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  1. Quan

    Alaskan Motel Westport

    Damn, I loved staying at that place. Casey and fam were awesome and so accommodating. Sure is a shame... pouring one out for the Alaskan. :hali_olutta:
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    Baker Lake Charter Recommendation

    Appreciate it, guys. Looks like my coworker had already found Cal and he was already fully booked. =(
  3. Quan

    Baker Lake Charter Recommendation

    Sup y'all. I have a coworker that is looking to fill a boat with four fishermen from July 26-28 at Baker Lake for Sockeye. He apparently does it every year with his nephew and some friends but the guy he usually goes with shut it down this year. If anyone knows a good guy or perhaps even...
  4. Quan

    Porta porty

    Like everyone else says, go with the bucket with a toilet seat cover. Porta-potties are a pain in the ass. We owned an expensive West Marine porta-potties. Installed them so they looked all perdy and stuff. Used it once and did the cleaning and thought "This sure sucks shit...." They're just...
  5. Quan

    Piggy Lingcod

    Nice! Get a length measurement on it?
  6. Quan

    Tuna (live bait) rod recommendation

    I really love my Calstar Grafighter 800Ls (8ft because I have a swim step + outboard). Looks like they're retailing for $280+ but when I got them, they were retailing for $245 and Baja Fish Gear gave me a deal for $192 each. Maybe you can find a deal on them like I did.
  7. Quan

    Enertia Eco's on heavy alum monohull w/ F300s?

    I'm the one who wrote up and did the testing in the BD post you linked. Not sure I have much to add outside of what I wrote in that post, but if you have any questions, let me know. Good luck on your search!
  8. Quan

    No floaters!

    Thanks for the link. That was really helpful- sharing with all of my crew. I got 12/12!
  9. Quan

    No floaters!

    I was scoopin' up floaters from other boats the past couple weeks and descending them. Probably descended 8 floaters I found. Descended a few yelloweyes of my own. Super easy to do with an electric reel. My buddy screwed up and lost a seaqualizer and I ended up having to buy another at Big...
  10. Quan

    Boccaccio rock fish

    Very much so! Though I'm like half the person I used to be.... literally. Locked and loaded to slay the whitefish in La Push next week. ;)
  11. Quan

    Boccaccio rock fish

    They are a bit softer meat when raw, kinda like how Cabezon meat is kinda soft/slimy. Cooked up, it's like any other white fish really. I've never had one with worms in the flesh yet but that seems to be random with any fish. Pretty low meat yield for how big of a fish they seem to be.
  12. Quan

    Customer Appreciation Day at LFS Bellingham

    LFS Bellingham is awesome. I do miss Zack and Ernie running the fishing area, though...
  13. Quan

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Glad you're okay, man. Recover well. And thank you so much for sharing your story as I know so many lives could be saved if we just got out of our own damn way. Fairly certain my mother would still be with us if she wasn't as stubborn as she was and took action like you did.
  14. Quan

    Defiance 220ex repower

    I have a Honda 250 on mine. I do not stand in water with 4 of us loaded down with ice and tuna. I love my 220ex with a Honda 250. My 2 cents. I can give you more pennies if you're interested.
  15. Quan

    ***FREE*** Descender Devices!

    Dunno why you couldn't just google it... but, here ya go. This is the best one, highly recommended. SeaQualizer These work but can be frustrating. Shelton Fish Descender Sent you an email too. I applaud you for trying to help in the preservation of our fisheries.
  16. Quan

    Truck Questions

    I have a 2016 6.0L Powerstroke and had the EGR problem and subsequently deleted it. Eventually, my turbo uptake cracked and had to be replaced too, but other than that, it has been super solid. I definitely think Diesel is the way to go. I've heard there were more issues with the 2014-15 6.0s...
  17. Quan

    Retort Bags - 8oz 1000pack

    Nope, still gotta regularly vacuum pack the rest of my catch and hunt harvest! You're not the first to ask, though...
  18. Quan

    Swimstep Ladder - Garelick 3 Step Platform Ladder 19643

    Selling a Garelick 3 Step Platform Ladder. Bought it when I bought my boat and turns out I didn't really need it. Brand new still in packaging. Bought it for $122. Asking $75.
  19. Quan

    Retort Bags - 8oz 1000pack

    Selling an almost 1000 pack of Vacupack 8oz Retort Bags. I think I used maybe 90? Also a handful of 4oz sample bags included. Ended up not really enjoying canned tuna, would rather eat it fresh...
  20. Quan

    Halibut 2019

    Oh, cool. Well thanks for putting in your hard work and representing us! We need more people like you. :cheers:
  21. Quan

    Halibut 2019

    Where'd you get this info? Seems much earlier than usual. Also, that's a big change on Canary...
  22. Quan

    Boat Pictures

    My Journey. :finger:
  23. Quan

    Zufish Tuna run 9/15

    She had it on a 6:1 Avet JX mounted to a Trevala 5'8" XXH but caught it on a big hammer swimbait on a 2.5oz shad jighead with a 7/0 hook. I use that rod setup double duty for offshore Halibut and a swimbait troll rod. Thanks for the insight, everyone. Now that everyone mentioned it, it did...
  24. Quan

    Zufish Tuna run 9/15

    What do you do once you refuse it? Our bait was total crap. Worst bait I've ever seen... almost all red nosed and a large percentage dead before they were even dumped. By the time we got to fishing, over half the bait was dead. Several of the dead ones had no eyes and one even had no fuckin'...
  25. Quan

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Holy shit. Humbling for sure... Good work and glad everyone was okay.
  26. Quan

    Zufish Tuna run 9/15

    Thanks for the report! I wonder if you were the guys responding to my radio checks through the morning, radio was fuckin' silent all day. We were near you. Spotted jumpers at 31/07 and got into two hogs, trolled toward WP for the rest of the day and converted two bait stops. First one we got...
  27. Quan

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Sorry to hear, Mojo. My thoughts are with you, brother.
  28. Quan

    SOS......Can Anyone find the Xtaero Cigar video?

    haha, just rewatched that shit. So fuckin' awkward, contrived, and obviously scripted. The incessant forced cigar puffing and unnecessary proclamation of going to drink expensive 17 year scotch (Belvini) afterward had me rollin'. This shit brightened my morning up, thanks Eric! LOL
  29. Quan

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Hawksbeard will be out there Saturday on 68. :finger:
  30. Quan

    Sugar-free smoked salmon

    I found this when I searched for the same question. It's not exactly what you're looking for but it gives some insight. I think at the end of the day, what the data is telling you is that sugar barely penetrates and is likely negligible...
  31. Quan

    EGR Delete

    My head gasket blew because of an EGR overheat. Classic 6.0L issue. I deleted and I'm very happy about it. Matt at Northwest Custom Diesel specializes in Powerstrokes and saved my ass when my head gasket blew. He knew exactly what to do with my truck and fixed it for a fraction of the cost...
  32. Quan

    Pipe jig hook location

    I like to set the hook as low as possible while leaving the hook point above the bottom of the pipe to keep from snagging. This means the belly of my hooks are just below the bottom of the jig. This also ensures the hook is low enough that it doesn't swing back up and grab your main line on...
  33. Quan

    Coonstripe Info

    Hey, pet food must be edible for human consumption by law, right?! I actually have had this thought... and it's why I only eat them whole if I catch 'em with my dip net at certain clean docks, thus the "traditional methods" comment.
  34. Quan

    Coonstripe Info

    Coonstripe are fuckin' tasty. Sautee the whole damn shrimp- head, shell, and all in plenty of scalding hot garlic butter and some salt and pepper and the shell becomes crunchy and crispy. Eat the things whole, they're buttery, savory, crispy, meaty, shrimp morsels.... but careful with the...
  35. Quan

    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    For the May opener, my wife was practicing her knife skills on one of our first lings.... couldn't let any of that meat go to waste. There was enough for fish tacos for 5! I love keeping collars (remember to bring a cleaver!) whenever I can but when you catch as many as you do out on the...
  36. Quan

    Intersting Math

    Since Friday was basically shut down (I heard of very few boats that went out and even fewer that caught Halibut- I went out, and got skunked on Hali) and we can assume that the 581 anglers is split across two days.... so that's 290ish anglers per day. So at worst, they're saying we essentially...
  37. Quan

    San Juan island boating ban

    When all WA boaters went to the Seattle Aquarium years back to speak at the public forum on this topic and shut this shit down, I remember the two NOAA ladies throwing their hands up and more or less saying "well... we were hired to protect Orca Whales and this is us trying to protect them." In...
  38. Quan

    Rod storage options

    I use these. They work great and I think these are well worth the money- especially considering the materials and time it takes to DIY. They go together very easily, super lightweight, small footprint, and well built.
  39. Quan

    Value rods and reels

    Penn Squalls are pretty decent lever drag conventionals for a good price. I own two. I've heard good things about the new Okuma Metaloids too.
  40. Quan

    Looking for test props to borrow

    Whether lowering the engines a hole or two will help is beyond me. Each boat hull and weight distribution is unique and there's no way I could know how that'll effect yours. Cavitation, intuitively at least, happens when your motor/prop is crankin' harder than the water can handle moving your...
  41. Quan

    Looking for test props to borrow

    Here's my thread on props. It is a LONG read but together, the BD bros and I discovered a LOT of cool stuff with propeller science. Here's a link to the middle of the thread where I discovered the RPM / Max Speed / Slippage / etc formula. Here's the link to the results of my prop testing. I...
  42. Quan

    Halibut dates are out.....

    Am I reading this right? We went from a 3 day opener last year to 11 days for the North Coast?
  43. Quan

    Another tragic example - wear a PFD.

    Great points. Can never be too safe and it really just ain't that hard a thing to do.
  44. Quan

    Another tragic example - wear a PFD.

    A humble reminder. Thanks for posting. It does beg the question, though... do those with pilothouses really wear the lanyard? I don't... if I'm somehow getting tossed out of my PH, I think I'd have bigger issues.
  45. Quan

    Be like Vance

    Gotcha. I didn't realize he did it for you. That's awesome. I fuckin' hate putting up lights and they don't look half as good.
  46. Quan

    Minimum age for tuna fishing

    The age at which they can tie a san diego jam and tall enough to reach over the bait tank and collar hook a chovie. ;)
  47. Quan

    Be like Vance

    But it's.... October....
  48. Quan

    Avet reel difference???

    I'd venture to guess the majority are. I personally run 50lb braid on all 9 of my Avets. For Lingcod/Halibut, I just run straight braid. Once tuna/salmon starts up, I just throw some topshot on them.
  49. Quan

    Avet reel difference???

    Damn, you went big! Is the NH for the Neptune's Heart color? When did they release the updated G2 line? Seems like some good upgrades.
  50. Quan

    Cloro service

    Ripcharts doesn't let you overlay temp lines on a chloro chart unless I just don't know how to do it. It's something I'd really like to have... For now, I just download or screenshot both and use my "distance markers" as my marker.
  51. Quan

    Thank you to all!

    My only two non-Avet conventionals at this point are two Penn Squall 30LDs which are lever drag and for a similar price. Pretty nice reels so far. I still very much prefer the build and quality of the Avets. I also know after one season, they did not hold up as well to the salt as my Avets...
  52. Quan

    Thank you to all!

    When I started my Avet collection, I got two MXLs for Christmas from the in-laws.... December ain't that far off.... just sayin'.... ;)
  53. Quan

    Thank you to all!

    Only two? Where's the rest? ;)
  54. Quan


    John, please do not speak for me. I planned on saying my peace and staying out of it- letting people form their opinions after seeing my perspective, but you put words in my mouth and I feel it needs to be addressed. I absolutely do not think white people are the only ones who are prejudice...
  55. Quan


    John, I appreciate your thoughts and input and agree with many of them. I agree they could've found a better venue or even just took a better approach. Make your statement outside of the anthem... don't show up on the field for the first play and take a delay of game, etc. All of that...
  56. Quan


    I am American. I was born in Tacoma, WA. I speak perfect English. I am a college graduate. I am a Mechanical Engineer. I am a human. But my skin is not white. How many of you have been grilled for over an hour about where you were born and damn near arrested by Border Patrol while on someone...
  57. Quan

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    On a different note, I know it's a running joke at the moment to make fun of people who are afraid of crossing the WP bar but I have real concerns about crossing on Sunday. I crossed on 9/10 on an almost identical forecast and tide exchange at about 2 hours before the max ebb current and that...
  58. Quan

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Appreciate the advice. I have done a variation of this (namely in fishing two days in a row) and got some good intel from the charters, @MarkColeman, and also several BD bros. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get to WP until late due to some scheduling conflicts. I always bring my laptop and...
  59. Quan

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Thanks, Goat. :720icon:
  60. Quan

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    haha, Kim, I appreciate the help here... but I was asking about whether it's against terms and conditions or just etiquette to post Ripcharts charts online without their permission.
  61. Quan

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Anyone know the protocol on sharing screenshots from pay sites like Ripcharts? I'd love to bounce my game plan off of some of your more experienced guys.
  62. Quan

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Hopefully the flotilla on Saturday gets some numbers for those of us going on Sunday. I've gotten more or less skunked 3 trips in a row and lookin' to load the freezer up on this last hurrah. 2 of those 3 trips we missed the fish by less than 5 miles. :hali_parkutuli: I've done hard...
  63. Quan

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    I'm thinking of Sunday.
  64. Quan

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    It was just a roll call thread. Since that day is over, it ain't a bad place to chat about some of the ongoings of the day it was originally posted for. I learned something from it. Hopefully others did too. On to the Saturday roll call thread! Tight lines all!
  65. Quan

    Avet reel difference???

    Maybe he's broke from buying such a nice boat. :frehya2: Yeah, colors are one of the cool things about Avets, imo. I have two silver JXs for my 6:1 reels that I use for yo yo rigs and surface irons, 2 gold 4.6:1 JXs for troll rods, one black 4.6:1 JX for my shotgun rod, and 4 blue SXs for my...
  66. Quan

    Avet reel difference???

    All Avets are of the same parts quality though when you get into the EX models and above you get a few extra features that are appropriate to the bigger reels. Raptor (dual drag washer, thus twice the drag output), 2-speed, and MC (Magic Cast) can be added features on most of their reels. The...
  67. Quan

    Tuna Map, 9/10 Coastwatch

    I'm far from the most experienced on this board but my take is that chloro matters a lot. In previous years, the chloro breaks were in closer and coinciding with cooler temp breaks. This year, the blue water doesn't happen until way far out and so then the temp breaks that we're looking at are...
  68. Quan

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    Looks like it depends on the tank. I'd say 20% is super conservative from those posts as many have run their tanks dry or almost dry. Still not a bad rule to keep in mind.
  69. Quan

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    I appreciate the advice. Like I said, I've never heard of the concept. Good to know. I have always gone by the 1/3rd out, 1/3rd in, 1/3rd reserve which doesn't seem to hold up as very safe advice if 20% of your tank is unusable. Just to be clear, my original game plan was to be back in on 65...
  70. Quan

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    Huh, I've never heard of a 20% unusable gas rule. Is that because the fuel pick up or sloshing or something? Seems terribly inefficient. Maybe even an archaic rule? I could've made it back with much better mileage but I was pushing 40mph on the way in to save time knowing we had a long drive...
  71. Quan

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    100 gallons
  72. Quan

    Westport 9/10

    Nice report. Great to see the brotherhood helping each other out once again. I think you may have passed me out there. I decided to stop at about 70 miles due to fuel concerns.... Looks like I shoulda kept going.
  73. Quan

    Crossing the Grays harbor bar

    The tidal conditions look pretty similar on the 23rd as they did yesterday. The max ebb current was -2.89 kts at 7:42am on a 7.6ft tide exchange. Swells were forecasted at 5ft @ 13 seconds, 10kt winds wind waves 1ft or less. On the 23rd, the max ebb current is -2.78 kts at 7:06am with a...
  74. Quan

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    Well what were the numbers? 8-) Last week it was wide open at 46/34. Like I said above, we started at 51/30 and buzzed to 46/34 and started trolling S/SE and then eventually back toward WP where we finally got our single troll fish. I think we were about 41/21 by the time we caught our...
  75. Quan

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    Well why the hell didn't you say something?!
  76. Quan

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    Damn, we ran 70sm to 51/34... 66 degree water, no signs of life anywhere. Scooted down SE for a good 10 miles looking for jumpers... No signs of life... All the boats around us reporting the same. Eventually got to 69.4 degree gorgeous blue water on a troll and still no signs of life! But we...
  77. Quan

    Westport Tuna run Sunday

    We'll be out there! Monitoring 68.
  78. Quan

    Westport Tuna 9/8

    So just straight west? Nice. I'm going on Sunday, hope I can find 'em. Thanks for the report.
  79. Quan

    Securing Lures While Underway - Tuna

    More great suggestions. I like the one where you wrap it around the reel and back to the guide for when I'm already out on the grounds. I've tried the rubberbands but I hate when you get on board and they end up all being rotted out then you're SOL. Also sucks because they always end up being...
  80. Quan

    Securing Lures While Underway - Tuna

    Thanks for the input, guys. I think I might try those Shimano jig wraps. I'm not a big fan of adding the reel clamps since they seem superfluous for how I use my rods. The zip tie idea looks like a good one, I may try that while I wait for the wraps to get here. Thanks, Will, for the...
  81. Quan

    Securing Lures While Underway - Tuna

    So I've struggled with how to secure lures and hooks while underway. I usually have to stop 3 to 4 times and untangle a mess after a yoyo jig or Xrap comes loose and starts flying around. I tighten all my drags as I put them in the rocket launchers at the dock but something always seems to...
  82. Quan

    Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    Rosco snaps?
  83. Quan

    Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    Yeah, CF is exactly who I got the Jinkai koolaid from. Never again! Already switched my topshot back to cheap ass Berkley Trilene Big Game 30lb which is what I used before. I may consider your advice in going to 40lb after this weekend's debacle. Sucks to spend all that time, money, and...
  84. Quan

    Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    It may or may not have had something to do with trying to forget the prior day's skunk and a handle of bourbon....
  85. Quan

    Westport Tuna 9-2 and 9-3

    Headed out both days. Got bait at 4:30am with not a single other boat in sight (not even at the launch, was kinda eery). Went 61sm from the tip of the jetty on a 243° to get to 30/18 and found 65 degree water but it still wasn't very blue. The chloro was supposed to clear up west of us and...
  86. Quan

    The new Raymarine M-232 FLIR on the Lumacat

    Nice! Also, second time I've seen it. Why do you have a for sale sign on your boat?
  87. Quan

    West Port Tuna 8-15 and 8-16

    ha, you actually posted a wife pic. Mah man. Is that Cherry Point?
  88. Quan

    8/16 WP tuna run

    Thanks, Erica. Good to know. I still have yet to get out there. =( I don't know what the deal is with Ripcharts but I can't get my overlays to work so I can't see Chloro and Temp at the same time. This new format is not workin' so hot for me. Also, I don't see any units for Chlorophyll...
  89. Quan

    8/16 WP tuna run

    Lookin' at Ripcharts, it seems there is a pretty nice 61°F break much closer in. Looks like all the reports, people are shooting way past it and getting into the mid-60°F water. Any reason for this? Are there no fish at the break?
  90. Quan

    Seen a ghost?

