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  1. mrfishcado

    Chevy Mirrors

    mrfishcado submitted a new listing: Chevy Mirrors - Chevy Mirrors Learn more about this listing...
  2. mrfishcado

    MEFI 4 reader

    I have 2005 Volvo penta 5.7 fuel injected engine and I’m having issues with it mis firing. I’ve replaced a bunched of parts and did a compression check. Does anyone have a MEFI 4 scanner I can borrow or rent? I want to see if it’s mechanical or if the engine is going into SLOW mode due to a...
  3. mrfishcado

    Simrad fluid level sensor

    I have a Simrad fluid level sensor and it is not working. I have it hooked up to my fuel tank sending unit. Without the sensor installed the ohm readings on the sending unit are fine. As soon as I hook up the sensor it shoots the ohm readings up. Has anyone experienced this before?
  4. mrfishcado

    Bronze Thru-hull cleaning

    I installed a bronze thru-hull transducer with fairing block and have some 5200 on the face of the transducer. Will this affect it? How can I remove the excess 5200 without damaging the transducer? I read not to use acetone or chemicals of that like. Thanks in advance.
  5. mrfishcado

    Seat boxes with tackle storage hatches.

    I have no need for these. Tackle hatches included but seats are not included. One fits 2 tackle boxes and the other fits 3. $150 for both. 626-488-6715
  6. mrfishcado

    Another 24' Open

    I picked up this Skipjack last year and it ran fine till it hydro locked on me. Long story short I'm getting the motor rebuilt. I did the top half already just waiting for the bottom end to get done. In the mean time I started messing around and here is where I'm at now. Started to lay down some...
  7. mrfishcado

    Teak with black stripe floor foam

    I bought this to do my bot but doesn’t match so here it is. I have two sheets. Not sure what brand it is but it has 3M glue and it’s 47”x94”. $100 for both sheets. pick up in Pomona. 626-488-6715
  8. mrfishcado

    Volvo Penta motor mount nuts

    I had to pull the engine to do some repairs and now it is time to put the motor back and I can't find the motor mount nuts. Nothing online as to what size they are. Does anyone know what size I should start looking for. I also lost the two small nuts for the starter wires. This is for an 2005...
  9. mrfishcado

    Seat Boxes for 25 ft. Skipjack Sport Cruiser FREE

    So I picked up these seat boxes from a fellow member for free thinking they would fit on my 24' open but didn't quite fit. There is a lot of modifications I'd have to do and these boxes are in good shape. I contacted the other members that were interested in them but haven't heard back so I'll...
  10. mrfishcado

    Misc. boat stuff need gone

    I have a few things that I need gone. West Marine Mini Dingy used but works. Come with oars and storage bag. sold carpet for bunks- not sure how long it is but can measure if you want. sold white vinyl materia- I have a lot of it. I was going to reupholster the bot but changed my mind. It’s a...
  11. mrfishcado

    Chocolate Lab Male

    Ok guys I have a pure breed chocolate lab male that’s looking for a girlfriend. He’s 3-1/2 and very well mannered. He’s still a virgin so he might need some time. Looking to breed him just wanting to get a puppy. Let me know if you have a female chocolate lab that’s looking for a one night stand.
  12. mrfishcado

    NIB Volvo Penta Exhaust Risers Set

    So I ordered the wrong part and have no use for these. They are brand new in the box. Vovlo part number: 3863061. I paid $350 for each. Pick up in Pomona. I can send pictures if interested.
  13. mrfishcado

    Thru-hull B285HW Chirp

    Here’s a few pics of the rough install of the new transducer on my Skipjack 24 Open. Had to move bunk location but I’m getting there.
  14. mrfishcado

    Power Caster PC-1 for sale

    Selling a used power caster pc-1 with a rating of 500lbs in good working condition. Retail $1650 new asking $650. 626-488-6715
  15. mrfishcado

    New to me Simrad radar

    Just picked up a Simrad 4G broadband Radar for my Skipjack. Is the overlay option worth installation of a separate gps antena? How many use the overlay option.
  16. mrfishcado

