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  1. Captain Decent

    Saltwater Open Seats Week 3 WP

    I'll be down at westport week 3 of the opener for hali thurs-sun. I've got a half assed crew coming and going through those days so I have some amount of seats on all 4 days. 2 seats on Sunday and 3 on thurs. If you want to fish fri, sat we are going to do inshore rockfish one day and fish perch...
  2. Captain Decent

    Freshwater Golden Delicious

    Since safety is my number one priority and the coast was angry we swapped over to the poontoon and headed east to spear some of the most underrated red meat in the PNW. Were new to this and learning. Aim is still pretty poor but getting better. Going to try rigging for night time hunt/fish...
  3. Captain Decent

    Open Seat Tomorrow a.m. hali

    Headed out of edmonds to fish a9 and maybe 6 for some hali. Last minute decision. Got some seats right now.
  4. Captain Decent

    Garmin Transducers and Adapters FS

    Got a bunch of new garmin stuff left over from a recent electronics install. I have 3 brand new garmin transducers and some adapters. Transducer #1 GT21-TH 50/200hz chirp. Thru hull with fairing and all the stuff that comes with it. New in box $275 Transducer #2 GT54UHD-TM chirp. 50/200hz...
  5. Captain Decent

    2017 Starcraft Poontoon 18’

    2017 Starcraft 18ft Poontoon (see what I did there?). Yamaha 25 high thrust outboard. Runs great. Top speed around 12mph. I have never calculated it but she gets like 100mpg. Garmin Stryker fish finder. Shorelander bunk trailer with folding tongue. Weighs under 3000 and is the easiest boat in...
  6. Captain Decent

    Slip Sublease Wanted

    Looking to sublease a slip for the next month or two. From Tacoma to Edmonds. boat is 31x11
  7. Captain Decent

    Rascal Youth .22LR

    Free to new shooter. You pay for transfer. Lightly used mossberg rascal single shot bolt action rifle. this thing is tiny and has a cool little aperature sight that you don’t usually see on rifles like this.
  8. Captain Decent

    Youth Cold Weather Gear-Free

    Son has outgrown this stuff but it’s still in great condition. fit him until this year (he’s 13). gamehide insulated bibs. Water repellent. Possibly water proof but I don’t recall. patagonia insulated vest free to a kid who can use them
  9. Captain Decent

    Furuno FF/GPS/Radar

    Working furuno setup with open array radar. Removing from boat soon. Will include transducer. $500
  10. Captain Decent

    WTB: Electronics Take Offs?

    I know you high rollers like to upgrade your electronics every year with the latest shit so I figured before I go shopping I’d see if anyone has any recent take offs that they are selling. I’m replacing aging furuno stuff on the bertram. I am not brand loyal and am looking for something no more...
  11. Captain Decent

    Party @ 126?

    So since the 126 is the new 125 we gotta do what we gotta do. But my rig only does 25kts so we’re camping. Anyone else thinking overnight?
  12. Captain Decent

    Open Seats This Weekend WP

    Looks like none of my crew can make it this weekend so I got an open boat at the moment. Westport. Tuna. Saturday and Sunday.
  13. Captain Decent

    Saltwater Family Bottomfish MA2

    Had a great day with my son and dad Thursday fishing halibut and whatnot. Got a late start cause had to wait for fuel dock and then we had an electronics power problem. Probably got underway around 10am after fueling and fixing power problem. Made great time on super calm water. Found good...
  14. Captain Decent

    ‘Butt Stuff Thursday?

    Not a lot of talk about MA2 halibut even though Looks to be open Thursday. Guess we’ll run. Weather looks suspect. Anyone else doin ‘but stuff, layin pipe, yanking rods or any other variation of that this week?
  15. Captain Decent

    WP kids business opportunity

    If anyone has a kid down at Westport that wants to make a little cash I need muh boat washed. Nothing too crazy but Seagulls hammered this thing and it needs a quick wash. I’d do it but I had to dump and run and it looks like hell. Just need a sponging and some brushing. I reserved 100 feet...
  16. Captain Decent

    Furuno Open Array Radar 001

    Furuno open array Radar. Older unit but highly serviceable. $400 firm. I would gladly use it but it will require a substantial mounting as it’s around 40-50lbs and I’ve removed my arch.
  17. Captain Decent

    WTB Half Tote

    Anyone got a half tote laying around wanting to sell?
  18. Captain Decent

    Oregon Surveyor Referals?

