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  1. mshsu

    Convict Lake opener - Monsters!

    Thanks guys! Got them on good ole powerbait. Fished from shore. It was whitecapping big time and they didn’t allow boats on the lake that day.
  2. mshsu

    Convict Lake opener - Monsters!

    Crazy weather opening morning at convict. It was completely blown out early on. But we got lucky and scored our limits with twin jumbo kickers. Fun stuff!
  3. mshsu

    Local - Horseshoe 1/16/21

    Great report Ed! I’m hoping to get out there soon!
  4. mshsu

    girls fishing catalina island

    Awesome report and video!!!
  5. mshsu

    Offshore fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    This may very well be the best bloodydecks video of all time!
  6. mshsu

    6/30 Mussel Farm

    Great job on the yellow! Even though it was tough, you at least got 1 and had lots of action!
  7. mshsu

    6/18/20 Catalina report they are still biting

    Nice job! Way to stay on the fish and appreciate the info.
  8. mshsu

    Long Beach Inshore 6-18. Spanked em pretty good.

    Great info. Thanks for the report!
  9. mshsu

    Catalina 5/24/20 with Dad and INSANE Yellowtail Bite

    Badass report Nick! We are both the same - always fishing with the pops. Makes me way happier to see the old man get a good fish than for me to catch anything.
  10. mshsu

    Should current registration sticker say 19 or 21?

    Yeah, I just wasn't sure if it was the same as a car registration or if the boater registration was different. Its a stupid question I know. And now I know. Appreciate the responses.
  11. mshsu

    Should current registration sticker say 19 or 21?

    So yours says 21 I'm presuming. I'll have to go find the stickers then.
  12. mshsu

    Should current registration sticker say 19 or 21?

    Hey guys, are current registration stickers labeled as 19 or 21? I have 19 on mine but I can't remember if those are the current ones are not. I know they renew every odd numbered year.
  13. mshsu

    Cannot raise motor even on manual - need suggestions

    The outboard motor cranks. Just won't lift. If its just a lack of hydraulic fluid, am I supposed to be hearing some motor noise from the hydraulic lift motor?
  14. mshsu

    Cannot raise motor even on manual - need suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Will try backing out the screw more and see if that does the trick.
  15. mshsu

    Cannot raise motor even on manual - need suggestions

    Hey guys, I went to do some work on the boat and found out that the motor won't raise up. Its a Honda 90 4 stroke 2008. I can hear a faint click and I can see it's drawing some amps bc the battery volt changes, but there's no actual motor noise on the hydraulic lift. My problem now is that I...
  16. mshsu

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    I still find it amazing that there continue to be people who say "its no big deal." You guys are the actual reason why launch ramps have to be closed. So you don't load your boat or duffies with a bunch of equally cavalier friends. I guess sometimes people have to be protected from...
  17. mshsu

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    I'm bummed the launch ramps are closed, but I also understand the public health point of view. If everyone were to go on boating trips solo or with only immediate family members that they already live with, then the additional exposure would likely be low. However, I'll bet a large percentage...
  18. mshsu

    2.18.2020 Catalina east end

    Great report! Bonita is a such a tasty fish. Perfect for private boaters like us bc you have to bleed it and ice it well immediately. Just goes to show that you don't have to have glamorous fish to make great food! Pics look awesome! Ming
  19. mshsu

    Catalina Bones & Bugs 12/11 to 12/13

    Great report and awesome trip! Good to see those big grade Bonita around.
  20. mshsu

    My son’s 1st ever Marlin and it’s local

    Fish of a lifetime for sure! You'll be talking about this still 30 years later!
  21. mshsu

    goat harbor(ish) 8.1.19

    Nice day and thanks for the intel!
  22. mshsu

    Catalina 7/29 to 7/31 – Limits of fun, sun and the totally spun

    Great job getting some taco meat. Awesome Ling! Tastes way better than yellowtail.
  23. mshsu

    Catalina 7/19

    Keep at it. You'll get them soon enough!
  24. mshsu

    Cat 17th and 18th

    Awesome job out there!
  25. mshsu

    Tough Sledding at the Island 7-17-19

    Eric - I’ve found that it can be tough to catch Mack’s at the island. Especially greenbacks. I’ve had some luck chumming cut squid along kelp lines and getting Spanish Mack’s. I don’t know of a particularly good spot though. Just wherever I happened to be. Oftentimes I strike out trying to make...
  26. mshsu

