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  1. Reelax_N_Fish

    Which Boat?

    Looking to go out on a full day trip soon and cant decide on the Old Glory or the Tribute. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  2. Reelax_N_Fish

    How far?

    What’s considered a good distance to be able to cast a surface iron? It’s my first season with conventional gear and I’m not sure if I am chucking them far enough.
  3. Reelax_N_Fish

    60# UC rod

    Good Morning, Ive got a buddy who isnt a member but wants to know what everyone would recommend for a 60# UC rod. TIA
  4. Reelax_N_Fish

    Biggest fish on...

    Im just curious to see what peoples biggest fish they caught on a Skinny butt ulua. no specific parameters.
  5. Reelax_N_Fish

    Biggest fish on...

    Skinny butt ulua
  6. Reelax_N_Fish

    Biggest fish on...

    Any type of fish
  7. Reelax_N_Fish

    Calstar GFGR 875xh - 50# or 60#

    Where can I find that article?
  8. Reelax_N_Fish

    Biggest fish on...

    What’s the biggest dish you’ve caught on a Seeker SB ulua 10’?
  9. Reelax_N_Fish

    Seeker 7X gen differences

    Can someone please educate me on the differences between the gens of the 7X? Are the line ratings different? Action? TIA
  10. Reelax_N_Fish

    Please school me on SD full day sportboat scene

    The San Diego, Pacific Queen, Searcher
  11. Reelax_N_Fish

    Favorite setup for 30# bait?

    Seeker SSR 810 and Lexa 400
  12. Reelax_N_Fish

    What can/should I do

    I was just curious. Wasnt sure if I needed to do anything or should since its my first higher end reel.
  13. Reelax_N_Fish

    What can/should I do

    Couldn’t pass up the deal I got this reel for... can I do anything about the rust or should I do anything?
  14. Reelax_N_Fish

    Grafighter and BTG

    Thanks Einar!!!!
  15. Reelax_N_Fish

    Grafighter and BTG

    Thanks! So whats the difference between BTG/GG and GF?
  16. Reelax_N_Fish

    Grafighter and BTG

    Really sorry if this is a total newb question, but Im just trying to expand my knowledge on rods.... I know BTG is a composite blank and a GF is a composite built rod... "MY"common sense tells me that a GF 100J is just a factory built BTG100J. Please be kind with your responses. Thank you!!
  17. Reelax_N_Fish

    Full Day VS. Overnight

    May/June... looking to try and get my first YT and or anything that bites
  18. Reelax_N_Fish

    Full Day VS. Overnight

    Looking to book my first trip longer than a 1/2 day. Which should I do first. And what are the reasons for choosing. TIA
  19. Reelax_N_Fish

    Penn Int 30

    How much for the 338?
  20. Reelax_N_Fish

    200 or 300 Reel for SD Bay Bass

    I have caught everything from spotties, halibuts, and even an angel shark on my coastal 200. Id say stick to 200 sized reels
  21. Reelax_N_Fish

    So who's boat was that on the 905 in San Diego?

    wasnt wearing a seatbelt and somehow opened the door
  22. Reelax_N_Fish

    Tranx 500 - San Diego

    Never hurts to try
  23. Reelax_N_Fish

    Tranx 500 - San Diego

    Check out this item on OfferUp.
  24. Reelax_N_Fish

    Penn Fathom 25NLD2 - $225

    If I didn’t already have one... lol
  25. Reelax_N_Fish

    Reel for Seeker SS C ulua

    Curious to see people’s recommendations and preferences for this rod.
  26. Reelax_N_Fish

    Finishing a Plier Wrap with Turk's Head Using Tag Ends

    What kind of cordage do you use?
  27. Reelax_N_Fish

    Seeker WTS SB Ulua

    I might be shooting myself in the foot but I think its more of a 40#
  28. Reelax_N_Fish

    If you had to pick one calstar jigstick

    What is the difference between the WC and BWC?
  29. Reelax_N_Fish

    If you had to pick one calstar jigstick

    What about GG?
  30. Reelax_N_Fish

    If you had to pick one calstar jigstick

    Im sorry for the newb question but is the all glass version, BTG and the composite version GG. Just looking to expand my knowledge of rods
  31. Reelax_N_Fish

    Cousins 95J Mag question

    Could you cut down an SS C ulua?
  32. Reelax_N_Fish

    Rod for Tranx 500

    Very true I’m more of a whip caster but do have one glass rod that I like to throw.
  33. Reelax_N_Fish

