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  1. Deepsea Warrant

    Rod/Reel Combo's

    1) Calstar GFDH 800H 8' with Pro Gear V40 $175 (pending) 2/ Seeker Black Steel G270-H 8' with Pro Gear V20 and Tiburon Clamp $175 Rods have been used but still have plenty of life. Reels been on a couple of trips. Braid and top shot like new. Located in Imperial Beach
  2. Deepsea Warrant

    Terminal Tackle Lot

    Selling as a lot $120 Weights 20oz (3) 16oz (5) 14oz (1) 12oz (5) 10oz (6) 8oz (13) Shrimp Flies 18 Glow Jig 8oz (4) two with grubs Hooks Aki Tiwst 3/0 (3) 4/0 (3) 5/0 (3) 7/0...
  3. Deepsea Warrant

    Accurate Converted Jigmaster

    Old jigmaster that has an Accurate Kit installed. Reel works great. Handle is only thing that has minor rust. Located in Imperial Beach. $100 OBO
  4. Deepsea Warrant

    Rods for Sale

    Rods for Sale. Just sitting around collecting dust. All prices are OBO. Hard to get good picture but will text upon request. Located in South San Diego (Imperial Beach) Calstar 700H – Tip professionally repaired now 6’ 8” excellent condition SOLD Seeker Classic Series SC 6465 6 ½ 20- (30)...
  5. Deepsea Warrant

    Outcast Super Fat Cat

    Moving back to Florida so selling my Float Tube. Everything is in excellent shape and quality, nothing homemade. Comes with Airhead double action pump. The is a top of the line setup. Over $1000 invested. $550 Not looking to part out. - Outcast Super Fat Cat (2 years old in great shape)...
  6. Deepsea Warrant

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    I had a conversation with a disgruntled deck hand who says braid is to be blamed for the tangles on sport boats and should be banned, and that it really provides no advantages over straight mono. What do you guy's say? Are you ready to go back to straight mono?
  7. Deepsea Warrant

    Ricky Carroll 6'0" Epoxy Surfboard

    Getting to old to ride my short boards. Selling a 6'0" Ricky Carroll HEMI Epoxy Quad/5 fin. For those that may not know who Ricky Carroll is he is a long time Florida shaper and 3x Master Shape Off champion. The guys shapes unreal boards. I ride this as a quad with center thumbster fin. The...
  8. Deepsea Warrant


    A little late but we had a two day charter on the Endeavor (26-26 June) but due to uncontrollable circumstances we lost a day. The Captain and crew made the best of the circumstances. A big shout out to a GREAT Captain and Crew and a well maintained vessel. Turned our short trip into what...
  9. Deepsea Warrant

    Fisherman's Landing Parking

    Anyone had any issues leaving your vehicle in the Fisherman's Landing parking lot during a multi day trip?
  10. Deepsea Warrant

    Memorial Day Multi-Day

    Thinking about a 2-3 day this Memorial weekend (Condor or Tomahawk). Really not sure I want a trip that is primarily focuses on chasing early season finicky BFT, not against it, just not my first choice. Would really prefer a not so crowded Baja YT trip. Should I be focusing on an overnight...
  11. Deepsea Warrant

    Shortening a Rod...What's the effect?

    Without getting into the specifics. I picked up a rod (Calstar 700H) and come to find out the rods has been repaired with about 5" off the tip. How much should this raise the line rating and speed up the action?
  12. Deepsea Warrant


    The PCH-701XH is listed as a 30-60 but most rods in that class seem to be more of a solid 40lb but could handle 50 in a pinch. Wanting to fish 50lb with 60 in a pinch. Does anyone have any experience with the 701XH fishing 50lb?
  13. Deepsea Warrant

    Penn 500 Handle

    I have an old favorite Jigmaster with a full accurate kit but still have the factory handle. It is getting a bit worn and I am looking to upgrade. Any suggestions on what out there that will add a bit of length for better leverage and speed? Thanks
  14. Deepsea Warrant


    Looking to add some heat shrink over my aging cork on my boat rods. Anyone have any info they want to share? Thanks,