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    Local OC 12-12-20

    nice. That looks exactly like the 150. lol
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    Catalina Thurs and Friday

    That's what I was thinking!
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    Long Beach Bonito

    Live bait or...?
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    'keeps the wife and girl friend busy ' Together on one boat? LOL
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    Monster Bones

    Where there's Bones...YT should be around too. They seem to show up when you least except them.
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    Local Long Beach

    FUCK OFF. 8-)
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    Izor's Reef and Long Beach Breakwall 9/5 - 9/6 Yellowtail inside longbeach harbor?

    Fleet now will be inside LB Breakwall for yellows today, haha
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    Phoenix 29' Sportfisher, twin Volvo diesel

    TAMD 40B, about 2800 hours. I'll post more pics when I get back in town.
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    Phoenix 29' Sportfisher, twin Volvo diesel

    1985 29' Phoenix Sportfisher - Twin Volvo Turbo Diesels. $19,500. This would be a great project boat for someone who wants to make a little effort and reap the profits. It has 3 problems: 1) Starboard engine runs well, but starts to overheat after a several minutes. Appears to be losing...
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    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    That was one benefit. The other was that by going so slow across the channel we were able to spot whales (and paddies) that I might not of seen going full speed.
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    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    That makes me feel better, haha. Yep, no way we were giving up. I figured, worst case, the other engine craps out and we get a nice leisurely tow back to Long Beach.
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    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    Thanks. 2 Harbors is easy to unload, but hard to hike. These boat-in sites are hard to unload (using multiple dinghy trips), but no hike, of course. Trade-offs. Normal ground tackle. It's nice and sandy there, anchoring in only 15-20'. Definitely need a stern anchor as there are no...
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    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    Well....Rippers is no secret, it was definitely more crowded than I would have liked. There were some jackhole kids on kayaks that were camped in the wrong spot one night (our spot) b/c they had their spots mixed up. We let them stay...rather than being dicks and make them move.
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    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    Yes still there. Be very careful around them and study the current coordinates. I heard a horror story from my boat slip neighbor...they were near Long Point (west) and were unaware of the exact boundary....yellowtail were boiling so they stopped and fished. 4 or 5 YT caught, and DFG rolls up...
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    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    Yes, you have to check with the Island Conservancy site and pay through their vendor.
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    Catalina Fishing / Camping trip, 8/14-8/16 Yellowtail

    My first post in a while. So I set up a 6-person boat-in 2-night camping trip to Ripper's on the front side of Catalina this past weekend. With my 2 brothers-in-law, nephew and my 2 boys. We've been planning it for weeks. Loaded with 1.5 scoops from Nacho on Friday after about a 40 minute...
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    Offshore 14 Mile Bank Underwater Video - Fish ID?

    Those flatfish are some kind of sole or something....I don't think Halibut are that deep... Cool beer can at 3:37:11. Wonder how long it's been there. Overall, surprisingly little trash...which is good.
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    Goodbye & Thank You

    Right on, Bro. I am with you and plan to do something similar at some point. I have a friend going to the Bozeman area for the exact same reasons you mentioned. And many people feel the same way you do. In fact, your exact post should be sent/copied to the f#$k face ass-clowns who run this...
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    Catalina seaweed

    Getting the popcorn ready...
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    Species ID?

  21. PacificPredator

    Fish ID - Izors

    That's one I've never seen...
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    Long Beach fishing report 02/29

    sculpin and cabs in the harbor....nice
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    Offshore Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    Here. Not hear. :) Sorry, couldn't resist being a smart-ass.
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    SBI WSB 7/19-20

    Cool shot of the WSB streaking up to bait - I've never seen that before.
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    Thanks a Million Captain Dave

    that's a good listen...thanks for sharing, helped me get through the work afternoon.
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    7/7/2019 Catalina Yellowtail

    Big YT for a little guy. He'll never forget. Congrats!
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    Last cast yellows save the day at Catalina 6/28

    Your writing skills are excellent. Read like a Steinbeck novel. Thanks for sharing and taking the time. You should write for WON or something.
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    Strange catch

    Oh yeah? Well here’s a video of a 52 LB wahoo I just caught at the oil rigs yesterday:
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    Rpt.-Wed.-07-03-19 Cat. where I violated my Doctor's orders!

    Nice Work. A big tail will get your heart pumping! Stay safe.
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    Saturday 6/22/19 Catalina Report

    The sardines were good I guess, we had none roll on us. I say decent only because they seemed smaller than usual and they were not the strongest swimmers. It used to be nice to have 2 bait barges in LBC. Now there's no option really, unless you want to take the extra half hour to run down to...
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    Saturday 6/22/19 Catalina Report

    It was a different one. No big deal...just felt too close. Although the bite , if you can call it that, did shut down after he pulled in.
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    Saturday 6/22/19 Catalina Report

    My bro-in law and I took my sons and 3 of their friends fishing today at Cat for my oldest son's birthday out of LBC. At 06:00 we were about 5th in line for Nacho, and it went pretty quickly. He had decent deans and squid. Opted for dines, and we had fresh frozen squid. Crossing was pretty...
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    No Cat Yellows for me but, Big Vermillions and Lings out of long beach saved the day 6/22/19

    Yeah man, what's up with that ass-hat 6-pack? We finally hung one yellow after lunch and I turn around and that douche was 20 yards off my bow within seconds. Not very professional...but whatever. They did not hang any yellows that I saw. We had basically the same experience as you today.
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    Late run outta Dana

    They grow up fast. Seems like only yesterday I was doing that with my 13 and 16 yr old boys. Enjoy every moment...
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    Catalina Island Patriot 3/4 day 6/19/19

    Nice report, you belong on BD. Keep em coming.
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    Shit show at Catalina today

    Thanks for the report. Channel was a mess? Sloppy/windy you mean, or crowded, or both?
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    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    "... after taking the most massive dump of the year I hit the flush button... nothing. I rattle the button hopelessly, no flush. Huge bear pile no flush. Can’t leave it in there, it will slosh and spackle the whole cabin." Now that is some funny shit.:Poop_and_Run::shithappens:
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    Dead Baby Whale, Long Beach juvi White Seabass, and Mylar balloons

    Could be. Maybe this was a blue whale.....:
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    Dead Baby Whale, Long Beach juvi White Seabass, and Mylar balloons

    Yeah, I wondered about that. It was jumping all over from low 60s to 70. The 70 reading was more near-shore, by the inner rigs.
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    Dead Baby Whale, Long Beach juvi White Seabass, and Mylar balloons

    Took my son out for a local trip today out of Long Beach. Slept in and got a late start, maybe 09:00, nobody in line at Nachos. Sweet. Got a full scoop of squid ($75 o_O). Knew we would not use it all but wanted some for the freezer. We messed around Huntington flats for several small...
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    Smoke 'em if you Caught 'em - LJ 10/20/18

    Great post and info, got me hungry! thanks
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    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    Freaking funny. Sad to see this thread die out, LOL.
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    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

  44. PacificPredator

    9/10 178, 9mi down to the border and back...

    6 mpg....awesome! Jealous...haha
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    Father/Son Bloody Decks and Catalina Yellows 9/6/18

    Nicely done. Your Dad does not look 81. I hope I look that good and I'm that active when I'm his age!
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    Rpt. 09-03-18 Cat/SCI The beat goes on!

    Thanks for the report.\ 2018 has been disappointing for sure.
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    Offshore 358 miles of skunk

    Ouch. By my calcs, those dorado fillets were about $250/lb.
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    Catalina Mid-Week Yellows 8/20 to 8/22

    Thanks for the report. Man, it's tough fishing lately. I would like to know when things are going to change!? Maybe September will be better. Glad you got a couple.
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    San Pedro to the Slide, 277, 209, 267, 14 and the Isthmus

    Nick, we had almost exactly the same thing yesterday, but we did not go quite as far as you. Just west of 14 and Avalon Bank, then East End. On the way home I saw more paddies than I've ever seen, and some were really nice, with bait / Mola Mola, etc., but no action. And our bait sucked too...
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    Attn: Jumbo Guys!

    Similar experience yesterday. Probably more paddies than I've ever seen on the ride home to LB. I think the water is too warm in the San Pedro channel to consistently hold any good yellows (they like 62-72 degrees), and it's a little too far north to hold dodos right now. I think they are...
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    8-18, 150 to Avalon and along the backside

    We had a very similar experience yesterday, except we had sardines. But they were weak baits. Saw a few small yellows on paddies, but no interest. The island seemed pretty dead. No current and super clear/warm water.
  52. PacificPredator

    paddy west of the 209 LOADED with dorado, but...

    Great info, thanks for posting. Sounds like a common story lately, so much bait available, they are gorging themselves.
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    Zilch - 277 to Cat, 8-12-18

    Thanks for the info, man....seems like nobody is having luck any place north / west of Dana.
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    Another Saturday at San Clemente Island / 8/11/18 Report

    Thanks the report, wow, nice colors on those checkers!
  55. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Cat/SCI 277, 289 and more! 08-09-18

    That's rough. This summer has been disappointing.
  56. PacificPredator

    Any fog crossing from San Pedro to Catalina this week?

    Kman, yes. It works pretty well, but should only be used as secondary info in addition to radar. See here for requirements for ships... not all vessels will have it.
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    Catalina Frontside Report 8/8/18

    Nice pics and good info. Wow, 79 deg water in the'd think there will be some paddy action starting...dorado hopefully soon.
  58. PacificPredator

    Any fog crossing from San Pedro to Catalina this week?

    SCARY SHIT W/O a radar. don't do it, man.
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    Help wanted to spot Spotted Giant Sea Bass

    Mods, sorry if posting in the wrong forum. Have you all seen this about BSBs? "Nearly extinct"...
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    Horseshoe, Izors and around. 6/10/18 either i suck at fishing or the local fishing sucks!

    Local (Long Beach) fishing does suck, most of the time. It's hard to have everything come many variables have to be right when you think about it: good bait, swell / wind / current / tide / water temps / solunar tables / birds / etc. The problem for us casual fishermen /...
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    Catalina report 5/28. Clean water and the wife

    Is that a UFO in the upper right of the pic?
  62. PacificPredator

    Farnsworth Bank Report Sunday 9/24

    Funny diagram, and helpful. Thanks for sharing.
  63. PacificPredator

    Live report from the Horseshoe 8/21

    What about the Albacore bite off Newport? ;)
  64. PacificPredator

    8/20 Catalina Island Report and Slug Yellows

    We had almost the exact same experience on Saturday, when that bite started. All larger-grade fish, it seemed. Nice work, and congrats to both of you. Your wife sounds like a gem!
  65. PacificPredator

    Live report from the Horseshoe 8/21

    Well done. How deep you running the plugs?
  66. PacificPredator

    08/19 Catalina Yellows

    Forgot to mention...both of these fish were completely stuffed with tuna crabs. I'm surprised they were interested in fin bait... I didn't see any crab floating around, but I guess they're there, still. Maybe explains the slow fishing this year at the island?
  67. PacificPredator

    08/19 Catalina Yellows

    Flylined, no weight. Depth was 100'. Bites happened maybe in middle 3rd of the water column.
  68. PacificPredator

    08/19 Catalina Yellows

    Took my friend and son to the island for my 45th birthday. Not-so-cured deans from Nacho at 06:00 and off. The channel crossing was smoother than forecasted, 72 deg and clean blue, but not much life. Paddy spotting was not ideal due to the microchop. We did find 2 decent size ones but no...
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    Fathers Day at Izors - 6/18

    What a great gaff shot!
  70. PacificPredator

    Bass go stupid at Izors. As good as it gets.

