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  1. jspana

    Requested advice from seasoned professionals

    Ive had a 21' WACC with an 82gallon and my current 22' Pilot only has 55gal. I can go further with the 55gal just due to boat design and weight. As for gear, you must have been one hell of a pier fisherman with those set ups! I suggest the same a 50 trolling setup but in addition grab a budget...
  2. jspana

    Does anyone anchor off the beach to just chill?

    Right across from Ballast point theres a protected beach thats super shallow. We beach my pilot house there all the time and hang out on the sand. You have to stay with your boat though because you cannot anchor but you just beach it and let it sit and move it with the swell and tide changes...
  3. jspana

    Ever been tagged by a Sculpin?

    Old guy was walking around the cattle boat with a bag full of rattlers, Clipped me in the calf, got 4 deep holes with blood dripping out and everything. Almost grabbed his bag and tossed it over. Spent 45 min or so with a beer and a coffee sip for me pour for my leg. Fished the rest of the day...
  4. jspana

    Dana Point Harbor Spotty Puzzle

    underpins and kaitechs. or drop shot. Find the grass find the spotties.
  5. jspana

    What's the weirdest fish you've caught in SoCal?

    Buddy caught some woman's pants on my boat in mission bay during a tournament lol They wouldn't weigh em. Got a starfish once and rock.
  6. jspana

    Parker helm seat used

    location for pickUp?
  7. jspana

    Opinions on C-Hawk Boats

    I have a 222 sport cabin right now and love it. I have a 200hp evenrude that has a tune on it and it hauls the mail. They are pretty stable for the size, not much of a V hull in the rear so it sits like a flat bottom boat and doesnt rock too much, drift kinda sux it noses with the wind but we...
  8. jspana

    A little Dab will do You - DP 11.29.20

    That lil guy in the pic is a spiny dog fish. we catch them all the time in deep water. Have seen them well up around 3' or bigger. They have a spine on the dorsal fin. They live deep with the dabs and rockfish.
  9. jspana

    Any Silverwood Striper Guys Here?

    I could have been mistaken but I had to do a double take when i walked by too. I had my boat i bu T
  10. jspana

    Any Silverwood Striper Guys Here?

    Yup but not huge. But it was also in the water on a stringer off the dock. But I bent over lol.
  11. jspana

    Any Silverwood Striper Guys Here?

    I could have been mistaken but I had to do a double take when i walked by too. I had my boat in a slip and he was on the dock. The fish were on a stronger but one was floating I was like hu? but unless he had some crazy carp breed or some skinny long crappy they shure looked like walleye. I've...
  12. jspana

    Any Silverwood Striper Guys Here?

    We fished the small spill way a few months ago from a boat, tied off to the buoys. chunked sardine from the marina and 4 lbs floro got it done. There were a bunch of people that hiked in that area. from the water looking at the dam they were to the left at the second smaller spill way that is...
  13. jspana

    Anybody fish rocky point today

    Might head over there tomorrow, Anybody been in the last few days?
  14. jspana

    Zodiac pro5.5

    My 13' no console did 30+ with a 25hp tiller.. That thing is gonna fly!
  15. jspana

    DP Bonito 10.24.20

    Sauté onions in butter and soy sauce till transparent, then and 1" cubed fish and more soy sauce and butter if needed and toss to cook. When Bonita or Barricuda is cooked put it on a bed of white rice. Simple way to do it and you will have your neighbors telling you its the best fish they have...
  16. jspana

    Evenrude prop

    Ill check it out thanx!
  17. jspana

    Evenrude prop

    HAHA I am the epitome of the one once fixed fisherman! :rofl:
  18. jspana

    Evenrude prop

    Yeah, Im inland a bit so its harder to find parts in the foothills, I only found one shop with a hub kit for my motor. He also has a prop that will "work in a pinch" 130 for the prop and 50 for the hub. That is for sure my plan b. But I would be happier to hand out my cash to a BDer then a shop...
  19. jspana

    Evenrude prop

    15x17 1998 oceanpro 200hp. Mine will be back on tuesday rebuilt. Just need a cheapo for the tourney loaner or whatever. No plans on hauling a$$ or anything just pulling pots. I never had a chance to get a spare for this boat. Guess now is the time lol
  20. jspana

    Rocky point 10/18

    I spun a prop right before angles gate on my way out there. Spent the day in the harbor instead. Now I really wish I had headed out there. And yea the bait was sub par for sure, like 50% rolled in 20min.
  21. jspana

    Evenrude prop

    It's an early prop the hub is molded in. had to get sent out.
  22. jspana

    Evenrude prop

    Does anybody happen to have a prop off an Evenrude or Johnson 200 hp or similar laying around they want to get rid of??? Or rent me for the weekend? I spun mine yesterday and I've already played for the lobster tourney
  23. jspana

    Here we go again.........

    man thats nice work! How did you do the non skid on the deck? doing mine real soon.
  24. jspana

    CAT 10/3 report

    forget the location.. i need that beer holster!. where did you get that!
  25. jspana

    Beware of Hoop net Poacher off La Jolla

    Paint ball gun. Its legal to have on board for "protecting your gear against seals" also leaves a good mark for you to see at the dock. Just let me know if you see a blue and red splatterd boat. Im gonna have to ask them a few questions.
  26. jspana

    Pinniped Free Opener?

    Heard they were all over san clemente pier. Thrashing hoops and dragging them all over! lol
  27. jspana

    Calstar GG90j 30-60 New combo

    willing to seperate? I just want the rod.
  28. jspana

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Ok, I think I got everything done. For the NFMM you just email the manifest and receipt to [email protected] and thats it? or do you have to fill out a form of some sort. If that is correct, Do they email you back a form or just take the recipt and manifest with you? Thanx in advance.
  29. jspana

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    Just did the TIP and it worked with 2 pics of Title 1 of reg and 1 of passport. It got emailed to me to print out.
  30. jspana

    dana point 8-23

    Same thing last friday. 279 down to the domes. Great temp break about 10 miles out. Slick with chunks of kelp. Saw some finding nemo size yellowtail. Cute as hell but no big brothers. That area is ready to pop off
  31. jspana

    Livingston Build

    Great work! What kind of plywood and glass did you use? Im looking to build some on deck storage form my boat and what you did looks spot on with my ability. And did you have to use much faring to get it all smooth?
  32. jspana

    Zodiac MKII

    Selling my Dinghy. This thing has surf launched and conquered the high sierras. It's a later 80s or early 90s ish. Like 10' inside maybe 13 total. Has a 25hp mercury and hauls the mail. It's not some cheap tender this is rated for 40hp and 1300 lbs!. Marine leftover. It folds up into 2 bags and...
  33. jspana

    Silverwood (06/14/20)

    No reg on size or limit there?
  34. jspana

    Swim platform mounted 30 gallon bait tank?

    FWIW I did have a 30 gal on my old boat out on the swim step, And it was a single side swim step. I just put in bigger washers on the mounting bolts and it never moved.. was kinda a pain to lean over and get bait out of all the time tho.
  35. jspana

    Swim platform mounted 30 gallon bait tank?

    Yup, mine discharges below the water line out the transom. No issues at all. It does have a ball valve on it just incase but ive never even opened or closed it lol. And my cooler is mounted right in front of it and we use the bait tank as a back rest.
  36. jspana

    Long Beach and surrounding

    I forgot to add this big A sand bass my buddy pulled up from the sculpin spot.
  37. jspana

    Long Beach and surrounding

    Launched outta Davies @7am. Headed to Izors, small 1 footers close but no biggie. Izors was a parking lot, the slimesticks have overrun it and most of the fleet were there. We floated around with them and picked up 1 short on a Hookup. Last week we got a few on spoons but they didnt want those...
  38. jspana

    Izors 7/20

  39. jspana

    Window repair company

    I'm getting geared up to paint my boat and need to have the windows removed the reinstalled with new gaskets/seals. Anyone reccomend a guy?
  40. jspana

    In need of help

    I have a 22' C Hawk sport cabin and love it. Cant wait to see some pics of your build. Not many of them out here on the west coast.
  41. jspana

    Ring in gel coat around scuppers

    that happens also when the boat has been cut and buffed, You have to stay clear of those items then come back and do them by hand. Resulting in less cutting of the gelcoat and it will oxidize back faster than the rest. I Know because I used to be a detailer.
  42. jspana

    Who Won the Rod Builder Competition?

