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  1. mark johnsen

    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    What do the halibut look like on your depthfinder?
  2. mark johnsen

    Inshore Son gets PB Red

    Toad red! Congrats!
  3. mark johnsen

    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 3/27-28/21

    Sounds like a blast! Congrats!
  4. mark johnsen

    Bad day turned good!

    Well, I guess the eyes have it!...
  5. mark johnsen

    CIH Dabbin'

    Sweet rig! Don't think I've ever seen one like that before.
  6. mark johnsen

    CIH Dabbin'

    Nice report! You got a pic of the mosquito?
  7. mark johnsen

    It’s almost over

    Nice! Colorado river? I always thought it would be fun to try to figure out how to hunt it.
  8. mark johnsen

    Youth Hunt Opportunities?

    Its not too late to put in reservation applications for the youth waterfowl hunt Feb 6-7. Both wister and SJ put on a nice event for the kids. Not sure what impact covid will have on the festivities this year.
  9. mark johnsen

    Wister Questions/ Midseason Wrap-up

    For the arrowweed, If you are driving the 111 south of thermal, just past Grant st. turn left on Thobe, go over the tracks and turn right on Hammond. There should be a stand of arroweed on the right along the train tracks. It goes for quite a ways and is safer than being on the side of 111...
  10. mark johnsen

    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    So sorry to hear this...
  11. mark johnsen

    Nice mixed bag of ducks 11/15/2020

    Wow, that really is a MIXED bag! Congrats! And, yes, coot IS delicious...Especially the ones that you see grazing like at San Jacinto. Like grass-fed beef!
  12. mark johnsen

    Anyone looking for a club for 20/21 there is 2 openings at Bloodyducks

    Wow! Those are the best looking BWT I have seen! Studs indeed!
  13. mark johnsen

    Santa Rosa on the CORAL SEA

    Oh yah, I remember he was captain when the the Coral Sea first got up there...I rode with him once. He ran a tight ship and was perhaps a little more gruff than the others. But man, we stopped at the one mile reef to make macks and used them to absolutely slay the lings at the island that day...
  14. mark johnsen

    Santa Rosa on the CORAL SEA

    Great operation up there! You will be eating well for quite a while! True! I think you mean Sal though...
  15. mark johnsen

    Good day bad day 10/11/20

    I'm no dentist but...oh, wait a minute, yes, I am a dentist...That fracture looks bad. Extraction and an implant? Sorry man, that sucks bigtime.
  16. mark johnsen

    Spitfire MDR 10/6 B ees , B eees and Beee s

    Sounds like a great day! Thanks for the report,
  17. mark johnsen

    10/6 Yellas on the "PURSUIT " !

    Great day! Nice pics and write up. Thaks!
  18. mark johnsen

    Tuesday in the LBC

    Great job getting out there with your son! Looks like your lucky shirt worked like a charm!
  19. mark johnsen

    Offshore Local High Liners Slay Puss Bellies

    Clearly its the kids from the Tim Allen Home Improvement show!
  20. mark johnsen

    Last catch of the day PB

    Not B A A A A A A D D!
  21. mark johnsen

    Tragic call for help on the 312

    Wow...just tragic. Condolences to all involved. I listened to something similar at Havasu years ago. Houseboat full of spring breakers and someone fired up the motor not realizing someone was there. Sad stuff. Haunting indeed. Be careful out there...
  22. mark johnsen

    Long Beach and surrounding

    Lunch doesn't get any fresher than that! Awesome!
  23. mark johnsen

    Big Sand Bass at H. Flats 7/22

    Sounds like a great day! Congrats guys! I used my K-man specials to nab some sculpin on the victory today!
  24. mark johnsen

    Offshore Grace of God.....

    Amen Brother! Great story! Nothing better than getting to fish with our kids. Awesome fish. What a blessing indeed!
  25. mark johnsen

    Channel Gold

    Nice ! It ain't over til its over!
  26. mark johnsen

    Stardust awesomeness!

    We used a variety of hooks. mostly 1, 1/0 and 2/0. I do prefer the smaller hooks for the whitefish. Today they were mixed in with the rockfish and biting the bigger hooks ok.
  27. mark johnsen

    Stardust awesomeness!

    Thanks guys! Yes Swami! The Megamouth! (AKA the Stardust Burger when you are on the Coral Sea) The top and bottom buns are actually grilled cheese sandwiches, its topped off with a fried egg and everything in between is pure deliciousness! Friday was only the second time I took one down all on...
  28. mark johnsen

    Stardust awesomeness!

