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    Shamrock Boat in AZ.

    I knew that boat looked familiar! I saw it in Pawel's yard a while back.
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    Shimano Talica 20II - PRACTICALLY NEW

    **** SOLD **** The 'Edit' button isn't working for me.
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    Shimano Talica 20II - PRACTICALLY NEW

    TTT 600 cash or Venmo **FREE FedEx OVERNIGHT shipping**
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    Shimano Talica 20II - PRACTICALLY NEW

    400+ yards of 100# PP Been on 1 boat ride, PRACTICALLY NEW - never hung a fish on it or even got the line wet - duplicate setup so selling this 1. Comes with everything pictured - sorry no box or manual (tossed them). $615 CASH I will offer FREE FedEx OVERNIGHT shipping if you pay via VENMO...
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    Offshore BFT 2/26

    On a jet ski?? Stud!!!
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    Parker 2310 kill box enlargement modification!

    I didn't throw they made sea keepers for smaller vessels? Has that changed?
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    1/4" galvanized anchor chain 50'+

    WM4 marking - should be West Marine's house branded G4 I believe? I got 60'+ continuous - no connections. Calling it 50' to be safe. $65 cash? Located: Orange
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    Meet Maverick.......

    Link? Can't seem to find it? Is it a sistership or the actual Maverick?
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    Meet Maverick.......

    Any updated pics of her??
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    Meet Maverick.......

    🤣🤣 1991 Radon 27 LRB - she was originally commissioned for Don Jr. 80% restored (twin Volvo 41Bs & DP 290s fully rebuilt), custom rails all around, custom rocket launchers ... lots of goodies 😁
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    SS rear four blade for VP 290?

    Think 2X about the SS vs Alum. I kept mine AL bc in the event you run over something, I'd rather replace my props vs my outdrive.
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    Meet Maverick.......

    #Twins What's the update on Maverick?? I've read all 5 pages and need to know! LOL!!
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    Meet Maverick.......

    Just ran across this thread. My Radon looks like its twin! 🤣
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    New Panga 25ft $10,500

    I'm very curious....why are a lot of pangas painted blue?
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    Always use a new rub rail

    Other than the engine looking a little too trimmed, I see nothing wrong here. 8-)
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    Mighty Max ML4D AGM battery: 12 volt 200 Amp Hr

    $300 cash for a NEW house bank battery 02/02/2021
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    Fiberglass Repair guy

    Jaime is the man. He does all my glass work ... not the cheapest but you know it's done right.
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    Mighty Max ML4D AGM battery: 12 volt 200 Amp Hr

    ** NEW ** Never used or installed *** Just sitting on my bench being charged by my Noco Genius charger for the past 6 months. I purchased new - so yes I'm the original owner. Again, never installed, just been sitting on my charger Location: Orange Price: $324 CASH or Venmo
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    Tow vehicle Brake Pad ?

    Unless you have an OVERRATED truck towing a small trailer? Outside of a drastic mis-match between trailer & tow vehicle .. You'll never have enough. You're going to get cut off ... do your best to leave space and not get worked up over being cut off? That's probably the best you can do bc it...
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    UFP Dexter DB 35 calipers: WITH PADS (new old stock)

    Have a couple sets laying around from a prior project, never used. Still new, never mounted. I have both ZINC & ALUMINUM. eEach caliper comes complete with caliper, brake pads & mounting bolts - ALL NEW OLD STOCK. Location: Orange Price: $45/each caliper. Got a few SETS of Alum & Zincs
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    Inside LA Harbor and the Catch of a Lifetime

    I did the same with my kids ... 300 yards off Nachos. WFO YT bait!! They loved it!! 😉 Donkey Nick, I know the feeling 👍👍
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    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    Jan 16th 2021 - Nacho's .... squid.
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    Rudder Indicator on an Outboard Engine

    That's exactly what I was thinking. The more 'systems' you have, the more that can go wrong.
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    Skipjack 25 Flybridge

    Don't know if you looked into it but Volvo offers a hydraulic upgrade 'kit'. I did both of my DP 290s, no leaks and works great. Problem with the old hydraulics in the DP 290s is that parts are hard to come by and very expensive.
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    Sterling Power 2500W Inverter/Charger

    01/09/21 $350 cash - need this gone
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    Simrad VS Furuno

    I don't know if I necessarily believe what installers reccomend for the simple fact you don't know what incentives, if any, they're receiving from the respective manufacturer to push the product. That said, I say you get your hands on both systems, play around with both, and decide for yourself...
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    What Power Option for New Farallon 3200 Explorer?

    I was thinking of a D6 re-power and heard very similar to what your friend is experiencing. DPI seems to be the real deal ...
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    Sterling Power 2500W Inverter/Charger

    Still got it ... $400 cash for anyone interested.
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    Adding a bait tank...who should I hire?

    A 40G tank will put you ~300 lbs of water once filled. I'd consider deck strength/reinforcement. Obviously the bigger you go, the heavier it will be and deck strength begins to play a big part in placement. Also, I recently added a flow meter on mine - red LED when there's no flow. Can't...
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    Sterling Power 2500W Inverter/Charger

    Located in Orange. Work in Ontario. I'm sure we can make something happen if you're interested. PM-ed you my number. LMK. Thanks.
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    Sterling Power 2500W Inverter/Charger

    $400 cash. Come and get it!
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    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    Let me summarize for you: Low Sulfur vs Low Sulfur = SAME High Sulfur vs High Sulfur = SAME Low Sulfur vs High Sulfur = NOT SAME
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    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    Homegirl, taken from YOUR referenced article. High sulfur VS Low sulfur = NOT the same. Thats all I'm saying. NOT commenting on effects/desirability of sulfur, just that they are NOT the same.
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    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    Calm down ladies, no one us calling anyone an idiot. The question posed was: is red dye diesel the same. The answer is: they are NOT. No one commented on sulfur being good, bad, lubrcation source or otherwise.
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    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    Nope, there is/can be a difference in sulfur content between the 2. Sorry but hauling for 14 yrs doesn't necessarily mean you know the exact chemical composition of the fuel. Just my $0.02 on the matter.
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    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    Great thread to resurrect but this comment is wrong on so many levels. It ILLEGAL to sell red dye as #2 for over the road usage, im PRETTY sure Costco of all places would NOT knowingly do it ... someone please tell me I'm wrong.
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    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    I was under the impression that bc red dye was not for 'on road' usage, it may not as refined and therefore has the POTENTIAL to cause the engine to run a little rougher? It's so hard to find a local red dye diesel source in Orange County i just run with #2.
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    Fulton F2 3,200 lb 2 speed winch FW3200101NIB

    Had 2. Sold 1. 2nd Buyer flaked - TTT. NO FLAKERS - don't waste my time.
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    Parker 2320 bench - excellent condition

    Hosed it down today, updated pic:
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    Parker 2320 bench - excellent condition

    I'll ship, sure. DM-ed you.
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    Parker 2320 bench - excellent condition

    Bought it for a project but going a different direction. Looking to get what I paid $475 (pretty sure that's what I paid for it). Came off a 2019 Parker 2320. Comes with factory outlet & tackle storage box. White centers w Grey edges. Dusty in pic but it's in very good/excellent condition...
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    35ft panga boat for sale with two Yamaha 300hp

    Shit w that many hours, id buy it just to strip the engines and trash the hull 🤣
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    You do know OP, literally right above your post, noted "SOLD" pretty much 1 year ago right??
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    Volvo Penta C3 props

    I've stayed away from stainless props in favor of aluminum for 1 main reason: if I hit something, I'd rather shear off the props and not damage the outdrive.
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    Fulton F2 3,200 lb 2 speed winch FW3200101NIB

    New in SEALED box w all hardware. Bought and kept too long so can't return. $120 cash Orange near 91 & 57 frwy
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    What Power Option for New Farallon 3200 Explorer?

    I would love to run a straight shaft but those engine boxes just kill it for me. I always trailer my boats so the outdrive isn't that big a deal. Running O/Bs seem to catching on, I can see why ... but I myself have always been a diesel guy so I'm sticking with them for now.
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    28' ugly duckling

    He's teasing us ... oh the anticipation!!! I need my fix!!! 🤣
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    Farallon 27 - Diamond in the Rough

    Is that pic from Sunset Ramp ... the dock looks familiar 😎
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    WTS: Brand new twin 2020 Suzuki 300AP XX2 with all rigging!

    What type of performance numbers were you expecting?
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    Need help getting rid of evidence/REDUCED. Any rod $80

    Those 2 videos are some funny shit 🤣🤣
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    WTS: Brand new twin 2020 Suzuki 300AP XX2 with all rigging!

    Dam .... maybe I slap these bad boys on my re-power. What were they slated for - can you give some specs an your rebuild and anticipated figures w/ these 2? Are they a counter-rotating pair?
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    Craig From West Coast Bait Tanks

    I ordered a tank from him last year .. 120G. He came through for me on the deal with good communication throughout the process. This isn't the 1st I've heard Craig doing this, not the best way to run a business but I'm sure he'll come through and do what's right.
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    Squid is at Nachos

    I do NOT want to be that guy pulling that on Nacho 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Squid is at Nachos

    👍 I don't do IG so that's not going to work for me LOL
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    Squid is at Nachos

    How'd you come across this info.?
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    Sterling Power 2500W Inverter/Charger

    TTT - LMK if you're interested.
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    Sterling Power 2500W Inverter/Charger

    $450 - cash Serious Buyers only please.
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    Sterling Power 2500W Inverter/Charger

    I believe that would be a function of how much juice you're pulling vs how long you want to run until either: battery is completely drained OR you have to recharge the batteries It is a 12V DC unit that convert to 120V AC with built in Charger. No frills unit with all the basic functionality...
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    New gas Smoker

    I don't know about 'best', it's personal preference. But I'm looking for an offset powered by a heat source OTHER THAN gas 😉
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    New gas Smoker

    Too bad it wasn't an offset, im in the market for 1. 🤣
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    Sterling Power 2500W Inverter/Charger

    BRAND NEW IN BOX - NEVER INSTALLED: went a different direction and no longer needed. Pro Combi Q Quasi Sine Wave Brand: Sterling Power Model: PCBQ122500 Price: $475 cash Location: Orange, CA
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    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    27' w/ 120G
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    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    Concrete is expensive.
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    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    Sounds like the juice aint worth the squeeze here.
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    Boat Co-Owner dispute

    Here's some sound 'legal advice' for you ... you're SOL. You won't know WTF will happen unless you actually litigate the matter (lots of money) and are issued an actual judgment (lots of time). Any type of 'advice' anyone gives you is just that, ADVICE. Even parties WITH legally binding...
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    In need of trailer advice

    I think Pacific moved away from leaf springs and went solely with torsion? I think I remembered that correctly ...
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    New Calstar Or Seeker rods

    Dunno but I got a good laugh from it.
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    $200 for 6 rims, brand new. TTT
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    NEED THESE GONE. $200 for 6 NEW galvanized wheels!!! What a steal ppl!!!!
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    $225 all 6 rims Still got 'em
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    $225 for 6 NEW GALVANIZED 15" rims!!!
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    BUMP. TTT. Still have these.
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    PAIR: boat trailer bunk boards 2" x 6" x 9.5'

    Still got these .... brand new!!
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    Still got 'em!! Someone must need these!! Did I mention they are BRAND NEW????
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    Beware of Hoop net Poacher off La Jolla

