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  1. Carpfisher

    Cabo or parker

    Enclose the transom, move the batteries, Armstrong bracket, F300, radar and windlass, you'll be good to go....still not a 22 Cortez but it'll do.
  2. Carpfisher

    Lower Unit drain/fill plug flathead size

    Snap On Marine Drain Plug Screwdriver Part number SGD155B is what you want.
  3. Carpfisher

    Westport Halibut Redux

    Very cool !! Watched the whole thing. Thanks
  4. Carpfisher

    You can have halibut only one way

    Did that egg, flour ,egg, Panko thing last night with 1" plus sized chunks of cubes of lingcod. THE BOMB....Picky teenagers be damned !! They inhaled that stuff. Thanks
  5. Carpfisher

    How high to tilt engine while trailering?

    I'd also ask, if you have a bracket, do you still use a transom saver, even if you have to fabricate one ? 30" bracket plus motor tilted up is pretty far back from the trailer.
  6. Carpfisher

    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    Wow. Thats a big interior hatch for the wiring access. I cut a smaller one in but haven't put it back on as the worrier in me likes the total access for now. i'd like to know about the fabric and what you used to apply it for the interior. SB Cabo Day this season for sure....
  7. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Very nice. Thanks. Printed for the files.
  8. Carpfisher

    What happened to SC Surf Fishing?

    I'll try to do a BSP check here this weekend.
  9. Carpfisher

    Bracket install.

    My OE Cabo bracket was port about a 1/4". Was fine.
  10. Carpfisher

    Anchor winch

    4 years ago, I bought a Pro Fish 700 from WM on sale, I think 750ish. Just had the pulpit modified to install today. Besides tying off the rode at anchor, is there anything I can grease or do to prevent the inevitable. I'll have to search for Lewmar preventive maintenance thread. Something about...
  11. Carpfisher

    Anchor winch

    How long did your Pro Fish last ?
  12. Carpfisher

    gearcase pressure tester

    Good smoke tester will show leaks and slightly pressurize
  13. Carpfisher

    Anchor Rode 225' 5/8 x 1/4

    200' 5/8 3 strand with 25' 1/4" galvanized chain. No longer needed, Installing a windlass on the Cabo, FINALLY. 100 bucks. Santa Barbara, Carp or Ventura.
  14. Carpfisher

    Hooping 1/5

    10 pound club. Congratulations. Giant ones are a pain to tail. I cook those whole so the legs don't go to waste.
  15. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216 226

    Installing a windlass and moving batteries to under seat storage area now. 5 years into my 226. Electronics, radar, trim tabs, motor, bracket, windlass/anchor , plus plus plus. Probably keep mine for a while.
  16. Carpfisher

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    Painters tape ?
  17. Carpfisher

    Cuttin bait for lobster

    Heres the tip of the day. Get an old Boston paper cutter. CL for about 30-50 bucks. Couple different models, get the bigger version. Remove the guard. Remove the blade and sharpen it crap out of it for real on a grinder. Outside, I made a low, protruding shelf i can slip a large cooler /...
  18. Carpfisher

    E Tec Oil Reservoir

    All yours. PM some info. I'm right off the freeway.
  19. Carpfisher

    1986 Cabo 216 Cuddycon - rebuild

    Good to see you today. Be sure to pm me your number or text me. Your Cabo sat great. Im available to take you out on mine Friday for a couple hours if your free. Here's a couple pics
  20. Carpfisher

    Santa Barbara Harbor

    You mean west. It's like a nursery school around there it seems. Opening night we stop counting at 60 shorts, and scratched 6. Fog was fun though.
  21. Carpfisher

    Vintage rod ID Help

    Crap. Like boating, fishing and hooping wasn't a big enough money hole, I went and got myself addicted to vintage gear for my man cave. Next thing I know, I'm restoring an Edward Vom Hofe 621 reel and more. One of the setups I scored had a so so Ocean City, Beach City reel. Which is a good...
  22. Carpfisher

    Santa Barbara Harbor

    Open on Thursday
  23. Carpfisher

    girls fishing catalina island

    Great camera work !!
  24. Carpfisher

    Disconnecting outboard fuel line?

    1- Not nessasary 2- Dry, old O ring making it hard to r & r. Next time off, a LIGHT coating of silicone grease that won't swell the o ring should help, Slight squirt is normal, especially if tank is higher than outboard and has gravity feeding pressure. Like the fuel tank under deck in the bow...
  25. Carpfisher

    E Tec Oil Reservoir

    Great shape, with all electrical connectors and OE mounting bracket and feed line with squeeze ball. Don't want to throw it away. Maybe repurpose for another two stroke ? PM for pics if you can't wait for me to add them. Free local pick up or ship on your dime....
  26. Carpfisher

    WTB boat cover for 15' Valco westcoaster side console

    Walmart for a 17' er. About 60-70 bucks. Will last 3+ years.Will fit over the outboard and and then some. Better a little bigger than smaller. Been there done that in your shoes.
  27. Carpfisher

    Toyota truck engine repair advice

    Unless It's a friend and this is a token payment, R and R for 200 $$ ?? RED FLAG
  28. Carpfisher

    2016 Parker 2120

    Bump for wishing I had 70K
  29. Carpfisher

    Standard Horizon HX870 Handheld

    I'll take it if he doesn't
  30. Carpfisher

    Parker 2120 SC vs Cabo Cuddycon. (Yes I know this is a Parker thread)

    Long story how I ended up with my Cabo, I have a 226 model. 4 years now I think. HOOKNBOOK is right, cuddy is small, actually perfect for one. Other sleeps on deck.Boat does have tons of storage. I ditched the OE bracket and E etc that came on the back for an Armstrong and new F300. Its no...
  31. Carpfisher

    Threshers galore!

    Bad JuJu.....
  32. Carpfisher

    Livingston 15.5 / warrior alert

    3K.? Cant go wrong, even with repower unless its really a pile. Could be a doable project/first boat for someone. I'd add it to the quiver if I had time, money and space,LOL
  33. Carpfisher

    Roddy BR-90 Questions ?

    Thanks for all the info guys. I'll probably have it clear coated. For practicality, I'll keep using a just serviced 4500 Baitrunner. For hanging up, I'm looking for a vintage Mitchell 402.
  34. Carpfisher

    Roddy BR-90 Questions ?

    Pics added. Checking into Mitchell Thanks
  35. Carpfisher

    Roddy BR-90 Questions ?

    Tom, Not dying to fish it. Got lots of gear . If I wanted to restore it., any guesses on how much, value after restore, current value, and who. Mitsu replaced the guide years ago not, sure if he's still doing rods. As far as usage, probably fly lining macs and sardines for yellows and WSB. Best...
  36. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I like the removable hinge idea. Any pics or links to save me some research. My 89 has a 1 piece acrylic door and lid. Did older 226's have teak or only the 216's. When did they switch. Sure looks pretty but with spare time at a premium right now in my life, i'm glad it's one less thing for me...
  37. Carpfisher

    Roddy BR-90 Questions ?

    Recent Roddy threads have piqued my interest in this old rod I have. BR 90, not museum quality. Bottom guide has been replaced. While it sure looks pretty hanging in the man cave, what would be the best reel pairing and usage for this set up. I surf fished a spinning reel with it years ago...
  38. Carpfisher

    Gone - Sold - Done

    The "Code" , must be from a VIP card. They have cards from stated/preloaded amounts up to VIP, anything you want, which meant anything you want from their extensive "VIP" menu. At least thats how the VIP "card", i received last Xmas worked. My pair retailed for 269.00. I looked online then...
  39. Carpfisher

    Evinrude Icon Rigging

    I still have an oil supply tank....
  40. Carpfisher

    How to slow a boat down for trolling

    On my 226, I tie a bucket to the fore cleat. Bucket runs mid to aft, clear of fish being retrieved. One bucket slows me from 2.7 to 1.9-2.1 pretty well. Doesn't hit boat. No holes. Main thing to remember is to retrieve before resetting. Otherwise you end up with just a handle. LOL.
  41. Carpfisher

    My first fishing boat - Yay or Nay? Thoughts at discussion appreciated.

    Boat looks great, but did I miss the gunnel rod holders ?
  42. Carpfisher

    Hole in Fuel Tank 1987 Cabo216

    I like my deck super clear underfoot. Somewhere theres a post of someone ditching the seat assy. for a couple pedestals on their Cabo.. I like that idea of increasing the dance floor a bit. To be honest, I LOVE my Cabo but was on a buddys Wellcraft that seemed to have a shit ton of more room...
  43. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    He made it.......
  44. Carpfisher

    Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    What size Yamies were on the back. Was that a stock set up ? Why did you sell. Did you move the batteries and if so did you notice an immediate improvement.. Sorry to jack the tread.
  45. Carpfisher

    Cabo sold for asking price!!!!

    BF 225 weighs a lot. I repowered my 226. It came stock w Mercury 175. Stock weight 460 if I remember. Had an E Tec 250 long shaft and jack plate (42 lbs) Yamaha 300 weighs another 120, but still had to add an Armstrong bracket to keep her ass up. Which, by the way, due to corrosion and no anode...
  46. Carpfisher

    FS: Old Fiberglass Pacifica MT 270 rod

    I have an MT 670C 30-50 line it says, and has a yellow fin?? on the rod. A co worker found it in the surf years ago. Do they all have a yellow on their rods ?
  47. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    If your arch/top is like mine. 2 small holes/ one larger in middle, recessed below the tubes, kinda funky, i made my own. PM # for pics in my phone.
  48. Carpfisher

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Nice grade tuna....and Cabo 226 right ?
  49. Carpfisher

    Gambling for a living

    I went to a casino once. Put a 20 in a slot machine. When it said I was up 10 bucks, I cashed out. Did that three times. Was up 30 bucks. My buddy says, no dumbass, your supposed to play till you hit the jackpot or lose. Screw that I said. Proceeded to have a great time watching him lose over...
  50. Carpfisher

    Clamp on rod holders needed

    Check FishOn Sports I just got these. Recommended from a friend because four bolt retention instead of two. Mine were 1" though. Excellent product.
  51. Carpfisher

    Big halibut surprise

    Thats awesome, you da man
  52. Carpfisher

    Kayak Fishing South of Santa Barbara

    Swami is right. Kelp bed off Santa Claus is not looking good. Was there last weekend. Seems to be dying off. Still kelp off the lighthouse and Mesa Lane but thats a paddle from the harbor. If your not gonna go north to Tajigas. I'd fish the harbor for halibut shallow. From the bait dock to the...
  53. Carpfisher

    Livingston 14’ WTB

    Better jump on that SF Livingston.
  54. Carpfisher

    Vintage National Geographic Boat Ads ?

    I'll add as I have time if you guys are interested. I'll add pics of boating and fishing as I find them.
  55. Carpfisher

    Vintage National Geographic Boat Ads ?

    Interesting to see the progression of advertising. Looks like the main flurry was mostly Evinrude. Around 59-63? I'll keep looking. Oldest is 1929.
  56. Carpfisher

    Vintage National Geographic Boat Ads ?

    Long story but I seem to have inherited every single issue of NG from about 1961 thru 90, give or take a few issues. Lots of excellent reading but apparently pretty much no value. Now, with more covid free time, I see that every issue has an old boat, Evinrude or Mercury ad. Gone thru just a...
  57. Carpfisher

    Offshore Ventura and Channel Island boat ramps ?

    Last time I asked for change for the wash down, the guy in the "hotdog" mart, told me to pound sand. Never forgot my quarters again.
  58. Carpfisher

    Boston Whaler Dauntless 16

    VERY NICE ! I am a 2 boat guy and wish I could step up to that price range for my 16'er. I'm sure it rides WAY better than my 16 Bayrunner. It was only 8K GLWS. Wish it could be mine.....
  59. Carpfisher

    All parker owners need these

    Cmon Parker guys, buy these up so ha can make some Cabo Cuddycon stuff... Large logo on the back better than front IMO. Nice
  60. Carpfisher

    15.5 Livingston

    That t top is absolutely killer.
  61. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Order the smallest size muffler plug they make for washing motorcycles. Trim to fit perfect. My 226 scuppers have a check valve. Once got a stick hung up. Took apart and repaired. It was filling up the starboard fish hold with water. I still keep the plugs in. Bright red and pop right out if...
  62. Carpfisher

    Repower 19ft aluminum

    if your going used Evinrude, do your homework. Look for 07 or newer. Get away from carbs. I have an OE oil tank if you need one.
  63. Carpfisher

    CI Halibut 3/15

    Congrats. !!!! I recognize your buddy from west. Good call.
  64. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    Rodger that. My helm is working. Just old and was leaking. Curious as to how many inches away yours is now. Ill have to check mine next time. Thanks Rustman..
  65. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    A little tricky to find a kit for the Seastar one, but there out there. My front seal was leaking. Changed seal. No leak. Also I have Seastar I tilt. The tilt mechanism extends the front mount helm out a bit farther than non tilt. Driving position would benefit if my steering wheel was a couple...
  66. Carpfisher

    WTB Armstrong style outboard bracket 300hp

    I bit the bullet and went Armstrong. Glad I did. Fit and finish is wow factor. Custom width and hole spacing for the Cabo stringers. AFTER, I'd received a quote. No extra charge. Over the top customer service was worth the extra for me. Delivered ahead of scheduled.
  67. Carpfisher

    Wiring yamaha digital guaged

    PM sent
  68. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216, 2017 Yamaha F150

    I saw that Howie, pretty cool. 226, to access the fore rigging tube, I really need to pull the doghouse, which I need to do someday for other reasons, I replaced my bracket last month, time to fish as soon as the weather lets up.
  69. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216, 2017 Yamaha F150

    These older Cabos can show there age. This one is exceptionally well kept. Ocean ski, did you custom make the Cuddy door and top lid ? Sweet interior. Mine is raw. Thanks for the ideas. Price reflects motor and condition for sure... I'd go out on a limb to say the only thing missing is a...
  70. Carpfisher

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Put mine on last weekend. No swim step so only 16 holes. Forklift and 2 tubes of 5200. Splashing today to see where she rides in the water. I went with 4" up. Bless Lawrences heart for putting up with my 1,000 questions. Look forward to seeing how yours rides.
  71. Carpfisher

    *Off the Market* - 21ft Boston Whaler Justice "Grey Ghost"

    Someday my wiring will look that clean. LOL,
  72. Carpfisher

    Hooping Newps

    Hooping off a kayak, 4' leopard, curled up and tangled in the net, that was fun to extricate.
  73. Carpfisher


    I saved a post from Guy Schneider, for his 226, he said, "National Boat Cover sells one called Trident Boat Cover, 450$'s, maybe one piece, not sure. Worth a look....
  74. Carpfisher

    Other Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Plead guilty with an explanation. Judge will listen. Your young, love fishing, got caught up in the moment with your friends, realize now it was not the thing to do. Look and act like an adult. It will be fine. Been there done that. Just be honest, man up and you'll be fishing again soon....
  75. Carpfisher

    Restoring a neglected Pacific Trailer

    Check Overtons, I saw a kit for 440.00 that had actuator, lines, hubs rotors and calipers/pads, Rotors said 10" though. But its a start in your parts search. I got new leaf springs from e trailer. be sure to get the HD equlizer kit with the bronze/brass ? bushing instead of that stupid plastic...
  76. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Bracket Removal

    Pics of motor stand. 4” tubing
  77. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Bracket Removal

    Was doing some maintenance and saw corrosion inside my bracket. Sits ass heavy with the 4.2 Yamaha @ 560#, Same weight as the previous E Tec 250 w jack plate 530 plus 43# jackplate,but with the 25" shaft instead of 30 that the e tec was, Motor sits low in the water at rest and gets some water...
  78. Carpfisher

    Thinking about a new Yamaha 300hp outboard - trolling OK?

