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    Cabo Giant 272lb Cow Tuna . Usual Suspects . Captain Jaime Gonzalez On the Porque No!!!

    What can I say . I put in 3&1/2 hrs on the reel and we got this almost super cow close but it took a death dive and ran 900-1,000ft to its funeral. It took us an hour to raise the dead weight up but we got it 72 degree blue water , lazy swells and sunny sky’s.
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    Cabo San Lucas 1/17 . Tuna, dorado , Marlin.....

    Wind was blowing from the north so we left early on captain Jaimes call. We needed an early bite and we got it. 140lb yellowfin fought like a really big fish for two hours. We picked up a nice dorado while casting at tailing marlins and got a nice stripe on the way in. We’re targeting tuna and...
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    Cabo San Lucas 1/16 on The Por Que No

    Captain Jaime Gonzalez Jr nice 73 degree Water two nice tunas today for Ben Siewert front Austin Texas . A 50lb followed by a 177lb hog. Beatiful day and lots of fun.
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    Cabo golden gate 1/12 Report

    We went looking for Tuna but the porpoise and tuna never showed. We were catching mackerel for bait and fly lined them for 8 stripe marlin. 2 double hook ups. We had four hooked that were savvy enough to spit the hook. So dorado showed on a bouy and we stuck two .great day on the water. 74...
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    Tuna time Cabo San Lucas

    244 and it fought like a bigger fish . It kicked my ass and was a true team effort. Jaime had his hands full trying to tell me and Jorge what to do but we got it in. We stuck to jaimes plan and it worked off. Patience is the key
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    Jan 13th Cabo report w/Jaime Gonzalez

    Boat. Porque No water temp 74 degree blue water , calm flat seas. we had Bill and Bruce onboard today for some Tuna action chasing porpoise all day. We ended up with 8 footballs , a couple bigger ones, a really nice bull dorado andan arm busting silky shark for Bill. There was a lot of fun...
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    Dec 5th Schools of spinners and schools of Tuna, Cabo San Lucas....

    Weather this week has been incredible. Decent sea and nice breeze on the Cortez and the Pacific. Flying the kite with the yummy flyer or live bait produced a nice fatty Thursday along with the typical 25-40lb suspects. These tuna never fail to amaze me with their ball busting strength. I was...
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    Cabo San Lucas Dec 2nd . Nice Tunas & Snowy Grouper

    Beautiful weather here and things are getting back to normal on the water after the latest round of rainstorms. Usual Suspects having a blast on the open ocean. We got a couple 25-30lb tunas chasing the spinner dolphins and we hung this nice 140lb on light tackle (60lb) test Butt kicker . Also...
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    Good enough for two reports...Jaime GonzalezJr wins Pelagic Rockstar Tuna Nov 3rd in Cabo San Lucas

    Fishing on a new panga with 3 generations of knowledge and other friends experience as well (Danny) . The good guys win on the Panga Porque No!!!!!!
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    Jaime Gonzalez Jr Wins Pelagic Rockstar Tuna Tournament Nov 3rd

    It couldn’t happen to a better man. Truly biblical story of being at the bottom and rising up. He’s one of the best!! #1 pelagic rockstar !!!!!!! He still has the Jessica but is running a newer bigger panga The Porque No?
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    10/4 good buddy...Cabo Marlin and Dorado....

    Nice day on the Pacific produced 6 keeper Dorado, 6 released Dorado, and two for three on Striped Marlin. We fished on the Lolita tambien with Jaime G. The Jessica is in the water awaiting electronics and welding the T Top in place.
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    Cabo rediculousness. Big time Tuna with Jaime Gonzalez

    im in awe of the versatility and professionalism at fishing here. I’ll just say that Danny, Damian, and of course Jaime . It’s a love affair with the sea
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    Big Tuna Success In Cabo 9/10 With Jaime

    On the spinner dolphins. We got into a mackerel bait feeding frenzy. Insane
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    Loreto 8/13 report....