    Tough Sledding at the Island 7-17-19

    Unfortunately you won't be able to get sardines at the island. Try making bait like the other suggested using Sabiki rigs or just small hooks with squid strips. Macks and smelt.
  27. mshsu

    Tough Sledding at the Island 7-17-19

    Great and informative report. Yeah it’s been tougher at the island recently. Just keep scratching and hopefully the conditions will come together at some point for the yellows. Good luck today!
  28. mshsu

    Catalina 7-15, Hot Bass Bite

    Those lobsters in Big Fishermans cove are HUGE! Like those ones you see in the photos from the 1920's. That cove has been closed to fishing since forever. I will say that I was a vocal opponent of the MLPA's when they were being created. That said, it still amazes me how many people fish...
  29. mshsu

    S.D.Bay Halibut fest- 7/15

    Perfect relaxed day!
  30. mshsu

    Slow day at Cat 7/13

    Thanks for the report! See anyone hang any yellows in that area?
  31. mshsu

    Are you calling me Yellow? Punching well above our weight class at Cat Isl.

    Great report and pics! Fun fishing over at the island for sure!
  32. mshsu

    Rpt.-07-11-19 SCI C-Bass and Tails!

    Great job Cory! Nice report as always and way to continue your post surgery fish streak.
  33. mshsu

    Cat 7/10 quick report

    Hey guys. Short report for those heading out. We fished all up and down the front side and it was wide open calico bass at every spot. Probably the best bass fishing I've had at Cat in years. Nice quality too. Some pesky barracuda also. We hooked only 1 yellow but it absolutely smoked us...
  34. mshsu

    Offshore 7/7 Nice one on the popper

    Amazing fish!!! Great job on winning the battle.
  35. mshsu

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-03-19 Cat. where I violated my Doctor's orders!

    Great job Cory! Way to get back out there and slay the fish!
  36. mshsu

    Catalina - 6/29 Big Yellowtail and the Boys first Real Fishing Trip

    Awesome report! This is what its all about!
  37. mshsu

    Catalina - 6/29/19

    Nice day at the island. A great bass bite is super fun!
  38. mshsu

    Catalina 19-20

    Great report and nice family time! Nice fish!
  39. mshsu

    6/16/19 Fathers Day YT limit at Catalina

    Glad you enjoyed great action! Pretty nice that you guys were able to find an isolated spot on a crowded day at the island.
  40. mshsu

    Cat 13-14

    Awesome father son time! Great report. Can't wait until my kids are old enough.
  41. mshsu

    Catalina report 6/14 yellows and Dad

    Awesome job getting your dad out there. Special moments and creating great memories!
  42. mshsu

    Catalina 6/12 Yellow fever

    Thanks for the replies guys! Regarding the trash bag on the bait tank - this started as a quick fix for blacking out the tank, but its worked so well that I've been too lazy to actually paint it. It looks like crap but it works great. However you do it, blacking out the tank is highly...
  43. mshsu

    Birdschool Local Yellowtail. 6/12

    Awesome pic! Great job getting the kid out there. He must be stoked!
  44. mshsu

    Catalina 6/12 Yellow fever

    Crap! One more try. Still figuring out this picture posting thing using the bloodydecks media tools.
  45. mshsu

    Catalina 6/12 Yellow fever

    Sorry guys. Not sure why the pics disappeared. Hopefully its fixed now.
  46. mshsu

    Catalina 6/12 Yellow fever

    Launched at 5am and got some decent medium sized sardines at San Pedro bait. Headed over to hop around the front side and try our luck. You had to work at it, but there were decent numbers of yellows all over the front side. Some nice grade ones too. Slow trolling was a good way to locate...
  47. mshsu

    Catalina 6/11 solo run

    Nice job and solid report! Hopefully see you out there this summer.
  48. mshsu

    Catalina / YT Point 06/08/19

    Great job Ed! Always enjoy your reports. Hopefully we'll have a spectacular season up here in LA. Ming
  49. mshsu

    6/7 cat good day

    Haha! Great pic!
  50. mshsu

    6/7 cat good day

    Great job! Those fish are elusive so its nice to be able to score a couple!
  51. mshsu

    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Epic report!!! Super entertaining and funny. All us private boaters can relate. "Go downstairs and get into a wide open brown trout bite" FLMAO!!!
  52. mshsu

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Best wishes Cory! Can’t wait to see your next fishing report soon!
  53. mshsu

    PB big butt

    Awesome job and HUGE butt!!! How deep did you get the fish?
  54. mshsu

    10/12 San Pedro to PV and Personal Best Homeguard Yellows

    Amazing report Nick! Way to slay those beasts. Ming
  55. mshsu

    Long Beach 8/28

    Awesome job!!! Great to get those local yellows!
  56. mshsu

    8/17 - Catalina Channel Dodo's!