    Thats just F-ing stupid. So you're willing to risk criminal prosecution bc your dumbass can't control yourself?? Please continue explicitly writing down all your intended actions, itll significantly help your case when you've got the DA up your ass for being a dumbass.
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    PMs all answered. Yes still have ALL 6 available. Come and get 'em!
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    Please see above...looking to keep all 6 as a single sale. Thanks for the interest.
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    PMS all answered. Lots of interest, no cash in my hand so still avail.
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    Sorry but looking to get rid of all 6 in a single deal. Buy all 6 and keep 3 as spares 😉
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    Radon 32 rebuild

    It's a stretched 26.
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    Rub Rail replace in San Diego, recommedation

    I tried Mark, he can probably do the install but as far as buying it from him, he wasn't able to supply the size I was looking for ... he's more of a fiberglass work kind of guy?
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    A place to build a boat

    What he said! Sell me that hull 😄😄😄
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    Rub Rail replace in San Diego, recommedation

    Looking for the same! I'm going to try Mark later today ....
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    250 for 6 new rims ppl!!! Need these gone
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    Offshore Tonight

    If I wasn't making $32K right now ....
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    TTT .... I know someone needs to new rims!!
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    Seeker 7X(blue)

    Those are them fighting words!!! 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    BUMP ... WANT THESE GONE. 275 for all 6!!
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    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    Sunday 09/27 Nachos - small sardines but VERY NICE quality
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    300 for all 6 NEW galvanized rims!!!
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    325 for all 6 BRAND NEW RIMS!! NEED THESE GONE
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    PAIR: boat trailer bunk boards 2" x 6" x 9.5'

    Sorry, I'm in OC and dont head south too often. Furthest south I'd prefer to go is Irvine-ish ...
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    Gray bunk carpeting 70' x 15"

    BUMP PMs all answered
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    15" galvanized rims 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    Brand new, never used. Tire Diameter: 15" Rim Width: 6" Rim Finish: Galvanized Lug Pattern: 6 on 5.5", 4 1/4" Center Hole Load Capacity: 2,600 LBS * Valve Stem Included Price: $350 for all 6! Location: Orange or Ontario
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    Gray bunk carpeting 70' x 15"

    New, never used. 70 foot roll 15" wide - perfect for those 2" x 6" bunks. Bought from Pacific $50 Location: Orange or Ontario
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    PAIR: boat trailer bunk boards 2" x 6" x 9.5'

    Bump $100 for a NEW pair of 9.5' fully carpeted bunks!!!
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    PAIR: boat trailer bunk boards 2" x 6" x 9.5'

    BRAND NEW pair, accidentally had the wrong size made so selling them - too short for my trailers. Custom made by: Pacific Trailer NEW Douglas Fir 2" x 6" x 9.5' long FULLY wrapped on ALL 4 sides w/ dark gray marine grade carpet (20 oz weight carpet). $100 for the pair Location: Orange or...
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    Shimano for Seekers

    Holy shit. This deserves a bump!
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    2 never used Cousins Factory 95mags

    If you don't like what OP is selling dont comment! But with a lowball offer like that, I'd be offended if I were OP!!
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    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    TTT Still have these 6 BRAND NEW TIRES ppl ...Let me know ...
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    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    Dam. Thanks for letting me know.
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    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    TTT $225 cash for all 6 tires!!! Location: Ontario or Orange ....
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    Calstar periodically still makes these, not consistently and not by Leon, obviously. But they are still being made.
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    Sam is the man! Picked mine up from him too. Sorry, dont think it's as special as OP was hoping/thinking.
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    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    TTT ... $250 cash for 6 NEW tires
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    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    I dont think ppl realize how good of a deal this is 😂😂
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    Item SOLD Thanks BD

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    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    21st week of 2019 These are NEW tires, NOT new old stock.
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    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    BUMP 275 CASH .... need these gone.
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    seeker rod Phenix rod

    You all know last time OP was on here was 1.5 yrs ago right?
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    QTY: 6 NEW MASTERTRACK tires ST205/75/R15

    Brand new, never mounted. ALL 6 for $300 cash! Location: Orange
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    NEW 15" tires (ST225/75R15) & rims (6 lugs)

    Willing to separate tire and rims ... LMK if interested.
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    Offshore Parking at Dana Point Harbor launch ramp

    If you work there and are not aware of the problem, clearly you dont understand your business.
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    NEW 15" tires (ST225/75R15) & rims (6 lugs)

    BUMP Make an offer ... need them gone.
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    NEW 15" tires (ST225/75R15) & rims (6 lugs)

    Forgot to ad ... lug pattern is 6 on 5.5"
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    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 w/ braid

    TTT Location: Orange *** FREE FEDEX OVERNIGHT SHIPPING *** I'm requesting Payal FF since I'm covering shipping.
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    NEW 15" tires (ST225/75R15) & rims (6 lugs)

    Brand new pair: 2 NEW wheels 2 NEW tires New, never been mounted. Location: Orange Price: $330 cash for everything!
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    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 w/ braid

    TTT Cash price: 260 Still looking for the tranx if you got one. Let me know.
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    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 w/ braid

    Comes with box and papers. Recently purchased but looking to go a different direction. 100 lb white braid w/ ~50 yards of 50 lb mono topshot. I can see 1 very small scratch on top of reel, otherwise can pass as new. Looking for 400/500 tranx or lexa or ...??
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    SS C S/B Ulua 100 - 10' 25 - 50 #

    Can probably pass as new. Purchased from Sam @ Islands ~3 months ago - never got to throw it, going different direction. FACTORY WRAP S/B here! Location: Orange Looking for 400/500 reels: tranx, lexa ...? LMK what you got. Prefer new or near new equipment. Straight trade or trade + cash...
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    bow riding high

    Maybe there's an issue w the hull itself? Maybe water intrusion somewhere and it's just sitting in the stern somewhere? Maybe the twins arent OEM and now its overpowered and overloaded now? Unless I am able to confirm w/ 100% confidence that the specific hull you have naturally has a high...
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    Great rod needs new home

    Animal print sheets .... not sure what to make of all this.
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    Offshore Current Reports BF

    A lawsuit for each person that viewed a public post on a public forum? I'm just saying ....
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    School me on livewell ball valves

    I'd personally go w/ a 1" seacock. You can always reduce from 1" to 3/4" but going the other way will prove difficult should you need to in the future for whatever reason (2nd baitwell, raw water washdown, secondary baitwell pump, etc.)
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    24’ Mosquito flybridge Hawai’i- complete custom boat rebuild

    Me too! Looks like he hasn't signed in since Mar time-frame so it may be difficult for an update.
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    SS 270, 670, 870 or 970 ....

    LMK if you've got a pair you're willing to part w/. Looking for excellent/new condition. Thanks for looking.
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    Dammit!!! I was looking for this EXACT thing a few months back!! Bump for am awesome deal!!!
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    Cousins 7107T

    Looking for new or near new condition ... LMK if you got 1 ....
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    Kodiak Trailer brakes

    If you have a Pacific, you should call Sergio in the Parts Dept., guy is SUPER knowledgeable and will walk you through whatever issue it is you are having. I recently rebuilt my entire undercarriage ... when it came time to the pads, channel locks did it for me ... bent the ears over pretty...
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    School me on livewell ball valves

    I personally upgraded all my thru-hulls & valves to Grocos w/ backing plate glassed into the hull (they used to be 'nut/bolt style' like what you pictured above. As for pumps, I ran a Rule 1600 (very popular) but am in the process of replacing w/ a Shurflo 2000 (my tank is a little bigger than...
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    Phenix PSW 908MH

    Prefer new/unused condition. LMK if you got 1 ...
  132. L

    Teramar 9ft Inshore Series

    Message me, im interested. Your profile is set to private so not viewable to sent a message.
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    Kodiak brake calipers: 250 SS, 250 DAC & 225 DAC

    Price Changes: Item 1: 125 Item 2: 425 Item 3: 175
  134. L

    Thru-hull B285HW Chirp

    Thing looks huge!!! Yes, that's probably what she said ... LOL How much clearance do you have? I'm trying to think ahead to avoid future issues - trailer backed down and a little shallow .... boat comes on, you get where I'm going w/ that ....
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    Kodiak brake calipers: 250 SS, 250 DAC & 225 DAC

    TTT If its listed, still available, no need to ask.
  136. L

    Kodiak brake calipers: 250 SS, 250 DAC & 225 DAC

    ITEM 3: KODIAK 250, 7K - 8K DACRAMENT DISC BRAKE CALIPER ASSEMBLY. SKU: DBC-250-DAC. Includes (2) dacrament calipers, (2) Stainless Caliper pins w/ thread locker & (2) SETS of Ceramic pads PRICE: $200
  137. L

    Kodiak brake calipers: 250 SS, 250 DAC & 225 DAC

    ITEM 2: KODIAK 250 #DBC-250-SS Disc brake caliper (Stainless Steel) with 2-1/2" piston (stainless steel). Includes (2) STAINLESS calipers, (2) Stainless Caliper pins w/ thread locker & (2) SETS of Ceramic pads PRICE: $450
  138. L

    Kodiak brake calipers: 250 SS, 250 DAC & 225 DAC

    Cleaning out my shed - ALL new & UNUSED. Never mounted. REASON FOR SELLING: didnt use, wrong ones, or went dfferent direction. LOCATION: Orange, CA ITEM 1: KODIAK 225 10"-12" S-Cad Disc Brake Caliper Assembly #DBC-225-DAC: includes (2) DACRAMENT calipers, (2) Stainless Caliper pins w/ thread...
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    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    The problem I'm having is my Rule 1600 claims to have anti-airlock technology. I'm finding out it does not, or at the very least doesnt regularly correct itself. Again, heard good things about Shurflo so throwing it out there to educate myself on my options.
  140. L

    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    You pretty much summed up everything I was thinking: holes at back of strainer, pump below waterline, etc. Thanks for the input.
  141. L

    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    I'm probably keeping my 1600 as a spare in my boat, exactly what I was thinking. Any issues w the 2000 getting air-lock? Was the pump connected to a 1" bronze Thru-Hull w the standard bronze slotted clam strainer (fwd facing)? Did you drill out the back of the strainer? Any pics you might be...
  142. L

    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    I'm having an air-lock issue I'm trying to resolve. I too have nor experienced a clear 'winner's... a lot of inconsistencies in performance for me too depending in pump. I've found the Rule 1600 to be a good decent performer ... but w/ the air-lock issue I'm having, wanted to see what ppl were...
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    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    TTT Recently read that Rule 1600s were anti-airlock?? If that's the case, mine must be defective.
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    Bait tank question...

    I assume it's a good sized tank which will in turn put a good amount of weight on the deck, directly above the tank?
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    Offshore Friday West Cat to 43 to Corner

    Those tacos look like the ones at Nobu!!! Yyyuummm!!!!!
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    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    So the anti-airlock really does work??
  147. L

    Baitwell pumps: Shurflo 1500

    I'm reading the Shurflo 1500 and 2000 (possibly other Shurflo models - but these 2 models have the capacity I need) have anti-airlock capabilities? Experience anyone? Currently running Rule 1600 bronze base but periodic airlocks can cause bug issues as we all know ....
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    Cummins qsb5.9 6,000

    How extensive was the damage? Has it been opened up to determine extent of damage? 51 hrs .... what a shame.
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    Who handles uphill the best?

