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    RIP Tunabelly

    Oh man. He will be surely missed. Kenji and George will be fishing together again. I was just thinking about him the other day. My first yt was a handoff by him. Rip
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    Boat accident off pt Loma at 10:30 this morning?

    Rip to the dead. It's not worth it
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    NRA, worth joining? look up what they have been fighting for. Also the nra is still going strong no reason to abandon them just because they don't want to be incorporated in New York anymore.
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    Shore sharks

    Thought you went to Japan. Welcome back
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    Anyone know if nacho opens on Christmas Day?

    God bless the social distance king.. anyone know his real name? Only known him as nacho for ever
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    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Wait forget it. I figured it out. Awesome grandson. Prayers for your family
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    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    I need last 4 digits of your phone (sorry I'm not that good with all this electronic payments. Prayers for grandma
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    Contractor to Building

    What's the average price for a separate adu per sq feet?
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    Recommendation’s For Turkey Brine

    How long do you usually smoke them for? Is it an hour for every 4to5 lbs? So I'm looking at a 4 hour smoke?
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    Recommendation’s For Turkey Brine

    I'm going to try this on a 17lb bird. They didn't have a 12 lb so I hope the 17th isn't too bad.
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    Revo toro beast VS NACL

    People are saying the new fanthom low profile is an upgraded beast
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    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    Has this been confirmed? Seems like the fanthom has more bearings?
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    Leaving Boody Decks

    Lol he is making himself seem so innocent here.... Ahhh man I missed the fun
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    3 day trip postponed to OD?

    Geez what a mess
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    San Perdo Tide Pool Poachers

    How dare you bring it up! So many "sportsmen" don't want you to bring it up because the lure sponsors them. He might be a felon but he can always buy friends and then claim to have invented a tube bait
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    San Perdo Tide Pool Poachers

    Why can't we keep race out of a poaching article?
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    San Perdo Tide Pool Poachers

    What do people do with starfish? Dry them and use it as decorations?
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    Clipped the center median with my boat trailer

    Cutting off whoever you want might not be the best way to be driving safely
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    Deep Chest Freezer

    Wow that's awesome to be able to get your own meat for your family
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    Crew fishing on party boats

    Those that are telling the op to not complain have such big hearts they go to a restaurant to eat with the chef or waiters lol jk
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    Offshore Eagle roof tile 9/10/2020

    guess what company i just saw in my warehouse and i never got an invite? sucks :(
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    Crew fishing on party boats

    Here comes the get your own boat posts
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    Remington 12 gauge 870 Express Magnum

    Nice deal! I need a shotty too!
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    Threshers galore!

    Lol so many of you guys who have no problem with a 20 lb tuna or 5 lb yellow are pointing fingers at others who killed a legal fish? Also why the negativity towards pier fishermen? Not everyone can afford to go on the sportsboats or get their own boat but they can enjoy the sport we all love...
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    08.30.20 – DP “There’s no place like Home”

    :( we all want to be west of pch but... We poooo
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    the most dreaded post ANY of us will EVER make..... RIP my beautiful wife Valerie Jean.

    Prayers for your family. She will be watching you and your family
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    A win for us responsible gun owners

    The judge quoted kamilla Harris. Lol btw guys you still can't buy or make new ones... Still gotta wait I know it sucks but it is what it is... Hopefully they take it to the supreme court and we get a win for all of the US
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    New HCS Surf Rods Hit Waikiki Beach @ Night!

    Good luck to everyone with the hurricane. Stay safe
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    Background check delayed?

    I didn't they it equals denied but it's their way or denying my rights... But the system is denying me from getting a title 1 since they literally refuse to update the drop down menu
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    Background check delayed?

    The state system has been extra slow recently.. they say it's a system issue but it's obviously their way of making sure you don't get a gun
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    Documented covid testing?

    oh didnt know they were doign radio. my coworker called and they told them its 200 no insurance
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    Documented covid testing?

    I thought it was 200.
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    Documented covid testing?
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    Cal Football Players Make Demands

    I can see why some of the kids are pissed when we all know they didn't go there for an education (their fault) and see their faces on magazines and games and get zero out of it (again they don't care about their education)
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    Fishermans Processing or Five Star jerky?

    Ever tried Marios smoked tuna? How many different flavors do they have? It's not on their website and I tried to call but I guess the person who picked up wasn't sure
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    Fishermans Processing or Five Star jerky?

    Sorry to bring up this old thread but do you guys freeze it after you guys bring it home? Do they vac pack for you guys? What cuts are they using? Anyone have them smoke any?
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    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    good karma your way!
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    Offshore Talica 25 or 20 for BFT?

    What size bft? If the cows get the 25
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    for all the guys who are fishing overnighters +: cheap sleeping bags

    since a lot if not all the boats are telling you that you have to bring your own sleeping bag.
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    Thunderbird out of Newport Harbor.

    New boat for them this year. The old thunderbird is the tbird now in SD. Fishy crew
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    Okuma Andros 12SIIa with/out Proof of purchase

    Okuma will take care of it
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    Sculpin Carcasses/Heads Wanted!

    Poor kid probably wasn't expecting this. If this industry thought there was any hope with these researcher they could easily get most day boats to keep them half a trash can full from every landing daily.
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    Native sun 6/12/20

    Barney left Bruce? Wow
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    Offshore Pier Point - Toronado 06/07

    I got nothing bad to say about ray
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    Offshore Pier Point - Toronado 06/07

    When did Joe buy the boat?
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    Offshore Pier Point - Toronado 06/07

    Thought mike b is also driving the boat now?
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    Toronado Fri. 6/5/20

    Wait so so mike b is ray's backup? Glad he can fish again. Both are fishy guys.
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    Possible Good Price on Avets

    Andre how about getting us a title 1 rifle?
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    New bill, and it’s FEDERAL

    Damn it bob! What am I going to do now after your horrible boat driving skills ended up dumping all my guns in the middle of international waters? And why the hell did you lay all our guns and ammo on the bow is beyond me
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    Suggest A Levelwind for yoyo

    Depending on what you fishing for you can use a big baitcaster like a tranx500 or even a lexa 400
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    Californians,You can buy ammo online , no background check

    when obama won... i was on a first name basis with the ammo guy (the person with the key) at 2 walmarts :)
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    What to do with tons of Bamboo?

    Fed a pet panda? Build a bamboo storage hut? Guess it depends on how much free time you have locked down
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    Cameras and monitors for the boat??'s

    Want to do it dirt cheap? Get some baby monitors lol
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    Whats with some of these BD ads?

    Then bd will make zero ad revenue from you and they still got the run the site :(
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    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Hope you feel better quick. Any idea on how you might have gotten it?
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    Don't vote Democrat.

    Hopefully the 9th circuit Court will save us.
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    Anyone here a CFI?

    Only if it's the long barrel model
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    Anyone here a CFI?

    Wait you collect boats and planes? Do you happen to also have a tank somewhere back there?
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    Rock Fish Opener 2020

    It's a week out but the weather reports thus far isn't fun
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    Other Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Seriously what's up with kids now a days? Growing up I was usually the slowest... Until that one time a squad car turned the corner and I all of the sudden became an Olympic sprinter going uphill too!
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    Other Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    You will end up doing a few, probably be forced to join a gang of your race. Got to pretend to be racist in front of your car, stab a few fools, quietly become little spoon to the shot caller and get all sorts of tattoos and learn to cook all sorts of Goodies with instant noodles.
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    Booked an August trip on the Condor, but just got bounced for a charter

    Boat is fishy but They also managed to beach themselves
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    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Lawsuit currently in place where there is a chance the assault weapon ban will be over turned... Merica!
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    PENN new product wish list

    400 to 500 sized baitbaster
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    Skipjack Sport Cruiser for Sale

    Bob will be in here soon....
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    Triggerfish limit?

    Not 10? Thought any fish other than bait and dabs have a 10 fish limit?
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    Vacuum Seal bags

    Check out eBay or Amazon for bags
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    El Sueno new call list!

    I'm not too excited but with a response like that maybe that's why you didn't get invited back.... not just for flaking on doing your job o_O
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    El Sueno new call list!

    Should have turned around and done the right thing
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    Anyone want to go hooping?

    It's even hard to offer some people free trips. Thank you for offering people a ride
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    PENN 200, NIB, if this sells by Xmas, proceeds go to St Judes Childrens Hospital

    Your confirmation number is 4-1241222. Let's keep this one going guys. We all have plenty of gear and if this helps a little person have a better chance of fishing next to us!
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    Keeping your feet dry on a sportfisher

    Get waterproof sock. Problem solved
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    Refrigerator Tripping GFI outlet

    You live the thug life.
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    XTRA TUFF Comfort for long days? For my pops

    Sorry to hear about your dad But try these...
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    Lobster hunting in the rain ???

    Was always better for me in crap weather
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    1980 Skipjack 24 w/trailer

    Lol how the heck did I know you would be posting Says 1980 in title
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    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110
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    Sig Sauer P320 Carry "FDE"

    We all had a week of freedom. Hope you didn't miss out
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    AVET HX 5/2 RAPTOR $275

    Probably 50 lb leader
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    People who fish dark braid

    Harder to untangle
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    Fish processing

    I did show up once the guy in front of me didn't get his collars but 10 minutes later they got him some.. he told me these definitely didn't come off his fish though because they are much bigger
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    Fish processing

    Never had bad attitude there but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen
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    Fish processing

    There are so many ways.. charge you more. Yield is super low.. gave you wrong fish? Bad cuts. Rtc I'm no Sherlock but definitely not a mind reader.
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    Fish processing

    35 to 45 lbs This is from 5 star Fillets: Yellowtail less than 15# 18%-25% Yellowtail 15-45# 23-33% Yellowtail greater than 45# 25-35% Tuna less than 15# 20-30% Tuna 15-45# 25-35% Tuna greater than 45# 30-40% Wahoo less than 15# 20-30% Wahoo 15-45# 25-35% Wahoo greater than 45# 30-40%
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    Fish processing

    How has he jacked you?
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    Fish processing

    It depends on when you coming back some of the processors working different hours now it's nov
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    Fish processing

    Aka sportsmen seafood for those who can't find Mario's online
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    Two Okuma Andros 5iia

    I think it is in the bay area
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    Lobster...u tell me..

