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  1. sharkhunter.72

    Offshore Headed to the Osborn

    But to rough so turned right and made it to our alternative spot near sbi. 30 mins later we are on and a short hour later we were done. On the way in we stopped by cat for a couple bass. Fun day and nice to set a goal and get it.
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    The 105 mafia style

    Got there at grey light and was sleeping with the fishes by 845am. Best gas to fish ratio ever!
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    Offshore Well I'm no Jonathan but....

    At least we found fish 2 weekends in a row! Bunch of dodos and some tuna. Biggest going 35 lbs or so.
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    Well it's about time :)

    Spent a long day Saturday trolling around between the 14 mile, 152 and Avalon bank for nothing. Very frustrating. Stayed the night at Catalina and decided to go out to makeral bank in the morning. That turned out to be a great decision. Right of top of the bank. Thank goodness. It's been a long...
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    Moving boat....maybe?

    im thinking of moving from MDR to shoreline marina. I really have gotten used to my little neighborhood of MDR. It's been very good for my wife and I for many many years now. But if we move down to long beach we will save about 6000 in fuel. What are some pros and cons about the shoreline area...
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    Offshore Long weekend but fun

    Sat went out with some friends from long beach and headed to the 209. Stopped on our first paddie and had 3 yellow fin on the boat right away. We thought the day was going to be great like the weekend before. We saw marlin everywhere, we saw tuna rolling everywhere, we saw a big mako and nothing...
  7. sharkhunter.72

    today was good

    Fished paddies from the 267 to the 209 and back to long beach. We ended up with 6 yellowtail, 2 yellowfin and a bluefin and about that many fish lost as well. Good day out there. Paddies are holding a variety of fishes
  8. sharkhunter.72

    after 5 hard years of trying to dail it in....

    It finally paid off. Can't believe it finally happened. And for those of you who don't like this. Have at it...
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    Simrad AP 14

    Hey guys I just put in an AP 24 in my boat. I have these parts to get rid of now. Everything is functional. I could never find the rudder control for this so I swapped it out. If anyone is interested in these parts please PM me. I will be at Fred Hall in long beach for the weekend to meet up...
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    fun times at venice today

    Waves were pretty decent
  11. sharkhunter.72

    Eldorado and san nic

    First of all thank you for everyone they gave me advice on what to take and do on the trip out to San Nicolas. As for the report, this was an amazing experience I could've never imagine so many giant fish in one area. I ended up with two giant sheephead and a lot of cod that were bigger than...
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    First over night trip

    I am booked on the eldorado this sat to sun. What do I need to bring? Food drinks ect? Do I need to bring a sleeping bag or anything like that? some advice please thanks tony
  13. sharkhunter.72

    king harbor

    where is the bubble hole? (I know this could trigger many different "life style" comments but someone just can just explain it that would be nice) thanks tony
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    Long day.

    Put this on fishdope, but I thought its worth a share, I don't post here because I only fish for mako and don't want to hear any bs about them, but I tried something new other then shark this weekend so here you go...... Long day on the water. Started at 7 am sat and didn't end until 8 am...
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    Thinking of getting sirius weather for new electronics

    Do any of you have this? I am getting the raymarine e series dodads and would like to know if anyone thinks the Sirius weather subscripton is worth it? also, there are 2 different packages.. what is their definition of offshore and coastal for distance? PackagesMarine Offshore WeatherThis is...
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    Furuno set up

    I have an older model that is GPS,fish finder,and radar. It seems to be going out on me. Is there a way to reset it? The water temp keeps erring out. I have to "tune it up" every time and while underway it will show*9. Is it time to replace or is there a reset button? If I have to replace I...
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    fun ride
  18. sharkhunter.72

    new boat graphics

    got some new graphics this weekend. thank you very much karl kogler graphix. i love it!!!
  19. sharkhunter.72

    Furuno 1823C card

    I have this model and am learning about it and using it more and more. i wanted to know if there is a "new" chart card for this. if there was please let me know where i could get it thanks tony
  20. sharkhunter.72

    life raft

    For Xmas I want Santa to bring me a offshore life raft. I have a 29' striper what type and size would you ask for?
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    Yamaha mechanic