    Everything everyone said about Radons downhill. Yes I'm biased but a few days ago Wed coming back from CAT .... I was doing almost 30 coming back home w diesels running only 2,500 RPMs. It was great.
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    New 16" galvanzied rims. 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    Yeah, sorry for the confusion. I consolidated 2 listings into 1. $700 OBO for 4 NEW TIRES & 4 NEW GALVANIZED RIMS. These came from Pacific Trailers so same brand/quality as all new Pacific Trailers made. Tire brand: Mastertrack
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    Complete axle conversion: Kodiak 12" brake set-up

    Everything pictured = 1 set. I have TWO sets NOTE: you will need to purchase 2 inner bearings, 2 outer bearings & 2 grease seals to install the kit. ~$30 worth of parts. BRAND NEW - was going to do on my 2 trailers but going a different direction so not needed. Location: Orange or Ontario...
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    Offshore 8/8 - 209 from O'side

    Skunk specialty 😐😐😔😔
  153. L

    Parking at dana point

    I was there on Friday- F250 w/ a trioke axle pacific. Not many 'stalls' available for this size set-up.
  154. L

    Offshore 226-302-9 August 7th

    I thought the bait out of DP was bad just for me! Did great the boat ride out ... when I started the troll, they went crazy and killed themselves by swimming erratically.
  155. L

    How dope is fish dope?

    I guess I've have had a different experience than most. It doesnt really give me 'novel' data. I see it as an aggregation amof data into a single location? That's my $0.02 ...
  156. L

    Offshore DP -> 267/279 -> 209 -> 312 NADA

    Forgot to mention ...temp started at 70.5 at the harbor and slowly worked it's way to 69 by the time I got to the 312.
  157. L

    New 16" galvanzied rims. 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    TTT ... no one wants new tires/rims??? Make an offer .... need them gone. Where were these when I needed them! 🤔
  158. L

    Offshore DP -> 267/279 -> 209 -> 312 NADA

    Launched DP @ 5 AM - good amount of boats launching, everyone played nice. Waited ~30 mins for bait ... off we went. Swells were BIG heading to 267/279, had to keep it under 19 ... No meter marks, no birds, no surface bait of any sort, no surface activity .... Saw 1 good sized patty @ 209 -...
  159. L

    Offshore Solo Sesh - Got 'Em - 8.4.20

    You fucking animal you!!!!! Love it!!!!
  160. L

    New 16" galvanzied rims. 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    Forgot to add: $800 FOR ALL 4 TIRES & RIMS - NEW NEVER USED or even mounted!
  161. L

    New 16" galvanzied rims. 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    Combine these rims with these tires for FACTORY RECCOMENDED replacement for your old 8.75 x 16.50s ... Tires are 100% New, never mounted. Went different direction. Paid ~$775 not more than a few weeks ago for them. Location: Orange $500 for all 4 - not looking to separate at this time...
  162. L

    Friday: 08/07 ....?

    I am thinking the same ....
  163. L

    Offshore 8/3 302 and beyond!

    Even w/ 5 scoops I still cant get them 😂😂😂
  164. L

    Friday: 08/07 ....?

    Anyone contemplating ...???
  165. L

    New 16" galvanzied rims. 6 on 5.5 lug pattern

    BRAND NEW, NEVER USED - Never even mounted tires on .... Paid $480 not more than a few weeks ago Selling all 4 as a single lot at this time - not looking to separate. Location: Orange, CA. Price: $350 OBO for all 4 rims Website specs: 16" 6-Lug Galvanized Trailer Wheel/Rim Rim Pattern...
  166. L

    4 NEW ST235 80 R16 tires

    100% New, never mounted. Went different direction. Paid ~$775 not more than a few weeks ago for them. Location: Orange $500 for all 4 - not looking to separate at this time. Specs from website: Radial Trailer Tire, ST235/80R-16" Load Range E Radial Trailer Tires Specifically designed to...
  167. L

    Dexter 20K 3" drop coupler

    $375 OBO Brand new unit, never used or installed!
  168. L

    Dexter 20K 3" drop coupler

    Make: Dexter Model: DX20EX Location: Orange or Ontario Yes comes w/ backup solenoid - everything is BRAND NEW. This is the BOLT ON model, NOT the weld on model. Went a different direction, dont need. $400 OBO? Some technical data: 2 5/16" Ball Zinc Plated Bolts over 3" wide trailer tongues...
  169. L

    Offshore 8/1 Bluefin close to home

    Put a 33 and a 118 in front of the numbers...long/lat numbers.
  170. L

    Cat 8/1

    By no stretch of the imagination do I claim to know what I'm talking about so can someone please educate me? Farnsworth can only be fished for Pelagic species correct? No go on bottom fishing, ie rockfish? Thanks in advance.
  171. L

    Offshore San Diego day trip blue fin

    I disagree .. he'd just LOOK over and the fish would jump in.
  172. L

    Offshore Check out this guy!

    Fuck ... is that having balls or stupid, you tell me. Not hating ... just saying, that's A LOT of risk there.
  173. L

    Offshore The little whaler that could

    On a 90 HP O/B solo .... juevos bro!!
  174. L

    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    Friday 07/24: Long Beach Carnage @ Avalon had squid. Slow night for squid but they still managed to make enough for us fishermen 👍👍👍
  175. L

    Offshore HH Sunset Aquatics Ramp Closed

    Tried to launch this AM too ... didnt know. Ended up launching at Davies instead.
  176. L

    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    Message said he had plenty this AM (Thursday Jul 23rd). Would be at Avalon until 7:30 AM per recording. Thanks guys!
  177. L

    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    Anyone know if Pac Carnage has squid @ Avalon??
  178. L

    Catalina Advice= Help Please

    So howd you do???
  179. L

    Offshore 7/16 skunk

    That's like 4.25 miles to the gallon ... I could only DREAM of nunbers like that.
  180. L

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    That's exactly how I did mine.
  181. L

    Radon 32 rebuild

    I was thinking the EXACT same! Hoping for some pics too!
  182. L

    Dico 10 coupling needs 2 5/16" ball. 3" drop

    Removed from Pacific trailer, but it'll work w/ any 3" channel trailer. I needed a straight, no drop, tongue. Coupler Model: Dico Model 10 Ratings: 10K lb Gross Load Capacity w/ 800 lb tongue Brakes: model is for DISC brakes Solenoid: BRAND NEW Make: Dexter Model: 054-140-122 12 VDC Location...
  183. L

    NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    Economic cycle: downward/upward movement along long-term growth trend. Clearly YOU arent Einstein by taking such a limited approach to defining 'cycle'
  184. L

    Pilothouse vs Walkaround

    I hate getting wet.
  185. L

    NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    Your advisors are ignorant. In EVERY economic cycle, there are winners and losers. SOME industries are booming right now. Bump for a helluva boat!!!!
  186. L

    Offshore Which one of you kooks is this?

    I need to know!!! Who are these brave souls???
  187. L

    Is the 175 h w too big

    Thanks for the help Kid!!! Did my B175M linked to the Furuno 1971 ... could not be happier!!!
  188. L

    Starting a 2320 Build

    Subscribed!!! Nice hull color!!!! Makes it look unique!!!!
  189. L

    SCI Safety Zone Website?

    I'm able to load just fine.
  190. L

    Offshore Sport Boats

    Why the f&#@ do I need to call them in for them to be respectful???? What would happen if I did that to them ... slid into their chum-line AFTER they've established it?? I'm always respectful when boating.... doesnt mean others adopt thae same philosophy, sportboat captains or not.
  191. L


    Finally a F-ing clear video that's not pixelated!!! 😂😂
  192. L

    Offshore San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    If I were in the area itd be worth it. Just can see myself driving 30 miles round trip to save $20/tank.
  193. L

    Offshore San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    Whoever questions a diesel towing a rig while getting 15 MPG probably doesnt own a diesel. 😂😂😂😂
  194. L

    Offshore San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    I've seen diesel prices range from $3/gal. - $3.50/gal. Figured $3.25/gal was 'average' .... $0.25/gal VARIANCE only creates a $5/tank cost variance (assuming 20 gallons). 😁
  195. L

    Offshore YFT and YT 6/10

    The tow is what gets me so I feel your pain. A few hours of tow .... then a full day on the water ... followed by a few hrs tow back .... I'm no spring chicken anymore.
  196. L

    Offshore San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    A PPEI tuned '17 F250 towing a 10K rig. Ask me how I know.
  197. L

    Offshore San Pedro - We got a spot to go offshore if you ahve

    San Pedri to Shelter Island: 120 miles × 2 (roundtrip) = 240 miles 240 miles / 15 MPG = 16 gallons × $3.25/gallon (diesel) = $52 in truck fuel. On paper it SOUNDS like a good deal but even if I did NOT have a boat, I wouldnt do it. 😂😂😂😂😂
  198. L

    Boat Service and Re-Power Recommendations

    What's the point of re-doing the decking you're just going to leave the old fuel tank .... since the deck and tank are out, let's 'check out the stringers' ... it never ends .... My advice, whatever you think you're going to spend .... multiply by at least 1.5 if not 2. That'll get you more in...
  199. L

    Boat Service and Re-Power Recommendations

    A big factor you are misisng here, seems to me, is the glasswork to ensure its 'up to par'. If you want to repair the glass work, and LP paints, that's 1 thing. Gelcoat ... multiply by 2. What about fuel tank(s), rod holders, railing, wiring, etc. Etc. etc I think the items you listed are good...
  200. L

    Radon 32 rebuild

    So are you thinking a restoration true to the 32 Radon?
  201. L

    Farallon Boats?

    Unfortunately, I can only comment on how the older ones handle themselves ... everything you've heard/read AND bag of chips. 😁
  202. L

    Boat Service and Re-Power Recommendations

    Heres my $02 .... sounds like you're doing a complete retro to the boat. I'd think twice about it bc restoration projects almost ALWAYS cost a whole lot more than you initially anticipate. Not sure too many who have crossed this bridge would disagree. Sounds like you want a 1 stop shop - not...
  203. L

    Radon 32 rebuild

    How did you decide 36" was sufficient? How closely are you looking to keep her to the true Radon form or is it more a Radon hull but custom mod type of rebuild?? Love the progress!
  204. L

    Broken Windlass, Heavy Chop and Strong Wind: Catalina 6/6

    Wind + broken windlass can make for a difficult day on the water 😬
  205. L

    Offshore Saturday’s trip on the Grace

    Sorry you didnt catch anything but this report was VERY useful!! Thank you!!!
  206. L

    Radon 32 rebuild

    Maybe a Konrad??? 🙂
  207. L

    Radon 32 rebuild

    Love it!!! DEFINITELY subscribed!!!! Any info on the hull w/ power plans??? Looks like it was an I/O powered hull before?
  208. L

    Head for beer

    You sure about that? Coors Light is made in Irwindale Brewery and last I recall, that was a 5 union shop ... yes the Coors Light you drink is LIKELY from there, not Colorado.
  209. L

    Offshore Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Great write up!!! I felt like I was on the boat w you!!!! Fitting thread title!!! You'll get 'em next time!!!!
  210. L

    Offshore Bluefinn 6/4 Got our 1st Cow for 2020

  211. L

    LOL!!! I appreciate that.

    LOL!!! I appreciate that.
  212. L

    How to ball park a rebuild budget?