    Volvo Penta 5.7L with XDP outdrive

    So my risers took a shit and hydrolocked the engine. I will be replacing the exhaust and risers. I broke a tooth on the flywheel and need to pull the motor in order to repair it. I have room to pull the engine forward a few inches and then pulling the engine. My question is, is this possible or...
  17. mrfishcado

    Volvo Penta risers and manifolds

    I need to replace the exhaust manifolds and risers on my boat. I know I can get factory ones but has anyone used after market ones that are better. Just figured I might upgrade if there is something better out there. 2005 5.7 OSXi motor. Thanks
  18. mrfishcado

    Cat 05/23/20

    Lunches from Sunset Aquatic around 1:00am and went straight to Avalon. Got there at 4:00am and got bait from Long Beach Carnage. Fished the V’s at grey light with not much luck. Worked our way up the backside till we found a small beach south of Little Harbor that had some fish that wanted to...
  19. mrfishcado

    Santa Barbara Island Anchorage

    Thinking of heading to Santa Barbara this weekend maybe Friday evening to spend the night at the island. I have a 24’ Skipjack Open and I’ll be checking the weather before going. Never been there before so just wondering where would be a good place to anchor for the night or should I wait at...
  20. mrfishcado

    Offshore 5-16 Catalina

    Beautiful day on the water at Catalina but no current at least on the front side so fishing sucked. Did get to play with the electronics a bit and with trim tabs and dial the boat in a bit more.
  21. mrfishcado

    Flowscan Gauge only

    Guys, selling a flowscan 7000 gauge. This is only the gauge, there is NO fuel flow sensor included. $120
  22. mrfishcado

    Simrad Electronics porn

    Just got done installing some Simrad Electronics on the boat. NSS12, NSS7, Go5, Fuel Data Manager. Waiting to install the thru-Hull B285 chirp transducer and new Radar. Thanks to Titus Marine for the gear.
  23. mrfishcado

    Skipjack 24" Open

    I saw a Skipjack with the wooden railing like the party boats and I really liked the look. What kind of wood do they use on party boats to make the railing? Thanks.
  24. mrfishcado

    Need help with Garmin

    I need to calibrate a Garmin fuel sensor but my screen is not responding. Is there anyone in the Pomona area that can come bring a Garmin head unit that is NMEA 2000 capable so I can just calibrate my sensor. $20 to anyone that can come. 60 & 71 fwy. Thanks
  25. mrfishcado

    Garmin Electronics in working condition except for one.

    I have a few items for sale all Garmin. All are cash and pick up in Pomona or San Bernardino P66 Triducer in working condition with wedge bracket $75 Garmin Fuel flow sensor with N2K connector and mounting bracket in working conditions $100 SOLD Garmin GPSMap 431s with sun cover, mounting...
  26. mrfishcado

    Garmin GMR18 Radar

    Up for sale is this Garmin Radar. Came with the boat but I’m switching to Simrad. I tested it in the driveway n ran fine. $500 obo pick up in Pomona cash
  27. mrfishcado

    Fairing Block

    I have a high speed fairing block that needs to get cut for an 18* hull. How knows how to do this? Thanks for the help.
  28. mrfishcado

    Go5 XSE

    I got this unit to network all my engine info but would like something bigger. Looking to trade for a Simrad 7” or 8” can be older model as long as it’s NMEA 2000 capable. This is a brand new unit never installed. Comes with sun cover and power cable. I can send pics if interested. Pick up in...
  29. mrfishcado

    Floscan Fuel Sensor.

