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    This is unreal

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    3 year old pro

    Just came across this video.Pretty cool.The excitement in this kids voice is a reminder of why i fish.
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    Aint no caveman mickey mouse shit.

    Back in the day using a huge sack of black powder we(by we I mean U.S.) could hit a target in el Cajon from coronado island...25 miles away.Today we can hit a target in disney land from coronado island...125 miles away. The future is now...for the time being.:Beat_Them
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    shimano saragosa 20000 spin

    Brand new never used.Shimano saragosa 20000 filled with 100lb spectra. I bought this for a tuna popper setup and I felt the reel is a little on the big side so I got a 10000. $300.00 bucks and its yours.
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    I say we start an albacore pool. Anyone who posts a prediction of the first albacore of 2017 is the grand prize winner. Anyone who posts a prediction must say what they will donate as a prize. Whos in? I will donate a cedar plug. My date for first albacore will thinking before july...
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    kodiak 225 stainless calipers

    I have a set of kodiak 225 ss brake calipers.Calipers were in working order when removed.Your mounting bracket on your axle need to be 2-3/4 inch center to center.You can call or text me @619-438-2854
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    Offshore I got taxed hard today!

    I fought this beast for 3 hours on 30lb p-line xx. until it finally lost its spirit and had succumb to the man. 15 feet away on the surface from 2 gaffs and BOOM!. The largest mako I have ever seen in my life took one bite.One mouthfull and half my easily 150 lb class tuna was gone. There was...
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    thank you uncle Ted

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    commander bobtail build

    I just wanted to take a minute to show off my latest creation. Its a commander bobtail in 416 stainless. My favorite build thus far.Super proud.It came out perfect.I spent way too much time(hours and hours)getting the slide to frame fit to perfection....absolutely zero play...
  11. c-goat

    local knowledge review

    I loved it.:appl: I was impressed...alis a pro. Talk about taking it to the next! What was the date this was filmed? Is there going to be more? Imagine doing that show with fishin chicks,talk about ratings.
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    Ares armor 80% rudius 1911 design flaw

    Last saturday I took my newly completed rudius 1911 to the indoor range.This is my second 1911 build.The first build was a stealth arms aluminum frame,came out bitchen. The rudius build came out tits.The first couple hundred rounds or so I was stoked, it was shooting slightly tighter than the...
  13. c-goat

    FMM and and credit card fraud

    The other day I realized I had become a victim of theft from my bank account.They cleaned me out.The only transactions Ive done in the past month where I had to use my debit card or give my credit card info online was the air water machine in front of 7-eleven on mast in santee,it usese debit...
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    Wahoooo day 4 got mine BABY!

    Sunday 10-18-15 Finally,hours and hours and hours and hours of trolling for this exotic log of a tasty fish.....just got done grillin and fillin my belly.:) 4th solo trip out,got one,can finally relax now.:) South 9 32 over 21 400 feet deep.75 degree water.8 miles north of where water was 72.9...
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    steering fluid disapearing????

    Recently ive had to start adding steering fluid on a regular basis. I have no leaks that I could find.So,where is it going?
  16. c-goat

    Tuna jerky perfected

    Need: 25 LB yellow or blue fin. 1/2 bottle large teryaki sauce 1/3 bottle liquid smoke full bottle veri veri teryaki half bag brown sugar Marinate overnight or longer.Just before putting in dehydrator sprinkle real lightly with hot shot.Ill let it dry for about 8 to 10 hours. This is how I do...
  17. c-goat

    Rust spots in gel coat

    I recently had to take a cut off grinder to some seized up bolts on top of my boat.What I didnt realize is all the sparks that went flying everywhere ended up turning into rust spots everywhere.They look to be stained pretty deeply into gel coat. Before I go buying gel coat rubbing compound,I...
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    Nados saturday 6-20-2015

    Fished the islands saturday.It was slow fishing.Not a whole lot going on,borderline lifeless 68 degree clean water. Mid morning we headed offshore SW towards 425 only to find water getting cooler.Pointed it dead south towards upper hidden,same thing...water temp now dipping down to 66 :(...
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    A cool dude!

    Awhile back I was hanging out in my neighbor slash friend of mines garage.Up on his wall above his work bench he had a picture of a friend of his holding a nice size bass with a poem next to it.After reading this poem i said to him"wow,thats a pretty fuckin cool poem". My friend went on to...
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    need italian translator

    Im not sure,correct me if im wrong, but I believe this is an Italian cookbook titled "to serve lamb."
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    Whusssup bloody dicks!

