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    14 months I'm doing great 2 months ago climb a mountain in Wa. 4000 ft 8 mile god has blessed...

    14 months I'm doing great 2 months ago climb a mountain in Wa. 4000 ft 8 mile god has blessed me Mike
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    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    Marcel I was in Graham a week ago we touch base July-Aug fishing long fins
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    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    yep see ya then
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    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    God is Good I have 8 months and I have been doing well. At 6 months I was trout fishing in Idaho at 7000 feet. Thank you for prayers all of you Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I'm back to work. Mike God is Good my lung came from a smoker that how good he is. Amen
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    Mike Morris Update

    Thank you I did go fishing mahi and skiipy a greasy hamburger and salt air is was awesome thank you everyone mike
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    Mike Morris Update

    I'm going fishing so that is a really good start god bless you I be the hook&hand guy right now
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    Mike Morris Update

    you guys are really hard to say no too
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    Mike Morris Update

    really good John
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    Mike Morris Update

    thank yall, my O2 is 98 the lung a filling out,, when I got up is was a 100 percent I went to dock just walk around, I thank god and your prayers thank you
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    Mike Morris Update

    Prayer works wonders, and I thank you all for every one of them. I still have a long way to go, but my doctor released me today to return to home, what a blessing after being in the hospital for 11 weeks. My new lungs are functioning great! My oxygen saturation is up to 94-97% on room air...
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    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    Thank you all I can't thank you enough and Jay 14 years post op awesome Yes as Jon said I was approved by the Kaiser board for transplant now to meet with pulmonary doctors and surgeons Gods plan is perfect he has been with me the last 6 years of this fight and he will be with me till he calls...
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    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    Nothing so silent speaks so loudly as prayer. I thank you all and yes I will beat this God has a plan he has paved the road for this 4-6 months of testing was expedited into 3 weeks yes god has a plan I will be back on the docks in time and I will thank each of you God receives the glory for...
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    Personal question, tackle boxes

    have a smaller 7100 for sale new 210 its in the classifieds new 2 trips
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    Does Braid Color Matter with Short Fluoro Leaders?

    black sharpie last 20 ft green is invisible to everyone when the lights are dim
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    Slowest trip in 5 years

    the worst trip is when life deals you a health condition and your no longer able to go so quit your complaining and be thankful you still can if I offended anyone tuff
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    will consider shipping also great rods will send pics by cell if needed mike
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    kinda like TN
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    Rainshadow RX6 (RCJB10H-CG) 10' two piece jig rod excellent shape 200.00 50-100# 36" butt 7'rod great for shipping make an offer Rainshadow RCLB80M 20-50# Graphite/E glass 120.00 make an offer SKB 7100 tackle box 220.00 and Rod Tube 70.00 both new like condition Mike 760 805-0824
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    Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    wishing all A Happy Thanksgiving and great fishing y'all
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    Royal Polaris may have to cancel

    if your looking for a spot call me 1/2 deposit is made if interested you can have spot
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    Royal Polaris may have to cancel

    Am booked on the Dec 2 limited load 18/15 on the RP may have to cancel if interested contact me Mike 760 805 0824 leave Dec 2 return Dec 20 thanks to all been taken care of couldn't delete post duh
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    Shimano Trinidad A peeling frame

    you have no control how others treat your gear when its in the racks scratches and nicks happen parts of my business is taking care of gear keep it clean and salt won't have a chance to do what is does best I have may shimano's and only one has a small issue
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    Shimano Trinidad A peeling frame

    I have a talica 12 that is also peeling so over time and use it gonna happen
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    Tips(oh no, not another one of those) :D

    have a great trip Tom
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    Shimano Cardiff 401a spool removal

    palm side or drive gear side spray some corrosion x on the shaft and let it sit for a few hrs if its the drive gear side its locked up in the pinion gear I have seen it happen
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    Shimano Cardiff 401a spool removal

    rust and corrosion on spool shaft and pinion gear will make it hard to get out may have been awhile since its seen any care
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    Long Range FISHING Reports

    well Dave where's your fish report
  28. finishright

    AVET bearings JX 2 speed

    most likely pinion bearing and spool bearings or just send to Robert and the guys at avet easy reels to service
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    What's your idea of a successful Long Range Trip.

    tom I wish you a speedy recovery and prayers for continued health like you I to am fighting 4 years into my battle it changes how you look at it all Tight Lines
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    Intrepid Catchy Tackle 15 day Oct. 14-29

    wishing you the best of luck Soda
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    LX6/3 - MC drag issue

    You should learn more about the reels so you can service yourself beach launch will invite salt water and fine sand in your reel opening them up is the only way to truly clean them I'm no fan of dunking your reel in F W bad for the drags and the bearings they will rust
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    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    sorry I read to the end
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    call in your order from airport then will drive by and get it I don't want to hear you grumble lol
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    36 hr Canyon Trip

    do I ship my gear to you
  35. finishright

    African Safari

    followed on FB soda looks you and the misses had a great trip and fantastic pictures welcome home
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    Fukushima Radiation

    when the flat falls and the tuna are the same glow then it might be true
  37. finishright


    not to fear Donna they are fixable there are a few parts hard to find I do them all the time
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    Getting your gear to and from SD

    I remember that Steve I have been blessed to meet so many great fishermen since I've started this venture ever need anything give me a shout Mike
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    Getting your gear to and from SD

    Kevin if you go back thru the forum Steve K told you how to get in touch with Rosie
  40. finishright

    Getting your gear to and from SD

    lol it must be something in the water
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    How to Rig Yummy Flyers for the kite

    check out KKPONO fliers very clean Jamie does a great job
  42. finishright

    Getting your gear to and from SD

    yes and insured ask canyonman only guy I know goes on a 15 day and only flies with a fanny pack lol
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    Getting your gear to and from SD

    we're here to help
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    Looking for Ahi but Caught A UGF

    wow you did the right thing Im sure his lack will bite him in the ass someday
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    Shogun 5 day-July 29-August 3.

    thumbs up to you two and memories that will last forever
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    a beauty got one just like it
  47. finishright


    epic write up John always good to see you and Ed God Bless
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    Avet vs. Fathom?

    I've seen far more avets than penns come in for repair just saying
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    Ono Lishous

    great day on the water for sure looks like a lake
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    Mini mahi carnage

    . Mike pay no mind, mahi will grow from an egg to fifteen pounds in 6 months the decline in mahi in mexico is fishing practices long lines nets and selling out the right to fish to countries that don't care that won't happen in Hawaii good on you for throw the little guys back and for getting...
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    Not fishing... African Safari

    Safe travels for you and the Mrs. 60 on 8-2 yur just a kid 63 on the 1st happy birthday have fun Mike
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    Travel with line on reels

    in the past all my reels were in my backpack with line on and no issues but they also had reel covers on them too. maybe I just lucked out
  53. finishright

    sorry they have been sold thought I deleted

    sorry they have been sold thought I deleted
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    With All The Talk Of Closures...?

    tomorrow on lets talk hookup they will be in Loreto with SAC and Pesca maybe will shed some light on it
  55. finishright

    Offshore Memorial Day Cow Tipping

    Nice one Jeff and Austin
  56. finishright


    I'll knock a few bucks off your service and add it to steve's if that helps
  57. finishright

    JX Live Bait Backlash Issue

    go to the park and practice doesn't take long to educate yourself take a spray bottle and wet the line first won't loose a fish in the park either
  58. finishright

    Please dont kill me

    you'll have a great time be prepared for what comes next your next trip enjoy
  59. finishright

    LA Bay Report; May 10-13

    thanks for the report
  60. finishright

    Excel Bluefin

    colt sniper or butterfly it's not a FF look at the eye on the jig
  61. finishright

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    well said David some get it some don't
  62. finishright

    Mak16 noise

    open it up and see easy to work on
  63. finishright

    How often do you change your Braid fishing line?

    take an extra spool and drill a bunch of 5/16 holes in it wind braid on it and set in toilet tank for a few day take it out and set on the self to air dry not in the sun works for me
  64. finishright

    Avet Reels-Seaguar-Raider Lures 3/28 to 4/13 Report

    its the time on the water that is so great the ride up hill can be a bitch so to all enjoy it when its gone you'll wish for one more up hill ride
  65. finishright

    2 Penn International 30TW 50SW

    30 TW 2 speed new braid great condition 260.00 50SW 2 speed new braid 290.00 Both reels in great to new shape
  66. finishright

    The finer points of rod shipping containers

    most of the shipping damage is not from the angler packing they take better care than the shipping company what happens is fedex or ups will check the contents in them they open and look inside to check the contents shove them back in the tube = bent guides broken tips and that is it when...
  67. finishright

    Best bang for the buck in a used 2 speed 80lb class reel

    I have a penn 30 TW 2sp with new braid great shape for 265 if your interested cal conversion
  68. finishright

    Shimano trinidad 14a

    I use a 12 on school size a 14 will be fine
  69. finishright

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    weights I will loan you what you need I have a service for long range you pay for what you lose I'm not an advertiser so cannot promote my service lots of long range folks know who I am feel free to give me a shout and welcome to the San Diego part of your addiction its healthy mike
  70. finishright

    Shimano Spool Assembly Moves

    Like what was said look inside cap should be 2 square copper washers if they're missing might be losing adjustment
  71. finishright

    Shimano Tn16 freespool

    check spool shaft and pinion gear might have salt or rust
  72. finishright


  73. finishright

    5 Star doesn't miss a beat

    sarah and her crew have always been top shelf I don't think she'd have it any other way
  74. finishright

    The adventure begins

    have a great trip
  75. finishright

    Fred Hall show Long Beach March 1-5, 2017

    see ya there soda
  76. finishright

    Intrepid Trip Report

    nice fish soda glad a good trip was had by all
  77. finishright

    Five Star

    sarah is running the operation you be sure service and quality will be top shelf
  78. finishright

    The journey has begun!

    better give Mrs. Nebraska 2 credit cards he's gone nice first day
  79. finishright

    The journey has begun!

    safe travels to you all and the best of luck Mike/BigFishTransport
  80. finishright

    Thanks for the reply Dave I won't be needing any since I found a big box of lead in the storage...