    Thanks for the replies guys! Yeah, it's always great to get my old man on some fish. For so many of us, our dad's got us into the sport. They taught us tons about not just fishing, but life in general. Great to repay the favor whenever we can. Fishing is partly about catching fish, but...
  57. mshsu

    Mondays at the 'Nados

    Nice work! Awesome beer holders!
  58. mshsu

    8/17 - Catalina Channel Dodo's!

    Got some info from one of my buddies last night and launched at 5am from South Shore Long Beach for some mid channel paddy hopping. Bait from Nachos was lively but very small sardines. Great conditions and in no time we were mid channel - I spot the first paddy and its a bitchin one with birds...
  59. mshsu

    SoCal rockfish fillet regulations?

    Hey guys, Can’t seem to find the regulations on Rockfish fillets in SoCal. I go primarily out of Long Beach. Are there limitations to filleting rockfish on the water? Does the skin have to stay on? Thanks
  60. mshsu

    Sportking 6/14

    Nice job getting them on the jigs! Were you fishing the frontside or backside? Ming
  61. mshsu

    Jumbo Croaker Meets Wham 6/13

    Awesome catch! Congrats! Ming
  62. mshsu

    Even a Blind Squirrel... Local 6/9/2018

    Congrats Ed! What a great local catch. One that you’ll remember forever. That’s the reason you’ve put in all those hours!!!!
  63. mshsu

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    Nice job! Do you get alot of little bones throughout the meat? The last time I caught an incidental sand dab while rockfishing in LBC, it had so many little bones throughout the meat that I couldn't eat it. Maybe I cleaned it wrong or maybe it wasn't a sand dab?
  64. mshsu

    8/18 Catalina Dodo and Yellows

    Thanks for the positive comments guys. Yeah this Sea Hunt skiff has been pretty good for me these past few years. Going to go bigger one of these days!
  65. mshsu

    8/18 Catalina Dodo and Yellows

    Hey guys, Took my old man with me and launched the 17ft skiff out of South Shores at 5am. Got a scoop of small crappy dines from Nachos. The crossing was pretty snotty with a short period wind chop. Made it about 3/4 of the way there and found a nice kelp paddy. The old man proceeds to...
  66. mshsu

    [SOLD] Davis Boats Cortez 22, 1996 Pilothouse

    Sick boat! What kind of performance numbers do you get with her in regards to cruise speed, max speed, miles per gallon, and max range?
  67. mshsu

    Offshore Friday 10/28 solo trip

    Great effort mike! Drinking a beer under the stars at 5am.....that's what it's all about! I've had so many skunk trips this year too so I know how you feel. You'll get them next time. Ming
  68. mshsu

    friday 10/27

    This thread is awesome! I'm always debating the same things. The best answer is to get out there whenever you get a chance. With fishing, you just never know. When I got my big bluefin earlier this year, I had already decided not to go but my buddy talked me into it. Good luck!!! Ming
  69. mshsu

    Offshore Finally caught a couple tuna

    Awesome job! Was this today? Ming
  70. mshsu

    HB Airshow (and no fish) report 10/21

    Another great report Ed! Man, I miss those epic sand bass days. That was the best thing when we were kids!
  71. mshsu

    Catalina 9/19 Good report

    Thanks for the report. Must have been super fun pulling on those yellows! Ming
  72. mshsu

    Offshore Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    Great report as always!
  73. mshsu

    Catalina Aug/28 Yellow

    Nice fish! Was this on the east end or west end of the island?
  74. mshsu

    Offshore Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    Awesome fishing report and an even more epic vacation report!
  75. mshsu

    Catalina Wed 24th

    Great job Lal!
  76. mshsu

    Never giving up paid off - 8/25 Catalina and Dana

    Yeah! Way to get that fish to save the day. That home run fish at the bottom of the 9th is such a good feeling! Ming
  77. mshsu

    Catalina 8/25

    Ryan - lots of boats, but we didn't get anything bigger than 12lbs. Fun fishing using 15lb test.
  78. mshsu

    Catalina 8/25

    Hey guys, Quick report here to get the info out there. I fished the front side of Cat this morning working from Indian Rock to the West End. Steady pick of mixed grade yellows from 4lbs to 12lbs. Bonita and Bass were at every spot and pretty good grade. San Pedro bait had some really...
  79. mshsu

    Catalina Yellows 8/23/16

    Nice yellows and great report! Those size are so much fun!
  80. mshsu

    Offshore I'm Here, BFT still There...:(

    Keep at it Bob! Its just about being in the right place at the right time.
  81. mshsu

    Offshore Knockin'em off the bucket list with Team Accurate - Thursday 8/18

    Great report and fantastic catch! Pretty amazing to have these fish around this year.
  82. mshsu

    Offshore Nice Yellowfin @ the 43!!!

