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    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme
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    still shredding!
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    Red Sky

    (Matthew XVI: 2-3,) Jesus said, “When in evening, ye say, it will be fair weather: For the sky is red. And in the morning, it will be foul weather today; for the sky is red and lowering.”...
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    Polaris Supreme 4/23 3 Day

    Thu Apr 22nd 2:38 PM The Polaris Supreme is up to 48 (limits) bluefin on the boat! Most of the fish are in the 40 - 60 pound range, with fish up to 120 pounds.
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    Offshore Pacifica 04/23/21

    Thu Apr 22nd 8:07 AM . . . Pacifica out of Seaforth Sportfishing are off to a good start with 7 bluefin tuna on deck from 40 to 150-pounds, seeing good signs of fish today.
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    Jinxed Fishing

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    Offshore BFT scores 1.5 - 3 day

    Incredible First Trip 4-18-2021 Bill Cavanaugh We returned home from a very successful 3 day trip this morning at 0700. Final tally for our trip was 42 bluefin tuna, 27 of those were over 100 pounds, 3 were over 200 pounds and 1 was 188 pounds. We also picked up 70...
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    Navy Video of Pyramid-Shaped UFOs

    NBC NEWS: Mystery drones hovered over Navy destroyers off California, report says The drones were many miles from the mainland and were able to stay aloft more than 90 minutes, longer than commercially available drones. WASHINGTON — Several drones repeatedly swarmed Navy destroyers off the...
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    Offshore Polaris Supreme BFT Thursday 15 April

    Update for April 15, 2021 2:59 PM Captain Aliyar of the Polaris Supreme just called in with 19 Bluefin Tuna from 80-180lbs. There is an excellent sign of Bluefin in the area and they are starting to cooperate. Conditions are looking good for a solid afternoon and evening bite.
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    Republican candidate for California Governor

    soon saying "he" will get you arrested
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    Republican candidate for California Governor

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    Offshore 7 April BFT Limits for the Polaris Supreme

    The Polaris Supreme finished with limits of Bluefin Tuna up to 115lbs for their 23 anglers! There are several boats departing this Friday on 1.5 Day trips. The Polaris Supreme and the Pacifica are sold out, but the Tribute has space available.
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    albacore weather!

    albacore weather!
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    Offshore energy

    "Because solar and wind are inherently unreliable and energy-dilute, Germany has had to spend 27% more on things like transmission lines from distant solar and wind farms spread all throughout the country. Has expensive German electricity lowered carbon emissions? It hasn’t. The country’s...
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    Offshore 3 April Polaris Supreme 1.5 day BFT

    "Captain Aliyar of the Polaris Supreme called in with 5 Bluefin Tuna on the boat this morning! The fish are in the 30-45lb range. There is an excellent sign of fish in the area so stay tuned for more updates!" Hopefully the south swell will push these fish up? @ 11 am " . . . 10 bluefin on...
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    Islands 31 March SD Yellowtail

    Polaris Supreme Bluefin Tuna Alert Capitan Aliyar just called in with 5 Bluefin Tuna to start their morning! Not a bad way to kick off our inaugural [1.5 day] trip out of @seaforthlanding.
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    Protests at the Capital

    Ilhan Omar: "The death toll would have been worse if the assailant had an AR-15 instead of a knife."
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    Mustad Sale: 35% off Sitewide- Today Only (4/1/21)

    On orders over $50, shipping is free. Your free shipping includes economy shipping and must be within the 48 contiguous United States. Certain oversized, bulky, or multiple package shipments may require additional charges. For our free shipping option, please note that shipping can take up to 10...
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    Islands 31 March SD Yellowtail

    FWIW American Angler came in 28 March from a 1.5 day with a 180 # BFT
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    Islands 31 March SD Yellowtail

    The Old Glory on a 1.5-Day trip Mar 31st 23 anglers : 115 Yellowtail
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    Islands 31 March SD Yellowtail

    Old Glory "catching limits of yellowtail and seeing a sign of bluefin as well" The Pacific Voyager finished their Full Day trip to the Coronado Islands with 25 Yellowtail for their 25 anglers! The San Diego finished their Full Day trip to the Coronado Islands with 44 Yellowtail, 1 Kelp Bass, 2...
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    Islands YT San Diego 26 March