    Depending on the size of the boat and who is doing the work ... that may even be a little light. But agree, good ball park figures there. FYI, if you decide to go gelcoat vs LP I'd add 20-30% on top of that. Much more labor intensive process but yes, yields a more 'desirable' finish, depending...
  213. L

    Offshore Blood on the deck 5/29/20

    Posted before I finished typing, +2 on the motor???
  214. L

    5/29 Cat front- not much

    Ij Did I read that correctly? 🤔🤔
  215. L

    Offshore Blood on the deck 5/29/20

    Ddaammmm!! Love the pics!!! And numbers to boot!!!!
  216. L

    SS Ulua 93H or Mag 95J

    I want 1 ... just not $2K desperate.
  217. L

    SS Ulua 93H or Mag 95J

    Bump, still looking for that INFAMOUS 95 Mag .... LMK!
  218. L

    Fried Chirp Transducer

    This is a very expensive lesson and I for one, sincerely appreciate you sharing!!!!
  219. L

    Offshore Sunday 5/24 Report

    Posting actual numbers!!! Dam I'm looking this trend, really helps a lot!!! Its a big ocean out there and these types of acts are GREATLY appreciated!!!
  220. L

    SS Ulua 93H or Mag 95J

    Oh wow , really? Thanks for being so informative. I thought I might be able to pick up either for $50 new. I'll go back to living under a rock again - those are called sarcastic comments. Now for anyone who has either and seriously looking to unload, LMK.
  221. L

    SS Ulua 93H or Mag 95J

    I prefer factory wrapped in excellent if not new condition. LMK what you got! I got cash, nothing to trade.
  222. L

    Seeker pinhead black ulua

    You just ruined my fun for the day 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  223. L

    Offshore BLUEFINN 5/21/20 Blue water

    Again!! Posting actual numbers!!! I like this trend!! RESPECT!!
  224. L

    Offshore 5-21-2020 BFT REPORT

    Sharing actual coordinates seems to be a thing now. 👍👍👍 much respect!!
  225. L


    I believe that's a 12 degree tilt, not 0 degree, according to the pic you posted.
  226. L

    Offshore 05.20 BFT

    Respect for posting actual location. 👍
  227. L

    Long Beach Breakwall 5/14/20

    If its rolling .... definitely a challenging task! 😂 Couldnt agree more!!!
  228. L

    Offshore Coronados 5/9 Quick Report

    Thank you from all us NON-spanish speaking/reading individuals!!! I've been killing myself trying to google translate!!!! 🤫😬
  229. L

    Offshore Heading out of Newport tomorrow

    Intriguing commentary!! Please expand 😁😁
  230. L

    Offshore BFT report

    Solid intel! Sorry boys, theres as always next time 👍👍
  231. L

    Microwave wattage ?

    Peak watts vs continuous watts ....
  232. L

    Rockfish are there

  233. L

    Boat rod holder - 2 pcs

    Dimensions are approximate - let me know if you want more specific measurements. Mounts on hardtop. Ideal scenario would be on either side of a center mounted radar dome etc. I'm going with 2 continuous row holders so no longer needed. Yes, a little dirty but stainless steel 316 construction...
  234. L

    Cabo 216 Bait tank build

    BTW, subscribed! Love your work!
  235. L

    Cabo 216 Bait tank build

    My vote it to cut it. More volume AND less surface area for the bait to beat themselves up against
  236. L

    Offshore Isolation on the big blue pacific lake

    Not to be an ass but not really a fishing 'report' unless you give some indication as to vicitnity fished, temps, etc. Just saying ....
  237. L

    PENN 30 VISX w/ Calstar GFGR 770XXH combo

    Penn 30 VISX: BNIB. Never been spooled. Comes w everything pictured. Yes clamp is new, never used. Only taken out to check contents Calstar Grafighter GFGR 770 XXH. Rod has been on a 2 of boat rides? It could EASILY pass as new. Decided to go a different route so I'm selling the setup...
  238. L

    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    There you go ppl. What's the HIN of the boat that sank ....?? I dont know, I'm honestly asking. Pretty straight fwd answer if you ask me.
  239. L

    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Since you're too stupid to understand, let dumb it down for you: take out ALL subjectivity (picture vs picture, rod holder mount, baitwell, wood floats? etc. - ALL those things are easily changeable) and post OBJECTIVE statements (HULL NUMBER - yes I assume the HIN hasn't then tampered with)...
  240. L

    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

  241. L

    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    WTF does me saying post your Hull Number have anything to do w/ savage title or any other BS you're talking about - yes I've read the entire thread and all your BS 'analysis' of the pictures, if that's what you call it?? Skip the BS of trying to analyze pictures and post the HIN. Only that...
  242. L

    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Stop the drama! I REPEAT: POST HULL NUMBERS!!!
  243. L

    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Take that dam drill bit off and post the Hull Number! Why blank it out???
  244. L

    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Heres an easy answer to all this BS ... POST VIN #s!!!
  245. L

    Farallon Boats pictures!

    Dave where you at??????
  246. L

    Farallon Boats pictures!

    I need me that 32!!!! The 27 will have to settle for now 🙂
  247. L

    Offshore Offshore report and FD vent

    He said caught NEAR paddy, not ON paddy ...
  248. L

    4/11 Fishing SMB in Rough Conditions + Underwater Footage at 160' (Video)

    Great footage but I might have gotten a little motion sickness from watching 😐
  249. L

    Garmin GMR18 Radar

    Where were you 3 weeks ago?!?!?!? 🤔🤔 Bump for a great radar!!
  250. L

    Penn Fathom 30 or 40 Lever Drag 2 speed

    Looking for newer, if not new. LMK if you got one??? Thanks.
  251. L

    BNIB Talica 20ii w/ Power Braid

    PMs answered. Thanks guys, still looking
  252. L

    BNIB Talica 20ii w/ Power Braid

    Also looking for a solid rail rod .... LMK. Please only send new or barely used equip offers, not interested in USED unless its REALLY LIGHTLY used
  253. L

    BNIB Talica 20ii w/ Power Braid

    I've got BNIB w clamps, box, tools and all. Comes w/ ~450 yards of Power Pro Maxcuatro 100 lb braid (white). Everything is new, never used. Decided it was redundant as I have a 30 VISX so looking to trade. Looking for 12ii, fathom 25, torque 25, or ...? Itd have to be reel + cash on your end...
  254. L

    Talica 12ii lightly used $370 **SOLD**

    Dont forget .... his/her 1st post on BD 🤫
  255. L

    Talica 12ii lightly used $370 **SOLD**

    I feel like this is a scam ....? Same exact item listed on eBay currently running as an auction. EBay item #: 202957605215 Yes, looking for a 12ii locally if anyone has one.
  256. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Sign me up!!!!!!
  257. L

    Shimano Tranx 400HG - Orange County

    Looking for NIB, mint condition, or similar ... LMK. Cash Buyer here, nothing to trade. Sorry.
  258. L

    New Shimano Terez Rod TZC-70M-SR

    Bumping a 7 year old ad ... sure I guess so.
  259. L

    Offshore BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    What was the bait situation, do you know? How many did he get?
  260. L

    Offshore Desperate

    You sure you have the right bait??
  261. L

    3/31/20 SBI rockfish catch report

    Not sure about 6-7lb but definitely good sized 👍
  262. L

    Dana Point: Nest webcam link?

    Thanks but 1) looking for a more user friendly link, not 1 where I have only 2 options to view: magnifying glass or microscope and 2) enough on social distancing, enough on that topic everywhere else already.
  263. L

    Dana Point: Nest webcam link?

    Anyone have the link? Saw it on a precuous thread .... now cant find it anymore.
  264. L

    Custom Fabricated Aluminum Radar Mount

    I'd love to know where you sell scrap aluminum for $10/lb.
  265. L

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    If it were truly 'airborne' we'd all be dead. Social distancing will nothing if a virus is truly 'airborne'
  266. L

    C-Map 4D Chart NA-D024: West Coast & Hawaii

    Looking for the card if anyone has it.
  267. L

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Dam this was worth every second of the 3 mins it took to read the whole thread!!!!
  268. L

    Diesel Prices

    I use the terms #1 and red dye interchangeably in this context.
  269. L

    Diesel Prices

    Just to be clear, this is red-eye (aka #1) diesel right outside the sunset harbor launch ramp?
  270. L

    Custom 4” swimbaits

    List of available colors?
  271. L

    Large screen B&G LCD Chartplotter

    It's only been 9 yrs .... may still be available.
  272. L

    Offshore BFT Inside the 302 No Biters

    Where'd you launch from and what was the bait situation?
  273. L

    Offshore Long Beach Bait - selling bait?

    Nope, he would end up yelling at me and killing my bait before it gets to my baitwell.
  274. L

    Offshore Long Beach Bait - selling bait?

    Saw the EB post and got me thinking ... is Nacho selling bait still?
  275. L

    Offshore Fishing is now cancelled

    That's the problem w/ all laws, interpretation and subsequent enforcement.
  276. L

    Offshore Fishing is now cancelled

    I interpret the governor's I'm still going to launch my boat unless someone tells me otherwise 😁😁
  277. L

    Offshore Fishing is now cancelled

    I wonder if they will open up in Apr.? Schools in OC have an initial tentative return date (my kid's school at least) of Apr 6th but now I'm hearing they wont go back this school year at all ...
  278. L

    GOT Lead , New in - line , and 2 L B .Cannon Ball Sinker's in the OC, (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY)

    Picked up some sinkers from Gerry today. A+ across the board: quality, communication, on-time, ease of transaction .. all A+s!!! Thanks Gerrry!!
  279. L

    50G fiberglass bait tank

    Lots of interest but no takers yet. TTT
  280. L

    Furuno FCV-585 Replacement

    That's what I ordered. 1971 paired w the radar.
  281. L

    New V-Berth cushions

    Is that made from scratch or more of a refit of the old cushions?
  282. L

    Boats out of the water, need to pick a transducer

    I'd think about the display you have/plan. That may significantly narrow down the ducer you get. IE: what's the point of a B275lhw if you get a GO9 .... it wouldn't even work 😬🤫
  283. L

    50G fiberglass bait tank

    Inlet:: 3/4" Outlet: 1" Capacity: 50G Location: Orange, CA Price: $450 Only hardware that comes w/ the tank are the pictured mounts. *** NO HOSES, PUMPS CLAMPS etc *** Dimensions: 40" (wide) x 30" (tall) x 20" (deep). Upgraded to bigger tank so dont have a need for this anymore.
  284. L

    No longer for sale, please delete

    You've got so many of these for sale, I've gotta ask, where do your units come from?
  285. L

    Rockfish candy ..News

    Guys, Jan is a stand up Guy! Purchased from him & item came quicker than expected. Had a misunderstanding on pmt vs what I bought but he definitely took care of me. Highly recommended!
  286. L

    Bait: live squid availability??

