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  1. backlashjack

    Avet JX Raptor fill up

    Hi everyone . Hope your holidays are joyful. I got one of my sons a JX Raptor for Xmas. We have not picked a stick yet, I got plenty to use until he gets what he wants. The reel seems (IMO) a bit overkill on drag, but hey, stop it or break it in structure, right?I know this is the LR forum...
  2. backlashjack


    Just picked up a few reels from Okuma after getting them serviced. Grabbed a 2020 Okuma product book. Didn't see Andros or Metaloid reels. Did they abandon those reels? I hope not
  3. backlashjack

    Starting 'em off

    I know this isn't the "right" forum, but it's where I lurk around. And I just was so stoked and proud that I had to share. I took my 7 year old out on his first "deep sea fishing adventure" yesterday. He landed 14 fish (released most) on a 1/2 day (compared to me only landing one, lol - busy...
  4. backlashjack

    Bluefin, Wahoo, Yellowtail and Yellowfin Early Season 2016

    I caught up with Captain Justin Fleck of the Excel as he was offloading their last long trip of the season down at Fisherman’s Landing. Excited about my upcoming early season Excel 8 day trip I asked what he thought about the options for late May and early June this year. To my surprise he lit...
  5. backlashjack

    60 lb. IZOR breaking strength

    I was at the Fred Hall and thought I'd give it a try on the knot tying at the Izorline booth. (60#) I tied 3 knots. A double San Diego that broke at the knot at 93.2 lb's (I thought that was pretty good, however, it did break at the knot. Then I tried another knot I've played with for a few...
  6. backlashjack

    Help on finding the "right" popping rod

    Hi, I just got a Saragosa 8000. Was going to fill it up with #65 Power Pro Maxcuatro (it's apparently 25% thinner - should get around 300 yards on a full spool). I'll probably have a 50Lb. leader of FC on it, maybe more for additional abrasion resistance. Plan on using it with Shimano Orca...
  7. backlashjack

    Spring , Summer LR predictions

    Well, with the closure on BFT fishing in mexico I have a feeling it won't be a big deal as we are destined to have a great year on Albacore. Lots of big Dorado. Wide open cow fishing in early fall at the lower banks (2005 again). Big YFT at the ridge. Mossback monster Yellowtail. It's gonna be...
  8. backlashjack

    3 day EXCEL

    Going out next weekend on the big X for a 3 dayer. I was wondering if anyone has heard how the fishing for yellers has been at Punta Colnett, San Martin? Water temps? I'm assuming this would be our "range" for a trip of this length.
  9. backlashjack

    Excel Has Easy Limits Of Wahoo at The Rocks

    Nothing quite like "wide open" Wahoo. I hear from a reliable source that Justin said it was the "best" Wahoo fishing he has ever seen... and I'm certain he has seen plenty. Green with envy.
  10. backlashjack

    Odile gone, What about Polo

    Looks like hurricane Odile has run its' course - wreaking havoc - and soon will be gone. We have a new one building up TS Polo. Any ideas on how Polo will effect LR boats fishing next week?
  11. backlashjack

    FS: Accurate Boss Magnum 665H

    I have an Accurate 665 that I want to sell. I had Accurate change out the old (non-ergonomic) "T-handle" to one of their rubber handles last year along with its' last service. It is single speed, 4:1 gears and packed with 65lb. solid spectra (like 600 yards or so). Minor boat rash, reel is in...
  12. backlashjack

    FS: Accurate Boss Magnum 665H

    I have an Accurate 665 that I want to sell. I had Accurate change out the old (non-ergonomic) "T-handle" to one of their rubber handles last year along with its' last service. It is single speed, 4:1 gears and packed with 65lb. solid spectra (like 600 yards or so). Minor boat rash, reel is in...
  13. backlashjack

    Accurate 197 XC with power knob handle for sale

    Being the "tackle whore" I am this is the first time I have ever tried to "sell' something instead of "BUY, BUY, BUY!" I'm looking to sell my Accurate 197XC. Single speed reel. It is the same size as a 400N. I had Accurate change out the handle to one of their power knobs. It has only one trip...
  14. backlashjack