    Short report… Just another high-quality, high class trip with the guys up in Santa Barbara! Our group had limits all around on the rockfish and limits or close to limits on the white fish. As well as a few lings and a jackpot winning sheep head... My personal best! Seven of us spent an hour...
  29. mark johnsen

    Yuma 4-22-20

    Nice trip!
  30. mark johnsen

    First Two day trip Of the season

    Sounds awesome! Nice work! What was the cost of that trip?
  31. mark johnsen

    Davies & Sunset HH Launch Ramp.

    Thanks for the heads up! That sandie is a pig!
  32. mark johnsen

    Catalina Island 6/12 Fishing Report

    WTG Dan! His smile says it all!
  33. mark johnsen

    DP 4.30.20 - White Fish

    Awesome time for you and your son! Whitefish is great for fish tacos, especially if you like to deep fry your taco fish. Anyone who has eaten them will know there is a bone line right down the middle of the fillet. If you slice that out you are left with two narrow fillets per side which fit...
  34. mark johnsen

    Izors, 150

    Here’s one! Learning to do this on my phone!
  35. mark johnsen

    Izors, 150

    seas were good! looks good thru thursday
  36. mark johnsen

    Izors, 150

    Got out today! My daughter has been binging Wicked Tuna during the quarantine and couldn't take it anymore! She told me she NEEDED to get out. So, she, I and my son launched at Davies at daybreak. One boat launched ahead of us and a jet ski after. Not too busy, Got a great half scoop of 4 -5...
  37. mark johnsen

    Dana Point boat launch status email

    Thanks for the report! Sorry no fish,,,red tide sounds bad but my daughter is demanding to get out!
  38. mark johnsen

    Dana Point boat launch status email

    Yo Dog! Thanks for sharing! That info is gold!:appl:
  39. mark johnsen

    Social Distancing on the Water (video)

    Best fishing video I have seen in .long time! Love everything about it! 1. Background music is pleasant... Not disruptive, disgusting or distracting. 2. We can hear the vocal interactions of the fishermen...Dad and kids...pure...nothing better 3. Kids have the safety equipment on...including...
  40. mark johnsen

    Davies Launch open as of 3/31/20

    Thanks for the update! Super helpful!
  41. mark johnsen

    Cabrillo launch/ San Pedro bait open?

    Anything up to date here? Would love to get out on satuday but hate to make the drive and find the ramp closed...
  42. mark johnsen

    Funny Boat Names

    I think that is something else 'in cheek'!
  43. mark johnsen

    Goodbye LOLA

    So sorry...RIP Lola and peace to you, brother. I'm sure she's waiting at Rainbow bridge!
  44. mark johnsen

    Cabrillo launch/ San Pedro bait open?

    Thanks guys! Hope to get out there this week!
  45. mark johnsen

    Cabrillo launch/ San Pedro bait open?

    Good to know! Thanks! Bait barge anyone?
  46. mark johnsen

    Cabrillo launch/ San Pedro bait open?

    Anyone have info on this?
  47. mark johnsen

    Peak Season for Surf Species?

    Wow, lots of work there! Thanks
  48. mark johnsen

    2.18.2020 Catalina east end

    Excellent presentation all and food!
  49. mark johnsen

    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    Wonderful news! Great to see that beautiful smile! Thank you Jesus!
  50. mark johnsen

    Painting honkers

    Great work! Cool!
  51. mark johnsen

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    One of God's names in the Old Testament is Jehova Rapha...The God Who Heals. He is unchangeable, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He still heals! Lord, we ask for a supernatural healing touch for Sheryl. Complete recovery please! And that Cory would know your peace through this time. Amen
  52. mark johnsen

    In Honor of My Wife

    Very nice! You are a blessed man indeed.
  53. mark johnsen

    Wister Quagmire 12-4-19

    Wow guys! Sorry about the getting stuck. That totally stinks! I had to pause for a moment after each story to let my heart rate slow down again. I hate that stuff! Sounds like you both had great hunts though! At least you weren't skunked. The heavy straps ease the pain a little bit...a little...
  54. mark johnsen

    Broadbills Exist

  55. mark johnsen

    Imperial valley upland slam

    Nice work! Gotta love the IV!
  56. mark johnsen

    Good Time Thanks to a Friend

    Great day! Congrats! Looks like SJ...
  57. mark johnsen

    Shot it so I gotta eat it.....

    I'm a believer! In our circle we refer to them as D.C.'s (Delicious Coots) Treat them right and you'll be surprised. Shhh...just don't let the secret out.
  58. mark johnsen

    Yellowtails At The Horseshoe

    Good eats for sure! Nice!
  59. mark johnsen

    Beginners Luck 9-19-19

    Great! That last pic says it all!
  60. mark johnsen

    Offshore THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    Just Great! Thanks for sharing!
  61. mark johnsen

    Coral Sea 9/13 Fishing Report

    I have the Coral Sea chartered for the 5th! Always a great time up there! Top notch crew, great fishing and always a class act!
  62. mark johnsen

    Coastal bass, sharks, sand dabs

    Perseverance pays off! Love the pic with the dab...facial expression says it all LOL!
  63. mark johnsen

    Late report 7/26 - 7/28.

