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  1. DonnieD

    Buyer Beware of ajshawn

    Always hate tapping myself on the back (not reallly) but I called it in that weed post! His number had fraud allll over it on a simple google search... On the bright side it seemed to have gotten caught quick by mods...
  2. DonnieD

    Offshore I see red and yellow - 5/5 report

    Back and forth to Catalina yesterday and those balloons are EVERYWHERE!!
  3. DonnieD

    New Classifieds Section

    Ahh...But...BUT...May 2003!!! LOL!
  4. DonnieD

    New Classifieds Section

    Looks like most of your messages are "blowhard" messages PapaJ. 6k messages and less than 1k thumbs up....typically shows who's messages are actual "contributions" or just some guy being a blowhard
  5. DonnieD

    New Classifieds Section

    I dont mind the layout...The rest just seems clunky and difficult...Not sure why you change it...seemed to be flourishing the way it was!
  6. DonnieD

    10 Foot Seeker Baby Ulua Rod

    I see about 45+ reply's to this post coming...Watch Thread - ☑
  7. DonnieD

    Tsunami Saltx or Airwave Elite 2-Piece Surf Rod (or similar)

    @Team Liquid Appreciate the message! But I'll pass for now.
  8. DonnieD

    Tsunami Saltx or Airwave Elite 2-Piece Surf Rod (or similar)

    TTT Anyone know if Day at the Docks is a go for sure yet??
  9. DonnieD

    Tuna popping reel

    Black Hole Nano...I use spinning gear now but the conventional rod with an Avet HXJ was what I used in past.
  10. DonnieD


    Never heard of these BUT I just saw one online for sale for $10k...WOWZAS
  11. DonnieD

    Seeker, Avet, Accurate 805-231-0815

    Hey Jerry...Have any interest in trading the torium for a JX 6/3 about 4 season old? 9/10 condition...if so I'll send pics..if not have a great week!!
  12. DonnieD

    UC, Seeker, Cousins, FS, Phenix, Calstar

    Love me some newbie old post rejuvinations
  13. DonnieD

    08 Mercedes CLK Convertible Top/seat backs REPAIR QUESTION

    Anyone in here know how to unlock the backseat backs/headrest when stuck in upward position? Ive watched the videos but just cant seem to get it. Willing to pay for time. I'm in OC almost all the time. Mercedes service gonna whack me $200 for it...I'd rather pay someone straight for their...
  14. DonnieD

    Food recs for offshore

    Massive Tri Tip grilled night before, cheese blend and salsa...Tacos
  15. DonnieD

    Tsunami Saltx or Airwave Elite 2-Piece Surf Rod (or similar)

    Happy Friday all. Traveling South for a week in June for the 1st Annual East Cape B***h's and B***h's Tour...Need a surf rod for one of the B's. Interested in other ideas if you have any but I think these are my main focus. 10' or less. Im in OC but very mobile. Face to face preferred but...
  16. DonnieD

    Gyro holders

    I prefer a toasted wheat pita...pairs well with the Tzatziki
  17. DonnieD

    Offshore Punto colonet

    What was the range of the yellow tail? Any lunkers?? Saw you guys put a decent number up!
  18. DonnieD

    Shimano Saragossa 6000 and terez 20-50

    Bump for a good set up and a fair price.
  19. DonnieD

    Lack of educated 2 speed users.

    I'm 100% hook em and hand line in...two speed reels are way to confusing especially on a massive 25 pound YT
  20. DonnieD

    A night at the island

    The wall of fog was just too much for us. And if you're reading this "guy in fishing Kayak offshore Saturday"...congrats on the size of your cajones...
  21. DonnieD

    A night at the island

    Tried to make the run Saturday morning. Got to the boat at 6am in Pedro...waited out the fog inside the rocks (twitching and itching)...fog broke quick about 930 (after dodging 2 container ships and my buddy goin full bendo on 2 MAC's)...left the harbor and headed towards island only to be...
  22. DonnieD

    Kayak Hoop netTing Dana point

    I'll be the guy in the Dodge Roadtrek just south of the Dana Statue. Coffee, beer, Bourbon all stocked up with a sweet full cast iron charcoal grill...just sayin!
  23. DonnieD

    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    The like button is good! Thats one of my main factors on if I trust someone to buy or even sell to...500 messages and 1 like is a just a blow hard I dont communicate with and would probably never buy anything from on classies....the "dont like button" is negative...lets keep everything...
  24. DonnieD

    Been too long...

    Gonna be a beautiful weekend Steve...Bring down some Schat's goodies and walk the docks. Wide open...and about those Schat's goodies....
  25. DonnieD

    Curado 300e and a torium 16 grey model for sale or trade!

    Looks like today is the day the East Coast Newbies roll some dice while they're stuck inside because of the snow!!
  26. DonnieD

    Best saltwater fish attractant gel?

    Diesel Fuel
  27. DonnieD

    UC GP85 Phantom Custom

    I'd pick this up right now but my BILLS MAFIA buddies would break it over a folding table...GLWS...Sick AF!!
  28. DonnieD

    Nice combo/ testing waters

    Would you a buddy??? If not GLWS
  29. DonnieD

    Shimano Saragossa 6000 and terez 20-50

    could be for the right price...$400 is extremely fair!! just not for me and I have zero need for the Terez... and you just posted so if it doesnt sell let me know. I'm not interested in low balling 20 minutes after your OP. Caught my avatar with a 10k gosa and a 80-100 the setup
  30. DonnieD

    TRINIDAD 20DC in Box

    But hurt or not...still dick move...but also dick move to hover over other threads after the fact...seems like offsetting penalties...either way my only opinion is these dc's are only going up in value and GLWS...would love to chuck one one day and most of them that come up on here are still...
  31. DonnieD

    What is this lobster looking thing?