    Short Report - Li'l Al's Oil Patch Special - 7 day EXCEL

    Wow! No, really. Wow! Just got off the Li'l Al EXCEL 7 day charter with 28 other anglers. My 2 sons and I caught a ton of in like 2000 lbs. or more. This was the trip that I've been waiting for... Been on many long range trips and have never seen such good fishing, I mean catching...
  15. backlashjack

    looking for 60# to 80# set up

    I'm looking to get a stick for tossing bombs and bait fishing for smaller grade giant tuna (120 -140 lb class). I want to use it primarily for 60#, but I want to be able to tie some 80# on it and use it for tuna. I would like a 7 ft. stick and am considering the Calstar 770H and 7400XH. Does...
  16. backlashjack

    500 Lb. Yellow Fin Tuna

    With more and more 400# fish beginning to show, is it too much to ask for a 500 pounder? I won't be too surprised when it happens.
  17. backlashjack

    Look what I got

    Just got the new EXCEL schedule. Looks like they have a lot of longer trips and no 5 day trips. The ultra-limited load is looking pretty enticing. Check it out. Hurry and get that deposit in.
  18. backlashjack

    Excel 5 day July 5th -10th - good stuff

    After a last minute fiasco with my reel bag I loaded the Excel 5 day last Thursday, July 5th. I was wondering if I was on the right boat when I saw the Rice Bowl girl over on the Vagabond pouring shooters. However, once aboard I knew I was in the right place. The Excel is awesome. I took my son...
  19. backlashjack

    Facebook - Real Time Green Sheets

    I'm personally not a huge fan of the social media - I enjoy my privacy and don't like to share much, however, the real time reports you get from the Facebook page on the Excel's website is SICK! I know that people go out to fish, but let's face it, if you're reading this then you have a...
  20. backlashjack

    Hypalon an AFTCO unibutt

    I have a Melton Tackle Kona KN 80100 WO-UB Stand-Up Trolling Rod that has a (straight) aftco unibut. My East Cape / Cabo days are most likely behind me and I don't have a need for a trolling rod that comes out of the rod holder easily when hooked up. I would like to use this stick for LR. This...
  21. backlashjack

    Ever caught a fish with jewlery?

    Caught this brute last week at Benitos on the Haj Shimada / Excel 8 day. Had a brief discussion that morning with some of the other anglers if they had ever caught a yellowtail or anything else that had a lost jig in it, no one on the trip ever had. A little bit later that morning I brought up...
  22. backlashjack

    Let's Talk Hookup 6 day

    Looks like the Let's Talk Hookup 6 day on the Excel is gonna run light, really light, like 20 anglers. Lots of private staterooms available. More of everything; bait, space, internet and it's 10% off now due to the new owners discount. should be a great trip.
  23. backlashjack

    Excel day and a half

    I was checking out the Excel website and saw that they added a day & a half blue fin special. Too bad it is right after my trip, I wish it was this week, it looks like the BFT are starting to chew some paint here and there.
  24. backlashjack

    Offshore July 29th 2 day (not) on the Pacific Quest

    Sorry guys, no pix this time. I left my camera at home and that was probably a good thing. It would have gotten crushed against the house or a rail or would have definitely gotten wet. We left Friday night on the little 57 x 17 boat with 12 anglers and headed south. The weather started...
  25. backlashjack

    Mid June 5 day predictions

    Anyone have crystal ball and care to speculate on next month's fish hunting in the 5 day zone? I heard some glow-in-the-dark "nuclear albacore" are coming this way. I'm going on the Excel and this is my first Spring long range trip. Summer & Fall - yes. Spring - not yet. June for me is usually...
  26. backlashjack

    Nuclear Albacore

    I know that the schools of albacore circle the pacific and come close to Japan and back around close to the California & Oregon coasts. I wonder where the proximity of those migratory schools are now in relation to the nuclear disaster underway in Japan right now. Are we gonna have...
  27. backlashjack

    100# dropper loop rig

    I wanted to pick up another stick primarily for heavy (100#) dropper loop for big Grouper, nighttime yellow's, etc. I have an older - but in good condition - Penn 50W TW (single speed) that will be my reel. I was thinking on picking up a (used - the price is right) Seeker Black Steel Graphite...
  28. backlashjack

    How do you re-configure Torque 300 drag washers

    This probably isn't the right forum for this post, but I figure the LR guys may know. I have a Penn Int'l Torque 300 (star drag) that has the 'Versa-Drag" system. I would like to re-configure the drag stack to increase my drag pressure - it works great for #30 and #40, but it doesn't have what...
  29. backlashjack

    Big Al' Tuna Tourney (5 day to Ridge)

    Went out last week on the Excel for our annual Big Al Tuna Tourney. The crew of the Excel went the distacnce (literally) to get us on some tunas. Day 1 spent rigging up, meet and greet, consuming mass quantities of alcohol, etc. Day 2 got to Benitos around mid-day, got some Yellowtail's, it...
  30. backlashjack

    Where is the TUNA?