    2018 F300. Followed break in to the TEE !! "Made" over a quart in 20 hours. Ran it like a bitch next 3 times out, now at 38 hours, oil level is stable. Had Blackstone analyzation also. Read all about it on Hull Truth, Hard to seat rings on the plasma coated cylinders with there break in...
  79. Carpfisher

    Analog water pressure gauge question

    As Ben can attest, I'm a little lacking in the tech department. I think #4 is the screw in the block part. PM your # if you want more pics. Hope this helps. I went the other way, skipped the analog speed gauge and went with #2 water pressure sensor right into the block. That is also a special...
  80. Carpfisher

    Analog water pressure gauge question

    I believe this is the info you need....trying to upload pics from my phone
  81. Carpfisher

    Really late Sea of Cortez cruising report

    Livin the Life right there.
  82. Carpfisher

    Single outboard bracket

    Jeff, sent you a text. I will be replacing my stock Cabo bracket with an Armstrong. Being fabbed now. Should have old one off 1st week of febuary. May work great for the Grady.
  83. Carpfisher

    More Carp

    ......I got 10 more years in the rockpit before I can retire. That, looks like no stress,fun fishing right there.
  84. Carpfisher

    Albacore reminiscence

    Gods Country right there.....
  85. Carpfisher

    Christmas Carp

    Carpfisher likes this....
  86. Carpfisher

    Bayrunner Questions

    My 16' is like a jet ski. 13 gallon tank under front deck for better weight distribution and bow rails for safety. Mid bait tank. I love it for solo and two. I can post or PM more recent pics in my phone if you like as this is an old pic.
  87. Carpfisher

    Expired Flares

    I can confirm, works for gophers for sure.
  88. Carpfisher

    Simrad 4G Broadband Radar

    I’ll take it. Sent you a PM Paul
  89. Carpfisher

    Cabo216 Safety Concers

    226 has a 260HP max rating. I thought the 216 was lower.
  90. Carpfisher

    PB halibut from the surf

    I was wondering why a little voice was telling me to get back in to surf fishing, how this all started, by the way. Took me 1 kayak and 5 boats to get a fish like that, from a boat w 40#, butt from shore- you da man.....
  91. Carpfisher

    Boat work for auto work

    To bad your not closer. I'd of had you covered.
  92. Carpfisher

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    Incredible history....
  93. Carpfisher

    Suzuki 200 4 stroke vs. Yamaha 200 4stroke?

    Also, the final drive gear ratios are different between the two. Makes them completely different animals when dealing with plane and max RPM. Brian at Valley Prop schooled me on that one....
  94. Carpfisher

    Unseasonably slow bugging in Long Beach?

    Slow for Carpfisher the Bug Slayer also. Ben, you stay out of this. LOL
  95. Carpfisher

    Or sale vintage Roddy BR series rod

    I have a Roddy like that. Maybe older as it has a different tag, and has a chip in the tag, BR-90 I'm guessing. Maybe from the 60's or 70's. 4500 bait runner on it now. GLWS, Probably never sell mine due to sentimental value
  96. Carpfisher

    Yamaha 4.2L Offshore Performance Q

    Cabo 226,F300, Power Tech, forgot the diameter x 15P Just kissed 6K @ 39kts/45mph
  97. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I think I saw that 222 for sale a little while ago. Like what your doing to it. Rusty and Erik are going all out on there 216's. Makes me want to tear into mine also this winter. Install windlass I've had brand new for three years sitting there, move batteries to the cuddy, and a few other...
  98. Carpfisher

    Trolling Skipjack on the Nimitz aircraft carrier

    Who can watch that and NOT have a smile on their face !! Sure started my day off right
  99. Carpfisher

    22 Pilothouse

    Gonna be a sweet conversion.Who did you get the bracket from ? How much for the custom build. Thinking about upgrading my bracket. I got a quick quote for my Cabo from Armstrong and about shit at 4K.
  100. Carpfisher

    26' Radon project

    Headlights are bad ass.
  101. Carpfisher

    Need a prop shop in the SB area

    He got me to 6K.....
  102. Carpfisher

    Lobster opener, Whoo hoo

    Flap, flap,flap..... I hear it in my sleep.....
  103. Carpfisher

    Lobster opener, Whoo hoo

    Flap, flap,flap.....
  104. Carpfisher

    Simrad go7 settings for offshore tuna fishing.

    I have a GO7 also w total scan "triducer", thanks for the tip Ray. By side scan, you mean structure, side view. I use (d) structure for hooping shallow but didn't play with the settings. I'll have to try that next Saturday.
  105. Carpfisher

    25ft Bertram.... Anyone have one?

    That is SWEET. If I was looking , that could be it.
  106. Carpfisher

    Car guys need advise

    Do not buy an Audi.
  107. Carpfisher

    2015 BF40 NMEA Question

    Yes. Love my 226. Got to overnight 3 times in the last couple months. Just had a semi flat day to test WOT RPM's. 5900 RPMS's, couple hundred low, will talk with Brian at Valley Prop later. For now it'll work. 39kts-44.8 mph. Max speed. While not intended for hi speed, she was very stable on...
  108. Carpfisher

    2015 BF40 NMEA Question

    Double duh. This time I put my glasses on. Rusty was right, it's right there.
  109. Carpfisher

    2015 BF40 NMEA Question

    Thanks Rusty, I'm hip on the cable. Main question is where to plug into at the motor. All I see is the red diagnostic plug. Pretty sure thats it. Ill look closer at the wiring diagram. Was hoping someone with same motor can simply say yay or nay.
  110. Carpfisher

    2015 BF40 NMEA Question

    Trying to network my motor to my GO7 on my 15' Honda BF40. anyone done this on their 40 or 50 ? Under the cowl, I see no 4 wire connector. Is it a direct connection, with the proper connector, to the red DLC connector. If so, any leads on where to buy just an end ? I made all my own cables and...
  111. Carpfisher

    Drain Plug How much water?

    I am dealing with the exact same thing. I am fucking anal and want to know where and why every drop is coming from. Just figured out the source of a "mystery" annoyance leak that had been plaguing me since my purchase. Lucky for me, easy peasy. Common Cabo problem. Dry the shit out of...
  112. Carpfisher

    4200/5200 out on ice.

    Keep mine in fridge, not freezer. 33 degrees keeps them from hardening.
  113. Carpfisher

    US Lakes Card

  114. Carpfisher

    1998 Davis Cortez 22

    Saw one of these at SB two weeks ago, I should have got a pic of it next to my 22 Cabo. It was one bad ass looking machine. Badder than the Cabo for sure. Doubt I could get the OK to sell and upgrade from wife though.
  115. Carpfisher

    US Lakes Card

    Found this in bottom of a box of boat stuff. If it’s of use to anyone, PM me an address and I’ll mail it.
  116. Carpfisher

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Well, better lucky than good. Been out 4 times since then, twice to the same area for NADA. BB and the drift. Thats gonna change this weekend though. aaand, with bug time coming up, I may try hooping off the Cabo AND the skiff this year. Time for an avatar upgrade !!
  117. Carpfisher

    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    When you blow the gaff on a 40# halibut....
  118. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Helm Recommendations

    BINGO EDGAR !!! Thanks.
  119. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Helm Recommendations

    That’s where I’m at now Gary. Not a problem changing it. Thanks for the San Diego Hydraulics tip Rick. Question is. Recommendation on total helm replacement if I decide to replace the entire helm in the future.
  120. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Helm Recommendations

    My 30 year old Seastar 1 front seal is weeping more than I like. Haven't had to add fluid on the water but I keep noticing drips under the helm. The specified service kit HS 5201, I cant find but have an HS 5151 coming that has a 1" quad seal that I think will work. It's already torn down and...
  121. Carpfisher

    Boat launchers need this

    GM trucks are notorious for having a crap e brake. There are things you can do to make your "parking brake", work the best that it can though. This goes for all trucks.
  122. Carpfisher

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Hoping to repeat tonight but looks like Fathers Day is gonna get in the way of my overnight plans. Two of my boys are in a decathlon both days this weekend. I'll remember to ice the next butts white side up. I'm still getting cards and thank you gifts from all the happy neighbors I made last...
  123. Carpfisher

    I found the right one this time, SMB, 6/7/2019.

    Congratulations, I just found out what one looks like also. Lots of meat on those big girls.
  124. Carpfisher

    Looking for a Navy recruiter

    Even though he's leaning Navy, get him a copy of Zell Millers book, Corp Values. Should be mandatory reading for all !!
  125. Carpfisher

    Fastest Offshore boat 21-23ft

    Cabo 226 with a 300 Yamaha.....
  126. Carpfisher

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Finally knocked a couple off the bucket list !! First time overnighting on my Cabo followed up by finally catching a barn door. I've twice blown the gaff on two of the largest halibut I've ever seen. As wide as my outstretched arms. Not once but twice. Hard time sleeping both nights. Other than...
  127. Carpfisher

    Waders for Surf Fishing Recommendations

    Hodgeman should have a pair for you. Forth of July should have some sales. Overtons etc. I go stocking foot waders and one size larger than regular, strap on sandals. 25-60$ Sandals last for a couple seasons.
  128. Carpfisher

    BOLA 5/27-29/19

    :worship: Bad ass Jose. Look forward to bud boating and fishing with you now that I'm finally getting my shit together. Im guessing your trucks gonna need an alignment after that trip.Got you covered.
  129. Carpfisher

    Best Jump Start Power Pack

    I'd get the NOCO. But in the mean time, I carry two that I got on the mac truck. Was gonna be one for wife and one for boat. But I decided to put them both on my boat for piece of mind. Even though I have 2, year old group 31 AGM's. Mine aren't NOCO"S, but they work ok. Tested on neighbors Jeep...
  130. Carpfisher

    Swap Meet in Santa Barbara on May 25

    Windy weekend so my broke ass will be there. I think I paid 100$ or more for this years parking pass, might as well use it.
  131. Carpfisher

    Radon 15- Rebuild/No Name

    That one was a custom Hobie Power Skiff....
  132. Carpfisher

    Corbina on KM

    Nice catch.
  133. Carpfisher

    Stocked Trout Fishing

    3/4 oz is a lot of weight. try 3/8 oz., 30" leader, and change spots...if your nor C & R, wad up the garlic on a #8 treble.
  134. Carpfisher

    Model 76 Beretta Help

    Found out one of my old customers here in SB bought Far West Gun Supply a couple years back and I didn't know it. Called him on his cell and he assured me his staff, Dan and Bob could figure it out. Dan did some research and popped it open that day. He had to massage the slide forward. No...
  135. Carpfisher

    XD 100 oil Approx. 1 gallon

    Got about a gallon. Free for anyone that can use it. SB pickup at my work or Ventura pick up at my house in Carp on the weekend or eve.
  136. Carpfisher

    Model 76 Beretta Help

    Thanks for the replies. I will let you know the outcome.
  137. Carpfisher

    Model 76 Beretta Help

    Cleaning a couple of my father in laws weapons, the first one went fine, The second is a Beretta Model 76. When rotating the disassembly latch a third turn CCW, somehow, I let it rotate another third to far as I was pulling back the slide. Now wham bam, now she's a jammed !! Other than the...
  138. Carpfisher

    Becher's report

    Nice you got out during the week. Damn trip to Florida used 8 of my 10 vacation days. Fricken weekends only for a while. Was wondering how the wind and fog was gonna treat you on Friday.
  139. Carpfisher

    2006 Tohatsu 6HP

    Sale pending tonight.....
  140. Carpfisher

    2006 Tohatsu 6HP

    Bump OBO want gone.....
  141. Carpfisher

    HTP Mini Mig Welder- 220

  142. Carpfisher

    HTP Mini Mig Welder- 220

    HTP Mini Mig, light duty, 100amp. I was using it for making little art projects at home and teaching my kid to weld. Steve Holzer at USA Welding says this is a good ole model, German made internals not chinese. Needed a new cord. Minimum rating is 10 amp. I put a 15 foot, 30 amp cord on it cuz...
  143. Carpfisher

    2006 Tohatsu 6HP

    06 Tohatsu kicker. Short shaft .Runs and looks great. Includes tank, bulb and manual. Just fully serviced. Zero hours on engine oil, lower unit oil and brand new impeller. 450 OBO.
  144. Carpfisher

    Evinrude Rigging Package

    Price drop bump, need to move this stuff out.
  145. Carpfisher

    Florida Peacock Bass and more

    Very nice. I’m north of Tampa right now. Got blown out on the one day I had to fish. Congrats on getting out. Excellent pics.
  146. Carpfisher

    Soon My 1987 Cabo216 will be For Sale

    Lots of Cabos for sale. Wide price range. Saw a 222 and a twin outboard 226 on CL last month. Saw a 216 with an Armstrong bracket and a 2017 4.2 F250 a couple days ago. That ought to be interesting. Mine is being repowered now. Very versatile, one man operable boats. GLWS.
  147. Carpfisher

    Boat insurance recommendation

    Was Boat US, 335 I think. They tried to jack me to 800. NOT !! Called AAA, was told they did not insure boats over 5 years old . Probably same lady that told you no homeowners insurance, no insure. I think she is wrong about that. Last week, I called AAA again as I'm in the middle of a repower...
  148. Carpfisher

    XD 100 oil

    I've got about a gallon of XD 100. If your in the SB area and can use it. Let me know. Pick up at my shop on Milpas St.
  149. Carpfisher

    Evinrude Rigging Package

    Bump Backplate still available 200 shipped I Command 100 shipped
  150. Carpfisher

    Horseshoe 3-10 Seeing Red

    X2 on the Shelton, simplest and cheapest. Saw a very interesting show on rockfish 2 nights ago.It was a presentation of the Santa Barbara Maritime museum on Channel 10. Specific answer was no on reeling up slow. Like decompression when diving, it would take forever, They did cage release tests...
  151. Carpfisher

    2004 Tohatsu 6HP Kicker

    Sorry. It is not.
  152. Carpfisher

    2004 Tohatsu 6HP Kicker

    Any interest in an 04 Tohatsu kicker before I put on CL. Will be freshly serviced with new impeller and engine oil. With manual and fuel tank. More pics, close ups and video of it running to anyone interested. 500.00
  153. Carpfisher

    Evinrude Rigging Package

    Bump Jackplate sold
  154. Carpfisher

    Evinrude Rigging Package

    Bump, keeping prop...
  155. Carpfisher

    Promar Heavy Nets for Your Light Nets

    Negative, every penny I have going to repower my Cabo.
  156. Carpfisher

    Promar Heavy Nets for Your Light Nets

    I got a couple if you ever come thru Carpinteria
  157. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 with Yamaha F250 prop question

    Could I get some feedback from everyone with a 226, running a F250, 4.2L motor. What prop are you using and what hole mounting hole configuration are using. I.E., top hole on Camrac bracket bottom holes on motor. Pics would be even more self explanatory. Does anyone have a F300 on there Cabo...
  158. Carpfisher

    Evinrude Rigging Package

    Complete rigging package for an Evinrude. Was used on an 07' E Tec 250 but probably works on all Gen 1's large HP and maybe more. I-Command Gauge. Black, It was mounted under a plastic cover, no dust, water, crud or blood ever got on it. With user manual. 100.00 REDUCED 50.00 plus shipping SOLD...
  159. Carpfisher

    Taco Whore

    Thanks for the recipe. I'm gonna try the serve the kraut and cabbage as a choice next time I do the rockfish thing. Long as the kraut is not soupy, I think people will go for it as a topping on the fried fish taco
  160. Carpfisher

    HD Jack Plate from Bob's Machine Shop

    200 ? Need cash, new motors are expensive
  161. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Cuddycon Repower

    Well, The used motor thing just isn't working out for me. While handing over 8+ G's for a used motor with no warranty may turn out fine for some 90% of the time, with my luck, I'll be the one on the shit end 10%. Thinking about putting a 2018 2.8L F200 Yamaha behind my Cabo. Guy Schneider loves...
  162. Carpfisher

    Fileting Yellowtail - Japanese style

    Maybe a stupid question...are they rinsing with fresh or salt water ?
  163. Carpfisher

    FREE excellent lobster bait

    Thats funny. N sent me the same pic last night. Wanna go for a late season run, lets do it. Your boat or mine. And stop by and get the lead
  164. Carpfisher

    Steering wheel removal

    I used a my universal pitman arm puller with adjustable external jaws. It will pop right off.
  165. Carpfisher

    HD Jack Plate from Bob's Machine Shop

    Manual jack plate. Rated for 300HP / 625#'s. Just under 5" thick. Weighs just over 40#'s. Not cheap to ship. But could be done I guess. Asking 275$.
  166. Carpfisher

    To cover boat, or not to cover boat, that is the question...