    Good to see you around again, brother. :finger:
  91. Quan

    Electric over Hydraulic brake actuators

    I'm looking to replace my brakes with EOH probably next week. Eastern Marine has a 10% off sale right now so I'm looking to buy a Carlisle HYDRASTAR. Their 1000psi, 1200psi, and 1600psi conversion kits all cost the same... anyone know how to tell what pressure I need? @goatram ? I have an EZ...
  92. Quan

    Navionics chart unreliable?

    I dunno, I've run Navionics Platinum+ for the past two years out of La Push and they're pretty hit or miss. From my experience, they kinda got it down as to the general location of the "tip" of the pinnacle and then seem to just kinda guess on the actual shape. Most of the pinnacles look more...
  93. Quan

    Fishing, relaxing, enjoying, zen

    Good shit, Travis. I enjoyed the drunken phone call while you guys were down there. Was good to hear from you. Wish I coulda joined. ;)
  94. Quan

    Powerstroke Mechanic

    Matt at NW Custom Diesel in Tacoma is a Powerstroke specialist and has done excellent work for the best prices by far and has done it quickly every time for my Powerstroke. He's so good, I towed my truck down from Bellingham when the EGR blew and drove it down when I had to have my turbo uptake...
  95. Quan

    Drowning explained

    Very timely post especially with this just happening earlier this month in Finland. Warning: Graphic and very disturbing watch.... it may not look like it to you, but the boy starts drowning almost immediately. Before getting angry at how many people surrounded him and did nothing as he...
  96. Quan


    I randomly caught one in Silver Lake a couple weekends ago while puttin' around in my inflatable tender. Lil' far for you, though.... =P GL finding 'em!
  97. Quan

    10-year fishing moratorium in San Juans

    Yup. Check this out..... According to this Jan 2017 study: Link Here " Between 1970 and 2015, we estimate that the annual biomass of Chinook salmon consumed by pinnipeds has increased from 150k to 1.38 million pounds. Converting juvenile Chinook salmon into adult equivalents, we found that by...
  98. Quan

    Descending devices

    Agreed, I bought both a few years back and the Seaqualizer is well worth the $50. It really isn't that expensive when you think of all the other things we spend on. I hook mine up to a single downrigger on the boat with a 12lb ball. Gets them down fast!
  99. Quan

    Made in Washington USA Coolers

    They look pretty nice. $300 for the 70qt. Rtic coolers are $200 for their 65qt for comparison. Strange that both Rtic and Kong only offer smallish coolers for their top end size. I personally wouldn't want anything less than 100 qt I personally am happy with my $70 100qt Coleman Xtreme that...
  100. Quan

    Shrimp ID

    Ah, cool! Lebbeus groenlandicus (Spiny Lebbeid or Spiny Lebbeid Shrimp)
  101. Quan

    Shrimp ID

    That's a cool lookin' shrimp! I've tried my best Google sleuthing and haven't come up with anything. Googling Horned and Dragon Shrimp didn't return results that matched yours.... How'd it taste? :rolleyes:
  102. Quan

    La Push: Graveyard of the Pacific?

    Agreed. The bar restrictions being output by whoever is in charge in La Push are absolutely ridiculous. Something needs to be done. The fishing community, the town of La Push, and the safety of fishermen are at stake. Having an unnecessary bar restriction upgrade across one of the smallest...
  103. Quan

    Area 7

    Hey, Andy. Thanks for the heads up. Also, welcome to BD!
  104. Quan

    Another good day

    Nice catch! The fish and shrimp are nice too.
  105. Quan

    Guemes Channel pleasure cruise in a wind storm.

    Here's your answer.
  106. Quan

    Ok, time to contribute more than lion hunting stories

    Congrats! That looks a lot like my first boat, 17ft Lund ProSport. I killed a lot of damn sea life on that boat. You're gonna love it.
  107. Quan


    Nice catch! Those things fight hard. We actually caught one of similar size this past weekend out of La Push. Just made some of my best fish tacos out of it last night. Wonder if we just ate a world record too...
  108. Quan

    Rocna anchors

    I did a bunch of research and landed on a Rocna 10 (10 stands for 10kg or 22lb). That thing grabs quick and doesn't let go. I also considered Manson Supreme which looks like a very similar design. For Halibut, though, I'd never use my Rocna for fear of snagging it on a rock and losing it...
  109. Quan

    Tunes off shore

    Spotify is the shit. I've been using it forever. If you get the subscription, you can download songs and listen offline. You can also set up playlists and save albums and play them in any order you want. Worth it to me.
  110. Quan

    Lapush roll call

    My Hawksbeard and I will be out there Wednesday thru Sunday for both weeks. Slip C21, staying in the cabins.
  111. Quan

    Breakaway anchor

    I do the same thing that Wild Bill has pictured and it has worked well for me.
  112. Quan

    Pipe Jigs in shallow water

    I've tried pipes in shallower water mostly without much luck. I had one instance where I did well and it was because I found a pinnacle in Canadian waters that had very high fish density reminiscent of our offshore fishery. My guess is that pipe jigs kinda suck as a lure on a relative scale...
  113. Quan

    Penn Squall 2 speed or ? for deep hali (help me spend money)

    I bought two Penn Squall 30LDs last year to put on two 7' Ugly Stik Tiger Rods to run in the troll spread on the gunnel rod holders over top the short corners. The rest of my troll spread consists of Avet JXs (4) on 5.5 footers and I have 4 Avet MXJs for my 8' Calstar Grafighter live bait rods...
  114. Quan

    Fun Stuff - your fishing name

    This is rigged... I got Sharky Shortstick.
  115. Quan

    Construction around Lake Crescent on Hwy 101

    Well ain't that some shit. Wonder if they considered waiting a couple weeks to get past the Halibut openers... they gotta know about that, right?
  116. Quan

    I got erected...

    That's awesome, man. I've wanted to do this for a long time. Do you know if those count as "permanent structure" thus need to be held back from the property line? Also, mind my asking where ya got it and what it cost ya? Could PM me if you like.
  117. Quan

    50% off offshore automatic inflatable life jacket - Today Only

    Thanks, Mike. I know a couple guys that want one of these for my boat this upcoming season.
  118. Quan

    Brazilian Seafood Stew

    I hate (read: love) that you always post these first thing in the morning. I don't typically eat breakfast and when I see these, all I can think about is lunch for the next 4 hours!!
  119. Quan

    Best tool/method to cut fiberglass for electrical panels etc.

    I used a drill bit for the corners and a diamond jigsaw blade when I did my cutting. Worked perfectly. Stole it straight from my work's fiberglass shop. Looked something like this.
  120. Quan

    I've got 99 problems.....

    That's nuts. I've been running the same rule cartridge pump for 3 years now and haven't replaced it once (knock on wood).... I use my bait tank pretty much no matter what I'm fishing too, Hali offshore, Lings in the PS, salmon, crab, albies, you name it.... Hopefully the new pump works for...
  121. Quan

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    Risserization! Jerry brings up a good point. Once you go self bailing deck, you won't go back.
  122. Quan

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    As already stated, some great discussion in this thread. And as Justin (JC) and Geoff (Hewes OP) said, the aluminum hull is much more adept at beaching, I agree. It was something I considered as well as much as I camp in the SJIs. For me, the decision came down to this.... If I'm spending...
  123. Quan

    Short distance two-way headsets

    I own a set of these and they work well.
  124. Quan

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    In response to these two guys above, another benefit to buying new for me was that you get to finance a lot of these upgrades. It sounds all gravy to buy a boat for $50k and then add $20k in upgrades but that assumes you have $20k lying around after buying the boat. Just something to...
  125. Quan

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    I'll give my 2 cents. So I was basically in the same boat as you (ha, get it?) when I was going from my 17' Lund to my now 22' Defiance. It's actually kinda scary how similar our situations are. We both live in Bellingham and spend a lot of times in the SJIs, we both had a small boat that...
  126. Quan

    Look at this bait tank

    Is there no sound on the video or is my shit just broken?
  127. Quan

    seahawks vs lions squares

    There's plenty of squares boards online or you could easily make one using Google Docs.... The hardest part about doing squares would be getting the money together from everyone and tracking it and then paying out. That said, I'm down to buy a few if someone puts it together. I'm already...
  128. Quan

    Seattle, football city USA

    We're not NFC Champs ... yet.... but we're NFC West Division Champs.
  129. Quan

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    Good difference in favor of Scopace, I assume? Why isn't it more popular?
  130. Quan

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    Thanks for the update, Laurence. I know you said you didn't want the thread to be about Scopace vs other drugs but how is your experience with Scopace vs Dramamine? My wife uses a shit ton of Dramamine for trips and while she doesn't get sick on her regimen, she is kinda zombied out.
  131. Quan

    Puget Sound Winter Grand Slam?

    Nice work! Great report and awesome pictures. I think it qualifies as a grand slam!
  132. Quan

    Average Shot Distance?

    Thanks, everyone. This helps a lot. You're right, Erik. I'll probably eventually like to venture east for some variety .... really, my next step I'd LOVE to do would be Elk but I don't know how much harder that is to do. Baby steps. Right now my only inclination is a 7mm Rem Mag because...
  133. Quan

    Average Shot Distance?

    I was wondering about for blacktail though, because they live in much denser forests with much shorter sight lines. I assume your long shots are for white tail and muleys?
  134. Quan

    Average Shot Distance?

    As you guys know from my reports, I've been shotgun hunting for my blacktail the past few years. This means all of my shots and those of my hunting buddies have been between 10 and 25 yards. I'm thinking about trying my luck with rifle next year on some property I found with much further sight...
  135. Quan

    Salmon Habits...for lack of a better title

    My personal opinion is that.... while I think a lot of that stuff comes into play for Salmon... there is a much bigger factor that comes into play when you're fishing for them that far outweighs any of that stuff you mentioned. That one big factor is PRESENTATION. More specifically, your...
  136. Quan

    First buck

    Good work! Bold move passing up on deer.... unless you know/live in a place with a shit ton. I've known some buds who passed on deer and ended the season with none. Glad it worked out, though! That's a bad ass buck, first or not!
  137. Quan

    2016 Deer HUNT video

    Hey! >:( 8-):cool:8-):rolleyes:
  138. Quan

    It has been an Honor and a Pleasure

    Best wishes and you're surely be missed around here. Cheers to two lovely people.
  139. Quan

    Looks like red meat is back on the menu, Boys!

    TL;DR at the bottom again for you lazy fucks. Long version here: Well, shit. Guess I have an update. So we went back out for a pre-booked trip with the same four guys plus their SOs to a nearby cabin this time from Thursday thru Sunday. Like I said in my first report, one guy didn't get his...
  140. Quan

    Looks like red meat is back on the menu, Boys!

    If I told you, I'd have to kill you. And I'm at my quota for murder at the moment.
  141. Quan

    Dead quackers and their bigger cousins

    Awesome! I wanna try to knock some shit outta the air sometime soon, just have no idea where to start. Looks like a blast.
  142. Quan

    Looks like red meat is back on the menu, Boys!

    Yes, I did. The dimple was much shallower than other spent rounds. It looked to me like the primer was set deep into the shotshell.... son of a....
  143. Quan

    chamber bags

    I buy on Amazon. Good prices, couple clicks, prime shipping. Nothing against Thom as it sounds like he's a great guy but I get really effin' annoyed with some of these old school vendors who can't set up a damn website. Trying to spell out my address, name, and CC info over the phone and not...
  144. Quan

    NFL commercial

    Ha, yeah... I glimpsed that commercial a few weeks ago while fast forwarding my DVR during a Hawks game and had to rewind to watch it. I was convinced it was a Defiance during the fast forward...
  145. Quan

    Looks like red meat is back on the menu, Boys!

    TL;DR at the bottom for you lazy fucks. Long version here: Went out on the modern firearm opener with three of my good buds for blacktail this weekend. On Sat, we all got set up in our spots well before first shot. About half hour after first shot, a nice one comes whizzing by way too far...
  146. Quan

    Seahawks vs. Atlanta

    Hopefully hanging my deer and watching it on DVR on Sunday. :cool: This is gonna be a tough one, Atlanta has been hot. The early bye week seemed to be much needed with a lot of our banged up players. Let's fuckin' do this. GO HAWKS
  147. Quan

    Alpine Grouse Report

    Nice! I've been trying my hand at grouse for the past 4 years and have no fucking clue what I'm doing. Got my first one last week, though, and man was it delicious. Pan fried it and then made a sweet reduction with butter, chicken stock, and cherry balsalmic to finish it off. Good work!
  148. Quan


  149. Quan

    Cool weather site

    I don't think you want to read the streak color... rather the background color... which is blue, and reads at the right wind speed.
  150. Quan

    Thinkin' of going out tomorrow

    Damn you Grady's!!! Looks like everyone is too busy with their panties in a bunch talking about what the Hawks may or may not do. I think I'm gonna pull the plug. The temps just look too spread out to me.
  151. Quan

    Thinkin' of going out tomorrow

    Yeah, I went last week. Did pretty well. Got on a good bait stop and knocked out 10 in short order before a Grady Prick and a Boston Whaler decided to cruise up within 50 yards of me and kill the bait stop. I was yelling at the fucker to get the fuck out of here... he just waved back at me...
  152. Quan

    Thinkin' of going out tomorrow

    But the SSTs look really scattered and far away from WP. I'm pretty new to looking at SSTs and only just signed up for Ripcharts. Anyone willing to discuss this with me? Perhaps with PMs? I don't know if it's faux pas or against TOS to post screen shots of the SSTs.
  153. Quan

    Tuna Poke Excellent recipe

    Ceviche, yes! That's one of my wife's favorite thing to make with Albi. I made my own Poke recipe and she made Ceviche with our fresh catch from this weekend. Of course, ya gotta have some sashimi too....
  154. Quan

    Who will be out Saturday?

    I'll be in Westport Friday night thru Sunday morn. Fishing Sat. I've always crossed around slack current... Looks like if you're at the boat at 0530, you'll be crossing at the max ebb on an 8.5ft tide exchange.... isn't this a bad time to cross? I'm asking in earnest... from a less...
  155. Quan

    Superbowl 2/5/2017 Winner Prediction Contest

  156. Quan

    Westport Marina Speed Laps?

    When will we get over boat owner discrimination, guys? It's fuckin' 2016. We should all know it's the captain that's the asshole... not the boat. Unless you own a Bayliner. :D
  157. Quan

    Lake washington perch 2016

    Nice, thanks for the tips, Jamie. I'll pass it on to him. :)
  158. Quan

    Lake washington perch 2016

    Hey, thanks for the report, Jamie. Sounds like a blast! Easy catching and constant action is the way to get 'em hooked young... it's what my dad did! Speaking of, I have a good friend who wants to get his boy interested in fishing that often takes his lil' boat out to Lake Washington. Got...
  159. Quan

    NOAA Rockfish Recovery Plan released today 8/16

    Thanks for sharing, Matt. I'm gonna be looking into this.
  160. Quan

    Tempbreak shows a good temperature break

    I'll get started tonight, should make it there by Saturday.
  161. Quan

    Summertime fishing foot wear

    Looks like I am late to the party but if you're ever stuck wearing your high xtratufs on a hot day, you can always fold them down. That's what I do.
  162. Quan

    Got to hear this!

    It's crazy to me that people see this shit and believe it.
  163. Quan

    Westport Info?

    Damn, they sell twelve packs for $2? :p
  164. Quan

    Raymarine sonar screenshots!

    Brian, I have one of those thru-hulls if you want. New-in-box. I bought it with the boat and but then decided on the transom mount so I could install a 600W or 1kW thru hull in the future. Works with a CP100 Sonar Module. Here's the WM link to it. $200?
  165. Quan

    Raymarine sonar screenshots!

    Patrick, I'll keep you in mind. That's a hell of a deal. At this point, I think I need to look into going with the B75 (CHIRP 600W) or B175 (CHIRP 1kW) and stepping up to the CP470.... It's just one of those cases where... if you're gonna go.... go big or go home.
  166. Quan

    Raymarine sonar screenshots!

    There's a small repad smack dab in the middle of my bilge hatch access area that I measured to fit the B60 (600W), looks like the hole required for that is 2-3/8". The hole for the B164 (1kW) is 3-3/4". That's not as big as I thought it'd be. I'll have to remeasure. Thanks! It'll be a while...
  167. Quan

    Raymarine sonar screenshots!

