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  1. ilandaze2

    Large lobster bait cages

    5 large bait cages in excellent condition and 2 bait bags. $20 located in poway.
  2. ilandaze2

    3 trailer tires and wheels 13"

    13" galvanized trailer wheels and carlisle hd trailer tires. 4 Tires bought last year and were also balanced. 1 was a spare. Barely used the four tires. Still has new tire whiskers on it. I just got a new trailer so dont need this set. Excellent condition. Only 2 wheels picture other 2 in same...
  3. ilandaze2

    10 Frozen flying fish

    Have 10 frozen flying fish still wrapped that we never got a chance to use. $25 each. Paid 33 from tackle shop.
  4. ilandaze2

    Lowrance/simrad point-1 heading sensor

    Lowrance/simrad point-1 heading/gps sensor. Aquires gps faster but biggest advantage is map orientation and line to show ur heading. I added autopilot and it came with another sensor. Had this one on the boat for a year. Add nmea network starter kit and ur all set. Once nmea network set up it...
  5. ilandaze2

    New NGK BR8HS spark plugs

    Ngk br8hs new plugs. 12 of them. From my 2 stroke yamaha 200hp saltwater series or ox66 motors. Upgraded to a 4 stroke and had these as spares. $15
  6. ilandaze2

    Tanacom 750 or 1000

    Want to buy a daiwa tanacom 750 or 1000 in san diego. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  7. ilandaze2

    Lowrance outboard hydraulic autopilot

    Anyone have a Lowrance outboard hydraulic autopilot for sale or know where to get one for a discount. Seem to be about $1000 online for the kit. I already have a point-1 but the kit seems cheaper than buying the pump and control unit separately. Thanks
  8. ilandaze2

    X-large live bait bag

    X-large 28 gallon aquaworld bait bag 24x15x20 deep. With custom aluminum mount and 2 fill hoses. Had 1 on my old boat and had this as a spare. they sold for over 250 new. Excellent condition. $100
  9. ilandaze2

    Trailer Post Guide On's 60"

    60" trailer post guide on's. Bolt to the back of the trailer to help guide you on when the currents ripping. I put side bunks on my new trailer. About 27" wide. In excellent condition $50 Install- these slide into a 3" cross member on my aluminum trailer and were double u bolted internally. Or...
  10. ilandaze2

    Furuno GP1870 FF

    Furuno GP-1870f 7" fishfinder with airmar 600w p66 (50/200) transducer. Works perfect and in excellent condition. Super bright screen. Capable of 1000 watts with bigger transducer. Caught lot fish with this finder and finally upgrade when i added radar. Same sounding units as the fcv-587 that...
  11. ilandaze2

    Lowrance fuel flow sensor EP-60R

    Lowrance ep60r fuel flow sensor. Only put 200 gallons thru it before i replaced my motor. My engine has all nema engine data. Just add to this sensor to any nema network/fish finder and have cheapest flow scan around (gph, economy, total consumption). The thing is dead nuts too. Paid $200 for it...
  12. ilandaze2

    Pennzoil xlf oil 3 gallons $35

    Pennzoil xlf 2 stroke oil. Upgraded to a four stroke. Just bought these in january. 3 sealed gallons. $35
  13. ilandaze2

    Black stainless yamaha Props 13.75 and 15 by 17" pitch

    2 black stainless yamaha props that i used on my 200hp ox66. 15 spline and 17" pitch. No dings or dents. Upgraded to a four stroke suzuki and these wont fit. Price drop $125 each 17-T 15x17" 17-M 13.75x17"
  14. ilandaze2

    New Seeker black steel 270h rods

    I have 2 seeker black steel 270h 8ft 15-25 rods still with tags on it. Has fuji guides on it also. $220 each firm. No trades. Thinning out on gear....
  15. ilandaze2

    Seeker 2x4 blank

    Seeker 2x4 maroon blank. Not a green glass but not a weak OSP version. It wouldnt have sat in my blank rack for this long. Still has a visible nice transition. You can pull on it right next to my other OG seeker built rods (green glass or wahoodad). $250
  16. ilandaze2

    Raymarine a68 FF

    Raymarine a68 in excellent condition. Used it on my other boat that i had for a short time. Has lighthouse charts, networkable, and can run radar. The transducer in like new condition. Has regular and downvison. $400. Price drop $300 firm a68 5.7" Multifunction Display with built-in DownVision...
  17. ilandaze2

    Seeker Hercules Set 70M, H, XH

    Seeker Hercules rods GTS-70M, 70H, and 70XH. Definitely OG long beach rods bought back ~2012. Has the titanium guides on them. Rods in excellent condition with x-wrap over the grips. Boat needs some work so cashing out some gear. Would like to sell them as a set $900 firm.
  18. ilandaze2

    Trailer Side Bunks

    Anyone have any trailer side bunks/guides and brackets lying around? I need them for my trailer when I head down to baja. Thanks!
  19. ilandaze2

    Salty Dawg SD70xxxh Railrod

    Original salty dawg sd70xxxh 100-unlimited 7ft rail rod. Salty dawg grip and alps reel seat. Mint condition. Perfect 130lb rod, kite, or man bait. Still had a soft tip with major backbone. Took this rod over the seeker 3x5 and calstar 770xxxh. Thinning down the herd! $360
  20. ilandaze2

    Rainshadow 80xxh Bluefin Railrods

    Just wrapped 3 rainshadow 80xxh 8ft 60-130lb with alps guides and reel seat. These rods are just as good as any calstar or UC. They max out 55lbs and have a nice soft bend to them. Asking $300 and $old (brown tiger). The blue and green metallic rods has 16" front and 14" rear. Front grips...
  21. ilandaze2