    Nice report! Good times with the family! That's a colorful arsenal you have there.
  64. mark johnsen

    Fathers Day Rock Cod

    Good karma right there!
  65. mark johnsen

    Late run outta Dana

    That's a GREAT father's day!
  66. mark johnsen

    6/15/2019 CISCOS TR

    Great job getting those boys a taste of fishing! Glad you had a great day!
  67. mark johnsen

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Wow, what an adventure! Stoked to hear that all went well and you are getting stronger by the day. God is good! Excellent report as always. Thanks for taking us along on the journey. God bless! Mark
  68. mark johnsen

    May 20th San Clemente Island Report

    Way to get out there and get some despite the weather! When will the trip be aired?
  69. mark johnsen

    Cory update Thursday

    Praying for a smooth procedure, complete healing and speedy recovery!Let's get you back out there on the water! God bless!
  70. mark johnsen

    Whistler Reds

  71. mark johnsen

    The Old (RIP) Topless Ducky

    Totally epic! You guys are awesome and inspiring!Love your reports, Here's to many, many more!:cheers:
  72. mark johnsen

    The Old (RIP) Topless Ducky

    Wow! Looking forward to seeing the new rig! How many fish would you guess came over the side of the 'old" Ducky?
  73. mark johnsen

    3-26-19 A.M. half day

    Sounds like a nice morning!
  74. mark johnsen

    3/21/19 - 3 hours and 60 ft of vacuum seal

    Thanks for the report, sounds awesome! Just added it to my bucket list!
  75. mark johnsen

    So Sculpin are Open now?

    Cool! Thanks for the heads up. That's the first I'd heard of that.
  76. mark johnsen

    If bored...late summer shallow rockfishing vid

    That was just what I needed today! Thanks.
  77. mark johnsen

    Daiwa rod and reel

    You might have better luck posting this in the fishing classifieds... :-)
  78. mark johnsen

    DP harbor hali

    Nice! Looks like fun!
  79. mark johnsen

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    The day of fishing we all dream about! And the fall we all have nightmares about... Thanks for the repot Cory and get well soon!
  80. mark johnsen

    Pretty remarkable week of wintertime fishing / Yellows and Bluefin

    Super impressive! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge!
  81. mark johnsen

    Rpt.-12-09-18 2 Day Castro Camp Adventure

    Cool. Sounds easy enough! Thanks
  82. mark johnsen

    Rpt.-12-09-18 2 Day Castro Camp Adventure

    Hey Cory! Sounds like a fun trip! Thanks for the great report. Recipe sounds great. How do you 'Prepare the curry'?
  83. mark johnsen

    Fun in the fog aboard the Fury

    Great trip! Congrats!
  84. mark johnsen

    The San Diego 11/5 Nados

    Great timely report! Glad you gottem!
  85. mark johnsen

    11/2 Redondo - Bonito Boils

    Great report! Sounds like a great morning! Nice pics and vids. Thanks
  86. mark johnsen

    2018 MT archery season!

    Awesome! You must have a big freezer! WTG!
  87. mark johnsen

    Pt Loma bones! 10/17

    Awesome! Sounds ideal! Nice quality.
  88. mark johnsen

    Lake Silverwood: great weather and a couple of dinks

    We hit it today. It was the first day they moved opening time to 7:00 am. I was the only one in line who needed an inspection but that was all good. Had some boat trouble at the dock but were fishing by 8:00. Spent the first 2&1/2 hours trolling. Had a Bass Harrasser 6" Medium fall rainbow...
  89. mark johnsen

    3/4 day on the Victory 9/26

    Sounds like a nice day! Thanks for the report.
  90. mark johnsen

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    Just fantastic! needs to be published somewhere! Thanks for taking the time to write it! God bless and 'Psuh'! :cheers:
  91. mark johnsen

    Funny Boat Names

    Saw a little aluminum boat once named 'Hoof Hearted" owners perhaps?
  92. mark johnsen

    Morro Bay with my son finally.

    :-):-)AWESOME! Takes me back about 45 years.Way to go dad!
  93. mark johnsen

    Catalina Frontside Report 8/8/18

    :appl:"Pretty nice" indeed!
  94. mark johnsen

    Lost gear at marina Del Ray boat launch

    Good Luck! Praying for the best!
  95. mark johnsen

    2Aug live report out of MB

    Congrats on the fat flattie!
  96. mark johnsen

    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    Very helpful report. Thanks!
  97. mark johnsen

    Backside of Catalina

    Nice report! Thanks!
  98. mark johnsen

    Speckled brown tuna

    DUUUDE!!! Nice!
  99. mark johnsen

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

  100. mark johnsen

    Made Lemonade..