    Yeah, my eventual goal is to get a 600W thru hull transducer, I was thinking the B60 or B75 (can't remember which one off the top of my head). But I need to save up to get the sonar module that goes with it. I'd, of course, love to get a 1kW but I don't think that thing would fit on my boat.
  168. Quan

    Raymarine sonar screenshots!

    Huh... I have a CPT-100 with corresponding sonar module for my Raymarine C125 and I don't get pictures like that. I think I just have all the settings at default. You have any advice on settings to get better picture like you have?
  169. Quan

    Canary Rockfish - suprised the subject has not come up yet.

    Man, you got that right. One of the days while cleaning, the fish checker was there looking at rockfish and you wouldn't believe how many people had no clue what fish was what. Surprised the shit outta me that there were that many ignorant fisherman keeping fish whose identities they didn't...
  170. Quan

    Canary Rockfish - suprised the subject has not come up yet.

    Hey, that's good news! Not only am I glad our efforts are working (not targeting, and descending them) but that the powers that be recognize it too instead of just being content with having shut down a fishery. Good stuff, thanks for sharing.
  171. Quan

    Engineless Grady

    Trust me, hitting the earth is enough to separate motors from any boat no matter what hull material your boat is made of. I was in a North River that hit a telephone pole in the water. That motor ripped right off. I think I remember it being just barely held on by a bolt or something that...
  172. Quan

    Wp tuna

    Those are slick. You like 'em? Got any specific place you get 'em? Found some calcutta ones on Amazon but they're spendy... maybe I will try to DIY some.
  173. Quan

    Epic day off Ilwaco

    Love all the footage you take, Miles. The underwater stuff is awesome! Thanks!
  174. Quan

    Wp tuna

    Thanks for the report, good or bad. Hey, what're those things you have that look like they're holding your Xraps in place?
  175. Quan

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    I'll attempt again to try to get this thread on less of a bashing trend. Maybe try to point out some of the good. C'mon, let's cut this guy a lil' slack, he's stopped with the blatant and obnoxious rebuttals and is just here trying to show the good about his boat. Let's give him another...
  176. Quan

    Firefighters please....

    This gave me a chuckle. :frehya2: Everyone, have fun this weekend and be safe!!
  177. Quan

    One more day for 3 and 4

    What time did you leave?
  178. Quan

    One more day for 3 and 4

    Fishing was fuckin' hot yesterday! Got our 5 Hali in 13 minutes! Brought up doubles almost every time. I think only 3 or 4 times did someone come up with only a single fish on their line. Took sorting through a lot of damn halibut to get our Lings, though. All fish were a nice grade. 41 lb...
  179. Quan

    BD Special Report

    Your interpretations of the regulations are correct. We're not legally able to gaff Lings. The reason is because there's a minimum size and/or slot limit depending on marine area. Regardless, a lot of people gaff Lings. And don't worry, Miles said it right in his post.... all gaff shots were...
  180. Quan

    BD Special Report

    Awesome fuckin' video. The ending was had me rolling.
  181. Quan

    Ice Machine

    Bryce, I've looked into getting an ice machine for the garage and my determination is that it's just not worth it for me. I'd LOVE to have ice on hand at all times, but most of the commercial ice machines just make ice and dump them into an insulated bin below it. Anything that melts, gets...
  182. Quan

    Alaska advice

    First piece of advice, get an Xtaero boat. They're the only boats that work in Alaska. :finger: I don't know shit about Alaska fishing, but that sounds like an awesome time! Have fun!
  183. Quan

    Oil change for Father's day.

    Good on you, man. Happy Father's Day. P.S. My neck hurts after this post.
  184. Quan

    One more day for 3 and 4

    We'll be out there! Probably no tuna for us though... that's a hell of a trip for a weekday.
  185. Quan

    One more day for 3 and 4

    The forecast looked pretty cruddy on that day too, probably deterred a lot of people from going.
  186. Quan

    DCW Go big or go home!

    Holy shitballs. That's bad ass. You really meant go big or go home! I always brag that I crab in 100-120ft to get the big ones versus everyone else who stays in 30-70. You guys don't fuck around!
  187. Quan

    DCW Go big or go home!

    How much is that thing gonna weigh? Y'all know the limit is just 5 per person, right? LOL
  188. Quan

    DCW Go big or go home!

    Damn, that beat gonna be under the 13cf limit? o_O
  189. Quan

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    Hey guys:Smoke_Emoticon: this isn't scripted :Smoke_Emoticon: at all :Smoke_Emoticon: I didn't practice :Smoke_Emoticon: my answers :Smoke_Emoticon: I mean, I'm smoking :Smoke_Emoticon: a cigar :Smoke_Emoticon: for goodness sake :Smoke_Emoticon:. I'm so genuine...
  190. Quan

    Big Halibut

    We pulled up a pretty gnarly longnose skate (I think) in the early May opener... I don't think the thing we couldn't pull off the bottom was one of those unless it was a looooooot bigger.
  191. Quan

    Big Halibut

    Thanks, guys. Sounds like everyone is saying the same thing.... just luck of the draw. Gotta keep pounding bottom, put in the time, and sprinkle in a bit of luck. I suppose I'm even lucky enough to have got that 58 lber and limits every time I go offshore so I guess I got nothing to complain...
  192. Quan

    Scotty pot puller or Ace Line hauler on a 14' lund?

    Those are some spendy shrimp pot pullers. How would he fit those on the front of his Lund?
  193. Quan

    Big Halibut

    Thanks for the input , fellas. I'm aware that inside, especially around river mouths are where you find the big girls which is why I've spent a lot of time inside at Sekiu and Neah. But even then, my largest from inside is 35lb. And oh, I caught that on a big ass 16/0 Circle Hook. As many...
  194. Quan

    Big Halibut

    I guess I should've specified I've been spending all of the openers recently offshore catching chickens with the rest of the fleet but I'd like to try, this time... to stop somewhere in close and give myself a chance at a monster.
  195. Quan

    Big Halibut

    Hey all, I don't ask for fishing advice often... but I think I've put in my work here and have more than paid it forward. My question to those of you who are longer tenured, much saltier than me, and certified big butt killers... how the hell do you catch Big Halibut? I've put in countless...
  196. Quan

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    That sucks shit, Norm. Nothing worse than getting strung along by a company who lives and dies by their customers yet can't provide adequate customer service... That said, I'd like to give props to the West Marine up in Bellingham. They have consistently gone out of their way to get me things...
  197. Quan

    Adult Game Night

    I pledged. Looking forward to receiving the game. Mike, I get why you don't post, the required pics of your wife would cause a stampede here on BD.
  198. Quan

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    John, you know I'm at least a little better. :cool:
  199. Quan

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    I tried going out one year on a shitty forecast and we couldn't even get our 3 lb pipe jigs down.... took us 3 hours to get there.... tried to backtroll and drop for a few minutes, then tucked tail and ran home empty handed. Like I said before, if you choose to go, be safe out there.
  200. Quan

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    I think some of you guys are missing the fine print at the bottom which shows the updated forecast... the big picture was the previous forecast. It has been upgraded to S Wind 5-15kt becoming 15-25kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2ft or less... building to 3-5ft. NW Swell 4ft at 7 seconds...
  201. Quan

    Morel mushroom whisperer

  202. Quan

    Charter fishing ending soon

    Sorry to hear, Frank. It was always comforting seeing you out there when the days were slow. I could at least say "Welp, Riptide is here... must be in the right spot." Spotting your boat became sort of a tradition on my boat. Best wishes on your future endeavors. We'll miss that boat...
  203. Quan

    Descender question

    I think a lot of those studies including the one copy/pasted above are considering the fish being out of the water flopping around on deck. When you think about it, floaters probably have an even higher and longer survival rate. Unlike our lungs, gills actually work in the reverse environment...
  204. Quan

    Dockside disaster

    Oh shit, I was parked right in front of you as you were finishing up. Gene came down and told me your story. Glad you were able to get most of your fish back.... a miracle that a sea lion didn't come get some easy lunch..
  205. Quan

    My Crane ride to LaPush...Mr. Happy ;-)

    2 hours? I waited longer in the Kingston Ferry line on the way back! Just a bump in the road. Way to keep the trip going despite some bullshit trailer problems. Maybe if I didn't pass out early on Saturday, I coulda heard the story from you first hand. Too much :hali_olutta: will do that to ya.
  206. Quan

    found box of hali gear in port angeles

    Tuck, you know those old crotchety mother fuckers that refuse to learn how to use computers, smartphones, and the internet and are constantly confused and just blame society for changing? This kind of attitude is what turns you into that. =P Just sayin'.
  207. Quan

    Offshore experts ... is it legal to retain Opah, Marlin or Swordfish in Wa?

    Bill, I'd take it as being any type of Food Fish... so that'd include Opah, Marlin, Swordfish. All of those are FISH you'd take home and eat as FOOD. i.e. FOOD FISH. They just mentioned specific ones as examples. They wouldn't have put the first part of that definition in if they were...
  208. Quan

    Cops are out between Sequim and port Angeles

    Thanks for the heads up, Pete.
  209. Quan

    Tribal Statement Regarding May Fisheries

    Translation: We are the ones who made our agreement impossible to agree with, but hey, we want you to know we're extremely disappointed you didn't agree to our impractical demands. I mean, why wouldn't you take a deal where you guys don't get any fish and we get to do whatever we want? We're...
  210. Quan

    Need Help! Offshore Hali Trip in Jeopardy!

    Such an amazing offer. Once again, the BD brotherhood is there whenever one of us needs help. If it comes down to it, I might be coming down to take you up on the offer. An update on my situation. Apparently the mentioning of insurance and lawyers was enough to get Dexter moving and what...
  211. Quan

    Need Help! Offshore Hali Trip in Jeopardy!

    I have not. I have a few leads now I'm chasing but will keep that one in my back pocket.
  212. Quan

    Need Help! Offshore Hali Trip in Jeopardy!

    Thanks for the buddy drive offers, Pete and Eric. I'm chasing a few leads and hopefully one of them pans out. If not, I'll let you know on the buddy drive. I'm gonna take the Edmonds/Kingston ferry.
  213. Quan

    Personal Best

    Damn, makes the ones I caught up here look like babies! Good work, Kevin!
  214. Quan

    Need Help! Offshore Hali Trip in Jeopardy!

    As far as I know, no. I think the mechanic would've seen a worn tire if it that were true. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into that option. It tracks. I've considered that option but apparently these axles are custom made by EZ Loader and have a 6 week lead time. I don't know enough...
  215. Quan

    Need Help! Offshore Hali Trip in Jeopardy!

    Thanks, Gary. That's who I bought my new wheel/tire from. I keep reaching out to people and keep getting dicked.... this is such a pain in the ass...
  216. Quan

    Need Help! Offshore Hali Trip in Jeopardy!

    I've been trying to resolve a warranty issue with EZ Loader / Dexter-UFP on a faulty axle. I was part of the axle recall last year and got new axles installed last year. I took my trailer in to get the brakes worked on (posted that issue on here in another thread) and the mechanic noticed my...
  217. Quan

    Near Bay Arima Story

    A 20'+ wave out of nowhere on an otherwise relatively nice day.... that's crazy.... how does that even happen? How often does it happen? What would be the right thing to do in that situation?
  218. Quan

    Waaay North-End Lead Pour and Liver Abuse event-Interest?

    The 14th is one of our three days to get Hali offshore... otherwise, I'd be there. Have fun guys, be safe!
  219. Quan

    NOF process

    Here's the text from the Outdoorline forum. Here's a link. Hopefully no one is upset I copy/pasted it. This shit is outrageous. We've known it all along, my hope now is that this will make it visible to a lot more people and hopefully will affect some actual change. "From within the...
  220. Quan

    ***FREE*** Descender Devices!

    I've fiddled around with a lot of other descenders in the past and have had varying degrees of frustration and ineffectiveness. I bought a Seaqualizer last year and it worked perfectly. Just keep it permanently hooked up to your downrigger. It's definitely the way to do it. Savin' Boccaccio...
  221. Quan

    NOF process

    Thanks, Tom. For the link as well as your earlier confirmation. I was scared I'd have to cancel my annual Islands trip with my wife for her birthday on May 2nd.
  222. Quan

    NOF process

    This is more or less what I've heard but one big question I have is... is the NOF process just the tribes giving WDFW a plan/proposal to agree to or is it more of a cooperative effort? The way it sounds, it sounds like the tribes have control of the NOAA permit for salmon and they just give...
  223. Quan

    A Shout Out to FINATIC21

    Looks great! I think I know why... but what's the deal with the few that are tilted back more than the others?
  224. Quan

    Westport Wx Station

    That's awesome, Kim. Thanks for setting that up. I got it bookmarked.
  225. Quan

    fish processing

    Salmon, I bleed in my bait tank for 5-10 min, immediately gut, pack gut cavity with ice and surround in ice inside my Katch Kooler II and put the whole thing into my fix box. When I get home, the fish is ice cold. I usually fillet salmon in my kitchen on a cutting board with a clean sharp...
  226. Quan

    Win Cold Weather Gear From Under Armour-BD Contest

    I wonder how long this tagging system has been available. Cool stuff, huh @goatram ? I want free shit. Give!!
  227. Quan

    "News Release from WDFW on Puget Sound Salmon" Locked ?

    I'm curious why it was locked as well. Shouldn't BD Mods provide an explanation for the lock?
  228. Quan

    News Release from WDFW on Puget Sound Salmon

    Official news release from WDFW is here. Here's the first line, read the rest of the article in the link below. "Anglers will have opportunities to fish for salmon in the ocean and Columbia River this year, although recreational and non-tribal commercial salmon fisheries in Puget Sound may be...
  229. Quan

    Securing a kayak to your boat?

    C'mon, man. Post a pic of your boat so we have an idea of what we're workin' with here. We're not psychic. If it looks like the google searches, it has two railings along the cab. Tie downs to those don't work for ya?
  230. Quan

    Goatram may need to build a heavier duty davit

    Yeowch. Heal up, man. You'll be good as new soon.
  231. Quan

    Native netting video

    Correction, there's a lot more lies than 4. This shit just shows you how having a united front with money backing you to release propaganda like this can be so effective even if your stance is total and utter bullshit. I wish we had this kind of organization, money, and sway on our side.
  232. Quan

    Test hit complete

    Yeah, I'm curious too. Mine came from the factory installed the opposite direction. Looks good, either way!
  233. Quan

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    That is one sexy ass ride. Let me speak for many of us here right now.... I am straight up jealous. :mad: Can't wait to see the build.:drool:
  234. Quan

    Securing the anchor to the roller?

    Yeah, actually, come to think of it, I'd probably do fine without the tensioner... redundancy, I guess.
  235. Quan

    Securing the anchor to the roller?

    I think the Rocna anchor design and shank length make it come past the steel anchor roller pad. You may not have that problem with a different type of anchor. Make sure you have long arms or a friend with some since you need to reach in through the anchor locker door to get the nuts on for the...
  236. Quan

    Securing the anchor to the roller?

    Here's some pics to describe what I've done.
  237. Quan

    Securing the anchor to the roller?

    West Marine, I think. Yes, I trust it.... the load path is perpendicular to the direction to unlock the thing and the lil' spring release you can see in the front right is pretty impossible to trip on accident. Very simple...
  238. Quan

    Securing the anchor to the roller?

    I know you said you don't want to, but I installed one of these and it was pretty effin' simple. Two bolts and you're done. There are plenty of holes in your boat already, what's two more?
  239. Quan

    Anyone Used Maruto "Semi"-Barbless Hooks?

    For what it's worth, it doesn't look to me like "mini-barbs"... rather it looks like they stamped it or something to create a rough surface like a washing board. If they work, that would be awesome as I have noticed a higher rate of LDRs using true barbless hooks (Gamakatsu) for a couple years...
  240. Quan

    Why the rear helms?

    I see your point, Lawrence.... but... Not to be rude, but the obvious answer is that there are many different ways to fish besides the way you do. =P I love my second steering station during crab, shrimp, and Lingcod (and Halibut as you said) openers as I can completely control not only my...
  241. Quan

    BD forum computer issue

    Works fine for me like always. Windows 7, using Chrome.
  242. Quan

    Suspension Seats

    Hrm... talking to Duramax, he said that he 'thought' the stock seats in the Defiance's were Springfields so you may be right. Man, I really wish there was a way to test drive and compare these different suspensions. Thanks for the suggestions, Kingslayer, I'll definitely be looking into it.
  243. Quan

    Suspension Seats

    Damn, that looks comfy as shit. Sun shinin' and smooth sailin'. Another good looking product... Same problem as the other two suggestions, though... made for alloy boats with low riding seats.... Am I starting to see a pattern here? #shotsfired :2gunsfiring_v1: For anyone who has been...
  244. Quan

    Anyone use these?