    Thanks for the reply Dave I won't be needing any since I found a big box of lead in the storage that I didn't know I had good luck on your trip you fishing with soda pop tight lines
  81. finishright

    Incredible feat

    better lucky than good nice catch any way you slice it
  82. finishright

    Excel lands 5 Cows today

    its a rotary flip phone
  83. finishright

    Hello Dave My name is mike Morris I run bigfishtransport could I order some lead from you I...

    Hello Dave My name is mike Morris I run bigfishtransport could I order some lead from you I supply most of my clients with lead for there trip to cut down on shipping if not that's ok have a great trip mike
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    25' mosquito rebuild project.

    its looking good
  85. finishright

    Sato Custom Rods - Brent Ikari

    RIP thoughts and prayers for the family
  86. finishright

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    that's good news for peter
  87. finishright

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    thanks for the report Basil is peter hervish doing ok hope he's getting a few
  88. finishright

    Long Range Tackle Box Report

    very clean and compact
  89. finishright

    Big Fish Transport needs some help

    Feb 6 I start treatment thanks to all Mike
  90. finishright

    Big Fish Transport needs some help

    to my friends and clients a thank you seems so little I cannot say what the outpouring I have gotten from you all means to me and my family some I know some I would like to from money donations to prayers thank you and to let you know the lung institute will have what they need to start the...
  91. finishright

    Big Fish Transport

    caught the hackers disguised as go daddys web is up
  92. finishright

    Big Fish Transport

    thanks Jeff
  93. finishright

    Big Fish Transport

    there's a clitch IT gremlins will be takin care of
  94. finishright

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    welcome graig you'll have a great time listen to the deck hands they are your best friend above all just enjoy it . .
  95. finishright

    15 day Red Rooster 3 May-June discount on trip

    this trip is a 4850.00 dollar trip will discount 650.00 if someone is interested contact Mike at 760 805-0824 I will give you details thank you
  96. finishright

    Shimano Torium 20HG Freespool

    Like bill said add line that will help freespool could be storage has dried the bearings some I have them never been a problem to much grease will slow them down also
  97. finishright

    Shipping rod tube

    just remember when you get over the 104" measurement the price jumps shipping long rods is costly and that might shorten after the first
  98. finishright

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    she will be missed may the future be bright for her and all the staff at 5-star
  99. finishright

    Guadalupe 2017 trips

  100. finishright

    Offshore And the beat goes on....WOW.

    congrats there Bluefin billy
  101. finishright

    Starting 'em off

    great was to start him out excellent job dad
  102. finishright

    Pug Jones

    I think I was on that trip still have a qualifier excel jacket
  103. finishright

    Maui in October

    awesome glad all had a good time
  104. finishright

    Find what is missing in this picture

    toes if they fish like that
  105. finishright

    When Long Range and Life Collide

    life always has a way of dealing out what is not wanted I like the attitude of just go fishing a speedy recovery to you !
  106. finishright

    Intrepid is on them

    not now
  107. finishright

    Shimano TBMG 20/50 questions

    Tomas parts may be an issue just call them Mike reel repair may have parts or check with alan tani good source there may just need a good cleaning and new bearings drags too!
  108. finishright

    Shimano New Reel Clamps for Gold Trinidads?

    I just sent back a clients reels after service and he had the cork puppies and the tiberon clamps never used the cork puppies looks leget hope this helps bigfishtransport
  109. finishright

    Shimano Torium 20 HG

    tiberon makes a clamp check their site
  110. finishright


    epic well worth the wait john many thanks
  111. finishright


    sounds good so far waiting waiting waiting
  112. finishright

    Double plier and tuna spike sheath

    hey rick we can swing by M&M when you get in if you don't find one sooner
  113. finishright

    Whahoo jog or bomd

    just take a doz of each youll be set
  114. finishright

    seeker 10 excel

    yeah tim made it happen just glad it all worked
  115. finishright

    seeker 10 excel

    good so far thanks to this forum got a call 20 min after post called Jason at excel office all good spot filled client is in texas waiting to depart for home hopping that hurricane make a swing east thanks for the wishes for client have a good day
  116. finishright

    Backup rigs

    Inside sportfishing video deep color I think they threw a back up rig over and those that say I wouldn't do it are not long range fisherman
  117. finishright

    seeker 10 excel

  118. finishright

    seeker 10 excel

    I know this is not the right forum but this is so last minute My client is on this trip. the hurricane that may hit Florida his home is in the path he will fly home in the morning he will reduce the cost for this trip 1000-1200 if your interested contact Jason at the office or me . Mike at...
  119. finishright

    Swapping out a stock handle for a t-bar style

    jb weld might work to lock the screw down a bitch if you have to remove thou
  120. finishright

    Which Resort Do you recommend ?

    the ranch hands down been going for years great to fish and the wife loves the miles of beach and nobody on them where ever you stay take some of your catch and give some to the help staff they really appreciate it have fun
  121. finishright

    Got another boat:)

    Sweeeet congrats
  122. finishright

    One spot open on SHOGUN 9 day trip

    speedy recovery for you
  123. finishright

    Rod rec

    hey jon it your looking at a long rod and your going to use on your 8 day I can store it, if you stick with an 8' rod can ship and stay under that 104" inch where cost seem to rise give me a call if need be
  124. finishright

    Cape Cod September 2016 More Bluefin Tuna

    great times congrats to all
  125. finishright

    All Swivels ARE NOT Created Equal... or are they?

    listen to the guys that have years of experience do you think that just because it says 120-130 it won't fail at 90 stick to 3-1
  126. finishright

    LR reel maintenance

    salt x good to have a little cals on side plate screws for corrosion and reel covers on if your not using keeps the salt off from the wash down hose
  127. finishright

    Offshore New Blood!!!

    welcome to so cal spent younger days in Snoqualmie the fish are still hear you'll get them
  128. finishright

    Looking for suggestions on LR Reel Lineup...

    as far as shipping goes long rods will raise the cost much try to stay under 104 " if you can keep it at 95 great as far as gear you can rent some and if your buddy has gear and you can get rods in one tube will save you in the long run trust me I know welcome to the madness
  129. finishright

    Long range is not just fishing

    great post jon will see you again next year
  130. finishright

    Another Angler Ruined At The Start

    great catch Jack
  131. finishright

    Offshore SCI Blue Fin 9/4 (Video)

    nice fish jeff and crew looks the reel is holding up just fine
  132. finishright

    Chief 2.5 Day is cancelled!!!!!!

    the time you spend whinning you could be on another boat the fishing is the best its been on big fish just go.
  133. finishright

    Offshore Catalina Ahi - 8/27

    still on fire congrats
  134. finishright

    Offshore Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    never a dull moment with you Cory congrats on the great fish
  135. finishright 8 day trip report - Royal Polaris

    love that island great trip and pics
  136. finishright

    Offshore time to fish

    hearts go out to you and your family
  137. finishright

    Dumb Question of the day

    hey jon I've got about ten or 12 leader spools want me to send em
  138. finishright

    Offshore 7-20 Oceanside Report

    way to go two mikes nice reel too! glad you found some life out there
  139. finishright

    Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris Trip Report

    excellent on all counts
  140. finishright

    US80 Tilefish for Matt

    Thanks Matt thanks Jim not just great guys two men with hearts much bigger than themselves
  141. finishright

    bigtime GOOBER that needs some help!!

    size 2 hook 10-15 lb line if they have chovies use the live bait if not get some small lead heads and 3-5" swimbaits check with the landing see what they recommend have fun
  142. finishright

    Bo-J Lures

    found three of them nobody had any info glad I looked here
  143. finishright

    electra-mate 1200 2-miya-epoch 600 elec reels for sale

    have one electra-mate 1200 2 miya-epoch600 all three for 275.00 call mike 760 805-0824 or text and will send pics
  144. finishright

    Offshore Last minute Bluefin.

    never give up nice going
  145. finishright

    Saltwater TUNA ON BAIT AT 30 MILES!!!

    so that's an albacore nice job guys and gals
  146. finishright

    Mission bay marina boats being robbed.

    coming in from the water or someone has a gate key sorry to hear this thanks for the heads up
  147. finishright

    marlin and tuna jigs

    family friend father passed has lots of gear selling for them having trouble uploading pic just give me a call 7608050824 5.00 to 30.00 pac lur zukers jetheads text and I'll send pics
  148. finishright

    Hoping they come back...