    Anyone know if any of the barges or CAT boats have squid available???
  287. L

    Fiberglass bait tsnks

    Your pricing is in line w/ West Coast and Blue Water for NEW tanks.
  288. L

    Fishing boat upgrade

    It depends on who you ask but I would argue comparable, yes.
  289. L

    Fishing boat upgrade

    The old saying: you get what you pay for is 100% true. Quality costs $. Just ask any Farallon, Davis or Radon owner 😎
  290. L

    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

    So ... did anyone venture out??
  291. L

    Fishing boat upgrade

    Suffice to day, can't go wrong w a Radon 😎
  292. L

    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    Either those or Rule Tournament 1600 w bronze base is what I'm hearing
  293. L

    Fishing boat upgrade

    I have both a Farallon (27 whaleback) and Radon (27 LRB). Both ride VERY well and are stable platforms. The pilothouse, IMO, is a must!
  294. L

    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    All great info. here guys. Thanks for chiming in. I think 12V is the way ill go then ... what I'd like to do is get an oversized pump to ensure flow requirements and restrict flow (assuming pump is OK doing so) to control flow rate is what I want it to be. Too little turnover, bait dies. Too...
  295. L

    Fishing boat upgrade

    Wider and bigger boat? Story of my life ...
  296. L

    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    I havent plumbed it yet but that was my concern ... trying to think ahead is all.
  297. L

    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    What size is your tank and pump if you dont mind me asking?
  298. L

    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    Forgot to mention .... reliability of reef pumps, in my experience, are FAR better.
  299. L

    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    A concern for me is the loss of pressure/flow b/c I've got a long line to travel from pickup to baitwell (15' +). I've found 120V pumps have higher flow AND minimal flow rate drop.
  300. L

    Baitwell Pumps: 120V vs 12V

    Getting sick of these 'cheap' 12V bait pumps failing. Contemplating running a saltwater 120V pump instead - I have experience w/ reef tanks so familiar w/ these pumps. Will be running off my inverter 2500W continuous & 4600W peak (I only have a microwave connected to this inverter). Also...
  301. L

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    @bman440440 - very nice! Boat size??
  302. L

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    Is that a single or split tank?
  303. L

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    I'm curious what ppl have on their boats is all ... but yes very valid point. Looking for more of those offshore boats.
  304. L

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    Is that what you have or want? Boat size you have it on if you do have it??
  305. L

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    *baitwell - sorry.
  306. L

    Boat and baitwell sizes??

    I'm curious what everyone is rocking out there! Pics would be much appreciated!!
  307. L

    Move Gas tank or Battery forward to redistribute weight?

    I believe you are supposed to put the variable weight (in this case, fuel tank) towards the bow while leaving the constant weight (batteries in this case) towards the stern. Logically, if fuel was near bow and is emptied out, then youd be nose-diving bc the batteries would weigh down the bow.
  308. L

    Volvo mechanic - Dana Point Referral??

    I've had a good experience w/ Ray @ Outdrive Exchange. He knows his Volvos.
  309. L

    Purchasing a Boat in the PNW 24’+

    Radon or Farallon gets my vote hands down. In the PNW .... the pilothouse is a must have.
  310. L

    Trailer Brake Question

    Yup! I do all mine at the local Pep Boys ... $10/rotor (assuming they have tolerance) and good as new.
  311. L

    Volvo penta digital trim gauge

    Those things are crazy expensive. Have 2 on my boat and contemplated replacing/upgrading until I saw what they wanted. Good luck w the search
  312. L


    If only they werent the starting ones ....
  313. L

    Dash ideas?

    Holy shit I'm crying reading this post
  314. L

    Battery set-up

    That is the wire gauge chart from Blue Seas .... used it when i did mine, great chart and easy to understand.
  315. L

    FloScan - no longer in business???

    I run twin diesels and dont have the NMEA 2K option at this point so looking for something that offers an independent output display.
  316. L

    FloScan - no longer in business???

    What fuel monitoring system are you guys looking into for engines that dont provide fuel burn data??? I believe FloScan shut their doors ... no longer in business.
  317. L

    Offshore Fall Topwater Yellowfin From San Pedro

    Dave showed those pics!!! :D:D Excelelnt work J!!!
  318. L

    Volvo Penta AD41P-A 200 HP 6 Cylinder Diesel 0 Hours

    Looks like it's part of the external engine mount/stand, not.a part of the engine?
  319. L

    Acceleration Issue

    Not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but i believe it depends on how 'spun' your prop is. Maybe it's slightly 'spun' and works properly sometimes (you can get to 35) whereas other times it fails and you cant get to plane? If you know it's definitively spun, regardless of degree, I'd...
  320. L

    NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    Just as a point of clarification, I believe the Volvo 41s WOT @ 3500 RPM. Also, if the engine needs to have it 'gone through' you're probably looking at $10K-$25K, obviously depending on what needs to be done, who does it, and what parts they use: ie injectors, coppers, turbo, all exchangers...
  321. L

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    You gotta cut it down the middle, LENGTHWISE .... then itd be fair to both parties.
  322. L

    Simrad NSS9 EVO3 Fishfinder Chartplotter - New

    Is this the same one you were selling a couple of weeks back for $2K obo or is this a different one but identical unit? How many of these do you have? I might be in the market for a pair of 9"s .. or maybe 12s? Not sure yet.
  323. L

    Rebuilt 280 drive

    Too bad it wasnt a DP ...
  324. L

    26' Radon project

    Funny how ppl see a $11K price and think it's "a steal" when in reality, once you out pen to paper, its cost more to restore vs buying a new one. Coming from someone w/ 1st hand experience in Radon restorations (thanks sbsurfer) ... PASS on this "deal" is a no brainer for me LOL
  325. L

    Fuel tank cleaning

    Not to hi-Jack but what type of filters do you diesel guys run???? 10 micron? 30 micron (I understand this is preferred for diesels)?? Pics of setups would be greatly appreciated.
  326. L

    Private boat sale, large cash transactions? Alternatives?

    The stupid thing about all this ... you may be 100% correct but if you're challenged, you'll need to defend the lawsuit and pay legal fees again DESPITE being 100% in the right.
  327. L

    Private boat sale, large cash transactions? Alternatives?

    The 1st sentence doesnt clearly designate currency (ie: USD) and contains the word "or" 2Xs. The second sentence references "gear" ... I'm just going off of what I read and again, IMHO, these are vague and leaves room for differing interpretations. Not necessarily a good thing in contractual...
  328. L

    Private boat sale, large cash transactions? Alternatives?

    That's a good start to contractual verbiage that should be included. For me, a little vague but a good start nonetheless.
  329. L

    Found trailer bunk at SI ramp.

    Looks to be in excellent shape! Youd think if you're missing a bunk, youd know before driving off o_O
  330. L

    Thursday washing machine

    That's what will get a Ho invited back on my boat. It's called FISHING ... not catching :D
  331. L

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    I need to drop by and talk to him some time. I may be needing a tank but it's not for a Skippy so I highly doubt he'll have a template ready to go. Thanks.
  332. L

    ‘81 skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank replacement

    Do you have to give Barry exact dimensions or do you bring your boat by so he can take dimensions or how does it work exactly?
  333. L

    Best CA trailer builder?

    I personally support the bolted set-up but seems some believe the welded is the way to go. I am no expert in metallurgy but looking for clarification here ... which is better: weld vs bolt??
  334. L

    Friendly Reminder

    I hate sporties. They cry like little B&#$&×@ if another rolls up on them but for some odd reason, they can do it to others and its OK??? Just be courteous ... EVERYONE. is that so hard to do? Do we really even need to state min. Distances etc.?? Heres a rgood rule for everyone: DON'T BE A D!&%.
  335. L

    West coast bait tanks

    I actually ran into him a week ago, I live 5 mins from his shop. Seems like a nice guy (havent had any work sone through him) but goes MIA quite often ... that's what I've experienced.
  336. L

    SOLD Delete Please AKC Labrador Retriever Puppies

    If your dad has the parents, why are you bottle feeding them???
  337. L

    Redoing electrical hit a wall

    Thanks for the info.! Greatly appreciated!!!
  338. L

    Redoing electrical hit a wall

    Did you purchase that panel, have it custom made, or ....?
  339. L

    28' ugly duckling

    LOL .... pretty large, yeah.
  340. L

    28' ugly duckling

    Twin Volvo TAMD 41Bs.
  341. L

    28' ugly duckling

    Gotta love the Radons!!!!
  342. L

    28' ugly duckling

    SUBSCRIBED!!! I love Cats!! Esp the 3208s ... the only problem I've had w Cats, limited parts availability. But otherwise MEAN engines!!!! Love 'em!!!
  343. L

    radon/radoncraft 16

    This bad boy was made by Ron Jr. for his brother .... it's a 27 but let me tell you, Radons are badass boats!!
  344. L

    BEP Marine 901V 8 circuit 12 volt contour switch panel

    Bought new but ended up going a different direction. Comes w negative bus bar. Everything new in retail packaging. $140 cash - I can ship (free expedited FedEx) for BD members.
  345. L

    Radar dome repair??

    So who does this kind of work LOCALLY??? :D
  346. L

    Slightly used Naval boat

    I was just about to make a low ball offer ... :mad:
  347. L

    2352 Trophy

    If you're referring to the LRB, it's no longer for sale.
  348. L

    Radar dome repair??

    Both >:(:mad:
  349. L

    Radar dome repair??

    Was thinking that 1 too but need to confirm it's the same dome size. Prefer a repair but if not, I might just replace the whole set-up. Fishbones: Thanks for the suggestions :food-smiley-014:
  350. L

    Radar dome repair??

    I tried there 1st ... nada
  351. L

    Radar dome repair??

    Cracked my dome. I believe it's made of plastic ... anyone have a place to repair it? Koden radar dome. Maybe they're standard and I can buy a replacement from Simrad, Raytheon, etc.? Older model so dont think they're still being made.
  352. L

    Aluminum Trailer EOH Brakes

    Yeah.... those axles look like they're 20 yrs old w all that rust.
  353. L

    50 qt Pelican coolers @ Home Depot

    It was the 1 day Home Depot sales .... so it ended yesterday
  354. L

    50 qt Pelican coolers @ Home Depot

    Just passing along the info .... I believe it's a 1 day sale only ... online.
  355. L

    Volvo DP 290 Transom Shield Assembly P/N 867949

    Lots of calls, but no takers. TTT, make me an offer.
  356. L

    Volvo DP 290 Transom Shield Assembly P/N 867949

    Extra shield I had and dont need. Comes EXACTLY as pictured - nothing else is included ONLY WHATS PICTURED. $275 OBO Live in Orange Work in Ontario Either city or location in between there works for me.
  357. L

    Adding a bait tank Questions

    Bigger is better ...can never be too big.
  358. L

    Battery set-up

    The 'all combined' scenario you reference is the switch being in 'emergency' mode wherein ALL poles/circuits are connected correct?
  359. L

    Battery set-up

    Is the 2nd switch correct? 2 circuits, 4 poles, but only 3 poles are utilized?
  360. L

    Battery set-up

    This one is cleaner (less switches). I think this is what I'll go w/.
  361. L

    Battery set-up

    Wow that's great! Should've looked there 1st :D
  362. L

    Battery set-up

    For those w/ twin engines and dedicated batteries for EACH engine PLUS a house battery (in other words 3 battery banks in all) what's your setup? How do you charge the house w/o having to manually switch over? I'm thinking about the Blue Seas "Add a Battery" setup which auto detects voltage and...
  363. L

    Furuno Complete Retrofit - Video Documentary

    Talk about a waste of 8 mins of my life! Total click bait! Video just shows 2 guys TALKING about theoretically what should happen. I can talk through how to build a rocket pretty damn well but to actually do it ... well, no comments.
  364. L

    Ancor Marine Wire - where to buy?

    I'm finding pricing ~$95/spool of 100'. Wondering if anyone has seen better? eBay & WM were comparable from what I could see.
  365. L

    Ancor Marine Wire - where to buy?