    Cool. Anchoring or drifting, or did it matter?
  71. PacificPredator

    Dana PT 6/16/17

    Yeah...they should reconsider the ban, and maybe issue tags, one take per year or something like that.
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    Tails, Bass and Cuda at the Shoe 6-15

    Do you pour your own Clear/red flakes? You should sell them, haha.
  73. PacificPredator

    Tails, Bass and Cuda at the Shoe 6-15

    Wow, looked so peaceful, little/no swell or wind. Thanks for the report.
  74. PacificPredator

    Offshore Can't win them all but did see a surprise .... (video included)

    Fun to watch, thanks for sharing. Inspiring write-up too. Looking at SST...181, 209, 289 seem like they're not quite ready yet... Tight lines!
  75. PacificPredator

    LB 6/11/17

    Yeah, it will be all yellowtail this weekend, like 2015! haha. The water was looking pretty clean / almost blue and good could happen July/August... What do you think Jeff, maybe could be a similar year to 2015 (for YT at the Shoe/105)?
  76. PacificPredator

    Horseshoe Cuda Saturday 6-10

    Nice job. Wow, those are relatively heavy leaders. I hear of people using 27 lb wire. I think the ringed hook is important. Thanks for the info.
  77. PacificPredator

    150, Horseshoe, Southeast Bank Short Report 6/4

    Thanks for the report. Agree with you on the Shoe, the problem has been getting local squid. Nacho supposedly only gets a little on Saturday and is sold out by 05:30...has San Pedro Bait been getting any squid?
  78. PacificPredator

    Late report for Wednesday 5-31-17, Horse shoe

    Ummmm, that's AWESOME. Way to go.
  79. PacificPredator

    Wednesday Afternoon Calico Report

    Good info as always, thanks
  80. PacificPredator

    Three very different days at PV calico report

    Cool pics. Thanks for the info and report! No sign of any yellows?
  81. PacificPredator

    Offshore Opah Madness

    Wow, beautiful fishes.
  82. PacificPredator

    Rpt.-Wed.-05-03-17 SCI Tails, Lings, Reds and Coppers!

    Way to go Cory, another fun read. Thanks for sharing!
  83. PacificPredator

    Local Long Beach Saturday, SBI Monday Report

    Cool post, thanks Erik. BTW, you just gave away a secret surf break, haha.
  84. PacificPredator

    Quick Catalina report - 4/15/17

    No yellows seen or heard of. We fished the front side due to time constraints. I'm sure east end or back side would have been better fishing.
  85. PacificPredator

    Quick Catalina report - 4/15/17

    Quick report...fished the front side Saturday with an old friend. Started from Hunt. Harbor a little late, and pulled up to Nacho's around 06:30 and we was OUT of bait.:shithappens: No Squid and not even Dines. Ran to SP Bait and got a nice mix of Dines/Chovies. Reportedly the squid boats...
  86. PacificPredator

    Pierpoint landing 1/2 day

    English teachers are cringing everywhere. Longest run-on sentence ever.
  87. PacificPredator

    Catalina Wed 24th

    Thanks for the report. That wind sucks. Heading out this afternoon. They are only predicting 8-10 kt winds...we'll see.
  88. PacificPredator

    Catalina West End

    X2. Any theories why?
  89. PacificPredator

    Dodo at the 150

    Dorado at the 150 doesn't seem like a stretch. Water was 75 deg and blue last weekend when I was out there. The furthest north I saw one caught last year was off of Point Vicente...
  90. PacificPredator

    what we've all been waiting for...

    Nice work. A couple years ago (even last year) we would have killed to hear ANY good reports of local Long Beach YT. I say keep 'em coming!
  91. PacificPredator

    Striped marlin at the 150

    Right? Not good eating, and if you really want a wall mount, just take a picture and get one made...
  92. PacificPredator

    Striped marlin at the 150

    Heard you calling and also heard the idiots. I thought about helping, but was fighting yellows, and had 3 seasick people on the boat. Here's a dumb question, maybe...striped marlin good on the table? I heard not.
  93. PacificPredator

    Horseshoe yellows 8/31/15

    Nice work, congrats.
  94. PacificPredator

    Big Bonita at The 150

    Yeah. What he said. Now that's some detailed scientific info right there. =) That last part is called 'brining', for all us non-scientists, haha.
  95. PacificPredator

    Big Bonita at The 150

    Right on! I hear you. And bone sashimi is one of the best out there if you do it right.
  96. PacificPredator

    8/30 Another dumb LBC yellowtail report

    Nice. Wow, that one on the right (with 4 in the pic) sure is long and skinny, almost looks like a barrie =)
  97. PacificPredator

    Big Bonita at The 150

    Nice pics. Pic #3 is pretty awesome. What are they doing? lol By the way, too bad the gaff shots were right in the of the fillets (pic #2) ;) (just giving you some shit) Thanks for the report.
  98. PacificPredator

    Big Bonita at The 150

    If the fillets contact fresh water (or ice) for more than a few minutes, it can suck the salt out and can ruin the meat / dry it out.
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    8/29 good day at the Shoe

    OK, we were further west I think. There were some real ass-clowns out there. One skiff with 3 guys on it saw me hooked up, and came over to watch. I'm cool with that, but the problem is they got within about 30' of our stern and our other line we had out got wrapped in their shit. I was...
  100. PacificPredator

    Bonies Only

    Lol Well written, sir. Keep trolling. ..youll get em
  101. PacificPredator

    8/29 Long Beach Tails

    Nice. Similar experience for us. With weak bait...slow troll makes sense....
  102. PacificPredator

    8/29 good day at the Shoe

    Nice work! Man they were thick out there. We were mostly about 1/2 mile east of the green bouy. You?
  103. PacificPredator

    8/29 good day at the Shoe

    What boat were you in? Our bait from Nacho was decent/ good with only a few dead at the end of the day. But they didn't have to be perfect, since we were trolling them. Did you get half or full scoop, and how many gallons? I'm no expert but happy to share info if you pm me.
  104. PacificPredator

    8/29 good day at the Shoe

    My Dad is town from back East and I wanted to put him on some heavy pullers. So we set out with my two boys, arrived at Nachos 08:00, 12th in line but it went fast. Made it out to the green buoy area and put out the trollers. 30# fluoro, 4/0 hooks. Within 5 minutes hooked one and lost it to a...
  105. PacificPredator

    LA Green Buoy Yellowtail on Slow Trolled Sardines and Chunk (videO)

    If trolling with the reel in 'strike' (lever drag), or a medium drag setting (star drag), the circle hook should do most of the work when hit...all you should need to do is button down the drag a little and reel reel reel.... with J-hooks, I usually give her a couple good hook sets....then...
  106. PacificPredator

    Asshat - Douchenozzle Award - Green Bouy 8/28/2015..

    Dude, that sucks. I may steer away from the Shoe tomorrow.
  107. PacificPredator

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    If I may say, sir, I think you misinterpreted. I think Mikey was just saying "of COURSE no boater wants to hit a diver. But for god sakes, if you're a diver, why wouldn't you take every precaution to protect yourself with a GD $20 flag?!?!?!" Doing it any other way qualifies as being...
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    Offshore HH report from 8/26

    nice.....lots of blood, congrats to the young man!
  109. PacificPredator

    14 to the shoe, lots of the 4 Bs, 8/26

    nice. 3 mpg? Wow! what motor?
  110. PacificPredator

    s out of luck on the Shoe today

    Yeah man, I was sitting in my office in LBC yesterday watching the early wind and thinking, 'I bet it sucks out there'. It made being at work easier, haha. Should stabilize over the next few days with the high pressure / heat wave.
  111. PacificPredator

    Trolling - Green Bouy & the 150

    That's only like a 5' deep model. The 15' has a big lip.
  112. PacificPredator

    Fishing in a barrel. It's called the 105. LBC

    Solid. A couple of those are pigs. What'd the big one weigh?
  113. PacificPredator

    8/22 Green buoy / Shoe YT

    Needed to fuel the boat for an island trip tomorrow and decided to make a quick run to the Shoe with my dad and oldest son, even though it was around 11:00 and I knew the wind would soon pick up. Grabbed half a scoop from Nacho and ran out. Flylining / drifting, hooked a small bonito right away...
  114. PacificPredator

    Will tuna eat Calico bass? forgot a whole Dorado in your fish box for 2 weeks? Nasty. Lol. It couldn't have smelled as bad as some 2-week old squid though. :)
  115. PacificPredator

    Making every second count today. LBC

    Nice report. Good info. Trolling sounds like a good way to avoid the jackass crowds out there. Think I'll try that tomorrow.
  116. PacificPredator

    The Shoe 8/18

    Solid...double hookup solo on nice YT? lol, you were a busy guy! Double solo gaffing too? nice work.
  117. PacificPredator

    Dodos on the Slide! 8-16-15

    Nice job. Fun stuff.
  118. PacificPredator

    Horseshoe shakedown 8.14.15

    Nice job. I couldn't get bit on 30# either. Swells were pretty big today indeed. My buddy was green all day. None of my Nacho bait died today, but they were definitely weak swimmers. Crappy day for us.
  119. PacificPredator

    Gail Force 8/12 "Yellas !"

    Good report and info, thanks.
  120. PacificPredator

    Finally, Postworthy Catch 8/10 Shoe

    nice work, the payoff feels great!
  121. PacificPredator

    Yellowtail on the shoe Sunday 7/22

    Good info, thanks. I like the new x-raps, but they aren't cheap...
  122. PacificPredator

    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    x2, that way we wouldn't have to listen to the whining again.
  123. PacificPredator

    40-42lb Yellowtail, you be the judge.

    I was thinking the same about the clicker...and the barely gaffed lip =) Nice fish, congrats.
  124. PacificPredator

    Offshore Dana Point 7/25, YFT, YT

    Great 1st report. pics can sometimes be a little tricky to load on here...,
  125. PacificPredator

    Yellowtail on the shoe Sunday 7/22

    thanks for the report. Xraps? How deep / how fast was the troll?
  126. PacificPredator

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    There's no 'creativity' going on here, except for your excuses and backpedaling. You can't [email protected]#$ with nor argue with DFG definitions.
  127. PacificPredator

    Saturday skunk, a lesson learned, and fish id (new image)

    Bonit-O I hate when people call them bonita. lol. Fun on light gear ....and they make great sashimi....
  128. PacificPredator

    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    F the Gail Farce. Douche. Similar experience with that [email protected]&# tard.
  129. PacificPredator

    7/10/15 Aboard the Nostrovia @ Catalina Island

    Nice write up, those look a bit better than rat grade. Thanks for posting.
  130. PacificPredator

    Yeah. I haven't been trying to hard to sell, but now I need to let her go.

    Yeah. I haven't been trying to hard to sell, but now I need to let her go.
  131. PacificPredator

    Crank Kills! 6/30

    Crankbaits, cool. Nice photoshopped 'fogbank' in pic #1. =)
  132. PacificPredator

    2000 Shamrock 220 Predator Cuddy WA, NEW engine

    Lol. It says $21,500, right? Negotiable, of course.
  133. PacificPredator

    The Yellowtail Tunas Revival at the 150?

    Here's a Yellowtail Tuna I caught the other day at the 150. Hit a 2" pink Powerbait curlytail grub.
  134. PacificPredator

    Friends at the 150 1 on so far

    You mean bad conditions, or no fish, or both?
  135. PacificPredator

    06/18 Yellows at the Green Buoy

    Well done both Grandfather and grandson!
  136. PacificPredator

    Island fishing 6-19

    Is San Pedro bait better...maybe not as much traffic? Have not been over there lately...anybody?
  137. PacificPredator

    Huntington Beach / 150 area 6-15-15 Try Bird Feathers

    Yeah, what are those little yellow birds? Had one a couple weeks ago hanging out on the helm.
  138. PacificPredator

    Late Report 150 & Long Beach Harbor Halibut 6-14-15

    good stuff, man. time on the water with sons is the best
  139. PacificPredator

    New Outdrive Test Run and 2 Invited Guests!!! (not a 150 report :) )

    "New(used) duo-prop out drive sitting in my kitchen for 6 mos (no, I'm not married)" Clearly not married, haha. freaking awesome, thanks for the report...oh...where did you launch from? MDR?
  140. PacificPredator

    Local Yellowtail Tips??

    There are lots of 150 through them - most have good info.
  141. PacificPredator

    Catalina Yellows - 6/14/15

    Nice Jeff. Looks like a 20 lber to me.
  142. PacificPredator

    6/14 Yellow Tail from Marina Del Rey

    Nice. Saved gas AND the hassle of the 150 zoo! Well done.
  143. PacificPredator

    Light Line Yellowtail on the 150 area (video)

    Interesting. The Yacht guys sound like douches. Don't want to poach the post, but much do you guys tip Nacho on a half scoop? On a full scoop?
  144. PacificPredator

    Rpt.-Thur.-06-11-15 Hard work for the Tails at the 150.