    Great job and awesome fish!
  83. mshsu

    Offshore Got one

    Wow! Way to pull in that monster!!!
  84. mshsu

    Rocky point Area 8/21

    That is some mighty fine sashimi you got there!
  85. mshsu

    8/19 rocky point

    Thanks for the report Gary. That kind of wide open action is so fun and keeps us coming back for more!
  86. mshsu

    Catalina Suprise 8/18

    Yeah!!! Great job Andy. Way to get that fish on the light gear. Talk about an awesome surprise! Ming
  87. mshsu

    Offshore Thursday and Friday 8/12 and 8/13

    Great report and way to get some fish!
  88. mshsu

    Offshore Big dorado and small yft.

    Nice dodo! I also want to hear the near sinking story.
  89. mshsu

    Offshore 8/12 Foamer 2 miles due east of Avalon.

    I'm going to make sure to catch a couple of macks at the bait barge before heading over to the island....just in case!
  90. mshsu

    8/14 - Cat Frontside

    Great report Ed. I can tell you are a responsible fisherman that usually fishes solo - you're wearing the personal EPIRB - just like me. Nice job and way to stay safe. If those baby yellows stay at the island, we should have great fishing in the next couple of years!
  91. mshsu

    Catalina front side yellowtails 8/13

    Great job Vue! 5-10lb yellows are pretty fun on lighter gear. Plus the sashimi is excellent. Similar to "kanpachi" at good sushi restaurants. Ming
  92. mshsu

    Offshore 8/12 Foamer 2 miles due east of Avalon.

    Thanks for the info! Hopefully the tuna work up the line again like last year.
  93. mshsu

    Offshore Late video report from the ridge 8/10

    Awesome video! Way to kill it!
  94. mshsu

    Offshore Flying the Kite on 8-10-16

    Incredible. Way to pick up new techniques and apply them to success!
  95. mshsu

    Offshore Wednesdays are for fishin not workin!

    Great report and nice pic! My fav part is the total count that includes 46 coors lights. :cheers:
  96. mshsu

    Catalina 8-10 quick report

    Good info Mike! Those MPA's are such a pain. I did see some guys fishing inside the MPA yesterday too.
  97. mshsu

    Catalina 8-10 quick report

    Hey Ben! How've you been? Are you doing a bunch of fishing still? Ming
  98. mshsu

    Rpt.-08-10-16 Kelp Paddy Tails, Catalina, SCI.

    Great effort. Bummer that yellow busted off in the kelp!
  99. mshsu

    Catalina 8-10 quick report

    I worked from Indian rock down to east of empire. Basically just east and west of the isthmus. Ming
  100. mshsu

    Catalina 8-10 quick report

    Hey guys, I hit up Cat solo this AM. Launched at 5AM and got some okay dines from Nachos. Then headed over to the frontside and was soon joined by literally the entire fleet. Decent action all morning. Ended up getting 3 yellows all under 10 pounds along with the usual mix of...
  101. mshsu

    Offshore 8/8/16 looking for tuna

    Wow, that's a great effort for sure. It'll pay off next time!
  102. mshsu

    Offshore Catalina Mahi - 8/6

    Nice fish! Great job. I'm sure you'll get on the tuna soon enough. Ming
  103. mshsu

    Catalina Report 8/1 to 8/3

    Nice fish! That must be really fun to spend multiple days at the island like that. Thanks for the good intel.
  104. mshsu

    Offshore Got one 8/3

    Incredible! Way to get it on the right gear.
  105. mshsu

    Offshore BF August 2nd 2016 El Skunko

    Nice effort and thanks for the helpful details.
  106. mshsu

    Offshore Long day out of Oceanside 181 to the 209

    Great effort. You'll get me next time for sure.
  107. mshsu

    7/31 - Catalina/Empire Landing

    Great report! Thanks for the helpful details. Ming
  108. mshsu

    Offshore Bluefin Everywhere!!! Wide Open

    Great job on getting on the fish! Hopefully they'll finally go WFO one of these days.
  109. mshsu

    Offshore 7/30 209 9th time is the charm

    Great job. So awesome that your kid has the patience to go 0-8, but that makes the success even sweeter!
  110. mshsu

    Offshore 7/29 Oceanside 8 miles out.