    Guys, I'm looking for the sensor to go with a 7000 series gauge. I believe its a model 231 or 20B. Let me know if you have one.
  30. mrfishcado

    Slightly used Simrad Unit

    Used a few times but in good condition, will need power cords. Just killing some time guys, who else has some old units laying around?
  31. mrfishcado

    Indoor Boat storage in Montclair

    What are you guys paying for boat storage? I might have have the opportunity to use a building as boat storage as was wondering what it cost for a covered storage in Montclair area. Let me know. Thanks.
  32. mrfishcado

    Volvo XDP outdrive housing

    Guys, I’m looking for the housing on a Volvo XDP. Don’t need the insides but will take it if needed.
  33. mrfishcado

    1980 Skipjack 24’ open

    I have this Skipjack with 5.7L engine and a XDP outdrive. It has radar, fish finder, auto pilot and a bunch of other stuff. The skeg of the outdrive cracked and I’m not sure if I should replace the outdrive, part the boat out or just sell the complete boat n trailer. Please help.
  34. mrfishcado

    Boat stands or boat jacks

    I need to borrow or rent a few boat stands for 2 days. Anyone have some they aren’t using. Let me know 626-488-6715. Thanks.
  35. mrfishcado

    Trailer for 24’ Skipjack

    Guys, I have the boat now need a trailer for a 24’ Skipjack. Doesn’t have to be nice just needs to get me home form about 3 hours away. Rent, buy show me what you got.
  36. mrfishcado

    1996 Chevy Suburban 1500 4x4

    This is a very clean truck with only 130k miles. It has all leather seats, no check engine light and tags till 02/21. This has the 5.7L engine. AC is not working but thats about it. $3000 obo.
  37. mrfishcado

    Hyundai Mechanic

    I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata that is giving me some issues and have to questions for a Hyundai mechanic. If there is anyone here that can help let me know. 626-488-6715
  38. mrfishcado

    TODD seats

    Selling a pair of TODD seats with no pedestal only the seats and the sliding part. I got new ones and these are just spares. No cushions either they were too damaged. The seats and sliding part are in good shape. $120 pick up in Pomona.
  39. mrfishcado

    2005 Silverado 2500HD 4x4

    Selling a 2005 Silverado 2500HD 4x4 with 227k miles. Super clean truck, A/C cold, no check engine light, tow mirrors with turn signal light, power everything. $7700 obo
  40. mrfishcado

    28' Skipjack trailer

    Guys, looking for a trailer for a 28' skipjack. Doesn't have to be nice just safe enough to tow the boat. 626-488-6715.
  41. mrfishcado

    1992 Jeep Wrangler

    This is a 92’ YJ with a lot of new parts. Rebuilt transfer case by Tri-county Gear 4- Rancho 9000 shocks Clutch Gas tank 4- brake all around LED in dash 50” LED light bar 4- LED pucks 2000lbs winch Seat belts Soft top Lockable center console Radio This Jeep sits on 33” tires. It was my sons and...
  42. mrfishcado

    24' Skipjack Transducer and bait tank supply placement

    Ok guys, what transducer and what type of transducer should I get. I'll be using Lowrance/Simrad electronics and since the fuel tank is out this would be a good time to decide what transducer type to get. What do other Skipjack owners have and recommend. Also, the inlet to the bait tank, what...
  43. mrfishcado

    Skipjack question

    What are the dimensions and capacity of your fuel tank? I have a 12”x23”x55” and that gives me about 65 gallons. I see guys with 100+ gallon capacity. How do you do it?
  44. mrfishcado

    New addition to the fleet

    Just picked up a 24’ Skipjack Flybridge, needs some elbow grease but overall a good boat. I’ll post more pics later.
  45. mrfishcado

    Lowrance HDS-12 Gen 2

    Selling my Gen 2 unit. Comes with power cord, sun cover, and Pelican travel box. Unit works fine just upgrading. $900 pick up in Pomona.
  46. mrfishcado

    20’ Skeeter SK2000 1988

    I bought it with intentions to use it in the ocean n lakes but lost my job and can’t afford a toy. Does not have electronics but can add a Lowrance HDS12 Gen 2 for extra. This is a big 20’ boat with a unique center console. Very good shape for its year. Motor is very clean and tags are current...
  47. mrfishcado

    Trolling motor

    71lbs trolling motor 24vdc in working condition. I upgraded so don’t have use for this one. $175 Obo
  48. mrfishcado

