finds some euros....share the glory !!!!
  289. cj5orion

    Contractors-Homeowners? work wanted !

    I've been working for a custom home builder/remodeler here in Pacific Beach,but keep getting 'laid-off' for lack of jobs !This time at least untill spring,09! So,if your a Contractor looking for a 'good' tradesman or if your a Homeowner and need some 'handyman' work? Give me an email...
  290. cj5orion

    steel shot for doves????say it aint so!!!!

    pray to the hunt gods!!!!!!!!! i've heard nasty rumors about this????? wilderness unlimited has already started this on their props. looking thru the current dfg regs i cant find anything! anybody ?????