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  1. bman440440

    The BEST thing you spent money on fishing

    does it count if I help spend my best friends $?
  2. bman440440

    Mikelson Yachts

    is that a 43? or maybe a 47?
  3. bman440440


    can you elaborate on operator error?
  4. bman440440

    1992 Sea Ox 26’ Blue water pro

    ahh... just curious why that and not a couple of 4s gas outboards... at 50K for that you could have a proven set of gassers and low noise
  5. bman440440

    Tinting pilot house windows

    On my personal boat no but I have had buddy's with tinted windows and it is nice until it starts getting dark... reflection from anything that produces light like electronics and dash gauges... and even with no light inside you can see crap outside at night. But to answer your question the tint...
  6. bman440440

    1992 Sea Ox 26’ Blue water pro

    just in case your not joking around that is not going to be enough engine... that is a heavy boat... but that is JMO
  7. bman440440

    Truck and Camper

    SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool:
  8. bman440440

    Complete Inverter set up for sale out of my 2820

    what is the model # for the inverter? how many watts?
  9. bman440440

    Tank to hold bait

    that's a plastic tank
  10. bman440440

    Food recs for offshore

    my go-to for a long time was tuna salad (made with yellowtail) in a big bowl and bring some bread and or crackers... a few plastic forks and you are good to go... if really hungry take a piece of bread and load it and eat.... if just wanting a snack scrape some out of the bowl with a cracker and...
  11. bman440440

    Grady White Islander 26' Bait Tank Install

    holy crap... that's a LOT of extra fuel... you plan on going to Hawaii?? LOL
  12. bman440440

    REDUCED, $74,995 38' UNIFLITE!

    yes that boat has great lines!
  13. bman440440

    Best diesel engine for 24' radon repower

    maybe a Cummins 4bt?
  14. bman440440

    REDUCED, $74,995 38' UNIFLITE!

    from what I have read on the uniflite boards when they did the change in resin in 1980... from then on the boats had blister problems if they where in warmer waters (south of San Jose on the west coast and south North Carolina on east coast) and no you cant see it from the inside but they would...
  15. bman440440

    REDUCED, $74,995 38' UNIFLITE!

    I know all the uni's had blister problems how good/bad is this one?
  16. bman440440

    2003 GMC Sierra SLT CC 4x4 SB Duramax/Allison 71400 on the clock Excellent Condition

    I have seen this truck in person... and like his boat that he recently sold it is (other than the hood) immaculate!!! If I had the $ it would be in my drive way right now... Gary ALWAYS keeps everything he owns in TOP shape so if you are looking for a great truck this it the one to buy.
  17. bman440440

    New yamaha

  18. bman440440

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    I see you flipped the pumps so the motor is mounted up :appl:
  19. bman440440

    Mex Ped crossing for visa

    no they do not stamp it they check if it is valid (radio call in I presume) if valid they send you on your way... if you are checked again they do the same thing... my buddy did this last year and was checked again and he gave them the same one (even though he had a new one) to see if they had a...
  20. bman440440

    New sportboats coming soon?

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. bman440440

    Mex Ped crossing for visa

    just FYI from the Mexican government website copy and paste ----> " This FMM document will be valid for one single entry by plane or land valid for a maximum stay of 180 days...
  22. bman440440

    San Diego Bay - Free Anchorage

    I have never had a problem partying on the hook :rockin:
  23. bman440440

    Mercury marine has a new $77000 outboard

    500 & 600 HP v12 :rockin: o_O
  24. bman440440

    19' Marlin CC

    read the rules... all ad's need a price... GLWS
  25. bman440440

    Trailer Light Help

    not always... my 06 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer does not have ANY fuses under the hood
  26. bman440440

    Can’t live without boat appliances ?

    On the bigger pontoon boat the house bank we have 2 (parallel) grp 31's that are rated 130 AH @ 20 hour rate each with a 3500 watt pure sinewave inverter and we have no problems running a 900 watt microwave and a 2000 watt stereo (cranked up) at the same time all off the house bank... even after...
  27. bman440440

    Trailer Light Help

    what truck? If its a Ford (depending on model) there are 3 fuses that power the lights... I almost went nuts when all but the right turn/brake light went out
  28. bman440440

    2006 Mercury 115 - 4 Stroke For Sale

    this is 4.5 a year old post
  29. bman440440

    1991 bayliner trophy 2352 outboard conversion.

    I noticed with your pics these 2 pumps... just an idea you might want to think about... if you can mount them motor up... they will last longer... and coat seams of the motors with a sealant and get even more time out of them.
  30. bman440440

    Prop size question df70a

    your engine is rated at 6000 RPM at WOT... load your boat with its typical load of people and gear and see what the max RPM you can get... IMO if you are 5800-6000 RPM leave it alone... I know you stated that you are doing 21-22 MPH at 4800 but I have to imagine that is what your cruise is correct?
  31. bman440440

    SOLD!! Tiara 33 Flybridge w/ Cummins QSB 380's Go Time

    I can attest to how clean this boat is!! When you see this boat in person you will be ready to drop that cash!!
  32. bman440440

    Boat plug lights

    they do not ground to the hull... each black wire has + & - wire inside of it (you can see in the video)... I have used them before (not this particular brand) and they work well but if you plan on using a brass garboard drain plug be sure to anti-seize on it... here are pics of mine.
  33. bman440440

    Media gets orders from Biden Press

    not to stir the pot but...
  34. bman440440

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    child labor laws do not apply to your own children LOL ask me how I know!!! :cheers:
  35. bman440440

    Bait tank plumbing (Shurflo Bait Sentry)

    strainer goes in-between the thru hull pickup and the pump... IMO do not use a 90 off the pickup use a hose from that to the strainer then to the pump... and use band clamps to a stringer to secure the pump and keep the outlet of the pump pointed up to help any possible issues with airlocks...
  36. bman440440

    Todd single person Leaning Post?

    what about something like this? Get a little taller post and you are able to use it as a lean post and still can sit if the mood strikes you...
  37. bman440440

    FYI squid...

    looks like the squid boats are off of La Jolla now
  38. bman440440

    2007 Evinrude 150 ETEC 390 hours 7k obo

    Classifieds Rules This section is not for commercial sales unless you have signed an advertising contract with BD. To find out more about this please send an e-mail to: [email protected] Shops caught ignoring the rules will be called out for public to see who not to shop with and your...
  39. bman440440

    Looking for a surveyor in Oxnard

    can you give his info... I'm not a Oxnard local
  40. bman440440

    Looking for a surveyor in Oxnard

    I have a buddy that needs one... in slip twin DD's
  41. bman440440

    What gears

    I don't know about the gears but you might need to up the shaft diameter... the DD 210's prob have 1.5" shafts and I think (but don't quote me on it) you are going to want 2" shafts this the 370's
  42. bman440440

    Kids smile

    the smile says it all!!
  43. bman440440

    Sold Nikon self stabilising binoculars

    man... if you only closer!! you ever come towards SD?
  44. bman440440

    AutoPilotPumps Make Offer

    buddy bump
  45. bman440440

    Hoop net lights - What are you using?

    I use these... they work great and are bright.... no issues in 2 seasons
  46. bman440440

    Is this okay for my simrad radar?

    can you turn the pedestal around to get the proper angle?
  47. bman440440

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    from what I understand (no direct knowledge) the kayakers can come back and get more bait if desired/able to... there tanks tend to only hold 6-12 baits at a time
  48. bman440440

    Slip Liner- gone

    not much at all
  49. bman440440

    36’- 40’ Convertible Sportfish opinions

    I will give you a little info on DD's... for longevity you want to stay around .9 HP per cubic inch or less so I.E. a 6/71 you want rated HP 385(or less)... 8/92 660 HP(or less) ect... the DD's that are turned way up like the Johnson and Towers 6/71's that are at 465 hp are prone to rebuilds in...
  50. bman440440

    Brand New LBD’s!

    nothing more cute than a pile of pup's... And momma looks proud in that pic too
  51. bman440440


    I had a 14' valco with a 20 merc (I could fish for 10 hours and even fish the 9 on 6 gallons of gas, I did have an extra 3 gal can in the bow just in case) on it and it was great... very bare bones... basic FF and handheld VHF, a small removable bait tank (18 gallons as I recall) and I would...
  52. bman440440

    Slip Liner- gone

    price drop $1300
  53. bman440440

    RIP Barbara Parsonage-Lal's Wife

    🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏
  54. bman440440

    You better not puke! DP 11.21.20

    My girl Yadda (RIP) was always with me fishing even on trips out to the islands or the 182 or when ever I took the boat or kayak out... she was the best fishing buddy... however she never kicked in for gas or cleaned the boat LOL
  55. bman440440

    11-16-20 Prayers please for Lal's wife Barbara!

    prayers sent 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  56. bman440440

    Best way to cure foggy Pilothouse windows? I installed this on my boat... works great... If you have a I/O powered boat it is a game changer... and it will keep you warm too!
  57. bman440440

    Slip Liner- gone

    he has another boat there (over 5 years now)... and has a diver clean both boats now once a month in wither and 2 times a month in summer.
  58. bman440440

    Slip Liner- gone

  59. bman440440

    Hoop nets, tires/rims

    all PM's replied to.
  60. bman440440

    Hoop nets, tires-rims
  61. bman440440

    Hoop nets, tires/rims

    I have 3 nets that are usable with brindle and 2 tires/rims 5 on 4.5... tires hold air but I would not use them. free must take all. Pickup in Kearny Mesa
  62. bman440440

    Lobster License Question

    I did that's why I made that statement... He told me it was like if someone drove the boat to a fishing spot and other people where fishing on the boat the driver does not need to have a license as long as he/she was not fishing
  63. bman440440

    SLIP AVAILABILITIES, 25-50'! prices vary

    $24.50/foot I was looking for a 47ft slip... and they do not have any that size open right now
  64. bman440440

    Lobster License Question

    incorrect... the regs state that "assisting" is defined as baiting dropping pulling or measuring
  65. bman440440

    Cabo 256 with New Yamaha 150s
  66. bman440440

    Air dock or hydro lift

    1st check with your marina... I have found that they don't like air docks or lifts... but tend to be more agreeable to air docks.
  67. bman440440

    rent a cabin cruiser type boat?

    you should be able to find something at that would work for what you want to do for a couple of hours
  68. bman440440

    Looking for a 6 pack San Diego private charter

    seasons sportfishing
  69. bman440440


    I used to fish the 9 in a 14' valco... and had a blast slaying the fish!
  70. bman440440

    Pontoon Boat

    I can tell you from experience that pontoons do not like swells... heck even in SD bay I have had waves come over the bow.... launched out of glorietta bay and drove to humphrys (back when the SI ramp was closed) and it took over 90 mins due to normal bay traffic waves... I'm sure a shorter boat...
  71. bman440440

    Offshore 7-2-2020, Zone 43 to 30 miles West, trip #7, BF #23

    I know that boat!! I thought Jack was at the fuel dock when I didn't see it in the slip but I guess he was out fishing with you guys... WTG!!
  72. bman440440

    Need help with a Lowrance elite 9ti

    it does look like a 3in1... but I'm not totally sure... look for the tag.... and if you are going to change it out what king of fishing are you doing mostly? there is a good deal on a 83/200/455/800 here on BD that would work nicely...
  73. bman440440

    Need help with a Lowrance elite 9ti

    I have a 7Ti with the 50/200/455/800 ducer and like it... now is your ducer a structure scan or DOWNscan?? I would venture to say its downscan... do you have a pic of it and look for a tag on the cable it should have the part # on it.
  74. bman440440

    2 stoke question

    I would venture to say its coming in from engine cover... if you look at the pic you can see drip marks on the pisser hose
  75. bman440440

    looking for a tandum kayak I can use for fishing.