    That thing will damn near cut your finger CLEAN off. NTBFW in my opinion...which means nothing!
  32. DonnieD

    Custom rod question

    TIMMYD did a sweet wrap for me. here's how it came out!
  33. DonnieD

    Cousins 95 j mag rod factory lowered price

    I hear ugly sticks have GREAT warranties...maybe thats more your speed?? Again good luck Jyun..I'm sure it's a beautiful stick!! I sure loved chucking one I borrowed from a buddy!!
  34. DonnieD

    Cousins 95 j mag rod factory lowered price

    Bet it sells in less than a few days at that number or not far below fellas...GLWS
  35. DonnieD

    Crazy nice weather still looking for big carp

    Fishing carp as a kid in Central NY is where i got "my itch" for the game. Bread balls, eagle claw snelled hooks, 12 pound test, ugly stick FULLLL BENDO...sat on my dock off Oneida Lake up Fish the good ol days!!! JUICERS!!
  36. DonnieD

    Complete Squid setup with Honda 2000 generator - $1,300

    🎲🎲🎲 - Rolling some dice on this one fer sure!!!
  37. DonnieD

    Casa Vieja Lodge Welcomes Hooker To The Fleet

    What a Title!!
  38. DonnieD

    Why are women's clothes ads on BD?

    Starting to figure out how Mr Krabs got his name!! :boobies:
  39. DonnieD

    Avalon question.

    OH MAN! Just checked the weather report...EVERYTHING looks like it's going to be an awesome day for your overnight! Safe Crossings!!
  40. DonnieD

    Avalon question.

    You'll be fine with all services available! Only a very few places totally shut down. Take some Promars and send a bug report back!!
  41. DonnieD

    Rod Blank Recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on a 2-piece light spinner (PE 2-4 / 20-30 pound MAX) I plan on pairing with a 5-6k Spinning reel, probably Gosa/Stradic or comparable Daiwa. Cost not necessarily a huge deal but I have no problem with outstanding budget friendly blanks. I had a custom conventional...
  42. DonnieD

    what bft lure is this? colt sniper?

  43. DonnieD

    Ice Fisherman

    Heck of an entrance there Mr. Parker. Welcome to the Pirate Ship!
  44. DonnieD

    Rod / Reel recommendation for Southern California Costal / Island Fishing

    love it when this shit have you done over the past couple years @whomper ?
  45. DonnieD

    $1k of reels/rods left

    For all the haters of his posts...Block him then. Jerry ( I do not know him) was nice enough to give another LONG TIME member 50 bucks to help pay for his dogs vet bills so he didn't have to sell ALLL his gear to keep his dog alive. Would you do that?? Better than having 13k messages with 7k...
  46. DonnieD


    All you sum bitches are fucking awesome!
  47. DonnieD

    Hoop net lights - What are you using?

    We're still using that same system with the promar lights, 2oz weight on opposite side of buoy to keep light upright and rope through the hole . Those things def not built for more than season
  48. DonnieD

    Big trophy on spinning gear!!

    I'm telling you!!! The Gosa is sooo strong and smooth! Got my avatar pic on a Gosa 10k...I had my elbow wrapped for 2 weeks after BUT it sure was a fun battle!! Ive always wanted to dish out for a Stella but after seeing what the Gosa can do I just cant justify the price! Nice fishies...
  49. DonnieD


  50. DonnieD

    Want to catch a swordy?

    Just signed up...Thanks Ali...Huge fan of you two on Local Knowledge, you should get Duane on there!!...Any inside info on Fred Hall next year yet?
  51. DonnieD

    Diawa Saltist 40 2 spd and 8' Proteus 30-60 combo

    Never seen those grips...looks great! Are they "squishy" or do they feel like golf club grips?
  52. DonnieD

    Mako 22’ Center Console with Brand New Yamaha F200XB

    This turned out exactly as I expected it would yesterday...No surprises left for 2020 I guess... so TNT...if you want to know where you went wrong with your "sales tactic" holler by PM...or havent you figured out where that button is yet NEWBIE
  53. DonnieD

    Tacos de cesos con epazote

    That guy went on a heater last night!! Hey Jim! Merry Christmas sir!! You to Sapo, dont know you tho, sandbaggin sum bitch lol
  54. DonnieD


    Had to been a real quiet few minutes after it went overboard!! Worst feeling EVER!
  55. DonnieD


    And also try 360tuna if you havent yet. More of a spinner community over there
  56. DonnieD


    Best to post in classifieds. You'll get many more eyeballs! -
  57. DonnieD

    Mako 22’ Center Console with Brand New Yamaha F200XB

    Someone doesnt have any idea what this COMMUNITY is all about. Knew this was going to get good!! And careful...YOUR AD can get deleted pretty quickly for breaking the rules sweetheart
  58. DonnieD

    Gas or Electric

    I call these newbie gifts. Thanks Madeline!
  59. DonnieD

    New Rainshadow RCJB90XXH XMAS special 300 today only dec 13th

    Hey Timmy D!!! Donnie D with the Blue Dream rod! Happy Holidays sir!! Hope you had a great year and best wishes for a healthy 2021!!
  60. DonnieD

    Long beach hoopnet 11/28

    Hey-19. Are you generally fishing the deeper spots? 75+ or finding the bigger ones more shallow. We do the rocks from Pedro to LB. we're about 1/1 short/legal this year but we're fishing 15-25 feet
  61. DonnieD

    Astrid DeGruchy – BD Fishing Chick

  62. DonnieD

    Seigler OS

    Hows the fishin out there in NY Mitch? I used to nab some great chromies and some monster steelhead in Central NY near Pulaski.
  63. DonnieD

    Laguna MPLA Photo Report

    They were all $75 yesterday. BWood just impacted the market!!
  64. DonnieD

    Laguna MPLA Photo Report

    These seem to be on sale everywhere right now...75 bucks seems like a no brainer for that housing! Awesome pics!!
  65. DonnieD

    Long Beach lobsters

    You'll be just fine inside as long as you're not in the shipping lanes...and I've eaten plenty out of there...the only seizures I get are Tuesdays and Fridays
  66. DonnieD

    Huntington Harbor Report 11.18 & 11.20

    Hooked one on east end this summer at Catalina...Chose to keep it off boat and my fingers fully attached...I consider those "NTBFW"
  67. DonnieD

    Kayak Fishing and Lobster Hooping at the same time.