    Smile says it all! Nice!
  101. mark johnsen

    Dana 6-22-18

    Good times! Nice job out there guys! Thanks for the report.
  102. mark johnsen

    The story of the ghost

    Reel Nice! Congrats!
  103. mark johnsen

    Had a good trip yesterday

    Beautiful fish! Nice work!
  104. mark johnsen

    Coronado's 6/13, San Diego

    Great day! Thanks for the report.
  105. mark johnsen

    Catalina on the Patriot 6/13/18

    Thanks. I'm looking for my first one too!
  106. mark johnsen

    Catalina on the Patriot 6/13/18

    Nice catch! Anyone getting them on the iron?
  107. mark johnsen

    Jumbo Croaker Meets Wham 6/13

    WOW! Great day! Congrats
  108. mark johnsen

    Blind luck seabass

    Sweet! Congrats!
  109. mark johnsen

    Channel Islands 6/5

    Nice butts! Bitchen looking knives!
  110. mark johnsen

    6-3-18 Long Beach Harbor

    love the live report! thanks guys!
  111. mark johnsen

    Going Hard 5/23

    Nice! great day!
  112. mark johnsen

    Great day on the Victory!

    Love it! Made lots of great memories on that boat with my kids!
  113. mark johnsen

    150 to Izors

    Gre- A-A-A-A-A-t! job on the goats!
  114. mark johnsen

    Slow day on the water - Mussel farm/150 area 5/5

    Thanks for the timely intel! Heading out there in a few hours...or maybe not...
  115. mark johnsen

    Cinco De Nada in the LBC

    Thank you for the report!
  116. mark johnsen

    Surface fishing recon 5/3

    Thanks for the info Bob! Hope to head out that way tomorrow.
  117. mark johnsen

    Sportking - (4/28) Catalina

    Nice report! Thanks
  118. mark johnsen

    This could be a line class record

    Excellent report! Lol all the way through! Great tip on the PB&Js with the peanut butter on both sides...ya learn something new every day! ;-)
  119. mark johnsen

    Finally decent conditions in VTA/SB

    Good job! Thanks for the report.
  120. mark johnsen

    Tuesday morning 1/2 day

    Not Ba a a a a a a d!
  121. mark johnsen

    BINGO BANGO! 4-7

    Boom! Sounds awesome! How's your thumb?
  122. mark johnsen

    3/24 Fisherman lll After the Rain

    Great write up! Thanks for taking me fishing!
  123. mark johnsen

    Rockfishing opening weekend

    Measuring for "research"..... not regulations.....?
  124. mark johnsen

    Wister Final Call January 27-28

    Nice report! Thanks! We ended Saturday with 2 greenwings and a spoon dog for 3 of us. Hope next year is better. Time to fish!
  125. mark johnsen

    SD Bay Harbor Spotties

    Nice work! Thanks for the report.
  126. mark johnsen

    South Nine Mile Bank 1/30

    Beefy reds! The ladies are going to eat well!
  127. mark johnsen

    Sanddabs Off PT Jan 23rd

    Nice report! Thanks. Delicious....
  128. mark johnsen

    La Jolla Beach

    A Carolina rigged Berkley 2" sandworm in camo color is a good bet for the perch and croaker. A Lucky Craft flash minnow is a great stickbait to throw in the surf and will give you a shot at the halibut as well as other species. Good luck! Let us know how you do.
  129. mark johnsen

    San Jacinto 1-17-18

    SJ coots are free range, grass fed and antibiotic free! The tastiest in the state IMHO. On a trip to the Owens valley this year, my son and I sautéed some mallard and coot chunks with Garlic, onion and teriyaki. The mallard tasted The coot tasted like beef! DCs (Delicious...
  130. mark johnsen


    Excellent all around! Thanks for the report and info!
  131. mark johnsen

    Rpt.-12-19-17 SCI Lings, Reds, Coppers w/Pic's.