    Small boat- Walmart Big Boat- Trident Model for 450$ from National Boat Cover -Tip from Guy Schneider !!
  167. Carpfisher


    Service boat shuts down the bite anyway.....Thanks a lot Alan T....JK
  168. Carpfisher


    Be smart. Aware of any incoming service vessels, swell, wind, drift, etc. Listen to the direction of anyone on the rig. Like Jeff said. Most guys on the rig are cool and like to watch you catch fish and will often steer you to the fish or give you tips. If for some reason, whatever it is, they...
  169. Carpfisher

    2007 E Tec 250 1000$ or part out....

    Thanks John, and Congrats on your placing in the Bass Tourney
  170. Carpfisher

    2007 E Tec 250 1000$ or part out....

    E Tec 250 13-1400 hours. Great runner, well maintained, but a broken steering arm bolt, other wear and tear issues, and no time to repair it is "forcing" me to repower the Cabo. It's a 30" shaft motor. Lower unit COMPLETLY rebuilt. Every bearing and seal, pinion gear final set up done by Lundys...
  171. Carpfisher

    First stupid question of the year!!

    Ask Siri ? Thats what I do :)
  172. Carpfisher

    Re powering with an Etec

    Get a service manual. Most of this stuff isn't hard to figure out. Save some money. Maybe air in oil feed line. Easy to purge....
  173. Carpfisher

    Re powering with an Etec

    1400 on mine. Also - Factory shop manual, should have on all engines you own, And prop it correctly......2 strokes don't like to be lugged around in to high a gear.
  174. Carpfisher

    Re powering with an Etec

    Hidden fuel VST filter and exhaust pressure transducer. Easy to change. Tip was burned off on my 62$ "transducer".
  175. Carpfisher

    Side rails for Gregor 15

    You could make your own. 1" tubing, my buddy did all the cutting, notching, and welding for 200 bucks on a saturday. I did all the aluminum scuffing and prep. Came out pretty good. Heres before and after pics. Made a huge world of difference. Especially night hooping
  176. Carpfisher

    16Ft Klamath 60Hp Mercury

    My Bayrunner goes to fast with a 40 4 stroke. 60 2 stroke must be wild.
  177. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226

    A lot cleaner than my 89'. Ill bet it rides nice with the 200 on the back. Where did you pick up that cover,
  178. Carpfisher

    Early crawl 10/19

    I can't eat another lobster....... Good haul.
  179. Carpfisher

    2006 Parker 2320 with 2014 yamaha 250hp

    Good luck with the sale. I'll be fishing out of Palm Harbor in March with my friend from San Antonio.
  180. Carpfisher

    Simrad GO7 XSE Settings

    You can see the bottom contour better than on "echo", All views good. Sorry no picks of the lobster on the screen though......
  181. Carpfisher

    Simrad GO7 XSE Settings

    If you got the totalscan transducer, it has structure also. Works great .Play with the different views....find bugs
  182. Carpfisher

    What's the best ff/chartplotter for under $1000

    I have one year old GO7 on my skiff. Totalscan, Structure works great for hooping. Wet hands fine. For 500 bucks. That would be my choice in 2 seconds. I had Garmin before with no problems also
  183. Carpfisher

    JIgging up big fish on the jet ski

    Now that, is a great half day solo on the water. I feel the same way in my skiff. just without the fish.Ha Ha Ha Ha just kidding. I catch one every once in a while
  184. Carpfisher

    Landing net question

    Try Memphis Net and Twine. The sweetest southern gal named Pat I think. Whether they have what you need, she's so nice its worth the call.
  185. Carpfisher

    20ft bayrunner &4srtoke 2008honda, STEAL @$4,900!(priced to sell FAST)

    For length. I would measure transom to tip of bow. I had a Gregor Seahawk 4, 20 feet long. It had a 70 HP Johnson. Perfect !! 20 HP Honda four stoke is TO SMALL!! Sorry to rain on the parade. For comparison, I have a 40HP Honda on my 15.5' Bayrunner. PERFECT size !! Could still be a good deal...
  186. Carpfisher

    the bugs are very shallow

    Went back last night for eight more.....Saw your neighbor on the yak and he told me about the rock hit. Gave him a bait tube but I think he still struck out.
  187. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    WOW Andy ! Really ? That is BAAD ASSS.....
  188. Carpfisher

    livingston center console

    7 year old post. Nick hasn't been on BD for 3 years.
  189. Carpfisher

    Anyone else feel the temperature change

    Funny you should ask, pulled all my gear out for inventory and touch up repairs last night. Replubmbed the bait tank / lobster hotel for better foot room. Having trouble loading pic.
  190. Carpfisher

    Best Place To Buy Boat Parts Online

    X2 Marine Good scematics. Flat rate shipping.
  191. Carpfisher

    Daiwa sealine x20sha $50

    Bummer on the no shipping..If you change you're mind, I'll take it. Extra 25 to ship ?
  192. Carpfisher

    Fillet Table Suggestions

    Above is exactly what I have. Beat me to it. When they redid my kitchen, I set up a "Kitchen" in the back yard. After, it became the fish cleaning table Most excellent for dispatching bugs.
  193. Carpfisher

    What bird is this

    Very cool. Weird bird I saw last year turned out to be a frigate.
  194. Carpfisher

    Honda BF90D 100 hour service

    105 on my BF40. Time to service before hoop season...
  195. Carpfisher

    Honda BF90D 100 hour service

    105 on my BF40. Time to service before hoop season...
  196. Carpfisher

    Costco tire service

    Big T, aftermarket is a necessary evil and Moog and AC are probably LEAST likely to piss me off. Thanks for the heads up on Redhead problems, I've probably put 20 of them in, in the last couple years. Never had a leak problem. Only one that had the slightest bit of play that wasn't supposed to...
  197. Carpfisher

    Costco tire service

    I have problems will all aftermarket crap to some extent. Moog, TRW, AC DElco, and don't even get me started about MEVO-TEC.. NEVER use mevo etc except in an emergency. All fords get OE ball joints from the dealer. For what its worth....Centric brake parts are good. If you ever need a steering...
  198. Carpfisher

    Bait in Santa Barbara

    Chovies are in
  199. Carpfisher

    Bait in Santa Barbara

    They've had 4" chovies last couple weeks. IF they get bait, it's Thursday afternoon. Ill post friday AM and see if I can pin down his schedule. But at best it's 6 to 6;15, unfortunatly often late on sat cuz he's unloading crab boats
  200. Carpfisher

    Costco tire service

    Lawsuits and lawyers !! Bald tires and blow outs on the rear cause spin outs they say. Blow out in front is more controllable, if I remember the article in Brake and Front End Trade magazine saying a couple years ago. Been the policy of a few corporate places to install new tires on the rear...
  201. Carpfisher

    La Jolla 7/21/18

    Perfect way around the, I suck at filleting small fish thing....
  202. Carpfisher

    Shimano Curado 300e/power handle

    SOLD !! Check is on the way. Thanks Scott !!
  203. Carpfisher


    We were shaken down in Tecate by police Do not speed near the roundabout to the west near the police station. It’s 25 KPH not MPH. Luckily, a 20 kept up from “following him to the police station”
  204. Carpfisher

    Spectra/PE from China.

  205. Carpfisher

    Big Bear July 7-11th fishing

    Thanks for all input. Since our outing has grown to 5 15/16 year old boys, my CC stays. I talked to Holloways, they said 16'ers 1st come first serve and that weekdays were no problem., even pontoons. Prices were as expected. Taking two cars so looking forward to being first in line next monday...
  206. Carpfisher

    Big Bear July 7-11th fishing

    Mike, hows the quagga inspection. Does it differ marina to marina. Looks like if you really want to CATCH fish, Lucky Bear is THE way to go. Sounds like a rigged for trolling pontoon with all the fixins' for 350 plus tax tip etc.
  207. Carpfisher

    Big Bear July 7-11th fishing

    Thanks BiggestT, where to troll is what I'm looking for. One of my few successes has been in trolling at Lake Cachuma for trout. Just don't get to do it because of the quagga thing as the skiff gets used in the ocean more than the Cabo. I kicked around trailering my 16'er there. But wife says...
  208. Carpfisher

    Surfing on a 800 pound SHARK!

    With all the Bad JuJu you got coming for that stunt, I'd steer clear of you for awhile, Posieden has a way of getting even with those that disrespect.....
  209. Carpfisher


    bummer im not closer....i want that Clarus set up for the surf...
  210. Carpfisher

    Lake Isabella 5/7

    Nice going Jeff. Love that area.
  211. Carpfisher

    Golden Dot Mono ?

    Thanks guys. Wasn't thinking about using, just thought it was interesting that they were all connected. Don't see that anymore....
  212. Carpfisher

    Golden Dot Mono ?

    I found these in the "archives", 4 spools tied together. Anyone know the history on this. ?
  213. Carpfisher

    Trailer 14-16' Aluminum CHEAP

    Trailer had a 16', non widebody bay runner on it. perfect for 14' aluminum. Powder coated frame. Lites work but need replacing cuz I stepped on them and broke the mounting, harbor freight. 2 spares. New tires. 200.00
  214. Carpfisher

    KIcker installation advice for off Oahu

    on my Cabo 226, I bought the Garliek, they made two length drops. I got the 15" drop. They make two "models", a regular, and a "light". Regular has a wide HP range, but my 9.8, was in the range.I got the regular. When I mounted it, you had to STAND on it to get it down. Called tech support, Only...
  215. Carpfisher

    Big Bear July 7-11th fishing

    Got it.. Thanks !!
  216. Carpfisher

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    PB and J's, beef jerky, cheetos, trail mix, cactus cooler or ice teas When it's cold, a thermos of liptons noodle soup mix.
  217. Carpfisher

    Big Bear July 7-11th fishing

    Wife won a week in Big Bear over a year ago. Problem is, always booked up in winter. Need to use so were going in July. All three teens and wife. Need fishing tips, boat rental for sure maybe pontoon one day for all 8 of us. 16'er for other days. I figure the water will be warm and the fish will...
  218. Carpfisher

    Weekend at the ranch

    At least you got out....I'm stuck in familysville for one more weekend. I get hit with mothers day, wife birthday and anniiversary all in the span of three weeks in May
  219. Carpfisher

    Doorbell security camera

    No solicitors sign, I loudly chase anyone off stupid enough to ignore it. Plus dogs in the yard.
  220. Carpfisher

    14 Livingston max 40 hp???

    I think there is a 14' Livingston on SB Craigslist
  221. Carpfisher

    ~ To Baitcast, or not to Baitcast ~ (Reel)

    Backlashes are why God made reading glasses for older fishermen....and it feels good to untangle the untanglable.
  222. Carpfisher


    Sorry to see you go. Whoever gets this one will be as happy as I was to get your 1st Cabo. Paul
  223. Carpfisher

    Small Aluminum Skiff - Gregor, Lowe, Klamath, etc.

    Bravo on the boat score and kudos to a good dad. Two thumbs uo
  224. Carpfisher

    Cold and slow at bechers

    Nice run Jose, I've got some maintenance and family stuff this weekend, plus its gonna blow. See you out there soon.
  225. Carpfisher

    21 Apr 2018 Santa Cruz

    Destroyed me again.....I love it. You guys rock !!
  226. Carpfisher

    Bunk set up for alum boats with hull strakes?

    My current 16" trailer has plasti glide things, keeping it off the wet bunks. I'm going to Long Beach tonight to get a new used trailer and would consider them again. Just have to remember, it's like having rollers at launch not remove the front strap till at the water line Question...
  227. Carpfisher

    WTB 16' Trailer

    Bump for a used, good condition, galvanized trailer for my 16' Bayrunner. My current trailer is functionally fine, just a little funky. Though I see a 16'er for sale down south that seems to be sitting on the same trailer. Just prefer to see it on a standard Pacifica type trailer w guide...
  228. Carpfisher

    20 ft Wilson Lobo gave me the ideal, this is what happen.

    I remember when Fiberglass Hawaii was on Montecito street in SB, I worked on his car and gave him a ride to the shop, twenty, twenty five years ago ?, super good dude, if it's the same guy. Glad to hear his business is thriving.
  229. Carpfisher


    Markel is who I ended up with but thru Twin Rivers.....
  230. Carpfisher

    WTB 16' Trailer

    Check your PM
  231. Carpfisher

    WTB 16' Trailer

    I saw a couple on CL without motors. Mine could go on the market, but it would include a 2015 Honda 50 w 75hrs
  232. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216,walkaround, cc

    Wow ! Very clean, and rare, 222 model. Just needs a T Top..
  233. Carpfisher

    Issues with FedEx

    All packages shipped to my work.....
  234. Carpfisher

    If You had to catch a meal???

    Like Swami, I'd be BBQing perch in less than a half hour......
  235. Carpfisher

    Caught some little barred surf perch

    Nah, When "perching", I exclusively use the little red gulp MORF grubs. Caught perch, halibut, and leopards. If I was to target larger perch only I'd probably throw an LC or a small swimbait like Mark said. My PB 16" BSP, and about 50 others like him were all on the little red grubs.
  236. Carpfisher

    Caught some little barred surf perch

    My experience, not much perch at night. I also noticed when going at the crack of dawn, the sun rise, just hitting the water also triggered a bite. For perch, I use a carolina rig with MORF, little red grubs threaded on a #1 bait holder hook. Larger hook, less deep hooking.
  237. Carpfisher

    ebay 20% off site wide

    Damn, missed it
  238. Carpfisher

    I taught my kid to weld

    What an "Eruption"
  239. Carpfisher

    3D printing boat parts?

    5200 ?
  240. Carpfisher

    WTB 16' Trailer

    Keeping an eye out for a galvinized trailer for my 16 Bayrunner. Thanks in advance
  241. Carpfisher


    I believe its a new policy. I've already committed to Twin Rivers, but I will double check with AAA. Thanks Colin. See you out there...
  242. Carpfisher


    AAA told me not insuring boats older than 5 years ?
  243. Carpfisher

    Update 1999 21' Valco Bayrunner Baja w/ 2012 Honda 135 w/pics

    Im pretty sure its sold, his Sailfish is bad ass
  244. Carpfisher

    Small fish camp motors

    As a kicker it's great. But as the main in a skiff, my main complaint would be the stiction in the throttle even with no tension on the "set" screw. MAYBE i'm doing something wrong but my 6 was like that to. Could probably be engineered to have a snappy throttle . And it's really no big deal. I...
  245. Carpfisher

    Small fish camp motors

    After shopping around, I Got my 9.8 Tohatsu from Boats.Net. Full warranty Pretty sure they had other motors.
  246. Carpfisher

    Gregor Skiff Refit

    Check Marine Engines dot com for parts
  247. Carpfisher

    SB info!