    IMO there are 2 options... hobie PA14 or cobra fish&dive... they can be found used.
  76. bman440440

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    I just went by you guys looks like you were coming in from fiesta island area I was in that double decker pontoon you guys passed in front of. That thing looks great very impressed mad skills!!!!
  77. bman440440

    Need boat stands or options to paint boat bottom. we had the pontoon there and they pulled it off the trailer and put it on stands and we had our guy paint the bottom... they where very helpfull too!
  78. bman440440

    SD Bay 6/22 outgoing tide

    Dad and I had a father son day today... We hit the water at 6 AM and headed up to seaport village and had a slow but steady pick of spotty's from 10-14 inches... Then headed up to harbor island and they were more active... No more than 5 or so minutes between fish and a little better quality and...
  79. bman440440

    please delete nothing here

    bump for great seller
  80. bman440440

    Sureflo 5.7 Smart Sensor Pump,

    bump for great seller
  81. bman440440

    Sureflo 5.7 Smart Sensor Pump,

    bump for great seller
  82. bman440440

    HELP with Yamaha v4 130 outboard

    no prob... now get that boat on the water and get fishing!! ;) :cheers:
  83. bman440440

    HELP with Yamaha v4 130 outboard

    get a new "guy" the lower unit is what decides the rotation (either left or right) the power head still rotates the same direction... and if you want to get technical the left hand units would be the ones using reverse gear going by "the guy you talked to theory" remember that about 90% of...
  84. bman440440

    HELP with Yamaha v4 130 outboard

    If you really want to get in the water fast. Get a right hand unit and a new prop and your done
  85. bman440440

    TotalScan transducer placement and opinion

    you are correct it is perfectly split... the reason for this is the deadrise at the stern on my boat... yours is MUCH flatter so yours will not be as much but I still recommend that you get the ducer level and split it like I did... the only bad thing with this is a little rooster tail that...
  86. bman440440

    TotalScan transducer placement and opinion

    I have a 800/455/200/50 TM ducer and know its not what you are using but here are some pics of my install and it does very well at speed and even better on the troll.
  87. bman440440

    Dream boat for less than 100K

    and here is another
  88. bman440440

    Fenders out

    well I have to say I'm one of those (sorta... on the pontoon at least) that leave the fenders out... but I tend to have a lot of boats side tie to me ;-)
  89. bman440440

    Dream boat for less than 100K

    that is a sweet boat (and heck of a deal too) but not good for the family or multi day trips like the OP wants
  90. bman440440

    Dream boat for less than 100K

    how about something like this? this will fish nice and keep the fam happy
  91. bman440440

    WTB Floscan sensor 20B or 201

    this might help get you in the ball park
  92. bman440440

    WTB Floscan sensor 20B or 201

    I had to swing back by my house to reprint something... good news is I found it... bad news is that it got broken at some point getting moved around in storage :Bawling_e... sorry to get your hopes up.
  93. bman440440

    Question for you defiance owners

    does it have a marine head? if so maybe to a macerator pump down in the back of the bilge??
  94. bman440440

    WTB Floscan sensor 20B or 201

    sorry... I haven't been able to get to my storage... but tomorrow I have to... gotta get some test equipment... I will check then... I should be back online around 4:30
  95. bman440440

    Boat U.S. Membership Discounts or Coupons are there any ??

    I know for fact that they will tow from the "1010" spot and it about 60 NM from PL... my OB threw a bearing (at about 4200 hours) and man that was a long tow back... me and 2 other boats being towed back by 1 VA boat... I was daisy chained behind a 24' skippy and a 20' CC was staggered off the...
  96. bman440440

    WTB Floscan sensor 20B or 201

    I think I have one in storage... I will be going there tomorrow or the next day... If I find it it's yours for a 6 pack of guinness :cheers:
  97. bman440440

    16' Aluminum Starcraft fishing La Jolla

    I did love mine... and it was a 1967... not a single leak (and never had been repaired even)... and even with the 110 2 smoke I could fish all day up and down the 9 and have 4+ gallons left in my 19.5 gal fuel tank... the guy that I sold it to made it into a more specific fishing boat and he was...
  98. bman440440

    16' Aluminum Starcraft fishing La Jolla

    was it this one you where looking at? if so it will be fine... I had an 18' dual console and took it out to the 9 mile bank all the time... and yes I know it is 2' longer but you are looking to...
  99. bman440440

    Who still uses a hydrofoil

    search function is your friend ;)
  100. bman440440

    Vintage 12v wiring diagram - Meridian

    your grandfather has skills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  101. bman440440

    looking for a 50-90 HP yamaha 4S

    I have a buddy looking for a 50-90 HP yami 4S for his 21' pontoon boat... no rigging needed... thanks in advance for your help!
  102. bman440440

    More upgrades on the "Reel Adventure II " (my awesome ride)

    I have been on Gary's boat and everything he does to his boat is top notch... And I do mean everything.... Most of his systems have a backup and some have a backup for the backup... I can tell you if this boat had the range to go to Hawaii I would not hesitate to take it knowing that every...
  103. bman440440

    Port A Potty
  104. bman440440

    COVID Calicos - Nados 5/21

    can I get your sisters #? ;)
  105. bman440440

    La Jolla Shores - Flipping Kayaks, Sea Sickness and Other Fun Things :)

    I used to do kayak tours out of there.... did it for the first company licenced to do so out of the shores there (yea I'm getting old)... would take out 3 to 16 people at a time... I was down there all the time and have seen some wild and wildly funny stuff... But I'm glad you see it as a good...
  106. bman440440

    Dana Landing frozen flying fish...

    the alexes and a yacht club
  107. bman440440

    Dana Landing frozen flying fish...

    I was there today picking up sandwiches for my pop and me and noticed they had them for sale... but hold onto your pocket book... $102 for a 3 pack o_O
  108. bman440440

    My 15.5 Livingston

    glad it's going to get rebuilt!! It would have been (almost) a crime not to get it on the water again... BTW I think that the extra 100 lbs from the Yam 90 is a hefty fine to pay for 20 HP but the you can go ---> route and still...
  109. bman440440

    Boat names??

    Heisenberg (20' Maxum), Ships & Giggles (32' double decker pontoon)
  110. bman440440

    A little perspective...

  111. bman440440

    97 Ford Cobra SOLD

    buddy bump.. BTW it is a truly sweet ride.... I have seen this for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  112. bman440440

    AutoPilotPumps Make Offer

    buddy bump
  113. bman440440

    Permatrim Yamaha 2 or 4 stroke motors 75-300hp $100

    I can... they are very effective... it will keep you on plane at a lower speed and it helps get you up on plane faster
  114. bman440440

    A little perspective...

  115. bman440440

    A little perspective...

    with all of what is going on in the world... maybe this is how we look back at things in the future... I'm not normally one for sappy posts but this one tugged at me. :cheers:
  116. bman440440

    water getting in boat

    My first instinct is that your engine is mounted to low... can you put up some pic's of the setup... from straight behind the boat and from the side of the boat... the cavitation plate on the engine should be "about" the same level of the bottom of the boat
  117. bman440440

    Help with Blige pump

    what was the part # for those?
  118. bman440440

    Nav tools

    I did it with a "dial-a-map" and a compass... me and pops always made it to the spots!!
  119. bman440440

    Won't be long now.

    I got the same email too... and was happy to get it... hopefully things are going to get better... and at least he is trying for us!!
  120. bman440440

    AIRMAR TM165HW 1/3 off.

    When looked it was $346 + $6 shipping
  121. bman440440

    Red Tide in So Cal?

    My buddy is a CBP officer (that's why he gets to be on the water) he sent these pic's to me today from last night (and no that is not from underwater lights o_O)
  122. bman440440

    Petition from the Mayor to open certain aspects of the city (San Diego)

    I'm not trying to stir the pot by any means but certain parts of the lockdown do not make sense to me and a lot others... So the Mayor of Coronado thinks the same thing so HE has started a petition to get certain things opened back up... Here is the link to it... There are several things that...
  123. bman440440

    let’s see your personal best

    btw.... extra points ( liking your next post no matter how stupid or how real))( so worth less than the time that it too you to read this)) to the peeps that can figure the location! (this will be easy)
  124. bman440440

    let’s see your personal best

    I just had to ad this pic.... the faces have been covered to protect the innocent
  125. bman440440

    Dolphin type fin on outboards-any good?

    yes 4 of them... but they are on the cav plate.... easy peezy
  126. bman440440

    Dolphin type fin on outboards-any good?

    I have the "sting ray" on my boat now.... I have tried some of the other styles out there and I have found this one to perform the best... it has the least drag (except for the yamaha permatrim units) and VERY good lift... I have never had any issues with "stuffing" and my 20' boat will do...
  127. bman440440

    SD Pipe 3/31

    we did ok... nothing spectacular but still a fun day... we had a mix of bottom critters but mostly sculpin... I have a few spots out there that produce ling's but we didn't get any of size... oh well hopefully next time (when ever that might be) we get out there the drift will be more...
  128. bman440440

    Klamath CC Redo

    ok I have to ask... "beverage dispenser"?
  129. bman440440

    San Diego Bay shutting down

    I agree very strange times... one thing that I do not understand is why there are so many boats on the water rite now... these are the cameras on the bay
  130. bman440440

    Marine batteries??

    I get my AGM's from DiySolar Warehouse in Spring Valley San Diego... they are grp 31 blems for $139-159 (they have sales)... I just replaced them after 5 years and got another pair of the same... and the ones I replaced where not bad they were just 5 years old and had lost a little (very little)...
  131. bman440440

    SD Pipe 3/31

    I was out there fishing from the whistler buoy all the way into the bay... I think I seen you out there on your way out.... we got stopped by the CG too... just a normal safety equipment check and they were on the way... we ended up with a good variety of fish for the day and all fish released...
  132. bman440440

    just a distraction

    notice the 2 harts are over the 6' social distance LOL
  133. bman440440

    just a distraction

    to try and inject some nice into all of what is going on I try to look for the good in things so I tend to use this bay cam as my screen saver and I noticed this and took a screen grab... hope you all enjoy it... Let's try and stay on an even keel.
  134. bman440440

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    to try and inject some nice into all of what is going on I try to look for the good in things so I tend to use this bay cam as my screen saver and I noticed this and took a screen grab... hope you all enjoy it... Let's try and stay on an even keel.
  135. bman440440

    Offshore Boat Ramps closed?

    its not just us
  136. bman440440

    Hey Sherm...Launch Ramps? Why?

    its not just here in Cali
  137. bman440440

    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    its not just here in Cali
  138. bman440440

    Mission Bay Closed?

    where they in there slip??
  139. bman440440

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    according to the port website that I attached a pic from no as of 7 pm or so.
  140. bman440440

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down??? glorietta is still open per the ports website... none of the listed areas are the launch area
  141. bman440440

    Here's the status at Dana Landing in Mission Bay

    this was at 1 PM upper lot closed due to work going on
  142. bman440440

    Fish finder lines

    interference.... easy to check... use a stand alone battery and connect it to the unit... if it goes away then you have the fun job of finding the source if it on your boat
  143. bman440440

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    when did that happen? just the upper lot was closed today due to road work being done. this was at 1 PM
  144. bman440440

    Launch ramps in SD shutting down???

    I had my buddy go down to glorietta (he lives close to there) to check and he just called me and said it's open and there are trailers in the lot as if 10:15 AM... I'm going to shelter island (for food procurement ;)) and I will check the ramp and report back
  145. bman440440

    Private Boating Challenges

    IMO they should be refunding you some $ for every day you can't use your bought and paid for mooring... on a side note did they tell you why? me being the smart ass that I am I would have told them that I'm more than 6' from any one else and I'm there for "food procurement"
  146. bman440440

    I want to add a 2nd gas tank

    ok that is what I was thinking (the fill was on the port side) and I would bet that your tank is center mounted and just aft of the console.
  147. bman440440

    Does anyone actually know? Launch Ramps, etc.

    like gecsr1 said fishing is "food procurement" and by letter of the order from the governor you can still get food
  148. bman440440

    I want to add a 2nd gas tank

    just curious but why do you think the tank is on the port side of your boat? the reason I ask is that if it was on the port side it would list to port and anytime I have seen fuel tanks on the side of a boat there was always 2 tanks one on each side to keep the boat balanced.
  149. bman440440

    20' Fishing Boat w/trailer $9,000

    how many time are you going to post this??
  150. bman440440

    AutoPilotPumps Make Offer

    buddy bump
  151. bman440440

    Livewell siphoning with pump off

    I have had those rule transom mounted pumps on a couple of my boats in the past... and yes they do siphon with the pump off... the simple answer is that the tank is higher than the intake (pump) so gravity will push the water out when its off... the check valve should work at keeping the water...
  152. bman440440

    Misc. designer sunglasses - new

    open to trades too! Electric sunglasses. Perfect condition. With case. They normally sell for $100 plus tax. $60 obo Perfect condition .never worn. They normally sell for $75 +tax. $50 obo Excellent condition! They sell normally for $120 +tax. $70 obo Located in S.D. will ship on your...
  153. bman440440

    1996 Chevy Suburban 1500 4x4

    good truck... I had a 97 and put 264,000 on it before a eucalyptus tree fell on it and insurance totaled it... but it ran strong till the end... GLWS
  154. bman440440

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

  155. bman440440

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    32 gallon... I have been as far as the 181 and almost the 43 from SD bay... and great bug keeper when we hoop
  156. bman440440

    Free kill box!