    Can anyone recommend a good marine surveyor in Oregon?
  19. Captain Decent

    Scupper Source

    Let’s face it those shitty sea dog plastic scuppers most of us have on our boats are total POSs. I saw a thread on THT about seaworthy innovations. They make scuppers and a few other items. i was about to fabricate my own SS scuppers but these are well worth the $50 IMO. get rid of those sea...
  20. Captain Decent

    48 gallon Bait Tank

    Selling my custom aluminum bait tank. Works perfect. Virtually no dead loss all season. I am going to make a new transom mounted tank instead to keep the center of the deck clear. 34” tall, 25” long, 18” wide. Fills from the top drains from the bottom. Lexan lid. Couple windows. False bottom...
  21. Captain Decent

    Garage Blow Out Free

    Got some free stuff here. Some engine oil quicksilver 25-40, 10ft rack and pinion teleflex steering cable NIB, steering tie rod, IAC valve for suzuki 250, Yamaha paint, cutting board, ring free, HF diaphragm pump, fuel/water separators. Covington.
  22. Captain Decent

    Flybridge Improvement Project

    Sorry to interrupt your Covid 19 feed but here’s some pics of boat projects if you guys are into that kind of stuff. after buying the boat I felt like a really neutered It when I had to cut off all the cool east coast shit: Radar arch and huge Radar, 30ft antennae’s, 30ft outriggers, fighting...
  23. Captain Decent

    Bimini Top 001

    This Bimini came off my flybridge. It’s about 6-1/2’ wide and about 4-1/2’ tall. Pretty good condition. 1” SS tubing. In Covington $200.
  24. Captain Decent

    Pedestal Helm Seat

    Pedestal seat with cushions and base. Pretty heavy duty. Came off my flybridge. In good shape. In covington $100.
  25. Captain Decent

    Custom Marine Upholstery

    I figured I’d throw this out there. Ive had a few sets of cushions recovered by my sister in law in Vietnam and have been very impressed by the work and the price is unbeatable so if any one needs some upholstery work done let me know and we can work give you a quote. they can do cushions...
  26. Captain Decent

    New Cushions for The Bertram

    Just had my sister in law in Vietnam remake the cushion covers for the Bertram. She did a great job and we saved a ton of money. If anyone needs some upholstery work done on the cheap let me know as we have the hookup and she’s always down for more work.
  27. Captain Decent

    WTB Bench Seat or Leaning Post

    Looking for a 2 person bench seat or leaning post with backrest. Preferably with rocket launchers to replace the chair on my flybridge.
  28. Captain Decent

    Bench or Leaning Post

    Looking for a 2 person bench seat or leaning post with backrest preferably with rocket launchers to replace the chair on my flybridge. I’m in Seattle but would consider paying shipping or arranging pickup.
  29. Captain Decent

    Fishing Thailand?

    Going to be in SE Asia for a few weeks including a couple in thailand. Is it worth trying to setup an offshore fishing trip? staying in the Phuket area. House is on the beach. Is there anything to be had from the beach? thought about trying one of those catfish ponds. I did a bunch of fishing...
  30. Captain Decent

    Port a Potti

    I am a die hard bucket man. And the bucket shall remain in service. however, I just removed the head, plumbing and holding tank from the Bertram. I am not going to replace that mess. I want the best, lowest maintenance self contained head that I can get. Annoying as it may be 25% of the cabin...
  31. Captain Decent

    I Need a Small Piece of Teak Trim

    Anyone have a piece of teak trim laying around. I have a headliner trim that broke. dimensions are 1x1/4. I only need maybe 6” piece.
  32. Captain Decent

    2 New Pali Bilge Heaters

    I just bought these a month ago. I was going to use them to protect against freezing on my motors. I have had them installed for 1 month but I’m going on a different direction as my engine compartments aren’t really setup properly for these. they’re $200+ new each. Comes with the mounting...
  33. Captain Decent

    Anyone Ever Live on a Boat?

    anyone ever live on a boat? As much as I love boats I have always said I wouldn’t want to live on one. However after catching my wife on multiple occasions looking at larger Bertram’s serious conversation ls have ensued about possibly buying one to live on. not sure if it might get old fast. We...
  34. Captain Decent

    Saltwater More Squid

    The night started out slow and we could never really get into them at our normal spots off alki but we found good results over on the waterfront near the aquarium. the schools were there but were very reluctant to bite and we lost far more squid than we ever have. But we ended up with a...
  35. Captain Decent