    Starting to get a little worried. My 5 day is coming up in a week and no sign of tuna. WTF?!?!?! I love catching yellows, but it's a "Tuna Tourney" not a "Yellowtail Derby". I'll make the best of whatever the ocean throws at me, but.... Where the hell is all the tuna.... Fuck it, I'm bringing...
  31. backlashjack

    Your pick on fishing partners

    Who would you rather go fishing with: A) Tuna Tommy B) Wahoodad C) Jenna Jameson D) Me :goldfish:
  32. backlashjack

    Off the Hook while On the Hook at Guadalupe

    I got a call last Wednesday night from my friend Jimmy Liu to see if I wanted to go on his 5.5 day charter on the Pacific Star to the loop that was leaving Friday morning. I had just gotten off an 8 day on the Excel (Big Al Tuna Tourney) and almost felt a little bit guilty, but went anyway...
  33. backlashjack

    How many is too many (rigs)

    I'm getting ready for my annual 8 day'r. I'm a complete tackle junkie - I have it bad. I started off telling myself no more than 10 rods, now I have 12 planned and am thinking about adding 2 more for an even 14 (didn't want to bring 13 - superstitious I guess). For my 8 day I'm bringing Ti30W...
  34. backlashjack

    Offshore Fishing Colnett this weekend

    This thread will probably get moved - it's more of a question than a report -shit happens. My wonderful wife is giving me and 13 of my friends a 1.5 day'r on the Black Pearl this weekend for my birthday. The trip says it is fishing down the Baja coast to Colnettt. My question is: does...
  35. backlashjack

    Offshore San Nicolas Island - Pacific Star 4/17/09 - 4/19/09

    Went on the PacStar this weekend with Jimmy Liu and the gang. As usual, Captain Mike put us on quality fish the entire time. Chef Stan "the Man" put out culinary delights that were simply amazing. The crew was the best I've fished with on the PacStar (not that they didn't have a good crew...
  36. backlashjack

    Big Al #12

    Had the BEST fishing trip yet on the Big Al #11, Just paid next years deposit. Hope to see some of you cocksuckers agin next year.:boobies:
  37. backlashjack

    Owens on FIRE

    Went up to Mammoth area this weekend with my boys. Fished Sat, Sun & Mon AM. Knocked 'em silly at the Owens, we must have released 80 to 90 trout (all stockers except 1 small brown), the fish ranged from 11" to 18" with 12" to 14" being the norm. I went 0 for 2 on the lakes float tubing - I...
  38. backlashjack

    HELP! Need 1 more for Big Al Tuna Tourney

    I reserved a spot for a good fishing buddy of mine on the Big Al Tuna Tourney and paid his 1st thousand dollar deposit. No act of kindness shall go unpunished, therefore, he can no longer go on this trip due to a carreer change. This is a great 8 day trip on the Excel, good people, lots of fun...
  39. backlashjack

    2 day on the Pacifis Star

    I,m goin out this weekend (june 6th-8th) with my buddy Jimmy Liu (Jackpotfish) and some other friends. I heard that the water off the Coronados turned over the Memorial Day weekend with the storm that we had. I was wondering how it was looking down San Diego way for this coming weekend. What to...
  40. backlashjack

    Fire damage - look out for the vultures

    I'm sure there will be some people here that come home to a fire ravaged house. I've been in the insurance restoration business for almost 20 years and seen lots of people get screwed by making snap decisions. STAY AWAY FROM THE PUBLIC ADJUSTERS! These guys don't give a damn about getting your...
  41. backlashjack

    Lake Mead Spearfishing

    Does anyone know if it is legal to take fish with a speargun at lake mead? I have had some friends do it and I was going to go out there in a couple of weeks and I wasn't sure if my fishing license alone was enough - or if it was completely forbidden.
  42. backlashjack

    Guadalupe YFT-yellers

    Anybody know how the bite is at the Lupe. Are the YFT moving in, good size? How about the yellows? I heard they were catching (and losing) some quality size fish there. I'm going out there Oct 5-10. Anyone hear if the MexNavy is still being PITA's?