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  1. WhyMe

    2011 Nissan Altima 2.5SL

    No. Doesn’t need it.
  2. WhyMe

    2011 Nissan Altima 2.5SL

    Yep. Came from Cali.
  3. WhyMe

    2011 Nissan Altima 2.5SL

    My brother is selling his car. He's being stationed in Alaska and needs to upgrade to a different vehicle. I was the previous owner of this vehicle. It is in good condition. It has 143k, clean interior, ac stereo leather with heated seats. Its been a great car to the family. Selling for...
  4. WhyMe

    CanAm 2019 Defender XT HD8

    In near new condition. Bought this thing new last year. Has about 125 miles on it. Extremely lightly used. Comes with a double gun bag and winch. Garage kept. Not forced to sell it. Title in hand. Registered on/off highway in Arizona. Located in Havasu. I can deliver to Inland Empire...
  5. WhyMe

    Adventure Rack without Tent

    Selling my aluminum adventure Rack. Built for a Ram 1500 6’ Bed. Comes with the black Lockable storage boxes. Powder coated black. $600 no accessories Tent is not for sale. With accessories $1200 2- 3gal rotopax gasoline with locks 2-2gal rotopax water with locks 48” hijack jack with locking...
  6. WhyMe

    12’ Gregor with new Merc $5k

    Let’s see your $800tin can. Does yours have an EFI tiller with electric and manual start? Lol 👍🏻
  7. WhyMe

    12’ Gregor with new Merc $5k

    It’s priced at $4995
  8. WhyMe

    12’ Gregor with new Merc $5k

    Not mine. Saw it in town here in havasu at “Just4Fun powersports” (928) 733-6016 I wish I had the money. This boat is rigged and pretty sweet.
  9. WhyMe

    2 Interstate DeepCycle 12v

    Upgrading to lithium batteries in my bass boat. I have two Interstate SRM27 12v deep cycle batteries that are 1yr old. Always charged and maintained. Currently running them in my boat. They are in great condition. If interested Let me know. I’ll be in SoCal Thursday evening for a few days...
  10. WhyMe

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    We got some nice flathead in the Bill Williams area.
  11. WhyMe

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    I got money for bait, gas and I even know how to scrub a boat.
  12. WhyMe

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    sand beach across from marina next to the channel opening
  13. WhyMe

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    gold plated SMALL sucker mouthed bass............ get your shit right! fake news!!
  14. WhyMe

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    thanks for blurring out the location. don't give away the secrets.
  15. WhyMe

    Slaying the LMB at Frank G.Bonelli Park (Puddingstone)

    I haven't posted on here in a long time since I moved to Lake Havasu to pursue my dream of becoming a professional bass fisherman. Two weeks ago I headed back to cali to visit my parents and brought the G3 with me. Met up with a buddy of mine and headed down to puddingstone. I have never...
  16. WhyMe

    California Police/Sheriff Department Entrance Exam Books

    If you need a book to pass the LA county written exam..... you prob shouldn’t apply in the first case. Lmao!!!! Dumbest written I’ve ever seen. Hope those books helped you get hired on somewhere. 👍🏻
  17. WhyMe

    Lincoln SP 175-T Mig Welder

    Sorry. Haven’t been on here in forever. No it sold.
  18. WhyMe

    Set of 5 tires 205/75R15

    I do. Hit me up over a text or call. I’m in chino. I leave to go home in Arizona on Monday. (909) 996-7974 Jason
  19. WhyMe

    Smoker barrel with end caps

    I have an extra smoker barrel with loose end caps if anyone is interested. These run about $375 with end caps before the steel price increase If your a welder this is a good start for a smoker build. Barrel measures 42”x 27.5IDx 3/16 End caps are not welded on. Selling it for $200 Pics...
  20. WhyMe

    College Students looking for Car

    About to post my sisters car. I’ll have pics soon. She had a baby and getting an SUV. 2008 Toyota corolla 160000miles $4900
  21. WhyMe

    Set of 5 tires 205/75R15

    Set of 5 tires with 40 miles on them. Came off my enclosed trailer that I just purchased. I wanted different tires. These tires are in new condition. Absolutely nothing wrong with them. $240 form for all 5. No less Load Range: C (6-ply) Max. Capacity: 1820 lbs. each (825 kg) Overall...
  22. WhyMe

    Icom VHF M402

    *****Sold*****$80 no less located In chino. Local pickup or you pay shipping. Has mic clip and mounting bracket. Text or call for faster response. Jason (909) 996-7974
  23. WhyMe

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    I caught a silver back 2002. Wish I took a picture. They actually allowed me to use it in a weekly rainbow tournement. I still have the trophy. Lol
  24. WhyMe

    Pismo Beach Surf Fishing Report

    Yes definitely lucky craft. You'll catch more perch than striper though. They are not usually that easy to find.
  25. WhyMe

    Pismo Beach Surf Fishing Report

    I'm loving this tent. Didnt know they had a fest too Might have to check it out.
  26. WhyMe

    Pismo Beach Surf Fishing Report

    I catch them here and there almost every year. You just need to be on time with the spring and fall migration when they come south from the bay. I spoke to a dude out there that mentioned some stripers off of Guadalupe beach recently
  27. WhyMe

    Waterfront FL home, boat lift, private beach access, 60 mile run to Bahamas under 500K!

    I don't know you........ And I already don't like you LMAO!! Damn I just sold my house in California and I'm looking to get out of here. Florida is just a little too far. But damn these pictures and that price is freaking tempting!!!!!
  28. WhyMe

    Pismo Beach Surf Fishing Report

    That sounds interesting. If I can remember, it would be worth the shot to try something new. I did notice that the asians up there were using shrimp and cut mackerel marinated in some kind of red oil.
  29. WhyMe

    Lincoln SP 175-T Mig Welder

    Posting for a friend of mine. He's moving. Lincoln Mig Welder 230amp with cart and 75/25 tank. I believe its 150 CuFt Approx 40" tall. Welder works great. In great condition and hardly ever used. Gas lines, lead, regulator, clamp and power cable all in great condition. It has collected more...
  30. WhyMe

    Bait caster- spectra or mono or?

    Straight Braid with all hardbaits. Wind it on tight!!!!
  31. WhyMe

    Pismo Beach Surf Fishing Report

    I raise my own beef so, growing up we were tsught Salt and pepper (Lawrys) on that ribeye only lol
  32. WhyMe

    Pismo Beach Surf Fishing Report

    Headed out to Oceano Dunes SRVA on Saturday night with my adventure rack setup that I built for my Ram 1500. Got there a little early and decided to take a nap in the truck. *am rolls around, I check in and deflate my tires. Made entry onto the sand and crossed my fingers for an easy river...
  33. WhyMe

    2016 Lund rebel xs 1750

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe there is a sponsored calico team that uses the 20' predator series for competition. I heard they hold up well by the dealership in Hemet. not sure how i personally feel about that for the interior.
  34. WhyMe

    Pismo Info

    Whats up guys! I usually fish Pismo ad Guadalupe State beach in the summer months and fall. Camping on the beach and walking 100ft to fish everyday is fantastic. The quality is usually great as well. definitely better than local SoCal beaches for BSP and the occasional striper. I plan on...
  35. WhyMe

    LC Flash Minnow and Braid in the surf

    Lucky Craft lures
  36. WhyMe

    BSP on the fly

    So much fun on the 5wt. Can you provide a pic of the fly?
  37. WhyMe

    Limantour beach?

    I've never heard of it. Please post a report if you end up going. Muchos garcias
  38. WhyMe

    LC Flash Minnow and Braid in the surf

    suffix 832 20lb green with a 36" 12-15 lb mono Suffix or Soft Steel
  39. WhyMe

    Lucky Craft Combo

    Live Bait rig/ Sandworm rig Abu Garcia - Revo S W/6lb Izor XXX Bass Pro Shops "Johnny Morris" CarbonLite 8'6" Steelhaed rod 2pc (Discontinued but now they make the Carbonlite 2.0. Im not a fan of it) Stick Bait Rig Abu Garcia - Revo S - 20lb Suffix 832 w/ 12lb Suffix Mono leader 8' St...
  40. WhyMe

    What knot do you use for spectra to terminal tackle

    Braid to terminal tackle, I use a San Diego. But i wrap 4 down and 2 up. Braid to mono, you do what everyone here says to do....... RP with a half hitch albright looped and gagged over a reverse improved cinch spider hitch and bow tie. Then take scissors, and scratch the tag end to make it...
  41. WhyMe

    2008 Parker 2120 SC 50K W/ Trailer

    Good luck and stay safe in Korea. My brother is there in. He left last week.
  42. WhyMe

    Surfperch Pics

    I love red and orange clousers.
  43. WhyMe

    Trolling at Catalina

    fishing sucks. save you're money. lol I like yo-zuri 3D Magnums and DD Magnums depending on depth. Blue Mac and Dorado colors
  44. WhyMe

    Offshore “The Year of the Cow”

    baby killer! hahaha
  45. WhyMe

    Mako CC W/ Verado 150

    price decreased. to $17,500
  46. WhyMe

    Mako CC W/ Verado 150

    Well........ my bad back is forcing me to buy a larger boat!!! 2008 Mako 192 Center Console 2006 Mercury Verado 150hp (original motor to boat sold in 2008) Engine Hrs - 1179 86 Gal fuel tank Fuel Burn - Two fat guys, 65gal bait tank, gear, and beer. 3.25mpg @ 23kts...
  47. WhyMe

    Kids and Cuda

    Absolutely. As long as you bleed and ice them, they taste great. I have a bbq and fry recipe that tastes great.
  48. WhyMe

    Kids and Cuda

    Since my brother has been in the army, my uncle duties have been increased and its been fun so far. I took my 7 year old niece Kaylee out today on my CC. Launched out of Alamitos at 0630hrs. Had a short wait at the bait dock and took a scoop of nice sized dines. I asked her to pick between...
  49. WhyMe

    Caught some fish, a bird.

    Hit Cat yesterday morning. Why did I buy squid and not fin bait..... IDK. What a moron!! Anyways. Hit the east end for a decent Calico bite while crossing the fingers for a ghost or flattie. Made the trek around the front. Ended the day at the Humps for some great quality Reds, Chucks, and...
  50. WhyMe

    Oceanside harbor And lack of fish

    sell your boat. way cheaper. I heard golfing is cool. haha conditions and presentation!! keep going
  51. WhyMe

    Trailer for 19CC Mako

    Looking for a trailer for my Mako 192CC. Thanks guys!
  52. WhyMe

    carp day 2

    How dare you take pics of my favorite catfish spot haha! The shallows after the boats leave is always prime!
  53. WhyMe

    Rpt-2 Day Salsapuedes Reds, Coppers, Cali's, Sandies.

    Happy Birthday!! Great trip and read as always. I'll take those reds and lings for table fare over anything all day long.
  54. WhyMe

    Sub $100 surf rod suggestions?

    Fenwick has a 8'6 two piece that my cousin uses. Ran him $69 at bass pro shops. Actually feels pretty good too. I personally like the Bass Pro Johnny Morris Carbonlite edition (Not the 2.0) 9' 2 piece rated 6-12..I fish the surf a lot and have found this rod better than my flyrod wrapped...
  55. WhyMe

    1/2 day Tuesday morning 5-22-18

    I fished on the Pacific Islander last week overnight. No sign of gamefish (Yellows, butts or WSB) but the rockfish game is always on point. Steve is a great captain.
  56. WhyMe

    Catalina Island Calico Bass Report Sunday 5/20

    I saw this boat last year at the davies ramp. Black rails and holders make it look good. Its freaking sexy in person!!!
  57. WhyMe

    Local info needed.

    I don't know. looked like the same fish over and over again. lol. jk. A report from Cory and Lal is good enough for me. Just want to get the girl on some fish. Her dad left to the army so my uncle duties have been kicked up a notch. Hopefully its a good day when I get her out there.
  58. WhyMe

    Local info needed.

    Its a toss up between izors and the shoe. I might do a bunch of drifts over both. Depends on how well she takes to the ocean. Gotta get her ready for the summer island trips.
  59. WhyMe

    Local info needed.

    Hey guys, Ive been off the water the last few months and my 7 year old niece wants to kill some fish. Has there been any local shallow action in the Long Beach to Huntington range? possibly the flats or Izors for bass or bones. Trying to stay away from the deep critters unless thats my only...
  60. WhyMe

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    Did you happen to get his name and what station/area he is from. Just dong my homework on it and its nice to throw a name under the bus. haha
  61. WhyMe

    FishCat 4 Floattube

  62. WhyMe

    FishCat 4 Floattube

    selling my float tube. Comes with two rod holders and fins. In great condition. No leaks or issues. Only selling to get a larger tube to accommodate my fat ass. $150 obo 909 996-7974 text or call is best. Jason
  63. WhyMe

    Carolina Classic 25 Express Diesel

    I just wet my panties
  64. WhyMe

    Need help finding a fiberglass repair shop.

    I've messaged both. Thanks guys!
  65. WhyMe

    Need help finding a fiberglass repair shop.

    thanks. Ill reach out
  66. WhyMe

    Need help finding a fiberglass repair shop.