    End of the Sea Landing walkway. Then to the left. Between there, which is just a cast away from the closed bait dock, to the north side of the wharf. Swim bait or LC. Beach area for family, fishing for you. Tides good. will be windier on Sunday. Today was beautiful, hope you got out. I fished...
  248. Carpfisher


    And the winner is.....Markel thru Twin Rivers. Gary Clausen. I also found a change in the new Gieco Policy, "Depeciation has been changed to apply from the 20th year from the year of manufacture." Agreed value changed to insured value. I'm switching
  249. Carpfisher

    Favorite Surf Perch Recipes

    Hit my surf perch spot in Carp, on Sunday, used to catch 100 at a time 3 hours pounding the sand and changing it up...not one bite. Chalked it up to still dirty water from the fire and mud dumping.
  250. Carpfisher


    Well, time is running out for me to do something so I put a little time in yesterday and learned a few things= Looking at reviews of insurance companies is like looking at reviews of lawyers, or polititians, they're all gonna suck.... Talked to no less than 4 of my body shop guys that have...
  251. Carpfisher

    Ventura Area Yamaha Mechanic?

    Specialty Marine or Pacific Marine for general service. Eric and Allen can be a little salty at times, don't let that put you off though, they are great guys that know their stuff. IBS also has a dyno, but their tech that I liked, Matt, is no longer there, plus theres that whole Ap thing that...
  252. Carpfisher


    So I called Twin Rivers, spoke to Gary C. Super nice guy on the phone. He sent me three quotes. One from Markel- in the ball park with what I was paying at Boat US One from Chubb, that was low 5's. And one from Travelers for just under what Boat US wants to charge me, 568$, up from 351$...
  253. Carpfisher

    Looking for a couple of West Coast boats

    Sign me and my Cabo 226 up !!! Paul @ 805 284 5178
  254. Carpfisher

    2-2 thru 2-3

    Ya buddy !!!
  255. Carpfisher

    2000 ferrari 360 modena (yes it's real!)

    How many hours, I mean miles.:D
  256. Carpfisher

    Outboard mechanic recommendations?

    If you can pull the lower unit and carry it in, and not be in a hurry, letting them know that up front, it would probably save you money. Good, cheap, and fast, You can only have two....
  257. Carpfisher


    Thanks Ben, Very busy at work, hands look like meat hooks.!! Before I call them , I'm gonna call you with a couple questions. I'll call Twin Rivers today and report back.
  258. Carpfisher


    Pretty f'ed up. Thanks for the heads up before I wasted my time. AAA now says there only insuring 5 year old and newer.They would give me 5K for the boat value, regaurdless of the value of the outboard, and oh yeah, we'll be glad to sell you all the liability you want.....
  259. Carpfisher


    Since new to boating 6 years ago, I thought I was doing ok at 330 a year for full coverage .Oops. Should have checked AAA Funny,. I used to have home and all vehicles covered thru them, business and family switched everything over to another. Can't bundle with AAA now like I should have, but...
  260. Carpfisher


    Just got the insurance renewal from BOAT US for the Cabo 3 years, no claims, 837 credit rating. Says they are now underwritten/partnering with Geico Insurance now ?, rates went from 330 something to 564 WTF ?? Agreed Value now called Insured Value ? Ill read the fine print tonight but it looks...
  261. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Got it figured out I think Mario909 has something like that too
  262. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

  263. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    My set up is exactly that Trying to post through phone Pm your #
  264. Carpfisher

    Hull chip repair help in OC

    I fixed a few chips in the Cabo with Marine Tex. If you can boil water you can mix, tape off area, smear, and sand. Just clean, sand and wipe with acetone first. Whalla !!! Also good to fill old holes in the cockpit/center console area too.
  265. Carpfisher

    FREE Kokotat X2, and Youth Simms Waders

    Waders to Stella Marina, hope your nephew enjoys them.
  266. Carpfisher

    FREE Kokotat X2, and Youth Simms Waders

    So I'm marooned here in Carp, cleaning out some gear. Found these old paddling pants from my kayak days. Both size large, one stocking foot w wide velcro/elastic/neoprene cinch chest level. Other has velcro lower closures and drawstring/neoprene upper. Local pick up Carp. SB if you wait till...
  267. Carpfisher


    I have so much to learn....I've blown 2 30+ers ,one half way over the gunnel. Both times, I said [email protected]#K about 900 times. Maybe next weekend.?
  268. Carpfisher

    Boy this looks like fun

  269. Carpfisher

    corroded bolts

    Also, I like "Kroil" instead of PB's the "Oil that Creeps" it says.
  270. Carpfisher


    I pulled the plugs on my 83 Johnson 70. Spray in a shitload of seafoam , soak over night, Crank a few times to blow out, repeat.....definitely brought up the compression across the board and especially on the weak cylinder.
  271. Carpfisher

    Honor Cal Fire FAE Cory Iverson with us

    Forever grateful for his ultimate sacrifice in defense of a community of his country.
  272. Carpfisher

    WTB radon/Anderson skiff

    Sorry Ron, Your second....LOL
  273. Carpfisher

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    1- 8lb Largemouth bass, 9 years old in Florida 2- Yellowtail 3- Halibut 4-Fresh caught last night lobster
  274. Carpfisher

    Ventura Fire

    Pics dont do it justice. It is THAT close. Greg, I'm sure we know a lot of the same peoples, well talk more after
  275. Carpfisher

    Ventura Fire

    I have a house full of evacuees. It's gonna run the back side of the ridge and north. It's also walking down the frontside. My wifes parents and sisters houses are trying to be saved as we speak. The firemen said they were gonna "foam" the structures. I'm down lower in the "suburbs". and safe...
  276. Carpfisher

    Ventura Fire

    Pulled my boat from storage last night. Right by Rincon, Glad I did, it's under mandatory evac right now. I hope Woodman's place weathered the firestorm....
  277. Carpfisher

    Stripe Bass Ventura County Surf 11-22-17

    Excellent catch. Love the MORF ! Only thing I couldnt get to eat it was a Corbina. Had em pick it up, but always spit before I could set....
  278. Carpfisher

    Morro Bay Hotel and fishing recommendations ?

    Heading up Dec 15-17 with the wife. Besides all this yelp and google reviews stuff, anyone recommendations of a decent hotel and place to eat there Not worried about cost to much, just don't want to end up in a dump Still working on the fishing part with her.....:xlbirthda
  279. Carpfisher

    SOS Distress Light

    Good for smoking out gophers and moles to !!!
  280. Carpfisher

    San Diego Vintage Fighting Belt

    Thanks for the local info
  281. Carpfisher

    San Diego Vintage Fighting Belt

    Sorry on the vintage/ old thing, gonna look great in my new garage either way.. Got a 64 British Seagull and a bunch of other "old" stuff to hang up.....still love to fish the old Roddy though...anyone know anything about Mr Taniguchi or 2272 Newton Ave.
  282. Carpfisher

    Full Bayrunner Rebuild

    Harbor Freight power washer, 80 bucks
  283. Carpfisher

    San Diego Vintage Fighting Belt

    I inherited this from a good friend. For my fishing man cave. Was wondering the history or background if it rings any bells....
  284. Carpfisher

    Do I Need to Register a Documented Vessel in CA

    Another set of air bags and you'll be fine.....ha ha Congrats Mark, Nice find. Your gonna slip that one right.
  285. Carpfisher

    (Sold) Cabo 226

    PM me with a price for the motor and controls please. Paul
  286. Carpfisher

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    Dark Kings and a Figeroa Mountian Brewery Charter...if the fish only new.
  287. Carpfisher

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    Yes, I was a good day. I heard you guys hooting and hollering. I was on the chartered Gentleman in the background. We got 56.
  288. Carpfisher

    Knee Replacement Time - Any Ortho Recommendations?

    Watching this thread.... I'm due for a right knee. Consult in Nov with a Dr Gainor., He's supposed to be a knee legend. Botched ACL and screw insertion 28 years ago. Getting downright painful. How long off work, fishing etc.
  289. Carpfisher

    SEI Marine Products?

    PM Mr Lingcod on there customer service. He had one on his old merc before he repowered that blew under warranty. I'm pretty sure they took care of him but not sure what actually went south.
  290. Carpfisher

    Station Wagon Towing a 25' Whaler?

    Rated or not. HD brakes or not. The coil spring rear suspension will not be happy. Modern 1/2 tons with coil springs are a whole different fruit. As THE suspension and steering guy in Santa Barbara, may work short haul, but highly not recommended. Do you think that wagon has C, D or E rated...
  291. Carpfisher

    Davis Weather Wizard 3 -Sell or trade.

    I had to dismantle my 60' antenna due to construction and decided to get out of the short wave radio scene, I have a Davis Weather Wizard 3 weather station. Google it. Awesome, accurate. Can interface with a computer too. It is not wireless. I have all the OE papers, but can't find the box. I...
  292. Carpfisher

    The Florida Fisherman ll Does Deep Drop

    Love the reports from "back home"....I went to Egypt Lake Elementary and LIVED at Lowry Park....Dad and family still live in San Antonio. Would love to fish with you guys someday !!
  293. Carpfisher

    Station Wagon Towing a 25' Whaler?

    Dont do it.....
  294. Carpfisher

    (Sold) Cabo 226

    GLWS Kirk. But good news is your lady wants a bigger boat. Before you sell it , any chance I can see a few close ups of your 700 Windlass install. Ill PM my number and maybe you could snap a batch of close ups and send them to me before you sell from your phone. I have a BNIB 700 I need to mount...
  295. Carpfisher

    No yellowtail 105 / 150 Tuesday

    I do two walk arounds and still seem to ddoge the bullet when my stupidity has raised its ugly head.... nice you made it on the water after all that.
  296. Carpfisher

    Kicker bracket question

    X2, Junk, and I don't think the bolt pattern is the same as a Garalick
  297. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I have a 2016 9.8 electric start longsahft tohatsu on the starboard side. Custom 15" drop Garlick drop bracket. I can tell you how I went about it if you wish. Down riggers are probably gonna need some backing.
  298. Carpfisher

    Remember That Boat Someone Posted Pictures of Flipped on the Freeway?

    Mike Costa is in a Fucking dream world in my worthless humble opinion, best of luck to you
  299. Carpfisher

    Fresh water finder

    I have a Dragonfly Pro 7 Transducer and mount for free if someone wants it...
  300. Carpfisher

    Any good dad jokes?

    Heres one my wife hates..... Condensed version, retell with your own flair/drama Guy finds a lamp, rubs the crap out of it, Genie says, times are tough, you get one wish "I want a freeway, with my own lane, LA to Hawaii, paved smooth, all the way, with bulb outs every 10 miles for me to fish...
  301. Carpfisher

    How many hours do you put on your boat a year?

    Twice a month MINIMUM for 6 hrs.= 144 a year Add hooping 4 hours a night, twice a week for 8 weeks, beginning of season, then maybe once a month, another 64 hours + So about 200 under estimating ....
  302. Carpfisher

    1991 Cabo 226 cuddycon

    Thank you Bill, I like your four stroke set up. Probably about the same weight as my 250. I too, like the jack plate, 30 " set up. Keeps the motor up a bit higher out of the slop.
  303. Carpfisher

    1991 Cabo 226 cuddycon

    Is the motor 25" or 30"?. I have my E Tec on a jack plate also but only because the motor is a 30" shaft. GLWS
  304. Carpfisher

    16' Bayrunner Bow Rail Pics ?

    So I picked up a nice little 16' Westcoaster a couple months ago. Motor was straight up perfect like I wanted but the hull needed a little love. Most of the bugs worked out but now I'm looking to add some bow rails. Aluminum. Anyone have one that has OE bow rails that I get get some pics of...
  305. Carpfisher

    First Flatty in the surf....

    Keep it up John !!
  306. Carpfisher

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    X2 for the Hitching Post in Casmalia. BUT....those itty bitty Maine bugs they serve got nothin on a fresh toad Cali bug from my net. Ha Ha
  307. Carpfisher

    Custom 16' Bayrunner-sold

    PM sent. Message left.
  308. Carpfisher

    Fish Finder Combo Help

    Simrad Go 7 or 9 on sale with the total scan transducer it comes with
  309. Carpfisher

    WTB Nice 16' Skiff

    Thanks Rusty, I will take a look at the Dauntless Model. Kurt, Rodger on first generation gremlins. Things were just 2 clicks rougher than I wanted do deal with for the price. My budget is currently about 10K+ slightly. It would have sucked up a few more K or less right off the bat and wife...
  310. Carpfisher

    Surface Iron For Redfish and Sea Trout? Anyone ever tried?

    When I went to Tampa a few years back,a local took me out and we threw small white swim baits. Killled it.
  311. Carpfisher

    WTB Nice 16' Skiff

    Thanks to all that replied, helping me narrow things down in my quest for a bitchin little skiff. I've seen Razor Power Skiffs and Hobie Power skifffs, I've come close on a couple aluminums. Last weekend I looked at a 16" Radoncraft. Bitchin boat but the older carbed minor issue Honda put me...
  312. Carpfisher

    Trim Tabs - New Pump or Lenco Electric Conversion Kit

    X2 on Lenco and no fluid. Company is supposed to be good on customer service I hear. But no problems on mine in a year plus
  313. Carpfisher

    WTB Nice 16' Skiff

    Thanks Brian. The older 2 stroke would be a repower for me.
  314. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 216-Long Shot

    Congrats and welcome to the club. Is that a suspenntion seat in the front ? Cool. Wide trim tabs. I like the shelf in the cuddy. Let me know if you ever get into Santa Barbara. I'm sure me , or Graylight, that probably fishes a lot more than me in his new awesome Parker can show you the hood...
  315. Carpfisher

    WTB Nice 16' Skiff

    Thanks Brian, I'll try to find it and take a look. I'll PM you my cell if thats easier to send quick pics. Do you have a 206 Cabo ? Aren't those kind of rare ? Pics of both. Thanks
  316. Carpfisher

    Antique Outboard Motor

    Wall art. I have a 1967 British Seagull, can't even give it away......
  317. Carpfisher

    The moment that you fell in love with fishing

    I loved to take my 3 boys camping at the local lakes to give mom a break. They were maybe 5-6. I would take old fishing stuff I had but never caught anything. One day we ran into a guy at the dock, no wonder your not catching, you've got trout stuff w bass stuff and all mixed up. He showed me a...
  318. Carpfisher

    WTB Nice 16' Skiff

    Serious buyer for nice skiff. Prefer modern 4 stroke. Repower ok if price is right but not looking for major projects.. Aluminum or fiberglass, let me see what you got. Really need to stay 15-16'. Cash in hand, longer it takes, higher the budget goes. Thanks Paul
  319. Carpfisher

    WTS "and" WTB 14 and 16' skiffs.

    Looks like Alexander is gonna by the next owner of my fishy Western. Took her out for one last spin today. Went through six shorts, a sand bass and a shovel nose before I got my 23" legal butt. Now time to concentrate on the buy part....Whats up Chris ?
  320. Carpfisher

    Off brand and generic braid (spectra)

    Anyone have any feedback on or have used "KastKing" spectra ?
  321. Carpfisher

    WTS "and" WTB 14 and 16' skiffs.

    Bump---Will sell engine separately , 2000.00. Power washed and ready to go.
  322. Carpfisher

    E etc owners

    My E Tec 250 has 1100+ and runs great.
  323. Carpfisher

    Engine help please

    My 70 Johnson had the same problem. Turned out to be sticking stator under the flywhee that affects ignition timing.l. when you hit it on a two stroke you got to have timing advance and thats where it happens. worth checking into, After I was "enlightened" to this by an old timer, I could reach...
  324. Carpfisher

    Rule bait pumps

    Ben, I'm in if he doesn't take em.
  325. Carpfisher

    I can't believe this ad

    Calling at 10 for sure :rofl:
  326. Carpfisher

    Fishing spots from Port San Luis.

    Get the Navonics app for your phone. It's like a hand held chart plotter.10 bucks. Nick just told you the general areas. Zoom in to your ares, look for high spots and structure at home and mark them. Boat to them using the app as your guide. See the spots coming up on your boats FF, mark them...
  327. Carpfisher

    WTS "and" WTB 14 and 16' skiffs.

    Friday bump, need to sell to buy next one.
  328. Carpfisher

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    See fish, catch fish, eat fish. Now thats a fish finder !!
  329. Carpfisher

    WTS "and" WTB 14 and 16' skiffs.