  149. finishright


    just go on your 10 day and enjoy it take a good positive attitude with you and it won't matter worry more about your gear
  150. finishright

    Five Star customer service

    Sarah and her crew are a first class operation I have and will keep recommending my customers to them
  151. finishright

    Best day yet!

    nice round of fish glad you got em
  152. finishright

    Best day yet!

    nice round of fish glad you got em
  153. finishright

    Fun rod holder project

    that works
  154. finishright

    Tuna off the drone!

    I have to agree jake hows the shoulder doing
  155. finishright

    stripper guide placement

    contact salty dawg or jim trilikes those two have the know
  156. finishright

    Halibut Whistler Area 4-12

    thanks for the info
  157. finishright

    Bull Red on the surf

    nice whats the water temp
  158. finishright

    Tony (SDTONE) does it again!

    some parts are available others not (bail assembly) bearings should be able to get from smooth drag pm me if you want more info
  159. finishright

    Hooker Intruder XL on eBay

    at 218 few min ago
  160. finishright

    Rods and Reels - attach before or on the boat

    travel time is when most will spend the time rigging much easier to load and unload rods and less chance for damage to avoid damage handle your gear yourself seen to many crushed guides on the off load hope this helps.
  161. finishright

    long range t-shirt question

  162. finishright

    Offshore Stolen gear, wrong forum, I know, but trying

    sorry to hear will be looking out for it it all seems fishy thou working in a tackle shop in solana beach will be looking for the consignment stuff might come in you have plenty of eyes and ears looking for you you never know
  163. finishright


    a Happy and fish prosperous new year to all especially the long rangers that I had the pleasure to meet see ya in 2016
  164. finishright

    Shogun 12/19 report

    I don't think he gets it
  165. finishright

    Shogun 11/27/15 to 12/2/15

    great report the lupe is special
  166. finishright

    Footwear recommendations

    Gill boots I have found to be the widest of all boots 4E width are hard to find also the runners store have a insole made for your shoes or boots makes a big difference when at the rail for a long time they will custom fit them and your good to go
  167. finishright

    Shimano Farewell

  168. finishright

    The Intrepid Angler of the Year Award.... CATCH -A-THREE RIDE FOR FREE is BACK!!

    couldn't think of a better man for this award congrats soda pop
  169. finishright

    Another Big Fish Transport Success Story

    have a great trip
  170. finishright

    My Thanksgiving Gift to the Bloodydecks fishermen!

    those are awesome happy thanksgiving BF Transport
  171. finishright

    Another Big Fish Transport Success Story

    a happy thanksgiving to all BD ers and especially the ones that have become friends not just clients
  172. finishright

    Offshore Best Fishing of The Year, yes the 23rd!

    glad you got em bill nice talkin to ya mike from the tackle shop
  173. finishright

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    that says what everyone is thinking did he get the hint
  174. finishright

    Intrepid 10 Day, Departing 11-02-15

    long range is what it is million reasons to fish one area or not without knowing I will not guess the why of it, cherish the time you had some may not get to fish long range be it health or! look at the positive you meet great people learned new technics and you eat really good food and most...
  175. finishright

    Another Big Fish Transport Success Story

    I'll keep an eye out for it tight lines
  176. finishright

    Same thing ... Same place ... New sled

    secret spot looks like you've been found out congrats on the new ride
  177. finishright

    Intrepid 15 Day - Catchy Tackle - Being the only girl

    wow what a great job on presentation and on catching fish you've done long range justice you will get your cow Im sure of it
  178. finishright

    Indy 11/1-11/11

    sorry to hear the fish lost portion of your report a client just came back the next day on a 10 dayer tuna the size of bonito not a good sight at least you had a chance next time great question about the hooks great info on feedback
  179. finishright

    Need to replace reel

  180. finishright

    Awesome trip with Capt Jeff Rodgers 10/29

    nice day for the family
  181. finishright

    ART and long range fishing

    gods handywork seem to be magnified on long range trips
  182. finishright

    Offshore oceanside 95 1.5 day tues night

    glad to hear a positive report from O'side
  183. finishright

    Whats up with the Excel?

    never know it might show up will wait to hear you could be right was not turned in at fishermans lost and found
  184. finishright

    Whats up with the Excel?

    anybody on the excel trip that was canceled end up with extra lead that they know wasn't theirs? would like to see it returned catch five will have to pay for it when taking gear off boat was removed from cart sorry for all for the cancelation
  185. finishright

    San Felipe 10-12-2015

    water and pics are great
  186. finishright

    YOYO YT Action ... Sunday Report

    nice video and a great day for you both
  187. finishright

    Shimano Flat Fall Hooks?

    Don't feel alone on this Jon I've had the hook break just past the sweep of the bend on two flat falls
  188. finishright

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    thanks for sharing Jon Steve had some great cloud pics as well
  189. finishright

    Offshore Osborn Bank on the Black Pearl - Limits BFT

    nice going and good for your friend making a diiferance
  190. finishright

    Offshore September 8th was a good day out of Oceanside

    we fished out in front of the domes 4 quality yft 25-40 then moved south lots of kelp that was empty did have a daisy chain bit off very clean cut glad you got um
  191. finishright


    it will be here before you know it
  192. finishright

    Health Related PSA for My Fellow LR'ers

    heal quickly dave had the same thing early this year I'm old enough now that the scare just looks like more old guy wrinkles
  193. finishright

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    thanks brian
  194. finishright

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    I do have that
  195. finishright

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    Storage I do that
  196. finishright

    Seeking knowledge:

    Montauk you might want to PM Chris Dunn the fishing weatherman good insight to the el nino
  197. finishright

    Offshore Oside daycare program Tuesday

    kids look happy great job dad
  198. finishright

    Oceanside Harbor

    Saturday the ramp will be a zoo Outrigger race 8-22 chase boats and canoes
  199. finishright

    Shimano 50 or 65 power pro

    65 pp I fish 40 catches lots of fish
  200. finishright

    Offshore Grand Slam 8/10

    icing on the cake
  201. finishright

    Offshore Dominator returns with Bluefin Limits, and close to YFT Limits

    couldn't ask for a better start it'll just get better
  202. finishright

    Offshore 8/7 dana wfo dorado and more

    great job quite a crowd behind you glad you got em
  203. finishright

    Dodo off HB pier

    just chunk they will come
  204. finishright


    great quality glad you found em
  205. finishright

    Ray Jarvis Memorial 2015 The Movie

    fitting tribute thanks for sharing
  206. finishright

    Dana Point YFT on the Top Shot . with a couple Larger Models

    days like that make the days of looking much easier to handle great job
  207. finishright

    Offshore Is Dana Point the New Cabo?

    can he charter or can we just rent him for the day great job talon and you did good to dad
  208. finishright

    Offshore Took my son fishing for his b-day at the 182

    your son must be disappointed small fish and shitty weather looks to me to be a great day
  209. finishright

    Kids Trip off Newport…

    so cal fishing at its finest setting the bar pretty high for those kids nice going dad
  210. finishright

    San Pedro Tuna - 7/11

    very nice seems like yesterday pic of you and wife fishing then no fishing baby on the way she is 2 now Wow how time flies and stellar pics as always
  211. finishright

    Dana Point near shore 7/6

  212. finishright

    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    get all the proper docs run to the coranados been great some days not so on some its fishing keep at it
  213. finishright

    Offshore Today part 2

    that's a good day you get an A for taking notes great score
  214. finishright

    Offshore DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    that's a winner report congrats talon and you did good to dad!
  215. finishright

    oside 6/26 short summary

    we did the same did see some jumbos blow up on some bait they made a quick exit
  216. finishright

    Long Drift for 25-70lb fish on the Intrepid... 6-24 fish report

    If you quantity go to the fish market LR is more than that and jeff is a nice addition to any galley he's a great chef glad you guys got some fish
  217. finishright

    Offshore Late report. Sat. 6/20

    yft or bft both look real nice in a poke bowl sashimi or seared
  218. finishright

    Offshore Father's Day tuna

    a great way to spend fathers day and a good one to all dads nice fish too!
  219. finishright

