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  1. Paparockcal

    Flat Fall Jigs & Big Bass

    Has anyone tried using Flat Fall Jigs for Big Largemouth Bass? I have been considering the possibility for two reasons. The first reason is larger bass tend to hold beneath bait balls and scarf up the wounded baitfish that flutter down that the more active and aggressive smaller bass wound but...
  2. Paparockcal

    Penn Spinfisher 9500SS

    I noticed Alan Hawk is going to do a review of the Penn Spinfisher 9500SS in the future which I am interested in as I just gave mine to my oldest step-son along with the custom Seeker Black Steel Rod I had built for it. Does anyone else have a Penn Spinfisher 9500SS...
  3. Paparockcal

    Anyone with Experience Use Livetarget Shrimp Lures?

    Does anyone have any actual experience using the Livetarget Shrimp lures along the Florida coastlines? It would seem to be a natural fit for so many fish species along Florida. I am hoping to hear how they have performed or not. I am particularly interested in hearing if the Redfish react...
  4. Paparockcal

    Anyone Using Mole Crabs as bait?

    Greetings Surf fishermen is anyone using "mole crabs" and/or "Sand Crabs" to fish the surf and if so what are your catches?
  5. Paparockcal

    Livetarget Fleeing Shrimp

    What fish species off SoCal, if any, could be targeted with the new Livetarget Fleeing Shrimp Lure?
  6. Paparockcal

    Pacific Jack Crevalle off Southern California

    Hi, everyone, how doable and what sizes can I expect to catch if I go after the Pacific Jack Crevalle off SoCal? Back in my other life on the Texas Gulf Coast I loved the tussle of the Atlantic Jack Cravalle off and around the bays near Galveston Island. My best was only 28 pounds but I know of...
  7. Paparockcal

    Earth’s magnetic pole is on the move, fast. And we don’t know why

    Earth’s magnetic pole is on the move, fast. And we don’t know why Here is a link to an article I thought people might be interested in.
  8. Paparockcal

    Makaira What's the Difference?

    What's the difference between the Makaira Sea Silver Lever Drag Reel(2018 NEW) and the Makaira Special Edition Lever Drag Reel? On Okuma's website they are listed as two different reels but I am confused as to exactly what the difference is between the two. The "new" MK-15IISEa in the Makaira...
  9. Paparockcal

    UC GUSA SideWinder – Popping Rods

    Anyone have or has used one of the UC GUSA SideWinder – Popping Rods? The heaviest rod 7'!0" Fast action is rated PE 10-12 (Pound Rating?) Jig weight rating 200-350 but it is rated up to 55lb. Max Drag.
  10. Paparockcal

    Anyone Use Ahi Live Deception Assist Jig

    Has anyone on BD used these Live Deception Assist Jigs? They seem to look nice but members on this board have a lot more experience than I do. I did not see any pricing either or where they are available locally.
  11. Paparockcal

    Eating Sharks?

    Now I know I am a green horn to the West Coast and I have problems trying to figure out all the legalize in these manuals so can someone in plane English explain to me what if any sharks are legal to harvest for consumption off Southern California? Now, I practice catch and release on most...
  12. Paparockcal

    Old Dude Just Wants To Have Fun

    I find myself as I age (68) just wanting to have fun. Gone are the days I felt I had to catch the biggest fish, most fish, kill the biggest deer ext.. I gave up hunting years ago preferring to just look now. Not that I mind those that do it's just not in me anymore. I love the mountains, the...
  13. Paparockcal

    Spin Fishing Tuna Enjoy

    I found these while surfing the net and thought everyone would enjoy them on tuna popping and stickbaiting. I know I did. I am trying to learn as much as I can about the subject. :-)
  14. Paparockcal

    Question about 6th Annual Van Wormer Resort Tuna Shoot Out

    I have only been to Baja once quite a few years ago but I would like to visit it again. The previous time my wife and I fished the San Hose del Cabo area but our next trip we hope to visit the East Cape area. I have read about the Van Wormer Resorts and that they have an annual Tuna Tournament...
  15. Paparockcal

    East Cape Roosters and Tuna Question

    I'm looking for input as to what month is best to book a trip if your primary targets are Roosterfish and Tuna on the East Cape? I don't care about big tuna just catching some nice Yellowfin would be fine with me as I'm not into seeing how big a fish I can catch just having fun with family. I...
  16. Paparockcal

    New Wahoo Trolling Lure

    While doing my usual web searches for information I ran across this new Wahoo trolling lure that claims to be similar to the old Intruder so I wanted to pass on the information and link to see what everyone thinks. Invader® High Speed Wahoo Trolling Lure
  17. Paparockcal

    Will the 2018 Model Makaira Sea Silver Reels be at the Fred Hall Show?

    Does anyone know if the New 2018 model Okuma Makaira Sea Silver 2-speed Lever Drag Reels will be available to the public at the Long Beach Fred Hall Show at Long Beach in March??? I have emailed the company with zero response so I thought BD was the place to ask.:-)...
  18. Paparockcal

    What Line Classes is the Penn Torque 25N 2-speed rated to handle?

    Can anyone tell me what Line Classes like 30-80 or 25-60, etc. is the Penn Torque 25N 2-speed reel officially rated to handle?
  19. Paparockcal

    Reel Help for Black Hole Slow Pitch Spiral Wrapped B-581H3R rod

    OK, all my fellow BD members you have by your posts given me a wonderful education on what I have missed over my hiatus from saltwater fishing from my days on the Gulf of Mexico. I have after a lot of hand wringing and loss of sleep decided on a 5'8' Black Hole Slow Pitch Spiral Wrapped...
  20. Paparockcal


    I ran across these Hogy Harness Jigs and wanted to share the information. They say they are for Tuna.
  21. Paparockcal

    My wife the fisherwoman

    I wish my wife would fish with me more often. Unfortunately she does not a lot of good luck most of the time. While I am catching fish while fishing saltwater in the Gulf of mexico; she has caught Crabs, a wicked looking eel, bait fish (i don't understand how they even swallowed the hook), and...
  22. Paparockcal

    Modified Avet Raptor line at Cal's

    Greetings everyone, I see at Cal's 2-speed Reel Conversions webpage he is offering "Modified Avet Raptor line" and was wondering if anyone had experience with his work on the Raptor series? I had a Penn International 30 done by Cal and it was excellent! I would like to see if anyone has had the...
  23. Paparockcal

    World Record Trout Fishing Arkansas

    How many know there is World Record Trout fishing in Arkansas with people flying in from all over the world to fish for these monster size trout? The small town of Bull Shoals, Arkansas is host to some of the best Trout fishing in the world with few people knowing about it. Brown trout running...
  24. Paparockcal

    Anyone Using Swimbaits for Small Tuna, Albies, ETC.?

    I'm new to this West Coast fishing so excuse my lack of knowledge. Do any of you use swimbaits for small tuna and Albies on the short trips when the live bait either runs out or is in short supply? If so could you explain please and/or direct me to more information. I know Redfish but I am lost...
  25. Paparockcal

    Any Andros 12SIIa Fishing Reports?

    I would like to hear any reports from the field on the new Okuma Andros 12SIIa's performance on actual fish. I know it is just reaching the public but I'm sure there are others like me that want to hear how it is performing and the new owners opinions as well as experiences. I am seriously...