    Willing to separate bump Motor 2K
  330. Carpfisher

    SOLD** Wallbanger GOF78L 20-30lb.

    I may be coming down to that area to look at a boat next weekend. Not that I'll have any money left ha ha. If it's still available I may hit you up.
  331. Carpfisher

    WTS "and" WTB 14 and 16' skiffs.

    Price reduction bump. 2500. 2000 for motor 500 for trailer FREE hull and electronics, deep cycle battery, etc. No leaks, many years left in her, caught fish last Saturday, ran great !! Started first pull as always !! 805 284 5178
  332. Carpfisher

    What transducer is this?

    I went thru the exact same thing.. I could find no drop in replacement. Ended up leaving it in and drilling a 3-7/8 I think it was, for a B175HW . Off to the starboard side. Different hole size and large, coffee can size ducer was to wide to fit on the keel. Can remove and fill later I guess to...
  333. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Very Nice Kirk. She's looking really good. Any chance you could take/post/PM me some pics of your windlass/ front hatch interface. Only other one I've seen done on a 226 is Mario's and I have a new one to install. The seats look unique. Does it flip up with the arm rest ? Would love to see how...
  334. Carpfisher

    WTS "and" WTB 14 and 16' skiffs.

    Thanks Chris, that does pique my interest. Wife would like the size in the driveway. I'll shoot you a PM with some questions on the motor and price later. Probably pass on big projects though. Thanks
  335. Carpfisher

    WTS "and" WTB 14 and 16' skiffs.

    I'm very blessed to be "allowed" to have 2 boats. I'm very happy with where I sit with the "big" boat, but it's time to upgrade my little boat status. I'm selling my 1979 14' 6" Western. It came with a modified, raised transom and a 25HP 1982 Suzuki. Previous owner did an ok job on the...
  336. Carpfisher

    SD bay bug report 3-3-17

    Because of this post, I'm giving it one more shot saturday night....then the 14' skiff goes up for sale.
  337. Carpfisher

    How much is my boat worth?

    What does "Patients Boat" mean. Just wondering ?
  338. Carpfisher

    ***2016 Triple Evinrude 300 G2's with Rigging & 6 yr warranty***

    "Annual repower" those are two words I'd like to be using a lot more GLWS
  339. Carpfisher

    Transducer suggestions for simrad evo2

    I run an 12' Evo 2 also....B175HW.
  340. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 216

    Cleaner than mine. GLWS,
  341. Carpfisher

    Bunk Glide Cover recommendations ?

    On both my Cabo and my 14' skiff, when I launch, I back in till the rear tires of my truck just touch the water plus and inch in. Still need to give them a tug. Maybe call it a hard tug. Was interested in trying those plastic covers or sticks. I know I could back in deeper to float em but. I...
  342. Carpfisher

    "That Guy", now it's me

    I do a lot of alignment, track and suspension set ups on those, let me know if you have any questions. Paul
  343. Carpfisher

    legal or short?

    Short. Measure back to front., not front to back. If it drops and eyes roll--short. Funny first hoop was with Woody !!!
  344. Carpfisher

    Help me pimp my skiff

    Mike- you disagree correctly !! Got my port and starboards backwards. Oops. Tank to port side for better weight distribution of coarse. I forgot about lake fishing for trolling motor as theres is no lakes around Santa Barbara any more.
  345. Carpfisher

    Help me pimp my skiff

    Absolutely my humble two cents.....keeping in mind my skiff is aluminum not glass. Hard to tell from pics.but I would.... move gas tank to starboard. Try to mount battery in center seating area. Lose the boarding ladder. Less clutter the better. Secure drivers seat better or replace, second seat...
  346. Carpfisher

    Never thought this would happen

    Devastating !!! Know how you feel, just lost our little "Buddy" to Coyotes, ranch hands chased bad guys away, almost 8G's at the vet before heart failure.
  347. Carpfisher

    1998 Arima 22 ft Sea Legend

    WOW SWEET RIDE, Someone scored !!
  348. Carpfisher

    Wtb:f225 05 lower unit 25inch shaft

    Factory manual sure helps. I got my parts from Marine Engines .com
  349. Carpfisher

    Wtb:f225 05 lower unit 25inch shaft

    Hangfire is right. I'm at 800 on the DIY program, And thats cuz it needed 2 shafts and an upper housing.1300 seems reasonable. Shimming the driveshaft is where I'm hung up at. Seals and bearings are all it is. Used one is gonna need seals and a WP anyway.
  350. Carpfisher

    Wtb:f225 05 lower unit 25inch shaft

    Whats wrong with your old one. I'm COMPLETLY rebuilding the one on my e etc 250. New bearings, new upper and lower driveshafts. Seals.Almost done....I hope.....2k-2.5 used probably
  351. Carpfisher

    Boat sinks video

    Serious trouble started at 9;15 or sooner if you count the small ingresses of water sooner, adding weight to the stern. By 10;30, a minute 15 later, it was going under. ? Wrong application for this boat, full transom / longer shaft motor in the ocean. NO backing down in low transom boats...
  352. Carpfisher

    Modified CB radios for your 4x4, Mexico or Home

    PC 122 and remote mount amp , I can measure dimensions or you can look them up or google the radio. Not made anymore, very sought after , will literally fit where your ash tray is in most trucks, (remove ashtray and shoe horn in).Less under dash clutter, which is were most radios end up getting...
  353. Carpfisher

    Modified CB radios for your 4x4, Mexico or Home

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, a Davis Weather Wizard 3, with rain collector, 100 bucks
  354. Carpfisher

    Modified CB radios for your 4x4, Mexico or Home

    Getting out of the pirate CB/Ham radio thing. Had a 60' antenna on my roof for ten years +. Had to compromise with the wife since I hadn't shot skip for years and boating took over my life. I've got some great set ups. The show your 4x4 thread reminded me that I should offer them on BD. I have a...
  355. Carpfisher

    Replacing Propeller shaft water seals Honda Bf150

    They are not rusty, trust me, don't ask how i know.....fresh oil, catch fish, fix properly ASAP
  356. Carpfisher

    Been fishing less than 6 months.

    To add to Funnyguys post, when using those Berkley sandworts, use a #1 "bait holder" hook or size of your liking, they have barbs to help hold them on longer.
  357. Carpfisher

    11-12 Long Beach Harbor lobster report

    commertials were in 110 feet, Water was 61- 62
  358. Carpfisher

    11-12 Long Beach Harbor lobster report

    Not much better up here....saw commercial guy pulling empty traps today when I was slaying calico and sand bass around 1 mile.
  359. Carpfisher

    Election Day: Were My Civil Rights Violated?

    I went with Stossel....keep the gov out of shit they don't need to be in
  360. Carpfisher

    Happy Birthday Marines, 241 Years

    Semper Fi to all vets of all branches, my Dad is 72 and still spits nails like he was just released from Nam, thanks Dad to you and all of your fellow service men for your sacrifices....
  361. Carpfisher

    HELP- Shimming lower driveshaft-E TEC 250

    Even if I bought your lower unit complete, I still would have needed to find a 30" upper shaft and install it. Just received the parts yesterday, they look to be in pretty good shape. I'm so busy at work, where the LU is torn town, I barely have time to work on it during the day, then, I love my...
  362. Carpfisher

    Boat cover repair patches

    I used those thick iron on patches that my wife used for the kids knees in there jeans. So far so good. Cheap and easy.....thats what my wife calls me LOL
  363. Carpfisher

    HELP- Shimming lower driveshaft-E TEC 250

    Thanks Ben. Just found that out. Good news though. Just got a call from Pacific Marine apologizing for taking so long to get back to me. Nice guy named John says the owner has those tools and is the lower unit guy and should be able to help when he gets back in a couple days. Fingers crossed...
  364. Carpfisher

    HELP- Shimming lower driveshaft-E TEC 250

    Without going into the long drama of how I fucked up bad.....lower unit, ate the upper bearing, upper shaft broke off inside lower shaft. Choices-buy used lower unit for 2K plus or fix myself. Decided to fix myself. No love from any local shop borrowing special dissasembly tools, made my own...
  365. Carpfisher

    Lobster report for Friday 10/21/2016.

    Before I stood in front of the drill press drilling a million holes in 40 homemade tubes so I could do back to back to back to back + nights when it's on, I lined/zip tied galvanived chicken wire inside the cages, leaving sharp poky wire sticking out where ever I could. Worked great also, went...
  366. Carpfisher

    SD lobster report decent crawl 6 November 2016

    I'm sure your about to cook those right on the boat....right ? Congrats on the good haul
  367. Carpfisher

    Hooping 11/5

    Damn !!!!!! send em up here !!!!!!hooping has sucked this year up north, even the commercials I know have said so....I stopped going it sucked so bad....will try again after I get past my lower unit fiasco
  368. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216216

    Oh Shit !!!! Did you know this when you bought it ???
  369. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216216

    Now thats an upgrade !!! Congrats Andy, Love my Cabo but that's the shit right there
  370. Carpfisher

    SD bay/area lobster ?

    Slow slow and slower, was gonna go tonight in the rain but got bermblasted by the wife......I hate soccer......
  371. Carpfisher

    Flushing engines

    Vinegar cheaper that salt away
  372. Carpfisher

    Lobster/Lost Boat Report - 10/12

    Heres why I hoop on a 14' skiff, tiller steer, raised transom, longshaft ,bombproof honda outboard....where I hoop, it can be three rows deep of nets, easy to miss an unlit buoy of a hoop netter, even easier to miss an always unlit buoy of a commertial buoy., I have stupidly, absolutely my own...
  373. Carpfisher

    Free Attwood Cowling cover 225-300HP

    Attwood 10545 "Road Ready" outboard motor hood, 225-300HP Free for local pick up, On a side note, the full, generic covers from are excellent. I have 3, 9.8hp, 20hp, 250 hp. All fit great, full coverage. I paid as much for this hood (from IBS, go figure) as is selling full...
  374. Carpfisher

    Help mounting a transducer on an aluminum skiff

    or 5200 a piece of starboard or plastic cutting board to the transom and drill/mount it to that
  375. Carpfisher

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    Box of Chocolates from Forest Gump is my way of saying / disclaimer that we might not catch anything LOL
  376. Carpfisher

    Lobster ?

    Front page news, SB News Press, possible bug closer due to domoic acid X2 on the weather, plus 3-4 at 8 seconds, preping for posieden adventure just like last year, was 5 at 8,had a couple close calls, be safe guys, I do the 14'er, much more maneuverable than my Cabo.
  377. Carpfisher

    Trailer help

    Put on a new seal dude
  378. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Pics ?, How much ? What year ? Wiring, tank, cushions/upolstery, trailer, T top ? electronics, windlass, tabs ? Leaking steering, OE helm ?Sitting outside uncovered ? Maybe a red flag right there? Many things affect price.....ask Bill about serial number, maybe he can tell you some history .
  379. Carpfisher

    Need a catalytic converter for a 06 Tacoma, Calif complient

    Aftermarket, maybe he's had good luck with them, Only if he can guarantee it'll jive with the computer and pass smog/ no check engine light, otherwiise, bite the bullet and spring for the known good to go fix Bummer all the way around
  380. Carpfisher

    Need a catalytic converter for a 06 Tacoma, Calif complient

    Dealer, buddy tried aftermarket for his Toy and could never get the readiness monitor to reset for smog.
  381. Carpfisher

    Update on My G2 Update

    I was hoping that wasn't Matt screwing your boat up. He seemed like he knew his shit, one mechanic to another when he looked into an oddball hitch in my E-Tec. Matt himself, not IBS, was recommended to me by Brian at Valley Prop, If he had been there, maybe the repower outcome would have been...
  382. Carpfisher

    Weight Distribution hitches

    dual axel trailer and WD hitch and airbaigs....or time for 3/4nton
  383. Carpfisher

    Brand New Trailer and a Problem Already!

    If only one caliper is locked up, its probably not the master/actuater assy. try cracking the bleeder screw to see if it frees up.if not then it's possibly a stuck piston of frozen/binding sliders. If it's a GM type with a 5/16 allen, pull the pins, make sure the little metal bushing on the big...
  384. Carpfisher

    Make Lemonade!

    Redemption with G friend pics will make up for fo pau with this audience..... ha ha, no disrespect is BD after all.... time on the water my friend.....every day learn something new
  385. Carpfisher

    Valley Propellor

    5 star rating for sure, helped me daily in my Cabo
  386. Carpfisher

    Old trucks, heavy boats, boat launches and E-brakes...

    Grady226 correct.....That thing should have big 13" brakes I think Shoes not on backwards ?-long shoe to the rear Drums not oversize or near oversize, and if so, get quality ones not budget chinese Cables not seized, hanging up ? replace them, easy to do Then adjust service brakes first, then cable,
  387. Carpfisher

    FROZEN....update Mikey has a new Johnson!!

    I've said it once, said a 1K times, make sure the advance mechanism under the flywheel moves like butter. Like big easy said, not much to an old 2 smoke, but the advance MUST work. CHECK IT BEFORE YOU CHASE GHOSTS LIKE I DID !!!!
  388. Carpfisher

    69 Glasspar

    Keep it local and safe. Great little boat
  389. Carpfisher

    Sunday SB Island quick report and rant

    At least they didn't run into an island......on your trip.....
  390. Carpfisher

    Moral of the Story

    Got my vote, Gonna tell that one to my USMC retired pops !!
  391. Carpfisher

    Navionics Cali/Hawii/Baja

    Thanks Mark, I have C-maps on my Simrad but prefer Navonics. Worth 140 but over 200 is pushing it. Also highly recommend the Navonics app for your phone. 10 bucks a year.
  392. Carpfisher

    Doesn't sound good Oregon capsize

    Lump in my throat, I got three boys....praying with all the Roman Catholicism I got for the little guy
  393. Carpfisher

    Shimano gripe!

    Yup, I fix hot rods that other "experts" including Barrett Jackson buys that are just mind boggling, I've seen internet buys that people have got burned on that would make Appogee's problem seem like kids play. Not to downplay you Ap., , I'm still waiting for your happy ending...... Cars suck...
  394. Carpfisher

    Update on My G2 Update

    I agree with Monty 110%, this has gone on long enough. Can you go farther over their head with BRP or are they washing their hands of it and putting it all on the dealer ? I am now questioning the work and the story they gave me, which by the way, still has a minor hiccup at 2050 RPM, but the...
  395. Carpfisher

    Offshore Got one

    SB guys putting the wood to it. Very nice.
  396. Carpfisher

    Surveys at the launch ramp

    Thanks for the hard work Saba, season must be getting close, just woke up from a buggin dream. Personally, I don't do the midnight thing anymore. Sundown crawl has always been a better deal, Not worth the loss of sleep to my old ass. I'm glad there getting realistic about measuring in a boat...
  397. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 226 Windlass

    I like that outside the box thinking.
  398. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 226 Windlass

    Mario, I know you have a Lewmar, but based on the "inter web" stuff I've seen I'll probably steer clear of Lewmar. I think I'll spend the extra and get a "Good" one. LOL. Not concerned with the look, it's a fishing boat not a fucking boat, and I want bombproof. Tired of getting burned cuz I...
  399. Carpfisher

    Anyone try a bubble and fly?

    David Bacon of Hook Line and Sinker told me about that set up years ago for trout. Never thought about it for salt
  400. Carpfisher

    Lil Hustler 4 Blade Aluminum 15x15

    My boat came with a couple aluminum 4 blade props. Good for a back up if you have room for one on board Not brand new but good for a back up No hub Free Carp/ Santa Barbara/Ventura Area
  401. Carpfisher

    Boat Survey

    What did you find Dennis. I think you have my cell #
  402. Carpfisher

    More Patience

    In SB theres a dock just for yackers, jets skis and SUP's but every time I come in theres some asshat on one where there not supposed to be, clueless, in the way. And don't even get me started about the wash down situation, but the price to pay for living in paradise....
  403. Carpfisher

    What to get - Simrad or Garmin ?