    Haha! This is awesome. That's why we own boats - to be the captain and do whatever the heck we want. LOL!
  111. mshsu

    Offshore 7/27 Oceanside

    Nice work! Way to maximize your chances with both the rod and the speargun. I usually have my speargun on the boat as well just in case.
  112. mshsu

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-28-16 Catalina 3 B's!

    Thanks for the report! Informative as always.
  113. mshsu

    Offshore Carlsbad Canyon 7-24

    Great job on the fish!
  114. mshsu

    Offshore 7/25 209 O-side 14

    Thanks for the great info. You sure covered a lot of water! You'll get em next time for sure.
  115. mshsu

    Offshore 7/25

    Thanks for the info and bummer about the dodo loss.
  116. mshsu

    Offshore Bluefin, yellowfin, dorado, yellowtail. (Pic heavy)

    Incredible job bro! You've been on fire. Ming
  117. mshsu

    Offshore Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    Awesome avatar picture there Zeegzagz. Nothing wrong with tecates, especially on a hot summer day. It has sentimental value as well from all of my trips to Baja.
  118. mshsu

    Offshore 7/23 181 Bluefin

    Awesome fish! Way to be prepared with the right gear.
  119. mshsu

    Offshore Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    Thanks for all the great comments guys! I'm still sore today. :D Perfect loin portion: Ready for vacuum packing: Ming
  120. mshsu

    Offshore 7/21 PB bluefin

    Great job! Way to get your PB!
  121. mshsu

    Got Lucky on the Horseshoe! Late report

    What a nice surprise! Great job. Also glad to see that some decent sized yellows are still around the horseshoe.
  122. mshsu

    Offshore Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    On Sat last week, I was drinking by myself (again) and I came up with a plan to get one of these big boys that have been around. It's rare that we get a legit shot at the bigger bluefin in local waters. By local, I mean comfortable operating distance for a 17ft skiff. I had the perfect plan...
  123. mshsu

    Redondo / long beach report

    Great. Thanks for the info!
  124. mshsu

    Redondo / long beach report

    Great job out there! Did you get the yellows on the small chovies or artificials? Ming
  125. mshsu

    Rpt-Wed. 05-18-16 Catalina Tails and Hali's!

    Great job Cory! That's some quality right there.
  126. mshsu

    Opener 2016

    Andrew - sorry to hear about the tough day of fishing up there. I thought that they would bite good with the pre-frontal conditions, but I guess it's hard to predict. The guys at Rick's sport center have given me some good info in the past. Maybe try checking in there to see if they have...
  127. mshsu

    Opener 2016

    You guys should have a great time up there. Fishing was good and we saw people catch fish on literally everything from trolling, shore fishing, fly fishing, to bait fishing. Personally, I would rent a boat and get some suggestions from the tackle shot on where the fish are currently biting...
  128. mshsu

    Catalina Sunday May 1st

    Appreciate the detailed report including the bait situation at nachos! Ming
  129. mshsu

    Opener 2016

    All fish were caught on artificials - mostly kastmaster and bouyants.
  130. mshsu

    Opener 2016

    Hey guys, We just got back after another great opener. Left way early Friday AM and hit up lone pine sand trap for nothing. Then we fished the owens outside of bishop for a few decent rainbows. Finally hit up pleasant valley res for nada. Super croweded everywhere! Friday night we just...
  131. mshsu

    Live Bait Tank

    Hi Ron, Does it hold a full scoop pretty well, or do you think a scoop is too much? Also, what type of intake connection does it use? Thanks, Ming
  132. mshsu

    Long Beach season opener shakedown 4/6

    Hey guys, After an outstanding fishing season last year, the boat's been sitting in my backyard for the entire winter time. Inspired by Tunaslam's great recent report on killing the reds, I decided it was time to finally start of this new fishing season - especially since the bluefin are...
  133. mshsu

    ELITE 7 Chirp versus Garmin 74dv Chirp

    Has anyone here had much success with using the side scan to find open water tuna or to scan for fish under kelp paddies?
  134. mshsu