    My Cousin won the hobbyist devision.. Go check him out on instagram. Dude makes some killer rods.. Tell him Joe from CaliCo sent you 🤘🤙
  43. jspana

    Don't vote Democrat.

    Yes most voters are idiots, almost 1/4 of the votes went to people that have already dropped out of the race! It was something close to 400k votes just tossed away from not doing your homework before making an important decision... Crazzy
  44. jspana

    Boat Yard Sale - Mercury and More.

    do you still have the boxes from under the seats??
  45. jspana

    Lewmar windlass vertical

    next in line please! can meet wherevere..
  46. jspana

    San Diego Yellows, 2/27

    Gonna be a killer year!
  47. jspana

    RPT-Wed.-02-26-20 105,Shoe,PV

    So happy to see you out there again!
  48. jspana

    Who has the KOH Report?

    Pretty cool tournament. We were in it, got a few, didn't win but still had fun.
  49. jspana

    Bait out of NB

    Right on.. Thank you.
  50. jspana

    Bait out of NB

    Been a while since I tried to make macs out of Newport harbor, can you still get em right out the mouth of the harbor or does anyone have any info would be greatly appreciated..
  51. jspana

    2.18.2020 Catalina east end

    Ive got a few, havent used them yet, also have a few laser minnows rigged up. never hurts, my thought is that when they are dialed in and actively feeding they will hit anything similar to the "hatch" thats why the cut bait was a ringer a few years back, it looks like wounded chovie falling. and...
  52. jspana

    Hooping Newps

    Got some cool starfish from long beach one year.. Purple ones. And a big rock crab in Dana. that was delicious. and yea big A slimy eels. they suck.
  53. jspana

    Don’t be that guy!

    had one out of dana pt. I dropped 3 around a rock pile then this guy shoots up and drops pot on top of mine, I get over there and his slack floating harbor freight line is wrapped up in my pots! Guess the ocean is a really small cramped place. I shouted at him and he came over and moved his crap.
  54. jspana

    Puddingstone Lake - Frank G Bonelli Park

    like i said its been a bit since ive fished it. Ill for sure be down there soon, hell i can walk there lol. Hopefully Ill land a few and post up a report for ya guys
  55. jspana

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Big prays to you and your wife Cory. Wishing you the best
  56. jspana

    Puddingstone Lake - Frank G Bonelli Park

    There were signs everywhere saying don't eat the fish. And you can only swim in one area because they pump chlorine in the swim beach to keep some swimmers rash at bay. when you launch they tell you to stay out of the water because you could get the rash. That was last year, might be different...
  57. jspana

    Puddingstone Lake - Frank G Bonelli Park

    Man, I live blocks from there and haven't fished it in years. Always contaminated and they stopped stocking it. Might have to head down there and toss some powerbait with the kiddos.
  58. jspana

    4 Blade Stsinless Prop

    yeah from time to time. More in mission bay.
  59. jspana

    4 Blade Stsinless Prop

    Lets start at 100
  60. jspana

    Hydrolic Trim Tabs

    Insta Trim Boat Leveler Trim Tabs. I just dont have the room below deck so I need to get electric instead. They work fine, no issues. Will need some wiring but I cut it so you can see where it all goes. And some longer hoses but that's normal for the install. Tabs measure 8" x 12" .. would...
  61. jspana

    4 Blade Stsinless Prop

    Was intended for an Alpha 1 may fit others. Made by CHP (cannot find much info on them) stamped with a 16 which I assume is the pitch. Was bought for a 25' bayliner trophy hardtop with a 350 motor. So if you have similar it should work out. Or if you know this is what you need then bam your set!
  62. jspana

    Lobster...u tell me..

    Wardens are usually cool if you are, We got boarded one time in DP and had a big rock crab. We weren't sure if it was even in season but figured we could check when we got cell service at the dock and toss it back if it was not. Well we got boarded on the way in. He measured a few lobster and...
  63. jspana

    Lobsters last friday night

    I love the looks you get at the dock when you have kids helping you and it goes smoother than everyone else! Great job Dad. The time on the water with them will never be forgotten.:appl:
  64. jspana

    22 Pilothouse

    I have a 22' C Hawk pilot house, With a 200hp 2 stroke it really moves. You should be fine. Nice boat, cant wait to see how the build comes along.
  65. jspana

    1989 Larson 225DC

    yup thats the choke valve. Push the key in while cranking and it lets fuel through it into the carbs and closes when you release the key. It is in the correct position in the pic, if the solenoid fails you can still operate it manually by flipping the lever up then back down when its warmed up...
  66. jspana

    How rare is this

    That thing is RAD! nature always amazes.. Might call Sea world and see if they want it, be cool to share with everyone.
  67. jspana

    1989 Larson 225DC

    I would start back at the basics as stated early on in the post. I have had lots of motors from cars to dirtbikes and boats that run great on the stand but under load in the real world they fall flat. Usually its a spark issue but could be lack of compression. Timing will come into play on this...
  68. jspana

    La Jolla-Aug. 31st

    yes you can get busted for having the plug in, Usually at border crossings. I have a boat in AZ and when you cross the agricultural check point they check the plug, the bilge and the anchor, if anything is wet you do not get to cross. Also most lakes will not let you leave unless you pull the...
  69. jspana

    8-17-19 Fun and lost favorite combo.

    I've brought a few back up with a big treble and a weight. Rule on our boat is if line is in the water its in a rod holder.
  70. jspana

    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    That looks great! do you have them all networked so you can switch screens and run like down scan on one and chirp on the other when your not using the radar?
  71. jspana

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    Fishermans Life got checked this weekend and has it all on camera, seemed pretty standard and the navy seemed cool. Check out the video.
  72. jspana

    Saturday Rubber Ducky Bassin

    We were out there too, hit all the spots on the shoe and a few on the 150 for 1 sandy. Headed to izors for a few pickers then back to the barn. Life was more east for sure.
  73. jspana

    BSB at Izors 7/30/19

    Their out there, got a smaller model out by the 150 a week ago. Cool looking when they are juvenile.
  74. jspana

    Here's what you need to know to fish Mexico

    on the fmm form, what is the point of entry into mexico if your entering by sea from san diego?
  75. jspana

    Inshore Mako (part II)

    You guys are straight crazy! This is like some outback Australian action haha! Good on you knowing what to harvest to keep the balance.
  76. jspana

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-25-19 Local Bass fishing!

    Man I love your posts! Great job working that plethora of knowledge
  77. jspana

    150/Rocky point anyone??

    150 was pretty dry last Tuesday, got a small BSB from a rock pile but that was it.. heard izors was not all that good either.
  78. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Yeah I thought about that too.. just wanted to get the report to the peeps that helped me out on this one. Dont worrie, there will be many more trips to post about. And thanks for the kind words
  79. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Ok guys, just got the boat put away. Everything went just fine! What a relief.. no problems whatsoever, the boat ran great, all electronics were flawless and conditions were spot on for my first run.. Got to Davies around 5:30am only 5 trailers in the lot. Headed to Nacho and found 4 boats in...
  80. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    We plan on leaving well before that, goal is around noon.. can always fish local after the crossing to make up the end of the day.
  81. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Sorry for not updating this thread for a while.. honestly wasnt watching it. But still have not crossed yet but plan to tomorrow.. yikes. Conditions look good and fish are there so yeah. Any thoughts on the conditions? Or more words of wisdom are always welcome! And I promise I'll post a good...
  82. jspana

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    so ready to be there,... too bad its gonna be a shit show this weekend
  83. jspana

    would you sell just one of the round fenders? Im going out of long beach this weekend and can...

    would you sell just one of the round fenders? Im going out of long beach this weekend and can pick it up.
  84. jspana

    Big Catalina Yellows - 6/28

    WOW! Hope this is a good start to what could be a completely wide open summer! I would have been happy with the wide open Calico bite haha!! Way to stay on the hunt and find them
  85. jspana

    Promar 10 Hoop nets

    10 promar hoop nets all but 1 are rigged. Ready for a milk jug and a glow stick. Make those frozen mackerel turn into gold in October! 150 obo.. maybe trade for a kill bag
  86. jspana

    Coronados Friday - YT

    WTG Nice reward for some hard work
  87. jspana

    New Tesla semi truck motor.