    Well done and good info as always Thanks Cory
  145. PacificPredator

    6/6/15-target yellowtail

    Nice try, Thx for the info
  146. PacificPredator

    2000 Shamrock 220 Predator Cuddy WA, NEW engine

    This boat is still available. Priced at $21,500. Thanks for looking.
  147. PacificPredator

    Weekend Catalina Yellows

    Nice work. Thanks for the post. Had a similar experience yesterday in all regards... -Crappy Mackerel sized dines from Nacho. -A few yellows frontside. -Captain Douche on the FAIL FORCE muscling in on where I was fishing, although he was not talking smack. But still, we had fun, and looks...
  148. PacificPredator

    Catalina Sunday - frontside

    Left the slip at 05:45 with my boys and got some mackerel-sized sardines... and sardine-sized macks ...from Nacho. They were pretty weak. Destination, mid-front side. My goal was to have the boys get their first YTs. Crossed the 150 area and saw zero life and zero paddies. Water was 64 or...
  149. PacificPredator


    Nice pics, report, and shorts! Real men wear pink. Thanks
  150. PacificPredator

    Bassin up the line from Los Al.

    Always putting in the work. Thanks for the report, Lal.
  151. PacificPredator

    4/26 long beach

    8,9 ft rollers? No thanks, haha
  152. PacificPredator

    It wouldn't last (Cat luck)

    Thx for the report. We've all been spoiled for the last few months with the weather for sure. Oilager, Your sig pic is hypnotic...but your profile pic might be even better. Haha
  153. PacificPredator

    2000 Shamrock 220 Predator Cuddy WA, NEW engine

    People have been asking... Yes, title is in hand, and registration is paid through 2015. Thanks, Brad
  154. PacificPredator

    Cat Yellows Friday 4-3

    Mmmm, bloody Newcastles and Hamachi. Sweet!
  155. PacificPredator

    2000 Shamrock 220 Predator Cuddy WA, NEW engine

    It's in Long Beach. sea trial will be out of Alamitos Bay.
  156. PacificPredator

    2000 Shamrock 220 Predator Cuddy WA, NEW engine

    Yes, small cuddy. Could sleep 2. I'll pm you this week.
  157. PacificPredator

    2000 Shamrock 220 Predator Cuddy WA, NEW engine

    Here is some more info, and a few more pics: The new engine install was done by Matt at M & M in Huntington Beach. Total Hours on meter 1368. I am posting a few more pics as I get them.
  158. PacificPredator

    2000 Shamrock 220 Predator Cuddy WA, NEW engine

    Up for sale is my 2000 220 Shamrock Predator, 'Pacific Predator'. Here are some features of this boat: -4 hours on a brand NEW 5.7 MPI V8 Mercruiser installed in December. -Direct drive, true inboard. -Nice Furuno electronics: FCV 620 Fishfinder and 1623 Radar. -Garmin GPSMap 492 plotter...
  159. PacificPredator

    Offshore 209 Magic Paddy 9/4

    Yeah...especially after Labor Day? LOL Nice work guys.
  160. PacificPredator

    Anyone know what this fish is?

    What a trip. The ocean amazes me.
  161. PacificPredator

    Why wait till Lobster season?

    " Smoked Bonito is another popular dish at my house. We marinate the cleaned fish fillets in Terrayaki, Ginger and Brown Sugar overnight, then put the fillets on a rack to air dry. I roll the fillets in brown sugar then place them back on the rack and sprinkle some Cajun Spices and or Lemon...
  162. PacificPredator

    US Waters and Quality Models (YFT)

    nicely done, and delicious looking pics
  163. PacificPredator

    ended up at catalina

    Wow...YT on flylined dead dines? Well done
  164. PacificPredator

    8/20 Mid-week Catalina report-YT

    Left LB around 05:30 with sardines from Nacho; my two sons, and two brothers-in-law...skipping work and celebrating my BD (was yesterday but couldn't get out until today). Was worried about the NOAA weather and heavy lightning in the east...but we determined the storm was heading NE away from us...
  165. PacificPredator

    WFO Catalina Yellows - Saturday 8/16

    Nicely done. Went Sunday and only found bonito/etc. Assume you were anchored in semi-deep water and chumming? Going back tomorrow to try again...
  166. PacificPredator

    Pepe LePieu

    Similar experience out of Long Beach for us today. A few dry Kp on the way to the East End. Lost one nice yellow....found a huge Kp on the way home from Long Point. A couple yellows on it but couldn't get them to go with our crappy beat-up dines.
  167. PacificPredator

    WSB Release 2014

    awesome, nice job! thanks for sharing
  168. PacificPredator

    Catalina YT

    That 25 lb is a load for that gear, nice work!
  169. PacificPredator

    Offshore Report 7-30 slow day @ 267 209 277

    We had the exact same plan yesterday (from Long Beach) and had almost the same result (see my post). 2 YT, although smaller schoolie fish. At least you got 2 nice-sized ones. You're right about crowded even for a Wed. I want no part of the weekend zoo! Tight lines. Brad
  170. PacificPredator

    07/30/14- Out of Long Beach, paddy hopping and Catalina

    It had been almost a year since I've been out with my bro-in-law and that's just not right. So even as busy as I am with work, decided to head out mid-week and avoid the weekend zoo. Plan was to head towards the 14 and possibly south/209 in search of paddies / puddlers. Left slip at 05:00 and...
  171. PacificPredator

    Tuna off of Long Beach 7/22/14

    Nice info, thanks for sharing, I'm sure you had your hands full but pics would be cool to see from that perspective!
  172. PacificPredator

    I can tell you where they are not.

    I did about the same thing you did (Sunday), but I didn't get out there until about 2pm. Chatter on 72 was pretty fun - someone got a wahoo at the 267.
  173. PacificPredator

    Any news on who has bait?

    I asked Nacho on Sunday if he knew when he would get bait and he just gave me his typical, grumpy look and shook his head no.:shithappens:
  174. PacificPredator

    Lots of Paddies but No Dodo's or YT at 14, 277, or Avalon Banks

    Thanks for the report Al, had about the exact same trip and same results a couple weeks ago. Maybe our window has passed for getting dodo this far north?
  175. PacificPredator

    Dana dodos...4 kept 13 released....7 others 9.18.12

    Well done Grump! Lucky find on the way home
  176. PacificPredator

    From Afghanistan to the 209

    PBR rocks it old school! Thanks for the report. Likes milf and cookies... LOL
  177. PacificPredator

    How much should you tip Vessel Assist ?

    I agree. Like about $30. I've already spent $150 on 4 Cat Express tickets to get home yesterday...$100 in parts that didn't get the boat fixed...etc. etc.
  178. PacificPredator

    How much should you tip Vessel Assist ?

    So, my boat spent the night at Cat. and is being towed across the channel as I write this. (see my other post from yesterday) Meeting them at the launch ramp in a few hours. Of course I'm a member so the tow is free (thank goodness).:rofl: But how much would you tip the Captain for this...
  179. PacificPredator

    Avalon Bank-152-277 Sat. 9/15/12

    277 / Slide area Conditions report: Got some crappy dines from Nacho (he said they were only cured 2 days) and headed out looking for paddies. (but probably should have went home at that point, haha). Temp charts looked good when I checked them last night, but when we got out there it was only...
  180. PacificPredator

    Dana Bait

    I think that's good advice. Hey Glen...didn't I say something like that when we were getting bait that morning? :rofl: Thanks again for the ride Bro. We'll get them next time.
  181. PacificPredator

    How long are the fish going to be here?

    It's a good question, though one without an exact answer. My guess would be as long as we have pockets of 70+ deg. clean blue water, they will be around.
  182. PacificPredator

    Mon 9/10 Dorado

    Congrats man, well done
  183. PacificPredator


    Great pics, thx for sharing them. Love the GoPro.
  184. PacificPredator


    nice report, tahnks for sharing
  185. PacificPredator

    Downrigger camera bycatch

    Really cool, thx for sharing
  186. PacificPredator

    Barracuda !!!

    Looks like "the Gimp" from Pulp Fiction
  187. PacificPredator


    As another poster suggested, I would buy one of the maps at the shops, or buy a book about local spots, then pick some of the closer/shallower ones and learn how to anchor up - I'm talking about 30-40' deep spots, not 70-80'. It's either that or drifting broad areas like Izors... good luck...
  188. PacificPredator

    07 / 23 Great Day on the 1/2 Day Southern Cal

    Good info as always Ron. On sunday I found that the cuda were biting red plastics - I thought that was odd. They seem to normally prefer more green/silver/blue/white baits. And they didn't want the iron sunday. Brad
  189. PacificPredator

    Cudas and Bass on the Flats - 7/22/12

    Thanks Ron, the hot color was clear/red flake with a red or yellow head. Good luck on your 3/4 day...will look for your report.
  190. PacificPredator

    Cudas and Bass on the Flats - 7/22/12

    Sorry for the late report. Took out my bro in law and nephew yesterday with my boys. 67 deg water in Alamitos Bay 65 deg outer harbor 63 deg flats, and clean greenish blue - blue. Not much mammal life - just a few scattered dogs. Not many bird schools working either. Late start getting out...
  191. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Wed-07-18-12 Tails on the Pride!

    Well done Cory! What a fun trip! Thanks for the report and see you around.
  192. PacificPredator

    What happened to our promising-looking season? What the F!?

    I do work hard for my bites, just frustrating when you have guests in town and you're trying to put them on some fish...ya know? But that's fishing...
  193. PacificPredator

    What happened to our promising-looking season? What the F!?

    Definitely some nasty upwelling around Long Beach/HB. Further south is the place to be.
  194. PacificPredator

    What happened to our promising-looking season? What the F!?

    A couple of weeks ago I was fishing beautiful blue 65 deg water on the Huntington flats / inner rigs. Things were looking very promising for the summer bass/cuda bite to really open up...and was hoping for island action to pick up too. My Dad is visting from out of town, and we headed out this...
  195. PacificPredator

    My first post

    Nice work and first post. I like you already...another C and R guy. The Wall needs more guys like you. Welcome! BTW how deep were you getting them?
  196. PacificPredator

    O-Side By-Catch 6.15

    LOL Nice work gents. Always a fun read Grump.
  197. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Sat-06-16-12 Bass and Barracuda.

    Nice to finally meet you Cory and great having you along. Thanks for sharing some of your knowledge. We'll have to do it again soon.
  198. PacificPredator

    K&M Yellowtail/Blackseabass/Calicos/mas..

    Because BSB are delicious. Almost every fisherman in SoCal who knows anything, knows that DFG regs are sometimes out of whack: It's apparent to most that the BSB population has recovered nicely here. And a lot of guys would support a tag system, for example...allowing people to pay extra to...
  199. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Wed-06-13-12 Salsapuedes Still Fishy!

    Nice report Cory - You're everywhere!
  200. PacificPredator

    Catalina Report 6/5-6/7

    Good job, nice eating size right there. Thx for the report
  201. PacificPredator

    Celebrities and Sea Turtles

    I call BS on the turtle without pics. =D Thx for the report
  202. PacificPredator

    50+ Fish Day on the Ducky w/Tailman

    Yes it was nasty out there yesterday Ron. Short period wind swell and major uphill current. Took a friend out from the Midwest...and I had to explain that 'it usually doesn't suck like this!". Had trouble getting anchored very well. Still, we got a few bass around the HB flats and he had fun...
  203. PacificPredator

    Da' Special of Redondo 1/2 AM trip 6/6/12

    Thx for the report. Congrats on finishing your finals.
  204. PacificPredator

    Boat Rules

    I've programmed/registered my DSC. It's nice to know I can hit a button in an emergency and broadcast my GPS #s to everyone. But nobody I know actually uses it for ship to ship calls. Here's some more good info on DSC:
  205. PacificPredator

    Boat Rules

    That guy should be strung from his mast.
  206. PacificPredator

    last 'cuda session for 2012.

    Nice...WSB under the Cuda BONUS!
  207. PacificPredator

    Late report: sharing my WSB story

    That's a great story Tex, thanks for sharing, and congrats to both!
  208. PacificPredator

    Good time on the Pacific Voyager 06.06.2012

    IMO- Scopalmine patch! Get an Rx from your Doc. A couple bucks per patch, lasts like 48 hours. They work perfectly as long as you use them correctly.
  209. PacificPredator

    Boat Rules

    Well stated, Dave. I'm always amazed by the amount of clueless idiots on 16. Seriously, people.
  210. PacificPredator

    Catalina Sheephead 6/3

    Good first report. What were the water temps over there? Nice job putting the kid on some fish. x2 on lipping a goat
  211. PacificPredator

    Bass Fishin Shallow Stones

    Good clean fun right there guys !
  212. PacificPredator

    Fortune to the Islands

    Nice report Pam, thanks
  213. PacificPredator

    California State Record Sculpin?