    "The San Diego finished their Full Day trip to the Coronado Islands with 102 Yellowtail for their 31 anglers! The Yellowtail were in the 12-20 pound range. Captain Ryan recommends 40-50lb line on an appropriate sized yoyo reel. Both the full size and junior size jigs are working, but the full...
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    Islands YT San Diego 26 March

    31 anglers: 102 Yellowtail
  25. 1966 Malibu

    1966 Malibu

    1966 Chevy Malibu assembled in Fremont, CA 350 cu in SBC with four-bolt main caps bored .03 over Holley 750 carb with vacuum secondaries Edelbrock mechanical fuel pump Dart Sportsman Intake Manifold TRW cast pistons X-rods turned cast crank Comp 270 cam 72cc Dart II Sportsman heads...
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    Politics forum but nobody talking about the insurrection?

    Nine of the people killed during protests were demonstrators taking part in Black Lives Matter protests. Two were conservatives killed after pro-Trump “patriot rallies”. All but one were killed by fellow citizens. Liberal amnesia about last summer’s riots President-elect Joe Biden got a text...
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    Biden stumbles

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    Please school me on SD full day sportboat scene
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    Gardening for food and Security

    Bill Gates is now the largest farmland owner in America what could possibly go wrong here? The billionaire Microsoft co-founder has become the largest owner of farmland in the United States by quietly buying up massive plots across the county, a new report says. Gates’ portfolio comprises...
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    Offshore barracuda in Long Beach Harbor in March

    Is this the spot? Is it legal to fish here? Is there a free launch for a 50 pound inflatable? Thanks!
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    Glow Soi Offset Hook

    Saw them on the intergoogle. Looks like they have lots of dealers:
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    Glow Soi Offset Hook

    What size for WSB?
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    San Diego lockdown

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    San Diego lockdown
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    San Diego lockdown

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    Offshore SD Fleet to target Bluefin 2/16/21!.php
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    Offshore Bluefin trip going this friday and weather is good

    The Limitless out of San Diego,CA checked in with us today: We are on a 2.5 Day trip down into Mexican waters with 5 anglers onboard. We have limits of Vermillion Rockish (50), 10 Yellowtail in the 6-12 pound range and 1 Bluefin Tuna.
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    San Diego lockdown

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    San Diego Sober Fishing
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    Protests at the Capital

    "Law enforcement officials initially said Mr. Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher, but weeks later, police sources and investigators were at odds over whether he was hit. Medical experts have said he did not die of blunt force trauma, according to one law enforcement official." "If...
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    Media gets orders from Biden Press

    "Law enforcement officials initially said Mr. Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher, but weeks later, police sources and investigators were at odds over whether he was hit. Medical experts have said he did not die of blunt force trauma, according to one law enforcement official." "If...
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    Media gets orders from Biden Press

    A new Michael Moore-produced documentary that takes aim at the supposed hypocrisy of the green movement is “dangerous, misleading and destructive” and should be removed from public viewing, according to an assortment of climate scientists and environmental campaigners. The film, Planet of the...
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    Dan Crenshaw talks to Ben Shapiro

    “Facts don't care about your feelings.” ― Ben Shapiro "Good rule in life: I try hard not to offend; I try harder not to be offended." ― Dan Crenshaw
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    World Surf League [pro surfing] directs its fans to sign a petition in support of AB 3030
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    The Joe Rogan Experience #1609 - Elon Musk

    Rogan’s 3+ hour conversations might be best for long drives, boring work, etc. This conversation with Elon Musk brought up some unintentional ironies. Elon plans on the human race converting exclusively to electric power except space craft must be propelled by combusting gases. Thirty-eight...
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    A new troll showed up right about the time spackle disappeared
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    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    " . . . people shall have the right to fish upon and from the public lands of the State and in the waters thereof, excepting upon lands set aside for fish hatcheries, and no land owned by the State shall ever be sold or transferred without reserving in the people the absolute right to fish...
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    So i have this old rod.
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    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    IMHO those posting "no politics" are a vocal minority who should ignore political discussions. Politics should be left out of fish reports. The traffic and ads driven to BD by political posts probably benefit BD in the long run but users need to be selective as to which posts they read and...
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    NO Football or Super Bowl in my House