    Ive seen a couple nice hoop holders for the front of kayaks on here randomly recently. Keep on the look out in the forums. I just tried searching quick but didnt find what Ive seen
  68. DonnieD

    Plus One: A journey of 4262.2 miles...

    Jeez...what'd you do to your mom...Looks likes she's praying heavily in the passenger seat! My buddy runs an AquaSport very similar to this. Fishes, sleeps (and pulls hoops) for 3 large men VERY well! Congrats
  69. DonnieD

    “Kayaker and the Whale”

    heck of an experience. Hope they tipped their guide and their deckhands properly!
  70. DonnieD

    Wanted: Saragosa or Equivalent 15000 or 18000

    Just in case you havent seen this one. Seems like great deal. Good Luck my man
  71. DonnieD

    Okuma Makaira 20000S

    SICK set up. Alan Hawk rates that reel the very best in the world...That combo for that price simply cannot be beat! GLWS
  72. DonnieD

    Catalina - Hammered in the Wind

    Taking ferry over now...I gotta see this
  73. DonnieD

    Catalina - Hammered in the Wind

    Ive seen that thing floating in different spots over there all year...what an eye sore it was and will now continue to be even worse
  74. DonnieD

    Catalina fishing & hooping 10-16/10-17

    Got 12 legals for 3 guys and only 5 hoops in that identical zone. Stayed in Whites Harbor for night for the first time as was very happy with it!
  75. DonnieD

    24' Skipjack flybridge w/ Hard top $price cut

    Looks fishy AF!! Shouldn't last long!!
  76. DonnieD

    Offshore San Diego 10/13

    Need pics of the three footer full bendo as much as I need air
  77. DonnieD

    Shimano Spheros 20000 & Shimano Terez

    Pulled my profile pic out of the ocean with this exact rod easily...Will def. handle the big boys! GLWS!
  78. DonnieD

    New boat at the Everett Marina

    I wonder what happens when you get within a 100 yards of that thing??....
  79. DonnieD

    Bug Opener - Sat/Sun = A+

    We used salmon carcass as bait...what are you guys using??
  80. DonnieD

    Closed - Delete Just in case you havent seen yet...Can't really beat the price
  81. DonnieD

    I love Sunday evenings in Long Beach

    We got 5 in Pedro. 1 Sat. morning at 6:30. Big one...and 4 that evening. But you're right...first night loaded with idiots on the point! People yelling and screaming at each other...saw someone cut another's line.
  82. DonnieD


    Ive let a BD'er Ive never met before borrow my gear...he was trying to buy something quick for trip coming in 2-3 days, he was very local to me and it was my offer on his WTB thread...IF you have enough history on here and prove not to be a troll in the past and most importantly buy it if you...
  83. DonnieD

    Cat Attack 9/26

    So when are you going to add to discussions newbie? 4 total messages and all trolling. Appears you havent caught a fish in YEARS so who gives a shit what you have to say!! Looks like awesome day on the water either way @Stakanak . Headed to CAT tomorrow for LOBBY OPENER!!!
  84. DonnieD

    Offshore First time out to Catalina on the Arima 1511

    When you can Squid is really the game changer...maybe more importantly....TIME...sometimes you really need to work all day to get that one donkey sized YT but when you do it will rip your arms off! Grab a can in Avalon or Two Harbors ($35) and stay over there one night so you can fish through...
  85. DonnieD

    Yeti 250 ($900 OBO)

    Hi...I'm Wesley Hogan...And this is the biggest no brainer in the history of mankind
  86. DonnieD

    2 never used Cousins Factory 95mags

    I sold a PT Cruiser once for $10k over sticker price in Boulder, CO...I felt terrible when they drove off...they waited 1 year for it too...
  87. DonnieD

    Major Craft-First Cast-FCS962ML

    Where can I mail the CASH??!!
  88. DonnieD

    Catalina Fishing/Diving at Iron-Bound Cove a Saltwater Guide Spot

    Ive never really had much luck trolling for tails over there. It's normally a hurry up and wait and then all the sudden after hours of throwing snipers and leaving the clicker on with a squid ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 25 - 40 pound donkey...either way I love every fucking inch of that island...
  89. DonnieD

    Offshore BFT hook up, but lost

    After this season feels like I have...hittin juicers on 3/4's pf my trips! Not sure how someone can say it sucks! It's the single best thing I can think of to do on any day of the week. Get out on the water...catch or not. prove me wrong!
  90. DonnieD

    Recommendations appreciated

    Lake Lundy is one of my favorite spots. You're very close to quite a few streams that hold nice fish. Also right before Lee Vining on the 120. up road about 1 mile right before park entrance Moraine Campground. Lee Vining every hole up to the old power will NOT be...
  91. DonnieD

    Tuna per gallon

    I'm at about 14 beers per tuna. Been a great year for me...
  92. DonnieD

    ID this perch please

    Use a Sedona for the surf as well!
  93. DonnieD

    Newbie needs advice on Catalina trip.

    I will give you this advice! They are protecting more and more water over there from fishing...KNOW YOUR ZONES!!! The Coho is the fish and game for them...they patrol the protected zones. Frog Rock is always a good starting point. half a mile north of Avalon. When squid are...
  94. DonnieD

    Aloha Friday Ono.

    Looks like the ones in Oceanside this past week.........🤣
  95. DonnieD

    seasickness help

  96. DonnieD

    Varmac rod with a Lexa 300hd

    I had a custom rod built on a varmac blank...LOVE IT!!!
  97. DonnieD

    Offshore San Pedro angler suffers multiple injuries from Bluefin Tuna.

    That second injury was karma for the missed first gaff shot...awesome video guys
  98. DonnieD

    Offshore Insane foamer action

  99. DonnieD

    Offshore Insane foamer action

    @GunghoSD reminiscing
  100. DonnieD

    Affordable room for the weekend in Avalon?