    I like that the NSS EVO2 has touch and knobs/buttons. Touch is nice but kinda hard to use when under way and bouncing around
  404. Carpfisher

    What to get - Simrad or Garmin ?

    Love my Simrad NSS Evo2 12", I think I saw a fish take a dump even IMHO
  405. Carpfisher

    San Quintin locals ask San Diego party boats to leave high spots (240,the 6 )

    I've never done a long range, much less an over nighter, I'm a mister nobody, my opinion is just that. I've only dealt with the Stardust and Coral Sea, and a few out of Sisco's. Santa Barbara is a much smaller town than the LA / San Diego area with a never ending supply of customers. Last year...
  406. Carpfisher

    Suprize at the Hotel Coral in Ensenada

    7 day "vacation" in Zihatenahoe, 1993, ice cubes in the drinks the night we arrived took me down HARD, both 6, went to a clinic for a shot, of what. I don't know, felt good for the plane ride home. watch out for the ice cubes.
  407. Carpfisher


    Thats why my boat is named Box of Chocolates, you never know what your gonna get. Last time a banana "accidentally" made it on board without my knowledge, we limited out and filled the holds, ?????
  408. Carpfisher

    After runnin good all day...eng prob ?

    Kinda weird since it ran good all day. Two stroke with dieing problem past idle... My 83 70 Johnson had 2 problems that caused the same thing. Worth checking. First is timing advance, Old brown grease solidifies and stator gums up, doesn't advance timing. easy check easy fix with a puller. Other...
  409. Carpfisher

    WTB Graftech Wall Banger WB78L

    Long Shot....Anyone got one they sell and ship. Probably not, shipping rods are a hassle, I know. Just thought I'd ask. Slammed mine in a door. Ouch.
  410. Carpfisher

    Carpinteria in a week

    Crack of dawn before the people get there.From right off the State beach North to the point. Rocky going south of the state beach, more lost rigs. Carolina rigged MORF, or LC's Perch, hallis, leopards.
  411. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Thank you so much Al. Love the interior with hatch and carpeting. Added to list Hatch springs, great idea, specially for the Cuddy. Not sure if I have room for the rectangular scupper covers. A+ X2 on the trim tabs and balancing out the load.
  412. Carpfisher

    WTB Honda 90 outboard

    Eric at Specialty X2 Got my 2012 in 2013, 20hp blem so cheap he asked me not to tell. Had a fingernail scratch on the cowl. Check him out !!!
  413. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Seahawk, you read my mind. I was just about to order Taco 3/8 tall by 5/8 wide stuff. I was wondering if it was gonna be to thick. Doing this for better seal mainly. As for the slamming, Captains gotta tell people to use the knobs and don't/drop the hatches. Other than the cuddy door if not...
  414. Carpfisher

    Gotta love owning a heavy trailerable boat.

    Ben, those lugs suck on a good day on a car much less a boat. I use a 20mm and an 18mm once the sleeve comes off. Only 6 bucks ?, the crappy OE ones for my wife van were 9 and older Mitsubishis can be upwards of 15 for the OE setups. See you out there Sat ?
  415. Carpfisher

    First Solo Trip Santa Cruz - Bonita

    You can criticize me anytime Ben, lord knows mw wife does.....
  416. Carpfisher

    300HP Etec G2 or F300UCA

    Tell Matt and Caleb, Paul with the Cabo said hi. Matt knows his E tecs !!
  417. Carpfisher

    1990 Cabo 226 Cuddycon

    Like I said, WTF do I know.....I did not know 200 and 250's were the same weight. I was thinking a 200 25" weighed 500 or a tick less. Saying Hail Marys as we speak to atone for my stupidity, 2 vs 4 has been beat to death...
  418. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    WOW, incredible history, 20 and 24ft models, this is gonna be a great thread !! I'd like to here more about that guy and his Cabo that went 200 miles offshore for the rocket launch. But he's not on BD, I may still have his #. Where he got it, boat # and any other superhuman adventures we...
  419. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I propped mine with a 15x15 4 blade SS. I hit 5350 last time out. Only 5100 with a 15x17. What a coincidence, my boat used to be named Snickelfritz.....I heard it was their boat they took to boat shows too. He took good care of it.
  420. Carpfisher

    How many of you tow with a 1/2 ton truck?

    06 Chevy 1500, 5.3, 2WD. Have no problem at the ramps, even low tide but had to add air bags, watch my stopping distance. Towed home pretty good from San Diego BUT,she would not be happy going up the Conejo grade or San Marcos pass at all. Mainly all I tow is 10 miles each way Carp to SB
  421. Carpfisher

    Santa Barbara Bait

    YES !!! SB has anchovies and sardines this Memorial Day weekend. CONFIRMED !! Also made plenty of bait last Sat outside harbor entrance. Thats why Martin can't fish with me....he has to work selling bait Ha ha. I'll check, but he may not open till 6am, I'll confirm that time today and get back...
  422. Carpfisher

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I have a 30" shaft 07 E Tec 250 and jackplate from Bobs Machine shop in Tampa thats how it came. So far so good.
  423. Carpfisher

    1990 Cabo 226 Cuddycon

    Thanks for the clarification Kirk....what power do you have on your 226. My batteries are in the OE floor hatch. I'm leaving them there for now. Not really worried about the scupper thing, or my batteries shorting out,I was just thinking out loud, shows what the heck I know , right.
  424. Carpfisher

    1990 Cabo 226 Cuddycon

    2500 ? WTF. But it looks like you've got a little work to do. Personally, I would go 200 E etc HO, propped properly, 25" shaft. Little less weight to get those scuppers above water, should still be plenty of power. Trim tabs helped also. Keep the pics coming of your project and choices of motor...
  425. Carpfisher

    2007 ETec 250 power head swap

    Ive heard these motors go 3k plus hours. Sure its got issues, but compared to mercury's ?, I wouldn't want to try it but manual says it will run in "safe" mode for five hours with no oil. AND, i'll take fuel injection over carberated anyday.
  426. Carpfisher

    Diawa SL 30 for sale

    Bummed I'm not local....
  427. Carpfisher

    2007 ETec 250 power head swap

    I have 1100 hours on my 07 E Tec 250. Keeping fingers crossed....
  428. Carpfisher

    1989 C-Dory 22' Angler - $24k

    My 3 choices for SB channel were C-Dory, Arima or Cabo. Travis, how could you leave SB, GLWS
  429. Carpfisher

    Daiwa Sealine 20 with Saltist Handle

    Sold....I called yesterday
  430. Carpfisher


    I haven't investigated the trailer wiring yet, Didn't realize the battery was 4 years old and it may have just been coincidental. My basic multimeter skills with my Fluke show no excessive draws or drains on the truck side. Bummer, Interstates Pro Rata policy has changed. Reason I suspected...
  431. Carpfisher


    OOPS !! Got lazy and left the trailer lights plug, plugged into my truck. No lights on but a parasitic draw killed my battery dead dead dead , wouldn't recharge with my digital maintainer overnight at all, interstate gave me a little love but not much. Cost me 94 bucks. Thats a lot of braided...
  432. Carpfisher

    NSS EVO2 Transducer question B275LHW compatibility

    Your gonna get a pigtail you have to connect, it should come with basic green to green red to red instructions. Going thru same thing,
  433. Carpfisher

    Simrad NSS7 EVO 2

    What transducer are you using. I want an Ev02 12" also. B-175 HW ?
  434. Carpfisher

    lost gear van nuys area

  435. Carpfisher


    Mountain biking the Sisquac once, had six above us.The real Cali Condor deal. Couldn't get my buddy to lay in the road and play dead though.
  436. Carpfisher

    wtb pair 4stokes or etecs 200-250

    Crap load of used e techs on SB craigslist a couple days ago. All sizes.
  437. Carpfisher

    FROZEN!.....not the movie" Evinrude `140

    Sounds like a good reason to repower. New or used, I'd off that 140
  438. Carpfisher

    Prop service

    Valley Prop Brian X2 Seeing him next week myself....
  439. Carpfisher

    Simrad GO series any thoughts or reviews

    I called Simrad, The total scan needs to utilize the transom mount triducer. There is no comparable thru hull he said. So be sure on planning to use their transom ducer to utilize its capabilities. You would end up with essentially a down scan unit with a thru hull. Great system for the money I...
  440. Carpfisher

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    Seahawk, I was gonna say the same thing......because I did the same thing. Wetsuit on and in water to change prop but didn't wear the lifejacket, also in choppy seas. Bit of a pain but got the job done, then remembered ,DUH, no life jacket. Note to self and all, PUT LIFEJACKET ON RIGHT AFTER...
  441. Carpfisher

    Simrad G07 Touchscreen

    Also the totalscan comes with Insight charts not Navonics. Never used insight, I take it they are fine. Anyone use both. Im guessing there fine for my peon inshore use. I have Navonics on my phone and like them. Can you add the West Marine coverage at the end of the one year factory warranty...
  442. Carpfisher

    Simrad G07 Touchscreen

    Yah Travis, "Go" for the new XSE, 750 less a 100$ gift card at WM with navonics and totalscan ducer. but bummer on 7 Evo2 units going bad. Makes me wonder....
  443. Carpfisher

    Simrad G07 Touchscreen

    Forward scan is a separate, forward looking transducer. After looking at it, I'll go with the totalscan transducer. Only thing I don't like is that its a transom mount ducer. Does anyone have a Cabo with a transom mount, if so where did you you mount it, pics?, Or is thru hull the only way to...
  444. Carpfisher

    Simrad G07 Touchscreen

    I like also. Looks like you got the downscan version. Before I pull the trigger, any reason to get the totalscan version? Pros or cons ? It's not on sale but I see it has a 100$ WM mail in rebate/ gift card. Making it 650. Rain this trigger finger is itchy.....
  445. Carpfisher

    Seastar Helm Issue

    The knocking noise at the beginning says something in the mechanical linkage between the helm and the wheel.....then the major clicking starts. Can you pull the covers to con firm its not in the mechanical linkage. Mine is tilt, I think your is not but same basic idea. Doing it since 2012, bummer
  446. Carpfisher

    Catfish Ceviche

    Pass.....but kudos for being a test tube
  447. Carpfisher

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    I'm about to buy something called a Ductor or Miniductor if you will. Heats bolts red hot with electricity not flame. Couple heat and cool cycles should "HELP" with seized bolt removal. Was surprised more boat yards have never heard of it. Here in SB, guy named Bob Jowers- The Hole Works. He's...
  448. Carpfisher

    Offshore Swimming?

    I'm with Quint, stay in the boat......
  449. Carpfisher

    Moble Etec Mechanic Needed

    Just did my 07 250 e etc. Very easy. Pull port side cover to access shifter bolt. Per Matt at Inflatable boat specialist in Ventura, ALWAYS replace the driveshaft seals under the impeller. Smoke tested mine, yup, leaking. You can order just the seals from Marine Or the whole seal...
  450. Carpfisher

    Santa Barbara bait barge.

    That is the number to the Sea Landing. I believe there is no bait. Martin {Mar Teen} Is a very good friend of mine. That is his dog on my boat in my last Cabo post. Let me tell you.....he is one HECK of a fisherman and glad to say he's my bro. I will check in an hour or so and post from my phone...
  451. Carpfisher

    Will & Ed-na's Excellent Adventure!

    A+ !!! Watched the whole thing. Love the singing scooter guy at the end.
  452. Carpfisher

    Opening day

    Thanks for the info Jose, not this weekend, rain and wrenching, weekend after for me....
  453. Carpfisher

    Driveway Challenges

    Higher trailer = have to back farther in water to float boat.
  454. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo Steering Overhaul

    Thanks Stu. , gonna be a lot more prepared than ever. Things are coming together nicely. Lots of good times ahead next year.
  455. Carpfisher

    Kayak or skiff?

    Hmmmm. I started on a yak, moved up to a skiff. Fished more.Easier to hoop. 5 nets on the bow of a yak was tricky. Drier. More storage. Couple nice aluminum skiffs w 20HP four strokes up here. Around 4K.
  456. Carpfisher

    Hop on charge?

    One of the reasons I got my boat was to take my sons and their friends fishing. Some of them are low income and have never fished. They are free free free. The smile on their faces is more than enough payment. Usually trips are 1/2 day local, not using much fuel, however, they ARE expected to...
  457. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo Steering Overhaul

    Pic of the kicker mount. I was wrong gonna use the R Lower and redrill inboard holes. I put tape on the back of the holes. Poked a hole with a toothpick, had son watch till epoxy squirted out the tiny whole. Perfectly, completely filled. Next, I'll fillet and fill the outermost portion with...
  458. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo Steering Overhaul

    Mine came with a Sea Star Classic tilt. The plastic nose cone was worn internally, Lots of actually loose fitting feel. I tore it down and had a bronze bushing machined to fit that I had laying around to replace the nylon sleeve that came OE. This lasted for a while but was never a permanent...
  459. Carpfisher

    Yah or na..?

    I'll be watching this...and what Mario has to say. I think I'd like to copy his set up or at least ask him a million questions before I redo my electronics I'm just being a wuss about messing with my current thru hull
  460. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 226

    Simple green and Marine Tec are gonna be your best friend.
  461. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 226

    Just got a PM from someone on GET BENT, he's interested also, told him good luck.....
  462. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 226

    GLWS !!! I love to see al the interest that these boats generate. Reassures me that I got a good one. Someone jump on this one. I paid more than twice what he's asking but I think I got more boat/engine. I was also informed that the 216 in Nipomo I posted about has been sold and is heading to...
  463. Carpfisher

    Winter Trout and Sheepshead in Tampa Bay

    Thanks Joe, I'll be fishing Honeymoon Island area in a month. Looking forward to different species
  464. Carpfisher

    HEY! You're not a Calico!!!

    Nice catch Nick. In the hood, up the line or across the field ? I hear Cobia are coming too.
  465. Carpfisher

    Starting from scratch, Kicker and bracket wanted

    9.8 Tohatsu, 2016, brand new, Elec start, 2100 ish from Shorts Marine in Delaware free shipping. 91 lbs., I'll add a high thrust prop. Does everyone leave there kicker on bracket when trailering, strapped down of course. Technically it says to remove before transport ? Says Garlick.
  466. Carpfisher

    Setting up boat, need some things.