    Looking for 100' spool? Anyone have a good source/price for this stuff? 12 gauge - 3 wire: round or flat, no preference either way?
  366. L

    Simrad 9” complete

    Which model? Pics?
  367. L

    Skipjack 25' Diesel

    I thought the same. I got 2 VP 41Bs in my Radon and was under the impression max HP on them are 200.
  368. L

    Coronado Islands “Video”

    Did you JUST buy her?? Moving up already??? LOL
  369. L

    2016 29 CUSTOM RADON

    Looks like they're asking $279K on yachteorld :D
  370. L

    16” Galvanized Trailer Rims/Tires 6 on 5.5”

    Willing to separate tires vs rims OR pkg deal only?
  371. L

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    I found a 5,000 mile downhill stretch to drive my F250 down.
  372. L

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    It sounds like Orange County is 'reasonable' vs other counties ... $193 for my Farallon .... I'm not complaining.
  373. L

    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    Just got mine from Orange County - Farallon. $193.
  374. L

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    Orange, CA to Santa Barbra to pick up from Radon ... empty truck. 24 MPG. TOWING the Radon home .... Santa Barbra to Orange, CA ~10 MPG.
  375. L

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    I run a 2017 F250 6.7 and I get ~19.5 MPG combo city/hwy :cheers::rockin:
  376. L

    Boat Trailer Axles

    Description says "disc brake drums" - a little confusing. Pics look like drum brakes.
  377. L

    Is a new Radon signature 22 $40k better...

    This is an old thread but my 2 boats are SO ON POINT!!! :D:D
  378. L

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    This is the ONLY issue you need to worry about. :-)
  379. L

    looking for 29-35' sportfishing

    BTW, he was asking $75K for the whole setup.
  380. L

    looking for 29-35' sportfishing

    2003 28 Henriques w/ trailer ~1,700 hrs WAS for sale ... never sold. Glenn is his name, I personally considered buying it but eventually passed. He still has the boat, never sold. No affiliation, just passing info. along...
  381. L

    Sulastic spring experience??

    Anyone have experience w/ these on their pickups? Pictured are the ones for F250s ... They claim to SIGNIFICANTLY improve ride quality w/o compromising payload or towing.
  382. L

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    A good detailed read:
  383. L

    Which tow rig for 11,000lbs, up to $25,000

    I'm still trying to figure out what 'bullet proofing" means ....
  384. L

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    I thought about converting my truck to ride on air bags only (Kelderman comversion) but alas, the bill would have been pretty hefty. o_O
  385. L

    Bait pump froze-Jabsco Cyclone

    Sounds like these Jabscos are successful if kept dry ...
  386. L

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    That's why I went w/ a F250 ... the ride on the newer 3/4 tons are VASTLY improved vs the older models.
  387. L

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    Dont be shy Dave ... let's see the rig!! :D
  388. L

    F150 3.5 v6 Ecoboost e/ 13,500 towing - realistic capacity?

    11K lbs is a lot to tow. My biggest concern is flat vs uphill/downhill. On paper, everything works. In the real world ... not so much. Granted my rig weighs more than your 11K .... but I would NOT tow it w/ a gasser, a 1/2 ton? That's even more dangerous IMHO.
  389. L

    Offshore Wednesday 10th

    Shit happened but you came back safe. Cliche as it may sound, thats all that matters....theres always tomorrow!!
  390. L

    Bait pump froze-Jabsco Cyclone

    I was looking into those Rule Torunaments w the bronze base. Cheaper than the Jabsco but much more than the Rules. Thoughts???
  391. L

    26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    No one is knocking the boat, it's the price that keeps it FS.
  392. L

    Keel rash

    Not to mention the additional drag thus reduced fuel efficiency
  393. L

    Bait pumps ...

    That's how you know its NEW, never used :D
  394. L

    Bait pumps ...

    I think PLUMBING in the 2nd one is the route I'm going w/. Seems like Rule, Atwood, etc. all have the same perception from users.
  395. L

    Bait pumps ...

    The amp draw is an issue w/ Jabscos, I agree. 9 amps I believe ... quite hefty. The Rules were what I historically used but to MyNomad's point, a redundancy would work here too since they're fairly 'cheap'. Maybe I'll go w/ that setup OR maybe even a mix of all ideas, redundancy w Jabsco as...
  396. L

    Bait pumps ...

    Jabsco Cyclone .... I'm hearing a lot of noise about them. I've co templates going that way ...
  397. L

    Bait pumps ...

    What brand of bait pumps do you guys run?? Fairly short head length so not too concerned about GPH drop b/c of head length. More concerned about reliability and longevity ...
  398. L

    West Coast Bait Tanks GC

    Does this thing 'expire'? Do you need to 'register' the voucher? What limitations are there on it, if any?
  399. L

    Volvo AD41A - $6000.00 OBO

    "The top speed with my 260 is 31 [email protected] 3550 RPM full fuel & Bait tank; but every 26 Blackman gets a little scary @ or above 22 knots it will tend to lean on one side or the other. " I've heard that quite often about Blackman's ability to handle higher speeds ....
  400. L

    Bait Tank Install & Hatch

    The only concern I'd have, and havent seen addressed here, weight of the baitwell vs the deck. Is it properly supported or is the hatch/location, just deck w/o proper bracing underneath?
  401. L

    Ok it ended here

    Sylvester??? Who is he and what's his contact info?
  402. L

    Ok it ended here

    That is EXACTLY what I want to do to my Radon!!!! Drop the rear hatch/deck so it's as low as possible vs the boats main deck!! Nice!!! :appl:
  403. L

    Ok it ended here

    Do you have final pics of the rear hatch setup?? Would love to see ...
  404. L


    What are we talking about here .... tofu?
  405. L

    Ok it ended here

    Are you referring to the engine box hat h in the very back?? That's a very similar setup to my Radon LRB.
  406. L

    Radon Rebuild Questions

    Not sure it's relevant but mine is 2.5" super marine plywood glassed in - straight shaft (gas) converted to I/O diesel
  407. L

    Farallon boats deadrise

    We BOTH know that can never be the case!!
  408. L

    Awd vs 4x4 vs rwd..

    I've got a '17 F250 w the 6.7L (diesel) .... I've never had a single slip of the tires pulling EITHER of my boats (27 Farallon or 27 Radon) .... BTW, I've never had to put it in EITHER of the 4WD functions. I guess I'm just lucky w tides ...
  409. L

    Farallon boats deadrise

    Love both mine .... both handle well in whatever is thrown at them.
  410. L

    Conch 27 Repower Progress

    Yop, I know the feeling. I want him to do some work on mine roo but alas .... the backlog.
  411. L

    Conch 27 Repower Progress

    Subscribed!! Jeff is probably 1 of the last good boat guys out there!! Love his work AND he's HONEST!!! Imagine honest boat guy!!
  412. L

    2016 Custom MYCO Trailer for Albemarle 27/28/280 29ft Boats

    Hate to say ... but a 2019 (brand new aluminum custom built) can be had for $9K-$10K, pick your vendor: ABT, Pacific, WCT, etc. Interested in a triple axle, but at that price, pass.
  413. L

    Offshore Chief 4/29

    So you still have a fever???
  414. L

    Looking for Custom Fuel Tank builder

    Sounds like IMCO or Barry for me .... Thank you gentlemen for chiming in.
  415. L

    Looking for Custom Fuel Tank builder

    Any insight into your project you can offer? Tank size, cost, timing etc? Ill be giving them a call shortly ... Thanks!
  416. L

    Looking for Custom Fuel Tank builder

    Anyone have "a guy" either in Orange County or a neighboring county they can reccomend? Boat is on a trailer and can be trailered to vendor's shop. Thanks.
  417. L

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    Series wiring a pair of 6V batteries to use as house power seems to be pretty standard per Unforgiven1's suggestion.
  418. L

    Best group 31 deep cycle battery?

    I have been meaning to pick up some interstates from Costco ... knowing they run a free rental service, I'm all in!
  419. L

    Boat Buying Scam

    I'll have my friend who happens to be the Prince of an African country contact you for pmt. When can I pick up the keys??
  420. L

    Custom bait tank

    What exactly makes this one better than the 'toilets on the market' I missing something here? It looks like any other bait tank. I may be in the market for a tank soon so I ask in all sincerity... what's the difference???
  421. L

    Parker 2820

    As odd as it sounds, I dont have a FB account and seemingly the link isnt publically viewable?
  422. L

    Boat Buying Scam

    Wait so are you guys telling me that the Prince of Nigeria really did NOT just email me?!?!?!?
  423. L

    PDF type IV throwable

    How about selling the blackman outerbanks?? :-):D
  424. L


    If I got a skippy pilothouse, I'd go w the newer one (262 hull) like the one Glenn has been selling. The older 25 Fisherman have a narrow beam, rougher ride.
  425. L

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    I/Os need to improve its reliability .... this is ridiculous ...
  426. L

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    Contact info for Harold Davis?
  427. L

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    I will NEVER go outboards on the Farallon :eyepoppin
  428. L

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    I hear a lot about those konrads ... what about those ZT 370s that yanmar came out w/ ...? Anyone w experience there?
  429. L

    35.7 Homeguard

    I need me a freight train!!
  430. L

    Offshore Channel Island cod

  431. L

    27' Farallon re-power: D6 vs Yanmar?

    Was always thinking D6-370 but a bug has been planted ... why not look at Yanmar???? No a QSB is NOT an option... I HATE engine boxes and will 'sacrifice' for a flush deck. Anyone have experience w Yanmar repower? Who'd you do it w/? What's a 'comparable' Yanmar engine to the D6-370?? I am...
  432. L

    Parker 2820

    That's exactly what I'm seeing. Overall the West Coast market adds a premium to the sale of boats w/ the premium jumping significantly as the price of the boat increases ...
  433. L

    Truck/Boat purchase.

    '17 F250 Platinum hauling my 27' Farallon .... I dont even know the Farallon is back there. San Diego to OC fairly regularly. And oh BTW, the truck is my daily commuter b/c I just love trucks :D:cheers:
  434. L


    Coosa is over-rated. Glassed marine plywood - proven, reliable, done.
  435. L

    PB big butt

  436. L

    Lj 3/18

    Better than us chumps who got stuck in the office LOL
  437. L

    3-18-2019 pursuit report

    Those are big-ass yellows!!!
  438. L

    2006 Parker 2320 with 2014 yamaha 250hp

    It's called a FREE MARKET people .... Dont like it? :nopity::nopity:
  439. L

    2006 Farallon Walkaround

    At this ask price ... it should be. o_O
  440. L

    Box Canyon - 3.16 - Mini Rockfish

    I was wondering why they were all headless LOL
  441. L

    Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    I went to SC!!! Do I get a SC deal?!?!? :):D
  442. L

    Shimano Talica 25 ii (Orange, CA) or (Ontario, CA)

    SOLD! Thanks Luis. No thanks to all you flakes out there.
  443. L

    2006 Farallon Walkaround

    Heres what I see at the top od the listing ... 2006 2600 Farallon Walkaround Garmin electronics Autopilot Seacore motor and outdrive 400+/- hours boat still in use. Bait tank Crows nest Down rigger pads and wiring $72000 obo
  444. L

    Show me your blackman boat

    I know it's an older thread but I WANT ONE!!! Blackman Outer Bank!!!!
  445. L

    Shimano Talica 25 ii (Orange, CA) or (Ontario, CA)

    BUMP. Yet another FLAKER. Pls dont waste my time, if you're interested, contact me. If not, don't. It's really quite a simple concept.
  446. L

    Deck boots?