    Just wanted to be the 100th reply.
  214. PacificPredator

    stripper in the surf

    Bitchin Nice catch
  215. PacificPredator

    LB/HB Report 6-3-12

    Well, nice try Julio. I got a late start and Nacho was out of chovies when I got there. I avoided the parking lots at Izors / Shoe, and did well on the bass on the flats.
  216. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Sat.-06-02-12 Limits of Barracuda and Limits of Bass!

    Hey Cory, thanks for the nice report. And that's a nice spottie...pretty interesting to see one out on the flats.
  217. PacificPredator

    Coastal WSB 5-31-12

    Nice try Julio, get em next time
  218. PacificPredator

    Redondo Surface Action

    Need more zoom please. thanks for the report
  219. PacificPredator

    Hey Bill.....You're Bit....

    Have you ever thought about writing novels? Thanks for the report, nice job!
  220. PacificPredator

    5/31 HB flats

    Damn, that is tough fishing. Thanks for the report Ryan
  221. PacificPredator

    Izors and HB WFO Bass

    Took out a friend and my youngest today. Left the slip around 07:30 and headed to Nacho for a 1/2 scoop of squish. Water was nice today with some long-period swell and little wind. Clean blue-green and 61-63 deg. Guess it didn't roll over too badly with the recent wind. Only got a brown...
  222. PacificPredator

    Who's Fishing Tomorrow??

    Outer Long Beach / Huntington flats don't look bad at all: NOAA: Sunday: Variable winds less than 5 kt becoming W 8 to 13 kt in the morning. Patchy fog before 11am. W swell 2 ft at 9 seconds. Wind waves around 1 ft.
  223. PacificPredator

    45 minute Halibut trip!

    That was a very effishient trip, and a nice picture.
  224. PacificPredator

    Catalina Calico 5/18-5/20

    Fly fishing is awesome, but not fun in any kind of wind... Cool report - thanks
  225. PacificPredator

    Tip of the week

    Yep, but it seems like we seldom have chovies available up here in the LB bait receivers. I think I saw them available only a few times last summer.
  226. PacificPredator


    I love this site for figuring out the wind:
  227. PacificPredator

    Anybody Know The Boat "First Light"

    If it's registered as First Light, maybe there's a way to search a database somewhere. Got any connections at the DMV?
  228. PacificPredator

    WON White Seabass Championship Report

    Congrats, and a nice read. Nice to see a good guy win. By good guy, I mean someone who stands up for Conservation.
  229. PacificPredator

    Temecula BankRobber - 50lb WSB San Onofre

    Congrats! Inboard power gets it done!
  230. PacificPredator

    sharkin for free

    That's low-cost fun right there. Nice job.
  231. PacificPredator

    rockpile jello

    Purdy yellers
  232. PacificPredator

    Isn't it time for these?

    Ummmmm, OK. :_smack_:
  233. PacificPredator

    Divers plus Ship Rock = Seabass

    That's cool to get a divers perspective on the WSB/YT, thanks Bob.
  234. PacificPredator

    need some help!

    The LB Wall can be tricky, especially for a new yakker. Definitely don't recommend going outside the wall until you get comfortable. Inside of the wall might be a good place to start, and relatively safe, with a good chance at catching something decent...although it's been really slow for me...
  235. PacificPredator

    Inshore and offshore

    tortured and scared straight. Cant wait to do it again!!! neither can my dad or bro. I think if i survived that i can take some hardcore fishing. Might be out at catalina saturday or sunday. Maybe go saturday stay till sunday. If you're for real and this isn't a joke post... Umm, No...
  236. PacificPredator


    Right on, thanks for the report.
  237. PacificPredator

    Dropper-Looping for Thresher

    Sure, that's the record for 'normal' calicos. But what you don't realize is that this one is probably a mutant calico that was hanging around the San Onofre discharge too long and... :_smack_: Thanks for the report grump. Looks like fun!
  238. PacificPredator

    05.12.12 - Seasons Sportfishing - Limits of White Sea Bass

    Congrats on a nice trip, all. Love your reports Odium - thanks for sharing.
  239. PacificPredator

    Barracuda are biting!

    Thanks for the info Dan. About time...are we talking about the Shoe, or HB flats maybe?
  240. PacificPredator

    Catalina East End and Front Side report - 5/9/12

    Let us know how it goes Mike. Good luck
  241. PacificPredator

    Catalina bait

    Mary Claire was not there yesterday. They should be there now. Call them--- 949-677-0607. The De De Marie was out front of Avalon yesterday, but nobody was there. Nobody answering on Ch. 11. We were stuck fishing frozen squid. I don't think Nacho has any squid...
  242. PacificPredator

    Rpt Wed.-05-09-12 A Yellowtail Teasing south of the Border!

    Get em' next time Cory. Thanks for the report
  243. PacificPredator

    Catalina East End and Front Side report - 5/9/12

    First post in awhile. Good to be back. I had a day I could take off to make an island trip. I knew the fishing might be tough given the less-than-ideal moon phase/solunar tables but hey, spring has sprung, and you go when you can. No luck with exotics but just wanted to give some recon: Left...
  244. PacificPredator

    The party has just begun....

    Nice work Jeff. Heading out Wed. By the way, met your buddy Jerry the other day. I'm slipped up by him now.
  245. PacificPredator

    Greasy and Confused

    Thanks for the report. Next week looks better...
  246. PacificPredator

    GoPro Hero2 video from 4-30-12

    Cool underwater shots. Gotta get one of those...thanks for posting.
  247. PacificPredator

    Yellowtail backside 5/1

    Nice job and thx for the report. 58 deg is not what I was wanting to hear, but hopefully it starts to warm up after this little front.
  248. PacificPredator

    Sunday 4/29 East End WSB and Calicos

    Thanks for the info Kurtis. Good report. Good times comin' ! BTW, what's the cell # for Mary Claire? I had it last year but can't find it... Brad
  249. PacificPredator


    Whatever date this gayness takes effect, I will be at Point Vicente, fishing with a couple dozen friends. They can't stop us all, right? Come join the fun!
  250. PacificPredator

    Cat and local report for 7-13

    Right on. Cool squid float pic. At least a perfect hali for dinner. Thanks for the report.
  251. PacificPredator

    MIGRATORY BASS 7-14-11

    What's the average grade of fish they're getting Raul?
  252. PacificPredator

    Late WSB Report

    Well done sir! 2 fish taller than your daughter...Nice. Good stuff right there, Dad. You gotta get your son to turn that fish so we can see it better. =) Thanks for the report.
  253. PacificPredator

    The hunt for WSB!! 7-13-11

    Nice job on the releasing again Raul. Those little WSBs are fun, but they're pretty delicate fish, especially if caught in deeper water. I try to not take them out of the water (if they're clearly short) for a clean release... Thanks for the report.
  254. PacificPredator

    My first white sea bass on the Outrider

    Congratulations, Cowgirl. Nice pics.
  255. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Wed.-07-13-11 Long Beach Bass'n!

    Nice bassin Cory Looks fun, thanks for the report.
  256. PacificPredator

    Came when least expected

    Nice job. I need to try that sometime. Good idea Mike I has to keep a 2x4 handy.
  257. PacificPredator


    Oh boy, get your popcorn ready... x2 Thanks for the report, and good job on the releasing, Raul. Your freezer is still probably full of seabass after that nice trip you had recently!
  258. PacificPredator

    California Anglers Misinformed on MLPA Closures

    Let's hope a lot will happen. The more I think about this whole thing the more it pisses me off, and the more money I donate. :2gunsfiring_v1:MLPA
  259. PacificPredator

    7-10-11 Pt Vicente

    Right on. What was the water temp? Good job on the releasing. Where's the pics?!
  260. PacificPredator

    calicos like crazy

    Welcome to BD. Sounds like a fun day. Be careful out there in that 17 footer. I use this to help determine what the crossing will be like: and this...
  261. PacificPredator

    Palos Verdes Bass Action

    Ahhhh local bassin' stuff. And with Natty Ice / fried chicken? Hell yes! That Cabbie has some cool coloring. I haven't seen one quite like that. Thanks for the report.
  262. PacificPredator


    Well done sir, and congratulations to you and your wife!
  263. PacificPredator

    California Anglers Misinformed on MLPA Closures

    Here's an email that I received from I thought it would be helpful to post it here to try and clarify what's going on. The fight is not over - donate today........ . California Anglers Misinformed on Closures Southern California Waters Remain Open to Recreational...
  264. PacificPredator

    Rpt-2.5 day trip-Catalina beginning 07-01.

    Reading your detailed posts is always a pleasure. Thank you Cory for the report.
  265. PacificPredator

    Local WSB - 1st for my Dad - 7/2/11

    Hi Ron, Thank you. You'll be happy to hear that I caught a couple on the plastic too...sardine 5" BH. :)
  266. PacificPredator

    PV 7-2-11

    That fog was thick early in LA/LB harbor. Definitely put the radar to use. Sorry to hear you didn't get them.
  267. PacificPredator


    nice work, looks delicious
  268. PacificPredator

    Local WSB - 1st for my Dad - 7/2/11

    Thanks. We had a couple that were right at 28". They were in good shape, so released them for another day.
  269. PacificPredator

    Local WSB - 1st for my Dad - 7/2/11

    Hi Stairman, Yes, he had a lucky day, but I give most of the credit to the captain ;) My five year old was with us and caught his first 5 WSB yesterday too (all shorts). Yes, it had nice stripes, and it was a male.
  270. PacificPredator

    Local WSB - 1st for my Dad - 7/2/11

    My parents are out here visiting and I wanted to put my Dad on some fish. I grew up fishing farm ponds back East with him. He loves fishing, but he's never caught much of anything over 5 lbs, and this was only his 2nd or 3rd saltwater experience ever. Fished local most of the day for some...
  271. PacificPredator

    Personal Best White Sea Bass76.5 lbs on 30lb test

    That's not a tanker, it's an aircraft carrier. Congratulations man!
  272. PacificPredator

    "Low Maintance" Cbass 6/30/11

    That doesn't suck! Well done sir
  273. PacificPredator

    Haunted Coast! 6 29 2011 Ghost Captured

    Nice job out there. But a nice fish like that deserves a better quailty picture/camera, haha.
  274. PacificPredator

    we are fucked

    So f-ing GAY:shithappens:. I just sent a donation: I think Sherm is right, it will get delayed. But still probably won't be stopped. Can someone clarify what the Purple / blue /...
  275. PacificPredator

    Going coastal gets it done, tanker 6-29

    Nice job! Great local catch. Kick ass
  276. PacificPredator

    Catalina Report

    Thanks for the report. Wow, 67 in the channel. Maybe time to start checking paddies soon...
  277. PacificPredator

    Coastal WSB Report Sunday 6/26/11

    Local tankers kick ass! Nice work.
  278. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Tuesday-06-28-11- Salsapuedes Reds go off!

    Great report Cory, thanks for the read!
  279. PacificPredator

    Aloha Seabass Massacre 6/22 "trip of a lifetime"

    Oh, well, I'm glad you're so enlightened! Look, let's not make this a pissing match. I'm no WSB biology expert, and I'm pretty sure you're not either, unless you work for HSWRI or someplace like that. School sizes vary, that's for sure. Nobody knows exactly how big one school or another might...
  280. PacificPredator

    Aloha Seabass Massacre 6/22 "trip of a lifetime"

    OK, so you fix houses AND you're a marine biologist on the side? Then please enlighten us, sir.
  281. PacificPredator

    Slim pickings on the local B & B 6-24

    4.5 gallons? That's awesome. Nicely done.
  282. PacificPredator

    Pending World Record White Sea Bass

    Wow, impressive. what reel is that?
  283. PacificPredator

    5th Times the Charm!