    Another great trip and report Corey! Thanks for taking us along!
  132. mark johnsen

    Maiden at PV, Shoe 12-12

    Congrats on the new ride! Looks awesome! Nice goat too....
  133. mark johnsen

    The "San Diego" 11/20

    Well done! Thanks for the report!
  134. mark johnsen

    First day out on my Cabo 216 -Halibut La Jolla Kelp

    Livin' the dream! Congrats all around!
  135. mark johnsen

    7 Days on the Rooster

    Nice write up...I enjoyed your trip!
  136. mark johnsen

    Offshore 3 Grand days on the Grande 9/15-9/17

    I went on my first trip longer than an overnighter, a 3 day charter on the Grande out of Point Loma Sportfishing. My hopes were high for getting my first tuna. I was not let down! Captain Jimmy got us on the fish and the crew was great. Deckhands were skillful with the gaff and helpful with...
  137. mark johnsen

    Offshore RP at the 43

    Great fish! Great pic! Congrats on the PB...
  138. mark johnsen

    Time for something different

    Sweet! Nice fish! Congrats
  139. mark johnsen

    La Jolla-Del Mar 8/30

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like a great day!
  140. mark johnsen

    Point Loma Kelp 8-22-17

    Great variety! Nothing better than time on the water with your kids! Way to go.
  141. mark johnsen

    8-23-17 coronado's limits yt & 1 BFT

    Congrats on a great day!
  142. mark johnsen

    8/20 Catalina Island Report and Slug Yellows

    Memorable day indeed! Congrats to both of you!
  143. mark johnsen

    Catalina report 8/16 – The old man evens the score against the odds! 30+ pound yellow!

    Congrats to both of you on your fish! Nothing better than that father/son time. Good luck to your son with the engineering. Great field to go into...challenging and rewarding! You must be a proud papa.
  144. mark johnsen

    3/4 Day Family Trip

  145. mark johnsen

    On the hunt

    Sounds awesome! Congrats on a great outing!
  146. mark johnsen

    Mahilini - 3/4 day - July 25

    Great report! Way to get some newbs out there on some fish! Sounds like a fun day.
  147. mark johnsen


    Wow! Just WOW!
  148. mark johnsen

    july 8th Saturday izor/flats/horseshoe

    Nice report! fun day! Thanks
  149. mark johnsen

    La Jolla Father's Day - 06/18

    Very nice write up! sounds like a good time on the water. Cool of Tom and TJ to include you!
  150. mark johnsen

    Horseshoe 6-10

    Sounds like a good day! Thanks for the report.
  151. mark johnsen

    Three very different days at PV calico report

    Congrats on the fish and getting out there! The underwater pics are incredible!
  152. mark johnsen

    Late post - 5/19 abord the El Dorado

    Nice report! sounds like a great time. Congrats!
  153. mark johnsen

    Wsb and lots of them

    Awesome fish! Congrats!
  154. mark johnsen

    Long Beach Report

    Looks like great day! How deep were you fishing?
  155. mark johnsen

    So. Santa Monica Bay Report, Sun 4/23

    Not for lack of trying! Great effort out least you have the Nat Geo memories!
  156. mark johnsen

    Rough Day for These Guys (Alamitos Bay 4/8)

    Glad u got out there and even got bit! Looks like their rough day was rougher than ours....
  157. mark johnsen

    Rough day...Long beach

    :-):-) It was a male rock wrasse! Cool looking...he's still out there, maybe you'll catch him one day...
  158. mark johnsen

    Rough day...Long beach

    LOL! Must be nice!
  159. mark johnsen

    Rough day...Long beach

    Don and Pete were due to arrive at my house in Redlands at 4 AM this morning. Don pulls his boat all the way from Yucca Valley. They didn't arrive until after 4:30 as he had a flat on the truck in the dark of the desert. We had to stop and add some air to the spare before we got back on the...
  160. mark johnsen

    Channel Islands Half Day - Speed Twin - April 7, 2017

    :-)Nice report! Way to get 'em! Sometimes the characters make the day...;-)
  161. mark johnsen

    Izors report 4/7

    Saw ya out there with the little guy. Way to go!
  162. mark johnsen

    Long Beach Reds

    Wow! Nice Fish!
  163. mark johnsen

    Bendo on Homeguard Yellows

    Awesome guys! congrats!
  164. mark johnsen

    #wsfg epic st.niCk trip 2017

    Wow! looks like an awesome trip! Congrats!
  165. mark johnsen

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    Bitchen! Really helps me to visualize what's going on down there when I drop down!
  166. mark johnsen

    3/12 horseshoe reds

    Good times! Great Eats! On squid?
  167. mark johnsen

    Newport Beach local fishing 3/9

    Great eats! Glad you guys passed the inspection! I am a guy who does everything he can to follow all the rules. No exceptions! Its what I teach my friends and my kids and their friends! Still, every time the warden is walking down the levee at Wister or waiting at the dock my heart speeds up a...
  168. mark johnsen

    Derricks, Izors, etc.