    No professional sports for me while athletes fail to "stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem"
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    Media gets orders from Biden Press
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    Election Fraud - non-political
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    Media gets orders from Biden Press
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    San Diego lockdown

    43,000 people from out-of-state have gotten their shot in Florida
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    Protests at the Capital

    "Communities all across America have experienced the tragic reality of gun violence -- yet for too long, their pain was met with silence from Congress. That ended 365 days ago, as @HouseDemocrats introduced H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act." Nancy Pelosi
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    Protests at the Capital

    Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told Fox News’ “The Story” Tuesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked for “crew-manned machine guns” to be a part of security forces in Washington, D.C., ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. Cuccinelli and anchor Martha...
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    How did CNN the most trusted name in news wind up 150 billion dollars in debt?
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    What NEW reel/rod models would you like to see from PENN?

    Fathom® Lever Drag 2 Speed 20 Narrow 500 yards 50# braid 50 Narrow 500 yards 100# braid w/ low low gear!
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    TOOELE COUNTY, Utah — Utah activist John Sullivan was taken into custody in Provo Thursday, over a week after he shared video of himself inside the U.S. Capitol as protesters breached security. Sullivan, 26, was charged in federal court with: One count of knowingly entering or remaining in any...
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    Royal Polaris Location

    Fishing Vessel ROYAL POLARIS is currently located at WCCA - West Coast Central America at position 27° 24' 0.252" N, 116° 11' 2.04" W as reported by MarineTraffic Terrestrial Automatic Identification System on 2021-01-03 12:15 UTC (4 days, 13 hours ago) Where is this vessel going to? The vessel...
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    San Diego lockdown

  62. anemic

    San Diego lockdown

    How's that lockdown working so far?
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    post your Black Friday deals

    Black Friday Sale! No Parking. No Lines. No Hassles. | 20% Off Almost Everything Sitewide! | Sale Ends Tuesday 12.1 5PM | Make sure to browse our Sale Page | *Some Exclusions Apply Avoid Shipping Delays. Shop Early! FedEx, UPS, USPS & GLS Delays Expected *The discount will be...
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    post your Black Friday deals
  65. anemic

    post your Black Friday deals

    San Diego Tackle Traders Come see us Black Saturday (not Friday) and score unbelievable deals. Come early before we sell out!!! Mustad Fishing 30% OFF "select" TERMINAL TACKLE* er HOOKS...
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    Covid IS serious.

  67. anemic

    Covid IS serious.

    Florida = no restrictions California = stupid restrictions
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    Trump 2020

  69. anemic

    Bluefin restrictions
  70. anemic

    Is the tranx worth the extra money

    Evan Salvay using Tranx with 90# fluorocarbon leader over 100# braid to throw stickbaits:
  71. anemic

    2 Day trip -- Fishing at night questions

    From Wikipedia: The escolar, Lepidocybium flavobrunneum, a species of fish in the family Gempylidae, is found in deep (200–885 metres = 656–2,904 ft) tropical and temperate waters around the world. It is also known as snake mackerel, walu walu (Hawaiian, also seen written waloo), and is...
  72. anemic

    Revo toro beast VS NACL
  73. anemic

    Cheaper flouro still ok to use?

    Thanks for this! 25# 25M = $13
  74. anemic

    Cheaper flouro still ok to use?
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    John Lydon's Trump Support Leaves Sex Pistols Fans Feeling Rotten John Lydon is known for unapologetically championing Trump, and during a recent interview with the Observer he doubled down on his support of the president. The Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd frontman cited the economy as...
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    FWIW corona virus is going away:
  77. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    California adds COVID-19 equity requirement. It could trip up counties’ reopenings Oct. 1, 2020 12:53 PM UPDATED5:10 PM California’s larger counties will not be permitted to reopen their economies further unless they reduce coronavirus infections in the hardest-hit places where the...
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    How to - SUP Fishing

