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  1. bass_blaster

    1st Gen Penn International Torque 200

    For sale, local in San Diego if you want to pay cash, otherwise I can ship. PayPal friends and family or add the 4% Reel is in really good shape, just not doing much salt anymore. Last service was done by Kens Custom Reels (about 5 years ago) and it’s been used once since then (last year). It...
  2. bass_blaster

    Phenix Hybrid 888mh Swimbait Stick

    This will probably be my last one for a little while. Baby boy due in a couple weeks and I’ve gotta kick myself out of my shop to make room. Since I like neon I went ahead and put all of them on this rod. Other parts are Fuji K-series titanium guides and ACS reel seat, and American Tackle G2...
  3. bass_blaster

    Phenix black diamond 809XHJ swimbait rod

    Found more of my neon thread again. This blank is by far my favorite heavy swimbait set up to build. Fishes the heavy stuff nice, can work some of the smaller stuff (-4oz), and then can go play offshore with tuna. Used Fuji K-series guides and x-wrap over cork tape for the grips.
  4. bass_blaster

    Calcutta Conquest 200, 300

    Interested in seeing if anybody local in SD has any of the older model and/or newer model Conquests in decent shape. I’d prefer a 200 but open to another 300. Looking for something in good shape. I’ve got cash and located in San Diego. Thanks.
  5. bass_blaster

    Back to my neon roots. Phenix Ultra MBX

    All Fuji NOCP thread (teal, chartreuse, black). American Tackle carbon split grip, Matagi matte slate reel seat. Used a set of the CRB LZR guides, they’re actually pretty good for the price.
  6. bass_blaster

    Minnkota Terrova 24v Trolling Motor

    First of all, located in San Diego, so local deals only. I’ve got a ~2014 Minnkota trolling motor that was on my old bass boat previously. IT IS IN NEED OF SERVICE. Backstory: it worked fine for a long time, then started having issues with internal transducer in the motor housing. Took...
  7. bass_blaster

    Another heavy swimbait rod Phenix 909xhj

    Got a Phenix 909XHJ blank, trimmed about 4” off the but to make action slightly less fast and also so the rod can fit safely inside the cab of my truck if needed. Fuji MNSGs, Alps Aluminum trigger seat. Long-ish throop wrap with black/silver/blue metallic on bottom and black on top.
  8. bass_blaster

    Phenix XXH swimbait setup.

    Finally done. Fades all over the handle area. Going to use it for heavy baits in fresh and salt, especially now that we can start getting back out there.
  9. bass_blaster

    Failure due to wrapping guides without underwrap

    Just curious if anybody here has ever experienced a failure on a build where you wrapped guides directly onto the blank without an underwrap. I’ve only been at it 10 years and about 60 builds, and zero failures, but obviously my sample size is pretty small. I typically do a lot of heavier stuff...
  10. bass_blaster

    Varmac G-lite Blanks

    I’ve got a couple Varmac G-Lite blanks I got at Squidco a year or more ago and they’ve just been sitting. No idea when I’ll get to them so Maybe someone else can get better use. I’m in San Diego (La Mesa area). Asking $100 face to face for both blanks. I took the label off the smaller one but...
  11. bass_blaster

    Couple Varmac G-Lite blanks for sale

    Posting them here before I try the classifieds. I’ve got a couple Varmac G-Lite blanks I got at Squidco a year or more ago and they’ve just been sitting. No idea when I’ll get to them so Maybe someone else can get better use. I’m in San Diego (La Mesa area). Asking $100 face to face for both...
  12. bass_blaster

    Torsa 20, San Diego

    I’ve got a good condition Torsa 20 that isn’t getting any love. Spooled up completely with daiwa metered braid, 80lb. Works great, hasn’t been used since service (by Kens Custom Reels or Squidco, can’t remember), which was in 2011 after I took it on my 8-day trip. Tag from service is in the box...
  13. bass_blaster

    I better get to cuttin and tuckin

    Just finished up this split grip fade wrap. My longest one to date. Don’t know how the pros can do this stuff at a fast enough pace to make money, took me about 4 hours start to finish with some minor distractions in between and still have to clean it up.
  14. bass_blaster

    Acidrod Abalone Veneer

    I was digging through my stuff and I found an old sheet of the Abalone Veneer stuff that acid rod used to sell. It’s still in good shape, never even opened it and then forgot I had it for several years. Anyways, any tips on how to install the material? Was going to use it in the split grip...
  15. bass_blaster

    Reels, Abu Revo Toro NaCl50, 13 Concept A3, Quantum Iron 300PT

    All lightly used. With boxes and everything that came with them. Quantum and Abu loaded with 65lb braid, A3 has 20lb mono. Also, Abu and A3 each have power handles and double-paddles. prefer local sale in San Diego, located in la Mesa.
  16. bass_blaster

    Phenix Black diamond 700ML with formal attire

    Did this black/white/silver to throw larger jerkbaits in fresh and salt water along with smaller swimbaits. Some carbon/aluminum accents and matagi pearl white reel seat. Titanium Alps guides. Can’t see it in the pics but I put a little pearl pigment in the finish on the white guides. Probably...
  17. bass_blaster

    Fades galore. Phenix XXH Swimbait Setup

    Finished the latest build. Full rear grip with x-tube over cork tape. Fuji PSS reel seat and MNSG guide set. With my set up it’s a pain to do fades with all the color changes but I’m pretty stoked with how this came out so it was worth all the work. Blank is an 8’-2” XXH model. Should be good...
  18. bass_blaster

    Another Phenix Swimbait rod. 8’, 20-50lb

    Just finished another personal rod. Split carbon rear grips with a tiger to mimic the color shifting reel seat. Titanium Alps guides for the first time. It’ll be fishing with me in the bay tomorrow so I’ll know how I like it soon enough. Blank is from a run that Phenix was doing for a bigger...
  19. bass_blaster

    Phenix 809xhj Swimbait Setup. Blacked out.