    I agree but it's rare for a judge to give shit to anyone in le. Eap over a lobster
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    Lobster...u tell me..

    the problem is he has to spend his time and go to court. while the warden and judge will get paid to be there
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    Feedback on Pacifica out of Seaforth Bluefin

    Captain is fishy. Has had two major accidents within the last year
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    Offshore Big yellow fin off Catalina

    Wow the cow yellows are here too?
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    Offshore Submarine

    Depending on the Navy. They might not care lol. There are some pathetic rust buckets that are Rusty because the officers can't run a team right and people don't clean when they need too
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    Offshore Submarine

    so emergency repairs? since they are still running then prob the batteries died or tanks leaking. it's weird they are this far north, this side of the world and the CG didnt get a heads up. i didnt even know they had subs in that navy. did we give it to them to help fight drugs? they are...
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    Fishing syndicate

    Rainshadow custom right?
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    Info on 80% Lowers

    to ca a folding or telescoping (collapsible) stock, which reduces the overall length of the firearm is a feature of what they call an assault weapon
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    Info on 80% Lowers

    you have to do it yourself. you have to then submit for a serial number and serialize it.. easier to just buy one off the shelf in CA
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    Marine Fire Extinguisher 8.99 6.22
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    Marine Fire Extinguisher 8.99

    i think the price changed on walmart's site. was showing up for that earlier. sorry guys deals over
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    Marine Fire Extinguisher 8.99

    for 9 bucks it sounds like a good idea to keep on your boats...
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    News: Pegasus picks up SEALs off capsized boat

    Poor guys going to get so much shit when they get back to their team
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    8'Rod 15-40lb

    Custom 270h
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    Sport boats and trash

    Full garbage bags so all of the above
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    Sport boats and trash

    I have seen it. I asked a few years ago and they said it's legal since we were x miles out and I said just because it's legal doesn't make it okay. He shook his shoulders and walked away
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    Brand New from Little Hoaquim Shipyard for MDR

    They just got a new 6 pack too. Glad they are doing well
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    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    Well dave I trust you know wayore than me. I just googled and found this. Guess it got updated?
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    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    you know what you're right i totally forgot about that fillet rules. but they can still cut it up to fit into their coolers better than having it sit without a kill bag or cooler right? if they cant fit everything in there they can fit the prime cuts. so the whole thing doesnt go get wasted
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    Cut monster or terminator

    Don't they make 7'6 uc rods that might meet your criteria vs cutting a rod?
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    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    College is autocomplete for cooler
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    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    Then bring trash bags cut the fish into smaller pieces put into trash bag out into college and kill bag with ice. Bags makes sure meat don't soak up fresh water from the ice
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    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Lol no way. M&Ms in a mre is the best thing to trade plus expiration dates don't mean anything when your hungry... And btw they tasted the same
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    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Who knows I'm just replying with facts.
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    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Chili Mac and cheese... Yummmm and best thing ever eating mm that was expired before you know how you wipe your own butt lol
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    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Did it come with Oil only went up for that price in the last week even though cruise oil prices fell but we live in awesome California
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    Offshore Dana Point Tuna Hunt 10/3 All High Spots/Mack Bank

    Real classy move to toss cans over board
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    Offshore Pacifica Sportfishing

    No one was blasting their fish catching skills but their safety issues. Andrew is one fishy captain no doubt about that
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    Sting operation?

    At that price he ain't making more than a buck or so just on the processing. Looks like fish processor job so it wasn't cheap
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    fish processing: smoking and jerky

    I think he means he is having the fish processor do it. But I guess if it's not hard I'll give it a shot especially if they are just using the fillets and I duno if I want a whole fish of jerky and have to pay the higher fee if I'm not sure I'll like it.
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    fish processing: smoking and jerky

    Btw is 2 dollars a lb so I guess it's a bit better?
  120. G

    fish processing: smoking and jerky

    thanks.. never had the skills to get a marlin to smoke but had some in hawaii and it was awesome
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    fish processing: smoking and jerky

    Hi Guys, Anyone use sportsmen seafood aka Mario's ever try to have their tuna smoked or made into jerky? work the additional cost? does it last longer than fillets? thanks!
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    Camping Trailer

    Pics are tiny
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    Cal Sheets

    The Carol Shelby of the reel "upgrade" world
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    Awesome 320-pound bluefin on PENN International 20VISX

    Would have been an awesome pic for the catalog but he is wearing a daiwa hat
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    SaltAway vs White vinegar

    as an engineering major dropout.... i got a score almost as low as my chemical engineering roommate. (you dont want to know where he works now) vinegar is an acid, it will remove salt but then start to eat away at the metal so you got to then neutralize it with something basic.. like milk (not...
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    1.5 day Voucher for the Cheif

    Just the motors and the bait tank.... Sure don't look good
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    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    blows my mind how some of you defend captains who failed at their job with evidence on VIDEO. there are plenty of great captains and great boats out there. why risk anything when you dont have to? btw love the attacks on larmo yet silence on the captains who have really screwed up
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    MK-16ii rod?

    uc viper 76
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    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    lucky to be alive
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    Arima, cdory, steiger craft, c hawk 20-22ft 35k

    That has a Honda outboard in the pic and description
  131. G

    Arima, cdory, steiger craft, c hawk 20-22ft 35k

    One foot too short?
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    Offshore Pacifica Sportsfishing

    yea but someone got called an asshole for bringing it up... these guys literally protect these captains no matter what they do
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    In light of the Conception fire, which boats are equipped properly?

    There is a boat I forgot the name where there are bunks by and kinda under the bait tank.. should be safer with fires?
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    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    i always thought to myself how the hell is this going to work... then the pants wo These battery ones are like 10 year life span nowadays at HD. Prob the ocean air will kill that time frame but that damn beep would keep someone up. I mean a burnt toast will set mine off so I duno how it didn't...
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    Offshore Pacifica Sportsfishing

    I have video knowledge of a boat on the beach.. a boat with half it's side torn open. Better than first hand knowledge according to the court system. :) Btw Andrew is fishy always has been since his long range days
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    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    the wet suite theory makes a lot of sense.
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    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    i saw the pic on the news on the TV. lot bigger and both the wife and i looked at each other and was like did you see that? then i posted what it looked "like" to me and got blasted by captain obvious. no one is going to be standing but just crazy to see that in the flames. RIP to those lost souls
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    Offshore Pacifica Sportsfishing

    That's awesome you will. Lot of us won't, not after two accidents within less than a dozen trips of each other. Captains gets all the glory and all the burden of their vessel, he has the burden of a dead passenger.
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    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    No shit I don't. I just said it looks like it. Thank you Captain Obvious, permission to piss in your cereal sir?
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    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Just noticed this in the news. Looks like a person waving in the back. RIP
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    Offshore Pacifica Sportsfishing

    Lot of truth to this... After all it didn't beach itself
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    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Just saw the cg press conference. Looks like only the crew made it, 20 yards off the island in 60 feet of water and crew was rescued by the "Grape Escape" RIP
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    35 missing after boat fire in Oxnard ca

    Hope those guys made it to the island
  144. G

    Is it legal to

  145. G

    Reel Clamp for 2018 Saltist 15

    message him on here
  146. G

    Reel Clamp for 2018 Saltist 15

    There is a super clamp
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    Offshore Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    I don't get how anyone bring up having a gun.. this is fishing and wantabe street thugging... Is it worth the charges over a football tuna?
  148. G

    Reel Clamp for 2018 Saltist 15

    Did you try the new or old Duran clamp
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    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    So what? He just bought a house!!!! Lol
  150. G

    Caivo jigs

    Call Jimmy at the shop he will help you out
  151. G

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    Wow they sure lucked out not having you join
  152. G


    Extended is even better
  153. G

    $120 OBO

    Prob not going to happen....
  154. G

    $120 OBO

    Looks like it was already off the boat....
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    Duran Fishing Products - Reel Clamp for Lexa 400 and others

    so i guess the small size is gone forever? any left in stock?
  156. G

    Duran Fishing Products - Reel Clamp for Lexa 400 and others

    i just went to your link your super doesnt say it fits the Metaloid 5 to 12s but your small does and also the lexa4 and tranx500. are you still going to make that size?
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    Offshore Shogun 3 Day Open Report 8/13-8/16

    Thanks for your service. You going to miss the Navy when you get out
  158. G

    Deformed BFT

    Kinda feel bad for the guy. So when's dinner?
  159. G

    Suspicious rod/reel for sale at Shelter Island

    Why post his face if you're not sure he is doing anything shady?
  160. G

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Guys a little respect goes a long way. I for one am pretty dumb and would have never guessed the heads would float. They probably just didn't know
  161. G

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    younger animals always taste better. shoot even the football tunas have less mercury than the cows
  162. G

    Offshore Thunderbird of Newport Harbor.

    yea well in a few weeks or very soon most of the SD boats going to fish that island like they did last year. so you can get on a longer trip then
  163. G

    Offshore Thunderbird of Newport Harbor.

    thunderbird generally fishes sci. jeff is one fishy dude
  164. G


    i bet most cops want to help but they have their hands tied by politicians.. most people dont go be a cop and tell themselves ill only do major crimes that made me feel special
  165. G


    they cant just search the house or the van... frankly i knot this isnt right but i'm surprised the cops even showed up.
  166. G


    Wow hope you get your stuff back
  167. G

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    I can see if the Capt parked and didn't move.. but he chased fish.....
  168. G

    Inshore Mako (part II)

    Lol love all the hate on eating a legal mako by guys who will kill a football tuna without thinking twice
  169. G

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    Their country their laws their rules. Just follow them and you don't have to worry
  170. G

    Property attorney

    My wife practices that.. that's how attornies like to say it but she is in socal. Make sure you get a good one. She fixes a lot of other attorneys mistakes or carelessness
  171. G