    Ooops!Wrong website...typo,my bad.
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    a must try snack food

    If anyone has never had dried cuttlefish,or squid jerky you are missing out.This stuff is so tasty. I ordered this stuff off amazon and it was pretty fresh and chewy,in the past Ive gotten other brands from the Asian market that wasn't so fresh.
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    01110110010101100111011011 1001101000101

    Do I need to translate? Hackers suck! I think that's what it says LOL.
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    check out my homeguard

    Just finished up my little art project,the kelp.I think it came out pretty cool.Yellowtail mount is 54 inches long BTW. Picked up mount from BD member Doug aka fishshirts,thanks Doug.
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    granite installers

    Anyone install granite counter tops.Talk to me.
  26. c-goat

    current ripping north

    Has anyone,especially surfers, noticed the current along our coast?Normally this time of year its flowing south.In the middle of summer its always flowing north.Right now its ripping north. Just my observation....what it means,I have no idea.
  27. c-goat

    Offshore sept 20-2014 hidden bank

    Game plan:start at upper hidden work our way south. Started out slow for us.Trolled our way south for a few hours.Paddys seem to be hard to come by. Trolled and trolled south. 4th paddy of the day just a few miles south of hidden and approx. 60 miles from the point 10:30 AM...BINGO! All the...
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    mini seal bomb firecracker

    Anyone ever use these.Gonna keep them on my boat and try them out next time im around those furry bastards.
  29. c-goat

    anyone spear dorado this year 2014

    I saw a nice bull Saturday under a paddy.Stayed out of range just at the edge of visibility. Trust me,if Id shot it Id be showing off pics of it.
  30. c-goat

    Offshore 425-371-8-10-14

    Fished just a few miles SW of 425.Lots and lots of lazily jumping tuna under fluttering terns in this area. We managed 10 nice 18 to 20 lb YF and limits of YT for the three of us.We could not avoid the YT. We would have gotten easy limits early on if we only had some better bait....just could...
  31. c-goat

    Offshore Chicken and YF limits 7-12-2014

    Fished a few miles east of upper hidden for half our limit by 8 am and finished off at the 425. Lots of limits for everyone on and around the 425.VHF was alive with good vibes. Heard of others getting dorado...we could not find them. Weather turned to shit around afternoon.
  32. c-goat

    your biggest yellow tail off a paddy

    What is the biggest yellowtail you've caught off a paddy.Ive been involved in discussion recently on whether its possible to win the BD YT tourney with paddy fish. The winner of last weekends tourney actually won with all fish being taken off paddys.I feel this is partly due to the change in...
  33. c-goat

    Offshore BD YT tourney

    We got Yt. Nothing too spectacular. All paddy fish. Anyhow,thanks Jason and Ali again for making me work at catching fish,it really is the only time of year that I really do work at catching fish. Got 3 yellowfinfin as bycatch,it was a pleasant distraction nonetheless. Next Year!
  34. c-goat

    Nados Saturday May 3rd 2014

    I just want to start off by saying how phenomenol the weather was today....Wow!I live for these lie brother,I live for this chit. Anyhow, it was a slow methodical pick on the real deal quality yellers today.Got there at 6 AM.Got first bite at 9 Am.last fish at 3 PM.Went 5 for 7 for...
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    Bloody decks this year....Albacore BABY!
  36. c-goat

    Looking for a tank

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a tank.I would love to own a tank.Imagine the fun and enjoyment of taking kids for rides and crushing cars...junk cars of course. I know they are legal to own in California cuz Arnold,AKA the terminator has one.
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    pic is worth a thousand words

    These magnets are pretty cool...Are little secret.
  38. c-goat

    Bizarre foods starring tommy gomes

    Any catch bizarre foods tonight.1-20-2014 Andrew zimmern was at catalina offshore hanging out with Tommy. Swordfish bone marrow...uni-ice cod liver,who woulda thunk?
  39. c-goat

    pawn stars blooper

    Just wondering if anyone caught the episode of pawn stars last night where the f4 blue angel pilot came in to look at the front infrared heat seeking tracking device assembly from the nose of a missile that someone had brought in to sell. The pilot talked about how,before this technology, all...
  40. c-goat

    Del mar gun show

    Just wondering if anyone went to the gun show this weekend 12-14 -2013. Are the ammo lines still 4-5 hours deep.What about pricing? Im thinking I may have to go to the next one to re-up.
  41. c-goat

    La posta naval warfare training center

    Did some work today at one of the new buildings up at the la posta naval warfare training center. Wanted to show couple of pics I took.Lots and lots of small interconnected rooms lined with ballistic rubber,looks like the stuff at the back of indoor ranges.
  42. c-goat

    Bushnell tour v2 laser range finder

    Standard edition.300 yard range. Silver. Does not come with case. Ill let it go for $100
  43. c-goat

    sand car

    Engine:231 buick v6 balanced,stage 3 cam.Pocket ported heads.Match ported to holley aluminum manifold w/holley 650cfm double pumper.Accel ignition w/MSD. Transmission:VW transaxle 380:1 RP w/super difff and all ftc gears through out. Turning brakes.Disc brakes.Im asking $6500.00 If you just want...
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    Offshore 9-21-13 upper hidden no tuna report

    Got to the upper hidden at grey light.Looked really fishy.First paddy of the morning was easy limits of rat doarado.A few hours later easy limits on the rat yellows. We never found the tuna.Heard report around noon about someone going off about 4 miles above us. In a nut shell it wasnt wide...
  45. c-goat

    Offshore 425 371 hidden triangle

    Limits of cracker jacks and 3 nice dorado for 2 of us. Left yt biting to look for dorado...we found them. Today was a relaxing sunshiny day :) Didn't have to go far. Date says 13th for some reason..Saturday the 14th.Am I the only boat that caught fish today?Wheres the reports guys,bloody mutha...
  46. c-goat

    YELLOWFIN! Late report.