    Made this for my brother. He likes all his shit boring black/black so I’m only allowed to use color sparingly. It’ll be throwing anything from heavy a-rigs in the salt to large Swimbaits in freshwater. Titanium Fuji k-series guides and x-wrap over cork.
  20. bass_blaster

    Phenix Swimbait Rod, 7-8 mh with carbon fiber galore

    first time trying this style of build with all the aluminum bits and carbon fiber grips. Wanted to put a Ryoga on it also and at ECBT they had a matching Carbon fiber/purple handle so I figured it was only right. Going to be using this for my lighter Swimbait stuff mainly in the salt but also in...
  21. bass_blaster

    2006 Skeeter SL-210 Fish-n-ski

    I have a great shape 2006 Skeeter Fish and Ski bass boat. It currently has about 270 hours on a yamaha vmax 200. The boat cruises 50 easy and top speed with just me and fishing gear in it was 62. It also has professionally installed (by previous owner) Hamby's keel guard on the bottom. The...
  22. bass_blaster

    Minn Kota Terrova Foot Pedal Issue

    So I had an older terrova with ipilot (2015 model) and internal transducer and it ended up taking a crap. I bought a brand new Riptide Terrova to replace it (no ipilot) and now the foot pedal I had on my old motor doesnt work with the new one. The Bluetooth fob works fine with the new one so I...
  23. bass_blaster

    Flex Coat High Build not Curing

    I've been having some trouble with the last couple batches of Flex Coat High Build not hardening all the way. I'd say I've got about a 30% failure rate lately in which it will "set up" a bit but it's still softer than it should be and I can easily presser my finger nail into it without much...
  24. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Evening Session. New PB Calico almost 9lbs

    The calico fishing has been good for my brother lately in the evening and I had to miss the last two trips so I was feeling left out. We made it out there this evening though and had a decent pick on bass along with a couple halibut that we're also released. Got the big girl on a small makerel...
  25. bass_blaster

    cheap 7.62x51 at College Grove Walmart

    At the Walmart in College grove they have a lot of ZQ 7.62 for 9.97 per box. Cheapest I've seen in a while and I picked up 5.
  26. bass_blaster

    Offshore 07/19 - 9 mile and 182 areas, nada for us

    I know, BS without pics but we really did manage to not catch anything. Got a nice early start and boat in the water by 3:30am. Headed out to the 9 and put the trollers in at grey light and puttered about. Then went to 182 area around 7:15 for a while. My brother got really sea-sick (it was...
  27. bass_blaster

    Question about Shooting Location out in the Ocotillo area

    Hey Guys, I'm heading out to the Ocotillo area next Saturday for my 30th birthday and will be going with some friends to shoot for the morning. I plan on heading out early and being there by 8am to get a location. I've got a map of the BLM land out there and from what I can gather you have to...
  28. bass_blaster

    Evening Calico Session 05-03-14 (got some pigs)

    Finally got back to trying the evening Calico fishing and it paid off nicely today. My brother and I took our younger cousin with us. He only fishes when we take him and it's been almost a year so he was excited to get back out. We started around the kelp off Pt Loma and had a steady pick on...
  29. bass_blaster

    Alps Trigger seat source

    Where else can you find ALPS single trigger seats online? I'm looking for a size 16 in black or blue and would like to get it quickly. If anyone has an extra in SD let me know and I'll take it off your hands for a fair price.
  30. bass_blaster

    Cabelas deal on some Hornady Z-Max 7.62 x 39

    In case you need some nice 7.62x39 for cheap, cabelas has the Hornady Zombie stuff for 13.99...
  31. bass_blaster

    SB374 shot down!

    Vetoed by the Governor. Now I can finish building my AR without aggravation. Or at least as much aggravation.
  32. bass_blaster

    SB 374 Question

    Since the latest revision to SB-374 does NOT include rimfire rifles (at least this is my understanding), then those of us with 10/22's are safe for now. My question is this: could a 223/5.56 rimfire cartridge be developed? Or even develop AR's to shoot 7.62x54R? It might be a stupid question...
  33. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Kelp. 7-3-13. Mystery bass but no bigguns

    Fished Pt. Loma again for a few hours yesterday evening. Nothing great in terms of quantity or size but we did have a pretty steady pick on Calicos again near the surface. It's crazy how much busting they're doing right at sunset and we picked off a few casting to the boils. Only thing of...
  34. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Evening Session 06-28-2013. 8.25lb Calico

    Made another evening trek today to Pt. Loma kelp beds after work. Got out there around 5:30 and fished until about 8:30pm or so drifting through the kelp. All in all it was a nice evening with steady pickins on the bass and some of the other kelp critters. Some of them we're near the bottom...
  35. bass_blaster

    Why 380 Auto?

    Just out of curiosity, why do some people prefer the 380 to something like 9mm? It seems like 380 Auto is: 1) More expensive than 9mm 2) Less Available than 9mm and in less pistol choices 3) Less powerful cartridge
  36. bass_blaster

    Good Bassin: Pt. Loma Kelp, Afternoon/Evening Session 052513

    We decided to change things up and fish the afternoon/evening bite instead of going in the AM. I'm glad we did. Steady pick on the Calicos both deep and near the surface. They also tended to hit the swimbaits more on the reel up than on the drop. We used some weedless MC Swimbaits along with...
  37. bass_blaster

    Finally got my first 1911

    Purchased a Springfield 1911 A1 Loaded Stainless on Friday. A little under $1K. Better deals can be found online but I enjoyed the opportunity to purchase face to face and not deal with getting it shipped to an FFL. Anybody here got experience with one? I had been debating between a few...
  38. bass_blaster

    AR15 M4 upper for Varmint upper

    I would like to trade my Upper assembly that I've added a Midwest Industries free float quad rail to for a 20" varmint upper. I'll be keeping the scope and the grip-pod. I'm interested in a stainless bull barrel upper assembly in good shape. I've got about 1,000 rounds through this one and...
  39. bass_blaster

    If you're desperate for .223, some in stock.

    Natchez has some right now. Two different types of PMC X-Tac for 12.99 and 13.99 per box. I got a deal on some 9mm from them last week and it actually shipped quickly and arrived yesterday so might be worth looking into. Not sure how long it will last though...
  40. bass_blaster

    Chinese SKS at Turners San Marcos

    Just an FYI, they had a couple there yesterday for $269. Not sure if that's a good price or not but those seem popular these days so just throwing it out there. Don't know if they still have them today but they we're in stock around lunch time yesterday.
  41. bass_blaster

    10/22 at the range (SBRGC)

    Finally took my 10/22 outdoors today to shoot at 50 and 100 yds. Overall the gun worked great and didn't have any issues. The first picture is my gun. 10/22 with Hogue Chile Green Overmoulded stock, Green Mountain .920" x 20" bull barrel, Blackhawk Bipod, Nikon scope. (Next thing to change is...
  42. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Kelp Calicos

    Hunted down some Calico's off the Pt. Loma Kelp. Most came on swimbaits with Warbait heads fishing deeper (50-70ft) and close to the bottom. Only had one or two near the surface. Also saw a grey whale right on the edge of the kelp puddling around and there was a ton of large fin bait in the...
  43. bass_blaster

    AR Lowers at Turners

    Was just at the Turner's in Escondido and they had AR Lower Recievers (complete) for $159.99. They said they we're in stock as well in case anybody wants one for less than what scalpers are selling em for. I believe they we're Franklin Armory brand or something like that. Just a heads up.
  44. bass_blaster

    .223 Winchester Hollowpoints for 22LR

    I've got a full box of 40 Winchester CXP-1 varmint hollow points that I'd like to trade for some 22LR ammo (no subsonic stuff and no bare lead). They're 3600 fps and 45gr bullets. When I got these before shit got crazy it was $30 at walmart for the 40 rounds. Fair trade for $30 worth of 22lr...
  45. bass_blaster

    Sig P2202 9mm experiences?