    Penn Fathom 40n lever drag 2 speed

    Penn fathom 40n 2 speed. Fished once. Mint condition with box and clamp in bag. I have too many reels in this line class. Great reel for the money. SOLD
  22. ilandaze2

    4 blade Yamaha Signature Prop 17 pitch

    Signature 4 blade prop 14.25x17" pitch had it on my yamaha 250hp on a bracket. Less slippage/ more grip, less dolphin action and lower plane speed. Super clean and no nicks. With yamaha hub kit. Sold boat. SOLD
  23. ilandaze2

    Signature 4 blade prop 17" pitch

    Wrong forum. Mods please delete
  24. ilandaze2

    Accurate Fury 400 lever drag

    Single speed accurate fury 400 lever drag with 50lb spectra. Just service by accurate last month. Has some boat rash but mechanically perfect. $140 firm.
  25. ilandaze2

    Bluefin rods- New Rainshadow 80xxh

    Just wrapped 3 rainshadow 80xxh 8ft 60-130lb with alps guides and reel seat. asking $400 and 450 for tiger wrap. Price drop $350 and 400. The blue and green metallic rods has 14" rear and 16" front grips with Eva. The tiger and black is shrink tube fore 18" and rear 14".
  26. ilandaze2

    Bnib Penn 20 visx cow reel

    I have a brand new never spooled penn 20 visx 2 speed with box (not pictured). I have to many cow reels in this size so thinning down the herd. Perfect bluefin reel! $480. Price drop $460 firm. Not interested in any trades right now.
  27. ilandaze2

    New rainshadow 80xxh BLUEFIN railrod

    New custom wrapped rainshadow 80xxh 8ft 80-130lb. Perfect bluefin rod especially if u like your longer sticks. Alps reel seat and guides. Tuna cord 15" front and 14" rear grip. Black on black wrap. Just wrapped by Steve with Tradewinds creations custom rods. $350 firm.
  28. ilandaze2


    OG Long Beach Super Seeker 2x4 BLANK 7ft 2" root beer color. It will fish 80-130lb all day long. There pretty hard to find nowadays. I need a new prop for the boat so getting rid of extra gear. $old
  29. ilandaze2

    Yamaha 15 Pitch Prop

    Im looking for a 14.5 or 15x15 PITCH propeller 15 spline for yamaha ox66. Does anyone have one for sale? Its going on a 200hp ox66. I have a Yamaha 15.25x17P propeller to trade also. I need to go down in pitch size to increase my WOT rpms. Thanks, Jason
  30. ilandaze2

    United Composites Wahoo Jr

    United composites US series wahoo jr 7ft 40-60lb wrapped by cosmos with cold shrink wrapped long foregrip and x-wrap rear grip. Has Fuji SiC guides and nice blue wraps. nice mod fast bend. Solid 50lb stick. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  31. ilandaze2

    Salty Dawg SD70xxhp Railrod

    Salty Dawg SD70xxhp 7ft custom wrapped rated 100-200lbs. With alps guides, alps seat, and rail Dawg foregrip. Fish 80-130 great. Very similar to a seeker 2x4 soft tip and lots of backbone. SOLD
  32. ilandaze2

    Salty Dawg UC Centaur

    Custom wrapped United composites centaur 7.5ft 60-100lb rod. Wrapped by Salty Dawg with rail dawg foregrip, 14" rear grip, and alps guides. Mint condition. Buy yourself a nice cow stick from an excellent rod builder. $420 OR trade for Penn VISX 16 2 speed in silver or Makaira 16ii SEA in silver.
  33. ilandaze2

    Lowrance/Simrad Sonic hub 2.1 with speakers

    Lowrance or simrad sonic hub 2.1 with speakers brand new in box. Basically add a stereo, amplifier, and 2 speakers to your fishfinder. The speakers also have good sound quality. $200
  34. ilandaze2

    Custom UC Centaur

    Custom wrapped United composites centaur 7.5ft 60-100lb rod. Wrapped by Salty Dawg with rail dawg foregrip, 14" rear grip, and alps guides. Mint condition. Buy yourself a nice cow stick from an excellent rod builder. OR trade for Penn VISX 16 2 speed.
  35. ilandaze2

    Lowrance/simrad totalscan transducer

    Brand new in box lowrance or simrad totalscan transducer. Does chirp (83/200), downscan and sidescan (455/800). Sells for 300 brand new. $200
  36. ilandaze2

    UC wahoo and CP80hp

    Two UC rods in like new condition. I haven't got around to fish much. First one is a UC US series wahoo jr 7ft 40-60lb wrapped by cosmos with cold shrink wrapped long foregrip and x-wrap rear grip. Has Fuji SiC guides and nice blue wraps. nice mod fast bend. Solid 50lb stick. $320 Second is a...
  37. ilandaze2

    2 large lobster bait cages

    2 of the larger bait cages for hoop nets. $5 for both.
  38. ilandaze2

    GS reel bracket trolling lugs

    Brand new GS trolling bracket. Add trolling lugs to a reel that doesn't. Bolts up to your reel clamp. $30
  39. ilandaze2

    Trolling feathers and pouches

    Trolling feathers (6) with Bluewater pouch. 3 feathers brand new. $30 Williams in trolling feathers (4) with pouch. Brand new in package. $25 Blue 5.5ft daisy chain. $20
  40. ilandaze2

    Avet Pro Ex 50/2 Silver

    Silver avet pro ex 50/2 SDS with about 700 yards of 130lb seaguar hollow threadlock. Service this past spring. Perfect kite reel for these bluefin. $400 firm no box.
  41. ilandaze2

    Owner Gorilla hook lot

    Owner hooks gorilla hooks brand new. $40 for all.
  42. ilandaze2

    Metal rod rack

    Golf umbrella rack that I bought to hold my fishing rods. Rolls around and solid metal. Dimension 25x25x25. Will hold 36 rods. $80
  43. ilandaze2

