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  1. Hector Garcia

    Info on Sabre B710m-B710h

    I think they are around 100-130$. For the price, theyre cool rods, but you can get a calstart 90J for the same price.
  2. Hector Garcia


    It happens all the time. The thread is coiled, but spun around like fresh mono on a spinning reel. I have no idea why, and I fucking despise it. It can cause the metallic to mess up, or get knots.
  3. Hector Garcia

    Help me ID wtf I did wrong with finish

    I just ordered this on Amazon. Its not cheap, but my last gallon lasted me a year, so I think this should be okay for another year. And that last gallon was used wrapping up over 100 rods. Disclaimer: I just ordered it. I have not received ut yet, and have not tried it yet. I was going to have...
  4. Hector Garcia

    Help me ID wtf I did wrong with finish

    It looks like your dryer might have shut off after about an hour or two. You can sand it down, and refinish and it should look fine. As American Tackle said, it also looks like it was too hot. Hot epoxy doesnt set smoothoy, it sets runny, so it can look like that as well.
  5. Hector Garcia

    Crb wire chucks for sale

    Hey guys and gals, I have 3 CRB wire chucks for sale. Did not work for me, and I would recommend only using them for smaller weight builds. They are regularly 23$ each plus shipping, so im asking 45$ shipped for all 3. DM me or text me. 323-338-2107 -Hector
  6. Hector Garcia

    Another Covid rod builder...

    Those are awesome blanks, and they will make awesome rods, but I would suggest you buy a beater blank to start and not risk messing up an expensive blank. Island Fishing Tackle has the biggest rod building supply locally, but Get Bit is awesome as well. Another thing, are you wrapping by hand...
  7. Hector Garcia

    What do I have here?

    Usually re-wrapping a rod to me is a minimum of 150$ plus parts. Thats a simple 2 color wrap and basic fuji guides. Additional parts extra. So taking that into consideration, think about how much the blank costs, and an average of 180 for someone to wrap it deckhand. Now you have your price point.
  8. Hector Garcia

    HN vs MN vs LSV

  9. Hector Garcia

    ProKote High Build

    99% of my builds are with Pro Kote high build and my finish comes out perfect. Ive wrapped over 200 rods in the last 2 years and only had problems with 1 rod, due to an unknown contamination issue. Ive also used Gen4 and had the worst finish jobs of my life. I think it varies from place to...
  10. Hector Garcia

    What guides are thses?

    Those are 2 different sets of guides. The first taller beefier guide is an HN amd will handle what you need it to do. The second set of guides is MN guides. They will not handle 60-80lb. They will possibly break under pressure. Id go Alps XHN or Fuji HN guides for that blank.
  11. Hector Garcia

    CRB Eglass blanks

    They are good basic blanks. Weight wise they weigh a little more than newer blanks or composite blanks, but they get the job done. If you want a better option, i would go with a Rainshadow glass blank. I think they are better quality. And they have some 8ft models that are perfect for socal...
  12. Hector Garcia

    Need your help in identifying a rod

    This looks like a better answer. It looks like someone broke it and fixed it with a ferrule. And honey glass like that was used by a lot of companies, so hard to say what it is without labels.
  13. Hector Garcia

    Stripper guide orientation

    I flip the guide on spinning rods. On casting/conventional rods, if you move the guide closer to the reel, it makes it so the line doesnt touch the grip or blank. The line is not going to touch the side supports of the ring on this rod. I would see it potentially being a problem on 130lb+ rods...
  14. Hector Garcia

    Stripper guide orientation

    I would suggest you move the guide to 41 or 42in from the tip. You dont need to put it backwards. And you cant static test that rod with an MXL, i wouod suggest you ask someone local if you can borrow a big game reel to test it out.
  15. Hector Garcia

    Sabre E Glass

    Ive purchased a couple and built a couple. Theyre good rods. Can really chuck a light iron a pretty good ways out. Im actually in the process of building one of these for a buddy.
  16. Shimano TLD20

    Shimano TLD20

    Up for grabs is a brand new, unused Shimano TLD20. The button for the drag stop was lost when I took it apart for service. Spooled with braid underneath and a long 40lb mono topshot. The reel was greased, oiled and spins freely. Has drag set at 12#. Has Cals drag grease. Does not have the screws...
  17. Hector Garcia

    How to build a rod/grip for a wide frame reel

    Nothing will help a wide frame reel from rolling. The weight of it will make it want to roll to one side, and gravity will want to take care of the rest.
  18. Hector Garcia

    might start building rods?

    Depends on what size and what manufacturer. Anything 9ft or above, good luck. You can get a Rainshadow 80M which makes a good starter jig stick at 8ft for like 80-90$
  19. Hector Garcia

    Guide Size Suggestions for Calstar 540

    The stripper depends on the size of the reel. I usually do 25, 20, 16, 12, 8 size 10's to 10 tip. You dont need 2 16's at all. Maybe 2 12's, but not 16's.
  20. Hector Garcia

    help with Ghost Hunter 200g spinning guide train

    You probably wont find a size 16 tip to begin with, and it may throw the spacing off because the spacing they provide is for the guides at a specific height. You may need to adjust it if you choose different size guides.
  21. Hector Garcia

    Calif Halibut 8FT 12-25 blank?

    Im building 2 of these at the moment for a client, and they are awesome blanks. Perfect tip for bait, but really powerful backbone to pull the Butts off the bottom. Honestly stronger than people think.
  22. Hector Garcia

    Need a little help wrapping a Calcutta bamboo gaff

    I use spar urethane, but a small coat/layer of rod finish will keep it shiny as well. The cord is usually rott proof, but I still apply spar urethane because im not really sure if the Atwood cord will hold without it. Especially with salt water.
  23. Hector Garcia

    How much stretch for a rubber winding check?

    It depends on how hard/dense it is. Some of those dont stretch at all. Ive had luck using a pick and stretching it down enough, but obly way to tell is by trying it.
  24. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Put the first coat on. Split grip to show the label.
  25. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Finished a seeker F100 in packers colors and a BTG90JMag in blue and black.
  26. Hector Garcia

    Custom Senko Rod

    Nice bass Theron! Good to see the rods you built put to good use.
  27. Hector Garcia

    Where did the bubbles come from?

    Could be the thread, epoxy, brush, mixing cup, mixing stick. Wouldnt be able to tell what caused it unless you try to replicate it again.
  28. Hector Garcia

    Where did the bubbles come from?

    Tons of things could have caused the bubbles. The most common is contamination in the finish or on the threads. There could have also have been contamination in the CP, or it could have been put on too thick or too thin. I usually lay 2 coats minimum of CP and wait a day after I lay it down to...
  29. Hector Garcia

    Blue Sarape TADY F-90

    Freddy the Sarape master.
  30. Hector Garcia

    Seeker LBC 500 blank info needed

    Maybe LBC stands for Live Bait Composite?
  31. Hector Garcia

    New wrapping bench

    Mine has so much shit on it, im surprised im turning in any rods 😂
  32. Hector Garcia

    Is 90J + 12" = 100J?

    I would consider it an extended 90J. The action of the 90J is more of a moderate fast action and the 100j is way more moderate bend, into the grip
  33. Hector Garcia

    Good OG Blanks for sale

    70XH sold. Up. Have a lot of other blanks I will be posting later on when I get the chance.
  34. Hector Garcia

    Deckhand rod - 7'

    I can make him a 7ft 20-40 rod deckhand with 1 color for 200$. Im in Palmdale and meet up on weekends for pickups and deliveries.
  35. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Built 6 in the last week. Calstar T100J Calstar T90J Rainshadow RCTB70XXH Seeker FD850 Seeker CJBF80XH Roddy 6480
  36. Hector Garcia

    Good OG Blanks for sale

    Up. Lots of texts and messages. CP70XH pending. Other blanks still available, or can build if you want them.
  37. Hector Garcia

    Good OG Blanks for sale

    Thanks. Il try that right now.
  38. Hector Garcia

    Good OG Blanks for sale

    Have a couple of blanks people may want. Pickup or delivery in the LA area or meet halfway. Weekends only. May be willing to trade for some reels. Avet LX/HX, shimano trinidad, Okuma Makaira, Talica. DM me ir text me what you have. Cash, venmo, zelle, or paypal FNF accepted. No holds unless...
  39. Hector Garcia

    Winner Announcement!!!!!

    Its a good link. Directs to youtube. Or search american tackle on youtube
  40. Hector Garcia

    Grafighter and BTG

    They are not the same. People get this wrong a lot. Calstar makes 3 blanks. All glass, composite, and grafighter. The glass models start with BT or just T Then the composite version is BTG Or GG The Grafighter version is GF. All have different material.
  41. Hector Garcia

    Want to Extend a Rod - any cons?

    First question. Does the rod have a reel seat or is it deckhand? And what line weight.
  42. Hector Garcia

    Cooperhead Skin

    😂 💯%
  43. Hector Garcia

    Rod building supplies on the west coast?

    Call Sam at Island Fishing Tackle. He can ship stuff to you. His online store is okay, but if you call and ask for stuff, its way easier. There really isnt any good seller on the west coast. Maybe Utmost Enterprises. I usually get enough stuff to pay for expedited shipping and get my stuff in...
  44. Hector Garcia

    Built new rod, not sure its use?

    That blank is an awesome tuna murderer. I built one a while back, and had a buddy use 50lb, but its more of a 60lb stick. Limits of bluefin, but he basically wenched them up. I think its a great 60 or 80lb stick for big macks or even yoyo. Heavy dropper loop as well.
  45. Hector Garcia

    Steadfast Rod Blanks

    Im not talking uluas. I personally dont like uluas. Too bulky and require reels that fit, unless you put a 30 sized seat on it. I prefer my 90J, 100J, and a couple of other blanks. Ive actually switched over to the Reaper now because of its easy castability and overall power. But, as I said, I...
  46. Hector Garcia

    Another Guide Question...

    Alps XN Regulars are great for up to 50lb. Once you get to 60, then you can do HXN. Fuji may have discontinued the black and stainless guides, so theyre becoming hard to find.
  47. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Heres the finished rod.
  48. Hector Garcia

    Steadfast Rod Blanks

    There is a guy who runs an instagram account. I believe he runs orders of 20 a piece, and runs 180 each blank with shipping cost included.
  49. Hector Garcia

    Fuji BNOG vs Alps XN Regular (GUIDES )

    From what I heard, they are changing the finish in them, but could discontinue them along the way. Im not risking it, and have purchased atleast enough for 15 8ft rods. I like using them for jig sticks. Awesome guides.
  50. Hector Garcia

    Fuji Rod Building Components

    The KWSG's are cool, but its mostly personal preference. Whichever ones you like best
  51. Hector Garcia

    Steadfast Rod Blanks

    Have heard of them, but they are shark surf fishing rods, to my knowledge. Many people in texas use them. Theres a whole texas scene dedicated to them. Maybe a texas fishing forum would garber more info. It can load well on a small jig, but distance is where it could lack because of weight...
  52. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Calstar T100J is a black/brown color combo. Fuji BNOG, deckhand, nothing fancy, just a good ol workhorse. And a Calstar 700H in a black, white and gold combo. Gold alps seat, alps HXN guides. A T90J in a blavk, blue and white color combo. Featuring deckhamd cord, and fuji bnog's. Hopefully...
  53. Hector Garcia

    Fuji BNOG vs Alps XN Regular (GUIDES )

    I love the Alps, and not a bad price point. But, theres a reason I just ordered 200$ worth of Fuji BNOG guides. Ive used them on everything from 6lb to 50lb without issues. Im going to switch to Alps if Fuji does end up removing black guides from their catalog. So far, everyone has them on...
  54. Hector Garcia

    Have a blank... need it wrapped! OC

    Right now most of my new orders are taking 6-8 weeks. Most shops average 4-6 months. And even some builders agerage 4-6 months. It depends on how many orders rhey have. I only like to take in 10 orders at a time, so I know i can complete them on time. And I have 10 right now.
  55. Hector Garcia

    Need some fish Hawk metallic to finish a build

    I just checked and they have some D 9358 in stock. But only the 100M option. By the way, Mudhole bought Fish Hawk thread, so im sure they have the same part number on some of their thread.
  56. Hector Garcia

    might start building rods?

    Kind of remember, but ive had a ton of people message me within this last year, especially for cousins rods, but hey whats up 😂 And as someone already mentioned, you dont make any real money on rod building. Sometimes you get lucky and make some money on a rod that pays for a half day trip, but...
  57. Hector Garcia

    Fuji Rod Building Components

    I put whatever the customer is willing to pay for. Ive put HB guides on a 30lb rod because the guy thought they looked cool. Tried to convince him otherwise, but it did not work.
  58. Hector Garcia

    might start building rods?

    The rod building kit that mudhole sells is an easy way to get the supplies and equipment you need to get started. Also, their blank kits already comes with the blank, guides, seat and grips, which makes it way easier for a beginner. Hand wrapping sucks, especially if you want to wrap multiple...
  59. Hector Garcia

    Help identify rogue brand fishing rod

    Line depends on a lot of other factors. It could be a little heavy, but if the conditions are right and theyre hungry, they will bite anything.
  60. Hector Garcia

    Help identify rogue brand fishing rod

    I think the rod would work better at 20lb line, and yes, shore fishing is fine for this rod. I think 15 would work, but it might be on the lower end of the rod. I would probably fish 20-25lb
  61. Hector Garcia

    Help identify rogue brand fishing rod

    You can use it for ocean bass fishing, and maybe live bait halibut fishing from the pier using live anchovies. But people use them for heavy swimbaits for freshwater bass fishing.
  62. Hector Garcia

    7’10” H/XH blank needed

    Also, check mudhole or Mudhole ships 8ft blanks for like 5 or 6$, sometimes free depending on price. Get Bit charges a small upcharge fee.
  63. Hector Garcia

    7’10” H/XH blank needed

    You can ship an 8ft rod or blank. Ive shipped over 40 8ft rods. The cutoff is 8ft 2in. Anything over 8ft 2in there is an overcharge fee. Most places overcharge on shipping, but an average rod shipped from california to florida, ive paid 25$ plus the tube. Around 30-40$ total.
  64. Hector Garcia

    Question on Rod Finishes

    Ive used almost everything, including Gen 4. My favorites are Pro Kote, and D2. I apply epoxy in a really cold garage, and i normally have to heat my epoxy up in a bottle warmer prior to mixing an applying it. I tried that with Gen 4, but it gave more bubbles than any other epoxy ive ever used...
  65. Hector Garcia

    Help with finishing turk’s head knot

    I cut them off and burn the edges.
  66. Hector Garcia

    Ball Park Spacing

    Start by putting the tip on, and i usually space my guides starting at 4-5in from the tip for the first 4 or 5 guides. After that I space them about an inch more depending on the bend, and i put 8 to 9 guides on it.
  67. Hector Garcia

    Going to the Show!

    Wish I could make it. Seems like a great show, and I have always wanted to make it out that way. Maybe one of these years.
  68. Hector Garcia

    How do remove Alps aluminum reel seat?

    That sucks. Did you buy a used rod and want to rewrap it, or did you wrap it on there. A lot of the time, its not worth removing it, especially if they did it correctly. I epoxy the shit out of my reel seats. Someone mentioned an andle grinder, and I would say try it, but be careful...
  69. Hector Garcia

    How do remove Alps aluminum reel seat?

    Must be cut off with a dremel. Why are you trying to take it off?
  70. Hector Garcia

    Problems with Alps upgraded chuck seizing

    @skrilla for the win. Thats a perfect write up. Im kind of hesitant to remove mine since its working fine. But in case I ever need it, i know I can come back to it.
  71. Hector Garcia

    UC US100 Mega - Guides help

    Most of my poles start with a 25 stripper because thats the perfect age for them 😂 But as for my fishing rods, i have a 40 saltist 2 speed that i have with a 20 stripper guide. Another that has a 25. So it all depends on guide placement and how the rod bends.
  72. Hector Garcia

    WTB Power Wrapper Extension

    Island tackle has them in stock in Carson.
  73. Hector Garcia

    9'-10' Heavy Jigstick Recommendation?