    Thanks for the report! Hoping to head out that way next Monday....
  169. mark johnsen

    not-so-quick lobster trip 2/19 (more of a story than a report)

    Dude........Glad you got home safe. Sorry about that.
  170. mark johnsen

    Big tide, slow breakwall

    Good effort, nice report. Gettum next time!
  171. mark johnsen

    Dana point hansolo Halibut... yup they're there

    Congrats on the hali! Most entertaining write up I've read in quite a while! Keep 'em coming!
  172. mark johnsen

    Long Beach local report Saturday 2/4/17

    Thanks for the report. Glad you got your pics...the partial underwater shot is bitchen! Nice toad too!
  173. mark johnsen

    Izors Monday

    Sounds like a great day! Itching to get out now that hunting season is over....Thanks for the report!
  174. mark johnsen

    SMB and LBC Bass Etc.

    Great day for sure!
  175. mark johnsen

    Black Friday - it was a great deal. Local LB report.

    Great times! Congrats on the catch and time together on the water!
  176. mark johnsen

    Valley report 11/14

    Yeah thanks! Hoping with the weather up there and the full moon, maybe get some fresh ones
  177. mark johnsen

    Valley report 11/14

    Thanks for the report! Hoping to take my boy down there for a similar trip sunday-Monday.
  178. mark johnsen

    11/11 long beach

  179. mark johnsen

    Long Beach Breawall.....darn fog....

    OK! Here is the big question....Blue perch or Poo Perch? Ate them tonight..... I consider myself a pretty good cook...My wife and kids will attest to that! My hunting buddies also, as I am the camp cook. I can actually make spoony edible...(jerky)...So, tonight, got out the heavy duty aluminum...
  180. mark johnsen

    Long Beach Breawall.....darn fog....

    14-15 inchers. The released were between 5-13&7/8 inches
  181. mark johnsen

    Long Beach Breawall.....darn fog....

    Not sure about the steering wheel. Captain Don, (the beard) refurbished this thing from an aluminum shell. He is pretty amazing ! Licensed contractor, electrician, plumber, name it! He's the guy you want on your boat if something goes sideways! I'll ask him about the wheel.
  182. mark johnsen

    Long Beach Breawall.....darn fog....

    Yes, I'll let ya know....
  183. mark johnsen

    Long Beach Breawall.....darn fog....

    Been a while...Got to Davies around 5:30....In and out of fog on the 22...Met a couple of guys waiting it out at the ramp. Bill&Ray on the Hard 8 hope you Gottem! We had some electrical problems but still headed for the bait barge at 6:45... Fog left us with about 50 yard visibility so we...
  184. mark johnsen

    Hoop netting Long Beach harbor 11-4-16

    Congrats on the Bug, crabs and Bass! Glad you made it in ok! Great adventure.
  185. mark johnsen

    She smells a little fishy.

    Tremendous! Just tremendous!
  186. mark johnsen

    Great day at the islands, on a new sled! Pic heavy

    That doesn't suck at all! Man what an awesome sounding trip! Congrats guys...
  187. mark johnsen

    10.8.16 lings, reds & sheeps

    Wow! What a great day! Fat reds! Yum!
  188. mark johnsen

    Catalina holding...

    awesome! Congrats1
  189. mark johnsen

    San Diego 9/10/16

    Great video! Thanks for showing us how its done. Bitchen!:appl::cheers:
  190. mark johnsen

    Tastes like Bluefin - only different:

    Great way to end summer vacation! Good job boys!
  191. mark johnsen

    First Time FisherChicks

    Outstanding! :appl:
  192. mark johnsen

    Pursuit at Catalina (8-10)

    nice work! Great day! Way to share the wealth!
  193. mark johnsen

    The last LA report 8 August 2016

    Real nice! Time to get SD dialed in! Good luck down there.
  194. mark johnsen

    Took the Kids Halibut Fishing 8/6/16 (Picture Heavy)

    Good times Three generations! Can't beat that :-) !
  195. mark johnsen

    Yellowtail, calicos and a lady

    Way to go Bro! God bless you!
  196. mark johnsen

    7/24 On the San Diego

    wow! Great day congrats!
  197. mark johnsen

    Rocky Point 7/23

    Nice! Sounds like a the kind of day we al dream of!
  198. mark johnsen

    7/21 Catalina, late report

    Good times! Yah, lets see the kayaker. Sweet yellow in the pic! Congrats!
  199. mark johnsen

    Electra PM half day 7/23

  200. mark johnsen

    Crystal Pier Kid's Fishing Derby 2016

    Wow! That is so awesome! Way to get the young'uns involved! In this crazy state we need more events like this keep fishing alive! Good job all! God bless!
  201. mark johnsen

    Did not get skunked on BFT!