    Spare tire mount/carrier $10

    Spare tire carrier that i found lying around. $10.
  44. ilandaze2

    New tady 45 jigs

    7 new tady 45 and 1 salas 7x. 8 jigs for $60.
  45. ilandaze2

    Penn torque 40n 2 speed

    Penn torque 40n 2 speed in like new condition with box. Only fished twice! Also recently added tiburon handle and ordered larger tbar handle from okuma ($70 upgrade). Perfect local bluefin reel! Trust me i have 2! Get rid of my backup one. No trades. PRICE DROP $old FIRM!
  46. ilandaze2

    3 butterfly jigs

    3 knife jigs. 170, 220 shimano, 260g. $25 for all.
  47. ilandaze2

    Super Seeker 2x4 blank rootbeer

    Super seeker 2x4 7ft rootbeer/maroon blank. Had 2 sitting on my rod rack. Just built one and decided to sell the other. I dont need anymore 2x4's. I already have 3. $200 firm. No trades unless u have a wahoodad 2x4 (blue) or old 1x3 or 3x5. Blanks or built. Or mak 20 or visx 20 with cash on my...
  48. ilandaze2

    WTB- Yamaha 15P Prop

    Im looking for a Yamaha 14.5x15P Yamaha propeller. Does anyone have one for sale? Its going on a 200hp ox66. I have a Yamaha 15.25x17P Yamaha propeller to trade also. Thanks
  49. ilandaze2

    New Blue Avet Handle Assembly

    New Blue avet handle arm assembly (handle arm, bearings, standard knob, cap and screws). Came off hx raptor but should fit all avet sizes to hxw. $35 firm.
  50. ilandaze2

    Wooden fly tackle box

    Selling for an old friend. Handcrafted wooden fly tackle box in excellent condition. Has 2 boxes that slide in on the left and 4 fly boards. Has some dust in the 3rd picture but will wipe right off. $80 price drop $40
  51. ilandaze2

    Makaira 15 SEa Bluefin Reel

    Makaira 15 SEa in excellent/mint condition with 400 yards of recently spooled white jb 80lb solid. With clamp. No box. Just service this season by okuma. Only fished once since then. Perfect bluefin reel! Only trade uc raptor or viper. SOLD SOLD SOLD.
  52. ilandaze2

    Calstar 870

    Calstar SCS-870 (southern California series) 7ft 15-40lb in good condition. see pictures. Some minor rust under wraps but nothing on guides. $100 firm.
  53. ilandaze2

    Metal rolling rod rack

    Golf umbrella rack that I bought to hold my fishing rods. Rolls around and solid metal. Dimension 25x25x25. Will hold 36 rods. I bought 2 and only decide I need one. $80
  54. ilandaze2

    Okuma Andros 12iiA

    Okuma andros 12iiA (4.7/2.1:1 gear ratio) with 350yds of jb 80lb spectra. With box, harness lugs, and upgraded makaira handle. Clean spool with no corrosion. Braid was just re-spooled. $340 price drop $300 firm
  55. ilandaze2

    Calstar 870

  56. ilandaze2

    Phenix hybrid phd-760h

    Phenix hybrid 760h custom 7ft 6in black on black guides. Xwrapp handle, fuji graphite seat, and graphite gimbal, not sure what guides. SOLD Seeker blacksteel SOLD Both excellent condition.
  57. ilandaze2

    Seeker (ss-6465, g6465h) & phenix phd-760h

    Thinning down the herd! Left to right. #1 super seeker 6465h 6' 8" tall 40-60lb custom wrapped by Rooster. Eva handles with alps aluminum reel seat and alps zirconium guides. $260. #2 phenix hybrid phd-760h custom 7.5ft 20-60lb. Fuji guides and graphite seat. $280 #3- custom wrap by ti at...
  58. ilandaze2

    Wtb- marine power wire 6/2 or 8/2 awg

    Anyone got any extra marine power wire? Either 6/2 or 8/2 awg. Looking for about 50ft.
  59. ilandaze2

    Hoop net rail mount pulley

    Rail mount pulley. I use a davit now. Worked great. In excellent condition. $40
  60. ilandaze2

    Grady 208 or ~20ft cuddy cabin Factory Bimini top and enclosure

    Grady white 20ft overnighter factory Bimini top in excellent condition and factory eissenglass windshields and side curtains. After market setup runs about $1300 buxs. width of the Bimini frame is just over 5ft. PENDING SALE
  61. ilandaze2

    Phenix Hybrid and Super Seeker Rods

    Thinning down the herd. #1- Phenix black diamond 760m-xf 15-40lb 7.5ft. SOLD #2- custom wrap by ti at fisherman supply. Seeker blacksteel 6465h. 30-50 rod 6.5' with amtak titanium sic guides amd fuji graphite reel seat. Great condition $200 #3- phenix hybrid phd 809xh. SOLD $old #4- phenix...
  62. ilandaze2

    Garelick fold out gun whale seats

    Garelick fold out gun whale seat or fighting chair. No gimbal model. Excellent condition $300 for the pair. I never used. Just sat in storage. Paid about $450 new.
  63. ilandaze2

    2120 overall length in trailer?