    Heard this guy uses those when fishing. :gay: bieber :gay:
  245. Quan

    Just in case somebody wants to join the team........

    haha, I just showed that boat to my friend who is in the market for a boat (much smaller, though, looking in the 17-19 foot range) and he thought it was crazy that it came with a spare "Ford F350 truck"!
  246. Quan

    Eliminate Bait Stop Crashers

    I'd say it'd be better FOR crashing bait stops... you wouldn't have to worry about someone chucking an iron at you since you know..... you'd have the NIJ Level III ballistics package protecting you. Worth $200k, btw... what a steal. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  247. Quan

    Suspension Seats

    Appreciate the idea. But we already have two of them and she loves riding in them! Sometimes, though, for San Juan cruises and such, it gets lonely out back or down on the floor in the cab for her... plus she misses all the scenery. Despite all the haters, I quite think the ride of this boat...
  248. Quan

    Suspension Seats

    A thank you to Mike, he just gave me a call and gave me the run down on his experience and all the little nuances that went into making it happen. :cheers:
  249. Quan

    Suspension Seats

    Looks like two Seaspension guys. That's good news. I figured they must be good but it's tough to put down that kinda coin blindly on something. What was the cost? They used to have pricing but it seems to have disappeared or I'm too dumb to find it.
  250. Quan

    Suspension Seats

    Thanks, Erik. It seems like they are primarily made for the short pedestals in aluminum boats. The Defiance seat posts are probably 2.5-3' tall... I wonder if I could just install it on top of my current post if I cut off some of it.
  251. Quan

    Suspension Seats

    So my wife had back surgery for a congenital disk problem she's dealt with her whole life last year and missed most of the fishing season. She is has been rehabbing and even went skiing this winter! Anyway, this year, we're going to take all precautions on her surgically repaired spine and...
  252. Quan

    West Marine Bellevue/Corporate awesome

    Glad you had such a good experience, Howard. It's amazing how rarely this kind of stuff happens nowadays. My experience with WM in Bellingham has been nothing but positive and in a lot of ways like the way you've described. I think West Marine, the company, gives plenty of liberties to their...
  253. Quan

    When will wdfw set the crab season?

    Been crabbing up here forever. Every year except one it has opened up the weekend that the 15th occurs. So this year, it'd be July 14-18 for the first opener weekend. The one exception, they opened it early for the 4th of July... not sure why.
  254. Quan


    I fill all my reels with braid and just run a 30yd mono top shot for tuna. You can cast fine with braid, you just need to practice. The way I try to describe it to people is you need to kind of the cast the lure in an arc and keep your rod tip pointed at the lure as it flies through the air...
  255. Quan

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Yeah... beautiful! Out to 10NM SAT SE WIND 20 TO 30 KT...BECOMING S 15 TO 25 KT. WIND WAVES 3 TO 5 FT. SW SWELL 9 FT...BUILDING TO W 12 FT. 10-60NM SAT SE WIND 25 TO 35 KT...BECOMING S 20 TO 30 KT. COMBINED SEAS 12 TO 15 FT. At least it'd be a great test for the boat if they even let you...
  256. Quan


    Here's my take, though I am susceptible to bias and also perhaps forgetting which braid was on which reel but I'll try my best and hopefully it at least gives you a good base to work from... Jerry Brown is really good stuff and comes in a lot of colors though it seems it's not nearly as...
  257. Quan

    Trailer Brake Help

    Maybe I'll go to Meridian Tire, I take it their prices were fair? You stalking me?! We did alright, mainly because of the guys sitting next to us. We got 8th place with I think 34 points? I don't know, can't remember... took me a few beers to get through that bullshit.
  258. Quan

    Trailer Brake Help

    I'm not sure what coupler it is. But here's a picture.
  259. Quan

    Trailer Brake Help

    Thanks for the tips, guys. Looks like I'll likely be doing it myself. Now all I have to do is find the time... I'd still rather pay someone because well... I'm lazy. Plus I just feel like it's one of those things I'd like to know what done right, ya know?
  260. Quan

    Trailer Brake Help

    Hey all, I recently found out my trailer brakes are busted. Pretty sure there's a leak in one or two of the lines. I'm pretty sure the guys who changed my axles on the EZ Loader trailer recall last year kinked/bent the lines. I kept thinking last year that my truck brakes were fucked because...
  261. Quan

    Soaked up some rays

    Uh..... Lingcod and Spot Prawns ain't open till April 1st up there, Nick.
  262. Quan

    Affordable 'but rod recommendation

    I have two Ugly Stik Tidewaters that I'd sell to you for super cheap if you want. I used 'em for a few years but have upgraded. Like Erik said, they are friggin' broom sticks but they get the job done.
  263. Quan

    26 Osprey, Capsized

    Science lesson time! Pressure is just force over area. The more area you have, the more force due to pressure working against you in this situation. If you have saltwater at a density of 0.0371 lb/, and you're 6ft underwater, the pressure exerted on you would be 2.67psi (72in x...
  264. Quan

    Butt fishing and sand fleas ?

    I think they're dungeness crab larvae or some kinda shellfish larvae.... Dunno why they'd drive Butts out but maybe they only hang out where it's not good conditions for Butts?
  265. Quan

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    Can I put my umbrella away yet? Looks like the pissing match is over. A-K, if you're still here... I bought a new 220 EX a couple years ago and have been very happy. There are downsides to the boat, I think Parkers are probably a little better built and more refined. There are also...
  266. Quan

    Weather is nice but it sucks to be here

    Beautiful pic. Thoughts are with you, Vance.
  267. Quan

    Tuna on the brain.

    Congrats, Pete! Man, I remember when my bait tank was that shiny.... I've removed mine to fix the plumbing so I can give you some pointers if you need.
  268. Quan

    Frozen tuna

    Randy, this is BLOODYDECKS not Cleandecks. Just sayin'. :D I do a similar thing, spike, cut lateral line on both sides, let it bleed out on deck, gill and gut, ice slurry, then packed in salt ice. We also keep numbers down to keep everything properly iced. I think one of the telltale signs...
  269. Quan

    Frozen tuna

    The heart beats without input from the brain but all of the organs die eventually after brain death. So there is some validity to your thoughts. Albacore hearts beat long after the brain spike (and hell, even after removal) and seem to bleed out plenty. Personally, I've tried brain spike vs...
  270. Quan

    1 central 50 gallon or twin 30 gallon bait tanks in the corners

    Like everyone else says. Single Center. IMO, none of the reasons you listed for-dual and against-single really hold up very well. It sounds to me like you have a fun idea in your head and are reaching for justification of the idea. Can't say I haven't done that often myself... Benefits of...
  271. Quan

    Gas or Electric

    Between gas and electric, I'd personally go electric. You don't get any of the benefits of an actual wood smoker in neither gas nor electric... so then it's just ease of use. For elecric, you just plug into an outlet for easy, consistent, portable, smoking. All of the types of things you...
  272. Quan

    Nerds up

    Hey cool. Thanks. Not sure why it's at different times but Science Channel on Xfinity in Bellingham has it airing on Feb 4, 7:30pm and 10:30pm. DVR set to record.
  273. Quan

    Boldt Petition

    Signed and sent out to everyone I know who gives a damn. This is WAY overdue...
  274. Quan

    Tulalips At it again.

    Glad some of these fuckers are finally getting what's coming to them... Wish it could happen on a much wider scale... By the way, doesn't ring a bell, could you please inform us?
  275. Quan

    Hey Buddies....

    Hi, Fucker. Good to hear from you. Fish more, stop traveling so much.
  276. Quan

    Mark Youngblood Sportfishing (AKA Pacific Addiction)

    Congrats, Mark! The website looks great. My only complaint is the blotch on the "fishing runs" bar graph right in front of "Sturgeon".... let's just say.... there's a very clean spot on my monitor now....
  277. Quan

    Go Hawks!

    I agree we got lucky as shit with the missed FG and that Minnesota choked - 9 times out of 10, that's a loss. But give credit where credit is due, the Seahawks stifling defense held All Pro, Future Hall of Famer, Adrian Peterson to 45 yards on 23 carries (1.95 YPC!) and subsequently the rest...
  278. Quan

    Halibut Date Rumors

    Called the marina yesterday, La Push moorage has been booked out for May since early Dec.
  279. Quan

    new prop help

    Seconded. Eli talked me into getting a Permatrim last year and the difference was AMAZING in hole shot and how little your bow turns up. I think both Parkers and Defiance and other OS bracket PH boats like ours tend to be stern heavy, the extra planing surface at the very far back makes a...
  280. Quan

    new prop help

    If you've read my thread, you've got my take on props. I've been pretty dang happy with the Enertia Eco 19P. I've since bought and installed a Permatrim and this made for an even smoother ride, quicker hole shot, and increased efficiency. That Eco prop and permatrim combo has made cruising in...
  281. Quan

    New gig for your resident insurance freak!

    Congratulations, Pete! Thanks for all you do for all of us with marine insurance. You definitely deserve the promotion. Question, is the new entity you're working with different from Anchor? Would there be any reason to switch to where you're working now? I know jack shit about writing...
  282. Quan

    No van de camps for my Kids

    Drunkenly tried your recipe for a post Seahawks W party on Sunday for 10 of us. Even while wildly inebriated, I pulled it off successfully and people loved it! I thought it was the best fucking thing to hit my mouth all year but that may have been the bourbon talking. From the people there who...
  283. Quan

    Bloody snow....

    Hey Garrett, wish you were closer, we could meet up. I'll be hitting Baker (Maybe Whistler too) 3 or 4 times in the next couple weeks since I have the next 2 weeks off (no more vacation rollover...). I have family and friends down south and have occasionally been known to hit a spur of the...
  284. Quan

    No van de camps for my Kids

    Can't believe no one else has asked it yet. What's your breading recipe/technique?! Looks delicious!
  285. Quan

    Rough Water WTC

    Wow, what a nice ride you had for those conditions.... speaks volumes of the effects of length and hull design. I was crawling along, throttling back and forth like crazy, windshield wipers non-stop full blast, and a constant sheet of water on all windows and all over the cabin. Thanks for...
  286. Quan

    12v. DC Portable Heaters

    Hey! That hurts my feelings... But seriously, ain't nothing wrong with being comfortable. I spent enough years in my open top Lund (See my oft posted pic below) freezing my fuckin' ass off on subfreezing days for winter blackmouth... I appreciate the shit out of a warm cabin. Also makes it a...
  287. Quan

    12v. DC Portable Heaters

    Thanks for all the info, Pat!! I've been trying to find this information for such a long time....
  288. Quan

    12v. DC Portable Heaters

    Hopefully last question... I ask it here (rather than PM) so others can see. This is a good thread and hopefully others can use this information. I'm assuming they had to add some ducting for the exhaust since it is in a small confined cabin. Do you know where they located the exhaust port...
  289. Quan

    12v. DC Portable Heaters

    Thanks, Pat! Do you know where they mounted it in the Defiance? Also, any ideas on the cost of having someone install?
  290. Quan

    12v. DC Portable Heaters

    I've not had a lot of problems with fog up... in fact, a heater helps keep fog at bay. High humidity, if anything, helps the fog problem as warm air can hold moisture instead of it being forced out of the ambient air and condensing on windows and cold surfaces. As for H2O being a byproduct of...
  291. Quan

    12v. DC Portable Heaters

    Pat (and Steve, aka Wild Bill), I've always been interested in these forced air solutions.... but it seems the price point, logistics, and the wetness of a smaller boat like mine doesn't seem very conducive to using them. Everything I've seen online shows them being installed in big sail boats...
  292. Quan

    12v. DC Portable Heaters

    The main byproducts of burning hydrocarbons like propane or diesel as long as there is adequate oxygen is water and CO2. Fun fact, the feeling of suffocation is not the lack of oxygen, rather, the build up of excess CO2- so you don't have to worry about too much CO2 building up because you'd...
  293. Quan

    12v. DC Portable Heaters

    Since boats aren't really constructed very well for heat insulation, you need quite a lot of energy to heat a cabin. Using a battery as a heater power source gives you extremely limited energy density. Googled some quick numbers, the energy density (amount of energy stored in a given volume)...
  294. Quan

    Grady guys

    Jeff... did you seriously take a picture of your computer screen to post the report here? =P
  295. Quan

    Squid everywhere

    Nope, Redondo.
  296. Quan

    Squid everywhere

    Van, Hit it with some soft scrub and a scrubbing brush. You actually wanna scrub somewhat lightly so the bristles can do their work. Worked wonders on my boat.
  297. Quan


    From what I've heard, Opah live in the same depths as Albacore but don't ever come to the surface like Albies do... They also usually fly solo. So they are pretty much not targetable. I guess the majority of Opah are caught as bycatch or in nets. I've heard the only way to better your chances...
  298. Quan

    Squid everywhere

    Just slice it open, and then lightly cut (but not all the way through) the inside surface in a crosshatch pattern. If you're handy with a knife, you can do this quite quickly. I then cut them into quarters. Once my veggies are nice and sauteed, I toss the prepared squid into a pot water at a...
  299. Quan

    What is it!

    I think it's a fuckin' sea tuuuhttle or a fuckin' tuner, bro. Better call the aquarium!
  300. Quan

    Squid everywhere

    Pretty much nothing else open up here in November...
  301. Quan

    Squid everywhere

    Went out Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.
  302. Quan

    Seahawks vs. Whiners

    Hey, I was sitting close-ish to you. Row MM. If you heard any "Third down, baby, GET LOUD!!" and the late game Thomas chants when he was gonna beat the record.... that was me and my crew. Man, my voice sure appreciates 22 minutes of screaming rather than 39 minutes like we had against...
  303. Quan

    Who is going to the Seahawks's game?

    I'm hoping this weather will help against those desert dwelling Cards. 80 degrees down there the next couple days. We'll need it, they've been on a tear.
  304. Quan

    Who is going to the Seahawks's game?

    I'll be there screamin' my ass off. I'll be at the Niners game next week too! GO HAWKS.
  305. Quan

    Hali qoutas and bag limits...

    Hey Miles, do you know why the Metric Ton numbers and Pounds numbers don't jibe? Looks like for 2015 Gulf of Alaska catch, the "metric ton" number comes out to ~3.9 million pounds for trawl and ~0.6 million pounds for gears. That doesn't jibe with the 2.91 mill and 0.45 mill in Table B. Is...
  306. Quan

    Hali qoutas and bag limits...

    Wouldn't the quota be exactly what sets the bag limit? For example, using dumb numbers for simplicity's sake, 4000 fish available, 1000 estimated anglers, they set the bag limit or "tags" to 4 per angler- quota is managed up front. In essence, this is how the limited days are set to begin with...
  307. Quan

    Hali qoutas and bag limits...

    I don't know what kind of implications it would eventually lead to, but the idea of a bag limit with a much longer season (X amount per year like a deer tag) rather than extremely limited days to limit your catch would be awesome in my book. I've touched on this before on many previous threads...
  308. Quan

    Hali qoutas and bag limits...

    What exactly do you mean by "bag limit"?
  309. Quan

    Funny Vid

    Welcome to September, bud. 8-) Kingcq1990 (Chad) already posted this last month if you're wondering why you're not getting much traction. :D
  310. Quan

    Squid everywhere

    It seems the "pro" squid set up is a medium weight fly rod (so the reel is set waaay back in the butt) with a spinning reel attached. When you jig for squid, you do it one handed and hanging off the side of the pier. You need to be able to hang over the railing and see where you're lob casting...
  311. Quan

    Is this a good buy

    Looks like a decent deal. The 1990 2 stroke with "low hours" (290 apparently) while going fishing "weekly" seems odd. I'd personally try to find one with a newer motor.
  312. Quan

    10-4 LaPush/10-5 Westport

    Wait, so you plugged the fish box and put 4 in kill bags in 55 degree water.... and THEN headed out to warmer water? What for? You're a mad man, Jason. I did two trips this year and have 300 lbs of loins, the fuck do you guys do with all this fish?!
  313. Quan

    T-Mobile vs Verizon out in the fishy spots

    While I appreciate the thought, I disagree. I have spent good money on a good VHF and backup VHF and EPIRB and I think those are much more bad ass safety features than a phone. Beyond that, no matter what coverage you have, if you dial 911, the nearest tower, no matter which carrier, will pick...
  314. Quan

    Winter Crab

    Good point. There's always a metric shitload of commercial pots out in the winter...
  315. Quan

    Going to the game

    Rowdy, loud, and a shitty view. Yup... sounds about right! Love the Hawks Nest.
  316. Quan

    10-1-15 WP Tuna - Got 48!

    Did you count the guy taking the picture?! :eek::confused:
  317. Quan

    Winter Crab

    It has been this way for the past couple years. They've been doing a really good job managing the crab fisheries. It's super healthy. I wish we could say the same for other fisheries.... I've been pretty terrible at the winter crabbing, anyone got any tips? I've gone to the same spots that...
  318. Quan

    Pin bone removal

    Funny how guys come on BD asking a specific question and most of the the answers are almost always something to the effect of "man up, bitch!", "you're complaining? give it to me!", or "here's some advice completely different than what you asked!".... haha. Can't hate BD though, always good...
  319. Quan

    T-Mobile vs Verizon out in the fishy spots

    Hey, that's a great point. For some reason, I was thinking the other way around. I'll look into that. Thanks, LJB.
  320. Quan

    How to use Coastwatch, Tuna Map

    Hey, Mark. I utilized your lil' tutorial here this year to put myself on a bait stop that plugged the boat and left them biting where no one else was. It was awesome! Thanks for the tutorial!
  321. Quan

    T-Mobile vs Verizon out in the fishy spots

    Was mainly teasin ya, Tuck. But realistically, I figure if I'm meeting someone out there, I'll give them my other number. Not that big of a deal. I have other, more creative options as well. My current phone is hotspot capable and T Mobile allows Wifi calling for free... so if I wanted, I...
  322. Quan

    Not1Not2Not3But4 Yellow Tail today

    Wow, that's awesome. Livin' the life, Kevin!
  323. Quan

    T-Mobile vs Verizon out in the fishy spots

    Incorrect. I have a Sim card in my Verizon phone right now. It's more complicated than you presented... I started typing out the explanation but I'll just defer to this article which does the job better than I could. CDMA and GSM and the future, LTE Networks Anyway, I've pre-ordered a Nexus...
  324. Quan

    T-Mobile vs Verizon out in the fishy spots

    Mike can deal with it. I ain't spending another $160 per month so he doesn't have to store two numbers for me. =P I'm going to set it up to where I just switch my sim cards around so I don't have to have two phones. We'll see, maybe I'll hate it. But at least from now until Halibut in May...
  325. Quan

    T-Mobile vs Verizon out in the fishy spots

    Damn it, that sucks. My buddy is able to get me phone service (Unlimited text & data) for $10 total per month for both my wife and I. That's a fuckload cheaper than my current $170 plan with Verizon. I think what I might do is just buy an unlocked phone and buy a pre-paid Verizon plan for the...
  326. Quan

    Pin bone removal

    Automatic Pin Bone Remover =P
  327. Quan

    T-Mobile vs Verizon out in the fishy spots

    Several years ago, I set up a fishing trip with our very own Mike (Stryker20). This would be the first time I met him. I was out at Sekiu with AT&T cell service and when I got there, I came to the realization that I had ZERO signal and no way to contact Mike. I didn't know what he looked...
  328. Quan

    Fetha styx gone?