    Theres a shore boat bombing around harbor. 3 bucks a person I think...they may have bumped it to 5 recently. Just hit the harbor master when you get there...he'll steer you around. Weekends will fill up friday afternoon on nice weekends.
  101. DonnieD

    Official recall Gov Newsome Thread

    I havent complained all week....heres my chance...Fuck skunks!!
  102. DonnieD


    Hey Mike. Ill take it! I'm at Spectrum. I'll stop by tomorrow. I have a rib section of a 30 pound BFT to trade if you want it. Frozen 2 week and processed professionally so sealed and frozen proper.
  103. DonnieD

    Newport Mako 8-8

    You sir...look like you have life figured out! well done and looks like amazing day on the agua. And you are about to hear MANY different takes on taking sharks but I think it has to be 6 feet to harvest. Could be off by a foot or 2 either way!
  104. DonnieD

    Want to buy: Kill bags for sale

    Room for alottatrouble in that bag!!
  105. DonnieD

    Offshore DW-1’s Go Up For Sale On BPT @7

    You HAVE to get a bite on a henway!!
  106. DonnieD

    Washington State Players Supporting PAC 12 Players Movement Dismissed From Team

    I think I read somewhere this wasn't true. Could be wrong...I was pretty hammered yesterday
  107. DonnieD

    OKUMA Reels: Cedros, Makaira, Azores!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep it quiet fish lips. That's @Striker Tackle guy...Show that man some respect next time. Sells ONLY high quality shit and can post wherever the fuck he wants. JK brother...get in the game, drop some fish reports and you'll see him dropping specials quite a bit on here! You'll thank him...
  108. DonnieD

    Shimano Thunnus & Shimano Baitrunner

    I absolutely love first day member messages...
  109. DonnieD

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    Way too much top shot for the 8k and 40# . If you had say 15-20# on the 8k you could have that much mono. If you want to fish that much mono at 40# you'll need a bigger spool size reel
  110. DonnieD

    Popping Setup Advice Needed

    I've had a Terez in the past with a 10k Gosa. Just not the right rod for distance casting or even opinion only. Going straight braid may get you more distance but you're taking a big risk of getting sliced off if you dont hook the BFT perfectly. My popping setup currently is...
  111. DonnieD

    Offshore Not a fish report, a UFO report

    That's simply not true...I was at Turks at 4am that morning and no sign of anything abnormal
  112. DonnieD


    pretty deadly combo for the price in my opinion!!
  113. DonnieD

    For Sale Shimano Stella 20000 SW

    Have a like because you made me laugh...twice today
  114. DonnieD


    Might not mean much but you got my seal of approval. Shooters fuckin shoot VinDog!!!
  115. DonnieD

    Colt Sniper rigging

    I always use palomar knot...but never straight to the braid...gonna cost yourself quite a few bites in my opinion. I mean I've caught fish on straight braid but it's been from insane foamer action where they would've bit the sniper attached to a chain
  116. DonnieD

    Popper Rod for a Stella 18000

    I have the Black Hole CC Special as well. Don't think you can go wrong for the price. 360 tuna is LOADED with what you're looking for.
  117. DonnieD

    Epic Fail - Newport

    I just got off the "boat"...def not grounded...very good party though...
  118. DonnieD

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    Ive always gone barefoot on private boats...Pretty sure not allowed on sportboats though. Always worn my flips on sporties as a courtesy to not put the deck hands in a position where they have to say something to me instead of doing their job.
  119. DonnieD

    Affordable room for the weekend in Avalon?

    Found an Air BnB. In the apartments in back of town. BUT....Came with a full use Golf cart. That fucker kept backfiring and scaring the shit out of people...was worth the price of admission no doubt!! - Or call Clarence at Hunt and Associates. I've rented from him 20 times...has a ton of...
  120. DonnieD

    Ardent XS 1000 Reel

    I used one in NY to throw bread balls at FATTY carp. Used for about a week. held enough 12 pound mono for 30 pound carp and was smooth like butta. Probably used it about same year as this original post. So now I gotta know. Did you ever get the reel??
  121. DonnieD

    Looking fora good 40lb Spinning Reel & Rod

    As always depends on budget. These things go from 150-1200. My rec. is always a Saragosa. Great price at $300, bullet proof, 8 or 10k holds plenty of line.
  122. DonnieD

    Offshore Bight Sportfishing

    We've all seen their numbers...easy to find...IF I had to make an educated guess...You wouldn't be wasting money OR memories by catchin a ride with them...BUT expecting a catch when you're fishin...on ANY know. I have ZERO affiliation with those guys...again...they're...
  123. DonnieD

    Makaira 30 ll-SEa

    Around tomorrow? In OC...driving down for 8pm departure on Pacific Queen. Hoping to slay some FATTIES!! CIH (cash in hand) be through 2-4.
  124. DonnieD

    San Diego local popper setup buy or recommended new

    If I was to recommend a spinning setup...Saragosa 10k ALL day. Ive ripped as high as a 135# Two Fin Bluna with that setup and Black Hole Cape Cod Special Popping 2 piece. (it's quite a bit more work than a conv. setup tho). $800 new combo. That fucker will huck a 80g Snipe 50-60 yards all day.
  125. DonnieD

    PLZZZ...Rod and reel combo

    Careful Kuzara. If you start being friends with Jim you better get a 2nd, 3rd job. But he's the guy you want to talk to if just getting in the game (or back in) and need some guaranteed clean gear.
  126. DonnieD

    Shimano Ultegra CI 4 plus 5500 XTB Value

    You may get better results on also. It's definitely got more spinner fisherman on there by far! And high end spinner info. Good luck my man
  127. DonnieD

    Shimano Ultegra CI 4 plus 5500 XTB Value

    Just found XSB, and 14k XTB...
  128. DonnieD

    Shimano Ultegra CI 4 plus 5500 XTB Value $320 new. My opinion is 15-20% off is fair for both parties
  129. DonnieD

    Offshore Gear needed for a day

    just found out why commas and periods are so damn important. My mind is in a pretzel right now
  130. DonnieD

    Rod and Setup suggestions for Mak30k Spinning Reel

    Yeah. Big number. classifieds usually has some very nice spinning gear if you're not familiar with it. Is that Makaira rod really only $110 bucks?
  131. DonnieD

