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  1. Nosecrets

    Pretty stoked

    I’ve never hunted Montana but I have some buds that do. Got a call early in the year asking if I wanted to put in....Fuck yeah. Researched a bit talked about hunting near great falls but ended up in a small town 100 miles from North Dakota. Having a blast living out of a hotel room lol but...
  2. Nosecrets

    1 shot 1 kill

    Shot number 9 of my new warranty replacement bow. 67 yards jumped a fence and tumbled 140 yards down a cliff. Dinker buck but that was the plan shoot the first legal opportunity. The buck mule kicked when I shot but the arrow hit the femoral artery and exited the rib cage leaving a hole but...
  3. Nosecrets

    Freshwater High lake report

    Spent the day on a hike into the back country. Took a few buds from work 2 of us with fly gear 2 with spin tackle. Caught 9 and lit a fire to get the coals hot. Cooked in foil with butter and seasoning.
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    No holds barred opinion

    So, curious to know how many of you feel that if the shut downs didn’t happen the end result would of been the same? Here’s mine, I personally think the rate of spread would of been substantial if kids were in school and people continued to gather in bars. Unfortunately but fortunately we will...
  5. Nosecrets

    Montana results are out

    I drew a deer tag, first things first. Never hunted there before. Where do i go. Looking to kill a 180” buck. Only driven thru it never really looked around. Any help would be great. Lol, i know where i’m hunting. Don’t need any suggestions just thought i would post what seems to be the...
  6. Nosecrets

    Sage 12’ and islander MR3

    1k buys it. The rod is in perfect condition, reel is black with a few scratches.
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    Since you have time

    Since the stay home order took effect and a little before I took on a new hobby. I started looking into home dry aging beef and found there is many YouTube vids on it. Started by finding sausage maker dry ave wraps and that led to a video which led to the purchase of a sous vide, then another...
  8. Nosecrets

    In memory of grandpa

    When my grandpa passed away i was asked if i wanted his possessions, my answer was no i’m good. When my mom called me again i said yes, theres a set of deer horns on the wall in the garage covered in hats behind his cadillac. She uncovered them and said she had no idea they were there. When i...
  9. Nosecrets

    Whaler guardian

    Twin johnson outboards. Runs but not perfect. This was a rescue boat from alaska with a dive door. On a tandem axle trailer. As is 5k the gel coat is new but hand done. A fixer for someone serious. And alot of boat
  10. Nosecrets

    Maui Jim’s peahi

    Peahi blue Hawaiian lenses. I bought these 3 months ago. No scratches 140.00 pd 238. These are glass lenses and are great for fishing but not for riding.
  11. Nosecrets

    Whats it worth

    Originally a coast guard boat. My buddy got ahold of it and redid the gel coat and cleaned it up. One of the motors has a bad cylinder but still runs. Its a 24’ boston whaler with a side dive door. How much is this boat worth?
  12. Nosecrets

    Annual trip produced

    5 days of hunting 2 missed opportunities. Had a buddy hunt with me thru the weekend who put a few good stalks on a couple of nice 4x4’s. Tuesday am i spotted this 3x3 and was able to send an arrow thru both shoulders and he was kind enough to pack himself out within - 10 yards of the road i...
  13. Nosecrets

    Saltwater Westport-tailwalking it

    A quick thank you to my brother Patrick Walker. Always lands us on fish. Weather fucked us a bit in our first day but flat seas and a top notch captain let us rally on day 2. You never let us down. Caption competition for the 3rd photo. Hero status Patrick
  14. Nosecrets

    First run on Pit Boss Copperhead 5

    I will make it quick. Picked up a new smoker last weekend to smoke fish this weekend. Liked the idea of pellets and digital control. Put the fish on brine Friday 3am before heading in to work. Fired the smoker up Saturday night after a small amount of assembly to season it. Woke up early...
  15. Nosecrets

    Customer service 2 thumbs up

    On February 10th i ordered a nikon black x1000 6-24x50 nikon. I did not receive a confirmation email so i called them next day. The confirmed over the phone that i would have the scope in hand on february 26th. Fast forward to march 12th no scope. I called them and the rep told me the new...
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    Worth a look. Click link, smoking deal
  17. Nosecrets

    Superbowl predictions

    Thinking a Falcons-Patriots superbowl. My thoughts prior were the rams would beat the falcons today but thought they were the 2 toughest in the NFC and that the saints will advance tomorrow. Titans played a good game today with their comeback but IMO will not make it to the party...
  18. Nosecrets

    Another good trip

    Our yearly week long trip started similar to last year. I got settled in camp early friday and got a call from mu buddy at 645pm and he told me he had a bear down. He was excited as to be expected and i told him to come get me and we will go get it. We searched from 8-11pm in the dark with...
  19. Nosecrets

    Saltwater Fishing, relaxing, enjoying, zen

    To make this a short story would take away from a solid experience. Over the past few years I have got to know @walkersinc. A few years of tuna killing and talking on the phone i began to understand the methodology behind being a charter captain. I spoke to Patrick and decided to book early...
  20. Nosecrets

    Go big, too small no bueno

    A few months ago while the weather was shit and supposed to be not shit my wife informed me that she wanted to be able to be outside during the rain without the weather impacting her plans. So i built here just that. I started last wednesday digging post holes and tearing off siding to mount...
  21. Nosecrets

    Boat buyer prospect. Smoking deal

    Seen this on Craigslist seattle by typing in "needs work". The boat in running condition is worth upwards of 70k and could be outfitted with a pair of 150's and be a long range reliable machine. If your in the market i would urge you to consider talking to Goatram or Sammy hooker in regards to...
  22. Nosecrets

    Utility trailer?