    If the clamp doesnt fit, then a good alternative is the Durans Fishing Product clamp. That seeker Ulua Cow was caught using the DFP clamp.
  74. Hector Garcia

    American Tackle Components

    Bald Guy Fishing uses nothing but Am Tac. They build awesome custom stuff, but at least show some stuff before pointing out how great everything is. I get that this sub forum is sponsored by Am Tac, but guys, come on.
  75. Hector Garcia

    American Tackle Components

    Ive used Am Tac products and have no issues with them. The people who work at Am Tac are also good people. Theron is a great guy. The giveaways are awesome, but we need more hands on experience with their products as a So Cal fisherman/rod builder. Besides their turbo guides, i have almost zero...
  76. Hector Garcia

    American Tackle Components

    Kind of weird for a first post 😂
  77. Hector Garcia

    Problems with Alps upgraded chuck seizing

    Never had any issues with my chuck. Ive had issues with belts, and other things. But the chuck has held up to the abuse. Although, I have only turned maybe 2 grips on mine. I dont like to use the wrapper to turn full grips. It could be a bad bearing in there now. Possibly overheated it. I dont...
  78. Hector Garcia

    9'-10' Heavy Jigstick Recommendation?

    Heres what Seeker just posted the other day.
  79. Hector Garcia

    First wrap attempt

    Did you bend them correctly, and did you smooth/grind the feet?
  80. Hector Garcia

    Waterslide labels

    Ive used them tons of times in the past. Sometimes it curls over on itself, and you habe to take it off and re-do it. Can be a pain at times, but it works well. Make sure you dry appropriately. Dont rub it dry, just pat it dry. Make sure you also get the correct paper for your printer. Some...
  81. Hector Garcia

    Stainless Guides/Braid Question

    So far, 5 years and about 100 rods built with the Alps XN guides and not 1 has messed up.
  82. Hector Garcia

    First wrap attempt

    It looks good, but i have a question. Is it a spinning rod or conventional rod? The last 2 guides look way too separate compared to the top guides. Or did you just measure the old guides and place the guides in the same spots?
  83. Hector Garcia

    Stainless Guides/Braid Question

    As many already said, most newer stainless guides are nor true hard stainless. Any ring guide is good. Ring guides dissepate heat well. SIC and SIN are overpriced in my opinion. Any ceramic guide dissepates heat better than metallic guide.
  84. Hector Garcia

    Stainless Guides/Braid Question

    Some people use stainless guides with braid. The reason stainless guides are not good for braid is because of heat distribution. The braid is going to heat up and could dig into the metal or heat upp too much and burn the braid causing it to fail. I have used the guides above, but used...
  85. Hector Garcia

    Black Hole Cape Cod Jigging 2 piece blank weight?

    Its not going to make a difference for you to really notice anything. There are too many variables to control, and you arent quality control at each company that makes each part. The grips, guides, reel seat, blank, and epoxy are all going to be a different weight on each rod. A couple of ounces...
  86. Hector Garcia

    CSL Seeker question

    I believe the CSL line was a different composite material than their standard line. But, it should not make a difference in power or strength. They were very capable rods, even with that thin material. I dont think seeker continued those blanks because it was not worth the price of the material...
  87. Hector Garcia

    Black Hole Cape Cod Jigging 2 piece blank weight?

    It should be as close as possible, but honestly, 1oz of weight difference is not noticeable. If i handed you a fully built rod I made, with identical parts, you would not be able to detect the difference. I have 2 rainshadow judge rods. Both the same blank, and same parts on it. One weighs 14oz...
  88. Hector Garcia

    Thread color for RCJB90XH with blue glass tip

    Bill is the best at that. Bill is a rod builder down to the core. He loves talking rod building. And the new blank talk series where he goes into detail on the blanks is super fun. Today they broke an 84h. Crazy to see how much force it took. And bill is just an awesome person in general. If...
  89. Hector Garcia

    My "Light" Rail Rod Seeker 6470H

    They look like Alps rollers. Awesome rollers.
  90. Hector Garcia

    Help with a travel spinning rod base please!! Will pay $50 for a solution that works!!

    Ive done it once before. Not saying its the best solution, but it will work. Im not sure what part you think isnt going to work. Maybe i need to explain it better?
  91. Hector Garcia

    Custom Rods, Built to Perform!!!

    Nice job Theron and congrats on the finish. Im sure catching that first bass on your own built custom rod was an awesome experience. Im sure there will be many more to come this season. Keep it up!
  92. Hector Garcia

    Help with a travel spinning rod base please!! Will pay $50 for a solution that works!!

    This is the best solution. If you want to try it at home, cut off the grip. Buy a sleeve, or ferrule that will slip over the broken part and close it. Epoxy everything correctly. Apply new grip. As they said, a rod builder should have plenty of scrap blanks around to do it.
  93. Hector Garcia

    Finished a Calstar 775XXH

    He will ship it to you if needed. He ships blanks under 8ft. Call Sam.
  94. Hector Garcia

    Thread color for RCJB90XH with blue glass tip

    These are the numbers. One got lost, and idk what number it is, but it looks similar to the 446.
  95. Hector Garcia

    My "Light" Rail Rod Seeker 6470H

    That is a very, very nice looking rod.
  96. Hector Garcia

    Thread color for RCJB90XH with blue glass tip

    Heres a couple of options im thinking on. All are Pro Wrap.
  97. Hector Garcia

    Thread color for RCJB90XH with blue glass tip

    Black works great. Theres plenty of blue glass seekers that you could look up to get some inspiration. I have a blue tip rainshadow, and going to probably go with black or matching blue thread.
  98. Hector Garcia

    UC Reaper Sticker

    I think they stopped giving them out due to the name change and lawsuit.
  99. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow RX6/E-Glass Knife Jigging blank info needed

    Its the 6ft 6in 250 model. Im sure the 7ft model is just a lomger version of this one and will probably bend the same.
  100. Hector Garcia

    Anybody in SD able to wrap a 12'

    Im not in SD, but was just down there this week. I have a 13ft wrapper setup at home, and can wrap it if interested. If no one hits you up, let me know. I drive down there often, or meet halfway.
  101. Hector Garcia

    Thread storage

    I have my windows blacked out, and a sun visor blocking the window. And I use the thread pretty often that im constantly getting new thread in. I learned that the hard way though. I left sone thread in direct desert summer sunlight for 2 days and they faded like crazy. And one was a 4oz spool. I...
  102. Hector Garcia

    Thread storage

    It barely holds the 4oz spools though. Trying to find a way to make it work.
  103. Hector Garcia

    Thread storage

    I use the thread holder from amazon. Its a stand, and I have 4 of them mounted in between my window. Il take a better pic when I get home.
  104. Hector Garcia

    Wtb multiple rod dryer

    I have 2 CRB 3 rod dryer stands, without motors for sale. Both stands for 25$. You can find the motors for cheap on amazon or ebay and make your own stands for less. LMK.
  105. Hector Garcia

    Seeker 806h guide spacing?

    I start spacing from the tip at 4in-5in from the tip for the first 5-6 guides, and 24-26in from the reel seat as stated above. It changes depending on how the rod bends.
  106. Hector Garcia

    seeker trolling blank with Winthrop adjustabutt

    Seeker blanks are most of the time left longer than factory specs. So the inches needed to cut would make it around 4 to make it spec, but youre going to have to cut it down to size to fit into the ferrule if you want to use that size ferrule.
  107. Hector Garcia

    Calstar Gossip

    No, it just seems like it. From a couple of shop owners, the Calstar people are really picky with the glass they use, and after struggling, they just found a new supplier and are hopefully going to crank it into overdrive.
  108. Hector Garcia

    Blank Prototype Project

  109. Hector Garcia

    Bent butt newb

    It should be the same as any rod build. Space out guides with whatever reel you plan on using, and wrap them on. Theres some videos on youtube of a guy building roller rods with bent butts, and its the same process. I tripple wrap my guides, especially if im fighting bigger fish like you plan on...
  110. Hector Garcia

    Blank Prototype Project

    Now thats an awesome looking rod! That looks like a Cow killer.
  111. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    My Fav color...... BLACK!
  112. Hector Garcia

    Guilds, when, why, what do you chose

    I stopped using Stainless steel guides because most manufacturers warn that it is not for use on Braided line. I use fuji ringed guides, and Alps 99% of the time. Which specific guide varies depending on what line test, what reel youre using, and sometimes customer choice. Some people are...
  113. Hector Garcia

    Seeker 7X Question

    6490 is thinner i believe. And also faster action. And also stiffer, IMO.
  114. Hector Garcia

    Just Released Today!

    I dont think most companies include a secondary locking nut on reel seats like these. I think its a good idea though.
  115. Hector Garcia

    Seeker Jig Stick 9'

    The 3 turkheads are pretty funny, but ingenious 😂 Good job.
  116. Hector Garcia

    Just Released Today!

    Those look awesome. Do you know the weight of them? More interested in the 24mm size.
  117. Hector Garcia

    Seeker Pinhead Ulua blank colors?

    Closest I got was 9ft 7in uncut.
  118. Hector Garcia

    Blank Prototype Project

    Ah, Its like a SPJ rod. And the action is faster, compared to the regular SPJ rods. But that is a monster bend in it at 6ft 6in. Was it cut from the butt or the tip? Or both? I think I would have cut a little off the tip, and maybe 2-3 off the butt to even it out. It looks like a fun rod. I can...
  119. Hector Garcia

    Blank Prototype Project

    Those look strong. The Carbon weave looks nice. That 30-50lb would make a great So Cal Rod.
  120. Hector Garcia

    How to get best prices on blanks and components

    In the past, ive purchased boxes of butt caps, eva, hypalon, reel seats, guides, blanks, and pretty much anything thats a good deal. Just won another hypalon bidding war for 50$ shipped for around 40 pieces of hypalon. Better than the 80 cents an inch they charge at the shop. Ive purchased so...
  121. Hector Garcia

    Custom rod question

    Lots of awesome rod builders on this forum. Some of my favorites are Jim Trelikes, FUGU, Sea Sicario(Freddy), and a lot of others.some of the best builders in So Cal for sure. Im sure there is plenty around anyones location. I wrap as well, and have travelled from Bakersfield to San Diego for...
  122. Hector Garcia

    Double wrapping

    Theres a whole discussion on what a double wrap is. So what does it mean to you? Some people consider the underwrap/base wrap a wrap. Meaning that a base wrap and 1 guide wrap is a double wrap. I consider wrapping a guide foot 2X's a double wrap, and a base wrap a base wrap. I wrap a base...
  123. Hector Garcia

    Seekee Red glass questions

    They are E glass to my understanding, so worth less that Super Seekers, but they charged more than SS rods. They cost 240$ this weekend, so be wary of anyone charging way more than that for the blanks alone.
  124. Hector Garcia

    Trimming the Butt

    Yes. Tape, and a lot of epoxy, and it works perfect.
  125. Hector Garcia

    Trimming the Butt

    I dont cut any blank. A little bumpy butt never hurt anyone 😂
  126. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Heres the finished product.
  127. Hector Garcia

    How many guides on Rail rod?

    One line going from your reep to the tip, keeping tenaion on the reel. Another line connected from the tip, to the dragon the floor thats actually bending the rod.
  128. Hector Garcia

    Sb creamsicle ulua

    That gold foil looks awesome.
  129. Hector Garcia

    Seeker Pinhead Ulua blank colors?

    Called it. Green glass they "rolled only for saturday"
  130. Hector Garcia

    Seeker 7X Question

    I dont know if they list the 7X blank, but it is under 7X or WTS 7X.
  131. Hector Garcia

    Seeker Pinhead Ulua blank colors?

    Seeker paints them all colors, especially for fred hall, or other shows like their sale this Saturday. They are not uncommon to see them different colors. As for the glass, they still make different glass colors as well. Not uncommon. Some people claim its a limited run of colors, but seeker...
  132. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Thanks! I wanted white instead of silver, but client liked the silver instead. And the customer is mostly right 😂
  133. Hector Garcia

    Help with Rod Blank ID

    The sanded butt makes it look like a gator blass, or cpuld be a Rainshadow Seconds blank. Doesnt look like a Graftech to me. From my understanding, Graftech blanks are skinnier in the badonkadonk area.
  134. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Epoxy on a Calstar tomorrow. Patriots themed rod. And also have all these customer Calstar rods to go.
  135. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    I made it myself on my Silhouette Cameo 4 decal maker. Someone sells them on ebay I think. They want 6 bucks a piece though.
  136. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Some new works. Have about 12 rods to go next month.
  137. Hector Garcia

    What blank is Calstar BWC-970C?

    I think its the Calstar 970
  138. Hector Garcia

    Light spinning tackle for trout/pan

    Im in Lake Los Angeles and make custom rods. Im hoping to have a couple of trout blanks come in sometime next week if youre interested(not too expensive) Especially if you want to pass them down to kids down the line, a custom rod would be a better option. A cheaper option would be to go to...
  139. Hector Garcia

    Removing swine wrap / replace with reel seat and hypalon

    To rewrap a rod, the cheapest I have charged has been 150$, and the most was 300$. It depends on a lot of things.
  140. Hector Garcia

    Gudebrod or Pro Wrap color chart.

    Thats a ridiculous price for a chart.
  141. Hector Garcia

    Removing swine wrap / replace with reel seat and hypalon

    To do it correctly, it needs to be done fro. The tip down, so the guides would all need to be removed and re-done. That being said, a better option, is remove cord, and put reel seat fron the back, abd cork tape grip covered in heat shrink.
  142. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow RX6/E-Glass Knife Jigging blank info needed

    Also, here is a picture of the bend on a spin RCKJB rod. Couldnt get a better pic. With EVA grips, and graphite seat, fuji guides, this rod weighed 14oz total.
  143. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Im trying to upload pics, but they all say file too large 😒
  144. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow RX6/E-Glass Knife Jigging blank info needed

    Bill and the whole Batson team are awesome. And the RCKJB series is great. Built 2 RCKJB606-250's and they are great rods.
  145. Hector Garcia

    Calstar Rod Decals

    Calstar does not allow someone to re-make their decals. Maybe you can buy them from Calstar, but to my knowledge, you cant.
  146. Hector Garcia

    Need an id on this rod I have

    Looks like a sabre to me. And not worth much. Maybe 50$ if someone is willing to pay for it. Most people want 7ft, 8ft, and above. And that looks like an old wrap with old guides. If I were to get it, i would have to rewrap the whole rod and redo it, so im thinking about that value. Ive paid...
  147. Hector Garcia

    WTF: Medium action spinning rod blank

    Size, length, and purpose would get you more responses.
  148. Hector Garcia

    Seeker blues glass question?

    It looks like paint, not blue glass to me.
  149. Hector Garcia


    To my knowledge, rainshadow doesnt make any 9ft blanks. Maybe 8ft 10in judge blanks, but not 9ft.
  150. Hector Garcia

    How to get best prices on blanks and components

    I know some companies that are way above wholesale, but I dont see a 50-60% markup overall. Rainshadows I know arent marked up as much as other blanks, but there has been wholesale Rainshadow blanks at 8$, while regular price was 60$ for non wholesale. And for most wholesale, you do need a...
  151. Hector Garcia

    Another unknown blank.

    Im still leaning towards an old Lami blank. Either way the bend is awesome, and would make a killer 25lb-30 jig stick at 10lbs of drag. Awesome feel to it. And the thread took me 5 years to accomplish, and its not done yet.
  152. Hector Garcia

    Cousins blue thread color help

    Thanks Freddy. Ran out of the one that you gave me when I made the repair on that J Mag. Il order some more.
  153. Hector Garcia

    Cousins blue thread color help

    I have a little bit left, and the thread number fell off a while ago. Anyone know what number it is? I believe its a pro wrap size A, just dont recall the #. Any help is appreciated.
  154. Hector Garcia

    Another unknown blank.

