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    Standard Horizon 2200 VHF

    Where are you located?
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    WTB primers

    Went through this in the 90's when Clinton came into office, not quite as bad when Obama came into office but still there. This time around you have a huge number of first time gun buyers and the COVID thing to throw into the mix.
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    Other winter projects !

    I made some new pulleys for my boat a couple of years ago and my uncle like them so I am now in the process of making him some. This is where I am at on his. Here are the ones I made for myself.
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    Electric Winch Recommendations

    I have a 24' fiberform with a flybridge and roller trailer. It originally had a power winch 912 on it. As I have a steel trailer I just put the end in the water. The power winch had a rating of #11,500 but would not pull the boat out without assistance even with the cable doubled back. I had...
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    Depending on what reloading equipment and brass I would be interested.
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    Moving batteries to cuddy

    As Jasper mentioned you need to be concerned with the hydrogen gas they give off while charging. Good ventilation for the battery box is a must.
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    Free NMEA2000 to USB connector/2 12" RAM E mounts, one with a VESA mount

    Would you be willing to mail the converter if I paid the postage? If so I would be interested in it.
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Finally got it in and had the hours read. 862 total.
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Must be high at $4300 so dropped to $3800. Not sure of a good price but willing to talk. Also googled what info you can get out of the computer on these and was surprised at the data that is stored. Still used to the old school motors. Definitely willing to take it in and have it checked if...
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    New Rule 17A pump $100.00

    New in the box Rule 12V 17A pump. $100.oo
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    Free to a good home Folbe davit mounting kit

    Spoken for by Brent. Awaiting address for shipping.
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    Free to a good home, boat seats.

    Spoken for by Howard. Picking up sometime next week.
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Also within reason I will let the potential buyer pick the shop I take it to.
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Have not a problem doing that if someone is interested. Also would do a compression test with them there and whatever is wanted. I know that a lot more information can come from these newer motors but not sure what and how, use to dealing with older motors. If someone is interested it does...
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Not sure but it has been in my garage for 3 years. My guess would be around 1000.
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    I am more of a talker than a type. When kids send me a text if the answer is more than a couple of words they get a call. As far as the road rash it was on a work boat so the outside was not taken very good care of.
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    Free to a good home Folbe davit mounting kit

    I think that I had a setting wrong in my profile so I could not get PMs from others. I just changed that so should be good.
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    Free to a good home Folbe davit mounting kit

    Didn't get the PM but they are yours. Do you want to pick them up or me to ship them. If ship I will put them in a flat rate box tomorrow and let you know what size it takes.
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Sent you a PM with my contact info.
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    2014 Yamaha F115XB for sale

    Yamaha F115XB $3800. Lots a blemishes but runs good.
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    Free to a good home, boat seats.

    If you are interested please contact me. I sent you a PM with my contact info. If not I will be taking them with me on a run to Goodwill later this week.
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    Free to a good home Folbe davit mounting kit

    Free to a good home. Folbe davit mounting kit. Will ship for the cost of shipping, should fit in a medium flat rate box.
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    RCBS Reloading Stuff

    Those are some old die boxes.
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    Free to a good home, boat seats.

    Don't get to Port Orchard much. Sending you a PM.
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    Free to a good home. Side mirrors for a 1997 GMC Sierra.

    Side mirrors for a 1997 GMC Sierra. Located in Poulsbo.
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    Free to a good home, boat seats.

    Free to a good home. Located in Poulsbo.
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    Time for a Pot Puller

    My homemade pot puller is still going strong after 3 years. It pulls my pots up in a little over 1 minute. A lot faster than a lot of the pullers that I see out there.
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    Downrigger Upgrade

    Interesting looking downrigger. The motor looks like they are using a wheelchair motor. When I made my downrigger that is what I used. I tested it with a 50lb ball and it had no problem picking it up but use 25lb ones.
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    20 lb downrigger balls

    That's what I do, both 20# & 25# ones.
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    Box of fiberglass matting, tape, rollers

    If no one else takes it I will. Thanks
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    WANTED: 115-150 hp

    Sent you a PM.
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    Pot hauler

    I made a pot puller based on a wheelchair motor. I run it on 24V. It pulls a lot faster than other electric ones I have watched. Shrimping off Bainbridge island a couple of years ago someone dropped 2 pots tied together over my line and when I pulled my pot I had to pull all 3 pots. While my...
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    Anchor and Rope

    What size is the rope. I am interested if it is 5/8"
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    DR Clips...

    Demonstration of the 20 dollar release.
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    DR Clips...