    So the insurance company is not covering my loss. "State Farm". Never will I do business with them again. I need help finding a shop that would be able to fix a cracked hull. Hairline crack about 5' long each on both sides of the stringer. Also I need to remove the Gas tank, weld a pinhole...
  67. WhyMe

    36 Grady white express

    I hate when a thief upgrades your Motors for you. hahahaha
  68. WhyMe

    28' Sportfisher

    My buddy has one. Fished it last night. Awesome platform and the best layout in my opinion. Excellent crawl space to service the engines, decent size bathroom for even a fat ass like me. For a 28 it feels and rides more like a 30. My buddy has the yanmar 4cyl diesels. They aren't the...
  69. WhyMe

    Salmon and Steelhead rods, motor and set of oars

    Standby for the warm BD welcome. Im just gonna sit this out. HAHAHA Maybe the moderators can help you with your post after.
  70. WhyMe

    Poor Mans Seabass

    I’m retired with an income and mortgage here in California. If I moved to Texas I would be retired with income and no mortgage......hmmmm! I think a couple years and I’m out of this shit hole state.
  71. WhyMe

    Poor Mans Seabass

    Nice saltwater carp! lmao. Just kidding. Im just fucking jealous that you went to Texas. Ive been thinking really hard about doing the same thing. I want property, and fishing at the same time. How do you like it over there? Cost of living comparable or is it cheaper?
  72. WhyMe

    Yeti Roadie 20 - $100

    Yes, Girls will flock your way in bikinis just to bare ass your ice chest. Gerry might even bare ass it for you...... Thats how you know these are good coolers!! :rofl: Hope I can still buy weights from you Gerry? hahaha
  73. WhyMe

    Coyote Hunt Regulations in California

    Ok ladies...... I have no pics but I did however manage two doggies. Going back out on Tuesday. Ill snap pics If I score. The .17hmr knocked them on their asses. Both of them were stone-walled dropped on the spot. Both rounds had exits wounds. This is such a badass cartridge. Now I need...
  74. WhyMe

    Coyote Hunt Regulations in California

    Im definitely using my .17HMR for less than 100yrd shots. I like how this round performs. A well placed round does a great number on a coyote. I've used it in the past. My original question was just in case any laws or restrictions had changed or new ones put in place. Hornady 15.5gr NTX...
  75. WhyMe

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    Was this the other night when i drove up to you? That sucks. Where did you find this dude at?
  76. WhyMe

    Yellows west of the Whistle bouy. 12/17

    I was thinking New Zealand or Australia too. Same fish, but hat shirt has "Down-Undah" written all over it. HAHAHA
  77. WhyMe

    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    I build custom BBQs and smokers. Actually just put a 350lb hog down a month ago so the freezer is full. But nothing like a whole pig on the grill for a large party.
  78. WhyMe

    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    I would never take your money to watch something like this. I would share the experience of a man running from a pig for free! Ive butchered many pigs personally in the back yard. Domestic or not...... If they are not tied up or pinched in a chute, you'll be running for the coral pipes because...
  79. WhyMe

    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    Lmao. He’s gonna show up with the sword from BrAveheart.
  80. WhyMe

    Coyote Hunt Regulations in California

    No kidding right?! hahaha
  81. WhyMe

    Best Meat hunts on the cheap on the west coast?

    I probably know the buyer of the pig you would be shooting from the auction in Ontario. they sell the pigs for sometimes $0.80/lb then have you pay $3.50/lb to shoot it. Its a joke. Ill let you buy one from the auction, ill pick it uo with my livestock trailer then come over my house with a...
  82. WhyMe

    Coyote Hunt Regulations in California

    Are there any regs that state we cannot use a rimfire less than a .22 cal for coyotes? I don't know why I had such a hard time finding this info out. I want to use my .17HMR next week on my hunt. No bag limit right? Why cant the DFG and state laws be written in a dummy short version? wtf...
  83. WhyMe

    hunting urban coyotes

    Yep!! I was asked to hunt a property in Norco off of Limonite and the 15freeway for a lady who had sheep on an alfalfa field. I got permission (DFG blessing) from DFG and contacted the county sheriff of my hunt for a week using a light Hooked up to my vehicle 12v plug-in with a red lens cap. I...
  84. WhyMe

    12-7-17 43lb Halibut

    baby killer
  85. WhyMe

    Is it really November

    What is BKR? Don't make me feel stupid for asking. haha
  86. WhyMe

    Mako off Redondo 270

    Blackfish said it perfectly. I noticed the second tail before reading the rest of the posts but its not 2ft long. Makos are born 27-28" in length after a gestation period of no more than18months with possibly up to 25 pups per birth. The time frame from the neonate stage of a sharks life to the...
  87. WhyMe

    Mako off Redondo 270

    Good table fare bro! congrats
  88. WhyMe

    Mako off Redondo 270

    God forbid you post a pic of a Mako or a calico bass these days.
  89. WhyMe

    LB Oil Islands 11/13 - New PB on the Fly

    Red and Gold Clouser is my go to. Red and gold tinsel, white under belly and white weighted eyes. Always better when wrapped by your own hands too. A lot of satisfaction with every fish landed. I use an 8WT with 12lb tippet because sometimes you get a big-ass bass in those rocks.
  90. WhyMe

    Scammer Alert!

    So am I cancelling the hired hitman that we all agreed on or what? I need to know. This guy is expensive and works by the hour. :D:D:DLOLLOLLOL
  91. WhyMe

    Lost hoops at Catalina.

    I went back the next morning but the tide didn't let out enough. I marked them on my sonar under the boat. I know they are still there if someone hasn't recovered them yet. Not worth the gas in driving all the way back out there.
  92. WhyMe

    Lost hoops at Catalina.

    I know all about that. These Nuke hoops are extra heavy and I had an extra 40ft of rope. The current was strong enough to pull the outs down. The nets never moved.
  93. WhyMe

    Lost hoops at Catalina.

    Hey guys. This is a long shot but if for some reason you are at Catalina, I lost two hoop nets, frontside just west of Arrowpoint. 2 Black "Nuke" nets with plastic bait tubes, 150' yellow rope and an orange bouy. If you happen to see them can you please grab them for me. They were pulled under...
  94. WhyMe

    Sat night

    It depends. Some nights they cra l quick and some nights they don't. I usually go with 30 to start. Inside longbeach this season I've been pulling at 20-25 minutes.
  95. WhyMe

    Sat night

    There are several things to keep in mind when hooping. I don't agree with it being good or bad the first few weeks only. I kill it in the longbeach/LA harbor and Catalina all the time throughout the whole season. My advice is to use fresh dead bait. I stopped using store bought frozen baits...
  96. WhyMe

    Long Beach - Bugging with my fishergirl!

    So far so good. Exactly what I've been needing until I pull the trigger on a bigger one.
  97. WhyMe

    Long Beach - Bugging with my fishergirl!

    Tentacles Jim....? And thats how you know alcohol is involved. LMAO??
  98. WhyMe

    Long Beach - Bugging with my fishergirl!

    The dinner plates have been looking great. For the past few years its been on fire for me. When you coming out?
  99. WhyMe

    Name That Fish

    I love sargo on he fly rod. Catalina backside. They used to have sargo in the Salton Sea. Great table fare too!
  100. WhyMe

    Long Beach - Bugging with my fishergirl!

    Long Beach has been on fire for me recently with limit style fishing every trip. Soooooo......... I loaded up with my girl and headed to the ramp. Had a bucket of dead sardines, small bag of squid, hoops and a couple rods. Hit the inner wall near Sea Launch for a couple hours with 7 good...
  101. WhyMe

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    I wonder how much they paid?
  102. WhyMe

    Yellowtail Tuna is for real!

    my sushi bar has white tuna on the menu but it rings up as Ono. its wahoo at my place.
  103. WhyMe

    Braid to fluoro connection?

    I used to only run an Albright but now I use the RP for the small stuff. All the big stuff I tie a Bimini-Albright. Just make sure it runs through your rollers if you have them. To each their own I guess. Question is how well can you tie these knots. Thats what it comes down to. Ive seen...
  104. WhyMe

    Hooping on an open party boat

    thats why I bought my own boat. I'm a boat owner again. How is the pork Matt?
  105. WhyMe

    Rpt.-Thur.-10-26-17 SCI Tails!

    surgically removed? what a wussy! lmao jus kidd'n Looks like a fun trip if you were not the guy with the hook in his hand.
  106. WhyMe

    Hooping Long Beach harbor tips?

    If you are ever out there and need some help let me know. Im usually out there Monday-Wednesday. Always willing to help. Just send me a message that you are going out and I can point you in the right direction.
  107. WhyMe

    Hooping Long Beach harbor tips?

    look for kelp and hard structure. You want to drop nets on the side of the incoming tide to move the scent trail where the bugs are hiding. Look at the tide chart. Hoop the tide movements. Drop your nets near by and wait it out for 30minutes. I was out two nights ago and successful with...
  108. WhyMe

    my daughters question

    sometimes with slightly more drama
  109. WhyMe

    Catalina lobster report 10/17

    Gerry, get your ass out here bro.... long time no see or hear. WTF You don't like us anymore? lol
  110. WhyMe

    Catalina lobster report 10/17

    Pacific's better in my opinion.
  111. WhyMe

    WTB: Made in the USA Xtratuf boots

    Just buy the China boots. Trump told us it was ok:urno1:
  112. WhyMe

    Offshore Friday 08/18 - Relentless Charter - H&M

    Anyone spear an opah lately from the bow of their boat?
  113. WhyMe

    Offshore Friday 08/18 - Relentless Charter - H&M

    This must be Trump's fault.... Yeah I blame Trump! buahahahahaha
  114. WhyMe

    Offshore Lasoo a Dorado O'side

    Good thing I can humble up really quick and learn something new once in a while when I am wrong. No offense to anyone on here or the original poster and always keeping things friendly. Good thing I was a Deputy Sheriff and that I wasn't a DFG officer. You all be screwed!!! lol The legal bag...
  115. WhyMe

    Offshore Lasoo a Dorado O'side

    Im working on this as we speak. Im getting mixed answers. Ill post as soon as I get this answer
  116. WhyMe

    Offshore Lasoo a Dorado O'side

    28.32. PACIFIC BONITO. (a) Limit: Ten. (b) Minimum size: Twenty-four inches fork length or ve pounds except that: Five sh less than twenty-four inches fork length or weighing less than ve pounds may be taken and possessed. 28.37. YELLOWTAIL. (a) Limit: Ten (b) Minimum size: Twenty-four inches...
  117. WhyMe

    Offshore Lasoo a Dorado O'side

    Dodo bag limit is 2 per person per day!! you are allowed a 20 finish bag limit. 2 bluefin 2 dodo 10 YFT 10Yellowtail - 5 under 24" fork length 10 albacore 10 Bonita - 5 under 24" fork length or 5lbs If you harvest 2 dodo, this counts as a 5tuna count leaving room for 2 bluefin and 3 yellowfin...
  118. WhyMe

    Offshore 8/5/17 at the 277

    Baby Killer! lol. One fish day like this is always a successful trip
  119. WhyMe

    Springer Spaniel puppies

    On a serious note, are you guys expecting another little in the future? My backyard is not landscaped and isn't dog friendly right now. I'd love to pick up a puppy from you. Let me know. Thanks.
  120. WhyMe

    Springer Spaniel puppies

    LMAO!!!! That pic came down real quick. Gotta love the BD welcome
  121. WhyMe

    Like New Scuba Equipment

    Hey guys, I'm posting this for my brother. He is currently awaiting his notification to leave for the ARMY. I hate to see him go and he needs to sell some of his things to help with his move out of state. I can say that this equipment is near new. He has only a few beach dives and one pool...
  122. WhyMe

    SOLD>>>Sancha has to go...Clean Seacraft 25

    So this is what a boner looked like in 73' ehh?
  123. WhyMe

    18.5 wahoo offshore

    Damn I tried calling you today and I had $3500 in my pocket. Guess ill use it to landscape the back yard.
  124. WhyMe

    21' Proline WA *********SOLD********

    offer the man 26 and lets make a deal! come onnnnnnnnn. lol
  125. WhyMe

    ***SOLD*** Wellcraft 248 Sportsman w/ 200 Suzuki 4 stroke

    Why do they keep flaking? this looks like a solid deal.
  126. WhyMe

    Nacho's bait same thing as Long Beach Bait Company?

    He likes his coffee with no milk or dairy creamer. He's lactose intolerant. He also smokes Morlboro lights. This is a remedy that has gotten me bait in the wee early hours before opening. Trick is not to crack any morning jokes. Buenos Dias hand him the coffee and smokes and get the hell out...
  127. WhyMe

    Shimano Tyrnos 12II - 2Spd

    I think I still have it. I forgot about this thread. I'm out of town for work and I wont be home til Thursday. I cannot take calls til then but I can text.
  128. WhyMe

    2006 PARKER 2500 SE center consoles

    it feels funny in my pants.
  129. WhyMe


    looks like a cool motor but id be worried about kelp and other debris. Same issue with my seadoos. Clean boat too!
  130. WhyMe

    2010 Contender 39ST For Sale - Triple 350s 60mph cruise!

    I'm looking for a little more deck space. oh well guess
  131. WhyMe

    Thresher 21ft Fully Loaded!!!

    How do these boats ride? Any issues or complaints with the hull? Been eyeballing these for a year now.. I think people are questioning the price because these boats are 30K with a 115 4strk. All of what you can see in the pics appear standard except for the electronics. Am I wrong? Not...
  132. WhyMe

    Tue. 6/20 Agua Hedi

    They both have orange in their mouths. The shorten has a flat tail fin. The orange mouth has a pointed tail fin almost seems rounded. Thats one way to tell. Nice haul though. They taste great!!
  133. WhyMe

    Tue. 6/20 Agua Hedi

    Nice Corvina!! This one is indeed is a shortfin. Where was this at? I know people catch them all the time in San Diego Bay. We used to catch orange mouths in Salton Sea back in the day......Not anymore.
  134. WhyMe

    2005 Striper 2101 Alaskan (clean and custom!)

    Crazy Storage going on here. Nice! A drug smugglers dream. hahahah GLWTS
  135. WhyMe

    Sunset Beach Surf Report 6/16/17

    They were out a little further than we could have reached. I didn't really take much with me but a bag of sandworms and a small Plano with hooks weights and swivels. I should probably start taking larger Krocs and some hardbaits.
  136. WhyMe

    Sunset Beach Surf Report 6/16/17

    I hit the surf yesterday with a buddy of mine. We fished the area of the 23rd St. beach entrance to Sunset beach. Worked about a hundred yards of beach on the outgoing tide around 530am. A lot of life out in the water. Birds actively feeding on live bait and some boils that I believe were...
  137. WhyMe

    Carlsbad Surf Yellowfin

    6-14-2017 Decided to swing by the surf after working a nightshift detail in Carlsbad. Glad I did! I scouted the area off of Carlsbad BLVD and Cannon Rd. The sand looked peaceful and the waves were crashing around 3-4ft in rows of 3-4 at a time. Beach entrance was vey easy and parking was...
  138. WhyMe

    Surf perch Long Beach

    I agree with Garlicsalt. Ill be on sunset beach in the morning tomorrow.
  139. WhyMe

    Looking for a Perch spot near Huntington

    I will probably go tomorrow morning. Ill let you know how I do. I usually fish from the wedge on Balboa peninsula 1-200yrds up the coast towards Balboa Pier. I usually do very well in the early am on barred surf perch and yellowfin. Camo sand worms and sand crabs.
  140. WhyMe

    Anaheim Bay Stripers

    I see them here and there in the surf from Balboa pier to the wedge. Never hooked one but they are there for sure.
  141. WhyMe

    Halibut bite

    I am offering to caddy your equipment. Just let me know where to meet you at. lmao. bitchen post!!
  142. WhyMe

    2017 Tracker 14 Aluminum

    SOLD. Thank you Craigslist. Lol
  143. WhyMe

    2017 Tracker 14 Aluminum

    I'm even open to trades+cash on my part if it tickles my fancy.
  144. WhyMe

    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console

    That's some good engine life. Looks well maintained. If my Harley was paid off I'd be calling the credit union already. This is a sweet ride!
  145. WhyMe