    Furuno Open Array Radar

    This is a good unit that I took off my Bertram. Awesome unit but without the arch I don’t have a place for it. It’s 49” wide and about 40lbs. RSB-0070 model number. $600.
  36. Captain Decent

    Teleflex Rack and Pinion Steering Cable

    Brand new in box teleflex 10ft rack and pinion steering cable. $50
  37. Captain Decent

    Squidding Open Seat(s)

    Going to launch at alki tonight around 7pm. Taking the pontoon. Been hit or miss but we were Yarding them in last week. Wife and kid backed out so it’s just me currently.
  38. Captain Decent

    20+ft VHF Antennae’s

    Got these 20ft antennae’s. Took them off the Bertram. Work fine but too tall without the tower to support them. The cords are cut about 3ft long. Not the best picture of them but you can kind of see them. $80 pair
  39. Captain Decent

    Pompanette Fighting Chair

    Still got this fighting chair. Pretty badass. Marlin were all over the coast this year don’t get caught unprepared. $400.
  40. Captain Decent

    Everything Must Go

    Got a bunch of misc gear I don’t need. In Covington. 8” swivel ergolastomer casters. Super HD, roll great. $30 for all. SOLD Echo 550evl chainsaw. 55cc 20in bar. Runs great. $150 Harbor freight drill press. Works good. $10 furuno and Raymarine electronics. FF/GPS, vhf, GPS. $30, $20, $20...
  41. Captain Decent

    Seattle Squid

    Heard it’s been slow the last few days but we found em tonight. No skill necessary, squid were blowing up the fish finder all night.
  42. Captain Decent

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna Report

    We were fortunate to get a great weather window this Saturday. Water was great, fishing was great. Great crew. 2 of my regular crew couldn’t make it but we got Chris @Nineball and joe @skagittarius On board again and had a day. Hit our numbers. Trolled. Nothing. Got antsy. Ran south. Trolled...
  43. Captain Decent

    Open Seats Tuna this Saturday

    I should have a couple seats open this coming Saturday. Watching weather as forecasts are conflicting but intending to run.
  44. Captain Decent

    Anyone Savvy with CG Documented Vessels?

    gotta love bureaucratic efficiency. The Bertram I bought was a CG documented vessel. I went ahead and reapplied for ownership back in May. The CG won’t answer calls on this and requires electronic inquiries and cites “IT system performance deficiencies” as the problem. When I inquire about it...
  45. Captain Decent

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    im looking to reduce the amount of ice I carry. I’d like to keep my carrying capacity at 40 ish tuna in the round. If I need to we can always Cark to make space. I’m not too worried about weight I just want to maximize space as I have no below deck fish storage. Ideally I would like to limit my...
  46. Captain Decent

    Saltwater Overnight Tuna Sunday

    We took off out of the basin at about 1030 am on sunday morning. Water was pretty nasty and we suffered 1 KIA (puker, the new guy) just 30 minutes in. He was unresponsive for the next 24 hours. Took a while to find the break. Started the troll and could get singles on the troll but only the...
  47. Captain Decent

    Overnight Float Imminent this Weekend

    were headed out this Saturday and are gonna float the night away and see how things go. If anyone wants to run out there with us let me know. Headed out of WP. Gonna work tuna in the midday and afternoon and probably run way west to see what’s out there for the night.
  48. Captain Decent

    6.7 EGR/DPF Delete?

    ok I’m done fixing these systems. The only problems for this truck have been recurring egr problems and now DPF related issues. Does anyone have experience with this that can recommend a kit? I’m probably gonna do the full delete and try to bang it out over Labor Day weekend.
  49. Captain Decent

    Diesel Mechanic Recommendations

    im new to inboard diesels and am looking for an education. It bothers me to no end to be operating a boat that I don’t fully understand. Motors are yanmar 6LP transmissions are ZF. I want to hire a mechanic to teach me what I’m looking at, explain maintenance procedures, likely failure points...
  50. Captain Decent

    Overnighter Roll Call

    ok. Not bullshitting this time. Gonna run Labor Day weekend. Who’s in? Mostly fishing for marlin, mako and bluefin but will bring albacore topside as the opportunity presents itself.
  51. Captain Decent

    Raft Certification?