    BOLA Trip/ Visa Issue

    its their law just get the dam thing then we wont have to read a post about being turned back and how unfair they are geez
  220. finishright

    Offshore Fun day

    that's a great day on the water no mater where you were
  221. finishright

    Offshore Birthday BlueFin

    nice way to start the celebration
  222. finishright

    I need help! (Really sorry not a report)

    yellows at 8 miles tuna at 13 to the 209 we got them today kelps were few and far between stay local
  223. finishright

    Offshore Heartache and Bruisers Saturday

    well you gave it a shot going to try tomorrow have some 100 lb wind on just in case
  224. finishright

    Offshore Adrianna finds the bigeye

    great job good eats too
  225. finishright

    fun day away from the crowds

    REALLY! Im sure he kept all 12 so what my neighbors love fresh fish and we would keep all twelve too and bless the people around us and by the way great going were headed out that way tuesday
  226. finishright

    Combat style fishing on the 150 - 6/11

    Nice plan have used it many times and caught fish
  227. finishright

    Offshore Epic day on the 9!! And something odd!

    thanks for great report and that's a bft gang tatoo
  228. finishright

    Waianae June 7

    long range kine right there one big cow nice going and you got the little cousin too!
  229. finishright

    Offshore 6/8/15

    nice score we blanked yesterday 209 and areas south did find 68 degree pocket lots of ponies bait and a few marks no biters
  230. finishright

    Some free floating kelp questions . . . I know, I'm high maintenance!!

    welcome to the hood take a look at fishdope lots of good info and can give you a area where the fish might be in time on the water will help you lots of good advice here as well
  231. finishright

    Rpt.-06-03-15 Run & Gun Tails at the 150!

    another great day on the water does the wife know the office you go to looks like a boat
  232. finishright

    BoLA 6/2

    will be there in Aug never been have good friends that have house looking forward to it
  233. finishright

    1st 2 days Fed. snapper

    that looks like a great day
  234. finishright

    Man impaled, killed by billfish at Honokohau Harbor

    prayers go out to his family may he rest in peace
  235. finishright

    RP Knot?

    ask the deckhands what they prefer when you get on the boat some like the tony pena others the bob sands I like the jc knot for my light stuff >40 never had a problem get a 1/2" dowel rod rap with flex rap 8" is plenty long enough so you can pull the knot solid and they store easy in your...
  236. finishright

    Yellowfin off Huntington Beach

    things are shaping up thanks for the report
  237. finishright

    Offshore 5/30....5am-12pm

    That's a start nice fish will be out there very soon
  238. finishright

    Sunday at the 150

    nice way to spend the morning
  239. finishright

    Another LJ Report: Slow Fishing

    congrats on the new job
  240. finishright

    Monkey Off My Back!

    almost a quadfecta I'll take that trifecta any day nice going
  241. finishright

    Late May 22nd 3 day FV: Independance (pic heavy)

    great report Ben glad you got them
  242. finishright

    cancelled trip

    jump on the shogun you will not be disappointed
  243. finishright

    Offshore Big Paddy Yellows

    great pics and congrats
  244. finishright

    Windward Side 5/22 & 5/26

    way to spend the day
  245. finishright

    Kaneohe Otaru....May 28***

    sashimi heaven great haul
  246. finishright

    Kaneohe Otaru....May 28***

    sashimi heaven great haul
  247. finishright


    that's a keeper nice
  248. finishright

    GWS at Catalina

    Shhh! don't the do gooders know they'll say the fishermen are the cause
  249. finishright

    local san pedro yellowtail 5/28 big daddy canes

    let the fun begin congrats on finding the blessings
  250. finishright

    Shipping rods and reels

  251. finishright

    Nice Day on Water

    chock it up to lesson learned glad it wasn't a costly one
  252. finishright

    Shimano Torium reel schematic (previous model)

    Go to Mikes Reel Repair every make of all brands easy downloads and look at alan tani website also
  253. finishright

    Good morning! Scott from the Condor here.

    heal quickly ron your reports and pics are a great asset
  254. finishright

    Shipping rods and reels

    Thanks Steve I also have a hefty supply of lead so you don't have to ship and charge for what you lose with the shorter trips coming up airport pick up and that last minute shopping is all included for a modest fee.
  255. finishright

    Don't kill the messenger!

    great post thank you
  256. finishright

    3 may Waianae

    nice pig aku
  257. finishright

    Old Catches

    not only fisher of men but fisher of da fishes
  258. finishright

    Spectra connection knots

    first time I saw the fg knot was in Japanese it was hard to follow will look for the u- tube and try again thanks
  259. finishright


    fishing and good times no better way to spend the weekend
  260. finishright

    Spectra connection knots

    tony pena knot or bob sands
  261. finishright

    spectra to mono splice help

    tony pena or bob sands very easy to tie smaller line the rp or john Collins knot fast and easy
  262. finishright

    baitrunner 4500 b bail

    looking for a bail for a baitrunner 4500B part number RD7451 and help will be appreciated
  263. finishright

    Offshore Bluefin

    nice good eats
  264. finishright

    Nado's YT 4/4/15

    congrats on a great day thanks for letting all know how easy it is to get the right docs.
  265. finishright

    Making Up For Lost Time - Catalina Report - 3/31/15

    great pics and a great day congrats
  266. finishright

    Internet on LR Boat?

    did the fishing suck
  267. finishright

    Freedom out of 22 nd st

    look on the site and call one of the small charters that advertise on the site 6 or 4 pack that you and your boy will have a little more quality of fishing and time
  268. finishright

    I finally got approval for a long trip!!!!!!

    all great boats and crew good luck on your decision
  269. finishright

    Always on the way in!!

    very nice next time run 2 4" and catch two congrats
  270. finishright

    First time long Ranger gets super cow on the RP

    better to be lucky than good both apply here damn nice catch great day on the water
  271. finishright

    Today's weather / water conditions?

    So is Chris Dunn pretty accurate for a fisherman
  272. finishright

    Second Time Out . . . getting better!!!

    nice go at it there is good structure at ponto moonlight beach and del mar its all about time on the water have fun
  273. finishright

    Boat not done but fish in the box

    very well done
  274. finishright

    Mike's Ono

    I be hungry way to go
  275. finishright

    Got corrosion?

    how does the spool fit now that it has been powder coated looks great just wondering
  276. finishright

    Rpt.-Wed. 03-18-15 Tail Limits before 9am.

    Cory better sharpen up the pencils for the end of the season review how your starting out you have a lot of writing to do great read as always thanks
  277. finishright

    Toy box

    very nice
  278. finishright

    Weekend closure for Hooping

    great way to end it congrats
  279. finishright

    nice reds sunday 3-15-2015

    and that is how its done!!!
  280. finishright

    Penguin Banks 3-11-2015

    nice day sounds like if you had your lure bag you would have been late for work!
  281. finishright

    3/9 WFO at SCI--On The Fabulous Thunderbird

    nice job on the yellows must of got your intell from that king pete guy
  282. finishright


    call Rich at Tailwalker cant go wrong there
  283. finishright

    Dana point Bass

    looks like plenty of info to me thanks
  284. finishright

    Very important

    score one for the good guys they are making it more difficult here
  285. finishright

    3 day mid March.

    top gun is a good boat and scott is a fish hunter I have done lots of trips up to 6.5 day I don't think you'll be disapointed
  286. finishright

    Back to fishing....

    the boat looks sharp glad you had a great day sad that someone tried to spoil it they will be found out aloha
  287. finishright

    Any suggestions or advice for a fly down/ fly back - verses a ride down trip?

    there is a company that takes care of the logistic problem of this
  288. finishright

    Hooks for Sardine Fishing

    Ringed offshore j hook started using a few years ago had solid hook set super mutu ringed all owners
  289. finishright

    Black marlin aboard the El Matador 02/25/2015

    beautiful fish great release
  290. finishright

    crazy haole for sale

    god speed till you can get back and fish
  291. finishright

    Friday 13th giant king salmon

    tanker for sure what great weather too.
  292. finishright

    Rpt.-02-19-15 A 2 day Yellowtail Frenzy!

    like fine wine as we age its quality over quantity nice report Cory as always a good read
  293. finishright

    Hi Kai report: 02/18/2015

    good mix of fish right there whens dinner
  294. finishright

    Son's first Multi-Day fishing trip

    very nice now its on to five days
  295. finishright

    Dead whales spotted near Kauai

    you get down wind could be deadly
  296. finishright

    Who is "That Guy"

    you will not be that guy your new at the rail and already asking how not to be that guy there's so many good people that fish with lots of info just listen skip the 3 day go on a 5 welcome to so cal
  297. finishright