    Looking to buy a 7x14 enclosed trailer. Anyone have any advice?
  23. Nosecrets

    2005 Honda Civic Ex

    As stated above it has 103600 miles 4 door, stick shift loaded navy blue metallic. Timimg belt at 92k new tires, all maintainence records It will be on craigslist next week for more but first 6k takes it. Compare at 7-9k
  24. Nosecrets

    Deer Down

    Went east for a week for the annual camping/hunting trip with my wife. I also had some great company such as Wild Bill Steve, Dustin and Nate. Excellent group of like minded hunters. Headed over on the 16th and was stopped short by a call from Dustin who on his way over killed a beautiful...
  25. Nosecrets

    Smoking deal for someone

    This is on offer up in marysville, the 2nd pic on the add showed a 4 stroke merc kicker a 150hp merc main 92-95 series 2stroke, trim tabs. This is the cheapest i have ever seen. If your boatless i wouldnt hesitate.
  26. Nosecrets

    Saltwater West coast Tuna

    12 months ago we were headed for westport to fish with Patrick and the Rhabbi aboard the prospector, 49 tuna later, a more than happy crew and a pile of memories along with another booked trip for next year. Fast forward to this year i had the luxury of spending 3 days in area 1 fishing kings...
  27. Nosecrets

    Anyone want to fight?

    Try me lol!
  28. Nosecrets

    Shot this, need a recipe

    Need a recipe to cook wild turkey. Any of you have any suggestions.
  29. Nosecrets

    2 rifles for sale

    My buddy who is not a member of this site is getting rid of a couple rifles. First is a ruger american 7mm-08 with scope. It has had 18 rounds down the barrel and comes with 62 rounds. 450.00 The second is a mauser 98 chambered in 270 weatherby. Has a wood monte carlo stock, weaver scope...
  30. Nosecrets

    Tack driver complete

    Back in January i sold a 308 to Kool Aid as i didnt have the heart to dismantle a perfectly good accurate rifle for my build. The day i sold it i bought a new 243 remington 700 and headed to Benchmark in Arlington. The people there were more than helpful and have a very large knowledge base on...
  31. Nosecrets

    Self promoters decreasing opportunity

    Its one thing to help destroy fisheries here in washington but when i see this type of self promotion towards a fishery that can go away much faster than ours did it fucking makes me irate. Good job John Martinis for helping in packed local areas and for turning midchannel into a boat parking...
  32. Nosecrets

    Reel Question

    Have any of you guys used Truth reels? Look similar to finn-nor. I use avets but having another US made reel manufacturer is a good thing.
  33. Nosecrets

    Endangered The link is worth reading. Not that you give a squirt of piss about snakes but the overall big picture of the impact that people...
  34. Nosecrets

    Misc gun parts

    If anyone is interested i have some remington model 700 short action parts for sale. Factory 243 barrel Factory bolt Trigger assembly Synthetic stock. Short action bottom metal The rifle these parts are from had never been fired so parts are brand new. If you have an old short action that...
  35. Nosecrets

    Remington aac sd 308

    Too good to part out. I bought this gun new last year for target shooting which it did very well. I am getting ready to A. Strip the barrel and stock or B. Sell it because its too accurate as a whole May sound crazy but i am getting ready to do a custom built 6.5 creedmore for long range...
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    Best gift ever

  37. Nosecrets

    Halloween costume

  38. Nosecrets

    Lucky guy

    As your driving up the 405 you dont expect to see stuff like this. I had to go to bum fuck south today for work and after the 512 and 167 i happen to see this lucky hunter displaying a pretty damn nice elk. A few thumbs up to him and his wife along with an air high 5. PETA would disagree but...
  39. Nosecrets

    Most excellent

    4 grouse, a 4x3, 3 bear sighting..... Started our annual trip to the okanogan last friday. We left at 230 from home to pick our RV up from our lot to head to the deer getting spot. On our way we went thru marblemount and within 3 miles i happen to look right and spot a very nice black bear...
  40. Nosecrets

    Nailed it...BOOM

    After my cherry was popped I couldn't help but try to mimic that incredible feeling of losing my virginity (tuna you sick fuckers). I called Patrick Walker of Tailwalker Charters to book the boat for his next open weekend. Being that he is a natural born fish killing machine it was gonna be a...
  41. Nosecrets

    Lazy Sunday Bbq

    I had picked up the kona island pinapple teryaki marinade to use for tuna and seems the wife doesn't eat fish i marinaded some chicken with it and holy shit it was good. Today we have some friends coming over so i did that marinade on chicken and pork and made skewers with hemplers bacon and...
  42. Nosecrets


    It all started last july...maybe i will skip that part. It all started at Lapush in May. I had the opportunity to meet a few more solid fisherman who by all rights should of gave me the salute and meant it. I was fishing with Sammy hooker and Raybone and we had a campsite just a few spaces...
  43. Nosecrets

    Stolen boat

    1995 alumaweld sled (20') with a yamaha vmax tiller 2012 150 along with a t8. This boat was stolen out of my friends driveway in skagit county. Any help appreciated. Fucking shit bag fuckhead thieves. I hate em
  44. Nosecrets

    Garmin electronics

    Garmin 298 and a 192c. Great pair for fishing. Card included 550 takes the pair. Includes transducer.
  45. Nosecrets

    Tekota 600 lc

  46. Nosecrets

    Canada info

    Recently i went to purchase an online license thru the canadian fisheries website. I tried to sign up as a new account but after filling in all the 75 blanks and hitting go it said that i already had an account. I had never bought one online only over the counter. I resorted to calling the...