    Just got a Sig P2202 in 9mm yesterday. (paid for it yesterday, pick it up the 31st). After reading reviews and looking at a lot of other pistols I decided it was a good value, especially for my 1st pistol. Paid $449 for it and had been comparing it to the Springfield XD, M&P, and Ruger...
  46. bass_blaster

    Fish Memorial, No Joke

    I'm at a loss for words.
  47. bass_blaster

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    OK, I have an AR15 and a Remington 870 and I'm getting ready to get an all around fun plinking gun in 22LR so I can shoot a lot of rounds without breaking the bank. So far I've looked at the following 1) HK MP5-SD 22 2) Ruger 10/22 3) Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 Those are the only...
  48. bass_blaster

    445 lb Yellowfin Tuna

    I build really crappy rods but I'm pretty good at standing around next to a big ass tuna that I didn't catch. Here's the huge one off the Excel this morning. 445lbs. What a beast.
  49. bass_blaster

    Phenix 886L Spinner

    Finally finished this one up. Wrapped myself a bay bass spinner with a Phenix 886L blank (trimmed 3" off the tip and 2" off the butt). Used a fancy ALPS reel seat which is actually really comfy. Guides are Pac Bay Purple Nylon with Bullard Brite Green over the top. Trim and inlays are...
  50. bass_blaster

    Looking for an Experienced Electrician

    Hey Guys, Not sure what forum to stick this in but I'm hoping some people see it here. Anyways, I work for an Alternative Fuels company in San Diego and we have an urgent need for a highly experienced electrician. I work there as an Electrical/Controls Engineer. You'd have to be willing to...
  51. bass_blaster

    Custom Greenie SS-36, Accurate BX2-600N

    I have a custom wrapped (by me) green super seeker 36 (old school action blank). Deckhand style grips with and neon green/blue wrapping. Tiger wrap for the decorative section. Fuji Hardloy guides. This rod was finished around a month ago and has never been fished. Brand new. I also have an...
  52. bass_blaster

    Offshore Friday 8/24/12. Fished the 182 for some Paddy Yellows

    Started relatively early launching at 4ish at Dana Landing. Picked up some nice shitty bait and made our way to the 182. Saw a few paddies during early grey around 9-mile but they were vacant. As we approached the 182 we came upon our only productive paddy of the day. Pulled 7 yellowtail off...
  53. bass_blaster

    San Diego Bay 07-21-12, Good Bass Fishing

    Had a nice quick morning session on the bay. Fished swimbaits and grubs for a decent take on the spotties, a few nice sand bass, and my brother picked up an estimated 25/30 lb Black Sea Bass. So far we've caught three BSB in that same spot in the bay and one in another area. :hali_olutta...
  54. bass_blaster

    New Rod for me. Green SS-36

    Finally got a rod done for myself. Picked up a Super Seeker 36 blank at Day at the Docks a while ago and just got around to building it. Bullard Brite Green with Gudebrod Blue Nylon and Royal Blue Metallic. Fuji Hardloy guides. This will be my new 20lb bait launcher. Super nice blank. Did...
  55. bass_blaster

    14 Aluminum Skiff, Camo, with Trailer

    I've got my brother's 14 foot aluminum boat up for sale. He has it located in San Diego near SDSU and we will only deal local in San Diego. 14' john boat, 20 horse Johnson motor runs good but needs new impeller, trailer is in rough shape, have titles for both. Can deliver. $400 obo. Not...
  56. bass_blaster

    Solid bite in SD bay. 05-13-2012

    Fished the bay solo this morning from about 6:45 to 11am. The day started off weird because when I crossed over the bridge to Coronado there were police at the top and everybody was stopped about half-way to the island. Once we started moving I noticed that the police were escorting an SUV...
  57. bass_blaster

    I love launch ramps

    Went for a short session to PL Kelp and Mission bay for not much. Swell was decent size, wind was still blowing in the AM, and calico fishing was slow. Went back in the bay for spotties and no love. Highlight of the trip was coming back in to find a couple that had set up camp ON (not by, or...
  58. bass_blaster

    Accurate BX-400XN, Ice Blue, $300 OBO

    I have a great condition Ice Blue Accurate BX-400XN (6.0:1 retrieve) for sale. It is currently filled with about 300 yds of a multi-colored jigging line (PE4) that I got at JDM Tackle in Garden Grove. The line is splied at the bottom of the spool to 40lb Power Pro Hollow Ace. I can't remember...
  59. bass_blaster

    Custom Stainless Sink. Just over 11' long

    Got this from a friend who's a plumber with the intention of putting it in my garage for fish-cleaning and other fishing related crap. After two years of having it sit in there it's time to let it go. I don't really have the space and also don't keep that many fish that I catch so I really don't...
  60. bass_blaster

    SD Bay 03-31-12, quick report

    Finally had the chance to get out and fish. Started off going for calico's at the jetty and that was slow, only got one there. Then moved over to the cable crossing on the Pt. Loma side and had a steady pick on sandies under the huge clouds of bait. Drifted from almost the top of the sub-base...
  61. bass_blaster

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 800H - Bullard Brites

    Saw these brite threads on Bullard a while back and had to order them as I enjoy making all my personal rods pretty bright and obnoxious. I did a faded tiger with all bullard brites and bullard black, starting with green, then yellow, then orange, then pink. (No forgrips on my bass rods...
  62. bass_blaster

    FYI - Cheap Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    Not sure if anybody here goes on but lately they've been having a decent amount of Costa Del Mar sunglasses on sale for cheap. Last night I got a pair of their Cin sunglasses for $80, brand new. The website cycles through one item at a time and changes every 5-20 minutes or...
  63. bass_blaster

    Rods, Rainshadow Trolling rod, JAWS Jigging rod

    I have two rods for sale. 1st is a Rainshadow Trolling rod measuring about 6-6" and rated 30-80lb (model RCTB66H). It has a slick butt which makes it really easy to take out of rod holders when trolling. Fuji Turbo guides and leather foregrip. Purple aluminum reel seat and gimbal. Custom...
  64. bass_blaster

    Reels for Kids, Pick Up In San Diego.

    I was digging through my stuff yesterday in preparation for the bay bass tournament that took place today and found some reels I haven't used in a long time. First is a Shimano Corsair 300A that was maybe used once. Second is a Shimano Sahara 2000FA. I might also have a rod to go with this...
  65. bass_blaster

    One for Old Glory. Red/White/Blue Phenix Hybrid 760X2H

    I picked up a couple of powder blue coated Phenix Hybrid blanks from a guy on Craigslist about 6 months ago and finally got around to building one for myself. I decided to do something different for a change and removed the coating on the visible section under the guides so that the carbon...
  66. bass_blaster

    What kind of Diesel Truck do you own and pros/cons?