    my boat came with a life raft. It was last certified in or expired in 2017. It’s a revere in a plastic capsule. I’m not familiar with how they operate exactly. What is involved in certifying them, where do I do it, and how much does it usually cost?
  52. Captain Decent

    WTB: Half Tote

    looking for a half tote.
  53. Captain Decent

    Anyone Headed to LA?

    anyone want some gas money to transport a fighting chair to a BD brother in kali?
  54. Captain Decent

    Half Tote Capacity

    im thinking about putting a half tote on board. Question is what’s the best way to utilize it? Do you fill it with ice and carry empty kill bags and then fill the bags with ice and tuna as you go or do you just Fill it and bags halfway and jam with fish? How many fish can you put in a half...
  55. Captain Decent

    Saltwater Good Times on the High Seas

    Finally slammed the new old ass boat on a trailer and made way to open water. Uneventful drive out despite nearly being ran off the road by a crazed govt wildlife bio who made the most obscene of gestures as he swerved by us. Got to the windmill area somewhere around midday and got into steady...
  56. Captain Decent

    Bait Tank Pump without a Scoop?

    well this annoys me but I just finished making a new bait tank for the Bertram and I just got it lifted in a trailer last friday. I am leaving for Westport Friday morning where she shall stay the rest of the summer. Much to my dismay I found the thru hull for the washdown, which is the thru...
  57. Captain Decent

    Saltwater Bait Tank Pump Without Scoop?

    Deleted. Now just looking for cords
  58. Captain Decent

    WTB CMAP SD Card

    need a cmap for my furuno. The one for Maryland that came with it doesn’t work very well here. Move with a sense of urgency gentlemen, tuna have been spotted.
  59. Captain Decent

    Trailer Bunk Configuration

    I’m trying to fit this trailer to the Bertram using the little info I could obtain about the hull dimensions. Here’s what I mocked up so far. 2 main beams outboard each side. Beams are 6x12 and about 7-1/2ft long each. I cut a 24 degree angle in the top to match the dead rise. I’ll probably...
  60. Captain Decent

    Lift in Westport?

    does Westport have a sling or travel lift of any kind available to haul boats with? I’ve never seen one but I assume there must be one around.
  61. Captain Decent

    WTB antennaes

    i need some (2) 8ft antennae’s. I’ve got these 20 footers that just gotta come off. Let me know if you got a pair for sale.
  62. Captain Decent

    Help Me Find Tax Loopholes

    I’m looking for any tax loopholes I can find before I lose my ass at the DMV in sales tax. I went in once and they turned me away cause I bought a CG documented vessel and they didn’t know how to deal with it. It doesn’t have any reg numbers on it. Guessing I still have to register it. Does...
  63. Captain Decent

    Fighting Chair by Pompanette

    Pompanette Fighting Chair. This thing is heavy duty and quite fancy. $1300. Pretty good shape. Would look really nice with refinished wood. Located in Seattle, wa
  64. Captain Decent

    Rupp Outriggers Tournament

    entire rupp rigger tournament set. Poles are 30+ft long, folding bases for operation from a bridge or tower, halyards, center rigger and mount. $5000 for whole set. Hard to get a good picture of them but they are in good condition. Located in Seattle, wa
  65. Captain Decent

    Rupp Outrigger Set

    this really pains me but I may have to let these bad boys go. Rupp rigger tournament outriggers with bases, mounts, halyards, center rigger, the whole set. These are a sight to behold and are like 30ft maybe more. You will have the biggest spread on the west coast and look like a total badass...
  66. Captain Decent

    Aluminum Radar Arch

    Just took this arch off muh boat for transport and I’m not going to reuse it because it’s too tall to trailer. Pretty stout. Mainly made of 2”x1/8” tube. Approximate dimensions are 7-1/2ft W x 5ft L x 7-1/2ft tall. I’m looking to get $1500 for it and could give you a good deal to make slight...
  67. Captain Decent

    VanStaal Fighting Chair

    think you’re legit son? Take your offshore game to hero status with this pompanette fighting chair. This thing is a tank. Probably upwards of 200lbs. Just took it off the Bertram. Anyone interested? Make a reasonable offer .
  68. Captain Decent

    Anyone Know Pacific Trade and Transport or Blue Coast Yacht?

    this is a locally based transport company. They want to transport my boat. Can anyone vouch for them?
  69. Captain Decent

