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  1. crawdadguy

    Tady 9/0 from 80's

    Hey I was cleaning at my parents house and found 2 old boxes of mine tucked in the garage (given up for lost decades ago) lots of interesting old stuff...I'll bore you with that later... anyway found some old jigs including this Tady 9/0. I think the color was called angry squid? It weighs...
  2. crawdadguy

    Komodo handle choices

    Looking to get komodo 463. There seems to be 3 different handle choices paddle, knob w/counterweight, power knob only. What are the positives / negatives of each?...plan on using it as a bait reel #25 or #30 lb top shots opinions ? Thanks
  3. crawdadguy

    wanted Electric downriggers

    got a buddy moved up to Sactown looking to buy electric dowriggers Hes down this week in Sandiego so what do you got? Pm me leave phone # and lets get er done!
  4. crawdadguy

    need carpet installer in No. SD co. for side job

    leave me a # thx
  5. crawdadguy

    good cond penn 6/0 $45 OBO

    Ready to fish no issues drag serviced last year and not used since filled with fresh #50 mono
  6. crawdadguy

    going to be in NZ for 3 weeks in december Guides?

    any suggestions for fishing guides...going to be in N and S island love to get a huge trout or ??I fish fresh? salt or a chap to take me out?
  7. crawdadguy

    brand new 5'7" surfboard

    Brand new high quality soft surfboard 5'7" manufacturer Greco model... Hosanna $90 50% off cost...leash and fins included located in Vista area PM me with phone # to text
  8. crawdadguy

    A Victory for all So Cal Fisherman

    I know it has been a tough season for some (me too) ...Here is a little bit of inspiration to keep us going...found our friend sunbathing 5 mi inside the 182
  9. crawdadguy

    Friday 6/24 Oside inside /outside report

    Just giving the weekend warriors some intel for the weekend. Great bait...large sardine/ mackeral mix or small dine / mini mac mix..since I have split tanks I took some of each. Large swell across harbor mouth,,,just wait and shoot out between sets...headed offf cbad 5-6 mi 70 degree water...
  10. crawdadguy

    oside report 7/23/thurs

    I'll give you a brief report from today just the facts. bait...large sardines big but strong...and the fish bit them 10 boat bait line at 540am water inside 5 mile 74.4 at 10 miles 70.5...but fish were in both Paddies holding yellows of all sizes...saw a marlin on a paddy...even a yellowfin or 2...
  11. crawdadguy

    hypalon repair or???

    I have a few rods where the hypalon is loosing the smooth-ish finish. what are my repair choices without a whole rewrap? I saw a product that is like the grip on teramar rods...seems to heat shrink wrap over old hypalon. opinions and who does this in no sandiego or OC areas thank you
  12. crawdadguy

    do tld 5 and 10 have value?

    I have one of each and may sell one these... used to be hot in good cond what is there value?
  13. crawdadguy

    aging hypalon isssue/fix

    one of my trolling rod's hypalon if beginning to wear...the smooth finish is wearing off leaving more of an open cell foam...short of a there products or ideas to help? thanks
  14. crawdadguy

    fighting harness

    kidney/ lower back fighting belt $30 pm me w/ number to txt paypal.ship ok
  15. crawdadguy

    cheap 4/0 penn $30

    see add in general fishing crap Thx
  16. crawdadguy

    dead seal

    while heading to the barn kelp I saw this floating off in the distance as we approached this rotting carcass, the air became very pungent the boys wanted to pop it with a gaff but i used my middle aged wisdom to know better after failed attempts to pop it from a distance using various missles...
  17. crawdadguy

    Lowrance LMS 350A

    this is a working fishfinder/gps plotter it will contain all parts including transducer,gps module,paddlewheel, and carrying case easy to use with smart buttons paypal shipping ok or meet local and I'll hook it up to a battery for you $165 Pm me with cell ## crawdadguy
  18. crawdadguy

    opinions on Seafoam

    My 40hp is having minor issues after sitting 5mos. prob fuel related..what are the opinions on this product price??? how to use??? where to buy thanks
  19. crawdadguy

    wooden tackle box

    wooden tackle box has a lot of life left in her dimensions 11"w 22"L 13"H lots of storage $ twenty bucks I live in North SD county PM me
  20. crawdadguy

    diawa 9/0 penn6/0 wooden tackle box

    cleaning out so I have #1.... a diawa sealine series 900 9/0 loaded with 80lb line .... working condition... $30 #2 penn 6/0 I'll even throw in the rockcod handle too working condition $25 wooden tackle box see fishing gear forum PM me I live in No. SD county I hope someone...
  21. crawdadguy

    oside conditions sunday

    took my boat out sunday...10-15 knot winds all day red tide has surrounded Oside harbor area..... at the barn kelp off color green water 67 degrees slow pick on small calicos/macs slow day
  22. crawdadguy

    Friday at La Jolla

    took my good friend Grumpy out in my boat to la jolla... Prior to this I met up with Mr Tommy Gomes who hooked me up with some Uni goop...For those not in the know that is basically chopped up sea urchin to my scoop of extra large dines with hopes of slow trolling them in the PM for...
  23. crawdadguy


    sent you a PM
  24. crawdadguy

    boat trlr for sale

    SOLD SOLD a buddy of mine has this... 26' EZ loader painted tandem axle trailer New brakes on both tires...8600# load carrying capacity SOLD SOLD
  25. crawdadguy

    looking for sd county merc mechanic

    I have a buddy who has an 150 merc with fuel leak is late 90"s-early 2000 2stroke looking for a repair shop (or mobile) in north SD county any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  26. crawdadguy

    gas tank treatment

    a buddy of mine bought a bass boat with gas that had been in there for 2 years...he drained the tank and is installing a 10 micron filter/water separator.. my ??? are what are your suggestions for cleaning out the tank?/ additives or what...what is the best way to clean it out without removing...
  27. crawdadguy

    classic 17 1/2 ft Glasspar

    Boat is sold 17 1/2 ft. runabout comes with an awesome heavy duty Galv. trlr. powered with a Nissan 90hp oil inj. with PT/T runs well very economical...comes with marine radio, gas tanks, battery,bait tank, cover ...this boat is ready to fish NOW...within the last month it has a new...