    For u 2120 owners. What's the overall length of the boat on the trailer with motor down. Also if u install a folding tongue couple how many feet can u gain (2ft?). I know the boat is 26ft overall (pulpit included) according to there website. I'm consider a 2120 but got driveway constraints. Thanks
  64. ilandaze2

    Torque 30 LD2 Size comparison Picture

    Posted this in the okuma forum. Penn was the lightest of the bunch.
  65. ilandaze2

    Size comparison Pic - Andros 12, Mak 10, Penn Torque

    Buddy asked me for a picture of all 3 reels. I thought I'd share it. Almost all same width. Andros 12 a little taller. They all weight about the same. Mak 10 (1lb 13 oz) and penn torque 30 (1lb 8oz) the lightest. Makaira 10, Penn torque 30 lever drag, andros 12
  66. ilandaze2

    Custom Seeker Inshore 858

    Custom Seeker Inshore 858 15-25lb with alps trigger seat and alps Alconite guides. Great chovy rod. Excellent condition $old
  67. ilandaze2

    OTI Spinning Rod

    Ocean tackle international 6ft spinning rod. In excellent condition with SIC guides. $200
  68. ilandaze2

    Calstar 765m (Ring Guides) $200

    Factory Calstar 765m 6.5ft 40-100lb. In great condition. Good 60-80lb stick. $old
  69. ilandaze2

    Penn torque 30 2 speed FS/FT Torque 25N or 40N $480

    Penn torque 30 lever drag 2 speed fished once with box and clamp. Has 300yds off green power pro (not pictured white braid changed). Great reels not as wide as talica 16 and also lighter. Amazing freespool and smooth! I have two so looking to trade one for Penn Torque 25n or 40n lever drag 2...
  70. ilandaze2

    Super Seeker 2x4 blank

    New Super seeker factory 2x4 blank. Maroon long beach made one. 7'2" long 80-130lb . $150 firm.
  71. ilandaze2

    Seeker 2x4

    Seeker 2x4 7ft factory wrapped long beach made with titanium guides. Also added coldshrink. Mint condition $ale pending
  72. ilandaze2

    Seeker Wahoodad 3x

    Seeker Wahoodad WDS-3x 100 (130) 150 7ft factory cold shrink and titanium guides. In mint condition fished one trip. TRADE PENDING.
  73. ilandaze2

    OC (yoyo) Rod

    Orange County Rod kaiuli 66xhj 50-100lb braid rating nice 40lb 6.5ft rod. Excellent conditon.$180.
  74. ilandaze2

    Purple Avet JX 6/3

    Purple Avet JX 6/3 with braid. Recently serviced $old Shimano TLD 50 lrsa with 60lb mono great condition. $old
  75. ilandaze2

    Talica 25ii

    Talica 25ii in excellent condition. Just serviced. $old Only trade for makaira 15 or 16 (SEa only), talica 12-20ii, or penn torque lever drag 25n-ii or 40n-ii. Plus some cash depending on reel. Also interested in uc rods.
  76. ilandaze2

    Avet 50 high speed gear?

    Is the avet 50 4 to 1 high speed gear still available for the avet 50 sds?
  77. ilandaze2

    Super Seeker 2x4

    Super seeker 2x4 7' LB made in limited run hercules red. With cold shrink. Mint condition. $400 price drop $350 Only trade makaira 15 or 16, talica 12-20ii, or penn torque lever drag 25n-ii or 40n-ii. Also interested in uc rods gladiator and a local set (25,30,40).
  78. ilandaze2

    Quantum Aruba 30 Troll reel

    Quantum aruba 30 Troll reel with 500yds of solid braid and 100lb topshot. Mono is new and ready to go! Solid troll, shark , or heavy reel. I have 4 other ones that i use regularly. this one was a spare. Used other ones for 3 years on private and party boats with no problems. I got the thin the...
  79. ilandaze2

    seeker wahoodad 1x3 FS or trade for 2x4

    Seeker wahoodad 1x3 for sale or trade for wahoodad 2x4 or uc rail rods (viper, gladiator). Will add cash if necessary. Used once mint condition . TRADED!!!
  80. ilandaze2

    taco aluminum rail rod holders

    2 used taco light weight aluminum rod holder 7/8 or 1 inch rail. And 4 additional spare/parts rod holders same kind. Others damaged back shell. $40 for all.
  81. ilandaze2

    Avet Hx Raptor box

    Avet raptor box. Trade for 6 pack of beer. I know some of you guys care about boxes and I dont own any more avets. Couple allens, a spring, and manual in there too!
  82. ilandaze2

    Knife jigs and light irons

    6 knife jigs. 3 williamson bethos and abyss (150g). 2 no name (6oz and 8oz) and one shimano (8oz). $50. $45 price drop. 7 light irons. $30 buxs. $25 firm
  83. ilandaze2

    makaira 20 and cortland 100lb hollow

    Just FYI for other guys. I got 600yds of 100lb cortland hollow braid on my makaira 20. Cortland is thicker (16 strand) than jb 100lb hollow (12 strand) but that's all my shop had in stock. Hopefully the cows will come out and play this weekend!
  84. ilandaze2

    Talica 16ii

    SOLD Talica 16ii in mint condition (could pass as new) with 300 yd of 80lb red powerpro braid. $old firm no box. No trades. Will be in sd this weekend if anyone wants it down there.
  85. ilandaze2

    torium 16hg

    Torium 16hg fished once in mint condition. Filled to the top with 65lb braid. $200 firm with box.
  86. ilandaze2

    talica 12ii $360

    Talica 12ii with 300 yd of blue 65lb power super slick 8. Braid just washed and spool treated. Just serviced last month at baja fish gear sale by shimano. $380 firm. Price drop $360 firm.
  87. ilandaze2

    5 light irons $20

    5 irons brand new 3oz. $20 buxs.
  88. ilandaze2


  89. ilandaze2

    lowrance hds 5 gen 2 w/ducer and warranty

    Lowrance hds 5 gen 2 nautical insight with 83/200 transducer and 1 year of factory warranty left. Only used a handful of times for gps. In perfect condition with box, screen cover, and receipt from authorized dealer. Will post pictures later. $old firm Sold
  90. ilandaze2

    WTB- poly rope 1/2 or 5/8"