    I have never SUP'ed but have fished from kayaks some. I think I'm going to try this: Any feed back or suggestions would be appreciated!
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    Mag Bay Report 8/18

  80. anemic

    Tady 4/0 Light at Aloha Tackle

    Very glad Aloha Tackle is still with us. Worst time in the history of the world to open a new business!
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.
  82. anemic

    Leaving California? Where Do You Go ??
  83. anemic

    Kayaking near Carlsbad

    You're able to launch in the Agua Hedionda Lagoon but may need to buy a permit online for $9 per day or $42 per year. Fishing can sometimes be good in the lagoon and you're able to access the ocean. "Exit Tamarack and go...
  84. anemic

    Looking for Hobie Compass Kayak
  85. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay at home order to protect the health and well-being of all Californians . . . “While Californians have stepped up in a big way to flatten the curve and buy us time to prepare to fight the virus, at some point in the future we will need to modify our...
  86. anemic

    Kastking braided line

    Daiwa J-Braid seems to work well for a reasonable price
  87. anemic

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    copied from -- LA Times and SF Chronicle are behind paywall Exclusive: Gov. Newsom’s BYD Mask Deal Profitable for Insider Dealmakers Lobbyists don’t report procurement contracts, and gov officials stonewalling on public information By Katy Grimes, May 28, 2020 6:28 am New...
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    Colt Sniper Hook Replacement
  89. anemic

    More of a biology question

    It might have 1987 or 1988 that my neighbor caught Calico Bass at the Cortez Bank. How is that possible?
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    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS
  91. anemic

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    Not all Buicks are made in China but it still sucks.
  92. anemic

    WE are BD. It's Knot Political. It's Life in America Today.. VENT HERE GUYS

    "Bill Clinton in his 1992 election campaign criticised the Bush Administration for its allegedly 'soft' attitude towards China, particularly in relation to human rights. President Clinton in office sought to use China's access to 'Most Favoured Nation' status in trade as a way of gaining...
  93. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Trump has used Stones' "you can't always get what you want" at rallies, after his speech at the Republic national convention, and again after his 2016 election victory speech.
  94. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Kaepernick's net worth is estimated to be about $20 million
  95. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    2016 Colin Kaepernick won 1 and lost 10 games as a starter. NFL always has a job for winners (Michael Vick!). Kaepernick is a loser who kneeled his way to a Nike contract.
  96. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Remember the replacement players in the NFL? Wait until we have a replacement police force!
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    6 June 2020 Sport King fish count

    Thanks! Shot off the cliff at PV.
  98. anemic

    6 June 2020 Sport King fish count

    Sport King 6 June 2020: 21 anglers, 100 Bocaccio, 33 Red Snapper, 31 Calico Bass, 20 Rockfish, 12 Whitefish, 3 Barracuda
  99. anemic

    Offshore Pacific Queen 5/29

    The Fury Saturday 30 May 2020: 20 anglers 100 Calico Bass, 83 Yellowtail, 65 Bonito, 24 Barracuda, 10 Whitefish, 5 Sheephead, 1 Rockfish Sunday is sold out
  100. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

  101. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    FWIW Kushner's net worth is estimated at about $800 million AND he's married to a 10
  102. anemic

    bearing sites?

    scroll down to "bearing list" Email Us: [email protected]
  103. anemic

    Colt sniper split rings

    It’s possible to forgo the rings and close the eye of the hook on the lure with channel locks. Stainless steel hooks are easier to bend but still occasionally break while being bent. Mustad 9510 Stainless Open Eye Siwash Carbon steel hooks can be heated with a propane torch in order to...
  104. anemic

    Colt sniper split rings

    Caivo forger split rings: #7 80lbs 11 for $3 #8 120lbs 10 for $3 temporarily closed! LB fishing supplies 2260 Long Beach Blvd Long Beach, CA 90806 (562) 595-1234
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    According to the San Francisco Chronicle, from now on a convicted felon or an offender released from custody will be known as a “formerly incarcerated person,” or a “justice-involved” person or just a “returning resident.” A juvenile “delinquent” will now be called a “young person with justice...
  106. anemic

    Sardine pattern lures

    back in the day, cattle boats would paint the inside of the bait tank blue so sardines would come out of the bait tank blue . . .
  107. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    we just found Biden's VP
  108. anemic

    Jacksonville beaches to reopen for ‘essential activities’

    Parks and beaches reopen - surfing ban ends in Santa Cruz County, CA
  109. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    California's Newsom announces $125M fund to give coronavirus stimulus checks to immigrants in state illegally “We feel a deep sense of gratitude for people that are in fear of deportations that are still addressing essential needs of tens of millions of Californians,” said Newsom, a Democrat
  110. anemic

    How to remove treble hooks from hard lures?