    Sunscreen, its gonna be a hot one this year
  467. Carpfisher

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Way to fight the fight Mikee and Edie !!!
  468. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216216

    Bummer, after all that work. I saw another 216, 1986, at the dock in SB yesterday.
  469. Carpfisher

    Starting from scratch, Kicker and bracket wanted

    Sold my 6hp tohatsu and 71090 Garlick 10" drop bracket. Looking for a 71091 15" drop bracket. Just thought I'd take a shot in the dark that someone has a used one before I drop 350 plus on a new one. Also, looking for a high thrust long shaft 8HP. Pull start, tiller of course, with charging a...
  470. Carpfisher

    Daiwa SL20SH

    I'll take if it falls thru
  471. Carpfisher

    FS: Evinrude Rebel 19p Stainless Prop

    Thats 50 rpm more than mine. I have same issue. I'm dropping one pitch number next money sucking go around. Otherwise, hows that E etc working out for you.
  472. Carpfisher

    FS: Evinrude Rebel 19p Stainless Prop

    Curious, what pitch are you/did you go to on your 250
  473. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216216

    Guy, It came with the boat. Triton91 had a new canvas cut for it. Gearshift hows the progress. Putting my lower unit back on this AM, boat is in front of house. Neighbors just love me. Good thing its a cool looking boat not a pile. Get nice comments from all
  474. Carpfisher

    wtb cabo 216 or possibly a 19-21'cc

    Guy selling his 216 in Nipomo e mailed me, says the 2 smoke mercury is not the OE motor, and that he really did take it out 200 miles out of Avila, Something about retrieving something from/for an American Rocket Co launch. 3 55 gallon drums of gas, Says it was a stupid thing to do but he was...
  475. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216 for Sale

    Just saw a Cabo 216 for sale in SB CL if your looking. He's asking14.5 Has OE engine. Looks pretty clean. Run till she blows and repower. On another note, if your cabo has OE Sea Star Traditional tilt helm, with a bunch of slop in it, I just received my bitchen new and improved tilt mechanism...
  476. Carpfisher

    Hi thrust kicker wanted

    Probably have to pass on that motor but WOW on your bracket ! How much did you end up paying. Was it worth the extra, a lot extra, over a new standard manual bracket ?
  477. Carpfisher

    Hi thrust kicker wanted

    Time to start dialing in the cabo. Looking for a nice hi thrust kicker for my 22' Cabo Cuddycon. Long shaft, pull start, no power tilt ok. Charging system desirable. Might get one of those fancy hydraulic lifts too !! Garlick makes a cool manual one but pricey at 1200. Ouch then ill be going...
  478. Carpfisher

    2012 Tohatsu 6HP for sale

    2012 Tohatsu 6 HP. Bought for 900 with 5 hours on it. It went for a ride on the boat 4 times, used once. Call it around 7 hours use. Like to get 750 with Garlick mounting bracket with new mounting pad. Little small for my 22' Cabo. Perfect kicker for 18-20' aluminum or main on a 12' lake boat...
  479. Carpfisher

    fish and game damaged my boat

    Find a way to bring your chart plotter head powered up by one of those new lithium ion jumper packs. Go to court. Plead not guilty if thats what it shows Report damage to insurance Wait for response Have a beer Fish in other skiff
  480. Carpfisher

    Young single men, watch and understand this!

    Those are the two I busted up on. And the chart for chicks too
  481. Carpfisher

    11lb bass flippin (central florida)

    NOW I'm looking forward to my trip to San Antonio in March. Uncle caretaker 1000 private acres for St Leo college, I hope its got some bass like that in there !!
  482. Carpfisher

    Local Knowledge TV Show starring ALI

    No DVR but I'm in for an early wake up.....hopein for a fishing chick sighting
  483. Carpfisher

    Last Minute Cod Run To San Miguel Dec 27

    Thanks for the local report !!
  484. Carpfisher

    BD HELP purchase recommendation !! HD Sewing Machine

    Yup. Your all right. Just got back from Grant House sewing machines in SB. Great guy, very helpful. He looked at the CL add I had closely. Says that machine is not HD enough. Used machine around 7-800. More than I wanted to spend but since my wife does quilting we may just go for a good used...
  485. Carpfisher

    BD HELP purchase recommendation !! HD Sewing Machine

    Roger that Kindafishy, also heard a whelping foot ? Yes, I'm gonna ask for a demo of the machine and its capabilities.
  486. Carpfisher

    BD HELP purchase recommendation !! HD Sewing Machine

    I'm not looking for a perfect cover. it's just an old cover. How hard can it be to restitch a zipper and sew on a couple patches. If I can rebuild an engine, I can figure out how to run a sewing machine, or rebuild the damn sewing machine if I need to. Figured I could find other things to repair...
  487. Carpfisher

    BD HELP purchase recommendation !! HD Sewing Machine

    Winds hit 41 MPH here in Carp last week.Boat is stored just north of where that fire jumped the 101 last week. anyway, winds did a bit of damage to my already hurting cover. Retack zipper, sew on a couple patches and repair a few seams. Standard, thick blue boat cover material. Not wanting to...
  488. Carpfisher

    Yes we are changing over the theme of the forums

    I like changing my underwear... just can't seem to get that across to my three teenage boys To square and feels generic, otherwise, whatever its just a website
  489. Carpfisher

    Can I sell this?

    Donate it. Private party, you are responsible for smog. Will come back to bite you. A bill of sale saying as is and parts only means jack, DMV doesn't even look at bill of sales anymore. Also, cats are not cheap. My 06 Town and Country was over 800 bucks. You will need to put OE cat on...
  490. Carpfisher

    Santa Barbara has Bait !!

    Heads up from my bro, anyone heading out of SB, they got and load of chovies last Thursday. Right now, flat conditions, but a lass, I'm land locked due to Christmas till next Saturday...go get sum !!
  491. Carpfisher

    Okuma Customer Service

    I really dug Okumas stoked on fishing show yesterday. I saw Titos boat. Capital letters FREAKIN BAD ASS, don't due it justice. Holy crap that is one bad ass rig. If I win the lottery, I'm all over it. Keep it up Okuma !!
  492. Carpfisher

    WTB: Hoop Net Weights and Ambush Hoop Nets

    The way its been going this year, there may be a lot of them for sale soon
  493. Carpfisher

    Stolen Boat HELP!! Long Beach

    I'll keep an eye out up here. I know those boats on sight., I was considering them before I found my Cabo
  494. Carpfisher

    Parkour Mountain Biking Gran Canaria

    Urban trials riding at its finest. The new generation of riders are so talented. I watched the pro trials competition at Mammoth in the late 90's, they really have stepped it up a notch !! You know he's fully sponsored when you RUIN a bike by jumping into the ocean. As fishermen, everyone...
  495. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Furuno upgrade w older transducer

    Thanks Jim, Ill probably stay with current 600L set up and just upgrade GPS only for now. Will tackle FF upgrade when it becomes a need. I'm sure theres some good deals this time of year. Ive been to your neck of the woods, Banning, I used to race for Bob Brown and Wolf Creek Cycles out of...
  496. Carpfisher

    2 penn 500 jigmasters with 65lb power pro

    What did you upgrade to. I'm jealous already, and more importantly, did you sell the boat.
  497. Carpfisher

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    Really cool watching your videos with Milton Loves book in hand. I'm seeing and learning about all kinds of stuff. WhatI am pleasantly surprised not to see is a lot of trash. Do you see a lot ? Come across any wrecks ever / Definitly gonna check your You Tube stuff. Thanks
  498. Carpfisher

    Gun Permits to carry

    Bill Parker for President
  499. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Furuno upgrade w older transducer

    Thank you Gil, I got the 562 # from the for sale sheet when I bought the boat. It works great with the 600L color FF., I have a small crappy Garmin GPS, black and white with crazed screen. Cant decide whether to leave FF as is and update plotter or get a new combo unit and 8 to 10 pin adapter cable.
  500. Carpfisher

    Gun Permits to carry

    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns If you can read, thank a teacher-if you can read in english Thank a Marine If you read these on a truck, your behind Carpfisher :rockin: Time to arm all able bodied and able minded citizens. Sound general quarters, we ARE under fire in this...
  501. Carpfisher

    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    Sheepshead is what Ira Eaton used mainly for bug bait at Santa Cruz Island 80 years ago. Since I often catch and release and kill macs for bugs, I've always let them go. Kinda a pretty ugly fish. But I'll have to bled and ice one someday
  502. Carpfisher

    Ventura Boat Repair Shop RAVE !!

    Yelp is like Facebook-I just can't do it.... and I believe Steve just bought a Cabo with a E TEC 250, shoot me a text if you'd like to hear what he said about our motors
  503. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216216

    Lenco trim tabs, made my boat fly !!!!
  504. Carpfisher

    Ventura Boat Repair Shop RAVE !!

    Brian from Valley prop mentioned that a guy named Matt at Inflatable Boat Specialist in Ventura was really sharp with E-Tecs. After talking to him on the phone with a bunch of do it yourself questions, which he was happy to answer, I realized I should just bite the bullet and pay him to look...
  505. Carpfisher

    Honda 225 vs. 250

    Brian at Valley prop in Ventura
  506. Carpfisher

    WTS vintage Roddy 8'5 rod - price drop

    Good info, I just checked, mine is a BR. Thanks Tom. and Bump
  507. Carpfisher

    WTS vintage Roddy 8'5 rod - price drop

    I have a 9' vintage spinner Roddy, was told by Chin that used to own Hook line and Sinker that it was very special. I said should it be in a museum, no he said, fish it, it has soul.....Saw one just like it but conventional sell for 300 $ I think the old ones are worth some dough...
  508. Carpfisher

    Need Boat Insurance recommendation

    Mario, I'm boat US for 310, could lower it 10% by taking safety test, that would make it 280ish. I'd have to dig out paperwork to tell you exact coverage though.
  509. Carpfisher

    Salmon heads???

    I've got 80+ lbs of frozen macs in my freezer. I'd sell half of it for 25 bucks.....but I'm in Carp kinda far north....
  510. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 226 Windlass

    Thanks guys, 3 kids and busy as heck at work, won't have time to mod like Marios cool set up. Ill look at the Pro Fish Lewmar and talk to a pro about install tips. Till then Ill fish with someone younger and stronger and have them pull. Like my eat every thing 14 year old.
  511. Carpfisher

    No lobster is worth your life

    I hear no PFD and footed waders that filled w water contributed to his inability to swim to shore, tragic.
  512. Carpfisher

    19' Arima Sea Ranger cuddy cabin hard top

    This was my #1 choice, but they sell in a week. Good luck with sale
  513. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Furuno upgrade w older transducer

    Mainly I want to know if this Ducer is good enough for newer units. Not sure thats the #. Triton91 list it in the build sheet when I bought it. Don't really see how to tell the #. PMed you Mario with some questions
  514. Carpfisher

    Cabo 226 Furuno upgrade w older transducer

    Older system I'm guessing, FCV-562 Transducer, has a speed wheel on the bottom, looks like it goes thru the hull? Color 600 head unit. Works great but no GPS and the one I have is even more dated and the screen sucks. Id like to upgrade to modern FF/GPS unit from Furuno that will work with this...
  515. Carpfisher

    SPY Optic + BD Sunglasses GIVEAWAY

    Insta what ?
  516. Carpfisher

    Boat Storage in Santa Barbara Harbor

    There are a few gated lots around the eastside of Santa Barbara. One near West Marine is very TIGHT. I see some big boats in there but I nearly got stuck in there with my cabo once, no bueno. Maybe send SB Surfer a PM ?
  517. Carpfisher

    Flying fish can't win....

    AMAZING. Especially the last scene !
  518. Carpfisher

    1995 Marine Acquiring Co. 206 CuddyCon

    Ya, looks like a Cabo, But I do remember reading about the company that took the operation over. Good info to know. Sorry for your trouble. I hope you find your dream Cabo. It's out there somewhere.
  519. Carpfisher

    Advice For First Time Boat Buyer

    I started with a 14' skiff. Liked what I was doing and wanted to take out my boys. 3500 bucks and I got a POS Gregor Sea Hawk. Learned the hard way. Still liked what I was doing. Researched Arimas hard, thought it was the boat for me but pricey and they get snatched up by the north western...
  520. Carpfisher

    Pristine Bluewater Boats 2550 Center Console Fishing Boat

    90K of pure sickness right there I tell ya gotta keep playing the lottery
  521. Carpfisher

    Getting Live Bait from Santa Barbara Harbor

    Bait was spotty at best all summer.Guy that works it is my super good buddy.Usually had small chovies. Easy to make bait in the am just outside the harbor. Mix of greenbacks and spanish.
  522. Carpfisher


    My Dad was a Marine in Nam, Da Nang, early days, Semper Fi Dad, your still a lean mean fighting machine at 70 years young.
  523. Carpfisher

    1989 cabo 226 cuddycon

    PM me for 1/2 ton towing questions. I have 06 2WD Silverado. Fine for no mountain towing
  524. Carpfisher

    Filet knife

    8" Forshner breaking knife. 30 bucks on E bay. Brand new.
  525. Carpfisher

    FOR SALE: 1991 Cabo Cuddy Con

    It wouldn't be pretty up the conejo grade but my 06 2WD Silverado does just fine pulling my 226. Added air bags though. drops the rear a couple inches though without the bags.
  526. Carpfisher

    Ambassadeur 5600 sx & 6600 sx

    If you'll ship, Im interested in both.Hate pay pal, can put check in mail today 805 284 5178
  527. Carpfisher

    No longer searching...

    I think theres a c dory for sale here in carpinteria.
  528. Carpfisher

    What would you have done?

    I've had similar happen back in the day in our local mountains in a truck. Got out and walked, end of friendship, dude regrets it to this day....
  529. Carpfisher

    Fs 1997 johnson oceanrunner 200 hp

    What are you repowering with ?
  530. Carpfisher

    How to get rid of seals and fishing report

    Don't forget the Save Tibet stickers
  531. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 226 Windlass

    I'm getting old. Pulled the anchor twice in 80' of water. Wore me out. Gotta be a better way. Anyone with a 226 or 216 have a windlass. Triton John, what do you have on the 256 ? Pics of install set up, brand used, pros and cons, if there are any cons, please let me know. Thanks, Love my Cabo.....
  532. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216216

    Very nice work. Mario, I might have to PM you for some comparison pics.
  533. Carpfisher

    Diving with GIANT Lobsters

    I give two thumbs up for sure
  534. Carpfisher

    market $ for spiny lobster?

    My buddy was at a local fish restaraunt, ask how much for local spiny lobster, one tail dinner with basic trimmings, 55 bucks.
  535. Carpfisher

    Fish or die shirts

    Heather/gray looks good for both. Thanks
  536. Carpfisher

    green light sticks for sale

    I moved away from batterie sticks, thought Id save money in the long run but got tired of them going out sometimes [often], small price to pay for yummy bugs
  537. Carpfisher

    Fish or die shirts

    Large Tee and Large hoodie. Total and where do I send the check !!!!
  538. Carpfisher

    Sonar explained in detail-Steve Chamberlain Oct 8, win Scotty High Speed 2106 DR worth $700

    I'd love to hear this guy, I'm a total dork when it comes to my FF
  539. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon Fillet Staion/Bait Cutting Tray ?

    Thanks Rob, I think thats the way to go. I feel your hatch slamming pain. I need to put a sign up " DONT SLAM THE HATCHES" Ha HA. I put a big rubber stopper on the back of the boat, like the plugs for the bait tanks but bigger, so the rear center hatch where you have the cutting board doesn't...
  540. Carpfisher

    Furuno Color FCV 600L $150

    Thats all my FF is worth, crap, I feel like I'm in the dark ages now. I remember being on the starting line at Mammoth with toe clips in the expert class in 97'. They laughed at me....till I got third place out of 80 ha ha.
  541. Carpfisher

    What is an Outfit?

  542. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon Fillet Staion/Bait Cutting Tray ?

    Was wondering what others do for a fillet station. Trays that go in the rod holder ? seems like it wouldn't be that stable unless it fit real tight, then theres the problem of storing the large tray. I had put a large plastic "place mat" on top of the rear center hatch. Worked OK, but that...
  543. Carpfisher

    What Boat Should I Get?

    I started at 10 also.....ended buying at over 20. And the money is still flowing.
  544. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216 with 200 johnson

    I dropped from 19 to 17, still not enough. I'm hitting 5100-5200. Need to go to 16 pitch. If I were you, Id go right to 16 pitch SS and save your aluminum for spare. Looking for a good used 14.5-15 x 16.
  545. Carpfisher

    Another kicker question

    Can a sea anchor keep you off the rocks. I have mine for three reasons Bounce balling, bow into rough seas, and get me away from rocks if worst case scenario and I'm drifting towards trouble. Kicker and VA MY 2 cents.
  546. Carpfisher

    Go get him Tito!