    Right on. That was nice of your buddy. Hope you get one yourself next time.
  284. PacificPredator

    Aloha Seabass Massacre 6/22 "trip of a lifetime"

    X2 Congrats on getting your limit, but that picture is kinda sad...the post title says it all: "massacre"... That's where sportboat fishing kinda sucks, IMO. Getting 'limits' for some of the people that cant'/don't catch their own...
  285. PacificPredator

    A Butt'n a Tug

    Nice job Grumpy. That reminds me to check my filter.
  286. PacificPredator

    Drive to Catalina

    x2 Fog can be some scary stuff, and is hard to predict.
  287. PacificPredator

    Dues paid in full, solo limit at Cat 6-22

    Great detailed post. Thanks for sharing, and congrats.
  288. PacificPredator

    fish dope

    So since you're using the web, does that make you a joke yourself? :rofl: Just giving you a hard time. Seriously though, I respectfully disagree. I will use any reliable source I can to save time/fuel and increase odds of a good trip. Fishdope is a good resource, but it's ultimately your...
  289. PacificPredator

    WSB Limit for 3 at West Cove 6/21/11

    way to go guys that's a boatload of fillets
  290. PacificPredator

    Late Fathers Day Report (long)

    Thanks for the detailed report. Nice work out there.
  291. PacificPredator

    06.17.11 - 16.19.11 Pacific Star - White Sea Bass

    Thanks for the detailed report, I feel like I went on the trip myself. Better luck next time for you
  292. PacificPredator

    Early Fathers Day Gift

    Just like they say, there's usually two big halis in an area. You got em both, nice work and thanks for the report
  293. PacificPredator

    Nice Yellow at Cat on fathers Day

    x2 Seabass are gay. Yellows aren't. Is that a Parker in the pic?
  294. PacificPredator

    Timmy Tangles Limited Load Charter

    Nice job , what was water temp at east end? I was there friday, reading only 59-60.
  295. PacificPredator

    Rods and Reels Stolen in Costa Mesa

    Sorry to hear that, welcome to BD anyway.
  296. PacificPredator

    6/19 Newport Coastal Tanker

    x2 congrats on a great catch!
  297. PacificPredator

    6-19-2011 - My sons personal best check this out...

    Nice job. Wonder if Cheney saw this post? He loves Midshipman! lol
  298. PacificPredator

    Epic Day at the Coronados - Lawman's 13.1 pound Calico!

    Congratulations and excellent job on the release
  299. PacificPredator

    Ghostbusters Catalina WSB 5/17/11

    Nice report, but why was it moved to 'Texas fishing'?
  300. PacificPredator

    Local Fish report

    =) Always looking for as much info as I can gather!
  301. PacificPredator

    Discount on Squid for mentioning "Bloodydecks"

    Yeah, I met Jim and bought from him yesterday. Nice guy.
  302. PacificPredator

    East end report, 06-17-11

    Yes, I'm certainly learning how gay seabass are! Sounds like you had a similar experience, but glad we didn't spend the night for nada. (I had my 7 and 5 yr old with me, so we weren't exactly in 'hard core' mode) At least you got into some heavy stuff to test your drags. I talked to some...
  303. PacificPredator

    first WSB

    Congrats on the first wsb, thanks for the report. What were water temps up there?
  304. PacificPredator

    6/16 Night WSB

    Pissed off wives? You forgot to tell them you were going? haha Nice job. Thanks for the report.
  305. PacificPredator

    Local Seabass 6-16-11

    Way to go Julio, you make it sound so easy, haha.
  306. PacificPredator

    East end report, 06-17-11

    After an OK crossing, got squish from Jim on the Marie Claire to start the day around 07:00. Nice guy. Fished from Silver Cyn to Church Rock, but never found what I thought were good conditions. Colder water than I expected...59-60. Cold gray day. Clean blue outside, milky inside most places...
  307. PacificPredator

    Local Fish report

    Nice work. By local, I assume you mean HB, judging by the oil rig in the pic. thanks for the report
  308. PacificPredator

    Some friendly advice.....

    x2 Very interesting first post, lol Welcome to BD!? :rofl:
  309. PacificPredator

    Dana to Crystal Cove Condition Report 6.14.11

    Right on. Is there any other activity that can make time fly by as fast as fishing solo? I think not! Thanks for the report.
  310. PacificPredator

    My 5 year old son's first Fish

    Way to start him out! He will never forget it. My first fish was a 9" walleye back east... a big ol' toothy critter is a lot more memorable. Good for you Dad.
  311. PacificPredator

    DFG is after me Follow Up

    Wow, your buddies still got the violation though... Interesting.
  312. PacificPredator


    Seabass are gay. Sounds like you're putting the time in. Better luck next time!
  313. PacificPredator

    New Caledonia Strikes Again -- BIG FISH

    Wrong forum, but great report. Thanks for sharing
  314. PacificPredator

    Baracuda and Bottom fishinf on the Native Son

    Thanks for the report Cap'n Kidfish. Keep 'em coming!
  315. PacificPredator

    Catalina WSB on 'Surly Mermaid'

    Great job fishing 'Banker' style. =) Nice report, thank you for sharing!
  316. PacificPredator

    My equipment for WSB, YT?? please give some suggestion!

    Wrong forum, but... That rod might be OK for smaller schoolies of either species, but may be light for the bigger models. If you hook a 30# yellow or 40# cbass, you'll be wishing for more backbone I think. You'll also want to bring some 25, 30, 40# fluoro leader. Not just 50#. Good luck
  317. PacificPredator

    Clayton's butt

    Good stuff Glen. Glad you put the knowledge to use. Can't wait to get back over there myself. Thanks for the report!
  318. PacificPredator

    WSB Limits on the Pacific Quest - 6/11/11

    Nice report, congrats on a nice trip. Thanks for sharing
  319. PacificPredator

    Huntington Flats 6/11/11-- Lots of Slime! In the water and driving the sporties too!

    Too bad people are getting so worked up over just some slime sticks. Sounds like you had a bad experience with some a-holes. When the Tuna / YT move up, they will really bring out the worst in people.
  320. PacificPredator

    Cat WSB Mon&Tues- Late Report

    Congrats on your 2nd son, we have a lot in common ---2 labs and 2 boys? Good stuff! Thanks for the report. Brad
  321. PacificPredator

    Big Seabass and

    Nice work, thanks for the report and info Mark!
  322. PacificPredator

    First White Sea Bass 6/10/11

    congratualtions to both of you. Sounds like you've put your time in!
  323. PacificPredator

    Thunderbird Sportfishing Cat Isle wed pm fishing thursday

    nice report, thanks. At least you got some goats.
  324. PacificPredator

    Finally...after 6years!!

    Congrats on the nice barn door. Good timing on your first one...great fillets for the summer BBQ!
  325. PacificPredator

    Fished the conditions, not the crowd.

    Way to go Jeff, thanks for the report. That last shot is a good lookin photo. Well done.
  326. PacificPredator

    Late CAT 6-4-11 report

    Nice job guys, thanks for the post.
  327. PacificPredator

    Mud Marlin

    :rofl: Thanks for the post, but wow, are you serious? That's a lot of ingredients and a lot of work. My grandpa's old fishing waders would taste OK if you went through all that trouble to make them edible. Why mess with it?
  328. PacificPredator

    Bolsa Chica Tanker WSB 6-5-11

    Congratulations! Awesome local catch. Probably better than most fish caught in the tournament at Cat this w/e.
  329. PacificPredator

    Got a Ticket

    Dude, seriously.... Page 38. If you fillet at sea, you have to know the regs. Otherwise, how would they know your catch is legal/not legal?! You're lucky she was cool and gave a lesser fine.
  330. PacificPredator

    Species I.D.?

    Dorsal sure looks like a piler without a stripe, but the coloring is wrong.
  331. PacificPredator

    Not safe to eat

    Yeah, but maybe they're still around.
  332. PacificPredator

    Not safe to eat

    Um, let's find the name of that chemical company that dumped the DDT, and BURN THEM TO THE GROUND.
  333. PacificPredator

    Took a little swim....

    Damn. Scary, and you're lucky. Glad it wasn't more serious. I fish with an auto-inflate vest and it's pretty comfortable. I wear it most of the time. It was only about $100 and is well worth the piece of mind it's given me. Highly recommend picking one up. My youngest son went overboard a...
  334. PacificPredator

    tide chart

    that's a good site thank you
  335. PacificPredator

    5-30-11 Shark/WSB LB

    Hey Jeff. That is odd. I've heard that the juvi WSB get into Alamitos Bay and use it as a 'natural grow out pen'. At the north end of Marine Stadium, there are signs saying that 'this is a protected habitat and several species use this area as a nursery'. Too bad there isn't a better...
  336. PacificPredator


    Right on. I figured it would be nasty out there on Monday. I hope June is better than May.
  337. PacificPredator

    The Kimberleys, Broome, Northwest Australia

    Well your post is a bit misplaced, mate. But, I'm glad it is! Beautiful pics, awesome looking fish. Thanks for sharing with us cold-water Southern California guys and gals. We dream of fishing in destinations like that! .
  338. PacificPredator

    Drowning doesn't look like drowning

    Great info. I wasn't aware. Thanks for posting.
  339. PacificPredator

    5-30-11 Shark/WSB LB

    That, my friend, is what we all want to figure out (Catalina!? haha). Occasionally some are taken while trolling the wall (outside). Probably more than we think. When did you catch the little ones? On squid or finbait?
  340. PacificPredator

    5-30-11 Shark/WSB LB

    So that juvenile WSB was caught in LB? Approximately where, if you don't mind sharing? I've heard stories of schools of the little ones around the wall and the oil islands. Also, I hear that they use parts of Alamitos Bay as a nursery... Very interesting. And, welcome to BD.
  341. PacificPredator

    Memorable Memorial Day

    Excellent. Sunday night I was thinking it was gonna be nasty out there. Glad it was somewhat calm for you.
  342. PacificPredator


    :rofl::rofl: Cheney! And Debi, that's very nice of you to offer that kid a ride. I just rated this thread 5 stars, by the way. Great entertainment. .
  343. PacificPredator

    Question:plz help lures for catalina bass

    For crankbaits, any small Rapalas should work OK, even freshwater ones. IF you can keep away from snags, you'll probably catch a lot of small (11.5") Calicos, small cuda, and maybe even some small bones. Nearshore, small swimbaits might be a better choice overall.
  344. PacificPredator

    Washed up boat at Strands

    Very sad. Sorry to hear. Lifejackets at all times for kids and 'most' of the time for adults!
  345. PacificPredator

    Epic I guess (pic heavy)

    Lizards are great smoked, I hear. Or maybe it was lizard sashimi...
  346. PacificPredator


    Um, gross.
  347. PacificPredator

    Hybrid Bass Species?

    Sandie with some spawnin' colors coming out.
  348. PacificPredator

    Chris gets his first yellow

    I thought i saw the Cornelia Mari setting some crab pots so we decided to call it a day ! 2hr ride home . LOL Right on, nice Jello!
  349. PacificPredator

    My new personal best WSB

    Great catch, again! I guess it's worth a double post, haha
  350. PacificPredator

    No Skunk here 5/28

    Nice catch, That's f'ed up. Can't trust anyone out there unless they're part of your group!
  351. PacificPredator

    My new personal best WSB

    63.9! Excellent catch !
  352. PacificPredator

    1935 Fishing Report - Wish it was still like that!

    Very sad. If you want to understand how we got to this point... read an excellent book called "Cod" by Mark Kulansky.
  353. PacificPredator

    Barracuda Return Off Huntington Beach May 25

    So I've heard... Now I just have to find the Cuda!
  354. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Wed.-05-25-11 Rockpile, at least no skunk!

    Fun read as always Cory, thanks for posting. Congrats on the Jello.
  355. PacificPredator

    SUP Fishing

    very cool post, thanks for sharing
  356. PacificPredator

    MDR 5/24/11 WFO Cuda and Migratory Sand Bass

    Nice report, thanks for posting. Looking forward to some sandie action down here in the huntington flats .
  357. PacificPredator

    11 Pound Calico

    Just like this thread...
  358. PacificPredator

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    Now that's a refreshing report! It's about f-ing time. Nice work out there. Will be a parking lot at the pile this w/e!
  359. PacificPredator

    Fishing rules around the rigs just off Huntington Beach

    :hali_olutta: Maybe I'll just try to go and fish however close I want and see what they say. lol
  360. PacificPredator

    Fishing rules around the rigs just off Huntington Beach

    Hey guys, can someone clarify for me the rules for fishing near the 2 platform rigs off Huntington (dog beach/Bolsa Chica). I think you're supposed to stay 300' away and not anchor within 500'? Is that right? I saw some guys fishing right up close within 100' feet or so and they didn't...
  361. PacificPredator

    SM 5/21 - Sunset Bass Slayfest w/ Red Drum

    Nice job, you guys always seem to be on the right grade of fish. Thanks for the report
  362. PacificPredator

    5/23 - DPH Hali Spottie & Mako

    Thx for the report. I love spotties. I call BS on the flattie without a pic, haha, just kidding. Tight lines Brad
  363. PacificPredator

    5/13 No WSB, Mixed Bag

    thx for the post cool to see eagles like that
  364. PacificPredator

    05/22/11 - Long Beach, Bass and Barracuda

    =D ...trying to teach them CPR early! .
  365. PacificPredator

    they left for today ~ SMB

    Hey, thanks for the news. That was a long, steady bite and couldn't last forever. Selfishly I hope they are headed south around the corner for the Horseshoe so us LB/HB/Pedro guys can get some closer to home. I predict that's where they're headed. We'll see...
  366. PacificPredator

    11 Pound Calico

    Blah blah blah. I thought you were 'done with this thread'? I've seen some of your other posts too. You seem to pick fights pretty often. Do we really need that here on a fishing forum? WTF is up with you, bro? Does someone need a hug? LOL .
  367. PacificPredator

    LB or MDR tomorrow?