    2001 Silverado 6.0L $5000

    Selling my 2001 Silverado 1500HD. It has a 6.0L V8 engine that just passed smog 3 weeks ago. No check engine light, New battery, serpentine belt, spark plugs, spark plug wires, intake manifold gasket, throttle body gasket, valve cover gaskets. Has a spray on bed liner with a matching white Snug...
  49. mrfishcado

    Victor Torch set

    Journeyman II torch set very little use and in great condition. $350 obo
  50. mrfishcado

    71 lbs trolling motor

    Used but still in good working conditions. 71 lbs thrust 24VDC Motor Guide $175 obo.
  51. mrfishcado

    1992 Jeep Wrangler Sport YJ

    This is a 92’ YJ with a lot of new parts. Rebuilt transfer case by Tri-county Gear 4- Rancho 9000 shocks Clutch Gas tank 4- brake all around LED in dash 50” LED light bar 4- LED pucks 2000lbs winch Seat belts Soft top Lockable center console Radio This keeps sits on 33” tires...
  52. mrfishcado

    20’ Chaparral WA

    I’m selling my 1989 20’ Chaparral WA 204. Trailer included. Has a 150 Johnson, I took fuel pump off and never got around to putting it back on. 32 Gal Kodiak Bait tank, 3 Batteries, 2 House and 1 just for bait tank, 45 gal. fuel tank, marine radio w/antenna, Lowrance HDS transducer only. No...
  53. mrfishcado

    1994 34' Winnebago Adventurer price $8000 obo

    Ill keep it simple, 56k miles, tags due in August but I will smog for you, tires a year old with less than 1k miles on them. $9000 obo. Contact me if your interested and want more pics and info. Trailer not included. 626-488-6715
  54. mrfishcado

    Anacapa White Seabass 5-19-17

    Here are some videos from our trip. Once again thanks to Todd aboard the El Bandido for showing us around
  55. mrfishcado

    Anacapa 5-19

    Plan was to head to Clemente but after checking the schedule decided to head north to Anacapa Island. At the launch ramp met El Bandido and friends. They offered to show us to the island since it was 1:00am and our first time there. Got to the island around 2:00am and set the anchor. Had some...
  56. mrfishcado

    HDS-10 Gen 2, Structure Scan Gen 2, Lss-1

    Up for sale in working condition is a complete setup without the regular transducer. It's a HDS 10 Gen 2, Structure Scan Gen 2, and LSS-1 module. I upgraded and don't have use for this one. $1200 will ship at buyers expense. Prefer face to face so you can test the unit. I'm located in Pomona...
  57. mrfishcado

    Catalina 5-15

    Left Sunset Marina at 11:30 Saturday night. Cruised at 12mph all the way to the back side to find the fleet waiting. Asked if anyone had bait and Darell said the squid never came up. We tried plastics and iron for about an hour in the am and caught a few calicos and cudas. Went to the front and...
  58. mrfishcado


    NIB Shimano Tranx 500 PG. it's too big for what I wanted. Just opened it to put on rod. $370 and Pick up in Pomona or City of Industry. 626-488-6715. Will post pictures later if needed.
  59. mrfishcado

    FS: Lowrance LSS-1, skimmer and bracket

    I have a Lowrance Structure scan LSS-1, skimmer transducer and Tranducer shield and saver for sale.
  60. mrfishcado

    34' of pure joy

    Just brought home this 1994 34' Winnebago. It's in really good condition despite the age. Solar panels, dual AC units, hydraulic everything, and a bunch more.
  61. mrfishcado


    I have a sheet 48"x96" of each 1/2" & 3/4" King Starboard in white. These are brand new and still have plastic on them. I was going to use them on my boat but other things came up and have to sell. Let me know if your interested and I can send you some pictures. 1/2" sheet $200 3/4" sheet $250...
  62. mrfishcado

    Help: Colorado river

    I just got a 34' RV and want to go to the river. Besides the RV campgrounds that come up on google, does anyone know where I can camp. Looking for riverfront location cuz I'm taking boat and jet skies. Thanks in advance.
  63. mrfishcado