    Damn, that sucks. I just bought three Chrome DR-1064's this summer (on advice of Travis). I really like 'em....
  329. Quan

    I'll buy the beer...

    For all you lurkers and newbies... THIS is how you become a valued member of BD and get some of the old wiley vets to share information and knowledge with you. Welcome aboard, Gregg. Tell Jance I said "hi".
  330. Quan

    Sea monstah?

    That shit was hilarious. I love dudes like that. They make for a lot of fun moments.
  331. Quan


    Good job gettin' out there. I think I kinked my neck looking at your pictures.
  332. Quan

    How bout them Broncos!!!!!!!!

    That was a sloppy ass game and Grandpa Peyton was lookin' awfully noodle armed. Without DT and Sanders there to bail him out (and KC turning it over 5 times), they definitely wouldn't have won it. At least on those last couple drives, Peyton looked like his old self again. He needs to do more...
  333. Quan

    Anyone smoke bellys with skin on

    That's the only thing I've done with the bellies so far. Haven't once smoked it or used it as bait. They call it "toro" or "otoro" if it's the really good grade and costs you an arm and a leg for a couple slices of sashimi. It's sooo buttery.... yum.
  334. Quan

    Some pretty damn great friends

    Very nice gesture. It's one of life's greatest joys to be surrounded by those you love and those who love you.
  335. Quan

    What pucker factor do you rate this video?

    On a scale of one to pucker, I rate it an "OH SHIT!".
  336. Quan

    Best tuna video yet!

    Awesome vid. Thanks for sharing! What's the deal with people smacking the chovies on the side of the boat or doing that net slap thing these guys are doing?
  337. Quan

    New to the forums

    Well, he offered some marine electronics knowledge and actually introduced himself. That's just a lil' better than coming onto the reports section and asking for cords. Welcome aboard, Richard. Show us some fishing reports and pics from the past and let us get to know you a bit.
  338. Quan

    Nailed it...BOOM

    Thanks for the report, Travis. You sure did nail it. The only thing you didn't nail is putting it in the actual reports section. :frehya2:
  339. Quan

    Westport Tuna 9/9

    Nice report! What's the recipe and how did it taste?
  340. Quan

    Retort Bag Question/Request

    I'm actually heading down thataway this weekend. Gonna be going down 405 and taking 169 over to Issaquah. Leaving probably around 3pm on Sat. Maybe we can meet somewhere off the freeway?
  341. Quan

    Retort Bag Question/Request

    Didn't get a response from you guys on this thread so I went ahead and bought the 8oz bags. Something really weird happens with the bags .... if I cut them down to the size of the 4oz bag, they seal fine. If I keep them at the original 8oz size, they don't. I was bewildered while trying to...
  342. Quan

    Buddy Boat out of WP for Tomorrow? 9/9

    My friend is going out for Tuna for the first time in a 19 ft Pro-Line Sport out of Westport and I'd like to make sure he's safe. They'll probably be crossing at the slack at about 6am then heading SW. Anyone else going tomorrow that might buddy up with them (stay within radio contact)? He...
  343. Quan

    Couldn't come up with a good title for this tuna trip

    Awesome report and good job celebrating your father's life. That second video was the shit. I saw the first fish gaffed at 1:30 and the 5th fish gaffed at 3:02. Five fuckin' fish in the boat in 1 minute, 32 seconds. Now that's how you do it!
  344. Quan

    When Tuna get finicky??

    Thanks, man. Yeah, this was the first time I was able to use my experience and knowledge plus figuring out NOAA's Coastwatch to locate my own fish. Every other time I've gone out, I just relied on getting numbers from days past from others or just wandering about aimlessly on "hunches" and...
  345. Quan

    When Tuna get finicky??

    Were you using flourocarbon leader? I've heard that can help though I've yet to mark a difference, though my experience is limited. Also, I've heard you don't want to brail too much bait as the tuna will get full and start getting pickier. Use just enough to keep them interested yet still are...
  346. Quan

    Ripcharts throwing us the bone!

    Sorry to bring up an old thread... but what's the word with Fishdope for WA? I went to the site and it says it only covers SoCal.
  347. Quan

    open seats tuna thursday

    Right on, man. We'll be targeting to leave about the same time. "Hawksbeard" will be monitoring 68.
  348. Quan

    open seats tuna thursday

    I'll be out there on Thursday too, Stephen. Good luck!
  349. Quan

    Tuna Tuesday 8/25

    Thanks for the update, Garrett!! Good work. We're going Thursday.
  350. Quan

    Westport Tuna Video

    Cool video! How many scoops was that and what's with the small scoops at the beginning?
  351. Quan

    Holy crap them some outboards.

    96 mph .... holy shit, man...
  352. Quan

    What to do with used Pipe Jigs

    I've heard of a prominent fisherman (on his blog) who actually dulls his hooks and lets them rust. The reason he did this was because he found that the grade of fish he brought up with duller gear was typically larger. The idea is that when giant treble hooks on 2 to 3 lb pipe jigs are sticky...
  353. Quan

    Canning VS. Vacuum packing Tuna

    I know some people say to break the seal on a vacuum pouch before defrosting because the freeze/thaw process breaks up some of the proteins and releases moisture. If you don't break the seal, the inherent vacuum left in the bag can pull those juices out as well as it thaws. I personally used...
  354. Quan

    Canning VS. Vacuum packing Tuna

    I vac pack my tuna as well, I think it loses a bit of it's quality when you're eating it as sushi versus absolutely fresh but it's pretty damn close. Our favorite way by far of enjoying albacore is raw or seared, canning is just something we do if we have to. So I typically try to save all of...
  355. Quan

    What anchor are you using?

    I have a Rocna 10 on the pulpit of my my boat for emergencies and anchorage where I know I could retrieve it by diving if I needed. I have used it to overnight in some pretty strong winds at Banks Lake and it held strong without budging. For Halibut and seabass, I bought a cheap 22 lb Bruce...
  356. Quan

    Tuna and salmon 8/15-16

    I had great bait (zero floaters when we pulled the plug) on Sat during the WTC and then Sunday, my bait sucked ... half of it died, the other half was red nosed and barely swimming. I wonder what's going on. Thanks for the report!
  357. Quan

    Sent a PM

    Sent a PM
  358. Quan


  359. Quan

    They're hungry out there

    I see pinks do this all the time. They come in such big schools so when they're hungry, they set off a frenzy amongst themselves trying to fight over whatever food is available and they forget about being scared of boats and lines.
  360. Quan

    WTC small craft advisory? how did it actually shape up in real time?

    Holy crap. I'm glad I was mostly looking forward while driving.... Had my crew keeping eyes on my stern but every time I looked back, I didn't like what I saw.
  361. Quan

    Sharked on a Bait stop.

    What the hell is that?
  362. Quan

    WTC small craft advisory? how did it actually shape up in real time?

    I see, cool. Thanks for the low down. I love how dedicated to safety a lot of us are on this board. Makes me feel so much safer when I'm out there.
  363. Quan

    WTC small craft advisory? how did it actually shape up in real time?

    I heard a guy on the radio say he was gonna run to Neah, I had to ask my crew if I was hearing things.... that's like 120 miles!! Is that really an option people take!? I mean, yeah, you're not fighting the S wind waves but tripling or quadrupling the miles? Then what do you do when you get...
  364. Quan

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    Gotcha, I wonder if the fact my boat is so stern heavy already just makes me (so far) not have to experience any of these bow steer and dipping my bow problems.
  365. Quan

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    Man, glad you're home safe, Todd. Thanks for sharing a video and your experience, we all get to learn from it. I showed it to my crew to reinforce all the safety talk I'm always slamming down their throats. I was out in that shit and didn't call it early... came back in at about 1pm and I...
  366. Quan

    Flashers not spinning!

    Richard, you may be onto something here. The top pic is exactly what I have going on, I bought the BB swivels separate from the McMahon snaps and yes, they're clipped into the ring below the swivel, not the swivel itself. I saw those Sampo swivels at LFS but damn they were expensive.... Dan...
  367. Quan

    Flashers not spinning!

    Yeah, I used to own just Pro Troll before I went Q Cove and I never had problems. To all those talking about beads and speed, like I said... I have 2 or 3 flashers that work... so I don't think it can really be my speed/swivels/etc. I also, like I said, have bought a brand new Q Cove and had...
  368. Quan

    Flashers not spinning!

    I cleaned up all of my swivels really good last year after I first experienced it and they seemed to spin really well but maybe you're right and I just need to replace them. This is regardless of turning, it's when I'm putting my gear down so I'm going straight. Here's a picture to explain...
  369. Quan

    Flashers not spinning!

    haha, no. Good thinking outside the box, though.
  370. Quan

    Flashers not spinning!

    This is driving me nuts. For the past two seasons, I've been having all sorts of trouble with a lot of my flashers not spinning/rolling. They just slightly wobble back and forth, maybe in a 2in to 4in spread. It is a HUGE pain in the ass because without the spinning/rolling flasher drag to...
  371. Quan

    Great story

    Awesome. I just about shit a brick when I saw 300 gallons of gas. Glad that was just a typo. =P
  372. Quan

    Knot Strength Chart

    I wonder if passing the line through the line twice on a San Diego Jam Knot would provide an upgrade in strength. If it does, let this new knot be known as the Quan Knot... =P
  373. Quan

    Knot Strength Chart

    Mark, cool info! I was havin' trouble with the format so I threw it into excel real quick and used some "text to columns". If you want to link this in your original post, I'll delete it here.
  374. Quan


    You do NOT use Marshawn's name in vain, Tommy. :eek:
  375. Quan

    How to fix X-Rap, Rapala plugs, fix hooks, run true

    Thanks for the tutorial!! I read a study some guys did for bass fishing on singles vs trebles. They had definitive evidence that treble hooks got more hook ups but waaaay more lost fish. Singles had slightly less hook ups but very few lost fish. Their conclusion was that the other hooks on...
  376. Quan

    Another Vacuum Sealer

    Exactly, looking on Amazon, buying 3pk 11" foodsaver rolls means $0.354 per bag with the same area as the 8"x10" 3 mil Vacmaster bags which cost $0.048 per bag. That's right, that means you can use 7 higher quality Vacmaster bags for every one Foodsaver bag where you have to manually cut and...
  377. Quan

    Another Vacuum Sealer

    Eric, I felt the same way before I bought my VP215C for $750 and it took a hell of an effort talking my wife into it. I think the real reason I bought it is because of my incessant need for new toys and upgrades. But after buying it, I can't imagine going back to a foodsaver. My wife also is...
  378. Quan

    So easy an 11 yo can do it

    Good work, Brian! I can't seem to keep the pinks off. Been out twice and have only managed a single barely legal King.
  379. Quan

    New sport in Westport?

    Wow, nice doo, Tommy. :D
  380. Quan


    Nice write up, Travis. So does this mean you're gonna leave some of the salmon in 7 for the rest of us? Btw, why the name change?
  381. Quan

    This guy went tuna fishing!

    Uh oh... you let Travis loose? We're all doomed...
  382. Quan

    4th of July Puget Sound Deadly Accident - Drinking and Boating Don't Mix

    Careful, man. BAC climbs a HELL of a lot faster than people realize. For most people, yes, even 200+ lb men like you and me, a single microbrew of 6%+ will bring you up around or above 0.08 for about 45 minutes to an hour. I think the problem in the US is that we advertise 0.08 as if it's the...
  383. Quan

    Sea Jay

    That looks great. I like that it's subtle and a unique design. What's his BD name? We want to get "Hawksbeard" on our boat this year if possible but just can't figure out a good design.
  384. Quan

    Ladies Love Tuna fishing with Offshore Northwest

    Wow, that's the best lookin' crew I've ever seen. I guess that ain't saying much since most BD crews consist of ... well, you know.
  385. Quan

    How to beat a dead horse

    Funny how things change. I saw you mentioned me in the original post and then noticed that I even responded with how I remember this board used to be. It used to be an awesome place where fisherman could share their stories and help each other learn. We used to rally together to pack rooms...
  386. Quan

    Roller Coaster!

    What was the 4th species?
  387. Quan

    New Use for Coho's

    Just a lil' PSA. Out of of the hundreds of parasites in fish, only three are potentially dangerous to humans. Out of those three, only one lives in most saltwater fish and it's the most benign (in terms of ease of infection and symptoms), and it is the Cod Worm. The other two, are Anisakis...
  388. Quan

    Hunter Orange!

    Straight from the horse's mouth. "Can I use fluorescent hunter-orange camouflage clothing measuring at least 400 square inches to meet hunter-orange requirements? Yes, but the amount of camouflage clothing that is actually fluorescent hunter-orange in color must still total 400 square inches or...
  389. Quan

    Mooch/Drift off the down rigger?

    Seems like you'd have some trouble keeping your line from tangling on itself as well as the downrigger line if you didn't have any forward movement is the only problem I could see. Perhaps you could drop at troll speed and then turn off the engines.
  390. Quan


    John has gone out of his way multiple times to help me when I needed it even when he had no idea who I was at first. I remember wanting to repay him after helping me (first time I met him) with some leaky rivets on my Lund and he said if I really wanted to thank him, I could take him to lunch...
  391. Quan

    Fucking Dirtbag

    People fuckin' suck. I'm sorry this happened to you but I'm glad no one was hurt. Hopefully this scumbag gets what he deserves.
  392. Quan

    sunfish and jelly's

    I think I might hook a jelly on the line and see what kinda fight these things have next time I'm out. LOL
  393. Quan

    Skagway, Neah Bay short video

    I couldn't see video at work because Facebook is blocked and it's a Facebook link. It worked at home.
  394. Quan

    New reg book is out on WDFW www just an FYI

    It really seems to be moving that way. Right now, they have Halibut, Prawns, and Crab dates all just pointing to the website rather than providing any information in the booklet itself. Kinda lookin' like just a salmon booklet anyway. =P I wish they would just publish next years Halibut...
  395. Quan

    New reg book is out on WDFW www just an FYI

    Richard, I chuckle every time you post because of your avatar. Just makes you look so suspicious and wary of everything everyone (including your own posts) are saying... It's not just "Here's the regs!" .... it's "Here's the regulations... where the fuck did they do us dirty this time...?" LOL...
  396. Quan

    Wdlfbio Psychic? / New place

    Damn, I thought my recent purchase of some Calstars and Avets was bad... You REALLY got the bug!
  397. Quan

    Swiftsure Canadian Side

    Great work! Did you catch the Halibut on the troll on the downriggers? That'd be a hell of a fight on salmon gear!
  398. Quan

    Custom 23' uniflite sportfish diesel ***sold***

    Congratulations to both of you!
  399. Quan

    New boat and first blood

    Haha, "Don't hate!" is one of my favorite phrases. Again, congrats on the new boat and nice feesh! Good knife work too.
  400. Quan

    New boat and first blood

    Congratulations on the new boat! I call bullshit on 20mpg though. o_O
  401. Quan

    Need a new downrigger rod

    The place I stored my boat over the winter had me sign like two thousand papers saying they're not liable at all for anything that happens to my boat. I think that's maybe just how those storage places work...
  402. Quan

    LH Reelers

    It should be noted after Ty's response that you can find lever drags in level winds as well but that's even rarer when you start lookin' at lefties. I think the Okuma Solterra was the only reel I found that had level wind, lever drag, and came in left handed.
  403. Quan

    Well the deal is done and the boat is mine.

    Congratulations, Pete! I'm terrible with boat names but I like Gator Bait.
  404. Quan

    LH Reelers

    One thing I forgot to mention is that for lighter stuff, especially casting, I like to use lefties. I sometimes even use my baitcasters for salmon just for fun. All the RH gear I have for tuna and bottomfishing seems a bit overpowered and awkward for salmon. They actually did a study in bass...
  405. Quan

    LH Reelers

    I too went through this exact same thing a few years back and even made a thread about it. I was determined to stay left handed but I eventually switched to all RHers just because I was sick of trying to keep everything lefty with limited selection and having to have RHers on board for people...
  406. Quan

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    My rule of thumb is if the hook is going to connect to other hardware like a split ring or is open eye to a solid welded ring, you probably want Siwash as that keeps the hook shank in line with your lure and exposes a lot of throat on the hook. If you're going to snell a hook, an octopus' bent...
  407. Quan

    Sand dab fishin'

    I had a weird summer where I couldn't catch a sand dab unless I used a point wilson dart as my weight on a drop shot rig. I'd put a lead on the dropshot and couldn't catch a thing while the point wilson dart set up was slaying them. I just used chunks of herring on #4 pretied hooks.
  408. Quan

    Fishing Chinook Salmon - THE COMMERCIAL WAY!