    I am in Marina Del Rey. I am looking for a Yamaha mechanic to check out some things on my 225's as well as someone that will be reliable and do my services. anyone know of a good mechanic that may even be certified with yamaha? thanks tony
  22. sharkhunter.72

    dolphin 3000 in gas-my -0

    been traveling down from mdr to find the fish. have had not luck with finding paddies, weather, ect.... today i headed to inseine to pick up some bait for one last try before i go back to what i am good at (shark fishing), well i get to the dock for my bait and there is none... went across to...
  23. sharkhunter.72

    dont know if this is the right place....

    reading the chlorophyll.... what are good colors what are bad colors? how do you use this in coordination with water temp? thanks tony
  24. sharkhunter.72

    Furuno Fishfinder

    Ok, i dont have the model number sorry (new device to me still and the manual is on the boat). anyway my question is for the temp gauge it is a temp graph. it doesnt have the temp number on the screen like my lorance used to have. does anyone have a furuno that show a graph and not the...
  25. sharkhunter.72

    keeping your boat on the water....

    when keeping your boat in a slip and you have outboards... do you hook up fresh water to them and flush them out at the end of the day, like you do when they are on a trailer? if yes, how do you do that with yamaha's? thanks tony
  26. sharkhunter.72

    finally made up my mind

    so, after looking at what feels like a million boats. my wife and i decided to go with one. put the offer in and the seller took it and in 15 days if everything goes ok i will be the owner of a 2901 striper. we needed a boat that will last the next 2 years for us on the west coast until we...
  27. sharkhunter.72

    new one.... 2004 honda 225's

    sorry for alot of the questions guys, really trying to figure out what boat to buy, and what combination to have in regards to engines and such... so i have another boat i am looking at that has these honda 225's.... they have 850 hours on them, what would that mean to me? how long do these...
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    trailering a boat that is 33'

    what do you guys think of trailer a boat (33' proline express) with a 2009 F150 4x4? the max that the owners manual says is 10K and some change to pull. if i did this i would have the boat at pier 44 in mdr and would go a couple hundred yards to the launch ramp. i think that i could handle...
  29. sharkhunter.72

    another engine question

    unfortunately the boat purchase that i was involved in didnt work out. i have found another boat that i like. it has honda 2004 twin 225's on it. are these engines reliable and have there been any issues with these enginges? also, what is the fuel/mileage like with hondas? thanks tony
  30. sharkhunter.72

    another engine opinion question

    i am looking at the 2006 yamahas and the 2007 evinrude v techs. both twin 250's. what are your opinions on the 2 in comparison? i see that the v techs are a 2 stroke, will they require fuel and oil mix? i have watched a few videos on them and the v techs are very impressive. are there...
  31. sharkhunter.72

    yamaha outboards

    I am buying a boat with twin 225 yamaha's on it. Is there a certified shop/mechanic around Marina del rey that you can recommend? They are 2005 have been maintained well. But I may want to get a service done on them before I put them in the water. I would prefer if someone could come to the...
  32. sharkhunter.72


    does anyone know if there is going to be a gps "chip" with these boundaries on it? i dont want to study maps every where i go. i would rater have it on my screen with a big "X" or something? tony
  33. sharkhunter.72

    great white..... watch out for your toes!
  34. sharkhunter.72

    did anyone get pictures of the boat that burned down this last weekend?

    is everyone ok, and how did it happen? i arrived at the "swap meet" in huntington and the guys there told me a bit about it. tony
  35. sharkhunter.72

    breakin in a new engine

    I have about 2 hours on my new engine, what do you all recommend for a break in period before I am WOT to the islands again? Thank you Tony
  36. sharkhunter.72

    Engine Water Pump

    when i run my engine hooked to the hose it is not pulling water through the system. is this just a bad water pump, or even more simple a bad impeller? i have just dropped a new 350 chevy engine in it and dont know if my mechanic may have burned up or damaged the pump. i have a johnson pump ab...