    I have been using these with good results.
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    DIY wheelchair motor pot puller. Who has mastered this?

    And here is my first iteration post 31.
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    DIY wheelchair motor pot puller. Who has mastered this?

    Here's another thread on one.
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    DIY wheelchair motor pot puller. Who has mastered this?

    One other thing that I found was that it is better to mount the motor pointing up. You will get less water damage over time. Found that out the hard way.
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    DIY wheelchair motor pot puller. Who has mastered this?

    Look at post 52 of this thread, One thing I have found is you really want a 4 pole motor.
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    Anybody here to do security camera systems?

    I went with Blue Iris on a dedicated PC and several IP cameras. With this system you pick the cameras that you want in different locations. They have an excellent app for smart phones and can handle up to 64 cameras. If you search Amazon for IP cameras you will...
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    DIY fishing tackle

    Let us know. And yes it is always interesting to see others DIY methods.
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    Boat tabs ?

    The length of time is 61 days on Washington waters.
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    Boat tabs ?

    It's a state thing. Feds don't care as you meet their requirements. The state cares as they want theirs.
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    Boat tabs ?

    I forget the number of days but if your boat is on Washington waters more than this number or days you are required to have a Washington registration.
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    Anyone used these pot pullers?

    I made one from a wheelchair motor I purchased from eBay. There is a video of it in post 52 of this thread.
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    advice on running two downriggers

    Area 10 use to allow 2 poles per license. That was quite a while ago. It was nice to have the extra lines in the water when the fishing was slow.
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    advice on running two downriggers

    Back in the time that you could troll with 2 poles each in area 10 I would use 4 downriggers on my boat. I had 2 mounted on davits that reach out about 6' on each side. I had these mounted about 5' forward of the stern. That was as far as I could mount them on the boat. I used 20# balls on...
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    I installed Blue Iris on a computer with several ip cameras outside. I plan to expand the system as needed. I also bought the basic. Skylinknet system to test it out. I am happy with it so far and I plan to expand it also. With the Skylinknet I can also place sensors out at the boat as well as...
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    Puget Sound Boat Ramps North of Everett?

    Port Townsend to Cattle Pass is about 25NM.
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    Pimpin for Shrimpin

    I braid 4' eyes in the end of the line. I am able to slip that over the pot so there is no metal parts to come undone. I also braid the harness on the pot. Easy to install and separate on the surface but will not come undone in the water.
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    Crab Seasons?

    This from area 10. At least the other ones that I look at say something similar. Scheduled to open Saturday July 1st, 2017. Once opened, crab may be harvested Thursdays through Mondays each week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays are closed) through Labor Day September 4th, 2017. Traps must be removed...
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    Poorly educated boaters (sinking boat)

    I am thinking I would not want to be the bucket operator. I think I will install an additional bigger bilge pump.
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    Anchoring in shipping lanes

    Also from the Sector Puget Sound Vessel Traffic Service. "If you are a non-commercial sport fisherman of less than 20 meter, you shall not impede the passage of a power-driven vessel using the TSS, or any vessel that can safely navigate only with a narrow channel or fairway-and so far as...
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    What's lurking in the bottom of your freezer?

    Thanks for helping me clean out the freezer. I was planning to do it today and then saw your post. Hope the animals like what was there.
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    Saltwater Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    Worked hard to get our 2 limits off Fay Bainbridge. Had someone drop a buoy with 2 pots on it over our pot. Really made the pot puller grunt to pull up 3 pots at once.
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    What brand immersion suit would you buy?

    The one that fits you. I recently purchased one and for the Xtended size some are for taller folks. I ended up getting a Imperial as that is the one that I was able to get on. Other than difference is sizes all are about the same so you want one that you can get on easily and quickly when needed.
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    Trailer Issue

    In addition to the bow stop I have a steel cable that goes to a cross member on the trailer about 4 feet aft of the bow. I attach a hook to the bow eye when the boat is coming forward on the trailer. I have a roller trailer that is steel and I just put the back rollers in the water and not the...
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    Shrimp bait

    I also add some vegetable oil to my mix.
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    12-digit HIN # requirement

    My 87 Hi-Laker has 12 digits. This is a WA built boat.
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    Time for a Pot Puller

    No need to grab it, it lays it nicely in the trash can.:D Just watch for the marker on the rope and for the pot. I tested it with a 50# cannonball and it had no problem picking it up.
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    Time for a Pot Puller

    I made my own with a wheel chair motor. I wanted one that I didn't have to bend over to pull with. I also wanted one that pulled higher than the gunnels. I have attached a video of testing it with a crab pot(hopefully it uploaded). I had 150' of line on the pot. It pulls at about 300'/min...
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    CNC 80% lowers