    Looking for 1/2 or 5/8" polypropylene rope either 150ft lengths or 600ft spool. Shoot me a pm if you got any otherwise ebay it is! Thanks!
  91. ilandaze2


  92. ilandaze2

    30x10.5" large fender

    Large Taylor supergard fender 30" long by 10.5" wide. With cover but has a tear as pictured. Fender in great condition $40. Paid over 100 each new.
  93. ilandaze2

    3x clamp on rail stainless rod holders

    3x stainless rail mount clamp on rod holders for 7/8-1" with hardware. They have inserts. Good quality stainless have the same set on my boat for 2 years and no rust or corrosion. Just had a few extras $30 each
  94. ilandaze2

    WTT 130lb threadlock for 100lb

    Anyone interested in trading a brand new spool of 130lb seaguar threadlock for 100lb threadlock or even jb or izor hollow. Trade only not for sale. Let me know.
  95. ilandaze2

    new seeker 6460xh

    Like new fishermans landing seeker 6460xh 6' 40-100lb. Buddy bought it and fished it twice. $240
  96. ilandaze2

    saltist ld30-2 speed

    Saltist ld40 2 speed with 80lb braid. Recently serviced. $old Saltist ld30 2 speed with brand new jb 50lb braid and 30lb topshot ($42) with box. Will post pics shortly. $old
  97. ilandaze2

    penn 4/0 $60

    Penn 4/0 113 $70.
  98. ilandaze2

    gold makaira handle arm

    Accurate pitbull clamp. Twindrag, bx and bx2, should fit dpx series also. $old Gold Makaira 10 or 15 longer handle arm only (no handle) same size as on Mak 20. $10
  99. ilandaze2

    trolling jigs

    $30 rigged and 7 new.
  100. ilandaze2

    New light irons tady 45s

    New 2 tady c, 4 tady 45s, and 1 cp105 light. $50 buxs
  101. ilandaze2

    owner flyliner 1/0 pro pack hooks $15

    36 hooks owner 1/0 flyliners. $15
  102. ilandaze2

    SKB 7200 box $160

    Used skb box 7200 with new rod holders. Needs new shoulder strap but still solid. $160
  103. ilandaze2

    Sea Ox 200c 20ft Cuddy

    SOLD 1986 Sea Ox 200c with 1995 Yamaha Ox66 250hp Saltwater Series ~700 hours. 60 gallon tank. Huge deck space with a large functional fish box for 20 foot boat. 2 person cuddy with shelves and storage inside. Solid deck with no soft spots. Perfect hull. Have about 4k in recent upgrades with...
  104. ilandaze2

    BNIB Gunmetal Mak 15 sea

    Got a brand new in box gunmetal makaira 15 sea filled to the brim with 80lb jb white spectra. Perfect reel for those big bluefin out there.$450
  105. ilandaze2

    avet jx mc blue body

    New avet jx mc frame/body. I don't have anymore avet reels. $ale pending!
  106. ilandaze2

    Batson Rod Kit RCJB84H or trade 4 troller

    Got 1 batson rod kit left from fred hall show (last year) that I never got around to wrapping. Brand new in bag. Just looking to get money back. Comes with blank, alps aluminum reel seat, front and rear grips, alps guides 8 +1 (stainless and I believe zirconium insert), and butt cap. See pics...
  107. ilandaze2

    2 Accurate handles (Rubber and Ball)

    Grey Wiffle ball handle with cap almost perfect condition $old Accurate rubber handle, excellent condition $old
  108. ilandaze2

    Super Seeker CJBF70M/670 blank

    SS-CJBF70M or SS-670 standard maroon blank. 7' 25-40 lb line rating. one of the best 30lb blanks around. i was going to wrap one for a friend but he wants something else. $120
  109. ilandaze2

    trolling jigs

    9 trolling jigs. 7 new and rigged. 2 used. $40
  110. ilandaze2

    New Super Seeker 1x3

    SPF. Sold pending funds
  111. ilandaze2


    Brand new in box okuma makaira 16 gold with SEa bearings upgraded by okuma and serviced with receipt. Same as SEa just gold. $400 firm. Or trade for makaira 20 or Makaira 50 or avet 50 (newer rubber handle model).
  112. ilandaze2

    BNIB Makaira 16

  113. ilandaze2

    phenix black diamond 700m

    Phenix black diamond 700m in mint condition. Sold
  114. ilandaze2

    lowrance elite 5 dsi like new

    Got a lowrance elite 5 dsi, gps, charts and transducer but missing mount/bracket. Only have ram mount attachment for it. I'm looking for 2nd transducer and original mount but no promises. I think my lobster buddy has it. Used on my buddies boat as gps probably 5 times. its spotless! I have...
  115. ilandaze2

    New blue avet jx mc body

    New avet jx mc frame/body. I don't have anymore avet reels. $75 buxs. Avet sells them for $150
  116. ilandaze2

    roller tackle bag

    Used Rock river tackle bag with 3 new trays. Smaller 3500 version. $70 $60
  117. ilandaze2

    Trolling jigs

    9 trolling jigs. 7 new and rigged. 2 used. $40
  118. ilandaze2

    super seeker 1x3 trade for 2x4

    I have a super seeker 1x3 in great condition that I'm looking to trade for a super seeker or wahoodad 2x4 only. Not looking to sell.
  119. ilandaze2

    trolling lures small

    5 trolling lures. 3 on the right are new. $20
  120. ilandaze2

    Anyone going out of LB tomorrow (8/29) Boat Buddy 14/267

    Anyone heading out of LB/HB tomorrow? im thinking of heading out of huntington harbor grabbing bait from nachos and heading to 14 and working way down to 267 and start heading back around 12pm-1pm.
  121. ilandaze2

    New Makaira 16 Gold SeA upgrades

    Got a brand new in box never used or spooled Okuma gold makaira 16 with the upgraded SeA bearings. I just brought into Okuma for upgrades and service. $450 $420 firm with box.
  122. ilandaze2

    new andros differences?