    Rod and Setup suggestions for Mak30k Spinning Reel

    Was VERY lucky. Got mine at Fred Hall LB. Last day he sold me the the floor model because they sold out. Got it for $450!! JignPop guys out of New Joysey. Tackle Direct has 1 8 footer left. The problem is they cant get the guides right now I was told at show so they're basically sold out...
  132. DonnieD

    Rod and Setup suggestions for Mak30k Spinning Reel

    No. Just took a look at it online. I have the same reel seat on my custom rod though. The machined alps. LOVE THAT part of the rod.
  133. DonnieD

    Rod and Setup suggestions for Mak30k Spinning Reel

    I use a Black Hole Cape Cod 8 footer for popping..LOVE's a beautiful thing when it's FULL BENDO.
  134. DonnieD

    Parking at Fisherman's, Point Loma & H & M

    I always get a spot on Dickens street on other side of Vagabond. Then no need to deal with the lot assholes (not the workers). Prevents door dings and scratches too!! Also Westy's is free I think for 72 hour limit between Best Western and Holiday Inn
  135. DonnieD

    Looking for a Newell p322, or early generation.

    you try Jim??
  136. DonnieD

    6/18 Catalina Yellows

    Call him night before for his schedule...maybe couple days before to make sure hes around. 562-714-8103. Going out of San Pedro.
  137. DonnieD

    6/18 Catalina Yellows

    And the long beach carnage is the bait boat. Usually there and has live squid. Great guys. Full scoop 75 plus tip. 50 half I think. Good luck...I'll be over there friday hunting tails and ghosts...
  138. DonnieD

    6/18 Catalina Yellows

    Keep it simple first few times. Frog Rock. Just North of Avalon. Cant miss the rock. Looks just like an Elephant...hence frog rock
  139. DonnieD

    Head for beer

    I'm happy to trade an 18 pack and may be able to make it to you today...worst case scenario Monday. Where in HB?
  140. DonnieD

    6/18 Catalina Yellows

    YT's been fatties over there so far this year! Been doing VERY WELL with hookup baits because couldn't buy enough live bait to feed all the cali's
  141. DonnieD

    Head for beer

    Irvine during week. SD on weekends
  142. DonnieD

    Offshore Beers and Tails Catalina Style

    Headed out of San Pedros own Holiday Marina on Friday AM at 5 ON THE "oLD bUDDY"...supposed to be all kinds of fog but GO FIGURE weather report was all kinds of wrong. Lotsa patties on the way over to Avalon but as usual over the past 18 months...holding NO fish. Got a full scoop from...
  143. DonnieD

    Catalina w/ Cabo weather fish report:

    See whoever will be there tomorrow! They cancelled the Seabass tournament in Two Harbors so we hittin east end for some YT SLOBBIES. got a pair of 30's last week!!!
  144. DonnieD

    Head for beer

    Is that an offer @Jsc4361 ??? If not....nice fish ya got in your pic...if so where am I picking up that Tally? And is that a mantis shrimp?
  145. DonnieD

    Head for beer

    Who's Saluki?? And is she at least a SD 6? I dont go below a SD6
  146. DonnieD

    Head for beer

    not sure how many are here...some have both eyes...some dont...some have none. Willing to trade for a 30 rack of coors lights, warm or cold dont matter. That Brabus not part of deal
  147. DonnieD

    In honor of Memorial Day Weekend

    You sir are appreciated!! Thank you for this and thank you to everyone reading who served.
  148. DonnieD

    Thunnus 8k

    just in case havent seen yet
  149. DonnieD

    2004 12ft Novurania Rigid Inflatable Tender// FISHING CONVERSION

    congrats on your first're in the crew now...GLWS...
  150. DonnieD

    Wanna Knobbie

    whowouldevawannaknobbie? Meknowannaknobbie
  151. DonnieD

    8lb. spinning combo

    Cheap is harsh. "Competitively priced for the correct buyer". This thing will work just fine for quite a few applications. Free bump
  152. DonnieD

    Southern Cali Yellowtail gear

    Alot of good advice on here!! Torium for conventional in my opinion...That thing cats NICE!! Avet MXL worked well for me in the past. IF spinning you can get nice older Saragosa or a new Spheros on here normally and dont hesitate the Daiwa Black Gold are pretty bullet proof in my opinion!
  153. DonnieD

    Offshore Why the launch ramps are closed

    Well the meeting isnt until tomorrow and we got about 4-6 hours of no rain here in Dana Pt. I'm outta here. I'll be the guy on the water in a kayak AND NOT AT THE MARKET!
  154. DonnieD

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    SO you're telling me tackle direct, melton, are closed? BD is not an essential biz...still operating...Hogans in Dana Point...picked up gear there yesterday
  155. DonnieD

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    AND A NEW CAVEAT....Shockingly the tackle shop is closed..I'm guessing @boat0501 knew something about the store closing and not being able to sell those reels!!! That is as scammy as it gets...dare I say...insider trading???
  156. DonnieD

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    He has OBVIOUS posts on here that are from a tackle shop. click his name and threads...liar and cheater in my opinion..
  157. DonnieD

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Pretty sure the jury has concluded...Pretty sure seems unanimous... Liars will not be tolerated, cheaters will get shunned. Now do the walk of shame, Or your classified days might be done.
  158. DonnieD

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Long Day...Needed this. Thank you True BD'ers
  159. DonnieD

    Pelagic Fishing Shorts

    He's right. I'm a 36 all day. Got the 36's yesterday and they were SMALL!! OR..maybe I shouldn't have eaten that 24 ounce ribeye Sat....Yes I shouldve.
  160. DonnieD

    2 Saragosa 5000 sw

    Boom...First Like...GLWS
  161. DonnieD


    Wow...Bad way to show up to the party @peter lupo . GLWS..i have a feeling you wont need luck.
  162. DonnieD

    Looking. Spinning rod

    All kinds of advertising for @TunaTonight recently...must be fishin some pretty nice gear...
  163. DonnieD