    It’s possible to forgo the rings and close the eye of the hook on the lure with channel locks. Siwash hooks were popular for trolling lures a couple or ten years ago. Stainless steel hooks are easier to bend but still occasionally break while being bent...
  111. anemic

    Blank Poppers, Stickbaits and Irons
  112. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    If you are doing anything to help homeless, veterans, mentally ill, addicts, etc., you are to be commended. Thank you. But there are 150,000 homeless not in your shelters who are at greater risk than average to catch and transmit Covid-19. If you are saying California had Covid-19 shelters in...
  113. anemic

    painting old jigs

    You guys who are airbrushing jigs are getting great results. I hand painted some old jigs that look pretty crude by comparison. I don’t have a garage and probably won’t be spraying but if my ugly jigs get bit I’ll be psyched! Surprisingly easy to remove old paint with a little sandpaper...
  114. anemic

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    They send 2 boats ($200K each) to round up the SUPtard who can't give or get the virus while the homeless run amok?
  115. anemic

    single hooks for snipers

    Will these work? ColtSniper 60 grams with 3/0 Caivo assist hooks and 4/0 Mustad in line single hook on a #8 split ring (120#) Savage Gear Squish Jig 80 grams OEM assist hooks and 5/0 Mustad in line single hook on a #8 split ring
  116. anemic

    Guadalupe report Shogun Nov 23-29

    Rocky's Reel Service Dave Rocchi [email protected] 562 547 - 5877
  117. anemic

    Paddle Boards (inflatable)
  118. anemic

    Cedros confusion

    Cedros Kayak Fishing Tours flies out of French Valley Airport in Murrieta, CA. Please post a report if you go!
  119. anemic

    Rigging Colt Snipers

    Any tips for "assist hooks"?
  120. anemic

    Shimano Speedmaster II 12
  121. anemic

    Inexpensive Levelwind Reels (loaners)
  122. anemic

    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    DANG thanks for the review – looking forward to hearing the results of your overnight trip. When targeting BFT with a two speed that holds at least 300 yards of 40# braid, one might wonder if reels like the Avet JX (6:1 high / 3.8:1 low = 46” high / 22” low) have low enough gears to get line...
  123. anemic

    1.5d bluefin.. where are they fishing right now?
  124. anemic

    Penn Fathom FTH40NLD2 on sale at Walmart.

    15 . . . . $189.90 25N . . . $236.19 40N . . . $219.99 60 . . . . $219.99
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    Classified adds

    testing please ignore
  126. anemic

    rod wrapper + supplies on ebay

    Thanks for your interest. Most of my interactions with BDers have been great but there have been some tire kickers and low ballers and in the interest have avoiding nonsense, I've been selling things on ebay. When the auction ends on Sunday night and the high bidder pays right at the end of...
  127. anemic

    rod wrapper + supplies on ebay first generation Custom PowerWrap, thread, guides, hypalon, etc. local pick-up option Thanks!
  128. anemic

    Classified adds

  129. anemic


    Ranger 85 Sat Oct 28 2006 1 1/2 day 30 anglers 150 Yellowfin Tuna 60 Dorado
  130. anemic

    Thread sizes?

    get your calculator and click here
  131. anemic

    Catalina Yellowtail w/pics

    Great report, tsuriki, as always. Picture It software is great, but Adobe Photoshop has some auto features that are helpful in looking for a starting point when adjusting levels: image: adjust levels / auto levels and filter: sharpen / sharpen If you shop around eBay and...
  132. anemic

    Premier 8/16 Report w/pics

    Hi tsurikichi, Thanks for the report. The reason I'm jacking tsurikichi's excellent post instead of starting a new thread is that his details and photos apply. Next day - same boat, same fish, same sea lions! Short Report- Thursday 8/17: 2 yellowtail, 210 bonito, 74 barracuda, 75...
  133. anemic

    Offshore Toronado 8/12 WFO YFT, Yt and Dodo's

    Thanks for the clarification!
  134. anemic

    Offshore Toronado 8/12 WFO YFT, Yt and Dodo's

    These fish were under a paddy so it could be anywhere . . .
  135. anemic

    Sunday 8-13?