    What changed on the new andros reels? Color and metal drag slide? Anything else?
  123. ilandaze2

    talica 12ii

  124. ilandaze2

    2 batson rod kits ready to wrap

    Got 2 batson rod kits from the fred hall show that I never got around to wrapping. Brand new in bag. Just looking to get money back. RCLB70M 20 - 50 lb 7 ft blank with alps guides and seat, grips and butt cap. It just needs to be wrapped! $110 RCJB84H 30-60LB 7ft blank Same matching kit for...
  125. ilandaze2

    WTB- lowrance hds 5

    Anyone have a lowrance hds 5 (gen 2 preferred with gps) for sale. Looking for head unit and bracket. I rather purchase one in person than chance the eBay stuff. Let me know.
  126. ilandaze2

    OTI Spinning Popping Rod

    Sale pending! OTI-3102-865 8'6" 40-60 Lb 100g-200g 20 lb Spinning Fuji ICMNSG/ICMNST Titanium Coated Frame, SiC Silicon Carbide Rings. Fuji DPSD Reel Seat Aluminum Gimbals
  127. ilandaze2

    New Avet JX Blem

  128. ilandaze2

    Looking for 1 guy fish tomorrow morning LB

    Gonna fish locally on my buddies boat tomorrow morning 630am. It's 21ft center console with 4 stroke suzuki. Meet in hb and launch out of San Pedro. there the only ones open with bait. $30 be home in the afternoon. Shoot me a pm.
  129. ilandaze2

    GUSA Predator

    Custom wrapped gusa predator 7' 50-80lb with sic guides and deckhand wrapped with turkshead. Rod in excellent condition. $old
  130. ilandaze2

    Vintage Penn reels

    Few vintage Penn reels a neighbor would like to sell. Pretty clean monofilament no. 27 and Penn no.85. Everything works drags clickers and tensioner. $20 each
  131. ilandaze2

    accurate bx2-600 parts side plate/bearing

    Accurate bx2-600 parts. Right side plate in perfect condition, one bearing gear and gear. Parts from when I had it upgraded to dpx2 but since sold the reel. $60 buxs
  132. ilandaze2

    abu garcia revo handle

    Abu garcia handle for revo toro 50/60. $10
  133. ilandaze2

    calstar 700h

    Mint custom wrapped by cosmos calstar 700h. Sold
  134. ilandaze2

    Redondo Beach Boat Ramp Public Meeting!

    Guys please show up to the meetings to share you input and support. They're planning on putting it where the Joe's Crab shack used to be. Next to the Portofino Hotel. Once they get all the details worked out they will be submitting the proposal to the state. Moderators anyway to post this in...
  135. ilandaze2

    Seeker A670- Spinning

    Brand new never used Seeker American series A-670S 7ft 20 (30) 40lb spinning rod. $100
  136. ilandaze2

    OC Rod- Kaiuli 30lb

  137. ilandaze2

    Super seeker 970

    Mint condition baja fish gear edition super seeker 970 7ft 20-30lb $200
  138. ilandaze2

    avet hx raptor

    Brand new in box hx raptor 5/2 in silver with receipt. $465 firm.
  139. ilandaze2

    Adaro aluminum pliers

    Pline adaro split ring alumin pliers. Brand new. Belt loop on sheath. $30
  140. ilandaze2

    Accurate BX2-500 Blurple

    mint condition accurate bx2-500 in limited edition blurple color. just got serviced from accurate. it has 300 yds of 50lb spectra just washed and respooled. with box $425
  141. ilandaze2

    accurate bx2-600

    just serviced from accurate. Hasnt been back out the water yet and braid just got washed and respooled. 320yds braid and 50lb topshot. $400 firm
  142. ilandaze2

    400ft 3/8" poly

    Got 400ft of new 3/8" blue poly rope 200lb breaking strength $50. Still on bulk spool
  143. ilandaze2

    Phenix Inshore 760m-xf-isa

    brand new phenix black diamond inshore series 760m-xf isa. $200
  144. ilandaze2

    Anyone fishing SBI Saturday 7/22? Boat Buddy?

    anyone fishing SBI this weekend Saturday 24th? im heading out there this weekend and wondering if anyone would like to boat buddy and share some info. This will be our first time out there this season. Will be looking for paddies on the way out and then looking for some halibut, yellows, and...
  145. ilandaze2

    Phenix inshore 760M-XF for trade 807ML/760ML

    mint phenix inshore 760M-XF. ive fished the rod once. its a little heavy for what i need. looking to trade for Phenix 807ml/760ml or for phenix black diamond 700xh or super seeker 6470/6470h for offshore. only looking for trade right now.
  146. ilandaze2

    Boat Ho Saturday 8/24?

    anyone got an open spot (or 2) on there boat this friday night/saturday? i can split gas, bait, ice, and help clean the boat and fish. i boat ho for a few guys on the board so i know the ropes. i'll keep an eye on the reports and try to get the latest dope too. i got all my own gear and trolling...
  147. ilandaze2

    Saltist BG20 Mint

    daiwa saltist black and gold 20 with spectra and topshot. Reel in mint condition probably only used twice. comes with clamp. $140
  148. ilandaze2

    WTB- phenix or seeker inshore rods

    im looking for a new 8ft calico stick- phenix hybrid-836l or 837ml phenix inshore black diamond- 806l, 807ml Seeker inshore ii- 807 or 808 let me know if you have one for sale. please pm with condition in price. im located by lax airport.
  149. ilandaze2

    Avet JX

    Avet jx blem 6 to 1 gear ratio. says mxl on side plate but its a jx. only used twice. mint condition $165
  150. ilandaze2