    Spinning Rod for SoCal Island Trips

    @TunaTonight has a couple very nice one available
  164. DonnieD

    Terez or Phenix M1 spinning bottom of list if havent seen yet
  165. DonnieD

    MH Terez Spinning or similar

    Bumpity...I'm open to all quality brands of spinner rods
  166. DonnieD

    MH Terez Spinning or similar

    Looking for 7'2 MH 40-80 in very good to new condition. Also interested in something similar like a Teramar etc. with ballpark same rating...pairing with Gosa 8k.
  167. DonnieD

    Reels for Sale New Never Opened

    Has 3 posts...2 are lowball offers.....
  168. DonnieD

    Shimano Solstice 1000 Fi spinning reels $100

    Very sorry...someone hit my car last night and my phone battery died during the process...VERY you can see thats not how i normally operate here
  169. DonnieD

    Shimano Solstice 1000 Fi spinning reels $100

    If you have a sale pending I dont want to get in way of anyone breaking their word. And I couldn't pick up till Sat. anyway. If deal falls through let me know.
  170. DonnieD

    Shimano Solstice 1000 Fi spinning reels $100

    Hey Doc!! 100 for the pair? with rods? if so I'm in and can send money immediately and pick up friday afternoon or first thing Sat.! headed to Lake Lundy in a couple months and I think I can find a use for them up there!!...I'd call BUT I'm stuck somewhere I really dont want to be for the...
  171. DonnieD

    Purchased delete

    had to get in on the laugh before Jim deletes thread! FUNNY SHIT!!
  172. DonnieD

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    So what you are saying is that what you said in your post was a lie. Fuck...I'll pay the hundred bucks if you have the cajones to tell us all you're a liar and you knew exactly what you were doing...because it's obvious to anyone on this thread that you did.
  173. DonnieD

    Merry Christmas

    I'm shocked that scrooge @titan05 hasnt moderated this thread yet!! just kidding buddy...Best wishes for MONSTERS next year to you all!! @yodoc hope all is well!!
  174. DonnieD

    Mak 50 sea and avets

    I was told in the past that they use the normal boxing for all HX and if it has a raptor in it they just slap the raptor sticker on the outside to save production costs...sounded good at the time so I accepted...
  175. DonnieD

    WTS Custom Dipped 12/0 everol 2 speed

    We better get a pic of this thing in action Daron!!
  176. DonnieD

    For sale: Saltiga SASD35HA Reel- reduced

    Could've sworn that said "accepts paypal and GIRLfriend" bumpity
  177. DonnieD

    I caught a crappie once

    I caught a crappie once
  178. DonnieD

    WTB: Looking for simple reels or live bait sticks (1/2 or 3/4 day trip). Annual Charity Charters...

    I have a 6'6 Dan Hernandez and a basically brand new Jigmaster 500 full of 40lb. I can drop off ANY time for free to keep. If you run short and need some nice loaners for any Vets I'm happy to do that also! 619-306-4444
  179. DonnieD

    Stradic 8000/ Terez combo -SOLD

    Better than a starter set up in my opinion! That Stradic is SMOOTH with a solid drag! Schoolie slayer no questions!
  180. DonnieD

    Public Service Announcement

    You the man and we all love getting our asses moderated by you!! The 30 minutes I spent talking to you and selling you my P229F were awesome and very informative! id love to drop some lines in Poway lake with ya. Best wishes on gettin better brother!!
  181. DonnieD

    For Sale- Shimano Tyrnos 2 speed Reels- 8 - 10 -12

    Grab your 10 footer...I'll hit the sand with ya!!
  182. DonnieD

    Avet reels, OG Baja special, SS 1x3 blank FOR SALE

    Pshh. Things basically brand new. Thank you. Really apologize for being 10 late. Have a great weekend!
  183. DonnieD

    Wtb need info

    Go with the Gosa. Excellent reel. Worth the extra few bucks and I've seen some pass through here recently. Good luck, go fish...and post a report.
  184. DonnieD

    Want to BUY Blue Avet JX 6.0 G2

    Prefer single speed but would consider 2 speed. Silver is a potential color as well but thats it. In San Diego Area. Prefer local pickup.
  185. DonnieD

    Mint/like-new condition, 2008, Stella 18000SW-Sold

    Good to know you got to at least throw that set up a few times!
  186. DonnieD

    Newell 400 300c

    How many will this make @titan05 ?
  187. DonnieD

    Newell P229-F - SOLD

    Great to actually meet Jim on Sat. We all know him, some have been moderated by him, including me...keep lines tight! Have a great week !!
  188. DonnieD

    Newell P229-F - SOLD

    13 minute sale....frickin Newells!! I have a Great property in Mexico that I will now call Newell...For sale for 1.5 Mill...whos in??
  189. DonnieD

    Newell P229-F - SOLD

    Excellent Condition, No cracks anywhere, 20lbs Izor. Local SD pick-up (Live in Encinitas work DT) No trades. SOLD!!
  190. DonnieD

    wtb- popping setup. San deigo

    I have a Saragosa 20k SW available. used 5 times. got 2 jumbos. In excellent condition. Loaded with 80lbs braid.
  191. DonnieD

    ISO any Rod wrapping materails Just in case you havent seen yet!
  192. DonnieD

    Rainshadow RCJB84XH

    Aggressive...yes...but still pretty dope in my opinion. And never worry about someone from Santee's opinion...which it doesnt look like you do anyway...GLWS
  193. DonnieD

    Offshore Still Local Enough! 8-28 43'ish

    This one was absolutely STUFFED with red crab
  194. DonnieD

    Offshore Still Local Enough! 8-28 43'ish

    It was a Yummy Flyer on the kite...basically just a fake rubber flying fish with a 4 ounce lead at the nose to keep it down from the wind.
  195. DonnieD

    Offshore Still Local Enough! 8-28 43'ish

    Put together a poor showing at the Horseshoe tournament in Del Mar was perfect, couple ladies out, sun didn't blast us until we were eliminated and bitter...Good thing when I packed up chairs, umbrella etc. and went to my bag and I checked some messages, my ol' pal Matt over...
  196. DonnieD