    The Fleet Just Got Bigger

    i fucked up and bought a boat again. Just got back from the east coast for a sea trial on this thing. Surveyed well so we flew out to sea trial it in tornado watch winds. Very surprised they allowed us out as it was extremely choppy, windy and rainy. So much so that it blew at least one boat...
  70. Captain Decent

    The Myth of Cat Stability

    A little east coast wind shoved it right off its blocks. Lucky for the owner it’s glass and nearly indestructable. Thoughts and prayers for the white zukes though.
  71. Captain Decent

    La Push Sublease?

    yeah shot in the dark here but if anyone’s got a spot at la push in May lmk. Would like to get the new boat out if possible. For some reason I’ve been #15 on the waiting list for 3 years straight. Guess it’s coincidence.
  72. Captain Decent

    Painting a Hull?

    Anyone ever painted a fiberglass hull? Thinking about giving it a shot. My fiberglass guy estimated $10k which blew my mind. I’m a die hard DIYer and not afraid to take a swing at it although my painting skills are novice at best. The high estimate makes me wonder if there’s waaaay more to it...
  73. Captain Decent

    School Me on Moorage

    I’m trying to work out a scenario that looks like this: moor the boat a couple months at a time at various marinas. Ideally it would be at la push April thru May, Maybe come back to the sound June and July, then to Westport August and September, then back to my house on the trailer for the...
  74. Captain Decent

    WTB: Triple Axle Trailer

    looking for a tri axle trailer in good condition. The higher the capacity the better. What you got?
  75. Captain Decent

    Saltwater The Rich Coast

    Figured I'd throw a shot out from Costa Rica. Having a blast down here. Seen alot of stuff I've only read about. Fishing has not been hot for us but we have seen some beautiful fish and scenery. Love watching the manta rays and porpoises. Sails breaching and finning is pretty spectacular too. We...
  76. Captain Decent

    Grady White Marlin 28 w/4 strokes

    Grady white marlin 28. 1989 hull. 2008 suzuki 250 engines with about 450 hours. Runs great, very reliable. Recent oil, fluid, filters, impeller changes. No corrosion. Boat has tons of new accessories. New fuel tanks and fuel accessories, rigid acrylic enclosure, built in bait tank, new pumps...
  77. Captain Decent

    Anyone wanna duck hunt tomorrow?

    Thinking about heading east and doing a low key duck hunt tomorrow on a good lake I know of in the crab Creek area. Gonna throw a few dekes out and see what happens. I'll be on foot on shore. I use a raft for bird retrieval. Anyone wanna join me lmk.
  78. Captain Decent

    Costa Rica "Must See" List

    We are spending 10 days in Costa Rica this February. Never been there. I know many of you have so what things are on your list of things that should be done/seen? We are staying in a couple air bnb houses within a couple hours of quepos but will have a car and don't mind traveling to see some...
  79. Captain Decent

    Small Garage Sale

    Got a few redundant items laying around: Chainsaw: echo 550evl 55cc 20" bar. Saw runs great. I've ran these saws extensively over the years and they are rock solid. I got 6 saws and I need to free up some space so I'll let this go for $150. Milwaukee peanut grinder: if you need to remove alot...
  80. Captain Decent

    Boat Surveyor Recommendations

    Anyone have a surveyor they would highly recommend? I have boats locally and in BC I am eyeballing.
  81. Captain Decent

    Saltwater South Sound Chum

    Took the wife, kid and dad out to the south sound to see if we could connect with some chum. Chum were present and in force. Fun for everyone. Great weather and constant action. It was CnR all day. Fish were dark. We did hook a couple that looked to be borderline but they both came loose.
  82. Captain Decent

    Anyone Know Anything About This Boat?

    Anyone know any history of this boat or have seen it in action?
  83. Captain Decent

    Parker 2820 vs Osprey 28/30

    Boat shopping this winter and, while I havnt ruled out all others, 2 boats seem to match the description of what I'm looking at. The parker 2820 or the ospreys in the 28 to 30ft range. How would you rate the build quality on these boats and how they handle bad seas? Stability? Head sea...
  84. Captain Decent

    Anyone ship a boat minus a trailer?

    Alot of the boats I'm shopping are currently on docks or blocks on the east coast. Is it feasible to hire a company to tow a boat without a trailer on a low boy or something? I've seen it done but I don't know how they would load the boat and secure it. Anyone have any experience with this...
  85. Captain Decent

    Cost of New Outboards?