    I just fished two days with two different charter panga companies and I was very pleased with one of them. I recommend Mijito sportfishing and Captain Juan. He’s got good tackle, a clean machine and he’s punctual and speaks English. Those things are important 2nd to the fishing and we had a...
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    I caught all these fish with Jaime On the Jessica in the last 7 months.....

    He needs your help with charters. My buddy Ben was along for these snappers in June. Ridiculous. People on the dock ask you what the fuck is that? It’s a snapper .......there’s 50lbs out there . We brokenem off trying
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    I need some help and advice...Buying a boat in Mexico???

    i have my temporary residency in Mexico. I have a Mexican bank account . What would be my concerns when purchasing a preowned boat and purchasing brand new outboard motors? I’ve thought of this a lot but I wanted to hear any opinion or advice I could get? Thank you.
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    Reef Donkey Show on the Jessica in Cabo 6/12

    Yesterday the star of the show we’re the giant Amberjacks that wore me out before 8am. Captain Jaime knows the right bait, the right technique, and when the fish cooperate it puts on a show that few other anglers in Cabo get to see or know about. Even though fifty boats drove right by as we...
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    Cabo Happy Happy Hour 6/4 ....

    we fished Tuesday evening into the early night. We were back in the marina by 9pm. The bite was absolutely electric. Roosters were making explosions , snappers were competing for dinner. I haven’t seen so much violent top water action . This at times was 3 for 1 happy hour. With numerous fish...
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    Rooster & Snappers in Cabo June 2nd

    We listened to captain Jaimes advice as always and we weren’t disappointed today. Jaime had told us to wait and work the afternoon bite and it was the right decision. Within 5 minutes the water behind the boat Jessica was lit up with some pissed off Roosters , What a fun day of exciting topwater...
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    Cabo 1:2 day. ... stomach is happy

    boat : Jessica Groupers
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    Key West Report May 9th &10th... Great Fishing

    I fished out of Hurricane Hole May 9th and 10th with Captian Chuck Donney on the Charter. Chuck is a blast to fish with and really put me on the fish this trip. The first day we caught 8 sailfish. The sails were migrating and surfing the waves following the bonitas. What's...
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    Crushed a half day trip today in Cabo 3/31...

    2 big amberjacks right out of the gate, first thing this morning . They were bigger donkeys this time. Sea lions moved in and shut down a really good bite. Jaime on the Jessica had a plan and we worked it hard. 8 boats in the area didn’t catch a fish. We ended up jigging for 7 Bonita’s and moved...
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    Marlin and Snapper Bite Going Strong in Cabo 3/28

    we ran out to the Golden Gate Thursday and there were around 25 boats. The bite was on for striped marlin . We saw multiple hookups and double hookups. We wanted to catch live mackerels for snapper fishing and making bait was pretty easy. We loaded up and weren’t disappointed when we got to the...
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    Inshore Cabo is Damn Good—-amberjacks and groupers

    We had a decent day with three amberjacks, 3 groupers and six bonitas . Had a grouper and an amberjack break us off as well. Cabo 3/26 . Hopefully we’ll go out for snappers tonight
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    Big Snappers In Cabo

    On the Jessica with Jaime .
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    Fat Tuesday 3/5 Cabo report ——rediculous

    I fished with Jaime on the Jessica yesterday 3/5. The fishing was insane . We fished snappers off the beach in the morning and got 4 nice fish. Then we headed to the Golef Gate for bait and a shot at Marlin. All the big $500,000 plus boats were out there and no one had bait. After not giving up...
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    Fishing with Jaime and crushed yellowfins and big yellowtails

    Just this past week we fished a few days and had 8 big yellofins on day and a marlin. Another day the big yellotails kick my ass. We got three easily over 30lbs each. I brought home a lot of meat and Jaime got quite a bit to keep as well. We caught an assortment of other bottom fish as well. I...