    More pics. Its 7ft 8 1/2in long.
  155. Hector Garcia

    Another unknown blank.

    The butt is uncut, and the tip doesnt look cut. Il take pics of them right now. Any possibility of Harnell? Lami? Looks kind of like a Calstar color, but cant really tell.
  156. Hector Garcia

    Another unknown blank.

    Whoops. Forgot to mention its only 7ft 8in long.
  157. Hector Garcia

    Another unknown blank.

    Tan-ish color/lemon colored blank. Butt diameter is .75in and 19mm, tip is size 12. Moderate action. Bottoms out at 10lbs of drag as you can see. Forgot to mention it is 7ft 8in. Anyone have a guess?
  158. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Started a ton of rods recently. Have a lot of work to do, but its coming out good.
  159. Hector Garcia

    “UR” designated blanks?

    Graphite Usa is what comes up with my google searches.
  160. Hector Garcia

    Thin epoxy over wraps?

    Ive never had an issue with Pro Kote in 5 years. Never had an issue with mislabeling. And I get mine from a shop(island tackle), in person, so I can see the bottles. And Pro Kote Surprisingly works okay in the cold after a slight warm up in the bottle warmer(just warming the epoxy not hardener)...
  161. Hector Garcia

    Thin epoxy over wraps?

    I dont go too thin, or too thick. And most people have gone away from Flex Coat. Its still good, but there have been some advancements in epoxy. Most people have switched to Generation 4 Epoxy. Its virtually bubble free. I personally use Pro Kote, and Gen 4, but my garage gets to freezing...
  162. Hector Garcia

    Rail Rod questions?

    Unless he has small balls 😂
  163. Hector Garcia

    Rail Rod questions?

    Rail foregrips range from 16-18in. I put 18in grips on my rail rod builds with a 10-12in rear plus butt cap. Its all preference. Ive made 15in rear grip so a guy could mount the rod under his legs and straddle the rof while pulling on huge fish.
  164. Hector Garcia

    Stickers and decals

    For single color decals, or rod decals, I bought my own silouhette cameo 4. Cuts custom decals in a couple of minutes without having to wait a couple of days for them. Also, I bought water decal paper online for 20$ and you can make custom decals yourself at home with a printer. Theres some pics...
  165. Hector Garcia


    Hit up Island Tackle. Someone just got one from them. Migjt have another.
  166. Hector Garcia


    The first one is a 50lb, the second, if its a 90XH blank, its 60lb.
  167. Hector Garcia

    Composite Cork Forefrip?

    Not good for rail rod applications. Hypalon works best, then double cork tape covered in heat shrink or cold shrink, then cord IMO. That thing tends to dent really bad, and chip after a while.
  168. Hector Garcia

    Color preserver ?

    Could be a little of both. Ive found burnishing too hard can cause problems in the CP. Also, i use light coats. If I need 2 coats, i make sure atleast a couple of hours have passed since the last coat. Also, i wait a day after CP to apply epoxy. I dont really use different brands. Dont even...
  169. Hector Garcia

    Heavy Calico/small yellowtail blank

    Can't wait to win one through the giveaway 😂(hopefully 🤞)
  170. Hector Garcia

    Heavy Calico/small yellowtail blank

    I agree with Rainshadow blanks.
  171. Hector Garcia

    Did calstar change blank ?

    Could be a different blank that he used. Calstar is backed up with making blanks and rods, that builders are having a hard time finding blanks, so some are settling and just using whatever they can get their hands on.
  172. Hector Garcia

    RX6 builds

    I think that runs 50lb better. It is a bit stiff, but it will handle 40lb as well. Rainshadow is a really good brand, and I would stack them up with any competitor any day on the water. In these last 2 months, ive sold more RX6 Rainshadows than anything else. Both because of price, and they can...
  173. Hector Garcia

    RX6 builds

    Yes. Theyre awesome blanks for the price. If someone took the label off and told you it was a calstar, you would believe them.
  174. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow RCKJB606-250. 200$

    Unable to post a lot of pics due to file size. I can text closeup pics and pics of it lifting 10lbs off the floor with ease. Also text pics of the grip. Up for grabs is a Ranishadow RCKJB606-250 rod, rated 30-50lb and is 6ft 6in long. The rod was made for me, and is a simple black and silver...
  175. Hector Garcia

    Calstar blanks?

    Island Tackle has an awesome selection of Calstar Blanks, but a lot of the shops are having trouble with Calstar Blanks at this time. They are really behind on blanks and no date on when they will catch up. Thats going to be for every shop that sells blanks.
  176. Hector Garcia

    Alps lxn for 20 lb rod

    Ive used them on up to 20lb rods. No issues. I jump to MXN and XN regular after that up to 50lb, and 60+ I use HXN.
  177. Hector Garcia

    Tarred seine cord question...

    Tarred cord works well, size 18 is what you want to make it clean, but also not make the butt too thick. Size 24 is a little thicker, and is my preferred cord size for regular sized rods. I also make my turks out of size 24. It looks cleaner and a little bigger.
  178. Hector Garcia

    Any guides NOT made in China?

    Are you looking for a specific type of guide? Not really a lot of american made guides, and I dont think there will be because of the cost associated with that. And whats wrong with chinese guides? Why not go with Alps guides? I think theyre made in Taiwan, but it is a US company thats family...
  179. Hector Garcia

    A Crazy Tiger

    I wrap my tigers that exact way. Always have. Somewhat Loose bottom wrap, some gaps occur and it always comes out looking good. The top wrap medium tight. heres one im turning in today. Not the best pics, unfortunately.
  180. Hector Garcia

    Your vote matters...look inside

    Black for my tan 90J.
  181. Hector Garcia

    Your vote matters...look inside

    What are you trying to accomplish with the thread? Are you trying to get it to match the honey color blank?
  182. Hector Garcia

    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Yup. I think both may be capable of landing cows, but that graphite rod is a definite cow murderer on the rail.
  183. Hector Garcia

    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Thanks Chris. I pmed you. And as an update, last night my family made the decision to send my grandmother to the hospital instead of having the doctor come to the home daily and monitor her there. The reason they did not want to send her to the hospital was because they knew that my...
  184. Hector Garcia

    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Ive already accepted the fact that its probably going to happen. Im sorry about the loss of your family, and thank you.
  185. Hector Garcia

    Rod Blank Recomendations - East Coast - White Marlin

    Call @Batson-Brands they are the ones who make the Rainshadow products They can help you out. Whichever Rainshadow you go with, you wont be disappointed.
  186. Hector Garcia

    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Thanks to everyone who donated some money. I sent it to my mom this morning. It was a little over 80$, so I sent her another 100$.
  187. Hector Garcia

    Ulua reel seat

    Island Tackle has the graphite Alps seat in stock. There really is no alternative other than that.
  188. Hector Garcia

    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Thanks guys. My paypal and venmo is [email protected] Anything sent will go directly to my mom to help with expenses for my grandmother. So far with the 2 blanks sold today, I sent her 500$ I will also post a picture of all the money sent to me so that you guys know I am not...
  189. Hector Garcia

    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone. So far she is still in the same condition. Im hoping she pulls through, but odds are not with her at this time. Im also planning on going down there as soon as I can. Thanks to those interested in some of the items. Sold the conolon blank and the SS blank...
  190. Hector Garcia

    Pic heavy, my grandmother didnt make it 😪

    Sold all. Thank you to everyone.
  191. Hector Garcia

    Finally got my bench made

    Nice. I made mine last month. Makes work so much easier.
  192. Hector Garcia

    Winthrop conversion

    In my opinion, you are better off selling that rod and getting the 4x blank and terminator butt and have it wrapped, or wrap it yourself if you know how. It would save you from having to take off the guides to re-adjust for the terminator butt placement of the guides. The axis 4x is a nice...
  193. Hector Garcia

    Winthrop conversion

    If I remember correctly, there are some rods made specifically for ferrules/bent butts, such as 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and even 7ft rods specifically designed for them. There is also a lot of builders, including some companies, that cut blanks to make them fit the correct ferrule on a rod. That has never...
  194. Hector Garcia

    Winthrop conversion

    It depends if someone needs to take everything off the rod and rewrap, cut a rod, new grip, old guides, new guides, rollers, ring guides. Theres no easy way to do it if you have a factory rod. Might as well buy a new blank and have someone wrap it from the start. The problem here is if you...
  195. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    I have done a ton in the last few weeks. I finished that GF760H 50-130 blacked out. Fuji guides, tripple wrapped in black. Wrapped the rear grip in x shrink, and foregrip in smooth shrink. Check the sucker lift 25lbs off the floor. And a nice beautiful bend in the rod. The next one is an...
  196. Hector Garcia

    Turner's Californian made in USA glass rods

    Dont know much about those, and def. Dont look like the californians of today. They kind of look like old re-branded tan seekers or calstars. Try to take the butt cap off and see if theres any markings or a white stripe. But as to the cost, most people now a day arent looking for 6ft, or even...
  197. Hector Garcia

    BHNOG and BHNNG rating

    I have almost all of my reels with braid to the brim, and a short 3-6ft leader. In all of the years I have been building and fishing, I have never had any Al Ox rings mess up with braid. Ive seen people crack them when they drop their rods on the floor, but never because of braid. Ive had...
  198. Hector Garcia

    BHNOG and BHNNG rating

    Sounds good. Was just asking because I have a set of each and have a Calstar GF765H 50-130lb and since I have them, might as well use them. It was used for 100lb before,but i think it would work with 80-100lb. Il go with the BHNNG since I have a reel that doesnt need a size 25 stripper.
  199. Hector Garcia

    BHNOG and BHNNG rating

    BHBNG are fine for 100 and 130, but im asking about the shorter BHNOG and BHNNG. The BHNOG are Al Oxide guides. The BHNNG are SIN, I believe.
  200. Hector Garcia

    Long Beach Green Glass CTSF63XXXXH

    Up. I can still ship to get it in by Christmas.
  201. Hector Garcia

    BHNOG and BHNNG rating

    Anyone have a rating for these? Dont use Fuji as much, and I would prefer to Use Alps sincr they have a 25 stripper, but what is the rating of the Fuji BHNOG and BHNNG? Anyone use these on anything like an 80, 100 or 130lb rod? Or keep it under 60lb?
  202. Hector Garcia

    Bought mak 20 from charkbait , need a rod

    How about I make you a custom one for 300$ at 50-100, or 50-130lb for 350$. PM me. Or text me at 323-338-2107 -Hector
  203. Hector Garcia

    MUDHOLE hand wrapper kit sale today for 100$

    At 100$ for a full rod building kit I hope it sold out. And if any new rod builder needs pointers, DM me. Im glad to help.
  204. Hector Garcia

    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    I think it is just convenience TBH. I dont think it makes a difference, but someone can prove me wrong.
  205. Hector Garcia

    Seeker CEX/Ex Rods or Blanks

    SD Tackle Traders posted that they have some and are having a sale tomorrow only.
  206. Hector Garcia

    MUDHOLE hand wrapper kit sale today for 100$

    I am not a huge fan of Mudhole or CRB products, but if someone wants to get started with a hand wrapper, and basically everything you need to get started wrapping, this is a good price. Its 100$ at
  207. Hector Garcia

    Used Avet PRO EX 4/02 LH 2 spd price drop to $250

    There is a DIY on how to make it get way more drag. I have an EXW 4/02 and have it at 28 at strike and almost 40 at full.
  208. Hector Garcia

    Long Beach Green Glass CTSF63XXXXH

    Price drop. 420 picked up in Palmdale, 440 shipped
  209. Hector Garcia


    Sorry, no butt pics today. Maybr tomorrow after I get back from my LA trip. Anyone have a guess on the blank #
  210. Hector Garcia

    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    My foregrip was 2 layers of cork tape with heat shrink over. I went with that because i had it in stock. Originally wanted to go with hypalon, but ran out before I built it. Also, eaxh custom rod is usually made to spec, so go eith what you like, and make sure its all spacex out correctly...
  211. Hector Garcia

    Long Beach Green Glass CTSF63XXXXH

    Dont have a need for a short rod in my arsenal since I dont have a personal boat and dont do super long range trips. Shoot me some offers. No trades needed at this time. Thank you.
  212. Hector Garcia


    Hello everyone, and welsome to name that blank! I have a red looking, possible Truline blank. This is all that it has written on it. The rod is 7ft 7 1/4 in, butt is less than an inch thick, but didnt have time to look for my caliper today. The grip was replaced a long time ago, and colors...
  213. Hector Garcia

    CRB Wire Chuck

    It comes assembled already, but i did make sure it was assembled correctly. I just received the replacement chuck that they sent me, have not tried it yet, but it feels tighter than that.
  214. Hector Garcia

    Components near Huntington Beach?

    I was just there yesterday and today and it was closed and they had a sign that said they wont be open. Messaged them and they said they will be open tomorrow.
  215. Hector Garcia

    Components near Huntington Beach?

    Island Tackle is closed for another couple of days. Sam is on a 7 day trip and the shop is closed.
  216. Hector Garcia

    Guide Set Giveaway!

    Hey Darrin, What would you say these guides are rated for? Up to what line or drag rating would you use these on? Was thinking of a 30-40lb rod, but also have a 60lb rod tbat could use some lightweight guides, but I am not sure if these could handle them. Maybe the Virtus Heavy guides would be...
  217. Hector Garcia


    The last post before yours says sold.
  218. Hector Garcia

    Free Carbon Grips!

    I usually go to shops that carry old beat up or cut up blanks and buy the pieces of old fiberglass or graphite butt sections from them for a couple bucks each. I just extended a 7ft to 8ft 6in by using a graphite piece.
  219. Hector Garcia

    Help some orphaned children please.

    Thank you. We truly appreciate everyone who has given, and donated clothes and other items. Its a horrible situation for the children, but we are trying to move forward.
  220. Hector Garcia

    Help some orphaned children please.

    My sister married a man a couple of years ago, and his family became ours. A month ago, my sister's sister in law passed away(alcoholism due to covid). She left behind 2 children, age 12 male and age 7 female. We buried her, and though the father would change his ways and care for the children...
  221. Hector Garcia

    CRB Wire Chuck

    When I needed it that day I taped the shit out of it. I have the rubber chucks now. Theu work better, but it doesnt fit the Uluas abd other big rods.
  222. Hector Garcia

    CRB Wire Chuck

    Im not fond of their stuff, and this is the only thing I have from them. I ordered new rubber chucks, and usually make my own things.
  223. Hector Garcia

    CRB Wire Chuck

    I actually did this before I put a fully built rod, and it stayed up there a while. I guess the added weight of the reel seat, grips and guides made a difference.
  224. Hector Garcia

    CRB Wire Chuck

    This post is a rant, but also a warning. A couple of months ago I ordered 2 CRB wire chucks sold by mudhole. I normally go with the regular chuck, but I liked that I could basically put on a 1in to 1 1/4in blank without any worry. I did not really get a chance to use them since I was only...
  225. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Epoxied up the lakers color rod. Also have a red and black Phenix rod all finished up. Split grip, tiger wraps. Simple, yet effective and light. The bend is nice on this rod.
  226. Hector Garcia

    Cutting tip end of blank?