    Icast 2019

    At that price and that drag spec Penn fanthom just lost market share
  172. G

    Teach a man to fish...

    i think he is just trying to help you out and avoid a ticket
  173. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    i lost a dear friend to drugs on my last trip out on the toro my wi Glad you're not using. Stay strong
  174. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Seaforth makes the boat?
  175. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Not sure why this would be on seaforth? Does LAX have to be held responsible if a Boeing 737 crashes due to pilot error?
  176. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Why? Seems like this thread is a lesson to a lot of people who boat and fish
  177. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Didn't someone say the number of crew changed while they were calling the cg on the radio?
  178. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Imo the fact the captain needs to stay awake really doesn't need to be taught to reduce liability. It's common sense
  179. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    That's why it was a question and not a statement
  180. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Wait your blaming the auto pilot?
  181. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Of course. That burn isn't worth that much
  182. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Actually that case is studied in many law schools now. It's kinda a valid case. McDonald's had multiple complaints and no one did anything
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    Horrible news!! RIP my brother Kevin Martin from Tornado Sportfishing

    Long story short Kevin gave me such a disappointed look when i had to hand him my rod because I had to pee so bad On another trip I got the biggest yt on the boat Kevin had his new young deck help gaft it and I have him a tip. Later when it was time to get the fish out of the hold somehow the...
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    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I love how someone died and yet some of you here are defending him like it was just two little fender benders. Andrew is a great guy there is no denying that but the law of the sea gas been around for a few hundred years and there is no denying as master of the vessel he is responsible for...
  185. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Not everyone is sue happy.. not every lawyer is an ambulance chasers and many are reasonable people like the rest of us
  186. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    same capt so i guess the poster is trying to cover everything? i duno just a guess
  187. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    but then i guess if it was my family that died on the prowler i sure in hell wouldnt agree.. it's a numbers game and youre right those other things are a lot more risky but until your number is called it doesnt seem ....
  188. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    shouldnt be an issue for a paid professional captain to hit the right entrance.... or not hit the beach
  189. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Danny let's be frank here. Even if the uscg is okay insurance company is okay. Lot of us won't be okay. Poor guy is fishy and nice but this probably stopped his career in this industry. It's too bad since he has a kid
  190. G

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Thankfully everyone made it home this time
  191. G

    Horrible news!! RIP my brother Kevin Martin from Tornado Sportfishing

    one good fishermen. RIP the toro wont be the same
  192. G

    Who would win a Civil War in the U.S.?

    My family has lived under communism. I got an uncle named Sam who taught me to be a decent enough shot. Civil war? America isn't that divided
  193. G

    Thoughts to Admin.

    Hello there... The ads are based on your search history and cookies..... I'm @sian... ;):jig:
  194. G

    Thoughts to Admin.

    I have learned to never complain about free. Servers, software, Jason's time, and bandwidth ain't free
  195. G

    Adding a reel seat to a deckhand rod question

    Aren't all bass rods fitted with reel seats?
  196. G

    Any local SD custom hunting rifle builders?

    I think that's just like the custom rods...
  197. G

    Adding a reel seat to a deckhand rod question
  198. G

    Adding a reel seat to a deckhand rod question

    I forget the name but there is a new clamp that's kinda like a clamp on reel seat
  199. G

    Warship off San Pedro

    looks like a resupply ship? could be waiting their turn for seal beach
  200. G

    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    You would think kissing one island is enough to have learned that... But two?
  201. G

    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    damn the latest version of the RTA?
  202. G

    Weatherby moves from CA to WY

    Wow suprised they lasted this long in ca
  203. G

    Coyote Jerky Recipe

    I find so many people are disgusted to try something because it's not culturally okay. The middle easy is saying that about bacon and we all know how good bacon is.... Yum baconnn.
  204. G

    20ft skipjack $850.00 not mine

    Lol sorry I was actually talking about another bob
  205. G

    Where at Catalina is off limits?

    let me google that for you
  206. G

    How to safely get rid of old fishing hooks?

    Take it fishing and toss it over.. they will rust away in a few days
  207. G

    Penn fathom cosmetics

    Could be an Amazon return?
  208. G

    San Clemente Island Recommendation?

    Thunderbird with Capt jeff
  209. G

    22nd street pursuit

    Go on the sport King
  210. G

    It this legal?

    name them or nothing will happen
  211. G

    Okuma Metaloid vs Penn Fathom

    I have owned both. The 40 just feels more capable to crank one in. The 12 is more of a 40 lb reel max
  212. G

    Offshore Pacific Voyager 5/27-5/30

    Probably sucked so there was no report
  213. G

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    so glad your up and back on BD again
  214. G

    Custom Rod Issue: Breaking My Rod Over His Knee

    that thread got deleted? since you want to repost it... you need to take it to facebook where there is a slight chance it wont get deleted.
  215. G

    Custom Rod Issue: Breaking My Rod Over His Knee

    lol got locked to protect someone from himself
  216. G

    Boat ho etiquette?

  217. G

    Boat ho etiquette?

    lol we should also start a boat captain etiquette when you get a boat ho. 1) stare at him as he undresses to jump into the water. lol
  218. G

    Calstar or rainshadow

    I have both. Prefer the 800m I'll sell you the 270 lol
  219. G

    Okuma metaloid 5N

    I'll be in line to take it if the guy above doesn't
  220. G

    Boat ho etiquette?

    Wait are you just trying to get me to drop the drawers and jump in the water again
  221. G

    Boat ho etiquette?

    Lol I want to but the kids got me beat
  222. G

    Boat ho etiquette?

    Lol I'm hoping to live life thru your fishing adventure for the next few years.
  223. G

    Boat ho etiquette?

    Now we both have the gear for them lol
  224. G

    Boat ho etiquette?

    As long as you kept an eye on the fish finder and not me lol
  225. G

    Boat ho etiquette?

    And then I tell him all sorts of personal stuff about my nuts... Haven't scared him away yet
  226. G

    Boat ho etiquette?

    I take off my pants and jump into the water
  227. G

    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    It really depends on how good of a shot you are but 308 would be like fishing 40lb in a normal year... Will kill most of the fish in our area and still can kill everything if you're a good fishermen and got a little luck. It's also cost efficient for a 10fp or a 700 magpul Hunter stock makes...
  228. G

    Vacuum sealing tips

    Drying it a bit is the best advice. Have had some meat that wasn't fully patted down before vacuuming and it has tasted really bad
  229. G

    Glock 27

    i know we are friends but i will offer 110 and one up you
  230. G

    4/23 - The Liberty

    i hope my oldest takes the younger 2 fishing when they are older. better than sitting in front of a screen
  231. G

    What do you guys do with coyotes?

    Probably didn't want a foreign afversary coming and getting a sample to weaponize
  232. G

    Offshore 4-13-19 Yellows on the San Diego, “great customer service”

    Now some scammer is going to go fishing with a GoPro and flip thru a few passports...
  233. G

    Standard/High Capacity Magazines Legal until 4/5/19 5pm

    What a glorious week it was.. my sons will thank me for their Christmas in April when they are old enough to understand
  234. G

    CA Ban on High Capacity Magazines Unconstitutional

    You can gift magazines to your children
  235. G

    04/04 Nic or SBI - Room for 3

    Private boats can only charge that cost of the trip. I think there was a post about it somewhere on here
  236. G

    Arsenal legion sgl-20 AK47

    They have to be featureless which the buyer said he will turn his rifle into so it will be legal to transfer
  237. G

    Makaira 15 SEA II - replacement neoprene resp cover

    They come with covers??
  238. G

    Big bluefin reel bang for the buck

    Fanthom 40 2 speed
  239. G

    Moving to back to the BEST Coast - OFFSHORE FISHING HELP

    We are largely a bait fishery so make sure you have a nice bait tank
  240. G

    Refinery fire in Carson

    Right when summer blend starts to be forced upon us
  241. G

    Burglar Found Dead

    Huh? You wanted me to post a well written sentence? Looks change for the worse due to age but humor gets better with age ... Is that better?
  242. G

    Burglar Found Dead

    Looks age humor gets better
  243. G

    Get the tape measure

    yea sounds like they want to make it right but he doesnt want a smooth process?
  244. G

    Get the tape measure

    so parker admitted it should have never left their factor like that...
  245. G

    Get the tape measure

    Did you watch the whole video? I can't afford a Parker but if you watch the video he talks about Parker's response
  246. G

    Get the tape measure

    What can't he have a pilot house in Florida?
  247. G

    Get the tape measure

    It doesn't really matter if it's new or used comment could be he point they are trying to make is Parker let it leave their lot.
  248. G

    Fred hall report - Wed

    can the teramar can handle the fathom40?
  249. G

    Tern or Tesoro

    check out the new progear sd series if you want budget friendly casting distance and drag numbers.
  250. G

    80lb Rig for 2.5 day end of September

    Wait until you see what kind of fish come up
  251. G

    3march hooping in rain live edition ish

    I feel like they crawl more during the storms
  252. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    I also hate to txt but it's hard to have a conversation with a 3 year old 1 year old and 2 month old at 9 in the monring
  253. G

    Used Tranx 500 HG

    I'm the guy that drove with a car load of toddlers and babies and we don't have to turn into a db just because he is
  254. G

    Used Tranx 500 HG

    Don't do that he has little kids
  255. G

    Long Beach rockfish opener 3/1

    Yes they are part of the RF limit
  256. G

    Used Tranx 500 HG

    Lol he has great deals but...
  257. G


    Sorry to hear about getting jacked. Gl with your sale
  258. G

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    Murica is better than socialist anything
  259. G

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    Lol we can't even get along on a fishing board so how are we going to fight liberals taking away our fishing rights?
  260. G

    Gay sex adds?