    Couldn’t help but notice that the counts are up 965 Yellowfin Tuna, 3183 Yellowtail, 1023 Dorado and weather is nice so I thought it would be a good time to go fishing. It seems other anglers have the same idea because all the boats are booked up at the big three and Seaforth. Does...
  136. anemic

    How do Tiburon SST reels cast.

    gunz Death_To_
  137. anemic

    Big Kahuna's PV Lesson 3- Vaconas (7/29)

    :appl: :appl: :appl:
  138. anemic

    Update on the 2 speed SX's...

    ZZZZZ single speed fish:
  139. anemic

    Rod components

    acid rod bad-fish Seeker blanks @ charkbait Calstar blanks @ charkbait squidco shoff tackle custom tackle supply bingham deep-color merrick tackle jann's netcraft cabelas ack fishing versitex
  140. anemic

    Update on the 2 speed SX's...

    I respectfully disagree. A lower gear ratio develops more torque, hence two speed reels. My premise is the difference between high and low gear isn’t great enough between 6:1 and 4:1 to justify stopping cranking to shift, nor is it a enough of a difference from a 5:1 single speed SX to make...
  141. anemic

    Update on the 2 speed SX's...

    This isn’t about spool diameter and the amount of line per crank, but rather the relationship between the gear ratios of high gear and low gear. Compare the 6 : 1 high 4 : 1 low gear ratios ( = 66.7 %) on small Avet two speeds to other brands: Tiburon SST 7524 (350 yards 15#) 5.9 : 1...
  142. anemic

    please help with crash course in wrapping!

    :appl: :appl: :appl: click here for library Ken's workshop the rod rack
  143. anemic

    Surf Fishing in Puert Vallarta

    If you ask this same question on Mainland Mexico forum, you'll get some great replies. The surf / inshore fishing can be excellent for roosters, jacks, snapper, grouper, snook, pompano and some fish that you've never seen nor heard of. If possible, rent or borrow a kayak to improve your odds...
  144. anemic

    Pacifico's Maiden Voyage

    Nice rig - nice fish!
  145. anemic

    sand bass

    welcome to Long Beach :shithappe
  146. anemic

    sand bass

  147. anemic

    Huatulco Report 5-11-5-12 with JT

    Thanks for the report. Glad to hear you had a great trip - one that makes it all worthwhile. The boat sounds like a winner . . . but . . .
  148. anemic


    If you click around these sites, you may find something helpful:
  149. anemic

    Steve K's Birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  150. anemic

    PV - 5/5

    Congratulations! !! :appl:
  151. anemic


    no photos = BS
  152. anemic


    that's not a statue!
  153. anemic


    How far can he cast?
  154. anemic


    I thought you were drunk.
  155. anemic

    Premier 4/28 Trip Rocky Point Rockfish

    Thanks for the report. It sounds like a good trip for some of the bigger rockfish. The Premier is a great boat and they do a good job of putting fish in the bags in less than ideal conditions. Today, Sunday, the water is brown and the wind is blowing, so the local surface fishing is still on...
  156. anemic

    Offshore Mirage C bass 4/20

    be advised that FishnB1 is 6' 6" so any fish in his photo looks like a dink . . .
  157. anemic

    Offshore Mirage C bass 4/20

    but . . . . . . we'll need to see some photos!
  158. anemic

    you guys are gonna get busted . . .