    Playin Hooky Comes home

    have a great season boat looks sweet
  298. finishright

    Kaneohe 2/8

    nice day right there congrats
  299. finishright

    We lost a good one

    prayers sent
  300. finishright

    Excel Has Easy Limits Of Wahoo at The Rocks

    sounds like a great trip thanks for the update
  301. finishright

    Fishing Report Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii 2/1/15

    those kawakawa were as big as the aku
  302. finishright

    We're back... finally

    garins ballbarins nice glad the day finely arrived go get em and good luck
  303. finishright

    What is the deal with Hawaiian Marlin? Steroids?

    hand line or 130's fishing is fishing
  304. finishright

    Offshore Seeking San Diego Charter for 1

    send him fishing with Brandon will learn more in one day than a year on cattle boats and no crowd
  305. finishright

    Dana Point Yellowtail

    that makes class more doable
  306. finishright

    Rpt.-Wed. 02-04-15 A Tale of Tails!

    cory you guys fishing up north or off the canyon nice job
  307. finishright

    That guy

    the sum fun has that guy attraction
  308. finishright

    Offshore Chief 2-1/2 day report!

    hope it stays great for all the boats glad you were on em
  309. finishright

    Raivavae, French Polynesia Jan 2015

    absolutely stunning
  310. finishright

    Offshore Tribute

    if you kids don't stop fighting I'll make you sit in the car!
  311. finishright

    Macaroni Bomb

    what no cheese amazing the amount of fish right now go get em
  312. finishright

    Best Wahoo reel to buy

    Penn fathom 15 Call ken corwin at kens reel in Oceanside lot of good responses
  313. finishright

    If I can help out let me know if not have a great trip

    If I can help out let me know if not have a great trip
  314. finishright


    sam choys little poke book lots of good ideas
  315. finishright

    Is crackerjack still in busines

    I saw he had a boat up for sale in Hawaii that's all I know
  316. finishright

    Lets all go to BOX Cyn!!!

    not to bash but do a little research yt are being caught from ventura to SQ whats that tell you about the volume now what was your question?
  317. finishright

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    prayers sent and yes this is the rite board
  318. finishright

    New Seaforth 1-22-15

    That's a great attitude everyone has gone on those pricey boat rides get your gear squared away and try a 3/4 day I think you'll have better luck I heard that kingpete is a tyrant be careful welcome to the nut house
  319. finishright

    Box Yellows 1/17

    get better cory we like those novels uhhh reports see ya on the water
  320. finishright


    nice report pete where did ya find all these great friends glad you got em
  321. finishright

    Came home early from a trip

    boy sucks to be you try to have a great trip anyway good luck
  322. finishright

    Offshore Chief 1.5 day Dan Hrnandez trip Collonett

    Oh I see can see it clear now its That Guy
  323. finishright

    boat reccomendations

    Brian most of the boats that run 7-8 trip are all equipped to handle first timers what is your time frame that might be a better judge of what boat to hop on these shorter trips fill up fast at times just go fishing deck hands are full of help and information
  324. finishright

    Offshore Chief 1.5 day Dan Hrnandez trip Collonett

    nice trip lots of fish up and down the coast lots of comments on here the old saying still applies if you cant say anything nice then shut the fuck up and go fishing
  325. finishright

    Box canyon free gaff 1/15

    a winner for sure
  326. finishright

    Offshore 2.5 day trip on Top Gun 80

    Capt. Randel have a very good day
  327. finishright

    Box Canyon 1/14

    hope you were fishing diawa reels nice going I saw a few boats out there on my way up the coast I think they like it here
  328. finishright

    Give No Fucks

    happy birthday Mike
  329. finishright

    Give No Fucks

    is not giving a shit the same as not giving a fuck? just wondering!
  330. finishright

    Surf fishing in cabo?

  331. finishright

    Offshore TUNA TIME!!!! BLUES!!!

  332. finishright

    Yellows Still Here 1/9

    nice did you fish the beacons moonlight area?
  333. finishright

    Anyone know what happened on the American Angler?

    If the need to know is important call and ask them they have a good rep for being honest good luck on your 8 day
  334. finishright

    100% Knot???

    looks simple
  335. finishright

    My personal best on Intrepid - report and slideshow :)

    nicely done thank you fish and health in the new year
  336. finishright

    Winter project.......... Time to dial it in

    very clean wear a mask stripping that crap looks like your done thou it can be harmful I know the hardway good luck on the finished product a great fishing platform
  337. finishright

    Happy New Year to all..... 2015

    same to you enjoy you reports and insight: occupation retired supposed to be fishing not in the office a healthy 2015 to all
  338. finishright

    FISH for News Year

    we came we saw got fish make this fishing stuff sound easy nice going and happy new year
  339. finishright

    taking my brother fishng

    first and foremost make sure he doesn't get seasick that will ruin it no matter how much you school him watch videos read and time on the water have your brother get on the board and ask questions what are his thoughts good luck and have a great time
  340. finishright

    More large, weird looking rockcod....

    WHAT!! no rock fish nice day and great water
  341. finishright


    that's the way its done santa
  342. finishright

    Kids Dec 23rd Yellows at Box Canyon

    those smiles look like Christmas morning nice job dad
  343. finishright

    Rods and the NTSB

    been using the same thing for years on the glued end glue good foam cushions the rods threaded cap other end thin plastic sleeve around rods with rope tsa will pull it out see rods and slide it back in no problems so far
  344. finishright

    Cortez/Tanner BFT Christmas tuna

    good luck to all the o95 is trying to put together a trip also for the 26th hope weather is good for all and Merry Christmas
  345. finishright

    Shimano First 40lb Set Up

    I have both fished a 7 day mostly with 16 was not a problem you have plenty of time to research and choose all brands have upped their game its what you prefer trini is light and easy to fish all day. what ever brand you choose I don't think you will be disappointed
  346. finishright

    Roll call... Intrepid limited load... 14 day.... Jan. 9.... westcoastfishing

    Bring your knife but don't tell them who you are they might chain you to the galley that is a beautiful presentation Good Luck
  347. finishright

    Offshore Chief Collonett December 6th

  348. finishright

    Shimano Shimano Holiday schedule and Bantam 1 vacation

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at Shimano
  349. finishright

    Big Swell...BIG yellowtail in Bahia Asuncion

    ask santa for bigger ice chest very nice
  350. finishright

    cortez bank question

    hop on a sporty its much safer
  351. finishright

    Late report

    DAMN that would put smiles on anybody's face nice day
  352. finishright


    Tuna in Dec. and pig yellows 1.5 miles off the beach pretty epic any way say it!
  353. finishright

    Offshore EPIC Eclipse Escapade 1.5 Day Trip

    as spot on like your weather reports well done Mr.Dunn
  354. finishright

    Box Canyon Yellows Still Here 12-5-14

    nice brutes good to see their still here
  355. finishright

    Bonefish in San Diego Bay

    A lot of fun caught them off roatan with the same type set up it was a blast your videos are also a hoot
  356. finishright

    11-30-14 Rudy and Mike.

    4th 5th 6th time is charm good going
  357. finishright

    1st time to san Miguel was awesome

    was there fifty years ago still is awesome great fishing
  358. finishright

    Mexico fly backs with fishing Reels

    I have traveled with reels in my carry on but all were in reel covers guess I was lucky
  359. finishright

    Conflict At Clarion

    good luck
  360. finishright

    Thanksgiving Tuna - 11/26

    your still on fire nice grade of fish as well
  361. finishright

    Bones and Bugs

    great pics turkey or lobster? Both! well done
  362. finishright

    oyster in LB

    the Japanese a developing meat made from poop macbiffy sandwich anyone!!
  363. finishright

    Newell 540 3.2

    I have a newell 540 3.2 for sell 125.00 great condition used once sits on shelf it has been sold
  364. finishright

    Report for the 14 day Bob Sands/Davis Boats/R.P. Moo time Daqaritas adventure

    Thanks for the great read and sounds like a well deserved trip
  365. finishright

    Newort Kids trip: Seals 9 - Kids 0

    it did the same thing to me in college but only took 10 min. I was gone and sick!!
  366. finishright

    tired of tuna/dodos in san diego

    buy a boat with a kicker motor you'll figure it out
  367. finishright

    Offshore Tuesday Tribute - Tanner Tuna Trifecta

    that will make school harder to stay in ( dad lets go fishing) get used to it a great day indeed
  368. finishright

    Help :(

    electronics can be your best friend yt are deep at times the lobsters guys know were deep structure can be found see gear off the kelp meter it take a look time on the water is the key just a learning curve you'll get it it's not always about catching well maybe it is good luck
  369. finishright

    Raft repack... Not so great...

    sorry you got hosed sounds like Rollie was enjoying the painkillers a little to much maybe he should of shared it wouldn't have been so painful
  370. finishright

    Kbay veterans day fish

    perfect day
  371. finishright

    kaneohe Bay Done...

    cloulyday had a fish report awesome
  372. finishright

    *Yearbook* Jan 1st - Dec. 31st 2014 Bring it!