    Lithium and water dont mix.. that thing would go up like a floating Zeppelin
  88. jspana

    No Title Boat, Help

    just ask to do a statement of facts. Make sure to state that it has not been used while not registered. List the names of the people you have bills of sale from. And then file for a lost title. Did it a few years back on a small tinder.. Had my roommate write a bill of sale that said it was her...
  89. jspana

    Late run outta Dana

    The boys wanted to take me fishing for fathers day so I said why not.. Got a pretty late start and hit the water around 11am.. Just Me, My 8yr old and my 3yr old. We dropped the boat in the water and my 8yr old ran the ropes and walked her off the trailer.. by the time i parked it was tied up...
  90. jspana

    6/14 Local Long Beach Report

    He said "wasn't WFO" then shows the clicker turning 104 :D Kman you might be spoiled! Love the Kman Specials.. those things do get bit :appl:
  91. jspana

    Father’s Day at the island

    Wow That deck is a straight seafood buffet!! Great job and congrats
  92. jspana

    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    Something like this is the route I think I am headed in. I have some pvc board and messed around with it but i really dont like the rough edge you get with the core material.. and its soft. So I think the old trusty wood and glass will be my go to.
  93. jspana

    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    hey thanx for all the replies.. I may abandon the starboard idea, hate to cuz i have the perfect piece but oh well. I would rather not have all kinds of crap popping off the wall on my way out lol. maybe glass in a piece of ply or something to give the area some structure? Ill have to get creative.
  94. jspana

    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    Just saw some big scuppers that mounted with 3m double sided tape, I have some of that maybe I'll give it a try
  95. jspana

    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    Yeah that's kinda what I was thinking.. I do have some PVC board from another project, might try that or a chunk of wood. I'll keep thinking about it. I could probably epoxy wood on there fairly easy
  96. jspana

    Glue Starboard to Fiberglass..

    I have a Pilot house and the sides are pretty thin.. I want to glue some 1\2" star broad to the inside in strategic places to mount things to (vhf hand held, jig holder, etc.) Nothing real heavy or anything. Any suggestions? I know through bolting it would be the best way but i just don't want...
  97. jspana

    Don't be a launch ramp gypsy

    DP is a mess now that its smaller.. No room to get ready and and you have to make a crazy U turn to get back out of the exit after the new wash down stations. Also the damn wash down stations are sloped the wrong way and all the water doesn't even find my drain holes! UGH. But I did have a...
  98. jspana

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    So Bada$$! your killing it man :appl: Can I ask what kind of paint you used? and did you spray or roll and tip? Thanx
  99. jspana

    Trailer Bunk Carpet

    yeah use glue, I didnt on my side rails and they are all bumpy and sloppy looking.. not happy with it. Same deal, Home Depot carpet and a harbor freight wide crown staple gun made short work of them. Just wish I glued it as well. Will glue the bunks when I do them.
  100. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Didnt make the crossing, got a bit later start than I wanted but it was still a good day on the water. Launched from Dana around 7am, headed to the domes and scratched up a hand full of bottom dwellers. Bite slowed so we went to Clemente peir and threw plastics at calicos for a while.. tons of...
  101. jspana

    Free electronics package

    Pending pickup on Wednesday
  102. jspana

    Dead Baby Whale, Long Beach juvi White Seabass, and Mylar balloons

    We heard the call about that whale on the radio. Pretty crazy. We were too far to come take a gander tho. Conditions were about the same down by the domes and mateo pt. Got a couple mylar fish as well
  103. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Never leave port without it
  104. jspana

    Free electronics package

    >>>>>>>>>>>> G O N E <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Yup... you read that right! FREE FREE FREE! Garmin color chartplotter fish finder combo and a JRC Radar. All working and all parts included. Let's be real tho.. it's some older stuff I just upgraded to a simrad. Lol but hey if it helps you...
  105. jspana

    Shout out to Advanced Marine

    Ill second this post! great shop and no bs.
  106. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    I am really hoping the fishing picks up here in the next few days, May just scrap the crossing and fish local. I can scratch up some rock fish and calicos right here in my back yard lol. But that all depends, looks like the freedom got on 87 yellow tail yesterday! Either way, I just went over...
  107. jspana

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    So cool to read your story. Your strength is something to be proud of that is for sure. Glad your doing good man, the lines will be tight again real soon. :appl::appl::appl:
  108. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    I have a house In Parker AZ and a boat there, The crap we see out there is mind boggling.
  109. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    yeah gas is the for sure unknown. The boat is really light and the motor is not the most fuel efficient but together I think that It shouldnt be a problem. The motor is a 1996 Evenrude OceanPro 200 so if anyone has experience with the consumpiton pls chime in. Boat is 2840lb dry. I will have 6...
  110. jspana

    South 9-Mile 5/24

    WTG! Seas look choice
  111. jspana

    Best floro to mono knot?

    FG is my go to. Have only had it fail once and i think it was my fault. Usually go 60 braid to 30 or 40 fluoro. Tho it works good in mono, I feel it probably gets a better bite with the softer mono.
  112. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    New plan in action! Thanx Kman and af dreamer.
  113. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    You guys rock! Thanx for all the advice, Its always good to hear other angles and ideas. Just when you think you have covered everything you pick up some great insight from someone with more experience than you.. As for fuel burn.. This is my biggest unknown on this boat, I have hopped around...
  114. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Some great advice for sure. We have a ditch bag and a handheld vhf. I do not have the cable for the dts on the onboarding vhf yet, wish I did. No EPIRB, want one but I figure that it's like a freeway from LB to Catalina so it's not going to be me all alone in the big blue. All maps and charts...
  115. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Have been stuck with a boat that wouldn't start with a container ship blowing the horn and closing in on us. Dont plan on getting in that situation again. No high water alarm but the pump is on a light so if it comes on I'll see it. Usually stays dry tho. Thanx MYNomad
  116. jspana

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Hey guys, Finally planning on making the run to Catalina on the 2nd (weather prevailing of course). I am an experienced boater, on my 2nd ocean boat 22' C Hawk pilot house. Usually fish locally LB, Dana etc. Been out to the 150 and the rigs, I know not all that far out really. Boat has 55gal...
  117. jspana

    PARTING out Skipjack

    im sure most of us know that, just may still be some parts in the garage that didnt go with it.
  118. jspana

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Old thread I know.. but worth a shot, do you have the trim tabs?
  119. jspana

    Need a good, trustworthy maintenance shop

    I use Daves Marine in Chino. Always been good to me and tells me straight.
  120. jspana

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Best of Luck to you Cory..
  121. jspana

    C- Hawk

    I have a 22' sport cabin C-Hawk .. only had it out a few times but love it so far. Its light and on plane it can pound a bit but I will be adding trim tabs to force the bow down a bit. Other than that its exactly what they say, just a no frills fishing beast. Forward cabin with a cuddy and a...
  122. jspana

    4/29 East End Backside Report

    Nice Checker! and sweet first post man.. looking forward to more. Have fun out there!
  123. jspana

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    new trucks are sure built a lot different than old trucks! You should be fine with that rig. Ive towed with anything from a tacoma to my 2500hd duramax and the boat was like 7k loaded. the only down side was single axle trailer. thats a big no go, duals make the world of difference! new boat is...
  124. jspana

    Mobile bunk repair at the dock

    Yeah I did my side bunks already and it wasn't too hard but I'm lazy and not too close to water so it's a mission. I just want to leave to fish and come back to nice bunks!
  125. jspana

    Mobile bunk repair at the dock

    Anyone know of a guy that can re do bunks at the launch ramp? Hopefully Davies in long beach. Or hell any of you guys want to do it! ??
  126. jspana

    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    Wow! everything that I want to do to my boat but i just keep fishing it LOL, So how much do you charge.
  127. jspana