    Basically I am looking into get a new/used diesel truck in the next year or so and am curious which trucks you guys own or have owned and what are the pros/cons of each. I'm interested in a crew cab/short bed and in particular I like the 2008 or later F250 Crew Cab and 2007 or later Dodge 2500...
  67. bass_blaster

    Black Friday 2011 San Diego Bay

    Decided to get in a day of fishing and have been wanting to go after calico's at the Zuniga jetty so that's where we started. My cousin was visiting from Seattle so we wanted to make sure he had some fishing to talk about when he went home also. Launched around 6:30 and we were fishing by 7...
  68. bass_blaster

    Phenix blem blanks, GUSA 70HP Custom, JAWS Custom, Trini 20A

    Prices reduced. Both rods are $150 each and Trini is $370. I got these two blanks at Fred Hall Long Beach but haven't had time to build them up and probably wont as there are too many other projects and not enough time. I got them for $40 so I'll sell them for $30.The green one is an 8' blank...
  69. bass_blaster

    Phenix Titan Jigging Rod, TJX603ML, 15-45lb

    Finally got to spend a week at home in San Diego and was able to crank out a rod in the evenings and finished it up today. Phenix Titan jigging rod for use with my curado 300EJ fishing for calico's in the kelp. A while back I made a short/light jigging for for similar application but it was a...
  70. bass_blaster

    1 (3/4) day trip pass and 1 full day trip pass

    I have two trip passes that I won in a raffle at the San Diego Anglers bay bass tourney. I'd like to use them but work is too busy so I'll let somebody else enjoy them rather than them going to waste. The 3/4 day pass is for the San Diego out of Seaforth sportfishing. This pass is good until...
  71. bass_blaster

    Purple SX Raptor with matching custom GUSA 70HP. Phenix 700H Spinner

    First item is an Avet SX Raptor in Purple. Excellent lightly used condition. Filled to the top with yellow tuff-line XP (50lb). Comes with purple aluminum clamp and box. $350. Matching purple/blue/white GUSA 70HP. Rated 20-50. Lightly used just like the reel. Some scratches on the reel seat as...
  72. bass_blaster

    Seeker Hercules 70M Spinner

    Finally finished another rod. It's been a couple months for me since I've done one. Wrapped this one up for my brother. It's a Seeker Hercules 70M, rated 30-60lb. He's planning on getting a Shimano Thunnus CI4 reel to put on it so I built it to match the paint scheme on those reels. Here's a...
  73. bass_blaster

    La Jolla and Pt. Loma Kelp, 08-06-11, Evening Session

    Launched around 2:30 pm from Dana Landing and made it to north La Jolla around 3ish to fish for the calicos. We started at the north end and worked our way south for only a couple calicos under 2 lbs. Decided to move to Point Loma around 5 or so and that worked out a lot better. Nothing crazy...
  74. bass_blaster

    Trini 20A, JAWS, and other rods/reels

    RODS: 1) Jaws JI63080, 6', 30-80lb. I custom made this about a year ago. it's been on one 3.5 day trip last year and other than that it's been sitting. Cork tape/x-tube rear grip, foam/x-tube foregrip. Fuji PSS reel seat, and blue zirconia guides. Very strong rod and very light also. Magenta...
  75. bass_blaster

    La Jolla Kelp 07/23/2011

    Went to La Jolla for the morning today to fish some calico's in the kelp. We had a steady but somewhat slow bite with some fish eating near the surface and others hitting near the bottom. Nothing great in terms of size on the bass, a few in the 4 lb range and the rest in the 1.5 to 2 lb range...
  76. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma Kelp, 7-4-2011

    Happy 4th. Went out on Pt. Loma with my brother and my friend who moved down to SD for law school. We had better fishing last weekend than we did today in terms of quantity. Today we used War Baits in various colors and sizes but the color combos that worked the best for us seemed to have...
  77. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma 06-26-11

    Fished Pt. Loma Kelp this morning. We were a little south of the tanks fishing in about 30-35 feet of water. Had a nice pick on calicos and a few rockfish in the kelp with jigs and a couple on MC slugs on the topwater. Overall it was average on the fishing, nothing great and nothing to complain...
  78. bass_blaster

    Independence 8-day Trip, June 11th to June 19th

    Just got back yesterday morning from my first ever long range experience. I have done a 2.5 and 3.5 day on the BG-90 but decided to make the leap to long range and last December I signed up for an 8-day trip on the Indy from June 11<SUP>th</SUP> to June 19<SUP>th</SUP>. <?xml:namespace prefix...
  79. bass_blaster

    SD Bay, 5-31-84, Not so fast paced

    The past two trips I've taken in the bay have been very good but my hot streak ended today. Fished the same spots that produced the last couple trips but they weren't holding much this time. Roamed around the bay for less than 10 sand bass, biggest was about 3.5 lbs. Sorry no pics. Most fish...
  80. bass_blaster

    Will there be a West Coast Custom Rod Show this year?

    I havent seen anything regarding the rod show this year. I might be jumping the gun a little but the last one was awesome and I'd love to go to another one. Thanks to all that helped put the last one together. I'll start hiding some money now so I can go up there and get tons of rod crap again.
  81. bass_blaster

    San Diego Bay 05-21-2011, Good Fishing

    Went out in the bay today for some more Sand Bass fishing. Started slow near the tuna boats that were good two weeks ago but then we moved to the cable crossing by the coast guard. It was a constant pick on nice sandies there. Fished in 65-70 feet of water on the Point Loma side of the channel...
  82. bass_blaster

    Temple Reef Black Devil 200 Popping Rod

    This is my last personal rod before my 8-day trip. Hopefully I get to use it on some nice size tuna and/or yellowtail throwing some top-water stuff. Temple Reef Black Devil 200 popping blank. It's a two piece rod with the joint at the top of the foregrip. Did a split grip with purple on the...
  83. bass_blaster

    Daiwa Saltist LD30 2 Speed and Seeker Hecules 70M Custom

    I have a barely used Daiwa Saltist LD30-II and a Seeker Hecules 70M Custom that I am selling. The rod has NEVER been used or on a boat. I'll post pics tonight but both items are in excellent condition and the rod is brand new. I wrapped it a few months ago (you can find it in the rod building...
  84. bass_blaster

    SD Bay 05/7/11 Bassing

    Took my friend from college out for his first real fishing trip this morning. We launched out of Glorietta and made our way to south bay to fish the spotties so he would at least have something to tug on down there. We caught fish off the amphib base but it wasn't that great so we made the move...
  85. bass_blaster