    Targeted ad....
  261. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    It's something he msged me that I'm assuming he doesn't want the world to know (I didn't ask). If he wants he can tell you guys
  262. G

    2/19/19 SMB - Shark ID

    Definitely a salt water shark
  263. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    Lol someone needs to just msg you they were involved .I'm over it .I won't go stomp my feet and cry for justice
  264. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    my internet skills suck so please pretend you see a pic of the little guy from lord of the rings holding the ring and whispering precioussssss such a newbie.... those caymen island accounts dont "work" anymore lol
  265. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    Thought you switched to maury?
  266. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    I assumed he was talking about cash since he said he wanted to follow through before. He could have txted me or picked up and told me he isn't going since he knew I was on the way.
  267. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    When you say no that's okay .Where does that mean the deal is off? I thought that was about the bank since you said cash.. You forget to post the part where you said you want to follow through. After I gave you an out. Btw thanks for editing my number off . Just figured how to edit on my cell
  268. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    He isn't even a real doc
  269. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    Lol better than cnn still?
  270. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    I wouldn't say nightmare just a hassle
  271. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    It's a Monday during the winter....
  272. G

    Brand new Daiwa Lexa 300 $147

    Great deal. I was thinking of getting one for rock fishing but then I never have time to fish .
  273. G

    Trip advice for march 7, 2019

    You will probably be rockfish on both trips so I would probably go to the channel islands because st nic is a long ride and with the new depths being opened fishing might be better?
  274. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    Lol post my texts with times .if the guys think I was wrong I'll post an apology
  275. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    Wish you would have just been upfront and told me no deal is off. I called and txted multiple times whole on the way and also when I was there . Could have just told me deal is off. Also I told you the delay to your bank question was just a few minutes was because I was getting the kids into...
  276. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    Oh life isn't that bad today. Lot of people have it worse.
  277. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    I dunno . He said he has a buyer closer so I said just let me know if he changes his mind and he told me he said he would so he will follow through . Hope something bad didn't happen and I'm just getting a db
  278. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    Oh wells. Now I'm stuck at the in laws :nopity:
  279. G

    Retirement move to socal

    Depends on how much money you want to spend but closer to sd is what would be "easier"
  280. G

    Retirement move to socal

    Will you be trailering or in a slip?generally for tuna it's better the further south you go but the last few have been different
  281. G

    Reel sold, rod still available.

    Dude I'm at the exit like we agreed on. With a car load of kids and the cash you wanted. If you wanted to flake you could have told me and saved me the time of driving 45 minutes .
  282. G

    any update on the Prowler vs. Attessa IV collision?

    I would think a civil case wouldn't stop the USCG from releasing their findings right?
  283. G

    Makaira 50 rod for use on private boat

    Go get a bent butt rod?
  284. G

    Hotel close by UCLA

    What time is your meeting on Friday? If not too early then lax would be your best bet but if it's early that's almost a 1.15 drive
  285. G

    Boat registration and ticket RANT...

    I think you can register and pay fees online
  286. G

    Stolen toy hauler

    Btw I'm not making any excuses for any thieves.. I hate thieves
  287. G

    Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing but Not Long Range

    Bill what's the round?
  288. G

    Stolen toy hauler

    I think that's what happened to a friend of mine. He know my thoughts on his lifestyle and drug use .I tried to get him on the straight and narrow.he never made any excuses for himself and knew what he was doing was a POS thing to do. Somehow he always got second chances but his luck ran out...
  289. G

    Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing but Not Long Range

    Did he at least give you some of the meat?
  290. G

    Coronado Island Jan 5th

    Glad your wife is doing well enough to fish
  291. G

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    can someone please upload a pic of the 150 tomorrow?
  292. G

    Okuma PCH-C-741XXXXH Rail Rods

    What reason for they give?
  293. G

    2nd Avet Reel SXJ or JX

    If that's all you will have then the jx because you can fish 20 on a jx but can't really do 40 on a sxj. Only making thisbstatement not knowing what else you got
  294. G

    Final report 2018

    nice of you to even be willing to jump in
  295. G

    Okuma PCH-C-741XXXXH Rail Rods

    which pch rail rod fits best with a mak20sea? i read the "thoughts" but anyone have an experience?
  296. G

    I thank God for guns!!!

    I think she opened her room door and the guy was in her house
  297. G

    I thank God for guns!!!

    Grabbing a gun is faster than reloading for most
  298. G

    The SoCal Bluefin Bite That Wouldn’t Die Finally Did

    Too bad in this instance what goes up doesn't have to come down
  299. G

    Shimano Terez Rods!! What do you really think!!??

    Awesome rods just the rust issue is annoying but I think they fixed it in the new stuff
  300. G

    CNC Jigs

    Caivo isn't cnc
  301. G

    which cell provider

    TMobile reception isn't as good as att or Verizon but the price makes up the djfferdiff
  302. G

    which cell provider

    Verizon gets reception at sci I think?
  303. G

    Drill press loan

    Thank you for this bit of news. I was unaware of that
  304. G

    Drill press loan

    Anyone have a CNC machine? I'm extra friendly :)
  305. G

    Drill press loan

    You mean you love all your rights? Glad we have friendly guys here
  306. G

    Crab thief out of bodega caught

    Wide-screen is better than regular screen and Who doesn't like egg rolls?
  307. G

    Fathom Rail Rod reel

    If you're just looking at specs... spe can go to war with a 22lr which isn't much smaller than a .223 but you have a better chance of coming home with 223.
  308. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    Same with angler's chronicals... I know people make mistakes and have yet to see the owner fess up and just say he is wrong without going on to list everything he is doing now....
  309. G

    Any good fishing deals for Black Friday?

    Is this the same owner as uc
  310. G

    Other hobbies besides fishing??

    I internet fish for a hobby
  311. G

    11-20-18 a.m. half day

    nice reds for a half day
  312. G

    Newell Reels Today

    Depending on when they were patented it might be no longer patented
  313. G

    Not Selling Squid Again For Channel Islands WSB

    i'm suprised it makes them more money for human consumption since its 70 bucks a scoop and like 2 bucks a lb for frozen and i doubt the scoop gets anywhere near 35 lbs. must be the loss at the receiver then
  314. G

    Mercury Levels in Yellowfin

    I fished with a 6 pack Capt years vack who would always trade his big fish for the rats .he called them the low Mercury fish... Lol
  315. G

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    guess i remember it wrong esp since TJ hasnt been on for a couple of seasons now the current trips are at 170.
  316. G

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    Always loved fishing that boat especially bwhen tj was captain. Did they raise the price? Could have sworn it was 150 before and they would do the 100 dollar cap special once in a whole
  317. G

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    “Sarcasm was usually lost on imbeciles.” ---Sherrilyn Kenyon
  318. G

    Offshore New Lo An 11-10-19 left them biting!!

    So killed the bft then went rock fishing? Awesome time to be fishing
  319. G

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    You guys are a huge group of aholes. Let's start a gofundme to help the op recoupe his costs minus the parking? In this harsh world we sports fishermen need to stick together and we should all cover his losses.
  320. G

    Offshore TORONADO TUNE-UP 11.01.2018

    loved fishing with ray problem is he cant fish every single day of the year and it's his rep on the line still. were the decks fishing?
  321. G

    Offshore TORONADO TUNE-UP 11.01.2018

    perception is key.. when the deck says 30 and the boss says 15...
  322. G

    "Preferred" Braid?

    Been using extreme braid
  323. G

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    yea this is a great tip. this is how i showed i owned some of the stuff. enough to show them i was serious and wasnt some guy trying to rip them off
  324. G

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    IMO from claims of a firearm that cant be californied.. you argue show them posts online. they will work with you but to a certain extent. i got lucky and ended up with an adjuster who sent someone to my house who loves the 2nd
  325. G

    Prowler/Atessa - Coast Guard Rescue Footage

    so it was like a DUI but there was no enforcement action? The initiating event was the grounding of the INVICTA that was contributed to intoxication of the mate on watch, fatigue and the failure to have a posted lookout and roving patrolman. or did i read it all wrong? V. REFERRAL FOR...
  326. G

    Prowler/Atessa - Coast Guard Rescue Footage

    How do we find the uscg report? Ie the invitca that went into cornados
  327. G

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    yea i get what youre saying
  328. G

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Hopefully if found not at fault (hope the report comes out quickly) Andrew can get the insurance money to buy the tbird since Jeff will be driving a new boat soon.
  329. G

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Had there been a customer fresh in the last few decades? Condolences to the family
  330. G

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    3 boats lost the year and only 2 replacements have been moved in to sportfish
  331. G

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Doesn't AIS have to be also in?
  332. G

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Hope everyone makes it. Radar doesn't have to be on but ais does right? A ship that expensive and should have enough electronics that it cost more than the prowler but still would need a person to do their job.
  333. G

    Broken Blank Replacement

    not a blank but my shimano warranty rod was shipped to me for free but then they did want me to bringt he rod in or ship it to them to prove it to them it wasnt user error.
  334. G

    Night clamming tips

    Plenty of safer options for a 4 year old that doesn't have a few dead a year
  335. G

    Night clamming tips

    dont go with the kid. are clams worth the risk of a rouge wave?
  336. G

    Amazon deal on Makaira 20 and 50

    10 dollars saved is 10 dollars earned!
  337. G

    On my way home early. 14 dead animals

    How much meat is that?
  338. G

    Need a Ride to Fishermans Landing

    Maybe have the wife drive the SUV to drop you off? Even if you get a rental you have to drop off your gear then get the rental back to the rental company. Even if people can give you a ride they might not have room for all your gear. How are you going to get the fish home?
  339. G

    76 VIPER (LOST)

    how does a driver get blame with zero evidence?
  340. G

    RIP Sr. Tuna

    sr tuna; rip. my first YT was with kenji and george. RIP kenji
  341. G

    Tuesday Offshore

    Check the weather
  342. G

    Cell service out of Mission Bay. How far out will a cell phone work?.

    All you got to do is radio your buddy and say drop down one... When everyone drop down one you guys drop down whatever number you really decide on .
  343. G

    What rainshadow rod for a Fathom 40ld

    Might want something a bit longer?
  344. G

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Sorry about your little angel. Easy for me to say and post but please don't take it the wrong way but talk to someone if you need too and live a life your angel would have wanted you to live . Made me tear up sitting in my living room.
  345. G

    How to fix a leaking hull

    I thought it was going to talk about wax wings lol
  346. G

    Cosmos built 30,000 rods?