    This season was great in so many ways I can see this thread going on for some time good call
  373. finishright

    Thanks from a Veteran

    Thank You Chris for your service let us hope our government see's the sacrifice you and many have seen
  374. finishright

    Offshore 11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    great job john I'm amazed how you can catch fish upside down tell the folks hello
  375. finishright

    Offshore 14 days starting now!

    you'll have a blast did that trip years back
  376. finishright

    Offshore Pegasus killed it over the weekend!

    you guys are bad thanks for the laugh
  377. finishright

    Offshore I was off the shore 11/3

    saw a group of boats just out from view point off 5 glad you had a blessed day on the water
  378. finishright

    Cow Tuna

    Thanks Dave
  379. finishright

    Offshore what a season

    great keepsakes there
  380. finishright

    Offshore The Epic Summer Re-Cap

    well done have a great winter but it may not be over!
  381. finishright

    Offshore 10/28/14

    great quality did you fish in the edgewater good haul for that boat
  382. finishright

    Local big YT dropper loop questions

    4oz-8oz should be good few of each good luck
  383. finishright

    What happened at the bait barge

    A solution for EB hand the complainers a complimentary sabiki and tell them to catch there own lobster bait
  384. finishright

    Which boat has the best skipper?

    All those mention above are all great skippers they didn't get where they are by sitting at the pc personally I think the question is stupid!!
  385. finishright

    Deep 7 Jeopardy

    take the time to write it does make a difference we are fighting an uphill battle here people that don't fish or hunt are pulling the strings here don't let that happen! mahalo
  386. finishright

    Boat back in Da Water

    nice to be back in the water I just helped a good friend re-do a cabo 226 went thru the whole boat now getting mahi's and ahi right off the beach here in cali it has been a great year looks like you have some up and coming captains have fun be safe
  387. finishright

    No Fishing, No Hunting :(

    was he really born there?
  388. finishright

    Boat back in Da Water

    hey some is better than none good eats there
  389. finishright

    Offshore Yellowfin at the 302

    nice quality very nice
  390. finishright

    I think I saw it on side of I-5 I was either cannon or palomar airport rd I be going that way...

    I think I saw it on side of I-5 I was either cannon or palomar airport rd I be going that way today if I see it I'll pick it up
  391. finishright

    Offshore 9 mile 10/4

    we can only hope it keeps em off the water getting late in season stupid gets stupider ( I know the spelling police will be all over this) how was La Jolla
  392. finishright

    The bean truce.

    get a few jars of kim chee for your trip
  393. finishright

    new lo ann, pacific queen, or legend?

    The pq is a little high out of the water and rolls a little you made a good choice I sure your boy will have a great time good luck
  394. finishright

    Offshore WFO fishing on the Legend 1.5 day

    nice job and there's still time for a few more 1.5s
  395. finishright

    Offshore Royal Polaris 3 day 26-29 Sep

    great quality fish looks a little breezy
  396. finishright

    Kona Hawaii Fishing Report - Sept. wrap-up.

    fish are like babies there never early or late they come when they want to be
  397. finishright

    Lobster lovers 9/27

    big bug or small bucket nice
  398. finishright

    Offshore BS fish count reports

    If your only goal is to put fish in the freezer go to see tommy their always catching in 55+ years of fishing being on the water and just enjoying the time is money well spent. Life is short enjoy it!
  399. finishright

    Great Drone for Fishing

    I can already hear the humane society at his door fly away catman hurry
  400. finishright

    Offshore Is this you?

    was this out of o'side?
  401. finishright

    Offshore Is this you?

    it looks like they were going to deploy the rubber raft too!
  402. finishright

    Offshore impeccable form

    (That guy) bought a boat glad you got a few fish
  403. finishright

    High seas, light line and a TANKER mossback.

    fish has shoulders on it that is a fat 30ish nice on 12lb.
  404. finishright

    Offshore "Johnny B. Good" does Good! Oside 9 miles

    were you standing on your head when you took the pics fucking great day
  405. finishright

    Offshore 9/16- Good day at 277!

    fishing with dad and grandpa that's top notch education you won't find in schools a great day indeed
  406. finishright

    San Diego 3/4 day. 325 yft and 50 yt

    amen to that and it was on the san diego go figure
  407. finishright

    Cabo Marina Pics

    I was thinking it would be worse any damage is costly speedy recovery to all
  408. finishright

    Charleston Tuna,yes, its true, finally a Tuna report

    couldn't draw up better conditions
  409. finishright

    Offshore 2 Day on The Success

    can't say more it's already been said nice
  410. finishright

    Offshore Best day ever.....

    teaching great habits when moms away nice job dad
  411. finishright

    36.3 lb YT of N la Jolla

    nice fish regardless of the weight
  412. finishright

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    sorry I could not get thru the whining and dribble so I didn't read it all buy your own boat and go fish or stay on your favorite boat where your a star foot note: fishing this year is off the charts and good boats captain and crew have been working their asses off with no days off and very...
  413. finishright

    Offshore 14 MB, 277 and 209 on 9/12

    thanks for the heads up and color that was bit
  414. finishright

    Spirit of Adventure 5 day to 9/12

    glad you had a good trip friend of mine was on it too.
  415. finishright

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    are we done yet sounds like miscommunication on both sides of the boat mex limits in u s waters that's a big ?
  416. finishright

    Offshore 209 Stripped Marlin, YFT and YT

    good lord the whole site is full of nit pickers fashion spelling pictures holly crap ! nice going it is great fun congrats on the other fish too!
  417. finishright

    Offshore Sea Trek 3\4 day 9\9

    dude have some cheese to go with your whining or get a new hobby
  418. finishright

    Offshore First timers luck

    great memories for all congrats
  419. finishright

    Norbert Headed north

    thanks Mr. Dunn will deep watch on this good friend in on the same trip good luck
  420. finishright

    Offshore Family time, Oceanside, 267 & There about on Sticky Business III

    nice day did the same on Friday and you could see the harbor was getting sketchy and like you I've been attacked by the grammar police oh well
  421. finishright

    Offshore 181 Glory!!!!!!

    congrats on a banner day we fished the area inside the 181 up to the 43 no tuna lots of paddies water was cooler on the 43 right place right time awesome
  422. finishright

    Offshore More Good Times on the Triton

    beautiful grade nicely done
  423. finishright

    Old Glory from H&M Landing Gaffs and kills Striped Marlin on Overnight Trip

    for god sakes don't fish in Hawaii I know your favorite boat is the ss peta
  424. finishright

    Intrepid 4 day - August 27-31

    great video very nice footage and yes your dad was on fire!
  425. finishright

    Offshore Fortune destroyed yf and 2 bucket listers

    you've made a great fish day into a life long memory that will be talked about all thru the winter may that pb be just around the corner for you
  426. finishright

    Anyone know what this fish is?

    hey don't they sometimes write on the forums?
  427. finishright

    Offshore Local Marlin.

    lighten up francis or mr marlin catcher nothing racist you opened that box had they been able to run it down and sink a gaff then what a very hot fish pulled over the rail could be fatal even a pro expert like yourself would know that glad nobody was hurt when hooked up calling out a dorado...
  428. finishright

    Offshore Full Speed Local Tuna – 8/30

    it always pays to study up nice day on the local grounds
  429. finishright

    Best Prank Ever?? Maybe

    that was awesome
  430. finishright

    John Collins knot

    ever any issues with smaller spectra cutting into small mono I tried doubling the mono and tied cinch down ok have not had the chance to use it will see
  431. finishright

    Man sure messed up this time!

    been there tuff loss foam works filled gaffs for my kayak test in pool first
  432. finishright

    Oceanside launch

    don't go on sat, there's an outrigger race it will be a zoo sun is all clear
  433. finishright

    YFT from the kayaks

    anybody can catch fish from a boat very nice guys
  434. finishright

    Offshore Fishdope Spotter Plane Report 8/20/2014 (Tons of pics)

    that's some Kodak moments thank you for a job well done
  435. finishright

    Offshore 9-20 West of the 302 - 7 year old bags a limit

    get those pics on the wall what a great day
  436. finishright

    10lb on 10lb

    great job
  437. finishright

    Oahu King Charter-stay away

    same hoale guy that gets his but kicked and says the locals all hate hoalees lived there for 12 years being hoale was never an issue and a great number of local fisherman might take a few out to fish I think a donation makes it not illegal not sure but you can ask
  438. finishright

    Offshore Good times with my boy .

    nice grade of fish there is a nice break of 73-74 deg. water at the 6+ mile that was Monday good luck to all
  439. finishright

    Offshore 5 year old kicks the shit out of them

    a family that fishes together........eats good nice day for all
  440. finishright

    Boat accident Right of way infringed upon

    say what!!!!!!!
  441. finishright

    Offshore Vagabond 3 day JRI Custom Lure report.

    great report kids look they killed it
  442. finishright

    Offshore today from 277-209

    Nice going now the real test get the wife to go then all is good
  443. finishright

    Offshore Lucky 13!