    Simrad go7 and go 5

    transducer too or just display?
  128. jspana

    Simrad go7

    transducer included?
  129. jspana

    Moving up: boat advice

    dont rule out the C-Hawk. I have one right now, just got it and love it. Ive got a 200 on it right now and its alomost over powered! planes out quick, and rides smooth enough. The hull is solid and is a no frills fishing machine. The deck on it is huge for a small boat. And the low side rails...
  130. jspana

    Boat moved fron San Diego to Newport

    shoot me a pm if needed
  131. jspana

    Boat moved fron San Diego to Newport

    Gotcha, I cant go during the week but I'm available this Sunday if you cant find anyone.
  132. jspana

    Boat moved fron San Diego to Newport

    ive got a truck, is it on a trailer?
  133. jspana

    Late Report Oceanside/ Carlsbad...Odd fish

    Grey Trigger AKA Pork Chop of the sea! any way you cook them there great eating. Had all you can catch down in Rocky Point Mexico from the shore. And they fight like crazy. Great job on the bones too we were headed to redondo from Long beach but just decided to hang @ Izors instead.. Should have...
  134. jspana

    11/1 and 11/4 Lobster Fail and Bait Report

    nice rig! been looking at hanging something off the side of my boat for a while as well. Its a PITA to have the sea weed and eel slime and what not all over the deck after the first pull. My last boat had carpet! not ideal haha as for bugs, local gets picked clean real fast. look deeper is my guess.
  135. jspana

    bugging in LB - help!

    They seem to only really crawl when the water is moving, stirs up the bottom is my guess and fans out the sent of the bait. Drop when the tides start and follow it. so like stated before if its going out drop up current of the structure and the bugs will stay faced into the current and walk...
  136. jspana

    bugging in LB - help!

    Find structure. Drop on the tides. Nothing happens during slack. Set slightly from deep to shallow, follow the crawl. Oily bait and cat food cans and lots of hard work, you will end up with spots that produce quickly and make for much more fun seasons down the road. AND BE CAREFULL S... goes...
  137. jspana

    Boat Launch in SD

    I plan on trying out the vista ramp mid November. Anything I should know?
  138. jspana

    Boat Launch in SD

    yeah we had to go to the island. no parking so hope your lucky!
  139. jspana

    2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Duramax

    my father in law just bought an 06 long bed crew cab 4x4 for 31k with 100k on it. The problems with the new trucks are pushing up the value of our older ones.. My 03 with 250k is like 15k
  140. jspana

    Rpt.-10-07-18 Bass Heaven!

    You guys always hammer the fish, Im jealous every time i read a report from the ducky!
  141. jspana

    Non fishing person on boat need license

    yes, I take my 11 and 8yr old. Both have cards neither need licences.. If anything it triples my limits and the kids have a blast hunting for bugs in the night. And they get a kick out of the by catch.. A slimy eel trying to take off a finger will make any kid smile!
  142. jspana

    Dana Landing launch ramp lost wallet

    Yup for some reason I have found a bunch of wallets over the years. I always grab a little finders fee from the green back pouch and toss the wallet in a mail box. The post office is really good at getting them back to the owners and its very little hassle for the the finder. I teach my kids the...
  143. jspana

    Glass pros refit

    you are definitely inspiring my winter project.. Got an older pilot house that needs just what you are doing! Im gonna sit back and watch and feed off your good ideas! right on with this build man its gonna be a beast!
  144. jspana

    Extra fuel capacity for my Bayliner 2052 20ft cuddy

    My old trophy had an 82gallon tank! 21foot. Your looking to push 100 gallons on a 20foot boat? might be better just to pay the extra out there, probably loose gph with all that weigh for the ride out there lol.
  145. jspana

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Just found a seat cushion set from my trophy.. for the helm chairs. You can have them if you want.. if not I'm gonna toss them. They need redone but the patterns there
  146. jspana

    Long Beach 8/28

    Nice job putting in some hard iron work!
  147. jspana

    The 150 8/29

    Wow! lets get the 150 going like a few years back !!
  148. jspana

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    No, they werent leaking but the previous owner drilled holes in them and just let them drain into the bilge and then pumped out the water with the bilge pump! Crazy.. I sealed all that up right away. My mascerator pump back there only worked once in a while so we just used kill bag liners in...
  149. jspana

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    I'm so happy for you! Those fish boxes were the biggest pain in the a$$! I finally ended up selling my trophy last week. Got a new toy.. I'll start a small build thread soon. Good job man!
  150. jspana

    Nados 8.17

    should have kept that trigger.. Pork chop of the sea right there.. good eats. Looks like a good trip tho way to go getting on the grab bag o fish!
  151. jspana

    92 Davis Cortez - Repower and Refit

    would love some more info on that trolling motor. I want one on my new whip..
  152. jspana

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    My driveway is just like yours. I made some ramps from 2x6 with small 2x4 feet that straddle the gutter. I push my 27 ' toy hauler up it 11k lbs with no problems. I have to pull up, dump the air bags to lower the tong, back over the ramps till the hitch rubs then air back up and head on in. My...
  153. jspana

    Trophy Walk Around Cuddy DEAL 6K!

    Still have the boat, just got it back from the shop. Runs like a champ! Let's go get those Yellows! Text call or get me on here.
  154. jspana

    Catalina Bass day n night

    good to know..
  155. jspana

    Catalina Bass day n night

    so the 2 hook law is out?
  156. jspana

    Trophy Walk Around Cuddy DEAL 6K!

    as of now yes.. I have some people that want to take it out but ill keep you informed
  157. jspana

    Trophy Walk Around Cuddy DEAL 6K!

    Back up for sale guys, Deal fell through unfortunately. Boat is getting new thermostats and some maintenance work done to ensure she is ready to fish. Pm me or get me on here. or call or text. 6265344514 Joe.
  158. jspana

    175 evenrude vro outboard motor

    off the boat now, can deliver if local ish.. and comes with the throttle, wiring and ignition, steering cable and steering box, no throttle or shift cables.
  159. jspana

    Miscellaneous Boat Accessories

    shoot me a text on the radio.. 6265344514
  160. jspana

    14# Anchor 8# Anchor 4 Type I Life Jackets

    Ill take them both.. 6265344514
  161. jspana

    transfering waypoints

    Anyone know how to convert the older Raymarine .FSH file to the new standard .GPX? Ive tried a few converters but cant get them to work.
  162. jspana

    San Clemente 28th 29th

    wow! Nice trip, looks like loads of fun. good job!!!
  163. jspana

    Trophy Walk Around Cuddy DEAL 6K!

    Short vid of it running @ dana point july 22nd
  164. jspana

    175 evenrude vro outboard motor

    Pulling this off the new to us boat. It has good compression checked by my mechanic. It needs a fuel pump to run, and there has been water in the lower end and the trim is shot. Good for parts or could re build. $500 obo
  165. jspana

    La Jolla 7/21/18

    Nice report and great lunch! And I second windy app.. I use bouy weather, noaa, and windy then just average them out and its pretty close! you would think they could all get together on a forum or something and compare data to give an accurate forecast! o_O
  166. jspana

    What’s South Shores Ramp Like These Days?

    We launched there last year a bunch of times.. all of the above are true. And on a side note the ramp was a slime slide. Had to go in 4wd to get the trophy out a couple times. Other than that never had any issues with people messing with the tow rig. Ill use it again.
  167. jspana

    7/9 - Inshore & Offshore Tour

    the 50lb have been more than enough for local stuff.. I fish them from 10lb line to 60lb on everything.. even my fresh water bass gear!
  168. jspana

    Trophy Walk Around Cuddy DEAL 6K!

    Ok, Need this thing GONE! Lets say first 7k takes it home. We just went out on sunday and had a great trip, no issues. Hit me up before I send it back to storage! The boat is in La Verne and I can show it asap.
  169. jspana

    DP up to Salt Creek 7-15

    The kids had a blast
  170. jspana

    DP up to Salt Creek 7-15

    Phone won't let me load pics.. I'll get them up shortly
  171. jspana

    DP up to Salt Creek 7-15

    Fished the pipe for 1 small calico and a sand dab, then headed to the kelp. Grabbed a mix of short bass, 1 whitefish and a really small sculpin. Big macs were thick everywhere, 6-10in all day with mixed in sardines. Moved up and hit salt creek kelp for 1 small bass and a beast calico on the...
  172. jspana

    Fished with Tommy Saturday.

    well done man. Great to have someone who has put the time in and knows his stuff to keep the fishing fishing!
  173. jspana

    Trophy Walk Around Cuddy DEAL 6K!