    Awesome! Wow ! Linz rocks! Took my daughter out at that age... here she is at 22 Last weekend out of santa Barbra on the coral sea
  202. mark johnsen

    Farnsworth Bank 07/20

    Congrats on your catch! Thanks fro the report!
  203. mark johnsen

    Cuda on the Shoe 7-21-16

    Outstanding!!! Way to go Nick! Keep it cool, cut out the red meat and barry great eats!!!
  204. mark johnsen

    Brute Bluefin Tuna, 7/16/16

    Awesome! great report. Way to represent us 50ish guys!
  205. mark johnsen

    Catalina yellowtail report 7-6 to 7-8

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  206. mark johnsen

    WFO bass on top of kelp beds.

    Awesome! Sounds like a blast, thanks for the report
  207. mark johnsen

    CAT REPORT 6-25-16

    Great trip! Congrats on the biscuit!
  208. mark johnsen

    Wasted money.....

    Possibly my favorite BD reply ever!!!! Nice! Nachoooooo!!
  209. mark johnsen

    Catalina Report 6/4 - WSB and Mixed Bag

    Noice!!! Great report, Thanks and Congrats!
  210. mark johnsen

    6/3 Catalina Weat Cove Yellowtail bite

    Great day indeed! Those are some beasts...congrats!
  211. mark johnsen

    Saturday 6/4

    Heck Ya! great day with pops and good eats too! WTG
  212. mark johnsen

    Inshore fishing Long Beach

    Welcome! Congrats on the JP ling! Thanks for the report.
  213. mark johnsen

    SD Bay Halibut

    Congrats! What a great day! Enjoy them eats.
  214. mark johnsen

    Dana Point 5-27 Report

    Sounds like a great day. That bass is a toad...thanks for the report:appl:
  215. mark johnsen

    Dana Point 5-27 Report

    Sounds like a great day. That bass is a toad...thanks for the report:appl:
  216. mark johnsen

    Oh Oh, my 9000th Post?

    I always look forward to your posts Cory. They are inspiring and you are always a class act! Keep 'em coming! :cheers::appl:
  217. mark johnsen

    Catalina 5/10 on the freelance

    thanks for the report!
  218. mark johnsen


    You and your son slayed 'em! Love it, way to go! Those memories will last a lifetime.
  219. mark johnsen

    1/2 Day Halibut on the DD

    Now that's the way to start a trip! Now your newbie friends know they are being trained by a true master :worship: Nice work and way to recruit more guys to our sport!
  220. mark johnsen

    Coronados Yellows

    Nice fish! Ling and yellows...two of my favorite eats!
  221. mark johnsen

    LA report horse shoe to the 105 19april2016

    Sounds like a good day! Glad you didn't have to swim. I need some of that therapy....
  222. mark johnsen

    Rockfish and Lings at San Miguel

    Sounds like an awesome trip! Thanks for the report. Way to get the kids in on the action.
  223. mark johnsen

    4/13 Oceanside tuna looking

    Thanks for the report!
  224. mark johnsen

    4/7 Izors and the Pipe

    Way to get some! Thanks for the report.
  225. mark johnsen

    Fished LaJolla Today for Only One Bite

    That's funny slider!!! Beautiful WSB Bill!
  226. mark johnsen

    They're Baaack. Alamitos Bay Weigh in.

    Pleeeese! I'm not asking for Your honey holes or GPS #s, but dang, could you point me in the right direction? I want me one of those! What color Power Bait were you using?
  227. mark johnsen

    First post/kayak

    SweeeeT! Congrats! Nice first post.
  228. mark johnsen

    San Clemente Yellowtail on Oceanside 95 3/26/2016

    Great report! Thanks for sharing. Those jigs are cool looking...and obviously they work!
  229. mark johnsen

    Coral Sea 3/4 day 3/26

    What a great day! Congrats to the boy. I got my first legal ling up there on the Stardust at the ripe old age of 49!...My avatar pic! I also had a great experience on the Coral Sea. Surely the first of many for you two, what a blessing!
  230. mark johnsen

    Pre Easter Yellows

    Oh yah baby!!! Fatties! Congrats!
  231. mark johnsen

    Sport King 3/25

    Thanks for the report! Congrats on the JP!
  232. mark johnsen

    La Jolla 3/23/16 it's here

    Whoop whoop! Nicely done!
  233. mark johnsen

    VIDEO - Moonage Daydream

    Fun video! I enjoyed it! Thanks.
  234. mark johnsen


    Blue and delicious!!! My wife's favorite fish to eat! Great Job!
  235. mark johnsen

    Dana Point sheephead 3/20

    Great day for you and your boy! Those goats are huge!!! Congrats!:cheers:
  236. mark johnsen

    3/20 La Jolla

    Great day! thanks for the report. How big were the Macs you were using?
  237. mark johnsen