    I see SO many idea's :rockin:
  157. bman440440

    What is your boat size and battery bank AMP Hour?

    I run deka 8A31DTM's... 1 for start and 1 for house each are rated at ---> Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 800 Cranking Amps (CA) 1000 Reserve Capacity (RC) 200 Amp Hour Rate (Ah) 105 and I have had great luck with them... my boat lives in a storage lot by my house and I do not have power to...
  158. bman440440

    What Transducer for 17' boat

    you may have it to high now... here are some pics of my setup... its a 50/200/455/800 ducer and its quite a large ducer... you want is just barely below your hull with the rear of the ducer slightly lower than the front... the pic of my screen shows some clutter at 25 MPH but I had the gain...
  159. bman440440

    Update-02-05-20 My wife's stroke.

    awesome news!! I will keep the prayers flowing!!
  160. bman440440

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    my prayers are with her and you!!
  161. bman440440

    Bugging SD bay 1/25/20

    ya I figured that... that's why we moved... but what is strange to me is I have never had this happen before... and I have hooped close to that area before and not ever had them in my nets before
  162. bman440440

    Bugging SD bay 1/25/20

    well as the title states... we went bugging... got the nets in early about 4:20 PM... has something to eat and drink while we waited and sun down was around 5:15 so we made our 1st pull at 6... tried a new ish spot along the west side of the channel just inside the mouth of the bay and all we...
  163. bman440440

    Hooping in SD Bay - DOGS!!!

    I made some similar to these... 3" black PVC about 18" long with a carabiner on each end to attach to the net (similar to Dave Hansen's setup) ... have had the dogs try and try but they never get the bait and a lot of chew marks in the tubes but they never get the bait
  164. bman440440

    HOOK2 5 - 5-inch Fish Finder / GPS with SplitShot Transducer

    all sold lowrance part #000-14016-001 I have 2 available... was going to put on a couple of kayaks for a friend and that fell threw so now I'm stuck with them.... boxes are a little banged up from being moved around in my storage... I originally paid $239.99 + tax each... please make me a fair...
  165. bman440440

    Bug rider collecting bugs

    I hope that was reported to fish and game as well as animal control... once they start getting aggressive like that they need to be put down... its a matter of public safety now (and we need to get a hunting season going on them anyway)!
  166. bman440440

    2007 38’ Mediterranean

    sea world marina in SD... $13.50 a foot @42 = $567 x 12 = $6804 per year
  167. bman440440

    Thieves in Diego
  168. bman440440

    Yes or No?

    or for smaller inverters ---->
  169. bman440440

    25' Grady White with New Evinrude Etec twin 150's

    nice ride but double post... if you want it to be at the top bump it not repost it
  170. bman440440

    Battery set-up

  171. bman440440

    Electronics install questions...

    IMO the only issue you might have is viewing with the sun in the "wrong" spot overhead... aside for that no prob.
  172. bman440440

    1989 Trophy 2160 Pilot housee

    more info would be nice... tankage, engine, hours, ect
  173. bman440440

    Huge skipjacks East End Catalina

    whats with all the buckets??
  174. bman440440

    40-50 HP 4 stroke OB

    as title states.... looking for a 40-50 HP 4 stroke OB... buddy of mine just bought a 13' RIB that has a 60 2 smoke merc... and he want to get a 4S on it... any leads are appreciated! please PM me with info! :cheers:
  175. bman440440

    Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

    IMO SD Bay in the area circled in red is one of the better areas in SD... fairly shallow (6-10' at low tide) so the water is warmer and BIG area so there is generally not much in the way of other boats/jet skis... we go out there all the time and always have a great time
  176. bman440440

    Parker 2820 vs Whaler 285 Conquest

    Whaler... great ride... good amenities... the only drawback is there is not the deck space compared to the parker but IMO its worth it... go to his page ----> he has a build thread on his boat and a lot of good info
  177. bman440440

    Silly hooping question - go id with multiple fishers

    put all the go ID #'s on them for everyone aboard... mine have 6 sets of #'s on them for the guy's I bug with. " Question: Is there any regulation that would prohibit multiple GO IDs on lobster buoys? For instance, if a group of friends wanted to share the same crab gear, could they each place...
  178. bman440440


    hehehe... no prob :cheers:
  179. bman440440


    not to be snarky but did you read the ad?
  180. bman440440


    65k miles everything works! looking to trade for a boat... Chevy chassis, 454, 6v house batteries, dual forced heating/AC, washer/dryer combo, 2 TV's, 3 stereo's, tracking satellite dish (no reciever), backup/rearview camera... this coach is loaded!! The wife and kids are over the "camping...
  181. bman440440

    Lowrance transducer mount question

    I'm not sure what ducer you have but here is a link to pic's of how mine is mounted.... many years of use and no issues... even at 50+ MPH... I'm thinking that you are too low in the water causing stress on the mount
  182. bman440440

    Getting Bait Early

    IMO get the bait early and wait till you are comfortable heading out... this will give the bait time to settle in your tank and recoup from being loaded... when time it not an issue I get bait and chug out at just above idle for around 30-45 then go for it... I have found doing that really helps...
  183. bman440440

    minn kota alternatir charger

    It should
  184. bman440440

    Can anyone identify this boat?

    I don't know about the boat but I know that my buddy at our marina had a Luhrs 38' with 3208 turbos that had over 9000 hours on them... now his boat was fairly well maintained... I'm sure that had a lot to do with it
  185. bman440440

    Salt Fever

    pic's pic's pic's!!!
  186. bman440440

    High Speed Pick Up Overpressure Fix

    I think that will work... you know whats funny... I have been using the 800 GPH for 4+ years now (I do have a backup onboard) with a forward facing pickup and I have never had any problems... and I do many long runs at 30+ knots and even up to 45+ knots and no issues (knock on wood)... I don't...
  187. bman440440

    Marine Power 454

    I see your selling the powertrain and swim step... you going outboard (s) on a bracket??
  188. bman440440

    yamaha 60-90 HP 4S

    bump or other engine complete with rigging
  189. bman440440

    yamaha 60-90 HP 4S

    I'm looking for a friend... he has a 2002 ish f90 FI that needs a lot of work (fuel pumps and trim tilt issues... (just a long salt life with little maintenance before he got it) so I figure I would see if I can find him an engine that would in the end cost him less in the end... mostly looking...
  190. bman440440

    6" Deck Boots

    I do not have any 1st hand knowledge on the boots above but IMO its worth having to replace the every year or 2 if they are comfy and keep my feet dry / grip well... we spend so much of our hard earned $ to fish it seems to foolish to worry about such a small amount of $ for foot care and...
  191. bman440440

    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    In my personal experience and all around good rule of thumb (or dumb) is no one is at the helm more than 3 hours at a time at night alone and never anyone who has not has some sleep (not a nap... nap = 20 min-2 hours sleep= 2 or more hours) within the last 10 hours... but that's just me and how...
  192. bman440440

    Transducer Roostertail Issues

    I agree with above... It looks a little to low... here is a pic if mine... its a 50/200/455/800 lowrance ducer.... it works great and even have a pretty clear screen (low noise) at 30+ MPH and crystal clear at 22-23 and under where my normal cruse is.
  193. bman440440

    Vacuum packing machine for home

    I have a food saver... the very 1st one they when they came out... (yea I'm old) and it still works well today... now that being said there are MUCH better units out there and are much more $... the thing I have found with the FS is that it is not a mass production (a lot of fish to package)...
  194. bman440440

    5-18-19 Report

    if its not a hose then check the freeze plugs and see if one popped out... it happened to a buddy of mine.
  195. bman440440

    Inflatable PFD's

    the inflatable PFD you have must not have been "inherently buoyant" a lot of inflatable PFD's now a days (and some of the older one) are... the ones that are not "inherently buoyant" must be warn... but to be clear I do recommend wearing them at all times!
  196. bman440440

    Inflatable PFD's

    ahh yes the USCG aux... they are a very good group of people but woefully are incorrect on info sometimes... case in point they tried to tell me that I could not have people on my upper deck on my pontoon and told me I could be cited for having them up there... I politely asked them to show me...
  197. bman440440

    Inflatable PFD's

    I do not suggest this but to clarify Per the USCG reg's "Though not required, a lifejacket should be worn at all times when the vessel is underway." unless : For water skiing and other towed activities (use a lifejacket marked for water skiing). While operating personal watercraft (PWC) (use...
  198. bman440440

    Cory update Thursday

    your in our prayers!!
  199. bman440440

    Tim Conway

    Apple Dumpling Gang!! So sad... We lost a good one for sure!!
  200. bman440440

    Shakespeare 5225-Xt 8' Vhf Galaxy Antenna 6db Gain

    bump for a great antenna... that is the model I use on all my boats
  201. bman440440

    Torsion axles vs leaf springs

    I did state that you could limp it off the road if "you have double or triple axles" in the event of single axle you are in the same boat regardless of leaf or torsion... however I have found the maintenance on torsion is much less to worry about... no springs, perches, hangers or hardware...
  202. bman440440

    Torsion axles vs leaf springs

    IMO torsion are the way to go... like stated above they ride better... and you have the ability to limp off the road (if you have double or triple axles) due to a hub/tire/brake failure you can simply pull the rim off and limp it... I hate being stuck on the side of the freeway with vehicles...
  203. bman440440

    delete please whenever thank you

    buddy bump
  204. bman440440

    Bait pump recommendation

    IMO you will need a 1100 GPH pump (or even better a 1600 that you can throttle back if need be)... remember head pressure has a BIG effect on flow with those type of pumps... here is a good read that also takes into account the voltage loss as well ---->...
  205. bman440440

    Boat registration and ticket RANT...

    maybe I missed it but did you just pay it and wash your hands of the issue? or is it still pending?
  206. bman440440

    Cabo 35 Express

    SWEEEET rig... care to tell us a price?
  207. bman440440

    Garmin 1042 and 5.7 Engine Sensors

    here is the wiring diagram for your dash... or close to it... there should be a tan/blue wire and a purple (#8 in photo) wires under your dash somewhere connected to a buzzer (#2 in photo)... 50/50 chance that the buzzer is there but is shot... if it is just replace it if it is not there any...
  208. bman440440

    Garmin 1042 and 5.7 Engine Sensors

    it's a 1993 mercruiser engine so no
  209. bman440440

    Garmin 1042 and 5.7 Engine Sensors

    good plan... however you should already have audible alarms on that engine... one each for temp and oil pressure and possibly the outdrive reservoir if you have one... do you have a buzzer that comes on when you turn the key on? if not there is something not working properly.
  210. bman440440

    Garmin 1042 and 5.7 Engine Sensors

    I know that engine display on your multi function unit looks cool and it would be great to see all the info working on it but in reality you are S.O.L. those are meant to be connected to late model engines that are computer controlled (F.I.) and your display simply gets the info from the engine...
  211. bman440440

    fuel prices on Mission bay ?