    Rod for Tranx 500

    Fisherman’s landing might.
  34. Reelax_N_Fish

    Rod for Tranx 500

  35. Reelax_N_Fish

    Trinidad 20 cash in hand

    There are a few on Offerup
  36. Reelax_N_Fish

    Cousins 95J Mag question

    Please excuse my ignorance or lack of knowledge... I know Cousins went out of business awhile back and the 95J mag is a highly sought after rod but my questions(s) is what makes them such a great rod and why havent other companies replicated it or tried to?
  37. Reelax_N_Fish

    Shimano Trinidad 14A too small

    So having a star drag vs lever drag for throwing irons isn’t like set in stone? All I’ve pretty much seen is star drag, star drag, star drag
  38. Reelax_N_Fish

    SS C ulua or 100j mag

    I have the option for either of these rods. Which would you choose?
  39. Reelax_N_Fish

    Shimano Trinidad 14A too small

    Not sure yet. Still deciding.
  40. Reelax_N_Fish

    Shimano Trinidad 14A too small

    Is the 14a too small for a surface iron reel?
  41. Reelax_N_Fish

    Custom rod question

    Check out “mjolnircustoms” on IG. He’s building me an 800H right now. Down south
  42. Reelax_N_Fish

    Penn Fathom 40 setup

    I actually won the reel from “ Tackle Talk” with Steve Carson this past Thursday.
  43. Reelax_N_Fish

    Penn Fathom 40 setup

    Can I use it as a surface iron reel? Or is it too big?
  44. Reelax_N_Fish

    Penn Fathom 40 setup

    Just picked up a Penn Fathom 40 SD. What I should spool it with and rod pairing. TIA
  45. Reelax_N_Fish

    Is it true?!

    I heard from a friend a lot of the boats are not going out this year and are canceling trips due to Covid? Any truth to that?
  46. Reelax_N_Fish

    Here I sit, broken hearted

    I feel your pain. My fishing partner (uncle) contracted Covid and passed away last Wednesday. I’m heart broken and lonely.
  47. Reelax_N_Fish

    Sport Ocean Enhancement Validation

    This may be a dumb question but is this additional license necessary? I went all last year without it. And when I went to renew my license yesterday that guy told me it was necessary to fish in the ocean. I’ve never heard of it.
  48. Reelax_N_Fish

    If you had to pick one calstar jigstick

    90J and 100J mag
  49. Reelax_N_Fish

    Reel for SS 270H-8

    I was thinking the new low profile penn fathom 400
  50. Reelax_N_Fish

    Reel for SS 270H-8

    As the title says, curious to see what people’s opinion are as to what reel I should pair with my rod.
  51. Reelax_N_Fish

    SSR 810 or SS 270H

    I’d like to see that video!
  52. Reelax_N_Fish

    SSR 810 or SS 270H

    I know the line ratings are different but was wondering what people’s thought are for a 30# outfit
  53. Reelax_N_Fish

    AR10/.308 looking for trade in SD

    As the title says, I have an AR10/308 I’m willing to trade. Blanks, complete builds, rod/reel combo. Let me know what you have. Must be in SD or willing to drive.
  54. Reelax_N_Fish

    Best baitcasting reel ? inshore fishing

    200 for shore pounding and skiff/bay fun. 300 for 1/2-3/4 sport boats and 400 for full day... minimum
  55. Reelax_N_Fish

    Seeker SSR 810 jigs

    Just bought this rod. It’s primary use will be bait but I’ve seen people say they have thrown jigs. Just curious as to what I can throw with the rod. It’ll be paired with a lexa400
  56. Reelax_N_Fish

    Seeker 10ft540 glass or Seeker Ulua 100

    My 7X is my 40# live bait setup. I love my 7X. Yes Im looking to throw lighter jigs.
  57. Reelax_N_Fish

    Seeker 10ft540 glass or Seeker Ulua 100

    Ive got a 7X already but thanks for the info
  58. Reelax_N_Fish

    Seeker 10ft540 glass or Seeker Ulua 100

    Im looking for my first jigstick.
  59. Reelax_N_Fish

    PH93H Ulua for Codzilla

    Saw this at the shop over the weekend! The stick is amazing!
  60. Reelax_N_Fish

    Seeker 10ft540 glass or Seeker Ulua 100

    Which one would you choose?
  61. Reelax_N_Fish

    Cousins 95J-Mag blackout or factory blue Its a trip for you but heres one
  62. Reelax_N_Fish

    Best versatile/overall jigstick

    Now I know some jigstick throw certain jigs better than others but I’m looking to get my first stick and want to know what the everyone’s opinion is on which stick will throw the biggest selection.
  63. Reelax_N_Fish

    Is Seeker rolling there own rods?