    Does anyone know what price range current outboards are going for? I may possibly be looking to repower a boat (not my current boat) this winter and would like to know what to expect before I start calling around. 250s are most likely what I'd be looking at.
  86. Captain Decent

    Saltwater Albacore/Yellowtail Report

    Well the season is waning despite taking nearly all season to develop for us WP guys so I'll post up the only Intel I got. Ran out today intent on the much hyped overnighter. Choppy run out but the water on the grounds wasn't that bad. Saw alt of boats fishing around 45/45. We gave it a solid...
  87. Captain Decent

    Borrow a Kill Bag or 2?

    Anyone able to help out ol captain decent and company with a kill bag or 2 to borrow this weekend? If anyone can spare any for a couple days it would be a huge favor
  88. Captain Decent

    Open Seat for Overnighter

    So buddy went and had a family emergency so we got an open seat (more like open corner of the deck for you and your beanbag). We are gonna be at WP Saturday morning, run out, fish, stay the night, fish the night and morning then run back in midday sunday.
  89. Captain Decent

    Super late open seat area 10 salmon

    I'm going to bed at 10 but if someone wants to fish coho out of alki shoot me a pm asap
  90. Captain Decent

    Overnight Tuna Float

    Ok weather dependant crew and I are planning on an overnighter the weekend after labor day weather dependant. Anyone want to form a loose flotilla?
  91. Captain Decent

    Grady White Marlin 28 with 4 stroke Power

    Short attention span forces sale! 1989 grady white marlin 28. 30ft OAL 10.5ft beam. Twin 2008 suzuki 250 4 strokes with about 450hrs. Runs great. 4 blade SS props. All new filters (there's like 5 per motor), water pumps, oil and lower unit fluid. Cruises at anywhere between 20 and 32 knots...
  92. Captain Decent

    Assorted Live Bait

    Interesting mix westport seafood is working with these days. Friday bait was rock solid all day but Saturday we got a shit ton of cod, salmon smolt, horse herring, shad, pile perch and even a few red nose anchovies. In the dark the crew did not notice and we were trying to be quick at the...
  93. Captain Decent

    WTC not Filled

    So the wtc still has openings or the website is not up to date? Usually sells out fast. Any insider knowledge?
  94. Captain Decent

    Bring Me My Dead Horse...

    I wish to beat it. Ok, I though I was taking crazy pills but now I have figured out why I thought MA2 was open 7 days a week and there was a 2 king limit. I am not clinically retarded but when I went to the wdfw page I received inaccurate season info. 1. The salmon seasons listed in the...
  95. Captain Decent

    Saltwater Flat Water Salmon

    Had the privilege of spending the day on some of the slickest ocean water I ever saw. Had dad and my son on board. Got out to the general area around 10am. Pretty slow. Released some nice wild silvers. Played with jellyfish all day. And finally got into some fish and it got good about 2pm...
  96. Captain Decent

    Possible Open Seat WP Friday

    May have an open seat for salmon out of westport friday.
  97. Captain Decent

    Saltwater A Solid Spring

    After a tough year last season on the beach I am trying to get back in the groove. So far so good. Got a couple of shrimp trips in (MA10 and MA7) and a couple la push trips in. Best part is my son is starting to take interest in fishing and asked to go out for Deepwater halibut and lings. Fought...
  98. Captain Decent

    Central Machinery Metal Bandsaw

    4-1/2×6 horizontal/vertical bandsaw. Works fine. Good condition. Needs a new blade. $125.
  99. Captain Decent

    Transducer Cable Extension?

    Shot in the dark but does anyone have a raymarine transducer cable laying around that I could buy off you? Seems Noone local has them on hand.
  100. Captain Decent

    Blowing Out Inventory

    Got a bunch of random stuff here. 1. Penn Squalls 40LD with 25lb mono. Used 1 time. Works fine I'm just consolidating to all of the same model. $100 2. Okuma Solterra 10L used for quite a few years. Works fine but not as shiny as it once was. $50 2 ugly stick Tigers. 1 is a 7ft 12-30lb...
  101. Captain Decent

    2 Cannon Mag 10 DRs

    $550 for the pair. Work good. Bought them off a guy who used them on the upper Columbia for a couple seasons. I wont have time to mount these and wire them in in time for salmon with all the other projects I got going so I'm looking to offload these and slam a couple manuals on for this year...
  102. Captain Decent