    Seeker Rods

    Seeker black classic bsc970 15-40lb 7' $sold Seeker american series a270 15-25 7' $65 Seeker inshore ii series 708 12-20lb 7' $sold Seeker black steel g670 25-40 7' $150 firm all rods in like new condition. only interested in trading for super seeker rods, seeker hercules, phenix, calstar...
  151. ilandaze2

    Seeker Black Steel G670 & Calstar 700L

    Seeker Black Steel G670 7' 20 (30) 40 like new $165 Custom Calstar Grafighter 700L wrapped by cosmos also like new $150
  152. ilandaze2

    New Shimano Terez Waxwing 70XH

    Brand new shimano terez waxwing. Bought it at the PCS show and never used it. $190 firm. It's a 50lb stick according to shimano. will be in SD on saturday. Model-TZCW-X70XH-EG Shimano Terez Waxwing 70XH Rod Rod Length: 7 Feet Line Weight (lbs): 50-100 Power: X-Heavy Action: Med Fast
  153. ilandaze2

    Seeker Inshore Rods 708/807

    Seeker inshore blue lightning 708 7' 12-20 $130 like new Seeker inshore 807 8' 10-17lbs cork grip older model in great condition $120 my favorite calico sticks. depends on whether u want 8ft or 7ft. the 708 is a little bit stiffer. both super light with the back u need to pull them out of the...
  154. ilandaze2

    Anyone need a Boat Ho for Friday 5/24?

    Anyone need a boat ho for this friday 5/24. im looking to get on the water and get some yellows, seabass, or halibut. ive have boat ho'd for a few other guys in the past. i have my own gear, good mechanic, know how to trailer, and have a truck if needed. Will split gas, bait, food, and help...
  155. ilandaze2

    New torium 30

  156. ilandaze2

    Calstar 700m

    in excellent condition. some rust spots at the base of the guides but otherwise rod is in prefect condition. See pictures. i corrosion x and oil all my gear after use. $150
  157. ilandaze2

    Saltist 20

    Excellent condition saltist 20. has 50lb fresh braid with 20lb topshot. spool also treated to boeshield. Just service and hardly used. $120
  158. ilandaze2

    Seeker pinhead sd8

    Brand new seeker pinhead sd8 8ft cork tape 20-50lb. $135
  159. ilandaze2

    Hodgman Neoprene Waders New

    Brand New Neoprene Waders never used. Size Medium. $50
  160. ilandaze2

    2 Rapala magnum CD26

    2 magnum Rapala Magnum CD26 12" long with upgraded hooks and prerigged with wire. Blue one has been bit on the front hook and yellow tiger looks brand spanking new. $40 for both.
  161. ilandaze2

    Seeker Black Classic 270H

    Like new Seeker black classic 270H 8' 15-40lb. guides in excellent condition. $120
  162. ilandaze2

    Accurate B2-870

    Accurate B2-870 2 speed accucast e series in good condition with wiffle ball handle. Spooled with 65lb braid and 40lb top shot. $270 price drop $260
  163. ilandaze2

    Avet MXJ MC

    Like new Avet MXJ Magic cast with new 30lb P-line and just serviced. $ale Pending
  164. ilandaze2

    Calstar 760M and 760H Custom

    custom calstar grafighter 760M (40-100) and 760H (50-130) with all aftco components. Excellent condition no corrosion and rollers in perfect condition. $160 each or $280 for the pair.
  165. ilandaze2

    Black Avet SX MC

    Black Avet Sx MC filled to the top with braid. Just serviced it with the rest of my avet reels. $155
  166. ilandaze2

    Marina del Rey 1/2 passes

    Meant to put FOR SALE. Got 4 marina del Rey sportfishing half day passes. Bought to many on a online deal and don't think I'm going to use them by the end of the year. $20 each you can print them out from home.
  167. ilandaze2

    Trade LX Raptor for HX Raptor/BX2-30

    anyone interested in trading a Silver LX raptor in mint condition for HX raptor? also interested in accurate bx2-30. just looking to trade for now.
  168. ilandaze2

    Accurate Reels BX2-500N/B2-870

    Got 2 accurate reels for sale. Great condition B2-870 and a like new BX2-500N. Both come with 300yds 65lb braid and 40lb topshot. just took it off to wash it. 500N only been on 2 trips. B2-870 $325 BX2-500N SOLD
  169. ilandaze2

    Lobster Charters is Los Angeles Area

    do u guys know of any lobster charters out of the LA area. Redondo, Newport, Marina Del Rey, San Pedro. Got a few buddies that want to go hooping this weekend. Thanks
  170. ilandaze2

    Calstar Rods

    Calstar Grafighter 800M 8' 20-40lb Mint X-wrap and turkshead $180 Calstar 765XL 6.5' 20-50lb in great condition $135 will be in sd this friday 5th!
  171. ilandaze2

    Seeker/Calstar Jig Sticks

    calstar 6480 8' 30-60lb with x-wrap grip good condition SOLD Seeker black classic 270 8' 12-30 cork grip excellent condition $100 Seeker black classic 270h 8' 15-40 cork grip excellent condition $100 will be in sd this friday 5th.
  172. ilandaze2

    Calstar Grafighter 765L AR

    Calstar 765XL 6.5' all roller rod. Great condition. All rollers work perfectly. $160 Or trade 6470 or calstar 700m. will be in sd this friday 5th!
  173. ilandaze2

    Saltist 30 B&G

    like new saltist black and gold saltist 30. $140
  174. ilandaze2

    B2-870 Drag keeps loosing up

    just fished my b2-870 this weekend and noticed my drag kept changing on me. it seems that the adjustment knob is to0 loose and will change a little bit every time you move the level? any ideas?
  175. ilandaze2