    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console

    This gives me a hard on. I love these boats!!! Just out of curiosity. At what point do you need to worry about the hours on these motors? I've never owned a Honda outboard and truly never hit over 600 hrs on any outboard that I've owned.
  146. WhyMe

    2017 Tracker 14 Aluminum

    LMAO! I know. I broke the record for shortest period owning a boat and selling it. Haha It's time to pay off the Harley and just buy the boat I really want.
  147. WhyMe

    2017 Tracker 14 Aluminum

    This boat is a little beast! What did you buy?
  148. WhyMe

    2017 Tracker 14 Aluminum

    this boat has the versa track system by tracker boats. Good for adding downrigging plates, rod holders, cup holders, Bimini top and other accessories.
  149. WhyMe

    2017 Tracker 14 Aluminum

    2017 Tracker Aluminum 2009 Mercury 15hp 4s. Last serviced 4/15/2017 by pro boats in San Dimas ca. Motor runs flawlessly Motor might have a full 40 hrs on it. But I doubt it. 6.6 gal tank sits in carpeted box mid boat 2 Stern cleats Pole light base installed but not wired on stern 2- Attwood rod...
  150. WhyMe

    14' Flat Bottom And Trolling Motor-Sold

    1978 Fisher Flat Bottom No leaks or issues what so ever. hull is in great condition. Registration is up to date No trailer or gas motor Comes with: 15" Transom Prowler 30lb thrust trolling motor 12v Garmin 140 Finder with transom mount transducer Two folding/swivel seats Bow and transom...
  151. WhyMe

    Found hoop net Catalina

    Do you still have the net? On the bouy end, does it have a loop tied in the rope with a crimped wire ring and a 4oz torpedo weight rigged onto the wire? Hole drilled into the bouy on top and one hole drilled on the flat side with a 3oz weight inserted into the bouy?
  152. WhyMe

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

    Hi Randy. I'm the one who makes them. 909-996-7974 Jason
  153. WhyMe

    Donation #2 to a deserving kid

    Good for you brotha!!
  154. WhyMe


    A lot of jealous ****'s here. I'm one of them hahaha GLWTS
  155. WhyMe

    18' Boston Whaler Hull & Trailer For Sale

    Sounds like the deck needs to be removed as there might be water saturating the wood. Would be a good project if someone has the patience and knowledge. I wish I had the time or else I would pick it up.
  156. WhyMe

    2006 Triumph 215 Center Console boat for sale

    Carl....... That was funny! :appl:
  157. WhyMe

    New 2016 Defiance 220 Admiral EX w/ Yamaha F200 LX O/B

    I purchased my Warlock 23XRI MidCabin performance boat from Inland. The salesman at the time was Matt. He was really cool and worked his ass off to close my deal with financing. After he left Inland, I experienced trailer issues down the line, Inland handled all the repairs at no charge. Cool...
  158. WhyMe


    Yeah Jim it was horrible. I couldn't get Dan to stop crying. I even tried the pacifier you gave him. Nothing worked.
  159. WhyMe


    keep this post going. a couple years ago if I remember correctly, someone either found something close to it or they started making them. Maybe that person can chime in. I don't know why shimano stopped making them. when i worked at turners, we couldn't keep them stocked.
  160. WhyMe

    Like new Pro Gear V50 and V40 upgraded version

    Thanks. Ill check it out. Ive always seen these reels around just never paid any attention to them.
  161. WhyMe

    Like new Pro Gear V50 and V40 upgraded version

    who sells these locally around OC/IE area?
  162. WhyMe

    Shimano Tyrnos 12II - 2Spd

    ill keep the ad updated if it doesn't sell I might be willing to ship.
  163. WhyMe

    Shimano Tyrnos 12II - 2Spd

    no clamp. Ill add that to the post
  164. WhyMe

    Shimano Tyrnos 12II - 2Spd

    I'd rather not ship. I forgot to add local pick up to the post. If it doesn't sell soon Ill let you know.
  165. WhyMe

    Shimano Tyrnos 12II - 2Spd

    Hey guys selling my Shimano Tyrnos 12II two speed. Lightly used. Mechanically 100% Condition 97% Has a couple boat scratches Spooled with 80lb Braid and takes 60yrds of 40Lb No reel clamp $175 Firm First come first serve. I will not hold it call or text only- local pickup Jason 909-996-7974
  166. WhyMe

    Kenmore Kegerator

    Nevermind. I'm keeping it
  167. WhyMe

    Channel Islands - I need some help and advice

    Thanks for the help guys. Small craft advisory has me grounded tomorrow. Hopefully it clears up and gives me an open window.
  168. WhyMe

    Channel Islands - I need some help and advice

    Thank you sir. I'll punch it in and see where its located.
  169. WhyMe

    Channel Islands - I need some help and advice

    Hi everyone, I am going to be delivering a 40' Mediterranean Sportfish from San Francisco to Long beach next Wednesday. I have a float plan, crew, vessel assist, and personal experience on the water. My first stop is going to be the Channel Islands. Here we plan to do some rockfishing, and...
  170. WhyMe

    Quickie QM710 Powerchair (New - Never Used)

    Hello BDer's, I'm posting this for my dad. He has a Brand New and never used Quickie QM710 power-chair. He is unable to use this chair as we live on a small farm and a 4 wheel scooter is most ideal for him to get around in the back yard. From my understanding, there are several models of the...
  171. WhyMe

    Harley Softtail Sissy Bar

    Sold my Fatboy Lo and got a Streetglide now. I have the sissy bar that was never used on the Lo. For fitment purposes, My Fatboy was a 2014 Total with pad I paid $250 Looking for $175 OBO (909)...
  172. WhyMe

    28 foot Christ Craft

    Is that the original trailer? Seems a little short. Same question as above concerning power.
  173. WhyMe

    2001 Parker 2520 DV ($5000 price drop)

    So I take it the Tower is still available with the boat? Or is this an old pic? Your previous post on the tower said it was in SF Bay area..... Still there? thanks
  174. WhyMe

    SOLD** 1994 Bayrunner Baja 21' w 90hp Merc 2-stroke ** SOLD **

    22 hours to sell a boat....... What took so long? haha
  175. WhyMe

    Mercury 60HP 4-Stroke Outboard

    And I thought 20" was short......... Guess I've been self conscious for nothing. :Singin_In
  176. WhyMe

    Anyone heard of "Holiday" brand boats???

    This is all I found Nada only shows these boats were made from 1978-80 in a 17' or 19' hull. If the hull is in good condition, good gelcoat, no soft spots on the deck, and you are happy with it and the price you pay..... go kill some fish...
  177. WhyMe

    1983 chris craft 214 cc $4000obo

    What kind of condition is the trailer in? Bearings, hubs, brakes, and bunks. Rust? Might help if you take some additional pictures of the trailer, hull, drive and a distance shot of the whole boat. I think it has a lot of potential if you find someone looking to do some tlc work. I like...
  178. WhyMe

    2015 Hobie Pro Angler 14'

    I like how its set up. Does that grab rail get in the way?
  179. WhyMe

    Its official I selling my boat. 2007 Parker 2510 XLD

    If you want a real warm welcome, post a fishing trip thread. hahaha Hope you don't go and that your boat can stay in your driveway. Good Luck and welcome to BD
  180. WhyMe

    Mercury 60HP 4-Stroke Outboard

    You are right. I forgot a short is 15"
  181. WhyMe

    Mercury 60HP 4-Stroke Outboard

    Posting this for a buddy of mine. 2003 Mercury 60HP 4-Stroke Outboard. No hour meter Long shaft 20" Aluminum prop - pitch unk Power trim Electric start Recently serviced and runs great Does not come with controls or steering $2200OBO First come first serve text or call Jason - 909-996-7974...
  182. WhyMe

    Gail Force 8/12 "Yellas !"

    Jeff, I think it was because of me. I'm a bad person
  183. WhyMe

    Your photo of yellow on the shoe 8-9

    I think I know him. Might be a slip neighbor. Good pic!!
  184. WhyMe

    150 - 8/10 - Marlin

    Nothing wrong with a dropper loop. It's just another technique to catch fish. I've landed many Halibut, WSB, and Yellows on it!! The marlin have been everywhere. We watched a guy land one on the Middle grounds Sunday on a 15' Hobie. Heard there were three hooked that day between the middle...
  185. WhyMe

    Horseshoe 8-09

    Good Job Noah!!!! We killed it!!!!
  186. WhyMe

    Best in class Parker 2110

    It has nothing to do with the interest. I'm in the middle of doing a refi on my house. Hurts that I cant buy it right now. I look at it everyday.
  187. WhyMe

    Best in class Parker 2110

    I'm not a fan of financing boats but I would be all over this. Too bad its two months too early for me. Good luck with the sale. Hope things get better for you!!
  188. WhyMe

    This looks nice (not mine) SeaSport Pilot Diesel

    I like all the upper deck storage area. Ice chests and kill bags out of the way. Good platform for a beer bong too.........Just sayin!
  189. WhyMe

    Catalina yellows 08/01/15

    You need to come out with us again Gerry. Jim misses you. He tells me all the time. lol
  190. WhyMe

    46 pound YT for my future wife off La Jolla Kelp-Twilight Trip

    I don't know the guy........ but I bet he doesn't care about the wooden leg or glass eye.
  191. WhyMe

    Freelance 8/2 - Proud Hubby!

    Where can I find one like that? The yellow tail too? Congrats on a good trip.
  192. WhyMe

    Catalina yellows 08/01/15

    The kids broke the adult masks. I had no choice; however I was very impressed with their style and fitment. We prevailed though.
  193. WhyMe

    Catalina yellows 08/01/15

    Sorry. I know I let you down.
  194. WhyMe

    Catalina yellows 08/01/15

    No shit. What a day to wear a white under armor shirt. I felt like a college girl on spring break in Havasu
  195. WhyMe

    Catalina yellows 08/01/15

    That was so epic! I just wish we took a video. Thanks for not gaffing me.
  196. WhyMe

    Offshore Stripe Marlin, YFT and YT before noon!! 7/25

    "You should have released it" blah blah blah Jealous bastards Didn't know I was on a forum full of professional Bill-Fisherman from the marlin club. Sorry for my dues not being paid on time. Who cares if you keep one; especially the first one at that size. Sick catch and way to go! Happy...
  197. WhyMe

    some yellow pus under the bluefin skin

    Herpes...... Avoid skin to skin contact!!
  198. WhyMe

    Scuppers on a triump 195cc

    I think I know exactly why your tank is over flowing. This is from personal axperience with Triumph Boats..... My buddies triumph 215C was fucked before it came out of the factory. What they did was reverse the intake and exhaust lines in the thru-hull. The intake of the bait tank coming from...
  199. WhyMe


    Every time you turned the drag I got closer to the edge of my seat. I'm sure you know your gear and what you are doing. It was just suspenseful while at the office.
  200. WhyMe

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    I heard that the Gail Force is running local trips. Maybe you can get on some bones, calicos and a BSB.
  201. WhyMe

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    I wonder how they deflated the fish? I put my money on the fish dying from an infection........
  202. WhyMe

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    OUCHHHHHH............. Just like the guy fishing in SAN Diego Bay a few years ago that was blasting the DFG for citing him for a short halibut he released after he netted it and boated the fish. Once you boat the fish it has been "Taken". The law is not up to anyone's interpretation. Every...
  203. WhyMe

    Newport report 7/5/15

    Brandon, were you ever given a warm welcome to bloodydecks? Well here it is. You are better off cancelling your facebook account. There is more drama here........ And it's exciting. LMAO Don't listen to any of these guys. Guess they forgot what it was like to be young and happy with...
  204. WhyMe

    2 legal halibut on the drift

    Looks like a "Pavillion Skiff" kinda typical for the bait tank. I f you ever get a chance run your hand under the bottom of their boats. Still a fun day!!
  205. WhyMe

    Father's Day treat

    Good for you taking him out early on in life. I like the digging for sand crab pic.
  206. WhyMe

    Who is the guy with the Tracker Grizzly

    look in Offshore reports for "The Reel Brothers" videos. I think it is him with a white aluminum w/ t top.
  207. WhyMe

    2003 PARKER 1801

    If 10K falls through, I have 9500 in hand. LMAO Hope you get every penny you ask for. It's a good looking boat!!!
  208. WhyMe

    Offshore Bluefin on the iron

    Was that you guys I heard on the radio talking about no love until you presented an iron? I think I heard your traffic from Catalina.
  209. WhyMe

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 1984 Chris Craft 21 foot fishing boat for sale

    You definitely cant go wrong with more pics and some more details such as specs, engine/outdrive info, trailer pics and so on. Good luck selling. Looks like it has a nice layout and a lot of potential.
  210. WhyMe

    Boat Loans?

    If you insist on financing, do what makes you happy. I would definitely go with a credit union first. Usually lower interest rates, easier loan approval, and a faster turnaround with a "yes" or "no" on your loan. Just out of my experience..... Good luck but I second paying cash in full.
  211. WhyMe

    Offshore Adrianna finds the bigeye

    Big eye, YFT, or whatever, its a nice fish. Great haul!!
  212. WhyMe

    What kind of fish is this?

    Used to be a lot of sargo in there. Between sargo and the corvina, I used to love going there every chance I had with my grandparents. Late 80's early 90's
  213. WhyMe

    150 today

    FML for not going. :deadhorse Can't wait til I retire. I'm gonna sell my house and just live on your boat. Don't worry, I'll keep the oil levels up. :slap:
  214. WhyMe

    What kind of fish is this?

    Stripe on a sargo is closer to the front of the dorsal. Very plentiful on the backside of Catalina in the shallow cloudy waters. Great eating!! Use to catch them back in the day at Salton Sea........ Damn I'm getting old!!!
  215. WhyMe

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    Presenting "Owners" new surgical point hooks... When you're hooked.....You're hooked!
  216. WhyMe

    Sorry I just came across your question. Unfortunately I suffered a recent back injury and will...

    Sorry I just came across your question. Unfortunately I suffered a recent back injury and will not be able to hit the ocean for some time. Thank you
  217. WhyMe


    I need a napkin
  218. WhyMe


    Its an Olive Rockfish with Mange
  219. WhyMe

    Offshore How to clean a BFT

    I started breaking at the tail last year. I have found it to be faster and much cleaner while saving a ton more meat. I have had years of experience doing it and I find this way to be easier on TY. Tuna, I cut the outline down to the vertebrae, peel the skin from behind the top of the head to...
  220. WhyMe

    Help with outboard troubles - 1996 Merc 2 strk 115hp 2+2

    I forgot to update you guys with the solution. Better late than never. So, I took it to another shop that someone recommended. The mechanic there was called a "Mercury Wizard" In 5 minutes of diagnostic tests, he determined that the issue was the "Switch Box" Apparently the switch box is...
  221. WhyMe

    Looking For Some Help

    It did. Thank you!!
  222. WhyMe

    Looking For Some Help

    Thank you all who helped lead me in the right direction. The BBQ was a success! Jason
  223. WhyMe

    Overnight 3/10 on the T-Bird

    I didn't now I would feel so close to MySpace when I started my profile back when I signed-up. Now it's more like Face Book
  224. WhyMe

    Canvas Lead Shot Bags Or Coin Bags (empty)?