    10 a day would be at 3000 days which could be for 15 ish yesterday of wrapping? His stuff looks good
  347. G

    Makaira 10ii, Daiwa Tackle Backpack

    Op hope you kick butt and start to fish again soon
  348. G

    Please exercise caution my friends

    Fishing in areas not allowed and over limits would be called poaching right?
  349. G

    Rigging the ultimate flat fall

    You mean before hookup bait does? Shimano doesn't try to patent something that's been around for years
  350. G

    Gun Collection FS/FT

    It's still too far.. if you can meet in or around San Gabriel valley I'm interested in the 1911
  351. G

    Shimano Terez WW ?

    Looks like they just put xwrap on the front grip
  352. G

    Thunderbird on CBS

    Your son should own his own boat. Everyone goes for him not for the boat
  353. G

    Shimano Which Terez Rod for a Talica 20

    Xxh. Still just a 60lb rod imo
  354. G

    Toronado - weird operation?

    Then I guess I was stupid enough to tip a guy that wasn't even working lol
  355. G

    Toronado - weird operation?

    tell them youre with 976 and you will get it for 120 i think.. make sure Ray is the cap and running the night you go. be ready to fish with deck hands in the bow
  356. G

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    I saw someone post the name of the boat on FB.... Waiting for news confirmation
  357. G

    Best 3/4 day boat

    Another vote for Bruce and he is entertaining
  358. G

    One would think that with over 1 billion people, they'd get it right

    I been to this part of China. Still lot of undeveloped areas woth poverty levels so high that their sincerest way of thanking the doctor was to give her a chicken and eggs. It is China so it could be fake news
  359. G

    pearl sizes balls under the skin of tuna???

    Only taking a huge guess but could be parasites?
  360. G

    Why I Hate Fishing On Weekends & Holidays!

    As a fellow Asian .you sound racist
  361. G

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    Pretty sure it hurt the boat Not on this trip but it will let people know there are cheaper trips. Not trying to argue with you for the heck of it just pointing out no business will advertise a cheaper product than they sell
  362. G

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    But they would be promoting a boat at a cheaper cost than their own boat. Have yet to see a business now and before that would do that
  363. G

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    Why would they help when there is nothing in it for them and it's cheaper than their trips?
  364. G

    Pheinx 809h spinner rod

    Might not with that great as a popping rod but will do if you sheet have it and don't want to own another tim
  365. G

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    There goes you damn Trump supporters again.... Using facts to challenge people. Who the hell do you think you are :)
  366. G

    Can You Identify This Shrimp?

    mantis shrimp are so yummy
  367. G

    2 Rings on Surface Iron

    is that from caivo? it makes sense
  368. G

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    900h is pretty stiff rod
  369. G

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    Wonder what a sd boat was doing that far north and don't seem like it was a fishing trip. Don't see gear on it
  370. G

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    It's done. Took in a lot of water
  371. G

    Pacific Quest crashed

  372. G

    Apparently the Thunderbird is for sale for $249k?

    Yea he just got a house last year but I'm sure he can get financing?
  373. G

    Apparently the Thunderbird is for sale for $249k?

    Mad? He gets in trouble from from certain people get has to work with because of his posts.. would be diff if he was the owner and people follow him. So why wouldn't he capitalize on it and become owner?
  374. G

    Apparently the Thunderbird is for sale for $249k?

    Jeff needs to own his own boat and a better landing . People follow him and his name fills boats
  375. G

    Cheerleaders and the NFL (NFR)

    amennnn! i have had police officers do racist crap to me, i have had people of color hold a gun to my face. i dont paint them all with a wide brush. people need to understand bottom line most people just want to go home after a hard days work, hug their kids and live a peaceful life. we all...
  376. G

    Looking to buy Jigs, Surface Irons

    go to jimmy at LB fishing supply. he will hoook you up and bring cash
  377. G

    Cheerleaders and the NFL (NFR)

    Their employers don't have the balls to do anything
  378. G

    Cheerleaders and the NFL (NFR)

    the NFL players are free to protest however they want in regards to whatever they want. i fully support their right to protest but i feel they can find other ways to do that without offending so many in our country. MLK fought a real fight and never did he ever disrespect our flag.
  379. G

    Cheerleaders and the NFL (NFR)

    i dont watch anything that dont respect my flag and i have been on the receiving end of racist crap for most of my life (asian grew up in wyoming :) )
  380. G

    Brought a sharp knife to a gunfight and won

    Which deck? The tatooed guy named nick? Again not to belittle your catch but they might be making fun of you or using a sponner. Trout reels are like 500 to 2500 sizes max .2500 being large
  381. G

    Brought a sharp knife to a gunfight and won

    I did not mean to belittle your catch in case you took it that way . Your reel should be able to crank that fish in all day .great catch no matter what
  382. G

    Avet MXJ trade or sale

    Avet MXJ blem? (i'm going to say it is a blem since its 2 tone) just got it in a trade Filled with 25lb mono is what i was told and the mono looks pretty fresh. reel reels and looks fine (as shown in pics) Looking for (plus cash) trades big bait caster? not sure what else to be frank but any...
  383. G

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    lol you guys went on another thread and the other guys took it to FB.
  384. G

    Offshore 8/5 - The Freedom

    thats a nice option for those that arent getting bit for the other fish
  385. G

    Offshore 8-4 aboard the Malihini - First Dodo!

    pelegic fish? it was just a question but i hear if you lick the butt on a tuna sometimes they will spray you in the face :)
  386. G

    Offshore 8/5 - The Freedom

    were you bottom fishing while people were fishing for tuna?
  387. G

    Brought a sharp knife to a gunfight and won

    You brought a knife to a knife fight. That setup can take that fish all day long . Congrats
  388. G

    Lost gear at marina Del Ray boat launch

    Hopefully someone found it . Did you stay around for a bit to see?
  389. G

    Fishing with a pregnant wife...

    There is no fish worth missing the birth of your kid for
  390. G

    Lost gear at marina Del Ray boat launch

    So you left it by accident or did someone take it?
  391. G

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    I think there is also a dive boat by the same name
  392. G

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    So you troll with your comment about Trump then critize the responses as trolls?
  393. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    Okay.. I'll check with you the next time I decide to spend my money. You sure like to tell to each their own then tell me what I'm doing is not something you agree with
  394. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    Patented a tube bait? Why don't I go and patent a metal jig? He feels like he can win the lawsuit like he has been telling people? Well file it then? Can't wait for the other maker to pull up pictures of tube baits older than him and he loses his patent. You can support him all you want but I...
  395. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    That's fine if you believe that. There are shops who won't carry his stuff like savon and lb fishing so why would I go buy from from shops who knowing support a poacher when there are other options?
  396. G

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Wow that response sure doesn't make one feel like service is key. Guess some of us will take the advice there are other boats
  397. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    there are other options out there that they dont need to work with people they dont want to work with
  398. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    Fishermen's landing has a tube bait
  399. G

    7/30 Gail Force-Goin The Extra Mile Pays Off !

    bait is usually nice when the bait company also owns the boat. nice of the cap to stay out longer than necessary
  400. G

    ALL Dog Owners..... I'm looking for a lead!

    Same thing with human meds...
  401. G

    San Clemente 28th 29th

    250 billion? Million maybe but billion?
  402. G

    been trying to get in touch with cousins tackle.....

    What's level headed? Someone asking a shop to replace a rod by a company that went under? Not sure if I would even ask the shop but I guess you must know the owners well
  403. G

    been trying to get in touch with cousins tackle.....

    Didn't think guys like that still exist since margins are claimed to be so tight
  404. G

    been trying to get in touch with cousins tackle.....

    Warranty something when the company went under? Wow that's amazing they have that much margins built in
  405. G

    been trying to get in touch with cousins tackle.....

    Doubt any shop will lose money due to no fault of their own
  406. G

    Offshore Pacific Queen 7/24-7/27

    How much was it to rent the gear
  407. G

    Offshore Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    and here i thought i was special in your life. going to punch myself in the nuts after this one.
  408. G

    Offshore Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    i wouldn't complain if you hooked and handed me all the fish.. maybe even make me a sandwich on the way in?
  409. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    Also you got to admit the way they poached although both illegal are a bit different if that makes any sense
  410. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    Thought lot of guys were hard on him?
  411. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    Who is Andy? People were pissed at the pacstar when they got caught
  412. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    The problem is there are reputable shops who knows he is a poacher but don't care. These shops are run by respected sportsmen who I thought knew what sport meant... What a shame
  413. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    Well why didn't you jump in the water to get the other half then? Steve what do you expect from someone who takes their own son to commit a crime?
  414. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    He also managed to get a patent on his design but none of the other makers care and continue to make theirs
  415. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    Hookups owner is a convicted poacher who took his son poaching deer in Yosemite and not only poached but only got trophy and wated the meat .then showed off the trophy and some day tried to submit for records. Lot of guys refuse to buy his gear just because of that. I'm really disappointed that...
  416. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    I'm sorry but I don't see how you were expecting good serice from that criminal
  417. G

    Problems Hookup baits

    Wait let's not call the other tube style baits a knockoff because no matter how much the poacher likes to claim and patent his bait everyone knows tube baits have been around for decades. Hopefully cavio comes out with theirs soon. I refuse to buy from someone like the owner of hookup even if he...
  418. G

    Offshore Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Isn't there also a seabass that lubes you up?
  419. G

    Offshore Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Perfect fish to clean yourself out
  420. G

    Offshore Green Card/Non US Passport to fish Mexico

    I don't think they care as long as you have some sort of passport with you and all the licensing requirements
  421. G

    Okuma Andros II, $160

    In line if the deal doesn't work out
  422. G

    Braided line price cheep vs $$$$$

    I hate to ask this but can you link me because as you know lot of companies use others pics and the seller is different and the product while the same pic isn't the same
  423. G

    Braided line price cheep vs $$$$$

    which one?
  424. G

    Un-Boxing Lure Review. Ali Express vs. Shimano vs. Nomad - Video

    is that the seller you got it from? a few sellers on there have that model i just dont want to get the wrong one since they all seem to be using stock photos
  425. G