    Pneumatic tools

    My son got in a little fender bender and news to sell some tools. I'm selling an Ingersoll Rand industrial impact gun and screwdriver. Both are brand new in box. This is a new in box industrial pneumatic screwdriver made by INGERSOLL-RAND. It's a model #41PA8TPQ4. This has a retail price of...
  64. mrfishcado

    Looking for female lab

    I have a male an 8 year old English lab and want to breed him. Doesn't have to have papers. I just want one puppy.
  65. mrfishcado

    FS structure scan LSS-1

    Up for sale is a Lowrance Stucture Scan LSS-1 module and power cord only. I upgraded and no longer use it. $100 o.b.o
  66. mrfishcado

    1985 Corvette

    I need to sell or trade my 85 corvette. Car has 149k miles and a lot of power. I have several spare parts, heads, pistons, water pump, alternator. I also have original radio with Bose speakers (not installed). My son just got his permit and he would rather have a jeep or pick up truck. Car...
  67. mrfishcado

    FS Adjustable seats

    I bought these from a fellow member but didn't fit my boat. They are too wide. I had the cushion foam replaced on both bottom and back rest. $300 o.b.o 626-488-6715
  68. mrfishcado

    Offshore Labor Day weekend

    Fished with my son and neighbor on Friday out of Dana Point. Went about 6 miles and found a party and got 4 dorado and farmed 1. Kept looking and found another one, son hooks up to a solid yft then I get bit. He farms his and I land mine. Then on Sunday went out with my GF out of Long Beach...
  69. mrfishcado

    8-13-15 Long beach

    Fished about 1 mile before the fleet with my son. Hooked 5 landed 3. 2 on the slow trolled sardines and 3 while drifting. Some much needed time alone with my son.
  70. mrfishcado

    Bait pump size

    i have a Kodiak 32 gallon bait tank and currently using an 1100 GPH transom mount bait pump. Is this too much flow for my size tank? If it is, should I use a valve to minimize the flow or go with a smaller pump? Thanks in advance.
  71. mrfishcado

    Lucky 7-7-7 on the 4th

    Left Dana point at 5:00 and about 5:30 found a patty 7 miles out. By 7:00 am we had 7 yellows.Had fish boiling all around. Let a green center console come in and they got bit right away. Then the a party boat joined and they hooked up. Called it a day at 9:00.
  72. mrfishcado

    One direction tickets

    i was going to take my 2 girls to the One Direction concert in Dan Diego July 9th but now they don't want to go. I have 3 tickets for sale, face value is $251 and I paid $275 each with all the fees ticketmaster adds. I'm just looking to get the face value for each. Seats are Section F37 Row 16...
  73. mrfishcado

    Looking for a girlfriend

    this is Lucky and I'm looking for a girlfriend for him. He is an English lab 6 years old. He is about 70 lbs. I'm not looking to bread for business but just want two puppies. She got this dog while stationed in Belgium and is very obedient. If anyone has a female English lab and would like to...
  74. mrfishcado

    Looking for a female German lab

    my sister has a 3 year old male German lab and is looking to breed him. Not for money but I just want one for myself. We can work out details later. Does anyone have a female German lab or know of one. Thanks.
  75. mrfishcado

    High school books

    My son is a freshman at Bishop Amat High School and needs some books. If anyone has any of the following book and wants to sell them let me know. (626)488-0199 Glencoe Geometry isb# 9780076639298 Prentice Hall Literature Common Core Edition Isb#9780133195552 His mom was kind enough to leave...
  76. mrfishcado

    Dana point 7-20-14

    Left Dana point at grey light on our way to the 209 with on mackerel as bait. Stopped on a bunch of kelps for nothing. Trolled cedar n feathers for nothing. Made my way back to the 279 and started trolling a Mac and got a nice bull dorado. Chased the dolphins for a bit then found birds working...
  77. mrfishcado

    Going to La Paz

    I'll be in La Paz 07-23 to 07-27 and wanted to do some fishing. I was looking for maybe a 4 hour trip or half day. Who offers trips like that in La Paz. Thanks.
  78. mrfishcado

    Marine surveyor

    Looking for a surveyor in San Diego to check out a 29' Aquasport. Thanks.
  79. mrfishcado