    Sorry for the late report.Beautiful weather,uhhh,we got yellowfin.Sept. 11 2010. Anyhow,the real reason for this thread is to share my thoughts on the upcoming yellowfin season. Due to the lack of storms during this typically normal deep south monsoon season I feel like the ocean never...
  47. c-goat

    223 steel case for .29

    Russian steel case 223 for .29 a round at midway usa right now.
  48. c-goat

    50 cal bmg shooters

    Just wondering if there are any 50 cal shooters here.I got an edm arms m96 50 cal dtc. on order.Get it in september,super, super stoked....soooo cant wait:rockin:
  49. c-goat

    Pond fishing

    Fished a pond on my buddys property over memorial weekend.Check out the pics of the two big ones that were caught.My buddys was a little fatter than mine...whatever. A week ago a 13lber was caught purportedly.I dont doubt it at all.
  50. c-goat offshore wind model

    Does anyone know what happened over at the southern california wind anaylsis site.Its been out for a while and I cant seem to find another site showing offshore wind.
  51. c-goat

    riffee mid handle hawaiian

    Used twice. Codition is new. $500.00 firm This size gun is a good all around gun,offshore paddy hopping or inshore reef hunting.
  52. c-goat

    riffee hawaiian mid-handle

    This gun has been used twice. Condition is new. This size gun is perfect for offshore paddy and inshore reef. $500.00 I am firm on the price.Thanks.
  53. c-goat

    King salmon in ensenada

    Anyone here got an explanation for how a king salmon can get caught in ensenada.Seems like every year atleast one gets caught somewhere local,catalina,I believe got one last year. Im looking for marine biologic reasoning behind this.I know there are some schoolys that hang out here,lets hear...
  54. c-goat

    nados 3-16-13 no yt report

    Today was a good day. Good rockfishing early on,close to limits for the 3 of us. The afternoon early spring yt snap never materialized.Did not see a single bent rod all day. Did see one guy taking a picture of what looked like a decent #20 lb class yt. No wind early on,slight breeze...
  55. c-goat

    POLL: Best fishing related movie EVER

    One flew over the cuckoos nest... PIERIE-UHD!
  56. c-goat

    Offshore Sept 29 2012

    We fished yesterday in average "albacore"seas,except the sun was shining. 1010 zone Short interval wind chop,Id say 2-3 ft max.Was not a tall and deep swell. Very doable in a pliot house. Wind got up to solid 20 knots mid morning,white caps for miles. Only drawback for the day was not being...
  57. c-goat

    fish roe (eggs)

    Does anyone keep fish eggs? Which do you prefer,tuna,yt,dorado etc? How do you prepare? Recipes?
  58. c-goat

    Offshore sat 9-1 2012 washing machine

    Upper hidden no tuna 5 dorado limits of rat yt for 3 trolled and trolled washing machine I love my pilot house:)
  59. c-goat

    RIFFE speargun FOR SALE

    I have a riffe hawaiian #H mid handle speargun for sale. Gun is in brand new condition.Used only a couple times. Im asking $600 or looking for best offer.
  60. c-goat

    Dorado mouth infectious??

    Anyone else get sore hands after catching dorados.Seems like every scratch and cut on my hands are slightly infected especially where the gill rake scratches are. Some gnarly shit going on in that mouth.
  61. c-goat

    Suday 7-29-2012 paddy hopping

    Got a late start. On the water 1:30 pm.Made a bee line out of MB straight out to the 302. Found 1 paddy with a couple small dorado and 4 yt. Shot the biggest yt,a decent #16 lber.After that the paddy was a shut out.The dorado were small and no where in sight.The other yellows stayed just in and...
  62. c-goat

    nados sat 7-28-2012

    Fished nados today.Didnt hear about mex navy ordeal till we got back to S.I.6 pmish.Was wondering all day WTF? where are the sportys at? Anyhow,it was an early morning bite.We went 3 for 6 on the yellows until it shut down around 9 am ish. Got alittle windy 10-15 knots and choppy by mid...
  63. c-goat

    Nados sat 7-21-12

    6 am 2 hook-ups 1 in the box and 1 lost,rocked...I got.south end MG 4:30 pm 2 hookups 1 in the box 1 lost,rocked...I got.MG The middle rest of the day was filled with limit style fishing for cooders,lee side flats.we brought home limits,I love fried cuda cajun style.You really should try it...
  64. c-goat

    how to cut bait quick and efficiently

    Poultry shears. Dont buy expensive stainless steel,too slippery and they dont have the handle. Last few trips we have limited out on cudas by tossing chunks and keeping them at the boat.
  65. c-goat

    NADOS SLAYFEST sat 7-14-12

    We absolutely put the wood to the yellers today. We hooked 11 landed 9.All super high quality.2 of them went #32. We also hooked and landed 2 small mako pups.Not to mention all the cuda you wanted. All on the drift,flylined deans, lee side south island down through the flats. Almost all fish...
  66. c-goat

    Tuna pens a the nados???