    It will affect the action and rating of the blank. If thats not the blank size you want, sell it and get the correct one. Cutting a few inches from the butt doesnt affect it that much, but the tip affects it a lot.
  227. Hector Garcia

    9ft Shimano Teramar Deckhand with Plate type reel seat

    Sorry for the loss Curtis. If I would have seen this sooner, I could have brought it down to the LA area today.
  228. Hector Garcia

    I HATE the "new" type rod handles

    I dont like split grips, and hate making them, but if a customer wants it I will make it for them. If you want a full grip handle, get a custom rod, that way you get what you want. I had a customet recently order a split grip for the first time, and a month later wanted to replace it with a...
  229. Hector Garcia

    440 Rod blanks, 39 additional with handles various brands one lot 1200.00 obo

    Not trying to bash, but I think you might have a better chance posting them on a site where they do mostly freshwater fishing. Here, most people are interested in 8ft, 9ft and 10ft blanks. An occasional 7ft, but they also prefer 30lb, 40lb, and 50lb rods. I think you may have a handful of blanks...
  230. Hector Garcia

    Seeker bass fishing rod

    Nice work, but I dont think that blank is a Pinhead model, and I think that blank is specifically a spinning blank. Correct me if im wrong.
  231. Hector Garcia

    Help To Deciper Lamiglas Label

    I tried looking it up. The E could be E Glass. I found a 2010 Lamiglass blank catalog online and the BT85 is a boat trolling rod, rated 40lb, 7ft, butt .785, tip 16.
  232. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Thanks. Here is a couple of better pics in the light.
  233. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Lakers colored rod is spinning right now. Better pics tomorrow. Also picked up this old Calstar troller and I am rewrapping it. Sanded the blank, and refinished it. Tomorrow, space out the guides and wrap them. Rear grip will remain, but it is covered in x flock. Reel seat will stay, and will...
  234. Hector Garcia

    Long Beach Green Glass CTSF63XXXXH

    Up for grabs is a Tangerine/Red SS CTSF63XXXXH 80-150Lb blank. This blank is uncut and is 6ft 8 1/4 in long. Certified, bonafide Green Glass. This is the perfect rod to take on trips where cows are around, and right now, they are around. Whether a 1.5 to 10 day trip, this will get shit done. 40...
  235. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    A couple I turned in today. The gray and black is a SS OSP2X4. The Brown and gold is a UPS themed Rainshadow Judge.
  236. Hector Garcia

    Quick Promotion Rod Builds

    Those look killer. Nice, clean, simple but well rounded builds.
  237. Hector Garcia

    Best guides for 50# and 60# mono

    I like the Alps HXN. Great guides for the price. Use them on rod up to 130lb without issues.
  238. Hector Garcia

    Deckhand wrap

    Thanks! Once i finish the cord wrap, i usually start my wraps and finish those. When im epoxying the guide wraps, before the turks head goes on I epoxy the cord where the turks head goes. Sometimes I dont do anything and just put the turks head on and sinch it tight enough that it shouldnt...
  239. Hector Garcia

    Looking for thread lot and guides

    I would say your best bet is on ebay for a large lot of thread and guides.
  240. Hector Garcia

    Deckhand wrap

    These are #24 black tarred seine twine. The color cord in the turks head are Atwood Rope
  241. Hector Garcia

    Deckhand wrap

    1. Tarred Seine Twine in #18 and #24. For colors I go with Atwood Rope MFG. 2. I start it just like im starting a guide wrap. Wrap the cord over itself while under a lot of tension. You can also look up the video from Salty Dog where he drills a hole in the end of the blank, and runs the cord...
  242. Hector Garcia

    Is all carbon created equal?

    I believe there is a difference in Carbon. 24 ton, 30 ton, 40 ton. Some is better than others, but for what you are doing it will not make a difference.
  243. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Have done some this week. All need epoxy finished up. Waiting on a USC decal to come in. The brown and gold will be a UPS themed rod.
  244. Hector Garcia

    The CORRECT Way To Replace A Rod Tip From The Okuma, Penn & Shimano Advisor!

    I am not sure who told you all of that stuff, but the way I see it, it is partially correct. Most rod companies do use a higher rated glue, but heating it properly will loosen it up 99% of the time. The problem with most rods is that the top is epoxied in place. Meaning that the epoxy runs from...
  245. Hector Garcia

    Calstar 530 rod ID white flag

    Island Tackle in Carson has a bunch of them in stock right now. Was just there last weekend.
  246. Hector Garcia

    Looking to get into rod building...

    Start with a do it yourself kit from mudhole, or getbit and that way you can see the work involved. You can make your own home made wrapper for the time being. You can look online for tutorials. There are many cardboard tutorials and wood tutorials. I made my first one from wood, and bought the...
  247. Hector Garcia

    Slow pitch blank

    I would go with Batson or Rainshadow blanks. Bill Batson can get you on the right track. Call them up and they will def take care of you and let you know what to use
  248. Hector Garcia

    New to the form, cts affinity float build

    Rod looks good, but this is the first time i have seen a long rear grip on a fly rod. Why such a long grip? Whats the advantage of it? Seeing as the handle is small on the reel, you wouldnt have a big advantage if fighting a fish with a long grip.
  249. Hector Garcia

    Try A New Set Of Guides?

    Is the rating mono/floro or braid rating? I like the sound of the HXD guides being tall, while utilizing small guide rings. I think it makes a big difference when you want to get the line down from a tall reel, but dont want to use a big ring guide. Thanks for the info and your time Darrin...
  250. Hector Garcia

    Try A New Set Of Guides?

    Ive been wanting to try these on a build, but honestly, the price is not as good as I would like. I have been entering the raffles trying to try new products, but all of my family, friends and clients still prefer ALPS. What can I tell them or show them the advantage would be from your guides to...
  251. Hector Garcia

    Calstar 530 rod ID white flag

    That looks like a 90s calstar. I asked T at fishermans tackle a while back about a tan 6480 she had in stock without a white stripe. She said it was sometime in the 90s, but no exact year. The label was like that as well.
  252. Hector Garcia

    Which rod guides

    Also, most chrome rings are not made to be used with braid. If you are strictly fishing mono, then it doesnt matter which guides you use. As for the new materials, they disperse heat faster and wont wear down your line as fast. Apart from some of the other thibgs people already noted
  253. Hector Garcia

    What thread to match calstar honey blank?

    Pics would help determine what thread it was.
  254. Hector Garcia

    Lite Weight Oversize Handle

    Thats a tough one. I would have actually laid down 1 or 2 layers of tape, then used a thick piece of eva to go over it. That guarantees that the cork tape and eva are mounted to the blank. I dont know if the cork tape will actually adhere to the eva appropriately on top of it(may need to epoxy...
  255. Hector Garcia

    Batson guides

    Avree with Bill. There are some sellers online that will sell you cheap chinese knockoff stuff, and not actual Forecast or Alps products. I get mine from Island Tackle or Get Bit Outdoors.
  256. Hector Garcia

    Some extra stuff for starting rod builders or?? GONE!

    Wish i had the money at this time. Even though im not a new builder, could always use different products. Unfortunately the bobcat fire fucked up my rod building
  257. Hector Garcia

    I do. But as of now, im holding onto it.

    I do. But as of now, im holding onto it.
  258. Hector Garcia

    Is There a Rainshawdow Spec Sheet?

    Their catalog has all the information needed to reverse lookup the blank. Just measure the tip, butt, and action and you should be able to get a good depiction of which blank it is. You can also weigh the blank in certain circumstances to make sure its the correct model...
  259. Hector Garcia

    composite blank recommendations

    A moderate action rod that also has a strong backbone is going to be hard to find in a composite rod. Most composite rods are fast/x fast action. All of my moderate/slow action rods are all glass. I love Rainshadow products and I am sure they make what you need. I would suggest calling Batson...
  260. Hector Garcia

    Why is there a different rod line rating for mono vs braid? Makes no sense!

    The difference in braid rating and mono rating is because people use different size braid and a topshot of mono thats different. So the rating to me is more of a recommendation. Most people arent going to fish just braid. And most rods are rated on mono rating. Most rod rating are guides, and...
  261. Hector Garcia

    Trolling butts anyone?

    Fuck, wish I was closer. Thats a hell of a deal.
  262. Hector Garcia


    Island Tackle in Carson.
  263. Hector Garcia


    Some use it for 50, some for 60. I have ome and it feels like a 60lb.
  264. Hector Garcia

    Should I fill this?

    if the blank was made that way, leave it alone.
  265. Hector Garcia

    what is this rod?

    It looks like there is writing on the blank. What does it say?
  266. Hector Garcia

    Alternative to rubber feet

    Thanks for the hats and other goodies Bill! You guys are the best.
  267. Hector Garcia

    RCJB84XXH custom Rail Rod 300$

    I have an RCJB84XXH 7ft, 50-100LB great 60 or 80lb rod. Rear grip is 12in, foregrip is 18in. The rear grip can be covered in heat shrink. i can easily pick up 25lb of drag on this rod. The rod has alps guides and alps forecast seat. 300$ picked up in Palmdale, 320$ shipped. -Hector 323-338-2107
  268. Hector Garcia

    Alternative to rubber feet

    Im going to try this today.
  269. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow / UC line ratings?

    The Rainshadow line to me falls in place the closest to Calstar as any other brand. The UC blanks fall all over the place IMO. Ive pulled on some that are on the low side of the rating, amd others that fall on the high. Only a couple which fall in the middle. Its hard to know with their...
  270. Hector Garcia

    Alternative to rubber feet

    My original rubber lasted 3-4 years. I purchased two sets in the beginning of the year, and the first one lasted 3 months, and the second lasted 4-5 months
  271. Hector Garcia

    Alternative to rubber feet

    I do use masking tape on the butt. It used to work fine, but since the rubber feet give out, it just tends to get loose after like 100 turns.
  272. Hector Garcia

    Ceramic bobins

    I initially liked the ceramic one, but i dropped it one time and the ceramic cracked. It works good, but just be careful with it.
  273. Hector Garcia

    Alternative to rubber feet

    In the last year, for some reason, I have gone through a ridiculous amount of the rubber feet that go on the rod wrapper(see pic). Ive tried adjusting them, ive tried cork tape, ive tried some rubber i had on hand. I dont know what causes them to disintegrate like this. I think its a combination...
  274. Hector Garcia

    Teacher needed... ambitious and patient learner here

    If you have the parts to wrap, then just wrap what you know. Look at the Clemens book, look online for wraps, and just keep wrapping. A lot of the wrappers here are pretty buay most of the time so they wont have time to give you hand on hand training and techniques, but as stated above, if you...
  275. Hector Garcia

    building 5'6" deep water jigging, dog tooth tuna

    Also hit up Bill Batson from Batson Enterprises and Rainshadow. He should be able to point you in the right direction
  276. Hector Garcia

    Custom Seeker LB CJBF70H E Glass

    Up. Some interest. One person wants me to ship. It might be gone in the next few days.
  277. Hector Garcia

    Fish eye problems in finish

    Update on refinish. Hot off the dryer. Simple sand, clean with DNA, and add nee finish. Done.
  278. Hector Garcia


    Looks good. Just curious, how did your static test look with 10 guides plus tip? I did like 11 or 12 plus tip just to get it right.
  279. Hector Garcia

    I screwed up somewhere

    Nice. But as they said above, dont burnish on the power wrapper. Burnish slow, and take your time. Dont rush a rod build. Add more epoxy, and you should at least be able to fish it.
  280. Hector Garcia

    I screwed up somewhere

    Also 😂😂😂 on the table
  281. Hector Garcia

    I screwed up somewhere

    You def need more epoxy. Way more epoxy. Maybe like 2-3 coats. Theres a lot of thread showing. But other than that, the colors look cool.
  282. Hector Garcia

    Custom Seeker LB CJBF70H E Glass

    This rod is the best for for Lupe, and the bigger tuna around.
  283. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow Judge JDGLB80L

    All texts and pm's replied to.
  284. Hector Garcia

    I screwed up somewhere

    Why do you think you messed up somewhere? Show some pics of it, and maybe we can help guide you to what you can do better, or different. And I have never built a rod with 1 layer of epoxy. Most rods are going to take a minimum of 2, most take 3 or 4, some require way more.
  285. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow Judge JDGLB80L

    i have a Rainshadow JDGLD80L, brand new, unused. Alps guides, red cord grip, turks head, red wrapped guides with trigger pac bay seat. This rod was built to use with an Avet SXJ , or another low profile reel with 20lb. The rod is rated 15-30lb, and is made to toss anchovies and sardines. Great...
  286. Hector Garcia

    Custom Seeker LB CJBF70H E Glass

    Anyone? Worst i can say is no thanks
  287. Hector Garcia

    Custom Seeker LB CJBF70H E Glass

    Thanks for the offer, but dont need trades at this time. Reasonable offers are considered.
  288. Hector Garcia

    9" Blanks?

    Have yet to have a Bushido blank fail me yet. Im sure these things are awesome as well.
  289. Hector Garcia

    Seeker TAC 80H for David

    Its part of their Tactic series rods.
  290. Hector Garcia

    Custom Seeker LB CJBF70H E Glass

    Hey everyone, This is a custom E Glass, Long Beach Made Seeker CJBF70H or 6470H. 40(50)80lb line, but can easily handle 60lb. Rod is 7ft 3in long, uncut. Rod features hypalon rear grip, blue alps centralock reel seat, and hypalon foregrip. Rod features Alps HXN guides. Design wise, the rod...
  291. Hector Garcia

    Fish eye problems in finish

    I was using Pro Kote lite for my final coat. I use a coat of lite on the first base, regular pro kote on the second coat, and a 3rd coat of lite, and maybe a 4th or 5th of lite if needed. Have done this for a long time with great results, but i dont know what happened here. But one rod with this...
  292. Hector Garcia

    Fish eye problems in finish

    The cord is tarred seine twine, and ive never had an issue with it doing anything like that before. I always use the same process abd never had this issue. I have no idea what caused it to be honest, but I am going to scuff it out and re-apply another coat and see how that goes.
  293. Hector Garcia

    Fish eye problems in finish

    I suspect this as well. I have my cups in a sealed bag, but i think i reamed some EVA that might have left some small particles in the air about an hour before I put the epoxy on. Im sure ip get it fixed, and next time i will 100% make sure i dont ream epoxy before hand 😂
  294. Hector Garcia

    Fish eye problems in finish

    Last guide I coated, turks came on before the finish, but rod was cleaned with DNA before hand. The rod is moderate action and bends way into the handle, so needed a guide there unless the reel was going to be like near the top of the grip. Il add a pic for reference. I made the turks head...
  295. Hector Garcia

    Fish eye problems in finish

    In my many years of wrapping, i never had a problem with fish eyes in my finish...until like 3 days ago. I finished wrapping this Conolon im selling, and the stripper has a bunch of holes in it. IDK what happened. This was the second coat. No issues before, but im going to sand it and il post...
  296. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow JDGLB 80M

    Im building one right now! Awesome, lightweight, amd you can pull on tuna all day.
  297. Hector Garcia

    GP80whatever reduction to stripper guides?

    Pics would help to see what you mean by weird. And it should not make a difference in castability. I just built an 80 predator and went with 20-10's i think it was 20-16-12-10-10-8-8-8-8-8-TT and it worked great. Customer already took it out on a trip. The stripper guide size and placement...
  298. Hector Garcia

    More New Products Coming

    Now those Virtus guides I can use.
  299. Hector Garcia

    Popping rod help

    Lay it out however you find comfortable. Are you making a spinning popping rod or a conventional? Theres plenty of pics online as well, i googled it and saw plenty of rods. All had rear EVA, basic fuji seat, and a 6-7in foregrip. Just go with whatever color scheme you like, and whatever parts...
  300. Hector Garcia

    BFT Productive vs Fun?

    Thats how it is with bluefin. And you can catch a 100lb on 25, 30 and 40lb.
  301. Hector Garcia

    BFT Productive vs Fun?