    Look on amazon. There are a bunch of drawstring money bags for a few bucks each. Type in Cloth bag in the search bar and several come up you might be able to use. Good Luck!
  225. WhyMe

    Looking For Some Help

    Thanks Kindafishy, Yes, we have plaques and glass desk trophies made for people and businesses that donate to us. I am working on having a banner made this year for the BBQ and for the riders to take with them. This might be an easy way to advertise for all or any donators (Spell check says no...
  226. WhyMe

    Looking For Some Help

    Thanks Kindafishy. I did contact several Stater Bros store locations and Corporate office in Ontario. The lady I spoke with said they are only interested in contributing to the local community.....? I just said thank you and left it at that. LOL
  227. WhyMe

    Looking For Some Help

    Sounds good. I'll do that. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!
  228. WhyMe

    Looking For Some Help

    Thanks Arima-Bob. I've actually already picked up some meat from Ben. He was my first stop as I have been dealing with him for over 30 years. I am at 40lbs donated as of today. My goal is 160lbs. Everything helps and thanks in advance for the help guys!
  229. WhyMe

    Looking For Some Help

    Hey everyone, I am currently in need of some help locating wholesale meat companies who are willing to donate for a BBQ Fundraiser. The BBQ fundraiser will be held March 24th at Men's Central Jail. Hosted By the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, we are selling a Tri-Tip lunch to raise money...
  230. WhyMe

    I Need Some Help - Fundraiser Donation

    Hey everyone, I am currently in need of some help locating wholesale meat companies who are willing to donate for a BBQ Fundraiser. The BBQ fundraiser will be held March 24th at Men's Central Jail. Hosted By the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, we are selling a Tri-Tip lunch to raise money...
  231. WhyMe

    Forward facing light bar or remote spot?

    Okay Here is my experience with the 50" 30,000lmn light bar. Made a run out to the island. There was a lot of moisture in the air so the light as all other lights did not work well. It was not until we had the island within 100 yards did the light perform. This light lit up the island so...
  232. WhyMe

    Forward facing light bar or remote spot?

    Just mounted a 300w 30,000lmn led light bar on my buddies 29 Striper. Will report Friday when we return from an overnight lobster trip from Catalina.
  233. WhyMe

    16' center console Carolina skiff

    Good luck with the sale bro! I can say this is a fun boat. I've fished the bays and hooped all of Long Beach with this skiff. I was the second owner and the first to put it in salt water a couple years ago. Spent most of its life in Irvine Lake. Runs great and really scoots with the 25hp.
  234. WhyMe

    Getting Things Dialed- CAT report

    His buddy knows how to tie knots.....Hint! Hint! Wink! Wink! I was in a hurry to get in and out. My buddy told me this dude was reliable so I went with it. FML The person I usually have tie my knots at turners is my old manager when I used to work at the old Chino outlet store. If the...
  235. WhyMe

    Getting Things Dialed- CAT report

    All yellows were on the front side. They are scattered everywhere. Just fish through the bones and you'll find them.
  236. WhyMe

    Who Uses Libraries Anymore?

    There is a library in the city of Redlands. They serve alcohol though so you cant check out the whole book.
  237. WhyMe

    HEY HOMEOWNERS........

    I just found out yesterday that my escrow account was going to be short in March by $279. They are tacking on the shortage amount divided by twelve months onto each months payment due. When I called the mortgage co., they said it was due to the taxes in my area going up. I guess $500 per month...
  238. WhyMe

    I know..... Wrong forum! But enjoy!!

    Don't you hate it when someone is being a dick, but they don't realize it themselves?
  239. WhyMe

    I know..... Wrong forum! But enjoy!!

    I thought this was pretty hilarious.....
  240. WhyMe

    1/28 Tales of Tails & Tails at Catalina

    That lobster wasn't as big as you think. You guys know Tony is only 4'8" right!?!? :rofl::rofl::frehya2:
  241. WhyMe

    1/28 Tales of Tails & Tails at Catalina

    Wish I could have been there with you guys. LOL
  242. WhyMe

    .38 SPCL ammo for sale

    All the ammo below are reloads except for the 100rds of CCI Blazer New CCI Blazer -100 rnds LRN Reload 144 rnds - Lead semi wad cutter 250 rnds - wad cutters 184 rnds - Copper Jacket HP I need to actually count the amount of loose rounds but its an easy 250 All or nothing. Will not...
  243. WhyMe

    Fair price for 22lr ammo?

    Can we all just settle at $0.08 per round for a good deal off the shelf. Used ammo, I wouldn't personally pay more than $0.06 per round. This is only because I do not know how old it is or how it was stored. This is probably common for most guys buying used/not new ammo. I know abdiver got...
  244. WhyMe

    Awful gas smell

    Glad to hear they are taking care of it. Especially since we have the kids with us all the time, and Tony. lol
  245. WhyMe

    Any advice from you guys who slip your trailer able boat is appreciated and a few questions

    Tilt your motor as high as it will go. Hopefully it is out of the water. If not, look into coating the parts that do not. Use salt-away in a hose dispenser and flush with a hose using Yamaha's engine hose under the cowling. Make sure that the bottom scrubber (person) you have scraping your...
  246. WhyMe

    Awful gas smell

    Jim, I'd be happy with $50 an hour. Stop being so greedy. You sound like a marine mechanic..... haha
  247. WhyMe

    Awful gas smell

    This is the definition of a "Blast" Good Job Tony....hahaha
  248. WhyMe

    Awful gas smell

    First of all, the 7K that Jim paid to service the boat was not because the boat is shitty or not cared for. The new bottom paint was a great portion of the cost. This is a clean boat and Jim is a stickler for cleanliness. I don't think anyone has as many air wick air fresheners, fabreeze, and...
  249. WhyMe

    Looking for Defiance 250ex on westcoast.

    Check out the link I bought my speed boat through them. Had a good experience.
  250. WhyMe

    8.1 Mercruiser engine package only 200 hours $11,500

    Damn good motors. Popular in Havasu boats and very reliable. GLWTS
  251. WhyMe

    Props 4 Sale - YAMAHA SALT WATER SERIES 15 1/4 X 19 PITCH LH/RH

    Hey guys, I'm selling these factory Yamaha props for my buddy. They came off of his 29 Striper with twin Yamaha 225's. They are in great condition, 3 blade, 1 left and 1 right hand rotation. No dings, scratches, or repairs needed. 15 1/4 diameter and 19" pitch Call or text preferred -...
  252. WhyMe

    Men vs yellowtail vs seal

    Best part is 11:26 Tony getting macho with the seal. That wasn't the case last lobster season when he was running off the dock after we were attacked by a rogue seal. hahaha Nice fish Tony!......... I still hate you
  253. WhyMe

    Anyone Fish San Clemente State Beach?

    I've never fished strands either and I have heard some good things. All I can do is check it out and try to get my little cousins on some fish. Thanks Kevin
  254. WhyMe

    Anyone Fish San Clemente State Beach?

    I live in the IE. Mainly frequent Huntington to Balboa when I surf fish. Never fished further south. Looking for a productive CPR Spot with easy beach access. Thanks for the help guys!
  255. WhyMe

    Panama Surf Fishing Report

    If our surf fishing in So-Cal was as great as your post, I would never buy a boat or go on a charter. That's so cool to hit snook and jacks from the sand!
  256. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    Boat already sold
  257. WhyMe

    anbody else getting attacked with a virus trying to get in from bloddydecks?

    Thank God. I thought my life was all over.
  258. WhyMe

    Do big waves affect the fish?

    The fish are always there. As JigStrike said, they have to eat. Increase your weight until you find what works best for the conditions. Get used to timing the wave and cast over the incoming wave as the previous goes back out. This will help your bait stay in the strike zone a few seconds...
  259. WhyMe

    Heading to Bahia Tortugas

    I hate you............ A LOT!
  260. WhyMe

    YT and seals

    We used to have problems with our cows eating the seeds from the oleander plant. Apparently when your body is asleep, the seeds can stop an animals heart. I probably lost 5 or so cows on the farm when I was younger.
  261. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    This is not the Westcoaster and your lowball offers were a bit ridiculous. Maybe better luck for you on Craigslist. Sorry
  262. WhyMe

    The 4 B's and some Y's

    You need to get out there with us again.
  263. WhyMe

    Short Round Report

    We had a guy on a boat west end of Catalina on Saturday that approached us asking when we were going in to longbeach. The fog was thick and he didn't like it when I told him we were spending the night. He asked what direction longbeach was as he pointed towards Oregon. I corrected him and...
  264. WhyMe

    Butts at the secret spot

    Should have just called it a sanddab. Lol. Damn optical illusions. Not saying it is but out if curiosity without looking it up online, isn't there a "no size limit" on pacific halibut vs California halibut or vise-versa.
  265. WhyMe

    YT and seals

    Please show us. Lol. With our luck the damn thing would probably like it.
  266. WhyMe

    Hooping Dana 11/09

    Long beach has been bery productive this year as it did last year too. Just like kindafish stated set your traps up current from the structure and stay out of the light. The darker the better has worked for me. I found that even with a full moon, staying out of the port lights really helps. Hoop...
  267. WhyMe

    The 4 B's and some Y's

    Here you go Gerry. Yeah I kept a rat for the BBQ. Leaving the big ones for you...... Lol
  268. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    Thanks. I was really surprised at how well it handled the first time going out to the 209. It rides like a bigger boat and is very dry.
  269. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    Haha. I wish I could have stayed a full 30 years but the doctors are calling it quits for me.
  270. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    Sal, I never was able to find the information as far as weight and other specs. However; the beam on the boat is 89".
  271. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    Really?? Starting to waste my time!!
  272. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    Yes. Origin is Florida
  273. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    Brian still way too low, I'll send you a pm Jim. I'll be home in an hour to measure it.
  274. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    That's a little lower than I can go.
  275. WhyMe

    Ducky hits the shoe !!11-6

    Don't tell to many people that Bonito taste great, they will go on the same "Catch and Release" list as Calico bass. hahaha
  276. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    I'm going to have my little cousin detail the boat before it leaves the house. Its usually cleaner than it looks. The winds have been kicking up lately hence the dust on the bow.
  277. WhyMe

    FS: Avet MXL 4.5:1 - 1st Generation

    Selling my 1st Gen AVET MXL. If I remember correctly it has 300or 350 yards of 50lb Tuffline Braid backing. Will hold 175 yards of 25lb mono. I'm going to be upgrading all my gear to Talica II and Trinidad. This AVET is the original with the clicker built into the crank. As you turn the...
  278. WhyMe

    1996 18' VIP Sea Stealth CC

    *****SOLD***** Hey guys. Selling my 1996 VIP Sea Stealth. She has been really good to me and I've had her out to the 181/182/209 from Dana and everywhere else local up to Long Beach. I'm retiring at the age of 30 and plan on moving to Florida where the fishing is great and the girls are...
  279. WhyMe

    Garage Storage System

    She Gone!!! Sold it
  280. WhyMe

    Horseshoe Yellows

    How do the dines look? Are they still football size 7"-9"? lol
  281. WhyMe

    Mounting transducers close together.......Help

    I think I'm going to be good mounting it close to the other transducer. I'll only run one sounder at a time. Should be interesting. LOL Thanks
  282. WhyMe

    Mounting transducers close together

    Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I use the garmin as my gps unit and the lowrance as my depth finder/temp gauge. I probably will use the garmin mainly as a GPS but when I sit on a spot I'll turn off the lowrance and use the garmin as it's a better sounder anyways. Thanks again
  283. WhyMe

    Fillet table ideas

    This is what I built for my buddies 29 Striper. Works well and folds flat. Would be pretty easy to attach it to a bait tank with a slight angle for run off. I lined this one with treated maple wood. Came out well and two people can work off the table.
  284. WhyMe

    Mounting transducers close together

    I am mounting a Garmin 431 S transducer next to a Lowrance 4x pro transducer. The area I need to place the second transducer is on 8 inches from the other transducer. The space I have available is limited with the outboard and transom mounted bait pump. My question is..... Will one transducer...
  285. WhyMe

    Mounting transducers close together.......Help

    I am mounting a Garmin 431 S transducer next to a Lowrance 4x pro transducer. The area I need to place the second transducer is on 8 inches from the other transducer. The space I have available is limited with the outboard and transom mounted bait pump. My question is..... Will one...
  286. WhyMe

    Garage Storage System

    I just installed custom cabinets in my garage and I am wanting to sell one of my adjustable shelf storage units. 8000lb total rack rating 4 Shelves @ 2000lb rating each Powder-coated black No tools required for assembly Easy adjustment and install Unit Measures 77" wide X 72"tall X 24"deep...
  287. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    Haha. Its crazy. You never really know who/what the other person is until its too late. lol How did you guys do on your trip? How did the tubes work for you?
  288. WhyMe

    WTB: Fishing PANTS size LG or 34

    Yeah, right between the empty gas tank and twin 225's located on the 10' 6" beam.....
  289. WhyMe

    Caught a Nursery Shark

    That's awesome!!!
  290. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    You have it all wrong. You take a younger person than you that you can boss around and make them do the work for you. I thought everyone knew this already.
  291. WhyMe

    WTB: Fishing PANTS size LG or 34

    Jim and I have some chonies for you to take. They catch fish and are very comfortable. I was surprised how well they broke in. They were lightly used and in good condition Let me know. LOL
  292. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    That's funny Pete. hahahaha
  293. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    That's funny Pete. hahahaha
  294. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    I was told they would do one of the two.
  295. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    Oddly enough for Long Beach, I did not see a single seal the whole night. I'm 100% sure it was a person from the Pier G. The way my hoops are set up, the bouy stays a float as the hoop ascends or descends. The rope runs through the bouy and there is a torpedo weight crimped on the end of the...
  296. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    Fact is, and I should use this advice as well..... Watch your traps at all times. Again we could sit around and question if they were taken, cut, or what have you. I'm just giving everyone that hoops this area a heads up.
  297. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    No, even the LB Officer said I was clear where I was fishing.
  298. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    The Long Beach PD officer told me they have experienced guys from the ports throwing grappling hooks from the piers and rocks and taking the hoops. He said most of the incidents result in the workers cutting the lines and leaving the hoops in the water leaving us unable to pick them up.
  299. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    If you are referring to the amount of hoops I had in the water, there were two of us in the boat. Post is legit. I only had one stolen. It was the one closest to the ramp gate where the dudes were hanging out at. I think what hurts the most is that this is the first time I've ever lost...
  300. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    There were no boats in the area, the water was well lit, and directly behind my traps was a large warehouse type building with guys walking in and out of it. When I pulled up to the spot, there were workers hanging out on the back of a pick-up truck. Once my trap was gone, so were they. I put...
  301. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    That's how I usually hoop. I got too comfortable when I thought I was the only one in the area last night.
  302. WhyMe