    Temple Reef BD200 2-piece popping rod

    I'm going to start building my 2-piece popping rod tomorrow because I finally got the rest of my parts in. It's a temple reef Black Devil 200. I've read that some people reinforce the bottom section ferrule part on 2-piece rods but is that necessary on this blank and what would be the best way...
  86. bass_blaster

    Temple Reef Black Devil 200

    I just bought a BD-200 blank and will be building this rod as the final piece for my first long range trip in June (8 days). I went with the 200 instead of the 100 because when I was in the store (JDM Tackle) looking at them and bending them, it seemed as if the shorter length and stouter...
  87. bass_blaster

    Roll Call: Independence Trip # 4 June 11th-19th

    I know it's early but I'm excited because I just put in the last $850 for the trip today. All paid off and Judy said that the trip is full. Who else from B.D. is heading out on it? This is my first long range trip so I can't wait to get out there and see what's in store. So far I've got the...
  88. bass_blaster

    Phenix Prototype Jigger, 290-340 gram

    Phenix prototype jigging blank rated for 290-340 gram jigs. Blank was 7' long but I trimmed it down to just a touch over 6' (all taken off the back). The outer material wrapped around the bottom 2/3 of the blank really helps it shut off but I wanted a little bit deeper loading so I trimmed it...
  89. bass_blaster

    Shimano Thunnus CI4

    Anybody fish with the new Shimano Thunnus CI4? How do they compare functionally to the new baitrunner? Thinking about getting one for fishing 30 lb line for local tuna and yellowtail if they every come back. Was thinking about the 12000 size because at Tackle Day in October they seemed to be a...
  90. bass_blaster

    Seeker Hercules 70M, 30-60

    Hot off the press. I'll post some bend pictures tomorrow after the finish has had one more day to cure. Used perfection aluminum reel seat and gimbal in blue, hypalon grips, and black alps H-ring guides. Made it to be my 30-lb live bait rod, I think it could do 40 in a pinch. Thread is all...
  91. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma 03-19-2011. Calico's

    Went to Pt. Loma this morning for a quick bass session. Got some calico's on some plastic squid and some weedless jigs on the war-bait heads. Didn't do great with quantity of fish but it was nice to get out. Fished off Shelter Island for a few minutes before heading in for nada. On the way...
  92. bass_blaster

    My Penn 30 VSX for your BX2-30 or HX-Raptor

    I have a 4 year old Penn International 30VSX that I would like to trade for an Accurate BX2-30 or HX-Raptor. I've had the Penn for about 4 years now and barely have used it because it's too much for what I do. It's caught a couple humbolts, some dropper loop rockfish, and that's it. It barely...
  93. bass_blaster

    Phenix Hybrid 809 XH

    Finished another build this morning. Last thing was to attach the aluminum gimbal so now it's complete. I like all the hot rods that Chip Foose builds and one of his color schemes that I really like is grey, orange, and black. Did this one up in gudebrod size A NCP orange, light grey, and...
  94. bass_blaster

    SD Bay, Bassin 02/27/11

    Got out for a chilly morning session in the big bay. Got a decent bite on the sandies and spotties at a clam bed between the #74 ship and the tuna boats (drifting from south of the red buoy to north of it along the channel edge). Also got a few of the monster lizard fish that have made the bay...
  95. bass_blaster

    7' Phenix Jigging Rod, 80-140 gram(I think)

    Finished it last Wednessday but haven't gotten around to posting. New phenix jigging blank, don't know the actual model but it was 7' and rated for 80-140 gram before I chopped about 6" off the back and 3" off the tip. Now it's perfect for up to maybe 200 gram jigs and 15 lbs of drag. I've...
  96. bass_blaster

    Seeker Hercules 70M

    Finished this up for my 2nd customer in just over 2 years of rod building. Good thing I enjoy rod building as an expensive hobby because I sure don't make shit for money doing it. He wanted a rod to fish 30 lb line for catfish so this is what I made. Gudebrod black NCP, pewter metallic, and...
  97. bass_blaster

    SD Bay. Lot's of Logs (literally, floating ones)

    Went in the bay today for some tournament prep for tomorrow's tournament. Found a couple good spots that we hope will stay productive and also noticed the massive amount of large floating debri like this one. Careful tomorrow guys, see you there. Awesome weather out there again today, hope it...
  98. bass_blaster

    LIZARD FISH SD BAY 01/15/11

    Fished again in the big bay today. Took advantage of the awesome weather. The weather was just amazing, makes me realize why I don't leave San Diego. The fishing for us was not as great as the weather. Got a few bass on swimbaits and warbaits but nothing to write home about. Again the damn...
  99. bass_blaster

    Seeker Hercules GTS-70M. Is it a decent 40lb rod?

    I'm putting one of these together and I've got the handle assembly done so far. Guides will be FUJI - HB's and thread colors have been picked out. When it's all done I'll be putting a new reel on it and I bought the rod to be a dedicated 40lb Live Bait set-up for my spring 8-day trip this year...
  100. bass_blaster

    SD Bay 1/9/11. Some bass and a butt

    Launched around 630 and hit some spots around the bay for 1 calico, 1 spotty, a couple sandies, a 24inch butt, and a shit load of nice size lizard fish. Some of the lizards were fuckin huge and they were all over the place. Annoying as hell. All in all a nice day on the bay and called it at...
  101. bass_blaster

    Avet MXL 5.8 Blue/Copper and Free RC Car stuff

    I have a blue/copper Avet MXL filled with 25 lb green Ande. $120. barely used as it was my back-up and only went on a few boat rides. Also, if any of you guys out there have kids that might be interested in some RC Car stuff, it is FREE. I have two Team Losi race trucks (battery, not Gas) and...
  102. bass_blaster

    Phenix Hybrid Swimbait 790H

    Wrapped this for my brother. 7'9", 15-40lb rating. Going to be an awesome rod for the calicos and bigger sandies. Used some Batson Forecast LTCUDA guides (stainless frames with hologram rings). The guides look bitchen. All thread is size A NCP except the silver is pac bay nylon. Red on the...
  103. bass_blaster

    Rainshadow RCTB 66H

    Finally finished my trolling rod. Slick butt with Perfection gimbal and reel seat. Fuji Turbo guides and all Pac Bay nylon thread (size A). I did a twisted inlay similar to JT's olive branch(but not nearly as cool), and it looked great until I put the finish on. I did three coats of CP and even...
  104. bass_blaster

    Phenix Ultra MBX Drop Shot Rod

    Phenix Ultra MBX 707Mh (8-17 lb). Did it for my friend's uncle for Christmas. He just wanted a simple blue/silver rod. Used a double foot guide for the stripper and then the rest are singles to keep it light and fresh. Again, didn't do a foregrip and busted out a silver thread ramp (silver...
  105. bass_blaster