    500 - 550 hours. Only 10 or so since last service. Maybe more after this Sunday if I make it out!
  174. jspana

    7/9 - Inshore & Offshore Tour

    Nice trip! We swear by these clips.. call them the doohickey, just like the one on your lure have never lost a fish or had a failure with them and swapping rigs is light speed.. You can get them at tackledirect.
  175. jspana

    Bass and Cuda in Long Beach 6/28

    I think Kman knows every rock off our coast :notworthy WTG man!
  176. jspana

    6/29 - Organized Coronados Chaos

    Great day on the water! WTG! And to survive all that chaos with no incidents :appl:
  177. jspana

    Away from the crowds yellows 6/30/18

    Nice fish! and way to go making them on your own!
  178. jspana

    Mirage 2-day laid the wood on WSB

    way cool of you :appl:
  179. jspana

    Gail Force Wednesday report

    WTG Ryan.. Always on the local chew!!
  180. jspana

    Video Of sunday!

    So rad!!!!
  181. jspana

    Trophy Walk Around Cuddy DEAL 6K!

    Thank you, I put it in the description but maybe I will make it more clear.
  182. jspana

    Trophy Walk Around Cuddy DEAL 6K!

    Time to sell the boat.. 1991 ish Bayliner Trophy walk around cuddy cabbin. recent repower with a 2005 mercury optimax 150 efi. Smog legal in all cali waters! 2k in service just done to motor, injectors, coils, triggers etc. New batteries too. She is ready for this Island YT season! Holds 82...
  183. jspana

    Free pile of GPS and fish finder crap

    And the other... pick up in laverne 91750
  184. jspana

    Free pile of GPS and fish finder crap

    The unit wont power up anymore.. was working when removed so I dunno.. also has the GPS and 2 Sounders. Must take all and yeah free to the first one @ my door..
  185. jspana

    8'6" Dingy

    Ive got an 8' zodiac military grade, older version with nose cover.. and a 25hp merc for it. wood floors. and it folds into a bag. We used a Scion to launch it last time! pm me
  186. jspana

    Slime stick galore at the shoe 6/15

    what event was that?
  187. jspana

    San O 6-16

    WTG man Great day in crappy conditions. way to overcome
  188. jspana

    I Think I'm Going To Need a Bigger Boat

    You can put my boat in that gucci spot.. heck you can use it too.
  189. jspana

    Hit the islands

    Grey Trigger.. "The pork chop of the sea" Had all you can catch in Baja from shore.. Fun fish, fight hard and taste great.
  190. jspana

    samsung gear s2 smartwatch

    is this the one that is also a phone without needing to pair to a smartphone? and what carrier?
  191. jspana

    Nados 6/14

    Taro is not afraid to drive that boat hard looking for fish! Get back on on an overnight trip.. way less people, worth the cash on that boat for sure. But you seemed to do great for that stacked boat anyway.. WTG!
  192. jspana

    Question regarding 5yr old on 1/2 day

    I have taken my kids on 1/2 day trips for years, Mainly out of Dana. They do a great tutorial and little raffle with a free trip.. The deck hands are great and the captain has many times handed off a fish or two to my kiddos. I have my own boat and take them on 1/2 day trips more then on our own...
  193. jspana

    Friday the 13th Shore Action corbina = bottom
  194. jspana

    3/5 - 7 species day

    love the bucket bouquets!
  195. jspana

    ...lucky than good. 1/28

    wow! nice catch!!!
  196. jspana

    Rpt.-Wed.-10-11-17 Local PV Bass.

    You guys are the only ones we can belive with no pics! Good job making chicken soup from chicken s#$%. nice
  197. jspana

    Raymarine A65 Gps

    Have another question on the same unit.. Got the gps fixed, changed the batt and still nothing, used the rs12 and it works fine. just a bad GPS antenna I guess. SO now I need to find the NMEA cable to wire it to my vhf. Im going from the A65 classic to the VHF radio. Just need the pigtail from...
  198. jspana

    Found a Couple

    Man thats a great feeling.. worked my first paddy last year and got a few good yellows.. Addicting ! Great job
  199. jspana

    4 lobster nets

    So do you want to sell only the blue ones?
  200. jspana

    4 lobster nets

    what if i only want the conical ones.. ??
  201. jspana

    2001 Chevy Suburban 2500 4x4 8.1

    also would like some pics. 6265344514
  202. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    wow, yeah just missed it.. gotta check on it for next year as well.
  203. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    Sent from my SM-G930V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  204. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    So we're back, had an awesome trip! Camped right on a protected reef, no locals at all! Didn't bring the RIB this time around but did bring a raft. Fished mostly from the shore with lickycrafts, kastmasters with teasers, and cut octopus on Carolina rigs. We came up with tons of grey trigger fish...
  205. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    We'll be there 4-5 to 4-9 so hopefully we only hit one day of it and be on our way out anyway. Does anyone know how many gas cans you can cross the border with?
  206. jspana

    Finishing a Plier Wrap with Turk's Head Using Tag Ends

    Yeah acid rods is right down the street but I have all there colors lol thanx for the other site I'll check them out Sent from my SM-G900V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  207. jspana

    Finishing a Plier Wrap with Turk's Head Using Tag Ends

    Can I ask where you get your cord? Looking for more selection then my local guy Sent from my SM-G900V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  208. jspana

    Mercury scan tool

    It does have smartcraft.. I'll look into that, sounds cool, I'm a mechanic and can fix the damn thing if I can communicate with it lol. Sent from my SM-G900V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  209. jspana

    Mercury scan tool

    Yeah, I saw some on there, 499 up to 2k, would rather hook up a fellow bd'er with some launch money though. Sent from my SM-G900V using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  210. jspana

    Mercury scan tool

    Does anyone have a scan tool to read a 2005 optimax 150? or know where to get one?? Im in 9175 and can pay some cash and beer in trade for time! Thanx..
  211. jspana

    Finishing a Plier Wrap with Turk's Head Using Tag Ends

    I have done both, turks on the the tag end and separate, I also have been cutting off the stock rubber and putting a few pieces of heat shrink on them to bulk them back up, the cord really bites into it. I use Decon 2 part epoxy to hold the turks on and spar urethane spray like above... also...
  212. jspana

    not-so-quick lobster trip 2/19 (more of a story than a report)

    Lost a bearing on the 57 @ capistrano last year, Took 4hrs to get a flatbed to put it on, Way sketchy, 21' cuddy cabin walk around up on a huge flatbed, We had to chain the wheel onto the trailer and drag it up! Cleaned a bunch of Sheeps on the side of the road in the dark, kids and wife stuck @...
  213. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    Well i had to google that a whole bunch of times! lol Looks like were catching just a few days of it so.. yeah might me interesting to say the least.. Thanx for the heads up.
  214. jspana

    Down rigger mounts.

    whats the deal with the pile of reels!?!?
  215. jspana

    Raymarine A65 Gps

    I did, I also found that they have a button cell batterie in side them, So i changed it out but still nothing, I was able to test the power from the a65 to the gps and it was good also. I think just the antenna went out. I have a rs12 on the way, not as good as my other one but if it works i can...
  216. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    Right on! looks like alot of fun! I cant wait. Heard those grey triggers are good eats if you can get through the skin. Thanx for the info, Just what I was looking for .
  217. jspana

    Raymarine A65 Gps

    Emphasis on "classic" non internal gps unit. THANKS FOR THE HELP THOUGH!
  218. jspana

    Raymarine A65 Gps

    My a65 classic is not getting gps signal, I have a raystar 120 antenna but am not getting any signal. I soldered the connector on by color matching all the wires but its not working. Any advice its greatly welcome. Maybe I have the wrong antenna? First raymarine unit so im learning as i go.
  219. jspana

    legal or short?