    What's the deal with Pro Release clips? I've tried searching online for how they work but can't find anything. Can anyone give me a description on how they work or better yet, some pics?
  409. Quan

    Sand dab fishin'

    :D :cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D Mussel: Muscle: :frehya2:
  410. Quan

    Ling fishing in the Sound

    Hey. What the... Listen, Khoung... there's only room for one Vietnamese Ling fisherman on this board....
  411. Quan

    WTB: 3 or 4 Matching Downrigger Salmon Rods

    I don't really know which rods I want but if you're looking to get rid of some older ones or upgrade, and the price is right, I may snag yours.
  412. Quan

    Chip info

    I'd have to see how well the currents work for the Platinum+. Tides are pretty dang easy to pull up on my phone. As for currents, I've yet to see any kind of accurate current data on anything except for the paper charts, especially where it matters for me in the San Juan's. I'd be curious to...
  413. Quan

    Chip info

    Navionics+ has the same nautical charts and Sonarcharts with the same amount of detail as the Platinum+. It does not have 3D contours and aerial views of marinas. I was unaware that Platinum+ showed tide and currents.... that's pretty bad ass.
  414. Quan


    What the hell, why not. Signed up. Damn, that took all of 5 seconds....
  415. Quan

    WANTED.. Navionics Platinum+ 912

    Jim, You may want to consider the "Navionics+" chip. It has the same Nautical Charts, SonarCharts, and Community Edits as the Platinum+ AND Hotmaps (inland lakes) FOR THE ENTIRE US AND CANADA (Yes, that is by far more coverage area than any Platinum+ chip you can buy). The only limitation is...
  416. Quan

    Help Freezing / Storing Spot Prawns

    Another option is to put them between two paper plates like a sandwich (deeper paper plates work best) and then vacuum pack the paper plate/shrimp sandwich. I've done that before and it works perfectly.
  417. Quan

    Ultimate Halibut Rig - Gen 2 - Video

    Thanks for replying, Mark. That makes sense. One more question, where did you get your baiting needle? I tried that set up and realized my baiting needle was too short, could only make it about half way to the anus on a purple label.
  418. Quan

    Sticker holder upgrade

    Took me entirely too long to understand your "sticker holder" joke. Congratulations on the new boat!
  419. Quan

    Neah Bay Halibut, Lings, & SALMON!!

    Nice work! We tried half-heartedly for salmon while we were out there too but no such luck.
  420. Quan

    Neah/Sekiu Report

    Nnnoooo!!! You gaffed the cheek!
  421. Quan

    CQ / Neah Bay 3way

    Nevermind, found the answer to my own question. "You may NOT: Fish for, or harvest fish or shellfish in an area with catch in your possession that does not meet the rules of that area. However, you may pass through such an area without stopping to fish. Also, you may catch fish in one area and...
  422. Quan

    CQ / Neah Bay 3way

    Nice report! Good work. What's the deal with fishing in a different marine area than the port you are returning, especially when the fish you are targeting is closed at your return port?
  423. Quan

    Ultimate Halibut Rig - Gen 2 - Video

    Great videos! Thanks for sharing. It seems like having the shank of the hook in the herring's mouth would narrow the gap between the tip of the circle hook and shank, thus maybe causing some missed hookups or hooking up with a smaller grade of fish. You seem to know what you're doing though...
  424. Quan

    Time for Halibut Tags?

    I wasn't suggesting a 6 fish limit, just stating how the Canadian regs work. It seems to me a 3 or 4 fish may be more appropriate to match the season we already have. Good point, though, since we have a much bigger population, that quota could conceivably be met within the first one or two...
  425. Quan

    Time for Halibut Tags?

    In Canada, they allow 6 per year per angler, 1 per day, 2 possession limit. It opens Feb 1st, and goes pretty much until quota is met. They just send random people an email asking if you've caught fish and how many. I think this is a pretty good way to do it. You have plenty of time to try...
  426. Quan

    An ocean captain's tale

    Great work, man! Thanks for sharing the story.
  427. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    Sure, come on after 3 pages of fleshing it out and act like you knew it all along.... The part that is unclear is about "in transit." My initial thought was that maybe that only means in the boat back to port. Turns out, it means in your truck as well. It also means that if you take 3 Hali...
  428. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    To get this thread back on track... here's Oregon's excerpt on this same rule: " Maximum number or amount of a type of fish or shellfish that a person may lawfully possess in the field or forest, or in transit to the place of permanent residence. The possession limit is: 2 daily limits for all...
  429. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    Point taken. I've redacted my previous statement. Frustration got the best of me. To be clear, I've done quite a lot in the fight for our fisheries. I know I could do more. I've sent dozens of letters and emails for various issues. I fought pretty dang hard in the NOAA SJI proposed closure...
  430. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    Nice jump there, bud. I want things to be managed better and more accurately, more sustainable, and safer for the fishermen in my country.... How dare I want such things!!
  431. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    In light of this probable MA3/4 closure, I'd like to mention in this post that in Canada, where they do online reporting (they literally email you and require you report your catch, imagine that... technology... wow....) and have a limit of 6 on the year... You can easily just pick your days to...
  432. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    Twice. Once at the boat ramp wash down area by the Sheriff's department, once while camping in a car camp site cooking chili while on a hunting trip by a Warden.
  433. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    I guess if they get me on the water like they did Jeff, I'd just tell them my other two limits are frozen at home...
  434. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    That's a good point. Makes me feel better about the situation... but still sucks that I'd technically be illegal.
  435. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    Oh, thanks, man. That's a good deal. Didn't realize they had a contingency for that.
  436. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    Mike, I'm pretty good at fishing Sekiu. ;) I simplified my situation in the hypothetical above to keep it clear and to not incriminate myself. An easier way to exceed the possession limit is like Eric said, head offshore Thursday and Saturday and then do Sekiu or Canadian waters on Friday...
  437. Quan

    Possession Limits at Camp and in the Truck

    So Sekiu is open from the 21st through the 24th this weekend. If I catch a Halibut each day on the boat by myself (4 Hali total), fillet the fish at the dock, put it on ice in a cooler at the motel... do I become illegal once I put it on my truck (or at the motel for that matter)? Mike...
  438. Quan

    ***WANTED: Inflatable Roll Up Dinghy***

    I bought one of these from West Marine last week. Seems to fit your bill. They may still be on sale for $599 right now. That's what I got it for. I tried craigslist but could barely find anything under...
  439. Quan

    Homey caught a Wolf Eel

    Damn, thems some ugly sons of bitches.
  440. Quan

    Thanks WDFW

    That's cool that WDFW did you a solid. Btw, you may want to run low drag buoys like shown below. That's what they're called, "low drag buoy" and they will keep from getting sucked under like the regular foam buoy while not having the drag to pull your pots away.
  441. Quan

    Time to step up.Ladner or Mckay. Maybe cheapos ?

    I got some info from a charter captain who dove to observe how prawns acted and they reported that square pots would lead to prawns hitting the broad side... skirting to the edge, and then just continuing in a straight line. With both octagon and Ladner pots, this issue was greatly reduced. The...
  442. Quan

    Regs question game fish for bait

    Just thought of something, I could see an especially shifty officer getting you on possession limits if you had more than your 5 trout you're allowed...
  443. Quan

    Regs question game fish for bait

    Bill, I have looked long and hard through the regs on this particular topic because I had a guy scare me into throwing an entire gallon ziplock bag of salmon belly strips overboard and I also have lake trout I want to use for bait this year. I found under the "Statewide General Rules" it...
  444. Quan

    Whats your favorite halibut bait??

    Kills me every time someone says they use Tuna Bellies for bait... Might as well throw a Filet Mignon on your hook!
  445. Quan

    how's lingin

    Don't lie, there are no Lingcod in Area 7.
  446. Quan

    Shrimp ticket

    I'm not expert, but I think a misdemeanor means arrest and a court case including pre-hearing and stuff and then the fine gets doled out after indictment. I mean, a misdemeanor is a "crime" (just the lowest form) rather than a "citation" like a speeding ticket. $87 ticket is probably just a...
  447. Quan

    Shrimp ticket

    You guys are a bunch of hooligans trying to get away with free prawns. You're supposed to send a scuba diver down and count the prawns as they come into the trap. Effin' noobs.
  448. Quan

    Retort Bag Question/Request

    Okay, I got some samples straight from the company yesterday and gave them a whirl. Sealed up bag with just water with a 2.6 second heat time and PERFECT SEAL. I even put my entire body weight on the bag and it didn't pop. I'll look to be ordering some next week, I think.... looks like I have...
  449. Quan

    Spot prawn fishing hours

    In case you didn't know, Bill. You're a fuckin' animal. Go get 'em. Be safe out there. Let us know how your crazy Kayakin' self does.
  450. Quan

    Bottom fish on the Goldrush, 25 April

    Looked awesome, Laurence. Thanks for the report. Lings lose their color when they sit in the fish box, my guess is they pulled that one out for picture time after it had been in the box for a while. Especially makes sense given how stiff (rigor mortis) that thing is.
  451. Quan

    Good Luck Everyone!

    Here here. I've been within sight of two boating incidents and both were in May, one had a fatality. I've had several scary moments on my own boat involving a shrimp pot and anchoring. Don't be too proud, things can go wrong at any time and even to the most cautious and best of us. Stay...
  452. Quan

    Something a little extra with your tuna ??

    Holy crap. Not a good way to go...
  453. Quan

    Fish taco recipe

    Damn it, Garrett. You need to not post this shit an hour and a half before lunch... Guess I know what I'm making for dinner!
  454. Quan

    Canadian Halibut

    You wanna give us those numbers in freedom units? 8-) Good work, man. I tried really hard to talk the company that was visiting from out of town to go out for Canadian Hali this weekend but alas, could not make it happen... Way to slay 'em!
  455. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Just talked to Olympic Propeller and he said he wasn't surprised at all that there was rust inside there. He says during the casting process, all the carbon steel rises to the top and if you can't grind it out (which you can't with that goofy tangential spline design shown in the pic above)...
  456. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Here's a concerning note. I haven't actually pulled the trigger on the prop yet for one main reason. Both of the SS Ecos I tested had considerable rust and pitting inside between the hub and the prop body (shown below). The 17P one was terrible, I would never purchase that particular prop in...
  457. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    I have no way of knowing if it's ventilating. The hard numbers I recorded were RPM, SOG, and GPH. The theoretical top speed is a calculated number using RPM, Gear Ratio, Zero Slip. The % efficiency was calculated taking my measured speed in the field and dividing it by the theoretical...
  458. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Yeah, sorry. I used to be all about trimming perfectly with the old Lund... I knew exactly what my wake should look like for perfect trim. With the new boat (and crappy prop), trimming became something I never did. Weird how fast that became habit. All numbers that are at the WOT (light blue...
  459. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Looking at the data, you can see inefficiencies with the lower pitched props and very terrible inefficiencies with my old Aluminum 19P prob. The Defiance 220EX is a light boat. I have a 250 horsepower monster on the back of it. It makes sense that these lower pitched props just can't grab...
  460. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Yeah, sorry for some sloppy reporting and missing information. I was scrambling to post the raw data before my appointment. Btw, "Hole Shot" was 0mph-20mph Trim is as Steve described, motor trimmed all the way down, pistons fully retracted, bow being forced down. With my stock prop, I...
  461. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Alright, here are the results. It should be noted that the very first test I did was the Enertia Eco 16x19 and that I was very timid. Mainly because I was gun shy from lack of confidence in my install of the new hub but also timid from having spun the prop, the weather (it was POURING), and...
  462. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Yeah.... I bought that dumb ass orange AIS yearly permit last year, should still be good, I hope. I also am fully equipped with 3 fat friends as well as my fat self.
  463. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Alright, worked out a deal with one of the local Merc dealers and he got me a Enertia Eco 16x17 and 16x19 3-Blade SS as well as a Quicksilver Diamond 4 14.5x18 4-Blade Aluminum. I will be testing them after work on the lake today... will update you all with the numbers!
  464. Quan

    The Whales are moving in.....why? Seals and Sea Lions

    Hopefully they teach the J, K, and L pods about how tasty seals can be.
  465. Quan

    Lead melt.

    Wish I could make it.... I have 89 lbs of clean ingots sitting in my garage. Have company staying with us this weekend, otherwise, I'd be there. Have fun, all, be safe!
  466. Quan


    Happy Birthday, John. Hope you're having a good one.
  467. Quan

    Retort Bag Question/Request

    Oh, I linked the 1000 8oz bags. Here's the link to all the bags. Looks like the 4oz bags are 14.5 cents per bag and they sell them in quantities of 2000.
  468. Quan

    Retort Bag Question/Request

    Vacuum Sealers Unlimited Here's the link to the 4.6mil bags.... 1000 count, $239.85. I would love to go in on an order, though I still wish I could test them first. I was planning on giving them a call today and asking if they'll send me samples.
  469. Quan

    NOAA pinpoint marine forecast

    Yeah, they made it really really terrible. The only way to do it now is to tap on the tiiiiiny map on the front page... then it zooms onto the US, then you try your best to not click Portland while trying to click Seattle... then it zooms in on the entirety of WA and there, you can try to click...
  470. Quan

    A Word to the Wise

    haha, great pun.
  471. Quan

    A Word to the Wise

    Terry, I guess I've never actually tried to break apart or handle a toilet bowl ring other than installing a toilet so I don't know... kinda looks like the same stuff, doesn't it? There are no access hatches or anything to any of your thru-hull fittings? That seems odd, even my old Lund had...
  472. Quan

    A Word to the Wise

    I keep a tub of this stuff on my boat at all times. Cheap insurance. Such a simple concept but so effective. Hope I never have to use it. Video link below shows them using it in various situations.
  473. Quan

    Retort Bag Question/Request

    Yeah, ifish has a lot of info on it and is where I found several of the success stories. And yes, my unit does have a seal time setting. When I get to the higher times, like I said... the heat strip side of the bag practically burns and the other side looks mostly unmelted. Like Bud said too...
  474. Quan

    Retort Bag Question/Request

    Thanks for the input, Steve. I would imagine that if the seals failed, it'd be pretty damn evident... so I'm not too concerned with accidentally feeding my family/friends or myself bad tuna. I heard about modifications to the seal bar too but have yet to find anything online... Kamen, you are...
  475. Quan

    Retort Bag Question/Request

    I have a VacMaster VP215c and tried to do retort canning. Before all you motherfuckers with the fancy ass vacuum baggers start shitting on me for buying a "chinese made piece of shit," please heed the following words: I don't give a shit about your opinion unless it pertains to my question, so...
  476. Quan

    Time to be honest with the board.

    James, the adults are talking. Fuck off.
  477. Quan

    Time to be honest with the board.

    I think the dude is suffering from what a lot of us do... we see and hear of people catching all sorts of fish and wonder what the fuck we're doing wrong. Either that or he's fucking with us, drunk sad, OR trying to use sympathy as a way to get boat rides and numbers. >:(
  478. Quan

    Time to be honest with the board.

    There's plenty of people on here who can't catch fish and plenty of trips where the guys who do look like they catch fish catch nothing. You just hear the highlights from a conglomeration of hundreds if not thousands of fisherman while you are only one. Don't let the Facebook syndrome (looking...
  479. Quan

    Redneck hardtop !!

    Well, sounds like several people have done this so I guess real world advice is better than my theoretical advice. I personally wouldn't think it'd do a whole lot for ya considering the frame you're working with. For some reason, I thought you were going to make it a full on redneck hard...
  480. Quan

    Ugly Stik vs. Tidewater vs. Celilo

    I dunno why my review differs so greatly from the other Celilo owners but I bought one of those a while ago, probably 8 years ago... snapped on the first day out, returned it to Sports Authority.... continued to snap on each subsequent trip until I bagged it after the third one snapped. I was...
  481. Quan

    Redneck hardtop !!

    So you're thinking of using your soft top as a mold surface for laying up a structural fiberglass top? Got a picture of your boat? I am a plastics and composites engineer by schooling (I do Mechanical Engineering by trade) and I've done my fair share of laying up so I might be able to provide...
  482. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    The BoatTest article was run on a set of twins...
  483. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    I understand that... but like I said, my goal is to get the prop, whatever it may be, to run at 6100rpm, not 5600... dunno where you got the 5600 number. My goal of getting a 19 pitch to run 6100 may be lofty but hey, it's worth a shot. I hope I'm not coming off as argumentative with you, Eli...
  484. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Again, my head may be in the clouds, but the Enertia Eco is supposedly going to get me even better hole shot and top end than any of the alternatives. In other words, it seems as if you compromise nothing by going to the Eco and the numbers don't seem to jibe with traditional knowledge. Hell...
  485. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    I think I'll probably ask for a the 17pitch Eco, Rev 4 19pitch and maybe the Mirage 19pitch. Not real sure, I need the guys to commit to being able to help me with testing first...
  486. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    I thought of that. My whole thinking process above is predicated on the idea that old school knowledge of propellers is ... well, old school. All of the prop guys I've spoken to either have no idea what the hell I'm talking about or just think I'm an idiot or crazy. Maybe they're right. But...
  487. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Hey look, another monster fuckin' post from Quan. Well, it's got some cool shit in it. So deal with it. :finger: TL;DR: I derived a calculation that shows the theoretical top speed given a prop pitch, gear ratio, and your RPM. Also, I want to go fast and I want good cruising mpgs. Also...
  488. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Such a generous offer... I'll let you know if I decide to pursue that option. 8-)
  489. Quan

    Cleaning Rockfish

    I also cut through the ribs, leave the end bit of skin by the tail connected, then fillet off the skin. I then cut off the rib cage at an angle and a good portion of the belly meat with it. Early in my days, I'd be very careful to fillet off the ribs as close as possible and there'd be a chunk...
  490. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Pics fixed above.
  491. Quan

    "Cleanup Required"

    New boats everywhere!! Congrats!
  492. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Yeah, seems you may be right. I'm still not sold on it, though. Again, you have to remember that the Eco was designed for boats like mine, the 4-Blade 16" diam behemoth John loaned me was not. I think the rules for Alum vs SS, diameter, and pitch all can hold true given the same manufacturer...
  493. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Ah, that makes sense on the squirrelly part. Also, yeah, I figured the lil' trim tab on my lower unit was probably not set for your prop and figured it might have something to do with it. Thanks for the confirmation.
  494. Quan

    My new ride!!