    Heavier line is productive(but they dont always bite it), smaller line and a long ass rod is funner but can hurt your back after 20 minutes of fighting them. The point is to try to get the fish into the boat quicker because the longer it takes, the higher chances of it breaking the line, or...
  302. Hector Garcia

    Smoker, "old school" with consumables.... FREE

    If you were closer to me I would def take this off your hands. I have a small ass smoker, and barely fits two small racks of ribs. Bump
  303. Hector Garcia

    ***FOR SALE: Avet MXL Reel - 5.8:1 Gunmetal Gray - $100.00***

    2 hours passed before you pmed him, most likely someone messaged him before that. I dont post when I PM someone if i am trying to buy something. I didnt buy this reel, just pointing it out.
  304. Hector Garcia

    Better casting live bait rod.

    I suggest you go with an all glass, or a composite rod. Not just graphite, or carbon fiber. They are going to be a little too stiff to cast far without tons of practice. If looking for a 30lb, i suggest a 6480(calstar or seeker) for launching sardines. If something in the 20-25lb range, id go...
  305. Hector Garcia

    Alps XN guides for 40-50lb?

    The XN will work. I have used some for 50lb rod applications, not a lot, but some. Most of the time I go with HXN for 50 and above. If youre using 12-15lb of drag, that should be fine for you though.
  306. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow RCJB84XH vs RCTB66H for large model tuna.....

    I honestly think it can probably do 30lb, but I only have a 10lb and a 25lb dumbell, and i didnt want to over do it. I think it is a solid 80lb rod, or a light 100lb rod when super necessary, but I would use it for 60-80lb instead, and switch to something else for 100lb.
  307. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow RCJB84XH vs RCTB66H for large model tuna.....

    Here is an 84xxh lifting the 25lb barbell
  308. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Dont really have anything new yet, but tested another rcjb84xxh Rainshadow with 25lb of drag!!!!!! Now I am going to build it as a rail rod and sell it. Any color combos you guys want to see?
  309. Hector Garcia

    Reaper Guide Spacing?

    From talking to a couple of guys, they removed some flags from the bottom half of the blank. They said it makes it better, but i have one of the first blanks made, in the second order of fred hall blanks. I cant really compare them until I get to pull on them side by side. But i put 11 guides...
  310. Hector Garcia

    Reaper Guide Spacing?

    Are you using one of the initial fred hall blanks, or the one released after fred hall. To my understanding from multiple shop workers, They changed the design after fred hall, and guide spacing could be affected because of that design change
  311. Hector Garcia

    Looking for 9 to 10 ft jigstick

    How much are you willing to pay would def help out. I can make you a custom one, but it depends on the price.
  312. Hector Garcia

    UC RCE 800 Wahoo Build - guide layout for multiple reels

    Id go Alps XN regular. I would start with 20 and end at 10. Its a little hard to get a rod setup for multiple reels, but I would probably recommend a srock one instead, or do stock guide spacing. Those are normally made to accept multiple reels since they are not custom made for a specific...
  313. Hector Garcia

    Blank ID?

    Yeah, heat it up, just dont over heat it unless youre going to replace it. Another thing you can do is use vice grips and twist until it loosens up. Once its loose, just take it off.
  314. Hector Garcia


    Im right there with you. I have some rainshadow 2 piece popping blanks, and an old couains 8ft 6in 1 piece popping blank, and both can handle at a minimum of 20lb of drag in my book.
  315. Hector Garcia

    Blank ID?

    Most seekers have a label inside the butt, some dont, but take off the butt cap and look in there a d maybe you can see the model number.
  316. Hector Garcia


    Some people think that a 2 piece popping rod, or 2 piece rod above like a 20 or 30lb line would not be able to withstand the high drag, and possibly break or come apart while fighting a big fish.
  317. Hector Garcia

    Possible New Trigger Seat Hood

    After having multiple hoods fail on me, i cannot wait to try this.
  318. Hector Garcia

    Calstar bt90j specs

    It is probably a 90j. The older glass was more flexible, but could hold the 15lb of drag. The calstar website lists both the 690j and 90j at 1.125 and size 9 tip. Couldnt really get a good pic of the specs
  319. Hector Garcia

    Building a 180lb. Trolling rod Components

    Ah, that makes more sense. I though you just measured the tip, multiplied the butt aize and gave you a rating 😂 I thought there was another way I hadnt learned yet.
  320. Hector Garcia

    Building a 180lb. Trolling rod Components

    How do you get a rod rating from measuring the tip and butt? But I would go with Alps HXN and an Alps Butt or Aftco Butt. If you are strictly using it for trolling, then go with rollers. Alps is my preferred choice, but Aftco big foor work well.
  321. Hector Garcia

    New Gaff Components!

    Those look nice. And thread in makes it so much better.
  322. Hector Garcia

    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    This one initially started loosening up during the fight, and towards the end on the fight the graphite hood on the top was broken. Could be too much torque, incorrect reel foot size, and other factors such as possibly damaged during shipping or manufacturer defect. Which is why I went with...
  323. Hector Garcia

    Graftech rods blank through???

    I believe all rods built now are all the way through the grip. The reason older rods arent built that long, was because they didnt have mandrels big enough to creare 9, 10 and 11ft blanks unlike today. So yes, you should be able to remove the grip and seat and make it deckhand.
  324. Hector Garcia

    Effect of cutting 4" - 6" off the butt end?

    Use another blank in that range. Why cut an 8ft rod if there are 50 different 7ft 6in options.
  325. Hector Garcia

    Hey electronic nerds... foot pedal question

    I am only posting here because I am sure im going to run into this issue sooner or later as I run over my cable all the time.
  326. Hector Garcia

    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    Heres some pics of mine and how it looks on my hands with the reel.
  327. Hector Garcia

    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    I went with the alps on my reaper. Took it out for some test casts a couple of weeks ago. Preferred it over the graphite one. The graphite one made the rod feel too light for me. It felt like a bass rod instead of a yellow/tuna rod. I also got sent a picture of a customer who fought a 98lb...
  328. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow Composite Blanks

    The rainshadow, calstar, and some seekers and other blanks almost all have the same transitions. You are not going to be able to differentiate between them by just looking at them. I can hand you a clastar composite blank and a rainshadow blank and tell you theyre from calstar and you would not...
  329. Hector Garcia

    Questions on components for UC Reaper

    I went with MXN. I fish MXN on rods that take 40-50lb, anything above that I use HXN.
  330. Hector Garcia

    Questions on components for UC Reaper

    It will take 11 guides at a minimum plus tip. I went with alps, alps seat, started at 20, ended with 8's. I could have gone with 12 guides, but 11 worked better.
  331. Hector Garcia

    Rail dawg grip installation

    I think he recommended just a shit ton of rubber cement. I used a shit ton of pro paste epoxy. Like a lot. It went on smooth after that, i also wondered about the rubber cement so I went with epoxy instead.
  332. Hector Garcia

    Braid Breakoffs

    Braid breaks off easily unless youre using like 100-200lb braid. Which is the reason most shore shark fishermen use a large spool, fill it half with braid and the other half with mono. Because the mono is better abrasion resistance for the sandbars. Blacktip H has some good videos on youtube on...
  333. Hector Garcia

    Winn Split grip vs. EFX Carbon Split?

    Never tried the carbon grip. Ive tried the winn grip, and it works great.
  334. Hector Garcia

    Guide ratings on inshore builds?

    MXN are the best option. I use them on 50lb builds with up to 20lb of drag and have no issues. United Composites uses them on builds that are in the 50 and 60lb range for their stock builds.
  335. Hector Garcia

    Any guesses for this color?

    I got 2 gray colors on my phone. Top is one i bought from seeker, its a pro wrap nylon 4oz spool. I can get the part number if you want. Bottom is prowrap as well, but its a color protected thread.
  336. Hector Garcia

    Putting New Finish on Old Rods

    The finish doesnt look bad. I lightly sanded old finish before and then added a new layer of finish, a light layer.
  337. Hector Garcia

    Saltwater Spinner question

    Looks like it might need 2 more guides. Cant really tell though. What drag are you applying? You might need to add a guide in between the 3 and 4 guide and between the stripper and 5th guide. Or adjust your spacing a bit more. Take a pic of the tip so we can see the spacing there. I usually...
  338. Hector Garcia

    Beginning rod wrapping machine recommendation?

    Power wrapper all the way. I started with a hand wrapper and homemade electric dryer setup. The total cort once I was done was about 100$. The problem is I can build a rod with handpower in like 3 weeks, taking my rest time for my wrists. Or I can build a rod with a power wrapper in like 3...
  339. Hector Garcia


    It adds a fair bit of weight, but if you use it predominately on the rail, i think it would be beneficial for you.
  340. Hector Garcia

    Help with covering name

    This. You can wrap over it, but its going to look like shit, not last, and be super thivk because youre going to need 2-3 coatings of finish on top. That means taking the original one off, and redoing the whole job and can take about a week to do.
  341. Hector Garcia

    76 cx raptor blank

    Fuck, wish i had the funds for it. Built one a couple months ago for a client, it felt awesome.
  342. Hector Garcia

    Cord grips on Unlimited class Roller rod

    Jig i made using a 1in pvc coupler with 8 holes total and some screws i had at home.
  343. Hector Garcia

    Cord grips on Unlimited class Roller rod

    That would be Bill "Salty Dawg". Look up the video on youtube. It works very well, but I dont do it. And doing the cord is exactly like a guide wrap. Tuna cord is tarred seine twine. Identical thing, but youre going to find it online and in stores as tarred seine twine. I use size 18 and...
  344. Hector Garcia

    Cord grips on Unlimited class Roller rod

    The hole is for deckhand rods, dont use it here sine its going in a ferrule and can cause it to snap at the ferrule. And the cord will hold up fine whether you use a spray or dont use the spray. The tuna cord is tarred and protects it from wear pretty good. Ive seen some rods that have cord on...
  345. Hector Garcia

    Cord grips on Unlimited class Roller rod

    Cord would work well. If the blank is not super thick, i would use a thin layer of cork tape underneath. Make sure the cord is packed tight and it should be okay. I also occasionally use 3M spray glue on the blank, if the blank is thick already.
  346. Hector Garcia

    #30 setup

    Ive seen people fish floro on top of mono. Some people fish braid then mono, then add a short floro topshot. Like a 3-6ft floro shot.
  347. Hector Garcia

    Help with covering name

    Hit up @fatkid1 he is in Norco i believe. Might be able to help you out.
  348. Hector Garcia

    25/30# bait set up...

  349. Hector Garcia

    #30 setup

    I have an MXL single speed non MC and non raptor and it works good. Trust me. I put 13lb of drag at strike and still freespools easily. It has handled fish in the 30lb-40lb range well. And i caught a 100lb bat ray a couple of months ago at the pier. My buddy just took his single speed MXL to...
  350. Hector Garcia

    Help with covering name

    Could be anywhere from 15-40$ per rod depending on what you want them covered with, and if you want the model number written on or a custom decal put on.
  351. Hector Garcia

    2 Speed for Seeker 50-100

    You need something that you can put atleast 300-400 yards of 100lb braid, especially when going after tuna. They can pull 300 yards off a reel when they really want to. A fathom 40 works well with 80lb braid, but i wouldnt fish 80lb topshot on it. And remember, when the bite is tough, youre not...
  352. Hector Garcia

    Got one thanks..

    You can, but they wont be optimal. The drag is completely different from a 50lb to 100lb. Youre going from somewhere in 15lb of drag to about 25 to 30lb of drag in 100lb. They would need different rods. You need atleast 2 rods.
  353. Hector Garcia

    RCE800 Monster < ??? < US80 Tilefish?

    Yes. I was testing it with a 15, 20 and 25lb barbell and it did great on the 15, and bottomed out with the 20, and couldnt do the 25 because it would have probably broken the blank. And at 230$ blank, i wouldnt risk having to buy a new one and UC telling me it was a user error as most companies...
  354. Hector Garcia

    RCE800 Monster < ??? < US80 Tilefish?

    I honestly stopped looking at their ratings. I built a US80 Predator that says 50-80 or some shit like that, and its a 50lb stick. I dont go by what it says in their catalog. Also the butt can be thinner in diameter, but have way more material in it and makes it a thicker ID that OD.
  355. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    It takes alot of thread to make a design this big.
  356. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    If its a no color protected thread it will darken 100% of the time. Just had one darken on me because I forgot to use color preserver, but thats what happens. But that color combo works well. I think a white base would have made it kind of a patriotic USA themed rod, but this gunmetal works...
  357. Hector Garcia

    Found one......

    Hit up Island Tackle. Should have some in stock. They are normally around 100$
  358. Hector Garcia

    Loose Tip top

    The 5 minute epoxy works well on the rods that take a higher amount of drag/heat on the tip.
  359. Hector Garcia

    Best Reel Maintenance Thread

    I just cleaned and grease my Daiwa LD40. Used penn cleaner, penn grease, cals drag grease and got over 2 minutes of free spool. Posted a video to my instagram. The video is too long to post here for some reason.
  360. Hector Garcia

    How to keep a straighter line.

    I just say "fuck it" 😂 It gets hard, i learned taping my tag ends to the blank works better. A trick i learned recently was make a straight mark on the blank throughout the tag end area of the wrap.
  361. Hector Garcia

    Do I Uni- Butt or Fixed Extension ?

    Ive done a piece of rod, or a piece of aluminum pipe that I may have left over.
  362. Hector Garcia

    Do I Uni- Butt or Fixed Extension ?

    I have a ub1 and ub2, the material is a little thicker on the 2. I have tried making a 50lb rod with a ub1 because of the butt diameter, and the aluminum on the ferrule with 15-20lb of drag began to bend. I just took it apart for that reason and got another blank instead for the ub2. Im using...
  363. Hector Garcia


    Its RCX76 Centaur it is on their website.
  364. Hector Garcia

    Calstar 90j blank!

    Hit up fishermans landing, i purchased 5 from them at fred hall show.
  365. Hector Garcia


    Everytime i see them on instagram i let out a big "fuck". Cause that shit is nice.
  366. Hector Garcia

    Do I Uni- Butt or Fixed Extension ?

    Ive done it befofe with an arbor. They hold up well, especially if you make sure the epoxy is in there all the way around. And once the grip goes on you wont be able to tell it has an arbor on it.
  367. Hector Garcia

    700H Rod Tip Broke

    I would cut right under that final wrap of the guide. Attach new tip, and it should be good to go. It should be at the correct height for a tip at around that point.
  368. Hector Garcia

    Do I Uni- Butt or Fixed Extension ?

    I think a UB1 is onky rated for 30lb and under. You would need a UB2 rated 30-50lb but can handle 60lb. I would do an aftco unibut if you are going to use them for strict trolling and need the durability of the aluminum trolling butt.
  369. Hector Garcia

    set up for beginner

    Theyre recommending 40, 50, and 60 or sometimes 80lb on the local bluefin. For yellowtail you might need 30 and 40lb. It also dependa on what youre fishing. Jigs, baits, or flatfalls. To me, you need 2-3 different setups at least for this 1.5 day
  370. Hector Garcia

    Rod I.D. ?

    It is a turners part number.
  371. Hector Garcia

    Marbling Question

    Ive done both. Its easier to me to do the whole underwrap length because the guide will have a base at that point. Kind of like if you did an underwrap. It wont be seen so i use black for that part that goes under the guide feet. Its harder for me to do the part just in the middle of the guide...
  372. Hector Garcia

    the importance of static load testing..

    I think you need taller guides. That fuji guide looks way too short for that. I would have personally gone with alps XN guides. The size 20 in the fuji you have is about the size, height wise, as a size 16 in alps. Especially because of the moderate action into the reel seat. If you put more...
  373. Hector Garcia

    How much for a custom wrap?