    I found out when I was out there last week... or maybe 2 weeks ago that the Dana fuel price was 45c a gallon more that the Islandia fuel dock.... I was out on the 32' trying to burn off some fuel and was cruising around the bay and went to check out my uncles new 29' guadalupe that he has...
  212. bman440440

    Yamaha hpdi 200 help

    that would work!
  213. bman440440

    Yamaha hpdi 200 help

    generally speaking I have never seen a sensor "stop" fuel flow... just slow it down enough not to get full power... and what do you mean "filter heads" if you mean the fuel/water separator this is it
  214. bman440440

    Yamaha hpdi 200 help

    do you have a pic? what your looking at could be the yamaha unit... and does not have a sensor like that that I'm aware of... the floscan generally says "GPH" on it not MPG
  215. bman440440

    Yamaha hpdi 200 help

    it sorta looks like a floscan sensor but I cant tell for sure... do you have a floscan gauge on your dash? if so does it seem to be working?
  216. bman440440

    Suzuki DF 4 4 Stroke 4HP Outboard Motor

  217. bman440440

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    I use these... and love them and there is a place in Spring Valley that sells blems for $129-139... been using this last batch for 4 years (4 hard useage years)... just replacing them now... all (6) where within spec for use but one was very close to...
  218. bman440440

    want to mirror my Gen3 sonar screen..,
  219. bman440440

    aloha...... carb question and gph volvo penta 4.3

    one thing that stands out is a little low WOT RPM's... I would expect to see 4800 RPM... and yes I do realise that you are "within spec" but I have found in my years of experience (way to many) that if you are at the top of the RPM (4800 in your case) scale the boat generally performs better and...
  220. bman440440

    aloha...... carb question and gph volvo penta 4.3

    in short... no... I have some questions for you before we get into whats going on now with your mileage... are you propped correctly? I.E. getting your WOT RPM's with your normal load? if you are correctly propped then it is what it is... sorta... if you had MPI you will get SLIGHTLY better...
  221. bman440440

    Problems out of the hole

    I have a sting ray classic on Heisenberg... and it works great... fully loaded (32 gal bait tank on the swim step, 47 gal of fuel, 3 big guy's, kill bag with 75 lbs of ice and all our food/gear) I can keep on plane at 14 knots... and in ski mode (4 people in boat and 3 on the tube) it pops up...
  222. bman440440

    1970 Bertram 20 Bahia Mar section § 159.11
  223. bman440440

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    "Volvo D6 370 hp weighs 1700lbs" BTW that's a complete engine/drive system
  224. bman440440

    1970 Bertram 20 Bahia Mar

    BTW the USCG Aux for the most part is a great unit and I support them... however DO NOT take what they say as gospel... in fact in my dealings with them here in S.D. they have been outright wrong on several occasions... 1st example: anyone under the age of 13 must be wearing a PFD at all...
  225. bman440440

    want to mirror my Gen3 sonar screen..,

    well IDK about the HDS but my elite 7Ti mirrors over wifi... and with the latest software update I have full control with my android phone(mirror unit whatever it may be)... that being said get yourself a big tablet and use that... it is so nice for the crew to see whats going on on the...
  226. bman440440

    Simrad Go9 peformance

    can ya get some screen shots up for us to drool over?? :D
  227. bman440440

    Unusual ways to attract fish

    I have done something similar... I will take my washdown hose and (it has a small diameter stream that will go 25+ feet) point it out the side of the boat wile trolling... to me it looks sorta like bait boiling... I think I attracts the fish thinking that its bait (like stated above)... I'm not...
  228. bman440440

    Replacing my AGM’s

    if you where here in S.D. I would say go here ---> they are great batteries.... as of rite now I have 3 on each (2 house 1 engine) pontoon boat and 2 (1 ea house and engine) on Heisenberg... they will...
  229. bman440440

    1990 Cabo Marine Cuddy Con 256

    looks like the engines have been under water... same for the battery compartment... is this boat a "storm" boat?
  230. bman440440

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    when I was on my way down to my marina (Sea World) yesterday to check on the boats I noticed this area and thought that it would be a perfect place.... just have a dozen porta potties delivered and done... South shores in circled in red and the area I think that would be good is in green... what...
  231. bman440440

    5 blade?

    correct.... it is great for low, mid speeds... not so much for the top of the RPM range... but we are fishing so that's OK IMO... and the other factor for not seeing a lot of 5 blades is COST.
  232. bman440440

    Old school yoyo reel

    how many people does it fish comfortably??
  233. bman440440

    Banging a Fur bag

    not sure what you mean but here is what I found: Potential Methods for Deterring Pacific Harbor Seals, California Sea Lions, Northern Fur Seals, Eastern U.S. Stock of Steller Sea Lions, & Northern Elephant Seals Updated October 2018 Additional Potential Methods for Fisherman: Visual...
  234. bman440440

    Inverter question.

    any updates?
  235. bman440440

    Stereo system for a Davis Cortez

    MEGABOOM 3 and done!!!
  236. bman440440

    Inverter question.

    what size is the power supply wires going to the inverter? how long is the run from the battery's to the inverter? and finally... what is the model of the inverter... that is the important question... the reason I say this is that on the pontoon boats we run inverters on each boat... and there...
  237. bman440440

    Small fish and big bags of ice...

    just an FYI... there is a ice/water dispenser on Clairemont Mesa Blvd in the Diane shopping center that is 24 hour and does 16lb bag /20lb no bag for $2.50
  238. bman440440

    Petition (again) - Support a 365-Day Fishing License

    Sign pettition here ----> 365-Day Fishing Legislation Introduced Assemblymember Wood to Make Fishing More Accessible Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Santa Rosa) has authored Assembly Bill 1387, state legislation that will transition...
  239. bman440440


    PM'd about total scan
  240. bman440440

    WTB 21ft Boston Whaler Ventura

    G.T.S. man.... ---->
  241. bman440440


    I personally do this plus one more step... after it is soldered (and I dont use a "bunch" of solder) together then I do a crimp... this is also per ----> ABYC (E-, “Solder shall not be the sole means of mechanical connection in any circuit”
  242. bman440440

    Fileting Yellowtail - Japanese style

    except when it comes to whales o_O
  243. bman440440

    any update on the Prowler vs. Attessa IV collision?

    It's been a wile since I have seen anything posted... anybody have ant credible info on the outcome?
  244. bman440440

    Recommended Fish Finder

    I have the elite 7Ti with the 50/200/455/800 T/M ducer and love it... top notch features, easy use and it works great... just my 2c
  245. bman440440

    2016 Freeman 37VH (Only One On West Coast) - Twin Seven Marine 70+ MPH, Warranty, Simrad Electronics

    wow even at every 50 (and $ aside)hours that means that I would have to service every 4-5(for the 557's) trips and 2-3 for the 627's... that seems like a lot of work and down time for the maintenance... but still a sweet boat! (but it would be better with four G2 300's)
  246. bman440440

    BD should buy this!

    prob like G.P.M. not M.P.G.... so like (a guess) 20 G.P.M. and they have 55,000 hours on them... wonder how many hours are left in them before a rebuild?? lololol
  247. bman440440

    BD should buy this!

    more than that... 191,000 gallons fuel capacity... even at $2 a gallon (not sure on the price point for that much fuel) that's over $380K :eek:
  248. bman440440

    Simrad Go9 peformance

  249. bman440440

    Simrad Go9 peformance

    I have the 7Ti with the 50/200/455/800 ducer and no problems holding bottom... here are some pics of how I have mine mounted... and a pic at 25 MPH with the old head unit (regular elite 5 chirp) but I get the same performance from the ducer with the 7Ti
  250. bman440440

    Evinrude G2? Really cleaner than a 4 stroke?

    these are the toughest lakes in cali to comply with and here is what they want: Engine Requirements. To be allowed onto the reservoirs, you’ll need the cleaner burning models that comply with California Air Resources Board emission standards for model year 2001 or later (or the equivalent 2006...
  251. bman440440

    1998 Albemarle 247 Sport Fish 25000

    love the jack shaft... I like having the stern rail clear for fighting the big ones!!
  252. bman440440

    What do the Whaler guru’s think?

    that engine is a zuke with evinrude badges... rude did this while they where working out the kinks of the new (2 stroke) engines that where 3 star emission rated... so the engine is a good one just is IMO under powered for that hull
  253. bman440440

    Show your boat name-logo

    self explanatory :)
  254. bman440440

    And now I try to be Him-

    I changed it to fit my situation :D
  255. bman440440


    those PB fish are ones to remember for a lifetime!! lolol... my buddy got his PB bottom critter at the mouth of SD bay... I still send him this pic about once a month to keep his perspective that some times there are good days and sometimes bad days. he always replies back with a middle finger...
  256. bman440440

    27’ Sea Sport Adventurer

    engine life will be directly related to how it was maintained and ran.... 11 years and 600 hours is about 55 hours a year... that's not much use per year... and if it was well maintained I could see it going 1500+ hours and honestly I think closer to 3000 hours ... get a full survey on the boat...
  257. bman440440

    28 custom pilothouse skipjack

    Go for it!!! I did it to my 20' maxum and love it... its now a dual purpose boat... fishing, tubing and everything in between!! I set mine up with a 32 bait (removable) tank, chirp FF, VHF and aux 12 gal fuel tank and underwater lights for floating bait at night!
  258. bman440440

    Opinion of Sea Pro boats

    I put over 4000 hours on my FICHT... your results may vary :D
  259. bman440440

    Be sure to get a new Fishing License!

    If you don't need the 2nd rod stamp for F/W then = 2019 - Sport Fishing License (Res) $49.94 2019 - Sport Ocean Enhancement Validation (if you fish south of Santa Barbara County) $5.66 Total: $55.60
  260. bman440440

    2010 Scout 245 XSF- Low Hours- Super Clean

    I have seen this boat at my marina... VERY clean!! GLWS
  261. bman440440

    Where to do outboard maintenance (diy)

    they price match... so do the shopping online and print the items that are cheaper at other places and bring it in... I have been doing this because of there warranty/return policies are hard to beat and there local Price Match Guarantee...
  262. bman440440

    Auto Charging Relay Q&A

    over the years I have installed a lot of ACR's... I prefer the kit that "Capt.C.Delany" posted due to the simplicity of the install and features... on Heisenberg I have a group 29 dual purpose and a group 31 AGM and with my engine (4.3 I/O) it keeps everything running great... the AGM runs...
  263. bman440440

    Christmas gifts for children of Guadalupe Island delivered!

    good karma there... I bet the Shogun has better fishing the next year!!
  264. bman440440

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    oops.. my bad... here is the correct pic
  265. bman440440

    Shelter Island launch ramp is Open!!!!

    yes there are... even vending machines
  266. bman440440

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    from --->
  267. bman440440

    Re powering with an Etec

    also have it programmed for xd100 and run xd100... its expensive oil but when programmed for it you will use far less... and it will run so clean you would think its a 4 stroke
  268. bman440440

    Part number for washers/gaskets for lower unit vent and drain plugs - 1990 Mercruiser Alpha 1
  269. bman440440

    20' Bertram - no affiliation looks like a good part of the work has been done
  270. bman440440

    Please delete , im beating a dead horse lol

    bump for great seller!
  271. bman440440

    Fishing in bad weather?

    Hmmm... seems strange... are there any signs that say no fishing? if not then fish away.. that's what I would do... if they try to tell you you can not fish there again be polite and ask why not or what law you are breaking... remember keep your cool with any LEO and treat them with respect...
  272. bman440440

    Fishing in bad weather?

    I don't know where exactly you where fishing by the Star of India but there are no "restricted" areas by it that I know of... now if you where 5 feet from it I get that... but aside for that you can fish that whole area... I have been fishing that area for the last 30 years... and as recently as...
  273. bman440440

    Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizers

    that is the new tech?
  274. bman440440

    28 Chris Craft

    that looks like a alpha drive.. but still a VERY nice boat!
  275. bman440440

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    either will work but standard rotation will be easier to find and there are WAY more propeller options for it as well
  276. bman440440

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    stay with a alpha drive... an alpha 1 gen 2... no need for the bravo... and the alpha will be close to the key hole you have in the boat already. yes the 4.3 is wider than the original 6 and no... the engine compartment is already wide enough to support a v8... the v6 and v8 are the exact same...
  277. bman440440

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    the 165 would move the boat ok BUT... the problem is that parts are going to get harder and harder to find plus its a taller engine... with the 4.3 you can lower the dog house quite a bit and make a more usable deck than the 165... the 4.3 parts are PLENTIFUL and inexpensive compared to the 165...
  278. bman440440

    1st boat project- Skipjack 20

    IMO you have 2 ways to go for power... 1st find an engine outdrive combo... my first choice would be a 1996+ 4.3L with a alpha 1 gen 2, second choice 1996+ 5.7L with a alpha 1 gen 2... 2nd choice would be bracket with 175+ HP outboard. the latter would be nice and free up deck space that you...
  279. bman440440

    Yamaha 70 outboard

    ok this is your 3rd post for the same engine... if your trying to get it noticed all you need to do is bump the ORIGINAL post
  280. bman440440

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    lol... I agree they must be RC boats... but the true representation of size of the basin is when the seal boat comes threw the opening in the video... there is enough room to go 3 wide threw the opening... not that I would want to try that LOL
  281. bman440440

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    yes much bigger... here are some pic's I modified to give some idea... there not exact but it gives a good idea
  282. bman440440

    Spiny Lobsters

  283. bman440440

    Guess the time and date on shelter Island launch ramp opening!

    looks like i'm in the running!!!
  284. bman440440

    Us vs the seals

    I have no skin in this game but.... seals do not have ear flaps sea lions do... 2nd seals and harbor seals here in Cali are the same animal... now there are slightly different types of seals (IE:spotted) but not here in Cali. "The harbor seal is also widely known as the common seal. It occurs...
  285. bman440440

    Christmas 2018, what fishing related gifts are you asking for?

    thank you for the offer.... that's good karma for you!! but I would not feel good about borrowing it... I will just have to work it out on my own... it will take a lot of time but I will get back fishing... at least I can still hoop net for bugs!
  286. bman440440

    Christmas 2018, what fishing related gifts are you asking for?

    any inshore/offshore rod/reel combos... I Moved into a place that the Garage has not been built yet so I have had all of my stuff from my old place in a "public storage" facility for the last 2 months... they called me 2 weeks ago and told me there was no lock on my unit... I got there and ALL...
  287. bman440440

    West Marine flash sale on Lowrance, input?