    What happened to the nados tuna pens.not a buoy or pen in site.Im thinking mexico politics($$$)does anyone know...Tommy,whats the scoop?
  67. c-goat

    excellent conditions 10-22 11 san diego

    If anyone is waiting for a good time to dive right now is the time.Best conditions ive seen in a long,long time.Great 15 to 20 foot visibilty, little surf and surge. Been getting onesee twosees the last couple nights.I got 3 tonight. I dont see it getting any better,Im gonna hit it every night...
  68. c-goat

    Offshore Lots of dry paddies

    We fished saturday 8-21-11 in the area between 425,hidden and 371.Every paddy,before we left it,was checked fior fish.Every single paddy had tons of bait.We found a lot of paddys , well over 10 and only 1 had 3 yt on it,just above the hidden. We got 1 on bait and the other 2 had to be coaxed...
  69. c-goat

    La Jolla thresher 8-12-11

    On the water at noon,solo trip. Made a b-line for scripps pier. Dropped a rapala cd-18 mac and an x-rap blue mac pattern 15 foot deep diver. Got to the glider ports and the x-rap gets slapped,im in 60 foot of water. Tailhooked a small thresher,good eats nonetheless. Not bad for a half hours...
  70. c-goat

    Cant fill my gas tank HELP!

    When i go to fill my tank the fuel backs up through the fill tube and overflows as if its full when its not. I cant figure out whats wrong.Im thinking the smaller vent tube is kinked or something. Has anyone ever had this problem before. FYI 2 weeks ago when we fished the RP it was choppy...
  71. c-goat

    coronados #26 YT

    I stopped just short of the middle grounds,meter marks. We worked the meter marks till we got bored. Just as we are about to make a move a worm starts to crawl across the bottom of my screeen.I exclaim"dude,thats a yellow tail right there" He,Oscar,AKA master plaster baiter, replies with,one...
  72. c-goat

    Offshore 40# blue fin 302

    Stardate seven twenty four AM Me drunk right now,no blah-blah blah. We got lucy today 40 Lb Bf.heres pics and video. Cant remeber when we had tuna on the boat last,has it really been that long? I know boiler maker and AT-EZ got some,heard them on the radio thanking...
  73. c-goat

    mxj 6 bearings

    Anyone know where to get bearings for my mxj 6 Tried boca can only find bearings for the mxj6/4 2 speed. Are the bearings in the 2 speed mxj6/4 the same size as the single speed mxj6 thanks
  74. c-goat

    La Jolla WSB 7-9-11

    Im posting this for one of my fishing buddys,Carl.Landed a nice #38 white seabass this morning 7 am. Our original plan was to run offshore and take our chance at the bluefin.Made last minute changes due to the fact sport boat pride out of seaforth,as well as a few other PBers,slayed the WSB...
  75. c-goat

    BD yellowtail tourney 6-25-11

    Did anyone get any YT today? If you did, props to ya! We didnt get jack.spent the day loading up on fish fry supply,I love fish fry partys...who doesnt.:cheers: Beer batter cuda with tartar sauce,sheepheasd ceviche and calico fish tacos.It would be on tommorrow if it werent for the BDYT...
  76. c-goat

    IB CUDA AND HALIBUT sat 5-28-11

    Game plan:Run down to IB to fish the cuda bite for MD fish fry and maybe get lucky with WSB. Got to IB 7ish found the birds working it.Had a couple of nice semi wide open flurry bites.Lots and lots of shorts and just as much fun. After an hour or so the birds just seemed to dissipate and go...
  77. c-goat

    Mako at the pile thur. 5-26-11

    Shoulda been here yesterday...thats gotta be the worst cliche next to 'thats why they call it FISHING". Anyway a quick summary.YT bite slowed to a crawl due to low pressure system that has moved in.Saw only a couple bent rods out of hundreds of fisherman,saw one landed.It was slow fishing,we...
  78. c-goat

    tr-1 auto pilot acting up

    My AP isnt working. Turn it on and a couple seconds later I here beep-beep.Does anyone know whats wrong.Nothing in the owners manual trouble shooting section that tells me what beep-beep means. thanks
  79. c-goat


    I have a couple older model 4/0 single speeds.The clickers on them are way to quiet. Is there some sort of upgrade I can do to make them louder?
  80. c-goat

    Offshore Albacore hidden bankl

    Saturday 9-4-10 By now youve read all the reports from the hidden bank area,so I dont need to go into great deatail. Long story short,started out 1 albi jig stop short of the hidden. Ended up trolling ,drifting (key word DRIFTING)the hidden area all day with the rest of the fleet. Saw...
  81. c-goat

    16 LB SHEEPHEAD La Jolla 8-8-10

    Dove la Jolla today(tanks). Game plan was to find my fin that I had lost swimming back to the boat 3 days ago and pick up a few more sheep head. I had shot 4 fish when I decided to swim back in the direction of the boat when I spotted my fin,holy shit,I found it,I couldnt beleive it,I was sooo...
  82. c-goat

    NO WSB BUTT...