    Un-Boxing Lure Review. Ali Express vs. Shimano vs. Nomad - Video

    i did look around. the problem is aliexpress is it could be the exact same pic but different seller and things can be quiet difference once you receive it and i thought in the video he said his was 9.80?
  426. G

    Un-Boxing Lure Review. Ali Express vs. Shimano vs. Nomad - Video

    link to where you ordered it please?
  427. G

    60-100 lb 6-7 ft Rod

    i have an glass seeker classifc 665h (i think thats the model) i belive it's marked 30 (40)80?
  428. G

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

  429. G

    2-3 man lift pole tackle and Squids (Picks)

    I would be interested in an occupied Japan one
  430. G

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    what are these?
  431. G

    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    how does someone hate a company so much that they even start an instagram account? funny how many subscribers they have too! these baits are killer and work. i just cant get myself to buy it and seriously after seeing some respectable stores sell them. i prob will just go shop elsewhere. kinda...
  432. G

    How to speed up passport process?

    go to the federal building in westwood early in the morning and line up. if he can bring evidence on why he needs it rushed (ie trip itiniary) then they will help him out. be sure to bring a couple passport photos etc
  433. G

    Our boy USMCfish needs work

    The Dolphin is looking for an experienced Deck hand for the 2018 Season must know how to Fillet fish. Call Captain Jason 619-807-9734 if interested.
  434. G

    HX Raptor free spool problem

    Are you sure the drag is turned off all the way and not at the bait settling?
  435. G

    Moving reel handle to last hole??

    Doesn't that affect the casting and overall balance?
  436. G

    china fishing

    In those two cities you are better off not fishing but if you really want there is fishing at fish farms no real ocean fishing other than if you want to fly to other parts of China. Brom Beijing you can go to dalian and take a "sports" boat.. problem is those boats often want to go fish in...
  437. G

    OB conversion for my 20 Blackman

    Car seats.. I'm sure he will redo the fabric or nother nature will do it for him
  438. G

    1986 Cabo 216 - Barn Find!

    Defend yourself for being a capitalist? And you didn't even try to flip a 5k boat into 10k. Which if you could and not screw anyone you should! Be a capitalist with integrity
  439. G

    Penn Torque 25 NIB Gold

    btw i paid 335 for mine a few months ago with an ebay coupon and it's been on my rack with 2 other bnib penn reels since i dont get to fish. lol
  440. G

    Penn Torque 25 NIB Gold

    i thought it was in bad taste that you went into two different ads to crap on their sale. and no i didnt get the reel but even if i did so what? what if i did it for profit? what is wrong with that? capitalism works in funny ways. they arent selling it for much more and the people who didnt get...
  441. G

    Penn Torque 25 NIB Gold

    your quote on "so much drama in life and still have more thing to do than petty discourse." is why i thought you tried to turn it on me like it was me creating drama when i felt you were since you went into two different for sale threads i deleted my original response to you and just left it...
  442. G

    Penn Torque 25 NIB Gold

    You're right. Just annoyed he tried to turn it on like I was the one who wronged him.
  443. G

    Our boy USMCfish needs work

    hey marine apply for unemployment first even if you think you can get a job asap. you paid into it and you deserve it. i will keep an eye out for your sportfishing job but just IMO you should also look elsewhere. starting from the bottom pay is crap and if you have a family its hard to support them
  444. G

    Penn Torque 25 NIB Gold

    you see how i deleted what i said? dont blame me for the "drama" and "petty discourse" when you're the one crapping on threads and dont tell me shouldnt have been directed at me in the first place (i agree) when you shouldnt have thread crapped in the first place. dont do the liberal crap and...
  445. G

    The NEW Bad Company.... 144' of pure badness!!!

    not sure but i think he decked on the tbird?
  446. G

    Help this young SSGT USMC - Rods Stolen...

    what types of jobs do you want? i think the boats are trying to get some "experienced people" maybe put out some of your skill sets and we can all help you look?
  447. G

    Penn Torque 25 NIB Gold

    great job crapping on someone's thread. no one craps on yours so please show some respect to others
  448. G

    Help this young SSGT USMC - Rods Stolen...

    any updates on the job situation?
  449. G

    Funny hookup bait pictures

    Someone has really got it in for the deer Hunter eh
  450. G

    Help this young SSGT USMC - Rods Stolen...

    Please list what you do skills etc. Maybe bd gang can help you out
  451. G

    Aloha Spirit 6-24

    Thats a deck that deserves a fat tip
  452. G

    Penn Torque 25 NIB Gold

    i think all the single speeds are star?
  453. G

    Illegal fishing boat with 80 tons of salmon on board detained by US Coast Guard

    i guess the recent postings here just posted fines and or didnt let them fish for x years
  454. G

    Help this young SSGT USMC - Rods Stolen...

    anglers anonymous of america does fundraising for veterans to take then fishing
  455. G

    Nice Freeman in Dana today

    There was on out at sci?
  456. G

    Commercial fishing net

    My comment on the issue isn't aimed at anyone specifically
  457. G

    Commercial fishing net

    All I came here to do was to remind people that just because you were in your profession for x amount of years it doesn't necessarily mean you were good at it. Especially jobs with the gov. Carry on internet fighting again
  458. G

    Nice Freeman in Dana today

    I wish I was in a position where you guys can tell me how you would have spent my money
  459. G

    Illegal fishing boat with 80 tons of salmon on board detained by US Coast Guard

    I think in years before they would have gotten a free gas fill up and sent on the way once the uscg is out of radar contact. Recently they are trying to play the we are going to be a global leader game so this guy will get it .read the article I linked above.
  460. G

    Cattle Boat Burger

    Please don't complain on bd about food costs, tips, fuel surcharges, service and jackpot there is always those few who will tell you to go buy your own boat or you don't know how hard abcdef is so dont complain . Definitely don't bring up rat yellows
  461. G

    Illegal fishing boat with 80 tons of salmon on board detained by US Coast Guard

    Things are changing
  462. G

    Illegal fishing boat with 80 tons of salmon on board detained by US Coast Guard

    More will happen to them there compared to the slap on the wrist they will get here. Have you guys seen the slaps on the hand people are getting for plenty of other more serious crimes our courts are habding down? Even a dui is 10 days in jail in China
  463. G

    Old School tube project. All sales final ..

    you guys going to do 2 things. 1. lower poacher baits sales 2. destroy any potential threats of patent pending lawsuits lol
  464. G

    New okuma pch railrods

    Thanks. Didn't see it in okumas dues
  465. G

    New okuma pch railrods

    Where are you guys getting these?
  466. G

    BNIB Penn Spinfisher V Spinning 6500

    Penn Spinfisher V Spinning 6500 sized reel brand new in the box, havent even put line on it since i dont have time to fish. 90bucks obo? located in SGV and the IE.
  467. G

    Ever get advice from a noob?

    typical winner
  468. G

    Ever get advice from a noob?

    sorry i was just trying to help
  469. G

    Hook Up Baits?

    Then tell your friend to be a bit more humble and go read some of his posts online. If he was my friend I would tell him to stfu and fall on his sword and slap the shit out of him for taking his son poaching .you have seen many of the posts on here. He doesn't come off as he is sorry to many of...
  470. G

    Any automotive diesel techs?

  471. G

    Hook Up Baits?

    Lol telling people your opinion right after telling people their opinion doesn't matter. bieberbieberbieber Also mission Bay champ... No one said they don't work.
  472. G

    Any automotive diesel techs?

    Fixed it?
  473. G

    Hook Up Baits?

    At some point shops that support him will know that people like me won't support the shop anymore .
  474. G

    Hook Up Baits?

    So true but I guess there are different levels of poachers? This guy took his kid showed off his kills online and left meat to rot because he only wanted trophies.
  475. G

    2 boxes of 38 special for 9 mm or .380

    What type of 9mm do you want? Blazer? White box? Etc?
  476. G

    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    fish dont care if you have better gear/boat they do care if you have better bait though :)
  477. G

    Rod reccomendations for newbie

    if you like to fish the tbird the cap wouldnt recommend phenix :)
  478. G

    San Clamente Island Tips Upcoming (6/16)

    no most of the boats fishing the front.. lol
  479. G

    San Clamente Island Tips Upcoming (6/16)

    1. it does look like the front side is closed.. but don't let that stop you because they look like they are closed all week and you still see reports coming in ? 2. round trip time is depending on how fast your boat can go and conditions? 3. so they say. 25lb flyline or toss the iron
  480. G

    Help, wife wants me to catch fish and cook dinner while Maui

    thanks for the correction. i thought lot of sportsfishermen just sell their fish at the dock and they didnt need a license?
  481. G

    Help, wife wants me to catch fish and cook dinner while Maui

    Just go to the dock and buy off any boat? Bo license to sell or fish needed in Hawaii (I think)
  482. G

    What is a PinHead?

    Well did you tip him?
  483. G

    Shimano Teramar 7’6 or 8’0

    Had this on my old ej. Awesome combo
  484. G

    Customer service question / issue

    when did speaking english ever have anything to do with being an American? you can listen to someone talk and know they are "foren?" if someone had to read the way you write they would think you're also "foren"
  485. G

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    Don't waste your time on a Canadian. We tell them which war they are allowed to go fight
  486. G

    There back, and I don't speak chinese...

    After scrolling a few pages I think they are talking about colleges? Damn I feel like the guy who just found the Rosetta stone.
  487. G

    There back, and I don't speak chinese...