    . . . I got about that far (in a kayak) when the MP's caught up with me . . . . . . and yes the bass were chompin' . . . . . . got structure ? !!
  159. anemic

    Little guidance for a newbie please?

    left click on the photo:
  160. anemic

    Little guidance for a newbie please?

    click here and here
  161. anemic


    Anemic: the condition of having less than the normal number of red blood cells or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood. The oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is, therefore, decreased. Persons with anemia may feel tired and fatigue easily, appear pale, develop...
  162. anemic

    2nd opinion on guides

    What the guys already said is right on: length in feet + 1 = 8 or 9 guides + tip. I use similar rods I already have for a starting point. Almost all my rods are three to four inches from the tip to first guide so I usually get that one right. Most of my rods are about the same distance from...
  163. anemic


    click here!!
  164. anemic

    Anybody see the new Seeker Blanks

    click here and here
  165. anemic

    great albacore bite of 1984?

    click here
  166. anemic

    Anyone with a seeker black steel 6463xxxh?

    On Neptune's chart, most of the non-GUSA rods seem pretty close on the spacing. When you do static test on your XXX, pull REALLY HARD!
  167. anemic

    Anyone with a seeker black steel 6463xxxh?

    Here’s what J_AkuHed posted in June 2004 for his spacing on a CTS63XXH: “I measure from the tip to the stripper then divide by the number of guides in whole numbers. Here is what I have in my notes since I do not have the rod in my possession: stripper 24" from the end of the...
  168. anemic

    Surf Fishing in PB

  169. anemic

    Prayers for Cuda Killer

    . . . we're flying in a specialist:
  170. anemic

    Abu Garcia Ambassadeur D5

    Nice reel! You may want to apply car wax while it's still brand new to help keep it from getting corroded. A little Corrosion X will also protect the metal parts from salt water. click here to see Hara san's post about a reel only used 3 or 4 times Good luck on your trip. Be sure to...
  171. anemic

    Spiral or Acid wrap?

    RodMaker Magazine Volume 6 - Issue #5 has an article titled "Spiral Wrapping: Making the Transition" by Tom Kirkman that explains fully several schools of thought on placing guides spiraling around the blank. click here for back issues of RodMaker Before I spiral wrapped my first rod, I...
  172. anemic

    What's new at Avet

    thanks for the info! It's been posted elsewhere that Avet plans "to come out with a level-wind (Calcutta 400 like) in midsummer." Is this true? Will it be a lever drag or star drag? Narrow or wide? Is the line guide wire like an Ambassadeur or a solid like a Calcutta? Will...
  173. anemic

    Avet LX pictoral...

    Avet says to dunk your reels in a bucket of fresh water and leave them in the sun to dry. I hose my reels off just like you do and spray them with Corrosion X. If you have an "off season" - from before Christmas until Spring for instance - that you're not fishing as often, go ahead and open up...
  174. anemic

    Avet LX pictoral...

    tunalvr's reel didn't look bad at all: click here to check out alantani's avet photos
  175. anemic

    Avet LX pictoral...

    Cool pictorial . . . good thing you opened up the Avet, cleaned it up and re-lubed it before the parts got damaged. Great to find quality tackle made in the USA.
  176. anemic

    Reel Maintenance

    click here and here and here
  177. anemic

    Reel Maintenance

    A thin film of Corrosion X is good everywhere. WD40 can work OK for cleaning and disolving gunk. EXTREME REEL OIL by Black Market Specialties is good on bearings. I got a pound of Marine Corrosion Control and Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease at True Value for $2.99 that I put on screws before...
  178. anemic

    when fish attack

    turn your speakers on and click here
  179. anemic

    new seeker rootbeer blanks

    click here
  180. anemic

    just returned from pv.

    Welcome to BD! Sounds like good fishing and a lot of variety. You're going to be jonesin' to go back after the cows!
  181. anemic

    Marla II December 19-21

    Monday, December 19: Skipper Danny Osuna on the Marla II fired the engines and pulled away from the dock - with Ed and SteveD ready to fish - before 7 AM. We made the quick run to Marina Vallarta on smooth seas and bought live caballito from the panga fishermen to use for bait. Caballito are a...
  182. anemic

    Shimano two speed Tyrnos

    Shimano research and development traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and chartered Danny Osuna’s Marla II to test their prototypes of the two speed Tyrnos reels. They used the new reels to catch two 220# Yellowfin Tuna. The materials and construction of these reels resemble the...
  183. anemic

    Quick Trip

  184. anemic

    Where can i fish shoreline Calicos/Sandies?