    Hoopers beware: Theres a thief in LB

    So I headed out and set up traps around the Pier G area. First set produced nothing around 8:30. Second set I split 5 from the first string and set the other 5 across the way. Second pull produced 5 lobster (All Keepers). There were no boats in the area where I was setting my hoops. The whole...
  303. WhyMe

    Need some info on Local Dana Yellows

    Not new. Just recovered from back surgery and been out of the game for over a year.
  304. WhyMe

    Need some info on Local Dana Yellows

    Thanks Randy. Ill post all the rats we find and give you some numbers. HAHAHA
  305. WhyMe

    Need some info on Local Dana Yellows

    Thanks Kevin. I was just hoping that some of the rats were still close on paddies. Sucks we have to get back early. I might have to keep him out there and fear the wrath of his parents. LOL
  306. WhyMe

    Need some info on Local Dana Yellows

    His dad and family are not fisherman. I'm trying to get him out because he expresses to me all the time that he wants to learn. If I knew he could handle it I would keep him in around the domes and look for the bigger exotics. Instead I want him to learn how to work the kelp and start with...
  307. WhyMe

    If you want a good laugh heres some beer can fishing

    "It's all pregnant and shit" That was funny!!
  308. WhyMe

    Need some info on Local Dana Yellows

    I am taking my little cousin out locally for (hopefully) rat yellows. He has never fished exotics and I think hooking some rats would be a good intro for him. Any reports on local paddies holding? I'm willing to hit the 209,181/2 to get him hooked up. Any info would be greatly...
  309. WhyMe

    kick his ass seabass 10/24/14

    I like that you took it to the scale. Stops these BD critics from busting your balls for the official weight. You know some jackasses would have been like, "I don't know, that looks as big as the 25lb'r I caught 10 years ago?" Nice fish!! I'm leaning to the 58lb range though...
  310. WhyMe

    Yellowtail long beach KOLO style!!! 10/20/14

    And they had bananas on the boat......... Maybe that's why they farmed so many? LOL Nice work, I'm just a little jealous...... Just a little. hahaha
  311. WhyMe

    WTB looking for a 5 lug trailer axle

    I don't know how much you are looking or expecting to pay for an axle but I would buy a new one. My philosophy is buy new; not someone else's problem. Especially when it comes down to an axle, hubs and bearings. Its not worth waiting on the side of the freeway for a tow. I buy all my...
  312. WhyMe

    Steigercraft for sale; 23 Miami DV

    That's what I call "Boat Porn!"
  313. WhyMe

    Hog yeller on the Sun..

    Do you guys hear all the crickets?
  314. WhyMe

    Salmon heads for lobster bait / Orange & LA County CA.

    I was stopped last weekend in Long Beach by DFG..... I was told by them that the law states that the use of recreationally caught (Private Boaters) fish is prohibited as bait. If you go out and catch a bonita/salmon and use it for bait, you are in violation. I didn't have a receipt but he...
  315. WhyMe

    once in a lifetime catch! the story of bugzilla lol

    I don't know about 20 lbs but regardless of the weight... its huge!!!! Great catch. A buddy of mine netted a 13lb'r in long beach a week or so ago. We've been on a roll with the 5-8lb spines class this year. By the way, Didn't Dave Hansen pull up a 20-30 lb spiny and donate it to the...
  316. WhyMe

    Hog yeller on the Sun..

    You're all wrong!!!!!!! What really happened to the kelp from way back in the day was from a natural disaster. When the San Andreas Earthquake hit back in the 90's the hard, rocky, kelp saturated structure we know as the horseshoe was structurally devastated. The fault line broke the...
  317. WhyMe

    Slug Yellow off LB - 10/12/14

    Would be nice to find out. I know they have some huge fish down in those pinnacles or caves or whatever it is down there.
  318. WhyMe

    Slug Yellow off LB - 10/12/14

    I would be worried about dropping a line even if the pelagics are okay to fish. My luck I would get nailed to the cross.. Does this mean you can yoyo for yellows at the Farnsworth?
  319. WhyMe

    Slug Yellow off LB - 10/12/14

    Sporties fishing Farnsworth? Am I missing something here???
  320. WhyMe

    Del Mar yellows

    Its not the rod, its those lucky socks. LOL
  321. WhyMe


    I would have released the carapace and kept the tail an legs
  322. WhyMe


    I don't know how the hell that music video popped up like that but I am leaving it... Its a hilarious song i think.
  323. WhyMe


    That bug Dan is violating in the picture is not as big as you think. Dan is a Midget....... HAHAHA
  324. WhyMe

    Lobstering yesterday night...!!!!

    Please, no one steal my rock. That's why I called it my rock.
  325. WhyMe

    12 x 2 Drum Brakes, Bearings, Bearing Buddies, Master, etc

    The lower hole on the backing plate is not there because most boat trailers have offset axles. You will have difficulties tightening the last bolt that sits between the axle and backing plate. Good deal. 1 drum and 1 backing plate alone usually runs $100-$120 depending on the size.
  326. WhyMe

    Knife Jigging in it's Purest Form

    My mom has some nice shiny butter knives in the china cabinet.... You think she will notice?
  327. WhyMe

    2 kegs

    Or this. I'm full of million dollar ideas
  328. WhyMe

    2 kegs

    Why don't you just start a "Dog Show" and do birthday parties? Make more money in the long run....... LOL
  329. WhyMe

    Help.... Gas Caddy

    Thanks James. I ended up calling all my MotoX buddies and using their 4 stroke tanks.
  330. WhyMe


    I would click on the "bad spelling" icon but I seas noting rong with the re port or sum chit lie that. haha Nice leopard!!!
  331. WhyMe

    Offshore 9/21 picked away at em.

    We miss you Tony....... Lol.
  332. WhyMe

    Offshore 9/21 picked away at em.

    Let me please explain why we (I) wanted to call it cock block paddy..... As most people are afraid to mention the name of a boat I am not. Two boats really pissed me off when we had a good YFT bite going. Green stringari with a t top :Death_To_Above: AND.... Pescadiux :Death_To_Above: Next...
  333. WhyMe

    OK, who was clingling to their flipped skiff?

    boat looked like a Gregor or Valco by the front end
  334. WhyMe

    OK, who was clingling to their flipped skiff?

    I love how the news words their descriptions....... "Turbulent conditions." fishing "expedition". just call it shitty conditions for a small boat on a fishing trip.
  335. WhyMe

    Help.... Gas Caddy

    Anyone locally that has a gas caddy I can borrow? Need to transfer some gasoline. Thanks Jason
  336. WhyMe

    Trout Meat / Carcasses

    I bet one year from now it will happen again
  337. WhyMe

    Offshore 277 Shared a Paddy

    Name the boat so everyone knows if they encounter them. Throw them under the bus
  338. WhyMe

    Yale Forklift

  339. WhyMe

    Yale 3000# Forklift

  340. WhyMe

    Offshore Yellowfin on the 209

    Now that's a "war face"
  341. WhyMe

    Yale Forklift

    Sale pending
  342. WhyMe

    Yale 3000# Forklift

    sale pending
  343. WhyMe

    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    Just when I thought there were enough asses on BD
  344. WhyMe

    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    It's a short stick but Johnnys all in!!
  345. WhyMe

    8/31 Catalina YT and Disrespectful sportboat

    Sucks that happened to you. You can argue both sides as to who is right or wrong. From a business stand point... The crew is a direct reflection of the Captain and Landing. What if there were people on the boat that who observed what you described as giving you the finger or throwing air...
  346. WhyMe

    Yale 3000# Forklift

    Thanks Jim. You should buy it. I heard forklifts make great paper weights. LOL
  347. WhyMe

    Yale 3000# Forklift

    still available
  348. WhyMe

    Yale Forklift

    Sorry for posting this twice. I wasn't sure where to put it. Will consider a trade for a commuter car. No cash on my end....... Don't have it
  349. WhyMe

    Yale 3000# Forklift

    fork height was 144" (12ft)
  350. WhyMe

    Yale 3000# Forklift

    I never measured it. I can find out for you by the end of the day
  351. WhyMe

    Yale 3000# Forklift

    Selling my Yale Forklift Forklift weighs 6110lbs Rated at 2800Lb 8800 hrs Power steering Newer tires (2 Years) Good battery Front and rear work lights Amber work light Lift/tilt only (no side shift) Hydrolic seals replaced last year Seat belt Fire extinguisher Lift was used on construction...
  352. WhyMe

    Yellowtail heaven... game on!

    OMG I cant believe you kept those yellows...... There goes the population us catch and release guys have been working so hard on. :rofl: Nicely done!!
  353. WhyMe

    Offshore 181ish Tuna Jumping

    were they on kelp or in open water?
  354. WhyMe

    Captains and owners, how to ensure a loss of business.

    I think that when paddies are a little hard to find and the fishing is tough, passengers tend to learn that even though they are paying for the trip, they have to put some effort in as well. I have found quite a few paddies when fishing on the BG90 years ago and the Bright Morning Star only...
  355. WhyMe

    Captains and owners, how to ensure a loss of business.

    So did you catch any fish? Where did you guys fish? Any other details in regards to fishing? Sorry, I lost interest in the read.
  356. WhyMe

    Reliable Kill Bag 20 x 48

    Thanks for the bag. Nice meeting you!
  357. WhyMe

    permits to fish private boat in mex waters?

    Beau is right. I didn't know this until I spoke with a DFW Ranger this past weekend at the ramp. He told me to just stay away from the Coronados because the navy hangs out there. I'd stay at 14miles out just to avoid any issues. Looks like I will be fishing mexico after all.
  358. WhyMe

    WTB: Leaning post

    I just ordered one from a guy in Florida. Might be what you are looking for. Plus you can add what ever you want. I just drew him a diagram and he made it happen. He ships for a flat rate of $75. Mine will be here on Monday His name is Mark.
  359. WhyMe

    90qt Cooler Seat with Backrest

    The mounting surface is 43" wide and 24" long
  360. WhyMe

    $.5.00 knot fee

    Yeah that sucks that they charge. I use to work for turners back in 2003-2006 and there was no fee. It sucks that they are charging now. I was told by one of the managers the reason was because everyone "salesman" back in the day would want to tie a Bimini-Albright. This process took longer...
  361. WhyMe

    Keeper Halibut and a Russian Model

    Please explain.
  362. WhyMe

    Keeper Halibut and a Russian Model

    She was mail order..... Don't lie hahaha
  363. WhyMe

    Skipjack 24 Open

    I don't like it because I want it and can't have it. GLWTS
  364. WhyMe

    Check out my butt

    Nice report!!! But........ Your report should have read: "We launched today out of MDR with the hopes of finding some YT at Catalina. The weather wasn't looking so good so we decided to take a run up the coastline to Alaska and look for some halibut" :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  365. WhyMe

    13 Gallon bait tank only a month old

    I have a question. I'll pm you. If all is well I'll take it PM Sent
  366. WhyMe

    90qt Cooler Seat with Backrest

    **********SOLD********** Selling a 90Qt Coleman ice chest with a removable foam padded seat that snaps onto the ice chest lid. The seat housing is constructed of fiberglass with a reversible backrest that is padded as well. There is a small 3/4inch cut on the top of the backrest. The fiberglass...
  367. WhyMe

    2014 Custom Heavy Duty Aluminum 16' Work Skiff w/ Yamaha 20 HP - Sold

    Badass!!! Would be pretty cool if it had a little CC with an arch for rods and lighting. Sick skiff!!
  368. WhyMe

    Need Rule Transom Bait Pump Mount.

    Yeah that's exactly what I needed. Thanks Jim! I ended up going to a local shop and buying a new one. Didn't realize how much they were. I think I'm just going to have a thru-hull installed before next season. Thanks again!
  369. WhyMe

    Need Rule Transom Bait Pump Mount.

    Never mind. I just spent the money. Damn it!!!! LOL
  370. WhyMe

    Need Rule Transom Bait Pump Mount.

    Hooking up the bait tank to my CC. I didn't notice the mount was broke and now I'm scrambling.
  371. WhyMe

    Need Rule Transom Bait Pump Mount.