    What's the point of spamming us? We can't even read it.... And I'm a Chinese American too .shame of my ancestors. Where the hell is mushu to tell me what it says?
  488. G

    Doorbell security camera

    Check out blink wireless cameras. No monthly fees and powered by two AA lithium batteries which can last up to two years .
  489. G

    cheap ozark 6 inch fillet knife $3.5 for 2

    no need to resharpen.. use and toss :) you need one on that big yellow
  490. G

    cheap ozark 6 inch fillet knife $3.5 for 2

    a bubba might be but a bubbah definitely is
  491. G

    cheap ozark 6 inch fillet knife $3.5 for 2

    no josh i'm not saying that because you obviously forgot about taxes :) so prob like 127 give or take.
  492. G

    cheap ozark 6 inch fillet knife $3.5 for 2

    before anyone tells me how blah blah blah i am i realize it's not a bubbah blade but some of the guys just need a simple knife that can be considered a throw away to leave on their boat or to do random things with. maybe just look at this as a bait cutting knife...
  493. G

    Marijuana on LR boats

    Totally understand but the captain is a damn good guy so I'll just take the hit. Also they weren't the regular deckhands
  494. G

    recommendation for sunglasses for a guy with a large head!

    As a guy with a huge head I wear mauijim red sands
  495. G

    Marijuana on LR boats

    I just went on a local la boat and both decks smoked a free times with a regular and then they started to vape it too .Lol
  496. G

    Kill bag VS. cooler

    Listen to Bob
  497. G

    Dana Point 4/21 - lots of Sheephead

    i always have a hard time getting a good hookset on a sheep head. i know they nibble at it and most of the time i'm thinking damn little macs pecking at it... then usually and not to lie i usually get annoyed move the hook up with a hard crank and sometimes just accidentally get the sheephead as...
  498. G

    Talica 25ii $525

    He edited it.... Derrrrrrr
  499. G

    Talica 25ii $525

    You didn't post a price for anyone to even try to low ball you
  500. G

    E-bay coupon

    Sorry bro .I think when I posted it was still good
  501. G

    Not Sure How to Title This

    That's why some people only go on certain boats because they know their fish will come out better
  502. G

    E-bay coupon
  503. G

    Pursuit 4-30-18?

    What's the zip ties for?
  504. G

    Penn SQL16VSLD Clicker problem

    Here is a two speed Next time Google name of reel followed by Alan Tani. He is a California guy who helps lots of us on here with reel issues
  505. G

    Gday guys

    Phil if you fall in the water how does the waders work? They just stick to you and don't hold you "down" right?
  506. G

    Bluefin and gear suggestions/upgrades

    Your saltiga might be able to do a 100 but you're bringing a knife to a gun fight
  507. G

    Bluefin and gear suggestions/upgrades

    All your gear should be able to land a 50lb fish
  508. G

    New meaning to the term "Long Range"

    Godbless these guys
  509. G

    1 maybe 2 for San Nic

    Damn nice size too
  510. G

    Yeti drops NRA
  511. G

    Yeti drops NRA

    Yeti sponsors Ali's show. The nra must feel different than what yeti is putting out?
  512. G

    Yeti cup tipping over on trip ? what to do.

    must be falling to the left? lol
  513. G

    UCLA area ?

    I went to UCLA then to BU... After BU tution you still have money to pay for fishing?
  514. G

    Gun for my son

    I would buy him whatever I can legally get him that I feel the liberals would like to ban soon.
  515. G

    How to fish the Yummy

    lol ignore the haters who dont have the balls to say it to your face. you're at enough events that i'm sure you have crossed paths with a lot of guys who talked a lot of crap about you on the internet.
  516. G

    Marijuana on LR boats

    a little respect for your fishing peers and the boat/crew goes a long way
  517. G

    How to fish the Yummy

    i miss the days of weekly dave tips and weekly chris weather reports
  518. G

    UCLA area ?

    It all depends on how far you want to drive. The closest option is marina del Rey which is 30 minutes without traffic and they got 1/2 and 3/4 day boats.
  519. G

    clamming advice

    please make sure you watch the tides and the water. to many stories of people never making it home
  520. G

    Shimano Tiagra 16 worth

    Imo less than a mak because it comes stock with a lot of those upgrades already.
  521. G

    Rockfish Circle Hook and line types/setups, etc?

    kenji left on the pacstar too...
  522. G

    Fathom 25n or Avet SX for flylining?

    randy.. i think what you have is already fine for your trip but we all have that urge to get more gear. you might want to consider seeing what is biting and working once the season really gets fired up before buying more gear. you might not have to worry about anchovy reels and have to get...
  523. G

    Fathom 25n or Avet SX for flylining?

    i have seen guys on here sell the progrear for lower but you're right in general the pro gears do cost more but lot of guys hold onto it for a long time and the older ones still command some sort of premium. if you're just using the reel for chovies then i would go with the 15.
  524. G

    Fathom 25n or Avet SX for flylining?

    out of the two options given i would go with the fathom but before you buy it check out the progear v22 or v32. freespools better than both options you're listing (IMO)
  525. G

    dreaded googain question (im the googain)

    If you watch wicked tuna to become an expert fishermen like i diddid would know those ne folks pronounce is properly.
  526. G

    dreaded googain question (im the googain)

    Googain is french
  527. G

    Calstar GF 900 H

    I use mine to tell people I have a 9 footer :(
  528. G

    Aloha Spirit 4/5/2018 Earthquake, Whales, and Rockfish Limits

    it jolted the boat on the water? dang that's powerful stuff
  529. G

    Rod Rating Rant

    I agree and it's nice that Shimano labels the rangle and on their site says the type of rod. Ie 40 bait
  530. G

    Santa Cruz Island Earthquake

    Did it affect the fishing?
  531. G

    Shimano Upgrading needed

    kill fish. cal can do some magic on a 16 that people are killing 100 plus lb tuna with a lower gear
  532. G

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    I would have tried to stop you and if I couldn't hold you back... When the coast guard shows up. Yea I saw him fall because of the ocean and blame poor Paul because as a fire fighter he was trying to help him.. yea I'll be a witness in court
  533. G

    Pacific Star sold

    Simple fix when a company gets into trouble. Sell to new company and depending on what it is.. owners can still be there. Mike though... He can't run a boat for a whole
  534. G

    Long story short

    Was this your own boat? Because if a sportsboatspHow did you even know they don't provide frozen squid?
  535. G

    Sub $100 surf rod suggestions?

    shimano clarus 8'6 mh
  536. G

    Big ass flat falls from Fred Hall

    caivo has them.. i think he will be at the day at the dock. 10 for 250 or 300g with a single hook on them so you wont have to rerig
  537. G

    Prowler sold

    Dang Jeff is by himself now?
  538. G

    Accurate BCX rod tip HELP!!! O-ring?

    Replace the tip. It's super cheap and take sless than 2 minutes
  539. G


    good guy to offer it up!
  540. G

    Which Phenix/Calstar for 40lb set up?

    im a fan of the 800m either calstar or rainshadow or UC equivalent (never pulled on one but i hear good things)
  541. G

    Caivo jigs are on sale

    He has all the common colors and a few of his own colors. In store only
  542. G

    Honest, realistic, pricing feedback for a new.....

    What kind of response were you looking for
  543. G

    Caivo jigs are on sale

    Oh sorry. Lb fishing supply .I only said lb since I think he is the only store in that area
  544. G

    Caivo jigs are on sale

    Just grabbed a bunch of surface irons .The heavier ones are 4 for 20 and 5 for 20 for the smaller sizes . Grabbed 300 and 250g glow in the dark flatfalls with a single hook welded ring for 10 bucks. The store is in long beach. I think he also has some lucky craft style lures for 5 for 20.
  545. G

    Skipjack for sale, [email protected]

    NOOOO BOB!!!! sorry seller but free bump for a nice looking boat
  546. G

    SXJ 2 speed Rod Selection

    I liked the old 80h teramar but not sure if the new ones are the same as the old
  547. G

    Brand new Penn fathom 40nld2

    Brand new ready to fish $220 rosemead or Riverside or anywhere in between. Brand spanking new in the box. You can catch triple digit bluefin or go catch mackeral :)
  548. G

    Upgrade or modification to Penn Fathom 40 2-speed?

    No issues with casting?
  549. G

    Accurate 9MM Carry Options

    Most of the common 9mms are more accurate than most of us can shoot. Just get one you're comfortable with
  550. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    Lol glad you guys got a great deal .you could have just bought my reel and gotten yourself a good deal and saved some money!
  551. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    Apparently it was that cheap.... Lol I didn't get in on it but it's great for all the guys that did
  552. G


    His asking price is a good deal.
  553. G

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    Not sure it will stay there until the end of the month. Carts generally have time limits
  554. G

    Suggestions for 7' light weight fast action 30lb rod?

    I had a teramar tip snap on a rat and went from dock to Shimano and they gave me a new one . Guess mileage will vart
  555. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    lol thanks! hello everyone let me know if you want the reel. it's just sitting here waiting to kill a big tuna or you can always go 1/2 day bass fishing with it :)
  556. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    are you flirting with me? :drool:
  557. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    bro i'm not offended and i have ZERO problems with people on here getting in on a great deal! i just wish this deal happened when i bought it.. lol any deals on a spinfisher v or waxwing terez both brand new i dont know about? i bought them and well... they dont fit together (shimano uses a...
  558. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    i cant delete your comments probably because i'm not an admin. but it's okay i dont have a problem with guys getting in on a great deal. tight lines
  559. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    no biggie man. i even thought i was selling for a good price.. lol
  560. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    no biggie bro, appreciate the respect. i guess im one of the few who didnt know about this "deal" since apparently everyone else did lol i obviously would have also gotten it for cheaper too so i cant blame anyone looking for a deal :) tight lights for the season that never ends!
  561. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    thanks guys. guess i'm not selling my reel. have a good day and tight lines
  562. G

    Penn 40N 2 Speed-Please lock thread

    I have one for sale bnib but apparently someone said it's only worth 179 new? If so you might want to see where it's being sold at that price
  563. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    It's better if you order it online and save yourself a buck. It doesn't make any sense for you to pay more to get it shipped to your door. thanks and best of luck
  564. G

    Penn fathom 40nld2 bnib

    Bnib fathom 40nld2. The plastic sticker hasn't even been opened. 220 picked up. Located either in rosemead or Riverside.
  565. G

    Same old story,

    lol a little aloha goes a long way but why do people tell my friends what areas to avoid so hawaiians wont fight them?
  566. G

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    the left wont listen to that argument even though they believe we cant deport millions of illegals.
  567. G

    New 2018 Daiwa Saltist blue

    What's different other than color?
  568. G

    Air travel friendly Rod for fathom 40nld2

    do 80 since you can always fish lighter leader-not ideal but it will work
  569. G

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Where is the president with this national CCW recripricty?
  570. G

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    I don't carry a gun because I live in a state where I won't be given a CCW :(
  571. G

    Which rod for Penn Torque 40NLD2?

    i think i saw a post that shimano said it can be run on a 66xh terez? i guess that wouldnt be for tossing out anything too far?
  572. G

    Totaled Trailer Insurance Woes

    tell them they have two options. 1 buy you a trailer at that price they are offering 2. see them in court and good luck fighting it with a client that went on a hit and run. plus they cant have a lawyer rep them in small claims court :)
  573. G

    how do you get taught new tecniques

    YouTube and get used quality gear. If you don't have the room at least get the reels since they don't take up much room
  574. G

    Reels Service/Repair

    Maybe he is making sure they become collectibles for you?
  575. G

    Good 30/40 pound star drag reel for baitfishing/iron?