    Strike Pro Tuna Hunter Poppers and Okuma rolling tackle bag

    Nearly impossible to find in the old box sure...Pretty simple to find in the new packaging. Great poppers though!!
  197. DonnieD

    FS: LR/BAJA boat stuff+added

    Thats EXACTLY how I caught mine last year was with a Crane Marlin Lure...give it a shot! Stupid Wahoo...what were you thinkin!
  198. DonnieD

    Donation: Tor 20

    Jim Holden [email protected] Executive Director Friends of Rollo (949)285-8819
  199. DonnieD

    Donation: Tor 20

    Huge fan of Friends of Rollo. Great group and a GUARANTEE that it'll get into the hands that you want it to!
  200. DonnieD

    Shimano Saragosa / Stella Spool line protector

    Your time and info is appreciated sir!!
  201. DonnieD

    Shimano Saragosa / Stella Spool line protector

    I'm looking for the little elastic strap that comes with the Stella that protects the line on the spool. It doesn't come with the Saragosa I got and I would sure like one if anyone knows where to get 1. I've looked everywhere and no luck.
  202. DonnieD

    WTB Avet hxw , Avet exw30 & Avet 50sds

    With reels like that you'll be able to troll for hammerhead with one of those new Little Drumford live baits on a treble hook
  203. DonnieD

    Offshore Wednesdays are for fishin not workin!

    This got good! This is a great community! Brutal ain't wrong...hell nobody here wrong...all I say is do your thing, have fun, be safe and just catch fish without being dicks or brutal strikes is gonna find your ass!!
  204. DonnieD

    Offshore Wednesdays are for fishin not workin!

    Yeah we just gave him his time. We already fished the thing hard so we knew he wouldn't be long before he took off!
  205. DonnieD

    Offshore Wednesdays are for fishin not workin!

    Got at the dock at 3:30 for a 4am departure so we could get out to the 43 asap. Water was incredibly blue and about 70.5 degrees when we got there but very green/grey almost the entire way out...Quite a few LARGE private boats showed up! We, as well as most of them, were on the kite most of the...
  206. DonnieD

    22.5 bayrunner baja $8000

    Can't even troll right
  207. DonnieD

    Offshore Pronto 8-1

    Got together with a few of the card carrying members of the OB Horseshoe Club for a Monday play hooky from work day, in hopes that the boat pressure was at a minimum. Chartered the Pronto with Captain Tiny and deck hand Tony for a 12 man slay fest with a couple first timers, and few with quite...
  208. DonnieD

    Daiwa High End Spinners, Saltiga, LUNA

    What you doin Alex??? Thinkin bout that DogFight??? or scoop up the Isla?
  209. DonnieD

    Wanted - Penn 16/0

    Good Luck on this one!! That's a pretty rare bird, I think, but can't wait to see what people have and what they're gonna charge. Again good luck Wrapper!
  210. DonnieD

    Terez Spinning Rods

    Mucho Appreciated Nathan.
  211. DonnieD

    Terez Spinning Rods

    I recently picked up a Terez TZS78XH to pair with a Gosa 20k from a member here on BD. The very first guide from the bottom seems to be upside down(it's mounted opposite way from all other guides). Does anyone know if that's normal from the factory OR did the guide get busted and when repaired...
  212. DonnieD

    New Varmac GC3-8 sale pending

    'MERICA! Looks great Tim! -Tim used a Varmac Blank (I think it is this exact blank) for me last summer and it tugs on Yellowfin/tails like a "dream"!! Looks pretty good too!!
  213. DonnieD

    WTB Spinning reel and rod for poppers

    Well I sure popped 2 fat hooks outta his face!!
  214. DonnieD

    WTB Spinning reel and rod for poppers

    Thanks brother! Appreciate it Alex! Just want everyone to experience what I was lucky enough to on Sunday...Chucking poppers 50 yards, Foaming Tuna a foot or so away from my nose and Poke and Toro for DAYS!!!!! Tight lines fellas!!
  215. DonnieD

    WTB Spinning reel and rod for poppers

    If you need one quick and can't find one I'd be happy to loan you my Gosa 20k with 50-100 Terez and 80 pound braid (3 trips 1 hundo plus)...$650ish Replacement value if damaged but free as a loaner. And hey if you have a boat take me fishing some day...or obligation what-so-ever! I'm...
  216. DonnieD


    Shoulda got a Saragosa!!! Worked like a charm on hundo plus...arms are still burning a little but worth it...Bet that Stella woulda killed it quicker though!
  217. DonnieD

    Offshore Insane foamer action

    Well if you watched the'd notice the foamer (MUCH bigger than a boil) ran under us and kept going...we were stopped! Great experience, and the noise made for 30 seconds was insane!! Inches away from my nose!
  218. DonnieD

    wtb a truline 6x thick walled.

    Ha! Thought the same thing!
  219. DonnieD

    WTB OTI-3106-768S EXTREME 7 1/2 FT 60-80LB Factory spinning rod Just in case.
  220. DonnieD

    Bluefin Popping Rod: Ripple Fisher Big Tuna 77 International

    Is that a Saragosa on that rod crankin that bendo?? Outstanding shot!!
  221. DonnieD

    Fin nor lt100 and jigging rod 60-150

    Will do...It will be this evening. Im in Clairemont. Have a great day!
  222. DonnieD

    Fin nor lt100 and jigging rod 60-150

    Any need for a 3 season old Blue Avet MXL? Single Speed no MC. Some boat rash, not alot, and mechanically excellent. I've heard decent things about these LT's and I want to compare it with my Saragosa. Can send pics if interested. If not GLWS
  223. DonnieD

    lost gear van nuys area

    I see this one getting to at least 3 pages..This was the VERY first thing I read this morning...Thank you for starting my day off right BD!!
  224. DonnieD

    Newell 220f reel

    Yours are exhausting!! Everytine I see that kids face I want to put a hook in it and tease a hammerhead with it.
  225. DonnieD