    ELITE 7 Chirp versus Garmin 74dv Chirp

    Hey everyone, I'm upgrading and I'm trying to decide between the Lowrance Elite7 Chirp versus the Garmin 74dv Chirp. Any thoughts? Also with the Elite 7, should I go with the 83/200 or 50/200 transducers? I fish SoCal and would like to get tuna schools in open water as well as meter for...
  135. mshsu

    How to get rid of seals and fishing report

    Great report! For a second there I thought you had your dong hanging out. Haha!
  136. mshsu

    Offshore Dana 9/11/15

    Wow! Great job Khanh and gotta love the picture of the tuna lined up. The sashimi looks great too! You've been killing it. Ming
  137. mshsu

    Offshore 9/10 Wide open footballs

    Great report! Thanks for the detailed info. Ming
  138. mshsu

    Offshore Rpt.-Thurs.-09-10-15 Scratched up a few Tuna on the Kolomola.

    Nice job Cory! Way to be consistent and get some sashimi! Ming
  139. mshsu

    Offshore 9-10-15 same epic WFO bite

    Awesome job Ben! You guys have just been killing it. Ming
  140. mshsu

    Offshore 9/9 Dana point WFO

    Absolutely they would have eaten frozen chunk. I've got ones on frozen chunk before. Like Shark Meat says, its best to use fresh chunk for hook bait b/c it stays on alot better. Ming
  141. mshsu

    Question: where can I park trailer for 1 week in San Diego

    How long did you park there before you got the ticket? I called the port of san diego office and they said that there is a 72 limit. Just wondering if that was your experience? Ming
  142. mshsu

    Question: where can I park trailer for 1 week in San Diego

    Thanks for the info! I'll be down there at that time, but I'm probably just going to fish in the bay. It's mainly a family trip this time so hardcore fishing may be limited for me.
  143. mshsu

    Offshore 9/9 Dana point WFO

    Quick report from work: Left Dana at 5:30 this morning. Bait line was short and the sardines were excellent. Best condition bait all year and it turned out to be useless. See below. Headed to general vicinity of the 279. At 7:00 am, 2 miles east of the 279, I found a nice big kelp with...
  144. mshsu

    Offshore Late 9/5 report

    We searched from the domes down to carlsbad about 8-15 miles out. We got the fish on a kelp 7 miles out. Figures. Haha. Ming
  145. mshsu

    Offshore Late 9/5 report

    Hey guys, A buddy and I went out of Oceanside on 9/5. Good bait, but it was a long slow boat ride. We saw countless empty kelps. Baited a few breezers for nothing. Tried trolling to no avail. Finally called it quits around 1PM. Then on the way home saw a nice kelp with birds on it...
  146. mshsu

    Dana Point Dream Come True

    Congrats! Dream come true indeed. Ming
  147. mshsu

    Crappy Labor Day Weekend for me!

    That's a tough couple of days! Way to be persistent and get at least some fish in the end. These days just make the good days even better. Ming
  148. mshsu

    Question: where can I park trailer for 1 week in San Diego

    Hi guys, I will be launching my 17ft skiff at either point loma or one of the san diego bay launch ramps for 1 week in late september. I'm renting a house down in coronado that has a boat dock but no trailer parking. Does one of the launch ramps allow me to park my car and trailer there...
  149. mshsu

    Offshore 8/31 Oceanside

    Way to get em! Ming
  150. mshsu

    Offshore Bigger yellowfin 30th Aug 2015

    Great job on the nice grade! Ming
  151. mshsu

    Awesome week! Daughter's first YT..and second...and third...

    Yeah Ben, you'll definitely need a bigger boat! :-) You're going to have an entire crew with you once they get bigger. We've got to keep them hooked on the outdoors - it'll enrich the kid's lives and undoubtedly our lives as well! Tight lines, Ming
  152. mshsu

    Offshore Oceanside 8-28

    Great job on the paddy hopping. Thats alot of work to fish all of those paddies. Glad it paid off! Ming
  153. mshsu

    Offshore Report. 8/27/2015- East End of Catalina

    Great effort and it paid off nicely! Good work! Ming
  154. mshsu

    Awesome week! Daughter's first YT..and second...and third...

    Ben, this is the best post that I've seen in awhile. I can just feel your stoke about fishing with your daughter. So Awesome! My son is only 2. One day he'll be old enough for me to create some memories of my own. This just makes me look forward to that even more. Ming
  155. mshsu

    Overnighter from DP 8/27

    Thanks for the report as well! Glad you had a good time. The tuna have been tough lately for sure. Ming
  156. mshsu

    Asshat - Douchenozzle Award - Green Bouy 8/28/2015..