    Fished for the wsb friday night through saturday morning.We knew the bite had slowed considerably so we brought extra beer. Anyhow we got skunked on the wsb.We did however get the usual batrays,sandbass,a legal size lingcod and a very respectable #20 halibut was landed by one of my fishing...
  83. c-goat

    Wide open barracuda 5-29-10

    I was just sitting here wondering why there are no posts on the wide open cooder bite at south kelp (nados)from saturday. Anyhow,we brought 7 of theses thick slimy logs home with us. If anyone tells ya cooders no good eating,well,they have no idea. Take cooder fillets,chunk them up,like you...
  84. c-goat

    rock pile,windy sucky

    If it wasnt for the wind that picked up mid morning from the NW then calm to gusting from the SE,I think we would have done better than the 1 YT caught on a slow trolled mac. The fish definitely were there and were definitely in a hurry as if frantically waiting for the signal pointing them in...
  85. c-goat

    penn international 50w

    Cosmetically about a 7.Mechanically sound. It has a full spool of What I beleive is 80 lb p-line. Im asking $225.00.This price is firm ok,thanks.
  86. c-goat

    bow tech stryker crossbow

    Im putting up for sale my bowtech stryker crossbow.This is thee most powerful and fastest crossbow anywhere.At 405 FPS taking a pig out at 60 yards is no big deal. This bow is easily loaded using a small crank handle that is inserted into either side of the stock.Comes with 30x (20,40,60 dot)...
  87. c-goat

    Offshore Sat 9-26-09 mahi and yellowfin limts for 2

    02 26 wide open limit of dorado and couple of YF paddy. 06 24 couple of paddy YF,nicer grade. 08 23 Wide open football YF ,left them biting. Made friends with a blue on a paddy. Enjoy pics.
  88. c-goat

    Offshore 9-5-09 limits YF

    Limits of YF for 4. Four dorado hooked 4 dorado landed ,2 by me.:) We fished 3 miles above the 101 for half the fish off porp and 5 miles below 425 with about 25 other boats on a small paddy for the dorado and the other half of the mostly bait YF. I included a pic of a small school of lockjaw...
  89. c-goat

    Need louder clicker

    I got a couple 4/0 single speed earlier models. When I get a jig strike you can hardly tell. Does avet have a fix or mod for this problem?Yes,I call it a problem.
  90. c-goat

    where to buy starboard

    Does anyoneone else besides SD plastics carry star board.Im hoping to find somewhere closer to me(santee)thanks.
  91. c-goat

    Paddy hopping friday August 14 2009

    We new it was going to be scratchy fishing this day. The cold water that streches from the rockpile all the way out west past the 371 and deep south is keeping the next batch from making its way north. Hopefully this water will warm up and we will see some YF in good numbers make a showing in...
  92. c-goat

    Offshore Personal best Yellow Tail again.

    My fishing buddy caught his PB yt 2 weeks ago,a nice #30 lber. Today (friday Aug 14) he topped that with a very nice #36 lber. I cant beleive it ,why couldnt it have been mine. Anyfuckin way,congratulations Jay.:) Fish was caught 7.7 miles SE 302. The rest of the fish were caught north and...
  93. c-goat

    Offshore Personal best YT

    One of my fishing buddys caught his personal best yellow last sunday. It was a very nice #30 lber. He was very stoked. He kinda gave me a hard time for not posting a report.I told him I suck at reports. Anyway,it was caught just west of the south 9 ,right after the water went from dirty to...
  94. c-goat

    yamaha 150 no start

    yamaha 4-stroke 2006 f-150 does not start. When key is turned to on there is no power to gauge(tach) also trim tilt does not work at the control end or at the motor switch,normally trim tilt at motor and control work without key on in ignition. Checked all fuses,that I could find,battries...
  95. c-goat

    fri 7-17 09 paddy hopping

    Went paddy hopping yesterday. Shot a decent dorado and yt.These are the first fish Ive shot since Mark(spear shack) installed a reel for me.It made life so much easier,wow. Just before shooting the dorado I got breezed by a couple hundred #15 model bluefin.I swam down and took a shot from...
  96. c-goat

    booyaa fishing shorts

    Anyone know who in town carries the booya stuff? Cant seem to find thier website,supposed to be but it keeps going to the fight wear site.
  97. c-goat

    # of hooks for rockfishing????

    Is there a limit to the # of hooks for a rock cod rig in mexico? U.S. waters is 2 correct?
  98. c-goat

    Anyone eat sand crabs

    Recently on bizarre foods Andrew Zimmern was in phucket thailand.They caught sand crabs in the surf.They plucked the legs and fried them in oil,they also did a batch tempura style.If I recall Adrew compared them to soft shell crab and said they were tatsy. These crabs looked exactly like the...
  99. c-goat

    Any fog storys

    Anyone got any fog storys from over the weekend,lost hoops,boats on the rocks etc. I couldnt imagine not having radar.Coming back from the 390 saturday night,the last 30 miles was like I was driving a submarine,stricly by radar. On auto pilot also of course,gotta love that too. When I finally...
  100. c-goat

    Quick rig circle hooks

    Quick rig charlie brown circle hooks...the shizz!
  101. c-goat

    Accurate 870 drag too tight now!!

    Took reel apart to clean out 1-way bearings that were slipping. Got it back together,problem was fixed only to realize the drag on the lowest setting,all the way counter clock,is now way too tight. When I turn drag adjustment knob a little tighter I cant even get the lever pushed forward its...
  102. c-goat

    senor hefe question

    Here it goes ,one more time. In the senor hefe thread it states that the CG would not let the feds board because they were in international waters.Yet,they were on the way to the 295. Someone please explain this.
  103. c-goat

    Kill bag question??

    My kill bag only has one handle loop on one end(is this normal or did I get a defect?),it has the regular purse handle in the middle.what I need is to sew another loop handle on the other end. This would not only facilitate carrying a heavy bag,but it would also enable me to tie it off to my...
  104. c-goat

    Is radar frying my gps???