    Pro gear is the best bang for the buck right now .the Trinis are good but also twice the price of a progear
  576. G

    Swapping out a stock handle for a t-bar style

    Does these bigger handles affect casting? For the torque fanthom do you guys just drill out the old handle?
  577. G

    Want to buy a Spinning Rod

    80h waxwing spinner new :)
  578. G

    Terez 9ft waxing rod

    interested in trading for a 8h waxwing spinning?
  579. G

    Tsunami & Tranx

    Link to the rod please? I googled and even Walmart has them?
  580. G

    Pacific Star might lose it license?

    I'm not familiar with how it works but does fish and game enact the laws or do politicians?
  581. G

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    But when Mike got the license he knew this is how the process for a commerical sport fishing license was. They are in process of protesting the decision so it's not final yet
  582. G

    Pacific Star might lose it license?

    How did a post about a captain knowingly breaking the law end up one being critical of the wardens? No one forced Mike to plead no contest and common im this time and age with the technology he has available he didn't accidentally drift into a mpa. Btw I enjoyed fishing with him
  583. G

    Hamachi Kama, Yellow Tail collar

    its pretty much only the collar and sometimes the belly that has this taste fried.. the fillets wont be the same since it's not as oily
  584. G

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    when did america became the land of let's not point out a law was knowingly broken but then just point out we didnt agree with the law?
  585. G

    Fathom 40LD2

    So put 80 or 100 braid on the 40ld2 fanthom
  586. G

    Honest, realistic, pricing feedback for a new.....

    Don't you already have this reel?
  587. G

    best long range boat vs cabo san lucas

    you might also want to post your fishing exp on here so people can give you better recommendations.
  588. G

    best long range boat vs cabo san lucas

    you might want to stick to local 2-3 day trips for now then move on up to the "bigger" and longer trips to fish mexico you will need a passport. do you have one of those? then you will need a mexican fishing license, then book a trip with the boat. show up and fish and leave with what meat you...
  589. G

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    i liked the boat and liked mike with the exception of often bumping my head on the way down into the bunks. problem is if he didnt do anything wrong he wouldnt have to worry about a "mole."
  590. G

    Fathom 40LD2

    lalso just got one. Thinking of a terez 66xh and fill it with 80 braid.
  591. G

    Rat Problem...22 or BB...???

    How good of a shot are you guys to hit the rat?
  592. G

    2017 - 2120 Parker for sale

    yup says so in the ad
  593. G


    Captain of the eclipse got caught and got a slap on the hand but then I guess that was how own boat
  594. G

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    Damn 360 deleted the thread so they won't know how much of a liar and fraud the seller is.
  595. G

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    Let me apologize for him. please dont ban him i want to see what other crap he can pull out for a bit longer. pleaeeeeeee just change his banner?
  596. G

    Rainshadow Pro Gear rod

    I think this was wrapped by saltydawg? He made a post about it before
  597. G

    sportboat name changes

    Which boat had bunks in the back of the boat under the bait tanks? Went on it about 8 years ago but so much time has passed I forgot what the boat was called and probably a few name changes sure didn't help. The chief made the best grilled cheese sandwiches!
  598. G

    Horrible So Cal Duck Season 2017/18

    geese chase my son in legg lake :(
  599. G

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    That's great maybe the buyer should change his plans to ensure you get what you would like
  600. G

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    Seller should have thought of this before he decided to lie about the rod. Also the buyer would lose time and time is money.
  601. G

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    Yea when I sell something I don't go out of my way to hide the damage. When I use something I tell people I did and don't leave out key details such as a few boat rides and a bent butt. Glad you're not at my level. bieber
  602. G

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    Why would I keep it to myself when you said it was new with tags when it's obviously been thru more than just sitting in a rod rack. Your pictures were purposely taken at angles to not show the damage. Maybe I was wrong with the word thief you're a fraud
  603. G

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    Lol brand new with tags but was on the boat? You're so full of poop Lol the thief won't discuss it anymore. My reputation sure if worth more than a rod and definitely a hundred bucks. New doesn't mean you used it and couldn't catch anything on it....
  604. G

    17' Arima Sea Ranger 90 Honda 15000

    Yea but hey I felt like shit when I got slammed into the top of the cabin and I never felt unsafe. Just dizzy as hell
  605. G

    Building first surface and yo-yo iron arsenal - what to buy?

    First time throwing iron? Waxwing butterfly. Any brands will work
  606. G

    Fucking cancer...

  607. G

    Best Star Drag Reel for Launching Diamond jigs and Swim baits

    The new progear casts a mile and had the drag your looking for
  608. G

    WTB inshore spinning rod

    Damn only got a waxwing terez 80h
  609. G

    LAX amo

    My apologies I just read what I wrote again. Not trying to say you're potentially worried about a background check
  610. G

    LAX amo

    Don't take me the wrong way. I only meant people are buying lot before prices and costs goes up with the new law along with the fact that it's slowly wearing down another one of our rights.
  611. G

    LAX amo

    Got to get a background check when you buy ammo
  612. G

    LAX amo

    He probably can't wait for the next show because of the new law going into affect next week.
  613. G

    WTS/T BNIB Saltiga 40 2 speed

    I thought the saltiga line is closer to the torques.. a little higher class?
  614. G

    My problem, please help me

    U would go graphiter 800ml That reel is a bit "small"
  615. G

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    Lol if I only could go fishinggggg totally missed this season. Not even sure why I got a license Merry Christmas buddy!
  616. G

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    When I get on a guys boat I don't know im sure to put some money in his hands so he knows he won't get screwed and then after I always ask if there is anything else to make sure I don't take advantage of anyone's generosity. :) 4 bugs for 10 bucks WTH is he thinking?
  617. G

    WTS/T BNIB Saltiga 40 2 speed

    If no trade available I'm open to selling it. 375?
  618. G

    WTS/T BNIB Saltiga 40 2 speed

    After getting some advice on BD i dont think this reel fits what i'm looking for. BNIB interested in MAK16 or Fanthom 40ld2 new or used can +- cash etc
  619. G

    Theives on a party boat

    What did he do?
  620. G

    Theives on a party boat

    Well I'm sure someone did but he was treating everyone like the thief
  621. G

    Theives on a party boat

    Oh sorry I meant in my experience that guy blamed everyone. The guys in here did a great job
  622. G

    Theives on a party boat

    That would work out great unless they just claim someone shoved the missing stuff into their bag which is possible
  623. G

    Theives on a party boat

    Not really he really made lot of people feel like they stole it
  624. G

    Theives on a party boat

    Always sucks to be just having fun and have someone steal from you When I first got started fishing on Walmart gear I was on a twilight out of mdr. Someone had a gold Trini missing from his bag and blew a fuse. I didn't even know what it was then until years later. He approached my friend and...
  625. G

    Saltiga 40 2 speed

    Would think a 500 dollar reel should handle what a 300 dollar one will but appreciate the feedback. I think most reels even the mak probably have some slight issues fishing max drag?
  626. G

    Saltiga 40 2 speed

    Mine just doesn't feel that "awesome" in my hand. Maybe I'll trade it for something else like a mak or talica
  627. G

    SOLD Hookup Baits Lot!!!!!!!

    sarcasm didnt work on my post...
  628. G

    SOLD Hookup Baits Lot!!!!!!!

    So he is innocent and pleaded guilty.
  629. G

    Saltiga 40 2 speed

    Drag specs similar to the fanthom 40s no? Both max out at 40. Just wondering if the reel is good enough for some of the big ones that come around since lot of people used the fanthom 40ld2 and there are lot more reviews than the daiwa
  630. G

    Saltiga 40 2 speed

    thanks for the reply bill. anyone know how much 80 i can get on it? seems like the specs on the site is a bit "low" since i had more than that on my old saltist 40h
  631. G

    Saltiga 40 2 speed

    with 40 lb of drag can this reel be equivalent of fishing a fanthom 40? 80 lb braid on the reel okay?
  632. G

    SOLD Hookup Baits Lot!!!!!!!

    What's the story with the dominator? Damn these guys even got some poached deer listed as records? Shameless
  633. G

    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    Better hope I don't run faster than you or swing my Conan the barbarian sword the wrong way
  634. G

    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    Such a nice guy. Lol is a sword okay?
  635. G

    Anyone fish San Nich lately?

    Eldorado running a special in two weeks just a fyi
  636. G

    Offshore O95 11/16

    I'm glad you change your undies. Hope all is well
  637. G

    Rod selection

    I have mine on a terez 80h
  638. G

    Dual Sim Card Cell Phone

    Transfer the number we you want to keep once your contract is over to Google voice. Install Google voice and then you basically have two numbers on one phone
  639. G

    anybody know solar???

    I work for a solar company but don't work in sales. I can send you some references on variations and how people can screw you
  640. G

    Offshore Close, but no stripe!

    Way to put a smile on the kids face
  641. G

    Bluefin on the half day boat

    The fish are really close?
  642. G

    a VERY special bloody deck. USS Carl Vinson

    Yea but that don't get him to Muslim hell...