    You might want to look at the new ruling from ATF before doing this. Unfortunately they are tightening the rules and say you must own the machining equipment also.
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    Doesn't sound good Oregon capsize

    Sad news, prayers for the family. I have been across that bar several times and I can't image being outside the boat in this situation. No matter what you do at this point it will be a bad situation. Also depending on the tide I would think that it would be hard to get the anchor to hold...
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    VHF help

    I agree it is most likely the Antenna. I do have a Bird meter that you can borrow if you are going through Poulsbo and we can make connections.
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    VHF help

    As AF Dreamer said a Bird meter or any SWR meter will tell if you have issues with the antenna. If the antenna has issues the SWR will be high. You can also see the wattage out of the radio to help isolate the problem.
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    They tried...

    I have been thinking of install one of those ring doorbells on the boat. Motion sets them off and you can see and hear them and talk to them if you want. It gives you a notice on your smart phone. I agree with Swanny that it is not worth your life but when I saw them I would start a conversation...
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    Front bumper hitch

    On the max tongue weight I believe that is based on highway usage and speeds. While it is maxing it out just using it to jockey it into position I figured was ok. I would not overload like that to pull on the road but in the yard it works for me.
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    Front bumper hitch

    I put one on my truck. I have a 24" Fiberform with fly bridge. I have a tight squeeze to get my boat in and almost a 90 degree turn with about 22' + the road width in front. It makes maneuvering it a lot easier to do. There is a learning curve to it when you first start to use it.
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    Peninsula Lead Melt

    There you go, Pics so it happend:D
  70. RGS

    Peninsula Lead Melt

    And more will follow when Russ Gets them to me.
  71. RGS

    Peninsula Lead Melt

    Just checking to see if the plan is still to start at noon on Saturday? I will see you there.
  72. RGS

    Peninsula Lead Melt

    Is there anything else you would like someone to bring? I have a 10# bottom pour electric lead pot I can bring, a bigger electric pot and I can bring a bottle of propane. I did find some smaller eyes for some of my molds but am still looking for some for my 6# cannon ball. It uses the same...
  73. RGS

    Peninsula Lead Melt

    Can you get eyes for the molds at Swains? I have a 1#, 2# 3# & 6# cannonball mold as well as a 1# torpedo mold that I will be bringing and do not have eyes for them. I also have a 20# & 25# cannonball mold that I will bring and it uses 1/8" stainless tig wire for the eyes and I am good there...
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    Peninsula Lead Melt

    I will try and make it also if I am in town. I have 25# and 20# cannonball molds as well as some smaller ones I can bring.
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    RCBS customer service experience

    Actually it is a acronym but they have shortened it and go by RCBS. It stands for Rock Chucker Bullet Swagging.
  76. RGS

    RCBS customer service experience

    That has also been my experience when dealing with RCBS. I have a lot of older equipment and whenever I have had a issue they have taken care of me, even when it has been a small part that I lost. Usually at no charge and you always talk to someone.
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    If you were to buy a dedicated fish finding unit

    Chances are that it not being able to track the downrigger balls is due to the cone angle. Lots of the better transducers have a tighter cone angle. You might try to angle the tranducer back a little to see if it picks up the downrigger balls.
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    WTB...20# Rigger balls

    Glad I have both a 20 & 25 # mold to make my own.
  79. RGS

    WTB...20# Rigger balls

    Look under commercial molds.
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    Shrimp questions

    While searching for something else I found this site and remember reading this post.
  81. RGS

    Homemade pot puller idea

    If you look at some of the Canadian forums you will find some post of some pullers made with the ATV winches. I have heard they are loud. I made my own from a wheelchair motor. I also made one for my Son-In-Law with one. They are 24V but will run on 12V if you remove the brake. On mine I am...
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    DIY fishing tackle

    I was actually referring to the strength of my davit when I tried to use the 50# ball. It seemed that there was a lot of bounce with that much weight. If I wanted to move it closer to the boat I think I could use a lot more weight but that is more than I care to us anyway but it was nice to...
  83. RGS

    DIY fishing tackle

    I pour some of my own lead but not to the level of some of the others. I like the idea of making my own shrimp flies with heavier hooks. I did make my own downrigger/pot puller. It has manual up/down power up/down & auto retrieve. A couple of things I wanted was not to have to bend over to...
  84. RGS

    DIY fishing tackle

    I would love some. I saw that and it was on my list to get some but having several different colors would be nice. I will send you a PM.
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    Galvanic Isolator install confusion.