    A few weeks ago I installed radar. First time out adjust radar and realize my gps is not picking up,worked fine prior to this outing. I have heard of radar screwing up electronics,gps etc. I get the gps antenna back tommorrow.Should I reinstall in the same location? IMO the gps antenna is...
  105. c-goat

    Sea Urchin

    Does anyone here dive for sea urchin,non commercial? What are the regs,if any? How would you prepare for sushi etc.?
  106. c-goat

    back issue of pacific coast sportfishing

    I have a box full of back issues of PCS about 70 issues.I was going to throw them out.If anyone wants these let me know.I will hold on to them for one week,my trash days are monday so they will be tossed out next monday march 24.
  107. c-goat

    cutting spectra

    Came across these at home depot gardening section.They work bitchen for cutting spectra.
  108. c-goat

    Fujinon Binos on C-list

    Came across a pair of fujinon techno stabis for $625. I offered 400 but the guy said 500 minimum.If I didnt already have a pair(I paid 400 for mine) I would jump on these. These binos are a must have on a boat,regular binos aint worth a shit,someone jump on these before theyre gone.
  109. c-goat

    Looking for a hoser

    Im stoked ,got my early x-mas present in the mail today, TR-1 auto pilot. I pretty much got it dialed in as to how and where Im going to mount the pump,ecu ,etc-etc. Now the only thing Im going to be needing is someone to make me a couple of short hydraulic lines and to cut into my existing...
  110. c-goat

    need hvac guy for side job

    I have a brand new trane 3 ton (heat pump,3 phase ,light commercial)package unit that Im trying to sell. I found a possible buyer,he owns a japanese,chinese restaruant(kipps cafe) on 2nd st. El Cajon. What I need is someone highly experienced with HVAC to look at this job and give a bid,if...
  111. c-goat

    hydrafoils good or bad??

    I was wondering if anyone here has those hydrafoil fin things on their outboards. I was told they are the next best thing to trim tabs(which Ive got also)
  112. c-goat

    Fish finder chart plotter combo,opinions needed

    Im lookin at gettin a FF-chart plotter combo in 8 inch screen size. Im feelin the lowrance LCX-38c dual freq. at this time,mainly because of the expandability features and I also like the way lowrance FF,s look,almost 3-dimesional. I was just wondering if theres anyone out there with...
  113. c-goat

    Offshore 8-4-07 dorado yellow tail

    Got a pair a dorado and a pair of yellows between 230 and 302. Very strange their bellys were stuffed with small bait fish and they all had a silvery metallic rod sticking through their head...I beleive this was their demise. P.S. The fish are out there,its just there is a shit load of...
  114. c-goat

    Offshore 7-21-07 302 ish albi trip

    4 albis Couldnt ask for better sea conditions,what a bitchen day.
  115. c-goat

    Offshore 6-30 sat 390

    Top of the 390 lotta boats hooked up,lotta meter marks, lotta fun. Me and a buddy ended the day with 5 quality fat albis. Also found a fat paddy just shy of the 390 @ 7 AM wide open yellows,left that paddy with 7 yellows,2 of them pushing #20. Good luck to all headin out tommorow weather...
  116. c-goat

    Salmon jerky

    OK Here it is very simple recipe. Marinate in soy,bs and hit "O" hickory. Lay out in pan ,sprinkle old bay blackened...I go lightly Put in dehydrater I went 120 degrees for damn near 12 hours,the longer the better IMO. This stuff is soo freakin god damn good,I kid you not ,if you tied my...
  117. c-goat


    are being caught by the boatload right now,yet Im only seeing a handful of reports. I know this isnt in the right forum guys but this thread is for all those who hang out here(there are hundreds and hundreds of you,you know who you are) go out catch fish and then come back here to hang out...
  118. c-goat

    La Jolla 06 labor day

    Hit up La Jola for the usual couple of under "18 tiny baby sheephead(cuz thats just how I roll) and a nice keeper specimen of a calico. The true highlight of this dive though,was turning to see where my buddy was and seeing him pointing his gun straight down,I could tell by the way he was...
  119. c-goat

    ceviche!...essay! 8-27-06

    Called the surf report yesterday,only because I have no friends and this lifegaurd on the recording is always there for me. Anyway,to my surprise he says the vis in the cove was 40-50 foot...WTF? Is that possible...I dont think so! It was pushing 20 today,if that. Did one dive got my...
  120. c-goat

    Offshore 8-25-06

    Game plan: Find strip of warm water running north and south splitting 425 and 371,find paddys,catch fish. We stuck to our game plan,turning VHF down so as not to be distracted by what others are or are not doing seems to be the ticket on helping stay focused on said game plan. Ended the...
  121. c-goat

    Limits "O" mahi 7-28-06

    Hit the southern end of the local banks for easy(way to) limits on the dorado and two med size yellers. This was my deep blue"free dive" cherry popper,just outside the dirty water we found do-do that just didnt feel like playing,had schools of about 15 to 25 at a time ,every 10 minutes,within...
  122. c-goat

    Offshore Mahi EZ limits 7-28-06

    and three YT, south end local banks...want some? Go git um theyre there.
  123. c-goat

    Offshore world record yellow tail!