    Newell S454-5 BNIB I have a sneaky suspicion that he'll comment on your past anyway.
  226. DonnieD

    Newell S454-5 BNIB

    Hit up "reel man". HE'll let you know exactly what it's worth! But I'm sure he'll hit you up first!
  227. DonnieD

    F/S Ultimate Jigging 45mm Power Knob (Blue/Silver) (NEW)

    Here we go with Dickhead Drumford as usual...Long timers and Newcomers hate him all alike. His only contributions recently are him being a dick.
  228. DonnieD

    Newell P-series handles

    pshh...what does Jerry know about Newells? He's just guessin! LOL. JK, always love reading your input and knowledge!
  229. DonnieD


    My guess is they're stolen and they expected a quick easy $250. Wrong place for that...BD'ers usually smell that shit from MILES away.
  230. DonnieD


    I sure would like to know if this is for "reel"...Whoever buys these please report back
  231. DonnieD

    For Sale: Phoenix Black Diamond Hybrid and Accurate Dauntless 600. SOLD!!!!
  232. DonnieD

    Too Good To Be True

    315 area code??? UPSTATE NY!!! SYLVAN BEACH! Thats my old stomping ground and nobody up there smart enough to pull off a proper scam!! And like Jim says...IF you got the extra dough, test it...just have VERY LOW expectations. Have a great day fellas.
  233. DonnieD

    Too Good To Be True

    All I could find...As always, IF it sounds too good to be true...probably is
  234. DonnieD

    Talica 16ii

    I don't normally call people out but that's about the funniest question I've heard when someone is "interested" in a Talica
  235. DonnieD

    Custom Calstar 196-7 and Newell P229 F

    Both on Excellent condition and can text pics of the Newell anytime but the 196 7ft (12-25) not until tonight. Newell has brand new 20lb. pline mono 196 doesn't have a scratch on it...picked up recently from BD'er Looking for $225 for the combo...any interest send PM with number and I'll text...
  236. DonnieD

    Calstar West Coast Set of Factory Wrap Rods

    Free Tuesday Bump for my man Don. Thanks for the sweet rod again...amazing condition, great price!
  237. DonnieD

    FS: Avet MXL 6/4 & Seeker Black Steel Rod

    Good dude with clean gear! Free Monday bump.
  238. DonnieD

    FS: Penn Squall 12 Reel & Penn Legion Rod

    Quick and more than fair deal! Thank you again Brian!
  239. DonnieD

    FOR SALE NEWELL 533-4.6

    6 minutes...That's awesome!
  240. DonnieD

    Custom Calstar 765XL NEW SOLD

    Shocker...he's done it again...SWEET stick buddy!!
  241. DonnieD

    662.2 pound blue marlin captured off San Diego

    He needed a winch. Fortunately he had a buddy out there not too far from him who had a winch on his boat.
  242. DonnieD

    662.2 pound blue marlin captured off San Diego

    No...It's a Crane Lure made by a friend of Matt's. . Matt has them custom made for FinBomb
  243. DonnieD

    Newell P 229-F

    Excellent condition, 1 small scratch on spool, with clamp and full spool never used 20lbs. PLine mono. $150 - San Diego local pick up
  244. DonnieD

    newell reel s332-5 excellent cond. 275.00

    Hey...maybe it's nickle plated!!
  245. DonnieD

    avet mxj and jx raptors SOLD

    WOW...Lipripper sounds like a real dick dripper
  246. DonnieD

    Andros single on clearance at Bass Pro

    I saw that. Good deal. Also the Fin Nor (if Fin Nor is acceptable, and I think it is) is at a pretty decent price as well.
  247. DonnieD

    Good rod wrapper near Temecula

    Timmy D's most recent build
  248. DonnieD

    Good rod wrapper near Temecula

    I have a Timmy D rod as well and he has done 2 others for friends of mine. Look at his's fairly priced, EXCELLENT work. Salty is good also BUT I do not own one from them.
  249. DonnieD

    New Custom 2x4 AWESOME ROD!!! SOLD

    Very Nice! You've done it again!
  250. DonnieD

    Reduced: Newell P220 w/tib frame + Newell 229 bars + Spool

    Lots of Love from this guy on that reel! Recently Bought bought a P229 F in EXCELLENT condition - 10/10 for basically $135 (which was stolen that day out of my car, someone cut through my convertible top...). Combo with a P220F for $260. Not saying yours isn't worth the $215 but BD is a tough...
  251. DonnieD

    NEW Custom Sabre 591 sold

    Whoever finally takes this thing you're gonna love the work. I have one from Tim and it's a real head turning fish killer
  252. DonnieD

    Blue Dream

    Donnie HAPPY!! Fish dying by the day...Just strapped up my new Newell G338 F to slay this weekend. Look good, feel good!
  253. DonnieD

    Dallas Cowboys Tribute

    Nice work Tim! I've had many people impressed with the recent rod you built for me. Thank you again!! Donnie
  254. DonnieD

    Newells P220F and P229F all Alum./Stainless

    IF anyone is more interested in the 220 I'm really interested in the 229...I can pick them both up and drop the 220 off anywhere in SD
  255. DonnieD

    F/S Accurate BX2-30 Boss Extreme 2-Speed

    They definitely sold them new like that. I almost picked up a silver/blue a while back new from factory...just went with silver. solid reel!
  256. DonnieD

    Wanted....Rod Builder in San Diego

    Sorry late response...was out in Catalina for a week. His BD link is timmyd3853 ...Hit him there 1st...he will respond almost immediately
  257. DonnieD

    Wanted....Rod Builder in San Diego

    Tim's Custom Rods. He's building one for me right now. He does very nice work on high end and basic stuff. He's in Temecula. Attached pic of his work. SaltyDog is very local and their stuff is legit also! Just hit their website.
  258. DonnieD

    Cousins Fishing Rod For Sale??? Buyer not seller

    I'm looking for a cousins saltwater rod..7-8 foot 30-50 rating or something close. I really want to try these rods out for some reason. I am in San Diego but I don't mind taking a drive somewhere if you have one for sale. DonnieD [email protected]