    A couple of questions about how you use your boat. Do you use the battery charger while moored or is it just used when on the trailer? What kind of battery charger are you using? When running AC on a boat that is in the water you should have the boat grounding system tied to the shore power...
  86. RGS

    Balls, I need a pair or so.

    I have been using 20's but thinking of going to 25's.
  87. RGS

    Building a pot puller....

    Here is the picture of my temp mount. I just used existing holes.
  88. RGS

    Building a pot puller....

    That is the hard part, coming up with an idea for a mount. When I mount mine the first time I used existing holes and mounted it back further than I liked. I have to really think about it before I drill a new hole. I did put a 2x6 across my deck from side to side so I could test things. It...
  89. RGS

    Building a pot puller....

    The first year I had a problem with moisture in the brake and I turned the motor up the other way. If you look at my previous pictures of my last iteration you will see this. This seems to work better as you have gravity helping you keep it out. On my boat it made things a lot sturdier by...
  90. RGS

    Building a pot puller....

    My wheel held up for 2 years and is still in good shape. If I hadn't made changes I would still be using it. Just make sure you oil it.
  91. RGS

    Building a pot puller....

    When I made my mount I used a aluminum pipe that is mounted to the deck and the gunnel. My davit is made with 1" stainless pipe and the mount is made with 1 1/2" pipe. I bored the pipe out and inserted 1 1/4 PVC pipe. It makes a strong mount and is easy to remove the davit. I have modified...
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    Building a pot puller....

    When I was first making mine I used 2 20# downrigger balls to test and it did not load down a 10" wheel.
  93. RGS

    Building a pot puller....

    If you are going to run it on 12V you will most likely have to disable the brake. In my searches on the internet I found out most of the brakes are 24V although some are 12V. If the brake does not disengage it will draw a lot of current. Also on the diameter of the wheel I used a 10" for the...
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    Building a pot puller....

    Sorry it has taken me so long to upload the pictures. I made one out of plywood attached to a wheelchair motor. It worked well and is quite. I would use a plastic cutting board for the sides if I where to do it again and still use the plywood for the center. I have made some mods and used...
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    Few will understand

    Wish they had severed some at the crossing:)
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    Building a pot puller....

    I made one with a wheelchair motor and made the pully with plywood. The wheelchair motors will run fine on 12V if you disable the brake. I am traveling now but will post pics when I return home.
  97. RGS

    Homemade pot pullers

    It is mounted to both the deck as well as the gunnel. The davit pulls out of the pipe that is mounted to the boat. I will post more pictures later.
  98. RGS

    Homemade pot pullers

    I made one from a wheelchair motor. I made it to double as a downrigger also. It has no problem pulling up a 25lb ball.
  99. RGS

    Do I really need a Harpoon?

    I made one using a broom handle. One of the ones that have a taper on the end. I drilled the end and put a short piece of 1/4 stainless rod in it. I made the darts out of 1/2 stainless bolts. I drilled the end to slip over the 1/4 stainless rod and turned a point on the other end. I then...
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    PC Navigation on boat

    Another program to look at is opencpn. I believe it will run with a Mac and Linux. It is open source software and does display AIS as well as using the NOAA charts. I am unable to post a link but the address is
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    Folbe Davit Mounting Kit

    I am interested in this if you will ship it to me. I will send you a PM. Thanks
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    Pot Pullers

    I made my own out of a wheelchair motor. I used it last year for shrimping and it worked great. My davit is high and out away from the boat. It is nice and quite also. I have made some changes to it and I will also be able to use it as a downrigger. When testing it I used a 25lb ball and it...
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    Need a Scotty DR part

    Those parts are a common relay and breaker that you should be able to pick up at most auto parts stores.
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    where to buy shrimp pots

    Here is a pot puller I am making from a wheelchair motor. In this video I am testing it out pulling up 2 20lb downrigger balls. I did try it with 4 20lb balls and it slowed it down. I make the sheve out of plywood and it is about 9" in diameter.
  105. RGS

    Help! I lost an old friend!

    I made one from a Latigo that I purchased from a farm store in the tack section. Heavy leather and just need to cut to length. I used chicago screws to hold the buckle on.
  106. RGS

    Reel Replacement parts

    I get my parts from WINCHESTER BAY ROD AND REEL SERVICE out of Winchester Bay, Or. One person shop with someone that is great to deal with. WINCHESTER BAY ROD AND REEL SERVICE I get parts from Winchester Bay Rod and Reel Service out of Winchester...