    Yamaha Controls and Harness Interchangeability

    Anyone know what motors share the same harnesses? Wife's 18ft pontoon is (needless to say) a bit underpowered with its Yamaha 25 high thrust. Thinking about upgrading to a 40, 50 or 60. I'm pretty sure the 703 controls and cables would work but what about the harness? Will this be plug and play?
  103. Captain Decent

    Navionics Chip All U.S. and Canada

    New never used navionics chip. Says all u.still. and canada marine and lake charts. Comes with card reader USB and SD to micro SD adapter. $120. These are $200 new at fisheries.
  104. Captain Decent

    Grady White Helm Seats

    $220 for a pair of good condition helm seats. Came off a 30ft grady. Doesn't have any writing on them. No bases. Good condition overall. A snap or two is broken off but I can supply the snaps and tool to fix.
  105. Captain Decent

    Boat Storage La Push

    Well I failed to obtain moorage so does anyone have a suggestion as to where I could safely store my boat out in that area? I'd like to make some quick weekend runs out there with the family without having to drag it back and forth. Figuring to keep it out there maybe mid to late April till...
  106. Captain Decent

    Max Size for Sekiu Launches

    I havnt fished Sekiu in several years and I want to start going again. Last time I did I still had my 20 footer. I know there are 2 launches and last I recall van ripers launch was pretty sketchy and Olson's a bit better. How big a boat can be launched there? Have the launches been upgraded in...
  107. Captain Decent

    Painting a Fiberglass Boat?

    Anyone ever painted a fiberglass boat as in over the gel coat? What is the degree of difficulty to get a good finish? And do you have any tips? The gelcoat on my grady is in need of a good buffing but I wouldn't mind mixing it up as the standard white and blue pinstriped grady white isn't...
  108. Captain Decent

    Shotguns for Kids

    I'm looking to get my kid into bird hunting. He's 11 now and I'm looking to get him a shotgun. I'm thinking starting out with a pump 20g and chasing upland birds. I started hunting ducks around age 13 with a 20g Ithaca 37. But the 20g 2-3/4 sucks for waterfowl so we will probably stick to...
  109. Captain Decent

    Acrylic Enclosure Project

    Season is slow so I will share my latest project. Canvas sucks for what I do and would have run me $5k+ so I made another acrylic enclosure. This is my second. I made one for the 25 GW sailfish I used to own and it worked out great so here is round 2. Hard to see but I left the finger prints and...
  110. Captain Decent

    WTB Raymarine e120/c120 mounting

    Figured I'd give this a shot first before I buy online. Looking for the mount for one of these units I believe they're called a trunnion.
  111. Captain Decent

    Lowrance elite, raymarine dragonfly, hummingbird helix?

    Anyone running one of these units? I was checking them out and they appear to be solid units for the price range. I have am aging raymarine e120 and all 3 seem to be a significant upgrade. I figure I'll keep the e120 hooked up for radar and might throw one of these units on for sonar and gps...
  112. Captain Decent

    BOLO Fishing Stolen Tuna Gear

    One of my buddies and main crewman just had his house and garage worked over and he lost every bit of fishing gear he had. BOLO Fishing Tuna Gear Stolen Among what was stolen includes at least 3 a vet SX single speed and one mxl 2 speed if he recalls correctly. Most of these were attached to...
  113. Captain Decent

    Anyone Running to Oregon soon?

    Anyone running down that way in the near future that would be willing to transport some canvas curtains to a brother from Oregon? @No Bail bought my canvas and presumably will meet you somewhere down there at your convenience. Payment is already taken care of.
  114. Captain Decent

    Canvas Curtains Set for GW

    I have a set of canvas and eisenglass curtains that came off a GW marlin. These appear to be virtually unused but have been rolled up. They are in great condition and could presumably be fitted to other boats with some modifications. These probaby cost several thousand to have made. $300...
  115. Captain Decent

    Saltwater Squid Never Sleep

    Solid Squid outing tonight at redondo. My son, who usually drives the pontoon during the launch and retrieve couldn't make it so my wife had to drive which provided entertainment for those on the dock. If you were there you know... Squidding started out on fire and we were on this school until...
  116. Captain Decent

    Another Handle Retired

    Decided it is time to retire "clockwork". The boat was sold over a year ago and with it should have died the name. I will be renaming the boat as well. Dont worry though I will be providing the same level of value as I always have around here but with a cooler name. Carry on.