    Haha! Great post. Sucks you had to deal with bad bait and douchebags. Its such a crappy feeling when the bait rolls like that. Did you see anyone hooked up today?
  157. mshsu

    Offshore Rpt-Thur.-08-27-15 Another slow day for Tuna!

    Thanks for the report Cory. The details in your reports are always very helpful, even when you have an off day like this. You'll get em next time! Ming
  158. mshsu

    GO NORTH! Fish report 8/27/15

    Solid report as always. You'll get em next time for sure.
  159. mshsu

    SHOE SLUG 8-26

    Nice work man! That's a brute yellow. So cool that the wife loves to fish too. Ming
  160. mshsu

    LA Green Buoy Yellowtail on Slow Trolled Sardines and Chunk (videO)

    Nice video! Saw you out there Wed with your family. Nice skiff! Ming
  161. mshsu

    O'side 8/25 and 8/26

    Great effort and rewarded with a nice yellow! Its seems like its been pretty picky with the tuna lately. Hopefully, they'll turn on again. Ming
  162. mshsu

    Long Beach Quick Report 8/26

    Good luck to you guys tomorrow! Ming
  163. mshsu

    Long Beach Quick Report 8/26

    Honestly, I haven't found a consistent pattern over the last few weeks. I've gotten them from grey light to dusk, but the best bite time varies each day. Haven't really coincided with the tides either. Right place, right time I guess. Ming
  164. mshsu

    Long Beach Quick Report 8/26

    More on the dropper loop, but a few on flyline too. I've found the key to be stopping on the right school. There are lots of bait marks and small fish marks, but I've been trying to concentrate efforts on yellowtail marks. I've been marking them down to about 50ft. 2oz torpedo sinker on the...
  165. mshsu

    Long Beach Quick Report 8/26

    Hey guys, Quick report since I've got work. Mediocre sardines at San Pedro bait, but that's been par for the course recently. Did a quick look offshore outside the rigs, but didn't see much. 150 was dead early in the AM. Then hit up the 105 and green buoy areas with flylined and...
  166. mshsu

    Slow day turned out good in the LBC on the Shoe

    Nice work! Way to be persistent. It definitely paid off. Ming
  167. mshsu

    Offshore what a day!!!!!

    Wow! Absolute toads. Must have been fun. Ming
  168. mshsu

    Offshore 8/24 DP- Little man Big fish vol. 10

    Awesome! Great father son time.
  169. mshsu

    Offshore El Nino Fishing Video Report - Tuna and Dodos

    Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed the vid. Hopefully more to come. Ming
  170. mshsu

    Offshore In Memory Of My Brother

    Nice tribute to your brother. Sorry for you loss.
  171. mshsu

    Offshore El Nino Fishing Video Report - Tuna and Dodos

    Here is a little video I put together. Watch it in HD with sound to get the full effect. The Mahi footage is cool. Small fish, but fun to fight on 15lb test and great on the BBQ! Ming
  172. mshsu

    Offshore oside 8/20 182 181 209 267

    That's a hell of a trip with the jet ski! I'm sure you nailed some of those tuna and mahi. Thanks for the report. Ming
  173. mshsu

    Today was a good day. 8-18

    Way to kill it again Tito! Ming
  174. mshsu

    8-19-15 solo. 105 and shoe

    Great job and nice video! Ming
  175. mshsu

    Help with my fishfinder

    Hey guys, I just bought an boat that has a Garmin 400c fish finder installed. Once I get past 400ft, the fish finder can no longer read the bottom and shows lots of interference. The specs say the max depth is 1500ft. It has dual frequency 50/200. My questions: 1) Is this normal for...
  176. mshsu

    Offshore Trying not to be a dick

    Awesome use of the trout rod! I'll bet they would eat powerbait :cheers:
  177. mshsu

    Saturday 8/14 Marlin in Santa Monica Bay

    Unreal! Great job on getting the fish! Ming
  178. mshsu

    Offshore Good Fishing off Oceanside (same day report 8-19)

    Nice work! Must have been awesome to see a great white so close. Ming
  179. mshsu

    Offshore 8/19 solo run (33.03 x 117.44)

    Nice work! Weather was beautiful out there today. Made it easy to drift with the school, Ming
  180. mshsu

    Offshore Oceanside 8/19 WFO

    Hey guys, Decided to launch from Oceanside at 4:30AM. Bait line was short and the deans were great. Headed out 12 miles and drifted a kelp with birds on it. Started out going 2 for 4 on doritos and then it turned into straight yellowfin 20-30lb'ers. They were biting both chunk and...
  181. mshsu

    Offshore 8/19 Boat Plugged

    Awesome score! Ming
  182. mshsu

    Newport Tuna?