    Definitely short, Click on the pic to expand, you can clearly see a gap behind the "fuzzies" as I call them.. Not even a Clicker.. Not sure how you missed that when you pulled it?? You my friend got really lucky, I have had them push on the gauge to see if it Clicks down @ dana point. The gauge...
  220. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    That would be just fine with me, just looking for some fish while I camp! Ill have to poke around and hit up some locals. while im there
  221. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    Yeah that's some info an AZ guy gave me.. I'm cool with smaller fish, no need to get out in open water really. Just want to catch fish! I'll be shore fishing as well. If the opportunity arises for a bigger boat ride, I'm not opposed to jumping on but I'm not lookingoing to seek out a charter...
  222. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    Thanx for the reply, so those reefs are way out in the gulf? Im not planing on chartering a boat for this trip, just what i can reach on my 14' inflatable. So it looks like dropper loop fishing mainly right, cut squid etc. No larger game that far north in the gulf.. What about flattys?
  223. jspana

    Rocky Point/ Puerto Penasco

    Going to camp on the beach just north of pureto penasco in April.. I will be bringing my Zodiac and beach launching it.. looking for any advice on what paper work I will need and any odd rules or regulations I may be missing.. Also, not looking for specific spots or anything but general areas...
  224. jspana

    Lobster/Lost Boat Report - 10/12

    we had a close call off clemente peir right after my avatar pic was taken.. had some big swells push us over our own line which in turn wrapped the pot around some kelp and anchored our stern up swell.. we took a few right over the back of the boat and almost sank it right there, the kelp broke...
  225. jspana

    WTB Hoop Nets

    ive got flat hoop nets, No repairs and rigged for the most parts.. pm me
  226. jspana

    Catalina 9/19

    The thing with cheap china products is that our expensive products usually come from the same factory, China is just allowed to change the name and sell it for super cheap. Dont get me wrong some of it is just crap but some is exactly the same. You can find tons of decent fishing gear on the...
  227. jspana

    Offshore Fooling them with the chum and chunk!

    Yeah we were out there on Friday, The fish wouldn't even look at a live bait.. they just sink out and hang in like 120' till you get bored and move.. Didn't even think to chunk bait till the ride home.. Good work and thanx for the info!
  228. jspana

    San Diego 9/17

    great vid man!
  229. jspana

    Barge rock

    hes right, we were in that area on Sunday in a 1/2 day boat.. slim pickins. just find some kelp between the pier and mateo youll do good. Dropper loop some shrimp for sheep heads..
  230. jspana

    local 1/2 day afternoon..

    Even though the fishing was slow, they loved it..
  231. jspana

    Rig for a little kid..

    The rod to the right has one one on it... he tried it but is set on a conventional, just likes it better, I'm sure he'll change but for now whatever makes him comfortable is what works
  232. jspana

    Rig for a little kid..

    Ok I got this kid SET UP! lol He is the coolest kid on the boat for sure! I had this Kencor Zebra strip custom rod that I picked up @ a yard sale for $20 so I took it down to Wills Sport and Tackle in monrovia... Had him pull off the foam grip and the afco seat, Chopped it down to just over 5'...
  233. jspana

    local 1/2 day afternoon..

    A couple buddies and I took the kids out on a 1/2 day trip on the Clemente yesterday. Our little ones are 5,6,7yrs old so not much fishing done by dads.. First off, my hats off to the Dana Warf sport fishing setup in general, Never have we had a bad trip outta this landing. Sundays Kids fish...
  234. jspana

    Sunday SB Island quick report and rant

    Im with yall on the JP going to the crew. Win the lotto, give it to the clerk?? No.. 5k in paigow give it to the waitress for the free drinks?? no.. Only person that takes away my winnings is uncle sam! Now if i do enter and occasionally win, I do tip heavier than normal.. to the guys that...
  235. jspana

    Daiwa Lexa 300 PWR

    Let me knowif the sale falls through I'll take it
  236. jspana

    Rpt.-08-28-16 Bass fishing and incredible Bycatch!

    Always enjoy your posts Cory.. Wow what a good day on the water! Keep up the slayin .. Tight lines on the Ducky
  237. jspana

    Catalina 8/28

    good work! what was the water temp out there?
  238. jspana


    Small pickup truck bed cover.. just sayin
  239. jspana

    Yellowfin in Newport harbor

    I just put my "surf" bag on the boat.. lol
  240. jspana

    Pursuit at Catalina (8-10)

    I used to fish the pursuit all the time, used to be 20-30 max @ $60 for a 3/4 day.. killer boat grest crew all way worth it. But then they sold out to that Groupon bull s#!+. Last time I get on it was with a Groupon for $45 and they packed that boat with 90+ people and tried to "checkout a new...
  241. jspana

    Grandson's 1st on rebuilt boat

    That's rad! Nice work on the boat!
  242. jspana

    1982 24' Skipjack Open -Carlsbad

    do the work yourself.. thats the only way I can afford this hobby!
  243. jspana

    Thieving pirates at Catalina!!

    that sux man. Great job putting the boys on fish though.. Just saw this maybe its a some help..
  244. jspana

    Went way up north to Jalama

    Yup big ole dogs out there, Seem much bigger in little boats! had whale surface maybe 20 yards off us while tied up.. talk about making you feel small! .. Jalama burgers are made with crack, im sure of it. lol
  245. jspana

    Rig for a little kid..

    well we went out the other day and I had him toss around most of my small arsenal.. Wouldnt you know that he likes my SS200 fin noir the best! Lol Then the avet sxj, Couldnt get him hooked on the baitcasters though. Ironically he got really good at casting the avet so yeah. I think the fathom or...
  246. jspana

    7/24 On the San Diego

    I need to get out
  247. jspana

    BFT out of Dana Pt. 209 on a Popper. Very sloppy weather.

    great report.. very informative o_O nice fish none the less:appl:
  248. jspana

    AVET HX Silver 5/2 and Shimano Torium 20

    Im in laverne!.. lol ill take that torium if you dont ship to ^^.:D
  249. jspana

    Cat calicos 7/18

    right on
  250. jspana

    O`side late report from 7-17

    Bloody Deck indeed! Congragts man
  251. jspana

    Brute Bluefin Tuna, 7/16/16

    awesome write up! I feel like i was on the rail with you! way to stick it out it sure paid off
  252. jspana

    Rig for a little kid..

    didnt even think of a low pro baitcaster.. Hmmm..
  253. jspana

    Rig for a little kid..

    yeah I think I am going to order a single paddle one for the reason that its a good backup reel and I have huge hands and cant stand the small spacing on that reel anyway.
  254. jspana

    LJ-July 17th

    My experience is that if your cool with them there usually always cool back.
  255. jspana

    Not a bad skunk at la jolla

    thats better than no action anyday!
  256. jspana

    150 lb Bluefin off Oside

    sweet hookup!
  257. jspana

    Rig for a little kid..

    nice.. I have an old calstar 6' blank i was going to have cut down and built for him but its just a bit to pricey for my blood! haha if anyone wants to make a JR. Rod for shits and giggles hit me up! Ill buy the beer and parts and trade labor and skill for some boat rides... I do want a...
  258. jspana

    Rig for a little kid..