    There some good spots to try in Palos Verdes and San Pedro. A good place to start: Paul's Bait and Tackle 957 North Pacific Avenue San Pedro, CA 90731 310-833-3279 [email protected] CLICK HERE
  185. anemic

    so.banks tuna hunt

    Yeah - you took me paddy hopping on your Mako. Thanks!
  186. anemic

    Bonito in Long Beach Marina

  187. anemic

    Bonito in Long Beach Marina

  188. anemic

    Bonito in Long Beach Marina

    The schools of Bonito vary in size. There's tons of bait under the docks but didn't see the Bonito feeding - it seems that they were painted into a corner by the red tide.
  189. anemic

    Bonito in Long Beach Marina

  190. anemic

    Quantum Cabo PT 30 baitcaster

    I personally don't have any experience with these reels, but have read good reports - specifically posts by J.AkuHed who has good things to say about Quantum reels. If you’d like to try older, pre-Cabo Quantum reels like the ones that Orca is recommending, there are quite a few for sale on...
  191. anemic

    Torium 30 "drag upgrade"
  192. anemic

    New to fishin ultralights in saltwater

    Alamitos Bay in Long Beach I usually practice casting in Alamitos Bay with plastics and cheap bass reels loaded with 2# test line after the water starts cleaning up in the Spring. About April or so, I’ll start seeing smelt in the water and hooking some fish. It’s then time to switch to...
  193. anemic

    Shimano price fixing?

  194. anemic

    new tiburon smart shift reels
  195. anemic

    my first ulua

    Open the file with photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop, and click image, image size and change pixel dimension width from 2048 to 600 or 700. Then, click file, save as . . .
  196. anemic


    IMHO Pro Gear reels are well designed, well built and simple to maintain. In today’s market, it’s hard to compete with the excellent Torium and Saltist reels that are produced in big volumes in Malaysia and Korea, but I’ll gladly pay another $20 for a Pro Gear that’s machined from solid...
  197. anemic

    chevron wraps

    gallery @
  198. anemic

    chevron wraps

    1. don't bring up age 2. don't mention "D" thread 3. don't let on how many guides are on your rods
  199. anemic

    50 lb rod, what guides?
  200. anemic

    Bragging Rights! How much gear you got? Are you a true Tackle ho?

    So you guys got more than one fishin' pole?
  201. anemic

    Upgrade to Squidder

    Laukia hit the nail right on the head when he pointed out the cost, weight and loss of interchangeable spools with accuplates. But another thing you need to consider is that aluminum accuplates will corrode and require more maintenance than the original bakelight plastic sideplates. When you...
  202. anemic

    fishing iron for yft

    5-17-2005 Christian Rydgren of Marina Del Rey threw a Salas 7X with his Seeker Ulua for this 95# YF tuna: The next day, he used his Ulua to pitch a Tady AA to this 190# BFT:
  203. anemic

    Need a better handle

    if it is, Cal will know: Cal's 2-Speed 2050 E. CENTRAL AVE. DUARTE, CA 91010 (626) 357-4441 [email protected]
  204. anemic

    Need a better handle

    T-Bar Lite TB300 is very cool but any handle that fits a jigmaster or squidder should work
  205. anemic

    Saltist 30T Clamp

  206. anemic

    Saltist 30T Clamp

    Actually, the Saltists are the equivalent of the Shimano Toriums, a no frills version of Daiwa's Saltigas. It's obvious that Shimano uses their "A" team designers on the Trinidad and Torsa and the farm team for the Torium and Tyrnos. Same with Daiwa - but it's still big bonus for us low rent...
  207. anemic

    Saltist 30T Clamp

    remove black rubber O rings from bolts - clean bolts and base with solvent - denatured alcohol is healthier than acetone find a REAL clamp - like this aluminum clamp from a Tiburon frame mount reel on rod and assemble clamp - dab a couple of drops of epoxy between...