    4th of July 2013

    Don't have time to get out and fish so I have to post a video from last year.Good luck to everyone that's out here fishing and happy Father's Day to everyone.
  80. mrfishcado

    Izors 05-25-14

    Fished Izors reef with my kids. 2nd time for my girls on the boat. Used nothing but plastics tipped with some fresh dead squid from about a year ago. Landed 4 and farmed about 10 others. Got inspected by the coast guard right at the launch ramp. Everything was good but just took some time.
  81. mrfishcado

    1988 29' Aquasport Tournament

    I'm looking into a 29' Aquasport Tournament. Don't know the complete specs but was wondering if anyone has had experience with these boats. Thanks.
  82. mrfishcado

    The ghost of 4th of July

    Just having some fun with the camera and video editing software. Team MACANUDO in Search of White Seabass HD 720p - YouTube
  83. mrfishcado

    Lowrance HDS-10M and Lowrance StructureScan HD Module

    I'm selling a slightly used HDS-10M unit and Structure Scan Module. Included are the HDS-10M unit, mounting bracket, knobs, power cord, structure scan module with power cord an ethernet cable. The HDS-10M doesn't have fish finder capability but when networked with another lowrance unit with a...
  84. mrfishcado

    Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 2

    I have an HDS-7 Gen 2 unit that I need to sell. This unit has never been installed and was used as a demo for a short period. It has the new software update and also comes with a Structure Scan Gen 1 transducer. The transducer is used and came off my boat. I have upgraded and no longer need...
  85. mrfishcado

    Lowrance HDS-10 Gen 1

    I have an HDS-10 Gen 1 for sale. I am upgrading and need to sell this unit. This is the head unit only. Comes with mounting bracket, knobs and power cord. Asking $1400 o.b.o call me with any questions (626)498-0199.
  86. mrfishcado

    Bilge pumps

    I want to install a second bilge pump as a back-up. I want to put a "T" on the hose leaving the bilge pumps but was wondering if the water from one pump will drain out the other pump. Should I put check valves to avoid this from happening. I just don't want to drill holes on the boat. Thanks for...
  87. mrfishcado

    Shimano Tiagra 30W with Seeker rod

    I have a Shimano Tiagra 30W spooled with 80lbs Big Game line. It comes with a Seeker Classic rod with the 1st and last roller guides. The rest of the guides are regular eyes. The reel has small boat rash on it. It has been on boat rides only and has never caught a fish. The rod has a gimbal...
  88. mrfishcado

    2000 Silverado

    I'm selling my 2000 Chevy Silverado LS 4.8 v8 vortex engine. Its the 4 door model with 201k miles and a clean title. I am the original owner and all service was done at the Chevy dealer. I don't have the reciepts because I was not planning on selling it but I lost my job and need to sell it. It...
  89. mrfishcado

    Avet Pro EXW 30/2 with custom wrapped rod.

    I have a gold Avet EXW 30/2 with a custom wrapped calstar 665XH 40-100 rod. The rod has 6 roller guides on it. Im asking for $450 obo. Text me and I will send more pics.(626)488-0199. I need this gone.
  90. mrfishcado

    Lowrance HDS-8

    I have a NIB Lowrance HDS-8 Gen 1and Structure Scan package for sale. HDS is the Insight model and comes with an additional upgrade card. HDS-8 does not have a transducer but if you want I can give you a new one when my new unit arrives. Will ship at your cost. Asking $1600. Will sell seperate...
  91. mrfishcado

    Shimano Tiagra 50W LRS

    This reel is in really good condition. It has a small nick on one side and minor scuff marks on sideplate. It comes with line but not sure what rating. Asking $400 o.b.o. Call me with any questions (626)393-9110.
  92. mrfishcado

    Need some family law advice.