    Trouble with Finish

    OK, the Phenix Hybrid that I posted last week is giving me some issues with finish. After I posted the rod (finish was about 8-10 hrs old) I put it back in my room to let it cure up some more before messing with it. That was like last Thursday or Friday. When I wen't to look at the rod again the...
  106. bass_blaster

    Phenix Hybrid Swimbait rod. 711 MH

    Been wanting to make myself a swimbait rod for a while and I got a couple blanks to do so at the rod show in October. Rod is 7'11" and I think the rating is 15-30lb but it might be 12-30lb, not sure exactly. Can't wait to start putting it to use, this one should see a lot of work. Used ALPS...
  107. bass_blaster

    2 new ATC Spinning Rods

    Spun these up for fishing bay bass. One is a 7-foot ATC blank and the other is 6.5 foot. I got both blanks at the rod show in Pasadena. They had the labels scraped off kind of so I don't know what model the blanks are but the small one will be used for 6-8 lb line and the large one for 10 lb...
  108. bass_blaster

    First Long Range Trip questions

    OK. I want to get a better introduction to long-range fishing and so far I’ve been on one 2.5 day trip and one 3.5 day trip, both on the BG90. Fishing on both was moderate at best but I still had an awesome time on both trips. I’d like to try a longer trip next year on one of the bigger...
  109. bass_blaster

    Seeker Black Steel G 6460H

    I bought it three years ago for either $260 or $270 + tax. Unfortunately all I've caught on it is some giant squid and a skipjack. Didn't use it much and this is my last factory rod that I want to get rid of since I make all my own custom's now. I would like to get $150 OBO for the rod.
  110. bass_blaster

    Penn 30vsx rigging

    I have a Penn international 30 VSX that I want to spool up. I got a spool of 600 Yds. of JB 100lb solid that I was going to put on. This is my trolling setup so I am curious what is the shortest top shot of 80lb mono you would put on there? Eventually I want to use it for long range stuff with...
  111. bass_blaster

    Custom 7'-6" Super Seeker 10-25lb or 12-25 lb

    I wrapped this rod last year and sold the Avet SX that was going to be put on it. The rod was taken on one boat ride but not used, it's too light for what I want. I can't remember exactly what blank it was but it's rated either 10-25 or 12-25. Would make a good chovie tosser but I don't ever...
  112. bass_blaster

    Latest Build. Make-A-Wish Seeker CTS-55XH Troller

    Hot off the press. Made this up to contribute to the MAW tournament so I'll be delivering it to Don tomorrow if we can meet up on my way home from work. Seeker CTS55-XH blank rated 40-100, all aftco chrome rollers, hypalon grips, perfection reel seat and gimbal. Guide wraps are some cool...
  113. bass_blaster

    Rainshadow BP1024 F Salmon Rod

    Made a post a while back asking for assistance on blank options for a salmon rod for my cousins father-in-law in Seattle. Thanks everybody for the assistance. Well, it's all finished. Used a Rainshadow BP1024F Blank, Alps XLXNZG Guides, EVA Grips with X-Wrap over them. I did a split grip...
  114. bass_blaster

    Bass Gear for a Kid

    If you are a kid or know a kid who is either into bass fishing or wants to start I have some free rods/reels. I used to use them at local lakes and in the bay but I haven't used them in a while and I don't need them anymore so I would rather see a youngster get them. There are several rods and...
  115. bass_blaster

    JAWS 6' 30-80lb Monster

    Got a JAWS 6' 30-80 blank. Trimmed 5" off the back side to lighten it up a tad so now it's 5'-7" and has the action I was looking for. Rear grip is cork tape with x-tube over and the foregrip is shaped eva with x-tube over it. Reel seat is a Fuji PSS Deluxe(pretty damn comfy). I had...
  116. bass_blaster

    Salmon Rod Help

    Hey Guys, I have a question. My cousin's wife wants me to build her dad a custom salmon rod for his birthday. I don't know anything about Salmon fishing and I know even less on the type of rods they use. All I really know is that he doesn't like fly-fishing and he lives up in Seattle and is...
  117. bass_blaster

    Rock Pile, Middle Grounds, Pt. Loma 6/25/10

    Launched around 5:30 this morning with all the other guys bound for the islands area. The weather conditions were awesome with a little bit of chop building later in the day(starting around 11 maybe). the ride south was very nice though in the morning. We started at the South end of South...
  118. bass_blaster

    Pt. Loma 6/20/10

    Fished off Pt. Loma today. Couldn't get anything to go in morning off Whistler Buoy except a couple barracuda strikes so we went towards the kelp. It was slow there for a little while then we had a decent swing on calico's. Decided to try for some halibut over by Zuniga Jeddy and we scored one...
  119. bass_blaster

    Free Roller Guides, Who want's them?

    Hey guys, I have some roller guides that I got a while back in a bulk pick-up that I did for some other rod building stuff. They're all newunusde and it's a mixed batch of Aftco rollers and a few AA Rollers. I figure one of you guys in SD that wraps full-time might be able to use them for...
  120. bass_blaster

    Accurate BX2-500 Feels Funny

    I got a new BX2-500 as a gift a little while back and the gears feel funny when cranking. When in low gear you can feel the gear teeth coming together as if something isn't aligned right. The reel hasn't been fished yet so I'd like to figure this out before I try using it. Im not sure if they...
  121. bass_blaster

    Tackle stores in Oahu, where should I go?

    Hey guys, I'm on vacation in Oahu and would like to visit some fishing stores. Which tackle shops do you guys recommend out here for a San Diego saltwater fisherman? Are there any places that carry rod-building supplies? Thanks for any suggestions.
  122. bass_blaster

    Short Vertical Jiggin Blank Ideas (conventional)

    Hey Guys, I just got a BX2-500 as a gift(almost pee'd myself from excitement when I got it) and I would like to make a short (6-foot or less) vertical jigging rod for it. I'll be filling the reel with braid and using short top-shots of most likely 50lb fluoro. What I would like is a parabolic...
  123. bass_blaster

    Rainshadow 6-14lb spinner. Colors of the USA

    Did this spinner up for a friends dad for father's day. Made it for him to use fishing the spotted bay bass in the back of SD Bay. I forgot the model number of the blank but it's 6'10" with line weight of 6-14 and it has a chrome finish on it. Sorry if the Tiger Wrap offends anyone. Thank you to...
  124. bass_blaster

    La Jolla 5/8/10. Struck Out

    Went fishing with my cousin's fiance today. He had to be somewhere at 12:30 so we only got to fish until about 10:30 and we didn't get out to La Jolla until around 6:45 am. We didn't pick up any yellowtail while we were out and didn't see anybody else catch anything except for one calico. Made a...
  125. bass_blaster

    Avet LX 4.1:1, Avet MXL 5.8:1, TICA Caiman DJ150

    I have three reels for sale. 1st up is a blue/silver Avet LX 4.1:1. Reel is very lightly used and well taken care of. Currently spooled with about 60-75% 65lb Spectra connected to 30 lb P-Line. Second is a Avet MXL 5.8:1. I have both a blue/copper one and also a black one. You can pick which...
  126. bass_blaster

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 711H and Phenix Black Diamond 760ML Spinner

    Two new builds. The swimbait rod has a cork tape rear grip covered with x-tube, Fuji reel seat, no foregrip, and SiC guides (NSG). The colors were supposed to turn out semi-camo and I think it turned out ok, just not quite exactly what I had pictured in my head. Tiger wrap is brown, green...
  127. bass_blaster

    Point Loma Calicos were Chewing

    Wen't fishing with my brother off Pt. Loma today and we were rewarded with decent weather and nice fishing. We probably had a combined 40-45 fish (started around 7:15 and fished until 11:30) and there was some nice size to them. The biggest one is the one my brother is holding, we think it went...
  128. bass_blaster

    Did Avet stop Gluing the Drag?