    ...atleast in my world it was. Friday 6-23-06 headed out on my bros boat(from the coral)worked the 1010 with the fleet,I think I counted 8 sportys,anyway we found the tuna to be slim pickens,they were jumping everywhere, just not in the boat. I caught a nice grade of tail off a paddy a...
  124. c-goat

    Offshore local banks fri 6/16/06

    Paddys far and few between. The paddys we did come across were holding but the yt just did not want to play. We worked one of the three paddys we found for 3 yt just NW of 371 good luck to those venturing out tommorow. Oh yea awesome conditions out there today,glassy seas,little...
  125. c-goat

    Pt. Loma petting zoo. 6-11-06

    Dove pt. loma today(I had a hankering for some ceviche)shot the usual 1 good size sheephead and a couple of fat calicos. The highlight of this dive was when a huge shadow comes swimming right at me,I had a split sec of nervousness until I realize it was a huge,175# plus black sea bass. This...
  126. c-goat

    Offshore local banks blue fin fri 6-9-06

    Limits for three on yt fished 425 to the 371 yt on paddys and a triple jig strike bf 2 miles shy of 371 jig strike good luck to all those hitting the local banks tommorow.
  127. c-goat

    sea forth 3/4 day fish counts

    yesterdays (monday 6-5-06) count had excellent numbers of tail...are they working the "pile"? Does anyone know?
  128. c-goat

    Offshore prowler maiden voyage 5-20-06

    jumped on the prowler fri night. Only 2 albis(troll) but we limited out on the tails. Got my fix now I can relax for a few days.:) I beleive we were down around the lower 500.
  129. c-goat

    fri-sat 2-24,25-06

    Friday night- We headed out around sunset to nw la jolla,awesome conditions 20+ ft vis no surge, we did not see a whole lot out on the crawl a couple handfuls of shorts,we came up with zero keeps. Dive 2 we headed south and dropped anchor in 20 ft.,we were just north of marine st.vis was...
  130. c-goat

    fri. night 2-10-06 pt. lomaish

    1st dive,sorted through what seemed like hundreds of juvees to come up with 4 keepers,my buddy managed 2. Dive #2 we moved to an area that in the summer is normally so thick with kelp you could literally walk acrossed it. We got to the bottom and except for the thousands and thousands of...
  131. c-goat

    La Jolla 12-8-05 night dive

    Went on my first night dive last night.Great vis(15-20)swam out from the c-pool about a hundred yards to a depth of about 25 ft. Saw tons and tons of bugs,a majority of which were obviously undersize. Grabbed lots of bugs but only managed two keepers,its amazing how much bigger those...
  132. c-goat

    Pt loma 11-6

    Dove N-Pt. loma today. Visibility wasnt too bad until about 4 feet off the bottom ,couldnt see jack-shit 3 feet in front of ya. Ended up diving along the jetty hangin out with the geribaldi,there sure are alot of them,my buddy did end up bringing home about a 5lb lobster,even though it was...
  133. c-goat

    Offshore 238/lower 500 9-3

    Fished sat on the vessel "outcast" 1 yellow tail 25 lb. 2 yellow fin 25 + lb. 3 dorado 12 - 18 lb. yt and yf were caught on bait in 65 degree dirty water a few miles south east of the 238 off a pair (75 yards apart) of small paddys. A 1 dorado jigstop was followed by a pair on bait 7 miles...
  134. c-goat

    fishing outta ensenada ! 9-2 to9-5

    Will be slipped at the coral all weekend on my bros boat. Besidees the heather lynn report(9-1) dont really have a game plan yet. If anyone has some inside dope it would be much appreciated,pm me if need be. Will be trailering down tommorrow mid morning. Will likely be buddy boating with...
  135. c-goat


    guts! A friend told me that you should gut your alb immediately prior to putting away on ice. He said the guts get hot and cooks the meat. I tried this last weekend and low and behold the guts were noticeably hot and I did notice while cleaning fish later that the meat seemed to be a...
  136. c-goat

    2001 mercury 150 EFI electrical prob.

    I was on a buddys boat yesterday,26 sea pro cc with twin merc 150,s, at 3000 rpms one of the ob,s just shuts down. Nothing at ignition switch,volt meter on dash shows nothing,trim switch on motor does not work. The battery is good(brand new)there is power up to the starter solanoid in the...
  137. c-goat

    flare guns in mex???

    I was recently informed flare guns are illegal in mex waters. I was told it is still considered a gun. Is this true? Ive had a flare gun on board since day one goin into mex.
  138. c-goat

    Offshore sat 5-14

    went to the rockpile,in a roundabout way(110 miles to be exact)for one decent ling. handful of paddys with deep meter marks,60-100 ft....1 paddy had 3 yt. what I had to offer just was not good enough,will be shopping for spear gun this week. c-goat(it really was a bitchen day)out
  139. c-goat

    yamaha 2001 115, crappin out!

    I was runnin back to port close to full throttle for about 20 minutes,when I got about 5 miles from pt. loma my motor started to stutter ever so slightly,as if it lost spark in a cylinder or somethin,lose a little power and drop to about 20 miles an hour. I would stop ,let it idle then take...
  140. c-goat

    Offshore local banks alb.