    No sign of the big Gar today near LB/HB. Only shorts in the harbor.
  368. PacificPredator

    05/22/11 - Long Beach, Bass and Barracuda

    Really itching to get over to the island again, but settled for another local trip today. Just practicing for when the island really wakes up, I suppose! In preparation for this summer, fully tested out my new bait tank today with a great load of chovies from Nacho. Fished from 0800 through...
  369. PacificPredator

    Caught a flying fish! 5/21 LB Wall

    x2 I caught 3 today, unfortunately, while flylining chovies. But released all 3 carefully and no harm done. Thanks for the report.
  370. PacificPredator


    That's an awesome haul, about clearing out a local population! Thanks for the post Dan.
  371. PacificPredator

    Local Wall Action

    Good stuff. Way to get the little guy out. Was out there today and yes, lots of trash =(
  372. PacificPredator

    Barracuda Fishing Today

    Thanks for the report. Was wondering how it went over there today on the gar.
  373. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Sat.-05-21-11 Great Local Bass'n!

    Good job guys. Thx for the report
  374. PacificPredator

    Catalina WSB 5-19-11

    nice report, thanks. better luck next time! cap'n JJ is solid.
  375. PacificPredator

    5/20/11 - Huntington Flats / LB Wall report

    That blows. Did you get out today Andrew?
  376. PacificPredator

    DFG is after me

    Huh? More details needed. I suspect there's more to the story here... They cited you for an undersized halibut when you didn't have it in your posession? You released it live? How long did you have it on board before you released it? Sounds like they thought you were 'intending' to keep...
  377. PacificPredator

    5/20/11 - Huntington Flats / LB Wall report

    Got a late start out of Davies at 08:30 but wasn't in a huge rush because of the slack low tide. There was supposed to be a huge south swell so I wasn't sure how far I would go / where I would fish today. Got outside the breakwall and the swell was big, but it was really spaced out so it wasn't...
  378. PacificPredator

    MDR Cuda

    nice report, thanks
  379. PacificPredator

    Fished the shoe, 5/15

    Man, it looked nasty out there today. Glad I didn't go. 20 kt winds in the afternoon
  380. PacificPredator

    Gray Ghost on a Gray Day!

    Nice going! Fish of the day!
  381. PacificPredator


    Right on Joe. Got skunked on the gar friday. Will try again next week! Thanks for the report.
  382. PacificPredator

    HB flats

    Had the same thing yesterday. frustrating, but will try again. I blame it on the 20 kt wind they had out there on Thurs. afternoon. Shut everything down for Friday.
  383. PacificPredator


    Wow DpRes---first, you seem like a real winner. Are you seriously bringing 'heritage' into this? Keep that stuff to yourself. No place for that here. Secondly, please let me be there to watch when you paddle your "Killah" yak over to Raul's boat and call him out to his face. OMG, please...
  384. PacificPredator


    Travis! That Oprah thing in your signature is hilarious! F-ing awesome!:rofl:
  385. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Thur.-05-12-11 Insane Barracuda Fishing!

    Right on Cory Thanks for the report Hope the wind stays down for us tomorrow.
  386. PacificPredator

    Cuda on the Enterprise

    right on. thanks for the post. What model/color jigs were best for you?
  387. PacificPredator

    Bait tank for sale

    Give the kid a break. =) PM sent Matt.
  388. PacificPredator

    Barracuda Flats

    Totally agree, thanks for the tips. Mostly common sense stuff...just be courteous and respectful out there.
  389. PacificPredator

    cuda on the patriot!

    I was gonna say...lots of red there. THanks for the report.
  390. PacificPredator

    Barracuda Flats

    Thanks for the report. Heading out Friday. How far were you staying from the fleet?
  391. PacificPredator

    Fished the Wall today

    Nice job releasing. Thanks for the report and welcome.
  392. PacificPredator

    Santa Rosa 5/7/11

    Nice report, thanks
  393. PacificPredator

    Boat ho needed - Cudas out of Long Beach, Friday

    Update...Got it. All filled up, Thanks, Brad
  394. PacificPredator

    How far are the gar?

    I heard Huntington flats, but no depth info given.
  395. PacificPredator

    SMB 5/7 cuda report

    Nice work, and great pics. Thx for the report
  396. PacificPredator

    MDR Cuuuuuudaaas!

    Way to go! Hopefully the 'Shoe comes alive this week. BTW, I thought throwing Cudas in a sack is how the meat gets messed up?...they curl up and the internal organs get punctured and leak bile and ruin the meat? lay em flat in a cooler is the way to go I heard...of course hard to do on a...
  397. PacificPredator

    rod for AVET mxl

    Thanks for the report!
  398. PacificPredator

    SCI SEABASS!!!!!

    Right on! Congratulations on a great day guys.
  399. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Sat.-05-07-11 Limits of Barracuda on the Tradition!

    Right on right on. Thanks for the report Cory. See you all at the 'Shoe soon!
  400. PacificPredator

    Catalina Sunday (5-01-11)

    x2 We're close. Maybe this weekend after this week of warm weather.
  401. PacificPredator

    Mud Marlin's, it's been awhile..

    Fun to pull on. Released right?
  402. PacificPredator

    Octopus, Octopus, Sculpin & More Octopus

    What an interesting white fog in the background. haha Thanks for the report.
  403. PacificPredator

    broke down, mex navy, big bag of fish

    Nice job, glad you got back safely. Must've taken 3-4 hours to tow back in?!
  404. PacificPredator

    Inside Breakwall 04/30

    Nice bassin on the inside. And great job on the CPR. The fish on the inside are usually about 1/2 the size of the outside fish. So that must mean the outer wall is full of 10 lbers. =)
  405. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Sat.-04-30-11 Local Bass'n!

    Thx for the report Cory. I was wondering how that wind was going to be out there. Nice effort.
  406. PacificPredator


    Nice. Sculpin taste better than calicos anyway ...and they're safer to eat than 'wall bass.
  407. PacificPredator

    @the LBC WALL 4-26-11

    Good point rodngun. That is depressing though. Well look at the bright side, at least we can have 7 servings of jacksmelt and 2 of BTW, who eats that crap anyway?
  408. PacificPredator

    @the LBC WALL 4-26-11

    Was going to fish the wall tomorrow, but maybe not much left out there... Seriously though, remember takes 6 years for a calico to reach a lousy 12". I personally think there should be a slot limit and/or a 5 fish limit. 10 (or 7) fish is too much for one angler to take in a day...
  409. PacificPredator

    Fishing MB with the Grandson

    Right on Sherm. Love the attitude. Boys + fishing = good ole fashioned fun.
  410. PacificPredator

    Spring break fishing with the kid

    Good stuff Nathan. Nice hali. I know what you mean about kids turning green and dropping gear in the water. Mine lost my bait net last trip. Gotta put a float on it now. See ya
  411. PacificPredator

    Island hopping

    thanks for the report. goin out thurs. night. That's a nice spottie there. Where were you, inner harbor?
  412. PacificPredator

    Outrider 4/21-4/23 CLEMENTE

    thanks for the report. Clemente in bad weather, not my idea of fun...(unless there's yellows or WSB to be had, haha).
  413. PacificPredator

    4/21-4/24 slow catching, but most fun fishing in a while.

    x2. That guy puts out some fun reads. 4 days...gotta love that. Thanks for the recon, John. Might head out there Sunday.
  414. PacificPredator

    Long Beach bassin'

    Thanks Cheney. Yes, you're right. I have to stop using my cell phone and use a real camera.
  415. PacificPredator

    Little Drum, Big Trophies 4/23 (abridged)

    Great report, you guys are dialed in.
  416. PacificPredator

    Noob here

    Huh? Well, welcome anyway. Like the hot asian chick.
  417. PacificPredator

    Name this baitfish

    Would've, but it was DOA.
  418. PacificPredator

    4-22 & 4-23

    Thanks for the report. What were the water temps like?
  419. PacificPredator

    Name this baitfish

    Outside the LB breakwall in about 40'. It ate a Gulp grub and a 5/0 hook...weird
  420. PacificPredator

    Name this baitfish

    Got it, thanks. You know, I was thinking Pompano, but didn't think they were around here.
  421. PacificPredator

    Name this baitfish

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but what is this baitfish? I've never seen one before...
  422. PacificPredator

    Long Beach bassin'

    Quick Long Beach breakwall session today (4/23/11), 07:30-11:00. Cold water - 57, slight downhill current, semi-clean green water. The bass bite has slowed down, and it's especially slow during low slack tide. Caught half a dozen or so calicos on a slow pick, with one nice chunky 3 lb (on the...
  423. PacificPredator

    Lots of Reds on 04 / 20 Moo-moo Trip at the 'Shoe' w/pics

    Thanks for the report Ron, hoping to get out this weekend. Skunks are no fun. What a terrible April it's been.
  424. PacificPredator

    Newbie Advice (with boat)

    Fishtraps or Big Hammers, colors of your choice, on 3/4-1-1/2 oz matched leadheads outside kelpline (or in pockets). If you don't lose a few baits then you're not fishing hard enough/close enough to structure/kelp.
  425. PacificPredator


    Those poor bait fish!
  426. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Wed.-04-20-11 Coronados-Rockpile!

    Great report as always, good reading. thx Cory
  427. PacificPredator


    Absolute rape. disgusting. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  428. PacificPredator

    Catalina with the Pups

    Thx for the report. I was there Friday and the water was 57 and dirty. BTW, are your labs trained to use the porta pottie, or go off the swim step? haha We've got two chocolates and I've always wondered how we would make that work on an extended trip... Any advice? Thanks
  429. PacificPredator

    3/4 San Diego...we got them today!

    Congrats. Let's hope for stable weather now and really get them going
  430. PacificPredator

    Newport / Dana Point 4/11/11 Bass, Cod, and Whale

    Great report, fun to read as always. Amazing whale pics, thanks for sharing.
  431. PacificPredator

    New Record Seabass!! What a Lucky Bastard

    Um, does anyone else see the post like this: ??? http://vvv.oocregeester.cum/noos/cereengella-295737-scutt-feesh, Bork Bork Bork!html Dues zee leenk nut pooll up?<!-- google_ad_section_end --> WTF, is that dutch or something? I see this on posts sometimes. What is that?
  432. PacificPredator

    Big Calico's @ the LBC BREAK WALL 4-11-11

    Nice job on the releasing Raul. The bass police can't harass you anymore! That last pic is pretty f-ing funny.
  433. PacificPredator


    Happy BD man. Nice post.
  434. PacificPredator

    Mystery giant fish on local 3/4 day.

    :rofl: You should copyright that word. Seriously though, could've been one of these:
  435. PacificPredator

    Mud Marlin.

    Yep. Fun to pull on, but why bother trying to figure out how to eat those things when there are so many better tasting critters around! Besides, if sand bass are on the 'do not consume list' because they're bottom dwelling, do you think that mud marlin should be on that list too? :shithappens:
  436. PacificPredator

    RED'S ON THE SOCAL 4-8-11

    lol- Nice quantity, nice job on JP.
  437. PacificPredator

    Long Beach Calico action

    Hi Ron. No sand bass at all. Fished the Queen's gate entrance a little and did not see any. Strange, for me it's usually about a 60/40 (calico to SB) mix at the wall. The sandies must be getting together in schools out deeper...getting ready for the spawn?
  438. PacificPredator

    Long Beach Calico action

    Yes, you're right now that you mention it. It was trying to focus on the wall and not the fish... It's just my lame Android cell camera, not a Nikon D3X or anything like that. =)
  439. PacificPredator

    Long Beach Calico action

    4/10/11 Great conditions today locally (Long Beach). Small mixed swell, water a little dirty and green but not bad. 57-58 at the Breakwall, so it dropped a few deg. but not terrible. Lots of bait in some spots. Full frontal assault on the Wall today. Hit a few of my favortie spots and it was...
  440. PacificPredator

    , NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUNDERIRD SCI 03.06.11 Reds Rockfish Whitefish Galore!