    FYI ---> I have the elite-7ti with the 50/200/455/800 ducer... and I LOVE it... now that being said I have friends/family that have garmin, raymarine, fruno and simrad... my friends/family that have raymarine like them OK.. but most...
  288. bman440440

    Shelter Island 9/27/18

    I have modified some satellite pic's to show you the change in the area inside the basin... and yes some of the space will be lost to the docks but there is going to be MUCH more usable space IMO.
  289. bman440440

    How to make a mount a baitwell on swim deck

    also I run a 800 GPH rule tournament... It works perfect with a slight throttle back... my tank over flow is about 4' above the water line... I had an 500 but it was a little low on the flow when the water was warm so I went to the 800 and cut it back about 1/4 of the flow when the water is...
  290. bman440440

    How to make a mount a baitwell on swim deck

    here is my setup... 32 gal... it works GREAT and I can run it at 1/2 when I get low on bait or for bugs when hooping... weight is not an issue for me I have plenty of HP... and I have noticed that being right over the outdrive the bait does not get beat up nearly as much as opposed to being...
  291. bman440440

    Volvo Penta 5.7

    you might want to put a starting price.... one with/without the EFI... as well as some pic's
  292. bman440440

    Prowler/Atessa - Coast Guard Rescue Footage

    somewhere in a Chula Vista boat yard with a travel lift.
  293. bman440440

    Hooping LB (10/28) - thiefing

    that way sucks!! I had a similar situation in SD bay 2 years ago... "we" (my buddies and my self) try to bug on days of the week when there is less chance of other people bugging... Monday threw Thursday are the nights we prefer. We had set up our traps in out normal area we like to set... we...
  294. bman440440

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    went down there today here is what I seen... good or bad you decide
  295. bman440440

    the time has come....

    looking good!! my the only thing that jumped out at me in all those pic's is you are probably going to have to put 3" (possibly 6") spacers on the exhaust risers... that engine looks like is sits at a height that you should be worrying about water coming back up threw the exhaust letting water...
  296. bman440440

    Fire aboard a fishing boat

    new update... the news just talked to the commercial fishing boat that picked up the people... it was a smuggling boat... not a fishing boat.. the fire started by them refilling the main tank from a portable fuel can... all people onboard where "Mexican Nationals"
  297. bman440440

    Fire aboard a fishing boat

    so far the only thing I have heard is from news 51... 13 rescued some with major injuries and 3 missing... send out your prayers for all these people... they need every little bit of help possible!!
  298. bman440440

    Salt Fever

    what ad... where?
  299. bman440440

    Salt Fever

    where did you see it for sale??
  300. bman440440

    Lost hoops - San Diego bay

    I had issues with my nets drifting with big tide/wave surges... so I took the weights off some of my old dive belts (5lb ea) and added one to the center of each net... now they stay put... or you can go the chain around the outer ring method. that is until F/G came by in La Jolla on opening...
  301. bman440440

    Best sub $1K FF, Lowrance or not?

    on my post on that tread at the time I had the elite 5 chirp... but I still have the same transducer with my 7Ti... but the info you are looking for is there :cheers:
  302. bman440440

    Mission bay guest slip, where should I go

    Well I don't know about Mission Bay but.... San Diego Bay has guest slips right next to the police dock (Shelter Island) for $1 per foot per day
  303. bman440440

    Cell service out of Mission Bay. How far out will a cell phone work?.

    I have used these with my buddies... they work well... we get on average about 15 miles of range.. they are cheap and no hassle option
  304. bman440440

    Best sub $1K FF, Lowrance or not?

    I have the Elite7 Ti and LOVE it... works great and lots of options... I have the 50/200/455/800 ducer... I use it inshore and offshore... I have ZERO complaints from it.
  305. bman440440

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    I'm just curious about one thing... why did you repower from a 7.4 to a 5.7 in 2003? And BTW that is bad ass... and mad skills sir!
  306. bman440440

    New, to me, money pit!! 94 Hydra Sports 2000cc

    I had a HS ocean 22 with a ocean runner 175... when it finally croaked (4400+ hours) I put a ficht (yes I know what all you are thinking) 225 on it and after the repower I went from using 80+ gallons of fuel fishing the hidden bank all day from PL to 40-45 gallons (BTW the FICHT had over 3000...
  307. bman440440

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    where did you get the labels for the wiring?? :drool:
  308. bman440440

    Reality Check, 20ft Custom Walkaround

    I watched this build... I think the asking price is very fair... with some wiggle room ;)
  309. bman440440

    US Customs boat 900 hp

    that one might be going in for a repower... my buddy is the sector San Diego man in charge and he has showed me pics of a few of the boats here that have quad 350 verados
  310. bman440440

    Outboard in a slip

    that motor should have a flush port on it... you unscrew the tattle tail and screw the hose into it
  311. bman440440

    Ever have a battery explode?

    well yes and no... turned out that the 2nd battery had a short and when the engine started and the main came up to full the ACR kicked in and one of the battery leads started to melt into the fiberglass and that started melting into the 2352's poly fuel tank and boom... it had been running for...
  312. bman440440

    Ever have a battery explode?

    yes... my buddy's boat
  313. bman440440

    Did Newell make left handed reels?

    My dad has several sizes of newells all lefties... thats the only reason he still has them... If I could fish left handed I would be using them... I do have 4 myself and there is nothing that casts better! (there are a few that come close)
  314. bman440440

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    no I do NOT know and never have claimed to... I was just putting some "what if's" out there
  315. bman440440

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    "at 5mph a Sup or a Kayaker would have to VERY CLOSE to you to begin with. That’s not something anyone is going to do" have you ever been on the water in Mission Bay?? heck on any other body of water on the weekend for that matter! "If in you example a Kayaker cam out between 2 other boats ...
  316. bman440440

    Kayaker vs. Boat

    well just to stir the pot some... here are some "what if's" what if the power boater was cruising along at 5 MPH and and somebody (sail boat, boat, SUP or another kayaker) cut in front of him and he/she had to trow it into reverse to avoid the collision and the the kayaker that was killed was...
  317. bman440440

    Small jump start batteries

    my GB40 (1000 amps) has started a 454 in a boat (and took a solid 5 seconds before it started), a 200 HPDI yamaha and even a V10 ford... but if your looking to a diesel I would go with the GB70 (2000 amps)
  318. bman440440

    Needed More Rod Holders

    IMO 18 is perfect for 4 guys fishing... 3 setups per guy... for example... 1 lite/med, 1 heavy, and one jig... and trolling setups for boat... I limit my guys to 3 rods each PERIOD and they know that... I had a friend of a friend come along one time and the day before I told him the plan for...
  319. bman440440

    Small jump start batteries

    I have the GB40... I never needed it on my boat (to start engine) but I have used it to charge other stuff onboard before I installed a dual 2.1A USB port... and have passed it over to help a couple of other boaters when they needed a jump... as well as I have used it to start many...
  320. bman440440

    La Jolla had some surprises...

    I seen ya at the south shores ramp yesterday... NICE BOAT!!! I love the simplicity! I was in the big ass double decker pontoon "Ship Show"
  321. bman440440

    Offshore 9/1/2018 San Clemente

    now that's what a kill bag should look like!!
  322. bman440440

    Adding a battery

    you did not have to remove the system to do that... all you had to do is connect all your power draw items to battery #1... then just have battery #2 with nothing connected to it except to the 3 position switch... and if you ever needed to use the 2nd battery just flick the switch.
  323. bman440440

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    when we fished (dad and me) we had a compass, Dial-Map, grease pencil and wrist watch and would fish all day at the 302 and beyond and come back at night and hit Point Loma dead on every time... and when friends went fishing with us there was never having to ask for "your share of costs" they...
  324. bman440440

    Gas mileage question!

    I troll anywhere from 6-8 mph... at those speeds my boat pushes a lot of water... it will plane about 14 MPH... keep in mind this is a 20' maxum not a fishing boat... and floscan is 1% or less... after I did the adjustment/calibration on it... the most it has ever been off is by 1/2 gal (it...
  325. bman440440

    Gas mileage question!

    my boat at fishing load and at cruise gets 4+ MPG and at troll I get 2-2.5 MPG... my main is 35 GAL and my aux is 12 GAL... so 47 total... But I base my range on 2.5 MPG... so I figure 40 out and 40 back with 40 for just in case! I have been out to the 181 from Point Loma trolled all day and...
  326. bman440440

    LUXURY FISHING BOAT for sale 2003 Formula 27PC

    the only bummer thing that I see with it is only 107 gallons of fuel... but I'm biased... I converted my maxum into a fish and ski boat... and have had it out as far as the 181 from SD bay and put plenty of tuna, dorado, yellows and countless bass onboard
  327. bman440440

    there must be fish here?

    the fleet is packed tight rite now!!
  328. bman440440

    Reel Adventure

    I do have to agree that is one very sweet boat and very well-kept! And it is one incredible rig and it is definitely a temptation!!!
  329. bman440440

    Adding a battery

    to answer your 1st question this is what you want if you do want a 2nd battery ---> 2nd question: I don't see a bait system listed so I presume that you don't have one... IMO I don't think you really need one (2nd battery) if...
  330. bman440440

    Used Boat Manf to stay away from??

    are you sure about that??
  331. bman440440

    Size outboard for 18ft aluminum?

    I guess I'm in the minority... my 18' starcraft I had a 110 Johnson 2 smoke on it (it was rated for a 125 max) and I never had a complaint... was not ass heavy even with a 30 gal bait tank on the back... 18 gal fuel tank and I could run to the 182, 9 and everywhere in between and still had a few...
  332. bman440440

    Radar Arch W/ Pole Holders And More

    used but in good solid shape is a valhalla marine innovations radar arch with 4 welded on rod holders, radar pad and 2 antenna pads. 93" at base +/- a few inches either way of flex to fit multiple boats. 75" at top. comes apart in three sections for easy pickup in San Diego $325 OBO
  333. bman440440

    Need some bait tank expertise..

    that is now down TOO far now... its going to put mucho stress on that thru hull... it seems that the position is was originally was correct but with that gap its going to suck a LOT of air and not work like intended... IMO that needs to be changed out because it seems to be connected to the thru...
  334. bman440440

    Offshore 8/9/18 The bluefin are biting outside SCI

    I think we need a bigger boat... oops no... a bigger kill bag!!
  335. bman440440

    Reading Fish Finder

    put simply...yes it does... if you are in 50' of water (assuming you have auto depth set) and you have a fish arch that is 1/2" in 100' of water that same fish would be 1/4"
  336. bman440440

    New to Ocean and Looking at boats

    I have 2 things to add about that boat... 1st I have had FICHT's... and like most have said if there running now they will more than likely be fine (however the claimed hours of 225 there not quite into the time when the issues start popping up)... I have gotten 4000+ hours(and sold the boat and...
  337. bman440440


    "Brand New upgradde Supercharger" do you mean turbocharger?
  338. bman440440

    Shark Week- small mako jumping

    great pic of the dog! I can tell you from experience... don't let her see you getting your boat/gear ready before you take her on a trip... once she starts associating you getting ready with going on the boat you will have a VERY SAD dog if you go out without taking her... mine would have some...
  339. bman440440

    33ft Walk Around Yamaha F-350s. Major price reduction!!

    I have seen this boat in person... IT IS CLEAN!!!
  340. bman440440

    OB conversion for my 20 Blackman

    I seen ya at the dock... I was in one of the big ass 32' double decker pontoon boats "Ship Show" at the dock across from you there... and my buddy was in "Ships & Giggles" and I was amazed at how good your boat looked in person... pic's don't do it justice!! BTW I know that they are not marine...
  341. bman440440

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    I shut it off most times (unless its next to jetty's and ect.) when I'm drifting and I never even think it will not restart... I have a dedicated engine battery and a LARGE "house" battery (blue seas system add a battery kit with ACR) that can be used to start if there is ever a problem with the...
  342. bman440440

    7/12/18 off Encinitas-ish to N9 (sorta) towards182...

    and I forgot to add... the bait at mission bay is crap... my tank is setup perfect and with even so so bait I never have die off... the bait looked ok going in even with the large amount of scale sluff off but we where constantly picking dead out of the tank all day... I think a large part is...
  343. bman440440

    7/12/18 off Encinitas-ish to N9 (sorta) towards182...

    it looked like his winch strap was hooked up and possibly it failed under the load but I'm not sure... the boat looked BRAND NEW... total bummer... and when we came back to grab out food drinks they had it semi floated with airbags and you could see some nasty marks / gouges on the hull...
  344. bman440440

    2018 Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up is back bigger and better and it starts now!