    Well I'm going through a divorce and wanted some advise. If there is any Family Law lawyers with a couple of extra minutes I would apreciate it. Thanks.
  93. mrfishcado

    Shomano Tiagras

    I have a Tiagra 50W and a Tiagra 30W that I need to sell. I'm asking $400 for the 50W and $350 for the 30W. They have minor scratches on them. The 30W has straight 80lbs. line only used 2 times and didn't catch anything. The 50W has line but not sure what rating. Let me know if you want more...
  94. mrfishcado

    Legal help

    Need some help. If I get supined to testify do I have too go. I know both partys involved and don't want to get involved. Thanks.
  95. mrfishcado

    Furuno FCV-582

    SOLD Paco
  96. mrfishcado

    Float tube, fins, and waders for sale

    I have a pontoon style float tube for sale. I also have a pair of size Large force fins, and a pair of Hodgman Wadelite size Large waders. Also included is a rod holder and bait tank/ livewell. The zippers on both side pockets work fine. The zipper on the backrest pocket does not open. Just...
  97. mrfishcado

    Lake house

    I'm looking to rent a lake house for about 4-5 nights in havasu or nearby area. I want something on the water so the kids can have something to do while I fish. Dates are open.
  98. mrfishcado

    Dumore Tool Post Grinder

    I have a Dumore Tool Post Grinder Model #44. It is the 1/4 h.p. model. It is in almost new condition. I can send pics if needed. I think the MSRP is about $2,000. I'm asking $650 o.b.o. It is almost new and only used a few times.
  99. mrfishcado

    Garmin GPS/FF

    I have a Garmin GPSmap 498. It comes with transducer w/temp., AC/PC adapter to communicate with PC, Software for PC. It is a really good unit. I have 436 points on the GPS. All the points came from Mark Wisch book "Between 2 and 20 Fathoms" It also has some spots over in Catalina. I paid $500...
  100. mrfishcado

    Kids don't try this at home

    unless you want to spend an hour cleaning the microwave. Getting ready to go fishing this morning, I thought I'd put my Unibutter and some pro cure bait scents in the microwave in order to have them ready. Wrong, the unibutter did fine, but I forgot to open the bottle of pro cure scent and its...
  101. mrfishcado

    Puddingstone Lake

    Fished Puddingstone today with Jesse. Started at the East shore and farmed 1 on a 5” pumpkin Senko. Worked our way down the shore and then landed 2 fish. 1 on a brown Texas worm and the other on a Carolina 3” purple Senko. Managed to farm another on a Carolina 6” lizard. Made a move to the...
  102. mrfishcado

    Thought you guys might want to know.

    I don't build rods and not sure if this is something that rod builders use. Just passing it on. 16 February 2010 3M Nanomaterials Strengthen Sports Gear The first real advance in epoxy resins in years improves the performance of carbon-fiber composites At a Glance Thanks to a significant...
  103. mrfishcado

    Boat trailer

    I'm thinking of buying a new trailer for my 20' boat. I found one that is c-channel steel. It is painted. Would it last with the saltwater even if its painted. Thanks.
  104. mrfishcado

    Hydraulic steering.

    Need some help guys. I currently have regular cable steering on a 150 hp johnson outboard. If I want to change it to hydraulic steering, do the kits like the seastar come with all equipment needed. If anyone has done this what kit/parts did you buy, and how much was it. Is it something I can do...
  105. mrfishcado

    Picked this up last week.

    Got this Ranger last week. Its a 1996 488VS. Very clean paint and motor. All it needs is up to date electronics. Thinking of going with the Lowrance HDS-8 at the front and a HDS-10 at the console. See you guys on the lake.
  106. mrfishcado

    Offshore Sons first tuna

    Went out of San Diego on Monday with my son and friends Gene and Jesse. Fished about 5 miles west of south island. Found some lettuce and caught 2 yft and 3 dodos. My son got his 1st tuna and dodo. At one point he was just on his knees using the side of the boat because he couldn't feel his arm...
  107. mrfishcado

    Tiagra 50W

    I have a Tiagra 50W that I don't use. It is in very good shape. One small scratch on sideplate. Come with line but would recomend you replace it. I bought it to use on sharks, never did any shark fishing. $400 firm. Shipping on buyer or you can pick up.PM me for pics. Thanks.
  108. mrfishcado