    Fish more now !! Fighting big fish way better than fighting big dudes...waiting for next awesome fish report Tito !!
  547. Carpfisher

    Daiwa Sealine SL20SH + Bass Rod

    I'd take just the reel shipped. Easier for you to box and not have to deal with the rod. Ill send you a message with my number if your interested.
  548. Carpfisher

    Shimano Counterfeit Power Pro

    I couldn't do the china thing but ordered a spool of 40. Coming from New Jersey, Probably via china, Not PP but pic showed Dyneema. I'll try the flame and strength breaking test before I put it on. So cheap it's got to be fake. Ever hear of Cast King? Any word if there stuff is fake? Not who I...
  549. Carpfisher

    Dodged a 10K bullet thanks to E TEC SAFE mode

    Been a professional wrench for over 30 years. Rarely do I make a mistake, mainly stick to what I specialize in and triple check everything, but when I screw up, I do it big, just like NASA. Luckily, mainly I screw up my own shit. Boat storage is free, but can't wrench there, work is jam packed...
  550. Carpfisher

    Update 1999 21' Valco Bayrunner Baja w/ 2012 Honda 135 w/pics

    YES !!! Triple axle and all !! Cant wait to see her in the water. I'm stoked for you
  551. Carpfisher

    216 CABO

    Max 226 HP rating is 250 2 stroke. My e etc 250 is 525# ish. If i was to repower I wouldn't go heavier than a 200hp 2 strokes weight. Not sure what a 200hp 4 stroke 2 cents
  552. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon 216 passenger and load rating

    What Mario said... I would not put 10 people on my 226. 3 adults and two teens was max. All fishing. Cramped but doable, especially if Captain is not fishing, and one of the other adults is deck handing the teens. Less movement on deck. Very good solo boat too like pescadorable said. Easy to...
  553. Carpfisher

    Hydrafoil and seat mount extensions Free

    Located in Carpinteria Area Foil and seat extenders, come and get em prefer pic up or meet in SB
  554. Carpfisher

    Is 100yds off the port side enough room or......

    100 YARDS !!! Not 100 feet ? A football field away ? Plenty of room.....Bet my next check it was the GF. Good to not answer them on the radio.
  555. Carpfisher

    Solo trip last Saturday Dana Point.

    Good job. Last time I complain about 35 boats.
  556. Carpfisher

    2006 250 E-TEC, SOLD

    2007 E Tec 250 15X17 SS. 5100 RPM Rated 4500-5800.Max 40+ MPH. Had Aluminum Hustler 14.5x19. Over propped...NIGHT AND DAY.
  557. Carpfisher

    21' Arima Sea Ranger W/ 135 honda and 9.9 honda for sale

    Two thumbs up for a bad ass boat GLWS !!!!
  558. Carpfisher

    1989 cabo 226 cuddycon

    Prop testing now….hit 41 mph saturday in light chop. Needed to hit WOT and 5000RPM+ .Hit 5100...4K-32 mph 12.8 GPH, 3K 23 mph 7.6 GPH. Propped right, these boats are sweet.
  559. Carpfisher

    Price of fuel,,,,,Orlando

    Suck bad…4.33 at Chevron
  560. Carpfisher

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    My 2 cents…..Jigmonster response not good enough. With the eyewitness reports, the only thing that would keep me from filing a report with the coast gaurd would be the firing of the deckhand and captain PERIOD. Formal complaint should be filed with the landing and BBB regardless.
  561. Carpfisher

    What are your best upgrades?

    Trim tabs and SS prop instead of aluminum = NEW BOAT Wish list--radar color chart plotter fillet table remote spotlite for nite driving if needed
  562. Carpfisher

    Update 1999 21' Valco Bayrunner Baja w/ 2012 Honda 135 w/pics

    Good luck Ben. This is one NICE Bayrunner with a 4 stroke. I'm sure your next boat is gonna be bad ass. Thanks again for the kicker bracket. Cabo is doing great. Prop testing today.
  563. Carpfisher

    Aluminum Prop to SS Prop Question

    One of the blades broke off on my aluminum prop. Gonna upgrade to a SS one. Question #1 = assuming I'm happy with my current aluminum prop. Can I replace it with the same pitch and diameter or are the characteristics going to be so different that I have to start all over to find the correct...
  564. Carpfisher

    Department of Fish and Game Surveys

    I told him once that I caught and released at least 50 calicos and that I saw huge schools on the meter and that I believed the bass fishery was thriving----he wrote it all down.
  565. Carpfisher

    Department of Fish and Game Surveys

    Guy in SB is a cool dude. I be nice…..I piss off enough people at my real job :Beat_Them
  566. Carpfisher

    Bogging outboard

    If you really want to make it work…..and save money, get a manual. Motor needs 3 things to run, spark, fuel and compression.or better yet, spark, at the right TIME, atomized fuel mixture, at the right time and compression. Timing advance is very critical in a two stroke.If it runs and idles its...
  567. Carpfisher

    Bogging outboard

    My problem like that was sticky advance mechanism. Easy to check. Easy to fix. After I pulled the flywheel. Old grease had solidified.
  568. Carpfisher

    WTB Cabo 226/256

    Good luck .They are bad ass boats.LOVE my 226….
  569. Carpfisher

    2006 250 E-TEC, SOLD

    I think 525ish# ?
  570. Carpfisher

    Tunacrab for lobster?

    My buddy found an old school paper cuter. I removed the safety guard and took the stainless "blade" off. Put an edge and an angle to it and now it whacks thru frozen macks like butter. Pack in bait tubes. Wha la. Frozen, loaded bait tubes.
  571. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Thread bump. Got a 1989 226 w E-Tec 250. Been out 6 times. Gets better every time.
  572. Carpfisher

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Thread bump. Got a 1989 226 w E-Tec 250. Been out 6 times. Gets better every time.
  573. Carpfisher

    Our Florida at its Very Best

    What an awesome report.
  574. Carpfisher

    The new Dodge Boat - Best way to waste $50k

    I missed this by 1/2 an hour. I had just left. Guy owns a local Carp resturaunt. He forgot to pull rear straps, among other things, and in watching the bow for release, backed to far in till rear wheels lifted, then it was straight in the drink !!
  575. Carpfisher

    10lb 3 oz Largemouth

    Great moment in history right there for you. Congrats
  576. Carpfisher

    Gotta learn how to read FF

    Duh….so I see what I thought was a HUGE school of macs Saturday off SB. Needed a couple more, WTF, why won't they hit the sabiki, then it dawns on me, BASS !!!! !st chovie drop down and kaslamm, it's on. 2 on the double dropper. One is my PB :beerbang: Just under 20", no scale but I'd guess 8+...
  577. Carpfisher

    Broken Bolt Removal Help Please

    Crabdancer hit it. Couple heating and cooling cycles. Soak with Kroil, the creeping oil. At least overnight.Use left handed drill. Quality ones are sharper than most drill bits Next to impossible to get a true center, center punch but give it your bestshot. This is why I'm looking into getting...
  578. Carpfisher

    City of Redondo

    Full Boat for Sure
  579. Carpfisher

    These Boys Need a Bigger Boat......................

    Quint as a boy before the Orca
  580. Carpfisher

    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    I was told by a deckhand once, no sunflower seeds. Shells are a bitch to clean up….
  581. Carpfisher

    fishing out of channels islands to saltwater fishing

    Historically, a bit of wind this time of year, be sure to pick your days carefully.
  582. Carpfisher

    What do you think my boat is worth

    That is a tasty whitefish right there bro. Congrats., any stats ?
  583. Carpfisher

    Fishin' chick or whatever...

    Say it isn't so Jason…..
  584. Carpfisher

    Surfer Swatted by Whale

    I saw those whales hugging the coast while surf fishing Sunday at gray light in Carp. Saw three sets heading up the coast. Closest ones were about 100 yes out. MAYBE 25 feet deep.
  585. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216 Long Shot

    Who's the lucky new Cabo owner.Local SB guy ? LETS FISH !!!
  586. Carpfisher

    sexy sister

  587. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216 Long Shot

    I hope its bigger than that 14' bass boat I saw in woodman's post ha ha
  588. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216 Long Shot

    Great boat Stuart, I'm sure your bummed to sell.
  589. Carpfisher

    1989 cabo 226 cuddycon

    Bummer---BUMP for a Cabo...
  590. Carpfisher

    Daiwa Sl30SH --For Sale

    Let me know if it falls thru
  591. Carpfisher

    14' western with 2006 15 HP Johnson 4 stroke

    GLWS I have exact same boat but modified the transom higher for a 20hp honda long shaft. Mine was side steer and enclosed bow but basically the same.. I've been out on good and not so good days in the big pond. Out to the oil rigs and 20+ miles up the line, 50 miles round trip. It pounds in chop...
  592. Carpfisher

    Lenco Trim tabs

    Thats a SMOKIN deal. Cant tell from pics, but if thats the LED, auto retract switch controller Its the deal of the year. 850 + from West Marine, Mininum 7 bills online. Just did mine. Crap Someones gonna score.
  593. Carpfisher

    Rockfish chewing and fish ID report

    Yah thats right Russ Worley, he had a screwed up leg like me if I remember. I raced with him in the mid 90's also. Wow, you stopped in 92'. My "career" lasted from 93' to 2001'. Aaron Cox, Pauls friend I think was on the team also. Johnny O Mara edged me out at the Midland Melee once in the...
  594. Carpfisher

    2004 Honda CRF450R CA Street Legal - Plated!

    Good luck, I sold my plated 05 X for 4500 a couple years ago. Thats a great deal.
  595. Carpfisher

    Rockfish chewing and fish ID report

    Paul Thorson, He still has his OE bike and raced the vintage class at Keyesville last year. Still has the Team Poster showing the team hanging on his wall. I won the overall there, expert 30-34 I think in 96. Wish I could still charge like that, now all I do is…..FISH !!!!!….and raise a family haha
  596. Carpfisher

    What do you say when you get hooked up?

    …..just another lizard
  597. Carpfisher

    Rockfish chewing and fish ID report

    Winner is a longspine combfish. Usually I don't keep limits of rockfish, I exercise my shelton descender, but I had a special request for fish from a a neighbor and I fried up enough for 5 boys last night. They loved it.
  598. Carpfisher

    Rockfish chewing and fish ID report

    Finally got to outing # 4 on the new to me Cabo 226. The winds never materialized. Man does she fly with trim tabs. On the way in we hit 36knots, almost 40 mph, for a stretch. Then settled back to a comphy 23kts. Took out my buddy that was an original member of the first Team Yeti mountain bike...
  599. Carpfisher

    Boat songs, need play list suggestions

    Brandi by Looking Glass
  600. Carpfisher

    Gregor 17 - new to me. Suggestions welcome.

    See Woodmans build on his 14' Gregor, I'd keep the side steer, put a cable and a 40HP four stroke, seaboard can be expensive new, again, see Woodmans build for DIY ideas. Look closely for corrosion on hull but it looks like it was set up for FW.
  601. Carpfisher

    Furuno 1731 Radar- Make Offer or Trade for ?

    1731 Mark 3 with magnetron, mag bracket, power cord, mount bracket and display unit with hood and magnifier lens. Not sure of hours, Very Clean,Gauranteed working condition. will power up and check hours this weekend. Came off boat that was used very little. Any interest and I'll send pics and...
  602. Carpfisher

    Trim tab mounting. 5200 or 4200 ?

    Thanks I saw that in Boat US mag this month I think on trim tabs But it isn't in the Lenco instructions, it just says a dab of 5200 in the holes also. More work but I see why it would really seal better provided the right epoxy, applied correctly is used. By coring, you mean raw wood/wooden...
  603. Carpfisher

    Trim tab mounting. 5200 or 4200 ?

    I see the instructions say 5200 but the other post, and my reply, got me thinking. What if I smash up a tab and need to replace it. I know it will delam or mess up the gel coat. Is 4200 good enough. What do you think other than I'm overthinking this
  604. Carpfisher

    3M 5200 Marine Adhesive

    Wire brush clean. SS toothbrush was not enough for me. Used brass bristle wire wheel in 19V Cordless drill then clean rag and acetone. Will bond aluminum to aluminum. No problem
  605. Carpfisher

    Jesus and a drunk blonde.........

    Eastern Orthodox humor ???
  606. Carpfisher

    Rockfish Descent Devices revisited

    At first I had problems with the shelton also, I rigged it with a sliding sinker above the fish like the instructions said and it's working well for me. 10 oz below. Dedicated stiff rod. I tried a 10oz mega bait to leave down and continue fishing but was snagging them on the jerk release so back...
  607. Carpfisher

    1989 cabo 226 cuddycon

    Congrats on the purchase Jim. Your gonna love it. I count about 5 Cabo guys now. At least 3 226's.
  608. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    Gonna measure tonight after work. Love to see pics. No way 18's will work, only 17.5" to work with on mine.
  609. Carpfisher

    14' Gregor upgrade

    I copied the bilge pump on my western. I really like the quick remove floor better than my 8 slated 32 screw set up. Good job Jeff !!
  610. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    Yah, I'm a little slow at work so had time to call Bill Hopper, local boat builder extrordinaire. kicker should come all the way down and just clear tabs. Kicker bracket is a garelick 4 stroke bracket. I will be reborrowing and measuring the kicker to be sure it clears the 12'ers, otherwise it's...
  611. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    No shit John,triton 91, didn't realize that was you. Hows the new sled going. Soooo, John, Cabo, gofast and seahawk, I'm seriously starting to worry about the kicker hitting the tabs. Do I need to reborrow the kicker, drop it to see how low and far out it goes or Cabo, you had 12 x 12's, did you...
  612. Carpfisher

    1989 cabo 226 cuddycon

    GLWS. I have the EXACT same boat. Someone is gonna be stoked. I'll "probably" never sell mine. I love it.
  613. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    Thanks for the pic Seahawk. I only have 17.5 inches to work with in the mounting area. Just like Cabowabo, I will probably end up with 12 x 12's. Going electric, now the choice is Lenco or Bennetts, Both name brand with good reps, may just come down to price. Thanks for all your replies, for...
  614. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    What size are your tabs Seahawk., Thanks for the mounting pic...
  615. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    Thanks Mark and bman, feedback is why I asked...
  616. Carpfisher

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    Thanks for the local insight
  617. Carpfisher

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    So I SCORED on a great 226 Cabo Cuddycon thru BD. Freakin awesome boat, ran to Santa Cruz on Saturday. Trim tabs are gonna make this boat fly. Talked to a local boat mechanic that has installed lots of trim tabs before. He is not to fond of Bennets he said and has been using tabs called Boat...
  618. Carpfisher

    Ahhh, the lowly Bonito

    Good catch and eats Steve, well have to fish sometime, I'm in Carp also
  619. Carpfisher

    ipad for plotter?

    I've heard this will be the future ????
  620. Carpfisher

    14' Gregor upgrade

    Very nice Jeff, you do fine finish work. Im definitely redoing my floor like that. Also my pvc pipe for wires is on top of my seats. Not in the way, but I see the holes and how your about to route them. Stealing that idea on the next go around too. AND wait till you see Jeffs wiring and...
  621. Carpfisher


    Still got that shit eating grin on my face !! Many thanks to SB Surfers sharp eye and response to my earlier posts. Pics of my boys holding fish coming up. Reg and insure in next two days and hope to go saturday for a ride. Sea trial was awesome. Thanks for all your hard work John. You did a...
  622. Carpfisher

    Learn from my mistake - check your wheel bearings -it's probably been longer than you think

    Heres my 2 cents. Trailer seals suck. even with the best service/repack seal install, water can and will work in. Often replacements are plastic mushy seals instead of the metal clad outer shell of the OE. Unpredictable exact dimensions but fit and get sent down the road. Trust me, the...
  623. Carpfisher

    22 wellcraft walkaround

    How much, year and hours of the motor.I'm in the market….805 284 5178
  624. Carpfisher

    Cabo 216 cuddy 1991 with 175 hp Yamaha.

    Theres one in Sarasota Florida for 20.5K Very clean but pricey. Especially for a 99 two stroke I'm looking for Arima, Cabo, or Tiderunner Good luck
  625. Carpfisher

    New/used boat advice wanted !!!

    Thanks Tom, and Scott, I will look at the Cabo Cuddy, Mark, I like your thinking, another 5K over my bud though.could push if if had too but wife and kids, that baby is straight fish killer. I highly value your local advice though, I live a couple blocks from and used to work with Steve, that...