    From n.9 to past 371 and around and around for one 10+ lb. bonita,released. Heard report of some alb. being caught 10 miles west of 302,ended the day covering "that" whole area for a couple hours for nothin. Tell me I suck at fishing and I will kick your ass LOL C-GOAT(I suck at fishing)OUT
  141. c-goat

    Domengoni Resevoir

    I think that is what they called it before they changed it to diamond valley. I am not a hardcore fresh water fisher.I lived in temecula(rancho cal before they changed that name to temecula)from the mid 80,s to the mid 90,s. This was during the time they were constructing the dam. I made a...
  142. c-goat

    Double Payne Windows

    I recently installed double payne windows in my house.They were the retrofit type(no stucco repatch etc).A friend hooked me up with this guy who installs them.I installed them myself but the guy got me the windows,they were $1100 less than what home depot wanted. It cost me $1500 to do my whole...
  143. c-goat


    Last sunday I had some thresher steaks given to me.It was caught that day and I grilled them up that night. I prepared it like I prepare tuna or YT. The finished product looked awesome on the plate but needless to say I found the flavor kinda blah,not as flavorful as tuna thats for sure.It had...
  144. c-goat

    ''ALL COAST'' membership

    Does anyone here pay the $39 membership fee at allcoast. Supposedly for $39 you get up to date SST,s. Is this true ,and are the SST,s the same as the other place. Also does the membership go a full 12 months from date of initiation, or just to the end of the year. This price is a liitle more...
  145. c-goat

    Stopped By Noahs Today.....

    they were closed!WTH! Closed on sunday!?Needed to spool up some spectra, stopped by the other place down the street,and wouldnt you know it,they was plum outta 50 lb.So ill prob stop by noahs again this week, hope they can hook a brotha up.
  146. c-goat

    Breaking The Chain!

    Does anyone else here read "the log"?In the latest edition (feb 18) theres an article entitled, the real cost of sushi. It basically talks about the bluefin pens off mexicos coast.It brings up a good point about possibly upsetting the food chain,its strange cuz a few months into last season I...
  147. c-goat

    Bloody Decks Skiff Sighting.....

    I beleive it was the one mots Sr sold. South 5 laguna hills area. Where they were going in weather like this is beyond me.
  148. c-goat

    mots is a poser!

    Just saw a pic. of greg mots in" the log"fish pic.right on dude! Again,nice croaker! :cheers:
  149. c-goat

    SALMON JERKY(no smoker required)

    one 2 lb. fillet of salmon,I get mine from costco,they have pretty good quality meats there.Cut into 3/8 to1/2 inch thick fingers. For the marinade:2 cups soy sace or teryaki 1/4 cup brown sugar about 2 tbs. of liquid smoke flavor...
  150. c-goat

    yamaha 4-stroke,oil change

    Im about to do my third oil change(300 hrs)on my 115,now... do I really need to spend 4 bucks a quart on yamalube oil or can I use castrol 10-40 or similar?The reason I ask this is because in the shop manual it reccommends this cuz it says it contains special anti corrosives etc,are they blowin...
  151. c-goat

    Happy B-day Too......

    Trained fish killer,kerchunk,snagged,shinerunner,roo,jimpat,limitsand alby slayer ,were all sea goats dontcha know(capricorns) :cheers: :beerbang:
  152. c-goat

    High as a kite

    home sweet home.....I dunno why...just wanted to share this pic.
  153. c-goat

    preventive maintenance

    I use to own a 84 k5 blazer which I sold a few years ago.I had to explain the cancerous rust on the bottom fronts of the doors and know ,launching the boat ,salt water picked up on the parking lot,yada,yada,yada.He looked at me and says"why dont you wash under there after you get...
  154. c-goat

    We Got Big Balls!!

    Did anyone see birds diving on bait balls around the inner banks very much this season? besides at the(big fat pig: ) blue fin pens.I recently witnessed the bluefin being fed and seeing the birds diving and tuna boiling brought back some memorys of once upon a time.Is there some sort of...
  155. c-goat

    Offshore 10-2 302 Lottery!!

    managed to scratch one up ,yellow fin that is , and a couple of rats off a paddy.heard good things way south on the radio. ohhh radio,where art thou fish? :nopity:
  156. c-goat

    Offshore 9-25 302 yellowfin

    started out at the pile ,slow bonita.headed to islands ,even slower.headed to 302 about 10 am. two miles short of hit paddy for 2 rat yellows,1 yellowfin. proceeded to troll ,two miles past high spot 1 yellowfin on green and orange feather. trolled and trolled and trolled,a few miles nw of...
  157. c-goat

    Offshore Like A Tijuana Taxi!

    if it wasnt for the blue shark that cut me off...... today would have been a total loss.302,425,371,230,226 to the middle grounds in a round a bout way. found lots of sweeet lookin promising paddys with nothin but a handful of bait fish at the most . seemed to be just one of those stagnent...
  158. c-goat

    beef jerky made simple

    london broil 1/8 inch thick. marinate overnight in soy sauce ,big handfull of brown sugar a littlte liquid smoke. lay out on racks in oven sprinkle coarse ground black pepper on meat. set oven temp to lowest temp 120- 135 is good my lowest temp is 170 (a little high,damn digital ovens) the key...
  159. c-goat

    chop suey!

    disorder on the high seas.had to switch to plan "B". bonita,bass barracuda,beer ,BLT pig: ,OB,PB,bird rock ,WIND AND SEA! catch my drift? MAN! talk about reverse oscillations compounded by the white noise who woulda thunk!?.............STAY HOME DOROTHY STAY HOME!