    At a minimum if someone brings me a blank i charge 180$ thats deckhand, fuji guides, basic 1-2 color scheme. At the high end i charge 300$ for a fullbuild with sick design, alps XN guides, alps aluminum seat, grip anyway they want. As they said above, are you bringing everything to him, or was...
  374. Hector Garcia

    LB 10’ SS Ulua

    I think he is talking about the gap between the finish and the guide right here.
  375. Hector Garcia


    Fuck, wish i had the money. Id take both. GLWS.
  376. Hector Garcia

    Cal Star GG question

    Calstar is not the only company that uses a white stripe inside. But pics of the blank would help a lot. The butt and tip diameter will help as well. It could be a composite blank with glass/graphite mixed together, or a blank that you cant see the transition to. Ive had plenty of no name...
  377. Hector Garcia

    Cal Star GG question

    Rainshadow, phenix and seeker make all graphite rods. The most common is phenix or rainshadow.
  378. Hector Garcia

    How many guides on Rail rod?

    I use electrical tape to hold them in place, but occasionally it still moves. Its part of the process.
  379. Hector Garcia


    This. Most of my stripper guides are anywhere from 18-24in from the top of the spool.
  380. Hector Garcia

    Alps XN Guide - Question

    I wouldnt use a 25 unless youre using a tall reel. A 20 is plenty enough. Im building an 80 predator for a 50lb bait stick and using 20, 16, 12, 10, 10, 8, 8, 8, 8,8, 8 tip
  381. Hector Garcia

    How many guides on Rail rod?

    You also want to test it under whatever drag setting youre going to be using with the reel youre going to use. I built mine specifically to a valiant 1000 with 25-30lb of drag. So i maxed it at 30lb and bent the fuck out of it under full load. And it was a perfect fit for my spacing.
  382. Hector Garcia

    Rainshadow Judge 810ML

    Those judge blanks are awesome. A 300$ blank that can cast a chovie or sardine a mile, but have the backbone to pull on a 100lb tuna, and make it to the boat in record time. I have a couple of those blanks, and im buildimg them for my 30lb flyline rods.
  383. Hector Garcia

    What in the hell?

    There are a lot of companies that have that transition. Rainshadow blanks do the same. But the model number is a calstar to me. Maybe it was a calstar blank that somebody at phenix wrapped.
  384. Hector Garcia

    How many guides on Rail rod?

    This is what i did on a 3X a couple months ago.
  385. Hector Garcia

    What in the hell?

    Its a calstar that someone had a phenix sticker and slapped it on. My guess on it.
  386. Hector Garcia

    Calstar 550 blank

    Island Tackle might have 1 in stock. Hit them up.
  387. Hector Garcia

    Paint marker that doesnt suck?

    Not even kidding, the sharpie was my favorite before. I have a gold, silver, copper, and several other colors(around 20). They work good for a small scale operation. Meaning 1-2 rods a month. But when you get into 8-10 rods a month, it becomes crappy writing. The reason i switched over to a...
  388. Hector Garcia

    Paint marker that doesnt suck?

    I used to used the marker above, but it only came out good once in a while. I gave up and just bought a silhouette label maker. Spent around 40$ in different pens and markers, and i could have put that towards the label maker instead. Label maker was 300$, and paper was 20$. After about 10 rods...
  389. Hector Garcia

    noob q - white decorative thread

    Not much would help TBH. Try different whites and see which one you like.
  390. Hector Garcia

    Varmac E-lite

    Is that Pro Wrap you used Jr? Im really liking that color. Might need to get some if I dont have it already.
  391. Hector Garcia

    Calstar blank series question

    I say build the blank they sent you. All the 90Js are fast action, and ive had better luck with the all glass. I have a new tan glass 90j im going to build for myself. And ive build around 30-40 all glass 90Js and arpund 20 composite 90Js and I still think the glass is better.
  392. Hector Garcia

    Any tips for applying decals?

    Is it a waterslide decal, or a sticker with glue on the bottom. If its a sticker with glue on the bottom, i dont use water i just place it as level as i can. If i see bubbles forming, i heat it with a heat gun and use a burnishing tool to smooth it out. Waterslides I use plenty of warm, not hot...
  393. Hector Garcia

    Calstar blank series question

    Its a lot lighter than what people think.
  394. Hector Garcia

    Calstar blank series question

    The butt diameter is fine for a regular 90j, they might have cut the tip, or its a defective blank. If you look up acidrod, and other blank selling companies, they mostly state that they will cut the blank to 8ft 10in because of shipping. And call them tomorrow to get it figured out.
  395. Hector Garcia

    Calstar blank series question

    I think they cut it to 8ft 10in for shipping pusposes, as most places do with anything 9ft. I woupd call them and see what they did because they stopped carrying the bt90J blank a while back. I think they might have sent you something different, or mislabeled a blank. IMO, the all glass BT90J...
  396. Hector Garcia

    Calstar blank series question

    No real way to tell the difference by looking, but you can measure the butt diameter and tip. The BT and BTG have a different butt on it. You can see the transition on some of the BTG, but you really cant tell the difference. Normally some blanks come 8ft 11in long to make a 9ft rod, but...
  397. Hector Garcia

    Installing cold shrink on Seeker 1x3

    I think you mean the gas hose material that seeker uses. Its a bitcj to get on. It basically has to be the exact diameter of the blank. And you need a lot of lube to get it on there.
  398. Hector Garcia

    Installing cold shrink on Seeker 1x3

    I dont heat cold shrink ever. But i also never apply it straight to the blank. I apply it over hypalon or eva grips and before applying it, i apply some 3m spray glue to make it stick to the foregrip. But your question sounds like 2 different questions. Maybe a pic would help if you can take one.
  399. Hector Garcia

    Beginning rod builder

    Well goodluck with the package. Ive never had any issues with them, even when people were getting their card # taken by not using paypal.and my stuff usually got here pretty fast. Unless it was backordered, which I knew, abd unless it was dropshipped from somewhere else.
  400. Hector Garcia

    Beginning rod builder

    What did you order? Ive only had 1 thing get delayed when it was a dropship item.
  401. Hector Garcia

    Stuff/things for sale

    Up, glass blank and jig stick sold. Added conolon blank.
  402. Hector Garcia

    Beginning rod builder will send you a catalog, along with Island Tackle in Carson.
  403. Hector Garcia

    Power wrapper belt

    I went to ace hardware and found a vacuum belt that was almost the same size. It was a little smaller, but i heated it a little and stretched it. Works way better because its thick and fits the grooves better.
  404. Hector Garcia

    CE 900 Wahoo Guide Spacing

    You should only need one 20. I would probably go 20-16-12-12-12-10-10-10-10-10-10, but all of that depends on how the static test goes. Handle depnds on how long you want it. If youre doing a deckhand grip, i like mine at 32in. As for reel seat, it depends on how high up you like the reel...
  405. Hector Garcia

    4oz spools on a CPW

    Pac bay thread carriages use this white spacer for 4oz spools. I lost mine a while ago, but i switch all my thread over to 1oz spools either way. Its easier to work with. Im sure you can find something like that at a hardware store.
  406. Hector Garcia

    UC CE 900 Wahoo

    Fuji guides depend on which guides im using. And also depends on what reel im using. Im im using something low profile i start with 20 and end with 10 or 8s. If i have a higher reel, i use a 25 to 10s, or 8s depending on how it bends.
  407. Hector Garcia

    Shrink x wrap pricing

    I though That store was always too expensive to begin with. Was there a while back, and some of the blanks were about 20$ more than other places.
  408. Hector Garcia

    Shrink x wrap pricing

    Ive seen it all iver the place at shops. Some sell it for 50c an in, some 80c, and some 1$ an in. I get all of my heat shrink online for that reason. I buy 35mm, 64in for anywhere from 8$ to 15$ shipped to my house. Depends on how quickly i need it.
  409. Hector Garcia

    Calstar 800L cut down?

    Get a calstar 700h if you want a 7ft rod in that rating. You wont achieve what you want cutting it down. Its just going to cut a perfectly good rod, while calstar already makes a 7ft 40-50lb rod. If you want to cut it, youre going to have to cut the tip almost a foot, but cutting the tip will...
  410. Hector Garcia

    Cal Star blank BTG 90 J-MAG

    Hit up Islang Tackle, they carry a lot of that stuff in stock. Ive purchased tons of 90J's from there. Glass, gg90J and 90j mags.
  411. Hector Garcia

    Seeker creamsicle vs unicorn uluas

    Seeker sold them for 180 at their show. Each blank. So i wouldnt pay more than 200 or 220 if I want to buy one. Heard they fish like hit, so i dont think theyre worth much.
  412. Hector Garcia

    Spar urethane in a small bottle

    I use the spray can. Its anywhere from 8-10$ and it lasts a while.
  413. Hector Garcia

    Stuff/things for sale

    Dont know right now. Could be another 2 weeks, unless these dumb rioters are still going on.
  414. Hector Garcia

    UC CE 900 Wahoo

    I used 11 on one i made. But each blank is different. Also depends on what size guides, what brand guides. I started with a 20 and ended with 10s in alps.
  415. Hector Garcia

    Need left hand reel retrieve

    If youre willing to travel to palmdale, hit up @CartridgeCalls he has a couple of left hand avets for sale.
  416. Hector Garcia

    CRB 3 rod stands

    2 stands total. One stand is used and the other is like new. Been sitting for a couple of months, so theyre a little dusty, bjt overall work great. Come as seen. No need for them anymore. Asking 35$ for both. No shipping, pickup in Palmdale or LA. No holds. Im in LA once a month, onky way to...
  417. Hector Garcia

    6465 xxh

    Why go with a graphite reel seat and not an alps aluminum or another aluminum one? You can find an alps for like 30$, and you most likely spent well over 30$ on the 3 reel seats you ordered. They also look nicer, imo, than that huge fuji or pac bay seat. And dont weigh much more.
  418. Hector Garcia

    AVET EXW 4/0-1 mint

    Bought a 2 speed a couple days ago. Awesome reel.
  419. Hector Garcia

    My quad Rod dryer

    Nice as fuck. Mine is a piece of shit compared to that.
  420. Hector Garcia

    ID these guides?

    As stated above, they are discontinued guides. Pac bay makes some pretty decent ones, but they will probably last 1/2 the time.
  421. Hector Garcia

    Gloss finish

    They are really strong. My first time using it, i made the mistake of pouring a little on a plastic mixing cup. About 2 minutes later, i felt my hand was wet. It burned through the mixing cup. But man is it glossy
  422. Hector Garcia

    Gloss finish

    Ive never tried it after i finish a rod. I would try to be careful around the areas that have finish on it. Maybe also put tape on the finish. Im sure you can do it, but It will take some prep work to ensure it doesnt mess it up.
  423. Hector Garcia

    Adios Stopped Looking Kids Table Blues

    SDTT had some at the LB fred hall for 150 each blank. And by some, i mean like 10 of them.
  424. Hector Garcia

    .Avet mxj 5.8

    Thats a good price. Is it single or 2 speed, and MC or non MC?
  425. Hector Garcia

    Bushido bass rod

    You have to match the guides to the reel/line youre going to use. Im making a spinning rod with micro guides, and dont expect anything higher than 8-10lb test to be used on it. If you use a tall reel with low profile/micro guides, it wont work well, wont cast well, and wont bend well.
  426. Hector Garcia

    Assorted Jigs Heavy and Surface, Candybar, Tady, Salas, Caivo, etc.

    Saw this set the other day. Awesome jigs and a good deal.
  427. Hector Garcia

    Does it exist?

    They can actually handle quite a bit, dont let the thin material fool you. Think of it as any 1 piece graphite rod, theyre thin, but powerful. Just make sure its assembled correctly and you should be good to go.
  428. Hector Garcia

    Pacbay replacement Dryer grease

    Its fine. I have one that still has grease around that area since I bought it about 5 years ago. It still works awesome.
  429. Hector Garcia

    the rainshadow judge

    I know youre in Italy, but call Batson. Theyre a great bunch of people with a lot of knowledge. And I can guarantee youre not going to be disappointed with any Rainshadow rod. I have like 6 Rainshadow rlds. Sold most of my seekers and calstars for Rainshadows.
  430. Hector Garcia

    Custom Rainshadow RCJB 84h..more pics..Pending again....

    Why is this still not sold. This rod is a perfect Cali rod. You can fish yellows easily, rockfish. Local tuna up to the 150lb range, and anything in between. Someone buy this!! I have 2 of these blanks im building for myself. And i charge way over the price tag to build these.
  431. Hector Garcia

    Does it exist?

    Have the reel seat replaced. It can bw done as a weekend project for under 50$ with an alps aluminum seat.
  432. Hector Garcia

    Quick black hole build

    Looks good. Just be careful with that reel seat. I had problems with those and the pac bay ones. The reel was falling out. They are made for small baitcasters under the 200 size, and if you use anything big, they can fall out while winding. Had to replace 2 seats a couple of months ago.
  433. Hector Garcia

    Lefty Reel-20lb size range

    I would recommend an avet sx or sxj. Pretty good prices for them on ebay. Or someone here might have one.
  434. Hector Garcia

    1/32" cork tape?

    Never used 1/32 cork tape. I dont think its going to come with the cloth back seeing as it would probably make it thicker. I have never gone any smaller than 1/16th on an ulua fat butt, but use the 1/8th as well. You probably wouldnt be able to notice the difference in grip size between the 1/32...
  435. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Got some more I just turned in.
  436. Hector Garcia

    How should I fix this?

    No, just wrap over it with a new thread wrap and put finish on that.
  437. Hector Garcia

    How should I fix this?

    If you want to sand it, let it cure a couple of days. If you try to sand it right away it will mess up. if it was mine, i would just wrap the rod with another thread and put a new coat of finish.
  438. Hector Garcia

    Does it exist?

    This is going to be the best option. And you can take off the reel seat and add the one you want. Or have the whole rod rebuilt. Its going to be hard to find any 2 piece blanks with what you are looking for.
  439. Hector Garcia

    Rod I.D.

    This is probably going to be the best way to find out. Take the tape off, and it should be around 10-20$ to put new tape on. Plus, you will have new tape on for future trips to Coronados.
  440. Hector Garcia

    Does it exist?

    It wouldnt be hard for someone to put a trigger seat on it. Under 100$ and you can have the reel seat done at most shops.
  441. Hector Garcia

    Does it exist?

    In 5 years I havent seen any 2 piece 6ft blanks in that rating. Ive seen 7ft, and 8ft blanks. You might be able to get a pre made rod with that rating, but not a blank. 2 piece blanks are hard to get either way
  442. Hector Garcia

    Phenix hybrid 60/130 lb in winthrop terminator

    Add a little tape arbor. Shouldnt need much. And make sure you use enough epoxy.
  443. Hector Garcia

    Help With Root Beer Glass Restoration

    glass will not polish out. You have to add a new coat of finish on it.
  444. Hector Garcia

    Salvage rod or ?

    They did this to ilder rods to extend them. Its very common. If done correctly, it should be okay.
  445. Hector Garcia

    Manual or Portable Rod Wrapper

    Hell No. Used to take me days to wrap a rod, as opposed to minutes/to an hour on a basic wrap. Why would you go back.
  446. Hector Garcia

    Salvage rod or ?

    Cant really tell. Looks like someone made a custom rod. Cant really see though.
  447. Hector Garcia

    Double plier sheath

    I just ordered mine online.
  448. Hector Garcia

    Double plier sheath

    Thanks guys, looking at Charkbait, I think AC plier holsters makes them. Im going to go ahead and order one from them.
  449. Hector Garcia

    Double plier sheath

    Looking for a double plier sheath. Something to fit a set of Channellock pliers. Anybody have one or a good spot to get one? Would like something thats going to last a while. Prefer shipping unless youre willing to drop it off near Palmdale. Text me or DM me 323-338-2107 -Hector
  450. Hector Garcia

    What makes a more durable/stronger/longer lasting turks head, paracord or tuna cord?