    7/12/18 off Encinitas-ish to N9 (sorta) towards182... 7 mylar and 1 rubber balloon
  345. bman440440

    7/12/18 off Encinitas-ish to N9 (sorta) towards182...

    well we decided (Larry & myself) we needed to wet some lines on Thursday... Short Story - 1 small mako, 7 mylar and 1 rubber balloon, 72 miles total and 20.2 gallons burned Long Story - well after a late start (9 AM) compared to our normal start times (on water at least 1 hour before sunup)...
  346. bman440440

    NIB Lowrance and Simrad products

    Simrad Epirb EP70/EG70 $100.00 Network Expansion Port-2 $50.00 (Lowrance and Simrad) payment sent
  347. bman440440

    NIB Lowrance and Simrad products

    PM sent on Epirb, VHF, Network Expansion Port
  348. bman440440

    New battery or dual batteries???

    that is basically the same as the blue seas ACR
  349. bman440440

    New battery or dual batteries???

    correct correct... and if you have to physically do that every time it gets old fast and then you get in the habit of not doing it and at the most inopportune moment you are going to have dead batterty(s)
  350. bman440440

    New battery or dual batteries???

    he was not referring to an onboard charger... an "ACR" is a Automatic Charging Relay.... all it does is combine the 2 batteries when the main battery (starting battery) reaches 12.8 volts (as I recall) and then disconnects when it falls below that... even if your engine output is only 6 amps it...
  351. bman440440

    New battery or dual batteries???

    it is the same system just a smaller ACR and battery switch... both are auto sensing
  352. bman440440

    New battery or dual batteries???

    that is a good choice but IMO and I'm sure others will agree this is what you want to do ---> and the install is ALMOST as easy ----> and it take all the human...
  353. bman440440

    Offshore First trip on the Adrianna

    nice... got the skunk off the boat!!!! so how did the boat run?
  354. bman440440

    What bilge pump are you using?

    I have 2 (powered) in my Maxum... (1) 1100 GPH and (1) 2000 GPH... both on float switches (and regular switches) and the 2000 switch is set 4" higher with a "dude pull your head out of your ass" light... also a manual gusher pump for that "please hurry up USCG" situation.
  355. bman440440

    Point lloma bass 3JUN

    good report and there will be good fishing karma coming back to you for helping a "hopefully an inexperienced (for not filling up before launching)" boater out!
  356. bman440440

    Shelter Island Boat Launch

    the ramp was never supposed to be "wider" just longer/deeper into the water... those of us that had/have larger boats that launched at a low tide know that the trailer can drop off the back of the ramp... if you look at the renderings is shows the same # of lanes... and that # is 10 lanes
  357. bman440440

    Through hull aerator pump alternative?

    correct... the 2nd port comes with a cap already from the factory
  358. bman440440

    2006 Evinrude Etec 250 $7000`

    how many times do you plan on posting this? bieber
  359. bman440440


    FYI you can use the 50/200/455/800 as well as the 83/200/455/800
  360. bman440440

    1989 Cabo 256 Cuddy Con for Sale

    the brochure states that it's 3700 lbs. plus 1260 lbs of fuel... so lets say 5500 loaded plus the weight of the trailer (est. 1500) so now you are at 7000 lbs... so yes you can tow with an SUV but it depends on the SUV... I know that he tows it with an ford excursion diesel and it hardly feels...
  361. bman440440

    NSS9 Evo3 + SS175HW and holding bottom.

    sorta like this? I know its not a total scan ducer but this pic should help relay how you are talking about how its mounted (aside from the starboard)... this is how I have my 50/200/455/800 ducer mounted and it works GREAT... clear readings up to about 25 and will still show bottom contour at 40+
  362. bman440440

    1989 Cabo 256 Cuddy Con for Sale

    lol.. no... he is getting a defiance 290 guadalupe
  363. bman440440

    1989 Cabo 256 Cuddy Con for Sale

    beam is 8'6" I have seen the 216/226 side by side with the 256/266 and it dwarfs them... the cabin is a little bigger but the rear deck is where most of the extra room is and the twin 40 gallon rear bait tanks are SWEET!!! here are the sales flyers for both boats
  364. bman440440

    1989 Cabo 256 Cuddy Con for Sale

    thats my uncles boat!!! you will NOT find a cleaner 256 period!! and its lived its life on a trailer under a cover... never needed bottom paint
  365. bman440440

    New build power, do I really need twin 300's

    Here is how I think when it comes to power for a boat... go BIG!! the reason for this and it has done me well over the years (2 smoke outboards going over 4000 hours) is because the larger engine(s) will be doing less work for the same conditions you are running in... IE in your case the twin...
  366. bman440440

    lowrance/Simrad Transducer Adapter Cable

    I bought it and did not need it... I paid $29.99 + tax at west marine brand new in package never opened! $25.00 local pickup or ship on your dime lowrance/Simrad 000-13313-001 Navico XSONIC Transducer Adapter Cable Connects 7 pin blue plug transducers to the 9 pin XSONIC black sockets on...
  367. bman440440

    Perfect day to hit the water

    I think some one was smoking something when inputting the data for what ever website it was.
  368. bman440440

    Teleflex Tilt Helm - Which one is this?

    is there any chance of reading this tag?
  369. bman440440

    FREE- elite 5 (HDI,X,Chirp)series cover

    free to good home... I was upgraded (for $28.13 in shipping charges) by Navico from my elite 5 chirp to an elite 7Ti for a recurring problem with it... and they did not want the cover so I want to give it to a good home that will take it fishing alot like I did!! It's got normal wear and tear...
  370. bman440440

    1990 Chaparral 234 Fisherman 2006 Merc 383 MPI - $17,500

    do you have pic's of the inside of the boat?
  371. bman440440

    1969 Starcraft 18’ center console skiff

    free bump for a great deal!! I had the exact same year and hull... but mine was a dual console... BAD ASS boats!! I miss mine!!
  372. bman440440

    Battery Advice

    OK... run a singe group 31 (or a 27 if you cant get a 31 to fit)... then I would move your house bank into the pilot house as I suggested above. :D
  373. bman440440

    Battery Advice

    I have a few questions.... 1st are you able to start your engine on 1 battery? 2nd where are your batterys located... you say you cant run anything bigger than 27's... what about putting 1 larger battery (for dedicated starting) where the two 27's are now? if that is possible then do that and...
  374. bman440440


    OK here is my 2c... I always used salt away on all my prior boats most where O/B's current one is a mercruiser 4.3 I/O... I run the engine on the hose for 3-4 mins on regular water then switch to salt away and run it until the solution starts getting clear in the injector attachment and then...
  375. bman440440

    Mercury 3.4L V6

    I have a buddy looking at a boat with a 2004 225 verado... what issues have you seen? what should he be looking out for?
  376. bman440440

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    I agree with the posts above... but... the OMC sea drive engine is a johnson/evinrude... so parts availability are not an issue... however that being said I still would not buy that boat.
  377. bman440440

    Sea Tow or Boat US?
  378. bman440440

    lowrance elite 5 (HDI,X,Chirp)series cover

    free to good home... I was upgraded (for $28.13 in shipping charges) by Navico from my elite 5 chirp to an elite 7Ti for a recurring problem with it... and they did not want the cover so I want to give it to a good home that will take it fishing alot like I did!! It's got normal wear and tear...
  379. bman440440

    EBay coupon back tomorrow 3/20

    its not working for me??
  380. bman440440

    Micro machine part 2

    dude.... all I can say is.... simply BAD ASS!!!
  381. bman440440

    Trolling Motor Thrust Questions

    IMO keep the 70+ lbs thrust... remember you need to have plenty of power to use the spot lock in high current/wind conditions... I had a 55 lb thrust on my 18' aluminum starcraft and wish I had more on many occasions... that's my 2c.
  382. bman440440

    Please keep up on your maintenance..... pic included

    let me guess... the fuel filter/separator was mounted in the splash well like this??
  383. bman440440

    App Idea for Seat Sharing -- Candid Feedback Please?

    also add a user rating for operator as well as the guest onboard... sorta how uber users rates their driver (and driver rate passengers)... just my 2c
  384. bman440440

    And it begins...Drones!

    I would think that the regs will not be an issue "offshore" and in Mexico... I can see them having an effect on coastal flying.
  385. bman440440

    Boat-Friendly (and Safe) Hotels near Mission Bay?

    also being that you have a 14' gregor you can launch out of LaJolla shores and its a 5 min run to the kelp... I used to do that all the time when I had mine... fish all over LaJolla all day on 1.5 gallons of gas... just get there before the tourists do so you can find parking
  386. bman440440


    you could have it set for xd50... it will still save you some oil and have excellent lubing just not as much buildup
  387. bman440440


    did you have your etec reflashed to tell it your running xd100? it sounds like you have not... when there flashed they sip the xd100 and even after a decarb when running the xd100 there was VERY little "crap" that came out of mine.... and I decarbed just like you.
  388. bman440440

    West Marine Price Matching

    here is the link to the policy I'm glad it's back... I would rather buy from them and get the "no hassle" returns/warranty from them
  389. bman440440

    Lowrance electronics $1500 OBO

    you posted in the wrong forum
  390. bman440440

    Lowrance electronics $1500 OBO

  391. bman440440

    Boat US help put the boat on the trailer?

    yes for sure they will put your boat on the trailer... I have seen them do it many times... once even for me!
  392. bman440440

    Calico on the chew = happy kids! Sat 2/17/18

    that's exactly the reason to own a boat!! way back when I was a kid (6-13 years old) my dad used to keep me out of school here and there and we would go get the bass boat and fish the lakes here in SD.... some of the best memories I have bar none!!
  393. bman440440

    larger RIB

    not affiliated
  394. bman440440

    Wide Load Permit

    this is straight from the DMV website With a Basic Class C license: A 2-axle vehicle with a GVWR of 26,000 lbs. or less. A 3-axle vehicle weighing 6,000 lbs. gross or less. A motorized scooter. Any housecar 40'or less. A single vehicle with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs. or less including a tow...
  395. bman440440

    Offshore Bait tank- est 75 gallon

    no... there not showing
  396. bman440440

    WTB 20' and up center console under 10k

    that is a scam CL ad... I emailed... got a reply that the boat is in Georgia but he lives here... same ol CL bull crap... I told him I have a lot of family there and can send someone to look at the boat and pick it up... got nothing but more runaround after that
  397. bman440440

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    good point but... and i would like to see it against a 200 v6 anything... but 200 HP is still more HP
  398. bman440440

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    does boat have skin in the game?
  399. bman440440

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    I understand the bias but... it was not sponsored by Evinrude... he is just an Evinrude dealer and did everything he could to help the yami... now I'n not even hinting that the yami is inferior in any way I just wanted to pass along the apples to apples test... and as you know "boat" is...
  400. bman440440

    E-TEC G2 150 H.O. vs. Yamaha F200 4-Stroke

    well someone finally did an apples to apples test... me personally I'm not surprised at the outcome... but hay I have had great experiences with rudes... I even had a FICHT that had 4700+ hours on it when I finally sold the boat...
  401. bman440440

    2000 ferrari 360 modena (yes it's real!)

    one 21 to 28 year old with double d's!
  402. bman440440

    DMV Registration

    If you paid and haven't received them in over a month go to DMV and get them... or if you have AAA same thing... I sent my payment in on Oct. 27th and got my tags on Nov. 6th
  403. bman440440

    Looking for a couple of West Coast boats

    I'm interested... tell me more
  404. bman440440

    2000 ferrari 360 modena (yes it's real!)