    So my boy is 5yrs old but can land a fish like no other.. He can surf fish and hangs bass and trout all day also pulls in carp up to 15lb .. I have a travala 6.6" med med that im handing down to him to fish the rail on our ocean boat and on charters.. I paired it with an ambassador 6000 for now...
  259. jspana


    ive gone back and looked at that bone like 5 times! Never seen one that big! Nice catch, bet it pulled some drag! I'll have to try out that boat, its been on my radar for sometime now.
  260. jspana

    Went way up north to Jalama

    right on.. great hidden spot. Not so many fishermen in the recent years usually 2 or 3. We shore launch a zodiac and go out to the kelp.. last year a yaker got a 25+lb seabass straight off the beach in the kelp..
  261. jspana

    Dorado 7/9

    here they come.........
  262. jspana

    Went way up north to Jalama

    Aside from some of the best burgers ive ever had, We got into some great perch action. On Thursday about an hour into the uphill tide we found a perch highway in the sand and with any size camo sand worm or the little blood worms in the sand, we got bit. Braid and floro was a big help out there...
  263. jspana

    7/9 New Seaforth AM Bonies and Mako

    yup, when prepared well, Bonnies make excellent lobster bait...........
  264. jspana

    #231 Bluefin

    Wow!! nice haul!
  265. jspana

    2005 optimax 150 wiring

    I'm up in the foothills, LaVerne. Wish I was closer to SD. I made my own dash and don't have tons of room but I may add the head temp, that's something I would like to know! I'll have to check what harness it is, do you know where I can get a diagram of the analog one? I have the installation...
  266. jspana

    2005 optimax 150 wiring

    lol I dont even have an oil psi gauge.. dont know why I put that, Guess im just used to building cars not boats! volts, trim and temp. Thanx
  267. jspana

    2005 optimax 150 wiring

    So Im Swapping out my Force for the optimax! big time come up. . On the wiring, the opti was only running a tach on the donor boat and thats it.. I have the motor on the boat now and the key is all wired up and it runs but I only have wires for a tach in the harness.. there are a few others...
  268. jspana

    Anybody fished bolsa chica lately

    Not not really, Its like 1/2mile north. I wanted to be closet to the jetty for fishing but we needed a fire pit for my kids birthday party.. Priorities
  269. jspana

    DP 6/19/16 windy!!

    we surf fished DP on saturday, I agree with the wind.. but good job on calling it and heading back in.. better safe then sorry.
  270. jspana

    Dana to newport

    Went all for it on Saturday.. Hit the rocks by the ocean institute first but the jetty was closed so we fished the rail just inside the brake wall, go ta few short bites from little butts on the LC but none stuck. You could see the fish swim up and hit the lure, pretty cool. orange and bronze...
  271. jspana

    Anybody fished bolsa chica lately

    I fished tower 26 area on the 4th for nada all day.. Wa wa wa .. LC, Big hammers and sand worms. never saw a sand crab over 1/2" ..
  272. jspana

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Ill take a place in line on that hard top half tower if it ever goes up for sale!
  273. jspana

    Win Xtratuf Deck Boots

  274. jspana

    Rpt-Wed. 05-18-16 Catalina Tails and Hali's!

    Great report as always! WTG on those by catch butts!
  275. jspana

    Offshore Bluefin Islands Tuesday 5/10

    great report, thanx.. This year should be a good one!
  276. jspana

    Sheepshead on the new boat,

    oh man! thats a big a... Goat! congrats!! on the boat and the fish.
  277. jspana

    Rpt.-Thur. 05-05-16 Tuna and Tail on the Eclipse.

    great report..youll shake the skunk off soon.
  278. jspana

    Brought a knife to a gunfight - Saturday, May 7th

    sweet! I need to get on one of those!
  279. jspana

    osprey attack

    Thats just cool.
  280. jspana

    Island Sheepshead Jackpot

    Am I the only on thats upset about not eating the Crawdads??! I usually get a few pounds of shrimp from Superior market.. like $3 a pound. way cheap and they love it.
  281. jspana

    WTB: 25 - 40hp motor Tiller controls

    Got it on CL for 500..
  282. jspana

    Good Times on the River

    lol we did with a smaller one but got no love! I like the way you think!
  283. jspana

    WTB: 25 - 40hp motor Tiller controls

    Is what it is, I need it for the zodiac.. old and cheap are welcom as long as it runs good.. I also have a bitchen 16hp to trade or whatever. Hit me up thanx
  284. jspana

    14' Welded Aluminum w/ t-top + 25 hp merc

    willing to sell the motor separate??
  285. jspana

    best way to get old gas out?

    I put an ad on CL for free gas and some tweeker came by with a garden hose and sucked it out for me lol It really was easy! The rest i siphoned into 5 gal paint buckets with lids from work and took them to a hazardous wast even I found online.. They took it without question. Oh and I put some...
  286. jspana

    Boat sinking in MB

    putting the plug back in while in the water is about as fun as trying to back off with the straps still on the trailer on a busy ramp.. Dont ask lol have a walk around check list.. it helps.
  287. jspana

    Urgent Message!

    Damn.. I launch outta Dana all the time.. Hope they got these scum bags.
  288. jspana

    Thunderbird Overnight fishing 4/20 bro

    good report and congrats on the yellow! pulled a good size yft on my sxj, you get your butt kicked for sure lol but fun to hear it scream!
  289. jspana

    Misc items

    Whats the spread on the bimini??
  290. jspana

    4-19 La Jolla Jack Part2

    Right on! nice grade YT
  291. jspana

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    I have the fear of dropping the prop to the bottom.. or the nut .. I keep those spare on hand too just incase.. glad you got it all taken care of out there.
  292. jspana

    4-17 La Jolla Jack

    Right on, Nice YT!
  293. jspana

    Broke my cabin fever at Rocky Point 4-16

    Good Times! These little boats are a bit intimidating but It all goes away when you get out there, there great. I even surf launch this little beast.. Way sketchy!! Fun as can be though.. See you out there.
  294. jspana

    White Seabass at the Islands!

    Oh man! Thats my kind of trip!
  295. jspana

    Rockfish and Lings at San Miguel

    good looking reds! Looks like a fun trip. awesome
  296. jspana

    Good Times on the River

    Thanx man.. we were in Parker AZ. Colorado river. South of havasu about a mile up from the parker dam
  297. jspana

    WTB Raymarine RS12 or Equivalent

    Right on! Let me do some research and see if it will work with my setup
  298. jspana

    Standard Horizon VHF and 8' antenna for sale.

    Old post but if it is still up for sale let me know.
  299. jspana

    FS- Lowrance-LMS-337cDF-GPS-Sonar-Fish-Finder-GPS-WAAS-Combo

    This is a pretty good unit, Im currently running one. If you need a combo on a budget I would jump on this. :-):-):-)
  300. jspana

    Good Times on the River

    Took the family and close family friends out the the Colorado river this week. Cali side down by the Bluewater dam. Had a house rented with a private dock so you know theres gonna be some fishing! I have never had this many fish on the river while not on a boat so I had to post up a report. Go...
  301. jspana

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Yeah, it's one of the known issues with this boat. Mine fill up constantly to the point that they are useless as fish holds and they are not insulated to boot. We use a kill bag in one for the fish. I plan on using a seal on the lids similar to the one you find on a car door openeing
  302. jspana

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Yes and how they collect rain water and wash down water etc.
  303. jspana

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Are you going to adress the seal issues on the boxes or just deal with it like I am??
  304. jspana

    WTB Raymarine RS12 or Equivalent

    I have an A65 Classic and am looking for a gps antenna for it, I know the RS12 will work with it but I think others will also. If you have one that you know will work hit me up I need it. Thanx.
  305. jspana

    First post/kayak

    sweet fish!
  306. jspana

    Doheny Beach

    Hit up the beach for some Halibut but got skunked. Worked the whole shore for 4 hrs for nada.. Saw a couple other guys out there with the same results.. Mostly low and incoming tide, maybe the temps were off? Who knows. Lucky crafts, X raps & big hammers, even sand worms.. no love.
  307. jspana

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    Good to hear
  308. jspana

    Transom Bolt Holes

    Thats what my plan is, Ill get that lam resin, coat it and a dowel then drive it in and glass over it all.. How does that sound? This is just for the motor bolt holes.
  309. jspana

    1991 Stringari 18 ft Cuddy repower

    friggen sweet! you make me want to cut up my boat and make it bad A like yours!! lol Good job its killer for sure.
  310. jspana

    How's the wall

    Now theres one fish I can always catch!
  311. jspana

    Flat falls style lures 160g 125g 100g

    There $5 just swap out the line and hooks for whatever you want. Ill take a handfull..Flat falls are a great must have, they spark a reaction bite from the top to the bottom and in between, Ive cought tons of fish on them in the last year alone. They are like a slot machine in the water, it...
  312. jspana

    Cheap - Place Bid ! SOLD

    Ill take them both pm sent
  313. jspana

    Transom Bolt Holes

    Have a thread open on this same issue, check it out, good info
  314. jspana

    Patching holes in transom

    yeah no worries, I ask for opinions then take my knowledge and add it to the knowledge of the BD community and make the best plan. I love the 5200 and use it all the time, But in this case I could see even using a dowel and 5200 would work just fine. I like the 610, has a lot of good reviews and...
  315. jspana