    I actually had a picture, up until about 2 weeks ago when my phone decided to take a shit. It was on a clients 25lb rod, while fishing for schoolie yellows, an 88lb bluefin decided it wanted the lure and my buddy had to rail it. It completely rubbed the grip and turks for an hour. By the end of...
  451. Hector Garcia

    metallic blue color help

    Thats the thing about a custom rod, you can build it whatever colors you like. You can try to match the blank colors, or get completely opposite colors. If it were me, I would either do black or white thread. Nothing fancy, just a plain fishable rod.
  452. Hector Garcia

    Uh...What about San Diego Lakes?!?

    If i remember correctly, the lakes are not part of public water, therefore they can keep them closed with or without a virus.
  453. Hector Garcia

    Did I screw this graphite rod over?

    The rods gonna be okay. Put a new tip on, and fish the shit out if it. Once it breaks, you have a new one.
  454. Hector Garcia


    Just saw this on instagram, damn that is nice.
  455. Hector Garcia

    Seeker Hercules?

    Seeker Hercules Blanks fish heavier IMO. You have to remembwr, theyre graphite, so they will be super lightweight, but cant say what they will rate at tbh. I think the L might be a little light for what you want. I would go with the M and H for 16oz balls.
  456. Hector Garcia

    Is this a Harnell?

    There was so many brand/no name companies that made rods like this. My dad has tons of them in the garage. All 7 and 8ft rods. To me, i cant really tell what brand it is. The thing is, if you like it, rewrap it and fish it.
  457. Hector Garcia

    Fuji HB, HN guides question, plus guide sizing question

    I prefer the Alps guides. Only difference is ring material. But ive used Alps on 130lb class rods with no issues.
  458. Hector Garcia

    Is this a Harnell?

    That blank def starts at the top of the handle and is a 2 piece rod. This is where it separates. It might be stuck on because its probably been on for like 20 years. Try some wd 40
  459. Hector Garcia

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    The rollers on the wall are adjustable. The wall mount i have moves.
  460. Hector Garcia

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    So i got a chance to work on my dryer setup. Used a bunch of materials. First off wire and switches. So far 5 switches, and a roll of wire. Second, an L bracket made of aluminum and a sheet of aluminum. So far i have 4 dryers mounted, and 4 more on the way. I used a quick bracket from some...
  461. Hector Garcia

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    That's fucking nice. Wish I had enough steel and aluminum to make that. But I have no room for it.
  462. Hector Garcia

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    Just realized I could have ordered this. If anyone is thinking about making a dryer setup and doesn't have anything yet, here's a good kit for 6 dryers.
  463. Hector Garcia

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    I was going to use the slat wall, but I think I’m going to go with a peg board and make a custom roller setup for it. My issue is that I have a window where the dryer setup is going to go. So i have to get creative with my setups.
  464. Hector Garcia

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    Just a quick update. Started the wiring diagram. Connected the wires to the dryer motors. This weekend I am going to make the actual stand for it and attach it to the wall. The wires and everything also needs to be cleaned up a bit. Note, i found this diagram on youtube. There is a guy making...
  465. Hector Garcia

    Shrink wrap right on the blank??

    Nothing that I know of that has stretch to go over the guides. When people don’t want a turks, i just wrap it in black thread and make kind of like a ramp.
  466. Hector Garcia

    I better get to cuttin and tuckin

    I use bobbins, it makes it faster, but yours looks awesome. Good work.
  467. Hector Garcia

    Fuji HB, HN guides question, plus guide sizing question

    Yup, get all my sets from Sam at Island. Honestly the best place around. I drive 2 hours to get there, but its worth it. Hit up Island Fishing Tackle on Instagram. He is shipping stuff out at this time. A set is like 30$, and a seat in most colors he has in stock. Dont overthink the rod...
  468. Hector Garcia

    Fuji HB, HN guides question, plus guide sizing question

    Guide height depends more on what reel you are going to use. If you use a tall reel, use higher guides. Baitcaster, lower guides. Dont overthink it. Use whatever guides you want, whatever you like. Thats the point of a custom rod. Use what you like, and build it the way you like. Dont use...
  469. Hector Garcia

    Fuji gold sic turbo guides size 14, 16, 18
  470. Hector Garcia

    Fuji gold sic turbo guides size 14, 16, 18 As stated above, never heard of an 18 or 14 size guide
  471. Hector Garcia

    Fuji gold sic turbo guides size 14, 16, 18

    Are you looking for the ones with 2 or 3 legs? Theres a couple on ebay. A 20, 16, 10, and 8 on 2 leg sic in gold.
  472. Hector Garcia

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    The atwood rope is already treated for rott, smells and other things, but i still like to coat it to make it last a little longer.
  473. Hector Garcia

    Tady 3/0 light

    I didnt know they were worth so much. Sav on tackle has a bunch. Might swing by this weekend and pick them up.
  474. Hector Garcia

    Shimano Trinidad 20 DC MINT

    Not gona lie, thats a beautifully clean reel. I aint gona buy it for more than 200$, but someone will. GLWS.
  475. Hector Garcia

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    I dont like paracord for grip, unless its like a small freshwater bass rod that will get little use. The paracord does not hold up well to the abuse, and it messes up pretty quick. Ive made a total of 5 rods with paracord. And unless someone pays me to put it on, i wont use it anymore. It also...
  476. Hector Garcia

    Deckhand cord wrap questions

    1. Use cork tape under to build up, or use multiple layers of cord. Make sure to pack it tight. Some people use double sided tape, i dont. 2. I sometimes use m3 spray glue on the blank and then apply the cord if the blank is already thick. 3. The 1/16 is okay, but I use tarred seine twine...
  477. Hector Garcia

    or FT Avet HXW Raptor MC Super rare!

    Im not trying to be an ass, but most people on this board are west coast fiahermen who dont have a use for a big reel with MC. To some, it actually takes away from the ability to cast well. You might have better luck on Ebay or another board from texas or florida. People who do a lot of heavy...
  478. Hector Garcia

    Seeker rod blank recommendation.

    I just sold one a couple of months ago. Its a ph s36 blank. Just an fyi, the blank itself is pretty hard to find. I would go with a ph d8 blank instead.
  479. Hector Garcia

    Avet & Daiwa Saltist

    From the looks of the avet, its actually an avet sxj, not an sx. Still a good price though.
  480. Hector Garcia

    Epoxy glue

    I use Pro Kote. I like thats its mot too hard, not too soft, but the finished product stays on forever.
  481. Hector Garcia

    Seeker rod blank recommendation.

    Yeah, 8ft is where youre going to find a lot of options. The ph d8 is a perfect 30lb bait rod.
  482. Hector Garcia

    Help question: how to loosen sticking Shimano Tekota reel handles

    I use heat. But apply heat in steps. Slowly, dont overheat it, especially if theres plastic parts around.
  483. Hector Garcia

    United Composites Reaper

    That cord is nice.
  484. Hector Garcia

    Blank ID- Truline/Roddy?

    If you look up M80, it says on some that its a 20-50lb rod.
  485. Hector Garcia

    Custom Rainshadow RCJB 84h..more pics..Pending again....

    Bump for a badass rod. That thing can handle 20lb of drag. Built one a couple of months ago and it lifted a 25lb barbell off the ground for about 30 seconds. Im sure it could handle 20lb easily. Someone get this tuna killer right here.
  486. Hector Garcia


    All this money and no hole pics. For shame 😂 GLWS, thats a great blank.
  487. Hector Garcia

    First guide wrapped on first build.

    It works better on heavy rods that take heavy drag. Its so the guide foot doesnt dig into the blank under high drag and cause problems. Overall, its decorative.
  488. Hector Garcia

    United Composites Reaper

    What are you going for on the grip? I went with cork tape and heat shrink over it.
  489. Hector Garcia

    United Composites Reaper

    Looks good. I dont worry about epoxy. I watched doc skis videos on epoxy and he mixed that shit hard af, and just apply some heat after and its clear. Is there a grip on the rod?
  490. Hector Garcia

    Pinhead needs help with Pinheads...

    The d8 rating is based on the glass used. E glass is rsted lower than s glass most of the time, so a ss may be used as a 40lb stick while an e glass is rated 30lb. Dont trust what other people tell you its rated as. Call seeker and find out. From what I know, the seeker PH D8 is rated...
  491. Hector Garcia

    Blue mak 130
  492. Hector Garcia

    Blue mak 130

    Dm him on instagram. He is only open certain days and only there for like an hour.
  493. Hector Garcia

    Rule for eyelet quatity

    Heres some pics of my static test on a seeker. In the nightime pics you can see the transition between one of the guides is close to touching the blank. I added another guide and made the transition smoother. It takes a while to get it right. If you need help with the guide placement, once I...
  494. Hector Garcia

    "Quarantine" Rail Rod Build

    I think the reason your gold colors are off is because you ordered the black and gold reel seat from alps forecast. The alps centralock is the same color as the gimball. This is the alps centralock gold reel seat. It looks good either way. The top tiger in the vid doesnt have as much...
  495. Hector Garcia

    or FT Avet HXW Raptor MC Super rare!

    Just an FYI, youre only allowed to bump your thread once a day. Not one at mid day, and one in the late afternoon. Please read the forum rules.
  496. Hector Garcia

    Satin Finish chip repair help

    I think mudhole sells a satin blank finish. Or email Bill Batson and see what he recommends. I think theyre still answering emails.
  497. Hector Garcia

    First guide wrapped on first build.

    Looks good, but thats going to be tough to do on every guide, good luck.especially if you dont keep track of how many wraps each thread took. Also, the base wrap looks a little long to me. You have to be careful once you get to the top guides, because the guides are going to be about 3-4-5...
  498. Hector Garcia

    Blue mak 130

    Hit up Sam at Island Tackle in Carson. See if maybe he can get one. Dont know if he can, but he might be able to try.(might be a little while since most places are closed though.
  499. Hector Garcia

    Pinhead needs help with Pinheads...

    Ive had multiple D8's. Some felt like 25lb rods, some 30, and some 40. Never had one feel like a 50lb rod. My current wts d8 feels like a 30lb bait rod. Really soft tip, but shuts off good and strong backbone. But I wouldnt fish 40lb on it. Its too soft for 40lb.
  500. Hector Garcia

    Help with foot pedal on Pac Bay wrapper

    My pedal used to get hot when I first bought it, but it went away after about a month.
  501. Hector Garcia

    Shimano Tranx 400HG - Orange County

    Keep an eye on Amazon. Just bought a new open box 401(left hand model) for 200. Unused, unspooled, and clean af. Just spooled it with 50lb power pro super slick 8. 300 yards of it(only spooled it with this because I had it in the garage sitting for about 6 months.
  502. Hector Garcia

    Anyone have a diy for multiple rld dryer?

    I currently have a 3 rod dryer, the CRB one, but dont like the fact that the stand is solid, and I cant move the individual dryer stand to accomodate for each individual rod. Im looking at making something similar to the Flexcoat dryer. Anyone have a DIY on one? Or does anyone have any close up...
  503. Hector Garcia

    Roddy blanks

    To me they dont affect performance, but yoy have to really inspect the blank. Some have extra glass, right where a guide goes, so it wont affect anything. But some are missing glass in some places, and that can cause bad fractures.
  504. Hector Garcia

    Roddy blanks

    Heres one I built last year and sold on ebay for like 130 shipped. Used some new guides and new cord.
  505. Hector Garcia

    Roddy blanks

    Yes. They can be based on a number of rods. But the material is different. The new black roddy blanks are cheap enough to thrash, and basically didnt cost much to build. I make and sell them with basic fuji guides for 100$. They are okay blanks, but they often have a lot of material defects.
  506. Hector Garcia

    Custom marbled American Tackle

    I dont think alps made SIC guides. Theyre zirconium or al oxide to my knowledge. Still capable though.
  507. Hector Garcia

    New 1989 wrapped USA Seeker casting rod trade

    I think seeker has only been around since 1989.
  508. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

    Im in LA today, until about 3. 400$ firm.
  509. Hector Garcia

    Alps tensioner question

    i use thread bobbins occasionally. Its much easier to use bobbins for fade wraps for sure.
  510. Hector Garcia

    Alps tensioner question

    Is the thread in between the tensioner? Or just on the outside of the tensioner? It looks like its outside. I upgraded to the CRB 4 tensioner instead, but nevver had any issues with the tensioner before.
  511. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    You would think I charged a ton for this lol. But my prices arent that bad to be honest. Wrapping rods stopped me from killing myself almost 5 years ago, so I like to do it. This 90j, for the full build with parts, blank and that butt wrap was under factory pricing. So I dont make a lot of...
  512. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

    Up. Some interests. Il be in LA this saturday and i can deliver it to you if youre in the LA area.
  513. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    BT90J with a beautiful optical chevron.took a long time and a lot of thread.
  514. Hector Garcia

    Old octagon rod would like info and value please

    Its an old octagon rod, unknown blank, but its only worth what someone is willing to pay. I wouldnt pay more that 5$ for it myself. Some people might pay 40$, some might pay 100$, depending on if they like it, or holds sentimental value for them.
  515. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

    Thanks! Not in a rush to sell either way. Season is slow, but once things pick back up im sure it will sell. And this glass is tough. It will kill high grade fish easily.
  516. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

    Up. 70h long beach glass. Old school killer, with fresh new equipment. The Alps seat and guides will stand the test of time. They are truly awesome.
  517. Hector Garcia

    Watch out for Boat0501 BETTY AND NICKS HAL 732 606 3451

    Can a mod ban boat0501 for being a scammer? And I mean IP ban him. He clearly works at a tackle shop, failed to disclose it, and is probably going to try to continue to scam other members of the board to get quick flip material. I think Paypal fucked up, but they always do. Ive had detailed...
  518. Hector Garcia

    super thin low density hypalon

    Why dont you buy regular hypalon and shave it down. Also, this section is for building turtorials, not questions.
  519. Hector Garcia

    Beat up jigs for test casting rods, or free please

    Here is a pic of my back yard mountaim for you guys and gals. You guys are all wecome to come test your casting skills. My yard is half an acre, and about 80 yeards to the mountain from my house. Ive made it way past my gate and hit the mountain tons of times. I also get 10-50mph winds out here...
  520. Hector Garcia

    Beat up jigs for test casting rods, or free please

    😄😄😄 its not a strategy for getting free stuff at all. And as for casting torpedo weights, ive done that, but there is a rock mountain in my backyard where the torpedo weights get stuck and its a bitch for me to get back since there is rattlesnakes in them. Ive lost everything from 3oz sinkers...
  521. Hector Garcia

    Beat up jigs for test casting rods, or free please

    I am looking for old beat up jigs for test casting different jig sticks. I am not looking for mint condition jigs. Im looking for all sizes, all shapes, all weights. If they are free even better. Im trying to test out different rods such as my 90j, the reaper, rainshadow jig stick, ulua, ph...
  522. Hector Garcia

    Tranx 401 left

    What is it spooled with?
  523. Hector Garcia

    Guide Spacing on UC Del Mar 1000?

    I use the size plus 1, but I also adjust based on the static test. For my personal reaper im building, i had originally pit 10 guides, once I tested, i noticed it needed another guide. So in total I used 11 guides plus tip.
  524. Hector Garcia

    FREEZER -30 degree two door Revco Scientific ~115volt ~ Irvine

    You giving the freezer away or the things in the freezer? Ive been looking for a freezer, everyone is sold out and could really use one.
  525. Hector Garcia

    UC Reaper tip size

    It is a 9.
  526. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

    Up, shipping still available. Free shipping now!!!
  527. Hector Garcia

    Cousins GG 95j-mag

    Please look at the dates, if its more than 4 months old, I would recommend PMing them first. Other than that, you just risk getting made fun of. Also, you wont find one for under 500$, so good luck.
  528. Hector Garcia

    Super Seeker CJBF80XH blank

    Up for grabs is an 8ft 2 3/8in long uncut Super Seeker CJBF80XH in a Red/burgundy/orange color, whatever people want to call it. Dont know what gen, but it looks new to me. Was going to wrap it with some gold to make it pop, but now dont need it. The blank is going to sit here a while as I...
  529. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

    Both rods up for grabs. Coronavirus lockdown(except for my essential job) bump.
  530. Hector Garcia

    Day AT The Docks 04/19/2020

    Nope. They canceled til 2021.
  531. Hector Garcia

    In need of 1” Hypalon bad

    Island should still have some. If they dont, hit up fisherman tackle in lawndale. They carry a lot of it.
  532. Hector Garcia


    👍 hopefully I can head down there to get some stuff.
  533. Hector Garcia

    cousins 95jmag. uc reaper blank

    I think the reaper is worth more than that j mag, imo. Casts a light jig 100 yards easily. The j mag struggles with really light jigs, but casts a 6x well. GLWS. Both are great rods for their perspective range.
  534. Hector Garcia

    Spiral looks ok to you?