    Does anyone have a transom mount pump that is broken or good that I can buy off them. All I really need is the housing the pump attaches to. The mount on the boat is good. Trying not to spend $100 on a new one. I need it ASAP. Thanks Thanks guys (909)996-7974 JASON
  372. WhyMe

    Offshore Paddy Poaching

    So true.....So so true!!!
  373. WhyMe

    San Pedro Tuna Report - 7/15

    Your reports kick ass!!! Definitely a great year for you on the new ride!! Congrats
  374. WhyMe

    Catalina Island mid week report

    Nice! Sounds like fun times at the island.
  375. WhyMe

    Corvina or White Sea Bass

    Don't corvina have distinct teeth (almost Like fangs?) I remember catching them in the Salton Sea and as a kid I would be in awe at the front teeth on both the upper and bottom lips. If I remember correctly they were "orange lip corvina"
  376. WhyMe

    PB: C-Bass

    I would put that fish over 50#'s. Tony is pretty tall and I've caught a few over 50 before. Definitely put it over 50#'s Regardless of the weight it was a damn good fish.
  377. WhyMe

    PB: C-Bass

    Dan, I unfriend you. Anyways. Call me when the next trip is close. Hahahaha.
  378. WhyMe

    PB: C-Bass

    Hey guys. My buddy Jim and I are looking for a new fishing partner. Anyone interested? Tell the real story Tony! Hahahaha I believe you were sleeping while Jim and I were cleaning fish. I sunk that gaff into our fish (Jim and I)pretty good huh? Cheers!!!!
  379. WhyMe

    Lake Havasu Info

    Hey guys. I haven't fished Havasu in a couple years. My dad is going to be on the site six dock to fish. It's the easiest place for him being in the wheelchair. Any current reports on the stripers and cats off site six. Thanks in advance Jason
  380. WhyMe

    Big Calico

    :jig: This is what an anchovy looks like in the water when it's dead and you slow troll it.:rofl:
  381. WhyMe

    Big Calico

    Yeah. The one that Tony was salivating over. The same one that Dan wanted to use for the fish fry. Hate to use any names on here. Gosh!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  382. WhyMe

    Big Calico

    This is a 10lb Calico. Released but no worries, I had some calico for lunch today. So did Hawkplayer32. He had a lot! I mean a lot! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  383. WhyMe

    Help with outboard troubles - 1996 Merc 2 strk 115hp 2+2

    It has a new pump, lines, and filters. Plugs are all new.
  384. WhyMe

    Help with outboard troubles - 1996 Merc 2 strk 115hp 2+2

    I purchased my boat last year used. It ran great until about 3 months ago. I took it in to my buddies shop and we cant find anything wrong with it. We have tested everything and checked everything. This is what the motor is doing..... It starts right up, idles perfect and runs at idle. The...
  385. WhyMe

    Newport Spotties

    Anyone been fishing spotties. How has the action been. Been off the water for a while. Looking to get into some.
  386. WhyMe


    Those "blue mountain" flatties look awesome. Just googled the spot.
  387. WhyMe

    Pre work bay session 4-29-14 calm before the winds

    Your rig sounds good to go. In addition I like using size 4-6 mosquito hooks. As far as the sand feel in your reel, you need to not let the reel touch the sand or let the salt water touch it at all. The sand can be found in the water splash of a crashing wave. Fish close to hide tide both...
  388. WhyMe

    the big one that didnt get away

    Sorry to hear about your horrible trip...... lol Nice yellow for sure!!!
  389. WhyMe

    using swimbaits for rockfish/ling

    Basically......... This is what I do. Cast, stay in the zone, bounce the bottom, and use big baits.
  390. WhyMe

    Amazing/Crazy Santa Monica Bay trip 3/9 w-pics

    You should come with me and my buddies to a boat slip in long beach. There is a seal there that attacked all three of us. Its not a cool feeling knowing that there is something swimming in the water waiting for you to be standing in spot that makes you vulnerable from a sea lion attack. Its...
  391. WhyMe

    Amazing/Crazy Santa Monica Bay trip 3/9 w-pics

    The seal took the picture then they went to bed.
  392. WhyMe

    3/10 San Diego-YT-SLAUGHTER

    WTF!!!! I am kicking myself in the ass for not going with you guys:zelfmoord Next trip is going to be on a "Sick" day...... I will call in to work for sure. How did Jim do? Keep the left overs for our friend at the dock. We need to make friends with that damn behemoth killer seal. NOTE...
  393. WhyMe

    BLACKJACK (3-7-14)

    Dude!!!! Your killing it!!! Been a good week for you.
  394. WhyMe

    BLACKJACK (3-7-14)

    Dude!!!! Your killing it!!! Been a good week for you.
  395. WhyMe

    BLACKJACK (3-7-14)

    Dude!!!! Your killing it!!! Been a good week for you.
  396. WhyMe


    Sounds like you found the "Sweet Spot!" I need to get out ASAP before it ends.....
  397. WhyMe


    SICK!!! Hey Reggie, were you using my bait tubes???
  398. WhyMe

    Tip of the week. NOT Dave Hansens

    That what I say when my girl kicks my ass too..... You are not alone
  399. WhyMe

    Fishing on the San Diego

    Way to go!! What time is dinner?
  400. WhyMe


    I just bought a surfboard!!!!
  401. WhyMe


    At the end when you fall off the board........ Do you just die?
  402. WhyMe

    WTF!!!! Future of the UFC??? Maybe

    I'm going to work on that for you!!!
  403. WhyMe

    WTF!!!! Future of the UFC??? Maybe

    I'd be scared to tell him to clean his room. That kid will never need to be spanked. He'll kick your ass before you can touch him!!
  404. WhyMe

    WTF!!!! Future of the UFC??? Maybe

    Holy Shit this kid is bad ass!!
  405. WhyMe

    Best Havasu / big water crossover boat?

    not sure what your price range or the style you want for the river is but a buddy of mine is selling his 262 Rinker. Its in Members Boats For Sale
  406. WhyMe

    Best Havasu / big water crossover boat?

    I agree with Shad. I have been going to Havasu for as long as I can remember. I ended up leaving my Warlock there at Hava-Storage off of Industial and the 95. A 32' personal storage garage cost me $120/month and it was worth it. No hauling the boat back and forth which saved a lot in gas as I...
  407. WhyMe

    Almost Gave Up

    Way to stay with it. One of my best trips this year was on an isolated rock structure that I motored over by accident. Limit style fishing....... Big believer in trying new spots since that day!!
  408. WhyMe

    2005 Rinker Captiva 262

    Yep, river trout!! That's one fish you don't need a bait tank for
  409. WhyMe

    2005 Rinker Captiva 262

  410. WhyMe

    Two Harbors Catalina Boat Crash

    Is this the call that went out at Isthmus? I was on my way out of LB when I heard the call go out over channel 16. "Three on board W/severe injuries." Coast Guard LB gave a Baywatch response time of 20 minutes. I wish I could have been closer to the island to help out. Scary when things like...
  411. WhyMe


    You know what sucks? Everytime someone posts something on this thread, it shows up in my alerts box! FML
  412. WhyMe

    Pacific Trailer Boat Extension

    This is the idea I have for the extension. The only thing you would need to do it weld the bracket (Red) onto the center winch post bracket behind the tongue. Easy and quick on/off. I'm going to make mine then see how it works.
  413. WhyMe

    The Dark Knight Rises - Batman can't stop thinking about sex

    This is from, "College Humor" - Batman can't stop thinking about sex
  414. WhyMe

    Pacific Trailer Boat Extension

    Joe is a good guy. Been dealing with him back when he was working at Johnson Marine. The tongue weight sounds about right, and the 2" ball is better as it will be easier and cheaper to make the extension. I'll be in touch with you. Jason
  415. WhyMe

    Lobster Whisperer and Tony Destroy in O side

    First annual BD Cage Fight - King of the Harbor I want a percentage of the T-Shirt sales!!!!!
  416. WhyMe

    Who likes Miley Cyrus? Chatroulette...... Hilarious!!!!!!

    She is the girl who played as Disneys, "Hannah Montana" soon to be the next Lindsey Lohan I think. "Billy Ray Cyrus's Daughter"
  417. WhyMe

    HELP..... Radar Arch

    I'm going to hit up this guy in Yucaipa first. If he can't do it or is way too expensive, I will hit you up. I'm looking for something along these lines.... haha, Just right side up!
  418. WhyMe

    Pacific Trailer Boat Extension Easy $120 fix This is what you need to fix the Winch/Winch Post issue. You could do damage to the...
  419. WhyMe

    Who likes Miley Cyrus? Chatroulette...... Hilarious!!!!!!

    Funny Chatroulette For those who do not know what Chatroulette is, You can now chat and watch people online with random people and go to the next room if you wish not to talk to that person...... Sometimes you get people like this.......Hilarious if you know the song and have seen the music...
  420. WhyMe

    FS: Two Group 24 Deep Cycle Batteries

    ********SOLD********SOLD********SOLD******** I have two Deep cycle batteries I bought this week and found I cannot return them. I purchased them from a local battery shop called "The Power Shop". They are new batteries. Power shop slaps their name/sticker on them and sells them for cheaper...
  421. WhyMe

    Lobster Limits X 6

    Great day for those on the GF. We went out last night, forgot the boat plug, and finally got on my spot at 10pm. Outgoing tide at midnight proved to be a great time. Bugs up to 8lbs. Still a bunch of bugs in LB
  422. WhyMe

    Anyone concerned about Fukushima out there?

    I guess its time so start eating Large Mouth Bass..........MMMMMMMMMM!!!!
  423. WhyMe

    Anyone concerned about Fukushima out there?

    Presidential Candidate?
  424. WhyMe

    HELP..... Radar Arch

    Thanks for the info. I was able to find a guy out in Redlands that I might have build one for me out of aluminum. If I go through with it, I will post some pictures. Jason
  425. WhyMe


    IzorXXX from trout fishing with 2lb all the way to 80lb trolling.
  426. WhyMe

    BDOutdoors 3.0 is Live!!

  427. WhyMe

    HELP..... Radar Arch

    Hey peeps, I would like to have a front-folding Radar Arch built for my VIP 18' CC. Other than PYT, does anyone know a place or someone. It's a simple job and I would do it myself but I hate welding aluminum. Mild steel I can weld all day long. Need a double 1" tube arch. Approx 40" wide by...
  428. WhyMe

    Lobster Hooping, how often do you check your nets?

    30-45 depending on how anxious I am. Usually more on the 45 minute side.
  429. WhyMe

    Win Tickets to the San Diego Sunroad Marina Boat Show - Jan 23-26, 2014

    I hate when tourists take so many pictures... Get off that guys boat!!!
  430. WhyMe

    Coral for fishing gear?

    Good looking tank. Colors are nice. Good luck on the trade.
  431. WhyMe

    Long Beach Threshers

    Thanks for the info. I've never targeted them near shore or inside the LB breakwall. I have a lot of experience with them outside from the 9-14MB. Most of my shark adventures consist of chum/sight fishing for mako and the occasional thresher. Going to give it a try next week. we'll see...
  432. WhyMe

    Long Beach Threshers

    Dines or macs? Flylined, or suspended? Trolled or Still-fished? Thanks in advance, Jason
  433. WhyMe

    King harbor bite continues.

    I'm going to make the trip tomorrow and get on this bite. See you in the morning. I'll be in an VIP 18CC Fun-times ahead!!!
  434. WhyMe

    Need a setup for the wife (first timer)

    Take her out with you before march and let her pull on some fish. If she likes it more and more each time, take her to the Fred Hall show and buy a blank and an Avet sx from Charkbait. Take the blank to a rod wrapper. Have them wrap her rod up in her favorite colors (ASK HER her favorite...
  435. WhyMe

    Anybody ever used this site is it a scam

    I didn't say, "I should" I said, "We Should" You in Saluki? :rofl::rofl:
  436. WhyMe

    Anybody ever used this site is it a scam

    I agree..... we should try to purchase something really cheap to test the waters. If it is legit, HOLY COW!!!!! $209 Shimano Talica 10...... We hit the mother load
  437. WhyMe

    mission belle 9/7

    What up Tony. Sucks I couldn't head out with you guys. How did you do with the yellows?
  438. WhyMe

    Long Beach Threshers

    Anyone know the best months to fish for these bad boys? Are they here and active year round? I have never tried during winter even though its like summertime out here. Any info helps..... Thanks in advance
  439. WhyMe

    Need Small trailer

    Check these out on craigslist...... Sometimes 4 Stroke sea-doo trailers can be converted easily and keep costs down. Good Luck
  440. WhyMe

    boat for sale 1979 Fish natique correct craft

    Here comes the bashing......... Someone didn't read the rules before the first (1st) posting.
  441. WhyMe

    Three aluminum chairs for sale

    Nice boat!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  442. WhyMe

    F/S - Fixed Motor Bracket Trolling/Small Outboard

    Price lowered to $40 OBO and I am willing to ship on the buyers $$$dime$$$.
  443. WhyMe

    15 ft aluminum boat with 30hp suzuki for sale $1200

    It's in the United States. Can't you read......GOSH!!!!! :rofl::rofl:
  444. WhyMe

    Catalina Two Day Report

    Your three last posts have been great. Way to go!!!!
  445. WhyMe

    FS: 6 Promar Eclipse Hoop Nets W/Bait cages

    Bump for a price drop. $150 firm for all 6 nets.
  446. WhyMe

    WTB: super fat cat

    LMK means , "Let Me Know." free bump hahaha
  447. WhyMe

    FS: 6 Promar Eclipse Hoop Nets W/Bait cages

    Hey guys, I'm selling 6 Promar Eclipse nets without the rope and bouys. They all sit straight and are not bent out of shape. There is some rust on the lower rings but nothing raising concern. One of the nets had a small tear in it from a 4ft leopard shark I pulled up. It was easilty fixed by...
  448. WhyMe

    No Chrismas YT this year

    It's kinda like the slinding sinker WSB rig......... The turd roller is a shitty rig! HAHAHA
  449. WhyMe

    No Chrismas YT this year

    Had a blast Tony. Good times!! Til next time, Farmer Jay
  450. WhyMe

    WTB: Commuter Car

    If your price comes up a little, My dad is selling his Volvo s70. I think its a 99' and has around 105K. Automatic, runs great, interior just needs a small detail, leather interior, clean body, and new tires. He is asking 4k
  451. WhyMe

    2001 Carolina Skiff 16' W/ Yamaha 4-stroke

    Thanks. Sometimes the end isn't as "Happy" as having the boat. You just need to find the right buyer. Sometimes it takes a while.
  452. WhyMe

    2001 Carolina Skiff 16' W/ Yamaha 4-stroke

    Closer to a bigger boat! Thanks Vincent
  453. WhyMe

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending Dec 20th, 2013 - Woody Hunting Knife

    The Woody from Bubba Blade. Making dogs jealous, one stab at a time!
  454. WhyMe

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending Dec 20th, 2013 - Woody Hunting Knife

    PIG: To the Stab'n Cabin!!!
  455. WhyMe

    Channel Islands Lings

    Going out Thursday night was choppy going through the channel. Nothing you couldn't sleep through. Once we hit the island, the rocking stopped. I slept the whole way out. When we woke up, the wind was blowing. Not sure how fast but fast enough to have to anchor on most spots. Forecast said the...
  456. WhyMe

    Channel Islands Lings

    Hit an Overnight on the Pacific Islander for some RockCod. Got to San Miguel and woke up to some winds. Captain put on a spot, dropped the hook and it was a ling-ling morning for me. I was using an AHI 8oz Glow diamond jig, with a winged plastic teaser. Many many many short lings. Pulled the...
  457. WhyMe

    Looking For A Yellow Tail Setup

    Knowing how much you want to spend really helps. There are many pricey reels that work great and a few "affordable" reels that do a great job as well. I personally like using an Avet MXL 2 speed 50lb braid and 100yrd/30lb topshot and a Graftech 80H. I like this combo coupled with my favorite...
  458. WhyMe

    Lobster Trip Going Friday Night $75 Deal - Dana Point -Helena

    I would totally go tonight but, I left my deck boots on the Pacific Islander in Oxnard........ So I guess I'm fishing Rockfish tomorrow. I'll definitely be making my way on one of these trips before the season is over. Long beach seals suck!! Hell, $1 beers and boat burgers, start the...
  459. WhyMe

    2001 Carolina Skiff 16' W/ Yamaha 4-stroke

    Going down to $4500 Firm. If it doesn't sell, I'm keeping it.
  460. WhyMe

    8 ounce sinkers

    I'll take them.... Check your PM Thanks, Jason
  461. WhyMe

    Hooping report from Catalina

    Unless I have misunderstood the reg's, you are only allowed to be in possession of one (1) limit (7 lobster) per person at any time regardless of how many days you are on the water. This also includes any lobster you may have at home. If you have three in the fridge at home, you can only take...
  462. WhyMe

    Samsung T.V. for sale

  463. WhyMe

    Samsung T.V. for sale

    Selling this for a friend of mine. The description came from the "Crutchfield" website...... Our take on the Samsung HL61A750 by Loren Barstow Samsung is one of the most experienced and innovative makers of DLP televisions. All those years of expertise helped create the sleek...
  464. WhyMe

    bugging tips for LB?