    Tackle Bag

    New Flambeau Tackle Bag $60
  176. ilandaze2

    Seeker Black Steel G670

    Seeker Black Steel G670 25 (30) 40. perfect all around rod. $130
  177. ilandaze2

    Avet Silver LX6/3

    avet lx 6/3 2 speed in excellent condition and hardly used. Just serviced (yamalube, reel x, cals grease)! Loaded with 300 yards power pro 65lb braid and 50lb topshot. SOLD!
  178. ilandaze2

    Seeker Black Steel 655xh rs/rt

    Like new Seeker Black Steel 655xh roller stripper and tip. Only used twice for trolling on a 2 day trip. in mint condition. $180 price dropped! From Charkbait- <table border="5" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="534"><tbody><tr><td height="33" width="145"> G...
  179. ilandaze2

    NIB Shimano Corvalus 300

    Got a brand new in box Shimano Corvalus 300. Never used and just treated the spool with Boeshield $55
  180. ilandaze2

    Saltist BG30 for BG20 or like

    Got a like new saltist black and gold 30. Looking to trade for saltist black and gold 20 or 35, or avet 2-speed will add cash, or calstar 800xl or seeker inshore 808/858
  181. ilandaze2

    Shimano TLD 15/30

    Shimano TLD Star 15/30 in mint condition. Only used a few times. $60
  182. ilandaze2

    Shimano Baitrunner 4500b Mint or trade

    selling for a friend shimano 4500b in mint condition with 20lb mono. missing small handle cap. See pictures. $100 or trade for curado or revo
  183. ilandaze2

    Penn Sabre Rods $40

    New Penn Sabre Rods and Penn Powerstik. $40 each firm. SD270 15-35lb ML 7' SD870 20-50 M 6.5' Penn PowerStik 12-30lb M 7'
  184. ilandaze2

    Saltist 30TH for Trade

    Got a like new Saltist 30TH (narrow/tall version) 6:4:1 with clamp. Just serviced by my local tackle shop (cal grease, reel x, boeshield). Looking to trade for a levelwind (penn 965/975, tekota, saltist) of similar size or a nice bass reel (revo sx/inshore, curado 300, luna 253 or similar) or...
  185. ilandaze2


    9 used irons. some with wire leader attached. single hook ones great for wahoo. $40 for a 9 irons include 1 rapala.
  186. ilandaze2

    Seeker SD8

    got a seeker sd8 in great condition for sale. see pics $110
  187. ilandaze2

    100 Mustad 6/0 Barbless hook

    $35 for 100 mustad 6/0 barbless hook.
  188. ilandaze2

    Handheld GPS (GPSMAP 76 or new 78)

    hey guys looking to get a handheld gps as a backup to my buddies boat electronics and to use on my kayak. My question is should i spend the extra money to get the new GPSMAP 78 vs the old 76 model. And if the 78 model should i get the one with blue chart maps preloaded? Are the maps even worth...
  189. ilandaze2

    Shimano Corvalus bass setup

    got 2 bass setups that have not been used! quarrow rod 7' 10-20 med action Corvalus 300 brand new in box $120 firm
  190. ilandaze2

    Avet SX non mc like new

    avet sx blue 5.3 non mc with new 20lb mono. $130. Just got another reel. only fished it once. no scratches and grease under the bolts still. pickup by LAX during the day or lawndale in the evening.
  191. ilandaze2

    Calstar Baby Boomer

    Calstar Baby Boomer 5.5' 30-80 in like new condition. $140.
  192. ilandaze2

    Next Fishing Show/Convention?

    is there any more fishing shows coming up this year? i went to the fred hall and Pacific Coast Sportfishing one.
  193. ilandaze2

    Salas Irons

    Salas Yoyo 4 irons. 5 inches long and weighs 4.5 ounces. similar to tady 9's. $4 buxs each. willing to ship for 7 buxs + paypal fees.
  194. ilandaze2

    Seeker American 665

    Brand new Seeker American Series 665 6.5' 20 (30) 40. Never got around to using it. $80 firm.
  195. ilandaze2

    Shimano 700B

    Shimano 700b that im looking to trade for Avet MXL MC only or Avet MXL 6/4 (will add cash) or a nice bass setup or bass reel (calcutta 400 or daiwa luna 300).
  196. ilandaze2

    Salas 6x and 6x-jr

    Helping a friend sell some Salas 6x and 6x-jr. Most are brand new if not in like new condition. $6 for the 6x $5 for 6x-jr $3.50 for used 6x-JR This is all i have left. will also trade for some plastic swimbaits and/or leadheads. Picture #3 is of used irons. all have bent hooks or missing...
  197. ilandaze2

    Avet JX Frame Silver Non MC

    Got a new silver avet JX frame for sale. I was able to score blue frame to better match my blem. See pictures brand new. Miss label as MXL but see it next to my JX. $60.
  198. ilandaze2

    Daiwa Saltist 50 Silver model 4.9.1

    Got a brand new in box saltist 50 complete with clamp. 4.9.1 gear ratio. aka the fish stopper. Never got around to using it. No line. may have receipt around somewhere. $130 or Trade.
  199. ilandaze2

    FS/FT- Daiwa Saltist 40H

    Daiwa Saltist 40h with clamp high speed 6:4:1 gear ratio in excellent condition. See pictures. 40 mono with 65lb braid backing. Always washed, oiled and drags backed off after use. $100 firm or trade for something smaller Saltist 20/30, avet sx/mx, newell 229/332, or also interested in 2 speed...
  200. ilandaze2

    Seeker a660xh/Quantum aruba 20 good match?

    i just bought a seeker a660xh with roller stripper and roller tip? is this a good rod for the local california long range boats 1-8 day? trolling out the back and using for heavy bait over on the rail. i was going to match it to a quantum aruba 20 that i have. it holds 20lb/750yd 30/500yd and...