    Wow ..... thanks for sharing. I'm looking up boots now too bc of this post!!
  447. L

    Blackman Fishing Boat

    2 things: 1) Kusler down in SD has what they claim to be the last Blackman ever built w the newer D4 (430 hrs) asking $99K - 2009 hull 2) I thought I saw this exact boat for sale for more; however, it was a broker listing it? Owner sell il ng direct now?
  448. L

    What's a 'rail rod'

    Pictures really help me better understand This was perfect. Thanks!!
  449. L

    What's a 'rail rod'

    Is there a logical reason in the numbering? 1x3 vs 2x4? What exactly do they mean?
  450. L

    What's a 'rail rod'

    Everything AND some .... yup.
  451. L

    What's a 'rail rod'

    The Farallon is outta commission for awhile ....
  452. L

    What's a 'rail rod'

    That was going to be my next question!!! LOL!!
  453. L

    Deck boots?

    I even go barefoot LOL
  454. L

    What's a 'rail rod'

  455. L

    What's a 'rail rod'

    Thank you for that!! Thanks for the explanation. X2 for the suggestion!!! :)
  456. L

    What's a 'rail rod'

    Sorry for the newbie question ... can someone please educate me?
  457. L

    Parker 2820

    Still looking .... 28+ ft Parker w/ twin outboards. . .
  458. L

    Shimano Talica 25 ii (Orange, CA) or (Ontario, CA)

    Had a couple Buyers flake in me .... my new rule, not sold until I have cash in hand.
  459. L

    Shimano Talica 25 ii (Orange, CA) or (Ontario, CA)

    Sat bump. Previous "Buyer" need not contact me - I refuse to deal w Flakes.
  460. L

    Question for those of you who bought a boat on the East Coast and shipped it to California.

    I'm curious about title on the boat ... how does that work? Is it similar to CA where theres a "pink slip" or do they run w Bill of Sale or ...??
  461. L

    New T-Top

    Love the black finish!!!
  462. L

    The Much Awaited Radon 20 Outboard

    $100K for a 20 ft boat??? o_Oo_O
  463. L

    Shimano Talica 25 ii (Orange, CA) or (Ontario, CA)

    Will be at Fred Hall tomorrow, I hope to at least. $475 cash. LMK.
  464. L

    The Much Awaited Radon 20 Outboard

    I love the Radons but is it just me or is that boat a little weird looking???
  465. L

    38lb Halibut Newport Kayak

    What a pig!! nice!!!
  466. L

    Project boat - 2 brand new Volvo D4s - Not mine $65K

    Guy on the ad doesnt know a thing about the boat. He doesnt even know what yr the hull is o_Oo_Oo_O
  467. L

    2007 blackman outerbanks

    If urs is a 2007 model .... that's fairly new compared to what usually comes on the market: ~1999 models ~$70K.
  468. L

    Shimano Talica 25 ii (Orange, CA) or (Ontario, CA)

    Brand new, never spooled. $500. I only have the reel. NO accessories. NO clamp. NO box. I PREFER in person cash but MAY consider shipping. IF I ship, itll be FREE using FedEx Standard Overnight. For sale LOCALLY for now .... purchased from a fellow BD-er but won't be fishing for a while so...
  469. L

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    I am SSOOO confused after reading this thread 5X!!! Dammit can I fish the spot or not!?!?!?? o_Oo_Oo_O Answering yes/no then following up w/ 20 qualifying statements don't help the situation any. I guess I'm just an IGNANT fisherman :Beat_Them
  470. L

    Rockfish Opener at the Dirt Clod - 3/1/19 Report

    Great report, enjoyable read but it still baffles me .... that's A LOT of fuel burn for some bottom fishing :eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin
  471. L

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    Tanner just for whitefish .... I'm going to pass on that. 10 lbs or not LOL
  472. L

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    I've considered buying from FL to bring back to CA but never pulled the trigger. How was the registration process etc for you??? Love the twin 150s on the thing :rockin:
  473. L

    Inverter question.

    Remember, peak load vs running load requirements differ .....
  474. L

    2003 Aquasport 275 Explorer - Sold

    "Weighs about 7225lbs" I'm pretty sure that's at the UPPER end of any 1,500 gasser BUT I believe if you have the 1500 Ram EcoDiesel, it should be w/in "rated" limit?? Either way, id say at least a 3/4 diesel to be safe depending in how far you're towing (20 ft to launch only, etc.? ) and where...
  475. L


    Steve, is this one similar to the other 2 you recently sold? How many of these do you have?
  476. L


    I know the feeling. Got a 4 yr old and 7 yr old. They're finally old enough ... Hence the Farallon :D
  477. L

    SOLDPenn Torque 25nld/2

    Can u post pics or text them to me? PM sent w #
  478. L


    Bump for a Seller who actually did a REALLY good job posting a FS listing!!!! Great job on abundant # of pics!!!!
  479. L

    Retirement move to socal

    :p:p my bad!! I retract statement :o:D
  480. L

    Retirement move to socal

    That's double the range he initially quoted o_O
  481. L

    Parker 2820

    Got a buddy who's looking pretty seriously for one. LMK if you've got one, know someone etc.
  482. L

    Catalina Report: 2/27/19

    Excellent report!!! Hey, at least u got the bugs :-)
  483. L

    Wet my stick - DP 02.23.19

    "Gentlemens Start ...." gotta love it!!
  484. L

    LB Breakwall calico, sand bass, and halibut 2/24

    Back by 10:30 ... what's not to love about that???
  485. L

    No SoCal love for aluminum PH's?

    I've wondered about this topic too!! But point well made, ive come to a similar conclusion.
  486. L

    1977 28' Ricky Scarborough

    Old is better!! New boats now-a-days just arent built that well!!
  487. L

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Dddaaammmm Matt!!! Looking REAL NICE!!!!!
  488. L

    Registering a Trailer from out of State with no Title...?

    This is a GREAT summary post!!! Sticky???
  489. L

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    Good choice! You treat the diesel right, itll treat you right. Simple as that.
  490. L

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Can you talk us through what you said around the back?? Is that a swim platform behind the baitwell or ..?
  491. L

    My wife would say no but Radon Project anyone?

    If it WAS a Radon, itd be in my driveway already. :-)
  492. L

    Boat Insurance- Under 30'

    I'm going to be needing this info soon. Subscribed!!
  493. L

    Retirement move to socal

    Exactly my point .... enjoy the SoCal weather but just know you gotta deal w the traffic etc.
  494. L

    Retirement move to socal

    Once a SoCal, always a SoCal. I've lived here all my life, the traffic doesnt bother me - just plan ahead and you'll be fine. The problem arises when non-native SoCal ppl move into SoCal and expect the same conditions/roadways as where they originally came from but the only difference being...
  495. L

    Retirement move to socal

    I like what I'm hearing!! I should move down to SD!!!
  496. L

    Volvo Penta KAD43P-A nut & bolt rebuilt engine.

    I dont know the obsession w/ outboards now-a-days. In my book, nothing beats a solid diesel.
  497. L

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    BTW, yeah chipped my 2017 too. PPEI tuned!!
  498. L

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    2017 F250 Platinum hauling my 27' Farallon. Yup, shes my daily driver too, 75 miles/day round trip .... MUCH better then the 7.3s (yup I had a '91 F250 w 7.3 before this bad boy) ...
  499. L

    My new to me blackman 26

    Love the 26 Blackmans!!!
  500. L

    Six pack

    Nice job!!!!
  501. L

    DIY hardtop build

    I have so much respect for you for taking on this type of project, I could never. SUBSCRIBED!!
  502. L

    Shelter Island Launch Ramp-Public Service Announcement-Sat Feb 2

    The new ramp is as expected ... many love it, some hate it. That's life.
  503. L

    Shelter Island Launch Ramp-Public Service Announcement-Sat Feb 2

    I've got fond memories of Shelter Launch Ramp .... from the under-sized tow vehicles to the cluster-f*$% of too many boats, too little dock space ...
  504. L

    Catalina Report 01/23 to 01/25

    I've never seen a Buffalo on the beach, let alone take of pic of one. Nice!!!
  505. L

    Offshore Late report Tuesday 1/29 182-181

    Sweet and the the point! Thanks for the report! :-)
  506. L

    Shimano Talica's

    Interested in 25. More detailed pics pls?
  507. L

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Is that pricing for all 5 windows???
  508. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Neil c - is that your current boat?
  509. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I know the feeling. Looked for a 32 for the longest time, couldnt find used and wasnt going to go new so settled in a 28s well :-)
  510. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Dave, you still have the 32???? Or is that a former boat??
  511. L

    NIB Penn International 12 visx

    Not sure who the comment was aimed towards but I PM-ed Seller a few days ago but still havent heard back o_O
  512. L

    NIB Simrad NSS EVO3 12" with Platinum Navionics Card

    I'm interested in the unit itself, no transducer or card. PM-ed Seller, no response yet.
  513. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    If I went 32, itd have to be a straight inboard. Correct, the 32 is the only Farallon model that offers a walk in head.
  514. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I tried for the 32 before settling in my 27 .... they just arent around unless you want to go new.
  515. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Would LOVE to see more pics if you have any to share!!
  516. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    VERY NICE!!! Boat specs.!?!?!? Also, is this the 'new' volvo DPH?? 2K hours?
  517. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Spoke to Kozwel yesterday .... the new ones are supposed to be better.
  518. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    The new Volvo outdrives are expected to last ~1,500 hrs vs prior older versions.
  519. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I'll remember that when I'm NOT doing a face plant onto the deck bc I tripped over the engine box LOL
  520. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    IMHO ... better than an engine box
  521. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I am doing the EXACT same to mine!! Please share pics, experience, etc.!!! :appl::appl:
  522. L

    12-29-18 Cat west end

    Hes ALWAU6S grumpy!! LOL!!!
  523. L

    1987 Cabo 216 w/ 2017 Yamaha F150

    You went ALL THE WAY TO TANNER in a 22'!?!?!?!? :worship:
  524. L

    Penn TRQ25N (single speed) & Talica 25 II (2 speed)

    Looking for NEW. LMK whatcha got, I have cash, nothing to trade. Thanks.
  525. L

    WTB - Farallon 26-28' Walkaround or whaleback

    I've seen that once for a while now ....
  526. L

    2003 Henriques 28 twin 200hp yanmar diesels

    Can you post most recent pics of boat (on trailer w/ tower etc)? Interested. Thanks.
  527. L

    Marlin club rockfish tournament 12/8/18

    9 mile bank!! That's a nice and easy ride :rockin:
  528. L

    Defiance Admiral 220 EX for sale

    Im really curious to know experiences owners have had w/ these boats: Definace Admiral, specifically. At one point, maybe still am, I considered the 27 model ....
  529. L

    23' Amato panga

    I LOVE rebuilds!! SUBSCRIBED!!
  530. L

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Yup, I had my glass-guys drill holes every 2 ft to determine viability of the stringers. Ensure the foundation is good before you move fwd.
  531. L

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Did you upgrade the brakes too?
  532. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    A Cummins in a Farallon = large engine box. A FLUSH deck is more important to some, myself included.
  533. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Was the 310 Factory spec or a re power you did after the fact?? Sorry for all the queations..VERY intrigued your setup!!:-)
  534. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    380? What type of performance number do you get on that thing???
  535. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    28 W/A??? Engine?? More pics!!! More!!
  536. L

    Boat Windows/Mark Plastics

    What were the costs and lead times you experienced??
  537. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Very nice!! 2600 W/A??
  538. L

    Offshore YFT Thanksgiving

    100 miles in 3 hrs ... wow you guys were MOVING!!! :_shopping:_shopping:_shopping:_shopping
  539. L

    Offshore YFT Thanksgiving

    Howd you get out there - looks like your own private boat?
  540. L

    Bft trip - 11/02 - 11/04

    Did you go out there on your Parker 2520? What's your boats fuel capacity, burn etc.? I'm curious ....
  541. L

    YFT Trip Video - 11/17 & 11/18

    Loved the video!!!! Whered you fish???
  542. L

    Offshore Thanksgiving Yellowfin 11/19

    34 Carolina to Cortez .... how often do you make that run? What power is do you have in that sled?
  543. L

    Diesel or gas.....