    I just bought a new JX 6.0 at squidco and when I got it home and pulled it apart I noticed that the drag wasn't glued and instead had a retaining ring. I might be completely wrong but I thought they were gluing them now? I have a couple MXLs and an LX from last year and those are all glued. It...
  129. bass_blaster

    SS CJBF85

    This is my new jig stick sitting on the dryer. I did cork tape with x-wrap over it for the grip. All the thread is Size A NCP. This is my first time doing this amount of fade work and for me it was pretty time consuming. The part that made it take the longest is that I haven't bought/made a...
  130. bass_blaster

    Point Loma Kelp. 3-21-10. Good fishing

    Went out with my brother to spend the morning at the kelp beds. I was there a few weeks ago with decent sand bass fishing but due to weather had to leave early. I was hoping for another good bite today and we got it. Fished near whistler buoy(within quarter mile radius) for almost the entire...
  131. bass_blaster

    How do you guys apply your finish?

    I guess I'll break it up into two parts. Part 1 will be applying finish to guides and Part 2 will be applying finish to base/butt wraps. I am curious how others do their finish to get the nice flat coats that I keep seeing on here. Sometimes mine turns out perfect and other times it seems like...
  132. bass_blaster

    Pt Loma and SD bay, 2/21/10

    Went out off point Loma this morning to do some jigging and hopefully get lucky with a WSB or yellowtail. Seas were pretty rough out there and wind was blowing steady. Dropped the jig down to the bottom in about 60' and picked up 2 nice sand bass an a couple other fish I haven't identified yet...
  133. bass_blaster

    Underfilled Reels, How to fix

    I got some reels filled up with spectra. Basically, the shop that did it did not seem to fill with enough tension so I want to take the line off and re-do it myself under proper tension. The problem is that when I re-do the line under tension they won't be full anymore. I am not sure how much...
  134. bass_blaster

    Spooling Up: Torsa 20, SX Raptor, and Saragosa 18000F

    I have these three reels that I would like to spool up with some new spectra. At the moment, the SX Raptor has a full spool (~475 yds) 50 lb P.P. spectra, the Saragosa has a full spool(~375 yds) of 65 lb P.P. Spectra, and the Torsa has nothing. I would like to try the JB Hollow spectra on all...
  135. bass_blaster

    Phenix Hybrid 700XH

    My best paying customer(myself) ordered a Phenix Hybrid 700XH. This is what I came up with. -Green Perfection Aluminum -Grips are Shaped EVA with X-Tube over -Tiger Wrap is NCP Med. Green, Black, and Gold Metallic on bottom. Black NCP with two sacrificials on top. Looks like a chameleon in...
  136. bass_blaster

    Applying multiple coats of finish on guides.

    I have a predicament. I read a while back on here a good thread about finish but I can't find it for the life of me this morning. Anyways, I've got my build almost complete. I put the first coat of finish on my guides on Tuesday, just enough finish to soak the thread while still leaving a mostly...
  137. bass_blaster

    Or Trade, Avet LX and Avet MXL

    I have a blue/silver Avet LK single speed and a blue/copper MXL single speed. I bought the LX from Squidco last spring so it's almost a year old and I got the blue/copper MXL from the fred hall show in S.D. The LX is 3/4 full of 65 lb spectra and has 30 lb p-line on top. The MXL has 50 lb braid...
  138. bass_blaster

    Turning Hypalon Grips

    So, I put the rear grip on my Phenix Hybrid 700XH last night and then went to the gym and stuff to let the epoxy set so that I could turn it when I got home. I started by using a dry-wall sanding sponge for the corners and then using some 60 or 80 grit rolled up paper to do my shaping. The tools...
  139. bass_blaster

    What do you guys think?

    This is some practice for an upcoming build I'll be doing for myself. It's going to be a jigging rod for a Torsa 20, hence the gold metallic inlays. I like these colors but I'm open to changing the way the guide is wrapped. How would you guys go about making it better? As far as my opinions, I...
  140. bass_blaster

    Who else will be fishing with Doc Ski this summer?

    A little while back I booked a trip for my brother and I on the BG90 for 3.5 days in Late sept. I was super excited for the trip because I'm already looking forward to next summer. Anyways, I was looking on the BG90 website a little while after I booked the trip and saw that the trip I'm on(#...
  141. bass_blaster

    Offshore Squid at 9 mile bank, 12/27

    Caught some squid 30-35lbs at 9-mile bank. Launched at Dana landing at around 4:30 pm. Shot straight out and saw the sport boat out there. Went a little bit past them, kept our distance, dropped two rods down, and picked up two squid right off the bottom in about 1200' deep water. Those were the...
  142. bass_blaster

    Long Range Reel Spooling

    I see a lot of guys that step-up their spectra from say 80-to-130-to-200 or something similar to that. I think Wahoodad just posted about his B2-30N with that kind of set-up. I have a few questions about it. 1)What is the purpose of going to the larger spectra? 2)How much of each larger...
  143. bass_blaster

    Accurate 665H, Whopper Stopper Mini, Seeker 8-ft Black Steel Jig Stick

    Accurate 665H Single Speed with cast control. In very good condition. Taken on a few trips but never caught anything with it. I bought it new in June of last year. The clamp had some corrosion between the screws and the aluminum clamp piece and I had to cut it off of the rod so you will need to...
  144. bass_blaster

    What to Expect from a Late September 3.5 day trip

    I'm thinking about going on Trip # 82 abord the BG-90 next year. Its from 9/22-9/26. This past summer I did a 2.5 day on the BG-90 in early august and the fishing was mostly for blue-fin, with some yellow-fin and albacore mixed in. Also some yellowtail and dodos on paddies. I usually fish on...
  145. bass_blaster