  444. finishright

    Offshore More than just limits 8/12

    that's a future capt. there hooked up pointing out breaking fish looks like you've done a good job raising good sons thanks to your oldest for his service
  445. finishright


    go check the long range thread lots of info
  446. finishright

    Took Little Man Out!

    I was in the same spot doing the same thing 55yrs ago you have many good times ahead of you
  447. finishright

    SUP paddleboard and Shark

    help Mr Wizard
  448. finishright

    Take a kid fishing

    a day like that is hard to beat congrats
  449. finishright

    Offshore BFT in US waters, they're out there

    way to sit'em out and very nice pay off
  450. finishright

    Look what my son made for me

    gifts from the heart are special and in this case very useful good on your son
  451. finishright

    Offshore Great day 9 Aug

    nothing beats a great day on the water with family and friends oh yeah fish too!
  452. finishright

    What not to catch - can I get confirmation

    DFG money grab why don't they just ride the boat what next?
  453. finishright

    Offshore 8-10 YFT 6-7 miles shy of 302

    nice grade of fish thanks for sharing
  454. finishright

    Ahi biting

    fat buggas right there great score
  455. finishright

    Offshore 8/1 today's what keeps us going

    great job on the tuna I can hear it now TROUT?
  456. finishright

    Offshore YFT at the 209

    he's done life long fisherman congrats to you both
  457. finishright

    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    I personally don't buy into all the so called scientist BS who's agenda are they pushing so they ban bft fishing are the rest of the countries going to do there part I really don't see it let them restrict the quota's on the commercial fleet and let the recreational fisherman have there shot I...
  458. finishright

    Offshore late report - 181, 7.22, GOT EM'

    headed out that way tomorrow then the rest of the story
  459. finishright

    Offshore Just keep fishing the pens!

    just what I was thinking
  460. finishright

    Ahi action on the ski

    next stop the rodeo circuit real paneolo shit there congrats on a great catch
  461. finishright

    San Diego pier reports

    now that's a good uncle
  462. finishright

    Offshore old glory today tuesday and learned new rules for bluefin on mexican water

    I'm sure the ban will be lifted soon as they get there quota of cash is met
  463. finishright

    Offshore 7/20 @ 43

    I heard some of the LR fleet were out there nice score
  464. finishright

    Tribute out of Seaforth?

    if your new to this those days will be there with a boat ride one bad trip and your bashing that's just lame buy your own boat and when you don't catch any fish you can blame your pals that went with you as for the guy going fishing just go it doesn't get much better
  465. finishright

    Offshore Top Gun 80....3.5 Dayer Report

    glad you had a great trip
  466. finishright


    that's the way to put fishing knowledge to work good for you guys
  467. finishright

    Offshore Big BFT North 9

    makes for a great day congrats
  468. finishright

    Yellow Fin Tuna on the Go Irish!

    great day thanks for the info
  469. finishright

    San Pedro Tuna Report - 7/15

    dude you are on fire!! nice days tally
  470. finishright

    Catalina Island mid week report

    nice job on the fishes oh and the cock monkey is from bonzall that should tell ya all you need to know
  471. finishright

    North 9 Mile Bank-July 17th

    killer day good for you
  472. finishright

    Offshore 7/15 Mission Belle 3/4 day

    nice job at least you got some
  473. finishright

    Your Honest Opinion.

    and the little guy with you has no life jacket on as far as I can tell
  474. finishright

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    gee maybe our government will halt all the ag products from being shipped to the US would make the farmers happy!
  475. finishright

    Three fun days on the Islander!

    glad you had a good trip even with the road blocks
  476. finishright

    Dana Point YFT & YT 7-15-14

    that's close thanks for the report
  477. finishright

    Corvina or White Sea Bass

    x took a better second look distinct zipper but why no bars
  478. finishright

    hali in the surf

    congrats on a great catch
  479. finishright

    The groms whacked the right kind today!!

    priceless and you have ruined them for the better nice going dads
  480. finishright

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 21, 2014

  481. finishright

    Manhattan Pier CLOSED to Fishing

    your ready for the scrabble tournament john
  482. finishright

    Offshore Apollo Overnight, 7/9... lots of PICS

    lots of smiles reading that report simply put memories that will be talked about forever
  483. finishright

    Fish ID

    I've seen black and red but never stripes
  484. finishright

    Sunday July 6th Tuna Depoe Bay

    looks like a lake nice score haven't seen them in years
  485. finishright

    Thresher Shark Surprise

    on behalf of a lot of BD I say thanks for your time and educating lots of us
  486. finishright

    Dirt Bike Hack

  487. finishright

    Corvina and sand bass in oside

    the harbor is full of juvenile white seabass better bone up on the regs the fine is hefty
  488. finishright

    Need Help with the Military Kids fishing Trip!...

    I can help on the boat or any other way
  489. finishright

    Is Surratt good?

  490. finishright

    Offshore 181 & 182 Sunday 7-6-2014 SUCKED!!!!

    it's ok john the grammer police are busy playing scrabble not fishing anyway thanks for the misspelled report
  491. finishright

    Offshore We brought knives to a gun fight BUT

    I guess you'll have to settle for the blue fin then awesome!!!
  492. finishright

    West End San Clemente

    that is a solid boat for that travel maybe next time you'll find the tuna
  493. finishright

    Offshore 5 straight nights ,new lo an 7/1 7/3 p queen 7/3 7/6

    you and your wife should do a long range trip different class of fisherman common sense and politeness are not the norm now days not saying all cattle boat fisherman are that way in the last 5 years more aggressive fisherman met some of the nicest folks on 1 1/2 day trips so don't give it a...
  494. finishright

    Offshore We brought knives to a gun fight BUT

    great day those that were around and mocked you are shitting themselves now thanks for posting
  495. finishright

    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 Day Trip Offshore 7/3

    a paycheck or two clad you were on them
  496. finishright

    Shimano Anchovy Combo?

    student that has missed class
  497. finishright

    Saltwater Westport WA Salmon Carnage Continues -6/28/14 Report & Details

    great report weather looks perfect for catching
  498. finishright

    YFT in Newport Back Bay!

    years back there was 121 caught in marina del rey hope this is an omen could yf from the beach be next?
  499. finishright

    Are there any Tuna kinda of west of South LongBeach Yet?

    Costco?trailer down to SD launch shelter island there has been fish close check with fish dope!
  500. finishright

    First multi-day offshore trip ... any last minute advice?

    if ones close by go to anna's linens get cheap sheets and pillow case then just leave em good boat and crew just talk with them they will help just pay attention to your line take smaller mega baits and swim baits
  501. finishright

    Baja Dreamin' - Gonzaga Bay to Loreto - 6/13 - 6/21 - Who likes fish pics?

    that's 5 star shit right there! thanks for sharing
  502. finishright

    6/29 Haleiwa

  503. finishright

    Maiden Voyage to Cat; no idea what we were doing

    welcome nice time w/dad as it should be I take it your pops still live in PNW I grew up there keep at it time on the water check out dave hanson skipper takes you out on your ride always good reports think it would be worth it
  504. finishright

    Offshore Eclipse 1.5 June 27-28 report

    memories like these last a life time many more for you (side note your tackle bill is going up !!)
  505. finishright

    Happy Action!

    being out on the water does that to you make sure the grove master is out on the next trip aloha
  506. finishright

    Paddy hopping

    check hustler's post or you can drive around the ocean looking for that diamond
  507. finishright

    If I'm Catching, Then You KNOW They're Biting!

    tasty pic rite there got to eat your spinach or just take popeye fishing with you
  508. finishright

    Paddy hopping

    Coronado's would be a start
  509. finishright

    GREAT Trips vs. Mediocre vs. Skunk Trips- what's the average?

    your friend will be smiling and watching now your the mentor for your son they will all be good trips fish are icing on the cake
  510. finishright

    YT @ NI

    North Island -yellowtail and pics done!! kinda says it all nice going
  511. finishright

    WSB at the Barn Friday night

    yum fresh seabass with lemon nice
  512. finishright

    Shimano Terez Rail Rod

    Miguel I have a 70-h 50-100 lb. spectra rated and a 70mh-a 40-80 they are light but seem to have ample backbone have caught many yt and big roosters and tuna in Baja plus they are light as for a rail rod also look at salty dog custom made but reasonable bill is a nice guy too! just another...
  513. finishright

    Fishing is going in all KINDS of directions!

    right next to the stove and refer
  514. finishright

    Shimano Terez Rail Rod

    I have a terez rail pair up with a 20II haven't had the chance to use it I do like my other terez's thou hopefully this season I'm sure you'll get plenty of feed back
  515. finishright

    On the water report, Newport Reef 6-14

    Chad it's all about the timing or dumb luck one of those good to see your out on the water mike
  516. finishright

    Albacore and rock fish!