    If you don't catch anything, cast your nets to the other side...... Hey it worked when Jesus said it!!! And the nets were full!!!
  465. WhyMe

    Is my Low IQ a Prerequisite for Being on BD?

    I can't believe I actually read all six pages. This thread is like junk email - Just a waste of time!!!
  466. WhyMe

    Local Cod on Sunken Pirate Ship

    Sorry to hear you had such a great day on the water......Less luck next time..LOL
  467. WhyMe

    bugging tips for LB?

    You pretty much have it down as far as what to do. All you have to do now is apply the techniques you have read. Make sure you have a bunch of bait and keep the cages full. The seals are a pain in the ass and I have had problems with them robbing my bait cages. They are sitting on the cages...
  468. WhyMe

    2001 Carolina Skiff 16' W/ Yamaha 4-stroke

    Still for sale - back to the top
  469. WhyMe

    11.13.13 half a dozen morning dove and something extra

    Good times!!! What did/can you do with a badger? Just curious
  470. WhyMe

    Bonies and Barries in the Basin

    What/where is the "Basin"
  471. WhyMe

    when does

    I knew it wasn't an Opah!!!
  472. WhyMe

    when does

    When you do not have an animal in your sights.
  473. WhyMe

    Cod|Dana Point|11/10-11/12

    Fun times..... I like the shirt!
  474. WhyMe

    2007 26' Twin Vee Express Catamaran

    Does it even get up on plane with 60's?
  475. WhyMe

    2001 Carolina Skiff 16' W/ Yamaha 4-stroke

    I have had it out of Newport fishing halibut. I take it out often at night to catch mac's outside the long beach breakwall for my traps. I currently use it for lobster in LB Harbor. Most of ts use has been in Newport bay for spotties, and Silverwood Lake for stripers. I've always taken my...
  476. WhyMe

    Definitely Bonito in King Harbor! No love from the Lobsters in LB

    I definitely care. Thanks for the heads up on the bite. Makes for good lobster bait for those dedicated enough to get out!
  477. WhyMe

    Lucky 13

    I was going to reply to your thread....... I scrolled down and was mesmerized by the implants. Watched it over and over
  478. WhyMe

    Imperial Valley Pheasant

    Sweet!!!!!! Good pics
  479. WhyMe

    2001 Carolina Skiff 16' W/ Yamaha 4-stroke

    Still for sale - Soemone please buy it so I can buy another toy............... Please don't tell her!!!!! :argue:
  480. WhyMe

    Looking for donations to send to my buddy (U.S. Army) in Kuwait

    WOW!! I can't believe the amount of people that showed interest in helping out. I was able to obtain several different types of Shooting Magazines and a great number of them to send to Jason. You guys rock!!!! Thank you so much. I am in debt to your generosity. Thanks again and God Bless...
  481. WhyMe

    Looking for donations to send to my buddy (U.S. Army) in Kuwait

    Thanks for all the help guys. It really means a lot.
  482. WhyMe

    Fishdope Update for 11-5-2013

    Did some quick homework on the hoist in King Harbor: Boat Hoist To get your boat into the water via the hoist, call Redondo Beach Marina at (310) 374-3481. Correct me anyone If I am wrong.
  483. WhyMe

    Fishdope Update for 11-5-2013

    Where is the launch ramp located? Never been there before
  484. WhyMe

    Looking for donations to send to my buddy (U.S. Army) in Kuwait

    Hi everyone, Not sure if I am posting this in the right place but it's worth a shot. My buddy Jason is currently serving in Kuwait. This is his sixth year and by far the worst ever for him. Last year Jason found himself and his platoon running for the hills as a grenade was thrown at their...
  485. WhyMe

    1998 seaswirl striper CC

    What is the length? Is the motor original to the boat? Hours?
  486. WhyMe

    2001 Carolina Skiff 16' W/ Yamaha 4-stroke

    Hate to sell it during lobster season but......... it's still available.
  487. WhyMe

    Caption Contest - Tackle Day at Fisherman's Landing - Nov 2, 2013

    Here Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty!!!!!
  488. WhyMe

    2001 Carolina Skiff 16' W/ Yamaha 4-stroke

    I called and left you a message. Jason (909) 996-7974
  489. WhyMe

    10-22 hooping

    good times!!
  490. WhyMe

    Offshore Tuna Pens GoPro Video

    I like the cast footage with the rod whip......... Pretty bad ass!!
  491. WhyMe


    Nice... Been out three times this past week and nothing but shorts and a couple just scratching the keeper size Fishing the inside?
  492. WhyMe


    Lobsters love photos. Very photogenic creatures.......So cute!!!!:D - - - Updated - - - Lobsters love photos. Very photogenic creatures.......So cute!!!!:D
  493. WhyMe


    I'm on the edge of my seat thinking about it. Sounds like there is gonna be a lot of room on the rail. Might be worth the first two beers.....:rofl:
  494. WhyMe


    ^^^^^^^^^^^ Same question
  495. WhyMe

    Bait handoff MDR Oct 12

    Procedure for Calling A Ship by Radio You may use channel 16 to call a ship or shore station, but if you do so, you must, must be brief! We recommend this same procedure be used over channel 9, if channel 9 is used as a calling channel. For example:Blue Duck: "Mary Jane, this is Blue Duck"...
  496. WhyMe

    Bait handoff MDR Oct 12

    Most people only have one radio on their boats. If monitoring channel 16, you can call a boat, then change to a different channel to continue the conversation. I am not one to hold a conversation over the radio especially on channel 16. I know its for emergencies. But like I said, there is...
  497. WhyMe

    Bait handoff MDR Oct 12

    call him on 16, keep it brief, and change to a different channel. There is nothing wrong with doing it this way. Just keep it brief and make sure you change to a different channel.
  498. WhyMe

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends October 16th, 2013

    What Black Sea Bass are you talking about?
  499. WhyMe

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends October 16th, 2013

    Wife says - What! Get out and don't come back til your sorry! Guy says - Yes Dear!!!
  500. WhyMe

    2006 Triumph 215 Center Console and Yamaha 150

    Thanks. Yeah, the T-Top is pretty cool. The wires disconnect where there is Velcro wrapped around the pole.
  501. WhyMe

    2006 Triumph 215 Center Console and Yamaha 150

    Posting this for a buddy of mine..... BOAT Custom T-Top with 12 rocket launchers, breaks down for garage storage, Garmin GPS/sounder, Lowrance FF, VHF Radio, Bow pulpit with Lewmar claw anchor with chain and rope, electric trim tabs, hydrolic steering, bait tank, Dual Captain chairs, 60 Gal...
  502. WhyMe

    Yellowtail at the Middle Grounds

    Good job, and good job on not letting the chair hold you back on land. My father is in a wheelchair and I wish I could get him out. Been a few years for him on the pacific. Keep it up!!!
  503. WhyMe

    Can you fish while hooping???

    Without looking it up, I think it is unlawful to possess spearfishing equipment while lobster fishing. Other than that, fish while you wait!!! We have had great sculpin and sandbass action outside the LB Breakwall fishing squid while soaking our nets for bugs.
  504. WhyMe

    West Marine Opens Their Newport Beach, CA Flagship Store - Caption Contest - Win $150

    Avoid over-packing your boat with cocaine when coming back from a Cuban fishing trip.......... West marine!
  505. WhyMe

    Fillet Knife (Bubba Blade)

    X2 - I was watching Tommy on youtube yesterday fillet some fish and noticed he used the Bubba. If I remember correctly, I think Tommy even referenced the knife during the process.
  506. WhyMe

    Where the Mac's at??

    Just because they are close to shore, doesn't mean I have to be out there as much as possible. I only kill what I'm gonna eat. I have enough YT, WSB and Dodo to last me a while. There's no bugs in my freezer and I need to make bait for this weekend! Any questions?
  507. WhyMe

    Where the Mac's at??

    Are you offering or bragging? LOL In the past i like Macs and bonita. Oily and smell great in the sun
  508. WhyMe

    Where the Mac's at??

    Anyone got a report or info on Mackerel. Looking to stock up for bug season this week. Launching out of Newport or Long Beach. Thanks Guys/Gals
  509. WhyMe

    371 and 40 Minutes to get Limits

    BD is starting to sound more like a dating site. Hooking up with random guys and paddy hopping looking for some tail. :rofl: Limits on smaller grade fish are always good in my book. Good going!!
  510. WhyMe

    Offshore Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    I've known Bobby and his brother for as long as I can remember since the original TopGun. Doesn't sound like him at all. Sorry to hear you had a bad trip.....
  511. WhyMe

    Great White Attacks Seals off PV on 9/19/13 - Caught on Video

    Poor seals :( here comes another closure, no more seal fishing
  512. WhyMe

    Local Kayak Fishing!

    Aaron, you working as a fishing guide? Be honest!!
  513. WhyMe

    Local Kayak Fishing!

    No, he got it. Just read through it again. You'll see it lol
  514. WhyMe

    Offshore Tough day on an overnight

    Many (not all) people who fish sport boats suck at fishing especially when it comes to offshore for paleagics. Some excel and some fail! As far as the guys who came home empty, I bet they had little to no experience or skill. There is a lot more to just dropping a bait in the water. A lot! Do...
  515. WhyMe

    Offshore Made my first Spearfishing video. Hit the 43 with some friends this weekend

    Fun shit!!! Surprised you didn't spear those opah?? I hear they are good eating!! :rofl:
  516. WhyMe

    Offshore Hell Has Frozen Over!

    Do you have footage from the GoPro? Would be cool to see. Sounds like a good trip!!
  517. WhyMe

    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends September 27th, 2013

    Now we can pull two boats at a time.
  518. WhyMe

    4 free Hens

    My (Hispanic) buddy had a problem with his neighbor installing a camera that was covering his back yard. This neighbor was a "Hardcore American" and hates all immigrants. So my buddy hung a Mexican flag directly in front of the camera. The flag was probably 5'x8' and he spraypainted on the flag...
  519. WhyMe

    Harley Softail - Must See Custom

    103 is a good motor. I love mine!!
  520. WhyMe

    Albacore and rock fish!

    Way out of line bro! Why the hell would you say that? Oh, and welcome to Bloodydecks, you should log off forever......... :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger:
  521. WhyMe

    Help with fish I.D. & Cat Report 9-15-13

    Thanks, I had to marinade the ice chest with bleach. FML for not washing it at the rack.
  522. WhyMe

    9/16/13 3/4 Mission Belle Yellowrat Slaying

    Those would taste great on the BBQ using a Kabob stick!!!
  523. WhyMe

    Surf fishing newport?

    Don't give away my secrets punkass Ryan!!!! :finger: What are you gonna tell them next? Fish the wave break for corbina and yellowfin croaker? Nice boat name loser!!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  524. WhyMe

    Help with fish I.D. & Cat Report 9-15-13

    The current Reg for 2013 from what I understand is 300'. Did they change it again?
  525. WhyMe

    Help with fish I.D. & Cat Report 9-15-13

    I took this picture of the DFG Website a few weeks ago and used it for reference today on the water. This is how I knew the bag limit for Bocaccio. South of Pt. Con to US/Mex border, the Bocaccio bag limit is 3. This was a new regulation for 2013 as shown in the highlighted text. Compared to...
  526. WhyMe

    Help with fish I.D. & Cat Report 9-15-13

    The only thing I did in college was girls, parties, and booz! Actually wouldn't mind going back LOL
  527. WhyMe

    Help with fish I.D. & Cat Report 9-15-13

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll look into the ID Cards. Jason
  528. WhyMe

    Help with fish I.D. & Cat Report 9-15-13

    Hey guys. We fished Cat today for some good Calico action at Indian Rock. West end was on fire with opaleye. No not Opah! Squid stealing Blue Perch everywhere. Bastards!!! And one nice keeper goat. Sorry no pictures. Hate being bothered while I'm fishing unless it's something good. Anyways, we...
  529. WhyMe

    Anybody know this guy?

    Dont worry Aggro, there are so many people out there that would rather turn their head and talk shit about what happened. It must be so hard to pick up the phone and make a report.
  530. WhyMe

    Anybody know this guy?

    Maybe??? But i like it better thinking there is only one guy and everyone is getting heated! LOL I still think he is a dumbass and this is very wrong what is depicted in this video.
  531. WhyMe

    i guess they finally got the chupacabra!