    Civiche looks excellent! Nice report, detail, and pics....except that one with the 'gangsta' pose with the bandana mask while holding the red. lol Just giving you a hard time. =D Thanks for the report.
  441. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Wed.-04-06-11 Descanzo Critters Chew!

    Good stuff Cory, fun to read. Thanks
  442. PacificPredator

    First time on the Big Hammers!

    Right on. Hammers or Fishtraps = lots of fun.
  443. PacificPredator

    PIER J 4-5-11

    I don't know about that..ok maybe just calicos.. :LOL Remember...6 years just to reach 12".
  444. PacificPredator

    04 / 06 Local 'Shoe' Moo-moo Rockfish Trip

    Bummer. You should come fish the wall with me sometime Ron. Thanks for the report, hook up!
  445. PacificPredator

    Mad Max south 9

    nice photos, nice taco meat sweet rig
  446. PacificPredator

    PIER J 4-5-11

    "Only kept 22" Are you selling bass fillets at the fish market, or what Raul? Here come the bass police...
  447. PacificPredator

    balboa island bassin

    Nice little spotties. Fun stuff.
  448. PacificPredator

    BEE STING!!!

    That's a nice cab. Look at the head on that thing! Neat colors too. I assume you ate them? That big one might be a female with eggs though?
  449. PacificPredator

    I.D. this rock fish

    So I caught a few of these (1st pic) yesterday. Pretty sure it's a Bank Perch. Is there another name for them? They're not in the Rockfish I.D. guide. I showed the picture to a game warden at the ramp and even he didn't know. LOL And don't say it's a Brown rockfish... :) The 2nd pic is a...
  450. PacificPredator

    Reefs, rigs, rocks, and breakwall. 4/3/11

    No, it's not a brown. This is a brown:
  451. PacificPredator

    MDR Lings - Sunday 4-3-11

    Nice job guys. Yorick...poor Yorick. lol
  452. PacificPredator

    Reefs, rigs, rocks, and breakwall. 4/3/11

    A few days ago, NOAA said that there would be 25 kt winds off Long Beach and a small craft advisory today. But last night the report looked much better so decided to do a local trip today. Winds 10 kt or less the whole morning. A little mixed swell out there, but overall pretty smooth seas. 58...
  453. PacificPredator

    LBC BREAK WALL 3-28-11

    Didn't know that. I heard it's the selenium in their system...and is from their diet?
  454. PacificPredator

    can't get much better!!!

    Nice job, taco looks great
  455. PacificPredator

    04 / 01 3/4-Day Moo-moo Trip Scores 9 Lingcod

    Nice report Ron, I gotta try for some lings soon.
  456. PacificPredator

    Another Big Yellowtail on the RTA

    Very nice effort, thanks for the report
  457. PacificPredator

    This is no April fools! Yellowtail local.

    Congratulations, nice feeeeesh
  458. PacificPredator

    Ba Da Boom, Ba Da Ling!

    Holy Crap, I thought you were gonna say.."April Fools" at the end of that post. Nice work out there Reuben!
  459. PacificPredator

    Rpt.-Thur.-03-31-11 SCI-Great weather and Awesome fishing!

    As always, fun to read your reports. Some great eating there. Thanks Cory, nice job.
  460. PacificPredator

    The real reason why fishing has sucked lately...

    Debi, if that Steeler thing is yours, those are sweeet! If they are some dude's, then wow those are soooo gay! =)
  461. PacificPredator

    The real reason why fishing has sucked lately...

    No, no I don't really believe in that stuff, it's just an excuse for most people. I'm just bored and messing around. The way I heard it, the whole thing about bananas started in the old days when they overloaded boats from down south with bananas and a lot of them sunk on the way up here...
  462. PacificPredator

    The real reason why fishing has sucked lately...

    I discovered the reason why fishing has sucked lately: I keep a crate of snacks in the cuddy on the boat, and I didn't realize that these were in there. Damnit! Dried bananas apparently have as much bad juju as fresh ones - or maybe it's even more concentrated? Anyway, now that these are...
  463. PacificPredator

    Wed 3-30 More Bassin

    Nice job Lal. Always enjoy the Ducky reports. But we want pictures! =)
  464. PacificPredator

    Marina Del Rey or Cabrillo Beach

    That's a lot of abalone (even though I assume you meant '9' dozen)! Ah, the good old days....that us younger guys will never see.
  465. PacificPredator

    Marina Del Rey or Cabrillo Beach

    x2 You'll probably burn less gas overall trailering down rather than leaving from MDR. And like Dave said, the crossing coming home will have a better angle too.
  466. PacificPredator

    Check out these teeth!

    Big female. I didn't know you 'steak' goats? Do you just gut it and cut it into slabs?
  467. PacificPredator

    Catalina rockfishing 3-27

    nice work, thanks for reporting
  468. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Sat.-03-26-11 A great Bass'n kinda day!

    Best day I've seen in awhile Cory. Nice work out there. Next weekend is finally supposed to be nice...should be busy out there.
  469. PacificPredator

    Yellowtail 'Worms' on fish finder?

    Can someone explain why yellowtail (amberjack) seem to make wavy 'worm' patterns on the fish finder? Seems like other fish don't make this pattern. (picture is from another post by someone else)
  470. PacificPredator

    First Yellowtail of the season for the RTA

    Since we're talking yt again, can somebody explain, why do only yellows seem to make those 'worms' on the sonar?
  471. PacificPredator

    Charter-like Moo-moo Trip 03 / 23 for Bocs & Reds

    Dang, fishing REALLY sucks if Ron gets skunked. Maybe some stable weather soon... Thanks for the report Ron.
  472. PacificPredator

    What the heck is this? Fish ID please....

    I bet that pie smelled like one of Saluki's girls
  473. PacificPredator

    Redondo 3/22/11 Old Territory

    Nice work out there. Beautiful colors on those reds. You must have a nice black book full of numbers, you're always on the cod.
  474. PacificPredator

    Newport Bay 3-19-11

    Does anybody else see the post fromtightlines 420 like this??: Thet heppened tu me-a lest veek beffure-a getteeng oon zee Freelunce-a fur a 3/4 treep I ves throoeeng a beeg Goolp Groob thet luuked leeke-a un iel vhee sveemmeeng, I deednt theenk bet reys vere-a eggresseefe-a leeke-a thet tu gu...
  475. PacificPredator

    Newport Bay 3-19-11

    This time of year, bat rays can be fun. Just close your eyes and pretend it's a big yellow...
  476. PacificPredator

    3/21/11 N.OC They're here

    Nice coloring on that fish, perfect eating size, but I don't know if I'd say 'big boy'... =) Good fish anyway!
  477. PacificPredator

    Malibu pier thresher sharks

    LOL now that's not very nice. Interesting info being dished by Keith, as always. I'm learning a lot on this thread!
  478. PacificPredator

    Making Lemonade

    nice effort, making something out of nothing
  479. PacificPredator

    Rpt-03-19-11 Well we tried!

    Good try Cory. Honey-do time for me too. =) I use NOAA local spot casts. Pretty accurate.
  480. PacificPredator


    x2 Thanks for the heads up, Cap'n.
  481. PacificPredator

    3/12/11 Post Tsunami LB Breakwater

    Now that's economical fishing! Nice job out there.
  482. PacificPredator

    First local Barracuda of 2011 ??

    lol Yeah, I'm not posting it for it's size, just saying it seemed like an odd catch.
  483. PacificPredator

    First local Barracuda of 2011 ??

    Fished the East End 3/12 (see separate report). Caught this small Cuda on a plastic which I thought was pretty odd, given the nasty conditions and 53 degree water. First one I've seen up here this year. Barracuda don't really excite me, but I was curious if anybody else has been catching...
  484. PacificPredator

    3/12/11 - Fishing the Tsunami at Catalina

    3/12/11 - I knew the conditions would be weird because of the Tsunami, but my bro-in-law was in town from back east and I wanted to take him out for his first Catalina trip, and his first saltwater fishing in 10 years. We were joined by one of my other bro-in-laws, Kirk. As expected, the seas...
  485. PacificPredator

    Tsunami fishing with Dave H...

    Nice job. The ocean was weird yesterday....crazy stuff going on out there.
  486. PacificPredator

    San Clemente Island Trip 3/4,5,6

    Bitchin rig. Thanks for the report
  487. PacificPredator

    Long Beach Jetski Rock & Bass Fishing 3/5

    40-50 mph, that's bitchin'. "After several moves I decided that I had killed enough baby rockfish" Why? Why not use a descender and give them a chance to live? I know it takes time, but I always try to give them a chance to revive...some probably don't make it, but some do I imagine...
  488. PacificPredator

    My biggest butt ever!

    Wonderful catch. Nice job.
  489. PacificPredator

    New Zealand Yellowtail Kingfish Everywhere

    Nice YTs. And, nice SoCal report....?
  490. PacificPredator

    Can someone identify this fish???

    Why? don't say shit like that... F the MLPA, but not DFG. We need them to enforce rules and keep idiots from poaching, etc.
  491. PacificPredator

    Can someone identify this fish???

    Nope. Rubberlip perch. Sargo are bronze color with a black stripe.
  492. PacificPredator

    San Nic

    Sweet pic!
  493. PacificPredator

    Rockfish Opener on the First String

    Nice read, thanks. Pics next time ? =)
  494. PacificPredator

    Rig for prerigged soft plastics???

    Those Storm pre-rigged baits sure look good, but I have never caught anything on them. I have given them a decent effort, but I may not be fishing them correctly. I would try swimmies (Big Hammer, Etc) with heavy leadheads like Capt. Ron does...
  495. PacificPredator

    LBC BREAK WALL 3-1-11

    Nice job releasing the bigger checkers Raul!
  496. PacificPredator

    Happy COD season! Where are the reports?

    Happy COD (except Ling) season! Where are the reports?Anybody go out today? Planning to go out this weekend for some taco meat...
  497. PacificPredator

    MB 2-27-11 evening

    Looks fun Sherm, and didn't cost you any fuel (except driving down there)!
  498. PacificPredator

    4+ Gas this summer

    OILAGER, I can't decide which one I like better, your avatar, or your signature pic. Both are totally awesome!
  499. PacificPredator

    4+ Gas this summer

    Damn, $500.00 to fill up my "little" 22' walk-around! I guess it's time for some ridesharing to save gas $... I'll be going to Cat a lot this spring/summer for seabass/yellows and will have open spots on my boat from time to time. PM me if interested. I think I'll buy an ocean kayak too...
  500. PacificPredator

    Paintballing sealions per DFG agents

    There is absolutely no way, IMO, that you could ever feel safe shooting paintballs at any marine life. Think about it. It would be like the wild west out there, not to mention it is polluting the Ocean too. Unless it's in writing, you can't do it. What are you gonna say if you get caught...
  501. PacificPredator

    Bassin' PV 02 / 22 w/Tailman on the Rubber Ducky

    Thanks for giving us something to read Ron, not many reports on here lately with the bad weather. See you around.
  502. PacificPredator

    Bassin' on the SoCal 02 / 23 Trip

    Thanks as always Ron for the report
  503. PacificPredator


    That's funny. Sounds like something I would do. What?! You released some sand bass? Good for you Raul. Now the bass police can't harass least on this post.
  504. PacificPredator


    LOL, who needs hoop nets if you can get them on Gulp Way to go Raul
  505. PacificPredator

    4+ Gas this summer

    Oil hit $100 today. Keep an eye on the Saudis, if the shit hits the fan there, oil will go to new highs, $150 +, and gas....approaching $5.00
  506. PacificPredator

    Danger removed / Epic day Catalina

    Wow, lake Pacific, nice pics.
  507. PacificPredator

    nice day on the water 2/20/11

    Good job getting out at least
  508. PacificPredator

    Favorite knot for braid to mono or flouro?

    My vote is for the Bob Sands, which is really just an improved Tony Pena as Mark said.
  509. PacificPredator

    found the sand dab kingdom

    No, you need about 1 per taco. You cut the head off and the guts, dip in egg, batter them, and fry em up. 1 average fish has enough meat for about 1 taco after you pick the bones out.
  510. PacificPredator

    found the sand dab kingdom

    Don't think you'll get them in anything less than about 300 ft. MAYBE 250. I could be wrong though. All I know is they are thicker than flies on shit around 300 ft out by the double rig area. When we drifted into about 280, the bite almost stopped.
  511. PacificPredator

    What color spectra do you use?

    White is nice for visibility...just use a good long fluoro leader and the fish don't care what color it is.
  512. PacificPredator

    Somewhere on LB wall 2-17-11

    interesting, really need a new camera, then go catch it again haha
  513. PacificPredator

    MLPA Google Earth Maps - Must See!