    Good work, man! Congrats!
  495. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    On my old boat, I carried the aluminum prop the boat came with as a spare. In both cases, my old boat and new... the old aluminum prop got me cruising well, had great hole shot, and had a great top end... it worked. It would've been a great spare. My goal now is to get a prop that fits my...
  496. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Well, took Goat's 16x17 4-Blade SS PowerTech yesterday. The testing was a little lacking since I had my wife with a bad back, a newbie, and a small child onboard that needed to get home to her father so I forgot to do low end. Not sure that that really matters.... anyway, 90gallons of fuel...
  497. Quan

    Anyone hitting lings before halibut season?

    I've been trying to hit Lings since the March opener but the ocean has been absolute shite every single weekend except pretty much this last one. Wish Poseidon would settle the fuck down.
  498. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Richard, apology accepted. No need to fuck off. I value your thoughts but just don't appreciate being patronized. Your confusion may lie in the fact that we probably have differing opinions on how things should work. For a smaller, somewhat custom boat builder like Defiance, I would not...
  499. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Sorry, John. I guess I like saying your last name. Thanks for the offer, I may have to take you up on that when I get the other props in for testing. I'm curious though, you seem to be a proponent of PowerTech, any opinions on how those stack up to the Enertia Ecos? Eli, the gear ratio on...
  500. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Thanks, Patrick. That's good to hear. Wish he didn't just leave to Costa Rica.
  501. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Richard, If I was rich and didn't have to work and had all the time in the world, sure... maybe I could've bugged Defiance and tried to test a bunch of different props with them. As it stands, I had time, price, and travel constraints and it was not realistic for me (or them, really) to have a...
  502. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    Richard, that's a good point. From what I've heard, that hub style is not really suited for a motor that big and with emissions regulations nowadays, exhaust temps keep getting hotter and hotter. I had a chance to change the prop at purchase but I decided to go with the one they suggested. I...
  503. Quan

    Let's talk Propellers! Enertia Eco

    On Tuesday, I spun my stock aluminum prop with a rubber sleeve hub that came with the boat and that finally gives me an excuse to upgrade to the SS prop I've always wanted. First off, and I think this is an easy one, I want to go to the newer plastic sleeve hub design. I think with emissions...
  504. Quan

    DIY fishing tackle

    Yeah, essentially there are three different ways to use the slider rig as I understand it as my MS Paint job beautifully demonstrates. The weight on rigs 1 and 3 can be substituted for pipe jigs.
  505. Quan

    DIY fishing tackle

    Tuna Cord Slider, just googled it... didn't take pictures of mine. I think most people attach the weight to the sliding swivel in the middle... A friend taught me you can attach your mainline to the middle (slider) and run a single hook pipe jig on one side and a single hook leader with...
  506. Quan

    Greenling catch methods

    My goto for Kelp Greenling are black and silver P-Line Laser Minnows, kills 'em. Biggest problem though is it's very tough to get them down and fish them in high currents and in the salt because how lightweight they are. I wish Kelp Greenling's mouths weren't so fuggin' tiny.
  507. Quan

    DIY fishing tackle

    You can't fool me!! You hooked those on after catching them with trebles! =P Nice feesh and nice tackle, btw. Those paint jobs are spectacular. I like to make my own tackle when I can. Usually just leaders and leads. Occasionally try to get fancy with hoochies for salmon. I'd suggest you...
  508. Quan

    DIY fishing tackle

    Huh. Circle hooks on pipe jigs don't make sense to me.... My understanding is that fish kind of attack and nip at pipe jigs rather than gulp them down. Furthermore, the whole nature of a Pipe JIG is that you JIG them... which is not what you're supposed to with circles. On top of that, the...
  509. Quan

    Downrigger mounting

    I just did a whole lot of installing last year and still am installing stuff this year (just put in two new flush mount Scotty Orcas this weekend). What I've learned from it all after researching, stewing, and much unnecessary stress... is that it's sometimes just best to go with what feels...
  510. Quan


    Holy Hell. What an upgrade, Jance! (That was for calling me Juan in my new boat thread). You don't fuck around. Fix the pictures so we don't need a magnifying glass to view them.
  511. Quan

    La Push Lodging Questions

    I'd gladly pay it, not a big deal. Do it all the time at Van Ripers. I just hate asking because if they actually don't allow it... now you're on the watch list.... then your friends are SOL.
  512. Quan

    La Push Lodging Questions

    Thanks, Doug. That's exactly the info I was looking and hoping for. Some of the crew have gotten rooms but for those who can't because they're sold out, at least they have that as a backup option.
  513. Quan

    La Push Lodging Questions

    Anyone have experience with the different lodging arrangements in La Push? I currently have reservations for: 1 Bedroom Deluxe Cabin for May 13-16 and 2 Bedroom Motel for May 20-24 I have a bunch of people coming to fish with me but there just aren't that many options left at the Quileute...
  514. Quan

    Rockfish Descent Devices revisited

    I agree. I had two of them and always struggled to use them effectively. Like Tony said, I had a lot of difficulty getting the fish on the Shelton descender and keeping it on. First, where the hell do you grab a rockfish you're trying to save in order to be able to stick it with the needle...
  515. Quan

    Rockfish Descent Devices revisited

    I just did the math (whooda thunk it? I'm an engineer after all...), for approximately every 33ft, you're gaining another atmosphere of pressure (starting at 1atm), thus reducing the volume linearly by that much as well. All mumbo jumbo aside, at 150ft, you've approximately lowered the volume...
  516. Quan

    Halibut Loops and Leaders

    That makes sense. I figured they'd work nicely for circle hooks. Still wondering if anyone has some evidence or facts supporting these helping eliminate tangles on deep drops.
  517. Quan

    Rockfish Descent Devices revisited

    I guess a better question to ask is, does anyone have the Standard (50-100-150) and know if it works when you're fishing deepwater, 500ft+? I'd rather have the Standard so I can return rockfish inshore in shallower waters where the Deep version may not release in time. I just want to make sure...
  518. Quan

    Halibut Loops and Leaders

    That's exactly my point. Setting the hook matters with J Hooks so how is having to slide a foot or two of tuna cord through the swivel on your main line before you get a solid connection to the fish advantageous?
  519. Quan

    Halibut Loops and Leaders

    Someone answer this, please. I also wonder what the exact advantage of these slider rigs are... Doesn't the sliding swivel just make hook sets tougher since when you yank on the line, the swivel has to slide and pick up the lead weight end up before getting taut on the fish before you can do a...
  520. Quan

    Hali Season Now Official

    La Push: May 14-16 May 21-23 Fuuuck yeaaah!! I'm excited to get my first white meat on the new boat!
  521. Quan

    Rockfish Descent Devices revisited

    I'm sold. Which one should I buy? Standard (50-100-150) or Deep (100-200-300)? Same question as Curt, where's the best place to buy?
  522. Quan

    Canada Halibut

    I am far from the expert on the subject, that's just the blurb I found about it on the FCC's website. Could very well be wrong. That said, my understanding about an EPIRB is that it has its own database and system. Inputting your MMSI into the info sheet is just another added feature/safety...
  523. Quan

    La Push Forecast - Would you go? Let's learn something today.

    Shit, man. The forecast blew up again. You guys really out there fishing? "SAT...W WIND 10 TO 20 KT...BECOMING S 15 TO 25 KT IN THE AFTERNOON. WIND WAVES 3 TO 5 FT. W SWELL 9 FT AT 11 SECONDS. A CHANCE OF SHOWERS. SAT NIGHT...S WIND 15 TO 25 KT. WIND WAVES 3 TO 5 FT. W SWELL 9 FT AT 10...
  524. Quan

    Canada Halibut

    I believe the FCC license is only required if you plan to go to or communicate with a foreign port, not just if you're in foreign waters. "Ships are considered as operating domestically when they do not travel to foreign ports or do not transmit radio communications to foreign stations. Sailing...
  525. Quan

    La Push Forecast - Would you go? Let's learn something today.

    Good luck, Richard! Be safe out there.
  526. Quan

    Melting lead

    I wear a respirator with the pink cartridges when I melt lead. Rather be safe and uncomfortable for a few hours than risk irreversible health problems in the future. Your body apparently moves lead around your body freely through your bloodstream just like it does other metals like iron and...
  527. Quan

    Shrimp questions

    I run shots of 450ft to fish 250 to 350ft. Haven't lost a pot yet, knock on wood.
  528. Quan

    La Push Forecast - Would you go? Let's learn something today.

    Want to but probably not. SAT...NW WIND 15 TO 25 KT...BECOMING S TO 10 KT. WIND WAVES 2 TO 4 FT...SUBSIDING TO 1 FT. W SWELL 10 FT. SUN...SE WIND 10 TO 20 KT...BECOMING S 15 TO 25 KT. WIND WAVES 1 TO 3 FT...BUILDING TO 3 TO 5 FT. W SWELL 6 FT.
  529. Quan

    Canada Halibut

    Great info, thanks! In reference to the video... Do you attach the buoy and pulley while you're anchored or can you attach that after the fact? In reference to the drawing, do you not run a pulley? Does the ring do the same job?
  530. Quan

    La Push Forecast - Would you go? Let's learn something today.

    Forecast upgraded to even shittier. Gale watch in effect from Late Friday through Sat Afternoon. 30-35kt winds, 8-11ft combined seas... no thanks. Trip is cancelled. Thanks everyone for the info and knowledge. If you have any more to add, I'd urge you to do so. I think getting real life...
  531. Quan

    La Push Forecast - Would you go? Let's learn something today.

    Great info, guys. Verifies my thoughts. Kinda looks 50/50 for a "maybe" which is not the best of odds... given my lack of experience, I'm likely to scratch the trip. I forgot to mention, the thing I'd consider would be to wait it out and see if Sunday got better, but that isn't looking...
  532. Quan

    defiance 220 ex advise

    I own one and I have a 250HP Honda. I love the motor. It's a lot of power for the boat but I sure was glad to have it when I did my tuna trip last year. 4 guys, full loaded down with ice and fish and I had no problem getting on plane or climbing up the back of waves. I think I still topped...
  533. Quan

    CCA and PSA, Please read.

    Hey, I BM fished several times... but they done shut down my neck of the woods. =( Thanks, as always, Ron.
  534. Quan

    La Push Forecast - Would you go? Let's learn something today.

    I have a cabin at La Push this weekend. We had planned to go for bottomfish on Saturday but these two storms came in and turned the ocean into a washing machine. Looking at the forecast.... It kiiiinda looks like there may be hope. The forecast on Saturday started early this week at 2-4ft...
  535. Quan

    Did I just become mayor of crazy town?

    I plan to, he's already slotted in for two offshore trips this year. He planned this trip on his own volition. Haha, that's hilarious. Fortunately, I like my father-in-law.
  536. Quan

    Did I just become mayor of crazy town?

    Turns out my wife was misunderstood. He doesn't go out until NEXT Wednesday. Clears that one up. Still not sure how the hell he could pay $115 per head on a 4 person boat... Maybe weekday rates?
  537. Quan

    Did I just become mayor of crazy town?

    Before my story, I should state that my understanding is that coastal Lingcod opens March 14th, this Saturday. If that's not the case, then I really did become the mayor of crazy town. Here we go. My buddy (lives in Vancouver, WA) who knows nothing about fishing went out with someone I don't...
  538. Quan

    Looking at couple boat asking opinions

    Wait, are you in Washington? Defiance's headquarters is in Bremerton. It's where they build the boats and they would be happy to give you a tour of the facilities and any boats on site. To clarify some points made since my first big ol' post... For visibility in the cabin, I didn't mean that...
  539. Quan

    Looking at couple boat asking opinions

    Pretty much everyone on this thread is talking offshore capability/ride as the #1 priority even though you said you want to do 90% Sound. BD seems to be offshore-centric so I don't blame them. Given the offshore consideration, I agree that Osprey and Seasport probably have better rides (just...
  540. Quan

    Message from PSA President Ron Garner

    Ron, there are always going to be the doubters and haters no matter how true, right, or just you try to be. Don't let that deter you as the vast majority of us know you are doing right by us and appreciate your hard work and efforts. Thank you, Ron. Keep letting us know where we can help.
  541. Quan

    Waaay North-End Lead Pour and Liver Abuse event-Interest?

    Looks like I have to bone out. Sorry, fellas. Family matters down south. Have fun and be safe!
  542. Quan

    Long day on the water, racked up the engine hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That makes sense and made sense when I first read your post. The thing that threw me off was the two comments that said "I thought that said 3900!" which is exactly what it DOES say... figured maybe I was reading it wrong. Thanks for the clarification, Todd. ;)
  543. Quan

    Long day on the water, racked up the engine hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe I'm an idiot, but I don't understand what I'm seeing here. First pic says 372 7h and second pic says 3929 0h and the underneath readout seems to report 379 0h in both. Can someone explain? I'll probably feel like an idiot when someone does... :confused:
  544. Quan

    Honda motor guys, NMEA2k cable

    You sure there's not already a hole in that grommet? If it is a NMEA ready motor, it probably has a hole for the NMEA cable. Mine did, but it was hidden in the middle and the hole was covered with a thin layer of rubber. No need to cut the cable, there should be a slit in the grommet so you...
  545. Quan

    Prescription sunglasses

    Buy a pair of Maui Jim's and you will not regret it. The company started in Hawaii selling at beach resorts and were literally made for Saltwater use. They are spendy but they are one of the best, if not the best, lenses in the market for optics, tint, and overall technology and the rest of...
  546. Quan

    By Catch

    Interesting proposal. One problem that comes to mind (and it's not a problem with your idea, it's a problem with getting it to pass) is that you can not accurately regulate targeting of species during optimal times. I know that seems moot given the amount of bycatch that is happening anyway...
  547. Quan

    By Catch

    Fucking A. Thanks for filling me in John and Roger. I can't believe shit like this exists. It is so ludicrously idiotic and irresponsible. Makes my blood boil.
  548. Quan

    By Catch

    Does anyone know what kinda fishery this is? Long line, bottom trawling? What's the mortality rate of the bycatch or are they allowed to keep some or something? I just can't fathom wasting THAT much fish... Fortunately, Halibut do not have swim bladders and are tough fish... they should be...
  549. Quan


    I know this question comes up five times a year but does anyone know definitively the rules on fishing in Canada during the WA offseason and bringing Hali back? This covers the WA side which to me, says only Salmon requires a check in with customs before returning. This was something Tommy...
  550. Quan

    Welcome to baby boy Tucker Allen Brown!

    Congratulations, Todd!
  551. Quan

    Sand Lance / Candlefish

    The barbed hook thing was me half joking... while I do wish factory barbless hooks were more available (because I've gotten two bullshit "warnings", once for having a broken barb after pinching and one that the officer said wasn't pinched sufficiently- and many of you know my luck with...
  552. Quan

    Sand Lance / Candlefish

    I do, injuring wild fish, getting fined, and getting my gear confiscated seems counterproductive to me! 8-)
  553. Quan

    Sand Lance / Candlefish

    That guy is based in Renton, makes custom lures for WA salmon fishing and his hooks still aren't barbless?
  554. Quan

    Area 7 Chinook rule change

    Makes sense, has been a good season, lots of fish caught. Thanks for spreading the word.
  555. Quan

    Heeey!! I won!

    Are you allowed to wear jackets like those down in Cali, Greg? Haha. Oh man, no way I can hold a candle to Danger Jim.
  556. Quan

    Heeey!! I won!

    An Aftco Cyclone Waterproof Jacket! Thanks for providing the contest, BD! I don't think I've ever won anything in my life! Clicky clicky to see the other winners. I still think I shoulda won the caption contest....
  557. Quan

    Who We Are

    Wow, amazing video and cinematography. His message really speaks to why we do what we do in a way many of us struggle to explain to people around us. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing, Tommy.
  558. Quan

    San Juan Island under attack....again

    Well, regardless of all the BS and politics involved with the closure, this is good news for everyone. They found a new baby Orca, J50! Hopefully this will calm some nerves and get people thinking straight...
  559. Quan

    San Juan Report

    Loving all these videos lately. Thanks for the report. Wasn't me you saw out there, seems like Defiances are making more a presence up in the SJIs recently.
  560. Quan

    A few pix and a vid of a decent start to team Thunder Rollz's Blackmouth season..

    Cool video, Andy. I've been out only two times but have been 4/4 on both trips catch-wise but only 1/8 for clipped fish. =(
  561. Quan

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

  562. Quan

    My lingcod hotspot

    That was really cool to see. Thanks for sharing. Some of them were really dark, never seen one that dark.... and I've caught a lot of Lings. Was that maybe just the lighting?
  563. Quan

    Elliott Bay squid

    I met up with Kamehameha on Friday and he was gracious enough to get me right in a prime spot next to his light (aka, nestled in shoulder to shoulder with everyone around the light). The guys next to me were cool, though. They were hilarious. We had a blast. When the school came in, it was a...
  564. Quan

    San Juan Island under attack....again

    Troy, they did say they couldn't see an outright ban happening... but I think they meant an outright banning of Tribal fishing... looks like sportsmen and commercials are still on the chopping block. "Stelle, whose agency helps oversee chinook-harvest levels, said fishing has been curtailed...
  565. Quan

    Elliott Bay squid

    Yeah, I typically preserve mine in my stomach with some stir fried vegetables and soy sauce.
  566. Quan

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 7

    11 years! I want a jacket!
  567. Quan

    The Journey

    Cool, John. Are you going to extend the bow "deck" to the that frame you built? Or maybe I'm looking at it completely wrong...
  568. Quan

    Looking for a fly tyer

    ^^ Thanks. :imdumb: They need to make hyperlinks a different color again....
  569. Quan

    Looking for a fly tyer

    You didn't post a picture. Dunno where you're located. 1st post. Joined yesterday. Doubt you'll get much interest if you don't provide a bit more information, bud.
  570. Quan

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 6

    "Bloody Decks Baptism"
  571. Quan

    Buying two 225 hp outboards in Bellingham and Jack plate or no?