    Best Braid for a Saragosa 18000F Spinner

    I got a Saragosa over ther summer and had it spooled to the brim when I got it with 65 lb braid. I ended up losing some fish due to fish short leaders and me being a rookie and not backing off on the drag. Anyways, I want to take that 65lb braid off of that reel to use on a different one and I...
  146. bass_blaster

    Seeker Black Steel 8' Jig stick, Whopper Stopper Mini(WS-3)

    Both rods are in good shape. I got the Seeker a couple years ago. It is a line rating of either 15-40 or 20-40, but I covered up that section with some marbling so I can't say for sure. One of the two though. I use it for throwing iron on 25-lb with an Avet MXL. Rod has the gold colored...
  147. bass_blaster

    Harrington, Harnell, and Truline Rods

    A lot of guys seem to be using these blanks and I sometimes see complete rods made with these for sale usually for a decent price even though they are older. I've only been doing the rod building for like a year now, so I am curious what is so good about these rods that some people like them so...
  148. bass_blaster

    SD Bay, 11-7-09, Steady Pickins

    Went on a trip to the bay for the morning. Fished from about 630-1130. Steady bite on the Sandies and Spotties but nothing over 2.5 lbs. Got snapped off by something decent using an Ice Jig off shelter island. Fish were eating the swim baits and the ice jigs. My brother got a couple on his large...
  149. bass_blaster

    GUSA 70HP In Progress

    Working on a new live-bait set-up. GUSA 70HP(20-50 lb) with split grip hypalons and purple aluminum reel seat and gimbal. I got a purple Avet SX Raptor for it and the anodizing on the reel perfectly matches the purple on the Perfection reel seat. The set-up will be faily light and it's going to...
  150. bass_blaster

    Tallica *II, Avet SX Raptor, or Daiwa Saltist LD30

    Which would you guys recommend for a small 2-speed lever drag. Price is a smaller determining factor than performance. I'm looking for something to fish 30 or 40 lb line with live bait. I am thinking the SX Raptor so far mainly because I can get it in purple to match the rod I'm building...
  151. bass_blaster

    Pro Gear Oceanus 30, Accurate 665H

    1) Pro Gear Oceanus 30 with 65lb Braid and 40lb p-line on top. Bought it new in June/July and used it this summer. Reel is in good shape and I take care of my gear. Over the summer this reel cought a 37lb bluefin on a Phenix 760H(hybrid) and the reel was awesome. Smooth strong drag. Asking $200...
  152. bass_blaster

    Super Seeker SS-CTS55XH

    Finally got out of my trend of using only tiger wraps for my butt-wraps. I wanted to try some fade work and do more inlay/trim than I usually do so I did this one up for my brother. Going to be a 40lb live bait rod so I used FUJI HNSG guides, gold aluminum gimbal and reel seat, and all size-A...
  153. bass_blaster

    What reel for a Super Seeker, 5-6", 20-60lb, Live Bait

    I wrapped my brother a rod out of a super seeker blank. Its 5'-6", I don't recall the exact model # but I put FUJI HNSG guides on it and I want to get him a gold colored reel for it to match the wrapping I did. Basically I'm debating between the Avet HX and the Avet LX-2 Speed. WE fish out of a...
  154. bass_blaster

    Who Drives a Red Ford Super Duty in S.D.

    I work out on my lunch break at the Rancho Penasquitos 24hr fitness and saw a red ford super duty with some bloodydecks fish stickers on the back window. Also saw the rod builders sticker with the 3 different guide-tops inside the circle. I figured it might be somebody on this forum based on the...
  155. bass_blaster

    Blank Question

    I picked up a (what I thought was GUSA) blank that has a "Hastings" sticker on the bottom. I wasn't up-to-date on all my information when I bought this, but I have been reading lately about what happened to GUSA and everything. I can't remember the model of the blank, but it is a 7', 25-50lb rod...
  156. bass_blaster

    Fishing the 182 tommorow 9/12/09

    Anybody else heading out to the 182 tomorrow? My brother and I are heading out that direction. Should be launching from SI around 3:30 or 4. We're in a 17' Grady White cc. Does anybody have any recent reports for the area or any useful information? We're gonna do some trolling and paddy...
  157. bass_blaster

    Guide Choice for a 5.5 ft S.S. live bait stick

    I got a clearance Super Seeker blank thats 5-6". I can't remember the model # right now but it's a fairly light-weight blank that I would rate at 40-60lb or so. I want to make it into a heavy live-bait set-up for my brother for fishing 40 or 50 lb line and I don't want to use rollers, mainly...
  158. bass_blaster

    Hobie Pro-Angler

    I would like to buy a Hobie Pro Angler. I am willing to be fair with price depending on condition and what "extras" you might have with the kayak. Please either send P.M. or call me at (619)318-9899. I live in La Mesa and work in Carmel Mtn Ranch so I would prefer local pick-up in San Diego...
  159. bass_blaster

    Phenix Hybrid 760H

    This will be the last one for myself for a little while. Phenix Hybrid 760H (rated 20-60). Awesome blank. I actually finished the rod Thursday and took it out to the 182 and 9-mile today. Didn't catch anything on it but the action on the blank is exactly what I wanted. Used ALPS S.S. guides and...
  160. bass_blaster

    Little of this, Little of that.

    Got the bug to do some marbling because of the cool stuff people have been posting with it. I had a tiger wrap on a Seeker Jig stick that I made and the tiger was my first one ever and it sucked. Not a great tiger effect and it had a lot of micro-bubbles so I had no problem marbling over it...
  161. bass_blaster

    7'-6" Super Seeker 20 lb set-up

    Found the blank for $50 so I couldn't pass it up. I didn't need to make a new rod but what the hell, I love doing it so it was a great excuse to buy more stuff. The tiger is all Gudebrod size D. Bottom is all Metallic, ice blue, light blue, and white pearl. Top is regular nylon size D in...
  162. bass_blaster

    JAWS Vertical Jigging Blanks

    Hey Guys, I'm going to be building a rod to be used primarily for veritcal jigging but also for tossing irons and some other artificials for pelagics. I was looking at ACIDrod at the JAWS JI7603 rated 20-40 lb. I'm going to be putting an Progear Oceanus 30 on it with 30 lb line (probably 65...
  163. bass_blaster

    Pro Gear Oceanus

    I would like to buy a Pro Gear Oceanus reel. I am open to size because I have some other reels I can shift around but I would prefer a 30. Willing to spend a fair amount. Let me know what you have and we can discuss price. I'm not a cheap ass so I'll be fair with you. You can call my cell at...
  164. bass_blaster

    Tiger Wrap Color Combinations

    Hey guys, I've been wrapping rods now for about 7 months and lately I've been experimenting with tiger wraps. I've done about 4 and only one has turned out really well. The colors I used were Met-Blue and Pearl-white on the bottom layer, then 3 coats of high-build, and then red NCP on the top...