    I'm posting this for my friend of 25+ years so this is no joke!! BTW if you know about schneider cams... this was his car!! BD price $53,000 Call Danny @ 619-454-1777 2000 ferrari 360 Modena 47,000 miles I inherited this car and have no desire to drive it... its too fast and I do not need any...
  405. bman440440


    I'm in!! Patriots 28 Eagles 23
  406. bman440440

    1-26-18 San Diego big bay buggin' (and a little bit of fishing)

    yea we have had a few trips like that... but are normal-ish off the water time is 11:30-12:30
  407. bman440440

    2008 Glacier Bay 3080 Alaska Edition. In superior condition
  408. bman440440

    2004 M40 Knight and Carver Sportfisher

    when it is out for the ducer install please take some pic's of the hull.... I would love to see what it looks like below the water line.
  409. bman440440

    1-26-18 San Diego big bay buggin' (and a little bit of fishing)

    well after 2+ months of sitting I decided to blow the cobwebs out of my boat Heisenberg with Rob (Ultimate Catch), Larry (dragonem) and Nelson and do some lobstering and maybe wet a line. Larry met me at my place and we go to pick up Heisenberg from storage where I keep it... get there and go...
  410. bman440440

    Little help

    i dont know if he still does this but here ya go ---> EDIT: lol... looks like i was a little too slow typing!! lolololol
  411. bman440440

    2003 60' Hatteras Convertible West Coast Rigged *Price Reduced*

    "Furuno 96 mile 2 band bird radar" either 8' or 12' but more than likely 12
  412. bman440440

    When starting boat Chartplotter shuts down

    it's from voltage drop of the engine starting... the ideal remedy is run a 2 battery system that has a dedicated start battery for the engine and a "house" battery for EVERYTHING else with a ACR... see the pic I attached.
  413. bman440440

    Wanted (Your boat in my driveway in Bay Park, San Diego) Mission Bay

    where I have mine is gated and fully covered by cameras... 125 a month up to 22' L X 10' W
  414. bman440440

    Wanted (Your boat in my driveway in Bay Park, San Diego) Mission Bay

    if it where $125 a month I would think about it... that's what I pay now
  415. bman440440

    gas tank,portable

    yes I still want it... I sent you a PM already
  416. bman440440

    Bimini Top / VHF Antenna

    PM'd on cutting board
  417. bman440440

    squid dip net suggestions

    I made my own crowder... I took 3/4" and 1/2" PVC slid the 1/2 into the 3/4 for strength... used (2) 8' lengths and (2) 6' lengths and 4 90 degree elbows to make a rectangle... for the net I used and old throw net I had... I attached it to the frame and put a 2 pound lead at the center bottom of...
  418. bman440440

    Gotta love it

    I do not want to get in a pissing match but.. low standards? how so? yea I get my boat is not a 70-120K "ski boat" and it's far from it... but "girls" look at a boat and see the fun that people are having and migrate to it... I have yet to see one of those "ski boats" doing a 50+ MPH pass like...
  419. bman440440

    Gotta love it

    lol.. define chick magnet? and yes I get its a "runabout" but this is what happens at Glorietta bay... anchor up the floatie and let them migrate to my boat and transfer them onto it... rinse and repeat!! so I take it that my boat qualifies? :cheers:
  420. bman440440

    Gotta love it

    I have a "ski boat" I have even taken it out to the 181 to almost the 43 and back to point loma!! and yes it has a bait tank!! LOL FYI I stripped all the charger stickers!!!
  421. bman440440

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    it depends on the private boat...... like on my boat... 25-30 gallons of fuel for a 4AM-6PM trip, $50 for live bait, $15 for ice... so $155 divided by 3 = $51=/-... now a boat that burns 125 gallons for that same time, $100 for (2 scoops)bait, $15-25 ice= $500 divided by 3 = $166 +/- so ya...
  422. bman440440

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    I truly have been "blessed" with good fishing buddy's... they always have $ ready before we go(and always ask at the end of trips if what they gave was enough)... never had to ask one time with them all... always help clean the boat/fish...and are a fun bunch to fish with... so I will put there...
  423. bman440440

    Offshore 12-19.... close but no cigar

    note the red arrow... thats the "dome" the pic is just cut off... note the blue arrow... those are NOT .50 cal cartridges... they use 20, 30, 35 and 40M.M. rounds depending on the configuration
  424. bman440440

    Offshore 12-19.... close but no cigar

    no... seawizz is MUCH bigger
  425. bman440440

    F*&#, Freezer died!

    tell me about it... here is a cut and paste from another post of mine last Sunday my freezer just went belly up 2 weeks ago with 100+ lbs of smoked/jerkyd blue fin, 125 pounds of yellow tail and yellow fin and 80+ of halibut from an Alaska trip and 75+ misc of bass, bottom critters and...
  426. bman440440

    Offshore 12-19.... close but no cigar

    good radio... and pair it to Shakespeare 5225xt galaxy vhf antenna and you will be talking to people in long beach... I know this because I can
  427. bman440440

    What happened to Malihini?

    FYI you are incorrect this is taken directly from the USCG vessel data base originally PT-657 Vessel Name: MALIHINI USCG Doc. No.: 265205 Vessel Service: PASSENGER (INSPECTED) IMO...
  428. bman440440

    Frustrating night hooping

    if it where me...I think when he set on top of me again I would have had to "cut his lines to free my prop" and if he said something I would gladly have told him "sorry dude where where in a hurry" to free our prop :shake:
  429. bman440440

    What's the smallest bilge pump that works in in the shallowest water?

    you could run a impeller (self priming) pump in a remote location hooked to a float switch in the area you need... and just run a strainer before it gets to the pump (see attached pic) I have done this before and it works well and gets MOST of the water out that way
  430. bman440440

    Best livewell pump ?

    I'm not an "naysayer" of the water puppy type of pumps... actually I think that they are great and perform well and they dont loose as much flow with high head pressure like the non impeller pumps... but... they are LOUD and use more amps and the one you are looking at is 378 gal per hour... IMO...
  431. bman440440

    Happy holidays!

    thanks for the best wishes but... seeing all that smoked fish just sickens me because my freezer just went belly up 2 weeks ago with 100+ lbs of smoked/jerkyd blue fin, 125 pounds of yellow tail and yellow fin and 80+ of halibut from an Alaska trip and 75+ misc of bass, bottom critters and...
  432. bman440440

    Best livewell pump ?

  433. bman440440

    SOLD 37 Topaz express 40K

    I talked to Matt today... he has been given a deposit on it... I have been on that boat.... its a BEAST and one heck of a deal at 40k even if you wanted to rebuild the engines its still a deal!!
  434. bman440440

    LED Light Bars?

    I put a remote spot/flood light on the very front... now if I had a bow rail I would have put it on top of it (make a flat plate to mount to the rail and light on that)... it works great for spotting things at night... 360 degree sweep / 120 degree tilt makes it VERY useful! and NO glare mounted...
  435. bman440440

    WTS/WTT Navionics USA - West CF/12XG

    sale pending to "dave stark"
  436. bman440440

    WTS/WTT Navionics USA - West CF/12XG

    for sale or trade Navionics USA - West CF/12XG... let me know what you are offering for trade or what you think a FAIR price is... willing to ship on your dime :cheers:
  437. bman440440

    Fun day of winter bassing at SCI / Sunday 12/10/17

    lol... that dog does not look amused
  438. bman440440

    palos verdes 11/8/17

    your storage??
  439. bman440440

    Cabo 266 CuddyCon

    My uncle has the 256... and yes they are a BIG boat for there size!! one of the best platforms I have ever fished from!!
  440. bman440440

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    I don't have the bow canvas... I wish I did... yes they are VERY comfy... good padding and your not beat to hell after 120 miles sitting in it! its been a great boat... I rebuilt the engine last year (4.3 chevy) and did some mild upgrades to it... on the dyno it made 247 HP and 286 on torque...
  441. bman440440

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    I have had my boat "Heisenberg" (1997 20' Maxum (Maxum is bayliner/us marine/brunswick)) out to the 181 from Point Loma many times and fish the 182, 302, 371, 9 mile and every where in between all the time... I do pick my days and carry a total of 47 gallons of fuel... 35 main and 12 Aux... and...
  442. bman440440

    I hate paying launch fees...need annual pass or free access. LB area

    I was not talking about south shores... and... it is not "legal" to wash your boat in the RV dump station... however for the few times a year that I launch there I bring two 55 gal plastic drums in my truck and fill them up there and pull off to the side of the ramp and hook up an cyclone pump...
  443. bman440440

    I hate paying launch fees...need annual pass or free access. LB area

    I agree we are a LITTLE spoiled here in SD... the only bummer is that there is only 1 ramp with "true" wash/flush ability... so for me being that I live in apartments and cant do it there its worth the extra 10 miles I drive to be able to do it... and I would gladly pay (to have use of water) to...
  444. bman440440


    I dunn see nuttin' either... repost pic's
  445. bman440440

    14' Mini Jet boat build 200hp

    holy crap that diverter is huge!! I bet the reverse on that actually works well
  446. bman440440

    great deal on ace line hauler ends today!!!

    $439 not an ace but a good one anyway
  447. bman440440

    Free Stuff

  448. bman440440

    Considering sizing up from 25' Davis and buying a 30' flybirdge slipped boat. Talk me out of it!

    by buddy had a 26' blackman that was slipped... and he used it a lot!! it was a no brainer on the time saved... he had a trailer for it and never used it.. he sold it after 2 years of sitting in his driveway... now his was shaft drive so the only thing it had to be pulled for was bottom paint...
  449. bman440440

    New bait tank on my Parker 2510.

    I think I seen you at south shores ramp when you got it the 1st day... I was on the bis ass pontoon boat on the other dock... we where watching you do what looked like your 1st launch and dock... nice boat!!!
  450. bman440440

    Mandatory California Boater Card phase-in starts in January

    well I got mine and it was free... I have BoatUS and went online and found it on there site... and according to the "" it is approved method
  451. bman440440

    $100, Fish finder & misc items

    I will/have got them from tom
  452. bman440440

    $100, Fish finder & misc items

    if you where only closer!!
  453. bman440440

    Hooping Chaffee island 11-10-17

    I have done it here in SD... the looks that I got where priceless!!
  454. bman440440

    Full Bayrunner Rebuild

    here is mt 2c as far as finding leaks in my tin boats that I have had... you can find them by filling up the boat with water but you will have to fill it 1/3 to 1/2 way full to find the very small leaks... I went threw this with my 14' valco (rivet leaks)... sitting in the bay fishing I would...
  455. bman440440

    Best place in SD to buy 6v house batteries?

    DIY SOLAR WAREHOUSE (located with California Baja, Rent-A-Car & San Diego Motor Imports) 9245 Jamacha Blvd Spring Valley, CA 91977 (619) 470-2006 or (619) 470-7368 they have everything you would need.... I have there "blem" deka grp 31 AGM's and they are awesome!! and at $129 ya cant beat that...
  456. bman440440

    Last legs on a 4.3 Vortec

    IMO I would rebuild(if possible) your 4.3 and throw a marine holley 2bbl on it and be done... now with that said I do not know about the V/P ignition / wiring but if its like the mercruiser TBI just remove all the FI stuff and bolt on the carb... you can even run the fuel pump as I recall (not...
  457. bman440440

    Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up: Gaff em and Trash them

    heck... I always pick them up when I see them... I bet in the last 2 months I have gotten 50-60 easy!! the sad thing that happened last month when I was at the ramp cleaning up and dumping my trash one guy ask me if I had some sort of party out there (15 balloons)... I said no they are just what...
  458. bman440440

    Hooping on an open party boat

    Here in S.D. they run with 1 person per net (unless there are not 10 people aboard then you can buy the extra nets @$40 per net)... then they bait and drop the nets... then when it comes time to retrieve when your net is next you go to the bow and they grab the buoy and hand it to you and you...
  459. bman440440

    2001 Pro-Line 26' Walk

  460. bman440440

    Shotgunning Swordfish ...

    what I do is when I get him to the boat I tail loop him and drag him backwards till I know he is done... I have a "SwordPro Weighted Tail Rope" its super easy to use... I made a 4' PVC T bar with slots on the end to hold it open about 4'... makes it way easy to get them roped!!
  461. bman440440

    what size pump for bait tank?

    the more water you can pump WITHOUT major water current in the tank the better... you want the bait to have to barely swim against the current... if you can do that a 2-3 min fill time good... but if the bait has to work to swim thats bad... put an inline ball valve after your pump so you can...
  462. bman440440

    FYI Costco has their FOODSAVER on sale 99.00 newest model

    I have the original food saver(s)... and they are still going strong... one thing that i do when using is i generally dont do more than 8-10 bags at a time... if i have a lot of fish to do i break out the other one i have and get someone to help (so i'm not doing it for hours on end)... these...
  463. bman440440

    A little help with part identification ??