    Spoke to my rod guy and he says Seeker rods are made in Washington by G. Loomis
  64. Reelax_N_Fish

    Seeker EX for AR10 or 1911

    Sorry but what is the blank worth? I’ve got a .308 I’m looking to move but it was kind of a pricey build. PM me and we can talk
  65. Reelax_N_Fish

    Boat Thief in Newport Anyone know this guy?

    Hes all over social media, hopefully he gets caught and justice is served.
  66. Reelax_N_Fish

    Father son fishing trip

    I love fishing with my two sons!
  67. Reelax_N_Fish

    Hook advice

    Hey BDer’s Looking to get a good selection of hooks ready for next season’s 1-1.5 days. Which sizes do you recommend having during the trip and what brand do you all recommend?
  68. Reelax_N_Fish

    Gold Trinidad

    Which gold Trinidad would make a good surface iron reel?
  69. Reelax_N_Fish

    Keep it or ditch it

    He didn’t. It was pretty hectic inside so maybe he forgot? Maybe I should have asked? I’m not sure
  70. Reelax_N_Fish

    Keep it or ditch it

    It’ll be my 40# live bait set up. Haven’t gotten a rod for it yet. Thinking calstar 6480/800H or seeker 6480h
  71. Reelax_N_Fish

    Keep it or ditch it

    In all honesty this is my first conventional so I don’t know what I prefer
  72. Reelax_N_Fish

    Keep it or ditch it

    Went to Tackle Days today and picked up my fathom 25nld2. They spooled it with 55# spectra all the way to the brim. This is going to be my 40# setup. My question is do I just app a short fluoro leader or take spectra off and add some mono?
  73. Reelax_N_Fish

    Tackle Day 11/7/20

    I got there early and there was plenty of parking
  74. Reelax_N_Fish

    Left handed VS Right Handed fisherman

    Good Morning, BDer's As most everyone knows it is extremely hard to find LH reel versions of some of the most popular reel companies (shimano). Curious to know do any LH fisherman use RH conventional reels and what their thoughts are. Is it difficult to adapt and are there any unforseen issues...
  75. Reelax_N_Fish

    Calstar GG vs. Grafighter

    Total newb question as I am trying to get into jig fishing. What are the differences between the GG and Grafighter series? Is one better for surface iron fishing? Is another better for live bait/ yoyo fishing? TIA
  76. Reelax_N_Fish

    LB Seeker Black Steel (2nd gen): G6480 CT SOLD

    Man! I need a 40# stick or else I’d get that 6480 off your hands
  77. Reelax_N_Fish

    FINAL PRICE DROP! Seeker 6490

    Where in SD are yo located?
  78. Reelax_N_Fish

    Deckhand wrap

    Thanks for the info! How do you secure the end where the Turks head is? Is that some type of adhesive? I also follow you on IG and love your work!
  79. Reelax_N_Fish

    Deckhand wrap

    Good morning BD, 1) what kind of cord do you use? 2) how do you start the cord on the butt end and keep it from twisting? 3)How do you keep the cord from twisting/slipping on the blank? Thank you!
  80. Reelax_N_Fish

    Tackle Day 11/7/20

    I’m going to be going along with my 2 boys. It’ll be our first time... looking for a new rod/reel and possibly some jigs. What time should we get there? How’s the parking?
  81. Reelax_N_Fish

    Surface and Yo-yo’s

    As this season is drawing to a close, I am thinking about next year. I’m expanding my fishing from shore pounding and half days and graduating to full and 1.5 days. Which surface irons and yo-yo jigs should I buy( colors and brands) .
  82. Reelax_N_Fish

    Which UC rod for Penn Fathom 25nld2?

    Jamie, is there a RGP Tilefish Jr.? I only see the US76 Tilefish Jr. or the US80 Tilefish.
  83. Reelax_N_Fish

    Which UC rod for Penn Fathom 25nld2?

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a Penn Fathom 25nld2 which will be my 40# live bait set up. Looking to see what everyones opinions are for what rod I should look into( Id prefer an 8ft rod). I know Seekers SS6480-8'CT is good but want to know my options. Thanks and Tight Lines!
  84. Reelax_N_Fish

    Seeker SSR 7660 VS UC RU80 Terminator

    Looking to get a rod built for my Penn Fathom 25nld2 for my 40# setup. I was trying to decide between these 2 blanks. Im curious to see what everyones thoughts are on these blanks. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  85. Reelax_N_Fish

    rod building link

  86. Reelax_N_Fish

    rod building link

    Im sorry but what are the stickies are you talking about?
  87. Reelax_N_Fish

    rod building link

    Can soneone send me the link for the rod building class in Mira Mesa?
  88. Reelax_N_Fish

    Rod Building class indo

    Good Evening Everyone, Can someone point me in the right direction to get the syllabus and more info on the rod building class in Mira Mesa? Thanks and Tight Lines!