    Wait, so you're getting an offshore bracket or extended transom? West Coast Marine are good people and I know they do sell Honda and I think Yamaha. I don't know if they're particularly well priced. They seem fair on most things I've bought from them. Rasmussen Marine is a family shop and...
  572. Quan

    Elliott Bay squid

    I'm likely going to give Tacoma's Les Davis pier a shot this Saturday. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  573. Quan

    San Juan Island under attack....again

    This is the equivalent of some rich guy who doesn't like dogs claiming that his neighbors dog's barking is threatening the local deer population and that a no-dog zone should be created in the size and approximate area of his neighbors yard. So FUCKING ludicrous that this shit actually makes...
  574. Quan

    Crabbing - My 5 year Old's Dresser

    Oh man, didn't it stink?! Whenever I have inadvertently left seafood in a cooler (which was twice) it stank to high heaven in just a few days! So bad that I had to throw one cooler out even though the Hali left in it was vacuum packed.
  575. Quan

    Our Condolences to the Garners

    Condolences from Kara and I, Ron. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
  576. Quan

    An Area 7 Weekend

    Awesome story, Dad! That just made my day.
  577. Quan

    Cat at Boat Country

    I don't know if my experience was the norm but FUCK THOSE GUYS. I went in to look at boats before I bought my Lund. I walked into the office, there were two guys in there, one was in back not doing much of anything and the other just sat at his desk, didn't acknowledge us- literally wouldn't...
  578. Quan's here, and the work has begun. Pic attached

    Beautiful boat, Patrick and congratulations. I'm in Bellingham, so if there's anything I can do to help along the process, let me know.
  579. Quan

    Yamaha/West Coast Marine Bham.

    Yeah, I've taken stuff to West Coast Marine and I buy my oil and filters and plenty of other parts (NMEA stuff, kicker tie bar, etc) from them too. They're good people.
  580. Quan

    A7 Opener

    Hey! You didn't ice your fish down... oh wait. :D Thanks for the report, I'm taking Tuesday off next week to go try my luck. Good to hear they're out there.
  581. Quan

    Elliott Bay squid

    That's awesome, man. Not enough squid reports on this site. I grew up squidding in Tacoma and I miss it dearly up here in Bellingham. I bring down gear every Thanksgiving and Christmas when I visit fam for the holidays. I wish I could figure out if there are any squid up here... info on...
  582. Quan

    Long Beach Razors

    Wow, those are some gorgeous pictures! Though... you gotta work on holding your camera level with the horizon. =P
  583. Quan

    Spend my money..... boat shopping.

    Okay, I'll bite here. I didn't want to... but I don't want people thinking you're going to be half-way sinking in a Defiance because of this comment. Here we are fully loaded with ice (almost half a tote), 350 lbs of bait tank water, a 250 hp and a 9.9 HONDAS (known to be heavier amongst...
  584. Quan

    Poll Question; Do you butcher your big game yourself or pay a butcher to do so?

    The one deer I've gotten I did myself. It was a lot easier than I thought it'd be. I plan to keep doing it myself too from here on out. I'm a perfectionist and like to be meticulous and use as much of the animal as possible. Question, how do you guys hang your deer to age? When I got mine...
  585. Quan

    Per KOMO: Feds to protect Puget Sound habitat for rockfish

    Strange enough, this year is the first year I started catching what I think are juvenile Canary Rockfish in the San Juan's while trolling mid-water for Salmon. I've never caught one before this year and then all the sudden I've probably pulled up a dozen over the season. I used the descent...
  586. Quan

    Attack Site WTF!

    It's being blocked at my work now too. Under the label "Malicious Website". Typing this on my phone at the moment.... :(
  587. Quan

    Crab 8-2 - boat pics

    Nice report! That's awesome that your daughter is a precocious little captain. My nieces who are older can't steer worth crap. How did that dog not get pinched?!
  588. Quan

    Spend my money..... boat shopping.

    Haha, Tim. It's still only 5 minutes away from me. I plan to take it out plenty. I just needed to get it under cover as I haven't had a chance to build a boat port for it at home yet and it was filling with leaves, gunk, and is perpetually wet. Notice I didn't say "winterize"... just "winter...
  589. Quan

    MA 10 is (NOT) shakerland...

    Great report and beautiful fish. Why you gotta go and give us a month old report, though?! Got me all jacked up about driving south for no good reason!
  590. Quan

    Spend my money..... boat shopping.

    I think the backlash you see with talking bad about Defiance comes more from the fact those who spit it usually say it with such animosity and without backing. I'll be the first to tell you about some of the negatives of a Defiance. Easily porpoises when not loaded or trimmed perfectly...
  591. Quan

    Spend my money..... boat shopping.

    I mirror that statement. I spoke with lots of people about their Defiances before I bought including those who sold theirs. None of the ones that sold or were selling their boat had much of anything bad to say about them with the exception of one saying if he were to do it again, he'd go after...
  592. Quan

    Spend my money..... boat shopping.

    I think a used 2320 Parker is the way to go for you. Crazy coming from a Defiance owner, eh? I really liked the 2320 option when I was shopping because there's a lot of used ones for sale that are in your price range. The reasons I ultimately went with Defiance was that I actually wanted the...
  593. Quan

    Bamfield Tuna Classic

    Wow, that's bad ass. What a great write up with some awesome pictures.
  594. Quan

    WDFW Rule Changes - Comments Due by Nov 14th

    Holy shit that was bad. You didn't even catch them all, Tommy! No wonder it is under the "Not Recommended for further consideration" column.
  595. Quan

    Got my first deer!

    Yeah, I definitely thought about going for a trifecta of sorts. Would be awesome. Maybe when I get a few more trips under my belt.
  596. Quan

    Got my first deer!

    Pump Action Shotgun is considered Modern Firearm.
  597. Quan

    Got my first deer!

    My Bennelli SuperNova 12 GA.
  598. Quan

    Got my first deer!

    How about now?
  599. Quan

    island hunting

    Welp, I guess I took the walk of shame. I only have a shotgun and while I like shooting and hunting... I only have so much time and money and most of it goes to boating/fishing. I think I will keep with the shotgun hunting on the islands for a while longer as it is economical and more of a...
  600. Quan

    Got my first deer!

    Huh, I dunno, man. I just checked with several people and it works on their computers...
  601. Quan

    Got my first deer!

    Decided to take up hunting this year and after a ton of research, scouting, and a lot of luck, I got my first deer! Not the biggest, but I'm stoked. Man was I unprepared. I ended up having to fireman carry the guy out about a mile to the boat. Good thing he was "only" 90 lbs (field dressed)...
  602. Quan

    island hunting

    Just got this buck out in the islands on Saturday! You're right about us being hush hush... ;)
  603. Quan

    Church anyone??? splitfin

    While I very much enjoyed the sermon you've prepared, Troy... as a courtesy, could we make it an unspoken rule to label posts like these as "NSFW" (not safe for work)? I opened it at work and had to immediately close the window. I could honestly get fired for looking at these at work. One...
  604. Quan

    Winter Crabbing

    Ah, sounds like the commercial guys might be a big reason they're low. Maybe finding some spots away from commercial pots is the way to go.
  605. Quan

    Winter Crabbing

    I've tried winter crabbing in 7 exactly once and I literally had zero crab in the pots that are normally hot spots during the summer. Anyone have advice for winter crabbing? Are they deeper? Shallower? It's awesome that they extended a fishery that has been so successful and so sustainable...
  606. Quan

    The Cure

    Congratulations, Kamen! She's a beaut.
  607. Quan


    I bled mine in ice slurry and packed them in ice for 24 hours then loined and vacuum packed them. I've done the paper towel thing but only for a day. I wrap them in paper towels too but usually only for a day (They don't last that long!) I had one that I left wrapped in paper towels 3 days...
  608. Quan


    Hey Tommy, what part of the fish is that? That doesn't even look like albacore to me....
  609. Quan

    Splitting Tournament Winnings

    Is your crew experienced? I once had a crew during a salmon derby (early in my fishing days) that didn't know WTF they were doing, I was basically doing all the work while they just got in the way. When I brought up discussion mid-derby, one guy insisted it be split where the "guy who reels in...
  610. Quan

    In a Defiance

    I have thought about it and do want one. Two things have stopped me from purchasing, one, I'm still trying to catch up financially from having just bought the boat as well as all the fishing I've been doing, and two, Permatrim doesn't have a model rated for the Honda BF250. The highest they go...
  611. Quan

    lets see how long this stays up

    Vance.... didn't you uhh.... start this thread bitching about moderators?
  612. Quan

    In a Defiance

    I agree, Mark. My boat rides a shit ton better in the rough when I get everyone in the cab, especially some fat dudes. I've been trying to think of ways to put more weight up front for when I don't have a full boat... Can't really think of any.
  613. Quan

    Bloodied the Hawksbeard on her first Tuna Trip! (Pic Heavy... and long)

    Wow, now that's a tuna boil. I tried the letting them drive trick. They were both too far gone the first day. Second day, getting moving did help.
  614. Quan

    Bloodied the Hawksbeard on her first Tuna Trip! (Pic Heavy... and long)

    Yes, double barbed treble hooks on my X Raps. Regs state 2, single point, barbless hooks for salmon. All of the Coho were released overboard while still in the water. Steve and I have considered going back out to Westport armed with some Rapalas rigged up with single barbless hooks and trying...
  615. Quan

    Bloodied the Hawksbeard on her first Tuna Trip! (Pic Heavy... and long)

    They were caught on Tuna gear, thus, not legal to keep. I've heard too that you can't have fish onboard that are non-legal to the fishing that is occurring at the time. For example, in MA5, you can't have your Seabass on board while Hali fishing... you have to get your Seabass afterward...
  616. Quan

    Bloodied the Hawksbeard on her first Tuna Trip! (Pic Heavy... and long)

    Whoa, cool. Too bad my freezer pic won't win... =( Looks like I made the front page too... haha, crazy.
  617. Quan

    Bloodied the Hawksbeard on her first Tuna Trip! (Pic Heavy... and long)

    Brian Regan, a comedian, has met Mike but changed his name in his skit for privacy purposes.
  618. Quan

    Bloodied the Hawksbeard on her first Tuna Trip! (Pic Heavy... and long)

    Better than Fireball!! I prefer a good bourbon myself, Basil Hayden and Eagle Rare are among my favorites. The bait tank is awesome. It serves as a perfect table for all sorts of stuff from managing your crab pots to just putting drinks on. It does lend to cramping the deck a bit... I mean...
  619. Quan

    Bloodied the Hawksbeard on her first Tuna Trip! (Pic Heavy... and long)

    It has been a long time since I've posted a report because, for the past 3 years, I've been dealing with a new home purchase, back yard renovation, and trying to sell the old Lund as well as get into the new ride. Well, I wouldn't be here without all the help from the BD brothas on the board...
  620. Quan

    Carign for your Feesh

    Wouldn't pressure bleeding fill the whole fish with water? Seems kinda strange... though a quick search on the internet and it seems all the commies are latching onto the idea...
  621. Quan

    For Sale. 2002 Parker 2320 Pilothouse

    Would help if I paid attention to the year, eh? I saw your post "Bought a new boat today" dated June 3rd... whoops. Ah, resurrected thread. So I'm only half crazy. John, you're always stirring the pot!
  622. Quan

    I have Ice in Westport

    I got to use Kevin's ice on Monday. The cubes were nice and small and was nice for getting into the nooks and crannies. Thanks again, Kevin!
  623. Quan

    Carign for your Feesh

    The best spot to gill any fish is right at the turn. It cuts WAY easier if you hit that spot and also acts as a knife guide. Try it, you'll see. Slicing with a sharp knife is the way to go as it doesn't clot as easily. Lots of people just rip the gills and I've seen them clot. As for the...
  624. Quan

    For Sale. 2002 Parker 2320 Pilothouse

    Am I going crazy here? I swear this post went up recently (I think within the week) but all of the dates say March 11th thru March 18th, 2014 except for Goat's which is dated yesterday. I tried to do a sanity check since Dave said he was selling his boat because he has access to his brother...
  625. Quan

    Carign for your Feesh

    Good info, I too share your sentiment. So many pics of fish in coolers on top of a frozen milk jug if at all. I bleed mine in the livewell/baitwell for approximately 10 minutes and then pull it out, gut it, and submerge the entire thing in ice. Gutting it first provides two distinct...
  626. Quan

    End of Summer Bash at CynCity in Westport...........

    Kevin and Cyndi, my wife, a buddy, and I will be coming. Gonna try to get some tuna blood on the new ride!
  627. Quan

    Bait capacity in 42 gal Defiance tank?

    While we're talking about bait tanks. How do you guys wash them out or get sediment and other crud out? Or do you just not worry about it? There's lots of sand and small pieces of crab bait inside mine that is kind of a PITA to pick out.
  628. Quan

    Headed to ilwaco this weekend need intel

    Oh, well, nevermind my dickheaded comment. Apologies. I don't have any intel on Ilwaco but I just know that kind of question is usually met with antipathy.
  629. Quan

    Headed to ilwaco this weekend need intel

    Asking if Kings are open when the reg book is readily available won't get you very far on this site. Just sayin'.
  630. Quan

    Owner SSW Barbless Circle Hooks

    Yeah, I tend to get pulled over quite a bit no matter what boat I'm on so it makes me a little gun shy. I'm probably as respectful of a person you'll ever know because that's how Vietnamese kids are raised, to respect their elders, and by extension, authority. I am always 110% legal and 150%...
  631. Quan

    Owner SSW Barbless Circle Hooks Does anyone use these hooks for salmon trolling? I have, for a few years now, used Gamakatsu Barbless Octopus hooks, 4/0 and 3/0 for salmon and 5/0 for PS Lings. I noticed an increase in lost fish, especially...
  632. Quan

    Buying another bean bag

    You're right, there are a lot of options on that website... I can't decide between the blue bikini or the black bikini.
  633. Quan

    Trailer Problem?

    My plan was to upgrade to Electric Over Hydraulic next year, though, that's not the question I asked. I didn't actually touch the piece but my wife just checked and she said it felt like metal. It seems to slide in and out more or less depending on ... I dunno, it just kinda moves randomly...
  634. Quan

    Trailer Problem?

    Here's the other pics
  635. Quan

    WTB: INEXPENSIVE Set of Golf Clubs

    Yeah, not unlike waiting an hour to launch your boat behind some asshats and another hour to retrieve! It's just what you make of it. To each his own.
  636. Quan

    Trailer Problem?

    I can take some more pictures but it'll have to be tonight. I'm at work right now.
  637. Quan

    Trailer Problem?

    Thanks, guys. This is a new trailer from EZ Loader (Got my boat on July 3rd). Should I talk to Defiance or maybe EZ Loader?
  638. Quan

    Trailer Problem?

    I have an EZ Loader for my boat and this black plate keeps peeking out from underneath the actuator slide thing. Is this normal? Doesn't look right to me. In fact, my wife took that picture and said that it was getting in the way of the latch... that can't be right...
  639. Quan

    WTB: INEXPENSIVE Set of Golf Clubs

    Golfing is a great sport and a lot like fishing in a lot of ways. You get to go out with buddies and shoot the shit, you get to enjoy nature and scenery, you get to drink beer, you need patience and attention to detail, and it can be frustrating as all hell when you're not on. I highly...
  640. Quan

    Naming the Defiance

    Thanks for the input, guys! Like many of you said, some will like it, others won't. But that's true no matter what the name. It means something to us, and I wouldn't expect others to "get it" nor do I really care if they do. I think even with the Hawks-Beer problem (though is that a...
  641. Quan

    Naming the Defiance

    Oh, and Mike, respond to my text, jack ass.
  642. Quan

    Naming the Defiance

    Haha, hey Mike...
  643. Quan

    Naming the Defiance

    Alright, so I think we're about settled on a name for the new ride. Barring overwhelming negative response here, I think it's the one. Thought I'd run it by you guys just in case there was something I wasn't thinking of or missed. Drumrooolllll....... (MS Paint Mock Up) The name comes...
  644. Quan


    Ha, I think you mistook that plastic bin for an older Yamaha, Dave. It really is about the same color, eh?
  645. Quan

    Quan's New Ride

    Thanks for the advice guys. We have not named her yet, we have a list but just can't pull the trigger. I feel like every name we think of has something we don't like about it. Thanks, John. Do you know what the anti-corrosion stuff is? I used nylock nuts and lock washers everywhere because...
  646. Quan

    Quan's New Ride

    Okay, here's the post installation update. Like I said before, I didn't think anyone was interested so I stopped taking install pics but I went back there and took some finished pics of things I did. The back cover plate was held on by only lil' wood screws that quickly popped out so for the...
  647. Quan

    Quan's New Ride

    Well, okay. Packed a picnic and took some friends out for a sunset cruise in the islands. I didn't think anyone was really interested in my installs so I kinda stopped taking pics. Pretty much everything is installed now so I won't really have any good pics to take with the guts hangin'...
  648. Quan

    Anyone missing a River Hawk?

    Shit, that sucks. Not to stir the pot, but I think fiberglass would handle this kind of accident better.... you can always add layers of glass and re-gel coat... you can't really add aluminum that easily, can you? Maybe the fiberglass engineer who just traded in his tin can for a clorox...