    looks like #23 in the diagram
  464. bman440440

    Papers to fish Mexico

    that is outdated... "Oct 14, 2013"
  465. bman440440

    Great potential Seaway project

    that is a 4bt in the pic (and yes there is a turbo)... but its for the fire pump... you can see it behind the engine... it was an old life guard boat... and it is twin engine... you can see that the 4bt is in the center V of the boat as well as the 3rd instrument panel for it to the lower right...
  466. bman440440

    20' Radon needs new motor

    full systems are block and exhaust manifold... riser(elbow) are always raw water cooled
  467. bman440440

    Raw Hotwater Bathtub... with Outboards?

    well they have done it in mission bay LOL
  468. bman440440

    New Lobster Regs...

    directly from DFG website Hoop net buoys south of Point Arguello (Santa Barbara County) must now be marked for identification and enforcement purposes. Hoop nets used south of Point Arguello shall be marked with a surface buoy. The surface buoy shall be legibly marked to identify the...
  469. bman440440

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay

    I have been searching CL... nothing yet... but if and when...
  470. bman440440

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    yes red line is the new wall...yes and no... the old sea wall was 32-35' wide... see the attached pic... the red line was the old sea wall at the surface... does that help you to see how much more (usable) room there will be?
  471. bman440440

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    no worse than the way it was originally
  472. bman440440

    First String Sportfishing?

    according to the AIS it IS sitting in dry dock
  473. bman440440

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    the new wall will be about 20-25' farther out all the way around... here is a crude drawing that I made real quick to give people an idea
  474. bman440440

    First day out on my Cabo 216 -Halibut La Jolla Kelp

    how funny... I drove by you going up the 5 just past the 52... glad the 1st run was productive!!
  475. bman440440

    2001 Albin 28 TE SOLD

    I looked at this boat yesterday... its in my marina... VERY clean boat!! I wish I had 60K because it would be mine!!
  476. bman440440

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    holy crap.... so what actually caused the boat to sink... being that you where on the boat I would believe your account more than the speculation here on the forum
  477. bman440440

    FYI- Shelter Island Ramp Closed until February

    also FYI for those of you planning on using Glorietta Bay... if your tow rig and trailer is over 40' or so (my expedition and trailer for a 20' maxum barely fit properly and I still have been hit a few times) you will have to park on the street... the stalls there are short and its a small lot...
  478. bman440440

    1990 17ft Boston Whaler Outrage

    just out of curiosity why is the transducer mounted up so high??
  479. bman440440

    Yellowtail galore 9-9-17

    California Scorpionfish (Section 28.54) Boat-based Anglers2: Open: Jan 1 - Aug 31 Closed: Sep 1 - Dec 31 Divers, Shore-based Anglers2: Open year-round
  480. bman440440

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    now to start off you must not have read my post completely or understand it... I stated that I do not condone shooting other boats nor did I say toward someone or boat... I said shot into the water... as far as the training a puppy statement I said it's sorta like thumping a puppy on the nose...
  481. bman440440

    WTB Boat Lift (floating)

    what are you looking to get? I may have some one in mind
  482. bman440440

    WTB Boat Lift (floating)

    yes there has been a LOT of fun on board them!!
  483. bman440440

    WTB Boat Lift (floating)

    I'm in 2 of them actually... 210 and 219.. the 2 big ass pontoon boats... one is 30' "ship show" and the other is 32' "ships and giggles" why are you selling your boat? going bigger??
  484. bman440440

    WTB Boat Lift (floating)

    it is at sea world marina... rite across from my slip
  485. bman440440

    WTB Boat Lift (floating)

    here ya go... its not mine but its what your looking for
  486. bman440440

    La Jolla Mako Release.

    I think I caught him a few weeks ago... and yes great eating!!
  487. bman440440

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    I have found a new trick for the ass hats that insist on setting up a drift down wind of me (I only use this if there so close if I'm able to toss them a soda)... this works really well the more windy it is.... I have a buddy that is a LEO and he gave me a case of paint ball pepper balls used...
  488. bman440440

    Vessel assist?

    absolutely yes they do I was at the "double 220" and was towed back to SD... about 11 hours in tow
  489. bman440440

    Custom bridge...

    crack is bad o_O
  490. bman440440

    24 skipjack open 1981 5000.00

    ok I will be the 1st... engine, hours, any electronics, tank size and has it been replaced?
  491. bman440440

    Possible range?

    like what was stated above... I get best MPG at 35 MPH (5.2 MPG) and at 20 MPH I get 4 MPG... and at fast troll (9-10 MPH) I get 2.5 MPG... and from idle up to 6-7 MPH I get 3 MPG... and anything over 35 MPH 3-3.5 MPG... this is all by flowscan readings... some boats run better mileage at...
  492. bman440440


    it's the much needed touch that Heisenberg needed
  493. bman440440


    sold to me :rockin:
  494. bman440440

    Is the Shelter Island Boat Launch Open or Not?
  495. bman440440

    Neat Trick

    lol... but what do you do if you have an XXXL waist? :frehya2:
  496. bman440440


    damm i just missed it!! ARRRGGG!! that would have been perfect for me... let me know if it falls threw
  497. bman440440

    Offshore Oceanside 8-18 shark fest

    me personally I think it is ok to keep that fish... even if its the only one he caught that day... let alone releasing 5 others... its a good size for single family table fair and he is not wasting any... I caught this mako 2 weeks ago and if he was the same size as the one that the OP had i...
  498. bman440440

    Offshore Sunday 9mb, 302 182 trash dodo

    you should have called CG and let them know what was going on... thats a big no no... note that plastic is never legal to dump Boat Position Illegal to Dump Lakes, Rivers, Bays, Sounds, and 0-3 miles from shore Plastic, rags, glass, food, metal, crockery, dunnage, lining & packaging...
  499. bman440440

    Losing bottom on my Garmin 7607 xsv using a gt51 transom ducer

    your ducer looks to low to me... should be JUST below the hull... here is a tread and some picks of mine... also note that the center line of my ducer is where I based my location from...
  500. bman440440


    you are... besides this post here are 2 others (one you have as a 2008 even)
  501. bman440440

    Need new engine in my 20 foot Skippy

    also summit racing has marine engines... free shipping too!
  502. bman440440

    1974 Mako 19'?

    its in the mirmar storage (military) off of kearny villa rd... i can tell by the pic's... drive by that place all the time
  503. bman440440


    well that sucks!! but hopefully it got picked up by a stand up kind of person... and with a little luck he/she is on BD and sees your post
  504. bman440440

    who sells non ethanol fuel

    I should have been more clear... VP 100 octane ... it's non ethanol
  505. bman440440

    who sells non ethanol fuel

    Crown Point Auto Center has non E gas... VP race gas... from a pump!
  506. bman440440

    They Dropped a Little

    well good to see someone else thinks like me... here are pic's of my rig... I have had it out as far as the 181 from point loma... I have a 35 gal main tank and a 12 gal aux tank... flowscan... 32 gal bait tank... lowrance elite chirp, VHF with a quality antenna and vessel assist... now my boat...
  507. bman440440

    Transmission Shop San Clemente QUALITY work... not the cheapest but if they say its fixed it is!! I have had them build several transmissions for me from daily drivers to full on race.... and never a problem
  508. bman440440

    Best Fish Release Methods and Tools

    this may show my age but... "back in the day" when the cuda bite was going off the deck hands had a hook installed on the end of a set of pliers... slide the hook down the line till you get to the hook and pop it out of the mouth with a slight bounce... over the water of course!!
  509. bman440440

    number 26 is an idiot

    I'm not in agreement with your statement... I'm in no way a "top dog" in the fishing/catching department but... I do know that I catch a fair amount on fish... and I figure that I bring home on average 800-1200 (final edible meat) pounds a year... and I have a 6' chest freezer that I keep...
  510. bman440440

    Davis Rock Harbor #0001

    can you tell me more about these?
  511. bman440440

    Albacore around

    where is that?? my map ap is in decimal
  512. bman440440

    Is the Shelter Island Boat Launch Open or Not?

    you can launch boats over 20' the thing is that you have to wait in line if there is one then pull forward and around and backup... see attached pic... red lines are fenced area... yellow is where you wait for lane to be open... green line w/green arrows is the way you drive in... green line...
  513. bman440440

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    I took some pic's from the water last Wed.
  514. bman440440

    How many hours do you put on your boat a year?

    well since I installed my engine in Sept. 2016 I have 147.6 hours on it... and it has not been in the water for the last 3.5 months until last Wednesday... and it fired rite up and I ran from glorietta bay to the N9 down to the mid 9 down to IB and back to the ramp a total of 51.6 miles (in just...
  515. bman440440

    Jeffrey Brian, you on this forum?

    good fish karma there!!
  516. bman440440

    Mini Ditch Bag on PurrSeaStance

    I found out from the coast guard "luckily without getting cited" that the expired flares need to be marked "instructional use only"
  517. bman440440

    1989 CABO CUDDYCON 256

    what are your cruse, and fuel burn #'s?
  518. bman440440

    16 ft cc 35 hp yamaha

    I know him and the boat.. yes correct price and clean and current
  519. bman440440

    21' Proline WA *********SOLD********

    why not sell as a package for 29K?
  520. bman440440

    (SOLD) 1995 striper 2150 W.A.C.

    payment confirmed... boat is gone
  521. bman440440

    (SOLD) 1995 striper 2150 W.A.C.

    not even ya spaz!! you always have a place in my boat!!!
  522. bman440440

    (SOLD) 1995 striper 2150 W.A.C.

    sea trial went great... boat is sold pending payment
  523. bman440440

    Pulling engine, need ideas

    make sure to put it on a switch so you can turn it off... having that blowing the whole time in an emergency situation could be a major distraction for the problem at hand.
  524. bman440440

    Pulling engine, need ideas

    I have been there done that with pulling I/O's... here are some things I did wile the engines where out... clean and paint bilge... clean up all wiring that you will not have access to when you drop it back in... replace any bait pumps.... and the MUST do thing is install new bilge pumps and...
  525. bman440440

    (SOLD) 1995 striper 2150 W.A.C.

    have a sea trial for a bd'r tomorrow... if you would like to join let me know!
  526. bman440440

    Anyone Got a VHF ??

    PM sent
  527. bman440440

    (SOLD) 1995 striper 2150 W.A.C.

    SOLD! I'm posting this for "ultimate catch" here on BD because he is so busy and he is going larger! $15,500 you can PM me for questions This Seaswirl Striper 2150 has a fiberglass hull, is 21.33 feet long (not including pulpit and swim step) and 96 inches wide. The boat weighs approximately...
  528. bman440440

    Tuna off Mission Beach.

    I'm not agreeing that what he seen was "tuna" but last year I was catching YFT 1/2 way between PL and the 9 (3-4 miles)... so it is possible but not probable.
  529. bman440440

    4th of July at San Diego bay?

    so an update... as I sit here in the bay kicked back with a beer, my girl and my under water lights on and a butt load of misc little critters swarming my lights... sitting here among the other boats I look at the bridge and see the traffic stopped all I can do is SMILE!! Hope you all had a...
  530. bman440440

    4th of July at San Diego bay?

    I know from experience... SD bay or mission you will need to be on the water by 4 PM at the latest... and like others have said good luck finding parking... I have been at Glorietta since yesterday night just so I have a parking spot for my tow tow rig and a good spot to anchor here in the...
  531. bman440440

    Personal Fishing Videos...

    I like your pic you posted... here are a few of mine (and i agree to your statement... most of the time)
  532. bman440440

    Motor stuck in reverse

    NEED more info... year, make and model of engine?
  533. bman440440

    Fixing stupid aggravations on the boat

    it works GREAT... nice thing is that it has its own volume control... but if you are looking for something more unobtrusive you have 2 other choices my buddy has the 2 1/2" one and it works well also! ... 4 1/2"...
  534. bman440440

    Fixing stupid aggravations on the boat
  535. bman440440

    Quest 257 by Four Winns

    way cool... I have been wondering about this thread!! good to see your still plugging away at it!!
  536. bman440440

    Offshore 2x2 YFT 6/17 & 6/18 on the 17' Whaler

    he is fishing like i started with my dad when i was 13-14 years old... a compass, "dial chart" and a wrist watch... dad and i used to fish the 302, 371 and 425 like that up until the late 90's... and honestly i think everyone should be able to navigate like that (key words be able to)... good...
  537. bman440440

    Does everyone else get the same disappointment from their sonar?

    I agree... if you can pull it off thru hull is the way to go for sure... but if you cant a properly installed TM works great!! see my thread