    yeah like 15 thousand miles a little out of range didn't see that coming
  517. finishright

    Saltwater Jumbo Sekiu Halibut hits the deck on final day of the season!!!

    very nice job those youngsters are fishing and hunting machines
  518. finishright

    Overnight Boat Recommendations

    if your going to do a overnight or a 1 1/2 day might try the scopace patch getting sick is not fun as you already know either trip you do it will be more enjoyable later in the season for overnight but nobody knows what the summer brings it is just starting and starting very good
  519. finishright

    Albacore and rock fish!

    now you know who (THAT GUY) is nice job on the albies how far off shore
  520. finishright

    PB: C-Bass

    your going to lose your diawa vip exec status if you keep talking up the competition like that nice catch
  521. finishright

    Friday solo trip waianae.

    what! they don't just jump in the boat nice job on that pig
  522. finishright


    just goes to show ya have all the right documents its a piece of cake doesn't matter whose navy is out there checking!
  523. finishright


    get the proper documents won't have to worry!
  524. finishright

    Ran to Cat today

    chad glad you got out, water is warm I expect to see a lot more wildlife in the water this year than previous did you teach that young man proper speech when dealing with asshats take care mike
  525. finishright

    Caught fish, wish I could have kept the big ones...

    sorry to hear that good to hear you didn't let it ruin your vacation boy that's a hard one to shake off if you've got the flyer hold on to it you'll have albies in no time
  526. finishright

    Triton Sportfishing Update

    1st class redo lot of work it will pay off hope for great season for you guys and all boats
  527. finishright

    westport bar crossing

    better safe than sorry you might have the kids sick and no fun you want them to keep going
  528. finishright

    Saltwater TUNA at Ilwaco!

    BFT YFT albies in may mass hysteria it's global warming no wait great fishing
  529. finishright

    5/31/14 Report

    screw the grammar you got fish/pics nice
  530. finishright

    San Diego Vacation; Surf Fishing?

    I'd leave the waders home water is warm small bait casters and spinning gear is surf gear here sharks off the jetty's
  531. finishright

    Early Birthday June 1.

    WOW!!! epic catch right there bonus to fish on your birthday that fish double bonus
  532. finishright

    Shimano Service and upgrade torium20

    8 yrs. with no maintenance is pretty good recomendation for a reel glad you got your fish
  533. finishright

    Last Weeks Action! (first time posting)

    those are some big ass skippies nice job all around nice ahi too!
  534. finishright

    Offshore Rescue at sea ! non fish report

    Doug very unselfish thinking you may very well saved this man's ability to fish strokes if caught in time any damage can be reversed good fishing coming your way
  535. finishright

    Rental gear?

    Zach congratts on graduation most of the sponsor trips will have gear to try call the PQ office they will tell you rental gear for the most part is pretty good the boats have trolling gear take what you have then rent the rest 30-40 is the norm have 1 60lb rig in the rack for that 1 time when...
  536. finishright

    Has anyone fished in Baja the Yozuri sashimi 3D squid skirt

    what fish did they ask what it sees in the water Mr. Limpit take a few blue and white 6x's too just in case? good luck
  537. finishright

    Old Calstar/ Penn Value

    I don't think they are worth as much as you might think call calstar could give you a heads up there is a add in western outdoor news at times for wanted old gear might try them I have a gliebe from the 40-50's never seen the water in pristine condition only worth 30 bucks or so from what I was...
  538. finishright

    Lacrosse boot rant

    are these boots for wide feet (lacrosse) would like to know 4-e foot sucks Thanks
  539. finishright

    Eclipse Sportfishing

    Matt glad you had a pleasant experience they're a great group you should have told the deck hands about your gear I know they would have set you up with a rig to fish go getem next time
  540. finishright

    Top Gun 80, Sea Adventure 80 Reviews???

    have fished with both for many years lots of fishing exp. on both sides you will hear good and bad remember it's fishing years ago did a 5 day on excel to quadalupe total was 35 yt for the boat I had 7 wasn't the boats fault or skipper or any body else just fishing so pick one roll the dice...
  541. finishright

    An Opinion To Stir The Pot

    yeah but your a wuss with a lot of mended parts! dave hope all is well
  542. finishright

    SoCal Coastal Weather Video Update 5/28

    your much more accurate than NOAA maybe they should ask you first Thanks Much
  543. finishright

    "Never good enough" 23.5' Key Largo custom project

    very nice can't wait to see finish product
  544. finishright

    Backup Deckhands/Ho's wanted

    I'll bet Gregg didn't get picked! Rick have a great season, where in the PNW?
  545. finishright

    another pita from the State of Hawaii

    all need to get to the meetings on your Island it is a money grab same as here but volume speaks and cool heads will prevail but this man states very good points ie: first time boaters have had close calls when in a kayak I know 16 year olds that have way more experience that some idiot with...
  546. finishright

    The Captain and Kai’Nana is why… 5/25&26

    Garrons on a great job
  547. finishright

    Catalina Yellows - Memorial Weekend Report

    nice multi-tasking by the wife glad you had a great trip
  548. finishright

    Offshore Shogun-Memorial Weekend

    awesome trip and its May you guys set the bar pretty high NICE
  549. finishright

    Offshore CONDOR 265 TUNA to 70lbs Trainwreck 5/24-25, 2014

    congratts what a way to start the season if this keeps up your end of season report will be more like a novel
  550. finishright

    Big Calico

    Andy hope you are thick skinned your gonna get bashed nice catch should of let him go IMO
  551. finishright

    Eclipse Sportfishing

    excellent choice
  552. finishright

    Saltwater Stand by to Stand By... Albacore

    did fish the kelp off of las pulgas and water temp was 70 that was on sunday I would think the albies will be on there way soon we can only hope a few will swing by for a visit
  553. finishright

    Saltwater Kayak guys had an epic Halibut opener!

    congrats on some great catches
  554. finishright

    Offshore Thieves on long range boats?

    X2 that was 71 might arrest the skip now days and let the bad guy go
  555. finishright

    GPS recommendation

    Fish Dope info will more up to date were you caught fish today will change unless you fishing a high spot get a chart will give all the spots and ask the skip most are very good about telling you and giving info may not be all spot on but the more you fish the more you know have a good season
  556. finishright


    No Cal I also have a 4E foot I wear the Gill short boot It is the widest of all the boots I've tried the shimano boot is wider than some tried them on at fred hall they actually felt pretty good the brown color don't know if color makes a difference fishermans landing has gill or try west marine...
  557. finishright

    Saltwater Far Corners "Goes The Distance" for JUMBO Westport Halibut and Lings!!!

    happy campers all around great job on the fish hope the weather holds for you guys
  558. finishright

    5/14/14 Birthday Trip on The San Diego

    you've been on a roll every wed get'em next week still on the water can't be beat
  559. finishright


  560. finishright

    5-13-14 north county

    sand crabs ? I will try on Friday and give a shot
  561. finishright


    I have a 540 3.2 that is in new condition I would part with
  562. finishright

    need help picking a boat for summer 1.5 day

    X2 only doing 1 trip go multi day you'll be happier
  563. finishright

    Waianae 5/11/2014

    nice going plenty of fish for mothers day dinner!!
  564. finishright

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending May 16th, 2014

    Sure I can set down here do it all the time trust me!
  565. finishright

    5/9/14 banks

    nice mix bag there some good grinds for sure congrats
  566. finishright

    If you care about White Seabass...

    Matt It is nice to see a high school student have concern for future of fishing keep up the good work and keep at it no mater what is said learn all you can! Thanks
  567. finishright

    Shimano Shimano tallus bluewater conventional rod

    look at the old trulines I have some rated 10-80
  568. finishright

    Custom Fish Box

    I can hear the phone ringing off the hook already beautiful work
  569. finishright

    where is my fd report

    seasons sportfishing has a opening they know were to go or just go or stay home and complain very simple
  570. finishright

    Bitch Slapped by a Thresher

    Whoa!! way to take a punch champ will make those steaks taste better nice catch!
  571. finishright

    4/28/2014 Great White Shark ate my AHI! Video

  572. finishright

    Banks 04/28/2014

    good going that many knockdowns you make it sound like work NAH!
  573. finishright


    go fishing have fun forget about the arm chair quarterback hope you score big
  574. finishright

    Pink Fluoro

    Dave take some of both and give it a shot I have both the lighter yozuri I have had good luck with and have for many years Just a note if it's wide open bite after this you still won't know!! have fun
  575. finishright

    Puerto Vallarta MONSTER SNO0OK

    Holly Crap!!! nice PB
  576. finishright

    No school + day off work = FISHING!!!

    Nice day you don't have to live that one down you get to live it up
  577. finishright

    7.5 earthquake near Zihuatanejo this morning

    the fishing will return hopefully the loss is minimal
  578. finishright

    late video report: August 2013 in Bahia de los Angeles

    that was a great video choice of music was spot on thanks