    1st Trip to Catalina

    :picknose: I'm making my first trip to catalina on sunday. I have all the safety stuff. Just wondering wich end of the island is everyone fishing. Dont need any specific spots, (I'll take them if you got them) just a general area. East or west end. Thanks and good lcuk to everyone and happy...
  109. mrfishcado

    2 day trip

    :1041677399:Just found out that out scheduled 2 day trip this year was cancelled. We could just jump on an open party trip, but I think it will be cool to fish with other BDecker's. Does anyone have 2 spots open on a 2 to 3 day trip in august or September. PM me if you do. Have money ready for...
  110. mrfishcado

    Fabian gets his day.

    Went fishing sunday with fishing buddys Jessie, Gene, my nephew Fabian and my boy Joshwa. Left Davies at about 7 after getting a flat on the straightaway before entering the ramp. Got mix anchovies and dines from nacho and head out. My boy always outfishes my nephew for some reason. Not...
  111. mrfishcado

    Check out my boat.

    I've put alot of work into her since I bought her. Electronics, and alot of elbow grease.
  112. mrfishcado

    What is the limit of nets?

    I plan on doing some lobster fishing for the first time. A friend has about 15 nets. Is there a limit per person or is it per boat. Thanks in advance.
  113. mrfishcado

    Coronado Island

    Thinking of going out there on monday. Do I need a mexican permit for me and my boat. Not sure any help please. Good luck to everyone this weekend.
  114. mrfishcado

    two boys = two butts

    This was about a month ago. took my nephews out for a day of fishing. Not much happening. Two of the kids got sick so we fished in the harbor. My boy and one of my nephews got a butt each. Heres a pic.
  115. mrfishcado

    Barracuda ready

    Took my boy out for some lessons and practice. We were catching shovelnose sharks and batrays. At first, I would set the hook and then hand the fish off to him. I then told him he had to do everything himself. He caught about 6 fish and got worked on all of them. He then took a 2 hour nap. I...
  116. mrfishcado

    Thanks Tommy

    Placed an order for shrimp and scallops on tuesday and recieved it on wednesday. Everything was perfectly packed. Really wanted to eat the stuff that night but had plans. Cant wait to cook them up. Thanks again Tommy.
  117. mrfishcado

    Poker tonight in West Covina

    I'm having a poker tournament tonight if anyone wants to play. $20 buy-in with un-limited re-buys the first 2 hours. If you want to play send me a pm so I can send you my adress.
  118. mrfishcado

    Poker on Fiday nights in West Covina

    If anyone wants to play, I host tournaments in my garage on Fiday nights. We start at 8:00 p.m. $20 buy-in gets you 50 chips. Unlimited re-buys the first 2 hours. I serve dinner, you supply your own drink. If anyone interested send me a pm to get direccions.
  119. mrfishcado

    picture of stolen rods and reels

    finally figured out how to load pictures. Here is the arsenal I had.
  120. mrfishcado

    Stolen rod and reels

    Woke up this morning to see that someone stole about 8 of my rod and reels off my boat. They were 6 accurates with my name lazer etched on them. "paco Lomeli", if anyone sees them let me know. i dought that I will find the rods. They were seeker black steel and G-loomis. Anyways it is a really...
  121. mrfishcado

    3 kids fishing

    Sorry for the late report. Fished last Friday with my son and two nephews and my pops. Launched from Davies at about 8. Really windy so fished inside the breakwall. Kind of slow. Did manage on legal halibut at about 23" for my little boy. They all caught several shorts. They had fun.
  122. mrfishcado

    3 kids

  123. mrfishcado

    3 kids

    I'm taking my boy and 2 nephews out on friday. I'm trying to stay local out of long beach. Any spots I should try, I really want the kids to catch something. Any help is apreciated. Thank you. Mr.Fishcado
  124. mrfishcado

    Just bought a Chaparral 204 WA

    Just bought this older boat. I had a bass boat before so I know a little bit about boats. I plan on using this boat on the ocean. Any ideas on the things that you recomend that I have on the boat before taking her out. I have an idea but want to make sure I dont forget anything. Thank for your...