    Nice job on nailing the tuna! Pretty amazing that a 3/4 day boat from newport would catch over 100 YFT. Gotta love this El Nino. Thanks for the 1st hand info! Ming
  183. mshsu

    Newport Tuna?

    Thanks for the inside info slydawg. Hope to see you on the water. Ming
  184. mshsu

    Newport Tuna?

    Thanks Jeff. That's some great advice for a newby like me. I'm still learning the ropes and appreciate all the info for sure. Ming
  185. mshsu

    Newport Tuna?

    Thanks Gonzoslays!
  186. mshsu

    Newport Tuna?

    Saw that the Newport boats really nailed the tuna today. Anyone know what area they are fishing? I've been launching out of Oceanside, but it would be great to launch closer to LA. Feel free to PM me. Thanks, Ming
  187. mshsu

    8/14 long beach near limit

    Quick report - fished the shoe and 150 for near limits. Sardines on flyline and dropper loop. Fun local fishing once again! Love El nino!!! Now its time for hamachi sashimi. Ming
  188. mshsu

    Offshore Oceanside 8/12

    Took my new old boat out for her 2nd voyage. The first time out I got a nice yellowtail at the Horseshoe. This time, I decided to trailer it down to oceanside for a previously good tuna bite. Well, it was a slow morning, but I ended up going 1 for 3 by fishing the working terns. 40lb class...
  189. mshsu

    We'll miss you Vince

    Did he used to work on the GW out of belmont pier a long time ago? I think I remember fishing with him as a kid. Sad news.
  190. mshsu

    Help with trip planning.

    Hey guys, Thanks for all the great info. I will definitely look into the places that you mentioned. Also, is there some place with car access where there is good salmon fishing from shore? I've seen pictures of huge runs of salmon in rivers, but are these areas only accessible by plane...
  191. mshsu

    Help with trip planning.

    Hey guys, I've never fished Alaska before, but I've been wanting to go forever. This year, I finally have the time to get up there for a week. I have the 3rd week of June as vacation. I'm looking for a place where you can rent a house, have guided/unguided boat fishing, and most...
  192. mshsu

    going to cat

    Hey, I'll also be over there is weekend. I'll be on Ch72 also. I think I'll try the east end a hopefully get a shot at a yellow. Otherwise, I'll mostly hit the frontside to try and get my little cousins into some bonita or bass. Anyone know a good spot around the isthmus where the...
  193. mshsu

    Convict Lake late season report 11/1-4

    Thanks for all the positive replies! The Derby runs from Oct 1st to Nov 15th, so we won't know until after its over. Hopefully we'll get one of the cabin stays or the $100 restaurant certificate.
  194. mshsu

    Convict Lake late season report 11/1-4

    Hope the pics are working now?
  195. mshsu

    Convict Lake late season report 11/1-4

    Hey all, Just wanted to report on an awesome trip up to Convict. Wife and I headed up the 395 on Thursday for our annual trip to fish the Fall Derby. For those who haven't done it before, the prizes are great and it's fairly easy to place (even the 60th place gets a prize). It is also one of...
  196. mshsu

    Rpt 9-08 to 9-12-07 Mammoth

    Hey Cory, Awesome report! Mammoth is just such a special place...... I'm glad to hear that the Owens was good to you. It's my wife's favorite place to fish in the world. Ming
  197. mshsu

    Convict Lake and Owens River 8/24-25

    Hey guys, Got a chance to fish up in Mammoth this weekend and it was great! We just love going up there and enjoying the fun fishing and beautiful scenery. Here's the quick fish report: Convict Lake: Slooowwww....probably the slowest fishing I ever had there. We fished there for a couple of...
  198. mshsu

    Easter Sierras

    Nice report! Were you in a special regulations section (barbless flies only?)
  199. mshsu

    How to fish a paddy?

    Thanks guys! Got it. Ming
  200. mshsu

    How to fish a paddy?

    Hey guys, I fish out of Marina del Rey and don't get much experience with fishing paddys. What's the best technique? Do I stay far away and set up a drift, or do I drive toward the paddy and cut the engines a reasonable distance away? When I'm fishing, how far away should I be from the...