    My concern with the stripper guide is that if you put too much drag and the line is on the right side, 3 o clock, under heavy drag, it could make the guide shift or crack the rod. I check apiral guides under the drag I intend to use. If its a 30lb rod, i use 10lb of drag(10lb barbell) and bend...
  535. Hector Garcia

    Spiral looks ok to you?

    The stripper guide looks like it should be at a slight angle. And the rod doesnt look like its fullyy bent at full drag. To get an actual depiction I think you need to bend it more.
  536. Hector Garcia

    Nylon thread question

    All metallic thread gives issues after some exposure to sun. There was also a post about it a while ago.
  537. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    Im going to call them tomorrow to get a price.
  538. Hector Garcia

    First build post

    Love the black and red color combo. I just think the red should have been on top to make it stand out better. Other than that, looks great. Hope you put it to good use.
  539. Hector Garcia

    Fuji triple foot

    Did you hit up roys bait and tackle?
  540. Hector Garcia

    Seeker Ulua blankIdentification

    It looks like green glass, but its the composite version. Half glass half graphite. The sought after was the all glass ulua from what I recall. Still a great find. Is there a label inside the butt?
  541. Hector Garcia

    10’ Seeker blank question.

    You can email seeker and they will give you all the info you need.
  542. Hector Garcia

    Looking for a 12’ spinning rod and reel combo.

    I would say go with another Ugly Stik. Theyre very dependable, and you already have one. Go for the pair. Walmart has them pretty cheap.
  543. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    I dont care if its black or white. Just cant find any 6in x 10ft at lowes, ace, home depot, or any other local place. Ive searched almost all over LA county. I need this exhaust! 😂
  544. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    😂 you try fitting two BT100J's in the exhaust. Along with an ulua and 2 90J's
  545. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    Im trying to just have 1 tube so I can add the conduit carrier kit to it. Two 4 inch tubes is a lot. Would rather try to see if I can find the 6in first.
  546. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    Il have to call them. Thanks.
  547. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    If its the corrugated one, i cant. Theres times when I have to leave the rods in the tube and people will try to steal them im looking for the heady duty schedule 40 because im going to attach a conduit carrier kit so I can lock it.
  548. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    Heres what I get when i look for that part.
  549. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    Damn, no license to buy them. Thanks though.
  550. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    I asked, they dont have it. They have short 2ft sections.
  551. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    Can you get a part number for me please? All of my local stores say not available for purchase online or in store.
  552. Hector Garcia

    Large pvc pipe

    Looking for a 6inX10ft schedule 40 pvc pipe. Anyone have one or know where I can get it. Really hard for me to find. I travel a lot to deliver rods and Have a 4" PVC pipe but I attached to the top of my car but since I'm delivering more and more rods weekly I need a 6" PVC pipe. Any help is...
  553. Hector Garcia

    question about denatured alcohol...

    My local ace still has a bunch. Anyone want to buy some from me? 50$ a quart shipped 😂😂 But seriously, check small hardware stores. Just bought a couple of quarts and a gallon.
  554. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

    Ttt. Can meet almost anywhere guys and gals. Make me an offer on it.
  555. Hector Garcia

    Seeker Ulua blankIdentification

    Butt pics and inside butt pics would help
  556. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

    My house is in a city called Lake Los Angeles, but I have travelled everywhere from San Diego up to Bakersfield for deliveries. So anywhere in between. I spend most weekend in Compton, or south LA, but head to Long Beach as well
  557. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

    Thanks. One of my favorite builds so far. Thank you. The 70H is ztill available. The OSP 2X4 is honestly the best fish killer out there. Especially once you get to the better grade fish. Get it before the season really picks up and youre scrambling to get a rod. Easy to spot on the rack at...
  558. Hector Garcia

    I sols Sold it

  559. Hector Garcia

    Rule for eyelet quatity

    I static test and place guides based on the bend, my general rule is size plus one. Ive had 7ft rods take 11 guides because of the moderate action that bends into the handle.
  560. Hector Garcia

    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    Forgot some rods ive done recently
  561. Hector Garcia

    Who Won the Rod Builder Competition?

    That green 90j was murderous. One of the best builds i have seen. That cord work was perfect. I would say you guys take a look at her instagram page if you can.
  562. Hector Garcia

    Testing newly built rod. How?

    I pre and post test with dumbells. I do this up to 30lb of drag/dumbells. If i need to do more I attach my 55lb kid to the end of the rod.
  563. Hector Garcia

    Nylon thread question

    Never had an issue with prowrap. Pac bay sucks. Gudebrod is good, but no longer made as stated before. Not many companies to choose from. Never had an issue myself with prowrap. That and fuji work good.
  564. Hector Garcia

    How to remove fresh, incorrectly mixed guide finish ?

    I just had a customer with the same issues. I added another properly mixed pro kote and the tacky went away. How do you mix it wrong? They come with syringes to properly mix appropriate ratios.
  565. Hector Garcia

    Who Won the Rod Builder Competition?

    Instagram is where I saw them. @FuguRods And @southerncalicustoms Also the rod builders depot facebook page has a quick video on all of the rods entered.
  566. Hector Garcia

    Who Won the Rod Builder Competition?

    Fugu Rods won the friends or Rollo and 2nd place. Southern Cali Customs won it all
  567. Hector Garcia

    Phenix cord grip

    Phenix has had cord grip on their rods for many years, from what i remember.
  568. Hector Garcia

    Thoughts on the UC Reeper?

    It is a little stiff on the backbone, but a bare blank feels stiffer than a built rod imo. A lot of people feel that this blank isnt necessary in their arsenal, and we all have our necessary rods and blanks. I love all glass 90j's, some people hate all glass and prefer the grafighter version...
  569. Hector Garcia

    How Fishing Rod Blanks Are Made...

    There is a video of a seeker walkthrough a while back on youtube. And you can see them making the blanks. Theres also plenty of videos on youtube.
  570. Hector Garcia

    question about denatured alcohol...

    I use my DNA for cleaning blanks, and cleaning epoxy
  571. Hector Garcia

    Fred Hall crowds

    It was very light for the opener. I was there at 10am and the line had 5 people in front of me. By 12pm there was less than 100 people. It wasnt until aboit 12:30pm where the line got longer. Thw past 2 years bu 11am there is usually over 200 people in line. This was very surprising. Once...
  572. Hector Garcia

    question about denatured alcohol...

    I ordered one last month from amazon. Try different companies. I heard there was also a california legal DNA.
  573. Hector Garcia

    Seeker CSL870 15-40lb 200$

    Thanks! Im in LA county. All over LA County. Everywhere from Lancaster/Palmdale, down to Long Beach and in between.
  574. Hector Garcia

    Should I double or triple wrap

    A base wrap is not considered a wrap. Its just that, a base wrap. When counting wraps, it goes based on how many wraps you do on the feet. If you wrap 3 times on the feet, then its tripple wrapped. If you wrap 1 tim, its a single stap, not counting base wrap. I think you guys are going to...
  575. Hector Garcia

    Reel seat for CJBF 80H

    Island tackle has essex reel seats in stock. I think they have size 28 or 30. Those should work.
  576. Hector Garcia

    Orange Seekers

    I think its white glass flags on the bottom, but orange flags on top. .aybe to save cost, it doesnt look like its painted to me. I had a couple like that, and they were not painted. If its painted, it was probably one that they painted at the new factory and sell at their sales/fred hall.
  577. Hector Garcia

    SoCal shops or stops

    Are you just going to be in SD? If you head up to the LA area, Island Tackle is the place to go for talking rod building and just fishing in general.
  578. Hector Garcia

    Catching Calico Bass from a dock with Live Bait

    First-You have to let the fish eat the bait for a couple of seconds. Halibut do attack from the back, as do most fish when eating bait fish because the bait fish is swimming away most of the time. I hook my bait fish from the butt, the nose keeps it hooked longer, but the butt hook increased...
  579. Hector Garcia

    Seeker CSL870 15-40lb 200$

    Custom wrapped CSL870. The blank is gray colored, which leads me to believe it is a Military Grade Composite blank. The guides are alps basic guides, kind of like the fuji basic guides. Wrapped with metallic blue and black. Small Black and blue fade. No writing. Deckhand with black tuna cord and...
  580. Hector Garcia

    Help lathining cork for Fuji IPSM reel seats

    Dimensions depend on how you want them. Normally for those types of grips, i dont make them, I buy pre made grips because they are a bitch to make. Only way I know how to make them is keep measuring with my caliper until you get it to the size you want/need.
  581. Hector Garcia

    Dodgers Autographed Helmet

    Ttt a few offers, but mostly low ball.
  582. Hector Garcia

    20-25lb conolon 8ft, seeker 7ft 15-40

    Got a custom 8ft Conolon. Was a 7ft blank and was extended to 8ft using extra blank piece. Rod has tuna cord, turks head, 10 alps guides. Rod is moderate action, and bend starts right above the grip. Pics of the bend was at 6lb of drag. 160$ I think it makes a solid 20lb jig stick...
  583. Hector Garcia


    I would recommend putting cork tape down as well. It would take some of the pressure off the blank under high stress. Last thing you want is the cold shrink to rip a hole in it, and the blank taking the load on the rail.
  584. Hector Garcia

    Avet Mxj 5;8 MC Cast

    Not trying to bash on it, but i just got one for 150 shipped. Avet MXJ MC Cast in Black. Like 3 months ago. I dont know if yours is a raptor or 2 speed though.
  585. Hector Garcia

    8ft Rainshadow 15-30lb, blacked out.

    Its a Rainshadow Judge, 15-30lb, moderate action, bend is into the lower half. Wrapped in all black. Guides are Pac Bay Deep Drawn Guides. Grip is eva rear and fore. Reel seat is Pac Bay trigger seat. I think this rod makes a perfect bait rod at 15 or 20lb for throwing anchovies. Delivery...
  586. Hector Garcia

    Rod re-wrap recommendations

    To rewrap a rod is pretty time consuming, and as Swami already said, all depends on how fancy you want to get. Most places charge 8-15$ per guide plus parts. That does not include grip and reel seats. I also normally use Fuji guides for parts under 50lb rods. On average I charge around 180$ for...
  587. Hector Garcia

    Rod blank paint

    "It's entirely possible" Joe Rogan
  588. Hector Garcia

    Rod blank paint

    That 2 part auto paint works perfect, but if you are looking for like a quick paint, Krylon works good as well.
  589. Hector Garcia

    CUI 13 ft. blank for jigstick

    Only 13 footer I built started with a 20 and ended with 8s. I have built a 12 footer with a 20 and ended in 10s and another that started with a 25 and ended with 8s. All depends on reel location, and how you plan to use it. I used fuji on one 12 footer and alps on the other ones. Either of...
  590. Hector Garcia

    What kind of rod is this? Anybody recognize this blank color?

    This thread was started almost 5 years ago 😂
  591. Hector Garcia

    Identification help on a cjbf80

    I think its an older one. From what I remember the older ones have hand written labels inaide, and newer ones are printed labels.
  592. Hector Garcia

    seeker rod identification

    Jim Trelikes built one a while back. I think its the newer Ulua blank. Composite, and I think it males the ssr ulua rod.
  593. Hector Garcia

    seeker rod identification

    Its probably a blem composite ulua? Cause i havent heard of an esm ulua before. Also, any pics of a label inside the butt? Any pics at all?
  594. Hector Garcia

    Need info cousin csb907

    The blank you have is a seeker blank. The 907 that cousins had is 15-20lb, and is an ssw907. Also, when a company is going out of business, they will sell whatever they have in the factory, whether they made it or not. The Seeker sale that they just had last weekend, they were selling Bushido...
  595. Hector Garcia

    Guidance Requested - OSP 4X

    The blan will work fine with rollers.
  596. Hector Garcia

    Suggestions on a 1x3

    Seeker blank model numbers. Google seeker 2x4, seeker 1x3, seeker 3x5. They also make an osp3x and osp4x.
  597. Hector Garcia

    Is there a NON-YELLOW Epoxy out there?

    I think all of it after time gets yellow. Pro Kote hardener looks yellow, but it lasts clear for a while. There is a couple i havr seen that are not yellow, but they get yellow quick.
  598. Hector Garcia

    Seeker blue glass composite 7x

    They were, but seeker just sold hundreds of them at the sale last weekend. So the value is basically what it costs new. Which was like 160 for the blank, if i remember correctly.
  599. Hector Garcia

    Buiding A 50# Bait Rod For Guadalupe

    I like all of my Rainshadow rods. I gota say though, they sometimes run a bit higher in rating. I think that blanks is a solid 50lb stick though. I pulled on one a while back and it was pretty solid. Someone from @Batson-Brands might be able to help you out though.
  600. Hector Garcia

    Jigstick guides

    SIC is not worth it in my opinion. Never went wrong with any other guide.
  601. Hector Garcia

    Seeker EMS 80M

    I think its an ESM80M. They might have messed up the label, and thus sold it at the sale. Dont know the rating, but ive seen webspinner build a couple of those. Maybe ask him for the rating?
  602. Hector Garcia

    Jigstick guides

    Alps MXN, HXN. Fuji HBSG, MNOG. No real wrong choice. Just dont go too light and its okay.
  603. Hector Garcia

    Broomstick Rod

    I like the sound of that.
  604. Hector Garcia

    . . . .

    That is beautiful. Just picked up a black glass ph ulua 93h blank that they told me was LB made as well. Hope you find something youre looking for.
  605. Hector Garcia

    Broomstick Rod

    Just tested it with 40lb if drag and the rod didnt bend further than that. Going to try with 60lb tomorrow. I think i might make an acid wrapped rail rod. If 60lb doesnt bottom it out, might have to check 80lb of drag and reconsider.
  606. Hector Garcia

    My 2019 builds

    Lol. I was there from 8am until like 11:45am, right after everyone was leaving. So no people were in line. Waited for people to walk around with their blanks and realuze they dont want/need them and put them back it paid off because i found a new, uncut long beach pinhead ulua 93h, around 9ft...
  607. Hector Garcia

    Broomstick Rod

    I asked one of the guys who was working and he said it wasnt a gaff blank. Which was my initial thought. He said if it was labeled Tac80, someone probably made it from a Tac80 and was trying to make something from it.
  608. Hector Garcia

    Broomstick Rod

    I have built a couple of rods which I thought would be considered to be broomstick rods. Today at Seeker I was really intrigued by a Tac 80 that someone at Seeker thought would be a good idea to build at 7ft. It looks like they had put a tip on it and tested a bit, but didnt work out for them...
  609. Hector Garcia

    My 2019 builds

    Seeker sells them in shop. Bought 8 blanks today from them and they gave me the decals with my purchase.
  610. Hector Garcia

    Found ty

    I sold mine about 2 months ago. I have an OSP2X4 which is 80(100)130 and 25-40lb of drag, and 7ft 6in, but im holding onto it until after Fred Hall.
  611. Hector Garcia

    Found ty

    Seeker OSP3X. Stock is 7ft 3in, but if you get an uncut blank its 7ft 6in.