    So gay. thanks for the post
  514. PacificPredator

    Great Friends and Great Fishin on the KILLBOX

    Which one pierced your ear? lol that's my dream boat. Sweet Ride.
  515. PacificPredator

    Fished Catalina 2/12-2/13

    Nice report, thx for sharing
  516. PacificPredator

    F/S-WTB generator

    Thanks for the report.
  517. PacificPredator

    Catalina Fri/Sat- No WSB =(

    Hey nice try. I didn't find any of the right kind either after fishing bakside east all day Friday...
  518. PacificPredator

    Good times, bad fishing out of DP Sat.

    Right on. Way to get out there
  519. PacificPredator

    Circled catalina today for a few perch

    Wow, that sucks. Friday was beautiful, Silver Canyon to Church.. We got lots of action everything EXCEPT seabass of course.
  520. PacificPredator

    Catalina 2/11/11 Seabass fever

    With seabass fever in the air thanks to reports from the likes of Jonathan, The Dreamer, etc. I became ill Thursday night...and decided to miss work on Friday (and beat the crowds that will surely be there this weekend). It's contagious you know, so my brother in law decided to do the same and...
  521. PacificPredator

    Boat was bad, Dave was Great!

    Bummer, but at least you're safe. Good luck with repairs
  522. PacificPredator

    Rpt.-Thur.-02-10-11 A couple of Big'ns, Blown off the water.

    Nice job. I didn't think it was supposed to ne that windy. Makes me worry about tomorrow. Skipping work for an island trip
  523. PacificPredator


    that's why I'm skipping work and going tomorrow!
  524. PacificPredator

    Turn in your WSB heads please.

    Good point Julio. Lots of drop-off locations near LBC. I just hope I get the chance to drop some heads off this year! Thanks for the post.
  525. PacificPredator

    2/9/11-just couldnt listen..

    That damn wind. It never seems to be the ground swell, but the wind is the killer. The Santa Anas can really screw things up. Good effort getting out, but really watch those NOAA reports and the SCAs!
  526. PacificPredator


    Find the book 'In the Gray' by Wisch and read it twice. Not easy to find though. Yes, Seabass are totally gay!
  527. PacificPredator

    The Right Kind of Surf Stripes with the SWAT crew, 3 New PBs

    that's freakin cool I didn't know we had stripers here. hmmm....
  528. PacificPredator

    The secret is out....

    very nice, encouraging
  529. PacificPredator

    Sortin and chuckin 1-7-11

    nice work out there. good luck with fixing the engine
  530. PacificPredator

    south nine rock coding/getting jiggy with it

    interesting. nice work and 64 mph...that's movin!
  531. PacificPredator

    Good start 1/30/11

    Damn, nice day. Thanks for sharing
  532. PacificPredator

    02-05-11 Banker's Hours Part II

    nice one thanks for sharing
  533. PacificPredator

    2-5-2011 Small action with a swim w/Video

    lol thanks for sharing
  534. PacificPredator

    Great day 2-5-11

    Cool post. Thanks for sharing
  535. PacificPredator

    Horshoe Kelp Saturday 2.05.11

    Hey, nice Hali. thanks for the post
  536. PacificPredator

    South 9 Mile Feb 6

    good looking rig
  537. PacificPredator

    Constituion 1.5 day to Colenet

    I fished that boat. Great rig and crew.
  538. PacificPredator


    Nice work out there guys. Thanks for the post.
  539. PacificPredator

    Super Morning:

    Nice job dad. Nice rig too
  540. PacificPredator

    It's a Start - Catalina Report - 2/6/11

    Nice first trip of '11 Jonathan. That's pretty impressive. I heard the squid has thinned out some. Thanks for the post and great pics.
  541. PacificPredator

    Rpt.-Sat. 2-05-11 Izor's, The Shoe and Points South.

    Nice work out there Cory. That's a sweet Calico, and interesting that it bit up high. I just realized...Lal alternates between taking you and Ron out? You 3 always seem to catch fish!
  542. PacificPredator

    Izors and Breakwall 2/5

    lol at least you tried. thanks for posting
  543. PacificPredator

    Fishing the southeast shelf out of Long Beach 2/5/11

    Really? Are you allowed to use them for bait? If so, I agree, they would be perfect! Thanks.
  544. PacificPredator

    Fishing the southeast shelf out of Long Beach 2/5/11

    No limit on # of hooks....some guys use 10, but 6 is the perfect setup.
  545. PacificPredator

    Bassin' w/Tailman on the Rubber Ducky 02 / 04 Trip

    Thanks for the report Ron. We were a few more miles out from you at the rigs. Lake Pacific! Glad we went yesterday and not today...looks like it's all fogged in.
  546. PacificPredator

    Fishing the southeast shelf out of Long Beach 2/5/11

    Hi Keith- Was hoping to see a whale, but no. Nothing else to speak of. Have you seen anything interesting out there lately? B
  547. PacificPredator

    Fishing the southeast shelf out of Long Beach 2/5/11

    Thanks Jonathan. Not a whole lot of Shammies here on the West Coast, so I jumped on this one when I found it.
  548. PacificPredator

    Fishing the southeast shelf out of Long Beach 2/5/11

    Pretty simple: Scale them with a butter knife. Then dip each one in egg for a few seconds. Then coat with crumbs...I use crushed up bbq potato chips and ritz crackers (crushed super fine). Zatarains cajun mix works well too. I use about an inch of peanut oil in a skillet and I use the side...
  549. PacificPredator

    Fishing the southeast shelf out of Long Beach 2/5/11

    The Plan: Took 2 buddies and my sons out in search of fillets...small fillets (sand dabs). Since Izor's has been slow lately, and inshore is no good, figured we would hit the double rig area for some sand dabbing. Late start around 07:00 from Davies. Chilly at first but beautiful flat seas, no...
  550. PacificPredator

    1-31 on the sum fun (late)

    Nice Calico, great job on the release, and congrats to your lady. And congrats to you for having a nice lady that loves to fish!
  551. PacificPredator

    Got My 2011 License

    Now that's funny 'You gotta purdy boat, boy'.... lol
  552. PacificPredator

    Offshore 1/17 Catalina, Tanner, Cortes

    Quite a lot of fuel burned for nothing, but looked fun anyway. Thanks for posting
  553. PacificPredator

    Legal Ling Carcass for Lobster Bait?

    Yep, you are absolutely correct. 2007, LOL, WTF ?
  554. PacificPredator

    San O' & Thereabouts

    Hey great post and pics, and good job releasing. that's a cool little WSB, good to see those around! Thanks
  555. PacificPredator

    Legal Ling Carcass for Lobster Bait?

    Oh, I just said that because the post was from San Diego. I didn't notice you were from up north. You guys can get lings all year up there? Lucky you... Good luck out there.
  556. PacificPredator

    Legal Ling Carcass for Lobster Bait?

    Am I missing something here? You can't possess a ling (dead or alive) right now, this time of year, right???
  557. PacificPredator


    Do you guys realize it takes 5 to 6 years for a Sandie just to reach the minimum 12" length !? IMO they should reduce the limit to 5 per day. I think that would take a lot of pressure off the fishery. F*CK the MLPA and the F*CKS who came up with such a F*CKED idea!!!! Conservation, not...
  558. PacificPredator

    Channel Islands 1/29-1/30

    Nice, you can spear goats year 'round right?
  559. PacificPredator

    these guys are screwed

    thanks for your report.
  560. PacificPredator

    Targeting Sargo

    x2 Thanks for the info Dave
  561. PacificPredator


    Nice report, thanks for sharing
  562. PacificPredator

    Rpt-Sat-San Clemente Island.

    Nice mix, looks fun. Thanks Cory, good report as always.
  563. PacificPredator

    Zuniga Hali on the "Sail Fish" 1.25.11

    Great pics, nice butt. Thx for the post
  564. PacificPredator


    Right on. LBPD has always been cool with me.
  565. PacificPredator

    Catalina East End report - 1/23/11

    Hi Keith, Not too much life...a few dogs at the island, and a few pods of dolphin out in the channel. No whales, no birds to speak of. Let me know what you find...
  566. PacificPredator

    Enlarged !! Great Bassin' on the Ducky w/Tailman 01 / 23

    Ron, I just ordered the 2011 GW sticker today (online). Here's the link: California Fish and Game Warden Stamp Probably the best $5 you can spend (why don't they make it more??) if you care about the job those guys do! and it will maybe get you some good karma points the next time you get...
  567. PacificPredator

    Catalina East End report - 1/23/11

    Thanks Ron- we launched about 0600. I was so busy getting things going that I didn't pay much attention to who else was can be a little hectic/stressful with 3 junior deckhands. Darn! I wish I would have been paying attention, it would've been nice to have met you. I've been...
  568. PacificPredator

    Tin boat @ The Wall & Douchebag @ Davies

    Nice, how does it handle the chop? Perfect for the wall, inside, but would be a little nervous about the outside if there's any swell. Good job getting the son out!
  569. PacificPredator

    Enlarged !! Great Bassin' on the Ducky w/Tailman 01 / 23

    Fun report to read, as always Ron. Keep em' coming.
  570. PacificPredator

    bangin on the wall!!

    Right on, winter wall fishin ain't easy. Thx for the post.
  571. PacificPredator

    Catalina East End report - 1/23/11

    So of course I knew of the small craft advisory Sunday, but it was supposed to be from Pt. Magu to Santa Monica. LBC / Catalina was supposed to be OK. Regardless, started out mindful of the wind. We (2 bro-in laws, sons, and nephew) got squid around 06:30 from LBBC and it was nice and calm up...
  572. PacificPredator

    1/21, O.C.- Great conditions and missed opportunities

    Interesting tactics, thanks for posting.
  573. PacificPredator

    Newport Grand Slam!

    You got a WSb too? how big? uhhhh, pictures?
  574. PacificPredator

    Stays Enlarged !! SuperShort Local Moo-moo 01 /19 Trip Report

    Never know when/where it will show up for sure. Hopefully clear this weekend, going out Sunday!
  575. PacificPredator

    Squid pollution

    True, true. Maybe just forget Catalina until the squid thin out...
  576. PacificPredator

    Avet Rods??

    Don't know about avet rods, but your avatar is awesome! lol
  577. PacificPredator

    Squid pollution

    I know Catalina has squid pollution going on right now. When so much squid is around (fresh dead piled on the bottom, and live swimming around in broad daylight), does it make sense to offer up sardines to give the fish some 'variation' in their diet?
  578. PacificPredator

    Matt Walsh 1/20/2011 LA Harbor

    Thanks for the post, sounds like you were one of the top anglers on the boat. nice work
  579. PacificPredator

    The colors on the MLPA map

    x2 Fucking gay, and confusing:2gunsfiring_v1:
  580. PacificPredator

    MLPA map here.

    Confusing as fuck. What the fuck do the colors on the map mean?
  581. PacificPredator

    O'Side harbor Calico's

    welcome to BD, thanks for the post by the way people will always want more helpful/detailed info...water temp, depth, what you used, etc
  582. PacificPredator

    $100.00 Reward for a Lost a Hoop-Net

    100 pesos = $10 yeah? good luck finding it.
  583. PacificPredator

    LBC 1/15/11 Full Pots

    Dude, you are always producing. Thanks for the post.
  584. PacificPredator

    Stays Enlarged !! SuperShort Local Moo-moo 01 /19 Trip Report

    Sounds like...not much fun Ron. You're always out there giving it a good effort though. Thanks for the post. by the way, where was the fog and how long did it last?
  585. PacificPredator

    2000 Shamrock Predator 22 WA

    Here it is now... (I changed my BD name to Pacific Predator)
  586. PacificPredator

    Is this not the AWESOMEST boat ever!

    Sweeet ride fo' sure
  587. PacificPredator

    Best portable fish finder?

    Piranhamax 160 seems good.
  588. PacificPredator

    CA DFG 2011 Fishing license 10 feet long

    California gov't blows. they can find ways to f-u-ck up the simplest things.
  589. PacificPredator

    LA Times fish report from January, 7 1988.

    The sandie and calico limits should be 5 per person/day and maybe even with a slot of 12-20" only. Who the hell needs 10 bass per day anyway? It's crazy. Think about it, it takes SIX years for a calico to reach 12" !
  590. PacificPredator

    Wow Image Stays Enlarged !! Rubber Ducky Bassin' 01/16

    Well a fun report to read as always Ron, regardless of fish count, thanks for sharing.