    Those are exactly the figures I'm expecting 8-)
  544. L

    Diesel or gas.....

    If you can go diesel ... my not??? Currently in the process of a repower on my 27 Farallon ... Volvo D6 all the way here!!! Believe me ... speed is NOT an issue when you're running a Volvo D6 w/ a dual prop outdrive. CAVEAT: I trailer mine so the I/O is PERFECT for me.
  545. L

    Offshore Old Glory 11/17

  546. L

    I'm not a fan of Parker boats....but

    Not a fan of the Parkers .... that's why I went Farallon :git:
  547. L

    Late Report Oceanside/ Carlsbad...Odd fish

    Good old 18' reef runner!! Had me one of those, so fun, great memories ....
  548. L

    Black Friday Penn Reel Deals

    How exactly does this work? Is cash in person an option? Do we need to pay taxes?
  549. L


    How is Harry's Marine? Kyle over there? Considering using him for some of my work ...
  550. L

    2015 2520 XLD PARKER ***SOLD***

    Right????? I was thinking the same thing then thought I was going crazy! o_O
  551. L

    78 outrage with 97 evinrude

    At the very least, pay for a survey of both boat and engine by a qualified individual.
  552. L

    *Lobster Thieves*

  553. L

    Horseshoe bonito on the troll 10/22

    I'm REALLY hungry all of a sudden!!! LOL!!!
  554. L


    I renew my previous offer $350 cash picked up. Sell it to me that way you dont have to bump it every other day :lux:
  555. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Absolutely LOVE the W/A models!!!
  556. L

    Offshore YFT 10/9 (ain't to proud to beg)

    That's what buddy boating is all about!!!
  557. L

    (2) Cummins 6BTA 330HP diesels w/ZERO HOURS

    Who rebuilt them and how many hrs did the blocks have prior to rebuilding?
  558. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    You cant just post 1 pic!!! What a tease!!! Mpre more more!!!! :-)
  559. L

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

  560. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    That's what I'm talking about!!!!!
  561. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    A Cummins RECON will put you back about the same for a 5.9 370 HP.
  562. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Exactly ... new tanks and we gotta go 1.50" shaft. Are you sticking w the Yanmar to avoid messing w the shaft size??
  563. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Looking at the Cummins 5.9 RECON or 6.7 NEW for mine. I want to stick w Cummins or Volvo, just personal preference. I hear Yanmars are solid engines, never had personal experience w/ them though. Wmhow many HP/Torque are you going for??
  564. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Is that a straight shaft. V drive, i/o?? Why Yanmar and not Cummins, Volvox etc.??
  565. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Let's see the 27!!!!
  566. L

    2017 Optimax Twins 33hrs and 3 axle EZ Loader trailer for sale

    Can you give more detail on the engines. They were brand new 2017 models installed last year and have 30 hrs on them? Compression checks done on them? Has anyone gone through them to determine if they water ran un them or ...??
  567. L

    2017 Optimax Twins 33hrs and 3 axle EZ Loader trailer for sale

    If the engines are what they seem to be, $20K for the pair is a deal! The boat and trailer are just an added bonus!!
  568. L

    2018 Andros 32' Offshore - Local Knowledge

    I'll take 20 tickets please :D:D
  569. L

    Shimano Talica 12-II and Baitrunner 6500B

    Interested in the Talica 12 but a brand new one w warranty from Pelagic Outfitters (20% off right now) is only $449. PM me of you can do better than the 425?
  570. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    That's what I'm talking about!!! Very nice!!!
  571. L

    2018 Andros 32' Offshore - Local Knowledge

    32 Andros vs 27 Farallon ... :hali_parkutuli::imdumb:
  572. L

    Offshore Skippies Galore

    I need to try that, smoking them. Sounds Yummy!!
  573. L

    Offshore Quick video of yellowfin

    Nice and calm seas .... gotta love it!
  574. L

    Offshore Don't be that guy when fishing around sport boats!!!!

  575. L

    Avet reel models: seriously confused

    :frehya2: if only there wasnt something called money restraints...
  576. L

    Avet reel models: seriously confused

    This is great!!! I like this explanation!!! Thanks!!
  577. L

    Avet reel models: seriously confused

    1.5 yrs??? Talk about horrible marketing, you would think they'd come up w/ a simple but logical naming pattern. I'm so turned off by this I'd rather stick to my Shimano & Penns.
  578. L

    Avet reel models: seriously confused

    I'm sure someone has asked before but I cant find it .... What's the difference in the various models??? Is there a single source I can go to (ie YouTube video, website that has a comparison chart, etc) that explains the various differences amongst the models...
  579. L

    Lobster Opener. Limits for three by 9:20pm

    That's an interesting way to eat lettuce ...
  580. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    There are a handful of 32s out there too!! Dont be shy!! :daman:
  581. L

    Offshore Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    His Captain's lisecense should be under review for this type of action - couldnt view the video so I cant comment of what what was on it (didnt work for me).
  582. L

    Offshore Don't be that guy when fishing around sport boats!!!!

    Captain or not, this is a 100% IGNORANT move. It just irritates me when I hear about these types.of events ....
  583. L

    Offshore Don't be that guy when fishing around sport boats!!!!

    Slinging an iron ... that's just so ignorant to do NO fish is worth that. I feel sorry for the guy who thinks slinging an iron would solve anything.
  584. L

    PAIR of Okuma Makaira 50W

    Looking for 2, NIB preferred. LMK what you have, cash in hand.
  585. L

    Tow rig ??

    What does 'not good for a diesel' exactly mean?? Does the truck have to be towing 24/7 for it to be 'good for the diesel'?? o_O
  586. L

    Tow rig ??

    Do what I did ... 2017 F250 Platinum. Got wheels? Itll tow it!! :devil:
  587. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    BTW, this that a pic of his work or ..?? Who did that engine?
  588. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Not quite sure I understood all that you wrote Not sure sure I quite understood your entire post ... is Pescaloco (I see he's a BD member) a Cummins re power specialist?? :confused:
  589. L

    Offshore Yellowfin Report 9/22/2018

    Boom there it is!!!! Love the vid!!!! :lux:
  590. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Absolutely LOVE the walkaround models!!!
  591. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Correct. I have a 1987 27' w/ a straight inboard ... don't know why they dont offer that anymore. 1 of the reasons Farallons were Farallons ... v-drive!! :lux::lux:
  592. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I have a '87 Farallon 27' w/ a planned diesel re-power. In the process I'll be raising my deck so I get a flush deck, to your point. It's very much possible ...
  593. L

    Farallon: window replacement

    Thanks for the info.!
  594. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    AnnaMarie ... LOVE the walkaround models!!! You've since sold it??
  595. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Come on ppl ... where are all those bad ass Farallons!?!?!?? :puff:
  596. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I'm a diesel guy so gas isnt even an option for me :D
  597. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    The problem I have w/ Cummins and 2 fold: 1) Can't really find a LOCAL & repuutable re-power option (SBMAR is about ~3 hrs north of us OC guys) 2) Volvo offers a pretty nice warrant vs Cummins Anyone have good reccomendations for Cummins re-power options in/around the OC??? I'd love to get a...
  598. L

    Pro-Line 251 I/O to Suzuki outboard conversion

    Wow talk about mad skillz!!! :D
  599. L

    Customized bait tank

    I'm definitely keeping your contact!!! :D
  600. L

    Customized bait tank

    Maybe YOU should do my gel coating!!! Is this something you do as a hobby, on the side, etc??
  601. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Tony does good work, no doubt. Not sure I want a Cummins over a Volvo D6 ... volvos are so much more 'advanced' ...
  602. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    In the middle of are-power of mine now. :-) Cummins vs Volvo D6 .... that's the $1M question for me.
  603. L

    2004 Parker 2520 XL PRICE REDUCED!!!

    It's got a single Yamaha 225. Was the boat offered w twin outboards?
  604. L

    2004 Parker 2520 XL PRICE REDUCED!!!

    I'm going w that being a typo ... it's got to be an alum trailer??. :confused:
  605. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    This is what you call a wiring job!!! Very nice!!!!
  606. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Thanks!! There must be other Farallons out there!! Dont be shy boys/girls!!! :-):-)
  607. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    Another shot of her. ...
  608. L

    Let's see those Farallons!!!

    I got a '87 Farallon 27'. In the process of fully restoring her (repowering, etc.) I'd love to see others out there!!
  609. L

    Bayrunner 16 Parking San Diego

    Damn, when I was in college I could barely afford a car let alone a sled
  610. L

    Farallon: window replacement

    PM sent. Thanks.
  611. L

    Farallon: window replacement

    These seem to be custom shops, have you have 1st hand experience w/ them? I was hoping for a ship that had 'standard windows' ready to ship out.
  612. L

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Was the Cummins a brand new engine or is it a used one??
  613. L

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    That's a lot of power!!! On a 25' ... that thing is gonna fly!!!!! BTW, on such a major project, any reason you kept it as a inboard vs converting to a I/O??? Plan in keeping it in the water ... or? I/O will get you much better numbers/efficiency/speed/etc.? LOVE the project!!! Keep updates...
  614. L

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    What are the engine specs? Cummins Diamond I take it?
  615. L

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Is Seaboard doing the entire restore for you or just the repower part??
  616. L

    Farallon: window replacement

    So I'm replacing my sliding window .... maybe I dont have to have the EXACT same thing but you guys aware of vendors that sell these things - almost impossible for me to find. I am open to glass-work to accomodate the new slightly different sized windows - just haven't been able to find a...
  617. L

    Parker 2530 with Twin 250 HP - Price reduced.

    EXACTLY!!! Pls call me, sent you a PM. Thanks.
  618. L

    Offshore Orca's off of the Coronado Islands - Saturday 9/8

    Wow didnt know Orcas would ever come into SoCal waters!! Neat!!!
  619. L

    Volvo D6-370 Diesel stern drive

    Thanks but I need more juice (~350 HP range) and looking for the new D6s. I can however accomodate either a stern OR straight inboard ....
  620. L

    Volvo D6-370 Diesel stern drive

    Mods, if not correct forum, please move. Doing a repower and looking for a new old inventory set-up. D6-370 diesel stern drive ... LMK if you either have 1 or know of someone w/ 1?? I prefer new or VERY low hours ... Thanks
  621. L

    Funny Boat Names

    Knotty Seaman
  622. L

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Ettiquitte is 1 thing ... but why do people think they 'own a paddy' just bc they happen to see it 1st? Find a paddy, fish it, have proper ettiquitte, call it a day Cant we just all get along???
  623. L

    Offshore Freedom overnight 9-6 BFT

    Great report!!! Better than reading a novel!! Haha
  624. L

    Parker 2820 Loaded

    What's the list of 'ugrades' that were done to the boat since it was purchased, specifically?
  625. L

    Converting Trailer Drum to Disc Brakes- Tutorial

    Going to be taking on this project for my tri-axle Pacific Trailer soon. EXCELLENT WRITE-UP w/ pics!! Thanks!!
  626. L

    Farallon 32

    If you know someone w/ one OR you have one ... LMK! Thanks 714 383 1106 - text or call