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  1. MisterBandit

    Seeker Factory Run Custom Jigsticks

    The honey composites I mentioned are all available directly from Seeker, or could be ordered through your local tackle shop.
  2. MisterBandit

    Seeker Factory Run Custom Jigsticks

    I was not able to find the old G540 pattern for the ones Seeker sent to Sabre Australia, so I can't answer that. I do know where some are and will borrow one after the fred hall show to see how they compare.
  3. MisterBandit

    Seeker Factory Run Custom Jigsticks

    Yes, we never stopped, and have some in stock now.
  4. MisterBandit

    Seeker Factory Run Custom Jigsticks

    I mis7bderstood In that case, I misunderstood you. We have honey glass jigsticks now... 7X, S/B Ulua, G540 to name a few.
  5. MisterBandit

    Seeker Factory Run Custom Jigsticks

    Certainly no defects. Lot of guys like a jigstick that isn't black. We have fun painting them and the shops like to get something different now and then. Why be so negative?
  6. MisterBandit

    Seeker 540 prototype?

    it's a G540. (graphite flagged 540). We made 12 this year.
  7. MisterBandit

    ISO silver seeker labels

    we don't have anymore of those composite stickers in gold, but you're welcome to some of the new ones if that helps.
  8. MisterBandit

    Broken rod

    Please enlighten me as to how Seeker is run like a hobby...
  9. MisterBandit

    Help identifying Super Seeker blanks

    Hi guys, please call Seeker and ask to speak with Jose for any blank clarification. The SS6455 was never made , but the SS-CTS55 was and still is, and that's likely what you have. We have some ideas about who you may have spoken with from a prior ownership, but if we can help clarify what you...
  10. MisterBandit


    3X5 is a Super Seeker, not an OSP. The best ( most popular) OSP's for the yummy flier are the 3X and 4X. Slower taper than the SS rail rods and 3" longer. Almost all the sportboats and commercial guys we outfit are using OSP3X and 4X as their heavy rod with the kites.
  11. MisterBandit

    Shimano Rods Dispute

    I walked my Terramar into shimono in Irvine and my rod was replaced. What can't be replaced was the only GT I hooked on my trip to Fiji. Lost the fish when the rod broke. My Terez didn't snap in half, 4 of the guide inserts popped out. But that was this past year, after Shimano changed their...
  12. MisterBandit

    Shimano Rods Dispute

    I broke 3 shimanos and don't buy Chinese rods anymore.
  13. MisterBandit

    Fishing from a sailboat- Catalina

    well done! since catalina and back is a $400 proposition on my boat, I've always thought about how it would be done on a sailboat.
  14. MisterBandit

    Calstar Trollers. BWC 660H-RS/RT line rating: 30-80

    I need to sell 4 Calstar trollers that are in almost new condition. Black West Coast 6'. 30-80 line rating and have roller stripper and roller tip guides on them. Excellent Southern California Marlin rods. Rods are in perfect condition and retail for $227 +tax. I'm thinking $175 might be...
  15. MisterBandit


    Went out looking for an opah yesterday but could only find wsb, damn... #495
  16. MisterBandit

    Offshore fishing on the Prowler on 6-9-13

    Here's a shot of some of the Prowler fish...
  17. MisterBandit

    Offshore oside 267 277

    Hey Jeff... All In was the first on the paddy.... I know because i found it on All IN right after sun-up... had it to ourselves for 30 minutes or so before some asshats in a parker backed down right into it. When I asked them "why dont you just park on the F*ckin thing?", they fired up the...
  18. MisterBandit

    Offshore oside 267 277

    That big kelp was a zoo on sunday... but the divers were the first ones there in the morning. Most of those other boats weren't looking for kelps... they were looking for boats already on kelps...lame.