    Old Glory Overnight 03/18- 03/19

    Thanks for the report/info. Better trips ahead!
  238. mark johnsen

    LB Rockfish trip 16MAR16

    Wow! That is some efficient fishing! WTG! Nice haul!
  239. mark johnsen

    Sun 3/13 - Long Beach

    Noice!!! Congrats on the new sleigh! first of many! Get Em!
  240. mark johnsen

    whistler buoy (eventually) san diego 3-10-16

    What a great way to spend a birthday! Congrats and way to beat the trailer problem!
  241. mark johnsen

    San Diego Bay/Point Loma Kelp march 4-5

    So a couple of months ago I made reservations at Carpinteria State beach campground for opening weekend of rockfish season...this would be a new thing...a 'tradition in the making'... camp and fish! Should be great right? Storm coming... cancel Santa Barbara/Carpinteria (Bye Bye reservation fees...
  242. mark johnsen

    42 Big Bugs with Best Buds

    Nice! What time is dinner?
  243. mark johnsen

    Izor's / Breakwall

    Thanks Kman! I will double check the settings.
  244. mark johnsen

    Izor's / Breakwall

    Thanks Dan! That helps! Thanks Cheech, I'll check out the book!
  245. mark johnsen

    Izor's / Breakwall

    Don took me and our youth pastor out of Long Beach today! Launched from Davies a little after 6,( would have been sooner if I didn't flood the engine trying to start Don's boat...didn't know the choke sticks if you use it...) 1/2 scoop of 'chovies from Nacho. Headed to Izor's and had some...
  246. mark johnsen

    Coral sea, Santa Barbara

    Thanks for the report! Have fished the Stardust a number of times and it has always been top notch! Will be fishing the Coral Sea for the first time on DEC 21. Taking my nephew and daughter out. Long drive from Redlands but worth it IMHO! Started fishing the Stardust while my older daughter was...
  247. mark johnsen

    Wister 11-18

    Sounds like a great Wednesday morning! Congrats!
  248. mark johnsen


    Sweet! Congrats on a great hunt with Pops! Nice pics too....
  249. mark johnsen

    San Jacinto 11/4

    Great Morning
  250. mark johnsen

    11/7 Islands and Rockpile Report

    Nice day with the boy! Congrats!
  251. mark johnsen

    Workin' on the Future...

    WTG!!!! There could be no more of a successful day!!!!!:appl:
  252. mark johnsen

    YT on the bottom

    Cool Footage!!! Fascinating....
  253. mark johnsen

    was wister that bad?

    Our group of 5 limited by 9am...could have finished really quick on teal but held out and managed to add a greenhead, 2 pins, 4 wigeon, 2 gads and a couple of ringnecks...As usual, Sunday was a different story...slower, though we did manage half-limits of teal before calling it a day at 10
  254. mark johnsen

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    Sorry man! Totally sucks. Hope they get 'em!
  255. mark johnsen

    24th is up

    Buddy pulled 90 for wister :appl:
  256. mark johnsen

    YOYO YT Action ... Sunday Report

    SOOO Cool!!!! Congrats!
  257. mark johnsen

    Izor's Reef 10/15/15

    Great father/son time! Love it! Any sign of yellows?
  258. mark johnsen

    Catalina 10/11/15 mixed bag

    Bitchen! Congrats! What a great day! Good eats too! Enjoyyyyyyyy! Hope to get out tomorrow....Happy if my cooler looks like that :-):drool:
  259. mark johnsen

    Guess WHOO just scored #2!!!

    Nice! Unbelievable! Congrats!
  260. mark johnsen

    Possible Marlin Sighting on Shoe

    Makes ya wonder.... Thanks for sharing!
  261. mark johnsen

    LB Tuesday

    Great Job! Thanks for the report and congrats on the good eats!
  262. mark johnsen

    9/7 pt. loma. drop off. bonito

    Sounds like Fun! Great day! I tried this one and it was great!
  263. mark johnsen

    Yellowtail Fishing Report For Long Beach

    Great Job Dan! Also a fan here!
  264. mark johnsen

    Offshore August 10 and 12 Dana point

    Congrats! Great trips! You are blessed! Where's a pic of the 'old man' who made it all possible? Glad he got his dodo!
  265. mark johnsen

    Horseshoe 8-09

    YES!!! Way to go ! Congrats to your son!
  266. mark johnsen

    Offshore Local dorado

    Congrats! Super nice Mahis!!!!
  267. mark johnsen

    Offshore 8/2 Spooled on the 267

    Headed out tomorrow. Hoping for my first tuna! Been fishing the pacific since 1975...second time targeting tuna. Thanks for the advice onoeric! Will take it to heart. Thank you too Gunny... If you are at the launch tomorrow @ Dana @ sunrise and see three guys in an aluminum with an older gent...