    Old news. Found the new species several years ago. youtube search it and look at the dates.
  532. WhyMe

    New Johnny rat Lure

    I like it!!!!! A lot!!!! Nice swimming action on the topwater.
  533. WhyMe

    2001 Carolina Skiff 16' W/ Yamaha 4-stroke

    Carolina Skiff J16 center console powered by a 2001 Yamaha 25hp 4stroke. Runs great and I fish it at least 2-3 times a week. Newport bay and local lakes. Nice open floor plan for a 16' skiff and awesome platform to fish from. Handles great!! Center console with 6 rod holders Humminbird 571...
  534. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    Looks good. You are on my call list.
  535. WhyMe


    I can't believe it took him 6 posts to figure that out. lol
  536. WhyMe

    F/S - T & H Marine Mini Jacker Fixed Jack Plate

    Took this off of my 16' Carolina skiff and installed and different jack plate. This jack plate is a good way to use a long-shaft (20") motor on a short-shaft (15") transom. Gives a 4" setback. Rated up to a 35HP motor. Cast Aluminum construction. The engine mounting surface is 11 1/2" wide x...
  537. WhyMe

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Her bikini is red, Shovelheads are wack, Why is her chest, As flat as its back?
  538. WhyMe

    La Jolla Yellows 9/8/13

    Way to make mom happy? Good days on the water!!!
  539. WhyMe

    F/S - Fixed Motor Bracket Trolling/Small Outboard

    Rated for up to 15hp outboard or transom mount trolling motor. Comes with SS mounting hardware. Hardly ever used. Was mounted on the back of my 16' Skiff. $50.00 OBO (I think they run about $80 brand new) Pick-up only, no shipping Send me a PM or text/call 909-996-7974 Jason The...
  540. WhyMe

    Offshore The chief

    How could anyone complain about the boat coming back in. As far as I am concerned he saved your damn lives. The ocean is not a safe place when the slightest problem arises. I don't care if he took on 1000 gallons of water or 10 gallons of water. They found a problem, and the captain acted in...
  541. WhyMe

    Offshore The chief

    Welcome back home guys! Must be nice to have a 3 1/2 voucher waiting for you and a clear tab from fish cleaning and food. Winner Winner!!
  542. WhyMe

    Channel Islands - 8/29/13

    It crossed my mind believe me. They were much much older than I was and at 6-00 275lbs, I would have broke him in half. Screw it, I came home loaded with fish anyways!!
  543. WhyMe

    Channel Islands - 8/29/13

    Had a last minute itch to get on the water and I was thinking a quick freezer filler. Jumped on the Mirage out of CISCOS and very happy I did. Brought home two WSB at around 18lbs each. Filled the ice chests up with good quality Reds, Johnny Bass, and Chuckles. Boat had a Toatal count of 16...
  544. WhyMe

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    He is using his back and not his legs
  545. WhyMe

    Thunderbird 1.5 Day 8/15/2013 GDOW

    No way in hell they are 80's. If that squid in the picture was a 1lb bait, I would agree to a 80lb fin. Highly doubt (but possible) the yellow between was any near 70-80lbs. I wasn't there but what do I know!!??!! Oh well, looks like it was a good trip though.
  546. WhyMe


    Way out of line mister!!!!! Lizard fish aren't too bad once you get past the throat burn.
  547. WhyMe


    Cool video. Crazy to see perfectly cut sections of a leopard in its stomach. Time to sharpen that knife for sure after that!!
  548. WhyMe


    I agree with Max. Don't sweat us dumbasses. LOL
  549. WhyMe

    Weekending in San Diego

    You sir, are a badass!!!! Always jealous of your videos.
  550. WhyMe


    I'm just busting your balls and waiting for the video. So where is this BBQ going down at, you know we all want a taste!!!
  551. WhyMe


    How do you like it cooked? Rare? or Rarer?
  552. WhyMe


    I'm glad he was able to find and harvest the fish after he shot it. Now I believe him!!! lol
  553. WhyMe

    Disappointing Trip

    I can't believe this thread is actually here. I have had trips where we didn't wet lines at all. He's a good captain and tried hard to produce fish for your trip. I agree with the gambling comparison. Did you contact the Captain regarding your disappointment, I guarantee you would have had...
  554. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    Just thought I would be an asshole and rub this in a little. This was breakfast at 5 a.m. this morning. BBQ'd porter and eggs. The day before that was bacon from a pig we just put down. Yes the eggs were from the chickens out back..
  555. WhyMe

    Ice cold water shutting things down considerably - Newps

    I been fishing the peninsula for the past three weeks and its been on fire for me. Finding decent sized sand crabs sucked, but I managed to have some double digit days on BSP and YFC. I fished the evening hightide once everyone starts to leave the beach. Its been Great for me and my "newbe" 14...
  556. WhyMe

    Sons 1st Fish! Lookin for Halibut.

    I wasn't trying to bust your balls or anything like that. It just sucks seeing people with citations from the Fish and Game. Those damn things are pricey!!! Review the current size and limit regulations. There have been several changes with just bass alone. Again Just FYI Get your kid back...
  557. WhyMe

    Sons 1st Fish! Lookin for Halibut.

    Sounds like a fun day with the kid! Just FYI in case you didn't know...... Barracuda size limit is 28"
  558. WhyMe

    Anyone floattube? Ninja Donut? Shark Biscut?

    Yeah, I used to do that in Newport until a damn seal decided he wanted to bite my fin and use me as a human bobber. Not cool!!! Nice assortment of fish makes for a good day though!
  559. WhyMe

    The Eclipse 2.5 day leaving this Sunday 8/18/13

    I think he is asking how well you did personally....... I think.....???? Ok, now I"m not sure........ Max can you type it one more time?...LOL
  560. WhyMe

    Eldorado Question

    I always try to make it on the trips with a .5........ Find a 2.5 This way you are fishing 2 full days and you get home the next morning rested.
  561. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    Nice meeting you guys as well Matt. Enjoy! I had a T-Bone and eggs for breakfast at 5am. Nothing better than running a BBQ before the suns comes up. We'll be in touch for thanksgiving. Turkeys are looking good and growing fast!!
  562. WhyMe

    DP Inshore Sat.Sun

    Never pull them into the boat til they are dead. Just not safe!! When I fish mako, I tail them with a 20' dockline and tie it off to a frontward cleat on the boat so the shark is facing backwards. I also run a 20' dockline around them behind the side "pectoral" fins and in front of the dorsal...
  563. WhyMe

    Three dudes looking to go offshore sunday. tuna/dodo

    Neill simply posted that he and his buddies were planning a trip and it was cancelled. Now he is asking if anyone is looking to pick up some passengers willing to pay their way, help out, and have a good time. Nothing wrong with that at all. Gas costs money and not every boat owner has the cash...
  564. WhyMe

    Three dudes looking to go offshore sunday. tuna/dodo

    I take it you guys wont be fishing together.......?
  565. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    The beef has been sold! Enjoy!!!
  566. WhyMe

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    Thank god you are OK!!!! LOL
  567. WhyMe

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    If he doesn't answer back to your question, I think we can all guess as to what happened.....
  568. WhyMe

    SD bay with the lady

    Way to throw her to the wolves........ I mean "Chesters"
  569. WhyMe

    Trigger happy!!!

    I thought they were tropical fish?
  570. WhyMe

    Newport Beach 8/15/2013

    Fished it again today for a final count of...... 22 - BSP 8"-10" 03 - YFC 10"-12" I was using Camo sand worms for the first 10 minutes, then started digging for sand crabs. The whole beach was completely full of sandcrabs. The hard thing was finding decent sized ones. I ended up using 3...
  571. WhyMe

    96 Klamath 18.5 ft, 2012 Honda, 4 stroke 60 HP, 13 hours

    Some more pics might help you out. Good luck
  572. WhyMe

    1.5 day and gunny sacks?

    Oh I see....... OKAY.......... Bait tank is for bait AS Fish tank is for fish Chovies and dines are fish!?!?!?!? :slap:
  573. WhyMe

    Long Beach Info

    This is what we talked about.
  574. WhyMe

    Long Beach Info

    Check your inbox
  575. WhyMe

    2006 Edgewater 265 CC - Yamaha - Low Hrs

    No jealousy here at all..... Nope...... Not one bit of jealousy....... Yeah I'm Jealous!!! Sick Boat!!!
  576. WhyMe


    It's official....... Us BD'ers have sad lives if not no lives!!! :zelfmoordLOL
  577. WhyMe

    Camo Worms

    I like a C-Rig using 6lb Izor XXX and a 6lb flouro leader and a 3/8-1/2 oz slider. Owner mosquito hooks size 6 or 4 depending on bait size. I thread the sandworms just far enough to hide the hook and knot.
  578. WhyMe

    dead seal

    Shark week!! Its a bad week to be a seal!!
  579. WhyMe

    Newport Beach Surf

    True that!! I didn't get skunked. Next time I guess, or should I say tomorrow. lol
  580. WhyMe

    Newport Beach Surf

    No pics. Sorry, I am always worried about getting a rogue wave and killing my iPhone. Headed out this morning to Newport. Started fishing at Lifeguard Shack "G" at 6 a.m on the balboa peninsula. Final count was 6 BSP in the 8"-10" class using Gulp Camo Sandworms. Left for breakfast and back to...
  581. WhyMe

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    Thanks for the gaff Daryl, it looks bad ass and cant wait to use it. Great addition for the boat!! Guys, if you are in need of a gaff, Daryl has a talent and puts out some quality work. I really like my gaff and the X-Grip really gives it a good feel and look. The epoxy work is nice and...
  582. WhyMe

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Summer Species Photo Contest ends August 26th

    My first "Jackpot" Dodo!!! :) OH, Tomorrow is my Bday......Wink! Wink!
  583. WhyMe

    What is your favorite scent

    For those gay seabass
  584. WhyMe

    What is your favorite scent

    WD-40 all the way. I remember 20 years ago when some dudes were spraying Salas Jigs and hitting huge rockfish fish at St. Nicholas Island. I remember looking down the rail there were about 4 or 5 cans sitting on the wood ....... Good shit!!
  585. WhyMe

    1.5 day and gunny sacks?

    I have made it a habit to only gill and gut all fish I catch regardless of the size. 2lb goat or a 30 lb YFT, I take them all home whole. Unless of course on a several day trip, and depending on what boat I am on, I may have them filleted. Building a good relationship with a boat I think is one...
  586. WhyMe

    Another boring DVL post.

    Been thinking about getting into trolling using lead core. What kind of reel do you like to use/prefer?
  587. WhyMe

    Wilson 26ft For Sale

    I love those motors!! Powerfull 425 HP, and reliable.
  588. WhyMe

    Caption Contest - West Marine Opens their Corpus Christi Large Format Store Aug 9-11

    West marine has all of your boating needs to keep you on the water..... Like "Stay A Float"
  589. WhyMe

    San Diego 8\2\13

    16 fish on deck... You forgot to include the camera man's fish..... I got ur back LOL Looks like you all a great day! Wish I could stick some yellows but my fresh back surgery still says no..
  590. WhyMe

    Steelhead at the 302???

    Always epic when solo!!
  591. WhyMe

    1996 skipjack for sale 760 951 5199 art

    Wow!! That was cheap. Didn't realize pictures increase the value by 50%. LOL
  592. WhyMe

    help selling my riffe speargun

    I agree with Leo. I have the same gun without the reel. I would ask at least $450 for the gun and fins. The oil and bands cost money and all adds up. I wish it was a mid handle or I would be knocking at your door right now. My cousin is looking for extra gear. I'll hit him up tomorrow. Just...
  593. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    I've known him as Porter. Porter House!!
  594. WhyMe

    Prowler Overnight Trip 7/29 - Excellent fishing

    I want to get out there so bad. Damn your pictures!!!!!
  595. WhyMe

    Catalina Island

    He clearly gave a report. If you would refer to the part where he "Reported" catching 5 out of 7 yellows in less than ideal conditions within a couple hours. Congratulations, your response to this will only be 9 posts! :appl:
  596. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    Cow is going down tomorrow morning. Last chance.....
  597. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    So far people have showed interest but storage seems to be the problem. I am not looking to make money on the beef or I would be charging a lot more for it. I am only selling it because I personally do not need this much meat or else I would keep it as we have done in the past. If anyone can...
  598. WhyMe


    Iv'e always used the word "Personality" to describe it....... We say mola...He says Opah. Same thing LOL
  599. WhyMe


    Shake weight is played out. Check out this new breakthrough in exercise!! The Tug Toner - YouTube
  600. WhyMe


  601. WhyMe


    I Speared an Opah whinfrey last week in 150 ft of water in front of newport. Shot it right behind the eye. They were everywhere!! Opahs for everybody!!!!!!! Everybody gets an Opah!!!!!!!!
  602. WhyMe


    I would estimate another letter in "Shitty" LOL Cheers!!! :hali_olutta:
  603. WhyMe

    Need Help Fing Carolina Skiff Rear Platform - J16

    Does anyone have or know of a place where I can order new or buy used, a short rear platform for a Carolina Skiff J16. With or without livewell/storage compartments. Thanks in advance!!
  604. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    Estimated 350-400 lbs.
  605. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    I might have to buy another chest freezer if I can't get this sold. I have a 27Cu/Ft chest and I already have a whole hog that I put down a few weeks ago. Then I need to start saving fish for my "marinaded" lobster bait. Cant mix it with the meat so thats another freezer.
  606. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    Yeah, storage seems to be the problem most people are having.
  607. WhyMe

    Surf fishing at El Capitan State Beach

    I've yet to try this, but I have seen some big leopards taken in Malibu area on a 8" perch. Badass!!!
  608. WhyMe


    Is that piss in the plastic bottles?
  609. WhyMe

    Got Beef??? Looking to split a whole cow

    Deal fell through. Meat is still available!
  610. WhyMe

    Intrepid 7 Day - 1/2 Off - Leaves this Saturday, July 27th

    Damn, If only I would have about this a week ago!!! Great deal!
  611. WhyMe


    I can watch this over and over..... LOL "Oh look! An eagle!" Guy fights bear for salmon(commercial) - YouTube
  612. WhyMe

    Surf fishing at El Capitan State Beach

    There is a Surf Fishing Reports section. Click on Forums and drag it down til you see Surf Fishing. Might get better help there. Anyways, I personally have never fished the surf there. Good Luck! Be sure to post a report. Warm BD Welcome........ :finger: HAHA
  613. WhyMe

    16 ft. fiberglass lapstrake

    Can you take some pictures of it on the trailer and maybe give some info on the width and transom height. I'm throwing the idea around of picking up a 15-16 foot Skiff. Looks pretty cool!!!
  614. WhyMe


    Fishing in open water...... "IN" open water Spearfishing under water with goggles is good enough for me. I want to see the shark coming so I can react and not be as surprised..
  615. WhyMe

    The shit you don't see!

    Can you post pics of the work after you're done. Would like to see it.
  616. WhyMe

    Keeping sand crabs alive

    Be sure to give it a shot. Thanks guys
  617. WhyMe


    Like this.... oh yeaahhhh..... No affiliation unfortunately
  618. WhyMe


    OK Lee, this is my attempt to calm the waters here and try to explain to you what 28.95 is........ And I'm being friendly so don't get pissed off. 28.95 Consider it a definition. This section acknowledges a spear, harpoon, and bow and arrow as acceptable piece fishing equipment. That is pretty...
  619. WhyMe

    Catalina report 7-22

    Fun day on the water!! What was your water depth?
  620. WhyMe

    The shit you don't see!

    I should have scrolled through the post before commenting..... I give you first credit. I felt weird the first time I went out with a wax bowl ring but now I feel like there at least two prepared boaters. And no you are not old! I meant to just type "wise man." With out the old. :)
  621. WhyMe

    The shit you don't see!

    I have made it a habit after taking advice from a wise old man. I keep a wax toilet bowl ring and a couple latex gloves handy on my boats at all times. When things like this happen, put the latex gloves on and start mashing the wax. As you smash the wax it becomes warm from your hands. Apply...
  622. WhyMe


    Lee, I'm not sure if you are kidding with me, or being sarcastic regarding his post. Read Below before you question me any further.......... Read 1.76 Spearfishing (Defined) § 28.90. Diving, Spearfishing. Persons who are floating or swimming in the water may use spearfishing gear and skin...
  623. WhyMe

    16' Flat Bed Trailer - Posting for a friend

    Posting this for a friend. I did all the custom welded work on the railing and storage rack. Trailer has a fold down rear gate. Front passenger side rail is a swinging gate for a side loaded quad Storage rack has a fold down gate as well for easy access to gear/firewood stored on top. Storage...