    Fri 3/4 SCI YT plus

    love the Fury, thats a ritual in my fishing season.. one of the best overnight boats in my opinion. He will put you on some fish and haul ass to make your time on the water count.
  316. jspana

    Redondo Beach Reds 3/12/2016

    yup taco tuesday at your pad! Nice haul
  317. jspana

    Patching holes in transom

    That 610 looks pretty cool, I agree, it's not structural I just want a good solid fill and a tight seal.. not wining any beauty contests unet the motor
  318. jspana

    Patching holes in transom

    Yes.. 4 holes 1/2" diameter. My thought was also dowel and fiberglass mat on both sides. I'll cram some resin or epoxy in there with the dowels. I also have a thru hull fitting (1" hole or so) that I'm thinking about eliminating at the same time should be the same procedure correct?
  319. jspana

    Patching holes in transom

    Hey guys, I'm re powering and my old holes do not line up.. the boat I pulled thr motor off just had globs of 5200 in its extra holes? I'm not going that route, what is the tried and true method for patching 4 1/2" holes in fiberglass over wood?? I've seen many ; Pure resin Resin mixed w/saw...
  320. jspana

    Cool video of a trip last summer

    Way cool
  321. jspana

    does your trailer have some rust?

    I need that for my hot rod!
  322. jspana

    Driveway Challenges

    Like this..
  323. jspana

    Driveway Challenges

    I'm in the same boat... lol.... my 26' toy hauler is a PITA to get up.. remove loader bars, lower the bags, get half way, fill the bags back up....... every time. Also had the boat drag the scag! .. flipped the axle and never looked back. Way easy took like an hour with a jack and a buddy. I...
  324. jspana

    need to buy new prop, no idea what to get, pitch,etc

    Pro boats on san dimas will let you try them out on puddingstone and swap it till its right. Good guys in there give them a call your close enough.
  325. jspana

    Bait Tank Advise

    Ive got this one on my swim step and it keeps a half scoop of candy bar size dines healthy all day
  326. jspana

    La Jolla Full Moon Seabass

    Ha Ha so true.. I work 6 - 230 that makes great evening fishing but with lobster season open I would just have to stay up and go to work from the dock! lol
  327. jspana

    Yt in Santa Monica bay

    good info guys.. thats why I dig this site
  328. jspana

    Izor's / Breakwall

    Nice work on the locals!
  329. jspana

    Killed the BUGS

    damn good haul! I would love to figure out the actual law on this multi day deal..
  330. jspana

    Force 150hp

  331. jspana

    Force 150hp

    price drop $800 I know its a force but it runs great and has perfect compression and will get you through the season until you get that etec!
  332. jspana

    Force 150hp

    Got a good running 1991 force 150 for sale, This is built by mercury not Chrystler, its the better of the force motors. Only has 375hrs on it! just did all the fuel lines and carbs got cleaned and synced and new plugs, voltage regulator and fuel pump diaphragms. This motor has served us well...
  333. jspana

    Hooping Chaffee island 2/8/2016

    do you eat those? they just look nasty! I toss em back
  334. jspana

    Sat. PV Bassin on the Ducky

    WTG! and a quality flatty for the bonus!
  335. jspana

    Saturday 2-6-16

    I think I can smell that plate from here! WTG
  336. jspana

    LED Lighting : where to buy

    got mine on ebay.. If they go out there cheap to replace..
  337. jspana


    Im next in line.. pm sent
  338. jspana

    1/23 Deep Water Halibut

    We need to invent a Paint ball gun turret for kayaks!
  339. jspana

    LB Hooping LB Chaffee Island

    Sweet... Got 1 legal there a while back.. have to try again I guess
  340. jspana

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    They ship those guys in from wherever they can, We were boarded by a DFG at lobster opener in Dana Harbor, the guy had no idea what kind of crab we also had (big rock crab) then proceeded to tell us that he normally worked at Pudding-stone reservoir and this was his first time in the ocean...
  341. jspana

    Hooping With The Master

    7 in possession.
  342. jspana

    Furuno 1734C Display/Radar/GPS **SALE ENDING**

    yeah, I want a shot at it.. lol
  343. jspana

    Big bug

  344. jspana

    Hoopin' with Hansen

    I gotta call Dave..
  345. jspana

    Lures to catch stripers

    We use cut frozen mackerel for the kids in the lakes and spoons and white plastics for us, but they seem like a by product in the surf for sure, I saw one come up while the guy was fishing for halibut, Rainbow trout minnow on a sliding setup.. Good luck and post some results.
  346. jspana

    YT 150 area 1-2-16

    way nice fish!
  347. jspana

    trash can bait tank

    here are some pictures of this sweet custom bait tank.. :rockin:
  348. jspana

    trash can bait tank

    here are some pictures of this sweet custom bait tank.. :rockin:
  349. jspana

    trash can bait tank

    Got a custom made, High end, Rubbermaid bait tank! Looks great on the boat, can disguise itself as a waste receptical, Has all the fittings and a nice size hole in the lid to scoop those precious dines outta!.. Well yeah I think its a steal of a deal in a trade for a beer or two.. lol Its obo...
  350. jspana

    Note to self: Don't hoop during a thunder storm

    Wow! Almost went out also, glad we canned that idea.. Great pic though
  351. jspana

    Fs 1997 johnson oceanrunner 200 hp

    Ill trade you for my lake boat lol
  352. jspana

    Stolen boat Dana point embarcadero

    that sucks, I saw your boat there a while back, Its really nice.. Ill keep an eye out too but Ill bet its down south.
  353. jspana

    lowrance 337c transducer

    cool thanx, Yeah Im looking at that p66.. Looks like mine reads ok in shallow water but above 50~60' it gives up..
  354. jspana

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Sat on the side of the road for 3hrs on the way back from DP right at Capistrano. Bearing shattered and welded to the spindle. Haven't got billed for the tow yet but it was 48 miles real slow and sketchy. Had the whole family with me it sucked, dropped them of at McDonalds for a few hrs. Had a...
  355. jspana

    Cleaning lobster?

    Wrap them in wet newspaper and toss them in the crisper.. will last from 1 - 3 days no prob .. as soon as they die you gotta pull the tail and freeze it or eat it stat.
  356. jspana

    Offshore My Son's First Tuna - Dana Point 9/27

    sweet! I took my 8, 5, 3mo old kiddos out for sheephead and they had a blast.. Not sure when Ill get them out that far though, but the look on a kids face when they hook up makes the trip for sure!
  357. jspana

    Offshore Epic Season

    Great trip!!
  358. jspana

    Ice near long beach

    hopefully Sunday, Took a day off this week for my Bday so my boss wont bee to keen on me bailing again to fish! This is my first "actual" ocean boat, Ive had lake boats all my life but just stepped up to the deep water leagues, so you may see me around here poking for some info and advice. Got...
  359. jspana

    Ice near long beach

    Right on, thanx, sorry to bust your balls but hey!
  360. jspana

    Ice near long beach

    Oh ok right next to the fish you post pictures of.. Got it thanx
  361. jspana

    lowrance 337c transducer

    I know I know its an older unit, but hey it came with the boat and I have other "issues" that need my money first. Well I like Lowrance units (Have one on the lake boat) and will buy a bigger fancy touch one when the money comes up but for now mine isnt reading crap between the top noise and the...
  362. jspana

    Ice near long beach

    He guys, going out of south Shore tomorrow @6am where is a good place for ice down there??
  363. jspana

    Must See!!!

    I'd toss that pimp seal a bonito for sure! lol he earned it
  364. jspana

    Bonies Only

    We were out there too, Couple of big bones but not yt. Same deal slow troll.
  365. jspana


    trade for an older lake boat??
  366. jspana

    O'side 8/18 and 19

    good report, right on!
  367. jspana

    8/18/15 Bumping - 8/19/15 Chunking - 2 Days on the water with the kids!!

    good to see the kiddos out there, and way to man up and not be selfish.